Newspaper of True American, December 12, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated December 12, 1839 Page 3
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LEGAL TOTICES.. 'I'AI'E OF JUldlSIANA-F-ret Judicial Dt t Irict Court. The `tlate of Lonisiana,--To all whom these pre Sutl oltni lconle oreetio :--WIheren. HIENKY Wi,. LIAM PAIFILEY, hnvil, pI.rLbaseij at na vle made bytlile slheilir of tie parilil of JeIfferson, thl plrolperty Ihreinolter delcribed, hao . opp,ied to Ihe ,Irk if th'i Court, in hlose oalice the deetd of sale was retarded on the seventeonth day l I )ctoblr, A. It. 183:), lur a inluli tion or Adverliseleent in coniformity t an Act oftheli Legislantre of the milla of Lonisinna, entitlerl, ":n Act for tl(ri ftrtbher as.ora.ce of tilles to ptlrclmncs tl jnu dcitl sols;'' il'tipprovld iti. temh dey olf MarchI, 18:1.1: Now, Illtrehre, koww .e, and all persons interested hermie, err heroly cited tud ad i.onished in the ntlme of tho slate. of tI.nuianu, Imnd of Who Iirot Jiluicial Itie trit Comrt, who can net up any ritsh, title or clain in and ti t ie property hIrnemafier deacrihed, in conre* queence of anv inli,rmnlity in tile order, ecree or judg anent of the ~urt' undlr rwltelh thi soule was made, or any Irreguilarity otr illegllity in tihe pprd:sernelos and advertisetoelts, ut timle, or manner o sual, or ier any other defect what.verr, to sholw lcoone witlin , lryr days fron tile day this Mltoitiou is first insertld ill lihe putlie paaters, ihy the sale so tioade sholuld not be cin Alrmed odl Ihomtlogated. Ti siidlpopnrty woa sold bi the lheriff of dhe or Jislh afurestid oil the ; w:ltieihfty of Selpteimbehr, A. t). "83,tby virtuae oft duecree of ithis Court rendered nl Ilhe oighteenth day of Manch, A. D. 1839, in a suit entitled itMaria C6ril, wift of Charles Brewer mnd el. vs.lth minnr children and heirs of Charles 'tcid. No. 12,819 of the docket of this tenurt, at w hieih sale thle said iten. ry Willial Paltrey beea'ne the uurcihaer, chor the Jrice of four huind:ed ntl tlhirt -five dollars, payable Doscriptitn of property, as given in the Jiudicial Con .eysoce, viz A nertain lot of gront, the somei wlhich ws tndjli coted t. William Niclleon 11111. at blle clde bhi osane I. lMcCoy, nnetitnmer, of the c;ty of Iew ( )rle:ns, osn theelevenlh Mlarchl 136, by virtue lof jlcudemet ,I thiscourt of Ill tlhirtieth Janlarv 13136, and Icilh wiqs ordlered by sald court oa tite eiglteelth it IchI 183113, ii be reld tlr the risk and ext ease of said Hull, t.r ieY-. lecting and refuoilg ttco.tnly with tllt terlllmllad eon: dilions otol lidj tlilealmit. MSiid lot ieiig Uotlited iii th l prish of Jeffrson, in tlIe lotwn o.arhl tola, itng, notled astllllemi our itnll, titlr A on a pltln lrawli hy iBenjamin i itlollst .,trvyor i f said lrihyt tn thei Iwentteth of Jlltnary 18-6, alnd depotitel in Ihe ftiece of H. R. Cenal, a nolary pnlbutli f I cir ,alnd u111n rinrg, ill American nltanur , finl two fert eleven ilnchel ront n Ler e. street, antl firly feet three -i salllell lso fronon tlurtlcastreet, tlhlee lllhllred lnd thiirty nicr feet in deptth ad Ifront on Jefter, in, and lilrep ht'lidred and four feet 6 inches anal in half ,n tihe litne dvidiln it ftrit loit No. 'Tihree.together with all lie rights, privil, Igee &e. thereunto tieloogilng. WiVtl, toe HI.ooahle A. A. Buch:r.non ,.ldge of the L. Crrt alonrerid, this 16hl day of no, embnler, . 1839. nO0 P IR BI.A NC, Dp. Clerk. E TAT DE LA LOUISIANE-Coturdu Pretn oier District Judiciaire-L'Etat de la Louisi, ane a tons ceux qull ces prdeentes concerntent Salut : Attendi queo IE'TRY WILLIAM PALFREY asant choet6 a une vents falto par le Sheriff do la paroiee Jefferson, is propritl6 ci spree .ltcrlte, s'est adrosed at greffe do cotto Cour oh la ito vote furl enrdist doe dix.nepltibe joatr d'Ociobro de PI'anne 1839, poltr oll aets cunflorndmant & in acte. de It Legislature de I'E at de I, Lou siane, intitutd t Ante pour confirmer low titres des acqite reurs aux vento judiciaires;" approuvd to 10 Mars, 1834. Qu'it soit eonon, ettoutes personnoe int6reeosea ont par coa presentee eomnm6os, au n ,m dte I'lltat de Ia Louisiane et do ta Cour du Premier District Judicilire, qui pourraiont avoir droit a la pr - pjritd ei-ap.eo dderite, un consnqltence d'un dd fant do forms dans l'ordro, le dderet on Io juge ment doe t Cour, on vertu duquel la vents a t6d fait ou de touse irrdgulari 6 ou ill6galitd dont l'atimation, l'avis ou lo teomps et In mode do Ia vente, on pour uno autre catuon queleonquot, do faire voir, dans trenteojturs a dator do la publica lion de cot avis., pourquoi lt vent sainsi faitl no so rait pas eonfinrm6u t Ihtologu6e. La ditp propridt6 fut vendueo par to ShIdriff sus. dit. tole vilgtht jour do Soptombre do I'antin 1839, on vertu d'un ddorat de cette Cour rondu Io dinxhuilibme jour de Mars do tlanoud 1839, dans I'affoire de Maria Cdoil,dpouse doe :harle- Birewer & al. vs. Les Enfans mineur ct h6ritiers de Charles Cdcil-No. 12809 du Docket do celao Cour, A lt quells vontelo dit IHenry William Palfrey s'est rendu acqudrour pour le prix do quatr, couls cin. quanto piastres, payable oimptant. Description do la propitid6 d spres to transfer judiciaire, savoir : Uncertain let do torre, lo lminle queo fut djugd SWit iamt Niclolson I1oll, iB une vents tite ar Isaan L. Me. Coy, entuanteur do Ia villo do In Nouvello Orldan-, to IL Mars 18:19, on vcrrli d'un jugearent do celto C ,ur du 30J 1i vier 173i. et que Ie 11 Mare 1939, It Cour ordinna' d'tdre re vendtu aux deopeiis et risques du tilt tull, it caseo de sa nogligenceo et dio soun iref, it resplr Ics tmemes et conditions do In doit i adjudcationli. Co lot do torre cot situh dans lIt P.lrolilus do Jlffl:ren, dlans la illo de Carrolton, it eit dsnitn6i p hr le inu tnero qt.ttro do lilot A, sur un plan drescd lar lBetjatlllo Bissa ,oU, arpeiteur . dl ddno palruissl lo 10 Jtanior 183(, at ddpos* dlhoe Io burl:au dr .icls I.rfS0-Ot Iih" tio Ipublic do cotti ville; l a - nRsourn Amuorlcainie loftiqiiihtl deux p.ilds oz, o pouces do tiee it ta reui dr: la Levir, qtu rantti p cids trais poucs e d .ore i in ruin Iirtuie, trols cenlt Ireonto nee pieds do proelondluir et hIce a la rue Jefferson et troiscents quare pics six poilces ct domi sur ln ligne quo lt divicn du lot No. 3. eInIll. lie tout le druits, privil;gers &ic. qiti y appartioon nDnt. Ttoioin I'llonorah'o A. M. Buchilanan. Jiug: de la Cour iundi,', ce 16 Novcltbre, 1839, P. LE BLAN', nm0 3t in 3031 Deputd Gretfier. REPUILIC OF TIXAS. TOEASURY )cEPARTMENTI City of lHouston, 17th July 183.9 IN pursuanc of a requiremenlt ol'a law passed by Congress of this Republic, apprroved January list, 1839, making it the duty of thle Treasury to advertise and cause to be sold the lots in the CL I Y OF CALHOUN, on a day by him fixed. Notec is hereby given that the lots inl thle City of Calhoun t will be offered at Pub'ic Sale, oil Mooday, tile 1Stl day of November next, betweeno the hours aol 'l'en o'clock, A M.oand Four o'clock, P M1, at tile Calpi tel of this Republic, uponl the termn set lortll I the following extracts from the law above mcn tioned o See. 4.-Be it further ena'-ted, lThat the lots in said town shall be offeted and sold for no oileor cur. rency than gold, silver, audtuod paper, or the pro. missory notes of tills governrmettl. See. 6.-lie it further enactd, Thlat the -aid rots shall be sold on tlhe following terms, vin: One fourth part to be paid own, sanid the otlher three forth to be in equal iustahnouts ito six, twelve t i l eighteen monthl. . Se. 7.--Be it Ithrther enacted, 'l'hatif aly prs, who w sit ll prtlrato ally of tholse Tots, shall '.il to e tke pytcnant of tlt se, oeac;l ne stalmunts inl elonflaraltty wthl this Act, hto r tlhey i shall forfeit all such sIIIIs . they Lmay hIla preve. ously paid, and tihe lots purccasedl by such del:ul tor shall revert t tthe gtoverlcnmeut of thie IRepubl. Sec. 8.--B it further llactetd, That all persons, aliens notexcepted, .hall have tile privilege or pur chasing and holdllng tile sailne, and tile Prsehtluntt is I authorioed to issuepatents to thlewe so soee as tlhe last in, stalctoent shall have been paid." The sale will continue fromt day to day, unltil all of tile lots shall have been disposed of. CalItoon is situated one the east end of Matagor. da Islaned, directly on the Main Pass into Matagor. da Bay, and from its advantageous position, will probably becomea the principal eoumorcial city in Westen 'Texas. A Plan of the city mlay be seen in the Genteral Land Oflie. The several papers in this Republie,the Comneer. cial Bulletin, Pcsayune and True American, of N. Orleans, will publhsh notice until Ilce day of sale. JAMES II. STI'ARR Secretary of tile Treasury. 1llItl. ES, &c.--l.audilbg erlil slcle Sr. I.ouis, I Clherokee, Louisville, Josepllno and Olhill Poly. rhuibarb in cases Sicily llrimstone do indig- i. crouca blodder ice casks, barrelo and kegs Salt lletre in kegs Flcur Sulphur ic barrels Oround ginger in do lRace gicgrr ic bags 20 hla cashtor oil Sal soldn ill eaSa $alelrotus in do Bedlitsx nd soda powders Castor cil bottles Patent medicine vield, aseoried vials Paint and varnish brushes With a general aortmlent ul'medicines for plnstations and dealeos. For sale ble JAItVIS & ANDR)EWS, i h2 corner Coele. & Tilcaiicaloua st LFRCP D EI ItO(dASNN, or tile Adventures of a A oFreeeh gentleean-ta new level by t t It Rey iolesland fodfrrole by J 11ASWIIL SL Co. n25 U 49 CaSllp st RINGoI.l:i- AN.UAIS. • ftliE BOOK OtF IIEAIJrY, edlced by the Coeln Stels f Blessingion, with bealltfully tlhIlshed ent grainga. r' etpsakee for 181140, edited by thei Lady E. Stuart Wortley,wwlih twelve eagtruviltg leall'a Piotrctresqaue Alleal cclietltileieg history anil descrirptio of Winlllcr Coa-tle a I Ieta ervlrtlies, edited by Le tch Ritchie, Esq,--1 illuetratioe rk. Also a furthler sullele ol IhIa il s elicd work tile Sllhakpeare (ialery wilb other lew aud valuable Enge" lish books. Jest received ae d for sale by H113 ALIX. tioVWAR. 49 T(Otp st m AUL -JON Es. SDRAs1A i five outs, troan the Frtech oh Alex. A umas,by Wmn. Berter ol few irlehalis. . T ''lip lav, very lhevoraly rccretad in Ithe North, is more ntronely roc tetmel iledt t tile Iclbite cf New Or leans, as the first pruduelion oft well knelwc ceotlenen of Ihia city, For sale ot the printtciptl Ilmck -tlares, sid at E JOIINS & Cco. d7 coar St. Charlesa and tComllmon st S YELLOIW FEVER. A NATObICAL, Pathololicul ano Therapnltic re Ssearbhes on the Yellnow Fever of ibriltahr, of 18.28, by P. Ch. A. Leowis, nauthr of Lewis on Fever, Bllotdl ILetlihc, &c. .ec., just received antl fer alo by JJ. J. HASWELL & Cc succesmors to ALEX. 'T)OWEllt, 49 nlmp sI, dlI 2001S & 2755 . ATEdT NOVELTI E-Shlakepeare & his frieda, Sor the golden age of Mherry .gland, 3 vols. Father Butler and the Lollhdeargas Plrim, by WV. II. Carletim, author of Neal Malone, etc. 2 volb. The Cnanan of (,mod BIrecing. tr the Handlbook of tle Man of Featio:n; by the nabehr tllhe "clnns of Eli' qulletl." ' JOHNS & Co, N (: alalione'a Ihlll, dr cor o Chalorio anl Coamlm.m etas II II&ECEIVEI)-I'hBelleof Sea-oa,apoe,, , y tlie Countess of leallingtoo, illustrated, Lundotl edition Thle iakspeare (iollery, eollaiaini g lthea p ril.ipnl to lnlel characters in Ill plaoys of tlhe great Poel, Iota Fore.l l1e oaL n chriatanlnr a I nea I's present, by Itrealrila SlchaaaaarlI aiaalond n ediallll. Frinaldshitia' Iloering and 1intetr's Wreathl, a chrietna.s ed neaw larat, elll fr 184a, .ondonl eadliantn. E JOIINa .. 'o N Na .ilatiaoere Illl. d2 coar t (ICharles nd mllllnnlo rol . I\vI E K1--A uillol't.Irlarourn for 1 uno, .oI henutift ilhll ninlutod ergravilgo; publilhed by ALellnlllllla Cao. la. ldodaa. T'he Chednllonard Coa llllonilo,rntninigl the Inaw oflhe geol,value alnd power of tlhe ieces, remarksl on tlae nlant tho a I of Ire Iaiog the game, &c. Jc., bv W Lewisx, oodon 1tol9. I hlas for laginnoter, ina n sries of progressive lersson, illu a a rotaalla a an a dani graoem, printed i cilars; anaioieal, r ovi ald a edtteale,bn W LewisnLon J ost ar ei.' ad fLor sale at E Jd ll ' Nat Ca. ' ICItH IN NIClInI Kt coSl:lrl. in naaa voplulae ehlllp ealitlin, uait r oeeived aol fr arole hvl T. IIA.\IVI I.I. & Co., auccessors to Alex. I'OWAlI, 49 Calnp street. d3 . I:lt I.Att o NI I.EsIlY, Non. i9 anod 20, jest re. Saeirvedl adf,rsule by J IIASWEI.I. . Co. d 49 aI amp st E. JOIINS & CO. STATIONERS' IIALI., NEW ORLEANS; r ol aa':ono,.laaaaa of laa7o aa e IIng nw en ,plrlel, S It ta suh-ctiber- alter toe lfalwiag lint the t arto - cular naetion to thle lub ie. I riees. s osueal. low. Englaisl Drawing Paper, (WIVhatmae) Dac,, )11 ilnchlas hly E., l i white wove lliotan, 221 don 171 do, 2 .1 do 11 do anl).r Ioo, 2 ' alo 19 do .lephltant, n6 tn i 23 dat a"thlaier, 35 aba "'34 do llna, 31 ala, 26 do DOnulle lrphant, 410 do 27 do alntqanrian, 5:1 do 31 do Emeror, 16 dt. 47 do All Iane nlloe extra Ithill. r.ugl, grainlld. American and Englislo large Binding papers for Blankworvk. F 1p, ich"altls . tI' l, whi adnl l. wave,do laid Satty, 2"4 dI 174 do do It-yea, 24 ale 191 dat da uper lboyol, 271 do 1ul do do hlIaaaiul" 3,t do 22 d do English Letter Papers. (Whanmtan's Ituae nod Tern.r.', and John Grean's tatnuftae lure.) I.nrgent size .Packet Iusl, 4I, Ilue and whitewove, e. f. Vo do do do dlu lo do hlue laid onhnk -ast, sV.f. Ine woave :xra ntill Inrge thlik pat ; do gilt l'iat,'d latgea- ptat; ldo gilt lilted l rt; do gill l.arge votrv i aot; do gilt Folio lost, wllie und ltlue wove " a Ilalk, tbal woae Inloanailed I.trn- aod tamaall Ianll do gilt a olared nalg italzd vellam pot, ol alllt sides Milldiaaol SVcaorian pont English Note Papers, Seo. and 16mno. Plain ntae paper, whilte wove; do gilt loted do do lxtrna nati do white tinted and gil k ho rere d and gilt Illlanbnaordered do Silk note paper, white or lillted and gilt C(orall Ilrlownde do Wat-red silk note, do d do printedI istt nitnt American Letter Papers. F"lin nd IFoolrap. Amnie-e . f. C'klomnreill Post, whlteand blue wove Ilnllstane I'lokel P-a. ble wove CoaInoua sizne Ataien' . . letter, while .tnd blu e wove ,ll, do do hhoc haud Sdo do ltIInlaon', IIhllhard's GOodwin '. tGilpi't, and odill other goaod mills in I.ellcr pir""e, 2t. ; C lllnlnoo do I), ri l (c oll t ier irhd llmlon's . f. FanIIIII clhredl iotiIe plnlLpe Folio post, s. f. while an bhll wave and laid dol Nl. _l'lh Ir llllI hhle WOVe Wa\ l r lined taa t, a I. a la an o lle Amioes' and Ihldont', Record sap, a f.M.IPd. rgh & tt. Elllilsh utullll rialdean Itatlnd Iota. do rough edge Anias' anperior t(lp bllate wave; r dI N.i. I do wllie and blue wove dat d, No. 2, whllite wove Faaalaap, Noa. :1 Iluamrd's, n. d n.fall other cand mills in the U. S. s. a.. ati ae No. 2 nad 3 Coonllllllo F)lsetnp. 'ota do Ruled Papers. Saaper- Itovnal talonellr sheet papr, raitl lined :,\ ii, il,, l lllll a nlld htol d.r a II Etliat tad,.+ . t hte tl I,11. w,,ve tat ,do) tldlelmeII llPt (Ilp- fril Il1111]t ,ltr t pa r litalll li ed, 3:1 I11 4 side. . :AoaltnLt anlI dot with and cenl.columns S'Mhim do do0 vPr+y l.Ie ruled F ault lap, -s. .. fainat il e l ed( o h . .,I do di d, Ido 1 nhr haldwire accounts lecorda or cap, .;.L' liBaal Alusic Papers. lasailaerln ya, I lanl. nd 1 4 slIaves/ 1,, 1'- ala wi.. h ,,,,,. do d fIr scores, (Itartitions) 2.1 staves do do 8vo fir gluiar Colored, Alarble and Fancyt Papers. Itrealct,, royal Iald delllV. laed, all colors G.]trlllllo h, Il do aa(1 canIp, d- d dI Mrhle plter, (val, idium, dent a and cap do Imlna..oo fa .,Ianttlaa prtom tt Ipapers, all 'lur Colore and .tllnh}ants t pupto (i ahl, silver, col.per and ntl palper Plain and Raay atanae papl Sundry Papers. \VaI al rllg, rlanwn re ama nad nltar sampling do Cr aride panllta. aaaite; d• fra own I'sl ofilce or yellowv envelopel royal nod cap Capa it g paper, aI:ntg.lieh ,dI, do, iaket Io.ys sizet Illlti;nmg puller, Enalish, while do Ameriean red Illac rnlehll and rdva l Oil aellr fr c'lovllg presses Ilallk ntllell allllaer It'ttilalpe op large andllll dutlel elephant Glht- and adnnd rot.-e.r ve l attn+ o I nlr aaer.+ a white tinted, ealteotlt l perfil. \L .tIV liOl.K-- n.- r .(.l.'l, 1' tlhe oi-w.tnf F; workso, jol lthe subscriber. '.0lreer.-'r. l*ro h i:o : o v ola. ,. .ll r s ssrt ellllol', lf tIe Laws of sel" 1f. with an " lat's ' t. , r net "ier, eIlridlee. l hV .lltlo n Jo l .oll Ito :vallnr' lnllo rll I:lllrier alld Pro:rd'loto uf Declllation, t Pel lilne., In.rieenand Writs Coke's Ihilleell booka of Ileports, abriJged by John A lIgeroli . numdl of aritime Ilwo, consisting of troeatiae on ships, freirhto and itrn erac; utranslS tel roln the latin of itocull, . its noteis. Olivers' rielht of an \loneric llc:ilize., willth a comnln tary on talllt rightll and o the Collstitution and - polhiv of the It. S. Srr elll;' Cul.llmltltlliOlllll a I.w E.JOHlNS & Co( N i Stotioner' iellt no corner St c:hll rle andr' r l n,,,, ANNUALS FOi' 180t. c 'lt' PetIa of America, by John Reese; splendld Chrostiro ieepasr. tor 1840, by Rev. John A Clark; F Rllloelld rnl.lor. to'lllld Iteiic!,., Offering for 1340, by Mlias C II Waterman; 'rie I(ott, for 1840.0 aChristmlas and New Years' prow I sel.:: l< Jellelind entnlsle.Selt iiiofoccuI 'be le'rirl or A.l.l(tllol'o itt lor 13111 i'he (Ulhild's Cent ttr i84O--Aiso, T'le tifi,1810--'he Vi,, dt, and Literary S.ouveir, 18411, f tnr by LE J I) i N .SI& o, Mtnlinner's Hell 7 cornelr rt Chorles ndUl Common set THPE tiEIS OF IPIIAU''Y. I T IllS splendid Anunl, edited tty the Countess of Illeteington., elld illsatrated with twelve large and highly finished engrlavngst ,t rl retlived ndfor sai by " J J HFAS\WELI. & Co, n25 49 Ctmp at C1tI LAW\VYKI -A onew opply uf thim Iollowtog Sblrlonrd Prench I.aItw Rook, jusl received Roeron, 5 ('odes anoulre, I vio lterounto,Cllrllte t roisa lrenoais, l.vole 'l'rotlntg, Verte I vol ',ullier, Ilrit Civil frmccair , 10 vols Paillie~, Droit Civil, ` vola lt rlllt (, lll.' le (t O tllol er.,l I V Nouveal 'orlulatire Itt Nltroi I vol E JOIINS & Co, N O Stlltrtars' Hall, n8 corner St Chllrles nld tCommon e SNil.I ilT I'APEIt & S'l'A'llitN ti-l'he rt Atir dtesignled. hae just received per ship Rialto, from t I.lool,ted olinfer fr seilo- 10r 1 Irpnte largoe bhi wove Letter Paper 50 do do do lail do 51i do do white wove do 0 dol tinoed gilt fancy do 211 lo ' do tdo Note I'Paper 10 do do do dio eltoest Int do music paper, 12 and 14 staves, ornamen tel--ell Vhltolllilt'r mttllutfttlre. llon culrd, gilt and ornulalo tonl' eIlor boxes, rose wrli end nrl+atntllty brtass lltulltlt, elegeql trltles Color boxes, wtlt slides; color's in cakes 7'f all kiand, Aokerman e; eao el oitd. n brultes, so 'erior quality; lnksotrd, ofae, roel ewood, malttesgv and IelPOty; Ito ptrble; do bronze lir olffies,aO elegant atlile; "0 do at1; k rubber, Iest qualitv. sqttoe pier ; dawintg Iookh. suitble for chools; mlanitlhd writOlrs, Wedg. gotoldod nAckt rnae's;; Copytrg prooses,f tit .& qttrlo; rltpvillg ink, srlperiorqtrii vi Stephen's einoeeablhe & per.oilnenl blue writing flu J, in jtgs; Perrtoan pens of oil kitdo, ko. Oac. E JttINNSt4 Co, n2 Stationer's lull, St Charleh at LAWV (IOOKS. STORY'SCoometrary ttthel .aewof .Igoey; Wen. ' dtell's New Y,'rk Iteporltel Ctwui's Now York Reptrie- Jllillthot's New Irork RIeptrts; ItyrI ancd Mtmto'e Cre,wt Caore; Chilly on rills, I1tw al. 'I'he above with a general lssortmlletl of L.w looks, just received and fur sale bH JOHN J HASWELL & Co. Successo's to d7 A TOWo.R, 49 Camp street SHIEZPPING LIST. Ooastwaise. FOR NEW YORK. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. (To Sail every other .laotray.) Thifthine isv o:a ed aoftihe Iul .wiar vi. : ShiptI Alt) P. Cptt. e'rn-k " M.SisSIP'PI, " ' Iiillard " LOUISVIII, ' Allen " SHAItSiII'iCA 4E Iilt I" Mi 'I'SVII.LE, " I hlridle " ARATOGA, t Ilnth.wiy The ult ve s) l nija are all iof the flit cle0s., c.pperedl and Ci oppi r lt llot 1,i i a liht drgrll h l l f al r,I and built ill New n rkexpiressly fi-tll tei tll h will e eglntlt eoCmllllmodlat on .for passengers, allnd commanlded ly ablea anI1 experieteed masters. The rrice of wailnage is fixed of $!Il, without wineor :i.quor. ; ample store ill every other particular wil, be provided, aind cavey at trnioll gi.eln Io polIn the Ih- Clllldillt lof those aLssin I an I r inll lillne. Thle ships will ll all litn lie lowedll uJp da;l l dolwthe rice., uI tile gleaelel I InCU alilYy obsr ed llW hm lheirdav olf wi" ili r·. either l hse owners r eulprllails "f lhese shlipt will It) responslible fir jewelry, lullion, lr-ctllel .IOle- , silv-r. or inlted ware,hbenkage of eltse, hollow wme, I marble or gratnite, ctoperage of tin, roet of iron tt st.el, or fta, any Idlters, patrotl or tecknge s cty I'r par on hoard ttllhenb tn e:ms regalaar hiills olf huli t are taken for tile slllllu t I the value therefexpressead. Forrt itigti or pwstnEe apply Ito 127 W It FOl)It'K ,& C.o70 Catnp st FOIL Nl\\' ti1. IReg a l 'r I r'nr k t Ioflith Ilnstant. Louisiana and New York Line. i'itt l t s t ait;int r'g.l:t pmckt t sthip I OUISVII.IEi Allen ll:lete, ihneVill t, Itirds ofther cargo egllagced, will be dsalttched Fsr Iretil or Ipn=rae, tving A erior at ertet . )lolteil, aplylt on boardtt, tt tier Oiittr tlle Vcgetabll M.rkelt fr1 to Wt IIL FOSliII(CK & L-,. diI ll ! ctrm le t FORi FREIGIIT' oil CtII rI 'IL. '- l The lantiait sitii T Brt''IS is ntw ready ito retetive freighlt ie acny poll illt Eurerj. A ; .fr,,glhlt far Ilalllbnrg oIr A loerq; is Iml, st dlr cirted. Apply Ill lI AIIIJAII F.ISK Fili NIW\V YRtliK. Ner Ya--k and vets Liae. "'l't,-eryrm n - dailing A I sulip Is' ARY Catlnill IFIIIrte, htvi ne a tlllliln olthr caremo el..enged, will have ,'fly tle. ll I"F r reilIt ur pinsage, apllly to ' Lm I IILA W, d8 51 rls p street For the Interior. Ani all lteate witat alenagv. SI''1 w.ll kl o "a fatllt l ritrllaat)ite ei mntl .,r -- .i-t Z Kl t ill.ta ta, Jr. -"'- t'-te- wnit tepnrf FIo Ithtle e ior ta al 9trdy tiie 14111 iillllAl.ntnna 10 o'calck, A. on. F-lr flttal. l r teiaghore. hvin-rg AIIl entdid accatl.m, titt. apply nt b t rd or to I I IIYIIE&Co, dl l tor Cnmmna n tlaeiolent siet FOl I()UIS-VILIL in, Ci' \CINNATIt. -f. Th. T- .ew, h letl--d t:ll In tarun. ,i ,g stvnr QUL:I; I OF 'il' th 'IiT, J P i tutiar, tin ser. ays a.i iiwolos her earlo ettonled, w;e i leave Itr the abolvc prts an en cdesday tilhe. Ih iJt.lnt, ill It) ' httlk, A. NI. Ftor balance of l.reiht or passage having elegant ceanocllllladlioa . iaappily onll b trd or to .dl0 OGIlEN & I ()U1 rllG rl' .41 Potadrs at F;il IBAYOU SARIA. o oS CIIICCeIs11. Capt. Wg rrintr get tll r i lly eIl the a a twilI leave New I rlea:r. every 'irhtrsnn dny am.lning a t n 'clt'kh t1 t ly avol Sur.n eciT Sta l.a tI e at the asme hotU. Folr rleght or las sace npply on hoard, or it 28 P' I.ID!.AW, 51 nCamp st FOIl NAYLOU SAILA Reguler P hcket. P e. P' Thte- s deadid t sscrnti r i teambiat J._JS^1 tii ll.l.ti TPIt, e , lart m..ter, t-"..r -' ill rI.ove New e)rleraa eaner WerI needavr at I11 o'clock A. . Icr Iava,a Satra' &every Satnrd at Iaati, A. Pl tanetig iott eatwla down oa Stunaiy For Ikiight or essnage aoply to Cualh Ilart . bo ,r,·l -r lto fesh'2, l1..IS & wIII'rAI.LL RIC I JEWELRY. aT Nila I1 CnARntrEs SIaKnKT., A FUL Assortllalllt III-- reiveil ton tntieig oft rings, locktets, lroulte. hea lh-t''. i ,i-s, g-il i hles, do ilea ' PInr C-1.1J lh toai d ga11 0rd cluind +, scale nld kea. a;r [eallllle taa oe, cil.aelrs i, kniv, wrllhlt IIll p clllI: , ull mllk, tllllrI lllllI hlolh i lahl bl Ifhl: ,1 lltllte Itatntlall r 1i( 1.:aall a klal: , d fall Iihnlkaetl Cllral c ahhei s cno. l It b ad;. all itell athi arteicles Vrill aea oLfretd .tt tile tc ll rt·a-oLlald trll , e N. II. ! hrelanr.e fco-nt .w. Sl seles and -iow c:lcec, Ir sale. i'ltikei cll at 16 Chiartre BA Z A A R. Corner of St. Chnrles . Common lrec, )ltSI_ A B 1.:1,i,./w-)lliit rrtlaettallV the 8a Th ae Vioat, or 1ettt.t T i lllltlell o f (teielZ a n,. al poem brllllyl r h I CinhPi Te sollllflrl r )sonl lmllew II (iellllellnlell /illlll -Jlilltl, do (.r, nllll c AI·It1111b111r11n"1l111,. limtinllahle lint:)ll f·rlllll: hlln ll col Iii u: silk, co lttnl aiiw h.lillll 1111co b1r sh rins ald drawer: tattbri,: mad ailk halgandthcl: at loc[. a ,rl faaacy gai vat e ill' tL v.lriet v: t stieta oe-ta . r dIe srtia t i lr : a e i g lvl,-: g flle P rll ,kil Florvs: ulllll ll ur tlnr 8ll ,e golldl :Ine ithl-.n i niliat inirt eli ot led ti. d c it, Q rin i t ll ta a c:l i're tr"l a m pa.rtll t laI o,. aerl l alther. cut. nluvlI ANNUALS FOR 1840. J lt.''I" rectit e t4 ,i Set w hi rk theI Ilowing splen did l ton tdI Elitie N : 9The ' Sellrnlrl , it ailln,,lllv of original Broas" atc -,t-, edpalair it' d h i ay hvlv. i Fiaaltc' Daita a cbnl-m 0cc.)1) 11 tIok, 1040. wilh aaeli lhall's r le L ta f IentIIIIV , 18111. - lt h hrtt lliflll eilraee i Lit, edited h.l It~" m,, t1tesa fit III .s9ingtlllm. 'Irile l Klt'pcnle ir 18-10, edited by lady E. Iluarl lieatll' Ittclreeqic ,mtnm l I-ir 1810; \iVindt r enaslle 'rit ( cit: em i .a ttriate at1.i Clhrist:a. Keepslitk ho' 1840, Iby Rev. John A1,. C lank [.e'nnl.'a,1)fl ring for 13411, Ilb Miss WV...rman, em... The (;ema nor 1810. a C'hristmas anl ,New Years Pre senl etllhu-sed alld aIirle). Tile Senl or .Allin' as Gift fbr 1840. rhie Child's ia itat Iir ilt0. The Violet for It40). T1"h, (;ift for 11411. TI'le ittll d1 tlte Seaoont, a Iaenm by il Countess of Si.k-iteare'a (aulhter, eonaltin0.lg tie prietei;tal feon cllilralcl, re. illnlhe Itheil pla, the tirom prrlitIl. Farl.get ,Ie Nota n hlai-nuss a-ad Na-a,' present, ev Fret). .l, ,r r . Fti:'ll-lt-ila:'t c th;,rlm at::d \Vilw'. tnt "r'0h, a rhriel ite IalnNllllta 1tal' Pl.e-rllt, edhed t hy 'Frederil:k The Tt'okenI atla All.ti-te S atce:i:, a I'lri.tacaa a::d 'rhle Iria ,- i.rt.e, Po:try an:d : rt, tar I8111, illts tr el ith ellancvi lL' ly 8V. rv W, . ti lhdW, l . frol Thte IItok te tlte llll llia , Itr tie i .eellrt tnr (.l5tee aItapt-1 IIaiit llle 'nlelett-i. 41f I. . V F&W 1te datt Wltll Iletie.l JtillN J IISUA ELI. & Ca, d _9 ... .l:eaataanasli, i auwir 49.Icat_, str. -- .NNUAI.S Pql - 1.181(1. SUS I' reeive.d lpr shiI ECllO, te Iolol iong splen duP Io, Ill | ti ll. : The (larllanll, a oire .llnhy oforiginnl prose ne d verse, edited'l Iby TI. K. IhI orv.. Gen,. of Ilentllv, I'played ill t eeries of twelve highly fillrrhd enrllra ing of lvarious subjecti by Iheltouon 1ols of Il,,s' Fishlr't I erwig Rlroo Scrap lnok,l, 184, with ,oetical illustration hby L. . L. rnod lMry ilowilt. Ileatih' ltook of lilenot', 1840, .itLl leoutifil engrav. ingr, .d,,d by tlr.e Cuntess of 8levsigLon. The Ked1 ske for 1840, edited by l.udy E. liuart Wart ly. Keath'.. Piecresque Annual for 1840; Windsor Castle ned its- .nvironi, by L. Ilitlriy. The Poels of America, bLy Joh. Keere, splendid morocco Chri.tian Keepsake for 1840, by Rev. John A. Clark, illmromce'o boulnld. Bolginl'o ()fferllg for 1840, by Miss Wa:ermtan, em r bussed. The Germ for 1810, a Chrietm s and New Year's Pre selllbPme,,oo ail o ulorocco. The Pearl or Affectioons ;f fur 1840. The Child's (Gem fr 1840. The Violet lfr l1810. 'IT e t if fr 8140. The Bell of the Season, a poem, by the Countess of Ilo-sington. S.hoket ere'st Gallery, eontaining the principal female elmraletrr, inl the plays of tle great paostn. Forget Mle No,, Cillristmas and few Year's Present, by Fred. lhlbhert. Fr hde iol's OITering and lVidlo's W\reath, a Christ looa, lUd New Year's Preyeut, ediled by Frederick T thee Tokent nd Atlantie Souveir, (hllrittI an oud New Year'o Proesol., edited bIy S. iI il,odJrich. EJOIIN NS. &C,. N. Orleaus StotioAer's Ifoall, d7 corner St. UI'R l'aes Common st FREEMASONRY. I UST receivried a 1w eylies ,f Fellows' Expohition Uo the ancient "gtjllints, Ilythltoriats st 1l Druids; *s| llI IIinquiry lll') tie origin, hisolry anlld purport of' FreeaonTery, fufr rale by JOHN J IIASWELL & Co. S,,cyeR ors to d7 A T''OW ER, 49 Cuamp serree p1 l . Jurist o; Law and Equity Reporter. containing 1 Il1I reports of all th, ease- agreedland dPolr,,i,,, i tlre errveral CoLurts ut Law f lle l rauyit. rIIt Etit during tile year 839. 'Publrshed mlothlyat *y7 per annuou . Su'bshriptiols received by to JOHN J IIASWELL &. Co,. SSuecessorso to dT A 'OW\ER, 49 Cnmp at S RON-The uoderyigned ofyr four sale on aeeonono. , lurting teret, it lhte to suit purhoh.oryo: .he e1r1 o r t Irot just rteeived lrom Sttooklo!lt, per brig Iltale/to, tI compriuig a fll nl.d stuttete rannr r ..'rll o l zes.r L.\Y ttN & Ca. d.i-t-l 3 OId [.av.e ot AII.S--I080 klees cut tails, well ...-rllte , holu 3 1..6 inch, forsme by LAYTION & Co. d6-if 53 Old rete at LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK Ip buttgorifty of tbe State of ?Louiotana. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD, MANAGERS AND PROPRIETORS. 77 The First, or Half Million Lottery, and the Second, or Two Million Lottery, are respectfully presented to the Public. l'Tie IAlF MIT LION LO I'TERY will be drawn in December, and finished at one drawing. The TWO MILLION LO ITERY will be drawon onntihe old plan et Blanks and l'riza.-Numbers in one wheel, and Blianks and Priz a in another wheel. Both Lottlorj~. undor the soprjvision of two Judges of Colrrts, WILL BE D)RAWVN IN NEW ORLEANS. Thie I ALF MIL.ION LO ITERY offers chances to 1,291 Prizes, of win., h 33 ire Proz ro f Real Estate and 335 of htock, besideol many Prizes comrn posed ofTick',s in the, (; T'lwo Million Lottery, a;tlltrdig a prticip lion of chltaers ala. to rhu hkolder of a Ticket for Prizes in The (:RAND 1.0 II'EIRY of Two Millions of I)oollars-1",0t0ll Prizes!!-to the aull amouut of $2,000,000, of which 11)7 are Prizes of Real E.tate. Only 9 Ilaieks to a Prize!!!-Sirpnlo Nos 1 to 100,0110. 100,1Ou0 Tlcketr at $d20-,tt-- 0000,000. Scheme and seling price the same. Amon.rr the ii these two lotteries are many puilie andl private hlli!dings which adorn tlo city of New Orleans, and are th , pr doe f its inhatb. itants-t-lh Verandlah, St. St, lhar:e street 'T'latre, American Cnamp rtrcnm Theatre., S. Charles Arcade BLildings. Willt Ih, elos, I)twalling lIouses., Stuors, Buidding Lots, and many eronto squares of Ground--bnsidus Stocrks i Ilrnks and other lust itutions of the State of Louisiana, amoulnting cir the whrle to TWVO MIILLIONS FIVE IIUNDIIED THOUSAND DOLLARS. All the Reul Estata and Stocks offered in Prizes are oned by t'lem and in their ,osrrasion:-- re acts of sale, with clear titles, arei rvested in their firm. and recordad in the offic r of Adolphe Mazureau, Notary I'ubrl , and offle oft' convey.onee, raady ic transrlrr tl tlhe holders of Priz Tickects, exempt frorm ilocn.nrrarteo: Tl'e proper y is not apart unalterably to thart adlu a.I i'ly purptoU, and can, in no event whatever, be convreyed othrertuua by tihe firm thanll to rioe IroldTrs of rlle tcfiZs TrckOets. S AMlERICAN CAMP STREET THEATRE LOTTERY, CAPITAL $510,000, IN 1,291 PnizE:s! Will me drawn in DECEMBER NEXT; and int order to gratify, at an early period, the purchasers oftickcts, t. e combinnation is adopted for this Lot. tery inly, of 1 to 75, wlereby the drawing will be completed in a few minutes by thu drawing of 12 Nulnbers fott tihe wheel. 67,525 Tickets, at 910 each-9675,250. 1.291 PRIZES!!' SCIIHECME. CAMP ST. THEATRE ANtI GROUND, Wili be prize to the holder of the Ist, 2d and 3d dan nertir . . . $50,000 - T.t sunlata al fur story brick buinildi;°ng called Arustran,:'s llntel, fterilng the cearner o'l'aup atld \nal ehz streeta . . 40,000 Prizar. to 41h, 5th anld 6flh. That valnuable fie nine tory hi ick store on Old Le vee street. occupied by Mlessrs H vl W Hop kill, ........ 35,0 Prize tll the 7th, 8h, anti 9th. That elegant dwelling house anti lot, No 74 Itovnl str, oaIt'aleieid tW ( \V noudrich 25,000 f leiP e ito the 111t, 11 tht lnd i11t. , That hto story dolldel dwelling laid doublle lot in d II M. Octupied Iyv J 1 lall . 18,000 PrizeI ti t ielti ll' nisd 4111it. An entire seatre ufgeauand ill faiholurgl nnlt. eiiiti,l.n2d ;1. taindedl , I.iberty, Ilearlona, Mel almn e and 'lir sirh , rn ss. . 141,000 r Pri rit Ist, Ad and 5th. ThIla ole tory sltre and lot corner Colnp end Jell aatreet,uaecupiid y 31r. M. Laulthier Ier l dry golds. a . . ,O000 Prize to lit, d aI lnd' th. 'lllt lilea story store and lot crneCr ofii S Mary ea,lJ liat a .. ... 10,(100 'rize to nst faitlndt7th.l. A eerlifitt lir 511110 itickets it the two itllion Ilotery, at $'0 eal h . 10,1100 iThei frtunall e .hlder ofthis pria e u nei realize the happyll destin toiobtain potssssint Ihrough their l elldinl, of the prl nciple plorlionll of 1 the variots sllelndid prizes i lthe teao nillion lherv, will he a Prize to lot, `d and 8th. That liP llbuililng anlldti extensive lot il the city ,'l.afayelte, Inluboun l I.ivlllllie, Trner WlitniL gton and llnipp.wa its:. 111t) by A2110 les t l n 9I Oil Prize to lot, 2d and 9th. " A certifiat,t of 425 tickets ill the two Imillion 3 lotterye $!I 'lleach 5,01111 1i 11 rize I h lt , uil a n d li lt lh . That llille stor dwelling hIouse alnd lht, ,2 . M.t ,ow,.n 7,51)0 S i 1'" iz to, t ,?ar i ,ri I I .. A certificate tr :1'5 stickets ill tie two million luIltry. at $11) e alt:h h 6,511 Prize Ao It.s2d alnd I1ttl. A dalllting house and lot ol Victory at. 3d 11. beinig 2d treat lit lrtninge corner all liEn ghitie st. 6;011 I P i. z to lot, 31 nda4th. 1. A cerliliente I ill 31111 tlckIts in the two million lrtery, it $Aiinnltch 6,000 t'rize to Ifl, 3,1ad. A lot of ground on Nuvnade st. .d 1M. being the third lont from a'llpomne st. 5,511100 Prize to lst, :Ild and 6th. A elhcn'e far "71 ickets in the two milllion lottery, lit 1 eihi 5,1(10 Prize to lint,d anid 7th. A certifitale tflr 2~)' tekets ii: the two millini lolthtrynt $a n rit h . 4,500 Irse t, [it, 3d antid 8tt. A two st.'y dwellilng hlollae anl lriti, .tl 31. oi I)'Engliel st. next thne cornl'r lon of Victory at • 4,000 Prize toI lt, Id atll 9th. A dsir.nable lot on lerp.ichre st. 2d11. adjoin. ci0 nit1 Earner hat tl Navdea st. 3,500 Plric+ Ii Ist,:ti innd 1111h . An eligibly situared building lot on Religioust st.d SI11. 5thl Ilt from thal oil eornert teof l. Jaleen str. 3,000 IPi . C ,) tIs, 3 ndl R llith. A tprlze irliit ing ift, a certificare Pir 150 lick. etA ti the iton 16milltio h.tlry, int $-2 teaht 3,0110 Prize Il Is, 1 :td i l t 12'h. Ot entiirt rqilre of lground in fllultitUrg An itrlu itin, 2 II Im h.,.led byl tiyCterry, l hia' lio, Chesil -lnrid Errato nit. 2,5110 PIize la Iil. nth atne 5111i A ldesrirale blu.ilding nit, i3, 1 corIner of M1o reanllld hlitiectil Sa .. . 1,911 Irize to Int, 4th and 6th. A desiratle uhildi hlt 25 feet en oante.gUt at. 3d M. 41ht IS an lione'. tt at 1,8010 Prize to hal, 41h and 7th. An enirlle siuate If gerllluid, ld Mi. Ibouaded Zby iioi,, Peal, Irrato a.nti Wall Mia. 1 61O Prize io Ist, 411 and hlc, A lion i fa l'u gilre ofl'roulnd ill d Ml. ;iound. ed ,v Errata nid Engle.ta. 1.2011 Prlaze o Isl, 4ih titlu 9th. A sqiiare nIrnelill in Ad .1. bounlded by Ma.. phi, tti ad Cli sm. . . 1,0011 Pritze , Iat, 41h alrd 10ih. Arn eligilte hutithlitg liti, I oihi ure.inadai , ciy of l.nfni el.e 39 ll IratI llVashitlgon stureit, 3d'lit ,ti n Chippliawi anrelt 751, PI r le In I At, 41h int1 I Ih. A hui lhi. ng li t of ga uitil , e t oitI mPlat yetr ., 3 It" tIin Vlrthi tln slr-I t,ri and lilt lt.froll Cliitnnahi w crrer, .730 Pri- Itos 4111 andl 12 ,1lh. 9t1le 411 feeti ealth 'a1 F rth niree-i, lt 1., 4111 f6tt ,l licirlrler.r le v st eelttl $'l r 'lat, 2,I111U Prizt l Ili 1t,7h nd thlll il-Isl 5,h anld 7tu ltt, Sth a..d Biu--tar 5th ain lthli $ ;t1 Sin Ililding lt oof ctand, SitllatIPed lit III 1lh frlll lite corlr W.shan.Io nartetr, $3110 each, 3 1,00(1 I', ia ho 1st tth ifl loth-1st, 51 ai 1 1 1ii -- it, Sth n. ii--ll, 1 lch and 7iih-iltBith auId 011-ItiI (ill and 9th. Foturr ricaz, mral atcertieiite in the two millhint lolterv. 3110 ticketr , i $-i.r-- .l •t 6 l01111 Priz z, h oI, 6ith anl th--l tI. 71h and 8 tha,-ll 7th ma 91h-lst, 7th niil 011h. Tl'ty, priz,, ralt i eerifitcin" Iaor iS titekhi in iie t oi illilii ll Intiet, `i5 tinkhsa , al t $'A elmt . r 5,000 PiM ,e tol C. 6 hand IIPill--1s, 611h nl h11-11 Finve pri nre, eachl slhares f slack ill I P nlehatrn ril roa e cotnlpuav. 40 slhtlrea, at $ltll ultch, 4,000 Prize. tr, l, 71 aid tlh--ias th. 7,1 nil lAlh--lat, 811 aind lwlth-lst, rth and 91h1 ai.O1il, anid fitth. Fire priers, eanth fi e l riamre, lof I'nshanrtri railiroad otlrk, 30 shares. it $11111 3,11011 PIrize to Ist, Hih and 1211h- nl, IIth and 11 lh-In t, 9h.t and 1Ih-I ant, 9th and litht-lat, 9t ail, n , . Eigt Iriceze, each e erlitinllte nfSi) tiietli iin thie two nilni lla ter y.:l0l tickrts at $I1hiach., 8,0011 Price tot, It iihi antid 12th-let. 111 t1 11 1 ith-2-t, 31 ndal 4th-t21l,d and 5th-2d,:3d antd 6th11-- i, 3d ncld 7tic--2i, :li auid Bil - 2.d, d and 9th. 'Ien hrizes, each 3 shares eof ltorl in ihe iank of Louicinan, Si3 atcniren, it $1(10, • 3,01 Prize II 2.L1, 3 an 10thi -ii 3!3 ain Ilih- p 2l, k al ad 12--d,41th inll 5tih--'i, ilh nail ili--"!u, 4ii andl 71h-..1, 41h and ttll--dl, 4th nnd 9th-Ad, 4ih ald tllth--ld, Ith alld 11t1. Tweniv prizee, eae I eeritir fit lr 5 lieksts in the Iwuo nilliti Iltierv,.StIll tickele, at l111 ,1000l 1ht-- td, 511i uld 71lt--au.5i 121n,- 81h--Si. 5tai 'llll |hh-- iid.5lli ana IItIti--A1 51i tidI Ilrh- all, Sit, tal l3h1,--ild thill antl 7thl-Aul, 6th nRlil 81h-Ald, 6th anti 9t--A-d, iIlti trt llh anti illl,--.l, 7lh .ini 0,h-AtI.71h u 11th- Sicly7-lthre prizee, each rne ahtre iui Ihle i Ottnnl erslrtaneie ounalltnt,6,'l Ihllr.l', ci $3 3,311 Prizes In tiekela Ilnvillg I11th naid ltlh. l Onahn,,eed .ndaliwcnlc nai prcl,, eeanh la cerliaienl ter IIi tiiknhi in th, t. o lllion Prizes in' tiCkitshalViig cay thane dranc One Ul dred and IwPdnc V-niX trized, eneh thN n sallar" ill ie New ()hittitira gp.e lithItlid S a, Ihe ;it nid id. r 5t alui 4th. I, Olr hitlarnd and Iwcnty-nin prince, ecan two me tares New Orleans gac gliha fid bhillkiilg eoaalany. ..22 satres. at $ I', . 5,360 Tirreiandr ald catdien priece. aethi a epr lilitute ,itlar iickets i I Ia nwo ,,iliona lc' - lee, 120160 ticIaeI..I $21 11. Perizes it' 41hi 'tail kht--clt enat .h--61th-ilt 'I and 7th--7th crid 8i hcc a1i ehnd lllh. a, Fllr hneu IrcI dndf i,rlc-alee Iirize ,acnb a ter iLfteate hir 2 tiikeis.a Iit cite mIca itlillittc It Perice II. isl atid :1-- t,1I airtt .ll nSrll3ianid GitI--lih anid llh1-- htt clud 11h-tIt, an'd hit-.i ib a7hznd lh.-.l O Flee &eldredidh fairyp f la ld dotllars. 340,100 TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. 10,000 PRIZES! AMOUNTING TO TWO MiI.LIONS OF I)OLLAIIS, IIlAWN ON THEi OLD I'I.AN OF ILANKS AND PItlZIts,-NO M.1lIInA'I'IN NNU.lMERl>l. 100,000 Tickets, at 20, - -- $2,000,000. SIMPLY NUMBEREDI , 1 TO 100,000. The schemle nrl selling pricrs anr the s:lallre, no ndrditions or reservatlons are nmde for expenses ill this lottery: thos. eontingent expoens.s will oporate 'as a lar.e doduction eiom the valualtion set on thI proprerty. MODtI (IF DRAWING.--Ti: Numberrs 1 to 110,000) will be placed in one wheol, and the tarme number of BllnhkS ald Pr) l in llnoLthLr wheUl. To every numbe draiwn from one wheel, a tilket from the Bla.llL and Prize wheel will lbe drawn, until the whole are drown. THEll FISIT D.YD'. UIJRA IN 1)F'lPIIE 'TWO MIL, LON .10 11t1tit1Y, MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. SE]acth datly' dr.awi.g ullder the iuperviioe ofl two J.,lgers I of Court, ill New Orlean, uud the wheenl opened and I sealeld ) them. 10,000 PRIZESS. 1. The VERANIAHII I'ld gtrllllll, vliled at $5300,00( Thite rilal Ile end Illieli ellifitre,' l hiriefl Iiglh, and presents it Iront 1" 145 f, 't o Saeint Charles treet, and 10l feet lltll t C llll street. me tllstor c i:(llslll e IIlge Ir olr e'lff e hoiI e i lld tl ' igttC lllo '.l t two grllld tllnti. e ll ttle edilc i deineialltll,elid t eeitlta is lloW Icei i- S ell [v Ote.ert. Klicng& elreke, ill Ii stIle which rentder it the fe t tlshioall le hotel of leie soUl; i3lil t personlall atint lile i e e i nvell . ipllv i nCllllllomn diled t itll drllwin roomslllln , p r ouri aed bed roomIll . The Ipremlt ret' t aver. ige $230),l 10lli ller annlllmll, ni 111,('1Cbe i ille1I . Ied ly iproisiillr I it1 leases to $3:1,5110. 'lThe 3 stores n thie tbasement AeNders ii sest eltible of ngmplPlt n to $llll 3,10U to tie fo1119 tate holder of tlis prize. u STlilrl'i WI'.Cill RLES TIIEATIE e ANI) GROUNl, with the scenery, llmachinery, ' adrllbe, mus.ic, c. cpllllete 50,001110 3 This t glln l tlll ie trultll e illle i in I ltlt ll 131 beet on St Charles eir'et, with u depth & front b itl lile CllCni' l l ' ll f II its ll e ri . The r tlld lilllll t i ls 15 i.I1 f1 P l, Il. lilTtr litlUt lO oTf [)axes ore Htlrelsroulllnted cilha eXienIsive gble ries; 47 of ill bloxe n thIle rditirs or rertlll 000 rllol. Ill tl e elllt ,e t ll ltr dt, le i st usl l. eliin ta gilicin l (It ldeliCr, 12 l eC il hele ghlte 31) te l ill ' irbltllll|.tre tllc h, l. epiglllli e 4,e 1l It,-. , t I hilulld IIl)tli7i giI l lihts, lalnd cost $101,7511. l Ithe. e.mnli r fa lin l the e if lr. lCIlll t m tmllel IICr I e r , whlleiltr d l I thII l lte l Ucth t n . i T . lesd i foer S ,euris a ri $3 diilill i .tr 42 ln o nlt r. 3. rII oIIu i',l( hi ooIII eInS It(1 Is I II U $ 14 i, 11r5I\,;u 115. 1 1by I .InI N 0II+:Ub, avuln Tul.e 111 150,0110 A Illtii eIlllo k if IEbl ('ltillll order, 4 t 30,0 feet lt'(lllt l IIo ll 1:011, C . l l dac tt , I 1,' a rlll lo a de 1111 1 ii tlarl tlrli, 11biohe d flo. r are sIle lar tlelt .illealrd roIu - ill ithI le' dte 't S tlatei. Tie ilt lller I)I itl lre' divlCi led it ttC .12 l lI t1ar r1ie tld I h I tnr llt'l. T'l oe n bIU ic deels ligr h15,1100 |er . 4. I'Ii entire squ.alre of grldeet'l Cn tl'rti Clitv, t'f eithtely h.ailhllf letis at. CyCden street, Couni it' i teali cnte, i h rctl,-s nlliC t'Ierpslc ref tle! .tr eetsl. 57lt e1111, 5. 'i'l-e nlii'r square , ,f g roiu d on ervtden s trleet, "d inlunicipality, ell tolit,ih Ililonildnl b Ilos, hwIvh'd hy Eluler)p, IHerculles mIld TI'erp. Ievn Ir.1Cf elt, 1s i i ciC i lleldillillll g also l ui, iit li inln c s0 tr1 , 0 . . . 30110(110 7. FitItIe a It story ne.w brick .elli i .ihiouse e Curel nii Ilrl SP e',i2li-l 1mitiliili p hl), I lrlniiL g ltie cordWeo Ter ie streets. . 3110000i 8 . 'thentire ll Square of gl rol l iin l ravle street, 24 municipa lity, coniedi I: y l s, B imn, died [lv -.ulrle li nd Hlerc·ules slreets, and tile linle tiei lie t fuillh o trg . . 20,000 9. 'T'ltel ll( eiesqie of ground on IBlt'enlls d 'telreei 21 Un i ell,. li ly, o1 Ille etlt, IlltIted tI .11, b pnae ne al I re", & .. . 5,01(1 IIA. Tite eetiee fqure lf eroulnd tin Ihn Atletlep tllteet L IUllttClttllily, of IC I;tdIty tboutnded Ilt lerpe, T'erd -it'e Stret,'eltlt. 5.,00 II. T'lhae elltlre sqtllle of ground ien LGrener streel t t uniid iy, Im niCili C rllill rllng I hlo s, I lt) led by l . . . ..-,11,01) 1 12. TPhe t uire S uIt ofc t ground on inllItelt street, "mu .eitcip lhlv, col lli, lli io;s , bou le in eerAC ter tft11,0f500 ldd by Eurl'tepe nnd Tt'erittlhCoe sreetes.t 18,0110 1 11. ThI eleire soll lrly of .rieed o'lelipo. Id metre reeil2tt llt lltllet t',i.lllit . . 5,0lnllll0ll Ii Iot 1 boiC.dedl by Iento eand 1 'rrsicrt streets. 15,000 14. 'Thit elirla slgtlilre e lf gr llltel oln I teill street. 1r 5 let,, en litd, oullllill l te 11I att, 41uoulded by '' LelNertd altd l.,'rltd '15. lhe twee story hniiett and roItIg onh tw I[. ePa stire2et Ianl.tlll la itlel cornelr Iof Rohin streel, :SS by 1l5 h*,, .rt 12,01)1 I i. Th'l' e q 11tre ofi ero ndlll l I Irtll lt' street, 21d 11111ci+ilellly, ia' :11010 lI )oud1,I (d h) 1ItIt:Il 2 I ttn . e 1 7e iu lb ' t te d ib y Clep e, It ,01c 11 le, The ol' e aI t' I , lti . . onl s 01ee 1, 21 Ilrtuiti t hllllV, I1 I Ius i ..e b yy l h \11h1 I .a . !ilI Iibrrl sigtlt e eta, d . l d tlI. lin t ol' o0 utllar lrel'y et11i10d street, ,.d initllni peltrsvof I hlis lba hd d by l.iherl c 'I'er isiuhl rl Ill it , i d - e i I 11 1111 llllil i. 1i(111 dII. ' ,l' m Irltl 1 lill r1, 0111)r111 illl d aInd ITer-11' I)). llet:l s . . " . 3t 01( 1 2 . '1n',e e story hnilding .nod er,,nd .Ii Jdlllll slreer,. d ii. 11X1 Io llth cu 1mer uof Caemp Itrel,e, e2f 2 I, l) 7 IiT|' ".t 9,r,000 m2. elha ilP of r le l ori llen lw Thalia street,7 3.ll.n. ,d 1 emliii b llld Il y ,e0li0ll i , JaeCn[ rIndot( I lowIllt-tern, 9,0(100( 3). lhe mli sgouy building oni Jrlia street, naxt ,la the cornerer o t+ l.lav st rec ahi I Shlkerv, aiII h g:l bllvi 2 by i7 l0l, 9,1011 24. T'lhe s1 ll0u re ,I ero nlllld on MT,.liatnee , 1r treel, o Illl otsli lded bly yw 'lard,Ter alhulel andl 1e Je nii r 01 10o,, Nll I in. v.. 9ea .010 25. Theine therir ot gli'lld o In Ibiherty r lrel "2 in ., of 13 leotu.d:d by Terp.sihore, I 0ew ar le o i) t lar an B Iele lrllr 9. 9,11110 26. 'el' g., tre 01' groind uir 1,(liemor sIr.e, 0 267. Tx h, onee sIoy loilli,, o na l a daro,;ll on , 1) Jllia slrnett, 2,1 titI. beilng d Lr litllll cIo i stre1) te a h eet, .5 by. 7. 8,I000 9. The ll quare of groundl on TMe! lilomele dsree:,2d 21ill. .i It 1 i. , IIhoune dd by JL;a , .ollis Ianid ' Ber-lnrlllure .1e . H 8,00 10 9)9. The olie HtoSry hufilllin, ,und rerond oIn 8| tret,+t IIIIVillng2 I5 y 7,;fle't 8,1100 311. The.squire of ground irer 'haliaic street, ":d uI. + f 6hilles,Imuiidcdy Jifd Slis a 0lld MeylpOillel stleets " 7501)0 :11 31. 'I'he lqlullare o'grOi ltld eIuTllhlll i:a corerI, 2.1 an. of l etll ls, hllulidrd Iby .lallllie , So ,ilanid 33. Tile of grnunl 1,u T,!erllphlhre ltelb 3d an. 1 I8 lots, houndetd by Solis, 10 tl Nuulel anld Melpulllelle st'eel 6,000 34. 'l'e lot o)f~mdld mi .eApollo street, 11I m. corner ,f Jlelpuiuene etreet, 31 by 1:17 :35. Tie squre of ground t. n .;, ..."ne Htleet,d n.. all 9 Ill)l, hounded by I Inward, Ja cub salid Felicive • . • .' 5,500 36. I'hle hll ;fgrnll.d .it New Levee Street, ,i Ill. next to the ruoer of r Iotil street, 30 by 37lP. Tihe sqire of gr,,nd ion TIi.dlie ltreet, 3(- Id iim. of 18 hlt,, IlllUaled by Clara, | luo.eael, anld 11elllniie s1tre s I 5.500 38. 'l'hlte Id ,l'r.unlld oni New I eve..t etL. l l. II1. |itil le t lh 3d ii |'lollll LPn bin street, has !(if in,' 31hbv 105 fbet 5,500 3:1.. 'I'he sqtuare cf aroulllnd on rraio stra+,l 24l .il. lf I8 lots, Iblnllid, dt b y C+larn,'T'lhalin and 4I11"Shel, ot IoI of er,,lind on NYaynleel slrele, %11 11 11 l. gll, i he. f le i it f I t, i 'rlli 'Lrpeichore ntlae, Iluivlig 31 1b¥ 1'7 I;5, • 5,0011 :d tin. , 511,.,,l bonllded Iby white ld Molplo 360 meeStreetrs i 5,000 42. Theet ut Ifgroend on N.endoe stree. , 211 1811r'Elllieli all-lr·:l'e[+ 3: i l..l y 1~,3 tIut II CAL DW Lr4, O KEY & PIi TCRARD, MA AQEEJs AM, IPIOlIETOr. New OrlCUn. A4ug. 30th, 1339 . Th ttt-rion of.. ft glto lt Io ht; Ilrtt, hI llI II lnulln I anld Chlat, u ld ollll t ro. Ioerty . , o000 40i. io lont o rclton ll tnlrti eg tle Eoti.Ptr .1 I AlIrllo a.d IT'.qt:hoI.totnrotl nd 2t1 toTo2 by 'LJd II. of h5 llt., holiaacd by.aazmcrs l, (gla~ll anld I'ell stree rs . • 0,8 000 7. Thte nwo story bfrici holFnd nit ofl. lf sohlifgtn . stfeet,oity toIItt iyotto, Itifg I1thr it.otIor t Chtipew, a slrett Ilid hvigt f !t i leert tfrott, a I. )) I let . tII o! th . 5,000 4!. Tj.lle Ittt Ifu t.rotlll'l in T'holi a ofret, I op. -f Ins Ilt; , Iheded by .arti. a beuMalllo I otle o flre om. Tlltd I rtglr o nhnut . 5.o000 thd. '0l'nonttt t.stroto Iiiliog o tllottfgtttrtll otll Ntllt.It alrttoltl I.llotg II ttt 1131 (Itt fr. 0l'.t rjl A,1 lTh of~r fground in Aporrao street, 2dru Ii.ot 13 it+1 hromaeIy M Icr slirt lauIng' 4l00 ta ornrtt, afd' I:.le 12It lla t o 5,0010 :J.. Thl e Illt t'Fr uladl~ on Ap.I/o mlr,el .tl mI. (Stq. sitf rthe resflegte tf'J niehtl r:otft Ift,0 too "tl lotfoltlll 'torlliCtltot r It tleh , f lld hattois It 1 r to . • 14,0100 52.1 '|lhe tootr gf~ftfla .nttA oftret,5.t otoottttoht. .ne otJ tt.t ttenut IThtt a,1l1 \\ ahIIIRTl: 1 * .'t • 4.J 5:1. A I.t1fio grollld iln A TInlilr streetf, Qd It oI.oiflg llof lot IUt byIII tterolu ore oSlreol, aII l o ols 1oJetott . . 4,000 I 54. A tot of groi.ttnA olpo ttretot III. 6Il t._ ti l lot lt rot n tf rt llp-t c ril: sttr eetttlu t i.g g 32 1to tl St . t h• • 00 j St oooutro dto itotoyn tt.ett, .dm. 4,000 Il.tfi lff tt by It1fOi.ltt, olJ.itin illl. tolt forllngtf 5 7. A lot onlt grlotsu.d f by I Jat, btilg tlne ItIt Ilot froma Itha owllicll t.tolll tile clrllltfr of" "l'Jr .sicimre street, n,000 511. A lot lftrlldet on Ap.ll.Iu sIntof, 32 Iol lot oteodjofnit t thfen lt lrott glh,'l Fot.rr 0f0r 3 llllO llllle rort e lt t . 4000 7i0. A srlirn of gro)und, ctanlh~iag s3icer .d toud t.yttoning t lt , Iountododl Itn. T.hll 0a streense stet ,000 to.t ar oh groondf c .aMlpne 44r ttO, 2000 l0l1. t ott it hi t tllotilln tile It ttor ttr ff0llo str..t.tiily I12" IOtt, 220I., . . 320 whic h o (rltl. 2 1 Ito ttlrllr I lt NllVltlft 2 1,5) 1 tI. A rut o' grlulo ll o ro lellOllllc llll int tPt, Ill·?li.+ flll l III,.I whlichl Iliii++ thc rtllner of ltt. A l yllltlrt Itfg .rlllr tll frte 3rp-illort flit.Aqot ft ooo.I 0 3-i 00t fS , A ( I tlt r l frtillllil g 5 I{t l'=ibt, + I t tet olf St t1ll: 51 i~ll rltl Ill| W I t' | I;r~1 r Ilstle e·lnlmlr of` S Jto. of,.f. ooild hatint 3 hIv lty I'flO 3,000 Iili. Ao tqattrt of gtolad t(ttloloilliltt II, hlltltll)lt d by ll.the oy IfrrottCl t htollttlo alttd Clt slierl~·- \. ,500 I i7. A square of groontd Contaitting 17 ItttS etld h ly Eag l e.ltlt ettic. . \\'itr llett O ,f T',l~oia ofto~tfo . . 21901 Oil. Ao .trtlllre p n lllglo lollltioii g 18 lort. I mlllled by A\' lllllI JhhIa, {flPlye gld Erralltpe h,.500{ 69. Aoofttaltlodwoth+intstotaod ttotfltfttfffttot hot Iet o fl tllittloot.. .trot, - lO.tlol Foo.urlh street, trtllerf ut 1, 000 70. A oatuoe ol toroltd, Olltioaill 1|3 lots - bltttutleod Iy \\lntto, Chterry otd Tltois ofrm lo . . . 2rl r 110 0 2 71. A qltrn ogolootlrs, tootoinio tu ohft , boouotied uy \Vohloot, Erroto nod Coerry hyTrscoead>lsstreets . 80 72. A sqao rare tf ortotl, oottoioiog 4 toto, , bhulo.. toe, ItloTlin , f"tlo aott Jaeotl, otreots 1,t00 73. A stllloor o ot grolnl, oont ini.g 10 lots. L Iotlt.ll. d Iy ltlt, tI tetll,lllen o an lltd lartill and lin cantl 011 CI p b+0I I t treets . 15O0 i74. o t oreh t og tootl ll to ii oiao 1t r llltlllltl i)thp en In1 b.ut , Ti ltlt, 1tutlod E oonL 75. A qoarP of garcoltd onfoaitg 2 lto S botulldtd bf Clletlltt, El.ltoo, Sntrue otd olI.. uns treets • • ] 500 ;. A qotiureuofgroud, conlailrin b2 Itot ouad,.d~ hy .-llruee, Errata, Peleach and (:lit ) atll'i't t o0 77. A tlait ill 1G tootooot lot bhoootlestl by Thanut; tolI a'eo tets 1,00 71. A lot aoof grtooolooationtg " '3nr Io sr, totof| a y boetoa I r totao ...... d o ho tltheitt II to I, nel otID o 00tltorI I 00 tt. 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A s rlllllr? ol ·Iltland t.O~llla lillg ]3 ]Illls hollll~dCI ljy Maplell, Eulpllrus? ne, 'lsll alult \'r O'J. A trio,,tluer ofI;grett to rtyoand t Ut,2udy h.0 (ol9hsalll ttllt 'oltttoht . .s 4011 hly Malsllne1111111 Erllllt) *Ireela o () OO(0. A Itotol r.ttt)lllnd rOlllrill ttl.otftllr (f Jel~ev anJ~ \\.·JIL'atillll~l Sltrbl-.l.:I hipa i.g) , Feet 0 nfootf . . . 500 t01. A tol iognl1.rood fOrtlllilltoo thorr oo Jh'o.,e anfFt l It . a o ll.o els ilf lflata .all+ atllllore, 0laiy "tt5 fejt li to e funo20er 0nd 115 feet oll Ill 107. A ttit ogtroot onJaofr oo slrbooIt. 1 15 fiert, lhe 711, jlllll thle IUlot~ 1IrnIn thc c1rne1 by ia nodhi:og hlll stree a . 00 101. .\ I~,t id'r $llllll on JFrr;~ RIl.'el '3: i,v 0 feel, prioolg tie 8h from tnt tigh ter o n t asll 0 ohootol ffl'tk, ,f , ., 1. 104.A Ifrinaltoar sqoarh u(goon lf bofuld by (.ioo ant tioUt nt$seeO • . 0100 0 0 1.o. 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CIIAI8LES STREET, NEAR*PYJRAS.' ..,23 OrLflANS LITIOGIZAPUI PRIiNTINw9 No. 53, 'Magazino Strtot; Lr Oppo,.,ite loo,' Ar'ouio. I'II.LI1.8.4iJ GREEkE, PR hOPJUE 7CR nrl JARVIS & AND)REWS, %' L11011.E1ALE ANIJ RETAl. fle:ALERS IN. MEDICINES, PAINTS OHIO. OFF. S Y'UFTS .dNI) I~Is DOW ((1.JIS, ['anelur rll Con on and T.hoipitiul.s streeLt, NATHAN JARIS JiIIN W. ANIiREWn. A large upply o, arden Neale. ourrooted the grioihi of i 837. CJIAMPIPN & COOPER, (ITtlCEI(lS ANDI lIEAL.E:RS IN tIUOVitIlONS N.,. 1 71 od A I 0Ei., No. 79 and 8: Jn Jolla iect, New Orloom.. [I Tohi j a.d 'Fonll vt.tres p~ati up. wr S FASHIONA3BL CLOTHING 'ITALOR & HAI)DEN. i.. II (Oh. tree *Iraq$Ci IIA VI: n ..nlstu nl o ij~lly 1' per'" article (rrtnininC t.OIIoCI Ill i'O doess, ..ftho Jatnt otyle, at Nsew Yoth U(IrI.I d due 20 IOEAIERO IN AMdERICAN & IF:N(i.i 0 CROWN OLABN Nu. 3 CAI oiI)LFC uTOCII?. to BAZAAR. BUSAI dL AZLEN. Ni). I, IXV1IANGE HOTUT, S'w'nrr of SL. Ch rte and Ir('ono, al,. 1`F:W ORLE.IANS.. js I1'OlrI'1'~ and lln,,ler. in French ai'd English I' o;11mvir "i Ihlkeo,o (',"-., aid Portullr lock,. L C'llaery, Ili oh'., (ilnree ?ha1rckStook, uol,rlellao, Coon.,ol Fl..rcv Articleo. d9 .OIner'haodite 1forker I Coonn. osimr .9lerckond, 113 t Igi."e, 3ti, ('asp, i.--For the present. 1I. P. FREEMAN & 'JO.. fihkolew (clthiLng REeIwldohmeo NoI 3, W~li.,Xlne later[, I AVE consotantlyon iland a lorog spply of Cloth im.p calealoLted Ihbr he country trade. Their as. coalbootlinglargemoerchants fro m ihe couwy arn 3 be su.pplied ..t the liortelst notice. uct4l FIREMEN'S 8 INiSURANE COMPA1NY OF" NEW ORLEANS. Thia fompoov ore n ow p' reneoed to take RISES AGAINST FIRE. 3 FFYICE, No.24 3luooon'o Building, Cantl det..,. E L TRACY, New l),rtean. 9oloy. 185.183. Necreltry. ROBERTI' (IANNON. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER 3 No. 1.0 L'oip strelt. Wlhlestle Iheoler in rPaint, Oil, Varnishes, Iiemauhg 0:13 7 Wid..r aind Picturoeo Go &ac. he. FASHIONABLE CLOTHTNG. I ROIZIWSOXi t GOOD WIXJ N.. ON, Cknortroa tierce', Else l),onr bid.,. Ileonville. i 'aVE constantly on la.d every rsijlo ap.l.ernIio ing 11 iig'ilrioro'i dress, maIdeO in thnloott moi ne o ..d Inch I'loooll tlin e, loelh they offo. for cua I, aln. 4educedrices. BANK NOTE ENGRAVING R WDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSOI _ AVI' nolened l o Ilnice in New Orleans. itseni.unint J eqnal alvanlages w ith their Illou in New Ynrk, fir ilhe I rlr ,feoigra'.iog and pialling slaoli t %Note,. loads,, ]lllns of E'clmllee, Certiilctes f I'rleplsi a Checks alnd other importnet ipa;.ers, reqn ring secrtitv aliuolt ortge, iefs; aluld havie Iande Ilple piallvisiolt tlr the safe keeping of all plates and impresailne entrust. el to their rase; their speri ens elllrcethe note lot' olIr fie IlndiI hllnukitle intliltuion, and all orders wIll be etecuted with lirnllpitilule, aInd the usual tralns. Oflihe l ,rner tf RL)oyal ald Canalete. New irlli tis, NliVeller II+, 1839--if. II Eil 1.A I PRICES. ST. LI.SU S'I'II :El' I'INTAUItAT' , OPPOSITi ITHE EXCHIANGE. f llE Siebi iiller has tile lhonor toinafrm his Iriendn 1 nid Ithe ublic in lleeral, that lte will open, on the 1th insllm , a It letanral, where persons will be erved aclclrdiinl tl filOe til l o t fare, It regular prices, vii: , Fil'tv eeltl fli Ilreukfait. and Seveitr-live cents for Ilinlor. Thle brnkftnt will elnsist oltwo diihen at o cup of c fe wnitb milk, halfa obtle of wine ndlll brnd at dicretion. t ile ldillller will consist of tllee lill lit ipltio, a Couinp, Ihfar botle of winealnd bleal fit ai initerain. A Lgreat ilIbePr io perlon bnve beeli enmplainingl tr a long time ofr lhe inlcollvenilelre tll am tables d'huteal, ,W|IPs ]they are obliged to be at reglular honre. The sbllllcrinllnr a the llipe olf haning ohvialteiRdlfltaf. f·-c - enience in establisliine his i es aunrat at re sulr pricel ani l ero perseoi will lie atteldedl to nat everv lourof tile lday, it i cheaper rate than at the cbale di'htea. Tlle SUiicriher ill a lI eleant lleahnol fur private partes, anil will execute city detllllnid. mli5-2w MIICHEL DOUAIS. TO HOUSEKEEPERS, HOTELS, STEAM BOATS, and COUNTRY DEALERS. ITIE olconhniber are now recriilig direct froim the tllnutfuctorirl, Inrge nuipliel (o laose, Chila and inrlthenwote, I.nllkitg ,.losses Pilted and Silverwere, Lumps, Chndhnldiers, Japanery, Kitclher ware, and lroe ifrnishllg gondls generally, which they offer at ius-laall" llw priee, fit Nii. 17 Caillp trreeand No.84 ',ltnlmlor tteet. oi I -- w Il BIIOWER& Co MANSION HOUSE HOTEL, laIAnna. TIE . lndlrnigncied, present prmprieteron thin will Sknolwn establlir ent, n ailed the Mabrion Halne, Nitulted ill t)brapina treet, No. 119, have the linoer to iuenno s o the IiaLh, tlant Itieir rente-t care and at ellliu wllI be dPilicated tl render comoeftle hla eresn who Ialy fhvur tciinio tii ilintr pattrouage, Tbe ad cVlliige maonclled bly thei holle ous tnrn llern far iln onlih , el neni llei. o c. nre no well kaiown that it in t.ill U y CUNY.& FIJLTON. MANSION IOIISE HOTEL, d ia llaba.nna. 1 OS ilufraerilh, Inuevoe proprietarion del bien i coneidlo nitablecinioiliiulo nonruldo MAN SION HOUSE, a uncudo I iar cmrle de Il Ohbrpia, Nii11m. 119 l ieneni el honor ie anltitieiar II publieo qua sua itonyorel efueros ny uatlnoionea arran dedi Iradon ir cdlnplacer k lao persona quole loa favorer can econ ru patrocinio. Lau veultjarn que ponen di. ehla elon prl p l viagerus, tato per anu localidad, c.modidal.d, le. tal, slon tan coneredae, qua ea inu fil riilllol rllrit l . 21 lset-ly CUNY & FULTON, MANSION IIIUSE HOTEL, d ato Honvane. 1 ES ousisigns, Nouvueux prnpridtaires dn I'd-d .alll iiement bilu done La rue de Is Obrapia. No. 149, connu Aons la nol de MANSION SIll USE, ont i'lolntcor d'informer In nublic. qu'ile i lront tous lesar eflllrl pour es oeledie agreables aix persnnttla tui voudront lieu los favorinenr de ionur collfillle. Los cullnimoditi6s qu'offe ceatie egl. eon aux voyageural .atmnit eoe rt. onnues pour aiel roint juger d.eianiroa d'en faire ici LI detail. 91 _ap--ly CUNY & FULTON. lioun to teir onlller llck, hi v ereived Iron Eng- ".. luandl, r h lli ,l ' n e s l."iw, th a i n,·( s m nt o H an t'na , noHIs; " Sretln,'t front lie usealtrn citiesl, tlhe fblloria al~illl sun 1t| Io lnrdware, iron, Strel, Neil., Anehors, thait , Cumdage, Leratlr, tIiln, &c. whihl tile) oae Lfr salle ill aalCalIH lllf aYllin t 1t'l']l i "I tlAIDWARE. Brigs trace elains; ix iand log doin; ane carriler cIeIini and itlllilns ir saw ]olin; hlghl Itearolina hlniee,' nml "vI.lllonu.I brihllt at tiltell hone, and lot eita and s ltirin i .rii, sli. iall ii11oe-; grubbinrg hnew; black ('tililna Illere;heet 'Arnmliite' anvill; blahnOt lih'i bl el hlws, huiullers aild iller; filer, assorted, if all itlnds bllmtlirilu'a lakeh rocket tliadilo, asorlted kindsi liewlald' aild Ill'a nmill rawer;nlat nteel whip antt eroi.r PLu oIilalIInd s:iw; cippIer Ikinilmerial Iandie chlihtlOl bells; lildinn cllrn Lllillia nry ion.tti;ti wen .crews; leg locks; :liitienal door lokel; iladlthkaieubih h aks; rsteel\n trd; rshak nd ltanpr blaer;naugteraehiaele', earlfVllers ulrid smiillths tosI generaliy; biight aiaetle vi ie.i and a gleeral aoaortlieilt of tabat oullelr and eelall g.,uol. AXIS. a SiLt'sIa ert Olill nxeCI ll.n.ton' pattere untl'. broaeed a.. a Ill l ....... ill .n ane..menttl. t nf tnulat t .t inol - Cul l ilLa' axre; and 1511 duzen rast srel aea, matde by olher gud ll RON, C''SI. &e. 100 tons fiat, tqlne: a illlan lliind trelli allltiinore oltle Iod pill ii.l; hoop iron, all size,; RLunaia shee irei A iiirt icon do; li eeioast nLeelandca nlteel is etIIen Ilihl inrL bnrr, crriedi, Soaldleronltl mahke; Cro.l.y s at; O eerlillitlli, itest (l.)Enlglin blisitred," ttllBliiala tin; ilale iac;sleetl aud piig leadi; elaltall slen. D NAIlS. 5nli0k.e coit ilall, well assorted, from Si t I! |thlp D 50 caskh wioltillt Ile, l tie cletap and "n 10 el car bllida aila; 5 ken fine hrleshoe nallli Gsil ANGHOIRS, CASTINGS, &0, 0 Anhelor all ninel ; chein cdblhe, dol I Atll. '0ree poanl to 10 IlilLil; oti'.ders aiid ekiilets, a large 0 uileit; ll) all ketlee; plouigha ofdi.ireut slnae rin.u windown Elas 1 ail sieel NaIv Sealti grind a.r. .i en ld a large oltok (Oillen iniltotatIqtaaeiolmetina r SHIP CItl NDII:BRV. 0 Tarred rlip and lred i aeaurlnrtntisege ,L11iell lMlanilla rltr, olf itettiUal kind, cad Illnalnetoftaf enat 01 ianille Led et'ilo asod plhngh lltes pail. a lnu! i m every anriilie i aIla olin . ti ntieran sIloes ,el -t 0 .itd*,ji,.tl e.eir.d fnn.r hi!!dh l..'j, •l " tttt AN) .NAVAL . tl', . .'lI nltl, oa3i ,an in ttlahde' eple tnelr tif a o:ivar .; citl iia 0tsnp tit ui- c.t . . -- 'e.h.r.dl'i .Whlttiiad, 4Ic, .' y

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