Newspaper of True American, December 11, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 11, 1839 Page 4
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qr . . Omg 1,ax i mitate i do, aoolioooe - sau 000.0';n oo, St 00 Opts. t i t1,itartighpe;toilet nettitodt oil; lhontd dotomoca. ooii o at o lo'; lodl qt 0 l bi~oCdli "olin Sboks', ol wolletla; s~floio aool n E~o~roo om ' M!if Li tieptlifeatiormmml gum.,l .. k ta C lfo "ulo rr motches; oal. a t * o~itAqopjformor otock of foo", I '4 asolooogo~o ;eGo~ldoteo,. b 7 ! A10 ,,`it%(Af. AN VA o"he oign of tho goldoo ,ý . ý e1ý ubartrihars hmvo re" orote~lo storh on hall, Itfull .0 or of o'ola o ie t heir line; viz .irooellry lo lh1ooking glasoco, rtes 1', Milgod ploio ololck~tist, poff, corl ond e n rilion 0amo0n0st a$piattero, Itorj'eomho of every ti7. d;ý i ag it fikett~ltnecirer with a _ m ad wiric l; i 1hYLýColo goe, Lawsdor, Floridn, boonev, SaAlt{ogo(1owoc wafero of every size anol deo n l? mgl.:Olltot d.'o~ ooo aot ooo;,ofict of cramot, sos, l shavioof,0 i1coooa ondoto, .j r o: 's eotnh Io lhir oil, bcstnki nn olliog ooltt, plaon sod perfoocced h0ul ,dl s oal p0o- I *Ollodoooooand cltlorjeootoh wash - a-:,"sohoraiooii riaoonro or LRYo'onl ofloe loacstond mst lfolmione. i` le , onobhting of white aod rod Coroelioo, totpor loý" slocoillgroe,hroast jinn oCfo gross yor. `-t ton0 watvocl trioomiogo, ;gilt and oilv, ,ockles, noldo., dil'oranod old pt oileo and guooortd choins * I HEB-~thhair, doot e, orooooolo'orolh,floor, ~,e ll lhilate, cooll,, Nail, slhciog, ohoo and LOONiqGt G'ASSES-Gerooo 00tu0in and toilet ~laboo,4oogol~og oand ronch drc iog glassoo, homoe doWith'loriciv~bfother kinoel not cro noorord. PFA uy AL1 VAMIEI'Y AlhlICLES-Frcenrl 0o$l1lric o rtoble desks ood resosing coooes, Oooo very rich 0(1 finely finiohed loadies work loocoooland does 31 oo llo0Bo witllhooo omoic. mujsicl boxes. Ah. co trddidengvlroooiondo, violins and guit0rs, silver and del& il0loolcd oendwo,,jj d p0ncils or clorlpcnorro aod o00yhllis,';ooooltleocicgooooanol pistools with unod witlouot eaoeqper oaincaps, perrcoosioo cop oboer c , 01top10 sbrobrwdolnroboohobelto,goooe hloor., pocte bllockior,ooy 000'it0*,ioadoatlocooloofovery kinol, bells aod oilluoC, oroeand comooo hknivco, 00or00 ood scissors, torl~cl~lo, it s'dley, ppins, silver pllated, steel and eolnrtlon stternt g 0ec, Pike ct books and' walotlto of volrouo kiodo, vilig ,loslood oord citeo, ploylng calds o"Frnchl,, tccocoan aod Anoelc, a oooonuofocore, loll;. iloitloojoo frol, otnn boxslbohiitii Of varioos kiodo, Soooderoi l'oooorov'c, Eomnoroou'd;oHillman's and lIawkio's razor straps ooo1l mofallic harooo,dirks, fncy hood ecoklacco, oo w1;ltb trr drojipieooy wotalieho,-pcorlohoooooo powdler 1lask,, ro; ooel pploo od sedrbeld, gilt andoilvcr oto, gooo elacti oojro,.n 1cm, aod gooloen, p oinl and owood cooes, bookgoooton bohrds,,lice, opltical cieooare,'jowhorjrc, locofoco motchl elood drinking cup, with a goat varirey o0 otlher orti elce, all bfwholgh will ho old for cool, or city accepton. cr ono 12 months credit. ' B 10* SlM1G,1 ', & Co. del 70 Ghartresst. EI.RMILY 11 LEE U co, No 9l4,z.oo;o0 sooet, ,, ow receivig from sihip Nashuille, L.ooiotillc,, * Kiuiro, o eaogle. soa othor bile orrivols tee0, :1, k lere c;,ies 0 lor ge nol sadoow scicooole a0000meolt * Illolo, IoOes, Bhoes osool Brogomns, an05iiliag ofgeotletogo'ofiboe nolf and Morocco bloots do Id quuollo).i do buf'oI, and stotl 000 ge0 hoots o V00ri0005100ft1610 mnc*'s fine c[olt senol tdol Mojooc, bhore+ : poos ono broglis, bhckskin oboe,,, loogtooc ant oouogbeo 't men's tite colf and, kippropeggdl i hoesl o,; I roomne; oo hopts; do sbout kipl 000d wax regl shlooc ooll oringiosa; gentlemeoo'o bst luodlly Cult paw cli shoes, logmes s,,it Jock I)owonio s; olo ooolf olr' ,nlorOero t arlcu.ltoloc, unoihbrognso; hi clf, scal oodoI Iiaro -4 .dlogbpilonol oItlii 0-'s, olo coll, blolf amt o oe at lugI, a .cowoo~llcle;dlo line oll;oc se.lloand o roI co quarte r010; l0nyes', mi000 cl:an ohlldrlo's poegedl oaood l soo L. ogootoc, o,,uol shocs olocrcr qooalitl ovol nkiol. Alsot geteol 0,0arssortmenot l10ofroo mn l's'to oc;o l r" r00'loogoO oovalt olhnec togeBteCr wlitb 1(0,4111 1.Ar1 sg';o loeit 0lldlo)y, roosoolt lcogan o, nailol i,, oh, o Inks, ohaorle Ceprsly fm'o ta1tlion use;, io goad, :! i Fllnell (lf men's litre unitI stout kip russet[ br 11.4:u111 :i 0110108 l,,oc oo,,l 0,00g 1 boua ooo[).o oaIciol rIy, loalkieo' dir roull, seal, to; 00ccn and grai n o rcl' oollv 1001001 oole holoso; odo floc F.; to \loo,,o,,,,c I kid o0 Ioooool suppers;o Lolo o tl ooco oihaod,,l w il,,,ool c ; to calf,; aool ood sto00 flllocth r ooteo,,o di; ,ru11ll sho I follhi,,os k 1ind 1010a0qaties; do 1;;;tth bt"(0gsuos o0 4nl~ ao ogooa. Chliloloco,'s coloocol iln, 0oc ;ol lad li,,5; bo ro toI dootslIoolnc. s;entlemesal'sfl;,elo'olonoole 1lEck oilk blots; olo blakl, ao I ,rab1 Loeaver tlo toeosuperior boy iiat It( rent 'oo; tit rad losl Iutoow ooo ino ro 00 no li0 e d,,,,;, 'o 11 tLk hIirosiol ohor Impli0~ed hats, ., ooewootoiolc. Y;011 ov on ;e size loots of olollcooat qualoolioes:o cl0 i loo,0 I\.'n'oooond bly's black std locl; oo l bats of tattoo slapes, wioh gerooal assooooooo,,o,,; b0 oo' adoo'l s 'IPls aoosooooent mill Ibe rep0leo11101l010010the .loo, onl 1,0 tcoo it loklrom thoe 00000 ,ovo namedl ci01e1, a;il of 0bitC Sille one sol0 on ero ootloaing t0rmo. 0og I- il' ..-4&uW. W WARE. WOOD SCIRltVS, SAL) IRONS, &e. qr'"IIE IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. L 238 Water, near Beekman street, New York, hatve received the past season, alod are '(.st;nitly receiving large and externsive add!itions to the .,ock of the above goods, whtech now conetts of til ollowing assototent, suitable for the suutheln and western markets. Hollow were of superior quality consisting of alnot 1500 tons, viz, Pots ol 29 diffbrenrt rirer, front 2:8 to 50 galloos, Kettles, 15 size,, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettlae, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovous, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, - 6 do Skillets, . - 5 do Flat Spidera . 6 do Covered Spiders, ' do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 do Wagon boxes front 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to?7 inches. ? Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from f':8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jame's imported prices. Sad'Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for retailing. Tailor's and batter's Irons, assorted. Sash weightt, 100 tons, arorted from 1 4.4 to 2Olbe. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, chnrcble, &c. •sade to order, Also stearnbeats and other mnachlinery made to '1le.. above assortment of goods is pa:rticularly -eeonmmended to tI attentiontl of Southern and WelOern merchants, and are offered flir sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is le. lievyn to be tie largest and best assortment ever offere4bor sale by any o:t eota!,rtshonltt t the Unittll States. Merehanirsby forwarding a rFqu Cet hby ,tail, can have a prinned circular. with descr;pt otn of ,onds, prices apd torms, from whichl no duvatiton is ever made, furnished by return of tmadl. .All orders wily receive irmmediate attention. New York, !38, ,"3 , aPio,ls Fire lCatortoatn. Si.;t-.J:.Wial Si'tilhtenderes his strv tces tt Iit riri, -... s'o:'Ne'w Ordeas as a teacher of !,e i:!. I hrm`" lrS-having been etplytd sevral renr echer of music in private fanles, il f slo aso ac several i the female e r i-- y . c a n n o t b u t h o p e to m e rit th e ni c vn le ,! aI '. l.e eipermitted to refer to Rev Dr Cllap, Mlots Stoepi. & Avery., Henderson & nminles, . " terms,&e please apply at rthe bookstore l f ' rdtrde T'.wer,49 Cuamp st ct °0o ' ESII GARDEN SEED-The subset lire true ,bea to express his gratelul tlthanks to tile p n -.4.Osfor the liberal support he has aec.ived s.nce ar lmetoer ,erd h.siless in ths crity. BI tn2 sole p,~ prieote(rf he seed store, 17 Common street. Ihe qoto and never was agent for any northern seed s ia;',neiher is hIeconnerced Lwth any house It tlclieoO.{ry--but he assures the public that his oin eaeslrtlin every department of tile setf d tbsO "ese, in the differeht rcountresof Europs are erqul sitSo efCany house in the Unired States. 1e itl. n. 20e, plants, &e. frnot the most extensive s et.rle nurseries and see Isamert in France, t -t nglaeld, Sortrand anod the no Ihere e e-asnd it will at all tsese he his inrerest, as i ietudy, to receive, in addlilon to Its presentt rt .Erear, ivale of every d. scrilpon, really Ite. I 1837 3 lso, engrltoed fruit Iret a, of all -sk t The publi smay rely on finding a utll us. r psltthfevery ernctele in tire seed Itn.of genuse Shlt.' d importn d im irot bed airect by Win. DINN. . MITII- doCO., respectfully inform iariends and the public in coleoral, that i.t e new brick alop, 219 Tchloupitoulus unrest, w they keep constantly on hand Copper, ris apd Sheet Iron' Ware, of every description, eh-ak` ~opps-istills. kettles, and pmeps, tin hat ing te ,1sdl ed ns, of all sorts and sizes, anod a! -oOO#1+ brsa.tiig done at shortest noltie,;. SOrate, hii of. every description. Ott a t;I~r. boats chj.s' Iogolins. screw ,sat., an I othoe . 0 1 mI ·such as chumnnys, brooLIebI s de aln kinds of out door wobk, 55$5ý} .t..sactrfisrwng and gutll rng, s~I4. 4 -otherkinud of work in 1 1 sie7y. will efeaute at the dS rwen 64 GeosI t rept, jgswen Dvrjef *pl8W tgfittkhe, a constr gtsbend 8esj tet 9 5 c5 or tv and lpis end slm o e$ .ek ntelar tres lir ne.1,, wmein adebil k tf, ie ibtobQi swllldispure of . a . o_ Prb 1Trn bile tfAugust ,Ge,. Id: lediseiMn.c vern 4ty at three itclnchk. p iperUS mail hni s {Qt4W~ c atinh s tashove Blakelyi-thence four Hil<eoihel·to :Penasaert r-theun senmbatsl to jsitgnnee, wltireith !ienU.ets iresnumed-thence tat hlettinswsiat +'- ./n.aville, Fta. Bsinbs.tig, Ptadeioawn, Inet nsinille. Sottunderevillt.&Leoti. villetiAi A.etietri, (;G, omllnnr ln regulirly with the ril rtnid unts in Charleton, n. nd lthe stieanl :aerkr *o t Now Yrk,. N.trf'lk, Pbibthdtlphi., etc. 'Tt:sestmttIi Are thei bheetl fr the service, and the nnvitt tion plerestlt more advnlt.ges han enn hefotund uott0 ally et. tiiboet roiut inl the south. The great imprhvetnenie in ths e rots have I ben prnl.nced hv th, ,nltirnllelitn o fifty mnile. of new rond, by te. nrtltrietori , viz : fllr I,ý.'rnnge ni fnit tito rin,t at . Itn arn of StnI., nttIs Bty, In Bryl 'r Fer , o Ilit ChnIhito tcht, river, ten mlts 11 tv, ti ' w a.. i ,v:*. Or 14 .hbo .. Cedar B.lut, whe-rel stv .!:; rp ie!ne, l o Iho river, and the con ieqlueI : do. t1. in,l net m,.r: rr,,'trlvy the incon v A.,pn t rt l -.,` t o the t'ovl.,rL, ere elir, ly nvohildl, mt n fine rood frIm araInrl n dll i rel ll ,i In r ,inrnir n intiv.u.t n the roun:bhltut r,,n d via Ch lttna.oche. hlsver,inl thedrlir ner anhn,,i .,r v ";,ies, n,,0·toi. the it aeclitit es iotr ith l: Air ., , ,-.r h line of ,,, , h., sItIrl., ever .,i ti, d.y i,.n, tlt, ii.s.nt , i' P rv t~ . .'1J -, s,; r n n,:;t cti g w,'i h hlu li.wu i, ,avatn.n lh land Darten, Gitn. A m til etrembrnt t lita rr!v 1.e w~ein DU i n b r u l g e a n d A p ri m h ,t + i, , v. "r ,v t l , w .i a o , e to reinth nit l poilt nt Challlle .)i l thi r or A ola bl - cola, ca ti it t t tt o:oot,, v: ,. ibhile io PontnerI-I ind Rou --1)urin thee time etitp in i hv tho rt tet rs ti , ,, the pro, re,. Clrs ,of Ithe Fiorid ,.lhe i t il it n n lin ito ls iln I hre pi-t conches every O h r d, y betwen It 31'. hilrn .d Peosarolt. Pls+ef,, rs will tivl ' i e! it 3 o'c ,l i lln th le m. t ll bno t whd lpr:,ceed to l'ils L. ,ii in , wti.lore l lioulr irsee ",wh I ll , i" w l -. i for 1i c( 11vvt- !.lm t. , the ex 1'',' Ie,e t h~Ie, of 11 r. CIhn r ley Ila:l, I 1 4 tutu' ditstalni, tt here they wIti l.ld nellt ollrnmil?, h tE will nerve iln eneL cu, e rlh O:' at 1 M n, Moile, andi.Ch Slin.' H i tel, P'ens rmioln, wh e ree loiher ne 1',1. Iun lialners, No 3 C(.roeJhle strect, two doors troem " Ilnlaions of the f.llowing cenals and Imtrblestx wolnu At Ilu P. LIe. Mta1, o ,eny, V'+,; ptian sod !l,,d, .ak, (;iiall . n lm Antico, Pollltl , 1 (1r0.i hn I or veird aintinitc, C(Llllehd Ma11,ple, ' liar Stott., Ihilrd sEve :h, 1l b): ubiy anite, S;,iiu \Food, I'ornOine, Flair W,,rel, Dote or Ihrdello, lYew Tlrce, Ihali:nl White, .CJoromainile or Bieek itiSin nn ald Ihroctellh, Ito ., ,ood , i. lri vin (irel, sl cni llns to ie seen Ill the Shop. Paints, oils, * glass, copal varwislh, k.c.c ahan.1d Ililor sale. lI INA UI. MtIA cE tilttill-;. lY:t1, n0dit , 36 ChIrr, r sree. N.w Orleans. I A l SIRG I-ANT & C,. ininorrrs, o French nti, l:nE.n lh Chin: and l':arlhe.i ware. aire now openintr 1.""w ad rich ! rts r;; '. f I reaIfIs', illing and r itn trv -,, t, ,ii rst Aet, glir -hrls, len and cofllIe .,ps, ,_ ' .,Po l i. , 'rue, s, bhwl, e ,i .ltisr-, i-h,,s, mi .le . h b, ti+asis an. e,+wer: , l ro t he r, t,, H:,, l c p .l .hd, 1r n x 'r ha n dl ari +R ! iA nro ,- a ·. Sr;, liri' rnl b C Ihe hote's rr.n.'.aneken ,r it': -r , I tl lm . , r nII r, a l-if ,,' l 11i:11,,l a d c. .iv l 1, : lers, e:e. Srilvl r p',ite , "it r pIzI I i nhid +r nia cn r- .a ,Al ?, olonilt Cie r% l . , PIII:p, .p ,m t'' ,I. , ati lt I ';nul l=, t ,i C1 h u !iw, tl i -ub ( nt s. -11-,1s ;,fl l I'rkr, 10,cthtr w", L', It 'Saar a'sr h l ilr l 'gt'l! -it, . ii f illl. li ., p!iiit - ii I 1, :11,,i leInltll I ti tl, irn II h d w ,. ri I.- i ilt t tir. i i, i - , lsh IicQt t t, i te hi"y 1h e lirte 11 +'. A' t, n o 'r ;r , 0, , , rim rr,. n., Ia . ti l t, t, Hair pir-h ., rs. Also& atevnc i,{ a " lh lirat nrrival fr",{, llt.l l-Cht. I Inn,] and ,i1, N ,o l ,,, ( ,,i ..ti , l .,hia i h a n ,! Pl,. h Irn e r, slai lk nl . n lo, l l,.l n d viu, r,' . c rll:.l , l l H n }irg on{d l cic su ,sr , ltfor a 1,I, 1v u.t - .i l ',"1 a I ,h vy t," ill d: ,I~ s,, ,f 1 .- ,e -, 1 , Ir, i rat : it rill?. fii rd'.I tis ttill fit iltl I, i '[] ,-, r,:l {hunvrlo st. - ii, I. it\l t 1 i' 1 ' l Ii h lile it t, 'itt J 'lli i to I - 0 4J{, 1 )I . t i lv t IZ - ti'i ! I.; ill. 'Ili-11111111 i ...., o ' I+ im Alll ll l I P lO,; ,: . cii ; , n li a ; i-, h l.r r . Iltr ' ro ,., <& c , , l: - , ,+h',,t'!,,.J t'tli I ." , +n, i 1" n. - N!i-ttr.+',: ,. I, tili, + .+ lllii+i ,ItI r clit- -nI.I il ill l lt. rt l i allU.t l f il il ti i-i re ii iii. It n li.'tr -vIr iutd o t plrhirltlltll a i lrn , -cti und lir t st i rvtdi I t Cp nn Ic , it C frtopn otn i n i l t'1,o, -Sl, l ar otf.. Atrd hodi oncirli, frn l NL ti, tyork, iat l vile r g rli fIte Lchirtiuta , an hic, og thr tths ,t,, hlolUit N prok o Ri.ndy, ml tei th,ir Ittlo t ntr lira,_ , ,ht FTrue ollo wla turif r to epsrt, in: lyg n , 1, opitr litad eillor, s itikccuc tll-lr d o lminh Clarlt.',, r lyinlll ; fin ellstic Lee, Mer' r ,lill "l I f o ll dI u lrigleate &1. ' i idlitz pIorr wlu , ire llo l ll' tinde Ac.,dxit , I o dlr, p.o ,edicieo Pari, , an dl Acoucn,'llr to, tio o n!, 1,e ,s D'Orle ns; ptrotii rllt Vl lpy tul Mlo r ttiitt l iDub t , Sa and ltlrr-e,',d t', l r, t , hal 1. - lpronssorJ W la i , ititi tl ,- &, , i.-, I tt X, id, I, 1t. ttle;! Bo th eon and Ml ttii l~l. itiltia c,, l, crXid Itilt. eor So mierwite;ry in tutu w il itlgltit\ttlti ii, aNow od , an.l itl 4 ; -r.York, itI i:,i," i: .to iin in, Ipresident "i:_lh" I, i h .'i t, - n ,, -11 le I, ! t r . .i l, - , , . no d:., P ,,eOa i l'c, t: , , a iit, t i it t po1. ..ita . Vacr=o , PI o r. oro.Edt Tyoote,&,. & INo, o mnortiiitini eai; t C oalrontard, rn, . ::r, l .'tr, lo tte i li i ,trli t ,, w,,lath , ha l'r ,: , i orov d ,t r s l,+ fi r r ll ,h. - 1nn, llSomerville; I U. , I lt" l l l ."l.hlirl $ , o Nt ~,vi,, .;i Mo. :a. iray -ld HI,, it, + .',, t l;1 l ' l p , ltoe nOIICl seelke a very c, xt ,lsiVre st, o,, r.l , u(icris anJ, ,,t nl fi nd s Dilt k, er t KI, ,. , t lohlt iide ..+u itonr, r,!ead 'oke r, Lirko and r Spear puil n elll Il ;lRzosl, {is ill Leyado kowo'na at thor le. It tll J.1i. . I."IN .\t A COIIEN.1 t Ctl''m'o n st. • u.6 J . D). BiI-IN 4 .ti CO!IEN.90 Contnal at. U t Ik dib altimoro Wackok t r FOR N :W V- ORK. ITofIIS' LININE OFrP.tE'l;rs-To sail every lc oiler Mondny. Thll .ine is rcomposed of ix .ships, vir.: 1 Shil Vicsnavao, Captarinl unker, Nov. '5t1h i ( mnlEAoS, -- Sero.r, Ire. tlll PANTHE, -- Ashby, 23d A,, .ANS, - Deni-, Jaoe. 6h A,. orVILLI, - Wood, ,, 21th ALABAMA, - Dllm, Feb. 3d 'The bate ships otre of the first etlas, ruppered, and copper fastIenert, and having re. built in New York expreasly for thlt trall-they are of lioht draurht of water, and almosttinvarinblhv ross the lar wvthout any delention 'iheL packets are commanded by Ca tlloiUs well experienced in tie trade, and will alwavd exert thelllloevtl I' omoonliodatte--thel, will a'v ave he towed utp lid down the river, and will pinnpitly sail an ad stryised. They have handntsomely futishedl iomrntiondei, and sttre.o .f the firstl t lity will ialwys he- forni.ihl rdlll every ountilllll i l t' thoe lomfllinldsatisfaction or i.nrivtooe r. 'The tri, cof lcabin ptiassage is ixeI at $91i, without winn or liquor. For luili*er particularsa tip(lo to iii CA O.i., 11 (1lln9 Colon st ''he shir tire nort aecuntat' le for brelkugle of eluss, 'hollhw witlro, edIleo or g lnillte, ooperr g. nftin, or r g IIIS L. \IE will be ct mpewl st'even shipsi which i Wl I smu ee, e at, I i t,.r in' th I+,,h11 oing order,viz: shi, St. Mdry, It \V fo-ter, liutvCr. hp' I'roy, l . I)oc!hlt i f r t, taster. Nr w allill 'rnl, kfort , J i Russell, ilallter. Nle -lbil \l trv in.-.ol, It iMt.ervrel oralier. lhe'e Slhips are ln l iof Ihe fi'rsit ellts li've alCO ontm dltions lir ptre't'ers nsurpovsoed fur comfort i'ij enuvrnriOelle, lld lOllly laulindld. 'I he lreati it 1 Iilrn :uality will he ils red itl dro-tohli, ingthan lr2 . dve'rt i-rdtieand eve ryrEot nble aconmu int lat Lhn exl,,hd Cto shlppers and p :s lelr,,,'. "ll"<, freight or E>'l+-anrr', n pldVt t m 1 if $4is > n oi4 SLAW. 6 nmpet FOPR NEW YiuK. [Louiian.t and Now YXorl Lina of P.tckoe.i] 'I IShI. S ips roplli inl t this linl r will sU il i roio New Oleans and New York on every other Mon 1lay-conslwueiug on the 2l0:h Novemher-aud to llsurte th repunctulity in Ill t iire ofi mig, thle lin rw ill h. rea lter c nsi t ll' live l ll ls, viz: I Sh -ll Yuz,, Ci ptaiu 'Trak, to avy oin the 20lth Novembeir. Ship Loubville, Captain Plmner, to leave on the 4th Decuber. Ship S Iuntuevtlle, Captain Eldiidlg, to llavoe on the 181h December. Ship Vicksburg, Captaini Woodhouse, to loeve on the 1st January. Ship Ilissis.ippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of Januarny. The above tcre all new, of the first class, copper d and copper fttened, andl upiwards of 5t0 tone hurthen, ore of light draught of water, heiig built in New York expressly for the trade. T'le price of passage is fixed at 100 dollaro: their hcabis are littud up in the miost improved antd conlvenienit ilaIll, neild lltniled in o lealt ld cleglt sllllye Aptiill oltores of the first quality vwill h be provided, ad overy regl' rd pallid to tile clnfort and entire Iitisifactilin of pseiingers, who will please take no. lieu that no berth cll an be secured until paid for at Sthel otlice of the consignees. The "' se vessels are comlinlided by apltains well experienced in the trade, who will give every at Ienol in and exert themselves to aotiolnodaite. They I will at all tiunlies be toeid up and down the vlissis rippi by steimboats, anld the striotent punctuality b-i'rved inti the time of sailinig. The owners of these shiti.s will notI be rerponsi. lei for any letter, parcetl or puckage, sent by ior put on board of them, unict it regular bill of lading hie sig.d thererle, at the counting house to itihe S eagent or owners. For iirLher particiularn apply to J D BElIN & A COIl EN, nov21 90 Commion i t NEW ORLEANS n ln a .'1' 110ORE LINE iOF PACKEITS. 'I'Tlis line will of' the fillowingf volsse:l.s w hiclh have been built or purtchased exprcessly nl r the trade, viz: Ship Seaman, ('apt. ,.hner, rcrk Mary', Nickcerson, SIrad ferry, n 'w " Steves, o lolUomr SaltUs, " Liathal, Irig Architect, ' GrlAy. TllesF e ve ls are ,f Ithe first class, have hand. soma turni-hel eccolntudaionc i, and are of a light draft of water, so as to admit of their rnceivin' and dlr charging their cargoes in Ia!ltimole, at, he city. 1 "eight will be take for paors on the Chcsapceake or camces' River, and fbrwarded by the ng.ernts, 1cssrs. CLARIK & KlILLOUGG, at Baltimorer cxpeinses on goods shiplped will be aRivalnceld when ryriquireu, . The price of passage is fixed at $i0, u ple store:: of the b i qualihty will ie provided. Srtea: tip and down tar Mississippi will bre taken on all oecasIons. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov21 22 iernville st. N i:cc iri:A.c\\i & CLIlbiiiKS'l'ON r(ylC(.lS 1' . li.e co rnsists(offour vi i sel' lit' the first oln=s, coppered nSod I? ;r,'r last. en. ed, and of niroult 200 tlns llr.r l theni w Ith handl-t welll aco m onld tions for prasenl r s . Theise ,c'. -i,"1=- are cm lllran deld Iby calptairns wi l i p rIcuc'.' ll Ithi ail.o, who will give every at t- ell r nd I rt ih l Selvsla to ntcommlil !ac " I h, elf r. Ir hey w1 i ll uI lower' d lc p nd d' ,wn the 1 .c ;s.c:ppli and leave New Oril c(ans(I Or before the It ch and I ':' of every rmonrth. The following v rt.Crls aimcp 'e Tile line, viz : linr. :jr"hlan,Charles G(, rdon, mnster. ri,c (, lc crunn, J. i. "'lomrcsrnlc ,c master. [Mig A1:nI ,. l) aner, asctc r. I c 1l, R'ger W ili :ams, J. Atlibers, manser. iFr Ir' _ht or pasae, appcly to J. A. A BAREILLi I'. ( I, llccccci nr r'l, st. New Oilu rne, or li. GC ' 'I''c tci Il' iAN -Palish of rlcc ans (',i rt c i cl., cate. 'I , it w l \ l it, i!:ese pr ents l cay (ou nern o,, ;t o e err ili:,:t l w ! · IIC i~ia ', akri,, i rei . rl,: i i?~,+ , ,, . : i- t,., tI 11 l . ',11 . +h;,- r .' 1 , , , , ' , I' 'trl-h i i 'i ' , N . 'I I": '\ .', I', in .N oIl nn " P i , ;h, .' ct f ilte ( l'.' I " ,Itll l", o ` 1.r l1 r1 ll , 114n b l, ' .\ ' l i t I- t!, .. f^, v i,, :: i: fst. il al v icr i ti c '',c , i en ma c i \l i l ,'+ ++: 1l k w I r., I ,,,( n' t lll' tl r tol s. Ir ",,· r, . t.u r. o l Wl,. ldi . 1,: :,] fr. l ·or e b t' " p (it l til, ccc'ci ci:rce l ne tic'' c c. Ic ' I ' rc i ' . ,, i , ccc Irlccr'i r l' r' i l er i , , :. ', . d ',Ic cl l lle e , t hl ll I (',t,',' n tl l/'p'thlto N n " lHIR niel rim +l, il .,ll , Ti !1"~f t " il "t . t ",l lmb I'* B,:I ,,l . 01 t it ,, .1 th pre tr yl ' her dtu , . F(. I l,'lV 'l i c lci'cai d nclc.cill n * i thl rdi a'c v ' e .ilr rl, ,x, t an s I "r 'lllrcl ' Nr"ci,_c ,it, c cr I I. i. ' I ":+- q. N ,,mr v PI'o ,., ; rl n also ills it h .'":sI an; d nhue l ps tc llvalo had lh eU lnla el , rthe I, fel l \Vi'ii did . o . 11r l i I11 n y uill oL ,t"lu:1,1ll O ia lt l l I (] " i.t " 1 "+111,. ne tlll nllu lt :-, tl llll~11 -hd ., ll i llrt e"ri et, f r aIllt lnln l the ,,nri.. sir"::' ll - u e n ft y lr , c N ic i at ie l , d, " ".lt., hIln d I .e Jc prd ,pe l y hel , i llh , .i c hwo, c'F I 2 ,l 1 c'lI' llli .i'ic.r'cd . r -ic' 1 ,,{ :'. !s, a d : cl : ,t I G, 'cir rhera,, ccder dare c' 'pred icacc c1d ro cveniee h . ic.e Ii nc r: ', of .!*e proir .' "o " , :, ta. r , cL Ai h a nd x 1 , l Cr r , r nl w ie r t (ll, ,,rh wt h , : '. ; r! ' cir. d ea ,n wercs, a-er nd (hrice yrcc. '"crei', f'r ri... ecrhr'ndriincclccn , , ec. ued by pcc1iii rm, ergcctg ,a ,i' ,' - " ' ii.,,p1cil.r i 'll lnI, ritc, - c. icin, i c'd ic ti ,.cti c rl cerouni cii ....' n e y Fcederici \V, "c i i ' nii e rri i en'rc d, ~i'cle ,n cl s und ur dale c.I • ,--." r" -.,' th .rilone tho r d eiie h U ndn ,. 'r, r h ..d oand and depr ow c d inl the office ul i n ti r' . u r, t'riq. :utar y cic ithe u .r ricir ertce r iI ter ciioit' , jtoi c i ,Ic ntchc , d i nc n r r c le', t ' fr an ot lhllonie frce thr,e in sc ird r ix line SIt c ii che nd six lir e i dep ih i b ctwet n par. ll,.I i lliP rensa (" American, mrnst t . he Termll--ne nnd Ihreycears credit, fr app ron ultil final paymcnent. t ite , or ccimy ind anid io the lots of l, ri oud anid lad buirli.s hictn, n oseqA.. e (39. lolnma lll'' in, Rtee o er de cr're o (r jdgul rri L -vrr t l2 brit , inc imil f'rii iiacl r c, r ii a ltre, I. da: grom tile puenit. tll hae 0el w'y Ih o le, s,' hOml gt i (c'orda will Ilia apphctio' ,,j7 41 N',e L[vce STr PUBLISHED FROIM S'0RtOTF* ' PLaTES The Fith. t'iond, .t ItOWVLETT'S TAItES OP. IN'fiPF UCT: rO whilt in nen aod ed oIn Anernge Cnlme ula I. tor, or easy melthoth fro" mliRdb the average into r on stopT., notesof hand or bills ot goods, when tor tl chasdt thllterent dote, o dliffer nt eredit;ls, Ind tir vat'ious amnmlasi henidesnouolsi noil rotoplete Bosnkiog rt l'itne Tarle, the tes hot o.t hn be torlived. or that fi enrn san It tttoe within thie smepnldetoend ompnt , notd sizo oftvpe. h A *:avertisementl i tile book in it nenele the ftollow-I ingwnrds: 'The high ditinctinton tilis work hnp reciered thtlto.lg the ten legisiinive nacts prefiedt to rtte title page. is a re tommnelatl:ionl ill itstlf, so Inllcllomlnlnn., andl so eonshhl sine, Ih nt ltllhilg is necessolr mor'e Illtan iv ..- of t:t vertisement, to tgive P eoronened viw of st tm of its pe ettliritites:rrs ferinstaneer, the Intertoest lts letrn enmp ll-s. et firnm,nrl eomlnared withl, what is equivrlent to Ilttr reen setrsf enlullniole, enx:ttiredt in thle pItess hirttiy file tilltes, nrt ptI'lted ronm treOteype plates lesrtel thithrtot- nlre tinle, frOnm ill which itt Ist be oevidet even In the skeitic (e~l*eillv oi tho pe snnal ntl' Ia h d tan|1 .lr1P OI ro 'ill lllr p++·ef, t) lth' the wvl'uk Illtsti tl n ' t.l enenthtltr nheillihle( om htit enntnmation ort t s bo l1" prtetitrl or Ittt htuItItrd ano l flfty dtllhtw s, it rt w ol:tr trt tto l ,le detection ot ot eit ot oft t ce t io th. prerrt t or fifth editi, as .e xlne·asedl in tre ptt<race, o ititg fi I arte pnt sr t erltetI for the sarer error sinte: he lio t pohii:,tinooirr the oattO 1rO. Ore hof thtmtt lettnittons feaures t ftr l taltt- ni illtlhe ;trangeatt lt orl tile Tine :ttt Attnltott, witici for ex ptitit.ts, tofterenrt otrd pet'rpieith with the hell t of the silde aillt ititlX. . :nt1oit htI e exto e!t ; "et ttthno si:v' ity :nd tse oeith which the rintresrl cne trttI'<d . Ihe eXiti"nt ieoft'n tlsine.,n withont t tt oulitn, sums isllhe - ilis l enolltveniellner s es+llti:nl, that in tle stl llrt lion o Ifsome Iollf lip nie u f 1tnl petln et nd l:llr l hlb i. ~inf.lg ell lilll | llll lre n1, 4·I' WhOhax 111211llll :I(J .11,1 Illt om tsinle work it hsk, lnollk nodi xta.oldishd h Ihl he1r n1hh t ao ihtr of the exemrtnrtthtt trd tests of tt.lvery t dhiot it hIsratseitrit l ttio tr ro mit ISta i r9 h' it o.hotle is ir rtlerentt lle, tonstlet'itlll, it stt6 I. he t lo.itihe :etrlteroIy tettht the nit1 r'eicreor inttt e ns ehtrorti r, itro ororo lune hlnr "htt n It i .hIt ll d emptllaticll stItled tr th mntot woh.roful hooek i rhke wotlk;" nmost ten,-rlaili ot .rnlr lertl tll 'imi r i. lrlt t L nlk et ofthi ntt tt t , t it tt llt h Icl" ~lnlls 1.+I:1, eY I t);Cr te nllt. ii ll, jl+i+lt11 [l'l ' i 1 "~lal Illl',]itoP i t .oll nl e bl.f he sltl telr, aIs is cle ul \ sho wn in the I~ ales ,.+,, aste~t an| stm d,]' it hl hb i tl'n,'t tnti lprc'md hi "warle aIli the bank 1..I bI: hlh' +'.] 'l'q i ll t i Ut slloittlrtSlres l hIrr the l-lo ,ic tttt e1tt aitit durtItr the i lng period ofti "hirt< rl tsl'S+ .t l no error t' (f.+ tilh arl culftio.s has eveI bits "ent t ih 'o, ttho.1t Ilottol" io anh dulehnh.lgtd h+ the t'lll f t, ryt hrK:+•r ro rtrts I tlo le bIt ki s Lo lt t exI rsl. aIoptedl h all h e'.ls S ofhln cl seven'll o lther St:lore a the "rIate Ill ,clCul~lolul Itttnrtttlttt nt retor" s 1r 1 ootttnw l trr ha interei, a I cl'li"+oin the hoo, is ell,. a l ll ll illas way e S I $ C l a'l user1111 .'11:I s ,.'l*S i tlllh It' h l :i t tht'e tld o 'l h, bqu: k. , F(I5 a ll:? 1(11s. (,si,+ l (rev.l. II 1 Ju+sill I.SE;Ztl5 ill i'tl"} € .I[:l " te t tt I t'Itit UntntWadli . l o lltr Ine i It iso ot titltt ll ktd ntol thv, h1o Is eot ll't I t eetlk it has so totush.tected lto.e ertrrs, hilon lrer rrt. were it nrntt Ie--noy rthe eostt tlro'alntr I, tcmptn :urithlet-i cianis", t".tt its usel'fulllne1ss , 11 n d he b = sollltene 111 ci. ]ty' lll its uise, haYe b~ell e t.Sivlr insiste ti u , n so ev'idenl in celd, llh te bIe its advanlll llllll its slt iltr I lhat r trrl treirostigol, whilst the frt edition wisrsttlten slt osttl- int,a tt t r t-tit , lret it un- r r-t f st eold lln t copi ts werte lttlilt It , sti Ieq to to t !r' t r lo istttlc. It S ucll .Cr ,s e dl l -t v a'l l t viou s w l l 'lp t +s , ai s h e y lo u h i o' c.l sl l n - a nily bo lpiked pup t l"1111 '.10 oto it 5opeil copy ly olme elrsolnls hae relttlt y decltretd, rtlt itttt tltII tcould -e llutedt that th-i woouo |I y 5 tie 1. I0, to IiI ,ll Sfot' : e"|l." ifootLo he'had lb"r less, ad an indhiidutl i n the ir ln ttrl ito ll titt e tt ritt l :tt ly, havi. i tl tl s:tlllll iilne rt xhibite st-l] i tllll or:lltl yprol, to smera1:l pt'l' ls lel . selt that t hIi1mt io t wIs treallv wonlh tlhat mo(llv tll n tore tlnogh the us1 hin sees vul:+thle thi 1, he belacig n vo wr 'ic man and in public oilicte, t io s like..ritt wtit tht -t llon rtl , .oi l ithit ed prrr r r t in Itre s, that sulch is the nature of ligne u ortk geni,'ially n lltl tl., peciall'ly hl i" the .,xtenllt a dlll l i lln llllll('e cd tles tlot ll Sotihat had this ettrt . itto litke h . ill St i r h tluorr tllt Ii neri lllll r ht e, h l t he t i ost t I :(ln l 1 Irllrllall r in hlle \ i' ll, nttlll t l lrlals ilrIlt l d in t calttliotuly illnldr l hisowi olrllr'l'ttilo ofi,|' iiroof shlteti it woullh, almlonl o a II est'ltilel·C , h1 tle bvetnii IIIlii1, i ib t wl e , l alnlllld dlel i 8 1 11 B p el'il ':l , as 11 cllS l i 'C I t l thill i I.tllcd explhilns. ]Bul soi pel-Ii t an11 1 I atl e b: I ue dI i s t pl 111tes ot this wei krLeen iiit t- , thltart I ilrlr r Ir le ll, ntt rron rinhh l i Ii -r llr s a tl din il I tie o =ginst t ire. Ith th ge'er tl h fit, Itt. tt it e advertisemenel) constantl.' kep t in a phnwe o'f specidal S soli.ty,etXCelpt w.hih.use I"inp,,intiln . itest with usefulL wahes, 1.1lhw the prthouliu, w+hich, inl tits I ilth aI s il thll t tt ilp lrcdiA l e'r tiols t t llrrt ltt t l itl iiiI1 s1 , w1 e, del s o i nlcelt~t, ke.t' It I11ian on l I' r lhll k th ,i sIX te ft ime h"1n I' to I t,' s1 ,lr t lrlt.o i l I I tttoerr.'.itrite ot oti leteteevI ·II srool·rt·~ e'i'io.rof i" le ott ies t o isioe ct iett - 1toh its o p hlie, tio atl tiat tl il ', lit I I id-rI ti e, to Iou n o htirtn t" com pensatime t t r ttt ittt r t ne ost a li th-tint " :f , balcr i-ke'tl. 1, hert!+Il't the utthloL' still rt lic.i11t It tnitern 11 t tlI i10;ti 1 ofr toite lte fo t hl uc ot.f I:\I' piib en e and p ore.f Ve I sman lehip r t'e i;,d. tire Ot Jw k ttettt 0 o ti t o tto.t e h . olrite e r i ivtertocallatlrlm i.e n|,es l il-, give ul 1 treeh ho ise. o a n- m tV s t ihro o 0000iil n oftll and tto ntl onlt. non nl.- lr UI Llldies w pr tle. ca 3 receSve esstnstit heilt rit a 1 ,;l t t . o f " ~ e i e V ARtNISIhES- The ribdribrr, living liii, Iv b lished a vrni-lh"rv in \wv t Ir ei n readly t su pply tha I nintersr n( fle public in ge rdnl, by w hol salc or reIlil. Il prli. re uud.,rme, l and Il(' Inn.n Iuo. Ict irv Ini:1 b-el n it Ih I l"ra or nil I·xlIe.I'iVIr to edl at the .orte, or' l N.tlIhz unit Treh p, itmsu ass , m)arl, l , tVll l', N 1, lllit Jd il l otIn ¢hnngo e an, in I li a i tl wterd'. ]'h Ill c v rlrlc s "rll.' iI iir siores and 'vh sailvt1 IO "s. t iilll ri Thu '" l it r nu vuI w ithl l .II. I IhIll, sp. &c. aI liUN NA IiF .. . A(NL RS LI.1QUID *ODDNTI -I lii b _ been long, rased. both hbee and in tIh, unrill Witl Illlifornl su( Fss. at b llr le it sin_ al id II ell 'llingt Ibutv I.avful i l \'I l ll :l t!t , ItIhIe t am t'e ;ch l r I- s I!i Iiuist pu n, iu r brai i a'n d rtheov &, til 'h , r inf:le, -- ().uo Ic'l ten , ot o!., I:I/\t 1 1!1:1 ,·1 1l I.'y S. Mt ARY 'I Lrre oANl]clr, spectf i eny an. o". Olll n'1 I nr it 'r l'l'leuds anld(] fihl ;,ilbhe ,.l"Ie. .ly l l, tI she is pr V,-l'e. to acec)II mrdll l Od, ItheI at I abvie Iv stabili.shllmnt, and hopes r I' l Iur xertionl s to reut r visitors lult; rlable, to receive. t contnnaunce of 'I' rmur t'vrr. She thtls oill. that iprsons visiting Covid lt daring th~ lloi r Innll ths, e'lllno' tild bl ttr r accoI 4rn io than .hb can atlb'rd film s, on maor,: hberal I Hler honse 1s plasantly situ',atd, and well with every ronveni,,nce; thle bar is uii thei to t choice liquors, &c. in. . .t " ,at nothing shall b i, w'iutini, , i , I ,, ,i lisvisippi and LouisT ,, I 11i. .I vn ,t i ri Cliioti ne ", ,i i , i .,ii . rv,,, . .--.1 i i , V l i, II"i. r l . n . . i it ;t Ih : r s, lr l I i, E L ,1i " ....i n lllll n , llll ,l s t, C:.a, V •nan ,, e rl. dlis tri v :, r:in, ,i A, llr ,'uv , At l'd i . wr t b "ii d op i ,llvt .iv . .vl, !iii l niii mlli n grl i litou ai c ti l'es. Cl ,il cl ,,abls , nc r.l l ,'s, ; h 'lx, Lo# nl .it t 41rru c s in 's, chn milllsb ld har I .4t ils, ices, I plntr silll ll & . r l W e h ' atr l v ht,,-I ~i L n .1 I ,It : oa y moulds c.ow lei steel HIllow L la, rut I and w-rught . ilndii r pik"i Ziolt n bl k tin, a t lloutii gr ndiii; vlinl itls tl ls halintl cblesh, anhosr Ilues iiOxvu,,kog I t itc c fha ihs , .cir n h mills , .& r :\l-A ilsices, IIai~llld ta IClnlltl hellow s wire, shenet ha , and billh rela,; rho t l- ail, an Itonking st l ol e s in, I Antes, Rllt I o "I' ýu et 1 her,':a l s :n,lll anvela lak anl d p l illvte t ns, dOor llllk l wia u1: o ook ll, r;o lllrys, h utsd, I h1' y an:d clher rv .i a e o a lNla t a'd .out t hll r dp t'; Ntr al U it tg ir o e lclarile, air1 t rhta s ln'lle t] terms , b)- . 1 3 7 LIIAM1 ICA ltI., notlh rpuvflt in \o RUSHTON &l ASPINALL'S COMPOUND-TONIC MIrrTUItE.-A speedy A and csrtein' crn for the Faver and Ave,. remittent and intermtitent fevers; prepared from / the original renipe. Used with eminent and uni i versnal'neees in 1832, by pereons of the highelst respectability in this city, as stated in the annexed rorlificnres. This medicine is highly rerommended, nnd has been nxtensively used in the above diseases withll nuchl ditlinguisihed rsueee., that the proprietor of the recipe has been induced to offer it to the puh. lie in its prelent form. in the hoe :it clay ha the means of relrevinp maony ~ those who are sutrerin aunder the sers'go of our one try. It is a medicine posiesecing re.t virt(l, and whrln uo d aeco,-dinq to the dircetionnd has never flailed of eltretinr a lore, even in the most obstinate staoge of the disorder. It is not at ll diseagreeatle, and persons of the weakiest steomachs, and children may take it with impunity. It strengthens lho digestive organs, creates au appetite, and seldom requires more than onrl, or in obstlinnte caeqs, two bottles to elifet a core. There is neither mercury nor arsenic in the medicino, nor any thiing injurious to the hnmlan constitution. Trhe proprietors are so well convinced of its efficacy, thrt they aree to refund the price of every bottle whi,:h has been t.kcon in accordance with the directions and has not eteted a a prfict cure of thel lfvr & agle. , A. OLIVER, sole ascnt for New Orleans, at . his wholstsale and retail drug and medicine store, corner of Iievnlln and Chartres streeto. s For District Agencies apple to Sje5 T. V. ShllTII, 48 Conti et. gDrugs and iledinrer. , lb .r onscrtt' - ,i ed him.elft tI, ollis clIv tor it ! t e p l posel Iiilllan-n ti- r n i rpt t r; l i\ i'holnr le I)rtlen b n;re.. l1h is nw revlvino, n foull Iup hl, iof Inr h Iand genui e i ti(e, IiwhPI IcIu . ,ill sell Snli r: oltern i= 'l'o t dru egiss, nd rhoteof tilhe inlerinr , It p yllasi( lin s n., erchants and pIlllllt,c I he w ill of r in hcd .-e ,;ts snch t l have Ie ver he. ir bce'tn :fl;rel in hi.s rity. Ili in.e n ion ir to ie do t a stIiti I'lilita to hosiness II t:, k il I; v 1.,r hul'tor a. A;I nrdt, rs mri , the eo' )lllllre. :1,.,J Sfr lom i r l rr h' : , 1 i rily, re,: ivill g sLIh UIIllrde r will he lro ,ll p:l t l ll , er '2 Nai, N39Com pst R Inoya ('olire of I'hyvirannv, ontlotl. lilB}": orimnl Vchihtb it, lhgei:mk Uiersl \l i- l ci etlts, repat ed y Il .1ti l iskitt , Esqt .tlhtets tt-- s - thI.ial Co(llege of Siug on- s, Iiceittiatr of Aplthl-e arss 's.;h int,: ,1 I",hllow l f lt 11'1( rul SoCieey, Sirglon I to the Horld Union Pension Anhciatfin, Lane:c ,r m !hwe, Waterlo o iBridge, wil. I'erp"tu:l I'upil of {;u)' S! u I n St. T"h muts's I Ispi'us, I+nndlo. T "his !vhlhable lueII elllllii , t fi r-eslt r af tss4P n 'us " TItpri e oustadl lntp llel ld sulllss il the t:llr sivs am i it ttl res tble Isis- isti , ofn stir ptropri.-ert- 5 I iscd bisi the -iuilt alld nobility, mul is eew intrwl' "td to the notice of the Atmeriani pusllic, at the earnest i, lici-ttio hf a unber ofgenthemlef of long and high staidi5;g in the profession. It is Ihopd, as a prelisni itlny stel, to check the eilis ll siItal cousegtucscl s arlisilg floln tlhe usel nl the t tllnt lno s and deleterio , i sctllls fistcsd t.pri tht puIiLlic by lthe i id of f'labriclletl s proofs of Iliracl' oulas'tes, and htlr' ll'rlds, bya set of S meI'ceUtl' y, ll l liiciglell prete dletrs so tis t lly ig rallt I of medical seinlle, that it impossible the monstol's Sdelusioll can a:ly longer go dlowl with the intelligent peo le oftLhis eoountrv. lTheys. pills, mill and agr'e'dle ,. SI s l slei oll ture, shot d hu e kept h ill f i ii V e limih ll[ c ase of suddel illcss, ior, by Their pru-. t admit;istra-tion, i ciholera, crati ps, spasms, ls ti s " l. other . sl ", If ,,u ' ,la in s, , it , ' , e h ,lw e 1"o, , Ith, , lt, , m a11:\\' ,' a p ,'La r li I v Itoreld oI. prevcnited. Hl thc1, sill those wiho mi g.od S niths, shauhtl ,-s In.c- lwitlllhlt thmsI. Thsey arc yI'i 1I its ptkets :It St cents, ..r r ,.t each, hr every respe. Ittlisic drlttgist, bs,,kselle, il siend roflllil"iesllcd icil- in lt Unlitd Motes tl I Ise (:n C itlas, with en.fio s ,neections, It dg' wsith est- nonu ils of prol-ssi-:- ability lirnt the fllrm ilg cmiuent etlemen: Sit- Asle t t oup-r, '' S Abcruet- ,.it nu .s lites ill, .1. 1)., Wi . lh ack, M .i I., i-. Ast - cen, A. crajsiuoi, i . II , Ian i ithsrs. lhet originls. sr ps :,sIo I e t ilen slt h \getil, Ily whsoi tilhe i ltailici,- isis i otud ito this couutt'% and to whlmn all applications loragtcies JNOI. lltis+.IllN, 1u 0 N \'av'l" lace, N. York, le -al:d Agetl th te Unitd Sdates, &'. For tsale bti r ppointl.t of lihe origilU lroprie. 1v SwAie & Iictesit, I)ligrilts, No 11 Canlal street, 5- iwlt'e Agent frl sis blslwe oi il isiss A. jul 18 1l, II> , I . A NF \V artheh, f or Itrsnuus Irtlllll,'hl wills ildoiti-.p S. ll ' til ill r I' Itr lnaIt.-1 ) h thona si hre. rld i.havila g t, tin lnelat 'l , Ia' IhJ + t he t ll ,I art ,u 'hal i i'' flipt hrs . In li crll iti : itii ll ~ i " , i" : ! ill iii Isiit t , All y io le taw luI :;,l e~ " "I; lii,'411 uii el t i. ti , '- a ith 1, : , , , , ,I ., I,"-o ll hri. , l el eix p ea i n I t It a h -hll l ta il' l .tia it e 'htib'eIall al aia a 'li all au' h i\ll i a tar lt aaaaapoilla tia-' Ii, ,'aaal a1.'la ,r'l'liaa'alh It.a1ataia r I;ll,.a , - ,a'a a:tlr iaa'f ''a ta' l ' lll h,'me I :: r eti , :t I mahi, hlecves n-. ba givU n . rApply at N'. till I 11Naa. I' aa "rlt 1:. h ,' l lt ltll. l l .ING SlO 'I' l:l I'Ue .I (I.--The u drersi n. h, larvin h a, Ilr ta, lrat lla ' 3d 'lr lta lad .lir"'"aul, ha' h il Ir' I I, Lntr Ills filtr , .Imlal . :,I .s iLL t J liE c ty. I ite iinnr.ei'o.. the ladh s iti ll l illnltll,"c. l ll lt the iInIY t i al ill tll t i l l i al ,i oli rl Ierl h ie;a s ,w lhic Iay Ithata a ,la. ; a' d ' IIIa ") a'iai. Ilas Ilwic.s lI tle hiniern.g .I slalTS hl.e ing i ell Qlt llli lil,! wash tile I O at AItaaaa a'lm nll t Th OI t ll, hli ll, iIEd thll hi atNe ,.agall ri til'a i nt (Ill at.h ,r . Thie l/,neit anltly ubIhcn pills a ther lh l icu , t.,I iton aau, aro' i . ,laa t lII hllttl. ai t drect llltl-, elll ha l )Il t litondra lt'.l ar. o liT e aei t wa i eh !ly Ihaelv ! tllr hcd bitillnt s and lther cites, has be.ill a+lt hr d with tire, greatest suctces, ta hhh re th ,,t of av!rl n ll ive . Apply at N . Maa. ziOnc st1'S IONIC N .II'LVUIN 1 d ,l rwl or llr ; m " \iu l, IllllriS (">., ,)f Nuilcher nd: illarr t K lhey n w -'., n1 It. lnev, a - di.i .drd u. hr'IlsF lastlby ttaalt, tl a ntel .h hatsin, saaue) of tiaea alrtl lr. aaa tael t laali aaa. i itllatli ' ,al l ir 'a f I ai p r r a ill h e h i athh th s'a lig i'' t h i iaiina a lij l'aa e hllu i Ies wll ao ' I ' larris' Ct r . a t N lchez Aied Illlarri Kel . . n lhot'rv I;n rn;l . Ihr w:\ l l w i i tr Iat Stai-ra, but i paI it a h t re g se f t oti ,g of'lfn 'lltrv, tr 1i-u~ii cc tlm. al luw r . of t rleans lThe nmes fh 'several nes wille he llld il li n y hlat nl ll i nl e i tI. S'u se t idrf, wte,i firls are enlt eatlh realata etl feetora gent a acll x~ive aloul alte aia'laa , '' b ti ll a Irw il lita'd kee-i rl O ilellleiniC of aI IlCh, hevn cluh it oihtll all eas ie.ienIl ihtal ia a hute Shh'. th wo rl tl cnn. s J billle' r 7t, 1 ;:57. n",1 Fei;.It c r as Allc;II . r EN years hllale nliet yet elalpse s.inllcr it was Salhst' r rle l airly selt bilLed to Ilio pu licr; but it acaaat tola' atr'ip la arurtraiaaaaa th'aC hills, a'iaaa a' has atrlainled itet ,iaa l (it llpUtal l: a nd has stia . ," it haa hl'a ll ,a . I.a , all d Ilpprtr t ltl .l. AI! .. Ina, it hp,,, c, itd inat've ry daracca a n tin ' . . thnia ai',a.'.'aa iara allt aad' a! raaiaz ,t .lara •, c ,a but ra caa ,r ead t h, lli aaI ' aI t' aatr Ia Sa .t . Wet'ra :tat i ", a1;" ,a . . , it prude . t at th .a c at, which t of iw a ra l ry.'s- , al a' nuiao . Far ale at t'le ralaauiil tlaitdto rlapa l . ,l i &l A' Le is t l el .d, no 7 roa Co, " , ' , ,.,l ti Ie t lllp llllt at Ietlh. {"I,'e I a !t ;-, nOul t i te rltl' T l tcllltI n Iri. ,.jit a at, i; i ,' , di-el : , b1I ta 'la Ia ua n alltIa rda as. t. e, lllllrg tn IIr- c nrl-s iof tratiment. ''hions wthu IStr, ause a of ol d hllhil'ia. iLmy b, a ured that '.l r. is nio Arsenic, /hi rkn, .e.+urll y r i-, a y lierIl" thliell iuis eonp <lillu n i lill'rie ylll to thie h nne nlnllttitutionL; buhing v`irely I a t.Pgel,;hle .r.lrcl; aIlld thyilt al y It t .1 a ma'lha'a J liatdiat i, . iulalt l use thataafio thlr un tiha ypt ivthat Lha t l',ptar at1i ieblll i r b ttit n a l i lt l abott the i.i hall's'l bt.i tI l ll allt , i ,t ta . n tawitatta--in a u l l l,, l..r , of w icll, talllo' is a'a p It ai tlia 'ar drltlt f l ta it g r la, tlin It wl.a to cat',t.'s t iht lliet ll iit id t' ther evil' , ,a ,raimsi ,otll ,l the Il se of i nalv of the r,:sl' toll ,,le li O i ,li tn l taier' tha cura a ll . , l,.r 'hla a tm . Il h u b e, 'ate I u sei d a ls o ta l p rc v r nth , , Ivc , b y m . e,'O l o w e re s oil h I ""et to a ier tadial rgal'rretlae ot'ah ,'3,11, stills, Itt basIll nv alg rialbly vta ard t ,all'te ' al' rlhl ndaa.a a itag a llat . th et't rve! i 'Thd m d a' t ore natll lly sal tisb ied ot o tr JARVIS & ANDRE'WS, Ir 5 Ce r Common and Traptlotr suls te • r 5 Cor Common and Taduapitoolus ate., MEDICAL. CARD. AND IFMORTANT Ta TIlE AFFLICTED WITH DIS. EASES. A TREATISES on VenealDi.Me, Gonnrrhsl, * lss tlnand Stricturs, issludisg.practical osb,.rv'lio.sJ on S.mih \Vealknnz., nrrirF. rream early nkhuse so thant all Drrrsola cln obtain nil mlnllfl[1illtlo cllro· Wth laage anod Bllfaly. Itissn slullcshoI lat, thItbth ts s fl icis. Is the V-I sssal Disrns., owisp In tls unsklillsiln sI Illitirsti ells wh¢. 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Alao, Miontellnts, Toambs and (rave Slone, molll(dll1 au plain sills aIlld lintel, lmarle faih gs, heiPIarh and b)undary stone, plaster olf Parle, Raml an & Ilydraulie Cement ar d Ilaster. g Ilair, together with a splendid assortment of .b ns reaated amid plain Grates and Russia Iron fates ofthe n1:wesl and nost approved pattarns. LetLteling done in the neatrst ilanner and at the rtt st notice. They have first rate workmen tr tv-ia work. 'AMP ' AIN & STROUD. NO MERCURY NOR COPARIVA Nanw ttrle:s, Nocv.14, 1837. Btl I-'i six tonltll ago I had Ite isfierlune to gst .-a crctl dioease, for P hiclt I Iave aIplied to sere raol ,ocelorser a cure, aln they did not cure now Oll tile .filbove a 1 Iaul nt myly el unlcr th eare of J)oetor I hr, lllnll expirtll t ta cre flle. Sinee that tinTe IheP lie:tti.egt CII l'.,e itn as 1it break out in large ulcers Cto Illlllmd ln if six (r right nl en h leg, an al over iy tnaa, ae il re thrIt, sin niot able to work at he pI"cu uli!.ll I eI Illaeunt of the disease; large lcer na Tihe tole sie of tle thratl. I n Inow poltting ntysel olidnlly nlder tlte cnlr of alr. Ilaet, ,f PParis, to l rlecalv cured IJOHN IDEAN. ,bite we l ewi c·l el ld toy ll w b i tw ed up nd for which I talnk t,rd loo; syll I l ore Ita l" mdi rie I tha,' tukati ,oio adncite itet, alled hit ntt injtre imy ;u at all; tIlrv'ie tI dvien Int flotrw so errs ta moth.e ,,, or andreipl Ot olt e a eA ler, 130 Canal to le . noid Ion cntneln. te. If 2 (II P ay l """ I) roic wi, call at NI. 4 (taviera S ltJlIN ItEAN. o O , '1 , I' I I, L, Ilt., fell 14 ly L 1r BRolan & CO'S IBalton and New Oeleano _ ea Li o M Icel iiips.-'llr new line ol s lip. Ialsb betll t pxlla ! built to run lietween tlhea bove Iorts, :il ll be oelllicl of otitable draft of water: cclul ullti ,a. lfr iastrengera, and every eftort wil e 11,l o t to giv u gn'rul satistaction, 'The IIe ist olnratpad tII'to it, I ntiin g shipsni Chloie et. 415 tois Call.T I allrding, Coaro ia , 41111 do S Lemisat Ch.:lhtjn, 374 do 1) Eldridge, Colar:bIant,, lG25 do G Barker, Selrllitn, 240 io J IlowCee, I'oihayi 625 do D Iluitplhrey. 'Ti ablnvo .li are all now, of tIe first lalss, c'iipcr Istodiiliati,id coppered, claltmandod by men of great , oxlcrilnel,, ioa largo iccoIImodatienn, w~ilhti a eltriti lithl cullill evPry attentnlli will be aliit ; pasI veio andt th very ment ol' storespro TIe. pack'lt, will to Ititwd up aild down tlhe Mli 0i.s-ili l, ind Ihae stricolst ip etlcltaoliy otlnerved in the ttlle nfsIailintg, lld lhouldl tile rcgular vessels hl dsltainedv ill arriving, ollher sllips eqaully tn good h;II ill all cases bhi suoltitulled. A alare of patron. age it soliciled, aid lile ag!tilta plaedlge tlhemsiilves t lrcoltinullltlo as titaell us praeticalle, to receive itol foraiinrd goods Iy s id lioe at the lanost nloder. ate chargies, atid to advalnce all oxpentee on gooda llipped, itf reqlird. lIhesI;pa will leave thle ist and 16th of every nlotllth. 'or ifreightl or pasoge, apply ttoth agento J A M FRIRT1'T, li Contmmn St. NI. B. Advtinel rtlct ll iiide ot ceunigalnetta to Alssit. A. C. Lotmbard & Co. CA'IT.IN l31Al..l' ATT'S NEW NOVELS Ritllti thea Itie/ir, by tile autlhur ol Petoter Siiple, &o Louiiiiigs, or a Winter at St Illnes Haitlield hii Lower Stto, lit (tl'ttipt I Basil Illl, Itoyal Navy, P. a L.rd llotdoo, it ralnelati, liv Alltt Cunningham. vol. Nhelppirdl L.ce. writlllt bI hhinself, in 2 vos. i Cooijiemiti s llitioa I ai#t ay t f'nslated from oiagitnl Italin,by lNthaliIttiel Greee inl 1 vol. for. atilig Nn. 71) Uf llareir's I aiily Library. Vulsa. :1 4 of' the niw comllleteo ind unifrmn edition of I 'ashiinaloo Iroing's W'rks. lRoger's French and Engiish Dictianary. in 1 vol, 3v'o. A'ugrtn's J'rentei and Eng/ii. Dietionare. AL oi-A lhw more ecoliot ofu Coltb'se Phrenolagical "ltielti." Latre Surveyor'a ti:liiasaee faniperior qual. it,, with chaias, illiorard tllts t121.4 and 2 1-2 itnches. ( illotl's ilprvediletarlicl'eln,.Joupoaaledpapers weigllls. .l. Sa. &rc. Jtist received, a.d for nsle by n31h BENJ. LEVY. I* L: JUIC E, IIl 'El y Al I) \llt 'Ihe s'bo taoriber laa reerivtI notiivoiefo the alove n . dt arvicles irtm Itavnna, aditl oferv them for aole fi vry reas ,ul,!,le ter,,n, "1 II ltiNiA ItEI., 43 l'ehapitmllea IRO)N l:lllliS+.',, ci,+"a'erain haee procured au n grt inae, r te ri.ti ti1 liing on iron r~I inil. itteiiy. 'flirt 0a 'liltd lit a ptlald - i,_- i iit etam'll 1 U 1. I itl:ailt. daarllnb lls mnad a llitr ot oftir ri .eir . ,1 l arte Ii efiala fre otol oar,, 1'n 'I''rata may lie bnoa'i,tid a tiiriiizhoc.ta at r'it establishaecnt pposilte si. 3lars'a nlurkei 'l'cfhapitiiilaa a. ct2 El B COl0tt\ EL tlio

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