Newspaper of True American, December 12, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated December 12, 1839 Page 1
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--C) _____ 12, CNTflN1 _AN UD N Pnre 12: CenTs. N L:W OiHLEANS, THrUlSDAY M()RNING(;, I)ECEMIIHEi{ 12, I 839. Von.--VI 1%o, 077. Terms of the Ntewspaper Press of Nesr Orleans. unanilnmousa agreed to at an adljsurn.d meetig of the"YProprieargth Id on the 13111t of March,l8:17. SUencntptions.-'Fwelve Dollars for thedaily pa anna a, payvable issli-annually in advance: ten of dollars for tie tri-Weekly country paper, payable one cal - atrlin alvane, where no city reference is given.- wa Five d.llars for the Weekly; payable ir. advance. N lier s bs:;ription will lie discontinued until arrearnges are fil settled; In case of di cuntinlance, one week's notice Dr in oeer ant ,aNn os inarnalnby given, previous to th die apiration of subscription. Antvtgatst' dollar per square for thv first In nertion1 and half-tllhnt prics for each snahequlart oare: hI any material alteration froa- the original advertivemenl IIt will be charged as a new one. Yoe.LItatr Avnlt.IsE.R.-M-erchants and 'era ere, ti, orty dollars flt English alone, and sixty for bth lan- rot gdages. (tanks, nnlnsrunce Olli'es, anll otlier sil'ninr pnlbiic intittuions, fifty dollars in rRalinkenlvl, andl tighty for both languages; Ship and Foe- w era, or Caon:nisaion merchllant ixty dollars in English lot a, and eighty for both languages. MaRaIAGES, OITeianTR NOTICES, and nrtieles enall- at ing the attention (f thIe public to sales oe property, ceds of passengers, benelfit, &e. &e. wil he clnehargeld one dolla per esquare for the first insertion in each lan- ea ConIIUlIcartIOa, or Advertiscments, of any person ai-nature, when admissihle. ehall be clilrged dauble, and in advance. SA.dedution of twenltyfive par cent. will he Inde to Auctlonesrs, Shoris, Ilagislcer of Willa, nd Marshals ic on slel of real estate, panlished in both iangoagse, and 51l per cent. in Englsh alone: 0 per celt on .l sIst of othcr property. .AuvenrTISaavTs aout of the direct line of abuinetieaa of the advertiser, suleh as legnl, auctiin, end llllanil lion sales, rnna.any slaven, stray utuimalsl &c. &Sc. will lit be clhrged fora sepa.tely, and at the oali;iary rtle. It ADVERTEMEn'rs nlIt 1, ecifiedt a to tilnot will be ce publi hed one nenth, ald chargel aceorllnale Pt No advertisements of bankrualpcies will he Ilublislhel Sany ca.e, u nlea paid for previous to latiertilla, or payenent guaranteel bya e resposille personl inl town. r.featre and ether places oftl alnmOnenl, nadvertisingia daily slts eosaonll. Io bie charged $1011 for l'nglili a lone, and a150 in bath languanes. pt All anunouninementa of cnatii.iaits fir politlial olhra s will be calrged double the plrie of other ndvnetise llents, ti Owing to the ilmensa less n a nlll I neiW pnitlr , I pn orpieturs, tis, Ihave n otene tile hilel i nitl tlha ll t nanes of persons wnose aeeaollall havl not lien paidl within one monathi after praenntalial , ianl e malie known (so far as praietiehle Io eacll olher--lhey obli- r altingthemsolves not to advertise or print for such dalinquant, unlema in case oi advance paymenls. tUigned) J. C. DtE ST. ILOiIES C J. BAYON, At P. P. REA, J. C. PRENDERGAST, JOHN GIBSON, C LUeMSDI)IN A tVeedhy Preos.-We. tte unadersignedi agree to abide by the above cupilitiuna, as lur as they are applicable to isol ly papers. igaepllnepsd A. B. LAWRENCE, s No suscriplion are taken for les Ithan nmontha. Letter ill caser, be cslt paiid. U41IR0 SPRINGS It HjfUR ryOWGAe m. Anlatalma. TAHRE DAYS JOURNEY FROM N IV ORLEANS. IHE prolprietr rof iis establishmnlt ies taie plea a ure of ann mucng to iris t' rinlnd l nd tiel pai in genSallltht henill lie in renadlieasll tihe first day of May to reeeive viaiters. lie will also slate f lr theI anfit of lhose at a distanee, thalt there lavlve lelcn larp tig mprovlments nIadle and otelers nonw eoi. eon Ind in rapid progress for cmleltian, whilic; will rniler lie it Tubncriker to a eennmlnodaln a much largcr lalnterI ianl ii heretuloe, aneil at the sanei tine mnclh beltrr. Fainilis e can he aeecommonl ted a ill gtood romme. or t there who praler can have large cabils etached fron It the main building. It i leeeened ninoeesarry te say anything in piarici I lar of the character el these wtiers, far it is generally believae thai they are not inferiolr t, nnv in tile 5 tlt o - ern All thie alnuselnentl that are genealli fnondat Watering I'Places, will he fountl at thi. '1 e best nusin that this Ipitt f t lcO ellltrfil allitrla, Is heaetisgaged and will be inconstalt atte;idan ccattar Sprints during the wlhle season. 7l l ahbsibecr will avail hitimnselfof this Oppnrtulnitvy n rseturning his unfeigned nhatks tir the very liberait luapapt giveI him lnot aeasOni ailhopes i y tle - xer lione that hlave beetl lllade in iltprovitl and exticlitig thile acumlnnodatiuns, tu iotrii a liberal p.tlrlllttn g' lih. usesent season. JNO tJItt I. facturers unih whitlesale dealers in alddlry I g,,nds sre no .v rerevi llv by late arriyvalt s r ,ll lv I l...rlll. t addltin ll to their lorlser stac k, in rxt tl ave isnscriinetl.ltf ntriilrs in hr-. k lhilt, almli.. Lnien sad ,tti.nt, pl•iii+tatnd iltiettl stidl,-e,I Gi. .Itleann'. du Spanisi tu do a raxllttan ti d's do Creole do dodi Amar. dt des doe Engliihl d . Y doai lno Creltle do .aer.a d Eng. lhrdles and bridl t l t Ollitl lg , do du rtntingal's, sared, brass, and japatnedl ranch harnes I ds do do gg and snlkcti do do do do Iarouche do ray, cart and wagon do Saddle hags, deuble ands' gle; valicens; aipcldi addle bags, Brussels carpet blags; best iroIi nllIe a itherln hn Trullks, brass nailedd; leather it,,t t,, dl, nssoned sizes and various style-; hsterne, pistol bellt; coachl, gig, aulkey, twig aid pltlv.ucrs crop wkipst wnal, worsl.ei, coltonl and lellher girlhs and sursioilea; stiupii lean hlers;: straps and wort'ed rcili well; cliln and hlltai h(uies; blind bridles and lines; S etclh cullei and hrses and nmale eullarsnl all q.qaliliie; in'. recc, buck, bar.slteep and bunltala skins; plated brass and ateel bridle bits of cv, ry descrlvtipt n, plated. braas and steel spurn ot every deaeriptllut I pltted, brace alid steal stirrups of every dLecrtpa tion Togetter with a contplere assolrtment of evvery article in their liue of buiness--ail of whici they I offer for sale on uceolnaonating etrllte. They wll also continue to raceive tlIltghu tile yeaeby l.kbetsa front New Yoark, fesh atiplis tl keep thit stock aulle tad mellllllele. KOUIES. DA.VIDSON & co, il 15 Canal et. NO CUUitI NO J mA D ..J`')I IN.U , iPifie till Itienvill ,tnrct, can fiaoea I piractice to the tire te.t of 'Venetrcal, in all s an lli".rnt fto-s. Jr. Johnnan, froin a reiildco of mant y yearsin Iios in 'uropll, duv.oted tho ie trenltant ai" VenIer:al iseases, and from kin preslt extensive' iI that particloar oranho of Ithe prole-;ion, uallrauties safe, s1pedy and ltlectaul curel to such llrsons a ls e lnollided witl any of the f.lllwing diseases, viz: (inIorrhonea, t;lelt, dSrict,es, ChIacres, Bubo, Selll letl WeVknoeo, A i| tioos oftllo Baddr l Kidri'Zidovs, Loins, Urethra, ProntratOe tilud, Swelled 'I estieleo, Eruptions OIl tile Skin, bore Throat, Pains il tIle U Joints; Ant the numeroussympto:ns which geonerlly foullw his dlisese. I(aest cmes cured in two or threel dayvs without the use of Mercury, iaterrptioln Irain business, or ltera- n sion in the mldo ofliviog. A medicine to prevent Venereal Disease can be ohi I tained of Dr.Johnson. It is from the recilpe of the s IBaron harry, a celebrated Frenchll Surgeon, and was used by him dariog the everal campuirns in which hie nerved te Srgonun snert ie IIn Fretlch Armly. Sold by 1r. Johltson, at hi oflice. 'tbhose persons o saing any afle.tion of Ve.nreal I)iseaee, and bollt aking sea voyagee, or renoviol to Iha conlIry, I,ll l do wefl by giving Dr.iJohlieo i call, ts proper oedi .Ines r Iheio r t re il tile shorli est Iute can be put up wilth written direcrtions Ao their se. Offlcenopenfrou 7mi the morning until t to'loclck at night. ABEIlNE'PHY'S DYSPEPTIC El IXIR. Dr. Abernethy, the greitest if English surgeons was opinion tlihat ineo-tenths of thie diseases thit nlltc mlankind originate in the stolmlIe . 'Thi I,'lixir was used by him with tie mast unprecedelted success in his private and publice iractice for upwards of furly years, for tief remnval of Iho followinb diseamses: o LSS ofippcstite, Flatulellcy, Dintealion of the Stolt . ah, Pain in tilt soi,fe, Ilevinessof thilened andt itcli nation tn sleep, Irregularity l tile Bevehn, ond ill all weas where Indigestion or a cestive habit i fiound to eiat. ofqulack nostrums now before the pullic, Is it is thle gole invention of ithe alaest and most scientific surgeon Europe ever produced, and the secret of preparinll it wie Iprlhased by the agent for a eory large auin. t is a egreeaole and pleasant to tim taste, acnts .s a lild fiter eutr.always keeps the bowels free, imparts vigor ond S .arengta tn thle ysteml, and lcheerl' to thle Iliind, and a few bertties removes tio iimIst c firned caes eoII Dyspepsia or Indigestion, and Ipreveotsa return at any " ture riod. New YoaRKg.7tl Aullgust, 1838. 35 Mludison street. Ssa:--Inconsequenceoflending a sedentary life, 1 have been troubled, ,morn or less, with ldigestion. 6,r toelL years; tfr tho last three years mly sufferilgs hove Iheeimaupportable. I have trid several plyiciias, and a nulberofquiack nedicines, without deriving any benefit.+ d despaired ef aver obtaining aniy errlalllto relief, nad resignedl mlyself to time mst hopelessr des,air woa persuaded by many frieon lso try Aherraetiy's Dyseptic Elixir. l ave nowfilnished thne fonthf I ot tie. and know not how to expresrs lmy i aliratioi otf its wonderful virtues and thle mnllacle it hetl perforated in restoring inn t thlat Iherlth which I: I oglt lost fir aver. Send en half a dozen bottles at r e lid except sty thanks for re blessings you hve a n erred by re storing no toperflst health. I remainyonrs, JUO MONROE. S- 'XAS 4I4NI) 'ItI'i.iS, A N ABST'Pr \T of the original titles of record in LA the general land office. Printed ill accordance aith a resolution of the of iteprseintatived, pnns d31th ilayvt1838 A few c.piles jlt received and I s"lelet - ALIX TOWAII, J8 - "4 ýisuapnp IIM OR I[IOIOIDS. FAY'S LINIMENT.--N o Fiction.-Tlis ex traordlinary clhemnical conmprnition, the result of science, and thie invoentln.i o celebrated l nedi cal man, the introdilt i n of which to the poblo was invented with the solmnmty of a doathbcd bequest, has since gained a reuitatlnion unoparalleled, fzlly suptalining the correctness of tlhe sauted Dr Gridley's last cofesnsion, that " he daril not dlie without giving to pusterity the beaefit of Iin knowledlge on this sub ject," and Ihe therefore blqueathed to his ftiend and attendant, Seiomanon Flops, tie secret of his discovery. It is now used ii the principal hospitanls, and the private practice in our country, first anl rmos certainly f,. thle cure of trle Pl'is, and so exten sively and oet .tIltly as to tafill credulity, ulless where its elfc.s are witrnessed Externally in th. Irllowing colrplaints: For Drotpsy-Creating extraordintary absorpti.l at oone. All Swellings--Rducing them in a few hIours Rheuromatirsm--Acute or Chronic, giving quick esos. Sore Thlronat--y Cancers, Ulears or Col]s. Croup and Whooping Coght-Externally, ando over thre Chesl. All Blruises, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a few hours. Sores and Ulcers-Whetlhar fronh or long standinog, and hfever sores. Its operations upon adults and children in redue ing rhoulnati swellings, and loosening coughls andI Lightness of the chestn y lolaxation of tie parts, tIas beenll snrprisinrg beyond conception. Tihe cnltmon rremark of those wlh hlavo usaed it in the Piles, is " It acts liike a charm." THE PIILES-- The price, 51 is refunded to any persrn who will on a bottle of Itay's Linimento for the Piles, and return the empty b)ttle without being erred. Thlse are the pusirive orders of the opprietor to thIe Agenta; aad rto o"f manry thou. sands soll, not one lras ben'seflr. Wi might insert cerliileatoes it any leornith but prefer thiat tllose who srll thie article, shtuld en - Ihrtit tile riginal to pturchasers. CAUTION-None can be genuine withnut a I splendid angraved wrapper, on which is my name, I and also that of tile Agents. SOLIMO ,.N lIAYS. Sold whnlesale and retoril, by COMSTOCK & Co, New York, and by one Druggist in every town in tile Union. For sale iy the Wholesale Agents, corner of Cornminen & Tloeupitoulas street, and by tle Apothecries generally, ju30 NT0111R1. & Co. N'. 3 CharInras streeh are now . recrivintg ornd itlpelln. rhl nlios splhndid, s stalllhll and Inhllhhn nabl, sthck of C lllling lhe) Irave ever Calllbltt d It thiis mlarkelt Ce),r esirinL ir. lnrl l Illts 'ullnwlng nolrlh eh~s: lblue, bFlue hark% .e |lee'i, b1,, hrllwIn il rrtI ou nliVii lalllla n satmo . snd golheln ohvo Iroek an;l Ilrews co~ant.; heaver, cailti nll d I'l;rrilltllll irtork rlatrr , iregantly ilrnis'i adi: Inicy ainld lain hlaick ns.illnrore nd clhit iiakirna lr nil, enrll sl rand helanh L'e cyr anid lilsi. tik and satin vets; real niew· matrkir cotartlt cen lii'l aR I frnl.l h r f tllly endI pilln sta-lr and; chaumin,, .ilke-web and ffulmnelastic Su.' I'Ptllers; ehamlllln i'l m rllllnh,, Imb'S wool, welsh Call nal, silk antl clIItoll IIt srhrlts anid drawersi; hln arlll ld ttl:, o I t shilrti, l'l rtlll lni n hi e elbll , tlrain )lnd st'lJda; dv re pe hl aud lail lanllesltk uee. br lllas ; t(ar Itrtnininttl l (l tvs-n - IsI , ai hb alIllhll arlhti.l ." whiie kid, hor welldinffs, balle. rc.; S 'pr I eie hll ellik nud rlnlldlnn l hldk1i ; plain li iurel ntiill titln trolt or' d (iiCblll!irtic do.; si:kt lln'lha woY, itrin, uaer tml wn, and birotwi' artd whit e tctt,) n hll l Ctse; al irtitet' th r itr iy w ta r I Intarar h IIIIIIIta;II r an rrt ers iIS t usualnt.i NI ov. I Ihad y a CambaltOanrd hnre Sorpt re c n'ed 14 thP Illpldlr Itt .tntdlid anad Chatrihs ,m, ilnLd .ed r,\'lht\ , n)tilI ty ithe pressr nd tltciei eii'a lltic ba al ce fI I all tIn)l gl. , I tilhhe o)lillllll :. le l,).i Id It a td l. .' I .l c ac l " n te y ,I L a y L. , leltflln ' oetlllpl nlllda Cr tille salct m ra i11 id L s aIrm'l hiP Ir tte r l'r tiiii w' rt.n pi llttrr ' 'r'ti litl'r tn . IIII b rllrl lt , llrllr linllnl Il. l bl lt, alllll n llh .+ ti a ni the ki n t ll, abe blelll'in qlUll~llD ,II . l li s lt i will s onll priiiiicn te . It is r alcllalllall d d it Ill e olfliedh sll llVlnU SlloiP ar oImPO Iunld ,for rtC,,ll t, I tIPI Ior n eailtilylli Ing l, clmllpll xin I ', elV ll Ir 'cklr.r,aI d nc lllllllTlil.l rlt shatla s Nla. di ialaac r the comlph .'ioni, 'The rts" alc~ ratlte disli lerbl llI .i l anlldl \vwliIt !l'tthl, is WsI ii ma8hV In OllleCt (111 l'll[IS'd, ruhle llll flr e 4. I lp,,sured wl-,a rlm llllllalr , i lae lII'l ii [At'I' illad h·ld 1ll'('llll.I tllllIlr d ()r II rll .i d I ll· L i .lll /( IVI II'I )lll i nlod,,~rll CJIIa lll:.Ir. hlilVP su;r) ovry ,:),h alts. l bl ID, hilu ev efl tlls I ns ll\ 11ntg tld elegalectes. 8 Id v..h,, ,-,! a'd r,.tail a, No,. 95 Custom( ,l'ru ,, ;itl IN Five AND[) A . HAId DAYS, - From .lobilet (AIltb.m.n) to Augusta '(eJ n') I I AVIS .Mnbile esety ollh 'r t ,, isnnw,,intely alcl, theo urrital olthe mail from No w Oletnn s, per tle F steamboat INolo otr, to llakcly, coTa01esI tkoo Pensaola sieambolats (pet. I' i Itai, tit tlo h sonml nal Cho- Si ohototie ooioer ao oito ) o oto l'd&t 1looC, conches thence via t 1t isoant , CohatlittoUcher, (Iorlmr'ly t Mount Veot otul,) Ioioi. hige, ltinlertot; len klllesotville and uis. ville, to Auhgusta. A p (asegreetakine; his seat at a,. hilt is ito'o daoger of boiog thrown out or losing hit t preereie byh othier edie tiog inerests, its the FIt0 i-. 1)A I NE is but o. concern ,and under eoo e cols d J throughout, and may rely wriTH cEv~rAl'rT upon lets trrievotlat Augusta l toie socitiei, through all t- i er col tit any seasIM, unless some most unfotreseen etats - trophe should occur. The Great New Orleans tt o is arritol y this rouet. The Agents too acoomoodat- ' Itioj,oTeO;s, Ctoatcs cod D triooves are toot surpassed P the southern country. The smooth, harl, natural roads, the side and inter esting w.ateor navigaltion, the timoe Iii necmmolationiO all'ool the traveler spoedo, certainty, comtlfort, andl a pleas inog vaiety; connected as it were wio thte ait l (toad b :Crohllstonl, S. C. ill lte stle:ml packets to New York, t l'oeolels can rea It New York frolm New Orleans 't t0.0sTIeAN It ooio--'Watshington city in 12. Frolm Ct.ltilohtoocheo, Florida, wte have a bhrone Line via (Qoin,} and Ta!lintossee, to St Marks, 4 hot post coot0tes, also lwo Blraches from IInoki0,1vi.ll I i00n Niltf lo, otille, edt one to .itlcol, liglt Iwo i bo naelhes. .S'TOCK I'1'N, & o. Ath'rAr u 0o Jit . 1.835 Itllice, at \ahsion lion, , Mob\ile or *listal:e, New t' rt lans to 10 '.ilh, t 151 mile \lobile to Augasi, .i o, l Augoustoa to Charleston, 136 " (Chlrlvston to New fork, 8ol0- 1810 'l'ime, Nouw lrieon to ,ihlile, 8 hlour, .Mobile to Augusta. So " Angnst to Chtorlstonn, 12 " Charleston to New York, ift- '28 Making 168 miles per day. or 7 miles per hour, iuclu iv'e of :ll stoppages. n0os 10 N. Iv . l hoe lenve to infmut the publicthut hfll tbridgesoverl tohe Chltahoorkeswotmnp alol lardt Labole creek thave ojlust been compileted hy ht e general gov'ern . melt, (theI " ly obstacles opertting. .unsinttlhis sale and slleety route ale thus happily removed; and I have the pleasure ofll hltmng rIom travlel'rs the, the ~olcheoos,hor. Sses, tri 'veors ani ooads :ore of tloe Itst otto er; oiiod its toIo Ile , water route o frtom lel.o'osaoolu.t Coo llttoot't, it is dtnlit. tle led by ll who havl e passed tlrolgh it oto be lIunsurpasser ionovehies beat y amtd safety. The bridges Ihrouglo (s Georgia have also bee, repairolo . .I 1 CM ; tIAKEIt. IJ .1 :I (1S',Chas.Ti I ItELL a otd mherNOVELTIS. iP Clharl, Tyrroll, or tho litenr llool, by J too . . lhtovehtoy, oor the llun o ff lonor, hv Lail Buhler. at ldtOa l.v glo, or toe Woan . .of oto ....,by Ludy Lord Ilrongiaent, ketches onf Pnulic Charraterr_ vols. tioto0ricl kerll n of' e ,toen in tl the time of George he to'hird,.. v ,l. s Niehols Nicklehv, No 0 to 14. c Jck SJel leo erd, No I to 3. Aot Aa ltf od ioter m.n of cloaracter, by Jerrotd. II0 Itobel of Sioil, o0 "l'uokeronooo. Y Pun :1 Kock: The Batrber ol'Paris. ConcealmenUt,oo new Novel ioe 2 vols. llFooooio'o Reign ofI'or-or in Poraguay l Pie.ciula, by Sui, fine. ll Tie Ih.llz,.not, Cap .IMU Kydt, t o ." t o ast'eietliby nt KWero d new spplies. .:. JOi NSt , & Co. 0 july 30th-3 w. cor of St Charles & Common so s ONUlIIE:TS of Wushinglon's, Poltriotim,owith a it lotl Ooioile of hl:lootoo, .8o1.e o1loot farm,- githe Ioe. 00 volotio,,hry\itoe. I fho,, volume o :o$ too 74 oee, will be 0h c ode n,, pricton rtfoeooooo1l0 of thos tuohot ntin are0 to oId to ootoot tor too o ot otte \aVoootsioogUoo tIotoulooo Louo r nl, So,loaot oend hOtoh (rlloohot'o Atyhlolo. Thi ' ttly national Work ougoti to boe in t ohe hand Iy of every Am.rioaU;,and editors of the. City noet country pg -rs will onttribuo e to that f onevotlet object by giving tlit advertisenmenl i vitsu itl @l.t en. F JOIINS & CO. Agent, tolog. th-lm. Car St Clarleo s ('onon o to n e0ve N V Ui;tSIJ-O), Native 1.oo,; t':. o ono It atl 1oto oa i ratong, roi tio I, oo.ooor t to bair ob toy ot yoo -e.oeoou loire toooo ibUtl gbtto too Inth 1"t1m[ flo Rtooae; Tohe Wthim IIo loe of tieo P pert; Thou f1r ooieo nnd )Louve Ilhton art alootor oiio,.oog bo oiio.o iS tot ti 0in 000e tgarn oioo utor" poolit Anuiie; -(oo N ,i I 't' o'lloeetiogoaood pu'tillo; o oetor too for string o o e to fitkle wino,-tbo It tltuoetl; Cooioo, ooooore, ttooo art il 00oo cow; A Lilf othn lhoeooo wave, oogI I ltoolo• Shl; to lehed tot hio; oto moo het oll 'oton o to I 0 te Lirbi 0g; 'ere Ito l erohWl o. 000 glol.ot; TIoh.oro' 00 1.u0e re- i v owen, for hotte turp h' T Ltlnrro. oyol Waltzeo, by A Fltehe; oooeeu Victori.o'.o 00r uoutrtllee. Justireeeved ood liooto ATOy 119 Jt C.\S , tn9 Cormp t t et FW MEtIt I+I)lttt'tLNAt1Y.--Il.0,00o,.' 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(It h .n ll reur thlronih' rur ptl -ion to" ihe skin, drol;+ii'l + I' - Il~l~l ll" it+ rffml.%"c Ins trhe n d Acl. eof,, roteniottiy 11i1-to tterr ive t iari , i of N )r. C tt ittIn i ll',ilo i r, hit e .in.lll'lil' hl , I'ii II +'t or llt..i cou'ellll.¢h d t t It he C ai . ll I I,' s+ t , in : i, le-s i tnin n o . half'the prii: ch 1'ged fr it iii JOIN WVINTIEIRS III~)E.IT'W.IWII.I+L . 11. I e l' nlte'd Stlle4 Proptihtor. ' tln ,II; -w'·' 'r'a ThI'doeIntl'l'Ftill.{ fipto ,t,itiit.n It{ \l)(.in tllln,io ailrn itw' I du 4 1? ITTIUL endofhai i<th nnes orutniit t re nn tn, eci a t t,,tng itttera, ni otetm s N-r ' ............L. 'tio it' tti , tinr " hi, o r" ltl pnto i~n r itonet nsot o vnte c i y"n a t a witi'lr e mi,. It a,-lli itt r r tir r n' trini sa iy,,, m k "'''it nrl ton i iv I (i ,ru ' i tEll i, r twin r t ii ot itr' B ALDN FS.Ssl dIN RIa ih ll'0t,,oin,: hnll llllhrh . rn , Eta h Int , fil'rln Il .. ll*II h li inoceti' .nto movh ttt''aniitntelon ttt thhitg 'hr cii IIh dnlil nI of ( obil dl ll ovel r I, vlll .,L'TIl'I I III; mrlll ll. of ltenin 't the dittn o. Olothna'r , ,iutali 'in, 'initi nilr"" 11? l rlnf il h (101"u & h'IHtttth h 'FIlt r.1 , % h C I,.i 1111111 Jl, o rec il (l )ll rn T ll , r11 r 3ll lltu ailll PY(I·I(l :~II) .h'.. .,,.}!x.Ill t'Il I1I ilfl llill IPlt-+ and .lil+,.'F1 €.f I tt in.ol knoh th,'f ll i, h a et'n l i,nt' .oiioi n. c e than n.0v yehr i of age1,11 a dq th ller o tll less.P I Itiho~ r 3 C o m m n w e a th f ri v ni taion IrII n r llllll lll i n r ln h l- t ln lllo o ioo ". 'rl ily fhil .It tlin l , lrnllce· s P~ Pllrlwll I ll1 whi : 'ottoot Itll' jo iltl l1l |ri l I lll, llri 11.; ,u I nrxli . r l ii~+P It I* Ilr ,'lll~i('u/ ,lll ll II l{· Iiscthltv t nl~ ,, 'nor nth,, v'lt.:io f hlin''n {!.73 R 'lId tlii+ rlll '.'illZ:- - el ll c nrto t r' 11ii'o h :lt ' 'Ito he lNl ci tii tilte, ln tittI to- ci h'r ill" It. C,)lllhvlF fll IIlnplll 11 'in o otn tt'' Alllllltooi'ltll n I Iii'I'w I,'.•l-ti h rt d l l ,II tII! Ie ( t'llhl n llhi: li 'lthl I ty I . be h ell,' t i ti i' nt'I o - l ,'m , TIT OH M ,..Ethadit e ia-c r ib.ttl of he firnie " e ttsp i ide aed1 r pe , o whi c~ rh is r hp set. I . ol ol IN II) and e lal. hvth le nA etsh > rel A w bi . ll. 111 iI€)I\ll ''il~ PIIt)X :,1IIII\ I I)+ !T·lllllice ' lt ria. n )1ethe "q trA'e ,t, 1;3t .\r('h l-te,.alp t. 0, be klll < Per lhtre e ea n th 11h " y m in;t lru it nd ,llrflur ,Ivt·. m9+I5J oipl ~l.' Wholesne Agent. , lo w ,' rlth n31. I:I re i.,5 do 1) h .'h c .l llt ITrans ,la te ,f'.+h ' n11c enIIltt -. ..h ,isr+,I P It Wlia, . im ete'+,,e d l. h Co Part int Ontnrossityl ofC Mrriage ! 4liu ut art Ed.l JIInstruc. on · I ncoutin wit a·l~·( cure III~ th:l r !. ulllf "II IPiii1|¢+:r:I {ir i~lll,. I |ot t1iP ·lhlivPl' .l~ltlli(:·lC1Itll:iI T.I.V "< I t1IP el·+111 e~ll t': l1` f 1'1111"111"I11. {tllll( re.;.,ctP:l hil'f.. 11, I , In l ,t usc l dl c edl. theu YeIIti e tin l work tclhait,. |eii whrallt wh +rilld be k Ih.lo r rd a eS dllllll 11in ers h ,1 p biainn thats. lhae .verbenl saf th ity to b0 abl, lhis ' , ] " h l y.l We aInsiAR ly rMni, ia " indh (1iili tl wi 1} in w i h i rt n'quet'lt a tJ i0 ll J% ttrl .c r Si ee. PrI ce 7h'Ich +mlrp iJP I.R I e..u d· mn i ,, I'H1)el U I 1H Id aii nli llg, d n l..rfnl -t r s ' d r JJesv nt arr V I sl . Ahis iRI,he ieV e I1nn 11n us 4,i1u r , t o i 19 \ s ir hlMrmle A trlit s o. w nrhf on rater A l\lP") 'llra.o.hpd llv lh F rench fe tlw Du b ei., "l. l u v W v M . Jrilliam Gr hl. it I u'l lin+, Iy wll hnd el. , Ia1 ' wi s wLI III ill k Ch oarth depart *li e to •o n la *s 11re'il Jii d,','i le l gv e hI-a rat hs lersil 1'vr ta to te lvar rllltke Iou wlll)ne s l nl d 111oie 1 1un .i 11o 11n ( l llll s hi sllil lllthd l i.e wii i lllllre t rllllle i ll Istll a n ) -oll tlhl ile w1111 .% "'i cnllbii llilll· I'llll ltln .Prll Rl?. l St ' flll~l~c ylllel t.,,lll'l i all - i,, 111 'l'(i 1!11 111i 1 (lr. itl+ h, . 'lk, I)J w il l 1I' i (rl, llll ItI1( lif l ,ll , :I-- ('''" (,, it lll, l' ,',, i~ l l,,i lh.· II i. I ~in+, it ? TI',ullun. II· iih -lll i l; ' lh' |'I- I Il t h,ull "ii (' lrht++n im it LI," e,,ll d 1·1 1( 11,, ha',, \.I- I i. " h~i lt(: · ;1tl. i1'. '.'tlrlll ,'+ IIII Ihp.I iil..(·~ ill I(*I ( rite (' lli lll ,.ll Il il I' ,,y·l~~ l,. . q\.t.l ll.lT ll \ Iii I +' iil~iia ~ sl~tl r i,'ei 7D.i II l irllll L 1 11) 1 Iol/ Pint,,r I Ihe ,.'·IC+,m. 111 N, %% '~5(. 11h1l, Ihtllt . /Iic wd ,~itli liil iilid,,irl ·Cl/ +1.h itl\ I -\ l ,· ,1I:P li),lit Nol.L Sl h ir l·i.. i +%l Flt,1(·-~11 ii.,li). iiliI I/ 1'i,_h h i) l it I.I· h ,lrlt 1i wil Iie al(jllIllI iiti-oi t!l hv Mrs!!. IR1illlP.i, l| SO Ir 1h Ilein'll, ·ItI ot~I (II- \iL · lll l lal~i O' l 0, l | ,.irii hsulie~s t.aljU11l l~eii.lhln iilidl III'irle ltilliself~ --,,l IllatLII R ill ,11\( t'lnl T lliJL . I..ll ll'Ui 1. lll.' e W i R,a,n li 1111; 111 1 holi/i llllwllh llt, l l_.oll rUhnt ll.. ii v Sal i ' " - -L - + - - -.T - 7 - . . . . . . c, o,_t g dldy tIolon their itt Il ila elip i. t, n u'eg lik t andl e,:nll rl r FT III'II( of suh. 't.. aIllllll nlllld ItlhIllln. ble cloarhbri '. I i nl v IIIh ello ti lllllen I l elll li, llll l .a Ie s ," r, wairr lant III , yin"l lllthat strangers and cl iienllo lIIannot lltr tll thIIewII solves I u advaningeousll ly III ally city t tIII t N. II. A few d z ,.I ele'RIt ivtrv hy Ianle um brellus, Iratn 32 ito "i6 wies. A.lso, a nrte let white pine Iaik i,, _ hb e.. , v ari:,o- ,:,zas, v.ery IowV Or Ullll'S ,.l )I,).NT'" .1.\1bAI " 1 'T'ulll's o'in Ilth chool ''teaIh r 'Alltt e ' lr l c Ja lnl.-it lllll Iltlit t i Abbo's .iay to do bond; Ilon t's lutrlduction lll + Y III (Illljti l i l e ll , Ill it p tti, by' l ll t1 l , I Al.EX. Tol AII. j F A'N'AS-50I hales Jackon, lN dnRI ead 4.4 S brown S it eei l t I. II, dt lit tilh t t elttrl do,.50 t tl Great ull tl dt, liar sale by my7 I Ittl l': t (o, ltt ,1 IA ugazinest l. Itl ZItIEIt Cit t ''il It-R- Ju-a re-.,eiv.t , it tlored l ct ses llassolttd lr t i to Gti ili lll ot,:10 ill inchles LI XCIIA1NIorI ON I'l 1.A III,.l'I1--or ale tb !mi l E Ye" ltt.', . .ump .t it .irllu.y lan. mostie ..It . .lt el l e' ti telat . to ueli hi lla g ia lt lllt t In ? p , eIllal I1separate d oi ltll lll us i t, The i nlimollu iis s lilo I with the t t skilful an. L'rivllll:ooms may ble hllh hy gentlemen kit eve dol ITerll s i tihe rllinary w rd',t~.; I ' do'llars per dul Snlves also to doline. Anall n in the trdoott) wards, lie doll.,rs. All caiall turgTica operaIl'os extra. uppheatiunt lotr alldllal ion htl be tll .il or to 1)O C A I.llemller, No 1 Itnpart street' 111XuA on at t sale by Te Fi Tth rl R,3 Gra.rt l r tL "T'HE. TRUEI I{ICHIES OF LIFE IS HIEIA.TII' - " @poi rat CEGETAB \L .: W.E KNU\W that health und the ubility to tih lab,.r, co.titute. tbe wealth of liie great " mass of tihe pe. e it thils, as in to st other rctu- gr tries. T|o lpr(,merw, thert, fre, that Ihealhh by nainh ' %t" ral means is a gr mld, moral arol p liticall noeil,. e Ile to | flflil which, r,:quires eol uti,,st ntienional- ".v Th'le unp recoehentl. I opularity aln uFver,.al :,p. appirobalti,'n whic:h thlis med*'lticin has uehieved thIroughloult thet United Sta~, Ites n(' II ( 's, I'XTexas, el) Me4.xleci, and the West4 l .d,., fi ily ju..tify Dr. |'eters' Ill warmly andl cone .c rtion-il' recornme.ll i (d1n1 thernl to) tihe spefcil not11cr! ,ot the' ,lli,'h:.d I . P.:ters' Vege,¢ bl~he Pi' to s. s d .t, Ill ,t o.thke . KNOl a t1 Iaon ie'l le l ndy th' a bIl(t y of Ihl htlinto conItr tt artl t the ..ldtr hlof . h . dretd m)r. Plrt'rs the pa vilal thr, a ti inli t hit Itt er co - cine', f'r.,ni iis knollO edge .1" te , uman syVsttel, t er iv e l fr,1 o nma l on g a nd e xtr e n s iv e pIraea l c , hb a s arriv d to , t is cn- lugtll i , tLo at a tin grl, ald pri. t l iIl~rv to i s+ of ~h tl dl,.leases, is i d rdlliIli, ut ill t f uf ,t h Iivtr, mr ti ab l w o nta - v the un r c..... l It popl .. ..iy .... ! . . .. .al :li. "-. oreasd o mhl ini i ,heI isec(rltiln io"f ll Iic the bel ,ob well is twhi undeisos 1, ti is c hievm n e r e petrsolii. Io s:ay wh.)l theoy Ii.e1 tinweilll, t at tliey ar. li, -, nmeani i hl IitI, they h ave too iiucih bil o oio ei the st tchl. Ol the oihl :r hauld, whtio tllhe flow t1 of bile is dinimtaloe, tine pro.cess of dies it is us imnperfectly perfrmtl'l [i trlo pa;tielt bee um ) wl e a !l' s alld enull i :te, b :use B, rishll ent II t u i thb ood tatken into, thte soot Irch is Ilot proper y, ex. triacte , anti theli f'o d int it e i ted iin a crmlih! state. Dr. Peters is coni0enth tha o o fbilliiin Ilygeae n l rleory, so caI lek tl "' iimilurityo" the blood is tile clillst of all diseases," is ia groat atlsulrdilt. Evi ry ilo \ o rlt s 1 Ul on tin sul i at a ctine t, Il w ill elrceiv.oils 1ft illivtiri oy t l the r bio d i, n t inecon i. da or dle\ a rimry ciilmlpllainIt--the e ioect ald not i tperons to sauy e. Wu,,eri tie uliantihts ofthe ar tiver oarhe the r olii had, iall(d the I low of iih ini ,easedl n it is orYiin liikei uli by the llabsr elit v'essels uaid carril inso thi circulatlon, te d h ree n o ieInthing ed wimh the r lyooI, us hi jainit c a, whenlo the netient " shiows it ill his coulntenancr¢.% No v this iimpnurily ot blood is cau sed by an incnrased tlow of iIhI tfnd to relnmy int hltu mut corrtt tpoe yesrotioll of the liver, and hd r i-cire it to a 1ieaithy tru late . D r. P eters hi s c, sp en t ti ch t in e i l ex l eri mren t- 0 ing wil| dilltbreiit ve~getatl e inedi,,mi;., for diseases h of' the liver;i alid Ino.w ilittrs his Ve~getaiblo Psl , I a, th e bo -t, ms o t c o vlled, i t a t, ailu td cheape t nloodi. t cihe c tO all iripared i,"r genieral In E r. OPters flatl.s hir tslf that hi t lo nS exneri. w lil neig WYlti ve getaile p illdi'nho bl o is a ahled. tin to dls pif rh y tru n a id o nli' . tbsh etute and e tri t rll the '[su 1s a tlerclrit n witheolut iony of the gr attletidaillt elvl:. Ole gfeatl quiililly of hi.. regetabl, pills is th;e t th y r vedt, i a tltt r tvlo l rbl; in c i c • c o l blued with their catthartie, or operative qual tites, so that t ily lot olly the ahnsl vestmhllch anld bowels bty puirginil, bull they regulate the Iher, ca nterieit the cin relad sncrtions, str n_,thens ite digestive oralis, pllrdly the blood, inlvigolrate the ) circulatioll, in I ,ive toUe and neiergy t the pier..n VOus. lsy.tell. o Tbley al mihl and pleasant in r heif operatiou, end t eo rem dy i, youmt h orriei t c thvieil of tr eir utiht li ver , tnd fir e t to e l. They cas o tale. witDr ..lity by petsnfs ftany ag; i ind the frebt , tile illfirml, dihl iervlls, atilt[ he delcllate, "e s.trtngtwethen by tlhon r ipertiaol, bneau.ul tlliy cldea the stoer, an I a n' offors, qinet iblorv Pu i irrltl ' tihey, d ivi abl, ly |protucille sound l heai tlh. I T ie Vth t bl ctt h Pl 1 a re a .ire remr dy r r .]alun. dice sick it lionrvosthm eladattl, a l iys lo , ictiver . Looa i s wickue.ths of nt ,o l ll e hll l him t. Se,,tii~til. e .vi rs O f all I in s. al nd |'l st go ;t h l ied w ith ih l weill invnriabl' o hr e k the. i r ir o• gos, t 1a1. t .ey the onlti0t |r , at proltoacht anid I dialnbgerourlick , lnoo. They aroe i tvhinle in nir t ous andi~ liypotconidrical iihlhlc i , llse of Up;,o Stit, and all momiiaints to rhic, fe llh.rn e (s a t i subject. Thory ou rae pr tl t ildh alo d inired th e r te c ircu lin,, a n 1 6iai2 e and cerlt ,I ii tll y 1t \ormn. ill v children. Since I hate intre andlut y Veg,.tabile Prls to tine puyblic 1 hnve received Illinlelru o certion cthea ofu t,,ir cuperhi r tllicaty ill cle firsti se iole.a i,, ii I0 a ,n mawitny lelttrs Irolp rospectalle igh;ysiand til. Wioe have used thoulb i their prattice with the best success. .I1 might publish a small vohlumeo 'f celtificates, hblt colsi. h r it ullnn e, iry, s tine mldiciel \ill , rcoyel i item1 l to1 all who wi I mike tria!of it. bi l and he ab olve pills are i n boxes, eontaing th r h pill P each. 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The Champiin Ia itn splen.ild order, with new copper bull rs, copperud aied pei r rLstened. 'lie le tloy has betn thoroughly repaired, her aCou llmmotll ns tt alr,1. e l it as inlldtlmllo lt nti lly c ly. i . Tl'e beai icul Sitla losa Soundll, land C aet il watchie Ilty present the most intaereting steam n.g . vigatnllOl in thel Southi-being at tlhe CIt me ptietrlictly land looked. I hr, 'l.lua are aaot lrpassi d on ay r.olt in the country ; the drivers, to ai man, caeLtil and alten Live. The bridges heretofore datiitrous have b eft newly bualt, so that high eaters do t inter r aahorattictg houses nave l et n acittly chatgei, and are now as goo. s a oli any r',d iI thtll Soluh. It is ge.irailly known, that the exce'llcl'e ald hardno:as ofl the roads etiile the I.lllls t all sea- onll to Imke great spee'd. Their sIloottIll. Srs s. cures Lile travel or trai the ordinary latigu, of stllage trvelling. ''The tI.lco is now c rryilg its ia:ssengaer frol Augusta to a\IlAhlo, :t ftour days ilnd tclve hour-, or to N, Ollallean inll tlIr days nd twelty hours. iGoing to Augustl, li, lie is six I)day ad sevenl hiours. 'Ic', tLtte acti lly tullycdtl lt travtelling is the a.ttat c' i l the other dirctlon, ibut tihe differentle otttimu on lto a i..ulte, is .c turd by a Sday tillng lost in l'cnsacola, w ,iitll, howl ver, Ia aell repaLid y tic oipt, oriltlily it glve ofset'le .g the Navy Yard, tle o!d iSpielhl Forts, etc. 'ite travel or alao .le(t s at 3hlacon, and a nlc at \\lar. iLtlton. This arrangement will ccntiile illl tlie travel turtnl northwiard, when Lth' line wall ibe tle tlme fromll Mobile to Augusta, as it is Illw in tihe oiUler direction. This Advertiiement containsl a plain slat mertll of facts, the accuracy of which ile .i lrfitlora gauranlteco la ech pacsuinger Iln the penalty of ats e stage fare. l Maps of tha Line toay bho Cen at the xi halnge liHotel, New orie Su, and at Lil. M, sionl House, Mlobilo. Fare through froml \I M ilo to Augusta, $47 50 'I'll liie :xtl,nia, I) a brainch to 'Ta llhasaeno. .klt h(llatLLitahucie, t o line Otllaccets with the lealllbot earlyllg the mail to A\pa achicola and St. Joselh's. 4 ttice at the Ma.alin Ilnuse, Mobile. it17 O 1t0.US'WICK, Agent, Mobile. ICLt l c --; am, rcai'cr aceiny Icy It -u ne A 'l'c "il11, 31 Gravierst atF: Pl:Il.tlel c':S-Jo ti n supero Sarticle ol'Iilepi eslvers l t tlie Iltzltar., IIllE--i t)10tii sks I'ih mnston L,,e, lllllllg from| L hip Ierccvic, r cl , tsaade c £1i }tll tNT-Illd-ain lii and Ittny Surcie li itc r 27 r ilt -i.tit '. it lito- ' Fcll .7 litak I'l re I I1-i:t0 Ct.\N11B i .--3iU ti" ac p pac nL iades, ac1 u 1 1 ttI I t11;1 to- I I:t1 1aen.e ine s - i PeIRM C3 rNDL-8 tl ilehnat liulll t rilt lrlil SAI VikaburgIlbrsaleabv , ft I'litlll, j l ll " . tl rsaicr s IiARRIS(+N'S SI'E:IFI'' OIN'IENT- ' i, great cehobrity of this unrivtled ,.On position, respecially in the Northern Statos, leaven htie proprietor imt I It;tl need to tay any thiing in ts Itvor; for it lias been iener.lly cotcedid to it, hat it is beyornl all comrlparison tllh b st remedy or externalo coiil'l ,Iils i hat.ts ev:Ir blen ldirco.c oered. Ind:ed to.1 i:Iod and rtIi inty of lits opeC- lic ati n m iav , th l oppi' ia icO ofll ri l eh'n; as | (eo rs, t lr e v i11u ds, cIIrnls, lv r I tes,*::+ (chi[ibi , wl h~it sW'.'4l. I'l in]grs, ball'-, pilks, *spid"r . b ([ i . lt .tl. ,.c. ilnl~l ., Clil ilt:i lv iil to t. n llalp.iit'li ol m sh'nliiil stifN l . ..i. " . f i ,r pi . .. I pp.h 'd .t i ill ri'Ci .' . . , ii , ivterale cori, or brl. k ull'n hI; .I hi bl c i fir' lays, will allty and lorhl'Ctly cur, an ulcer in t ic I sfi: iiltlidoh; i! oliht dIrslOrate case'i of white ron wPIhIlbu tlhatitic i ig Iillli hI:vih binll distrinyed n l i ii'l l. .l thian t too tin. itlin. III thel iiites of poi li ,,l p ies rp its oflicac is truly suOrprising, al knl Ct the bC , ifa robhid dg, lor ifoppftd in Or lie, its C,,w: r- oil'tl ltelrio ari so wonoderful t Iha i I.nt bi 'p ii at once 'rr' thl ' poison, and thos pre-CO oinit it fonfe perv.tdinfi theLOSytn. 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It is ilugulaaly rinca four fu r -noveaiint04rr 9 ' an-lll tiolln winch hluvo Leon brokeninl down by naJudtcfoai nro:,au,"n1 en' juvunito irregallrilira, inn Csllrl lasso it is ra Iaarullclld, d toI all thoses dmcaulIa which grove from nenpuritfe of the blood, or vitiation of the huhmors, of hateve uan· oe kinld. Somne ortklt nionve complaints · m· require aaatr~llinl Ir slatanllt ulppliatlisi . which~l the eirramnlt;,naosof the cute vei ,betide:; I'tit fn, s ..otel remed0 or p.Iariitnr to remolvethe cause, fil INDIANS' PANACEA will genoerlly be found bnOC ficieut. TO TIES PUBLIO. Irn, leer i is.-T~ I, ,u.rl phlysici0, on thdirfmllrtion to excel inl th ,Ioeros:ýrlor, lxplVt1 tt.0 ,l.ide Iou Atodud.Vy the aid cll f ellln a try . t .d seAk o at gIre relmydialft' 11.0 hullrl, lu arntlr eft pnrfcctln l in the Irmclice by malls. of0( art lluua,.-entirely orerll*,k and neglelect ss bit... tll teir tloticsI li:,"c u.a~l·l to slprialy nut t f earthl itvery ,knIIead Antd how' IIaa, 1: m ..or tra .- itallo watI.'-,he Ame r1ic PVyttOO OVV tWO to lill-rilg clliltnl" for u4, ,lay of hit Illt,t auneam sai.ld aecce rIe, h"4,, fal i, relIr. . ga-3thel.ya at the dictoao IoIf a a,.,,r lil l r isi,,, d p. in hlji al- nI co unItry witV 'n~c~ao~ o d., ,,", ,r o oe tI, caala dfll4 .rootr, o ytit F,,',-ll l 111I. ·.· V(l.,, odo.- 1..,C ill o... k,,oo.,S OrIIII hIIl j I ," " Ipllo alt aft h. -it t i(illUu··· lail they torn aulfaroll to 'watts I,,VO Vt 4,w Iaa. nni1i tbhef.VVIndO5 (It 'ao "i '.of -.,., .f t, moos l a,. on theo nyte., aret. par.,ay-ti,,,,,' aia~m~rnl- lrrilC. . ,,og.,nnoroOrtnrir'fti I'.,1 d so os.,. n0'-Ito I.o fir nI ,ur, dlroo it plie 101,kl, r f, u,ally,-Vpon [Ina ýAol'. ot.h...ia it.'; Io,n.0lOt.Vudontlh '1'Itr 4,a, ,,"na.,biy , all,,.i·1, y, l 1 d .,t rift' of DF .Ctlttl e ra ile rd c. oar d, tau,.. aonto} I.r e-l0441, oloky n....l olothe aIu- O o ooatltolaad , r ouor nnroo4 ha'na ,to,,l r Indian pr.aticeowill lllr t n, tea 4,v lia.. Win1I, is A~llll·, i,4,, lllllll known or hoard~ ,1I rrllr;:l ri inlio..llee· fne...tInIanob r Vorajllhuotethilg IO 1 li~cct~l thn Canal vapid awl ald .ta~ilitng cures, allHele the 3lateria --l r tdtet ,tf thoe r-gtil p m,.lt o dir.-med is the most stdlhlI V- OOIIU, ha, faled nd toll,,, hasnt...Oll.oloo urrsh t the cnmllll,ralahve pare and Nleditl" with which th (e In~dian frees him s arll'f'ral ally ditentn, anld at the nlmost taus Yhrtinrene or clhlrltom.ic ht ...laate l WIhIo has oerherdtdloftl, In " I iiiaa tola con.stitlution bro.en in.d r filnn r by oll tOitmeli It Ali,] an no u LuI)Ul exit taint Iblis bstn exerptiekn the tav y ago l', tn mast of thell ills whichb the tjoll resents heir to, is ,Mclly owing lllp In oe met genial all tal odie r m. whi he misplay, t 'Phis asta nnnlningll ditfotrmre in success, is a fair ea. aaaapllilicatian of the! infinite superiority of Lite simple and safe a ord'- of c.V ,ure wih.Ich *el( o h -a . c d fo tile benefit of uhi children1 or thane wh.ich V.opr.e il atrte art dtmasoauvi ,a long residcnlle n Ing a prtlion or tbonao I rigp nhiw I_ hobitantsVtot' thIs ountry, ndopl , , d fugniln.,.t bith a flole methlods of cure of blame of their most llrceaafaf precti 0000l, the phlllopriletr of ThIei0.. di..u V' PaIn.rae,' qired a know~o lellgg at. uw of floe too? os ls poweul and Irrorlte semedieE 3 tilllmoe ta llto lelOd such its were Boost etiu'pci. and 4p Iauo. I...It..IIan older v.rious e.g .t loo to tnld 1oIa" priooi-. s; plea aull nlrcrvgth,,* has l· eohibid lketa inl tb, forts here pro i *Intnel, as the moot lo tl-ioxt andb eneicia for tohedurpose It o,, r lllrhi,, lVd II,, odo s I ile t. rnol. O ofl.rr$ ths pr.pnution to thme public, with ,d the unll nrr·r u:,t lac is place, w~ithinl thleir reach a re ýn trtiy caps ale at, r,_hca g manB~y of hi, afflicted frellow eily· , le who an: lullancri::g under thle ylarlclu Ellrauic and obstinate ats cnnf))ll at 1, to wlJnII it is appIlicable. 'I'4, such it wll innate of ,l ntn.a.l.a,&le v.lue-s thle mlalns. lnlold in., , , cats the slly -. lll-..1of eir I0I0VatOng%, VVd VVV7o th Vu I nc III ..,ur .oV Iarnltl, and h.ap,,g . sThis i nooluutled. as a com SUall reeIIdy, IVtl~l.lnly VtIIpe.. iOt...e .oIhortohggd with many, 9. .11"."IIn- itl0VoIII al ls0n whi is ,,,loblr IIfitltod lit. id ..ay aural,V,o:::sin:: icka Iho p0.tiol rmeie taOOli. Thois Ir;it has Janennt rrp, iy; and thIsitlhe reipulltatmtou y Iaoso ItVV lI041.l ,.a.Ir,"r it hat....., mod with.. .J It In' only~ lblllut thre~e )· sincthlri n preparaiondhas pro Inaelr~lnfpulesiu~li he1'uu.ooas wu~oouuldtbo. roptyt is citoa that they hlrlluvad ht thelr lives were .nerd by it, auot tIllm t cute. At,, thife Ilt t0ri00 han, and ptd.r,. all tiL call', o I retV.ardIcut.giin. Wh,.revr a. tlkI soott it Is Vl,.ndly to.,ano. into u,,, thul thiso olao.. thel ft su.stunnutt u,..loa Ile riurmg p loofofnt nasal,,a 7'he ullllr an' flat' P---lc I. ' ollOpiaonla init0 lpVVonl II n III( ypF hJllliliC and ,c rafnkl~w, 119ienanln an hied, laveC defied 4rall elfin'r rsllnlvdil? , aald I).llllUlnrly iallllR( caeca where also,11 oV otry V InInto-ioruo,, pa o used ao to causeolflklalnldp pitiru itsV l..tlhe Iran,,llttd', tocuPa l on, V,,WV ,lrtotoor thoutholl u.,9 lvelortuflha.lly'oo..o.I'n, ,lromoit li...t,,lyufll hullcases eft 1 salons} g tliladLIIu·. thle Jihrnl·. and ,:steels of lrIII(etry, rel it ova 11.tllC el~llllll~lillll, a CI,. tin. VOI, sound gd well. :X- I o..,.uirrti .bo, andt i~ rtrrl sorerthoato it. hiuapyI e~grat X1'1',1."4,, in proper dose, ,f I~~lllll lllL) ' aIYCIa operates at an St llooatooa rd p -t,ki.goun ma o- o..hurtdc,otnrio,dunit autiofi pu V:, VVi-eo a,0-o. tto lalIdiI mod in IptooerIcot, a poll,. I ,a:lIVC aiad OIOIIol (itlktg uatpllyaxpoaelleds ftuctal .,01 ; I-,,.... "II oex frsuuullR give. tuna to the stomach, said sl IaIt; Vx.l"F .ill 11o . .- gltO n inp a parIIuIIIIVI montnr. 0, 1t threef lit, tnn.Vool OadrtI IIV s beaI u f1O und1.Vdll,,OVighlytmeilonPnOlun.y am" Cal'ltA,',ant here SCR Itaad, tad it has been aed ULES as- "ulhioonrl oco,,, II SpI i anIhu Fall ..fllopurifier, boy wthe w b4, nleaIIJjrnto to I tmt s Of the chae, grad whosi o p ld t lt- Vl a Vnn th l..l htlarries i~l .rn:l dotes. Whor. A.r a.dit drink ailsl I, Fualldcrull lerlernry', Ibis I'allncea, takren iN Aniel dace. tai)' ' w I lilllr9.). 11 its IIIpPOIC I in mach less time, at les expense, Webs :an,' in, alion more nilcabil nouns,, nbau the Il tl muu diet l .-,.ollr. low eroVltl4cs, out of hlolnlrt osouiloar, whlch might be Il pruel dn~nl r·Firesto .Ilow the sd`'eltr' ftheludions' 1'anucaeu, i~ the curiorus conlplnintat thererin mentioned; and .;1 II -al.--oex.-.. i-lll ....-IIUall I i i t d11 CASES OF 1,11 F.ITTI \11531 V3 IIl rleo0onN. I 15, 111o.. Duringhle last Rllltott nll,,d p llaol I aUrVaylltd with a very no severe mel. di~r nr llll: rllnulliiii·.l ueeaiullrd y eaposure fn alt tla~l wn'alher. I new hake great pIleaturm in stating that tits bottles o lf tit, t~d~nu's P'aluetu restored too to perfret health .a and I confidentlyy recaaunound it to all siilaiharly atitlctcd. JH i lt t11VItluON, Kilgl. Chae lrleston,, March 27?, 11132 11, was reizod, shunt three y.earslool.. ll r.-o l distrsinl rho uaan, Ilmlellan~ rd by ta~kingC a linos tendnl, whlile undeor theillia I Il I Cul:C nl- ae1' alartoty l .tot 'diioobled tantffom busineos id j- ors, ly ever boon:. Durtin this Ariod I lha t OI0V a patient III thle Mairine hosprlital, in ibis city upwards of Ibu months, tied nearly the sans. 1llth or tmlthe l tlloIPllare HeIpi 41 anld bledl :att Iery r lmody , wilth t liOtlebenEf. On Are 10th 4,'e al IFallrualr last, UL thattuuesaaC~lreoly thin to lnOvealout UPOn 1 rutrlara,1,Ionl,»aniled the use erne sadism' Panacea..~ In one 2i»,"· mrlllh ll'bultl mrl~ll' nllrelyfeetov ui~udat o hp 1 for p In sOtun that l canned,' rrlylurfpnrfrhtly well, :1, W31l. TUe IIoeta.uuuulhrget t. CA" CSES OF SCROFUL.OUS UL.CERS. MIT N· iew York, Sept. 10, 1830. 04,, This mar crgil. . thant in-l the FallV ho 000 ft1 ooh niied with n, rw,"lillC a, my nlcland ilie, whirch thterar O tt . r1VCd, h nlisi, I"'Uale largrghlaatly .ulevr in any neck. AfteIr trying several 1,v pl· nIIu(. to no n~dnllllC I iaatto Plliiadnfpli(( and o laued ,loyall r IIII thewarn'dll .-.1'h.v, is and Boothot, wn,-e att ils rurihlc. Alinotwlroo ,la.nk,,,oo,, bal.nalg Vf'ou ennlegta lo", hrtn' lt'atk leoh with, .11 owel! ho" ,v" N,,cIl, lookaa~ n'.otro toothieIa rucontbe , m odemular, _tl I",I rII t0O. Intsor'.r,.ia,-CC Ylrtto ill gate as~· I ~"- I ~1, to a bag rr aI.g ii -al . Hearing of if,, grea*r.t succe diet "K~.ll.iey h II1I1IItrll , in votes IULLP m tla: ;I n lily ownI11 i.,lla ,. i I1Ic : l .w Ii'u)Left., f ocaoI(II I rln faan myaell r usllry n :"':" ,a,,, i ac"1· ~nil opal 1:, 1, a,, .r, etl bl:1tll · Ll, ulcer. Mated, and~ not 'a,,al~li,"dirr la w lli min Ibrc the n'lacE nirlla. ndbr a,"t,.,i l~a rarrliner 1 ,,,ke t is %t . n snt, sui with i n4,H' ni l il , r : Fll llou 111 11 1· jlc llt'rt· , h tfie o e k e ebt a.rmedunt w,, h,,'sll ndevrythngtt sleuth, dotl SYM. DIN M AN.,I4lali l~ rt h rrao .J l i,1:1 e 1 arr. all wt Jl Per year, wllLr, nn merei in sh leg o' Arn· e mh d 111,' -1,0 npnn n, hn w ,tho, pvrmunrnt lwn tr Iti as callll f letat tlr 1 al'thII IndianO' t'nto,,rfi waste he hf· t anew MARGARET A. illt I t1 L 'll I:P T, 121 Market at.~id~~ ; e ýRI,1L: 1 inn' i:11l 1'l l'tt·it(1 i'Illt; Ptl l- g and F VY :RFINEta a eletur inannuning to bin 1, iral+ :4,,d the rp ritcn ail ;fe Orleans, tat he has a la!II. g~lh IIY'i lit Iihogtl by o irn itpa *ibcope pat 'nanny,:nil II*I IP the fu, lr tlr. tilt' at has ovr t in n r ,late rug,:, iag, la anu 1: era*FY all ado,.enrute +l cheap n: tree lu forprd, ·aJ irme.n i Iinrrehntls as 1,1i, i, tircaosrn oti hi I~rinird at dnn mour'. no-tic. l.\VW yl'dt:1 \.-CIev.mal evf,,lhnmtle2erols, N Idll ll Ni klclyv Ni. 14. Jnek Shlleprd, pjert d d Iod liar ko by ALEX. 'UWAR. J t11v.,at It49 Camp Maseew ý7 in. torl~e forS..Iy J. HIAYER &lo . JulyYd. _74 Pydure St Jyll 4N. D ewHSEY,44NpLrvee. '/r AIIU--I2IIII k,.S" sul·"ri' b·uf lard, the sale by L GO. t) tuEY= Julyv I 1 44 Newr La'Yo, 3 ý EeS l4dk:F- b hail brle at t dhe in+ inei i at, ac lot- airi r G 1Kt6 it lo 44NewLave. r & U'FI' LLAILII-IL kegs lard &58 -do supei rior l'eatrre butter, ~r I a!e bye nty6 Ii. 1) )ItShll',41 New Levee iJtr HINI ýLC I JAA i\AC Ytsb 1b8t1 sale t l":J jl~y li3 tO. cog 3-j1l Iler. Pt 'lharlae liE CoInIlI Iat. (jIJN 1 IIAIIOI.-0lallrse2bhJr nityll iI ilf tirat le n J1Yle by (1'i eeug3_ ________ gft H AIIiWA EL PAP) .4 1 L*Jwei $-;;. I peIr, In sltoe antl fur t b*iOt . my C .7t4P dL.egt 32FLAl llTONES-*lil verdmf llpgmdlarlteg *aa ltehipStl LareetlIraslmebv mea, lb 9 J P W Tj'NEUI Cstg a Jliý ý-- oarner ltCheefre t. wa K-e pt ORK-Ml hbile a tnesnd 1rime, e, hIt pale by r HAVANM SWE H int briCClarioneff*t jinelt :.

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