Newspaper of True American, December 13, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated December 13, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 12 CENTS. N ORLEANS, FRIDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 13, 1839 V V -_____ ___ ~ NEW ORLEANS, FRIDA1Y NIORNING, DECEMIBER 13, 1839.Vi.V o f'ernes of Ne asenlz ir Press of New Orleans. unanitmuosly agreed to at an adjmurnad areineg o.I the Propritors, hahI on the 13th of Marcb, 1837. SesoRtrtlros=.-Twelve Dollars for the daily pa annumn, payable semi-nunually in advance: ten dollars for theo tri-weekly country paper, payavnble one -,ear inadvance, where no city reference ie given. Five dollars for the Weekly; pnvablr in ailva-ica. No e tbecription will ba discontinued until nrrearsges are settled. In ease of di :cotinancee, one week's notice dit merian mnost on invaralbly given, previous to tit apiration Or subseription. S vartristmvao.-One dollar per selmare for tile first nasrtion, and Imaltf that price for each elbsqueerl t a*oc: san material alteration frnm the nrigiaal advertii.eamea wiuthe chlarged as a new one. Y.ALr.r Auvaelse..-Merchahnats and "rra ere, orty dollars fl Englislh alone, and sixty for botlth Inn gIaga" BaItak, mnsurance Oficesn, anel otlr iminrr pmbli institutinae, fifty dollara in English relv, andll tighty for both languages; Ship and tteambont Fae ors, or Cunlnission moarehants sixty dollarc in Englishl no, andeighty for bothi anguages. MAnstones, OaITARrY NOTICEa, and articles ell ing the attention of the pualic to sales oe property, narda of passengero, benefits, &c. &c. will Im lchrged ean dollar per square for the hrst insertion inll each lai gamue. ~aaOtnmmcATIOtre , or Advertisementse, of any perao. al nahare, when adnisnible. shall be charged da*uble, and in'advance. a deduotien of twcnty.five percent. will be emade ti Auctiomnero, Iherl, Rtgister t Wof ils,n nud Mlarsltls oli atlen of real aetate, putlished in both Ianguages, and 30 per coaet. in English alone: tO pe ceent on sales ef other property. Anamrmaulr neare out of the direct line of husinees nf the advertiser, suneh a legal, anction, ani plants iol sales, runaway slaves, stray caninlsi, &c. &Ae. will be elmrged for sepa.ately, andl at the :seineary rates. ADeyRTIlren S noIt speec:ified as to timne, will ie publithed one month, and charged nceaorelial ly No adveoisemetts of hankrptcies will lie plhlishedle C any race, munless paid for previIus toll ilnsertion, or paymleat guaranteed by a resapocsilie pereo in town. rem.atres and ether places of onnennelna, andvcrtisine daily crthe meason, to he charged $1011 for Lnglisuh a lone, and $150 in botth languages. All anneuncements of eantliatea fIor political orfiesc will be clarged double tihe price of tiher dvertlise moate, mwing to the immnent loss snmlstained by newspaper prorpietire, tmhey have cime to tile elcelusioln etlcet lie anseeat of pereons whose accouents have net ieen pla within one moath after presentalie, shtall he tteile known (s far as practicabcl) to each oithr--they eblei gating themselves not to advertise or print for aech delinquants unenal in case ol adeance paymecntl. (Signed) J.C. DE ST. ROSIES J. BAYON, P. P. REA, J. C. PRENDERGAST, JOHN GIBSON, LUMISDEN. IVerkly Press.-We, the undersigced, agree to abide by tlae haove conditions, nas Ir is they are applicable to weaelv papers. we aie aored) A. . I.AWRENCE, o subcriptions are taken for lessn 6 i nmontlas. all cases, be olst nilid. 8allOWGATE SPRINGS oaton dry county, AItel,ea. THREIIE DAYB ZJOURNEY FROM NEIV ORLEANS. IIEI pro rietor tof his cslnblisalneut Is thde plea sure oannceiagicng tle his friends and tile puLblic in geneeal,tlat ie will lhe in realie.sbly thie first dyv elf May ta receive visilers. lie will else slate i cr tle: neift oraftis at a diatance, ltna there have heeci lecare improvements nnde, anlotllhera ncw goilng oal and ill rapid progress for ouinpletion, whic e will enlllde the aubscriber to nacenlml dlecte a cllhec larger anlumber thlln heratulore, and at the salne time leich beier. FaLdli- call he acellunlodated te l a ge lic o)nl. or ahose who prefer can lhave large cabisat etaochled froee the main buailing. It is learned uinecessnry e say annything io plrl ice lar of the character i these wtlkers, flte it is gplellerly belicep that they are not inferior toe an ll tic dle thel era Ntatec. All the alcuselePnts tilet ceo feLlcrlctll7 frend at Watering llnces, will lee fell at hlie. 'T e best lusictat tlis pait of lbi couentr Y 1alTerdse, I smeet' ngged, and will be in coretle cacielnc ncc le a t c Springs during the whole season. '.Iaoncheemibei will evail eimselfof this opeerttnle v n returning his Ilfeigned lineksa fr lie" .rcy ilrrIl anpport given him iaut seasonl. anlll hpes Iby thie xlr lions that blae beerl ldee in imo raoviln lld exlcmliltle ilse ascomlndtncatilnsto merit a tliberl p ptraclaec Il, lasent season. JNO CiR.AcM. L'A eDIriY V a \ iti.- ilee su bcrlibery mnil S fteourera aiccd woclesale dealers icen eddlrry giods, are nio receivinue by l:l nrrlals Irrul the aive ylacsllrllne ll ff n errl r in their los s lllllt wieh are Mir s leceacp, ala vi: e Lodise and n isses phone andill quilllhed sddl,,s, , .L.eilerneu'd do Slacic cl du do do D eAlV'an cdo dec do CreCl l o Ic do Anler. dm ) dc, dc cinglih d Yatit.'s Is 1p11t11 do do c do "'reult dc alter. and Eng. lrdlie sad bridle ntUll lslllse do di iii ule dilgalels, tiaed. braa, and jpanncedl ceoacIh herncs do do do uig dndth.llhteu d" d de dc llrullic dac eay, cart and wagon do Sadde able h de, oleanheld ; valices; cc,'dccci addlta bhag Urbse.lCaenrpet bctgs Iest Irun Irallne eaIher fallso tankC braes aliled ; lenaler 1Itcc: Lil do), assorledl sizs aslld variou saylesl ; Il, Isears allI pistolbelie; eoach, gig, sulkey, wig nead plcleras crop wkips: wool. wurmled, cottlo: acid leather girlhs ald narsitleer; tlrre p lealherl-; trlcee etrapo and worltel rrin web; clhacin acd ,,eekc batines; blind bridles ant liies; S etch culol', and horse aecd mule cullars,;ol all ,unlceic ; inle. rocet, back, bhar.silhep ad leattclc skirs; plilcd bras, anid steel briile bits el ev ry descrl itliol, plated, brass and steel splurs if every desllllU i i; placed, braes and areel otirrups aC every descrlln l'ogetrer with a nc.plt et anne.t.mac.t eCf te...y arllicle iii heirlineelif bulaess--all of ahich Illley offer for sale en .,ctolellOta..llcg lerllls. 'Lthey will alsa continue to rceive tmrough tle Tear, by (nrekets front N.,w York, Ireslh snupplis ip leap Ihecr NeItoc enllte! anld cllplllele. KeUUIrd . DAVIDe)IN& - co, \ 1\is ,I, NO CUIRE NO PAY I .JI lNSii0, liice 110 liieocill satrci, ciii S lines Is practico e thie treatuet o if' Venlurel Diease, min ail its dllfcrcnt forils. Ir. Jehneeon, froll a reiilelco of ianr yoears i .ll I ,n italsien Europt, devoted to tiei trtit i n l t"f Venirral Iinease.sanld fruon his prea.lrt extesllive practice il1 thatparrrtlcllar uranch of llhe prtllesionl goarl+lltes atfe, speedy and lieclul cur Ill eto ll Iiluh irsaoi is re tdoublid with ilny of tin ihllowing discuses, ve:- Gusorltnea. Dleets, SAienltnnies, Callllcrer , lsulills, Seloinal VWeukaes, Alf tisns of li lllsdder, hiilihys, Loins, Urethra, Prostrate -landI, Swell~d I esiicles, Erupious uu the Skin, dore ''hruut, Pains in Us And the numarouseyn, toios which generally follow his dlisease. IRetet cases cured in two or threes days without the ua fclMeaeury, iutorrpltion trean business, or ultcru les in ths made of living. A medicine to pretent Venereal I)iease can In oh amined ul'of Dr.Johnson. It is firim tlhe rrecipe of tle Baron I arry, a celebrated lrec.lh Surgeos, and was used by him dsring the ,.vereal sllinpaics ill which lie aerred as durgeon aGeneral in the 'renlelh Aruiy. Sold by Dlo. Jnhussn, at his ofice. 'lhhuse perhons asing any mlfeltion of Venersal Lisease, and hliiit eking sea voyages, or reenovilg t tile (ounl , wouhl do well by giving Dr. Johnion a call, us proper p il di eines Ir their cure il the sllortet tile can e put up with writteiiidireiiuaus ft tineir iise. . Oliceopen from 7 in the morning until 10 o'clock at might. ABEINETIIY'S DYSPEPTIC El IXIR. Dr. Abernelky, the greatest of Enig!iI seurgeCnn wis opinion thant nitei-tentlhs of the diseases thait usiec aankind originate in the stomnacll. This iElixir ras used by him with the most uoprecedeuted san.ascs il his private nd public Ipractice Tfor uipwnlrs of forty years, for tiLs removal of tie following diasese: Loss nfanlpetiie, Flatulency, Disteitlioni of the Stom-i ach.Pain in the side, lesuvihes ouf tle Held anid incli aIition lsleep, Irregnularity of the oweli,, and it all cases where ndigestlou or a costive habit is found to extirt. 'lhis medicine must not be numbneed among thie host of quack nostrums now before tile pnblici, its it s ile i ole inventon of tles ablest nnd must scientifie surge-m Europe saer produced, and th secret of preparingll it was lilncesi. by tlne agent for a erny large osum. It is gmessnle andl ipleasant to tine tm.te, net iss n uild sper s5 ie.aways keeros the bowels free, imparts vigor nid S.r.gtn to the sy.istln, and cheerlfhless to te til i dLt few blnttles rennovem te most cniiirnedl cases n l prpepsin or ldilgestion, and preveltsa reurn at ally ItUre period. d.W Yoipn,l7th Aaugust, 1838. 35 Madison.street. "t.:-lnconoequeneofleadii g a sedentary life, I hane been troubled, malsre or less, with indigesntiln fir sn yearc; tir the last three years ilily sulferingo huve beemninsupportable. I have tried several pihyiciain, and a numoiherofqnek nedieines, with-nit deriving any benefit. I despaired ef oever obtaining nyy pIerumIUPai 'ief, and resigned myself to the m nst hupelees d.slnir 'wasr pernuaded by renny frienls to try Ahercelmhy's Dynpeptic Elixir. "I have now finished the fountll tbrn . ie. and kLow not how to express mel I aniration of its .wundol virtues and the miranole it' i perforamed in S inth me to that health whllclh : I nlght lost foir ~vet, `Send me half a dzeon bottles n 1 e. nid excptl toy thanks for te blessings you have a a erred by re scoring nu to prfect health. _ I remain eoure, .+'qt: . MONROE. 1"'I.X.+ LAND TUI'',E . Y N Ale'rPltIy of the original titles of recnrd in L thie general laud office. Priuted in aecordlance with a rolultin f the Ianlsee of I.eiirssentatlv "s, pas. d~lt May,1838. A few rpies .lost receiwd anti Mur ALEX 1OWA K, 4 49 Oamp at 9_ FIA 11ORRIIOIDS. T. AY'S LINIMENT.-No Fiction.-This ex Straordilnary cllemical comp ,sition, the renn!t of science, and the inventu " n celobrcied moleli; eal moan, the introdle n of which to tile poblko was invmeted wit 'lie soleonlly of a deacthled hequeist, has since gained a relputation uiparalleled, filly sustaining Imtn correctnemss of tim lamumentcd Dr Jridley's la.t eonfession, that heio dareml not die without giving to posterity the Iboceit of his knowledge on thlis subjec," and he tlhrefor, btqueathied to his liiond and atteodant, Seiunloo , flays, timhe ecet of his discovery. It is now used in the princilpal hospitals, and the private practice in our country, first andl mnos eortainly fo the core of tlhe Piles, and so exton cively and efh stually as to bafloe creidulit, unles. where its effee.s are witnessed Externally in th. following complaints: For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary absorpti"t at once. All Swellings--Reducing theme in a few Ihoura Rleumrnatism--Acute or Chlronic, giving quick Sore Throat--fy Cancers, Ulcers or Coels. Cropti and Whooping Cough-Exter.nally, and over time Cihet. All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns--Curing in a few hours. Soros and Ulcers-Whletller fresh' or long standing, and fever sores. Its operations upon adults and chiliren in reduc mig rheumatic swlilings, ancd losenoing conglhs ad tightness of the chest !y ielaxation of the pI)rs, haa been surprising beyond conception. Tile cmmmmon remark of those who have used it in the Piles, is m It acts like a clarl." TIHE PIL ES--''he rice, 1 is rinrundod to any iperson who will ise a mottlo of Iay's Liniment for the Piles, andi return the empty bottle without heing cured. Those ore the positive orders of the proprietor to the Agents; and out of mliay thLo. sands sold, not one has been unnecewesful. We- might insert cCrllicates It anmy lenCtil, but prefer that those who sell the article, chould ex hibit the eriginal to pmrehasalrs. CAUTION-None can he genuine witllnout a aplcndid ongravud wrapper, on which is lmy name, and olso thal of tlieo Agenta. SOLOMON IIAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by COMSTOCI( & Co, New York, and by one Druggist in every town in tIle Union. For sale by t!Ol Wiholesale Agents, corner of Con.nen & Tiehoupitoulas street, sand by tile Apothecaries generally. jc30 ¶ OIRRIS & Co. N,. 38 Cha.tras street, are now m. receieviIng aiId opniImn the mosm e plendid, sii sianotil ii anit hnllim nalie socllk of Clolhino tlhey Ihav evlr texhihited In thisi market, ae esisting ir. 1 thie fiilotw inr articles: lier, hline i lack, i Iilnc!i, hllodon hrown, ciiro., olive, londobn stun k and ,tlden olive Iruclk and dress coats;: heavr, stlable anmi hariimiim n firocIk coats, elego.amly iireist e,; lancy and dplain blm k m stlm ere aldsmr clih Iantaloons. englishl and french Inncy antl luliin milk nnd satin vests; real new market coeforts; enlish and freln,'h fancy anmd p111n sarfs and Idkis; chrllnln s, srilks-web and uln sellsll e sll penlders; chum'imi, mll erintlo, IambII's wool, welsh (lanm nil, silk and cotaon n.It sheeors and drawers; fin. hnin and c.ittln slirls, with linin iosme,m pi inm 'ndi rmtllmil; ivory pearl anid plain handlesilk urm . be'altifull atiilm, tl m ire kid,i fm r weddinmim Ic llm . .; Srtllletielt sI ik adi rm ndana hdlls; plain iilurrd anii elihrocldo red (+Im l ric do.; si'k, btl' h wolls, i.m ina, aermalntwe, anId 'Ir. n aind whie colton hal" ho," ; .I of ,vhilh they olfer low fur ras ,a r to I. tlllrll.t.1 clslnm, ers is usual N ov. c .,I lto l 1,' fthe ladI les. 'I ,mleadlid ild (hIit. s mten, mll ' itL r,'hem, l i i iii , ,l lie press, no d ti e mimmlittc haliimime 'I ll mlh mmm ,, t. i . C e lm . il-n I i: eul,,,,s,* d "I re Jd a im d rIe thie ' lllt.lii c i l' ' l 1 nv m.. IllI inIiamI e ,iplmm tllllm m lllahilmm . i ' i' hIlvm l Il" m II nicm ilr tmi er ot m l.i ,mimi en, iimpleo hc m . e1111 omImIri rll ,lll on, prlklly eat, and nill I Ii ioi 1 l tile skin, the i : uilitf lll. t.m s llm Iis slie I hrll tld n III . Ish ving fio.. r c iimlou' d ifmr gentl.. I Irm-c les, an d clnpo rtoc . remm s+ nd de,.tncy it ill., ( olllli x ron . se ,its Im '.. c ti c imii ii i lillom' I t * t 'if Il l i amval, ' IS wlh l illl, y tIl m1bit imi', e'. ' n . . Id l, rI C lm im (ri +, . E'm : " si l -, I I ', Ir l c "e D .. i the nir. k,* in;nel t. lIl,(, 1111Y lI ned Ir h11 II rllned, Iallnd lh e i v n ulllis "lll tit el4 el lllir n llaIis' Ii,.iii rl· lln h ,,l .11 ,u , ' 1 " 1.. l l, ii.etlly t l.h ,e le r ..-. ,ar ever\ ,dot art ' , ii i., but even to its Il uxi riJ s .lid lc"lall(uln S S, Id whol :,,..l a , r, toil N . 9a C,,tn, ,tset s'. L'ri'o,, t .II Frrolm lobile (Alabittbnlt) to Atugiotllll 0t. oj L \EAVh 1 Mobile iei ) other ai , iomoe l'tie the arrival of the tali foo New o.)iltanU', er 1h st m.lliott .IIKLIE Nos it Ilak'lt, r.aches ItI'ensscg.. et ,',hoot$ (Ilet > ltst ,.ott;. It , i t Itoit sotl and Cloto tndne hle Iiier anl BIay) Io (;ellsr Ihui , e lchis thenle via .a i i t la , Ch tlla tlo uer, (lrllltnrly Mon' t t \t. non,) RIi tnbtl 1 e, 'ltnletorln; I thlwkinsti ll teoan lo is. ville, i- l AllugUla . A asstaettiti r taklt t, IsIIset t ; t ati1. tbile is 1i1 I0o (!Yer of heimpg thrown out or Insing hit l b'lsetc t It y otler tico litctil tt itlerestl , t: Nshe FI.1OI). I& LIN" E s bilt (nl concern, iltd tler ont e col tr, thlroughouIt, all IIt rely WITe OE.RIlTAINrTY Upon his arrival at Au o-lstllta little speciiett , Ihrough all wea tht cr' anli at uilny sle...IIIh. ss suo e i mo)st dllrlil'·ese'l calt"s trlollhe sll oulll ocl.r. Th'I' Grea: t New Ollenllus Olin is carried lIy this ,e. The Agelnt lolr ict, lllolnloa tioll, Te'sa, Cohellestuld )rivers are lnot srllpased lthe soulthern coullllll . Tile smooth, hard, natural roads, Lithe sare and inter estilllg water nvigtiol, the ul'tie ll Cu aeci lnollation lfirthetralteler speed, cetaint, cof , i and i, tpleasi ing" lriety; colll ctleti as it wer with thell ail t lraIt Chuil;al tlll S. C. tndl thle se:lll Ipackets to New York, ravel'lls can a ll'l New Yorlllll k Iom Nw Orleans ..... '..... II.....-- ashiet....n ilty in 12. From .hitlahllte che Florida, we have a Brale Linle via I~iNtey tllll Tihtiashte, to St dMarks, 4 hrio post coaches, also two Itt rat hs from Iltw lnvIll. ollne to .lillel ger liic A llia d Olle it .ltl o , libl t lllt hll - nlachesll ST''OCtI. l'NS f' co, A (;ooorA, `.Itlh , Iot. 19.1i Officen.t Ma sion Ilise \loile 'Diksi tv, ew Orittleans to Noe 'leh, 15t0 mil' Mob1le to .\ olla, 54ti t Atllgla to Charleslon, 1116 t (lhllalusttoln to Nt ew ' ork, 98i0- 180 Time, Now t)1.l to :0tI:i , tM ile, olours Mobile to Attitsto, ti tt Ault i staI to Charll stol , tItI t Charleston to New York, kRi- 258 Makilng 1(618 iiles per day. o1r 7 milehs plr hour, inclu sivt ofWall ttotaes, nov te N. II. I bl t leave to ifuts m the publice the bridgllesl overi the lChallloole sw p an llll iard LIhoi crleek Ilavejust been coulplllletell I y the general govern. ment, (llce ly obstaciles operatig. gainist this safe and iteoy lrouite ttionsht1t lly l-rlnoved td lhave the pleasure ot'Ie hLug from travellers that the ooacheshor. s, s, driverslll{I oadI nre lof tile fli t ordelr; IanId as to the wateri rollte fonm I o Cellar Illuff it is ailtit. tell hy Alt who hIvtt . ,""1, h to be 'ust •aSsei. il l no elie bea ty " ! I,+ ,",.·l Ib ' -" ( itot~r i 'n tIle also l I hevclhl , or the ., 1 . 1 it Lady 'l im .ley,,* I %i , fi .l t+thvelocy. tLno l ltotl tg i ,, rI ngha m- " , ( he 'I'c , . ' t,,"1.. Niehotlas.h Ni ., , o AIsabel i Sicily, , trl Paul At Ktck: II. ttonee tllnet t, tal" ', , ." Frajulyiel30t-i i. ,, ' Piecioil, by Kai' I.-. ITh Ilun uln ll n -ti lurk I, 1, i : u 7 1. I oi tIV ., july giv}lh 3l ,dve " tt ll t- ,f i & to .',l - j(O NU.IlENT.yS , I,.i, J ; . ,n Ir i e'ot pimileofli -it'' .' ' , ',h 'i''', i.,ht voulutiot ryi r. I ItI . . ,ih.u I q li t, ; 1 + It, il + Sl.vo tid fUor the illts k ' lh . ,, L ' , l , 1 , Scih++.l and .lll ll i .1,) l' .i i II' : r 'l'hi lltaly nathnlu,; \I .Irk o l ,+l t," ý ; * in 'II." I, i ,1 il evert Aino rit- ., 'tI C t€ l ' o. l teI" ii I ly .:l ountriyte'. Juo ttrwillts ", , litlt an,t i by giv ing tl10 adveh, ,,,t i. kt ', ,, ' ih-, t . It J(.itN-i toCob. Ay t.i, ltig. 6titit-t. ot o "t 't - t 'itt. t .v' . f kEW M"o USIC- to ooto .'- i,,t-," i .--,i--t - l IlRoy.t iat r , . I .ri; .o. , A, I ' ,tl , doil yo - re,- l l 0'F l 1 I I, totle 1,' a ti to'olh u ,it iter k ,o - l ita t' - rootioheoi orond {olt. '.t"o. I ',',t .11n.'. I;o.o ", Iuandrillies. Jjust reot.itrdby A! , 't b aug 24 a t:uc, to.o,, DLSAPNI S. GIIT'I'A I EILIl'IIIILIL., AY IVF.\I.IIIII.I RC31EEDI. FUR D( IEAFVILSs'4.=Pile -nrlll~lcelr ,ulhirh Ililr uttelld. al Illn allplhcatio~ of lltli. v.d~llahle r.ellr: dy fls,, alr I,,,,.,frwl tPa-co, in dm W.\Vf·.Llinlllt r DiSI),'IIX·I T (fur diseases of the Lot I Talylor, II D, from he 1:11gh1 l (iovrrhrurato and fiIII ll, snnt'liorl It Ira. rarre1e ;toot Lilo Ity' l Ars lrnry l l ' II"I11III,1I I n, Purr .,II us well ae from U*(! t 11'*llowIIn I1II) i a, -Ili I,, II eu Ali ·t"\lal - none,, nuiI I cu d "A.. ice' who hove u.. II1 ! : Intl re-,uII rudII. it. 'Pon ilillly ofthn GiltlIll I~et:l'\ ·~.lls, tl a.ugho~ t Fran- a nod Crnrtany',l c ause:! it, peaty nuro locllou into, uliu-t " 1111 I.C\r) cerlainl y with ouch r Intlr~,,~, (:into V ' llllitu ll.. , rationally FermiIII I,, ,u Le ctll d King of ther l 1l Illrlr II1 ,l. ILIFI, II It IfrC ""'l"' " r the itle ofhun orr Arr -t llt·~l c eill Ili j rI tesII n, n rim.1P I by Ih' . Illlll lnli rm rl'llrir Inn1! hfad~l (lull I VogeI iklili.· .'he.0 ttro .1's ol'lt-ar~l Ijvum· will he hope, be lR ·llcer to ,rn courIll. co 'II who, re.,llI.l led ..wllh drtlilcr., errinlg inn~ any causllle to) It, Loll Ion. Par is and B'-rim the ,,entire -rd bII1·II Iy birol is iucnlclulsblce -is well as in h pic L 'II e f ie hrelg uI Dublin 401) Inure or Iran I(Eil Ivalids wor1n rPrlllyr 111 111a city of I.yolllr , (Frallcl? ) d! 16 wI. r," rellllor 1 t ha- -1111· oneII of woos, was 9I J YO:, rs II'al·-in nod one : d. In thel In~,1 your IN II Ill, he en et fn rue Plmd rn the o ties in 1II· roulho l F.: t,.c was irlhllllhiull it- their IIrlllb(:T and the i 1·1g91, of tnule theyy I vlrI'"l'ii l uiury, we wii ll xtlii Ihn follolwing~ cases --'I'III Itev Johrr /(IIC~u,.,tle of John'.·11111 . Cl11or·el , P(urICII.SL(!, I, of1 1s:( I el- dent', fro m .'alit, [ hat h e co Culd ,rot bear I t ,,1I Lilly grower, upon bon1111 or u Iui"'l(·r ynr r:II duroIII whichl than le. l? illli ell to orxrrly raCIer, nI I1II Aurill nod I'Iyysiciltlsl ,vl Il/- o11I! I n and lllplrJ ,"v,"r L thing llrir unitm ,ll skill couldl Inrml'd noJ opp hlllllld Talyllr'lnr)llt.) 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To preserve, therefore, that healthl by natu rail ilean. is a gr ted, moral ald p liltlca, selse, to ; fulfil which, requires ni utlllnst attlnltlsn" TIa unprecedentlo 1 popularily and universal up. ppruobatitsn which thiss sedl:ine has achieved throughout the Unlited States, ti-e C(.aada.s, lTexas, Mexico, and the West ldlite, fully jost'y l)r. Petners' in warelly and cesne ltiolsl recolllllln. lhLt lhelnIt to the sIp-eial notice of the Allli-teod. Peters' Vegetable Pi Il are t .e safet, Ia at cllec. tual alld s'ecimniesal rellledy fi. diseases of the thl.,nI eollllltut ill, hit it sever hbll teen s dsovelreld. Or. Peters, tise inventor of this ilvalunabttle mdi. eilne, fresmll is klnwledgt of thre - mIn si.ytelI, derivoeI frel a loenge ,d exstensive prclicee, has arrived to t is conclusion, tuit the great and pri. j iary calles of Iat diselases is a del:rageeellt in tile functions of tile liver, nor I other words an i. creased or dinlllished secretiln of tihe bile. so well is thi understood, that it is ecmmoll for persons to say when they feel unwell, that they are billou-, mneaning thbtL they have too much bile oil the stomalch. On the other hand, when tile flow of hile is dimisusishet, the process of dios onll is imperfectly pierflirttt u, tile patitent bee.Ities woak and emavciated, bectlause oulrishiellnt contallld sit tile fsood tLken into the bt itnachl is not properly ex tracted, and the food is ejected in a crude state. Dr. Peters is confidenit thattihe fmosus Ilygeau Theory, so called, that, " illmpurity of the bloold is tihe cause of all diseases," is a great absurdity. Every one wi o reflects ol the subject a Illelntlt, will percciv e that impurity of the blood is a sueoll. da y not a primary colllplaint-thu i tlHet and not tihocauss of lcseasee. eon lthso functions of the liver are dtralqged, ould tile flow of bile incroased, it is oftel taken up by the absor. out vessels uud sarried inlto the circulattelo, and blselltes mnig ud wi hi the itblood, as ill j:itunldtc, WslteL tiOe patient hllow" it in his countllntaneo. No t this illlpurity ol blood is caused by anll increased flow o"f bll-, anti to reoisudy it, you inust correct the soeretionls of the live , and restors it to a i colty state. Dr. Paters has spo t lluch ille in experlntelt ing with dlll lrut vegiItab e t lOdi oh sie, for diseas!es of tble hvor; ;nd lnow itl::r his Vtgitoblel P It-, as thie hbet, tlot conlvetlllltt, and clheal, t nledl cisse that canll be pro ,pred tir genlral use. Dr. Peters fl.,ttirs hiiiself that his lotg ex ori. snenltisg with vugetable tdieiintesi Isis enableTod Lu to discover the true ailld only substitulte ants\riotg all the purpesos el mellrcricls without any of their attendalnt evils. Otlo great qulitity tlt hi vegetibl pills is that they have tle alterative iprines:p coin binled witht their cathartic, or osperatlvo qal ties, so thIt they inot oly cleatus the stomtIC andll bowels by purging, but they regulate the I.vcr, change the ollibhid s:erectiuns, streossthelts the dliestive orialls, purify the blood, isvigor.tte the circuhlllo il I give tse tue and esnorgy to the nler.. vous systesm. ''lley ale mild and pleaseat ill their oleration, lll e nvey : otllo tlittldliate Convictiiot of their utility fron t th tlint dlosue. They - .in : e taken with satety by persons ofany hg- ; and the fe~h., ithe isliril, the neervous, and the delieaite, strelgthene- Iy tir r tei rlioiu, beciuse tlheycar ithe syste llf t ad Ilunlourn, quiet re uis U rrtR. ty, lthd inllarihly plroduce ionlld thealt! inhe Vgetotr ;il PIt s are a sile reultley lor jun. e sick alid irvouls had.tche, dys UptI, csstive. iss,, sickness t .e stutclte , isoarthure , all bint us coplaiti Ots, ti.veof all Indtls, Ianld If take at hi cevUiiesntestent wtill invariably cheok their pro grs, anlld save tile IltienlIt froI at protracted and ilalngerolls sacltsles~. ''hey are ilnv.luible ill ner \ous slid l vypocollnd ical tlltectiolls, llos il plie. tite, anlld i elColipll.ntsto whlieo femallles al -no it e subject. 'Ihey operate as a snildl and speed, purge • t . u .aleoud ertuin clleudty for worslls Ii childrell. Sitcer 1 have introduo e i my Vesgetable PIls to tile pusllie I have re:ieved nl eruiisiell ertificat oft eil euperie o ulicalcy in curine g diseases, a so, snisy letters rolll respectll, .l l hyst.- sll wh have used them in their practice with tie best l I tnght publish a small volumoe of certiflcates, but conlsidt.r it nllln essary, :s the aell!d iete till reeouli enld iltstll to alwl whio wtI i .isko tri o1 .t. The above pills are in btxes, c-otaitg i(I pills each. Price, 50 cents it.r b,,x, Druggists and counltry uerchanlts cal lie Lsup. plied, tt' or retail, at Dr. Peters' princi p it oelice, no. 65 P'ydrau street, between l Magazine tIad Calllln t. Newt Orleans ALSO for sale by G. N. Monroiseo & (o, 11 Canal street: P P lserlio, druggist 1id hol Lever, betweeOn the two ilmarkets: Mr. Ilriechier, druggist, at the Washisgtoi msnrket : C .1 Trinihali, drug. gist, corner of C n:l & Bourbon streetst: G A IReed & Co, druggists, tornler or TeehiupittLuIs & Glrod streets : J Russi, druggist, L'itayetto city. mlli 31,hiil. to .i.g.aoL t, vii Iiridhi. Sdays, nid SI ttlays, per tle "-es7tendId stelamer ( :ulpin, (("x. cepst in c~,a t o.t rill.,) to |0 sa e, ; Itheince per etonier Lo RIy to La Groa.,, anl tie co fhur horse llpost coaceis via \ariana, IL.llrilge, Pltn dlrtoo, fH.rrlel, Outlllws, a d Perry, to .Ma1con, Ga ; Ithence via 3.1lh.dg'otville, and Sparta, to \1ar. rentol, ltleco per rail road cars to Augusta. Tie Cihamp.u is in splhhdid order, with new onlpper boil, rs, c)plered ati c pper a.ttelnud. Thu le Ropy has Iell tloroughly elpaired, her aecoollnodalilons are as handsoe al any ho I. Th' beal iltl Santa Rosa Sound, and Cucts. watchie Day presvlnt the lot terslll tilg stel n:a. vigation iiy thl South-uIaIg at thle saaIIetL I porlfectly land laoked. I" h T aralll out d on lany rcult inll t! country ; thile drvrs, to a llant caelattl and atLt tive. Thile bridges lhertelore dan.geroln have b eol newly built, so that high naters do not inter .rr 'The tlllg holuss hlav bell .,oslly changed, and are Inow as good as n lnly i I IS tile Sulth. It is generally known that the Uxcellncea and hardness of Ihoe road Ciiable the teamls t all sea sons to llke great speItd. Thioir tLoothllo, SI e. cures the travel er lrolt the ordinary fatigue of at go travelling. 1h1, I,-n 0 is 0ow c rrying its passengers from A, i.t: ' t , ,u in thour days and twelve Nour.. . fon days and twenty , ., . the lioe is six days :. . acilly olphloyed in Lr\,l::.rt I ." i t ~lt-, r ., ... , (tio etllc a direction, blut i~" "; ,,r-, o, : . . ' iutel. , is caused by ~ a ola,. wich, howtver, l 'in a wity it gives l O aoleol.g , .. ",.. t , , ',tiailish Fortr , etc. T'lh. b~te~r ..t , ntun, ad again at t\\ ar te . '!' " I will c ntrul e ll the tr v i :: - v , .ihen th- liol will be tihe agusta, as it is Inw ill the "T.h A.Idv. t., :ontains a plain statrllnnL of fact', t ,- . of which the proplritorn "':0 penalty ot hta s S c,.i at lc i ri b- anc r, . .. .. .. L; . S..I ltist. t it 0 It- thoonL e A Virektia g, tr ale i hu ,,A tit'rl IT, ciae n1 i1S(; iuer s _ _ _ anm..,, u. L nl IARRISOPN5 St'EUI'I1' UIN I'tIiN I' T'e celebrity ofthis uolrivalld Cltn. position, espec.ially in tle Norllrrn Starte, leaves the proprietor bit I ttle need ti o say ar y hisgy ina its I;vor; fir it has been Ltenorally clntednd to it, that it is beyontd all comIpr.rrrin the b st revmedy for exlterrli cmltilts rihat liltas tver horl disco. cored. Indeed to Iitpced and certainty ol'its ope.| rati noi hve the appearaoce of iirrieie s; as n rerrs, .w undsl, corns, lever torei, c!lildblrir, wheite swol. linje{+, biltr., pic., spidelr a d enrrlke IIes &c. it lno . diately yield to 'tl a.iaraenoly in errueirrnr n irirlu 'Ice l ' is ii prairrtrly apphd it will remove LI ilveterato corn, or Ilrlrle ri i heail a bL e ii fiva dryr, iwill r ll rry i rcIly m Ce'rir ulcer ill tl we'kr.; alld tile rmott deoIprr.iio caten noIf rwhiteO s'rr rll rll , th oirt rlrr reit traiiet, ha ir b rrrcLL d etroyed by it irl ureo Lohlll trrro rareIrels. Ilr tle- titRs rof oir Io lno s reptile's its itle:cye ie tfrlly srrpriain' , n i hv o l tn the bt i , r': r, i g do , for ir ap|lyir in tune, its |lower+ oi'atttralcilon are .,) wonlde'rtis th at voell it I' arm prer nrrldin rt tIle eyotoil, it is lik isvle , ,reltlY r lt c r io re t to rl y i ni r(:i ot h e rO, totrt r d is cot ',rid l'or th ci' hl|ld lbacks anlld hI.Jabs of hor)Pses, thr+ ,'ttn rs, ri g wornrr, ich rptad hiy t, arr. d ilr abolrt t.ri very extlveit nt bodily e t arm rtta 1 tr thir lotr ofrmir hr atait. ''le propri l tor has reeivpl d r t list a tihoutt ld ertificat'rlrs and llyt r idtleta tl i tlli er oI lal ".8' tccltic GJnlin stltlt" Ulwards of at undre,, of whIllClh wvert, writtui .v resp.i ct.a ble imllirlllhor+ olf'it !h altltitu l tilcrlt", ali breittitig telo eunto cullgye and reatilterove a eti, .IN l.. IIIFIO0N'J C('tInuitiIpold F.ltrnieI of ('ot,:liba a t -I rilla -rA altlin, lao , i ln otto 'o 'llbetinl remr-t Fat etar Idi cl..ll a'n. r t ', t ety Yo n..Irrh k, tled,'Il it stelct 'eso, hitr ailPekl 'll -hn rt k arld 0 ine , sIt t, m UirllltIe..i( nirip ti weakntst ii'Nt onea natllFrttnia rrr'iltscrtot ea tnits- a- tlurtioltt'rt meriti loiesig.trti , reuittiefi 'i ateive Silnlle of tote oer IIreow Ollltfr to the iterd lic,a Ule ip.opl iUtorl hlas but to rfCl'i to the IuItnetiroiu.S IrcoUln t tli iari s r..ieiv.Le |inn teii tIost l rnllltl t of IhC me- , iteal t eouh. in Emope, belivhing th.t it will b.lhl, aI Llci htcd whle i's I rits irti mrr lir'I ull) klnlOwII. t 11tt ia i lt inteor iil, oet e ltrot itt n ly rap , it ltti ruhe ,t" its credit h io'l tilre tislike wihir h p.lnicts tt ruerl I exii's+ ,I "ega rdin{+ its t ia:lg· eeable Laste Illsturbauce I rtoiroad d in the boralr and aatimrhi and its hrettooiit iellciantlr hecn untS:d ill the tinilrtual.tory stage.tll l It i'o lieortni sr lr irr aisl y iI'siso|r thi ir alsait , ioiattttlrtieI ig tiht the ml olre activ qu:ltires wolthi rcht bi t lrllc. morle conci ntrat'Idt'It andml l rel uselduly administ il+iitl tanii ig the proelit sntoit. he ln ortiiie ued cine niht rttre t ILren rtiich tri h the n igticreft a ii ruty r irirr tile tIult scie ntrtoic ki n rrieit inrrtie rri .illeo rr ir r cl t ornl e it tile coil tosiiol of this pigl'tiol l iLnrt 'sr s thet tlia'c) oI tle thiler, rrloau din rrt t pl lllnritlli o trl Lt O ilthir , I rrrpall' itt rrilg the most r1 in:ll.lell t Ce t.rrIetra i ti islsiii llire the slrn lle tiln tit c r litr i tttiri i oI its beirnert , adtintistell red with pe'lcct lu.esst ill the diicirenrtt stage' if rthe ahIoye tlionain. Tl'he inrort eierllhertnt iphr iCir;urlld rt'enus oll thie precUt ir CaITdae r their IlCdcd up I'o", (tt ii rrri l.l i ll ltcrl illir , hr ithilt ite tro t i thi ,rihlcittl ho pitall l ttu r .l rl p |l it'tfIl hsttithtio1n Iat s .e lr, ae sltill coin tiutr Ir . ti lent terlcn. It wie a ih trite rntrllr t rlithi thi e aldritirih L ti. Ab l .rilh in all Leneielal l al|.,ctions,:and in tibl t eu cutttlt us t pl tl ionII sI nori~usig om a r ir rl deile c d n trl te oll r thnrII er Iihc'tI e r tir t r ioCis. Ill ihg lanlet s oI mitted to tihe tst 1 d· cxpi,'lce t the errrtrenetrrtnt it riottg rh e trculty, the, hairr exren ,.d thit. satrh+triti rt i i rs rrtrrt' i' l ly it liret tir e+.\t c;ste ulder tli uhr ritle, i) atnllltit g it ltlh it their a t'Uhlic t tier pl rit:lt LIrintice. ta ih 01 O i\ll ill II T it.ti' IO I\I.t Fasre 31 'e'iater.tneprdyJ thre t rheio lun.'LI\U Prce10at11IAS. iFim A r i tt ,notr, Eit , i i( to, St.rrgeon to th t ilt li rt IIelrrIlrt, ltre h it , ' it 'riot llllIii%'. St~ Thanas1: L Iloqulil:dr:mld L·ee·rs-c 11n Anatomy11~ Tlheti i tirltt r tr hrt, irri I ve mr ll" r r ol r i|llt.ll illi Illrhtr of ci mses, olL thl ll1 llu Italean io at. h,, hi it. ttStLt. LS t'reatd s ' rrighly r .urarli,ti that l d. .ot hesiate in \1~~I·~hL ~ lire ;'rri't~;r! lrlmso nlelln it oini+ od" the nt,,.t . dalt a i tt tre d ellc i 'e olrt Fe reI t the e l bhh , r a eetlli il u the i from cx eri'ct, I cal pllate ete¢t i thalice wIhi| it Itrt lilt til he asilll lul_ It (. i £. h Inl'Iasa t tclik u sullttt l)" tx ./eriec.c', fr'nm copllaim iFril imli l l la'i :l Elylw , 1 1 0 C(3 5, I h sic L t t irhe ti :lcl llt~l ll+ llli'itll : lld I,tl. i ,.|.e I r~L~ tltll , tll ll 8 li. otl thll , art itt itnrrrtsttrgiirr ta11r11 +rt P) laolry iit , illen m t ,tioe th tter 'ub'be ptricp -est ofi~ll I youl~r pireatni triretiurtrih tlrllrltld ttxrIer lC inte rim d ihi hrtnr gig it to sI ch cll - 1iI1tI: IIu · tl,Iil,;i~ ,.. ll 0( II.Il:II I) F e~ ets i irrlllii r l i\ rl l o to n atr, t at , jterlto to rrr 'e Ilio-j The uniiifoii siecces which lniti ltieudod t ieeni.tih lilt eoilner dichntr morn g i r ire ients tt r licted witI h .' o'. , disas's, his Iilr satri. i " titl it ha r li ti be kiro wlt t r i t r rily ;r pp' r rit rr. rnlytt ' ite' ,ri t Io Ull ra ll' dX ll _, t r ile 2 ti ll s lir i l. iee e LayLe ou11 Ir lu I lihlablh riW a.ra lion. lFrm i r .A Coopetr, I" 1 S P 11 S , Uc. ke, lUaling ibeenl inlducrde t titry eiii enxtct vr sevel astesof '+iolnk~t (-'onoirri i, \ ch lid hi th eeio Iullied e\y pc tint i'th ctdmintit rri-ii b i ie, tihvirnt folni. sure'and se. y.t. ~os rlpletrd o it, ie a few stae s I ie, n nit lin tu hit nd i o strite hat I now i ni pine it<, both lpublic and priateic recolmmelul anl tise uonil trtrhrrrr.~o pl roni Gi 1V Illhth,.1 1 D, Phyi~sciani to Ghiy's Ilo 'Trhie ticl test whin a I earne .nitey riiuir medicine unn mypatent, nd ts nva abl s cits t it itle rt ii itt tiriil tirt. iii t ii ii te arl tir etritrt,ttte ri rti'. tiete ritor f~ wd'il indhi-c, nme to lerl tetre'it hin its iise, aind I liemi|t i ut il o1' j'ustiice' a.I of ,hat\ to aith| in+ f'eeble testi innial inlcouiiiilt+Ul|ithn of il.' hti e Frloanl |L ( Thompsnll, -'11I 1" It S L. Ircturll y'ni my shlwcl'c ilhanks the to a lutiilhl |re seiit io' nin I.+xlir'ct foirlhe ociue |f llonoirthual, ke. I lbcl giattlfll ,hat \ol hate at last broughttiimcicin ] into't use hich wtil'l prnvl a tiesideu':hliu iMni soughtltIo, in thit ml dit cal¢. wahl--a sure, stitertly tiint c~/+ee tu l tillt, snllh y m e t sIllll mo ia il. l'.:L SII '.s lil ul'lto itl cll' I ab. ,e; Ilt.tI tlusts tl t tI t gl 11 a scc sshilherto tthe cirt . & xpeme 5,o t which it hus beer, r. clmed, will prote it, groutest i a (),le rvmi €. all this la,,, prion a s iI r .it hn :II] :ll w ho( i.,1. 1 t, ll, Ii:s its ,'em i ll il I II - im ! t iI, i lln ohi-- l ni" dcit, till, hichtll I It"l Iw e kllu hll " IIh Ih i h II,, pll un:t- il ,lt nith i aI: 'lhlll ii ll r I ls'i s :ill" i' Ir .1 1 11c iirll l l Illr· lh ,, s. 'l'eI 't l-ll ' l '.i i i llý to b," npl :tidl' d with :I llaI:li Sli o ssing lthe ld v :tI i ,g s W I h .l'th ath" 'l'rl 1ione 'n ,il uV: ll l l4 I i , l l. i : n l stri t a'tl, \.h l ih I t Ia l I ,i l ..i i . I11 1, I . li , ' a IAI'uF IFA s (I· ·I 1. I y r ll(·(·~ llll ' ii t 'llll 'i'll l.CI) i t.+l l# lFýI~n i'' I.,, ta 'lt 'h. Ft ,l,1 I'o'r v l'+ FroI,, i'p i ,1-, h io i , lnelish l0 ,"u. ri h' -f Id h lll boon I lrc. c ,'d'- 11 f it',', ed n.... : r irt 11 r n1 a, 'lllll ~ill l " I, ' t ' II]u l. l ellla t rves lik a a ar it it I ook 1 ll'n li P rrllli'r l:t u I ll n rllnrv nn l Irilt et d ath ttit, worksaIll jut r gla F lutl\ w , aut ul t 1n, I r *t, FU . an - at "At riP 'tcArN Ir IT in,},. U e,, h ,'ll l'~,'e4Iit J. C. \V,. ,S ·tr I.,o!' , I Iu ;;, i1'ra, IhI:,t h, ! l , (- U i ij a n t u b a ly r ceiv il2 a ~+n, ral a-t iar r le it f ollhlaulnrm t n. ,t piper hlnl ,r. °T'hl- I lh+ wi, n. conm lric,' ri ho ts of hi* b, It, 'l:lCh lit o lE i1 tIlr ,.n lh It w !,,,I1 I s ale nt read n th a ilt, aiccd u'I. . l ,illp , s F i a .nch d !v- a I .atin pA pr., str ; do h barils, hi uld , '-.. t, velv,,t rndl 5,a.,r ), t ra d ,, l realll re do { olo,,l ., Jik fringe an dl -i tollon s o!:,l' qualltie , lpiattrli. ,nd prices, wonler.l lilg"-n as uteld pttlcre, pltm" and colored Swi-umn iiin, Isat al t- h. I" plain and c(oloaned, cotloll dn in ,l. , unsl ns p m+l and itw lied, .s-pried c.,lor-,net. Isrlv ,o OneIl., le Work for - la c s'lionns !,,t."l.+ro l covJ r"t -, c n,+ s ll le o! be'll palle-s, raised 1i tit re, n ,lt plai, ,tit "ind1 w ornil. int o, . all patterrn ind sizes, g lt ,eagles batal and spears, lfethtrs, &8l, gillo kinobs, unsters, huir c .Ioh, h imiured and ' is . ts.. . .. . N o 1 i i'., s.,< it (' l, ", A.W R . 11'm e n tn., t.nttAno'.a n Ar.'oi" MOLD BY Ufa :S'r !'or. i,' Nutohnet alned Tthotonttptd;lI .iO. nil i te itiet of rdeidntfom, Icrofula or kil'lB.' g"It -- cn,' it or hip Fg ut, ilt cplr ultcancerel, uult re, ",.. I .pill ht sc ,it manena/il d ilolilol, lfartlculnrly ulcers "Ii , t~n tlo filie!"roll of[ tlh htatst, ulcerottd throat nud to1t " w'i r. of evtry decrllpiono, ever nuraenlld iuteroal iotoc, t , lu. piles, sc.ld heIad, t rurvy, ,iln. d chronio o lonre y . .. ol.l'l,llctn, n oll ever .y vr t ofaeutw lfaoo al'l'n i', "" hi ll a c atarrhl, l lue] ach, Il Igtro n aynorl y ',cor ' , pilhlt oot i I ihet.t II, tl-d tlnjpo e f.eettItlpt "on +.', alieciillt. ll+oftln liver, l choll ills l~llr t +t of y. + ,,,Laitr; .Ld sellrrat deilily c .lai+ ll ly u l aelio of t,-: +pel,,, of tt,. :kill. It Isl l lgl ll rl)vn I. . lll i. r'll0V ll.4 " ll +i" ll t t nitt Whtoh htloOt'ite i brooeo dow by , tt "trestt J'tllt r jl Clt il I'rrlgllillortti . 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