Newspaper of True American, December 13, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 13, 1839 Page 2
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ii rt11 rI f etr. ,,nre If they who eei ,tan rinan, un th t lliT. rIncitur e loewh ^.. -be tdas -a tm . You d with rxpeileoee then roined. t ri the operations of 1838 and tta, Rail Road with two tracks. n S pdere is tip to. 3 eents. Thy up- hi svallineInthImirelo of this rate and p.y Ati with some earerness. If they are ti w IJraoiiie large sots on theiroutelays. th Air Playi and tile Panola, came in cO tnI m ': wlI a conailderahle quantity of h a sr fltarted foan Louiaville early I7 in tn .ben ..aground i tihe Ohio. Ia" atino whelher the discorunr of ri WLeve the selvent rtor the inr lvent ti le ener. to know at thi 1 s}ow P has not yet bee drlawn, I tpo ty be traced. The tradel of t tof circulation to nahlie mren s StBut if we are to wipe ut I S mrsooner it is dne, pethp, tIllhe t1 r ti:ti suetitl n i t.oe f ertaetaration can be drawn at Io, to toe t genrattifiention of the men who have lt rtryihi the iower of tse State Batnks. o Wrhiomtoe Nor ....... 9 SNe R do ... ......a o inci rti, do ..........5 t ioertlrta'N o.......... nrA i .iiville, do..........27 Itaitiib do.rD...........m7 At. Ii., do.........5 C '.aawr , ntoh . ý.. ...24 II.iverpnoi No ........ 3 " itortl II enar) dr .....:1 I..litrl* dn..........2 rsorrel. No ....... ry do...........31 M"a.i.ll, di . .........25 Paeri dIt...........:U (RIP P N ,\V OEIOIR , N . .- .,- - · CLEARANCES Dneember ho *, 8-.9 thritopemm. I srrne; Licerponl. 8 & J Whita ne .itle le.uidar , lneapl e (hlr. nalero, t ni lrl tirir Altsi. t. its! 8$.1d New Yrk, O tidford .t*.ter Iell nf tiirnuri, PilFoh, Locni .oN Nli· of Cla ame hhaonded int to diy ARRIVALS Decrmbir 19, 1839 trigtt r.Odlna Chthe., d.y iny finN Yok, to mo-tnr 'it in l Pcl ulharri Pah 9Icihp+ Elll ien. B+l.lI Sloumrr . len Ilhl.i.a+. Rieke fin NS11+hl ithainer Nirrl'1';y, M,r,. fa i r llyvle tt.c-er TOtlc . hirili, Gi It1lu fni is' sl.a. t.camncr Iteoit. Lsurntcl. fo Rayoll.y .ar. BiUltler Piuout, luoley. fin tinviilnril M EXPORTSD . v.No li.l orfeanpor handed i of thie th Inltaln IMPORTS lo aroival from rea to-day; eionseqlenrly, no importl aI 'RECEIP'PS OF PRODUCE Cine.nnrlt..Pcr itenmcr Panolo..Ceeo 145 pe htelint .earoils r,,pe 38 Ie* ti do R Groninll & co; .50 p I hlberri L.m beth t ToI lrmm 42 W i Hem r 4 ciilt rop. Frc lll.Olon & Rnoeed. hl whirkey C.irti. r iii cnurfledor , oii DOrltey S bise. crtpuri .rilldcr, I t'cri.llt; 5 ltildnr * rot 14 fi IItlu'd.oe dr eo; :l tI Plesnltsl i eu; 4 Mtsis e .llmlrrimr i2tblls appiles 00 bides eotroll 19 pkhls ldse own era on buerd CONSIGNEES No ll oleonlioltet halnded in from ea. PASSENGERS Pcr c.mtnro rrllnl i.. cle.rc Nrdh, arltrc. Wonod, Prlrcron Dnlnllt. Clrallv Jnll,,uon Walker. Arnuld. ruBUltfrd tnti. ltt,,. Truoler. Shillmai Todd, l'rtwii. t.oerbrinl; ilanure 35 on dert MEMORANDA Rller aIt rtonlmins very In..ioiitn ofe rces FARE TO TII AIIIIIlC ('l UllUIE. II BY THE RAIL ROAD, ONLY 25 CENTS. I~ 171XTlA CA lIS, pr.plerly filled ulp, are ready tt , dtrdnarl nniowcullhur el I asgerPg trh tht AtI to. E , ('orsei fer .5 cetaoll,, n. thl Noll.ill, I.ll,I 0ond. t'nnoie I.el n clint evir beeon imde. to in ll pri(.ce, 50 renlt ,i it 'rawlely Irrcessary to ll u a, lln l exlrn ex P Ithe Road is an t jetof l'uPblic Jn/eret andl .ftr, it lihad been ,lteen led, fe-;bl, at h, a,., I ptett itsIn tore at tLe tlii no trieCr (i o ir nthis, m nt. " ftncnvernP,,I.f' eing thijeclillilnlll , III Iplilce is rtedlll.el in at e, tlhe b cars lnven Ithe depot, at tihe footof (lanal street, Irol 8 A..n. to 4 P. MP. exactly at lie honlr nldVettlxd, dl rinctllt Ratces J II CAI.l)9% ELI,, d !2 2t President. [t FOR TIlE RACES=I NEW ORLEANS AND NASHVILLE;RAIL ROAD. 1 The ftllowine is the arrangelent for the'Races. eq Depalure, Retulrn. hr RA A.M. 911 A.dM. 9 A.M. 94 A. M. -n A AM. 10t A. M. 11 A. 9. la A. 5. ce 114 A. M. Ill A. M. ; . M. 21 P. . 31. 4 4 5 5 o PASSA(E 'TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. to 0,1 lhenlav and Tnesdnv the ear \will go to the Rate (ontli at i A. M. I L1 M 4 P. 1I.a ,elr Oletnns, Deeenber. It, !8:39. JAM EIAe ;S II.CALDWEI.L, 1 tlif President. CARROLLTON HOTEL. if h t LAVAUD ha. the honor of informing his fias.ds a tJ and the pnhlic in general, that he ha taken tile Hotel at Carrolltou, wiere ho trntts he will receive the calls ol lia old friends and all lover of good cheer. Prieate porties will bIe hndsomely provided for by i living a little notice beforehand. He is willing to eanter leto nrlagemeuts with families or individuals desirols of pansing the stPmer at Catroll tio. nlm20 ie.lw.Orleo ua Chainmber of Colmmerce. OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR 1839. I'residentt, S.J. Peters. First Vice Presidrut, W. I . Hodge, Eq. E Recond do. Jrn. A. Me, r, Esq. Committee of Appeals for 1039. Jmnlc Dick, Jngias II. Leverich, H. C. ('ommnek, Aijah Fisk, it P. O. Sorbet, Snnurl Tihotpein ·_ -- ----- - NlE.I ORLE \NS (CANAL AND I)lNlKING CO. IHE Irrn ~itrainhoat Rl,.,eCra will leave th Baslin Sat the Ilendl ,f Ilh New Cunl, every day, (except Mll dlay.) flr Ihe I .kl.e , Ii, fllowr: Deplart at S A. 1i. ItReurn ti a . A . .. SPA.. 1M 4 P 1. 5. I'.M 9 P.M. And an MONDAYS: Depart at 10 A. Mi. return at 01 P; f. " '.. 1. " 4 I'SI. may 28v f. CIIl: . 'nsh. a KIEW ORILEANS & CAlAtitI .TON RAIL ROAD. NOit E..Wtnoxea 20noncnor"Nr. ceTo e on to Isit of toveulh,,r t839. r:\ : CARaOLLTros. I aOM NEW ORLIEAI n -lrel' Car t, 5 o't2ii k A.M. I t.ora Clr .at il ock A.M. IL )Smotwr, 8 -- le.noive, i -. t o 'ii --- . -. S *o, seCar, at 9 - Htct C Yt, 1l • - ;H t -OI SUNDAYI: The eaeswill aveo at the asle hIours ill theweekt dys a (nt o'clock P.M. when u l a I torootive w ll Ilave 1Carro iO n avery hoar ,tlit 7 o'clock. P.M., aid New Orleals eavery Iour nid 0 WOt-l k P. M. An extra .rNe Cir cau be ohllnaed hrforae . n', tlo k P.M., by taytY 5 , tllot for thie 'Tri. After it u'clock P.M. t0o c s will o ie htrolll Itle Pehan oalln by t ite tem Cr must provide themwlve" wit Tiheliet s. u tisis oduttrt e has Ipsitive direotiiul ntot to receive Soart'n u lieu thereof. TIIE JAtKSEON AND) LACOURCE STREET CARS t.te tite head of iJolac.ot treeat at i'clock A.M., Ca,,al .apet. at ( 'elik. At hlelf.poltI.'clork Ithey c,,mo e aceeto lease bholha eacl enery hIl Io, uttMl t o'clock PP M, ex ept tn. that. tntead o lenriu (,n,,a a t at, et at i u'clneok, the €r will enav Ihe,{ . ro1'lrk P.MI, It it, p.atuanrly rquvtee th.t ilCentemee will not pt Ihi'r feat uri thle euihioii, or t uit, a the care whoe ladies arte 'eiw . & "W .t...ltl. Ollo{ Nr-trlet o n C.rolln , Roifto dl CuilirAa. OHIN HAIaPOON, -oo Ytid. I:o. Ctlief lln r N.O. .It C R.C C.}P' I7 .9HE Fi1Et14' S INeURANUCE C, t91'PANY. N.ew Orleo n DI.ereo I,he 1 0, I •9. ' Ctof:.: Tlt #1cctlhltlO iii hiitn t llti c h*crrelly eu . 1,'tIhd 4t h extera divil., d ,t 5 per cliiI te. I i7ltho I t ufcoitlel, wit LIe ,aid Id, Ihr orl . tlIplr-entplier,,'n"no aflvr tiii date. 'Vx . B order tf the 13.4 id, tI: Li TL..,CY, .ecre'at. r "RU AU L'INISUAANC- DE IA COIPAGNIE DVS pOMPIEI1S.I :. ` ' r L3 ouvelle oil, ano, In I0D rc elhr e, 18137. urelttt l t= calete ithe .tlit aintitinn rnt Iliitttlts i q ,wtidend ttilNde 5 eur cent, a L-1 dhei.9 i,-"totsrnpt ) a .Ioeur leirpid - ' :: (as, orIrndes Diererteta, " - Y"_, jib' f 1. T,'rav, :tethitre AN:) AND NASHVILLE RfAIL ': to peteto 8 . t 9f it. e Charter of Ft r(l4onieauild Nia heilor .Ril r tld Citm. ith lf Cillshe et khldatrite I called l JF! r all.p1094rt tlt Iurlpose of Tazrrs Attliie littetetca Co. or New fRLa RS, SIIl Rtnkhl, I teere a thi,''n (olml'v are hetelv no illdrth l Icte ltlth ietanltlelt ,In their rt.ek ih dul i aIle on Ito ,llih n (oeltolmr exl, et th othffice rl Cpa.i.'. eit 12 EL TRACY. the 'B 1 OT WS B alnOscDN. w PAViDn UL. lrD BolD. tIne PUBLISHED d Dally, Trl-Weekly & Weekly. or teW OiR LEAN 1: he FRIDAY. DECEMBER 13, 1839. The r.traotdinary end radicaldoe. I. a ".nt, propoaing the immntediate passage of the lande-' 7 pendlent treonury, a nd declaring open war against all ni hantks whatever, is,-- - th T Racing.-What is the reason, gentlemen of the turf, tit that you advertire the rilers of horses to be dressed in p certain colonrs, and dress thtn in others? Frequently i we have Ihobsrved, Ihat the ri ler of thin horse was to he h RIB. and Blue. another Green and Yellow, another Red and Blue, and when they came on the ield, no one single fi rider is lresoed, as designated in tile hills, or tile ndver tinement. Is tlis another Jockey trick? ur ahr n is not li in mre cate, more truth anl oommon jn-lice to the pl;icit p , they mwh y your expelles, and the ennollo. profits' r f observed. V.Yrtertlrdy. nor onlesingle rider was dressed an edvertierd; the confusion, except to the thorough P t bred slerttmaln,wa conseqtluetll tan grent,thatn man a f the tnnitinted lost their money in betting. I One of the reao.nt why citizens haveannhscriled to a the Jockey Ciltb Races, heretofilre, is thta it gave tlhretl I the privilege of inviting some non-resident friend to the privileges of members on the course. B.n resonltion of the Metarie ,lub,lthe members have bhen deprived ofthlis small right, and the simple a.tinfhetion is left them of Swalking nabout, like so many bantm erock, with e piece 5 of r hbln tied rt theirbutton hole; and good Lord how I Ssome of tle apples mwim.--Pae us fronm mall pottlnr.. To-loay, the weather hei g fine, there will bea crowd. Will thoIeIeny La.tdiest we hope ne, for the cnortt e ooks like a de -ert wild withunt thel--Lut we fear, tla I the ausePI for somle cause or other han lost petticoat suppolt. Frfrs and Second anicipclity Shin Plasters. tl'lhe tfftcial Journal nlyeterdnay coenlain the pro. Sededings of the secret council upon the suhject of the $100,0i0 ilsue of shill plnslers by thei lt tmunicipality. The Mavor's ohbjietions to thie nensnuro are flnt.lled in itrirt justlice and statesman like views, but they were overruled. Messrs. Hodge,,. bere, Dllnea n, I a .n tn, Dlnnte and zl'lnt toted agina t persioltin. The hill aned by 12 voter. We ire informed by Ihe mn or that the Iet municipality owen $173,072 which will fall due in a short time. tle denrecatnd the issue of paper money to the min of $101,1100 as it was in oppnsition to the spirit of tIt city charter and throws the Iutden of debt on the lahoring classes. It is intimated by the. nmayr.rai n the netioln of lke legislanture will look to re C onmption, and the issue of shin plnaters now t ill place the nmunin:ipnalty in an ounfnvorable position in that event. g IBut all these arguments cere thrown away ton the d council. tMen tho have the hit in their mouth 'f4Jorgel hey are the erants ofthe people, and not rllers Sby divine light. W.ll,-the time is not far distant mi when the people nill show their represenlativen how to rend public opinionl with more care. In the nlrtter of this plaster Iut-iness, it will be fllnd that it was a measure fior the I.enerfit of lloling financiers. Therite meine of the Mlayr rejecting thle Iill of the "en .nd Municipnlily linr the i-sne of $10 ,0ltl 1 ill shin plin 35 trsis clear to the pnint nhit there ia no n thltrtity inl the Contcil to iesue nonts pnaole to the iberrr.- But what is e.rpress late tl nicn who e sslle I th i selcs the rilght nfjdiing chethlller tile law i tnl lie r oheved or not ? We think that tle reasnnn nliddlced i thei Mayor in supptrt of his po.ntion will hIe secoaded iS. n the plllicn and thint tillet I.eOi ntllre inll its nlm vemnl to wi!lI n appro e of his course. It in self-evident nthat tihe i. ies.e of te .t$100hiO paper mtoney wans not ened-id by allny puhli nsidertion. lThe real rnson onf tlip mn" 11N e, is, orlna e ft n doubttto helpn certain .l tnaniers i-t n of dificultlies into which they are pIluntced by their im rn prudent course't . )On every view If the 'anse, lithe lln ell, of shin planters by nite two n unicilpn liitie is indef.nai lte bl, indellpeenll ltliy of tho positive violntiln if law in 18 volved in the mesure. lBut the people will n.t ftorget. inn' tiATEIRI. C lOU RSE. Secnrd IDal-'lThurs , ilrn , th ' llCemt er, 18'9e ., The pur.e this day wna for Ihe Ji:krey Club Purae ' 112,00-3 mile hatt, 4 enlis. Two well known cngs, .a..h Illth]en and Pressure, v oae Floize nl ('Currulilt. Sarah lhad given us a taste er gqality, and ll s hlired ellrit. Ptre ur, hadi equerted Ilnly inro the belih f, that he w'as . through bred ri'er. lie had lver, however, been trr il to the top of his hent, or given undeniable prnof' of hel mnettle. lie was heides still comlplaining of a hlie bld rr. sentiv received in battle. Sar.h, was the favorite against the field; yvt the I horse wats arrounded by f iends, who were not disposPed to give lip thie maiter, soi willingilv. :luize letters lf intraodieion were notthle moIIIFt flrlterintg; .l.hhou. muclh 'brageing was mad ue of, Cureullu, olly ob tained a shooit here ondal there. The day was remarkably finer; not to i crid, hit plen sennt, with your oart huttiir,'ed i ; deliihtfil sun; nmi the course in tip tp order. M tn:ith ioisme hd been tret fnvly nt,do as to the ntir'ip 'tel sport, yet, witlh ilr t little esuccess. Few rientr.err , nut above hbity, or thirty-five; very few respetable,nid a tolera ble croatd of strangers, ao the dry before, comlea .r d of all sorts. L.ots f gIICtletamet spol'erme; notr ladly, no, not even one solitary petticunt. Rtcing is ni longer fashiotnahlo, or our eits have no money to throw away. At the proper signal the (our lcritt irr me r Ip to the starting point. Sarua Illnd n ,looked a sauy, noas though her me ster were present to brack aher impudence. Pressure hoked sorry, ery sarry, that hli Jsre ICg would prerent his lending Mis Hladen in the ldance. Eloize looked a yolung trager,in a stranlle land, rd.o tic, and as unpretending as unusnpertline; whilst lt(r eullu, as good as told the foks, i!' dn't .a in race, it hall not hre for wan; ofr ilt ri' l. but this kile n fr hut she hnll learned from bIeing to miuch in r empanv with her mtaler. Cireull proved herself but a flrt. At ihle tvp f tre 1t1n a, i'hey rlarter, n n w'r.. treml,l, very fairly. 'T'h, li:tle Ml'd " brneer, th.kinr I the lead,tSar, Illati de fai ll'wir ; then 1iis l:llie,', nri Inalt 1ts! i , nl1th nv. 'l'hrli.rgth the thlee nllte a ery pretty oats if arro ' was rt ale. nlh ir h it wr i. aisot ,.:denl, that ther who hnd .n ked Srarnh agai'-t rihe ireli, hkne a thing or tw'o. were tirensi nil. Sly chtng-d, it is Irp; llbut some pe,"pl~ kl' new thn , lhll oa.all gnmllmn. For Ir tile na.s hIld carved out th, il oatr wa'.k, it w\a all fair t he t Ieiratuhol be irun no it wat. The helrsesrnoled off very eall. Ilnwrver, variros retort= Saruh Illaden was worsted--Pte-.lre brag. ged that his lamnenes was Itil slhaln-Pres.nre will !rite lhe next heat-even heti lhtt the lea's wonld La broken. bha'tra l Allt h ors- t alt i theyy weter. '1=h lamncurse of Pre.'l.ure, hItw evar,a little Intie poitive. The gieoul is given; ip thiy rumt neoain, nil fur. Pe. - sure, thie ftvorille for t he, bt hr 1Itt ny orf opliion that Cuieullu, would give . 1. t ltlnden samae erart ice. Tl'ap goes tie daum; Saar a is off, lllowed bIy PIressure; Eiriae iand ('urtulal tlnt. A.gtin lheir posili-nn varied, all but tlthatl.of Flrnht, hllo had made tp her mind thal she Sould rlun hl t ix miles Ih- ti;anrl,; s s Ie deterltit:ed, so it re.ulted. She~ tuk the seconld heart an the irrt, with hut litlie etfriet. tot Ilent, A.. I.i.aino-tann't em Saraih Bladen by Leviathlnn, lanl by l'aro!ct, 5 yoare oli, 10711th- I I WmIt. i. Barrotw' bth Pr-sure Iby TlTmprter, dam by Sir Wtllianm,:, yars old 0llt*- 2 2 r . A. 'l'ylor'a et Ehliize I eby I.Utzbhrough, at Jam Mary Wasp by Don QUlixotet, 5 yiars uold, 1071hs. 3 3 J. F. Miller'e e m Curcu:lu by lMedia, dauta by Sumpter, 4 years old, 97ibe- 4 4 _Timetlst heat, 5 14' --d, 5 52. Saore people were of l;inioni, that the roce was very retty one; but it r unt he t nenowltdged lthur the Scontention waes not a contelt ; Ifr Sfrah had it alI her own way, I a mtsr h, or nearly so. at (rey I)eok had tlhe dry befire. 't he time to , conridlering that the course owas in tip top order, was fur frotla god. By tile any, the liquors on tl,e tcourse are cursed E bad-attendance tikewire jF "For entrier To-Dty, see advertisemenlrt. Eourtn POINT Lloalt.-The L.ouisiunian statne that the Light Iouse tnt South 'Point of Gordon'rs Ilaced is not blown down, and that t insto be repaired at once. This will tane the necessity of buying a light ahip. Siu. lttoaso.--This gentleman it will been seen of by referrihg to na'ertiemelrt, thai opened Iio ro.arm, ill d an eligible place You have only to go and ere of specimens of his wotks, and tI sitt lt o en for your likeness. 0TIrThr Mnoaoogabela Iraoes the whsrf thit morning fri uisaville. 'OThey who will consmir ttl-eelven to to tiecharge of Captain Stone, will never find cause to l reoet it. r it olt iesa floattmg palace andl hl i a king elty way aorlhy of ruling over it. Dnontrt Coanooe FacTmro.-Two and a hnalf milesr elow the city of Loni.allr, in a direct line, standl. ot, the Dunkirk cordage factory, r reted and owned by by Willie Ftrart and John B. Pland l rqrn. of that city. 1Ir and Iavith Myetley a mnanufctuter, who has been in Pit the business at Philadellihia for 20 years past. Mr. bit Mtyerley is the pate e othe fle machinery by which cor- '"" dage is manufnetured, possessing the important quality im of what is called the "after hard, or freedom from, " stretching. The Government of the U. States, hlas been ining his patent for some yearn at all the public lot stations, for the making of cordage for the Navy. ti The estallishment enot $36,00', and turns ot, of nll il sorts and sizes of enrdaee, one ton per day. The honeth ofthe walk is 140M1 feet by 34 fert in breadth.-- of The proprietore work 34 hands, of whicrh 20 are negro ninves belonging to them. and the rest, Imechanic ino the various depaltments of heckling, spinning, &e.- There are two imrr ense tar kettles, which are heated to the boiling point by the appllicatinn of stcem, so as to prevent acidhntri froim fire. The hemp house in of brick, t by 24 feet, and to stories high, capable of T holdling 150 trns of hemnp. The oricles manufactured connist of tarred cordage from a 19 hreond ratling up to a hwrer lr r n 74, of t - Maniln and Sisal hemp corlage, ofimarlin and leadl t lines, and of helmp rordae oiitllout ar, for purposes of n' packing steam apparatus. Of the latter about 1400 1 reels are made annuall. 6 4 The machinery isd iven by two enginesof20 horre tHitlerto lthe West was suppllid from the manufact,. ties of tihe East, but the Dunkirk establishment bils Sfiair to the necessity of inpiortationsfrom that i qunartr. Alrendy it hoa put a etop in the West to the e bringing in of ltanilia cordage. i Mitars. Pierce hannnon and Brothers, merchntsoon a Magazine street, are tih niFletlt for thie )tnkfirk, far:lory. ,r Tlhey have now on ltnd full suplien of il nlrts and i sizen. Ye·rediay mo.rning tle (ie. Slcot steamer, as a landing for ilt,.m 500 packnhes. The altlsle is tarnished i at New York prices. The firlt chandlers in the city buoy tno other aoticle. It has been pred to I e equal, if not e superior to thie Fastern cordage, as the mianufaCrturers at livino in the Ilhemp-rowing coaltry ave a chllice of I at row materinl. Ihey use ita god deal of Missouri hlemp. hilt old Kientuckly furooies IbI' princil al part of the etaple. - The developemeno or nor resources nod tihtcnver sion of the raw material into the made art cle on lth c ry pot whl .re it grows are the only true ri.soll ti Y. solid wealth. Bi.rt:. Situar¾, Iand & IMyertle deserve in ever, srces. Their aRnds, hIll vcr, spoek fFir thlim ns eite. We have henrd ha heavy oI.chaler of thins ity n- prooune thllem all that cCall lie dclir. Timh ralllidity ir with Ia hiclh e article sells in pro:if of its gntodniss. tll The List System.-11e Ipublishl the following on this per importanlt ubject, in the hopes that further information to toy he elicited. We see no reasnn wll the suggerations n of ourcorrespt adent shubdl not be caraiedu ont. though re we confes. therta is but little hopes of it, until theii t rade re- of New I)rlean shall undergo a complllete revolutinn, Irea matlerthat will no doubt hle e tleted iln tw or three Sears more. Capital cnnlot assert its indecpndence he here at th present nloaent. These are too malny cona til fictiag ilteereat in the wn0. ere To the Editor of the True Amerinen. t DEAR n:-1- ithout attermpting to adlvoeate or to antion e the remarks of the i.nluisinnian respriting the cysnem of Fatlois sellino tby lisat-it ha always na, pearled to nme systenm liable ro error anI miconoatluc lion, andil franlht witl danlcer t the repualtnion of the he seller by the sullpirion oft parlia!itv. 'Thllis shood lie i olidlcd.-AlhoIuh I have tin dolliht of the fanihifiinesn of the relinrnt i: . of the various interests under the yrlsternl,yet it wlold be much moitc rei atisfactory to all parties ll. each illnterePst shollld rest on ils own mnerits. lie -Under the ipresent ionfrtluate systen of tie byirng i ail sellino brohker eing united in aone, nd receivino a OI conlnisin fromllll lnch pl rty,n c.hargemighti be dillfieut, I bitI separate Ihe intIerest, and eCtoaIlish selling brokers ith whos chllsine shlouhl be to value each int.'rest sepac Iv rlrtly.--I think vi wohld tllhn obeiatl the difliculty oand give maore general snioailotion It is a morter of sirpii to ma, t ti hat with the intellieree nni d ex e - rin .,ie ,xi ti in V l ter Ilo rd tf f'onli erce, this i,.lior. n luate pIratiire hbould have existing sa ling. ni - CCANDOUIR. Whr is to be the next RItcordler? This a ques -'haut is very frequently askd usofrlate. WelIl len we answer, we have hearn d , oany named; bllt a,,anin,, ppvaers rather to be made up to t'e netessithl I tchange, tlhan by whoml that llhanceN" .,1I lle h er,', on All eppear unanitnoles in the opinion, that lthe pratanqnt Iincumtlnent i unlit, thet er ronrideled in piOht of tpla. city, or strict magesteinl integrlet.-; it i very generally conaidered thal Iti i i:trlglliOe, titne sernvilg ann tlick' ; thallit hihs moreat heart his owni interusra, Itha Ithe panlie teatl. Ih.e is po atat. ofnarrow and con. trueled views, oi very slender jldgmant, and parlial. In a ordl, he is totally unlfati for the alofie'. Gen'l. I'Plsilor F. Smllith, has motg olthers been spo;en Ofa ana uitable person; but e lave fromll him self, that he is nllot eligible, aind due not feel inclined to rm for the alflice. Jutdge .'nckson, too, hoes hten spolken of. What lh. jtction cotal be urged l og inst himt ? W\\e know cfannn. Iet us Ihen thlik oftit. the opplOlenllts of IIPL present atllinistration he inl the qui rire; let its select a good man nud we shall succeed. THu Post lOaFICr: I)lPARnT t.IT.-The shameful manner in which the trunsporntion of the it ails between this city and Wtashingtt o in colndactled, is an utter dli grace to lMr. Kendall. There is no excuse for it. The service is well paid for,l ut so lng as the departmlent permits contractors to carry pa seaaers in thle mail caeriages, so long will the mail bogs be left behind. Air. Kendall .owes it to hi uw n reputaotion, it he has any reeard for it, and to the many interests inv lved in a sulre and reqgular platsrage of hie pa)st to reamedly thin matter. Iel slhould ask ai r powe.r,ifhr isfraid to take it, to contrael ftr the carriage of tile toils alollne, spe cially prohbatiting lthe trtansportatialn of passengers. W\ill tile adla:inistration take Itaare not to do at.y thlttg that v ill benefit the a ontry ? It rsems to take pleann sure inl manategig alffairs so, that neither partisan nor Ce ean give thelmt credit or their zeal inl the business orf" government. fIE New Tltt PRIl As t At:FT.-fl'te work or new bIolllig i,' -, gp.g Casit g slaw ly'. It Iprlaoiase to he n rient, n d is at'tsi tied f. the expoasure i f tveela.nles nan goe.lrtines fir sale. 'riThe ilrn i noat ag, tallte to Itcle eye, t .l inz a emi .troper till, tlhe sidea of wlhib meansre r.e-proeively II ', 170. 90 anld 25 feet. "The eol umtn are of iran,lulted a'. I I:1 feet hech. They rase on a hute, eoantinal(ls doule 'ill ofgranite. The lt on which the building stands in said to have cost $10,00o,and it is I.e;icved that tIle houu will cost as much inmore. In annl'firmation ofwhat we asertled a day or two oa.l, of Schaanialt and Ilnmilton'i selling tickets in thin SLa tery, for c'artifintes aflde1poit, . now publish one of threse certliSent'ts, 'alllded to s hy' a gentleman, halo has intera s:ed himsefiln the I otvrry. ICfny one thiog, mare tIlatanlny othler, could show thel glod faith of tla' mnnagrrs, this meas.lre ofl tllhil's, nIlot nusurefly is aenlcdted to do it. It eili elldlt that their only object and aim. i n tosell thl alkhir ti fiketily, nrl Jraw their Slottery lhoneslly. Ules.l they do, they will tnt hand:e a tile cash. t, Nrow Orleatn *nalf anl Ira ltanen C-otnpany. RIetreivrd fr, lo lr.- --the noatl nf-- - IuIl il llt.he fr'atoia aoaCtital hOt ooemeita ofath atirnd RaIl .Rtaitt 1 orery,atf priperlyat n so clrl in \ew Or banta,.f whi, h I.t hn inlh al II.onilton are rlnnnoerr, slll'l hae Iea. n traeasferredll , free from creroy irtcum laRoatoe. ttait 'l'at.tvoe itf .a il .t.. tey, J.!t t vrr a lt I E...1 (',tebi.r of toI titizern's Itanlk ca olltrilllln, ant Ahlllllmc A. ltlollullien, 1aq1. 'awhiter of the tolillilan aol Aaaeovinthian tat the lanters o I a uioaiva , rohutl. wilh Loll I " uthdlt ; said ' erteii . nrilga per let 3 passed before A. ill.ntren.n, l.sq., Nolalv I'Phlie, no I ta .,1 Mayn !189, hen ani a dl arrl 4 shall hl- paid aver t, .Loti S hl.ttiladt, atlilng annger of ai I. Lottery, on his endorsing certifieCat e Canhlier New Orleans. 18 A Now T)nrrTnt..--Mr. (Iharles lBriggs, in his an e nwer to the Loauiisannian'st dissettion of the afiit bank report,ahrorher a dotllrine that is blh novel and ltnrl ling in itself. ie eays--" The error was 1ne of rsmall d vonsoequence and did not materially aflect ilte sitation of the Bank in relutilon tlthe lioldatrs of its obligations, who are the only parties interested it th,'ne shtaeltant." I'he worthy secretary of tile BIak Le.ague deserves to t be ranked in Ihe eanme scale with John Inw! 0 L'raRIO T raT9 WAMP.a-\ta e have a letter before us froma a frieold in Ililndelplhisn lhtriling rhe particulars of a plan Ifr elearing thll * rwamp i thlle r N of the city nda letting the river iito a- In redeemn that purlion of i ..d h lo the dominioni of reltiles alnt malnriai. He hra addreresd the Coulicil if Ithe tad Alunicipality on I the lsubjecit, nal e lope thalt soethilng will be dloe, Uand tltata, to. ipeedily. Maore anon. A IrtLL loarT.-l'his is a rolugh expreesion, but Sonel that nmearns muchl. The otenler atmloer.,r, Cal,tain to ,,ter, has broughlt lready to the ily, frotl the middle to issis-ilppi, 15,010 bIags ofeltlto. Se makes [llar trips t p ulid down in 1 hllt dnilll a packet like regolarity. t.-tl thi', whto carl. Tar STnAsn Noots'o .-Tbhi regular trde boa I was built at Elioabettltown, on the Monougabhel river h by 9. Walker, and ot $*ti,000i. Her owner are Jnme pa irwin, dScdlder Hart and John Smith,the msuiter, all of Pitsburghl. Asa feight ansd passenger bont,she com Ibioes great dvsntnge. When she first ane out,she - made threre successive tripv to Louisville with full car toes in les. thlon 7 doyr. To'lnnage 219. Paotengor i are providled wlithr eey comfort. The enbinia noatly I Gtted op, and thre state room., ofwhich, there are 30, look out upon the goardr aith doors. T'Ihe ugent in this cityv are Fierce Slheaono & erothlerv, aod itt Louis villr, J. C. BuIkles. '[he lt'srth of keel is 140 fiet--on dek 10G0. Breadtlt ofroeaon 75 do. Extreme breadlth on, sleek -. Ilepth i of Ihold 6 1-' do. Diometer of wheel 20 do. .Lengh I oflbto ket 101- dlo. Iloilers 4, of which the iamoter io 4: irhebs ano leglh'2g 2 feet. I.enoth tof stroke 6 i feert anddiameter of cylindero 5 12sinehels. Tile so gile is fioom the )trge of Stockholluse, of Iittlsbtgh. 'The frnaces eannsrtne 4 cords of wood in 21 loars - The following is sthe list offfimers.-Jtthn Smith, mano. lor. C. McCoylerok. E.'o'meotra Eli Hlladldocik nd S. Drom. Pilots, D. Burh nld C(:. Damon. Thtoo.h the Caps in betlongs to that s.lelehrated family,--the John Sttith'a,-swecanaost lrothle public, lthat hIe h ss naneoftheir eelnltoricities, Ittt wlorver travels tithl' him will finad Itim ' a mostfor a' that," andt well quali erd for hie duties. 'h Noredfk leaves on Sunday fhr L.ouiville. No w MnoET r Ilu5oc.-'l'The Coucil of tol lett 1,n tniipolity have passed resolhtions to ensure the httil slirg of a sew Vegerotle )Iarket on Ih grooand occptied hy tiheo old Istuve ntt tle totld water workos. T'hi is a desirable neatllro. The loatter relnaihs to be approved by ite .Mayor. D'the o ap it thie Pecttnd Municipality wharf, from d alove Plydrsa streetl to thle e tt section higher uop ouolt to be filhnd op with bridges ano soon n po..sible. 'l'ltre is not nigh loon enough for lthe up oltotry loats at prsaent. "u'riE AndetoIPATr ts Mlon.-The Crntwford Sintestlntt, r h polilled at sMe.dt ille, i'tnnso Ivltin,othn thle ftliowiog parnorlph : "l'i Tt Il'on.Johln onlhrhit, in his satecth lefor otle " ,.ln 1?IC I e)IleeI~I ff n ll'(:1lllrl'C HIl,,..,e ,,n1 'l '-day lraoto [' ioon Fosoto ot sit al Ctot trrtts' 'rm hi d5 t'i, ltifio. dI 'lloe!oPd Itos if tite ie Wtlg" notteonbro l ,. .ltl~rrt., who .rP eIPlstSl nlld regularly reeltrslue IIltol~ t'o J(r. , "ot' es 1 authottitdttll ttt altoe this sla tho ioll-t " tI-nr. 'tloft' Wi ie tntttter .C th ai"itls .h o rnltlrC itht I hstit tioe r l f h n'Emotrllll tt this ftl w ci' l 5i5o lit hI I11t11 1er Uwrlrli. Ilh·V illtlC1 l l It ) IZOb 11 |h hl lr. ti,,l e r the i next ens ,n electionl3,r as a cOnidateS forfl thei dihs fIre:, IMant wr inof , ih ity i th, ocrets of' IhAw 11r 't."( iILourirrilleJournal. OA1TDIfATZI3a eiv \' are Noussor isou.d t r llllnt lllt e tantonst qtite olit'i' t tatitnt of a r... n ntmlrr ot the o citioen o tde trire SMniocipatlilsa, Mr.WILLsL A FRotoIo lls cot ent0 t I o tile prtsertlatinon f tin snltme In Ilit fplloa eien i Site neoat enrtittg lesctiott,0 a aotdidste t r tile sliil.e of ,'.lno.or olsiE th e (tily otf NW (lrleolno. oe efo or.s sotemov ooooioda annoeoer qal'hslIs c dotnooale dPon gronl stotnhre dose itoyene dos Irois oaMunioipolitds, Mr. Wat.LsAc FoeT ea tnoonaenti b Re pr5senter o o aedo t oattdlot l So plooe de Moire & Ia psoeltaine dloetion. ho . U. (;SsR,'NIE.ot Itls soliltitotilot ofntsny of Iti , friendtl, Isb cottsnte.d to b'ecome a candidatle bfor the offi·e of 2lnyor of thi city. NEW ORLEANS. JoCKY CtLrl+ IlACI'S. I E 1' Al II'I C R4 E.S hlnl l inv of Fnll lotie , Il'?9---Fridav 13th. r Joekv ('ll)b Parse 421, --I ou il heWi e' . I 3J. . tiarri-'on n rr (J.' JhI tei - ') h' r.e. Billy Towne- hv ['vhde, daa by 1-tr.inia, 5 ,er. ohl, 1 4 4ho-I)ro, ', gr o, an nI elw. 1 r Irn S . '. (r.- - 'I'. lmr.t n'-) c Thresh'v' " by . . , aragon, I year old, 1110( :bt, 3 II. A. ,,l 4 o ,,,ri. vt0i,1 llack t , v t .t ilhe a 1, Pit. ntwl, d .ti: t . :.:5i. yenr" olf, I[l71bs- hFror m in ll :, ~'" mtri',, ft- p hli, hol e b righ t toll r luti a, iltt e I. c - , it. n Ahtr oil t A , knol l -,'tl I i,, ] , 4,, , I I ,,wo ,-. th . r ' y f mls yhard . -h t . ;,\ rei iG,'.r itln,nI itor Pia, I.. r l +.I rt , t kirkil-le er S af4 t billtllirel l, on Ther r o.. ,,, , -t, d ltru--.ele wilt e l'ollnrd ,rown lo lllo 1, .,1 4,' 4- 1 hrI 4 K 4lllll -. 4 4h ' 1Th4relll v, h, l . il,, hn l +d.,, t , t ,.I' s .o ' , rtt r.l h ta ,o It"l elters i t . ble' oh l otkon ,IV ' I r field lndr 44401424t4ll ADAMS, 41 . AL . (i.AILIIISON, 1 NonTl- Ths rrrt 1ai- and gar of Rhe ablon A1 n 1 li z esuing all enso0n.44 4 ]I 5IR 1 tll)I' G ,. e, ':, ...,, t in rh, tdghe at iten it,, o ,, I C4:. -t. t -1 - It. a elno, r PtAche 1f k o h ll f ilint. 'il a on heo rd , h' Ihoive. Fr freiet i of3 15 ll tiA 0 ic ale. of r 1olhm, an l oan rd r -e. CA OPI STREET THI EAIt. E. BALS. 'h 1 . r lo P, t i'NT-'r he m lrl att t olnd Binr of th e Ite Sloto4 . hlli',,ont, for tIhe eisaling Ball Season. 3 A,lply t e hoi x (off i. i. de3 ex --ls tnIl R . ofteIr l -h i c( l n ,I o /ne w -1 ... .it n It I I AR ItIN i, blee,. t, inollrlmr t the ritizes or Ne. i (:I,-role , t4hat lllns takel rlmr a ill ,,,o4the htilhlre Altlhr hll -n o t . , l' 4lllllr, O nfice oi. 2 CnteI : so 11.II tdl ll ih't l 1e till he ll 4y to xlltl e., nl lll lll l.n lns theyf y honor hintn mitl . I t 3I O- I II- BOTI-1tC-- Si/Ir ti ndi g 4I"' F'lI ". D.eoso,.r Wo llth, 18.19. 111 I" Sheriff hteg leave Io tbr he .bhe, thnl li rder to ehtoI, met n to fill tite otrl e of d, o pllio., ht hlt plaeed Ihiml.elfl l ,ter ,nt obliboi, n to ally SBhrgtl y11 1 ,oll tlnrie t.,, , t44 t ot t it l, n t ',re O h ' Il h o l I, IIE' I Io s o.e. ,,l it islh iil -l)· oh wll n or iltkP(i ll h .nnl b In Ilia f, ifl 9, tt llot his lf, n' o.4. h, eollre'Cd, and , h", Ithrefor ex lit th eth p nitre l(4n4 o 4 i4n4 will tN 1 r it ll.o 4 ln. i 1, 14 -tP It e --'rrtlr of Ip Pek t,,dirr ,',,, .Irte- tax l ,. II h r slh t a h tew.-lil o ldll li-l ti llne , and , loh r m h l l r, I trttt l' r I .O 't. 1 ,,or. ".' payehjdtoltrgg l,,oreleo if .i...lelpir -(i. *is no . I.. In , d .... ;ife .e.. ,br, I ro. i , I..0ll ,115L'' , 41 ' w Irl atic' - S 'ild - ltl ko ' h ', t ,,, la ..d Idi-g flt . 1 t,' a ,nI 4 t rq;td t o Pi ek w tht- r t 4 o' tot-oo ou r ed r th r x, f I . f Ite tT dl:{ ( III:I'I, 14 New I.,-,o LI U III) I 4' OSiNF4I:S o 15 of xen44 4 c4.00 4,4 m ork' d 4 ,r - l K ia n-oll ro- xs retifIrdo It ,ding €rel .ote mest bwoat Penlllrl fiatl nrkale byeie ,113 1 1,k t lhe 11m I 1',4e k 1 N 1 w L Ponhe n 4d13 ;o IkIoip lor1E , I! Nowl.ievee 1412 \N ' 7I44n-IIELIvIF S--5 bhoerl . in 'etore ond 111:1 ' 1: t( 4I.l:Y, 41 NJ v l.rtl vI J . 4l' hh ll 4 4Ioe, a . . Inll' hierk .t1. ('!1r"1 .4r. re-0 eeive per lhip ,Ni agar k frlo - I Nrwlll Yio. i n l nllre.-e req, 1,a'ed t,, tli pay freight no, I e,,r.. i ltoaket tl, away. W IV l O..DNl K .o lt.o. 0,13 ,,,I'io I 71( ' rma, I4-L I 44l ,-.eoh her 'l.p in,,o (ter, or ' rn. o'e d by l fe e . clew .l'ti h shi Ill Th, lllnr ll:lBra ii St. |l ll +.ilis ('oL regnli-m "re Reelv ,4o pte t'4 t' y 40 ot if,4i -.4,,hbi ,, 44 rrito will lbe per.+ l n J 3 IrTI 1.0N P=.tor. - ',, .d, .ld I hid4L4.4 f t I. S,' ,. jf -t reeived por ,h, ItooooUI,,,,I,+, f £,m New \' 4rk 4,4r 4 44r.ttd Io cu.ll ary an'd tha0rge0, tnd 4,i14k o s 44 e i o n,4. (jNOTCl(El.--Shi4 ,(,harl,4, C0 t4i4 (',If-o, frml P P 44i i €11 4, i 4o 4 00 ,,ll d i 4ll e, : t ir l ,w e o'rol.. ral.l I.I .4 I44lllr 4lroe 4i4lo lhr rNqtl - t0,dI1 III 0 1-1w N. F. t'511.V. 97 Cam4p 01 Brow4,o . Io r W I4 t 'aylor.'S..'4 t. l hlni t, ro4 in,4 e.o .fo are reque4o ted go nm.i.e k4wt l their r4 id.V t tIhe 4 ll be; toolred 4, o ,hir ,xpn,' e. 4 4." C1: I.V, 11 12 (.171t"nnI,' . I'T (ho I.. 1 oL I 15 x- rh,'e~e, marked 440o[er4.- 0 ; 7 ld 44 44,0+ lirk0 d J & 10 , reeoo ived 4er 44ck4 t ship L.'is'le, from N,. York,tre r, I oo e.4 l..,d to call, pay Irv.itln Awl expeso4 lht t keotsoe owvW, I It &'04 tCl( & to,(Po, to 71f (,nool p o .i -' tPI '44s gees of g,,,lo notified go V 4 It -0 It & P . .a0- o-oit 1 ,t' Ioo,"4104 I .fro et. t N. 10Ctneeo will lt firs. SOltICE-The firl of T R. HYDE & BROTHER, R Sin this day dissolved!. T. H. HYDE, reminiau charged with the liqnidation there f. and folr hilh plur- Rl post the nae nao e of the person will only be ietd hereafter. i,0 T' RI HYDE, thi For hinisell'nnd the heirs of 03J H P IIYDE. ( I'( i 1'TNER SHIIP-T. It. HYDE, having an o. Sci .led G W. 10 4,with him inpnrtnersllip, they wi/ll & litelltll the lu bneine-b the fir sft'. IT. HYDE C. '' It HYDE, 011 i M(SS. d3 I9 Common si, car. tltgaoine FP --1 Yeslerdnv Oione pssr crentle, wo wiPhedl Ito volt i hi spleean ipon onlse l Iwhm le llod, bulIt dared not Frace, inseried u srgled ldvcertie.ienl ins Ihl Ilnlllltist- ecllied heliow, it is certainly I Imean and dirty trick- that nnv flo g slillt ilos-thl t nos geontlimnc wollol be ocilty of--evincicg hl1h lack of senose and luck of coiurage.-l- lslini , letin1 nloot. $100 IE\VW RD. 'rltlE abhvesne' will be paid for informstion, that will lead t thl, conviction of the person or per Pons wholl elllnsd all alvertisetent to he inserted in the New Orlc fs ('onmrclacl Inillclin, of the Wllk instanti l)lrplrt that tht sih c rJlllirhler had .tnlered inlt elopart- w nrr.ip llil th Johnl Ilarrett asid tiheris. uler ithe stitlet. ii lF'iorav llarBrett & Co, fir the aurpsoe of clrrying on lhe hhsilloes if ipavinlg-no uch slonnecion hlsving he lito ned N. B.-lThe undorsigned this rapport lunit of in fiorii the publlic, ihst he i niitt conllncted in ilusiness c of any kidl, exept s ith hih broteher. on22 ,A UI"tUI, L. FiP1tG \Y, 59 ione.eine 't $29 IRE\\'AltI)-laaiaov o the Iss1 ,\. Velllher, hio sero tliE 1111 E, sued.lilg Elo' feet 4 "r 5 incles s Ieigh, e hlrt and tl ick set rnnll evye, prllmhnis nt fierhll.od s a opren land free glt hnvlyl:; n, of the" froll le'h in ith np pr jaw bhrl,k n hndon, went lie wntlll winv. a pair of cltllllonde lipnlt I ootwill w ll s .tiil.t+, an1d a gin5lllt shlirl, osid a+er o worknd a Ia no wl e wilh Nh \VII. Stlltone, hricklverh'ahalnd. FERINANIIt LEllM , ltl-tr ' Nii 3:13 Duailpile ot l1iE StIUtSC"RIBIRI respeetublly informs ite | fri.m·nds and elrntomers anid the publllic, that brinlg Iobh la, to retire frolm hsineln on necount of ill health, Ile Isas sultI liis cslck to Mloser. Htsewell, tlriegitlli adlIlaa.ttoell iftllillellphlii , whio will hereaflser on. duct the ll hilesO ill this city undel r the cniae ifJ.Illn IJ. HIswell &lCo. loe takes l nsi oec is rirotntiendiog thsm to tihe pntrunage of his ferlTler ctll.lilri. I25s A TOWAIt 49 t'auup tl JOlHN J HA.VEL..i & CO, S [ Io ,\lexadler 'liowar 49 Ctamp kr sreet, take plea.iiri in iifolrmin e toe en t,c, re of I ,ia isti lli se ld Ii le pulitic ell'rall gie I ha lIt gll ci I)r IIsed froin N r. 'l' .o w r h is e tic . s ltik o f lo o k , ji Saer 4c: tbat have nov rsuch adlitisno isi will nlnke I t their solrtmenllt vlrv eonplet,. hThey will alwvIII he ] tilde to s': * ."v P!rinte3r. wih hk piper I:r newplt~ pess, sohk siil jolh wiok ,if i rtife dilu risliin oi ihe Svery hesat terlns. 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Apply Ito hse Editor of Ilie True Ai\ eri'aI.. 02'?--51 Sliut 'It II:. litl, ard Iuivliil oils-fll-hcldee' sin nII dll 5 JOiat's floe sltll bonl.,rdl the .hip Frenk fort, lsios ulr St. Jiephl street whurt; apply to Cliplsin l1usdel oiin odiiiii 1 nmp P I.Alt.A.W, 51 Csnsp s 11OR 1\.E, fliat ralt I)lahulr r",aw, apply on hanrl ship PIa ntl, , i ppos. a i te E.:sl naeI . ree... b . II F N & A N 1I(IaENr willr.tice Inw inw in lpler. ·l, shipa i h. I vh ityl )I N lew I) t nllns, andl in allt, In rlrs in the cnllll.ty, in Wlhich theyI la.a. berell fiore Olfihe Io. 9 laoril Ir~ot, i9 T A STII.L msla raa opelfally i, f.,..s hia pulila Sand lhe publica geiar'll'y, lta.t I'.l has re ned oI ah t city Wltlr vo mmlnllt , (r, hi, ', o I~.P . "olllt i lll ilI-. 1l I' lin.sla wila he received at Ita ' .:~"e of .le+rs. E. Johnlns N Co. 5i. Charles ,trees ; at 11r. B. l rosey's, |Illlll l ltr t ; lr ,,| 9 r. . t 1\ ll llll d lm l.Pe 's ll llr r o f1 ('1llll W tre.t .t l l lla ite o qll' i . PIa e.rina ion lls lpphllg eI ei h lr of Iat ll a laa wItia'awilla ploa' .a .Ih v therll. I a', '1' a. i t. ag19 E11.. I Sfla of a i- oa n tai. - , ina lhialn tle Ia ev'Ia l . 1Ii ti(,,, he Ample. xiIP nd lly... lits-torntim,; by ll iell t. Cl nlt d ~lllol , II fI·CP ])il11s IU- l redevg * nll*d li-lip ' ba J. .1. IAS:IILL & C.'o,successora In AI.I. T'\V';WES. 49 Campll J aa. d1 1l TCIII"l.' MAl '--John J Ilai=well i, i49, 17I Camp .treet, hawv just receiv.ed, Iro.n Phi~nds I 1'i1 'a pllllky, of rMialchi , l\ ia esla'-in ar. I" r. roguther will ahlyoafMitheiiii'aallasaiallraaaalalV ilala, aillJ arall I ip v lo f t.a, a'as., i Plrixl . bi rile. a llh.l lh golleo ., MaI l, Ia, llainaaa, q ll m ai-, ' aUalna-a, sivs,a haaIl ai-,lll aaill aa.l , f :lll thr 'eIalataod faaaa a1a aaf Jaliaa ia.aai nlaa llth, PlailadelliiI whaih iailf-aal rd Ill. am aale a n m l atnd ain.ta tla'aa. d.l T A+P* AN.llI".ITTRIt I'API:It r 1110 iuni1)l fine ruled cn pn prr 100 ala d.l plain al a 5t11 do'a Iaa 'k,,l plIot, ruled on 3 sidea, jaut raeciaad alnd far aao ba Jahn JI IAaW I'I.I. . . ', I" , nlllt.-s',, 1E A a ''oaa nr, h Cinn olll i-)lN ING Pp RI'Fl .--110 r.nm- 571.y 4.!; 110 rla omlllo i by '1:t; 1011 rta ns 6ll by :ll; ill rnall 2 by 32 :" 100 rmlns 0 Iv 42 ; 100 rlllle 13 hvv3 Ihi.dilv reeived froIn Ili le laui k l aak antheia iaaalad tfr salt hv J .1 IIASWI'.L. & C, aucceaa .mr, I A ''TOWA All, I! Canlllp t. i I A ,ilt-50i0 I ,sc1 R dl) ai le, 10010 reanlas singlel , nalaa 10110 reilala hIrdlllwara l papear, il a re anlla i -le by d7 J I'l~ 111 I:1 &, Co. 74 P.,dInm At F RE. . MEDICI E<--:.l l pa'ive. f Ill S ines, receivae per earrent arrivals froml ile North. ern llaie. I.i llrplool and Hllare , makin tlheir stock of medici n+ l fll s nt in the otellIll r clill lllv . "'heir filn lleailula Iareaaa i l laaaa a alao Filma il haaeralld llnna a faio'a r, 'ltaalar' \oenva a& I'.I. faaaa" 1haa a haiyll b a ca.lnr antlv alasnapliel. Plaatal r'. dealers and 1 'h si dlins will Ie sip lWed onl Ihl l i v1r,111 e Ir$ , . IE )l'I & \11, IN alr n ,w op nani a a amIIaaltae ni-"I I) so am PIelt 1o h .ila irTs; dio vmlll hri, with linen f"',,ll- l" al a l itr-; ai.l', 'iaan tala -i a'rla ' na ,ra hlrl a.ln dat r- taa' m r. i slllllri a II ailt altlk , 'ao'l, i Is; Ilal k anll d llltvy rta t a ,a in OIralat vl ria ty ; nla llllnlalaf ; stor k-)l l . tery dV" -' rill io; cunm alitr-ti+c ~t i cot Ion sul i lp'ra-; ' a.1k enlila anl tlreald iilaves; gaentlaaa h.'s aIIr-e-Lilt a'iv, -. lIaa --a .1alahai I ll l nlPa nl nf nllldi'aa ala la aPter nll"a n'aa wrtine dle-k, Ill,'a,r a t ', 1a 11-iaa nl II lxe -. wlIoI' iZ lma.,, Portl Fa ia +, a I'f..l llllalier l'1, a rvl. 1t ihe IIA, Z Al ll.e nr Illo $t. ('llrlr+ anIlllld 1"oiiimn l rs. 4 4 I .l1111' l . 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I ,l ai laI I'.illat l by I d I1 IIlINNAOBEL 1 I A'' , fev 'rv L dhw'r p ,in,, suI rh ll)n llubs, brllnl e , aeray via's &', &a " halo1'e a i. lal 'il y 1 'I I It' IN ' A IIt' 1. 41 'I'aihap itau!i a a t Si HI\ i P)ii -' PI" , pe ssel; - it nloit.p, ri,.',l + I-r anle Sby " II IiNNAIIEI., it 11 13 .1TI hnlllitl nhl. t SU(;AIl--vI 0 I hida alleaaO a la llrl lt'a Ia aile D.01)0S & l'111I'.-i I, MInl 67 (;Inviel at I,1('R--3)0 brit ai the hinling in fine shipping 1 mlilt Itfu 10 la 01 .1. la a lder sale by DORS.EY, 44 New Levea N ,Tall 100Io' -eaa aaaal ala, , r aila, Ihan l. nad i 1 ike% I l. ine ffon bnttuer I 1 .\lesi k ii I Il adel hiaa, anil d flI r il l ae byat dll" N F" (Ot\1,V', 97 (.,ip t I)F. It llllR '- late t l a li nl h l l 'n-hin lll a I hull - -11 S .n t alen of'p1 al h, a ol aalalat lel, ap, p.ilwiderl bcu-ha. &'e, wholesale or reilal I.v I 0ai ial'.00 -310 alaaxican nlad P ant i Itoh I ri55 (I liunll.'.l.¥.r New l·ev.' l I aen 't, far salt tl A FISK. ,14 " A SnllV FISIK S A II 5-101 i1 ka. a alstnui. wall a., -,a l, a -,frtm 3 .. NI I6 inrh, ailr n le ty 1 .\Y 'I'IN ('o. a al,;--i 53 Old l.eeve t I " OT ben, e.- a laa-a'I auraallro', aaila, apiike,, 1 i and lld Ialolailallal iadn s aaa Iln la low Io I ehlo1a cmllSi-niell . ha FN Clt tI.Y, Sd': 97 Camp Al S ATTI.\i" i lirsat rata I'le Phildetia i ade flat. rle:l, our f ale b N F i I., n15 "97 ('ullp At Ill I l0 i -lo -12 rolls lointher, a road article, for sale bIy A1.)A4S &' WIIlT'AI., 67 (,raover at Akl''Ia-3011 .ark, nt the luih uii, ter flal nbOa, ntar lJ Anle Iby (: IOItFY, 443 44 Ne.w Ieve il a.ll-2-i ke. llnailt anntorled sizes, now landing r from halurqa Joe iahnal, fIr ela 7 hva y 1120 ADAMS & I\\IIITAIt:,fP7a(.raei at SA V--l'O0 hles aarime Nw Yorlk Hay, landing 1 I froi a lip VaCk.lhurg, anll fIr a!e by 0'11 A (OIIEN, Ne.10 Cnmatn at I ATS--'Tli'p umiserihers have received anI n1, re Srleimine by evry p.ckelt, Ina-su titltlv lf l hearer, Rulsia, Fur rand Alulekial silk Haie,lfl t-uttloatcs bIsib ion and tbest manlla fctnlra, which thll offer for istpec-. Iti to Ihe t.itizens and pub ie gaenerally. For sale by (it lIts tP& Co. Naval, Militanr & 1blsbhi -table Hatters, under S t"xlabtrehl. H ItS-Ih ..t Charles at Si I)aPbA:L-51 resinls cit ll i:tP-tn line liii) Io1 large tizedl, athi1h paper 100 dl, hardwars Ilpaer Irlla d., crra,, atl enp mnppirng 5lk ltb shobe t)apr,eoaaoltd atolars For sale by JP11l J "AS\WIL.L & Co, -l a oeeeisor' i A TrowAar 49 camal, at 't) Will It- I.ItAI) DKAIL.EIl. T SASK S'I p, till Ibseauch, 30'25 cnalo No., I Leud S1i lpure i :50o lbs each, 15110 kets liad, 25 Ihe cach, For sale by Ihe Agel.ll-. JARtIS & iANDRlUWS, n29 corier Coin & Tellapitoull= st S'll' i\/WN til.A. hltiliine fil ski ,hip Icherokeel,-10 I x 12, 12 x 14, 1t x 16, New England croawn Ilns.a. This elass wais purchiled il rtedhed Irice.s al Ihe windig. up i4o hp- u) aialotl~lrllnihl cotnpII vallnn d i 11)ow oleri, veiry low. JAI.l'l & A NDIItbVS, 0i29 earair Coni . I i chupiaulat t t I). NIK IlAItlit- in invoirt ofAltbotl sit .:lv' ) eninallled, ivary surface, plain nid coliored lllk Scards ul the vuriutlr nlz , jsllt r 'eivied ald lor nhle by r JI)ll J 1.SViWEIl . &. its, 11o9 Sltces-oris e A 'lw:lr, 49 Cn i at 11 ANKlKll"'S Ie1~ i'st nodl 'lleklt iolllks,Malell el uhltVa'lleti -and eiialnliinum-A large an. choice nalortuetlll just receaivesd nl fbr sal by t JslIN J IIASWIEI.I, sil29 Surcelnors to tA Tiawar. 49 Colp at - of "i fru0ll 1 :lll 1 t, 29 & 42, Ipllllro - l de llhm Ships tnli .' lin Bot Rston alld the thio from IPlilualel hIinb, anI for sale by JOIIN . HASW|'1I'Io. & Co, n28 Suacernrrn to Alex. T'awar, 19 Cmp iiat il Il)VIk'S--Now r0e0ivirta Ii flr itlleis de. & lFr-iii:Il R iel lotl, a Pplllllillh l aRs,,ln1len, sip-,| as VlWillqlll'x SPiltenl l 5 lltlelz I'trlehitl Slaove, Iist iut siicia--ltur hItar, Cookihg, Fia-k.lia, &r Ae. b'ar i.h. hy 3l 11 IF DhIl:VItIIEUX, n 019 2i Teal:lpith..ln. o g A .. Ilt 1il1.- 10 iurrels h,> + ir.'ii color ViI, a jhit noid chlarl or l triililaL,als 5 blhIs Tetlies, are rntlitr oil, 2d quality, r ti l P It lihv JAtIVI t & ANlitI-IW,', i al Peiorlet(loinitrn &t'i."rr-ralt arIs ts n( I ANII.1.: %c) IttttGi/- ei ittplf n-saainiieitl Is Ilanw, r'n and ItR, diire, I f, il lhe lcmlry, wrl r, letnull itb htIof a qtill, rqlnl tu illy iti lil eiuy, aiiw ue1aidinii ai for iale by l'r.tE Il L,\ I I.i \t, I IOT' I l r - u llll r ll| t' 1 - 17 tIiP t \l meh i fi Cilti tp I ti 1. p 1 iid Le I.I iitLV, r t ANlo .tig r " t .iir l O 'li i. 0 t ,iesal fin tti.olhT t I ) bahngeil,-: i65 aiII ,l e, all oif l,, lt iIl,,,: nl y14 st (; IHl.,\r II;lARl, :31;r.vir ist - T ((.11 lIEN'!"'lT 'b'-I-I A-II--.ltat ritttel .p.t l per e hibu Mit-iopitriiln i. frill .lea 1trka Is tib - tie aoritilwtt-l itl tleit Itilt.r ,-d llpelt I'iaui ,lia r s Ih a . o i,,r La (c; ISSI P & I'l. St l:lnlrlrhs lleoti . (hllrler, fromn Plhilsdielilii, nod1 ilr sile Firol IIh l Lerre by l . FI. CSiltl.1, lt 110--lw 97 Ta lliit L olulil ille ~ rm W I'tllk. 1110 ireaI. firel ctlireti r i me,liaiii.t,b ll e lbfr st lPirhml Ikile , &'.r. lir lr t i le try by ttlIN J I1.eb\ I, & E , Its all2 Sallrcear ilra tl .I 'rlwi r. 49 Iellll t l , ('lunrle, Irlll ro Philadellhlia. anid for side fmlnlll thet Leve. ,N. F'. (il111lhi', ( n.1 l i-tl 1re, lunding iex hip John I ile, 1and fir n y S G ILANi'l1AN it). 33 Gr ir st IQUO(ItS-7 piipes iI llanlll ii,; 25 hrls dnn .-in A (ilnl; also, 23 brls doml stic Brandy, in store lor n2 J TII\l YI.R & Cn,74 Paydlns st r'I E,9_--.eO ihPEIs P..wIh(ng,.- 15 lo lnd sixty 13 Ibs boxes (GlUnlpwdr Ten, ill sare for S2 J '' IIAY'FI & C(o,71 odris at I + IY &N S AiT--l0I l les In. a.d l i0 .aglls I.itr "poul F 'l, 1' n ailg d nr ' Inh ira Il lll l alll . + i SERVID FRElS-A rlain-menll o1 Iin ch wllhlesal lrrelni,hy 1b I Slin i NAp , 4'13 Tc', lit- ; . --- TiJ 1 1 i T 11.. - il I lr-11 ,,,,ilton i I th' hhn le 4 drills, ha lin' frnm -hidp h ,rlest .fr snli h `I 1 \ I-200 xes in uhbins' I S1 o,, , it. moer, fur J~illlRllill I r I-I? n9 lda I II I I ''ll I39 E , In ndr,-n 1 AI1 l-l700 kiegs ain st, a sfn l, d No\ . Nail 1 tads all spikes, hir -ah. by . ', )'1,1.Y. rn25 971 ',117 rr1 at II 1. i . 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J I"t n & o. 1.17 71 in li'ras at 9 r"U1'1'1.1' ()F NAII..e n rll r.rd, i.ll hallrd brnd 1 f or nlob by A D 1 5 .9 ' I11 1 ' A~.9 I I i3ill TIala nin ul o17 67 ravier y st ulellin airllrN .,ve r,.4rivt. by ,,,3. II1 ,S & t)'I.A i;, I1 ('amp s Ii Pil latl nd f aUr sale by (I A. IIIEN, 9 C , tn 5 t I :AI-.-- boxe, \Vinle I Iva 'am i si hirol and for nlfe I uyIi kn6" G I.NCIIA D, 33 Graver til I l U ,-I 0I P ll I, s l r.-pr. n Id. \ll+1' 1 h 1 lp, Illa( ; In, and f or ral, b iy, 1 A?5 97 the~9 I I iY-150imii biihfliiinllin ot I hinl hp1 ni. .flucnl p i ly I- sole by lllll r n lt I lr .AI I.. te, rn9 51 'nia 67 li s Iti)UI '-' 0I hll n i a9iitiail I t , , i nrto ll-een l7117 C tmp sI SI44 \enw l.ave I e niilili lild Jarl Po l ifilm ra:'eil'd ,llH i lfr Ir ,i L' 1 (til A'I) 1-A 1ill dl V) 14 Inla hist IltinHi :\ 1 Ciua O ili, receir l, i . n nfr . hdP.i ,. oi r retailn IA" I n3. i l io ,IdI ni l a srIiAn, ( (I NI -i 'ilill I . l I '1"1',. -- 1 n IO il I.. l. l't i t' ol ei tn h,1 " " ,14 Ne'w 1.evee+ lltp salle liv JS1.\h") a i.\1111'\S S, +12 " l, i er ('.niinnll . 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II I l: A(t 'OY, 4,1 +.ew L Caee !I .- pt7' i-Of l ii tid,+l +inhin m -nnlclinr, for nta by ii I 112 N I'1' \ I T. an, na7 tIi" d9)I nila-ta1 J n Tl In-It IIe coal , in .'tarl for - Ni Ogit, -t I(tdlnrldsi i n , h ih fnnnnnall , It al le y t it pi In;p l n in al . . Ia N F' 1rfl-Y1n de 79 I I ST. CHARLES THEATRE. Stage Malnngnr-Mr. IBarret. Sixth appearnce lthesen two venreofthe highly popular Somedinn M R. IBA I, 1, Who in ensn.ged fir Twelve nights only. This Evninn, Dec. 13th, will Is perfiormed the popular Comedy entitled the WAY TO GET MARRIED. Tangent, Mr 1Blla C(apt. F ulkncr, Pearsrn Dick teanhall. J M Field Julia Fnihkner, Mrs J M Field Clementina Allspice, Miss Mllton To eotnrlnde with the DANCING BARBER. Nlrni'itis Fitzfiizzle, Mr Ball" I ord Minneinlgtun, J M Field Mlr Snuplt, Aceher Mr fro ,rn ntsly, lMin VerityAr WASIINGTON BALL ROOM ST. PHIL.IP STRIEET, BETWEEN ROYAL AND BOURBON BTREETe. J11IE MANAGER of the Washington Ball Room renpeelieully informs his friendlls id the publie, the IIe nhnve inentione,ltentbli'hment will. open for thet easnonn .hndny evening, November 41h, 1839, by a G.iANI) DRESS AND MASQUERADE BALL, and will collinue IhrnIghout the lrseon every Mueday W\edneeday and a'nturd y evenling of each week. Adnliltanee far (iGenllemen, $2 00 New Orleans, Oct.2 411t, 1839. TIIE NEW OIlI.EANS JOCKY CLUB RACEI. UVEil THIl Et'I.IISE COURSE. I II.1. enm o l TUESD)AY, the 24th De. " enl, ie',I 1839, nlltleadl of the (r!!'l'tledly. dr'0 Y N (II.VEtR, Proprietor TO REN r. A Dwelling House 139 Julias Ateet ,dl II C CAMIMAC &. Co. 'TO IIENTI'. it I)w ,lling House No. 13i! Julia street, in the [l55il Cenrv iw. Apply en the pio : ," i to II i. (A2IDIAUK & Co. d6 TO T1.1:1. : Two roams on the seeord floor suitablhe to - "S' .er;n pplt oni tihe premises. No. 21 Camp tret,at he Firelnien' Illttnrance (iice. .22 TO RENr. T' 'T'he three lltrv brick stnre No. 87 New ie I.eelslleei; pI nr.ll ti given immediately. n i. 8 I'I u I E K II IlO'I'HER. ___ LOTT 3s Srrlll. Folloltin.g Institotion, Citizen'sl Blank oflon • isi1nn; Uin tI in; of .ounisiana; New Orleans. 'ollnll aindll llnnktlll CnIaIy.w II rereive special de U-ils n nill- i ,erlii.nte ,,f l ;1ie nllnlred dllarsa end o, ,tt rdls ,+ r+ litwain to ihe cro di' tih' lteplotlorr on o tik 1 rnf.otr-nt , the tlibl'irl,,re " ill deliner iteketls il the llolld IeIl InIItae llttery-lIuiko' Areald, SCHIIMID)T' & IAMILTON, lr nndr the V,.randsih,opiuite E Johln & Co, d l I Stationers hEll BAN KS' ARCADE, CITY HOTEL,&c. G RAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY O(): IROEIE'I'TY I'I'TU T'I':I) is NEW tiRI.EANS. ,ilIltltlT' & IIAIII.'l"ON, Managers.. OJPres under the V'erandah, Corner of St. harles and Coene on ,.hreets, and No. IIII Chartres * treet, bihr een Colt and St. Louis Streets. I TtIl, ,ie . of mcetane the ni'besor our friend. l awe have the leI, ."ure of anlouncing to the pubs lie tr Ia this Lottery by nl tho, it i of the tate atof oui. i:lll, w ll he dr t c tiL It le Cty, in Sit. loui in New l letnc. 'I he letwie g nill, witlho t fail, bel.. -i the 7.t ' -a cenlller nlx t. e ()iOr agenlt throutho.ut the ulion, vli cn e the v.ore to be ins itell lnre in olnel of lhle neelwre r rs of their recsp.hcie res'id.ener, nodl charge I-e cxpcne.. en c 1 (IIIT & II\MILTN ec-1,l! tii'1t11'F III 3-1!ttN 4 The erondoch--St. 'hnrles 7'hetre--Camp at. Thirehe-('aldtell's St. C(hries .Acede-lHoels. 1 -S-toi'rrs-Squarec of Gouetl ... - Ir I7 I11NA GRANDI RI;l, i-''TE A1.'. I A ' T'.K LO 'TT 'I Y, o ifelr eer ne a . Iso it ItP St. C 'le ist rr tý, untholized h) n law rf tihe *ea ic bil I (cel 114 'llte Iil l c LIee hII-y. Trill\t 11 I.F1"' MII I.In , or t 'cr ip trerict heatre Io t,'r,, 1 1 'rizts!e ot' 31; t iyteehier, t.ew Year' c Elve, uni thie-ihed In oue d trin itg \\il¢lil llrllneo drawilng an suon as piracticable after Cthe O EY l Rit LCtARDry. r/ holes ,,faiv h inak ine nion, . hlb irhar en ir l). Ic nk:de it llall ,tIot e v t iey e l ued, will be. I rIceived I. m11 eal for illldtly, which a we in tha thef llicell ll1-'It o Millioni $20 CAI.IWEL.L, 0.IKEY & PRITCI'ARD, n1 crnr Cnrl rnd St hcr lanagers. CLASS c Nn. I. T i Ilhlf Millin ,rnrantp SItreatl 'I lieelr Cites .f 1 the I.ruivinle GRANlI REAI. ESTATE AND SI'IiCK Itt'l'"FIIY. will nscitwely I drawns oa the 'dist Itecelleler, New o'etrs' Ee. E. CAL DWEI.I, StAKEY & PIITCIIARtD. j nO Ifficee cerner Ccnal and St Utherlen ate. e The DAtIL Paper is neratl printed with small type on atl extra, doublle md.umn sheet, at l12 per annum, payable sucr annually in advance. The 'TRI-WEEKLY Paper, containing Ihe readina matter of two dallies, $10, payable in advance, where no city referncnr is given. The Went.v 'TBaU AMEtRICAe, made up from the' daily papers, during the week, will be went to tub. scribers who pey $5 psr annue in advance, and to noone other, unless an acceptable city reference is given. Nubscribers rrcpcetfnlly solicited. JOHN GIBSON. New Ots.EFANS. MAY 1839. NE. '1'S l NItII) P',N ' FROSS PARlIe; S t ('ST ro .eivl d pes Ibaqce SAI.EM, fromn Hanre, and Icfr c Ic hl tle s' b-Tbere-t 2 .ltaculik eo tl Grand Pin.r, rllonnood, elegantly il-, Illnit ni lh I ,llss l;| ovlllves. 2 sl;l·lficrntl Riui 111prlehe l Pinlll,Caracel wee.d hanItl s ly orhenlelted, 61 Olrtavee. 6 Sqoel Ie l;te 'ians, tor'ewouud,very ornamtialel 4 ili eceis clI .taves, rusePllood, uracam aend4 ma lclll'eg y olll. S dtacir IR. ih pl"in nnl Inhc gn.o , y. ' i l ovr r. ol froi tille celebraced maniles Ierv -of PII.YEI.- & C'o. I'urie. Id6 E JOIINS & Co. St. CIsale. oS p IN IS- ur cndy, Bllordeonu. Champagnc. alacirle Rhni.h, slerkhltg llut I, liSquor. received by the last arlival Irtlll rance and Ger many, and void by the suhbcriiUer BlrgUalnivdy Nlils. C:l ase Vuiegent, Hlermiltaige Roltc he, C It:.nherlin, La r.e, St. Julien. St. Eli. hen, Chlatenaul Margnux, do. Lnlilto, Ldoville, Son. ole,PI lilrsec, Grctlven, Lunet, Fronltignac. ('encinpague., 311it bnbkr-tc, Ene.l brand; Palace brand; Palaen Vercenny brand and Liberty brand. MMahdoiran l pipes, Illl plpes, and half qnastpr casks, old London particular servial. Rhenish wine; Hoock; Grarernhberger cabinet, 1827 do Markebhrunner do 18'27 Markhebrunner, Neirenateiaer, Gra. elfenbct g'r, lockheimer. 1825 Markebrunmer. Graefenborger, Dqm. Pres. Ilockheimner. 1822 I'ontanntlarter , Lirhfraueninihle... lreilblerger, Leistewein. 1811 Steinwvein. 20(1 bhoxes .p'rkl'ng IIook, red, blue, yellqw, labeil, sperior quality. ,iquorens--Wh(ite A tnisette, red do; ratafia, blan. dy Frmti., kirst hwase r; e. f. dilirtent lisuora. dlt E JOHNS & Co., BAZA.I R f Corner of St. Chkarles & Commone street, Exu A NGE I"-tEL. !) TUSI & ALI..\1 wouild respectfully call the at ) rnillion of ci.enlls anti strnllgers to their coalpletl teor ill ii tIlieletlellelet linen 'hirts, do c.nbric. in llrl ruolts. fashionable linen ftrons: linen col-. ers: Ailk, o kitotnt td eIerint doelr u birahn and arnweral eueberlca uand ilk haendkelrcliefs: blanek and fancy et i ns t' inl greal vtlrietlv: eltks ol'everv deecriptiosn: guls': elcslie uItl cotteon usapendersi silk' coteton aid lre.n glever: geltallshekin gluvest ntlbrecllae and allen gold ounltied. Also,--pleltdid asornmeont o ladele and genlto vri ling decks, dreEvIng casesa, port olien. perfeenrp, cot tery. nnele rilh libec. guds,. ltltle T"'1"t1't"ii PA1''TE. For cleansing, beantl iug send pesterrin the Teeth, )tlllA entlcerliliun .ai. sluired erel celebritl by ttr pmeecn leilg th cllsct inyaluole prpoperlties f givlien ltle teeh a ppili.ble, eseerling Ite he.eht, and ea lirely eradicating theescurtya Is is rFle ed f .nigred e eintst Ipea. nl m-the, nld b his]v hsuelm al to iUOlh heahll anll preservation of ilia "leit and oume; nIo etvs it (ioe anl atlen ele cerroivne ntnlllre, Ihe ne.nri ,tllhe 'l'reth. ietread of belte ipaitere (no it in viltahl tt eli erar. in me. oteher cotcpoeiRllen) wilPbcLe prervel asned renderrll h fcstifl ee Iceexntere. l nr palea Ist h llAZAAlt. et eof t I h'etlet nrd 'tlelsonr .t. d4 • I1Ull & ALLAS. "AI N Idc- IAAW g %,eorhlr7nW l torln, .'n G alme ý _p ti"

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