Newspaper of True American, December 12, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 12, 1839 Page 2
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S. tit lae willh rtecei , r.s sr l o O by ten. . P rnl l o. t r I . . hi aeanc . O en the oladoha . le sad rin 'awndthe Ito -t botghI t or ... itrn ?. -her, are ao 9 shp Inestl wids h t r n domee ts te sle of br l at o dte1 hagt t o to e 3e ,Tia papers from ,heintirior of thiY etate and .f Mio. a"ppl, contue on ocpresent thie crop as most abun ht; .Feteo.piill the sources that at. heeessible, t h eno .tlmati tt cro.leais prlceed tlOO c,a0i0,t0 bags. icealowl i f abov eo. rThe etek on hand in Louif ille, taed o t ln e olun narndI iates that a plentiful T n phim ownr both for oflanter's use and for the Ear is rising. l We heard ofba6 entc beono, paid to. day. • t 1u. A. N. Frtm careful enquiry, we learn hat aboua 300,000. w ae dicountld to day by two of the Larks. Tie gont. "ysfarkeat awoed herafore appear io ai a ptle E scler baut i.queali abln whether iny Pdrmene nt reliefn HIiar o ebtelietino are te th many interetn to fe iser M :b.ill more t rom lle great ahsorelr of tbankrup Where tiers is no , ankrupt low, liha from wnay o i r caute. iNew Orle an c fes in for her full sharei o. we periaive lha t the State ank of liArknss i ex . ,nding iter cetiroiciei vichery considernbly. Col. P. C. €asilkeerhaelsecn elec ed President of the Real Estate The ttib ui c iane ic e ou c warmly cienst rhe slsteu opf rollt. 'yliNsew ereannot seethe infoljrtefice obeh oft pIepers recnieI. Tletre are always fmall lote enogh to supply i MtIsh buyers. Blu apart from thib, the plan ter hi herto, and even now, is quic e nol teb.d wi.t thCe li b plan+ as itA enables him to get r ffhi inferior coteon at a beitLer rae than if hs crop wtae divi rled and sold ep crately. I r may be sei dot n a ert oain, ltht oth platihlr 0tildvot no dcentve toIs do himself filli jsa ti the sale ins rton,--lbust l the mubjeet be s6l. i' 0 Ticp rnn 1p he crcstht to day forom OAatamoras. -hued in a e rc oi umnindiat es ha a plntfu Chrtaa. Norg ..... ..3OfWashington New .26 No. erk,.de 26Cincilnnati, de ........2.i Phllfadlll Non.......... 0 I 1. iajvill,. de ... ...27 Itxldo,., . do ·.·.....27 Rt. toosil, le " " 25.·9 0.,. oluk.. - do ..2.0 . l.awnrpiol No. . 3 Houltou t' eenl) de , ...13 1.,11111~0.l de-.. ....... 2 HRuton. Nv.....a... ...2 - do......,.... 3 Ne~vila,'o .......5 aris do·.........-3 CLKARANCAc8 Daecembe II, 1830. Shipo a Laid.. King. Baa,..". Muter Ship Hongv Clapp, Swift. Softi, Mluter Brig Esrsle. Taylor. Havrinq lIri P'tilnn.g;i. Uasto,, C..pnachy, Hak Virtoali. K.ana. 0t Jaanpk.. Ook'eraya. Fande..r, Hobile Febhknim. Fnvanid. RrH·axi·, Ofater Alll Kdwin. Rubinsocn Nalcbsrr. Muater UskLoubs., Allja, Mb.611 ARRIVALS Denmhber I!, 1839 Ta. beaa Lio., RIddle, frm the Saath West Pa.,, boring PFnnelod anasn.ith her tow, .rauraml to the city. Taw....o O..mpaa. Annahle., nron, thle Norta Eas pa.. leaving prgnan.leIo s.. with her tow. nlaurond. Tot, boat Mbieap, HeltjoO· fm W pass 'oa NeiJid, 2082.... Lo.. Ilanrd 3daya, as b.Ilut. to the .wUIn, .`M hC~ml aa; 99 Wallm 12 day. tnao H.attamo.. to L. ..BraOicao'a, Toarn d a5d..3.ys fm PFanlinn. L I. Bck OrissaI a1dwig,'a dn. am Vaermillion flay, to hae Hloanlak, MNody, 16 dogs f New York bqnomhfrq· 4J;. Ll ml.Rahothfaa.5d dys f m naan. 0,k Orngao. mid, 18, IBda.ysfa New Yank, to MD Clo.,,. arlgain AA kKsln.p ýaaawyg, flN Yon t.nl1 Kny Waua Hrig Nna'U,,in,.i. Caole.yl.a Nan Yonk khlp l.ain, Murray. n,.. Nan Yark se..,,, Trnkino. G illo1~d. fml Minii~an's Read Oinyua.n Caanan. alalina~na. ia Piti.l.ang Flln mer Ag,,a. Ili,', lma Nachilaohca *"Met aOnea . l Ml.lhnll. la Mel*.phis Ulama, InanW'akk I. Louinanilla * 'LXPORTS .Hgng....Pan ahin SI L oaal... .Canaa l4'7 yi In.,T ee j4 d d. aOd , iWl 3 I~n hide.. 5 hI. .b33olOlea 0175ulaI doI, JM 1.1. o.oan. 711 aanrkk .nqa I - -AX.-..Pansbip HIary CIanp....Cango 47000 lrickka Hfoots ....Pe brig Ea3a'an. ... Cango 18 baoleasnntea,, a, ngacan....Par brig, ri, lleln... Carnao0 hI.gar n paper, palm., gamswera, 151 maska apt. atnurpaenitin Ppr ilhl Vicloria.... Carga 410 lol,..agr 810 I W4roe100 his molnerr· 25 ble whiskey toI 41111a slanopWOla....Cgo 1a.0 na c 2 k1orn 20 L c ejda Rat aanio, 40 aIdsaa poa,0r nn Ll...,-P las..Can 114 sk c*ak ffn.. 21h. C g nlaiy. LkeglJaad, 371... wine, 79 goes m dlx,, 4 4 Ia.PranhD RalH....Cagao adsacad Resanl. C w Ra C an A."h Edwia..Clag 40,009,1j pin a lumabr. IMPORTS - ý s, Par barque J~I A.tal.Iot t0passngers " .?anoiYarrelail..l.aI allnas ý,, " ln.1ahOasaue.h..langa log0 bnablid,. s! WZoak/tie .1140118 dolI.s inl s*ii. J W aan*nnt 2 bllar .n nhnaad. a1iaw10a a.Cargo .0i9 lalaaajan 33khia .; ir b Onl.aa..k ballast c IPTB OP PRODUCE fu .. aamandgaa..H9haianuaoton A Riinr- tk IAlgingtarl°n alai. n 8.altlarrd; 3 Kin'-. Ia no... aa....... C Whit. k Ca; IW J 1H ": ti, pisu aor mnllnr..Canae 62 b.alen caltoa. %I M1 191Yptqo .l46 Arra na.r A.han, S Lan ýAR rgaa, Arna .Loh, LJtn Walknn; 311 an ;Iktfl FAt'230 8J Figt 191 20,0. 111Gri ly IN w, wn1anni H.Klnmkann. Abrna.thy or Ilan 13Pitsx3W k J Qup sre 12 to ord.,; *r IKllaid tt11go mdxe A P Gmay. * J~~s,(a,. Canga, iS1pa hanglag Prnka- I In y W rOai Ilmb '..lfaaaa a Ito li...l Thomp..aa 98 rail. nir IOlapo 1, oaG.O Armnran,. Mlb. ... 4.nuhalfa" tIFkaa.gna; 21.da s,.o lba r i1idPO1 k Amalung; 3l11pcoila lS~o .`r(g'lll bps olt. B il 51 b 1 +Mnga, hag. kaaa, OH J I grrod. a.. } a hratlA1 togg 1 rtA 4 .,3U~lk hPa, dnbkooarr ti lý s11 Ca/r 1,4.jlgai 06ClinciL· Eaa 'l han Yaokgi H rat w'tw' ihagou~ Uah ie ....! 1u." 40 to . a C1a - • .. .. alily. Tri-Weekly & Weekly. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1839. 7Ae Races.--Yererday wee the first day of the Metarie soason, a:,l a jyoat niserable account of emplty sltanld did Ithe tupern present. Two private carriages, fotiuol or fi hacks, several wago f , were all the vrhitlers n the field, some few horsemen, S nandalthoge her, we do not think, ther were exceeding thee. hundred persons, ilnllding nlemnrse' blacklege, servants, ostlers and nil. In the members stald, there S wenr tlirt? F our h: deas._ Racing is trunl going back to the good o'd daea of the I.ivspdaia & Jack.n courses, when one hundred dollars at the gale was thouck a fair hus:nere. The Sclub courses have been mismnannged, a.nd nmney is too searce to throw away in large heaps upon llrtanrerr , the who .arry it off, without having benefited any poritil nofour public,ut a few grog shhlps. The contest yester"ay was for the purse of .800, 2 mile heats. The ho,reesentered, were Kenner's g.m. Geay Medoc, by IModa; dam Grey Fanny, by Bertrand, 4 years old, 100 Ihs. .ds John Gooding's e. In. Glorvina, by Industry; dam by he inay Richmond; 7yrs. old, 121 IL*. ice A. L. n'. Blinu ll'ag. f. Hand pox, hy O'Kelly; dan, e Lucy IBrooks, by Bertrand;3 yrs. old, 83. ter The arguments w ere all like the handle of a jug on as one side, and very odd at thal; two toone on M!edoc, aainst tihe field, few takers; even beta that the cheenut are ,would be distanced &c. A little after the appointed time.'the ekshe nsstarted, fairly andl handsomely, hat not befro thee first qlarter stretch,it wnasor,n seen that it wan no rme. Mado r was mistress of the field; Hand eox led feeble, oli Glor. vina, as nusalu, tnre blt slow. Tl'he runing to those who had their even but hnlf open, looked well enough, as the Me loc let the otlers play around her, even at any moment of leaving them for behind. She took the first heat tiunder a continued strong pull. - The second heat was pretty much us the first, ex. n repling, that old (lorvina this t:ae proved too much for n the little filley, and took a middle position between her and the mare. inULT 16 Dunean F. Kenner'st. a. Medoc, by Medoe, damt Grey Fanny, by Bertrand, 4 years old#lt0 the, I 1 n- A. L. Bingamatn's g. . Band lox, by O'Kel. ly, dam Lucy Brooks, by Bertrand, 3 years old, 2 3 es John Goodilg's e. m. Glorvina. 5 years old, le, y Industry, dam by Bay Richmond, 3 2 ul Timne-let heat 4 ain. ry 2nd " 3 561 he For thin day's races see the advertisement. STATE HisTony.-Mr. Howard, of Georeia, i enga. o` ged upon the Hiitore of tint Sgate. His documents, gathered in Europe, will serve him well. Tlus, nearly every state in the Union is securing aathentic histories n. of their foundation, rims ano progress, while Louisiana Ssits still and is colntent with her present meagre out in lines in print. What is to hindilr the Legislature this w"inter from devoting a sm of money t to Ihe expense of .d sending out an agent to France and Spain to collect 'n the documnlts relative to our early history? There y, are many men now in the sate amply fittled ftr thile or task. Among tlhm, we might name 1Mr. ~laulneau as ' peculiary qualified for tile ltak. . LITTLE JEAr.ousv.--We publislld last Saturday morning a fall description of the new atelamer Monon. e gaIela. in this journal, Iy which some idea might he formed ofthalt splendid hboat. The Bulletin of yestere of flay republished a meagre account of the khat from a It Pittsbhrg paper. Irom which no possible ilea can he h gathered ofl the Monongahela. Why was this dne? Was it a spirit of little, low and mean jesllolly that eprompte.d our neighlor to this course? Why did he not n like a man selll his repoter on board and give an mi d ginal account, or if that coull nillt Il doIe, why did he not republi-hl our article ? WVhen we see any thing in the Bulletin, better han elslewhlre, he is sure to get * credit for it.. Why does lhe not act Ihepunl tfa liberal Editor? Can he not afford it? LATE FROeM .OUIVrLLE.,-Per kindness of the Tnma Ier of the tealnmer Norfilk, we have received l.oui'vitll papers too ile 301th of Nolvoller. Sl]e left l.oisville D)ecember lat. Four feet water in the Canal, and the river fallihg. Five feet water was, however. to he lhad onIltn heas below. From thle advies from Pittsburgh P of the 25th November, tilhe prospect of a rise was good. The river at that place had 3 feet water in the channel, I and tie weather was soft. C Salesofl 93 pieces of hIaging at 24 cents and of 279 at 23, 21-6 Ios. are qluored by the Journal iope, 998coils oa 8 cents--6 sos. Arrived, week ernding tie I 39th ulI. 1917 pieces of Ill tgill. Shipped 3,933- Stock tln hand 10,612 pieres. Of rope arrived, oneea time, 831 coils-Shipped 2639 do-'tack 13,61i4 coils. Coffee, ligllt stock, Havana 13, Rio 131 in lolt. Flour of is quoted at $4 25 in large lots. Shipments light.- at Sales of lard from wagons at 61. For pork $3 per cwt. is offered on time and $250 cash, very little coming in. Stock of.Molanees light, 50 cents for plantation anld 62 for sugar house. Sugar had gne off freely that week 0o at 7 to 7, stuck light. to Premiums on Eastern exchange had begun to fall. il Sighi checks on Philadelphia 3 per cent. A coodsdeht check on New York was sulld a 8 per cent. Rate 12). P. 1. Since the aile ove ,oas written, we have re, pt ceived Prentice's Price Current, which states that the Ur river hIed risen coasiderably on the night of the I99h of November The last Wheeling pamper say that there was six leet in the channel. It was raining at Louis.. ville on the 311th. TFr. WILLIAr Fi.ENCH.--'lis fine .stlhener is from the ship yard of William Frenech,of J-lfferonnville, the tuilder of the Shippen, the Diann, anil the new bhut Grey Eagle, not yet eut. Her prime cost was $ 13,0i0. As a fa-t ger she enjoys grelt credit. The quickest trip up to I.ouisville is prated t 6 dnys 2 hourn, and down at d daitp 211h ur. The fii.lh of the cabin is tnier the style of the Dinne, neat, plnin and eimfiirtlblle. There are36 state rioomi . T'lhere is but one lliile onil hoard, having n strok- of71 feet, and a cylinder a hel:r dirmeter is 28 inches. The number of Ioilers is 6, whose length is 20 feet and diamneter 39 inches. Ton naige, ctliomll house, 230. Tlhe lrngth of keel 160 feet--on deck 180l-depth of iold 6 feet 9 inches. Bieadth of heam 28 feet--exlremei blleadlh ofltek 50 feet. D)ialnletr of wheel 21 fiet. Lenglth of l,,k t 10 1-2 feet. The eneilne w., built at Cilncinniri by Yeatmni, Wil-on and Shiels. The owners of this vesnel are R. MrCon.ell, master; J. Bell, Clerk; Hl. Chriteplher, Pilot; J. Dollis, and J. Mc Connell, of .nlitisville. The Engileeers ar well known Ht. Curry and If. ullton. The rehiil was hbiilt by, Wilson, of Lioi..ille. Agents, Pierce ShiLnnen and Bron. of New Onleani. in ld J. Ilockles, of Louisville. The reputation enJnyed by this fiue boat is well de served. Shbe catrm out in May, 18:19. It is not correct that the Camp has been rented It eertain personsl ea a Bull Rounn; a negPcintion was on foot to that eleet, Iut the parties could rnot plank down the es.ential. Another pasty aie, however, thinking of taking it fur the some purpose. We can see no reason, why a Ball Iliom in this ree tion of the city, properly conlducteid, would not euceeed. We have all the ma'eriel, fior splendid balls,Rnd think, an enterprising man with iomie capital might do very well. We hope it will he tried. 'r By theship Craton, arrivedon Tuesday night from London, there were we large importation of blooded, cows, bulls, hnog, &e. The activity of our cg rienlturints bide fair to place them ona level with their lbrethren in Englanld. A new epidemnic has broken out in the city. A large number of persons were attached yesterday with a ahbort.ighledntess so great Ithat they could nOt see any money in their pocket lnboks. The regular term of the Circuit Couot of the United Stateslopen next MloMlay at the Cuenom House. Ttxeara.-Shbe Ftoops to Conquer, was notso well perfratedt last nghbt, as we have beaire very frequently aen it. There are but three first thlaerters in it. and laeitit l it play easily eaer,'and generally, goes off glibly. Last aiglht, the two first pars, Alailow and ilit Hardteutlh, found exeeeding goal repreenetiiont,. iii .*t. bhllh and Mles Mlltop. Then both playciid with i;eetifriit; Mr. Brownlnwreer,wan far fron plea ig ai- in Toly Luampkin; ishl ito this style, and he hoby'd ile.odilr tnenota.e. -With the eepltlion of the other aeern , eagt tIe of tiimnknew their parts, and icam Cowe!l p.s!ied tils Diggery much too for. ttal lapRp; otely lnibFidlteJl'a Miseiecippi._ It pIimver clearly entajgh the cnedicitn of our jcter stite. Tie fidlcwt:ngcatleulatio, are bade Ir a gemntleman Sho errretii ltave devoted a goad leal o atf atttinn to te subaject, and wltore allietics, I It Iee no dualt. a ill Ih fonedasomewhatl under the teark, tlltluth st.ffient for Pit resanable induction. The calellaltirn is hli ed nn an average of five years. The debt side stands thus: 1,800t000 yde. of bagging, fnr 300 000 hates (6 yards per bale) at 25 cents per yd. is. $1s0,009n 2,400.00t Ihl. rope, at 121.2 coants per lb. (8 hbs. per bnle) 300,000 30,000 Ihs. twine for do., I lb. for every 10 b iles, is 9,000 $;59,000 Ther\ree. in 1836, 184,398 slaves i thi 59,000 State; the expense of feeding and clotling each, is estimated at $40 per year, $6,575,920 There wmere, in I186, 1,048,510 .cres of arld in etllivatilo, in the State.---n.rt f frmning t lelnails of all kiti--$' per rera in not looked upon as too high au eslimate, 2,097,060 Considered necessary expenses, $9,431,900 '1 here was in 1836, 41,238 white mnal in habitants in the Slate over 18 cearn of age--charer them withi exp nuling 121 cents per day in cigars and liquor. &c. 1 881,484 The whole lwhite ptoplanttn of the State, male and female, samlulnted i 1836, to 144.351-clharge them to nveraee, ill exess of ,Ires, and otilier needless expenses, $¶5 per annumu, 3,608.770 lUnelane and unnereesary exoense, $9,490,'54 Necessary exprtses, 9,431,9,0 $14,922,234 To which add ttincrest pani to ennmisinm clerelhatme in NewOrlean, and llltI rlterlsrll Iank celunt of rhe dllttr af 8 per cent. per annU'a, it would atake about ' ,,200.0810 $18,162231 Thus ,antking the indehtledner'. ft ie Slate over 17 millionus ,fdlllltra. 'The credit sidO fcthe blllnccee sheet is mastde lip of a single item, :lt (1O c0 hliles otf Coltt. valued at $0 peer lItic, amounts to fifteen mialions o d,Ulare, lenaving the Ibalance ngilll, us of liver twe tillin. Tlhains istlteatl milkint tllOneyv we fle lteen gina' il debt annually. it tle rate of sncme two mlillicn of dl!nr.. It, tteencittlllte at Fexllere, tno oc Crlllt iS tnkr'n of the snnu.i ontlav for Ihrses and malesan ld Ata flour, which hate alt h-c htre cond idtlered necessary diahursern'ntst. Nor have I Itken into the Icounttt the onerous per relt. which twe pay for every nrtihle purchased, in lnlequnee olf tlh de prteiatel state of our eurrenccv. ItI ite whltlem't untl were brought into opten view, the nighit wotnal be too ai) palling t a cc criti tc wt Ytcctiii. Tice qtuestittn hri ne bow ia thia very unlnelart stllte ofthillg tl e remediedl I lanswer .tmpltcaetlly, by relrPllelchm in our expe,-ditunre, and by raising and nlacuflctlurtng tllnt e artialen l'llrillle necessity cat hIt e. for whill te clave been hitherto dleienlellt on other countries--thn, ntlnut till then, will the xrlhange be turned in our favor. The trips to the Races, by the Nashville Rail Road were raised yesterday to filly cents, this wns induced Iby the extra expense occasioned to the Company in the refitting their cars, &c. Tihe inceana oflprice, how. ever, having given much dissatisfaelion, tMr. Cnldwell has again reduced the fare to the previoul standard. At one dollar, to and from the race, the ratr was less than the lowest price of any other conveyance, but now it is less than one half. Our neighbor of the Luieiasnisa is dreaming. The Conveution tuelat Hurrieburgh on Wednesday the 4th instacnt. PIROMt MATAMORAS. The Cumanrche arrived yesterday from Alatamoran, whencre esh sailed one day .fter the Fmblelm, brings news that the Federalists had encamped within fifteen leagues of the town. The women were leaning in crowds. The people were in favor of the Federalists, hut disliked the idea of Texitan Iabing mixed up wilh thete. We hope. Col. Ross will succeed in getting posasesion. The Courier of last evening states, that the dead bulay ,f an Italian was found yesterday at the earner of St. Antroni anrd Morales streets. A hall Iind pierred his skull near the ear, but whether he fell by hins own hand or by that of another, thlere is great doubt. fT"" Old Massachusetts--God bless her !"-B-losto Post. So say we-lGod bless hera! QTiThe steamer North Amleriena, the first of the great Halifilx adt Landon line, Ias begun her trips fromn llalifil to Boston. IPThe Hill t, prohibit banks in a state of sanpen. nion from collecting debls dtue to them, it is probhble. will pass the Georgia Legislalure. If it becomes a Iaw in that Slale, suspension will be avoided as a hot iul IO htey are quarrelling in Savannah about thle ex :,t pedienry of a bridge ever the river. The anli tax men d. re likely to carry the day. They are content with 4, the old ferry Fyntem, and swear by the heard of old Churon. I9 e, [GA Georgia paper thinks that Mr. Calhruna's in 0s terests are in favor of the defeat of Van Buren. May I0'lhe Louisville Journal itintiates, that the reason r of Wagner's non acceptunee of Boston's challenge, arises from fear. Is this so? Sit.On a motion, in thle 'cllessee Legislature, last 2 week, to name a new county, made out of parts of others, after Mr. Benton, some wag rose and proposed rto chnge it into Chapel Hill. That was exceedingly Sindelicate! [t J A Nashville paper calls upon certiain Locos It pay up their bets; made on thi New York elections, unless they wish their names to be exposel. I]'The river, at Little Rock on the 25th Novermber, was falling.t a.Theeditorof the krkoano a(, hshen pre 'ntd with a liner-cake 2 Ifit "luarle. ' Al I had tuft ont penry in the 'orld thou shouldst have it to buy gin'erlread." (PL"Why don't ayo co aent to take t)elnonrace, with SI nk refer l. a soud currency and strict aeountabili Sty?"-Old Doan. lhy don't you give it to tus, ye loan-foeres You have tile neally in tile couInilos at W\Vahington and in nearly all the state goveinmenta. I E'Tho, Jackson, Mi.a. Sun is for sale. A first rate hargain is ofia red. [U.TherMiaisisippi Farmer, juat published at Rny mold, Misen. promises t be a gnarl paper. It is edlitd by King North. and publilshedl semi ntmlhly. E' The Ilill in the Georgia Legislature to prevent tile State Rail Rhad Iront going to Ross' Landing on the TenellS,.ee, has failed. SMUGGutING.-It in reported and believed that smug. gling to a great extent hans been and is carried on from the ships ativaing at this port, by secretty tJanspoiting goods in the night t the other sid, of the rit er. Gen. JnioaCO'ae OPItoIt.-llla his aegani of 1t36, lIresdlent Jtekson thus spoke if the plait of locKiing Ie pubblie manies up i onh-treaouries: "To retain it ius the 'rreasury nl;d he) unemployed I in ony way is impractic.tble. It is considered agnli.t the geIIItis if tuta free iletilttions, toi lack up ipn v.atits thie treastre of the natin. TIo take troln lite peoile the right of bearaig armsn, od put lhir wenap~l+- of de e c ill the honds udaof a rtnnding artt, wouldt he sa:ITrecelv Itore dangerous to Is ir liberties than to permit ther eovernmle to lne uuaOlute amoueInts beyond the sup tlires n cessarv tl iit legiti.,ite wants. Such a trelamei ouutld duoltleas e ebr tmploed at some time as it has bher in other countriee, whlen opportunity tempted am b0tion." Here i a ndirect, unrquivocal, open blow at the pro jeert of thll. setllt.trlnalryi a t nodl otae iperon whoe a pet - nted the anove oir hiti tella, it this day talld ill his nalllt,I %ri.e a paraglaph eulogising the sub-treasurr to trhe skies. N. Y. Slar.. CANDIDATES. [7 We are nuthorised no announce that, at the solici tation of a large number of the citiztne of the three Municipalities, Mr.WILLIAM FRERET lilns coanPaled to the presentation of his name to his fellow citizens at the 'ext ensuing election, as a candidate for the uoffice of Mayor tii the City of New Ortleans. ha' Nouns ommes autorisOa k annonear qu'h In doemando d'un grand onomhro des citoyens des trois Municipalit6s, Mr. WILa.tI FageRT neonsenti &k se prdaenter comma candidat k la place do Maire i la ptochaine Election. t 0[' L. U.,t thu solicitation ofiany of his friads, ihas cioatsented to become a candidate for the office of Maylwof this city. DURHAM COW. ~OR 9t.FI, a first rate Dnh, riower, apply on fI' Iharlilhpa Pattlhen, uppoaita sphatitle street. to Dec. I1 At 'iht. I.o.htagote,, will leave tlhinlnorting at I9 t'ohrrlrk nrretirey, far Looisvnill nlid itaornetinle lOGUEN & 91UT'ttUATE, 11 -C'NOTI'iCE--eitellier C:apIin.. ()Ownlu, or Can,. It s eef the Deish ship Thllendi will pat y ll deOln t a ot-. trutcd by he crew ot said shill t dI2 AtJIIAl FISK L U)U -LU S-1:;7 Spani.d, llDolihltnIo, roala by sill AirJ t tlI IlISK " jji t'IlTIIIsI MAt -J HU -tIawell & Co, 49, t . Camo stren? ohar tleraciivedl , Ironl P I'ildoelphia a .ePnra slnlrlly tof Mithlell.' 'IInIrs foir tha Iplrkef, v i: i r TitrTea , Louisian.,Alollao, 3Mirni-nipri, T'rnen.e.e, Kellltrky, Michielan, IViscoaai.l SAC. Ar. togtttther with 10 fesh stpply 9ohf M 0itchell's orraphv nlld tllan. d 12 NEW ORLEANS. JOCKY CaLUB RACEa. I T E'r AR E U U R R . S4 ecnl Itlloy of Fall 3Me t:ng 1889--Thursday 12tli. Jitky Club Parse $2llO~0-Three Mile heats. I H. . 'Tivlor entoers e im Elnize hl LIzb.trough, .ton tfary 'arp ih Pon Qtuixolte, 5 years old, ! 7Iro--ltt rsptel rod illd eo. it A. I.. Iliriroitio enteors r, or Saalt hladen by Levi nMlitlr, Ye*inll Ity taoleIt 5 )elrs old, I11i7111 4 Drelas .lll, I nalorreen. 0 3 W,. It. RIrrowa enterl h b Pro sure by Trllm p ter, dlll b ir S i Wialliam, 5 years old LtOl)Is 4 J. F. Millerenteros ,m ('urlntlin by MlPdnc, Iam by S.tlnprer, 4 years old, 9Tlbs-- Drens green and With hertesrof slceh character the clnaerr molrt het. 0 close anld Ililllterd ois TI e Propritt.,re can with - confldem'ea prub)ise thel palllitc filln. rlorl. It tdlUIARt) ADAMSI , J. S. (GAIRIR ON, l l I'rorprielnro . .hn hera an idtain thei.r hadges al tiubhilon & Cr:_.JJ) THE NEW OIILEANS JUCKY CLt'B IRACES. n tOVER Till, EcLLIPSE COURSE. S ,l. l L conmmtnco on 'TUErlI)AY, the 24th De S cminber, 1839, itnslead of the frirs Tuesdayv ir 42 Y N tI.IVER, Prt priettr FOR NEW YoRK First Regular PIcket.--Honlmes' Line. d To sail, Day after To-Morrote I The coplereltrntld crrror Ioatorrotl rhip Oi O EANS, Scars, raslera will puosilivel sail os shove. Itor treight of 1511 ialers cotton or psanage, rhaving II leg rit anoornmodationlls, api la to the CaIplrin on board, ole tier below the Vearallal .Waket, or to dl2 A COIIEN, 911 (omlllllmn o FOl LtOUISVIIl.IE, CINCINNA'T'I. PtdI'.S MOtUTIH & PITT"rdlUGII. No. Sp. llrenidi, new srttI lilht drllattllh tPrer Itt iNONGAt II E.A, +.+ ." 'lharles Stne, inster . ill ... .. w fo,r Slht ntllovl ltl lltoeelilaaidi'tllaildilgS on Fridlay tie Ilth h instant,t Illt o'cl.:kh A. 1., olr Ireighr or pas age, havin el.gallt nreotrl o a tions fora Itn lalter, tlply oe Ic hrord OlrlrloSillro l'drrUS street or tIr Jrt lN BA.tWt ', 1I11 128 tI itallitttlilao st kFlR it lAYiU .45n 1 -IA ~ '.'lre. .Te fit rate slrrinrlaioal CtIIOC.. a CItUMI A, Ciihln i \VWIrIllg, will oleave tihe Irevte TIIhIS .JOlNlNti. Soptei lel I ilrvile sir .el, it t l0 I'lolek. Far fireiglht or passaige, alty or; toard or to dI2 1, T..itIC.t , 51 Carm t SMAiY AIT'lN Y OF NIEW t . lE aINS. rll IE price f finer oein tlli dInlvy $.375 erlbarrel jIn( trdi t o the rioit Itltlfer wrll give :5 onweS of bread fie' ttn cetit. durrig rio wa.k h igit. nhi Nit Mollndny n rle, Ili- I It in-lltnt. ''e loraves of' treclndrtt litn or a if tillto for tell cllltr. ithll wnigll 25 ircr moe, iii z: 43j otI a r. a 1C. Cr. GE.NO Mayer. '1EIIVANT I"OR SAI.IS--A most like ly rulailo girl, notdaoltt 19iOL yora very gold caok, oar e~rior waher, hrer ild liullrnblu eita,,, streso atr The asetrvmti wu,, hl e in tttrtqltors -in any family, llll is soll itoIaooe Ihr wt.trr i rlero i s af tcill hlir debir. AplVy to tita Editor trf Ire 'rle Allletrican. i2-5t aln ,I:w ()laraltrooSa jlt11 I2 SrortItiiocrl of thlis C('rrttrttr' art Ihereity notr lord p labile ito Itiite rt ttll I Icttber lexti, it lthe aillce ol tht_ Clapaan. Slir I E I, TllAtY. Ojt Yedsier, lay sle ilOlllor rityt i re, s i wilsh'd to vSlll hi.+ s Ipleell tupIo Ole 1.. hatd hiiiii I+, diu 't l+ r am lce, insertedI it fo+rged adverlise tent in e Iln llrin copird hvlow, Ih is ecrainlyv a t~i and dirtyllr trick that ny frlll iiriolt ipla--hit' tit titr gtlet'attt WatIiw iee'gllilty oI-.villoillt both ltck of sealS ala d lack of coirrttage.-ililrttia, Still, inst. ! lll ' I VlI\.%RD. rllltE lirrvr ,retotrl wdrl ire tmil for inftrmntioan tirat S will lall to the t lrletretil ttt I ti ere i r 'ar otais whio t:tL.ased taon tierlitetrllltlo he inertel n the Now ()rlattsl, lCbtllnlt'rtltl I tlllleilota rla l1ia n pIlrnrttln Ithat tile s,,b-criher hod .'emer int. c part' ncert'ip wit .Ji, a iarrent aold there, urder tih svlg Iato'lorgaoy, Iltrreit L Co., tfrl the titrpse ofcnrryilg art Ithe bhtittol of jparirg--n aItt toitunaecion hiaig terea fitrrtt.d N. BI--The uilnlleriglnd tlakers Ihis Itpiortuni) of ina fi,rtnieg the plldlie r h,, o is lllt connolted in bsinless of anry khid, excert w ilh llis blrother. n22 A1. UtIt. 1.. Ft H1 8IV, 59 lnao azine 'I OFI'II.E OF TIIE FiREIIEiN'S INSURANCE Ct tlI'ANY. New Oleliosa I!teclaher 10, 1!I39. Tfl tE Stncolrrlhhrstorhis iasjotatnttrti ra ltr ia Io. liti"d, lthat tie exltra d ividllend 5 per cSIil dr, cln~redoithP, Ist o|tjleolbel , sel le paid to them or their legal ripr.erntalives, ora tlifr tr his date. B3 order of thre Ilt.larl, dl l F L TiF OCY, Secretary. BUREAU I)'INSURANt:E DE !.A COJIPAGNIE DES PtM lI't1.ltb . La Norvels lrifans, It It1 I)eceothre, 1831, r Etbi Soascriitursade cetrle intitrlir ol oat I.,rnllx L qu'an livildedl lirls de 5 our cent. a 61ti dcltilr snr I ler d' IltOhbrP et sera inyb ra x ou lour ,erar0 slllals, sur ottl0 elts .e l'ar ordre thes Dirocteoas, __ F I. Tro n ,. o tPe, rlln ire ,.-Aw OVl.ILANS 1.Ni) \AalIVIkl.E fLAIL .II (;tI n ul41 8 9 of the Clnrter of Ipany, a ,etllnn Iir.-ill, iof tlCw iI klihmlPdrn is cliled Oll IthP :3d 1 4lll41;t illn J n:,ll l'y, 11118,l),.,r Itih p)+lrpoese of electing, Tl, ilirector, ro r, iro li one %ear, ih I fl . J II i n .\ .I)\ V I.ILL Pi na i.lnt. jim(+mt.N . 14 rnrlP .l. )P. l%)l:h dll ITI lll: " o \ n a :li ;t, nk i L. onl . iu.inlll .; llll t Hank V r ( 11 , i Jlll; mW Ille io- t lhd If lllnC n hIlllrn d I ,liars andn ulllw ard- I re i llli ti nIlille i ni alwhil ium the t LIe sli ',ilr will dIleliver T'ickets il l (;rtlll( Iieal dltal ltterll - l k' Anlade, . In li-ops; lmIlni, &n. S(.1H\111) & H I 4 'ro11 ill ittln ner iall -l:V ORitLR.ANS CANAL AI) iANKiN iJC. d II iil Inrn Sntenllhnt Ilteldna nwil Inane Ihe asin l itil the hieaid hi " Sew Cnllln, every day, (except lnluayn) Inn llm I, as fllos: iJ Dpl art 5 A. . Iretlrnn at 8 A. Pt. In A. .11. | 1 12- P. M I 9 Pr.M. Andl o:nn MONI.AYR:- Itreliltl at 10 A03. I. lIiet.,nra at 124 P.1M. 5r P. 1. 411. 1. nany 28 HI. rClli\, 'na. NI':pW OIrArANnS . CAIt)I.I'I'tON RAIL IUAD NO I'lr '*E..:•• Wirea A RRAN.GEMENT To cllllllclle oas h Ils Il of iou nlllln r, I1839. FROt CAtROLL.'ON I fROM NEW oi I.n lI. Itrn Cm ati 5 o'clock A.M. MIrco CA r at in o',Cloek A.n . t ocon tivr, 8-- I Locomotive, 9 11 --n 12 -- A. nn P.M. r Inorselar, at 9 t-lorn Cr, I1 - The carsmwill IV~iIl the soma hours sc int tlh weck diys a11hl I o'clock t".31. w oles i lmm:ou+,vir a Wlll ],'le l'arrllloll everny lollr Illlnil onClnick P.M.tI arI New )rllaill$ Yetly hour anil nIo'lnk P.M. An nlxtrl Illtrnm Ca;r all iL lnbtlillned , h l o'n o.k pntM., SIllaylm .5 lllllr for the Trip. A"tnr nn o'nick P. . U l deno.e will he ,'rb1rePd. Peare.,ll. eoia by lhe lenem Car nInlt plrovide Iel... yes wnllkTh katn, ast i, hIal pIlositine dirocti,n Inlt Io receve nlnml.)y i lieu thereof. TIIE JACKSON AND I.ACOIIItE SI'I,: ET TCAR

I.eme the had ok Jnfaimll sntret lnt li Io'clock AmAI.. Cil nl .trenat t lu'h'cl:k. At m on'lllnk tilhny allllnlell. tl n tleave nli illlls etr.ri bIIall hoIil, ulllt l o'clock I' ,Iiit nex -t illn tlat, ilatnndl f inn i :lllltn + nLr mnt mmS o'clockt kni Cnr will leave there u[ 9 u'nimlmk IP.M. ht is plaril:u'arly rc·mlaen.elnlml nnlonnlnn nll 'Inot put tleir fnat upon tlnee nmulms, or .mimoke in ti Lnars, kbeu lmdleI Ire prelnllt. Omics NlwIOrlealllt & Clnellerlln Ilhil Reila Cnnmjmmij IJ Oct(ober k .d, 11;89. JONII AtIIAPfON. 4 Chiefl+:nknp lgeirn ..t. A C R.C IILtNPrl.(i MATE:1LIALS-nJoI J lasmeul i& C(:o 49 Cmllp streetl , hiIve this dayI reIivCl a enn- 2 ril supply oftype, enaen, lia.emP.. Ilmrmn r ah.. nle tn tin galleyn, flill in, Iinnern, l iltloi ni,, cln,,o m.i sinks, nImmint" sicksilk litrniinre, lion: lhr een k atl fnaimiiiy ol'nJnhhon & lntlkh, PLhillminimin, whlich imiofCtrd Ioi I,+, Itmle in a:.tlrnlnlOdatirg terml. IIIl '_/ sale by AUAM S &WIIITAI.I,. dl 7 lcraniemr i 'N )'ilCE--(Gnorge Iicrowian c,. + n.uieetmc fblx nkl ( I per hi itp Niagnnara' froam Pliindelphiin. is reque.el - tI call, paynlclage.n a tile ln p nal take it away dll N F Cm.IILY STnj1 97C atp t IN(P)RM TION WANTED. I .OEU) 4 rTPi ,,PET Rt)oN, .front beanOlaik, t ma sh nillntemr hby trade am li.tply ae i tloyed in that epapeil. I Hoard ;f rn.,,e lf th1110 teaalhtltd, is to .nested fosidl at thol Cnutitl. Ho fsA efN. ..Cot ly, ir a letter mrleesnd t himin Iom Philndtelphis. Ia careof rai ahaenceor t deatl, any inlortnri nt reaperling hhn from othern, will be thnkfulltv received. d7 $21 REWAIR)-Raaosaweettlh Itn No heri the negro Glt)l(;iE, speaking En lisll and Prech, agred atloot I or 19 vears5 fet 4 or 5 lcbe, higlh, short anrtlhicnk set amall eyes, prominient lreheadi an open nd tfree gat havingn one 'the front It nlit in tlhe upper jaw' blrtoken. hall on, went he wentl wia. a pair of cottnllade pantil loons with rmallll blust stripoes, and a ginrghlra shlirt, saiT ntegr worked ai rrag while with M,. We. C 3ttone, irlicklsvers's hni d. FEItNANtDI) LEO1S, nt--if No 3:13 Dlrrrlrli.rn st .*I SINS i'mt nroship Alnhartra, Three 'rrlnks Intor. 1 clhaodize main lko d J It Ittr anin & Co, Purai: 'ttnn. aond irlotl shpr Nashville, three barrel, mrarkerl P & 11. Ary person havinglhe samRe in their posses: sine, will olease gire iaforoation to No. Ol Commnon atret.- n14 NOT'T'ICE. Y7 The members orf St. Patrick's Congregation are hereby resprectfully notrifield that tlr enrvicr wil he per.. fIlmedn ion of tMr. i. E. Parker'r naw roildiags in Jnlil otrert, batween Magazine and Fouchtar streets, uttil further tlOlieee. ai J J 111T ItON Pastor. it 'ite ',onaignooes tof6 cases matked C C in a din. neatld nid t bbltirioketi 1S just receiveld pier sli LIUISVIILtI,, from New York, are requested to crat. pay freight anod charges, and lake aalte nie). Wt 1 FIIiDICuK & Co, 15 70 Camip at [ NOT'rCE.-Shio Charles, Ca pttoin C:ill, from Plhiladelphia, is now dischareirgil: tiers beliow tlre rai rard. e are aairticloarlv reqluested to attend to Ila receipt of therir gotoda Ism f ie Levee. dO--lw N. F. CaJILY, 97 Camp at 0it NOI'I;:E--(i Iargerar, J C a $jmlgnr. (George Browne, Itr rV It'Tavltr, N is llisinlalstr, cansigneesrf goods per shiri Niaear,. Capr. Cale, Irom Philadelphia, are requle-led to Ike known their residence to Ihe dlinerltaitg clerk, r lto tr Levee, otherwise t eier nooda will be stored at itier oexpehne. N F C)11.Y, d2 97 Cmpnl at St'll t1 ' CONSI N EIeS of45bons clt ese, mneo rket I, a a dinamonod-ll blaxo-a tarrcn, markhd Jamesa aordoers'; moi 4 eaaes segors, tarkd J & tl, received er TI cket ship Lolisville Iroa New Ytrk, are nrquen. t'd to cull, pay reighlt and exlpenIses, intd ! ke sanmc away W It FrJSI)ICK & Co, '771 7fo Camp t 1'oF Iagorsleeo tifgods ati k'd I Va & In O it E I crr si i it l t tarfrli , , n Nolw Y rk are re loe ited to lkthe' e nt llanlvoa ll m to totie clerk oa tile Levee. P L \I)iLAW. i'" t. Tae ipaket lrip i bl" Mare, Capt. FEri, is+ilia clrarhgi u;' rre r irte tsir.l ai eelt (Colnsignlees will iltasear. ttelad ilt tlfe Lever tr tie rec:eilpt tlaflhir egoade. s this dan dtisolve,. Tr I. HYIE, rem ts lpote tlhe name o the lersoll will oilyle nrseld helreafteiir T It HYDE, For himself antd the heirs of d3 I I P HYDIA;. lisimftl qKof i iP-T I. I HYiLI, tarvinG rt . olaoted G. W. 1i()Si with him in partlners l , thev will uonlllte trhe urtiler. l eretoRIe parwlld bv T. I.1 HYI)iE or r Irlehl EItr unlet the firal arITIt. t itlliDE nol. 'I' ItD IIYA , d3 39 Common er, lrr'. sgoerazne lIitE SUt1:11' It 111In resneratlflle ila.fn, is frinsl. ain enartotmer all ot thle tubilie, that heiwlg obllhged to relrre from bulsinlsllrarr n Ctartat or all Irelth, lie las salld Ili, o.,ok tI itelsrs Ilaswell, tlerringtan atad Ilasarell arf 'hi'ielphi1ie, who will erealter crln dlci the hUain hies ir thlis city urnder thle alonrr ofJiarI J. Iaowell & Co. lie IoPes itianertne ill ranlolallleladlng tllom to tile patroa.oge efllis frrlaler caslnellers. a25 A TOWAIt 49 t'amlp st JOIIN J I IAVSWEII. & CO. SUCCESSOitIS to Alexarl.ler Tmvar 49 Carrp sateet, take Ietrseara in irlbrming tallr ectfllo ro f alto Itae Ir)rls anIllrd hIre ulil gearlrlrt ll I:h ving prrllrased firomn htie tir slta liefl bhlnkl, pa ,r &e; thi have now e rurich aldlitirans on will Iake hl ,it assr olllelrt V1 erlllom lrete. 'lirer will al ays bh ale tar sanply Parantero witlh iark lpaprtror lewo taspne. peirs, hrk nad jrob satk raf every diaeriptian or tlae ner, ibelt erat. Cily randl cuntrt rrtelharsa will fiad, blank Ihoroks toi everv killli. rIararlitl, adI ri'nt oetple with thlark Irrartl, s, i Illrarka, il'r lo n iartane blank'. bills Indlat_, witll all arthcles ofsftatianerr trrrally kPnt ir bomak stares. Ctopyint pressts, eotintirar iark, Sa vel'. liaht a nrd dllrk llre MarrI Irhad ak wrltille fluid lltnkers' nor'canes, pocket elaiksk, ..e &e. A relrllel l-rllnilteoro arf lo hs in nill the deplrll ellt o scieell and hatrrotrat wi. h thr n ske t exaet ive al emplele aisorrtlenrtl ,.f .rltlalleIko ever Ilflner,.d in Ni w 'r llene nall oa whlch therllrri litare i .aror selltrt llr t-at rIa c tarnt aandii alr fJe ir t Ira', est wholesle il es. /A rh Ili'.h-- atree or far lamilas ra tar or plat ratilon six moos. flrlo thl e citl; there are gI od t ld)lo alillllill Io llnu l f riran IrIII IAa + di lll'laii • ianrl l:ati a briaroar faiir iLaoone; e1-lnlh l tllilV will rave, he privileteaoaf 'frltivatiarg at mere marc al at1 rraal firrrar tar'''bar rrfy yeonra, ari of trrtr,-g .ta mtvh timber its ther Illiv wallt. w artllr lariro aivi t It lirlg to pay hor th tlls a; "eed topuli. For fulrlthr IarncltllhreiaU .]. It II tI NA IIIl,,., u5 corner Natcotlt'r nod TIrapitarlas ltIs * and 59i-,tnako tia' anir, ran ,+,tl) the Ahilt F"ank fort, i , i .. ,ctiaeat wht., cnl rralre w arf; alppIly ta trapiain Ilussel on l,>arrd rr to alt I L.AII)I.A\V, 51 'emp a R N & A iN 10iiIFN will prasties lIw in pnet er. 'I pond p rishes il. the countlry, in ,hiel they tone herctofore C dllce Nno 9 :oyl d streel. d9 'I. (;lit'G AN)( GI-II'.tR. J A STILL most respcllfilly iibr. us his popils *ll ad the public gewernly, to t he has retlurned to the city and contoeln, ell his coarse of , sint clions Apllic.tionh will hc received a tllh slartes il I\lnsrs. E. lohlns on Co. Sl. Charles streel ; a Mr. I GaLsey'c, (amo street; or ,,f Mr. S. at lladrln Ilage's corner of Camp o tret noll I.afalvette qunrt., I'erslns applying a lcilher of Iln aIova places, will plensoo leave3 eitl carlds. 31 d9 INES-Burgundy, Bordeuna, Champagne, Madeira, Rhenish, sparkling Ho.k, liquors, received by the lat arrival front France and Ger many, and sold by th snubscrilbrs- Burgundy, Naits. Cloa de Vougeot, Hornitage, Roramode, Chambertin, Larose, St. Julion. St. Eoli. lion, Chateaux Margaux, do. L'fittoe, Ldoville, Sau. terne, Barsac, Graves, Lonol, Frontignae. Champagne, 300 baskets, Eagle brand; Palace brand; Palaco Voerecny brand and Liberty brand. Madeira in pipos, half pipoes, and h.rlt quatLer casks, old London particular servial. Rhenish wine; Hock; Graefenberger cabinet. 1827 do Markebrunner do 1827 Markehrunner, Neirensteiner, Gra. efenborgor. Hockheimer. 1825 Markebruimnr. Graelenburger, Dum. Pres. Hockheimer. 1822 Pohannlalnrger, Liebfranuninileh Ilesmberger, Leistewein. 1811 Steinwoain. 200 boxes sp.rkln,, IHock, rod, blue, yellow, label, superior q..lity. I.iiquors-Whte Annisette, red dol; rutafil, bran. dy fruits, klrluhnwass r; a. 1. diff.ient lignrs. dll E JOItINS & Co. 1.111 o'S I'NAIA A--Ju.t recnkived t for wholole Lsle and rtatil Iy dlI HI IIONNABEL lI I.A,-' ofererv ,ldecril,lo,,,i such , I 1ollles, botlle , ]I- visle, t'coe I loontl to,, , 8tozgrnaduating Ieasurnn. tater) vials &., IIatr ,holeole r il by _ I _ 11I B, IN.OAIIIrL. 4J 'l'clnpitoulns at ` tIIlNA PTJ'S. exparessly for naothelnris, ibr rule l) by I IIt)NNABE;., dlll 43 '['khilinhotoo at 4 a U tAi1L-5O., thhda sugar on, pl.manio,,, ,.r aar ty ADAIMS & WVI-II1'AI:I., d11t 17 (Iinvier at lOt)Ul-:ot1 or at the raoning in ine lipUotlng F' order for srle by dll G DORiE., 44 New I'eves ANkl.s--IOII keks o ano nrd lior. nalils, rllats. and 1 slikes, bI ndinlg irom balque, 11 .laeril:k Iront 1'1 adelphit,o and ,Iar taoe by dil N F CO\I.Y, 97 Cnmpst JI)IRFUt ilFlY--aIeat LFrenl F'asllion, a full as bu st l elpo ;,nIU , (,ohgon oaler,aean,t Ioowder, bltualent',c wholesale oro retail by II 3ONNA II'uL, dil eornoer Nnrllhes a 'I'cho,pitonllsslsaa lltliSH .MIEDICI *.ES--:,l, packages fresh onedli i' nes, received per recent arrivalo fron, the r Nolth- I errn cilies. L.iterpool and Ilavre, nmking thleir rlstk Iof medicines u full at any in nhe Southrn country. TIheir I fille illediec l irelnal; illlt, r l ll te eil et , ale ld Ilmaeo na nn rlColllry oIf lllllnder, Weaar lo(o. trol,.. in onl theIllty -ill be CerllrlalIy Supplied. Plllalers, dealers slid Illvsi- i aans will be supllllied onrtile imnt ftvotbl le ter.•" JAIVIS & ANI)IDREWS, d7 eo C..oIn,,OIIonl a' TelnlitIla sat i NWV (;O(ODSl. IjUS-11 & AI.I'N or e ,n, Ilpneling a cominplete a- - I) cart Teal oii lino,, shirtsn do camnhric, wiaillnet flrlts; linen collars; silkl iooaoI, nllld Insronll d, ieder lhirls a oll orosarcaalnl i iold ilk handklkrchi Is; black anll ilnnlv cravat, ,in great variety; o Inllhnr slarf; lnocks oneotcry deicripllilln; sumn ll-ic olnd r.ato iul leodlleo; oilk, cllllun anIl thread (ilovsr; geollelllclla IIor.enkil gllloit. Also-ns ilelrli.alssortien ~lofIlnios' udgIcntlelnlcl' I mriling i elko, dlr -n ea oo, es,,cc ailcal blonon. Wollrk hloes, Ponnrt Fuo i', poof.e-nean o.iilolln, ryoit Ilie IA .AARL, earn. o S. C.1allrles and It'ulla,, 0. 1d4 I ' L IU I --5110 brla u lerin er, li.r oSle I e c L 125 Gr I Is)I(SI•.r,41 %law Leves il) i Ill. 14ta a-34 llexlcilc and Pateolt Doub .I4 lean f for sale by d4 AIBYOII FISK. IDUIIA'S .c aliIltS. [ 1 E11 I1RS of hii o,,n lilnll, inlllhlilldmg lthe RevIol - iiill, the IElmpire Indltlh Iteslralition, by Lieot. Cllotnl %loltllr Dumaos, jo.n recltived alid tor alnl by J. I. H \S\'ELL & Ca, aisccessora ALIX.'I TOWglt - 9 Conmp sl. d5I PRINTING PAPERS--200 renm 972 by 42; 100 reams 21 tl Ioe '281; 10l reons .16 by 316 ill rams 2Jllyi2 a 100 realllmoO lvn4: L" 200 rertsa 13 by I3 Iildayo reclivedfrol Ile trig ilrick idand IPa;Lea,alI lotl or sala by J J IIA\VELL &i Cn, succeasorsn o oA ano "tIWVA I,'49 Canmt1p. ". d5 d I)APEII-500 renals dooble, 1000 reames inogle, nld S1u0110 rallll hardware rallor, in tore and Ir saloe by d7 J 'IHA' Kl & Co. 74 Pa)drnas at d UGtRK AND MOLASSES-Onplaltatiuons abovel n own, fnr Writ by " " i35 AIIA1AS & WHITAI..,67 Gravler at in .. I..-.A I.rlge uaortlenl in asore aind or nabe by pr 'j1L a8 AqA3OV- o WItI'rALI, 67 titnyrleln " T- h AS'r- T'e cuiueiture litnm received anl ure r6 i ra ..nLi be hi enrey rpcket, largo sbpply uo lteaiver, aussia, Fur ald Aloltekin .ilk Hats ofitidelItral Snthle iln d hluber eisnufueluri, wthich they odor b'e inipane tine to uthe cilizeoni id IUb iie tnPrall v. For sale by G .iSiP &'C.u. Naval, Mcliart & Fonhi.uoble ltatterst inder ol L Exchrlgo ilHoel, St Charlesa at PAPEK-5( reae s coltol ilaln ling 100 di hardeware papter lii0 di Crlioiwn iI cap wnppingp IForo by 5110 do shdl elaelr, aetrltd oohrs For le by JitIN J "AIS\VWELL &. Co, nI3 Sli.euesor to A Tower 49 Ir:alp st T. ) WV i-l tE tEAI) DlEAI01.,lt. 30 ASKS pure lend, 5110 Ibsueech, " '25 tusks Ni. I Load - 15 pure 250 11I each, 15110 kec lerd, o5 Ills eact, For nile by Ithe Agrlls. JARVIS & ANDREIWS n9 corner Coin & Tchitpitouun at IrWR' IVN (Il.A.l. landij.u (-rue uthiti CrIeeUkee,-i0 Jit 17,2 x 14, I12x 16, New En.taid t ero..t! tel. This glass was purchased at reduced prices at the witdilre .p ol' th muanttu-rueine euipnilwRiv d is niow tfterertl vry hlw. JAIVI & NDIitEi, n49 corner olin& . rThaphitulan at L) tANK C.Altlti-- \nl invoie uf-Abttla stilllt's J ol nlilell , ivoru sa rfaee, plain nld colored blnlk curds ol tten variousiuers, just erecived and onIr s sro ly JOIIN J HASVI.L &. CO, i1-9 Seceruneors t, A Towar, 49 Camp at +KER S CASEA cold PIekut tcke, Mutlllley J el teWlI op. sVllcd Melllralndllms-A large and ehoice nssurtuenlt, just received lll for sale by JOHN J HASWELI., - n29 Slecessors to A Twar. 49 Camnlp at tI IiT I NG PAIPEIIR--I00 reams pnper fiir newp, o ftiizas from 21 &:Ml t,r 9 & 45, lust landedl f ioii chlits ceet Cllr O Ilston aslid the Ohie fromn Philadel. ilia, awl for sale by JOliN J IIASWELL & Co, h28 Siceessrs In Alex. Tiiowr, 49 (,.lIp, At f i)TOVES-Nuw recuilfing r r sips Sea & Fcraim P I)ateio, a splendid auscrlment, such as Wilcitn' Pirntll Irlezedt Slliveei a new ai licle--l'. hliur, Cooking, Franlklin, &e Ac. FPir sale by M Ii& F DEIVEIREUX, ol9 26 'I'elapihllitolc e (i A";lTtOl ilL-10 luierlrs (iet Virriiin taior lil, Suhile noud clear lr retailing, alaui5 bbls t 'rntlae. see reatolr il, 2d qulllity, fir sale ly JAIlVIS & ANDIREWS, nl2 corner Common o& rTeh'ipihltouin tac II ANI LA uOt i-A enrrplA- aI-s__-rl . utof S Haw r'o and Rlole, direct fri Ilte Inehirv, war r, anted Ii he lif a qullity equal Ili aly in tti eily, now laoding and for sole by i'kT''EIt LAIILA W, A1i7 66 ti iIunps jT N y gilril frolll IPhitdidlpha. s iid ler sute ftui the I L ee: iplpY to NFCIOMLY, d2 97 t:nmp at AitS .( . 3 IsLi' llIrPu--; it0 Iir ei's olttn Slblagnile--365 ctloil lope, all oi Kuintuiuki iilLu: tutire ;ud ileer iie III n iciouliii. tlhlu iiri) i14 S 1 IttA0 1itl1tttt, 31tr vier u t iiLrl" i P.tENt' FIttE AtII--lJus recreiet Sper sfll li nsissrlipi, frill ie lN ' rkl, a arge ial sortmellt oft f iaen lit e anIt d bellt Pistols, for sale ac l 2r 2 ; iS IP & Cii. St CIrlen [rIIntel IAY--2i1 Ianlros prima lii, landing tfruloi shie .l Chrler, frlilll Ptildeluit i a.d itre sale fro tiei Levee, tie N. F. CUIJIL.., d--lIw 97 (Camlat T'LlAM hOAT iPAPEIt--Now lndiig from ship Luiouville itiotlil New colrk, lifo reeoiul fine noltredI mediurlli, siuiltabl fur leaneibit llils, ti&. &.t for wole by JOItN J IIA.WELI. & Co, n28 S i rs i A 'liwsa r. 49 'amp It SIIr N '. Cara Iurd wIeeIrlburrow Ini uinue friu itpi I Charlesa. from Philadelplhia. nnl for snale furom the Levee. ty N. F. COMLY, d3-I -l h w ___97"nnp S sl ( NAN)tI.ES-O Iiuuioxs Sperieu, ul' rtonw 0 Enrle's JI manulacture, Innding ex hlilp John alte, onid flir sale by nll S III.LANCAIID. ,3 raWier lst IQUOtS-7-pij.-tl-ulluin i77TS don -itni SAiunI also, 25 rlu dm)lnutli Brandy, il aiire let rale thy n'2 J TiIAYE R & Co,74 Poytdrs ct ' Pwchongig, 15 rlt Suchon., and sixty 13 lira orees Unrhpowder TIea, il store foe sale by r TIIA2 'ER & Co, 7 lluidoas t l ]Y VSt CL'l'-4h1l ialve I v Al; u 5t I)O g Ii.e. 1 rutol all, lurilliug Ironln -Iip Ir'P rit illri, ui fre sule by EI'ElEIt l. tL.AILAW , '112 51 t '. mlit c )EIIFII EIItES--A large a clrtIleirl ol Fnrrnch S'eielunleie, received by hip Lrfoyetle, oir olesal, orrruil try t IHNNA t S43 Trlaullitoulan st tdri, llandin g froum ship t'.herlurtus,Cfrr sale by _ l__ I Illl)tt(it Cuo ),lI'--UO r ,uxeo . Iun bihina' u I Snar, iii miore, fur aisle Iny n2 J 'I, i Elf & Co, 74 Pivrusr st 9AltO 7011 hir gu iii drib rrfuonrrier i N iBlrnds rud Spikes, linr olle by N I Ci()MI.Y, I-l tlhl \oE (.c)S -ItrurierI ilirt FI rnurunl, fir E ultuule ro r rre il by I ii il'Nil t\l:I.. l, i' i 4 bs. l |iii li,:i Ine Iice, foe S y h II I iN. :t+Il.., _ _ _ 4 it 'r' inhi9n n t . nBOrig I Itin lilAg I- aNew oilk, nll firr snlr Iay .n _4 S Gt R[.\;II \il t t, :13 I:ruvierl r ~iOA '-1i 7x.sI A >ox -'lr atrhua'/ yellow, landing a- / shix jla p J11a InlIh, aIld ler sale Ibv ll6 S (; II AANCII A li, 33j (irivior l i e IL-21 raI a pf i -to r r i landing e hip Joit tlln nfi S (; lLAN(c'IA lRD, 33 Gravier ast L GLIUi---3dI bris lahdiing from stealrni n a low nn6 fiG I))IRSI:Y,41 New Levee ir j)AINT 'I'ID liUCKETS-'O hf d.,z.e in store, for lebJ TIIAI IA' R& Co. e 7 71 Poydrns t ,A SUII'LV OF NAIL.S, well atnr lr, tin hand and Ie for agn by AD.MS & HIll 'ALL, 017 67 (iraier at MI, rs, .-a0r R ts n-'Ti s, es a oli tbe genuine article, jiir t re aiv d I by r,- 3. lESd & L[)'LANCI, It ramp in 'lilal L SLl--0ll Iairns Iny, landing Ibro aoip I Punthea, and for sle by P r d A. COIIEN, 9 Coelnmon at i Lin IJ(iAlt--S0 boxes While llavattt, in store and-f, n6 i GI li. (NCHAIID, 33 Gravier st r ls-.a. .,,hit,,-3d011 an-i. m ianý,u , ,,le rpe.. ICliade aill ttt hrap, t aIII italle, d lotr tanl by '1l50 ble, landing fro, hi f l, l r Pale by is E'I'Oatl LAII)I.ALV, - nai9 51 ('_atlli e L nallt--100 k lidiag Lt, tI aeLi. r Indelpend lt3 G R 41 New L ve I MPAG\' IDE1 R yI-l r inta r Rn al. nae di. l d anl d ngIitel utr, Just rst eiaeI and f or +lsa sby I__) N A A'I\\All, il9 Cam.p at v A 'l'lt I II.--A baw IbIda at theb Ihna Illitain V s. .tYlltr Oil, reaeied adl f.r Ii+le or retail h' H O ,lVw I bAIlEL., t 1Ye2 4r I'aehniointlal ias S s(t' I cl klrgas wealenallri ltter, ii la, ar d fur tal, by G IAe llSl,,i nre 44 New I.evese Q I iE-i453 ta,.eta Frnclh ipth a r en ol'gqtine in fo alie by JAIIVI. & ANIIOE\8S, 11] t ctrner t.It,, &I 'll Tinia laa ata ell Ito Al', 'Al AIi'o, IAR.ti\'S, yse-ln -tare tand lfor a ulo liy N F C )I I.YI lt25 -97 rinmlalp. ORtDILA lIOLT ROPE-121 caila C-rdilt Ilt li lRope, landin g frlom Sllt Charlalatan.aa, ft saleby ty o31 PETR ILAID A\4,t6 at (Cilizen, for Sal. by NiAMS&.WHII'Al .L. n22 67Iliraviert fat f.AR T VWIEELS-Uvarials si,,., iaai., ttd jfor sale byn N F CO i.', * ___ " - 97 ilaap st 7 dID--SO kegs sttperar aleaf lard, in atlla atd u iantllb bty G IiORISE-Y. t112 44 aew Lxvee " IIISKEV-l-llli irls rectified at thle landln, ie Tr IY flOat iboat, flr nail by n13 a; I)OIiSfO, 44 New I.ea.'. I lUlt A I) \VIII(,KEY.5I4 rta Flour aod 36 a tice y at2t" l i)OISE'.,44 New I.avee S lIaKI - 1.i'- tItlbs attil e lindilng, lilr tale by ` n19 ( I)IORSEY, 41 Now levn. 11 iat" ( hiltaIljtitntttaufi'nl-ttta f 'aa aIy- in V. d. N F ':,.1ILY, 97 alillltt I s.i iy_[Ir2i JTI :Yi.\iil& t,C d .74ttydraaa t I,4 Iil --l. ibrs ait l.+ landiltn, t il sal Iy ,19 G DOtSlEl.'," 41 Nen Laven 1t • ll/ltliII-100 bals r itlllil , slor sit l a ale by a 11-5 Ii DIl)tilFY,44 ,w I.evee I tPE-3i00 coils bfr sale b. N F t()IMLY,' I 1125 " 9' 7 C llp at " tIN 1)1F itt.Y, f a t97 atr 1st ARI)-80 kegra Ieal Lard, Ia satr . 1Lranna tty IJ i6 G II) DLRSI,Y 41 New Lervee t I \ 5t'AIIN. CIDI:R[l-Ibi ltatxs in store, fr aaile Sby oi DtiSltS ,4.'4 Ne Lev -ee --I-TJLItl-.OlaY -'l-tl.--iiIi a a tlaiattii.a I reea for sale. Alpply at 1l09 Ctmtna, at e7 tttI-TLt-i00it bitltlat th ladi.., fitialleby - d U A R t l tll il -I.Y ,14 Nt w Levee N II USPARD-l-ngliah luatardl, in tlare aldl lot f sole ly 1a5 N P COMLY, 97 Camtp stl IFitiSKEY-i50 brla raettll&-d, in atttrn, ftr eane Ity a: i! 112 lGi t;R$Y, 44 Spaw Levee IINDE'K'; IIOAIRDS. &c.--S0 bntidlaes bldierl boards; 511 do Io do lstrlaw ll0 dt bitlnet a !li ,ds jutlm landed from shilp Ohio, ron l'hilndeLlhi,(`( rond itr sale by JOHN J HASWELI. & Co, d2 uraeesanra tt A 'Towar,49 Ctmp iat 73O1 PAt KE.R-A gttod packer oftinstln and etath Senware,iewaated by . H BROWN & Co. ai6--1 I Camp at /I OAL-5, 3ask. Leh. hlg-oeat, brakep Jqanal snaeaji _ VJ fo.' liat II ae, nailw lanling frolt ltip {l Niingna, froan Plitid.allhiai and Lr iatala inila to .tiUl i ptradtatnaelatp lhagrl b ra lt N I CO,tlY l. abae a 97 hI? Cipr t - l ST. CHARLES TIHEAITRE. Stago Mci Ssr-Mr. ItrelttL iftih appear ,to . these two aenrsof the highly jopular MR. BALLS,' Who i. enenged ferTrwelvp nights only. This Evening, Dee. l21h, will hee perfiorled the lppullr Plny, entitled the LADY OF LYONS. Claude Meloetti, Mr.Balla Gen. Dalemo. Mr Barrett Paouine, To conclude with the BUCKLE OF BRILLIANTS. on THE CROWN PRINCE Frerderick Storke, MrR Balls Prince A lber, Mr Field Katherieo, Bliue Mellto 7I' f)lors lpr, ast 6-lerformansce. to cameance at7 o'clock.J] [7' Season Ticketa may be had at the B Obfce.- Open from 10 oltd 3 o'clock. WASHINGTON BALL 10031 ST. PHILIP STREET, .ETWEEN ROYAL AND aOURION ITIaaTS 7IHE MANAGER of the Washington Ball Raoom respectfItly informs his friende ad the public, tha Ihe above mentioned establishment will open for that seuson,o Mondaoy evening, November 4th, 1839, by a GRAND DRESS AND MASQUERADE BALL, and will continue throughout the season every Monday Wednesday and Faturday eveing of each week. Admitmanee for Gentlemen, $2 00 New Orleans, Oct. 24th, 1839. A TO RENT. it A Dwelin g House 139 Julia street et at IApp I. m. II C CAMMA Cl ~'?o. 'TO RENT. I u icDwelling uuse No. 139 Juli strmet,in the n.U. btilduttg Unm tacy row. Ap ly on the pro mites, or e H C CAMMALK& o Ca. TO LET. E Two rooms on the seeor.d floor uietable fte s@ ffices; aptl v on tloo e tpremises, No,. 21 Camp street, at te Fireoe.n' Insurance Oeie. o22 TO RENT. iif The three story brick store No. 87 New esI.oe esre,.; pooeeeeiont given iamuerd ely. Apler to rIe8 T R IIYD&at BROTHER. LOTTZRIES. BANKS' ARCADE, CITY HOTEL, &c. GRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY OF PROPIEITY SI'UATED tn NEWORLEANS. SCtIMID d IIHAMILTON, Managers. Offices under the Verandah, Coarer of Bt. harkl and Common Streets, and No. 10i4 Chartres Street. between Conti and St. Louir 8treets. VITH an view of meeting the wishem of our frkiss, we have the pleasure of announcing to the pub. lic that this Lotery, by ulthority of the State of Louis ilnno, will be drawn at tihe City Exchange, in St. Louis in Now Orleans. The drawing will, without fail, begin on the IstDel cember next. Our agents throughout the union, mill cause the above to 1w inserted once in one of the newspapers of their respective residences, and charge the expenses ih 0ni6-tl SCHMIDT & AM ILTON. Tihe DrALY Paper is neatly printed with small type on an extra, double medium sheet, at 192 per annum, payable sumt annually in advance. The TlRt.wEKLr Paper, containing the reading matter of two dadlies, 610, payable in advance, where noeily reference is given. The WEEKLY 'aRUE AMERICAs, made up from the dally papers, during the week, will be sent to sub scribers who pay $5 per annum in advance, and to none otller, unless an acceptable city reference is given. Subscribers respectiully solicited. JOHN GIBSON. NEW ORLEANS. MAY 1839. The 'Verandeh-St. Charlens 7r eat -Coamp tr. T'hretre U(:;ldrtell . Vharlete-4reed.,..Haetrla -Storec-Sgqurare of G'round 4e CAPITAl. PItlZ.S !!! eOU'.mle L RRIAND RI:AL. ESTATE AND S'I' ST K LOT.1TF'UIY, office corner of Canal and St. Clhcrles strects, authorized by a law oI the Sctate, ith Mtech 1831. THE IIAI.F MILLION, or Camnp street Theatre .otter), 1'291 Prizes! Irairn 31nt December, New Year's Eve, Irel fioieited ir ote drawing. TileE GRIAND TWO MILLIO)N LOTTERY. 10,000 Pareos!!! Wi!l nomtrec dirawing as soon as practicable after tie First Lottery. 11' NoteP rf soy Ienks in the Union, chicl are can. erellv eaelkehee is tire totrt tlhry are ioaucd, wll he rcerived ire lpayneal for Tickets, which are in the HalfI 3lilliols $li-Two Million $20 CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD, 112 Proplrietors & Managers. CLASO. No. I. CA N T HE half Million or Camp Street 'I he lre Clsnof I te I. ouisiana GRANI) REAL E1STATE AND S I'OCK LOIFLItY, will positively be drawn on lhM 31st LrDecembler, New Years' Eve. CAILDWELL, O(AKEY G& PRITCHARD. n6 Office corner ('anal and St Charles wla. For cleansing, beatifying and prreinerua te Tee.t.. p j`llll I reiprr.ralin hia cquired Erent celebriy by its asressing ithe most inealuble properties for giving the Teeth a polish, eweetno~ tsh Ibrath, and ea tr irely eradiectilg the scurvy. II to formed of ingrldi. enls pleas nl tire Ialste, and highly beneficial to the heaoth and preservetion of tle Treeth nod gu.; nor Sdes it posoess an atom n.fa corrosive nattre, the enamel ot I l Tir h instead of beino imrpaired (a it inrvilably Is th case in nmost tther compoitionll) will be prelrved nr. rendered beautifurl in the etdleore. For ale al the BIIAZAAR, corner of St Chorles and Common st. o' i4 hUSH & ALLAN. NEII SPLENDID PIAN an FROM PARir4. UJlST reeivred perbaleRne SAI.Eal,fre uvte, ad far a le Ib th sllb.lriDlWers- 12 a.ln'ilir.eta Gnrad Piaos, roran eal, etlnnelgaly Ilall wit I1U0ARi, r.U el:ltes. 2 ?rslrrttfitcrnl Srnmi I pright Pianos, Carasea wood. sb'ltlirully Orllamenrled, 6i tirltaer. 6 S rlllle orte n'iaao, IO eooUUdl,ery ornamental 4 Picols 6tl crlnves , rosewood, Casraecs and ma Ihogony a oot. 2 do octaves, pla in ansi mnahosny. T] Tie nots are all from tile celebrated mlanufa Cory of PLEYEI. &c Co. Paris. d6 E JOHNS & Co. St. Charles at LAillP.- & LUSI'VIE CANDELAWIRA. A SPLENDID aI)-srtmelt of Iatle, mantel and aIsinrlo d . ltplr, tttd oatll atItachers, ri'hly mount- - ed wintso IoS illns,juIIt rceived, fr sale bv j d7-12t It ItIEWEER & Cot. 17 amp at I ADEIDtI li W AE 01 I .EIE-Ladiog from 7 hip Ilenry Clay, troam iremell, 301N1 nhalmoerr Madeirr wine, for sIe low fromi the I .eree, i. aall aities to nitl 'pormsocrx. JALRVIS O ANIIREWI, d17 ear Comnon and 'l'ehapiolnas at / 111 .sI. ! 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