Newspaper of True American, December 11, 1839, Page 3

December 11, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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LGAL" N"OTICES. LTA'I'E OF LUJUISlANA--Ftrat Judicial Dia Strict Court. The State of Lonisinno,-To all whom thIle pre bents shall conme greeling:-Wheresa HENKY IVIL. LIAM PAI.FREY, hoing plurchased at a sale made ity the tlherif of the perish of Jeffer.on, I t, proelPrty hlereinalter dleeribed, hal applied to Ithe cloerk of this Court, in wloe office the deld of sale was retarded on the sevelteentlh day il .October, A. D.1839, for a Mloi tion or Advertisemlent in conformity to an Aclt of he Leistlatureof the State io Louiiann, untitle'd,"?n Act for tho rurltItr assorenOce of tleso to lurolhueel ot iu duciol naler;" oppreord Ithe otlh tindy of Marhe, 18:14: Now, therefore, know ye, ond eil persons interested herGin, are herelfeiled adnd nd.uished ill the inro of the a laze of Louisiata, slid of the First Judicial Dia trict Court, who cNo an let e ait y rihll, tille orlclah in and to tile property hereiufler decalried, in consa quence of any inl rleyliy in tile order, t ecre or judg ment of tle Court ondar whiich the sl aIP ss itmle, or any irregularity or illegality in the plpraisements uadl advertisementa, n titme, or manllner f sole, or 'or aly other rlefect wllatsoeer, to hiow cotae, withliln thirty dthayfrot Ithe day this Muniitloni is irst isellttl ihn IIa public padert, why the salo en imadR salld not be coin firnied aind homnlogated. The said property was old bi tile siheriff of tChe pr ish aforesaid et tieo twentieth day of Septemclr, A. D. 1839,te y virnu of decree oil' qlis ourt rendered on Ihe ,ighteentlh dayof Mnarch, A. D. 1839, in a suitentltled Horl.a Cenil, wie of Cllrles tBrewer nod ,al. vs. he mintr children and heirs of Charles c t6cl, No. 12,i11,9 of tlm docket of lthis court, t hiolic la tle isaid Ilen .ry William Palfrcy heeane the purchaener, lor the price of four huadred and thirty-fie doillras, plyable atuh. Desnription of property, as given in the JltdiciAl Con ceyance,i tz: A erai lot, of ground, thle ramo whichl wane mlitli sated to Williamn Niclnlson Hull, att a lote Iiad le Isen I,. MtCoy, ntlitneer, of tIhe ity iof :eut Orleois,, on the eleventh Itrc 11836, by virtue ofn judllrenlt iti hin onunt ol tile thirtieth JAonIary t e3t, adl whic was ordered by oaid conrt no the eighteenth aoech 1113, to, be resold t thie risk ind ex!.tnae if said tlull,ihr neg lecing alnd refasiug t, cnmply wilhl the terls nnd cn: ditions titlseil djt icalmt. Soid It being iluaited in tim merish of Jefferson, in tie tIow of fl,nrrollton, , laigl oited as numler Four ill square A on a tin cn rlwn iy dienjamin uisoon, llorve.yir itf .id Iril i, lhe rwentith of Jinluary 18;36, till dposited ill tlhe ofice oft H. B; Cenase, a noltary Iullic.f iliis ci, and in.a uring, in Alterian ileaosure, fill thwo firt eleven ichs, fronton Laev. Cotreet, al fortny feet ilree inches also fronton t urthe otreet, thrdre Iled cu lldthirt man feet in depth anll front on Jeltitts and ihree t .lred end four feet, inolloes nd a half nit te lilt, dovilino it reoln lot No. Thrsc. tloglherr with all lto rights, lrivily iget e. thrherentllo heloliging. Vtion.e, the tlonorable A. nA. llchanant Judge, of the I. S Court alorarid, this 161th day lf Nuvemmber, 18139. ni0 P I.E UL.A NC, t)p.Clertk. J TAT DE LA LOUISIANE--Courdu it're ir Diest)irict Judiciaire--L'Etat do Ia Lousi, ane n tons ceux qno conn re sotlte conerrneonl- Salut : Attondni qt IIEj'RY WILLIAM PALFRIEY ayant nchet6 untt vento faito par io Slierlif da Ins paroibse Jefferson, In propiridi ciaoprfe dncrite, le'et adrosa1 an greffo do cotc Cour oit i ito weato fat enr6gisldit e dix.septiltae jolr dl'Octobre te I'annde 1839, pour on arls conlormnroent h til esoe, do la Legisla tre de I'E at de In Loansine, intituli t Aeto pour confirmer Ion titrlo dos laequo reare aux ronte judiciairoes i" approuv la 1 Mars, 1834. Quit ei cona, net tlles persontven intdreateu Ont par ca prcosetes so nmiesa, na n ,m do l'ltat de I Louieians at do In Cour du Preemier I),striet Judieniiro, qui .ponurrient avoir droit I i a pr, Sried6 ei-ap.e. dderite, on consoClllnce d'un dl. ntt de forme dant I'ordre, lise dcrct ou It jago mnat do Is Cour, on aorta duqliel In ventr a did fait on do toano irrgitlari 6 ou illdgalitr6 d;ln. t'ertitation, Pavia on le templp tt Io mnod do In vents, on pour oune antri cauao qltelconquo, do faire voir, dans terntejiars t dater do la pblllc:a lion de etr avis, pourqaoi Ia vent ainai failt ie nsu wait pan eotnfirman aot hIoitnllolvunt. La droe propriid fat vendtto lpe leu Slh6riefs os. dit, re vitgtbin jour lio Scptmnbr o dno I'aued 1893ut vcortu d'un dilerot dl erltt Coir rndu Ict dixnhuitlimo jour de Mars do l ti'ano 1839, dains l'afaire do Mtrin Ccnil, fipou Isle Chao.rl- Br. wer & al. vs. Los Eniant minceur t hldritiera dt. Charles Cdcil-No. 12809 do Docket lie cett. Cour, & It quello vonte I dit IHenry William Pall'rey 'est rendu acqeurour pourl In prix do qluatr: oentls cin quant pialstres, payable cumptnt. Desoription do lan proprio t d'apres Ib tran.J£er judlciaicre, savuir: SUncertain let do lerrn, le m,.o 1q0 taiet nadjug A Willialn Nicholson tIlll, t uno vontul, f;tit ,ar Ibaaud L. Me. Coy, oniatteur do ht villn d lan Novealle OrIaOn-, I It1 Miar 1839, en verbl l'nt jugonoenlt de noite Cair du 311 J nvior 1731;. et qie l Is t.Mara 1939, lia Cour ordonin d'it0re re vend, aux IdepenOIIas et risque dllo lt It 1lll, in can, le s:n ingligetlna it do son rt.ioli t rnlpllr hei termes at condilllons d la Ildit, adljodlclion. ('o lot da terra eft aitio daonla i.itriise dl Jeif:rsoi, duns laIn villa d Ctrrolt, il E st dnLtn , per I. nr mere qlntra do Iilet A, sntr n plan pllrre ali. Iltnjatit Btjiton, arleonolnr do In dht, parols. Ie .9 Janvier 183G, t dd0imd dont l rsc In i,:ua dit 21. U. Cenas, nLOg.u public de rnite rill ; II a (,oesure Ailloritailtt a-ln.llalll ti rt]x i ieds t oze 'y , - oeoasii in& 6tn - c' . on a. , Itnrte, 1lUintto p il troits poclle i do 'tel a in run llrl.,io, Iarlis cetll trenrot enti piel, de eprelindutir ct lce. 1 In rue Jeffeurason et trtis colts qgltro pa iedi oix pluone it demi sur Il ligne qua le dlvino du lt No. 3, e3.,-. tile taus lea drnil, privilogou &e. qui y inpartleno nest. T'rdoin I't[onoral'e A. MI. Boelhaunan. Jigl! do Ia Cour sanditt, co 1(i Nortn:lhro, 1839, P. I.E BItAN", n20 3t in 30d Dltute Urfllter. REPUBICl oi ''I T;XAS. TaEAsatv DerAntToT, City of loouaton, 17th July 173.9 IN pursuance of a requiremetnt ofa law passed by SCongress of this Republic, approvtd January r 91st, 1839, making it the duty of thle ''re.sury to advertise and cause to be sold the lots in tlit CI LY OF CALHOUN, on a day by tlin fired. NoSet 1e is hereby given that the lots in thle City ol Calhouon .o will be offered at Pubic Sale, on Monday, the ItloL day of November next, between tihe hours of Ten t IPL o'clock, A hi. and Four o'clock, P M, at tihe Cpt . tol of this Republic, upon tite terms set ttorth in P the following extract front tile law above ment tinned t , Sec. 4.-Be it further enacted, That the lots in said town shall be offered and sold for no otlher cur. ranOy than gold, silver, audited paper, or the pro. BI aissory notes of this government. 1I Sec. 6.-Be it further enacted, That the said lotso t shall be sold on the following teroms, viz: One It fourth part to be paid down, and tile other three forth to be in equal instalmonte of six, twelve t i t eighteen montbs. * Sec. 7.-Be It ftrther enacted, That if aniy I. personl wo shill pwrchaso any of these aforest·ld luts, shall f i to matke p lyoiLnt of the aeva:al in- I atahlmtnts itn conforuity witll this Act, he or they T shall furthit all acli uns to they may hlitty previ. Al ously paid, and the lots purelased by esuch del:,ul tar shall revert t to tile governucut of the rteplub I lie. I Sec. 8.-Be it further enactedl, 'hat all persons, t aliens not excepted. .hall have the privilege of' peur clasiing and holdinlg the same, and the President is authorized to issuepatents to tLitem so sotn as the tlat is. staloent shall have been paid." The sale will continue frolm day to day, until all i of the lots shall lhave been disposed of. Callho.u is situated oil the etast end of Matagor. da Island, directly on tlhe Main Pass into Matagor. da Bay, and firomt its advantageous position, will probably becomne tile principal cout.ttercial city irt Western' Texas. A Plan at thie city nlay be seen in the Gonerv' Land Offiee. TIle several papers in this Repnblic,the Comrnier. ital Bulletin, Peoyunoe and True American, of N. Orleans, will publbsh notice until the day of siiu. JAMES i. STARR SearetLry of the Tre: t y. ;g` l UCtsoh;rt, et:.-I.aoolitg ootne ships S t , , .1l Cherokee, tloisville, Josephitne and Olit,- PuIv. rlhubarh ia cuoes Sicily brimoStotne do Indigo ill cerotm Madlder it casks, barreap nod kegs Salt Ietre in kegs Fltr Sulphturt barrels Ground gitger in do Race gintger it hags 0 lbl estor oil sal soda il ctstn Saltvratus in do sedhlz and soda powders Castor oil bottles Patent medicine vials, assorted vials Paint and varnish bruashes With a general assorttnent ofl'ledicines for plaontations aod dealers. Fur sale by JAIRVIS & ANDIIEWS, o29 corner Cotn. & Tlhcapitoulas at ""LFR.I) DIE ILOSSANN, or the Adve'ttores oa pFrech new novel t y v \tV Mi ey I molls, and fur sale by J J HAS\VEI.L St Co. .25 49 Camp st ENGLISH ANNUAI.S. T liE BOOK OP IIBEAIUT'Y, editled by the L'oun tessoflBleasitgton, with beautit'ully fioished en gereving. ' .evKeepsake for 1840, editetby the Lady E. Stuart SlWYortley, wtlh twelve engrouvinta. lleatlh' Pictutresque Attlonal co hllttiing history anl description of Wintlosr Cattle aid its eavirtots, edited by Le tch Ritchie, Esq.--L illustr ttiotlla. Aleo a further Setiptl) to Iottt plendtlild work the Nlatkspearo GOalery with other new and valuable Eng" lish books, Just received and for sale bv ol3 ALEX. 'fOWAR. 49 Camp st PAUL JONES. A DRAMA in five acnets, trot ltbe Frettcl et Alex. Dtnosaeby Wtn. Berger, aof ew 'hik 1play, very oavoretty recetvetl te North,, is more rec mmneededl st the I. L' ie" '. Or leans, as tlhe irst production ofan w , '' "trll of this city. For sale at tte pritd"' -• , . " at E dT ear St. Cho I S YELLrIW FEVIL.v - NATOIMIICAL, Ptlholneieatl an:l Thrupe.. sp A searches on the Yellow Fever oif tilrvltar, of sat ' Iy 1P. Cb. A. Lawis, ontleor of Lewis on fever, MItlotl Jettioog.Sc. dnc., just receivedl ant fr sale by J. Jy |ASWELL S Coo, xucesauor to ALEX. Tt)WI.t. 4. Camp st. ,...---. - m m _. 00O8 &, MUSIC. I ATES'T NOVELTIES-Shnklpeare & bhi friends, Sh or the golden ege of Merly Enoland, 3 vols. rathor Biller and tlie Louglldeargs Pltgriut, by W. II. Corleton, aulhor of Neoll Malone, elt. 2 vols. The C.'nme of to.old Breeeiou.. or the HIllndbook of the lutIt of Fashlion; by the uu.hor of the ,l.senof Etl qILletl." hI JOHNS & Co, N 0'u aull, d2 eor St Chrlrrs and .olonon .ute SIi IS I:ECI IVI)-- Ihb Belle oft aSer.on, a . pe.r., Sbly the Couatess of Iltl esilngtmn, illustrated, LolldoIl elilin 'lhIe Shahksparo tialleory, c.,ttnining the principal It I otle (,harletoere ill thlu p ys ul tIh grert I'Poet Luon don eHil l. lForllet ,Nt. a chlrri-tluo ll io lewe ycnr's present, by I2rederrihk eSrhb erll lnrr, I 'dil lln. Frieutlehil's Olering eel I tiiter'. WVreth, a cdhristmas i E JO INSIS r'Co, N ,t Srotionru I bill, " d2 car Sr Cldlorles land t'ommon iI I1 S ll nI.i:r\V It 'II,()K--: Sollill Arlroulr-.or tor tLi, - g:ls ll, or inte a wier r r i p I rolrei son, "r.' rks .r rd u.diiiu,, revill andle, ri'.orrl,lt W I.e'riso Lol- 1 .l ll+a l r,,ei d tiid Ifi r Bnl t ll E .rr llt llr . CrI . II1CIIOLAS NICKL EIllY comi.Iil i i lU II .W.It . I. C .... uccesorso to Alex. 'IO\VWA, 49 C irnp street. 13 . O I l lA \Ii'Ktl":II y, lne. l IllIII 211 ,j t rle. I.eivel ane d line ti ole bi1 J IIAS\'V I.1, & Co. d3 4" Tamp St E. JOHNS & CO. STATIONIRS IHALL, NEW ORLEANS; oIaII rtl'rr O|"tl ' Illroei Ibeiug roll.W c. ;lerTrrl, il +.llcli l irr. ol'er Ii.1 fidlwirrg tist to rtrh rrtr - tlu l t llthllll (ill of the iilllI '+ l iees. llol lllllll. Iow. lEnglish Drawirng Pper, (VtVharan) - l"mv, "20 ihehtrs hy 1.1 "lilre wove tl.'litor, 2"!1 1o. I14 tt Itur Rol, 2 tl do 1}i do Snlor Ioval "' - du 19} to I ulIl riolI 311 d. 22- do '. Ie N .d 2:140 rlrr at AllX I,, :1 do 20 do - I)tll ll epll 41 dhant,27 do r . a. i an, 5:. 3 do 31 do Empeor, dift, d 47 do All thie nh.ove exti thictk. roiugh grtinod. American andt English large Binding paperso for Blanukwiork. , I rlnl (iap, I'l intll. , lit4, ,wh. allhl. wove,r i 'ltil I)IeIy, 2t . I t.. 171 to dlo I, ,y 1 do 1!I} do dir i.ipai Rnl, 30 d,, 22 do do 0 English Letter Papers. (Whllrumotanl ltlse inlll't'lrPr'r, nnd John Gr~ u'e lelnll ul iie lulrps. ) lf.rg.tiz Pe ket ocker ot'ul , , lue and whi.tewove, a. f. ('amniolllln i o dtl do do do do dd Ioue uil llultk Post, . f. Ilre wlrve Iltroa lii largelrr thik plol ; do gilt 'l'i , d larg o i .. I es lgilt Folio post, Shide noll blue wove Enu/lish Note Papert, Sro. and 16mo. P ll not I a.)t P r, while wove; dU o il.t 'Ilncl<bt ( o i p hit tihitre.iuteld endl gil ,,ry re do anod gilt Pahotul.l dh ll cutl AErrrlircrh ee r Papers. onilnots ize p Ap l eer, whit, and; d.. uil t tro ani giiltlll . . Alri Irdontt o dou ,'.looldoorr d' S' oll llil d i· it d..ll f al o d ill i \ nlii silk ...., ,h, i .l . ' r e tlu ,tl prio,'l im itation ull l' illl . . i I l l r no i IIIo d-o's ll ' oe' ir , 1I't t f .I bu wroit omn sio, ,i o. f.e hI, whie wo e i wv ,ho lit h i lue. lr d id. d. No ,, Ir 0-t1'00 1 h 0 I o l uwi', lpir 1 l '-, ,I l l I f tlrtll hermil n h IL i U. i. Ce.I o n Fher, il N . 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I , prr uie llll rrl It,' p all tt iti. o lig do I \I , llllo llll Illt r1 .Irmo dolI i[i 4 F rrI:oI I iI,,uItheIn. d Ith I ~rw d dt tl" ,, 'll,,t lnlpr oie r o I t ink e lClll ir aper, Itt c li S ; nu ,I tre :\\.,Illit dill"a ,I. + t ho J ,,Sirr.l nnd relenl col net iin .tltn do t vrry , hd til e hd In ,lo d, wirr't ,hh d' , -. & rtl , liroool& t' ru tie . dl , de u I l_ ro.r h Iltwur ctcoe Il ecor3l ur Iir . r llli feinl lln,- I Illl eli , Papers.a l \lIt ni pur fr cIopyul, In Is tor es do dO a1 In Iia ifr n ttper (alorel, Marble and Fanc Papera . do a rr 'llh papler , ri. t, intl , decllll o ye) d l a pll Iog t lwiior, ' l 'i ini.'s i 'ke, 3i: yvol tAlllatn e'i S ollln l ry of liI,! Law. of 1 et" .-ll ilh an I(el'sJ Illl, nmentnrieR, nh iIed byv 1.ttstlutn JOhnll1lorn I:vtios' ;A d,-r, tltries nn. p c(:trd, nts. of D)tclhn titll, ,it'1Intrisa d "'it Cokt'. tlt.'ea booktr of or't., abridged by Jolln A rt Il l fl ' Ie c - .n . . ... ,ll ' . ..I1v .%' " .Ih, 1('i it , k9lof .i'., t i II l L,,i <; ,, : " .... . .. 1 4. . , . . .. . . tRo 'ron, Coi ,t ,, . l 'l'rNyllol Ig, A V &ene 1 vu.tA ' lA de sgr, . hit (ivil fran t ec,. i, per p r tillt t, ltitt ro ivl, 2 vi tist .l i td u pl pid I t'om i1er4., I vn 1i , t-veao Inormtulnre d No nruit, I ve o o I , JOIINS r Ct , oN Ito.ll,ittlto.y cll, r et icoree r St (ltlnl o so nll ('iillt,i ;n 'lIt jl dert inoli, ilt e jlit t rI.i eivio l per shiip Riltou, fromll a. d 7Ser e' 1 114R o9 fm+rotee 1011 r o llllIhrle bld e e t lv. I.etter nPaper 51l do doi Io hI.i l do 20 Ido tined gilt llucy do l 2A11 do do wiO Wo.R aer I11 do do ,!o id . n UIIIuest tal--id -rill \Vbnalalll Illllfllnll lre,. 13 Ill' Ilr (it gilt mnl orltitil;lll:ll {+ blIxor l Ie,-roe lie wool' rlll l d .unI mthno"''y, oreIS1 III -· a1'llt nllel Colo" b xe., ,vnh',glib,'.; e,dlr'. ill t'{il.c of till kild. , AckermInn's; caImel l..i," 1.rdlehes, .:IiIrot er goallile, Ink.ktm~.l , o er, rm lmOdll, lllsnllhoIFyilll it lllll| IV; lilt plorilrllh; do b rnlz.e I;,r ,lnil'e, nlll enlinwl article .Oll d Indi11 bb-r, best gnn llllty. +qL Is et'll; teil ooI tiks. suilulle for mho, la; I;nmni'.bl writers, \Vedg glod alltd Ack nollllml'; (C yi prYII IirP+,(' 1 .'o ll l rliio nn ;s copying ink, nIlerirgn Ili v ,teplhen'l changeabe1++ & ), per.nnoet bhte writinl fluid, i jllgs; Prrya, pens ,.I all kinds, &e. \ n.' IIS,1 LIro.. : LAWV ROOKS. STORY'S Commenltary ollte I .nw o Al gelc. ; Wen c ditl's New Y.,rk Ilioirl.m; CIiWaoIP NIi y,,,'i i eport.' Joh.?ll. i few York I:lep,, lS; Ryonll IIuIl ~al 'I'llho abme with a genenll assortment of" I.uw BIook., J ju.t reeoived and for solo by JOIIN J ItASWELL & Co. Successors to . t7 A 'L'OW:.R, 49 Crimp street SIEPPING LIST. Coastwise. FOR NEW YORK. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. (To Sail every othiler Mnd!ay.) This I.ine is coml risede o uf tie llhii . -I l., viz : Ship I AZ') '. 1a 1,. "l'Ja-k " MISSISSIPPI, " ' IillurJ " I.L ISVII.I.E, ' Alhm SIIAKNPlF: \ a~ " IIttIn " flu a'IsVILI.E, " Eldridge " SAIL,.TO1, " Inthway The bni tve is ll a r .'all of thel first ell , pperil uilt i I trw t1 ! Ixie-hsl t f, ihitrl,', with r'gnt .l ntcmm o+ lit cm lir g.,.rrs, na d cronm sled'd by able i ld elxel ilt+la II tLI ll'r . T t prill lceof utiI g is filxed ir $ 0, without w i ni.s r i llnor' anpilll t ore i ,rl Iy ether ilU. :lclll tr wi I Ho prowTide, 4Il1,1 every ut IYlllOIl gi;,'ll i to irnll t, clllltfil.t of ll, q d,+ill g A . nn .' 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Th, very fl t sailing A 1 strip S'I' MARY, Cap taill FIsIrII, hI ving a port II oL ofher calrgo ellgc ll , I ill have ilrly II,llrathb Ior First ]Regular L', ch--lli h Il cine. 7t sti-ttl the l inostant. Iit.. Tll.pi n lreIt I t1 plllltt p't r tet.t'L -101 " ker cargo e ni g on d, ,11sil pol{. ively sail -s ahov'. For tie residue or , p ,ssngr, himing el,' ,lit no. be cll l l , a p ily i fie Ctttptin on b aid, nue lier d6 IA ( eII I iN, 1 ' n t Sor the Interior. FOR LOUISVII.LE & ..t'IICINN VPI. i N'I i l at., A. M, . Ftr ;ln c of freight or pas arnge having elecgnlt ,c§ll lll-ll-da ,1+. i' e lyt Iltill n i I II t drsAt -- FOi -L I-'it VII.LtEt , CIN.' INN.'aI, t TI'Ir 'li I IlU'T'I &: ll 'l' lI'lt(ll". . I llh, in-tamt, at it l . 't k. \. \I. -ir I ll at lo aa t &IV e rlngl altt reOltY kllTl( tlols .or thie n iat r, a, Ip ll l'rod npllartr Iv ydry /u sltreet or to .I N I1t.\ 1)\\'I \, | dav a m r . t t, .a t o : ,n ll.l ".or Ipr, htg t ' pI.-+r 0'28 1' I f1. \ll 1 \W, 51 (C'amp st FOR I1A tlI; :' I,\I{A ] m FUl|., do p ,n ri l·ll+ Il I.[ re i, ell chd n , i.tlin or elk e r rlilgo, hrk1 Il(', hlo·11·,1 , l , "i *,_"s, .,il '1'11 IIl nhilrl, , dl i\Yl tt lll+, 1, h nu* 1 t ;,iill ' l P1I, i -,1 1 kle, 1 (l, II 8l8 oI.ll Iroe:ke ,)l booki t,n o , II It: I , hl1 , ih lli [ Itb . b ht i se., t.kln + solii 1.t-0 -; llt a t ahl U lrhtrueles will be I N. II, 1 htrre frlt .1 l wiio'. hide s',rlves .A lAlA.\R. A Corner ' f St. " 'I ,,'hais &. C aon street, X -i IA V 1: 1 1 tr , 1' 11.I S'lll'lit & AiI. ~1 rrs1 ri(lillvy 11'll the ai A lil 8 11 'I 111111:.1 I-'-hili 111 illben 'l, lli: lell c:t- b vr-: -dk, i n-- ul mrino o u ,l, r s0:l il,, inl alWer b tl vet, -In "ITe A18' e illllfl ln' 110;8' i8 l 8 811 C181i U I.iI'(lillp.1 .1 8,!.e s i il l, J l lllll d1|8 10d illove : ig enlli h in glove13h11, : Nel h tll e lle o to /11181111·11 8 ' 1 th ,-Spilendid . -ri town t ninf l¢adr all ?i i ts ri It d ii , ll vs, ltpI thf i-s1 ) t , ..r , cut 0 [, ll.h lrl llrtilI rlll 1 8- illlll 1111111 1111, 1 11 wlll11 poell 1)-l 8 ' U l hi 'l fl l I.e ll k tihe 8 . l owl i n sple A t1 h IIu he th Irh. 1f I ijltv, illiy of or\t ih afl p rM nna Grmv of thl. ·mI di'llalin I I :, series of Iw hr Ily hg!, A l i l ln r 'f1 vae'h:d by bjects by 1 '. eIlui ' Fi l her' Ilk is I4 11 11j 18' 1 111 , 810. witpoeti- 011 I eath' HII nok of 1" oll, ll Ill I li'ul engrave1 P1The 1811,'lI 1118 1810, edited 1 1 Lu,1 y I. I. ua11rl A I benllh re I' 4i 11lrl:iS ul 1 1 fill8f1 1 10 ; \Vil ndl:l r castlel I ll il , l n.lll ll 111 Iron I'8 L. II' hi-.l :Vl ll The Pll o (l .1 tle a J 11 81+8, p1111l.ndid morocco Cllri iIan Ke olp a ke for 1810, ly ,Rev. Jtohn A. Clark A 4(1118 1 110,8 II. & 8Tt., Belmian's OUt rnlll. fir 13 111, hy l;is W\V lterman, el 11ent bose, nlld ieno. The Senit or \tlecti ,n's Gift for 1810. A The (;Child'sll I i II 0lr I .tl The Violet for 1i!40. The Gift f 1r 1010. A II I l I o, II 1au | J)I ~'ll'I'l SI S~luk-Plelr'- In' 1ry, ( ci nr tilnillh the lp rinln ml fonl chllnl,lln l I`'. ii 1the pI:ny.l , 1 '11 " gl ni'11 t p lt. I .1 oI n Ih Not, i 8 1i81n 11 a1..d ,w8 Ye1 .' present, SI'l nls"i.' tlil ina and \V yi, ' \Vr it .1, 'l'lri1It lnt'1 il 11 ¥ '> PIr8-.'t ed8th1 by 181 deri8. [ Th 'lIh 'okell an1 l lt l illih' t1 i ve' ni' n'i ( i -llit8 1 l S1f I 1 lI li'k 1 1t h inir, or tin. ('olr of Qii n V F:toril, hll sP 8l'nbI 8 11lllln8 'll8 x.III8et11 lllllIl Ilh,, s FIII.l hitels hnce 1 'V.f8 \ \ r&8 . 1 . 81 'It 1lndmn, w0 ,t poet'ticIl 8illu"st.tiols, tor. sale by1 JI'IIN J IIA\VI.iII . C8 C'N, SI+i ,, 1' ? R O1OK -J....t re.ived .r. ship hi.nd .n, 1 ' ,''r , i .... 1b 1. I .nes 1 . I J r i i 1.1.. T h .1I rl. ,8 it8 > i,, P,,rI ,,.,1~ w l ý , _' i, 1 , ,1 -, , 1, , ! e t t1o18 I'11r Jlll l II L1 88 11 .qoIuIr 111l,,8 1181 '~118811 1 ,5, h . , ,l ' ·;,·, '· I I i, I. Ii ., i -ý · li o I , .i' 11 18 i , 8181 ' 1J l (I li .18,8' 1111 Il' (.11111811 . ... . ... \ .l t - : l. , i. .t' . , . . . . il" ItIo ., k Iu J,;, ii t, , i . o, ,I., 88 ,b11 081t 111)( 1( 1 11 "m Fo. 1le, th, i e 1 ou_ 1- .& C Ie S A TONOFR,49 R F u s [ ; ++, ¢ g ,e ,t ,[ , , ,, ; . i 'i l I .e N s w .... . Fric l l-p "- ll c .. t W i i, VIr i .Rl ].rnl y 'lI , d d ,, F ... iC 'IIT I·,okrP , a ld III li'', so ,uvnlir I: ' j u ,tu. tlr d "tw Is ". P, ar's I. re- c t, dl ted t by S, . i1. I ,l,,Adri l, ". t Y,. O, ra, i, hll, b ri.. V 'e+, hI ,I Iii,; d7 comlle r t.11111l i. I ,ll 4'.l0rmuu t ,vin r UST rrcciv- ,,I t;... r.rirH of I t'o, wý i X Pl. +lul "ll hP of I I ,,r s'srio. or echlJ n. doguin+ null yam ils Ins oIr all" |lir v I n , rite origin, ,i+iorr t nd purpo Irt o is 'I Freetn sule y . or i -lll, by LXPn- --- / F o III: e Jurist It; L. r n lll£s i I Rlll elpltw .. . onn lu o |ks, durin te I-hl i'. O lhi u iilVill',ll d o \lellll yi+ a(t 9 lperr | i" ur , eI JU l llld lllullitl J IiI L ( C1tll d .N w iOr ]¢ssll . .i r at , d1 TOnr R, 49 Cr . . . . . . LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK 3v 2uttJorf(ti of tfj t tate of FLottffaica. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD, MANAGERS AND PROIPIETORS. UPi The First, or Half Million Lottery, and thle Second, or Tawo Million Lottery, are respectfally presented tohe Public. TI e IIA1,F 11[ LION LO 1 TERY will be drawn in Derember, and finishedn at one drawing. TJr' TWl O MILLION LO FTERY will be drawn on the told plan of Blanks and Prizu--Nuambcrs in one whoel, and D;anks and Prize. in another wheel. Both Lotteries. untder tile supcrviaion oftwo Judges of Courts. WILL BE DRAWN IN NEW ORLEANS. The II ALF ,MILLIO' LOTTEIRY offers ch'lnces to 1,291 Prizes, of'which 33 ocr Prnz n ot Real Estate and 335 of Stock, besiles many Prizes comn. posed of'l'icke.ts in the (;r.,ld 'Two m1illion Lottery, atfflrdig a p:rtictp tion tof chanlioceis i. to thoe holder of a Ticket for Prizeo in Tho GRAN D 1.0 I 'I'ERY of Two iM illions of Doallrs-1o-',000 L'rizcc!-to thle lull amount of f2,000,000, of which 1UI7 are Prizes of Real E.tate. Only 9 Btllks to it Prize!!!-Simrplo Nos 1 to 100,010. 100,000 TlIckt"s at '20--'i,00lt,O000. Schelme and .clling price the sname. Amollnll l t ' riZs in tIhole two lrlotries are many public ano, private bli'dings which adorn the city of New Orlren,. andl are thI pr oh!. of its inhab. itants-t-hel VeIanlldah. St. Chilor'cs tret Theatre, Atmecrico Camtnp tre rr Theratre, St. Charles Arclie Buildings, woithlo I tlcs, Itwelling Ilotolus,, BuIldng Lotot, and iIiy olltll'o s1qares of Ground--hosidol s S katoIL I Bllans and other institutions of the State of Louisiatna, alounting ill tle whole to TWrO MILLIONS FIVE IIUNDIIED THOUSAND DOLLARS. All Iel Real Estatte anld Stocks oIl.rerd I n Prizes are owned by tem ncd in their poss."ession:- he acts of sale, with clear titliels, are eted in ltheir orm, and recordrd ot tlhe ofice of Adolphle Mlzurcau, Notary PI'ul , atol cill otf couviyo;onus, ready to transfer tothe holders of Priz.: TIetkts, exatmpt from iorctlmbrane: Te proplery is set apart lunalterably to that blo: lanmd iIoly purpo.l c, ad Ctd, in ol VOeto Whatcv'r, ho aoeeycd ol0CO leWlSo by t t filhm tan to tie holders of tho Prizs Tickets. AM E RICAN CAMP ST.REET TnEATRE LOTTERY, $510,000, zx 1,291 Prtizrs!

Will bedrawn in DECEMIBER NIEXT; and in order to gratify, at ao carly period, tile purchasers I)l. oftickels, tIie combination is adopted for this Lot. toery only, of 1 to i5, whelreby tii drawing twilI be completed in a few minutes by the drawi:g of 1 12 Numibilr feoe thie iwVheel. in 67,525 Tickets, at 010 each---9675,250. A 1,291 PRIZES!!' SCIIIE3E. CAMP ST. TIIEATHI E .tNI) GiOuiND, Will he prier to the holder of lhe IL.t, '2d nd 3d ,u ,rsh.. s. . . . . .$150,,1100 Th at u"I llt l f r story thik l ulli l t tilled A:rtistron.'s h)lie, irlloufg the turner of t: itetp aundI Natchezi citeets . 411,000 , Prime tio 'hi. :h fin lil. That viahm leh Ote ·lty hl ick store on h1 I.e vee street, occupied by iMessrs 11 W \V Ilop kin .. . . . . . 35,000 1. Thiat ele1nt d.elh' g hmI-t e anti lot, 1, N 74 'i (t;owl eeatr , n ictipttlli by C1 W IViodrich 235,110 1 trize. Mil t 1 Ih "n([ Iti, i. rte, 'That Itwo) etry dlubl, dIh ellilg anlld double lot "'l in:21 11. occupied by J .1 Ilull 1. ,000 o I'riz Ito I~ Is l, I n lli , ith. . 1 000 An entire ellinnrel' ef1 rutul ld ill fallObTlr" Anlnna',. dti ii,]', Ii'd 1.. hl~ltllnld I hV L y, i nto nll ell, ]e1 ilt.tle and Tler)oo tite s t f1,1100 re le rit. te o t,vt d 5thI . cu. t. Jitf strtI t,'OCCl upiIed by 1r. M\l. Latilthter fur out.: ltat one. stllry i-tore land lot corner ofu t Mary s ott Juli '. . . . . . 10,110(1 rniz toi lot, 1 Wanil7tlh. 1 ,000 A +ertiicate fir 5110t lickets in the two mIillion iottry, at $11 ea h . . . . 101,010 I 'IThll orltuln t ldder I, l hi Fri( . .fe tint realize th l Ih I ) 1etinv l obl litlt o i sei+t o , roll ) '1 lhpIr It ,l llollll, f the pr cll:ilde nll i.ti ofll '+f tie vartniou e pl.thlid pt izes ill le lt) it Iit; a ofI 'rit!e 1t i , :11 and 8th. 0 That I.r-i - b hiid tlr, ial ten,. itre l nt in tchell city ofl'f.l y tle ltlfourK l~ivan.lni+, .orfr \\ ntin tln tand l htlspt, wn at, lu0 by 200 rf fee, firs,00 ' Prize to liet, d and 91.. roe 3 A ceru'ii ne of 12, titckets in ti e two Inion IL lottery, $'11 ,C os 5,001) 11! lI rize , Is I, 1l . d 10t1 . . 3 That vII11, story dwellinu hlulle and Iot, .d 11. A e, rlii"itlre it 3'.-_ le kels i. . tlhet two m illiotn luoj:lny ill .' (11 etch, 6 0,500 Prize to Ict. 2d an 1 1.211,, A iA delling hoci iS ll cI on Victory et. 3d 11. t bengr . d If't in lot lPerintg Corner f I U'li,. Sizi , 1lest, 3d: l nml lt1 . 0ld1. S it lti..e ii 3tllcll k ts il the two millhion lot er, aillt $ , li tt, e h 6,0(10 . P'll'., m ll,:, 1 o ld11 t'lh. A lot "I gronnd on Nayvndes et. 2d bd i helng the thill lut lrtn l' elt l. s11 . e in 5.500 1 1 Prize, to L:, :i1 11 GI eltlln d A celtellllne ftr i71 i e ls in the two million I ,rv, III $'ltl 'jt,.h; .i5,401 Al' 'riize " , , it, ld " .lld 7th.It A c.o titu lo r -S tl:l;el s in the two million th' v l, m ' 43 . e ith 4,500Itr .40 1 t'lize to Ist, 3d "tn 9t1h. i e t t A Odin l,h Il t 1 n 'l',tl- il h, rn nt. d . adjoin.l- 7, i P1 iz, I' and 01010 :\n at ihl v eiluaedn Iillli Iot ont Relinioui s st. 11 d ". . 5th lot Ifro t I ia cu cor ler of at. Jan st. 3,1100 3,000 tc i. thie o ,nillin - "'o ry, - t. $'11 e 3,000 - ' - I'rze it 1t, old a d 1 11h. il rellire tre f g.u nt d n il fh0rg Al i Ill, ln'h th: -d \, hOU lhtlcd by h i I!rn"-e ,1 Al hun liel, Ch'esn.l - 1 I( ft:. .t,500 Et P lrize I t, I ll, wllh 51 . 5thl A ,esitddi' bfudding lot, :dh, 51, corner of1l,, rllll o lld Actllnellt et yie.d 1,900 36- 1r t 00 Prize to t. 41hti o l 6th. tel 8 ,Ibeirll. I t.tllh It 23h-I leet on lot tegu l s t. dell 1..dllh fr. t l I oreant i t. . 1, 00 Prize to t, th h aud 7th. t ieeuI'+ I eIn t tie l l, ' e no i, 0 M..i d bi onded ble e on ", Clio,. Pea-l Erol theit ill! At, . 31100 ,Prize t,11 I ne u '.ti . A i e 0, lim s l) i e'e. os t fgroutn ihu1 24 s. $ound. err ell hy Errato) and i l< .'l*he ct. _ 1.00 ) Prize n In 1t ,ll 91,. A squ[1r,.e +ou is 2d 1. hounded by 11a.. O i au d twentysli ixst i. 1,000eai Prize to 1st, 41, and 10th3. A T ilgille hItl dh. h flot, pr ie Hisi' a, l r, f Pity fit'a, ee,1 0 bicetr m \Vi s hingtom slretot, I :tlll f hlilt il Wl , C lon a 1 en t 7t ,60 IPr i o I'utd -h ni d Ifo 'l 1h.u n 'o . $ 0 l w etre , 7511 1 : ',Pool huiLrlln,, h lt. of .lt|,tnl. riffs oif l.onyet "L :I . 10 11 titt1 rued 011 PI·rlh sire,.t, I.t ,, 4111 ill hi :)Icl 1 I tir et' it eilll ;'. a 10 "nrl- `?,101, 2. In eac t ic 11 - ,ti. illoll oRf LJrntll, sil 111,el lst to ;11th l Ile ' toz lct, 5 Ii i lanle 1th-- 1 511 fI ndl :ld 11th t n -,oor iriz""c, e ah I r l .1ertifi t ,ol ' Int t inwillio olhwv, 300 bolterts, ,ill 21 r-cr1, 6.,00f) 0th--Inl. 7th and il,--lot, 711, owlld 911th. '1'wv, 'rthou', ra,.h it certilitollt.' Io I1 , nck·ln t , :,h . " ii'. .4,000 ui fI , + ,Iý, " ehnrt,1 ', ,i 3;U . c 1,21, ~ ..,If i·:' ; -10 b + .: . , , 1 ,".,'10'(, 'l ,. ll , , , JrILA D L®OTT TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. 109000 PEIZES AMOUNTING 'TO T WO MILLIONS OP D)OLLARlS, 1)I{AWVN iN 'IIIl O~(LI) ILAN' Oh' ItLANKS ANt) ItttItEO,-NO COMBttI tATION NUt1IIERtS. 100,000 Ticlets, a1 $"2,0, - - - se,0O0,00 0. SIMPLY NUMBtERI:D, 1 nro t00,U00. Tto ncn nod rrtllinr prior err Ithen.) rmo, nno atditiono or nesrroatiorrorod Fn r rnorexnrs in thit lott'ry.: tltoot cunttogeut rxp.Vsrts will oper.rto no a Ilone d~duotin Iroto tho valuatioo Net on thne prnoprrlt MODU t OF DRtA\lICG.-'Ton N ott Oor9 I to 100,010 nill hr p~ored in one rwlttt, aod the same num i ltrooBlas nd I'oios i n aothetttr wh10l. 'I eveor t Iorumer raw Irony ono wtoII a. tn tinVlit froo thn tlaok anod I'oizo o~tool wjil ho drawon, until (tho woltei are drtotn. ''IcE 'lS'T DA Y'S II tAWiNli . I' Till'" Tt .MIL.- 4 ,ION tI ir'i , Ilan MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. pe.t) " Ec.. dch d iu)' drcwiug under the super c iion of two J.lgres Apo ul' Cc(.u ic New Orlecau., and c hui wcheri opcned Und 127 I cealed by the:m, 17 10,000 PR I Z E S. 1. The 'VR"I\AI IlI mcd grIp , l chlcd nit $300, 00t 1,v '1' cs vcilclo ridc pe letn ,i -dlik ii cicic~rlli tir hig'h, aHrl precens u h out of 14.5 f' et on maint front Charlels slre t, and Ilc; f(eiet on Co i ll ion streeil. 'rll, Iincill orti onll ofl the rlllll li t ileIho - , 111:I IIl',ii li c c lll, -sll II l IIli I-c , I 1 ar c Iiroll i lU nlOl Ilil ,' Icccl dc ci , c nlcdct IVllcci llllic i l hiIcii 511' holll I, r whith t l li ce'lill'l ntll olfl ll g ,, ic "cIc ,lh d oil ccccciccisci.c.i . , , ccc. , ... ...... ....... . cgh. el hv be Ar+l- r. KIil.g . lh,,k+, It .t1 le winel ) i . renlders i thie i-sJt f.vhim blh, hi,'l iof thill i-'Ill c ciiim ' lncmc. 'ill, ldr~l , i loI ll , p r e.. $.,lltlllll0 perlnllllnl, lnd bhec.( mel l.lw llenlned b! 4by 1-0),1 1iSi I the Irsi'+n to $3,1,5011. The 32 h 1 ccm1 1,, " Ii,1 cc . . f i c' c temdr. it -l eptlllbc of 51l alcmcIcIIIIIIll- t $45l,00ill tl he fi l icc citc huilder d. If'hic ric.' . lllai ~.''ls iT'. CII - lLI.' ES TIc'.ATciE AND 1 iRIOUNDI), with lthe sceneiy, I n eryc , heilll 'wardr.lbe. , .ie,. ,e. comple'hte " 5(10,000 32 h Trhis timll llll ei tlrll r tr tu ll rilll n of nt '13:10 55 el o St I 'hnr c s t ith i i dep'th ý Fr nt ', o ( 'le e,. 'I e i- by I tv told on llil linlm< r silh!1 Ie(I'I' nd l5lll0 5 w.ilh. the iiirlllill dlV .. i .{s xt ollr. T'he Ibee, *{ l eI ccli il 2 bI1,, . 9 li+tt. ' Ill le i ,' ilo. 1 bo es*lll r. SIIIIIIImIII ICd \\ith vxPtL-ie4 . l gI;l,, rollo , s. In tile e It.iPr I Ilof lie d lome i s. ipe lln. II . i: I, Il, r lilllci n 'h I cherh , 1'2 f c l ill hl" hIII, li I11111-1 x\l w llh 17,);o,, lihl+ III nI co.lC l .$1 ,7:"r' The lltilllll InldI tlnor I hr , cI neii ior :l lur ' lit $31,l0,111 aIr illlllll 3 IcI ,'c1 r1c 111 IcccI, ic ND A c tctiiifu-ll lu,'k c of itl (' urintchic t l I l 't al I .ir , V 1,11 d, low r p i 'rt c is i lccpio' c cy hiiero l' s1, 2. I c c cci, l cl + i ccll -cc illl li i" ll l il1c I-c . hi Ilthsll, a IIIIIt lll 11 1 11I0 1 1 .e l rinr w1,1 cyst bIillhord rour- it, the Unr ted S i,,.. " The )iii c Slot i c , c id, iciiccccta 4c'I iicc- rooms ic'.! ido~l pot lour-,. Ti w trhole reins lil w 15,l110 per Apc 4. Ihe' enlltire sq h hrel of ;r·;rim d,01 1 llllult Sin pdily, oif ic icchlc c h lid Intc c ot, . Dcrc les SolI streel, hm.led hl by llpus.nme , Ihercair,., Mt : I'rrpsllcl l tlllrl+ 17,r0 .t he 5. rhere e eottltrlt o cround or, I* rvndl Ju sired, dcd I c ccip clcty, ' olt'cclcict- ; i t ilho ot0ls, I nded by E:mherp, Hlerculs a.,l'dcr hoo sichor!e h tc .i.. . . 32,01111 si ci. The Icmr .coy i cll. ck S.tI.C iSc,,I . odh Levee.'sleet, Isl Il~mio i i'!1y, ort l. also bni 7. ''h: l r story net w hick Iell hiouse on Col'l c ll tctle.l tl' , c c1 II Cilllll l , cl lill h thle ci cllllr olf (raei r I t. i . . . 31c,00c1c cli 8 i. ' i''ltitcl ll rquare fir.c lllc iIId e nT a.1 r I1. str(lP l, -1 ulllllii ,lll h., c fUllllllor s I:I lot., boun"I h'd h.y , l' ll 'l i d111 Ilei.eccls street';, anlld I!the si lin imc cle lccc umcd c . . 1c,000c 7 9IIi. Tlh ,- ilc e l ucrcc olncr c i t, l c t l Idc lcrci nles s r1"tI 2 lm11 eii [iityc , of I.i -[11 , hu IIcdc t 1cccc .i 0t 1 p ,mmc slr ,.,\c . . ". =,,."l0 7 Ill. T'Ih, r n llllr ' llllr i c ccc i lc dollnd )II C Icb,:, =icct', 2 i llcllc i ll i lac i otf II Ihlls, btcuuled by tc i n :nerpi , Te h ic .h e .Irel-cc, t. " 22,000 bounded hy . , 0,000 o I 'j. The c ,,,# iitluirc of . oroud Rlelltn strele,ic lld ln.icc i lll t , co tlllllll 1o c i 1i ! il 7 ded by I'uterpe ahd Tl',rp.ichre st 13.1. , I,00 hot 13. 'I'hl:etltile .lloalr of groelN o 1\1 ,llpu. to nl , cstrlit t, c I iC i ci c ,clltllllt, Ilon icinig Iiil s, 7 bolllndedI IIy i lllllton nllllll erpsciclu e c re tcc . I3,01)0 bo 14. i'ch ohlllr .qIl s .lu e o, f i r nlllld i1c L lonillla S.)cIcc , 2i11 c clllll ccli(iR , clllllliUIcic it Iot-,-I c I c tcIlci cy I c'ar1lscicluc, Liberlcy andi Ecc'1clc c S11,000 acc 15, The two story holus and lot nn New 7 S I'ev'c cl''t i cll cilecllcity, cortlner of IlRoliu b ·treet, :i9 be ill., feet 12,0O.7 Icd. T' le q.c i re , eri iln m I luecrtt ttr tet, bi t Sd liclicipnllhi, Iof 11 o,, bmuldel Ic c 17. cli, , u c.Th c, c ch of l hicc-cc,,:1 te',, hIo ,| IIIt ll'eril l i . e it f I I t+,)1· ., I ,hl ll lie . 1\, 1i Illllll nlld II h . ll.ct c, und lcci hI il' fl'the ed rlr. ri .. . , . ,, ,,,, l ... H , , 11,:,100 Iiir,, 'b, " , Illllllh'llh llilof gIa" . I; h't% Ilru'u ," I' It s 'rcid cccumccpc- ic ty, f Iii iccIc, bouccchc i by sc Liciccic I epii.rcyc. le - h ll c .,, lc.ctr es I',0001 i 19. ' l'hic c.i a . I -i'u,cc i,,I I'h i a i tle t, ho mc.I Ilnl li 'c iio I.l.cit lllb re 11;00 ie It' III ' I L. ,,c, , Iii ),,rl\ -dccr cc,- . , l0. Thie t , n.t ir s iccr o i c.r ic t id i len in Street, 'Mc of 5 tuts, buumiccl 1y' c te cch nril I{..tiir p, i . :f:i 1,t0 lll 11, i t c. The oce story -,i'idlc g nlol ci ...on.l,I nc Juli't stere,c , l. I "llX o cthe I c:n',rl of Cu Ii p bI st ri,-ti c, ,- I ic ;:c I' . 9,1t00 ic o,. ,c I IIll h i ,hlluh'ccd iy ilcc1c1c l lc,I Jccccc 0and I tI lll ll n . . , 9,0100 ':3. Thc'c ~'ct ,trc'y cc~hn _cl Juci ac c l,'t, next cc tilieccc icco i ,,r -oif cilcl t sI ,cmOih i,,i i S rekt', iii h oavin g . by tIt 9,0011 1I. T ci ' l'i l i l i L l CLe ocic Ilt ,'lliol 0 t rt , Ic " licl ll- c i' l. Ily ' Ilc O nIc , r' ·l'r'l r l:. hic all Juo'ic h stlrC , , ,1 I11. 9,1d . 00 . _5. 'hi l T . "l, gl" .... o I.{". lv M...... 00 urd h re and having .rlcc 9,110cc "I1 llm. fT Icllut, Ilhoundc d by i 'hclc e rllld ,lci lu ,in.e~m r,, ,et I.3 5ý U00 lllenIro,. "2.,1 ,. boeing 3d n lut holl+,1 Cmiule I sr,.rtl, 85 b 7:{ llcl .,110(1 I • .. · " l ,l i. 4 bli lu Frillot f m lliupll 1 , 110 11 31 - .'oi , , ' , ., , 00 I' Cd160 d · c- . .. . an h nI r s. 41. I ,i ' ci , ,'ciicic, , ,i '. , . , , . . .. . . ' . cci. tic cic ccc i cLnJ I 'l' r i el, cic *e ccrirt' and I lclcllc c,$ c cc d 160 . d Ticcc i.,],ulr oFc'ounll cc iI cdl'h.l iia pt , CAL W\YELL, OAKEY & Pt1ii ; V. .New Orleuns, Aug. 30th, 1839 a1Acro1 Ast 4.. The p',rlc .i . of n ,'e If g i urId Uo 13 l(unis I nud :I.ta atl',ic l.' i'lld other plil o 11ety 0 ,0uu 4i.l The Int of g uld forml hg lhe I ei rn.,0 f Apiollo etiled Teir itnhot. .tree , 21 , t. ul by I 127 b . . 6,0ee , 0001 1 S'oil'iue.ict,,bl.dcdebY Allucttol, ii e[n 5,1100 be. li .Il l ll u et , ilt l f ,lll .i l l ,000 - 21 .ll o, I I; 1oits, bu bled by 5,1100'0ll " u d ,Hell., 511. l' li , ory In ig d 1i t lot ol' roiiI d oil Nony e..+rtem," heiog Ill, shtl hll [ uu '',, ,- 0 Iu t Ir-le,illl l'lale liell e.. fi I ,iii 'I'h., lot ,ifii t i l An .,ii+ itl.eti2t it. il. sit"I the r. iCh II h 4,000 J the 2,1 hIt, fo:ll n 7'tl'l ichulll,. |t lld het,'litnd hay ,6 ,5 l',nrr.ofrnun+on Tlrrit street, 't WI in. of II I . l uhIIIldd byic L'Igl iLi.Cnue, 'I'hIile i n ind \VOIhlnut ,'roe. 4,000 - '51. A hilt of groguud on A\1I oIlh , 2Idnl t,1 he. i1 ,00 · ,b t3 I.i 27 l et . 4~A000 1 I 55. ). l eiet o l .gr .ind ,t :\.bll(, slree, t d oi. itr.'i th,' ,41h I't l'er., ii llure lri.'t, hul ilg .32 S1000 ee 5h.:1 Itot, -, ul byn Vit' F strrt d ,0i 0 1) the A q aeil r of d'l'h+n" e,,tne •( 4,000 cud b I l i by ' hy 1277fittut brin g be 4hh1 lot " ltullll, thle Cl'n r of 'I'.'• 4,001) 1001lue loPo'. 32 lby 1 i thatt whihe f4 11 10 l '' el, 2d "i. 4,000 o.g AIf i ,,r" iiii'ii ,,,r of i ;. i t 'lIi' eiet, 4,1 000 i ' .. ''.nbcde d by i b.ide b nd t0ele d ' 4, i 000 .e l,. it e loIt fr '.t lie corie.i of Ap2 loel .irle., l it2h 1"7 l t,i e7d ll. . 3.51500 (1, iA lIo of gutllltlo la Teil",c,-hN sier,,e le .1 u1. 32 hv . 127 i ie,.i .l. 2i.. . f" 'il thatl which laorls the colrnllr o ntS; ill 1 street 3,500 Oi8. A lot e' gro. end oI.l . elin. ue stree', i.' 1 S d o lI'lO' ,lt whit'h i. l ls Ihi. cor ner 'i fT " it t ,at ii) A llth l re, Ihig ;:12 by 1c27 fiee 3,500 0i4l. A :;q ltiil 'I " glu'ilild on| Tir rI-;horo s.lrtl outjiieci'cPy tloid, 'houneidi c. " h lC I n be , 00 ohl nlrril .3,000 0 Iii. A hlt ,if 1n t IIof ,ull n II -.u' -l'e, Pheiog Ih0: '511, if cic th'i i c' h flm,-iid , eii ,ii ll'" t.t , lilbe :. bel .lll e h'a, llt i.. 2 e 1 3,000 ) tif;.e.. slb , Ille ' . irou id i0o ,h0e I'1 tt 00 h ymlihd s l;hIrrri, L.lruoti , l.,rouiuit blliiiu i;7. :A s iqare o g o11 grolll nlillill 17 ollS / '(lio e ,5800 0 . bi:. A L ,loIro of groltnd i elnl.iuiing 1ic lotsO, i houl cd \ i ea c i 'bti lll, l ehont . . l liln E .Ie 800I bder,,lc i i e00 I ,I c'dbet ' ', x.e, 10 I et. eod furth 1Rei'et,, eOrller ml t 2 •,000 7. A square' t f ound ciotaticr 1. lots byb:lul b \Vi ,uttl C ierty uni Tlhlli i t1 0 1,,,,, .0 (,00 '1 71. 1 square olloeolllt . I O iiiii. l , Ii ll, hounded tv \Vulohut, lI:.rru alnod Ch err SItreets . li, r. • 000ll '' A q'ice'.nr' I i0 tii, onrii ng 4 lotsrne t bou :et by 'lll iT L' l ntlU1 II and Jncob d ·rcet 1,;00 1 t I .......h't by _'wLa , la' L;<.1 l . . . d ,,1 ...... C o : s re ,, ., 1,000 1f b.un,h'd byelt h.0u..) Tihh, ale aceiwt.,eL d r. t c ,,II ie i ' ,500'i 75. A ourllrP f ,owtl, cunt uins. 2"2 lotr, , I Ay ou ·ld by c'hllUt, i.o)t u, c 'i c.ce bed ci l birc 't.' • . I,,l00 i '' ;. A sq llire oi"i-und, cint llI llll lI lut tildd .byei 'ri'.l.iecllcdt l-ll l ndli':i e nd ioe i 0ltl ,) ' e .b g1,500:i l77. A o mr, f g1ro1, nd clnotalninql 1 lots v Iu lppitie ' b lr'tu it i| c st0 r. bl V,500 71. '0 l,'"1e13 )" uif, .u d cout,'uing 2 i" It b 41 Ahe ti'by c:i'"', Il,, ill'l Pm t ear al d c :h n' Ir o,,llll i rt'I b l "\. rII "I. Illud tiliII h I., e . 4h : .00 i;0. Th'1e (Ill, 1 nh, p, llt.1ll1 o1' ,',o nd ,ut;lul . td JIv I Jtle, tih,- tolll~l 1,.10,1111 lllll. h 1 ,300 i 4;iI. .1 ult ulII ill "_ 2l.otsllli( 7"2 I 00 "0 1,l00 , u 114. A " ,ll:lnnir u lr, nln, t'H'litsllllhg I hits Il~lllllolo lJ Iby 'mlllr}' Iniid 11 i, ,, 1~ll."t, 1,200 { 6::..\ u ,,it1i. 0 ,i grounuid L·lllltlllhlng 1011 In ,, |lj i~lldib Icv .\hiq, ad lh:tu- suetlt', ,l'% l dl'd by c th )1 ·112 %le+++ h lllt , nlll(l . , " 1,2)0 1I 6 . \ sllilllin ]llliir u, , d e tiC,1t11h In0ll tote II , ', .\.:1|111,. tl' i b th s ll af1J E tlllll . .t h". i ' II ,,;. 7i2 l lul ll llof erouoIJ rtlnlllllllu i llg 15 hlos iu 1.e, I I',,ur, I, I \hI11 UlL -t/cel1s 6. 00 III. ih lllti L, l , yi , Io l fli ' ll at 1. 0 cm' hr o sc r. , ,011 O i l. ., \ 1 1i Ic ' re0 lit h - t.'o l hu d d by 'I +'r ,.ich,u,r n ,t 1 '"lls sr,.", to 60011 hv 1ll.' ,o llmlen hiltl .\l llrthl 8110 i t 1)0 9:1..0 Ilitll alllll ' (| r. of grpnOtlll bo lulllte hv Il 'Ji,, ',,.i .'Clc ,.,rh i .00 "91. A ti:,. ofl gr ,,lli l · Ii l nlllg 10 Iots I 11 ld ih.l ll .he ea ~ ! 800 ' J..,:\ hIt of+ ground nu. t'l·ol 01l10, 90171. .\ i s o O1lll ,',lell ll , 1 1 2 hla S-",::I ho n i . .. . cor n . e of A I 1:i 1 1,, . 1 S1' I, ,t 1.. .,,,,. ,. • ~uz1i ss ca &tQ: JOB PRINTiNG. or veav 3eIcRIME124, attEfIlt.YflANflOONItgtY AND CHEAPI.Y ItMEC'"11 AT THLE OFFICE 05 THR True .I~merlemfl, 9'T'. CIIAIILES STR.EET, NEAR POYDRAS. .23 O"LzS LITUIOG RAPUiic PZjINTI*G ElSTA FSIISH NI ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, f)pjtoeite lBanks' Aenadu. J4/ll~!.1/el GREElA', P11OPRIE1TOR JARVIS & ANI)REWS, WIIOLE.OAl.E AND RE!'A11. DclALEltS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS I) EI STIUFS A.qADI) IºI'LVDOIV Cd.oSS, Conner oF Cootlan and ot'ulhoapitnulaO utieqta, N// no//.EONS NAN/lAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANI)REWNJ A harge upply o Garden seeds. warranted the grtartb n18:47. _____ OliA~HIAPLIN & COOPEI, (Ig//CEIRS AND) D/EAILEIS IN 'FI4VIlSIONS AN) P'/*El', No. 79 ard IN) Julia street, New O(leans. /IJShip n:,d /omily atorea put up. nmr 5 FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAILOR & HADDEN. No. 14 Ch(nrtree. *rres IlAY C a eoutnot oesuply , freeryart itle purrnl'tlOf!' tn tc,,I/tleno dreon. oF thue aibal atyle, at tNo York prir,"s ·dece24 I)OYf.N: AL mAYT IDEALEIRS IN AMERICAN & ENO/LId)) CROWVN GLASS, No. 3 CuROnICLaFO SotiKa. to BAZAAR. 13USHI di ALLEN. NO. 1, EXCIHANOE HOTEL, ucurntc f. 84. (1O r/eu and ue,'aon le,. NEW ORLEANS. I I'O(I//TEl/S nod fonloro in Frctlenc antd Eugtlic t'oroIrfu-; Drlesinoa C'o' to nd Portable I/raks, Cut/ery, 14,inn, , U/vurn Shirts, Stucle, Lehbreul/as Cunreo,/nl t oonvAr/holr'. dru hAle.* l I·~lo ~ltil~. lu/V .'/rrr/,n,'r/iO' I/o/er 4 Cenwniola ./Wrchanl, 113 C lira,'lti, ( a:ntp et.-Far ihe praesnt. .1. P. FREIEMAN & CO., lrhose~el, ('lo.1ing MEIaiuhm..II No :3..ii co VI ic s0reet, 1 AVE uenston/ly on lood a large supply of Cloth ILlo, for Ihe counarr trade. T'heir as. norlomr/ bring lage/, nercohanta fruin th couantrV sea he snoplied n tihe suhoriunt notice. oct4 FIItEM1 E.N'S IXSURAN4''E COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. 'Thin Coompnnn'nre now prepanred to takn RISKS AGAINST FIRE. N... '24 Musaon'o Iloolodin/,Cannl alert. E L T'RACY New Olron,, eino 1o.InRli. Serriure. l/OBIIERVT CIANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER Wholllesale L)Pnler in Ponints, Oil, Varnishess, Brush,,u 0.31. Winodow andn l'i..ure Ohio No. bc. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROlI0V8O ie a k GOOD UF1JY N.. 65, Chartres t.rtCI, /kiot Door below Rl/rnville, I VE I on'1 nnwly on hoad noery article appertoin .rc g t gto./ 00rn'' /rian, "ntas itn tIe For't tteai otrr /i/o I most shiolnhblastle, a/iiolo theyfultfer Cu eod/, urrlin"" pris. BANK NOTE ENGRAVING IAWDON. WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON \IAV.1. aleued in olace in Newan On.Ieans. Ibesitllg l[ t ual advantagei nith their house in New Y1 k, fnr tIe Itlnes of agllCrving an.l plinlirlg Bunk Notes, Ifltid, atills of Exchoange, Certiicnles of Neposi s CInekI IIll,[ oItiter imtlOlnllt palers reqll.rilng securitr ainsti. Purgeiea; nl hIave mtdie aplt e Inanition for ithe Bl' keepilng allll .tutus and imtpreasetoa entrust ed to h ceheir ele .ldir speci,'ih 1 elnbrnacethe note lot' oveor t\e tUllm t e llnnitln inititutiOUs, and all will le executed with plrl-mptitude, anel on tie usual tllrltm. (dlin enrner of RIoyal nlid Cantlnal st. Newa (trins, an tnn-riini2, , 39--tf. It E c UI. . I PRICES. ST. LOUIS STI'RI.ET IEi'FSTAURIAT, OPPOSITE TI'iI: EXCIIANGE. ry III Subs fiiber has thie hoOr to inform his liiends it id alI publeI in general, that lie will open, on the Itlh ittlitIt ,l iitetettlrt, where erstnlllla will ie served atclrdinla to thle bil of iit'are, I regular priee, vim: I[iftv cent.t Brea lekfastt and Sevenv-fiva eetntI for I)tra. The bretakfast will consist uatwo dishes at titon, one etnp of , te at ith mnilk, halfa hiottle of wine andit brtnd at disereti'tn. thll diner ,it1 consist of Il'It di-ni ill n ll in, a soup. halfa tattle of wine and A erei numblr eof persona have ieen complaining for a Iog time of itl ineonveinience at ltaiea d'l ate., artecs are ubliaed to be atr t-git thooe --ias ndntlttnnrilhin ntntiltn. nta"tviltbnintotltd thua ineoa uebsib to asu ill establishin. hin Itestural at regular prices, nllod here personsl will Ie attenllded to t every hourof the d:i i, at a eheaper atte thia ttt Ihe table d'httes. 'lhe subsriheir baas n lennt ea saloos Itur private partis, ll.t will execute city demnundl. ul--2w MIIICIIEL DOUAIS. TO HOUSEKEEPERS, HOTELS, STEAM BOAITS, and COUNTRY DEALERS. F IIE: suslltabr prs are Inow receiving direct from the SL ill large st it plies ol lasea, Chi.a and E::I.rtlnnnwure, Itooking itlnases, I'Plated and Silver warn, Iatltn , ChIattlidiera, Jnlpanery, Kitch.iet ware, and Inlll.nn IfurninhiUng gaot genUernlly, which tlhey offer at unusunlly Inw pricen, at Noi. IT Caimp atrert,and No.84 C {:tiill Wer1ct. Itl--4a II B IltWEIt & Co MANSION HOUSE IiOTEI,, ¶11h nlninereigaetl, preaeut propirtnraniol this well l knwnn ertalhlisltu.aut, called tlne MIautia llHae, situated inll Obrapia s1eetl, No. 119, have the honor to Ilt)lIIone- tO Ilia pablie, that their greqlu* care eand at wi nmay tivur thtnl with their pgatratlrse. ahe ad vanlitnts ipoeas-sed by the house for travellers, for irt locattlny,colnvenience, &c. rer so wall kLnolwn that it is ulnlee.s rv to ellullmerate them. ai+ti '1-1y CUNY& FULTtON. MANSION OL'USE HOTEL. Ia dI b Huiana. I OS intrascritos nluuves proprietariell del bhin I co.. .id . tIaabhlecilienatn. nabrado MAN SION HOUSE, a itadi eu In calle d lato Obrapia, ,N urn. 1II19; tinllal ttuuor do nunlciar ui puhlieo liue sus miayores ethlerzos y atenciOlnce arran dedi crdas a Cmtnplacor hAt Is persoItr. que. l tU lea ivoroel canll ctu patrocinio. Las voutlnjs que polie di.. iha cast para los vilngeritt, tanto per su localidad, clntdulad, etetc. sie. ou tai coneaidas, qlie ea inu tletl ettto rarilae. 21 sct-ly CUNY & FULTON. MANSION HOUSE HOTEL," ' t la Hdaunne. uI0 ES sotstign tt, nouveaux proprl4taires de j'6.. L tall issement situ6 don Is aru de Ia. Obrepia, S No. 149, cantti sou ein noam de i MAN$ION IIOUSE, ant l'o1t3naeur d'informne Is tabl'i i 0 lhront tuus leurs etflrts pour se~aidita le ile l 0 aux nperaonanes ql i voudront bins les favnriaintdm i ur contlanlce. 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