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December 11, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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l dy tech lat 12} .M. 4 P.M. S 1 ARROtLTON RAIL ROAr. ego., CHEW, . ash. .@,.., oP N,.,.l,., '1.... nci'i nereoail8M SIram Car at nl o'l,,ek A.M, s' pram t . lift .d :i I liaths weekdJya ' *talscnmotiae will l e ase Uarrolloc ls ., .l .ad Nwa Orlsus eveay hour ninaCiata'bso raslned before I ta'. le,kI PH.M. Sl lr the'Trlp. Alte IA o'click P. M. lt bI-hIs e, lo'c ma.'ropvide the.s.le. S lay's h Jm tllitve directiau nt tot tJrI: tAN5 LAcoWC9S STREETCARS Jastoirta RectI l Ho'lockr A.M., Cclln yt hil td-pail7 'lock they conmme.e to Slbataaasit,ealhtou., actil 8I o'clock P At except I thsq riu aadfls f nsl stroet at e a o'cslock, tle cr tri! r ego'lock P.M. 1 ritnlY'equonted that gentlemen will not put Cidshisd oramokea iu the cars wheu Iadies . ,, , r . JOl IIHAMPSON, ChiefEglineer N.O. C(:.R.C CARROLI.TON HOTEL. " LA VAUD ias the houor of ifermic g his fi elds S iandl th public iI general, tlt he klt taken the b.Obltt. I.Onre'orlmt, where ho Irusts he willreceire tib lepof Ile h j tJofrlends and all lovers of rod cheer. '-Prsla-ltoftiba twill he bahnadaomely providelrd for by * l'vis~tfla setipe Iefarebhnd. lie is williatg th enter 1 nilrssgnemete itlte it families or inleividals deahi.cs sfe inniejlhe sumrllaelrat ctirl tl O. 112l ' AIAYORAI.T'y OF NIEW OR.LEANS. HllE prier of flour belinse this dcv dl 5 75 er larrel, cneel.ding to I ta t lif ti bakeers will give 35 otleetrafbkad far ten entls, duriang thie week begin. slag ol Monday next, Ihe 11th illtant. The l aves ol "ecnd qalltyar of tlne, for te ceaens. shall weigh 25 per cent more, viz: '43 ounces. no2 C. GENOIS, Mayor. cERVANT FOR SALE-A most likely mtlatt m.l girlnsoed about 19 years, a very good coak, son: arier washer, ironer and tolerable seamestress anl hussa* ober t r, ola bediet and good tempered. Thei sove servntt would te an secqisitiln in any family attd is sohl becaluse her owuer is desirea ,l'if paying hie debts. Apply to tihe Editor of Ile Tlru Amterin. a1SS-St OrrFFlCrg THE FIREMAN's CO. OF New ORt.asANs. //SHE Stocholders of this Ceopany ere herevby t. 1- tiled that the 10ih iltalmlent on their et,ck is dlu and payable on Ihe Silt of October nerxt, at the olflice el tit Company. srpt 12 -EL'I'tRACY l1P Yesterdlay. some poorcreture, weo wisihed to vnal his spaleen upon one whoen be leetel, bht dared not face, inserted a forged advertse.,neel in the Inlletin copid below, II isertliliy a lner altrd dlirty trick that any fail might play--thatl na. genllee nn wnowa be guilty of-evining loath lack of sense and lacek of Sconrage.--Illetlin. 21th, inst. 2 $I10 REt\VlARD. HE ahvervwar.d will bh poid for enfortonnti. tha1 will lead td the convietieaol kthe person or Ier. asond who caused an ndverlilrenl to lie ilnserled in the New-Orleans Commlerriel lBlllelin, oftlro dt e utestat, porltpiIrltli. th thIle sibascriber hkd etlered inlta cnnrt. iteralip wilh J1hai Ilerrelt als othlers, unrder Ih stle oalf'rcgavt',llrrett & Co.. f)r thle Itarpea ol' carrincg oa the basillu.s ,ol Iaviag-no such 'o~rk eiou ha'ving - bee. formredl SN. B.--'l'he ttlrderignel laetrs tlhitpplcnrtnir of in firming the pellliel t he i neot coallt dcla il baeires of any kind. iexcept wilh i. rether ns2 C iA MUL. L. FOItGACY, 59 Merenaile et 3 wool. -. - fIalrnt f~nlc.. Clltarlmtnn. Nov ,.........70 \Valllaelll'1·II ...... 26~ N42 York, do ..........26 I Cincinnati, la . ........5 º Pbitfil.24,,Nov....42".2... 402,22i , do .....2...,27 Baltimore d2 .2......27 St Lo.2., do. , Personal.. do...... ....04 Liverpool Notn~......... 3 327stmt. No2........ .....241 Il2vr do.....,...-. 31 242,2.22. 14~.2.5 4... 231tol,,,. i.. .1 ...~ Nashville, do ..........93512avia d4.......1x.2 FOT'I' OF NEW OIRIIEANS. CLEARANCES Decmber o,, 142'. Ship Narrnag. 2.t. S 0.Liverpool . GGreen & ,, . L. pia. Hesto,,. J 31st st lohip Meakter. Bo42orth.2ll2.2. AIo& 44 Hr.ris St.12,2. N.. I'ork, Wright. CGalvest1on, 24,.,,, Pri2g Carint1hi.. R2,12... i2, .ille., A Laoo I 618ma.r A .22,soh.. Dupre, lo1ilo ARRIVALS 24272271o,, 2. IF75 Flamm tow Y.oI27.,,2, Davis. from the pose2 h1ving p4o. 222dtl o 44222i .22h2r taw, returned to th2e city t], th2e 2122.1 Crpen. wtd I,,o Harrial~Olylnnd. Snip Cr2522, Whitinlg, 42.2London Brig Poill22fflo,,o 424212422222272 i12, Fl,,. 324g 21222,2 Ilayoy2d, N127,22. 4, 2lo,,il, 8ls,222r 2 Dupre, Gordnl, fm Otto,, Rouge 52t.2222 1222212, Claiborne,.42 A Alendrij Bloom,,r VickuIburg; B122,Ih2m, 4m2421212ur2 W2l2o212 Avalanch. De22pro2, fin 2.2ui2.illo P42222p3,,4,. 2y7, f,, Shreveport S4o.42 shlp Columbia, Windl2, fro, 42442.2.n, to S4mith & Voorhees S22,22r 1.222421222,P2227.L 412 fm tl. Ro22k Steamer A Por2.2, Vi,,k.burg 12t2Wm2r Wm Fr2272 McConnell. fm l.oui42il2 Steam.. T.oo4u., Chesser. fm Cincinnhti 8228.,Dan W.bster, Kelly. lo Vi4,,, urg EXPORTS L1232722L..P2, ship N.rr224.,.t..C.rg, 2234 balm4 3o.222..Per2hlp Choek22o.,(p,, 1150b4 bles cotton 1552 4244ad330 do do, 224444 22o. 2or222, 1IOpig. laud 158 wheal Hlhva..P.r ship M2nc422,2.,..Cnoqo 1850 halnm oton 'GooL.¶22o..2'2 J.hlp New Yo1,1..C242, .22or2ed p2ro vision Sad small lots lodg N2.022LL22. Per b22i2 Coriot01,2. Cargo2100 bles 724222 4Ios2L2..P2,r Avo22h2..C2742 4'0 p. bagging 434 coils r244 II4 bu,24,,. twn,,1o111s upp'24220 do do IMPORTS ro,,,,P,..Pr hip Cr40to22..Cargo95 hog. 6 ,2or215 collt 22224li42. 18 h,.2d 2.ttl4. 2022222422 of 16 2212 3 bulls , calves and 125 cook. porter. fine does 242v.l' R2,,b~lp 2, brig Poli.o.. No c brg 2 AloetL...Perbtig Iloniot Maynard..( area lumbellbr and w82d . Ho iit of lmport han~ded in to~day R2RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE 0.0.1.,.. .P22222 te2m22 H22222'Ile.4l2Hi y hale r1l4A,,.l. art. Ferriday, A cot 50 (-ldwucl A Hi key; 1'14 A I~nllll· S rat 202 A RR~rdiS 24.381.nmo, th A 'I'hoolpl. 4744 4' ',1t. 4180; 21Lo2,,kho, F..r, 44 D.n,,,,72,o; l42 tirkman2, A1,,,,.. 212& .no 40 24.122.22,2 4' Dick.. 2l,,,,,IV, 80. 5~i42',41.2 2282.24,22*2 l .aisvli..Prstamr Ayolon,"b...Carpn o 5+, cottonl Hag11,1 t lea. 5sawreto 4Childln. e, 40 Barka. {Matt .{ iS. l o ;hStnnu kco AI4.l steamer J D22p272..02go 7 b7le5 cotton A4822 4'Whitall.I 7422 W4.14o 2.7 42 o .27"J 2422l.,122' 8 222, 02(4.&iter, 82 '2242'o2222.. Fol PW,),. I24211224 .& 24-l22. 34 p.A 2,6 Rur82 ,W.2tr-22 " 2.0lP2l27. 4Gdin,,, 42 N2 32*4442, 42322. 24222222 A 240222.4 4224,li 224,h,. 5kia'eveporlc,.Pr.2..2 ,8.iso Roy... inogo 444 I 2l2v 22o. 8p,,B.PU ..23 LIml841 & TI'hai,,on, 222 4714 4' 4,,0 2 c2, 53,.I 2442.l.8I4 A Rl224224is.159 ISO2il22& T7,,22,ul21, 222d,,22 Par etaamef Vi,,1.2,uro..C442o 251 I234m cat, heka. W2t2ct2488Keys 242obert2; 545 N 44 J 2ck; (.8.b,42 * 22'ho.4omp.27 22222222k Ferrid2 yr; I II 41 4,,4, c p&22275220222 Rob1rts; 75 Wm 8247own24 15 F m2'J2'. d "l44L242 8Dao,,'4 222242; :14 42.i, & 44a2d 4224231 Fra.klin & Ile& detsou; . . 7 A A 42214y A *,,,,.78o. 7 2,M4rrif24,2, 1Pierson *2e4453 G224d .'1 14422222 All Walloc. t co; 414 Kkman,. Ahor. n a 44T2ylor,,0rdinor 220co248 J8V Z2kc2l2e & .441.fl2 224 d28 Rn4ly. Beck & co; IiJ 2R2d Aet. 242 42. Roird * 22; H'I' 22.rr2 ; O5 (too 2B2, Rr'2422; 2212 o .224.2 Forsy2h A I& 4.4 2,ik; 7 Nugent. T,42. . d3o2 2ate2 beef We2,on & K227p; 2 boa 2pe4224 .,2222222on2 do 202222,22 & c2; 4 . 22242221a.0 2 2424422 2 s22 cotton s2ed 2lover 42 I2422422 24,.4o2,tomer Wi. French4.. argo 47 his 224s '24 per~ 2242222.2 42.422lp24244 chickeI.2, turk4.l, 44422 1.. 1 ·b r u w on b",·rd; 31 hales cotton il 2.. olgPs 2222222 Il.2 Wol.4,,,. Cargo 8445 4,,le, `'' Ao0 ,flt ll,,443.o; 4442B27'y. . 2240 W Milian; 41955,,. 32. mai. J' W4 *A$ W~riWht;77 L.ambeth &1'l'222272222 ¶J 4 A'' 2#724 42 24222282rr42ld. Pi.rson 4 St, 5241 08 7.fl24pi.k ea; 3 222227. P22.0I Iloohi,,; 28 -mer Tarry, , .q1.Calgo 180 Rey44old., m .whir 0224224 424 40.0be. 722., .4r J l J i4im ni 48 tilds Wison lot b,22,r2 10 41,. pjdls4 " it ckore J Hu2y. ti8 242it, bans 7 p.afemniA Porl2.C..('ago 143 holes .ott. n s 5.222.2. la222,22*2.? c7, 22227242. J22lln p WJ cc soo42 Lambeh& T hnm.p222 37 24yloy. 822ri2822, Pi422uu it c; 22 Nose. I, Torpi,, A *saOA er L4ttle Rock.. 42go 28 his 44 otto22 "22442. .2222102 4224rd; 72 44242 cott2n Rr2 calurI W& J Dicki 11 Frmrsoa I.Ile 1 A 12 owneJhr 4a . b4.rd P1. rASSENGERS ColntptI.;,Mro Meodamer l~uelr, Jord n Mrs " 42o74422422421. 24,222, V.ud22222. Nw... WI,4..4'2, Burns, Burns Rall2y. D-sold. aro, ren, Zimmltro ulrt l lorlun. r .,Dr WW George and Ladly. J q*44o. Users,. 'A 2k2244222sonA . Reacuh41 ,d Hop22,, "pt :.41ess Blus,11.,1. Weohall, sui 4 1at ,kirk.~Cir~ Tannaniln;"4i -11eier, ,a,. t: oder Ilamma, Duld rv ysrj.. l WD.Ito .A Markhbam, .1 ~;~;~t ~Mid.1 Pý Ito aI~CU~~ M, er "an' o.RpARIVA ne. I uI . rle ty TUi-Weekly & Weekly. I - - 1___ * iflBf lit LEANa: WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 11, 1839. 5MONEY MARKF.T. T'I'vEo , 6 P. A1. The srrei al, of cotton to day were over 6000 bags. Sals caime up o10 500 bales at 8 to 1 for middling fair, being forned pecrationa. We heard of sales of flue Kentucky tobhacco at 12 cents. Sales oforni also took place at 54 cents. In tes ey mttelrs, things wear thsae iee geaneal ap apearanee. The debates in the Blak conclave have, as yet,led to nothing, and the prolihbility is that the dif fernceol oinlerest, animating the differenlt boards ofdi rection, will only aerve to widen the breach alelady opened by the Commercial's hitlidrnwing fono the league. The accotnt given of thle propoitions before the board iofPrenidenls, in the I.oouiiaiana of his norno ing, exhibits a want of harmony in that body qu te un.. expectld. E.xpansion, ln Iuchl needed for tie present moment, if put off much longcr,will pruobbly bi put ofi entirely. A few days m re will decide Ihe matter. 'The scheme for making the issues of ill the Banks equal ton three dullors in paper to one in rlecie, seems to blie inn posilble, however desired by the commnrecial interest, as there are some of the banks that will in tilhnt even be compelled to curtail,-a thing out of tile question now. Taking all things into eontldnrtion, we are in a most annon dloua condition, nas the imani inll iue pliy onild say. Ileltre a re-aclion cnn take place, there will be manoy Noll6 operations to the lOane of hall a million oflosseo. The failure of the mails beynd ('Charleston, leavei Un without New Yorks dates agiin. TIcere con be no dlubt thai the difficulty lies eltween \Vashington and VFrederickshurg, owing to he closinlg of Ihe Pltomnac. 'l'his in annoyig ait the iorPsent Iomntl,tfoor a delay in the receipt of the Liverpool's neins will be no light LATE FROM llTEXAS. We haven Texiun papers Iy the Columbia, cwhich ar. ,ived yesterday in 36 hoiurs frotm Galvestonl. (tlr dates from Austim, the sent of governmour, are in tle 27th November. The Austin Gazette liea th proceedinlgs of Congress fromn the 12tkto thile 15th. They are mulch more business like than those ofour own Congress,-at least we have no notice oflong speechs. Dr. Willis Rooeritt,he Ciollector ofthe port of Gal e.s toll, has been retmved from the office, fir doing what hundredsof our federnl olfficers have been doing ever since 1829 with impunity, and even with the counte naotice f tle administration. The volunteers underthe command of Col. Karnes ve h.d a skirmish witih tie Indians on ilho Pier'dena alles. The latter were the murderers of the Webster party near tle San nGabriel. Corporal Morris has bein shot for attempting thle life of Capt. Kennymore of tho let regi.t ent of Infantry. lie fell like a nsoldier. Tie Indians are encamned in large, numblllllers 150 milesn abonve the falls f Brazos. The settlement. oan this river are much exposed. The nomination of Col. It. Dunlnp mlnisler to the United Soat.e, has been rejected by tbe Sienate. Among the confirmations oare .lames Weblb, Attoriny Genferal; Gen(. M. IlInt, Commission to run the boundary line George W. Smnyth sulrveyor to the cotnmi-sio, and lernard P. iee, Clerk to the same. The papers teetn with foll accounts of a grand dinner, to Gea. lnouston at Anetin. Among tl ton.ts, we notice the first one ")illr mother conmmtry, tile I. States -first in our lfections and Illrst in our bran -e." The eitior of the Austin ilzrttel notices the receipt ofa beef sttk and n in t inI llfino fon iai nnow reslaurat just opel;ed. It is spioken of highly. A liln ofatages is rulonill, r IIat Iotn to Austin once a week. The last accounts from North Mexico state that Col. Ross is marching at the head of 2000 men on Matamoros, having taken two towns and 300 pris. oners. The fedcraliets wanted to slaughter them, but Ross objected. 'Thoey all joinol Iris raits.- Success to the gallant Ross! The federalists were rising in Durango and would join Ross. Col. S. Sherman, it is said, will be appointed Collector of Galveston. The resistance of the Senate to the President's nominations is highly ailprovel by the papers, so palpab y injurious wou'd their confirmation have been. They are handling the President's message pretty roughsy, and ho is accused of unfitness for Ilbo office. Arrived at Galveston Schre. Wave and Alexan der, hence. Eighteen arrivals from other places are noted from the 27th of november to the 5th instant, and up to the Gthi-6 clearances. There were 35 vessels in port, principally square.rigged, and among themi two ships aind a bark. The num ber of passengers arrived in the last week was over 1200. Thoro were 6 cargoes of lumber in port, holders waiting for rise in price. Treasury drafts 70 to 72 per cont. discount. Sug ar, Louisiana brown, 9 to 9 1.2. Samptunary Laws.-Therr se ems to be a sort of epi demtic prevailing in this oecetion of Ihe world, which may he the sunmpinary law iestilence. In all ages, lte good and the wise have raised their voices against so"ptuary laws, bIut in spite of these warnings, and of plain palpable injury, they haveli ever done in every countly wiwt drbey Ian lhon adopted, the zeal in their favor ihas not n! ated oine jot. A persver nee in them in relaltion Ionrdctt spiris has ehlnged the whole polit. ical condition of Alnmssnchlnret. 'IThroughl t tihe whole Union, they have btgottel and srtll beger a dis respect ftr 1ll how, hey spro.ldl thr aonl wide thie test hylporisy and injure rnoiei llsre y other meians Ithat could be aidptidTh. Thi iti 'se hisn spreai d eveni to T'exa. The ullet:in otf yes.erlny snys I!tI a ill hasi bPeen brlanl t ioo the+ 1J . ateiiiii€t n a ill l l pe1r1l)llS IothO shall retail spirits inl qtnnllltis Iess tha lliarl with a fiue of llr0'1. It pInsed tnani na,.ly anIt it is believed that it will ,t, through tIe lower h till.! o.eginletors who know so little of their ralling a ton IIdvcue Sllmtl) itu ry laws olalysorlt, ir. illy qlnl!tid for their dtllies, bill stt U ollItttiately they c lltitntl Ith. gr,' aer portion of the petplae'o r'presintalive.. GOV. lA(;iiY'S 1tl:s.kril,. Weo ha etre urn s ithis dotIone.tll. It is a good one, and on thIe subject of hlnking, erumries out fully the viewskolhis party. T'he flluhwiang pitoale lmay not be olu oh place. The boundary line betweesn henrgin and Alila lon, lb thll colnpact of 1802 is nllised toI be retlined an Georgia lhas settled it. Thle oepar a e iurt ot("hlllncery, latly rretned, works well. I:. V. W. 'ek is Chaneellor. Th'l University of Alnbin l,i is in a swimling condition. Thel Governolr rrulllentls ponlllitry aid to hbe gipun to lhe tcolleges of Lagrangi' an1i I inlison. 'Thie site ibr thie neiw p'enitentiary has h^aon lnocatred in Weiilmpka, andt the buildinta is i., sit $15.000. The J udres of tII, uprenell. lort of tile nState have lale a report lona penal nyste i to the . Lgiil::ture. A gradtlu II of punihoel iI hiving reBlliono It lth se in other states is recommended. 'fTI n ilita nysien dons Inot work wall. etlhe Governor wants to see Cavalry for every colnly, and is oppoasl to conferlg chalrtlered rights on volunteer lcompnies. In regard to inter,'al inlproesn ,atl, lie goes against an expensive systemn, and prefers iltllroling the rivers of tle slain. He wonei like Io sPe Mobin IBay and Tl'en nesee riser uIllted. lie adv ises a Board of nmprote m `iiis and a geological urvey Iof the s ate. The Rank. qleslion i Iretal.l in a lucird lH in in avolr ofesernntive nominlations of the tDirectora of the Snate Bank. It isJsIlted that the evils of tile old molo ofappointments were so grent tlhlll io els lof directres and the menbers of pilot I.tgilnalurns have engroasel altmot two thirds of tle lons of thatl bank! He would have the directors paid o,r their services. lie is for calling in and eancelling rie State Ilonlds naow unsold. and would have3 colnolniioners lppointed to reeeive gold and silver, or its equivalent frol tie Bank, ill such jortions s to msake a sinking futon equal the tipany. sment of the honds when tinyt ftl dure. Andl what is more, he is for placing thie contil of the flunk undnr some general head. The Bank of the state anll branhen atR lnltrsville saed Montg.mery, oentinue tI pay specie. The Go. vetoer slpeks highly of the Muhile alto:k hanks. tie recommnds the elllargemelnt of the irculalion to n 5 mil situns eihier by po-t notes of 12 iloolh or an iLenu to 'that amoutI from lthe suspended banks. linrtonily denies the righs of the Spreeuo Court of the United States to decide in the cans of the richt of t furelgnocorporation to contract in Alubostu. Tihe ar ,unuen we tay notice another tilm'. 1 d Oell oft ai ledond'Sanieipality last night, Cit, deIl iJnntiqneedano Ordinaing ye- t gaoihig t a Cali i4Banking Comipany to put op t post and oholinr.jard along the Sdell Road.- I But he has, as he he h frequently been, when the origin of sosee useful moeouit, defeated. King Peters, not- having suggested the thing himself, was of opinion that one might as well fall into the Canal, or rather, than fall into the woods. King Peters has no fear of drowning. Our Reporter, by the way, shall for the future, be more careful in giving us full reports of the speeihes. It willbe seen by an advertisement in our paper of to day, that the carn of the Nashville Rail Road will run every hour from 8 o'elock until 11, and then eveuy half hour until 1 o'clock in the evening to and from the Races. if Mrs Cowley had been present at the St. Charle., Icst night, she would have been delighted with the man ner, in which her beautiful Comedy of the Belle's Stra. tageu wio= perfliermed. All tih parts were well cast, and more puaticelarly the Irincipal one; BIalls, as Flutter, oarrett, as 1Drieonert, Perron,as Sil George l'oechwvood, Ilown, as Ilardy Miss Melton, Mre Stlart and Miss Verily, as Letitia Hardy, Mrs Rackett, Lady Frances 'fouchwood. We cannot recollect of or having oseen n nonudy better perfeloned, or with more spliit. Dl.ring theI e Itfurmanooe, Miss Melton gave us a spice of her muoical talents. She sang exceedingly well, an d sere poca fa, and Intuced in us the desire io hear her nde her ewe, t voice more frequently. If the resident ippuiation, as Caldwell callsathem would attend ihe Tlhealtre, he might well afford to te I eat thle Belle lnlratgenn. Till.; GUREAT Sl'EAMER ST. lOUIS. This huge leulnmer was built at I'ittsburlh, iln March 1837, by Jalmes Wood, for the proprietorl,. J. \01. h hb & Co. and others of St. Louis,oand cost $60,000. l'he engines wete by Stackhluus & T''hompson, and the cae in work fiuna the shop of Applegate, both well knewn mechanics in 'iittsbuig. Sht Ihas crried down stream 940 tons of freight, and up stream 750. lier quickest trip up has beeh made in 5 days 19 hours, from New Orleans to St. Louis. 'IThe average of her speed per hor is n0 miles up stream. The cabin is lantl, plain and sp.iceion. WVhen the fol. dig doors of tlhe Iludies' opereteent are thrown open. it sakes a rnloln IGU feet Ione, 17 i;it broad, and 10 feel elhvation. It is covreed with ia Brns olscarpet, flneked by English druggets. The wall are decorated with mirrors beneath which e t and marble slabs. Ther- are four chandeliers. All tile furlnire is neat and comlnr table. The skey-lights that pass entirely round the cabin just benneath the ceiling, are high and moveable, so as to ventilate the room thoroughly. The number of state rooms is 52, opening oi to guards 13 eet wide, ex tending round the whole boat, except where the wheels intercept. There isa fine piane ii the ladies' cabin. We give the following dimensions an interesting. Length of1 keel, 208 feet Length on deck, 235 " Brendth of beam, 28j " Extreme breadlh on deck, 574 " Depth ef luid, 9 " Diameter of wheel, 25 " Length Ol bucket, 13 tBoilers 8--f which the diameter is 4"2 inches and length r5 feet. Engines 2-o>f which the spoke is 10 foeit aod diameter ofeyladers 26 inclhes. The ofi:ers are:-J. 5M. Convers, master. II. Mor. ent., clerk. W. Few. engineer. Mate, i). Berry. Pilote' I(. \. Sipahawk and N. Way. Agents, Chas. Donne' P'~ydras slenI, New Orleans, and W. F. Kennett, St Tire Srn. Y or tHE GRMaiN.-While ormasny use less hours are spent in la ulering away at the Greek and Latin, it would be well if parents would direct lthe ttention f l'their children to lie study of the modern languges, anll among the rest the Garman. It is a tongle iron whilch our own languagge has drawn more rllitusly tlhan fro n any other, send common reason tells is thlitit weould ihe well tt go up to euch a founltcin.fer the betiler undrrotansding of English, if fur no other ob ject. Ilut this is not all. The Germalln Is ie reposi tory of science, histry, poetry and romance. What can be more inslruicling thiue to dill into the works of such Imen a 'hitaux, tllh mathematician, and his iel low laborers; whllat nmore pleasina than to ceosult the pages of Heeren anIld his codnjultors; what more dc iightfill than to drink at the inspired Ifountain if Giuetlie I and Leping what lmore enchanting than to emlbosonl yourselfisn the writings of Jean Paul Frederick Itichterl Let us lll then gol,-they who can uffrd Ithe time ndll mIny,-t- r Ihe mines of (Germlan Literature, and no nan will regetthis pains and Ilbur. These remarks Ile Ibeen diclllted by the ipropsitiuiisn lf a Germann Schollar, rnow ill this city, to tanke up a class for tile reaching of his natlive lungu. We ourselves shall jtin it, in ordtr to lear to speak so high sounding and rich a llnguage, and lta e i tis opportunity of urging otller to the same act. No gentlemanl , iretending to lcholanr ship, should be ignlorant of Cite old 'letlon. SUGol.--THE TARIiFF--It appeare that lihe U. Slates does not prolduc se galr elnoughl for hole con llltion by u large almount. A Plilttdlphhil paper gives the impllrtatcioin ofthlb article into thar city as ftllows : From Jun. to Seplt. 1837, 16,309,300 lounds. From Jan. co Sept. 1838, 23,130,600 do. FIrom Jan. to Sept. 1839., 5,315,800 do. Wihen we look at the iltporiations itom abroad into other cities, the conclusion cannot be resisted that ithe reduction of tihe duty on thea foreign article was a Iiiiast unwise measure. It not only did not reduce the price of sugar, but attacked moat seriously the interents of Iouisialna and injured the entsumroer. Hd the ditty not been torched, it is reasonable to supposte thantwe should now lie raising sugar enough for the home con eontption, and thousands of acres of land nown idle in this start would lie groaning tinder Ihe calc. Coammonr Sense.--Major Noah, when lie sots about it, call indite in a few lines as much coolmon senselas any snan who ever presiled over tihe press. II-ad what follows on thi rsu!,jecot of speculation, and iyou will agree with ui. S\W have saidl that loivy lossres have occurred throuightlout the coulntry hly specua!tilons, altd pro. bably the heaviest Ihas been in real estate. Whllel General Jackson illegally withldrew lhs dcposites frloml tsie United States Bllnk, lie said to tSie State Banks, " icMre, tike thils money i loan it out libo. rally." They did -a, and ilrale mioney so plentiful that speculatiion ran maia, and whenl contraction Snsued, down callie the speculators. Thus, whlen i farmse were a purchased to convert into town lots, ten per cent. awere paid down, tile rest on morl gage. itle tell pur cent. has beconme forfeited, and tile f'ltas revert to their original owners, thus lit. Srall!y sttiing the rich richer, and the poor poorer. All this trouble, and these reverses, and the-s heb oed specllatlolns, anld Iunnural state of things have grown out itf Gcll. Jcksoall' frata! words, " I take the res onsathiily." S13"e Ihaveijlst real Charies :illet's expoLition of thell incortllctns Iof the Tarilsls f tall on the canals and rali ads;in the U. Sttes. Hle acrgues that the freight 10l0 iiles distant frot thle latrlkte to whichll th ith prove-. tsettt ruesollughi not tIt paly lttirca than that which ic i0 miles from it, I;lr th o a jecl of inti.llal improvements is Ito Iqalise the cislt ol'ltrlsportton, anlld tl tmake lauds 1011 il is dislnt ftrom a llmarki nearly as valuable as tIhwse in the li:iilty. It ies valuable paimhlet thin of 3Mr. Ellet's. The sslemn ofconliding all tile enterprise of internal ilmprovement to corporatle companies, is Sruong in princillle,an untdl thaut is altred Ihe publ:e will ever leap thle fll beneflit of rail roads ald canals. ICP' The Bill to increaee the capital of the Lagrange andi Melphio IRail RIlod i'rompilly ii two millions, to mauke all Ilie ainds el Io coompany sterling, and to ex. lend li road to the Mississilppi line, was on ithe eve of passing he 'l'Tennesee Legislature at the last dates. CoraePT Vo'rt'ro.-A cosiittee ofI45 inhabitants in the county of Itutllerltlrd, Tennessee, have discovered Iusht 85 illegal votes were thlrown ft-r tlie membere elect, and 5 flr their opponents. The member elect to the Seie It hail 8 mlajorilyso lhart it thle researClies of the committee be correct, he holds his plcee by illegal vote. IMany votes were given by boys and persons living in the adjoinling State. Numibers were given by double niallle. The commnitlee havae all the facts, anames &ir. and hauve appealed to the legislature. IlosT MonAl . l rono.--lhlortn lley assert to he, the mo.ltoreel tolwn ill the Union. SRead whlit follows frol the Pot, andlll you will rec that they are absolulely deseealtig Ithe Sabbathl. e expect next to hear of Sa lorse RaSLB on ln lay, inl hlt mral city-."'The Idemallocrlt of Boseton are heIreby nltified to meet at Faiuauil Iall, to-morrow, .rsn.apl evening, at pailt f 7 o'clock, to onlgratulatl each other on tile retellt r ue ( Leas of their carne in tie old lay State, and to prepare t., strike are more blui for Freedoul and Equal thights, on Monday next." Me~ eages .. The liigý fi (ITeiilbte seejng their folly in trying to forco doin' peple.s throatI sumptuary law, have rallied at the second elee tion, and so far as 'heard from lhave carried the fellowimg planes. Now Bedfoer 5 Beoston ]2 Salem 1 Cambridge, 3 Lowell 4 95 This gives them a large majority in both houses, so that Moaro, Morton's hope in destined to be blighted again. It is to be hoped that the old Bay State will throw away the errors of sunlptoary legislation, and stick to liberty and liberality as sihe was wont to do. An Enigma.-Tho following curious lines were handed us yesterday for insertion. They are ut terly an enigma to as. Will the riddle-hunters try their hand at them ? Tihe world, it's said, is but a stage. And human kind, is but a joker. But note, ,, All note," the present age. A Wot-main' (woman) turned a Cotton Broker. E. O. E. The Evening Signal.--This is the title of a new paper published in N. York by I'ark Benja. rein and Mr. Griswold. It is one the penny p'an and conducted with unusual spirit and elegance. There is a vein of Ihumor and delicate satire about Benjamin's writings that never fails to caplivate. Will the Editors he good enough to see that we get it in exchange ? I, All ye who intend visiting Louisville, will walk to lthe Levee, pposite Poydrar street, and go on board those new and elegant boats, tire Monong.lhela and the Qcueenof tie West. The rest is left to your own choice. These vetselsi lave for the upper country this mlornling. Tneir Clpilna are sure ruanratees thlat the pasncenger will have his comforts attended to. See advel isement, r l another column. ' The WVashinglton Metropolls states, that from the fonudalion oifour govrnmeent up to 1837, the coin age in tlis country has been =69,:c81,548. lcIn nnother eolumn will be foind,a proposition to purcrrlse tickets in Banks' Grand Lottery,hichly favo rcble to the buyer. lie will have contal of his mIney, while he can have a chance to win the Arcade, as a prize for his risk. ['BlMnjor Lawrence Lewis, of Fairfax Co., Va., the nephew of General Washington, died at the seat of Mr. Cuetie, on the 20th of November. lie was 73 years A French paper publishled in Valenciennes, asserts that tie sugarbeet will stake better wine thanl sugacr, and sings an Io Pean upon this new source whence rite inspiriting draught can be procure 1. Gen. liarriaon.--The Be of yesterday proves con clusively that lien. Ilerrison is no abolitioni-t. Ilow will the Louisianian get over the rmatter now? [D" To give some idea of the extent of the Russ'an Empire, we may state that, last year, by the official re ports The number cf hirths were 2,331,992 l'he number of deathe 1,568,733 Tihe number of marriages 492,421 Among the deaths were, 858 eyed 100 to 105 years 12anged 110 to 115-130 aged 116 to 120-3 aged 120 to 1311-accd 4aged 145 to 166. oANDIATEfL. lt W'e ae authlurised toi anunce lt, at, thle solici. tatitn of a large nttllter of Ihe citizeins ol the t three Municipalities, Mr.\eILLIAn FRERIET has cnn-aPted 1a the Ipreselltatin of his iname to1 his fellow citizens t the next ensuing eleciton, as a candidate for the oflice of Mayor ,tf the City of New 'rleans. E[I Neons somrmes autoris~s n annoncer qu'h la detoande d'un grand nombre den citoyens des trois Mlunicipalit6s, Mr. WILLan Fan(rE a consOenti & .e prsenter colmmea caaddatdl la place do Malire B aIn ploeltaine dlection. I7 .. U. I;iat.Ilc, t tle solicictatioa of otaay of his friends, hans ctnenterd to becotle a candidate for the onlIheofMayfnr of this city. NN NEW ORLEANS. ffOCKlY CLUB1 RACES. Mn ET' A 1 I E Ct U R 8 E. First DIay of Fall Meeting I89--Wedneday lith Il)ec! JoIteky Club Purse $O800--l'wo Mile heaRs. [ John (inotling ettstra Jotln c;atpdl,ele n T n'lnr vi t v IltdURtry, Jatt It lay Rlchloltaad, 7 yearn ilId, taft I lt--l)rnos blue nad trd. S1)tuncan F. Kenner elnters g c Grey Medloc bIy Mr d Ie, dot (try Frany by Bertrand 4 yeausold, 1(10 Ibl--D)rernaed attd retL 3 A. I. ltinaaman entensg I and lox hv O'K(elly, damn Lucy Brolaoks Iy Bertrand, 3 yeals aold, 83 ls -dress yellow and red. RICHARD ADAMS, J. S. GARRISON, nll Praprietnrn nJ llMembers can obalain their badges nt 1obiarson &. Co,'s..I] []FoR THE RAUES.I] NEW ORLEANS ANDI NASHVILLE RAIL 1ROAI). The ftllowine is thie arrnetgettntnt tI r tite Iacesa. Ie .rtur . , i et A.llrl. 9 Al. ." 4 Al .l. ItI A. 51. i1a A, M. II A. i. II4 A.M. 1R 2 . 1 r2 Il .o .

124 jn IJ 1o2 'p . ;W lII Isf Prenaen - 1 4 P. 3 24 4 44 . 54 PA SSAG E FIFTY CENTS. Ga Nlrct.hatty and "tt'tedov tte crn soill go ao the: Race ('Cotnrs.. a 8 A. 5. 1-2' I 4 I', 1. Sea' Orletlteaae l)a thr ItI I18:9 JAM.ES II. CAtIlVEI.l. till It" Perednttn. (I"EItItE (IF TIlE Fi IftItCN'5< COMPANY. Neta Orleana Iteneelber lIt, 1!39. W lE SlntehnaldcraT ofhi- ia.nitttitn ara herelty eo. k liied, that tlt rxtra dlvid.lod af 5 per eutan, doe. clared on tice let I fjretober, wi,, be paid to trem or their nygal retpre.eatativeae touo at this dnae. Il) order ttf thr Ilnlttt, dlit EL TR ICY, Secretarr. BUIIREAU Il'INSURN I:SE DE I.A COMPAGNIE I)I'S PI)MPIERI'IS. La Novtclle ()r!ialta, In It Deemnbre, 111831. T ES' St'ta act lit ant *tll8e ernett ttiuintntp~o rLqa 'tlivid..trtlIl tnde 5 ur cret, a Mlb d.tnlarO stir t, letd It'ltb ilre el serem i)113 (· .t oUt oIU 1tr lej)lt. 8 allt tns, sttir e ait caetle t lrt e Par ordre rden Diretelttne, F I. 'l'rne , S r-r l aire 'l,;Wt OtL.EANS AlND NASHVII.LE tcAIL IROA I. SGIIERAII Y In nctian 8 & 9 o" thi e Charter of .¶ tie Net, Orlelns ned Sne-hldr Roil rend COln toty, a elteral tlltetittg oa thIt sin llhlttern ia enaled o tite 3I1 Ilondan in Jttnanry. l1810,ftr nle pttrpase ntf electing Tea lDirretarn t saeve Ittr sa e rear n .1 t CAI.tDWLCI., P'renitertt. _OGfte, No. 14 Inaronne st. Den. 12th. dl rIgIKE Followhig Institltlions, I'itizen's mllk ofl.oul Sisilan; Union HIank of l.aaisiann; Neat' Orioans Canal anod Illkiaat Coaipala, w:ll rceive attei.I tde tatsit tinna eertn ifirstneatf tfono hed r dd tiollars and lpward%, t1 renin to the eredir fIt the tgepttttIrt Ott whicl tert'tifictter, the suhbscribera wi I derlvr 'l ihketn itt tlte Grand Itoal Estate Lottcry--l)atkh' Arcade. tliselntps Htttel, dae. SCHMIDT & HIIAMII.TON, under the Verantdalh, olplato iteE Joltns & CoII, dl Stt ti tll IINTING MIATERI.\ILS--J John J Hlaswell-& SCo, 49 (Calnp streetl, have thiis dayn received a gene ral slttly ofsfype, rases, tr.nsses. brass raIle, clllnn galley, s0l~lalle, plniaern, rl.(in, t..m,nosht.- sticks, httttting ntlck*, tttrtlitllrttrleic tle rlrtehalteld faouadry of Jottnson aSllth, PIllttlnlltia .allicl i t ffordt t the trade oan nnt'tlnmodnthnc trnstr. d1l *-tATtlfttt--12 ratlo lettl~te, a eed nrttcle, lta -sEale, Ity AIDAMS \\& It IAI.L. Itt I67 Gravier t IOTICE-George Itrownecn-tp aee itftox mkd X proshi itNingarna from Phihtteltlin. is requasnee tonlt, pay tharges Oln thi .anernall loh it awn a dl I N F C 15,l't, 97 Canpnrt NAIlS--100ll kego neoreted no*. aiiln, hIrsda, nnd Il spikaes. Inning frnm barque, It .lsictk from I'Phil adelthia, atid for sale by dll N I," Ct)1lI.Y, 97 C'tnp lp i • ortment itt pO at at 'l* (tdhtgtte tootler, tao;. ttlaeder, bhu.hea d.n ,h€ale or rh l an eteltImy dlI enrlage Net.t &It 'tl'mNNAli. at dli t cornelr Natlh|i m & "|T houlpit,,uts sis i& NEW YORK. .RegularPleket of 16ith inetant. emiOidas nod tNed York Line. R HS I'HB foot ailing regular paeket shil in IOUISVILLE, Allen maoler he1ing too ti third of her cargo engaged, will b. deapatched to above. For freight or passage, hevglt. superiori acetm. modotion, apply on board, two tierrtblow the Veeltable Market, or to WtM R FOd9ICK L. .. dll 70 t.nmp, t FOR MEMPHIS, RANIJU)LPII, And all Intermediate Landinls. ITe well kno. antd fasl runnin . etcalter OZAIIK, It. Honrsea, Jr. tttaster, will depnrt f n the ahove portn ot .turdaty the 14th 10 o'clock, A. It. For freight or passage, havi.g spleniod iecolcutai lions, apply on board or to '1 R IIYDE & Co, dl l ear Common &. Mngaozine sis tO RENT. A Dwelling House 139 Julia street Apply t, dll H C CAMMACK is Co. INE NS-eBurgundy, Bordoaut, Champagne, Madeira, Rhenish, spaorkling HI.:k, liquors, received by the last arrival from Frtance ud Ger many, and sold by the subscriber- Burgundy, Nuits. Clos de Vougeot, Ilertmiloge, Romande, Chamberlin, Larose, St. Julion, St. Emi. lion, Chateaux Margaux, do. Lnfitto, L6oville, Sou. terno, Barsae, Graves, Lunel, Frontignae. Champagne. 300 baskets, Eagle brand; Palace brand; Palace Vercenay brand and Liberty brand. Madeira in pipes, half pipes, and half quaeter casks, old London ptrticular tervinl. Rhenish wine; Hock; Graefenberger cabinet. 1827 do Markebrunnor do 1827 Markebrunner, Neironsteiner, Gra. efbnborger, Iloekheimer. 1825 Markebruimer, Graoeenbnrger, Dom. Pres. liockheimnr. 1822 Pohannisberger, Liehfraueninilol. Heinberger, Leistewein. 1811 Steinwein. 200 boxes sparking Hock, red, blue, yellow, label, superior quality. Liquor--White Annisette, red do; rltafia, bran. dy fruits, kirachwasoer; s. f. difflrent liquors. dll E JOHNS & Co. SNI)I.N'S it'ANACEA-Ju.t received & fir wlhole lttlo and retail hy dil I1 IIONNAIIEL L t.AS'tlreery ddceriptiunn ucl t . gttltobI, bottle, vialt, frnn I drachllto 0 lti, grdoistin reasuroes. emtirt vials &c, for whtlertle or rerritl hv tIl H B)NtAIEll... 41 Te'ltpittulaa st ( HINA P.JT8 preassly for apothecnri,.s, Or sale by It IIINNAItEI,l Ill 43 Te.hpul to at Oh h-itI--+it) I Lids suar nn phlati,,i, Ir sale hv s ADAMSc \&?II''AII,, (Ill (id r .lir cst F O.(UR--i0 ibris al the landing in fiOe shipping order for sale by dll G DORIEV, 4,1 New 1even A MEETING of the order of Equal Fellow will Slake place at tLodge t:oltto, to Wedtoesday night the .ltins latst, at 7 o'cltok, P. .1. By orderol itle President, d8 T. HI. .lCe. Secretary. l.AW NOTIC E. N . A N OiltuIEN will r icticec Itw in mltler. lshlip illithe city ofNew ct)rlen., ald i llthose pa risles I. the coutiry, in whlich they have heretofore practlsed. Ofice No. 9 Royal street. d9 SINGING AND GUI:AR. T A STILL must respecttfilliv i-tifrlits his pupils * and tle publ;c generally, ts t hie lhas returned to the city and conltlten l Ped hi.tcore of instruelions. Allplicatiion wilt btc received at lIth stores ol Messrs. E...tohrs & Cn. St. Charles streelt; at Mrl. I. (..sey's, ts'iatstrteet; or olf Dr. S. at .ladtlt Page's corller tf Cain Pstreet and LlalfIette square. P'arsons np alvin at either of the halloe ptIaca, will pleee leave ihleir cenls. 31 d9 I 'NFORMIA'I'ON,.-t Tbe u1'terior of the cinieIt ot the Snored Heart, at St. -ithlheleo, hos tile hnor to informn the parents of the children cotfi ded to her anre, that the vacation will commlnence the 18th of Decelober, ait n o'clock in the morning, andt terminate the 1Ith of January. The steamler Pekin, Cnptain Streick, will ie na St. Miithnel's, on the lhlt, at 8 o'clock inl Ithe lorotg, to receve Iv hose cltiidri-n ttetltlllt foit- New Orlealti , t r il illshes brilow St. iclntlei's, tie snele t, o, wre 3 ato 4 o'clock-in the ntornioh,, thle WV'. lobinsuttn will recPive those who reside i thie parishes nhove. INFORM VI'ION WANTED. S LOEUI) PETFEIt or PEII'ERStlN, fronm l hnTmik, n ship carpenter hv trade, anol lately emtplnve I it; qtaotted tos, nl at hIl ntoia irnt lmo I ot tn t .('ounto fir a leltr taddressed tt hifi fitrom ofhi .Iphia .In f"ir .n tli. f n yhollet or l itnlltt f l l nt i nrli lt rclrseetlns hitn from othr, illes ive thinobtknilol rec iv 0. m7 U $t m EWAme fnowny nt thk Con1rg I n vntotr, ibte oegro ,; f ntlltl1 fOu sp aking I'- on h trih and French, anglled hn t I or 19 ears 5 feet 4 oln 5 ioo'lwttl htgil, stllrt nll tlihiek hset small C si, prolninell t tireIl; d, aL ea 1111 Irtten gt hari- one, of the fr ont ehill il t I th her ja m" ir tkvn. bIludI on, I t illt h''t oawiav. ao pir of col'tonade pl.tooit Ileon wilh eo , a tll le otoipen, nd n ilglnl shirt t said negro worked a lnlg wile wie wlth MI. 'm.II StonP brick hlntrs's hot. Fi LfNANtlifh LIt, oI)S 9-If No :3:13 tI)ul)hie at . h nlltize, mitlk od J IS Jr teranin & I:,o, I'ris: t'lenn. nld fitnl Fhpt N.-tville, ihre a trretl' mtrket, P & .1. Ally tperslo hvino'her tlei in tfelir pissee: ion, will tleiase give itnlitrltihno to No, 90 Clot onI ht treint. l n14 NOTI'ICE. cr.E Thl memlniber of St. Patrick's Congregation t are hereby res netftlll tort ified. tuat tle service will be ier,. ftirmeed in one of Mr. EI. E. PI'rker'o new buiilitog in Jdlin street, between llagnzine and aouchlr nureete, until further notice. n J JJ MIIl LON Paetor. T Thet cnEsOignees tf6t calseas unr ktdto C in a di. urnf,natnd I hhl marked h M S, jusr eake o,,e I.(OUISVILLE, fromu New York, are reqtestel to cull, pay lieigfht and chaorges, nndt lake atnale wawl. W31 I FftIDICK & Co, d5 70 Cautu p nt 1l NO(lICl,.-Shilp Charlen, Captain :limtn, frnom Pfiladelr hia, lin now discharging 3 tiere beiw tile roil road. Consignllees arte ilrticlarlv roeqllfestt d tI attend ton ie receipt oftheir goodsn from tie Levee. dB--Lw N. F. COMLY, 97 Cap, st U3 NOTIC'E--( loBergerol, LC Spen.igr, George Browte, I)r \V In 'l'loe, o llS infishlane, colnoi;nee of goods per ehtt Ninena-r, Cnapt. Ctir, rnoo Plhiladelpuhia, are rnque-ledt to, itlhke known their ilesd-en:e to tile dic:harging clerk,oi ittiri Levo,e oth'erwise their gaoles will bi stohed at Iheir oexpense N IF Ctt.t-, d 97 ('inmp at E I'I ' (;'t' f E IiN I IN Sf "5 boxeo cla'e-r, tent kid .t in dlalnllfn --I htx' tnl c lalfirkod JImtns tltlllltifro al 4(l ,-tenR ,'otl nln ttrkndtJ & II, rriV e l per pc:ker shp) Ii''ivil."", Iron Ne'w York, ore rt qm's. e cd to chtl, Pyf oireohtitlnit xl~el le., stt hIl, nt-ktle away, \V It F, bIICK lE Co, n'd7 70 (iamp -t l_-._'o__nsgnees,___ its_ . __ rkd _ ¥ &, It I) I & J", F',on hoard ship <t )tart, from New Y'ork are .t itlsted toe moku tolll .ftt t,$ hnl)uw If t it( elerk oti Ihe The packet ship, St. iMy, Cealli. Foltr. chnlgilng opposite Il tspital t-el . Conigne' s will plense atlted on Ir Ieleve I, toi P receipt oftllwir getrde. -OTCI".--'I'he first ofTf' . If. II'DIk &t 1ll{1 It K, tatis thie lay disslved. , 'I'. It 111'1)1, remin charged witlh th liquidation thlere- F. a til ,:" tl it Ich lt lr pose tile nlmoflalllo le persnll wiLl ornly I b(' used hereali- 1 T'' I0 I¥)l, tFor himselfand tIe flirs of (13 J Hi P IIYI)I'L (ji'At' t'lE.Pl( lli'--'. it. IIYI)E, Invou; a',oe will loletilte te b&lsine-n hireoftle Ipur-.niid Iv T. f t. I YDIU & BRO1'Ti El, under the firnt ol" T. . "Ii1 DE & Co. 'I t IIYI, d3 39 Cmmentl st, con. %lagazine '\ 1' SIII l+-JL-1 1e.:l l lyRl i. n'Settl t ll tit-rtns his . I -ninls land cult-tomer, nitl tlhe publie, Ithat heilg obhiged Ito Peire from tulsilt*.s on ncounllt of ill tealti, he lnas .ulltu1i, retook lt ,\l.rl"e H-Fswell, fo.ringtuu rid Iluswotll oifPhilnadellhia. who will ierealter run. dtct tite bfuilltia in thin city lndelr lhe iltino of.tilni J. Illtwell &Co. lletnkes I;t'er lie il rettiiommeindlg thelneto lie. patronage of lia former ulttonluero . 1,25 A 'L'UVO'AL 49 t'amlp t JOHIN J IIA\V'LI.I. & CO, IICCICCEeSORS to Alexandler 'I'owar 49 Cntip st et Inea, take fleatnir in ithlr-iting tle c-utolnl rs of the lati honse ond lhe plbiic generelfo, tlll t.v in pllrhtllasPd rlll n lt r. T'uiwnr hits e tire Silock of littoi, ptletr &c; they havoe itow sch anddition ,t ll mInke lhelir asgforlllnei t very oilnlllCP. Tl'fney will .always be ailie lto supply r'tltters wil hillek, pallerr toer n retn. pere, hook ndl job wiluk tf ecery dnscripliun ontlhe very hest h.ors. CilVy unlt e.tlcnutunuleh1ato wil find, i blatnk Imuks of Perer kitnd, t tli, t :lt I prioe, tuolether i withl cheek boloks, bill boolks, Culttmllt hlouse blanks, bills Inhllng, wilh all articles ofsltinuery nsuntily kept i he Itok lstores. Colpying presses, clpying illk, Ott vetn't lilht anld dark lllte lnl Ialnek writing fltid;, Bankers' Illte case, pocket hookn, &c &c. A general, asuirlmcet of bulks tin all tlhe delartlneltt of sicielce und titeratlo., with tlte most extensive llld lolllllet esntIIientlt tf sP.holo botnknever e Tered in New l)rtleone all of whlich they are .ueared Io sell t cetlllottry itler. claets and delert tt tilthe Iaat wholesale Ities. IT la six miles iotll lll. oily- there are g.,d andlconnlmndioua s ihuses.; th II1san nsdhflead+ cllhivaled and cau bringn ifair incotet ech o a lllli ll t ve t tht privilege if cnutivtilti a Iarge pcareel of grilllld for t Icuibr o1 yenrn. nllul of UttiIng ot nttof:h tintber ans they Iay wantt wilhuuit tinning any thing to nay tot- tet tihieg agreed upon. Fur further 'iictnlars,a;tl yU tou If 11 INNA tF.i., n5 cocrler Naltcltez andil T'cllfoilnlns stn AN'E.I-- woman Itto ook etld wainh fra tsmatll fI.nily-lOne who can eolle well recom nmended, can gelt i elrmlnellt sititiot, by aptplyii atI ecarlier of 01. Iretilln natld Etldwart streels-A w hite wunian woulll he preferred. 126 JANt'ITD--T='wo goetd tinmiitfnllf lfo it, to gerate V filnishPer, to htU l googl wsagen and collds.nlntl-. pulonontu will bngiven. N II & llV.IItEUX, It 18 ol'abapitnlan sti p111tR S1 I.,, Stay snd Liveroil nilf-'.tOf0 hbahfnio'S I ad53llnacks fine mttlt, nun bnrd the hFil Frank fort. lying ut St. Juoeph aretl whalf, apply It Csptain IRusel on bolard lr to tll P LAIDLAW, 51 Camap at SATS- .'iulmcribrr hirnn rceaoid amn are re SJ.eiving by enery packet,a Iaig onupply of Beeaver. Ruo ia, Fur and Mulakin silk Hnut,pflhe Lntt fusnli .e Pon gRd beot mnmnfaoettr, which they olr for foinspe tin to the citizens od Ipub ieseortall v. For sale by GUOSsI 0& Co. Naval, llilitriiv & Fabshbinnhle Hatters, trnder nil u E eh~orgn Hotel, St Charl a at p PEII--511l reams cotton samlpling 1100 do large sizold, clotlh lpaper 100 do hardwar n olaer lu0 do crown iolcap woyping 500 do hboc pnpr, anoo.oted toors For role by JOIIN J lASW1VELL & Co, .23 Su.ce.sora to A 'Lnwar 49 Camp o t TI( Will Ir LEAI) DEALERS. A30 CASKS pore lOeld,.O Ib.mech, " 25 casks No. I Lead 15 " pure " 250 lb each, 1500 kens rld, '25 lbh each, For sale by the Agentl. IARVIS & ANDRKEWS, n09 corner Con &. 'Trlapitoulao at I "Ilt' WN GLASS landing from shipi Cerokee,-10 I x '2, 12 x 14, 12 x 16, New Englond crown, ,lass. 'his gilnass wos purchsed at reduced prices at Ithe winding lip of tile mantallrluril, it ciIoinn,oll in now ofllrr,I tery low. JAILVIn &. ,ONDIIEWS, rn29 rnelrolr {Comnl & ' lehoapiloulas at ItANK CARIDlS-- i involet ofAlote andl I'.v'a 1I enamelled, ivory surfIIte, plllill n i enicorel blannk cardael the various niZia, just reaired alnd lor snol by JOIlIN J IIASWEI.L & COt, 129 Suicesorl t,,o A 'rTnwr, 49 Camp st 1 ANKER'S CASES anid I'ckat Huskso, Mloney I clts, Wallets nod Melmiandom.--A large and choice assortment, just received iall for ole Ly JOIIN J HIASVWELI;, n29 Succensors to A l'owr. 49 Camp st PRIITINGi Ptl'Elt- u10110 reom ptlper for irew, -- ofoizeoS froti1 t &:i1to 29 9& 42, iint lande(lL flIi, ehlipns (lieS folln tlato llland lioe tOIio frolu P'ilail eT phia, awl for sale by JOl)HN J IIASWELI. & Co, v238 Successors rn Alex. T'lower, 49 Cam, at STTOVES-Now receiving no afliips Sea & Frnani. IDepan, o sIlnendid aonoirtment, anitih as Wilson's Ptnlrtlioizvdl t'ynronid Siovesr, a eonne ticle-Put lour, CookingO, E'rnrklin, &c Nc. For sole Iv Mt It & F DEVIIEUX, ol9 26 Tclhpitmhlm at ;IAS'LOIl (,--lO barrels best Vircoini. tlitor oil, C white .ind char for retoilin',tilso 5 b l Tr 'fillesn. ase rastor oil, 2d quality, for anio by JAIRVIS & ANDREWS, nl2 corner (Collllllll & .Tehpitita lla tF 'llt ANII. .A - ttOIlI)AG'l-t- ensonrl,,tn " t 1 ln"wsilr' n lld o lope, direct folll tine inell,r, wnr rent.ld to hr. o," a qality egnal to enV in the city, now landinig and for aole by I' E'ER LA I IJLA VW, o17 66 Comelllst S"'t1--37 pipe+ ll..liilill ii, Imliig ro shi) (M Nigrlla,fro Ill'hilatelfphi.. and or i ole forol the I. e, I ply to N F COMILY, ___ _97 Ciip at AI(iOIo\(' ,' i.lli{OP|.--:250 ,.itii e,.n cotto I bagiel.--35 coil tipe, oll ifKentcky nIIIItaU: ctnlre tilod lbr sile (,I i von,'llllllllid itlllt rms, bl y 014 S (i Ill. t'LIAlH , 33ilonvier t per 11 il, PiAsistit'pi, frot NeW York. a as. sorntitnii ofi'ntent Itinl anId belt Piitlls, fr rali IlI o ir 2 i (is0ISPt &L Co. St Chairlen lntel AIIAY-'- 2I Iale i rlme n lay, lhiiiilng frma shlip L Charles, from Plillhdeoliliia. ad lifr satole fro tile Leve,, by N. F. COOMLY. d8--lw 97 ':n]iy no ``1'I':AMI IiOAT' IPALE'Rt-Now Iiolding fr, lm ship L'. loisville rolllntNo wYllk, 1110 reasll lfie collored mcdill., eiitable four rrmipallll i Ithills, &.. &r. for ale by JOIIN J IIAl\Ei.L. & Co, na8 S tlenraisso to A Towrlr 49 ('amp i t 'l{A I.S, Crts nl'l wlo'elbitrioi,, lanclit g firl lxill1 SCthanthS, iom PhildelphiaN C ni for snt le frornr the L.eveY by N. F. Co Pil.Y, d3--w 97 C(ap at 4IANIIES--50 tiIoXsi' Ne'tll. t uof S Ehw i t :llre'a HJ motllifcturt, lnnding ex shill John lattlen, ld fur sole iby nG S (; tLL.AN'llAll D.33 irneier rt -LQUORS-7 pipes Lhtllan ;i, brls don -lie I, Gin; also, 25 brla doinmetiln Brundy, in store lor sele hy n2 J 'PIAYER & Co,74 lPol'rns at i ,IEAeS- i ,eoioa Plrung,. 1,5 lon So,.unhe. eAnd sixtv 13 Iba boxes tl(iwanider 'Tea, ii attirio for sale fly t " J TIIAYEI & Co,74 Povilrn et lI3"AY & A '-fi' baleolr I tt ho 1 Ib pooL still, I laling lrilm -hillp L'ueh, nnn, Ia n for sal,.hy - I'I,'L'Elt III AW, n,29- . ,,om+ t P E IOFI5IEIIIES A largo sorrtiriro of Fr , i Pelha rnl rotis, rr'eived Iby ship loonietil f.or vlshleslr orrelail, by II IINNAII I., _2_ 43 'e rh pitolln st. H I UI 1 1I ec (luau ir a ,II tir a l3 II El ACII RI'o. r vierir C. 31 '.bllhT . .i I Iir- a ,o i .r.i.. i t.. " 1 llA1i)L-"l r xrm l'.I . Iopei4 Po s-tr · Johr rinuIn t arii nt Ig r , j 1e oi .t, sI l I;If) . y0 31 dlny , riinii 'rm i (0 _i " (7llll r 'llll, ! I\ Il sol 1 OAI'[ "liO O or. A l ro:lor)-I , tra llllo llli, fIE si ' 1 Sti Gl . I llllI I r11(1R , 13 Grarer st -4i 0 bu r Iro 0ll I I o rrl n ie I 1o, 1 c , s e br ig m 1ade a nll f 1he si sstole an d for s~le by f -1: Ck IS(e RSEY.,4l l . II. Ir pAIN I1'-D l-UCKEl'9-- liihl d r.le in ll eI, t li i I trl II.-Al n f ..... . o 'l I i.. i, niU I P1. 9 r, NAi.\ ll r I ,13 ire I vil r bond and ei Sl. IG I ll, nn -0 I 3li 3G CIll r (ar 9 or ICF -R 0 bi.L Ii. I, ri layd,i In t ru r r rh,,,m s-tph iU rl, ttl AI , COIIEN, sr- haln cand SU Al l ADAM--i bo.-rVi. . iho I, r i lire anil, i, 1 S ( IlL. lNC IA 6T Il, 1 fravper st ,)isrr io r RIar atar-iOiI -l casl e u aidOr g enuinearm is, rrleeived lb w Lmrh :1 K V 01 Mules rctl i oi ng ferom iship rlla KEa h an f he ale Irv " INCTA- 501 bohes, prnib a lrna r , in store . l, for II sale by lJI IEIL A C7 d a t n6I10 Is G 5IirRD ,1 i M1IaiuII r,-I0, e l rbiir a Is 1r ,nee 1 brale byr , i l ral e b () r, PUIi ' 11rEI' Lar 7) ir sle b 1 l oilri wll 5ioralo r 1'i l and atni I 617 i Ir 11 ild us iltr i brslet b U, I R"E-) Al" iro s 4 i AI I, e9ll Camp ss W !S IL"Y--0 1 riA r Ilny i rin ftrhe s ii< i lC s lor ri r0 Iry JAIIVI forr ANIile tai, 1) II I , •II "IIIlOIl , &, r"iolllll Orl sio All- 0 es i o Ils e, i se an1 I ', Ii,6 ' sale by k IlL tNoHre , thr e b y s ( A ILE OVIIIf -Oi s-oll ai fsore , ir sale h r s fr Il J Ty U F Co,)IPI rlY, 031 by P1 44 NTLAIDsW I.v ee lAill 1:-l l 11( 1 Irel re i rl -a i lndill ri , per o lit2 1 It nlii 4 Ni I er ,asst (1 AIL Tr: alIe y II iis i, N o b. y m~ll .o Ii rE ,I w I.v,,o IV II lIb(:sI ,I- .w b risl. h lr r l si nel Ipl i. ) 'le WOhislo, r landi iii forom llta ,.b aht Ocone foril soI b lyPii 11 ilI'2 IIL & Co,74 Nydess ays LIIUII-IlI" O br isl i Ir IsiJiri, eorilr Iry Alt'I'S-Uf 109 hIlo zocin iI i sirAie filr isl by (/'(li2 N F ooirs .Yi N 7'I IMnl, at n 9l G D I <14 N', 41 New l.eve, W I1mAlKEV li rila oili, ii llsr re for sare by SI'I-t . 7,Uim . II "lh,, , 1 S llri.l(r is i ui n Ir 31 0. Drils) ,44 New Leiroe 1 or ciole for t.IIIle 1. l F 01NII L8, (JRl 011 blby 'sirrnrlroeiN ersils ly or ii N F UiNIL Y, 97 Ci'amp at -I ISL(EY-00 libPlg erl-ifid, ic selre, o5r bole Iry I U11 l )G1I01E:Y, 44 Nerw levec AIIŽ.-.9 lse~ fiaeshlrrlorri ,olleln .,iiesle. or by t forEV 10 CIrE r - b 1 elrA esVd, or parle , by , n 1i, i i GlIIRSEY, 44 Nrlo, le se 1 .AI)iER- 5l k rii s sine,urd hr i l ar, in h leb L 42 iIIA IER&Ci,44 :New Leveeydr n l Il.S-N klar-- sso it . iii c isre siii dil .re -ae ly f6 Ut BLAbCI IIupr 1 3iio b ael b i br KLsYb e si b, s I f tined, fo-eo by s PER I011--2l0 rsa in rmore-, T ir sle les nJ G J THAF.I( Y, Co, ew LeveeoJ ST. CHARLES THEATRE. .Staogeo Mntger-Mr. Ilarreit. Ftulth appearonce oona two vajroof the highly popular R.ComeaLni . lR;:: ItA.L d , -.S Who is engaged for Twlve !ights only. This Ev. no r, Ueo. lO,h, willbo perfilrmed the sterling Comedy entiiled SilE STOOPS TO CONQUER. Young Mlarlow, Mr. Balle Tot)t Luompkin, Drown lHastiuge, De Bre Mis HNnrclastle, . Mliss IMelton Mlis Nevilr, Verily To concrlde with RAFAEL TIIE LIBERTINE. Rafael, Mr Balls Alfonso, J M Field Mluvil, lire Stlarl Ines,'lln. Mire Melton ri Doors tp)Oo t i-lt -'erlormnll ee In commence at7 o'rloc:k.fl [P Seoftn 'lletv mnv be had at the Box Ofli.e. Ipen rotn 10 lntl 3 ot'cloek. METAIIIIE JOCKY CLUB RACES. i1HE I nll Meeting ftr 1830, over Ihe METAIRIE 1 COUIRE.,I will eollmmene on the second Wed nesday (1.lth) in Itetemher, anold eontinue five days. Frt L)nDy-Joneky Cli,b Purose $8i)-t - mile lienas.. &eornd Itay--Jtcky Cluh Put'ro $12011-3 mite heels Third Day--Jttky Cluh Purse $2:00t--4 mile beats. lfoortht Daty--Jocky Club Purse $60--mile heats besr 3 n 5. Fifth D tay-Proprietor's Purse $10,0-- ile heats. j it__ 'PETEt CENAS, See'y. WASHINGTON BALL ROOK ST. PIILIP STREET, BEITWEEN ROYAL AND sWRBON STREET.. , I lTIE MANAGEIR of the Washington Ball Room respectfully informs his frionds eard he public, thl the above inntioned estbllishmen t will opesa for Shl tean o, on 3Iloday evening, Norembr 4th, I ~S, a GRANID I)RESS AND MASQUERADE SALL, ald will continue the season every Mondt.y Wedneshit y andl aturdnl y veningtof eoah week. Adulillamne ftr Geitllemen, $2 00 New Orlenno, Oct. 24th, 1839. T1O BENT. eei Dwelling House No. 139 Juli streel, in de II building Compa'any row. Apply on the 'm nises, or Ito i C CAM ACK & Co. d6 - 'li TO I.l'T.E S Twoi T ronoms on the second floor suitable fo S offices; npply on the premises, No. 21 Camp street, at the Virelnon' Insurance Olffie. 22 '1TO RENT'. S The three stnory brick store No. 87 New A tuA.eveet tee; It oessR iven immediOely. BANKS' ARCADE, CITY HOTEL, &c. GRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY OF i'ILOPEIt'T' SITUATED In NEW ORLEANS. SCIIMID'l & IIAMII.TON,M anagers. Ofices under the Verandah, Corner of St. harles and Common Streets, and No. 101 Chartres Street, between Conti and St. Louis Streets. % T lTIi a view of meeting tie wiehes of our friends. w oe have tpleasure of announcing to the publ lie that this LotItery, by oulhority of the State of Louio i tnni, sill he dra on at the City Exchange, in St. Louis in New t)rlenns. TI'h drawing will, without fail, begin on the lot Del. fOer agena throulghout the union, willecanm the above t) in.tlld once in one of the newspapers of their respectlie residences, aln clhrge lth expenses in ll-tI SCHMITIIT & HIAMILTON. !The Verandah,-Sl. Charles Theoatre-CGmp it. Theatre-Voldwell's St. Charles Areade--Hotels. --Store--Squarrus of lratuod fe CAP.ITil'. PIlItZl.S !! I O12'lSI\NA GIlANI) IlEAl ESTATE AND -A St1It'.i I .O'I"I'I,. tl , eltice etner of Coral ant lS. (t ll,,l 'Ioeto'tt, ulthorized by _nla p' l v t "'lll. 11iA1.1 ttIII.IO N, or t'ntnp etreet Theatro Iitert, 1D.2: 'nrmz,.! droewn oil o itt ltoe tber, New !lnre ,, unI d lioijelhI inl one Iran ing. 'I'IIE ILIANDI TWt MIA.l.ION L.OTTERY. 10,00tli Patzs. ! IWi'l ('mllllller Irwig as soont as practicable aoter If N.,e, tof ,nny Iolnks in the Union, hliclh are. en orull tmlkdnle Ints etntn thtbey te ioeutd, oill be rllvedl inll pInt fr''IO t"bltl , i w ilch are in tile lilIf .li liu on$ -Tlao Ilillinn $20 CALIDWEI.L, OAKEY & PRI'I'CI:ARD, el? Protrietollrs & lanlagPre. .... CLASS oo. 1. rI IlE Ilnlf Million or ('amp Street Thealre lanstof . Ihe I.onsinna GRAND IREAl. EST'A'I'TE AND S I'(lK I.ll'ttr , will positively Le drawn on the 31ot I), Netw Yearo' Evoe. CA.I.WI:It., OtAKEY & PIIITCIIARD. n6 (ffice corner (tannl nnd St Charles nos. O1111IS TIIOTll PASTE. For cleansing, beantifying and prereering the Teeth. 1T1111 . I rr It,.tnrion l ot, cqouired great celebrity by I lIe orssessing tle tlltn- invluable penperlTie for giving Itho I'eth pIlolish, swneling tie breath, antd en tirely erldictning the Scurvy. It is formed of ingredi Seitsa plena tto i, te last., and highly beneficial to the Ih lth tndnn preservntin of tie 't'eeth and grume; nor iI,', it I o-nteo o.1 ttolll tllitt ,corrosive tlrerp the enamel olt lhe"''etlh. insllea oIf beini impauired (au it isvilably t tliPe cas. ill IIIat lther comtponitiono) will be preserved told renderelld beautiful in Ite extem. For sale at the HAZAAI, corner of St Charles and Common mI. i1l IIUS.I & ALLAN. NE il SPLI.NI)ID PIANOS FROM PARIS. JTUST re.nivd per larqe sALEtfront Havre, and a for - le tY th Ibohl-erTbers S.ltlnili,'r'tn Grand Pianoo, roanwond, elrgantly in Ilid witl tr.ase lit ontaves. 2 Mlaoniftcen Semi Ipright Pinnon, Caracoas woodu bel'ntioin enntoll tttullleml, n oo:lnvos. 0i Stat.ll I'llne P'ianoll, io'ewolld,very ornamental 4 P'itulllo Il iltnes, rloewood, Cilreceas and ma 2 Id. oltlav., plain an I llnlhneoy. 1132"''t It nor i ee ill i roi t Illo eriebaied mnnuofac tory oif I'I.I:YEI. & Co. PIrio.. d6 TE JOHNS & Co:. St. Charlea st Sl.A IPI'S & I.USI'IRE CANDELAB.RAR. A SPILiENtID ) nsortment of table, maantel tidI' Ihillnilltt inotp)s, lnd Caclltdlebrlltncherichly mount eol witl gltoa trii,.,juslet recrivl. for sale by di7--1t i.t BItE\VEIR & Co. 1I Camp ari SADElA it NE BIYl t 'l.'.t.S-Landing fromhip 1 Hnaryv Clay, omn Ilremrrn, 30l Catmpern Madeira wine, Ifor e.tlo low frolt the .levee, in qonotilies to SUlt pLtrthnsers. JARVIS & ANDREWS, d7 car Comnan and 'T'hapitoalua at A/tlill,. tLi.AI)-2,ttol kego ftom 25 to 0 lb pure V extri .N. 1 amd No. , ulwhite lend grounl in oil, Ibf 'ale by JARVIS & ANDREWS, c_ r Coalmon & Thapisoulas at I INSEot.D lAl..l Ila.git. da English linieed oil, ill aore anld lor sale 1. JARVIS & ANDREWS, - d7 eor Common and Teltaptloules at (ICI.E.7, IUSTARD, &e.--40 bexe. gallenjar S40 bnxdo 4 goallonjar:qtnal jar ptiirkles; I/I boxes Tonmatt ketcltp, 20 ,boxes it-lard, it 4 lb bottle anta I eanlnishirs, in andl for St"le by d7 J 'I't l I:R .' :o. 714 l'oydrnsa tU)I Y is I t~---O0 bales 2 bushel gunny lange "If in .ltur.. mlid f r -nle by 17 J THA.'ER & Co 74 Poydran at AI mNIFOI.D VWI'l'EKRS.Wilson'a intpruved l - Sttildl writrrs, tbro opving letterso illVtoees dell ittge, oil., &c.jitt reoeivoed at the BAZAAR, corneu of SI. Citrlesa oand C;tnuOll st. d4 BUSHI & ALLAN. rl3tt IlilItf:--t tso nirhe,tne rood wtsher ra iroiettr Ilod tle uthller god cook and childiu nore. Apply to IT ItONNALBEL. d5 43 'I'Tehnpiouls at SASTi IIflil.--lO bLol firiltaliiV YVirginia t cu 3 oil, IU bbl We'slern caustr otl, NN. , for sale by JARVIS & ANDREWS, n20 cornerr I'on &' Tabnpitoulaa aT 1B UNCII RAISIN;--14 boxes landolg and for Ss*le Iby - N FCOMLYp d2 97 Camp at 41L ,ii.--l~i'I)trio, bent tBakers' brends an she I aldmll ,rg,ater flat boat Ir na!o by n13 t. (G DORSEY,44 New Levee (ýA'l'8-101ntl hoks at the lotuting, per Jat bont, foe Ssaue Ihy (G DORII.EY, 1113 44 Neow Levee TAII.S--' 01 kegs tulle, assourted izes, now nnding front ulnqllel Jusnlephnie, fr sle by nt8 ADAMIS & \WIIITALl,;67fraver st C:l)A-53lcsnks Lehigh conl, ten and sreen rnxropitly tair no olyue, nt, Inolnding from ship Niagara, fromt I'niiidelphia, and ftr sale in loll so sat probhasers; al ply on board or it. 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