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December 12, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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te a stuck ncy oldt colgh, a istiesqui - 'al1 . p7l etait" .ILCOMRB AND VA 4i- ' bf ; til oldeen lt s.'on-bitnd < aull heoking glsses, t plain toek,twist, i fthes, url and I ;m' omik of every Lariender, Florldo, honer , l ofeveryAsize L AND VAd ai, e trdtt of lhrgamot, t The aroi, bears have n to p eltu , plain s niand erfumdll .Ge rpucles nd their line Joweleiy n uIpoohe, locking glacoes, oi and chloriom tooth Na aLo sh assortment of Slatest nnd most fashienl itand aed plaiornelia, tctarwin 411 dt s n is g ad psvff, curl and Sof hterj. eanrlptiin amooaget ttf1 ne, ellc a mnd a of everyn i Ssdtout ',cketrt icrer with afor ~ SE anm-Oerman tti and toilet Si o Frenh dressing glasses, honey, btr kinds not enuvmery ie ncd. hi desks and dressing eases, amos inshcd ladies work bil aoes end dles t.ithout music, musical boxes. Aed i violiid guirs, silver tnn lwsod pencile for caxrpentes itd h unsand npstels with and withash *apn iereuiaenorta o tlaersrnipf i lsk eren ty iend, bellso and pofhione ofhs witand ted scissors, thipler fest n gend ' - d lletsa ol arious kinve, v.rlte, se; eats, playting caods of rench, gr chain manLf'lItur, dulls, ilaitaration fearit,sfu i t.ate vious ckins,Nal shunavirs' P nroy'se nd L 1 llan'aSd Hwkine's razor straps and toilet idioiirksa, l Franch besd ekhaees, do with -re , LIlt and silvfother do, gumnot enlastc usped. r isan r ial fl esin ksad sword dane s, b mkgeaon ty sa~aly finishedladieuej s work ocond dreo-tc e U;i5Odrfllola kindos,Wtega vlia d itariety sl over and wil l l bea ldfor'pash or eurp eeceeptan ea 2 months aenditd BH ,IMMblS, i .n, and et Itnnnllee o, Neaora and gstiiasro tIileo, S. 4ettlik, ..iLle la othei r lateel andrr cias lam:iecta #• . etios,olk atn oes and Bwallet v ogans, itin atilalndogecdnaeo, playing cards lf reand Muieo benin ', ptericatu manufactbroaen , llshoes, bitation fruit, an tllttas men', flHlle anlf and Hawki;i' rapege stoesap and Idp ntoo wateka, pearl kitton, pl wax pegek t andsoe StIalle sehes an, gilt roands; cal, sg elastic -i'oen adI dl e soes, plalvaeso lf, bun f a llCal seal wncfoc mc andd; -sna mises'n.. op. idren's Ivawett l aud otewe A igeneral eassoldrtme of nach stot ate ant 711 (iiiartO osit. Wi EN2Y It LEE es 00, No Muguao siccet, car raves reteiviog from ships Nasohlle, Louiaville, wteieSl, Eagle,nsd ote aif d o ithrltarrivals trin lal fillan Bootst Shoes and Brogwns, "nsci.finet eatge seal, mosfoee c and gMrain wce ts, ni adq'mtlllpqliet do ruls, sio stout waith pegged wit els Srals, saoa tsele;nd o'ut s flhe calf seal ev lrula M7ce hae dl khis ind anieas; do lackskin blhoaes; bohetn ar t tgpan en'hilsfrene calf anld kolool plggcisth agbrao Itog srb olaver do stoat kii asi .ca l rggeity do iniltion t ramoos r aai d ac narclow brim melt's aille l'l MicclI I tie . sladlort nislippelts, a calf, alf, alle. Yseigls" Sgae s, anle hates of diveren qialities; d ch ihlre Also ait genera l nslortmeit uofe boyt' and mwn's 'I. aul Itorogens nill e sole, oilterd i)i tlie alrialX Ofir art hplslenromt a sore saeiy actis, a iiri of wlalith fdl ihe I lsod tn iteomolet caitig irgai; ai goi1e" wtthesatd .naeommaodaiig heroi. attn I-i nr,.neo sa on eeomme,&tinC tetrms. ltcn-1-.i 1liOLLQW WARE, WOOD SCREWS, SAD . .. IRONS, &c. HE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S 938 Water, near Beekman street, New York, lava received tho past season, and are constantly seoiving largo and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the ealowing assortment, suitable for the seottthern and western maskess. Hollow ware of superior quality consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Iettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 different sies, Tsa Kettles, 6 doa, Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 9 do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, 6 do Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cert do. 5 to 7 inches. ''Wood Screws, 20,000 groin, iron and brass, from r'P'inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jame's imported prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for Tailors and hatter's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 20lho. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &e. made to order, Alaso steamboats and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly secomsiended to the attention of Southern and Woastrn Inerchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is be. liened to bet the largest and bhot assortment ever eserod for sale by any one establishment in the United States. Mcrnlionts, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a printed circular. wih description of goode, prisesapd terms, from which no deviation is ever ,boas, fuatsjied by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. je3 S Piano Forte Intructlron. :X..l.illina Smith tenders his services to the cili ia=i of New Orleans as a teacher of the pIiano ,"rte. Mr 8 having been employed severnl year lade teacher of music in private families in Iloston soedals iat several of the female seminaries in ts '-ieisilt, cannot but hope to merit their confidlnce. Hesto "permitted to refer to Rev Dr CI.pp., ltsesr Statism Avery, Henderon &. GaiStre. e.lrerms, &e please apply at the bookstere of A a drTower,49 Camp at oct 2 SH GARDEN SEED-The subsevvber go tr express his grateful thanks to the p b :.afor,1hel liberal support he has aeceived since re s.stpiesd busioness is this city. Being sole pro. pieturof the seed store, 17 Common street, lie i n*t fnd never was agent for any northern seed a dep. neither is he connected with any house in eot.yhiry-but he essur"s the public ltht his el lltpi iobtili every department of the seed busi. pee l, ilb he different countries of Europe are eqeal usotoi t inay house in the United States. He imt. potll.eed s, plants, o&. from the most extensive e". nd re stable nurseries and seedesmen in France, oUillal Inglnd., Scotland end the no them ettear-illd it will at all tinmes be his inrerest, as it il his st dy, to receive, in addilion to he present ltk, l arsirals of every deseription, really the "of 1838; also, engrafted fruit treos, of all Fl s9 s T' e public may rely on finding a lull as i-« it ofevery article in the seed line,of gene. !,i llly, ancd imported direct by Ww. DINN. ITH & CO., respectflly inform fi r si n ad the public in general, that 'py wbrink shop, 919 Tchoupitoulas e, th kloeip cOttafttly on hand Copper, T e tsortn Wareiof every description, lIliC. kbles, npd pumps, tin bath. I tansi of'all sorts and sizes, and all 11I' ne at horte notice. (a1s ve seorlptiou, slch as steam. . l ss., esrew silte, and other 4t sa 1 work, a selas u olbilneoys, breech. Sls o: ai kinds of oat door work, suan fing and guttering, A or kinds of Work Jn lil execute k (pbe dec27 S od. Goad sntre'etiet. weern ti,-eefs cotsntly 1e 'hand f }o bd biognns, and F s f, ofti"rur, m l os fa e, woten >epewwhi .l- b e will dispose oi vos uire ianned4 toJ I. HISJ QUR ,kilh htot s ·f ttatsto'ea Biokely- nt cei four n -ldefaebkSabaS 40"Peo;ts&ia- iatntit inaeittsitats to Lcgran.e, wher 'ei t land rtute ia..esnmed-thenee tna aItsisns sin R-" ,w'nville IFla. Ilinbtidge, Piindevtod wrflw'tpaville. Saunderesille & Louis. vll tIiAttg utrog (Is, conneciing reaulnrly with ii'ar cti. teand cars t Otharleeton, and the reatm ahe',, to Now York, Nrfulk, Pii.tdltthihs, etc. T 'e steam boats are the best for the service, and the nnvigation presents more advanltales than can be founed upon any at smboal route in the south. I eayn teior.. S"'The Arent improvements in the route have been produtced by th e rtrstruction of fifty miles of new road, by thie otrprietrs, viz : froms LnGrnnge on LnPbluette IHavro, nn arm of SnoI RIta Bay, to Bryanl's Ferry, on the Clhatonhnelce river, ten miltes ' the. Cowenrd, or 14 above Cedar iluff, wherrey the,',n of the river, and the con Sseuent drtlunrins, and marere reently the incon ventiett .e.nsslng at the (ICowfolrd, are entirtly a avnihd, and a fine road from NMarianna dtr.e" . I iianbridge, insltead o tile rtundaoilt t r.tid vin SChnollahooeh.e, IrP.eein llhtediiannre anhtto Trri 'nilet, and irreauiong the faclhties more thai sure a day S Alae, e. ornhh line of two hore erIger every. Sotiher y tun, 111 , klnevill.s , vih , P rry hto MaImi, it ns, u,,nnecliug tills tihe line to Savannah and y Dorien, Ger. a A mann slteambnot ilili rP.nlrlv hcb'ween Bainbridge and Apao litiCola. ' wits ,i, r to reach ally poinl on Ch.llttta hotnlee or Aala, hI tcoi. ren rake steonl.o at t] iswneviille. Mobile to Pinsancla--L nid Ron e--Durino tlhe time oeeuple'i by the repalrsu i loon;s, tile pro-ire. d tors of the Florida Iine will rin a line of four ,- rse pst reonchlt every other day between Mo-n hiitle antid Pansacola. Passrters will loeaw 31" o ile at 3 o'ctlck, p m, tin the US mail boat, old irtceetd to hlil's eind king, where a lour horse eoch will Ite In wOniino in convey them to the excellent houseo of Mr. Chartles nIlll I 1 4 mile distant, where they will find r accolnmtodllrons for the onvinte ,d next morning, they will nlrlrive in PenIsacolNa earil) I thi evenlng, thus avoidinlg the discomfort el et I;tht Ir vellin_. O Q.I1r a the Mansion t louse, Mobile, andOti . I lils' Ileoel, Pensarno l, t oere eas must lie se1 U reo . STO(CK I'ON & Co. nov o S()YLi I I', M IlA, lse, Sign, andl ttll'anlvnlia JP ail.tars, No ,3 GIotutlel street , two dtors from d Coauln stre S lnouations of the following woods and marbless,ex eutted in a masterly anntra . S:gny. Fgyptian black nld gold, (iullt ano Antitct, nolantd do, Orliental or verd antique, g eltliet tio, Jasper, ý Curled Maple, illood one , Ilids Fve d,,, Darby h, -,.nite, a, Sotit sod, LPetolantte, d hair Wood, ,Dove or Iurdello, r Yew Tree, Ialiai White, d Corolthulle or Black i itallll and tilnctella, ar (ose WVood, I Atmerian Grey, n Ash White Oak, k. ko &c. C.uill]ed .ElnI1, lSpecimens to be seen at the shop. Paints, ails, glass, copal varnish, u&. on hkad ad for sale. ml I CINA G;L.ASS &. EAR II'IIEN VA SORF 36 Charres streel, New Orleans. Tni SEIRGiANTr & Co. im portrs of Frenec V and Engliesh Chino and Enrthen ware. are now opeuing new and rich patterns of breakfast, Sdining and tea services, ttilet sets, pitchers, tea and coffee relps, treopot, sugars, creaus, howle,. plates, dishes, tureens, wat basins0 an' owers, fulot hftot .uletc. cta, I Rich cut and plain Frencuh and Amerrean g!nu. Sware-.enhoilets, chtampaiogneu, Il emnadet , jellits, , clarels, mines, enrdiall , 'reI reo howles, Idocl ers. tun blers, preservedrshes,celeries, pitherslamlps, amop shande and glsses, candlo shaldos, salt col , er, eltc. Silver plated, krozed ano d hrituonia anres--eoras tore, liquor etLnds, ctke hi oskes, eann.tltstikek, branches, spoonlls, Inldles, enre nd teapots, s:ugrs,: ttein%, lamtlps japannnd tratys, astral stniidmtlnd S.ine la ps, hinte cutlery, lierm n st t ver ns and l l ks, I og. ther wth lt great variey lf .alrticles ftr fllllly Uae. Nlerthanta plaulters, hnbllt e, d slen blll l sal, frnlishe wlh gods at tile OS r(,od a sonabhle priees, and paioled s as to be coovcy d SWllh safely to nty purt of the ceun'ry. Also, opothecaries' lnewnre. no.not 2 I COAL-Thbe sIutcorn ioeo tenottnoitly onj hand n large suppl (,f Cannel and livrp l coanl, -11 bulk, of superi'ri qaoulty, which they of.r for ,sale in lois to suit purchasers. Also expectetd b the first arrivals fromt EnL Intll and the Nrill., Cann-l, lehigll and Peach Montalllllll il , broken all serPtonPel, plat Iutt ill Shogbheads exprteslv for lunily us-a'l of whii ii Ilthey will diepn iio ho f tonet ooia Itrau e turns. Orders lef tt Ih tr a'lire, N-o. 5:3 Iinville st. s up stnira. will be p Iromply attended ito. s ot iB. & A SOiiULTE.. ''u T ounitry Meltcnints anid Ptlunture. Negro clonths,lankets, flannels, Insver, lowell shirtie e, chhecks, linens, calicoea , handl.,rchicfs, &e &e received and lor sr!o Iow by the subscri. be s. ROTTA & Co. rct. corner Collnl nod Clhartres s NEW GOODS-Simtolons lartt & co are now re. Seiving from on br alrd shipr Yaoo, nlll ~aratoga iadbrig C, o rdia. , from New York, a great v ouict r goaods in their lile, which togetrler with their stoek on hbnd, Ilakes their aolrtel ont nerve'atile. T'he Iolowig compose a part, vi: I ell twtd , <.r:,vde, tuck and dcssillngcotllslin, do of all lrsritiollr , In din rubee, selk andri orsted elastic n arters, bInoe &o fterl lastic suonpeuders, uloco fieeo i . nife f ertmche o Seidlietzowdcrsdrnowcdr rse In, id boxes, toilet Immnwder, pocker books anull alhts, needle blooks, slll pearl, tory and rnrocote card rtnoeh~,ea l ornmete trin ct l hbealds, itekle 11 negligeel bel, cule.s, earl necklaces, crrt hlr atllla lnd laieriud,rilr .. dnldill oili, irliatn eads, bells md lmlnes; piitol and ilarge pol ier laskit, lt beltr, horel bielt. pocklt ai n n ,Iinlg ado deks. sissr JamsCleark ks, po sck n 'toie g cQain s auld R'iblrll.o , t'v ist buckh; sr Iillot , rit, Ith ir llCOln Db erinli, she, latre, loer nod dWstlintg lirushs, olhoner R mlorida, o, e der r ose and bay .a t, ass .l R osse res, ad exlraetso, .liec.uirr to er, Ilnl lrltningnr lo. s vP geoIile hlir oilsm, niecirirI nodil r to let'lso.I os all e Sci siiorns, llhe' nollll oetllenlll' ldek:al drelsine1 cases, hair riaclels blyizetrs nD rais, Cpolan tlesC and lmutil:aln orktioxrs, plui nHll nCilt i.nred, (oeri ae d ver t bllrt al, pearl r oll ivorlv irt do, slhitstiStil, goldl ad sMilver pecril casns, toni llAlo.ks and tIwe cs, lte 'nd gilt lonkets, itriilllllll , oilver hrbrass , l stce iilblea, ooloks prod eyes , hlirlin, lilnilalioln litui blk aod red ink shoie bhl int vilins and guIthr .r oe Neid p lhl lercs Isioncla elim e, sFr n cia, tIll tlll lipres ridini mlp woctkig tate n sp N Yorngcarls tia g h, plt n e d r ad gilb jerrellry o , " Tihe above, llrrrl.ltI witlr an gr1"C varinlty f loher arli les nre ulltrc olirt t llletile (or retacil Oiln ane dllunuudatiioi N It She llPI conbs rneUird ti 'LtI.l LADIES.L. lIR 11r1t12'S U''Ittl.t AIlliltlNA t Srl'I'itRlTrEll ill:'ir now instruml.n t fur the riadical cure ott Pro I lalpnos ULtri, or Fallnrg of tl, Womtlb, y o ternal aplcication, supersedling tieo use of the ob jctionable prensary, is confidlently recommelnded to the afftlicteld as thle nnrs l a Iperfect rstor..torn In Icalth, it nolvr having fiilgd of pmerforming a lre, evenoot under tile Inost ggravated circlnstan ees. It has rocived thle decided approlnaion of Sir Astley Cooper of London S; S nir Bnjamin C Brotec ; Sir James Clark, Physicianr to l.,c Queern; Dlr Aslwoll. Leclturer on midwifiOEy to (ioy's lna-. pital ; Dr Rigby, lneturcer to St Bartltlonlers; Dr Griffith, lecturer to V.stUrin-ter llosplitial: Dr Rarnsbotltami, lceturer to Laondoa lhop1iitnl ; Robert Ferguson, lecturer to Westmrinster hospit, al ; Dr Sweo-atoln, lecturor to Middlesex hoSital. anrd senior acoouoheur to inlecni Charlotte's lying;; also by Hlury I)avioes, Conquest a Blundell, Lee, Merrinoan, surgeor Keates, &e. by Dr Morroou, proesidet ol tIe Academicnie Roavalo It Medicine, 'Paris, and Aecoueler to tihe Duchless i)'Orlean ; profresors Velpeiau, Marjolio, Paul Dubois,Sarson ard otlhcrs--and in New York iy professorJ W Francis, G S Bedfolbrd, i U ptrolhs. nor of riidwifery in itho university of thie eify of New York, prolt. D)olaficld, and Francis. U Jolhn. stun, president Corunty Mad Sociuety, Lourons Ilull presorident med society State ofN York, profs Jas McNaughrton of Albany, profs Marchl, Cyrus Per. ktns, Dtrne-Drs 'Thus Bloyd, Gilbert Smithl, Hosack, Bttaros, Ludlow, Kissesn, Viache, Power, Grayson, Vant Rona.alauer, anrd many other distini. guishod physicnre in thl U States.* A G alull, Office 4 Voosey at, Astor House N York. Er A eonstant supply of tihe above instrumrrents,. withr Dr Hull's improved Trusses for Inlltnia, will be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, A CG Carpenter, Natchbez; StLone & Malrsh, Wood. ville; Booth and Mallory, Maempllis; V P Wllk;n son, Somerville; Ilhall and Washingroo, Nashville; MeNairay and Hamnilton do; R L lihs., Florence C Spotawood, Athena. rlil E Substribers, Agerto fur tire extensive tir of I W.& S. Butcher, SheffieOld, E.t'ad, htae just tceived a very extensive net of Ilt.eas, corsisting of Iable and Dessert Knives of ---" tndecripitio, 1'PeuI I ocket, Dirk, and Spear polit nnlvcosi lRazurs, S:is ore. Edge Tools,&e. &ec. c. which they are iprepmrd o exhibit to the trade for orrdes,. Terms ald counhtons till be miadeknown at the tinme. m1i6 .,D. RBBIN & A CIIIENO Common ot. O- . FO.RN tNI YORK. lOIer hi NE OF PACKET'S-To sal every U other Monday. This Line compot of mln.ehipns vil. Ship VcIaSoneo, Cuptalin Itnker, Nor., i5tb , OLEAnts, - Sears, Dec. itht , I'ANrTHA, - Ashby, ,, 23d ~ ARKANSAS, - Dennis, Jan. 6th NASHVILLE, - Wood, 210th SALAAMA - Berry, Feb. 3d The above ships are of tihe first cluas, oppered, and coppr fasteed,ood having ben built in New York expressly for tlhis trade-they are of light drought of wtetr, and almost invarinhly cross the Per withu.t env detention l'the.t packets are commac nded by Cqumtnilts well exrlteuaed in the-trnde, and will always exert Sthemselvea to aceaommodate-they will ale ays ie towed an p ddown the river, and will pltaptly sail as ad. vorlaied. 'they have Itandsomelv frnialshed nceotalndtalittv, antid core atf the first qtlity will always ie flurnishted, and every attention Ipal te, the comfort and sutisfaction the trier of cabin pasange is fixed at $90, wilhoat wine ,r liqttar. v 1or fuotner particulars applv to a12 A CtilF:N, 90 Common at The ships re not aoeconta'le for breakage ofe elas, Shollow re, marble or granite, enooperger of tin, or rest tatfinn t r steel, ner re.ltmtsikle fir snv pn otore or l nrcel, loule,. it rellr h'll ,fl iti" is sigfned ther'lt r. rlI hill 1 .1E will b w en elptl ,lI oseiven ldes wtllth will Slt'pel erath otllr in hit fllowing order, vi:at ltip St. ialra, It W tO Ltter, oaster. Slif Tiny ti. Iompekint rni, noler. r Shitp Relthlitetu. J . Wilson, ttnsler. Ship Al.i'no, oCartell, rnaster. New !shl Frankfore, J ti Ilraoell, nsterr. a wm t elilt S.olrvy tiineitd, It AleCerren, .asor. ln ti tle cete to v SIl h ll p Fairnld. \V I. l le. In e onath'r. l'lese Lipl are eall f1" uie first tlo.s hlve or" mln S tiela for pan ttltetl tr ulln eureed fitr cllnfrl and ut'Veni, t re d t lino t ' eteeatetir.i f1 pier .I'atl iot fixllualitv 1 will h re nhs:ivd ir despotb - h Sin .i.tuln Its mollvrti(d ind evev rea onallllll eent o dlti'ter nrolded toelliptOte cad1 Ita ane'ntirs. tFor freight or pasnger, ap wply to t sel 1f'I'IElL I D.kIo.l W, 66 Cap ps l"('ER NEW YORIK. S [Lnuisinea and Now York Line of Packets ] S ie'1Lit Ships ecnpoinlte this line will sail from New Orleans and New York oil every other Mon dIay-ootneotacing on the 20th NovelmbEr--and to itsur tt e punituality in Ithe tieo ofsailing, tie linTe will herenliere consist of ive shipse, viz: Ship Yazoo, Ct ptain trakth, to leave on the 20th Novoemler. Shtip Lolisviler, Captain Palter, to leave on the 4th December. Ship Iluntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 1811h December. Ship Vieksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the let January. Ship Missiseippi, Captain Davis, to leave on tie 15th of Jantary. d a, The above are all new, of the first class, eopper d, and copper fastened, andl upwarrds of 50 tons burthen, are of light draught of water, beiltg built in New York expressly for the trade. Tie price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are litted up in tie most i.proved and convenient Ir plan, and finished in a neat and elegant stylc- Amtple stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the comfort and entire Satiseli acti n o patssnger, who will please take no. SLice tlttt no berth can bhe eruroed until paid for at tihe otFe of tie consigner.s Ft'hese vessels oar cotttanded by captains well 1experienced in the trade, who will give every at te ltion and ixert tlhemselves to acotettndate. Thcy , will at all ttaes be towad up and down the Missis sippi by steaatboats, and tihe strictest puttcrualily obe'rved ilt tita time of nailing. STihe owners of thIese lhiIps will ttot be responsa. ,i hoie for any letller, parcel or package, sent Iby or , pat oa board of them, unlaes a regular bill of lading I be signed thereter, at the counting Iousce of teh I agent or owners. For firltiher particnlars apply to "J D BEIN & A COIIEN, d nov21 90 Ctommon st ; NEW ORLEANS Ann IIAL'I',IORE LINE O)Y PACKE'I'S. ' T191is line will cousist of thie following ve ss.s whitth have been built or purechased expressly lir the trade, viz: Ship 0reaman, Capt. Miner, S Bark Mary, " Nickorson, te" Irad Ferry, new ', Steveos, " Solomon Saltus, Latham, Brig Arclhtect, ". Gray. ITheosea vessels are of the first class, lave tand. sonte fIl rnihed racnnmnodations, ntd are of a light draft of water so as to adnoit oftleir recevint g and discharl rging their cargoetS in Baltilore, at the cily. SFreightt will bo tak fnlfor ports on tit Chesapeake or James' River, and forwarded by the agents, lMessrs, CLAItKE & ECELLI( (t-, at Baltimtore exlpenses on goods slilppedl will e adlvanced when: required. Tte price of passange is fix at $(i0, alle snltores of the h st qality will he vl'ided. Steamr up and down tihe Mississippi will be taken o Il ll occasions. For freiglht or passage, apply to lGEO. BEDFORD, nov21 22 Bienvil:e st. . . . ... .... . ...... ... __ 7 ( . 7. N EW\ OUlLlEANS &CIIAlRI,.ESITON PACKE'TS 'IThis line consists of irurv essel, ll of th1o first elass, rre lpered rr llr colpp.r fast. enedi, alnd of Illao tr 200 Itor t I' Is e lle , wiltl handsoneo acronrmodations for pas.seners. 'These vressels are corirlanddd by copltins atel experiencedr in the trade, who will give every at Steltion, and exert thelllRsevet to racolnmollR da IIt the ishippers. 'lThe will hr, lowed nltp rnrd downll Ithe Mlsslasippia , and leave New Orleans on or before Sthe 10th anrid 15L of every month. 'The folloowing vessels compose the line, viz : Ari hr AraCinnCharles Gordon, master. l ri C alonarnn . . 'l'iln ompson, nmaster. Brig Aiteoa, J. Drane, rnlnsrer. BUr; RItoger W\illams, J. Allibers, master. For freight or passage, aiply to 3. A. BARELLI & Co, oi Cimitn ast. Niew Otleans, or AI. C Mltrd rei, Cintlsrrton. oct x',,TATE' O F LOUISIAN .-Parish of Orlfeans Court of I'robae. 'i't f all whull these presents tray concern Krow ve, fIhat wherern William .rri f,-. a res idt er t ithe -'nyi of3l ,ri ftsvilh fe t t a itta lrcd b t a J re, f: bns i fr t.\'irr n1 and ft r the r fris'r & ceitt. iNl t t) an rf . olir i" Ci rltf of Il Ie(' tt Pryath sra is ,dan r ,he Parifr h air l cirnr l Nlh f Orlennl l,. ar ah, for it N1'1.T.)IN or .I.DVER 'II'E1ll'lNI'T, in ,onformiryr to the Act of lth, - Le is! a rs.r rf1 thfe Sailte notiil d " A\n net fr.,ti fllrlt erll .r F t ttn e ti Ift , tt IfrTreritn ,r r rlt ,elrCrrll tinier" approved 'h POff Aloari,h 11134f, tnmier, i here y given hull wrl nllr iir ity ietn rl ern tlhat by tin ue of, and in obedilene vi an older rf sale, frels sild o rrr f trobatres, rin d for tht r rish a S ti /it) IIf'Nt OtiansI hao r tne date thie tird pll, o ft tihousrnd eright hundred and reiht !, aind radisred i rthe imatter of r SNathniel Cox, in the petition lf Chfristop tl ins, a , .jtrl.S ndlrr ,f the rretilorls i said sion oi Nathanel Cox, deceased, wheich saolt wa in gai nied L erinaotlli o th ie e rlaerantins ,of r anertng of the credtors of the drcased duly held f d onverved oin the third day of Feb rnre,eighlern hundred and tr hrty eight,berfre II. B. Urrlrtos, Esq . Notiry A buible, anll d also alter thei Itt oli and lusrianl it ,niartiron hald bi en in de, ihe Regiser ef \Wills didl fxporse for sale by public aliut ,oonIthe Ilrtlh day of Mlay, orne thousand rl rhlt hundred and Ihirtveiger, fotr crount ori f fth aftr srlcessioni of the Ilae N. <fthanlln el (Cox, dee el, 'tie lntided prroprty herrinafier desatr bed, Ihloti ging to the said s.ccessitno, whichI p)ro perl was nadjudicated rosaid lirtllatn Mackey n, the last and hitt hest bidd ter heron, for the Iaul paiee and sulm ofi seveolreln thousand dollars. . Deaeiscrfiliou ot Ihe propelt fy as given in rthe Judicial conveyarun: : A'r l and singoilr two cerLuin Iota of ground hteulhfr wIlt the buildings and irnprovemereis itheron, and all the rigirts, privileges, eustnms ways, servirudes and advantalges Ihereunto be lornging, or in anywise ipesrtrllinrg, eit ate in the suburb St. blri riyrliis i cyiitl Ii Flhequouref bound. ed by I'oydrua, iagailnlllre, Laiayette, anrid Calmp streets,a lll designated by lthe ulnumers seven aolll eilltr, n a eertain l lan drlw n by Frederick beilI iIasorn, DeLpully Surveylr (Geerall, unIder date of Ite seventh day rf April, one lthosantd eight lund red and ri.ry.reioht, iand deposited il hie office i o II B. C('lln, E tary pubilic tlr roferelre ; which two lotas nrrujon acih olther, and oleasure earch twent),one feet thrice inithes and six lines frontll i rsaid Poydras strelet, by sixty.Iliree feet eleven ilches and six lines in depth, between pur, ailll lines, [American mneasure.] ''erms-one and tllree yeare credit, fo.r appro vrd edorsed note::, secured by special Inurtgage until final payment. Wherefore, all persons who can set Iry any right, title, or clainm, in and to tile lotsof I r round an and buildinge herein described, in consequence of inormalllty in the o.der. decree, or judgment beltlre rectledi, and under whlch lhe sale was made, or any irregularityorillel r lity in the appraisments or adverlltise nts, in lima and ainnn r of sale, .r for any olher en use or delect, whlnsoever, are here. by cited and adln.nished to ehow wtlhin ihirt) days Iron the publiealtlon hereol why the sale, so ade as aloresaid, sioauld not be onllirmed and firnoloiagsled in areordance with tie applieation of sild purchaser. Wilness my hand and the seal of said courtl o Prolrrres, Ihissecond day ot May, A. I). 1839. [L. j V.A W . C. DUPLESSIS, lmay 1041 ins Regtiaerlf Wil'. OUIe52r bla lalinigfrlenl aresamborit Baton ma e fr ule 44 ORN Lev' *r'aa7 4'4 N"w Laevs JB3TP&JBflEn. a*osrtrv sBaeReOTn PLTES h - -:, 4 ",lts leFiP lh bkdition,, "'A i O whicl is nrw addled tl Average lime Calentn tor, or.elay mhthnls for finding the average lime cc on slotry notee of hand or bills of goodls, when nor- ti chased1O l 'efff ent date's, an 'different credits, and for v varioen ,moonts; hesidesattseficl and complete iotnlkiti r Time Tanle, the best thatl en be contrived. or tn t tie grnes canl Ir lnee withine me cnmh:lcslon d oulp:l, antl size oftvpe . All asverlisemtent in thehook is in ne:rly the I.i11:it - ing words: "lhehigh distinetion thins wnetk hs r'n ce-l-id Ihlr .n the ten legislntive ancts prefixenl t:, the till- p:n,e s aote oommerondntio in itself', aso tllleotmiol, arl so emelel sive, th t nothing is necessary mornn e It hany w t of ad vertisement, to given eOtlltenrd vinw of snme of its Ine etliarities:ie s ferinscanee, the interest has bent nompcr. etionned doonl onarel wit, what is eqtivnictde tioer tern setaselealelllioe, exanmioueli tile g iea stlirt, . five titnee, santl Itiented Ifrm 'tereotype nltes teusted thirtyty-one times, frtem all which it mnst he revident even to the skertic (ecpceeinlly oil th.e Ic soenl oflne de tail cc rnofin Ithe pretrae)t that e weo, k musm t lIe Rt-e i metieolly itnfllille, ati in cnlirmation o tihis .elie if prcnioto e' two hm.h'ea aol ifny d nnters, io nmow oRfr e t for Inhe dureetin a1 i a li derorf Otth en t ill h n th orekent or fifth enlition, as ernlssed in tiem ieface, making five tarce preminos fled'eel foe the :nme orlor Silloeine finrst Inlideition in the venlr 10ic2. Oe of thein most ins icullani features of the tasiesr i in ithe .rigement of tile tTime nllll At.onteo, whsieh for expedit.ns, rtofnellete olll te'sleiItit', wil t he het1 ofthenitle antd inex, lnl he ennt xeet n e'l ani Ith sallty ty and ease wHith whih tIle in:oersl een It,- 1"Oral to the extent of general buinies, s weiltent dntolitic ofa tms is be-id ris a convenience a osseotial, til0t ill Irt ellinl inn of esome ,i Ia nlrot en petent ahg i at , n c I i Hnes men .dr puhlie ofi oers who havre rdes 'isat nse of the work, it has been distinguis cd byho tllo l onnile lIpellleion elfur "cmaster pince". Aith cod nitelsilog the infelliliti of the nreenl odligle, ally ocitled i cnmnoslei thile work, tnd tine extnlaordilh l:et , n1 an ,d variel ollthe exanolttiniBs, and tests of eve y ediija it no Itns sdlin tiltne '.ss, eotwiihstanlinlg the wttole is it stereotype, en'sieng.lllg in sh6fit. Ie I ositive cet .aey saelllner lty tihe oltreeentletId meants emnlo o, tihe vo d lnme htia been heltd i t nl o emploatiealy styled '' tie oset WOt ierIl bitook ttI ehle wrslk;" taost celrtilly ano mae con noImc filcre work of the sane extente, whlil since thoe beghitaing eelto hin vllahlnl, ife sate '1 ' m le, an Vliet ft('lestc is ttile some nllumbo of edtoilrl. loi, o lu'ne lllftt ne Il borl'e', ta is cleal) s hl esn ill tile irefahce. esldte, antsvt end stanndard, it h aie been trielo nr r'eenin nnearly all the halok nnI d athlli vPfele in tic Uslnlit Slate, nd In tohe plectl gntlta'ity, nltring the tnut leried of lltiot:'fi've ne:ota, )el Iln ror' n ol' ilia eal strlotions has eo er c e I 1'nen tonp: ilot : ll ha on3enr. oilly ehtlcPged by tile ofltcrof viery i'lge Inc nio:is. tlie bookis in ilcn exptnsl adllend bt ai lilenturts Softaw co sevltllonitlotle States as tle 1 rate of cil.ulatint ) -elsoasetin ninervts," i nfoeo by lawin ftre bcantk interest, ovIecolting t le tIldok ins u cd nedol as c:l: Ie sem l inl ipart, Iby .,,e nt.onaes el'tie snlterihenr, :nitl fewt of 'ile inlntiseonncttt rbs, in the rit licit at tiot ds of tie omok, ni isntsesnion ctevetay ls of r a itie,.e ill eeve3nIoo.. te of ttoh Unnit cn Sfltes. It is ntoeoveor well khlown thint, hby its retany ieik, it las so'oltctlldetected hirge errols, IOllog ifelr. they were e marre, even by ihems en fan'ul am ni most eon;oi ,eteo :enitlanmentiian, iatn its usenflness, ainll.tlne lbsoniele le nessity for its nos, ave beel exnlosiyely insisoted iltni, so evident, ineeed, have been its o llvallntl gel , otll its savings, lhat, sevelorl yarsago, whilst tie first edition Swasscalrce, andoout of print, a great inmler of secoold lhal copies were sought for, same to it gre t distance. an t purerased it various t'ices, as they eould onensio. Sally b pictked inp tn from $10 to $25 per copy., ad It soaleersos have denlreedn and insialles cooldlI he qoted tllat tile)y would pay IS , $tl00, andI $.i 0 for a ell:, I'llOtttOe holad folr less, adl ito a llivtlidll iime rxtibited stienlaeiotoy urol; to seove.-l persoas pie. set tllat to hint it was e:llv.n worth that noneye and mnore tinntnounh nile saeinie of l -s cert Y vainale tinoi, lie teing hio rich mvr l r lau t in illtblic oftice. It 's likewise wolr.?, of ot'ice, olu indeed proper to Simple.i, thit suchn is tile nature of figlle wornk gen'erallv :avl aspecitlly whetn of ile extent ann importance of Ithos is iee iniiaela:d tilis hionk orits like blnett ea:l" - el i ill tle sntal Illlnneln lole, n ltile nost oloent eot , calculato, ill tile worlalld, nd :il \.wl 1(S priu"t(-d lmast I onutlity IIItnilvl his own eolrreetion of pl.of sheets, it Swolt, alnost tn a oeerltlilllty, have bncll lllsan for re flellenr , and dear at iy lli line, as the p'flefce driic! loarlp exldiins.ll ot s peI-eleot and vnaiuonle tiave tlhe strlreollle plltes of this wonkllleen inn ', tlhat to rnelltre oliontogcioct fii.eftnr fIoet goneid ttc:ellt, icy wet (tty 'rivetisementt) oonslality kept in a Innee of spcial to'act), exenpt while ulse I ilt neitlng,.. Amplredlireotis to find lllhmi banks aid sat IRe into'-t Iest witil ioseftnl votes follow ie preface, whichl, ill this - fit its in Ii tiew luteeedh t t ostitiv , vnollailn iuoch in erllluatl ll eollelnll lln the two hlslill ] t llr es of eunlplll[ ill illnter ta, tee Il i s :IfIg leer , Ike. It remnnonlts tnar t-o rittoark lthit, nolwe-ittd:n: tnotln n - nieonlmo nly oel'ly worke, whlch wi:s pninel he.llte int erest tables weir, ildroduc.d is do llar e ents he Yln t hlltc'l iEbo hast- boiitst'to l 'to.S : leXl sivtel an S:l: l y'trnntisedt it ihas la, yet no nmnt.'l as tend wioth itesl lte Itbt'y nlss o' ' tnc:irly I'not ttlho ieuii dollars, besidet slx)tearsaolctiie flom 1 9li:.:t 14t 5,lti slnitei (lit Il l ir st edilion of Tf60Ns) nplsiea:aelicg hiiri enronim its+nllien - lienat that tioe, tn :ti"tmder neprite,) to s eo) nlhiig o1" eol ns" , atiolnl o1" pclll' l ni elnoe.OSt a I 't.-illle of lcreh il, in d sac rifice . \\ heCe r t lre I h t, aIulth o r sti il rU lie s o il t le *linsln it/tllll o endI nrLI silv f lo he /nn i/llll : '(i . 'i/ott': puice or preliere nv o m toreoneen. F"- sale eg y lhe iem /1tio l Itnl neonll t:l' n II ceo. L'll L·÷" r . 1 III trov. II ('hcoreS .'rivote en o Ite lt:inal e t Itv) it,' Nelw l' lerk, I)tali ntllthle S.f'iyolitl. l mrl[(:llltr11 S ,a: ICar d gled •i private h. tr e rive and l dise nslei imcliri l l eln,.l lves% I [&.-Soulls ore givenl at aaL·i; len)Ises as Hlay cllt till' ::oitnrv.aiee ol'ctll, and io :lassee Ibrnictl in 'llly o hciy of tne cvit. I.tllli. wol'o ,prefre it cen reie 'esson at thleir oiwn Irfl Perselam pac ein Iaee of iaonooas are e:ciretd . ntteni..l .''S"- ' es ell ushev wieh. . 3"AI ii{O~ll+., I AT'lIt-NI I -a The Subtaleailare, Iatvia Inhltly as.n" i ,i d t, i rlilh ea tlla tor ina- is N a rell t to apupllyI the Faintears the I o hli il geter'al aby ll a alea t + nret il, l l l l pice , lIneod latil, andil lthleq alityfalhs i p trt.d tle i e'ti- la tv ever bt.o ah to. Ip plr, TheU Ul m ian I n nltlllellloie slt seritn : nntnbliseuleut Iofthis kind in I; ro e J . 'I hose. dis i.s haallle prevtel tt w l a lalt r samt le tf uly vartie they tea, aish ttry. .tattnist lI tar ntishtis a the eaaeh Nt.1, Itvlraaliednotel tt cage evert in htileti water. itle block vhrahrll oir sor.t, end a tealn t lalc lie. The translarent vLtarish wiaahotea el, & &c. a8 IN N.IiEl. AG MNELR' LIQUID OtDENTI --It ha "ern Iong used. bioli n here anld in llenortl wiah untatrni se isteas. lr leansie gom d 'lilelliltg the aatll, aeid treaelitiil the IlholcllPee risrves aile gnsa, ptlaine tllt briatit, ollad rle tvio all dirtsesio hI th als 10outh is lillhe in etheo Irhl adult er inlant --(,le tea . mll tti n lltcc in a wIIll elasfoI of Ilaur Watl. ait tis ld anld t hlle alrtlle in notnl t lat eat, with a ntlinat,, wtart al s'ti gi'pre l iltie uth lishe.t o l omy pr z t ri assilslipi a Lc l ;nd Isilnnl hiltel3, c iv1NrI;r. e , I s% itRS. MARY I RIIILANID asre'et'ally atn. oinl toUeta ta ce lriends alid the phubrl gene.

ally lits t shea is itretaretd to aitattOnndaae thae atl Ixertians to endrer visiltors ollfortallle, to relcivre It oltinllllnca of frtlltlr avorse. Silo fuels ollaf. lent that Iteripons Viailtig a during the iatllltr nalollthls, ilanOlt laid blttr!l acconniudaltiolle titan sae csan tlTordl tirml on rle ru liberal tersllt, Ilr hoase is plaasantly situaoteda, and well ra pplil:d with eva ery convenientee tle biar is Iil ishO witl tlas most chllice litlotrs, &.. in slhert,lla ro llatise 'tat nttlaing shall bi1 waantlng on her part to give Stirle satislclion to all who may palroaliza thae .liasissiplli and Lauisirana Ilolel. je3 Caolaiane 't lter, Pl tetrpery, &e.-A shletaldi aral aleof coltane, wrt lpt eapressly lar the retail inade; nlhal tt Ilureel , tantll 'la larfone v, embra ect 3 lIIEtSd & I)'LANiC. l, If' (leata's .aftt.atriisa - Ialitat lyeita colr atlsorat the ellr lear's nila Cle ashilsh, slilerir p'erles o e a ip wl t, cillt re It1 teasaa tr ', ltt l l rotgtl , r tl o 11 irisl, lip salvel Itre taole lolll nh wasatl lllle lttl tilac, A'aorange I ,weer w ater, piwdetr puI'r and boxes, Airieilln hainrl:a!, nalltay piat u IIti hlur tiases vials, 'res. tAlslts, eolone, Itettaatar teath sahite datllsar brlushes, la.lhl l tdretsit e cojrabt Inaltl t haar t Ia itha a vatlilty uof thaell aerlutiries, t. Fatr ale UIy C3 . J. staRItNl AR!, ot 3 corner al Cnlllllild 13 ,orisonl tS IRONSTE-:EL. , I1I-.1VY i"-011-S--lIt,- square ulll lolltllt il'Oll, well rsmil'ted. HIall, sarull atnd rod ironl nail rods ,ibd ploeugh nloudls (Cast, GeCrman, shear, blisteivsl· , SlUring, sheelt aid Crowley steel Ilollow W lare, Cut alldl wrullltl~h Illils mlll sll llikrr Zhin, blahk tin, tillr ld gllinl sstalrn, salt kettles Ilahin caales, antleors, laoes Oxa log at!. trlale chlilns, curl mills Anvils, aiaesa Ilamrtlult d hollows ailre, sheet, lip ialld hate IUaI li hOt Cail, sitll cookllg staovs Ames, Ilo d'sllll alld lhel spe lllll shovels H.ok and plate hingeos, tleaataan s wint ldw hloks Collintt, IllllltSI ..pIs, anLad othe 11.le s tSs I'ar'l atn \lll.laill i a I Ill:s aLnd twine aull stlal shllalllhing uohelrl;tl Nalvtal stoles PIillts, lin lla l ta am lt taln t ail A atllssoalltltllt a at tharltlll te atllll ship ctlill t.ay, ullways sl alillt t hh1 hal; d wh ahl allre rlle far .le ast walel ll atol irelail, all Ihe lslat fl.aVllale trltllls, by ab LIAV'tOt 1 ':) . 53 Oht Id Latee. --~---~-- - ~)~i: -- -` FURNITURE WARfEROoMS Na. 53,JtBienvtll st rtet. ýIM JLI.IA\I I. CAiR.ES, would ralreatslly is r alnll Ians friauaa l and lth llua Itlaita tls Ise i ont tllatly receiving lrlm Nuw au'lrk a! hlloarson a gatd asortmenl tI.fulnititme, aseh as mllahlallnlly rlcairs, salata, letld-leands inall usll pailllletd leirs, laple alnd aherry bedateaia, malloagasy aod tllerrv talles of all desmriptiooa, bureaui, ttlota, secletarIv, wrilisa dasks, wardrtles of mallhoglly nd a eerry, we asandal, looking glasaea,feaattrse, bedding, &e. &d.e NB, Eurltituro paelsd far tralnsortsaato with grrntl eare ov lta j ; i- USHTON & ASilNALL'8 COMPOUNDt TONIO MIXTUROI.-- speedy A and . eitiin curn for the Fave3 and Ague, remittent and intermittent feners; prepared from the original reeipi. Used with emioint and uni I versal success in 183., hy persionsn of tihe highest a rtpectability in this city, as stated in the annexed {!erltificeates, " ''Thlis moedicinn is highly recommended, and las i bo,,n extensively used in the above diseanses with -ih distingisod succoea, that tlhe proprietor of thie recipe ilsn been induced nto offer it to tile pub. lie in its present form. in the :it mnay he thie monens of rollevinp mnllyv , those who are sufferic ninler tle acntrige of our contry. I is a medicine posssning groe tvirtone, arid when used naccordling to tie directions ais tnover failsed of effecting a ovre, even in the most obshatinate stage of thie disordnr. It is not at ill dlisangreeable, and persons of thie weakest stomach, and cnlilhren nnay take it with impunity. Itsatrengthnens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requiresr more than one, or in ositina te ases, two bottles to ffecet a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsonic in tie medicine, nor any thing injurious to thie hIninoi constitution. The proprienoro are so well convinced of its efficacy, thPt Irhey agree to refund the price of every bottle which hlas hoenn taken in neeordanne with the directions and Ias not effitrted a n perfect cure of the fever & agile. A. OLIVER, sole agennt for Now Orlealnns, at his wllolcsale and retail drug and medicine slore, corner of Bienville and Clnartres streets. For District Agencies apply to je5 T'. WV. SMITII, 48 Conti st. DrogSn onod .Thediatn'r. J i 'v,ie .t hIinl Inn-n.ed himself in this cir 'ior I the puronse of Iransncnrinrg a eneral Whol'osah Ir ne blusiness. lie is notw recn-ivint a fell noppln of Ireslh ned genei-ne arniclee, wlch hlie will sell on liberal teotnmi To eity druggisse, and ihoe, of ihe inllterior, to physicinnse, merchantsn and planlele, he will fi nr innrheelnnIns such s hiave never he. fnrn- hoen -Iffered in lhis city. His imentir n is n, io on seirierly eiiimate i business. Iis stok will soon bie eomllere, nid in a few weeks will hle ra - dvfIr hcioness. All orders from the contry, coi from mern!hnnos o' t i' eiiy, rceniving such orders hwill ie promptly attiended to. oct 2 No 39Camp st ltnyal Colinte of Phasicoan, Lniidnn. n This c;luablle medlicinle, thle resullt of twenlty verlls' rpiill. origne l Vgetenlnrlldlel nes iei tint entnlsiver I- [iNe C I rledin-i hmy W .3liik ino, N. r.keionrif tile Ilonel oege of h fSirors, OheeUniiaie of at te lther s rariy'seonpane, FIIbin onf lh lioelt Society, SgI-I niill Nto ihe lonel ticen nres oo Arnhit nlon, Lnairneinr Otn1 tp ~ el du Il -- udei g 1 a vl~ faa ags~lls lalece, \'irlon tild ige, emil I'merolineI ar il of' Gauiy' i haci Sto, 'll sloe n' irn Indllnyiii T his 'tinnn oide ennclcn, tine esenl of t i s iyolEr nlerexp('n''lz and eellilolonlleleolr su taenoc t islnehi eml hig nres leithle ln a i e no ofgtico le ti le monelt nit nromed bvtetiehlo~tnd noil ity p id toiecls m w hio"c . talo ie ice ano in ofeAmeriLn ii.nlie, at tine aroil stien liholiea otf aeo nmber efgentll cmeoil af i lcg lie rsnanienn icmrofesf oen, Itv, htbned, amtmhii m in, - nO sloye, to se linkieevia nlcl ooio so nCh eeine. risning friom line one of sh e inOmere is evil erii oe furnoi toisanteilioe the pli Ity ithe omleffabriateid i PiroIfsof miraolnsent ee ite, ir otheos, r bn in e nir of lentrei lntry, inedr i e irn etlent ersi, tonally aglehet' Slof medtnl tisilene, theti r it impotins, ts een itn lener itel Stn tesl y go onis, wnitb tie in eiollsget peonle lof thi eonntry. 'ltheneo pum, niiihll niagioeniiie n their ininnee, ht he hen ?in ooevery famill in coea vsindde i yillns or ly tnir one amllInitrniaion S o leh a el ln, l Anns, u Iont .on f1'ioN iileLrStLerEY . Folnnnlanintc whillatnei ofmte oe nifin lts n lo V e elle( ari Ino ncnlridorevcctied. I Innfctgai, l thsewi alnvinnoe god - feailth, sinennhl never ho wilnleint tnenin. Tlne, ore ob d ItnorinotnnnnSekst omeS oet all$ouieobyeviery'cni rsce, tlu ille il ggis nOlc,keir'sller, IInd rondo of one icinc i. tie Uviloei Sltte t tli ean Is w t S n I o ion, n opiou neseIntact d tcgeiiloer within o l e fItnniinnln III iroficnnionls Ini illy frloni line fnlhiniog enineiRnt gonlniliennrin r Astlr finev ir I, Alielinnrhy,lalnuns lln lll, 1. I)., W. look, 1. il), -l.A Acni Koy, A: Iinielilndne 31. I)., end tinnl 'OI45 oleri'. Th rin igiesli niny ln notrn insscsin oltl a tIeni'nelAgonnmb cvol wonnllnln mrnniolI.i ti ine i.c rsiped nto th iirs ennroy, endno nelm all sn iili]olion ift' rgeitnion I ~ ll It ste )el olsde.rli - JNiO. IIOJLIiEIN, iy VcinI tlyC Pee, N. I'o-b, olar (nnleroi Agret for c iej Uim c States, .u.. For slle by sppoinine'n t of iicn the loproin or ho lwuin &Ie llnoitn, ilruggi't No t N. If ,.lnistric, I.Onnn'no Ago-n e liti. Is T.h nennOint , jelnv Di': bIi'N iSo A NIW net l ie hrlironosii irni a w iii aSiofinre (ca~lsolled Il'l," E r let ha niltnn-t I een r c n n tle I slc n an' inIniol, O lin .ii lot.t et r llnin ,iiin oinnil' hli I nIoC nIoniie i n nInllrlt-ltv nnl-"e n ill tllun Iin' lln hll Wh -n oi t- iCoIn-I· l .l ohhge I III in innnn-e- mw i veru ; t peroiInl )e *etil fl vSlhio1 the ditlimlltlliLll v, dl~~l it -~. 1 a lorr i i I i tnni'in nm 'ln'h n ani n in SI ( lnlsr .o llliforlU~ll i nniininoll el iii ti nllle *s .ll |I conn l hii olnn o n ci~l e r \ VI t ll iil'... Ibe vl lnl htod I~llk? ell~ PII'. II* . il .,'her d . t-,tP ;n Inavilig nilohnile nInlenulnoii. For eeennll' I T 1' tllION' in I Onllo lor ' run in- " ie , ii nn- I. ln 1:l' •j1".O 'frlEVlV PI.It.1.-Tloc nndersigien.t mactog .'L eluiniii ndinolt Dor. SciniinidL of' Cii~lih'O~toii Soatih tJsrnlnehtaiSldn anirnicU yonmtra inie aenn~icinnit hin line lponctice ofnonn,'i(iiciioannl tomrg'ylnrynhastelolnonr to inl~ine lia llrien, ~i i-ne ini-, ninrvinnn inn Ihim oiny. lie oncarre how ladle cod geelotenonor thalt thooluoor proinlnlltnilteii tionnon will Iniilthllno tecnnllclowlioln • lilly h iii~i~d l an e~l 'ineot]r hisii a vneoo o innth 0diesoeasesnnnenuno ionic-inn, hincinig anneniditnd Ltinnn inn |hnoscagir hionnsi inn filnntrln-hilnn. Tl'lelifsnionn aniti bliionic lum a iner theocnoincnio nn a. Piel neomlr Sninlinnt) ot, in tinh nirecijOnls, cainil~ih( enlthOlldeornicregnoni. 'li0 ,nmo nmnPioWlnl.} thnoy hive producoed inti'nisnandeoihmrrcitiisihnnnieen annremitcd 1whii thn greaiest successitno-lnnhoeihheoet of itrtces coia ho givndl. Aitnly oit Not. It {I |laga. 0 sum streect. "lN.O. 31'LaOlING. I ~O'"'iOWV(h'l'lOmnni ,mla ni, J~rif &Cinln- "lehin hi'z oil huarnic Ke~lley &(on., if ilnidnec,wslit vd noenO1nil loe a Innsn bye thodooinei ci Stminoot)i A. l Slinnc ntne olhnlnroiinnniinn eln"inie i n~',iniiielie, e iii Wli th(.ellhguc ('.)inn a to eroln i sf , Oli' in t'"o.l'inliit llrismnin Co.. illiiichetznlionndl nlininrilnin Inc -oelnling nif tine Il'innnoeos ii i'ne'ilino, Ain i & inn(' , on Nine tOrloanso 'Ii niiicth le lit" Iln 'acc roo l fierths wimi Inc -iseoinn Ihinnianei nidnmini coc' ei li notving clonhne nu'llileslreniieiwlluida. iIENity KIELLEY -.': Orloonoen y Jili t... ?,11: ROWAND'S T'I'ONIC MII'URE, :IR F IaEVER AND AGuE. TIEN ycars have not yet elapsed since it was first regularly submitted to the public; but it has attained the highest reputatiot; and has stiop. planted eovry other tedlcteli for the Ague, wherev. er it has be khnownt and appr.ciated. Artcady has it been carried in cvery direction throughout the United State s, ald stll realizes ptvro than could have been antcicipatrd by its sanguine friends. Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, but rrestored t lie li lr lnd vigor thlrouglh its agen. ey; and they now clheerlitily estlify, at every op. portunity, to its detided and supremoe flittcy. I. is composed of such medicinal principles as are calculated to renew thr hoelthy action of the stoln aou, liver, and other imptortalt digestive organs, the loss f which harmony is time iumediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. os an entire change ill tle condition of the systern, and cotaitnly destroys the native liability to relup sue of tit affection. When tbe Ague ts attended with any other coomplaint, the oemployment of the Tonic Mlixtu o will not interfere with the treat. nment of the other diceasr, but wi:l Oven afford as. scstance by furnishing strength and vigor to the body during tihe couare of treatmeut. Those who make use of this medicineo may be assured that there is no Arsenic, Ilarks, Mercury, or any other article in its complosition unfriendly to thle tthuma constitution; being'centrely a vegetable extract; and the y may have addittocal coufidecoe in the use thlereof, wheno they pereCove that it has tile f fect of a gentlt laxatlive about the time hall a but. tie full has been taken--in consequence of which, there is no part of the medicine loft to lingor in the bowels to cause obstructions, anl other evils, arising fromt the use of many of tile remedies now offered for the cure of this af'tction. It has been used also as a preventive, by many whoi were sub ject to a periodical recerrence of the Chills, anod it has invariably warded off the apprehended atttck. Observe! The Proprietor, fully satislied with tfie etnparalltled land universal success r which has cont. stantly attended a punctual and regular use of the Tunic Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Ague, thels warranted in engaging to refund the price to I all those who have taken the medicine in strict le.I cordance with the prescribed directions, withoutl having been perfectly and lastingly cured. - The subscribers are the wholesale agents for the South Western States, and have now on icantd six ty cases of this medicine, which is warraited freshl and genuine. Fuor sale at heo manufactured prices JAIt IS& .1NtlitWS, Wholesale I) eegiet", novl7 cot Conectto t~ CllOhpti.os street.C AIUNT'AG UE'S B.! L.I1 FOiR TliEI ! TEETII. rlte1staltishictd replstaticsc and eO istvoily cLrea n-p declcdllcld tiel thti l recl y o "tyl eed ttouoc1 Uacre servttie ol' tihe c tttl, has i lnduced tile subc-eriber. cfl'er it I tile Amel'Ivcool poli- A..ealltgemitso hilV lee t ma les~ t t . tls lllr v e't-sLc io a l the c rli pal ct i e lnd tot t(ie ill lthe Unithed 'tales, o ttc1s It Uace it in thie reach II lhtoet suoui.riug ead likely to scler tiros Itus lcrtiasicg off l a ucle~, ''llh-ache. lWhet oaiedr atcordi ng to direcoti ggiven oc htiie, it cco tever olocilel It ald ilollcedcato oatd ccaeiun t relitf. It alsoc arrests tio cdtcay in defectiv eth, ancl rehCeves talt soreness act bic Ot freqrenitli rlttders a itrllllg tolothlll l tes The a licuatio and renedy are seilell, itaet, ac Ilot uoplltueolc; scll tihe large ctittIber oIt tceeectons ini ditherteci sec titons ott sbe co.:tltv, that Ihave olrcldy eceriCellced suchi deliglhf tl-.oaluttry etlictce llitlttt cioe teoft te BIlei, ere rccdt to bear flur lhe public gctfl) tlhcir tlesticoav to its l. rivctled ittolites. It is all Iidian remedy, cctaoicd inguclarly anI ucexpectPdly, acd eelt be reger lt, by the civilized world as the most valuable dicoearvc rrdlmun o" the woods. P'ice $1 ler bottle. Seld by JAIL VIS & ANIIREWS, 'cOr f CoD CoetIm end TekCapitoylses Is. ' .MEDICAL CARD: ANS IMPORTANT TO TIIE AFFLICTED wrrUT .As - EASES. - TREATIS mon V3n3ralDi3a3e, 3Ionomrhtle,eOfla and A Stricture, iu'cluding practical olservetiona on Nelll .+ Wanknae', arising from early abuses, so that ali persons can obtain al im1mediate3 cure, w3th ease3,eere3 y nod 3a3lry. It is a 3elanc.hobely fact, that thousands fall victimt to the Ve neral3 Disc3.s3, to the un3kilf3llllls of illiterate tmeat who by tlh3 t3l3 of that d3d3ly poisnn, ercury3,run tht con d s3titutino, ad cause ulcertaton w3ith 3 lo3lehs on the led, face sld 3body,dimnesa3 in thIltigt,tolse in the ears, ilea3s,. ,ob t0 stin3tt gl3ets, 3nd nodaes it the shin banae, till aIt lenglh t gee rnlm lability •ld decay of the constittlin ina esla, and 3 la3Lchoy death 3 t p rt , n p3333d to their d3redful suffern33 ,. FERIIY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PILL, I A certain, sa and the. most speedy remedy ever discos for the pirtin and effectual cure of v3t ere3a l dineass Sorrhta, giants, intur. 3m3in3l wakne3s, pa ins in in 3 t I affectionl. ofth ilhle3ys, grvel, lumbago Io3n3ldebility, 3r f talien of tle h dcr or trethe•, atill other direaste of the i nary pasisa+c, .pIUllly per'ormi.n pet.ri( l cure ot thle siL 3sp3el af threei, v3, by one slnl pill 3ra time,3 with asae al crrsy oal rufete. hle certainty witll wllich they ar eeuntllO ally' ahmhinltered,canl he attested Ibv Iinny thonusnnd. ThIe a 3secific pilt root out1 every pt3title of insidious poisnlt, purl f3yig in tl1eir pr3gres I bh wIllole inas of 3 hlids. 3 They not o3 - 3lIy remoIve tile i3dir:, but rewva3te 3 33 t , 33the3 e ant f3nctiotnIof the 3odly, xp3ellin3 g the3grosser humoril , day their mtllan, en mildl ullel ihparl)rntible an to convince th'e moat 3 Re3.tical 3 f t3hel3 r 3l3toiill3 hill a i(nequal powIs. The Is 3n1thor3ne't'3 Ila ercury nor ally ofher min.y ral ant n1)3 y h,, , taken willthour the slightest slusieion or discovery. They re quire 3ia restraint of diet, las3 of time, or hindrance of bls3 ineas, bilt effect a complele eltre, withies tile least exposure to the patintel At ilty eteod wilen tile slightestaus lioo. clny ls exist, wt will fan wellto have reeoarse to the Specific~l',l, (or whell tnken bfeore the dsir ,,a hs anlate its Rpl anr.anre it lalr as aecnrnmf prevelntve by removilln the complaiilltel'loll uLdly alnd secretly B, eerssr I'Prry. Sarg+eonls, .lotinuP to direct theirsa, lie. to those dreadful delblities arising from tile too free adll ladll eliminate indulgeace of the pasfioen, whtica not, OlllV -, sion a naanerous trail of nervous nfrelenna., arid etla ilom Its oitqres all thl elnersaing tnlhrcililioa of nhld age, htit weIake -3nd destr oy all ho Indil snmls, oeesl3ing oos of im3 gi rim,, judgutent sol tilclllry, indifference andll aversion 1 'ur all nI p de o iaa. 'otls i.aen of tlheir Iiwn unhappinllt.l ssn dep.arl which arises font cOlnaideriog Ithemsclnsh as the autlhrsa their own misery, slid the noesalitvofren otlnein the f li ciet I of marriage, tire le ucttlltiatfg ,dens of those who have iv* I n way to this deinsivr stll dettucllcVe hallit. In (lbld, 3 trssl3ng State of del3ill3 t or de3 cllty, wh3tllher lthe eo3n3 q3l33 ce of such banef3lll'rncti3e33 excessive drinking. or tlly 4othler en3l3 , 3 ly which th3,, powers of 3 he POllt3il3Oa 3 ,3 hcnll e.a ,3n3e3tr3d, they offer a firul, 3 afe slnd sped3 y ra3toration tou auumlni vieorous hehlth. Petry', Vepetnhle Pilbnre well known for tile certain nnd erea ls| telaldy efr bP.hcnlally $) mptoms, venereal ernplltine pa Sillns t]l buseS, uh'tatecd .ore tllhrnt, di~usrlts nlrose chro 3333ic ha1lam,3l3 spcrfnul1, 1cor33lf33 and a no3,u!llr alt;,3, i3ns i local nlod golcrul dhdity, iln3turlla 3 3 it i the I6 33 ,ll ld lill3s, 3 ll3e3 sin of spiri3ts and u33 d1, ea3es arlt3, IrOtll t11 ilplsl e. st, or thI blond. TihE,, Pit ll aIre worthy a plCE ill the Ienlln of nlnastrt ,and cn itnin.of ship>., tihe run so, s they will keeI good in all c1.el mates ally length of lime. To e h 3ll odly at No. U3 Custo3 ho3use It,3et, New Oria3lls SPr;CIFIr. SOLUTITI. i .' AA LI, chomr 6Uel'il tmt froml UIRETIDIAL, DInEASSKS 3 3333 ts3h a3 (:t33O33Itlit33.3 G3I.'3'S. ST3I33 (:T33 ITI3t3 S L ~tK IT7ATI'lN tOl' 't'll- KII)Nti¥S, III.ADDFI'tl U1tl,'l'll tltILA, PROt STRA FE ( ,ANti, ana nil DISEASEylS of the, U lt3NAItY I'ASAG3S33 . PAINS IN Tll1'3 I.OIN., (33AVE3I., los, UnhI)bnrn, orfront tietlerll G Weahnt a, oir ].naci tehdility, are assured thait thI s VUi~all a lllPdicall lat all tflllI , t slrlS.'ld i perel'ctly erallllicaltes t above rlidlllsoes mluch on-..,-r lhall lllny I other, colll invriabl fniprotes th cont'o aeils ani ld genlerall 3,33a33h. n33 r1,333 rf to VlgOr 3 oh3 e p33 rt3 t3ha3 ha3v3 been. i ljllr. ed elly diseasc or ilbllprnlper lreallllel. In Fict, noul dieiae i call he acolllpared to it, and it has posilt'nly cured manl thous allJ i3dlvidl33 3ll 3fe 3e iii olher .,3dicino. hlav3 file3l, llt3dis nl" dally ullperseding lhe use o;'ollor Injurinll o all uellulllseollr Ee nlelirillns-C-oapivva.7PlrpenllllU+% C.llhcbh+. terl:lry. '1c. )Ie in addition to thie nulllmrnls Icstlllllellhiall recvedl form all ,ld 'ar of tlh world.iaP.udihln the Est anlld Vell llldb., ,Amer ica, 6ce., alnd medlcal llen of the highslt slanding in the rprnl · oP allull,allh catrillg tas~nlhnImy tarits earlirislJltIc Iest:O i fvo I33nt 3un3lred plunll3d reward ha3 heen s3C3rul tia33, 33tl1333 In 33ty ats olin whocall produIce ally reealdy eIiqal to Yoladl's S pciic SSolutioln. A3fter 3 i3 3n furthler E3,3ileit can3 I e3llce333ary3 hlia 3ut 'addilg a few of the cer3ifinote3. "I have perscribed Yuldul's Spociflt Sohulton to -ever.l pao 33s 3e33s n 3,or3ll3g U 3dr Ur1et33 al l)i33 3rg3s, 3and tL t3y aSt3i3h. Smi1nt, they ware ,Iii 1rl3 d 3 II3 nlmeh 3hee3ler lhlle thn I had vesr tiplfoJre wlllhnsd, anlld theirgelerdL health I wa llleh inllroV 3 . 3 I1. .3 33ed. . , . 3. 3ll . " 3turer3 o3 Midwifery, 33 at 3 rll33 oml33ew3 L Io33 ita3." 3,tDr Clarke Ihas pre3rihd Y3lllend'3 S33 3,33.l St311ioil3, ton333 ny iaittllt. Ien d rlab g illluder Urethral I)slchlar ,,d U i. v IIr.a S lly lollld they wrl; cu3red in3llllll3.h3le lime1 t13IIii he ho3113 pr s, vinu3ly os.3 ,rved, Whlltll 3 llg prePailrllo31 33 3 O . n)Yn3 333333 Ia, of ai onl it i t rel ,letI I. lvdI and ella theft hll. fllt,'lld am ,lure t, prcecrible for Iis. pllllelts. ol Lensoes Dremnlber 97, I:17. Dr (reenll heely cetltifes Yotlallll'~ i]. Sollllioll i, a mlllOt etlicicotlln ralllPdy, nlldl onae tlhlllal'P lllO IUrelhral I)i, s as,,,tVole,,r tlhallUy Ire'llallO3ll of 3 lt3lliv. le Ih3 ever 33 r3 I, scr )ell. I Tile above canba ubtinled only at No. 96 Cultil house a1, ic i New Orlealls. itNew Orlea, n. SARSAPARIL3.A PILL OF IIEALII; OR, 113,1100 3'IIL. r7\IIS excellecnt family pill1I is llprlirlno of ;,-::g In, J E 1 cn ty lult rcm n rctiugalJnnrr ftettni n ur rel L the L(· IO.Inu :·ll ptolml o f hich err ·I· "I,~lle~lar · iullllen 3''p.3'i, il3'. sic333t.331d,,,3,,3'33..'5111,3,,,3 ., (a33lie.'.aftr m33 .3 , 333%L lll33-3333 the rye3' 33,.1 1 m. 33nd 3p33,· 3333. 333i.to33lli3lt bowel., 3.3.33 ' 1on 1001 11. g for ba 3.3late of .3-ill ""v .333. 3n..eIn.l. '3,, ll'' ll, Ihr l lo r i,.3,lls' 3IIalli' oIl p .' gI.Iy 3.v3333333, .[it, f3'.'3333a3333 .3,,,. , 3'.ilf 33l 3...3tin. . r ,iler .33l II r 3 , 3.3 3 littl 33 g..rlv.e Warnr3, I 333'333',.3a3. ren 'ed .3.3.,'r three doors wll coll. tlire the enlisted of it alutary Ir3,, '*'333'33 ]'. 3333' 3 il3 eddy re grlrll llt it n~trru IItI· it Il llllt lly n Inp l ··lbe li er, bo 3,35 333' k333333,3w,33 pI, take 3'a3 t-;3 and amts., 3 II 33,3 JIl(3I'EShe )ls'Cri 3l 33ll3'33 tip pear, nr.", :tc 33 l., malt mad r.-newel health wiy rcll be rr Iluo r ·llrk . Ilrn;1 11: I ofra tigti lls: o ,.sin, mind,3 .;; to ,33 1 ...,..'.. t3ns.3, Irill.1 , il e.. b Thr .n~ll. PI lll:,r pa. lr a,;y Ilforn irlll\ 1rlll lll, h -ugh,.s 33333'3*rl~.3 ln.33.3,3333,33.',,3,,333,, 333'3''33 33333.3. 333333.33'. IIl\iI cold., ng ue , "h33ta33,33' et,331, andll 3 ll3,,,,,3 onx II. the RIrloorO pis t U11; and if 111 It e.. ·11111 too 1. 1(· anr tlll"kl once. a. I'.333.3 noes 3.3,'d3l.,,3333 nreob33. 3333.n3I333..., tie., i dlyuw, in. a'.. ,. I .,n 3 ing to rle .10", lr lllg Ir n, loo giro' 15-l'lllril33' ,,,"3 , b3'd 3.3t'e b3ad3 ll. I 33', I 'r u l l l,, 33. or.3 333 yi3',", 33hese p 33', 3:1r 3.333l 3'333'33 3. IP 1, 333,33in,' all3 n 333.333 "333,33.3,33.3 ,3 t t"..,",3'.s y..3'3',, g - .,.3 I '.333.. r as'pl...'. of .3 I333 I . no-' .1 .,null .3.33 .3.'3 a"ir, l Iron., Ib·(·IIIII. pllin Plr, sold ..,foal o- , of t l, n' hr ilxll and sty abra lr 1 old ,1·~l iilll ulill I Io.,Irl I Io Illll (I1·)·a Lllrv lllld L 7'o motherIbev 1 .ouiP ut 1y 11rn1 ntr 1 rdtie he bri mr~br i m" thtrmt (,,ri ng ,,'3'3 p .3na~~ ,3,3 'l .d e of alol ear. Ih.-y arlt e uur~·:ll, ll " 1. l;l~rr cr lll AT npin. . te, ,, 'v 3 , l ,, th .y .al3.. ere . man rl:,tlllr r it,, riIll rrr l ll l .Illl n .:U ltlln 'llr rIl dot i, -Near ...r". Ilyregvrl ellogt allrd'' 333".3'd3.y, 4 tot he 3 a. ..3',,.3.,, ,I,« I1 m 3 en .I...3 I...3r..3 3'( , I3..'.3..3 ile. Illll l e: her .r til er r:11hr rlrr sll, teed; oml ililt rl 0l. r11. P'· 11 h.'q Ili 111-1 lfly ,d tI 333'33 ,'33, It N' .96,.'j,, 333,, M 33te , 33w(.-3 b3an.. w,3-! I pilltl'lSSOlII SNy ITIt LlUR'S 111III11III AN IIP.I.III.1 IJI(· I,· for the .4ortel l xtr 1p ~ln al ion of ll·r o illl and ,yml 33,333,33,b.3' 333333 333b lll .3.3 l.3, a I'3 3 .33333u.33. ruil Lb '3.3..3 33'O ,,,,,,llr 3,3 .,,, 3lelpr ·, ~ l rsl Illi~clT frmile urn Iin Iellru lll rllt l lsl NI· r lil I Itnl r %% il, n'mh b~" .gitrl arres t WID InCJI1 IIII· HtJ I S hllt1 tI distal-,.u rnll a bintill ralll I o llllle IllxoL IIJIIIIr: II, h-r .\r. eon taming hiP Ill dnl cul: (·IIII log by fU III( who n r bite beenIII' eut~icl lrl), to ibis . l.r il· *ili a,,, d t':,latIig i110 P11a0~i ro gry cnfllltlrJ. ''III: e rlncll not a11 ll ·Iy lr). ~\orr·, a lll memo.l ,rain of nervmr I s ,.33ttn.. 333,3 . 1',3333'333 il33 , tin its t' ', 333ul333.,.3'.3 ..3s rxc:.3.33-3 33.'3333, 3.3 a 33y ethr 3e'3.33 \\I33 t3l.3 333 eve. r.3 or th e 3,33.3 , n rt ma V i 3 3 3' ,' , u1 b el , I3, - su I ...3 3, 3.a33re 333333,,, 33l.',333'.3dy , 3.33 .33,3' I no 33 vll 333ll, I ,leo ,,l , 3333 .33,33n333.33.3,*,, 3i3t t m.33 .33 ,33 fcl 33,3 llll33 to l be eve. 3.3333.333, " 3l.. .3n 3.333a3m 333k ..'3 ,. or.3,3 3' '33llllr. ra 33333.3 ,333.3, 3o 3 by '3333'3ll3,, 3333333333l 3m, 33y 3 3l,3,., r, 33.33l33 3 .3.333e,,n. fat upon lillllr al by the lllll·.r, y' of lo, prone. IIIalrllll l forJI thrtie ure.,( this deplorable r. ,I.Il pluinl. Never l! t a dlC(:nbl· 333.333333.,(3.te3333333.33,3.'3t,33w3n,,ouh 3'.3333'3333w33h3.33j3.s.y,ad used333.3.ll3.333l3.3t33 c r.p .I3. it ,.g3.3,3.3t3,,3 loll eu I callro of rile l Ililll)· r 01i(111 1ut1 for ill,- WJ1P1) of + llr ll t l y '33.3 ",333 II. 3,3,3re o B .C r( 3o3~33.f 333'3'3i'333 3ill3 3 3 nu.3(3.3.33l33 3d.333.3.3333th33r3sp3.dy33ai.d3.333333.nt,33.3yp3333r.3' trarly country. The cn Irlllle nr llrt III I b 11, ya,-rur nr dine .I .3 .., ... mred, can I3 , 3 ll333,3 33. 3 .3 Ingil J Inlulll o rlouliu rn arLt lr olill wa he ,r Ih," any peralbil En·, nli~guxn~o. N.'.3 3, t,, 3 3 .3,N33 a3l.3r,3 were33 h Illl cull 1"r o Iuýrrap ro ~In I1lr tI1t llih It, rrn.c r rlll a NI. !I Crlo llF I'h: 1l griit I lrra '11. llmll l tru TIlE Ml OST I.MPO..'I' ANTP IIU. IAN DISCO VEIIY. CI, $I.r·YIdr In n of to~d. y nor only e. g 3''. .1 ..3.. 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''IIIII i)Cill, should farm a I mina or all Inn, · 'l'lIne ,.boat, by sea amt loud, and ought o clrr never t he omitted by nay p rson go nt allnrbe:.t I, OXwr CIL lJ will ntuit: t T U(I)- exy, o re Ille ea dule, ellllaa no tur FIIle I anal it u t ton.lral~lls Id M Nolllcl, 06 Custom hn,,x Ln .t New Orlrnl· FRIIIInn I Wh A f: 1, ER oh) 'MAN, v ate of the Co a bri ge lrlei vestry, hnvt lug di scov Ilolel it elml It o~lil of curig 1. mtIIF o f a NOlilvlr ',33..33 vig. Inte3 3, , 33 '3,.03 3 . ti3n3 33,3.3l3.333y33333333b.33, ed why l.·lmlltie a rnBP I,", exFI.IIpt twelve, offers fine, heIICI.II1I len n enaher III, lutt, to rare, .,.here. l., njl lr~ il I me lill Ji ullty told rlxllrpuP ion, IIetordi ill alto, olllll () to the hfond, cer D I Igo, gruulle., liar. '.ýtlt r. of ld ,n kryl iuc cmry lil r Lust. nrlnn, it, ud vAt,, . etlnl eeea illlss.; tr m,, tllir I enlu vll ll, le. in~iol, del union. Illorlna.. rryr gr. ghtI1 of self drstruell an1 to Innilprylll O~lr. ae crabe y this lnaplly rarl· ur prvery. Mtt re Apply tol No ea~ Custnll housle al, New Orleans.n r.,, u33333ri.h3p'd 3333333333333333333e3 f3', 33333333333, al. ·m)liva tofor pglhc tou ah andbowel it, roperorder .3.3.33333.3.333h3.3.t3333.3 3 ,3,g333'3P3e,33,3'3, '313333'l 33,,,. 33,33 33,ar ,333 3333.33 g 3..3333333.33 33 u.3 .(33333.33n, il3.3'.3333,3..n x tact of cmnotu ile .lower-,nn,] thn to,[ ibel e tlrnns. and.,priea rug o th alteM Iellcll 'theyhat inal cnsen proved suerinr to .,ery nlher mediine in he cu e o IOlnacl, a,1J li rr coanpluint Ines of nppen In, t digestion '3333,3,3333. (333333l,33. 333' 33333333.333333(33e 3333,33, "3333333333.33o 33 33 33r, , 33t ut reLd n., 3on, P3.33ci s, at .e .3-33. Ihn a n~euel, nrrl if ugnrnln llb ,anti eurrM a .`mash , w (3333' lbl,,d, 3.333.3.3, 333, a333g3.33.3v t33. 3.3333.333.3 fill, clc u nFY healthy ol and hlomni n npp rllic l' l Il-r o 333I bo ri 33.ala '3.33q.3..3'.33', t to hcn'I333.3. 3 .3.3? p ' .3 33.33., sin.3333'.33333333r,3'33, I .33.333 t3n333333333.3.33.,333.3 Lb"Y33f'3.53.33y333ke 33333 Ink, .3333.33..3 and 3333.3,,3 of '.3333.3,3a3(3 take' 'ill3 a.333ti,3cn '33. k o .333,3.33 lot or, 34 (.333.333as, un be~ndly3et 33333,~ p 33',, T W. COLLENS Ap3..3333333 3.y 3133 F'3d3333.l 333,n at New~ O0,3a3.3, OFFICE N.3. 3333 323\)3133T S'3'3tEE"'3', (Ex33.3.3cg3 H..te3 33,3,33~,,') SAll) C.33333.i.333', 3333333 "S3.l 33,,i under, no t "F33333'3(333 rhr A333.33 3¾3337'es,, 33.3"a3'd "'2-33 Fr3.,, Ir33. 333233; I333,33 3ac 837; 3333J.3di3.3.3," Act 33(37:33 33.il3.t3333.a3ts 3of2Congre.3., in uchcass mttean S.3id Commis,3.,ione, is 3 o333.333133bl33 C33'3333,33nr +33333333h33303333333333cr3333ny7 of the ablest L.3.yel.'3 pull 12 - 1)RINTING PAPER ANQ PRINTEIIS' 35G... j.333 receiwPd aq33u3,uitv 3(f3I3333i3l1antloul at ALEX 'COWAN, t49 C~n I M il UereUltt ...i . The Greet Rasters-Mail is -clo s every day at 10 o'cloclA, A. In due everyday-at 4 P. Mt Tnhe Line Mnil (via C'nvilnftoo, Li.) i elnopid every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, asl s'eleek, A.M. Is due every Tuerday, LThursday, and Saturday, at 5 P. M. The Loanisetle or River Mail is closed every Mon day, Wednesday, and $sinrday, at 3 P. M, Is sent and resuredretrnd steamboats. Arrives irregularly three times a week. The Bayoo Sara or Ccoast Mil is eloled every Tuesday and Friday, at 8 P. M, Is eat and returned ly stelambontse. The Alexandria at Red River Mail is sent irregu larly by stealboats twice a week. LOUIestv.L. OR RIVER MAllIs. Moidae, 5 ' - Wedn'slasy and Close at 8 o'cibekP. M. Seturday, COAST MAtt. rsit day and Closest 8o'clock. P. . JEAN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER esases mre of thls eaperior Cologne water, Jttet received and 'or sale by the deerun or sie la ot Iattle Also American aned French toilet powders, powder pail' anid loxc sharing and toilet enaps,eosmetn e twah. ialls, smilk if rosc., cosmetie ehnl cre o, n atrio - munlk, kephali, Ward's vegetable hair oil pomastre. crere nde prse, Florida, lavender, rore.nd bay lwaters, are iseu's alrt M eseillse perfoery in trunk, s.vegeta llc r i liqcid erL Chlourine and Orris tooth wish. clotl. hoalr, rodutl .. .d flesh brolher; together wits an Dtlliiennl snepplny of fashionable ieort and shell eomls astd jewelreor ale low at whholesale or retail by e IMMONS, HIARTT &COs jailiy . 7II Chartres street. pT1lE nutlersignlod levlen r-cl ln.leoa nc ed blt esine as n oDrpricl t id Apoelllaery, in tiee sener orawned by Mr. J eob Oe, nt tle corner of Tivoli cirleand ''ritln Walk, irnetlibll) aolieile share of hi-. Pndli paeiitidwei' nod a renewal of the favors lof a fiormer csotmerls. The'b enlire slenk eo Drn, otoCerdieies. eind lovec arlseti a is fresh lis. carT fully a, i.reid. The illhowing only a:e Pat iieilerieed, vice Pre .dtub, Sridliz anod Starat.,a Pwnders. Y, sat Pi,el, d, r s i-g a ewk, lesor sailnd elegan relhitlllet, for yeast, Io rnlising eread, buakwhesa 1ule-.i's ELfrverersien Mlgnesiaan Appeilsnt-.a I-hsvsnelt and gente lutrenlive in dyspepsis or indi. g-estit. nlervyu-r lrlehiliry, giduiiens, headache. aooity if thr..erv.ct, hlbi nal cosi cat....r.. -asu. nrcooe ernptieois, rc. Cnreen'er's Flard Exntrene of'sartnparnlie F ,rilt Ier. hIr blood, Ae io d, and uhe liae &L. swwciem's Puoit's, n s Veed 'rneei`ng.; BrIim an SIlaerihe oily, Opodelhhe, Se. Iltlirid Lqplen rise, jellthr and iGua mausne pairl T oo dt rl lnos, N S Prenst:r's carbonie densris fit-e, clhlhrito,n tootle cnst, ll\oi-ledr pluffs and beats, I'rllllCn s eorlcllllti rolltlrlti e, rehlelite teoth wash ittwder puells and b.oxrs, Preeliea'e scented an pl etn teolet powder, pomlatum creme det'elr ornao flower, ront', laeendeCr tsd F'lorida waters, of lie trea qulities, Itro laond's Macasar Oil, Old. ridrgie Ialhn lof Coluatbia, 'tele'a nil, a variety of Iheifer end other maeohes, indelible markingia. sop criir tlsck ink, ae. Sperm and refined wlnale oil. Hlny'sLininme A fresh aesortienot l ']'htorlirn'sGorden Se oct 2 GEORGE J()N " OWAND'S TONIC MIXTUIIE, For irealrr tra and care of the Feer and Aeue, I I T will Ile realilv discovered nwherein the Toea Mix I etor is oupirc le to hie ordhlsry nede of treasting SF'rever mid Aguo. to tsle fers place, being aVegs sle E:xtranct, aned free froo any deleterious and poison] to ingrredlires, it noay ie otake with the ualmost safe. eenl ibv thie aleder siefalle, or agep invalid. is eal yelas re/apseof thle di.eac., coslnscenlly theconsti lii.t etoon regains ivts wevted eone adactivity. It estab fishes it io. nl poetOrmanent appetite, by invigoratlng Ih istolnecch,icd gives o eclil to e eenjnymentsaoflstata. Iteiep i'gpeculiar in hiatincg i purgave rqalllityi remains ithe bows h ilCecthis disorder, or to create otlrrvliecosee, bhl tletlroillgley cleones ieseveral or gele ti ' dite'.,litlu and thtUs benefits the system wilh oihlever otlher olraelliolts it amy be oppressed leilividutls, rifler cl tli.i or tfhel'o ic Mixtlurertn see Itcltl 'xpottiiId 1ti al Ilie uslual eelses of the disea aolld have eotaped any syv-metpos of retrn; whlereas by the isre ifthe Collmatl"l reeicldies, lenre is aIways area. leu tileitlimrented lieability to r urrern 'l'esT danger ifli-i'tllietl Iciteo if s sithe Agues, is very evilent, or dle sotrcll will soon Iteo le too molch proesa bie lie lto relct a iil testlitinee ancl sreedil y'all lirlll ito -Ili iltenolet I viillllece 'Iel'ieel Mittere flvl'ed it eoulhec re!sonalel price as ne plreta it sith ieh' reai of every otlle'-so tlhot I pounr sand iretit re- trer y fuenisedwithll neoeitme eowieslhJI soeligitin tIIhPI itll nt l mhlll cllll* hl is freqlenty denied the' ., - .lst very re -iu teitly Iestowel. '[*It ,,nlhi c: elr rerceic-ly tltlienred agoinet tie spau rites oitiuctine oJthis ltedicine, tIet are daily offerea rcse r. II. ilucrppclti otely iy Dri. Jite r. Row..d., this I.II . tllal), rlorT lrlle, tl'eil,.l'hl pl s 1'lke suhtcritlhi'e it t ilt' wllcrlre Ronsa h for the terlee , anslt. ill rll ey tl5e gros, at lrlin Irices. '.t lie tad at retail nlseo, a Alteolhtari .e in tilf city. JAIiVIS & ANDiREWS, W ''holesnle IIru& lM - __ '+'+-Cmo & itt-pr' 4 ttx;a . !i - n ,jjAi I , CIIIMNF.Y PIFECE W..neosnsna (lostiutlhouae nstreet, rppaite the pont.otlea. ThIi tubsrciler are tow receiviing from their ftc= eries i cl New Yurk, ood will keep constantly oN lhaed a general assorlItmICent .f Marble IMantle Pieces ofituperior wotrknnen..hlip, and of the latest patterns. elitilo of tihe lvst Eglyptian, Italian, Irish and A iccrltelll tmarleO. Also, Mlonulenll, Tombs and Grave Steoneo.s .",,u.t.-t d plain sills and linteis, olealic f ieingn, lecrlltle and boundary stone, plaster orlPris, lolllan 4.& Hydraulie Cenlesnt anl I faster. i g Ieair, togelter wills a splendid assortment oL Ia ose n.titedu aend pliin Gratoes and RP.ussia Iron rates of the newest and noslt approved patlerns. -elli-ringr done in the neatest easlner and at the rlteat notice. lThey have first rate workmen tI t ~n-a work. IAYy"'e AIN & STROUD. NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA S1 six moulls ago lad the misfortune to get a secret dieasrre, for dtih I love applied to sere ril dlctor For a i:ure, a d thre did not cure mea so now on the above tteI unt n yoelh under tie care of D)aetor Illltn, nd 1 eat himt to core te. Since that tin. tie dilste gt worse., sl asn to break out in large ulee to the uumber uf six or oight on ea h leg, awl all over cmy tUOm cdin sor' tot and not a nde to work eat h piesot tinle Oil tacsImnt of the disease; Igae nicer on the right side of the tlhroat. I ml now pulling mymla cofidntl llylderlllte care el'Drt tl Hueto Paris to be .,~arl ly cured e pHns D'AN I 09 CERTIFY that the above mentioned tilseaa is l it wll e curetd I y awn satisfuetion, for which 1 thank l. l ; id moloer I as ere that the medi cite It ve t Caktl it1es ltte fat, ant did not injure my n, rlthll t Aliv; etient ade tI fo'ise nyf Ilnwstuflers to losie Ai . lile -1 apply C io tI A. Il elt 1t8 CutLal rlcl,.b, twet ulditlc nd lourhton steels. IDr. ', net i' 1,t h,,,,itti ,, 9 Il 'l ek, tA l, us til 4 M . i atwlill It e II il dthi ulo orr t Illis rcuOsploiet. JoItN DItIAN.,1 IGravis street. fl anOy oe waots to See I ae, clal tNt. 40 GIlavier cw· Orl&c . F . JOHN DEAN. et't )rleoie. Fe , 130. feb 14 ly IOMIBARI & CO'S Boston and New Orleans ai of Packet llips.--Ta ls new liee ofohips ns belrt elressly itbuilt to run between the above uortmstand wi be forid of suitable draft of water: Sceomrfodlatios for plassengers, and every effort will be ittldo to give generaI satisfaction, The line is eonlpoaed of the fi lowing ships: Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. J lardingan Carolina, 400 do S Lemiest, Choareslon 374 do D Eldridge, Colottln untbi tao 65 do G Barker, Seinlan, d40 do J Howes, t omtlay, 625 do D llumphrey. T'he above lt litp are all now, of tlte firt, copper fraste iel t,,ll aoppcred, ro.ltianded by ma. of granet expcriteeo, lave largo uccommodatitns, with a sopar'ati lathes cabin; every sttettiotn will be iold to pia seotigers, and tite very esnt of store pro vided for thelt. The packets will bie t.itrved up and down the Mi. sissipp., and the sllric.lout punltualily oserved in tte 11tle of sailitg, ntd should tile regular voselIn bit detlinod in arriving, otler allips equally as good will in all cases beo oubslilituleI. A share of patre.. age is solieited, ated te agontls pledge themselves to eontllmoodaa t as uch praeoticablehL to receiv, and forward goolds Iby said line at tIle tmoat rmoder. iate clhargee, and to advance all expenseo on good; shlipped, if required. The sllips will leave tile lot and 1]Gth of every month. For freighlt or passage, apply to tie ageanb J A ME'RIrITT, 82 Comlnmon l, N. B. Adilvaeeemnotts nlde on consiglnmentt s. to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 CAIPTAIN MIARPIYATT'S NIEW NOVELS Rattliatt the tetfer, by tile authlor ot Peter Simnple &e i n 2 wo l s . 0 , _ " r aomtirtyes, or a .Witter 0at cloBts Ilaitfielb i;t lohwer i ta it Culpiaia I". H), H oyal Navy, r.,.4 lord Bobbin, a romance by Allan Coainglam, 1evol. tteppard Lee. writtell by himsinelf, ill vols. A L'ompedii/x Htist)ory of Ioaty, translated from Origiual Italhan, by Nuthaniel Greene, in l vol. fTr. mling No. 79 of larper'e Euaily Library. Vols. : & I elfthe new complete and unifarm editioan of Inishioglon Iriq'a Works. - Rogetr'os Freoch and Etggluh Dictionary, in I ol.,ro. n'ugeot's FteaahJ aud Ly/Ali# DiclioDar,. AL.s--A few more eultosof Cltim's Phrfenologijea "tRienzi; Large Surveyor's C(ottasses ofuperiur qual ,t t with ,hais Billiard Balrls.1-4 and2 1 intehes. i illlt's iilpt, ocdelod elic Peans,japatled papers, weights, &c. &c. &e. Just received, atd foe tale by m31 BENJ. LEVY. - ------------------ SIt1E JUICE, HONEY Ait) tHtTE WAX.. II The subscriber hails reeived tliltlvoie of the btIne oucil c sctiuslh fang Ibm10i, and oiee them fag ale lin vry rcasonbolel terlic. o 17 t Ill N N A Bl El,43 lTehapikoalns IRON I1OF7S--'l'he subscribers hae pronure at' gtrelt rxl,.oe1, lthe right ci p1, tial on ia .. tto th cit. j are oloipoed to publah buildings, wit reio.oe, 0 d lroo-e ·llimo, nd re pt rflotll fire aund et,, pt.t.f '. . rms nay le knowt, lad a In edl Oien Ia '. ee.tlliltth,7e oppositeSt. 'llty' torrl retTehapltit,1lao ect I CG . J.( llI. p• + +

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