Newspaper of True American, December 13, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated December 13, 1839 Page 3
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LEGAL NOTICES. Ta' I OF LOUUIIANA-Firnt Judincal UDi Ltriet Court. The IState of Loninia ,-To nill whom therae pre ionleo sAll clerem, greeting :--WteVre.i H NIlY h lt LIAM PAI.FILIEY, having iarc lnaed at stile made by the asheriff of tia pmri-i of Jriter-ron, tiI pro erti Ioreinalfer doesarilled, lhas all:iled to ,lre lork nf tllit Court, in wloure offile tle detd of tilae wan retaorlded ,i the rosenleenlh day oI tunioilr, A. I). 183:0, hlr it Ahlin thin or Advertesrnevt in conformity toi as Act iofth Legitloture tif' Ih holne i illoliaintln, enlitledl, "': Act elurter awllr e of tlles tIo ietircif. r atn in l;cial aoles;" a ptrovn d the teth day of March, 18:1: Now, thtreAt;re, khow et , yne n all perons iio r.steo hernin, are hirehy cited .ns ml n orishtd ine tie nam IIf the ~lten tif Id.natiyia, and of Ile I'irti Jnudicial itir taict Clart, whoIe fn apt p ieay ril.h, tllu caniml min nd I tie property iheralafher neecriild, ill (.ine" qoene of ay illotirlealllly ill te onrder, t vcree or jadgl lent of htie .lrt fnder awich tile intl.e Jrit alde, ou any ireeglnarity tor illegntlity in tli.- ao)rTchesi13 In advertiseltnest, t tiia e, or Inne. ofr iul.l,t otiler nAy oeiter ileaect WlinIatooiver, to sh ii cause. within thirty dateySfro n thoieday tli uinsaitior is irent inerll in th public pomers, wily til ill sto Iltmde ltsuld h ult li. con atlned ard huomtlogated. The mnilpr jerly wans mold liet Ih aleriff af the ihr ilh aMforelnl oili te twe:tieth aliy oI Selltelll..r, A. 1), 1839,. y virlue ofil dlcreo tt' Iis Clutlrt renllrer til it eigitin0th dryof Miorch, A. It. 1839, i t ,nitii.etllcei larT (:heil, wife .f N Clrles Nre-cr ind nI. v n. Ihe amintr ehildhre and rire of ChiiriIes ccidi. An. JIi,319 .f the dlckeht vf tllhi corte, i e Slicl thei c liell ey William itllrey tieenoi lie iia chtie r hr O tihe price of .hir lilldied nd tlirtl)-nivr dilltlnt, taynabl cash. Doseripttiin of propcerty, r giveci in thie J'lliiiiil C.ln oyaonce, vid : A ertain Iltt iofgllntid, tlne 'alene whicil ln nt lljltdi iited to W illiam Nialtli,,ion I tiillIni titrsle m1de, c hI Ioars I. Mctoy, nlltlliolleer, of h c'ty II ev l t1rlclars, on th elearcelth senrch 1:136, hI virtue of a jilldiiniit iI' this ltou of the Itirlietl J iitlior 11d3ii, nm itllrtll wist orderi d tty iiii ti i the rintleeilir dthroii l3, Iro iet eoild it lthe risk iltt rxu cane iof nisncil Iunl, tir ie lectina otd reftsillg tI cImidii whilt l terts nll Cic lI dition if lsill o dlt ih:fi ill i llt g ile d . ill tilm lterith of Jeltfrsil iu the tiown oiif 'i oirtil ilan, lici oted nt nu loller onurilo aulltro A n i c pain dIIrW l hoy irenjoain Bllianlll I ,rayotr f -nlt IIri-lh lp u iti e twentieth at J olluary 18tl, delonitacl ii tithe nlhi'e of It. It. Ccnllli, na l.ll y c f thin ei d lllt lll i origln AIericlrn ictccrr, flto tu h ilr leve ' nchhets. frollt o Liv, a atrrlci,' fcLrt IhR lc illii.le tio rronton lt rtlllh str 'l, Il l.O h lllree l IIlriad li y ,w tI eetl in depthdtnlld frrtll ti Jeffrcr nll ,d hllrei htlliredl and fole Ireeet 6iiclcnuhes lod half niIn tih e' dlilne it fil- lout Ni. Tlrhs e, tligeiher with ill he nriglt1, rnvilh gea &tii. Iher,.llnti hrll.ii,e ) ilncro, tio Iit lsorale A. i.l. lllllhiiilcni C i ou lelm r L. n. Cn.tlrl dlorard, tllan Iilli d oqtn f lAenir, ano0 P t.t Bi.tANi,)tp.cItecrk. JITAT DE LA LOUISIAN--Cotd I'rcPm tar Dilstrit Jrdicinire-L'Etnt de I Lotiiii, one k tons ceuxn rue ao inta lr sintes nclcranL olunt : Atteoins qioe IElRY WILLIAM PALFI.EY Iaant chet It. ilone venllts I'ito lr id Shlrll do lin paroiuol Jfferason, In proliridit ei.nlria dit crite, oest adrlad Oan grefet do rselio oiner oil in to olute ltt enrdgistdo 'e dix.selltimuou jonre it'Otoibre do t'ann6e 1839, purs eon rves conloret6oment t h it atee, deo In Logisoature die 'E t ade I h Lou siane, intituld " Acta pour enrfitrler lee tilrn dicn acquie rotr ado tveoto jitudiciairns;" Ip)rouVe to 1o Marso, 1934. Qu'il soil connu, attontes pereonst s intdreares ant p ortes presoeteos oaNllllld, al n ln dr I'l'tat de In Louisiane ci da In Cour do Prlenir District Iudiciiro, qui poarruient inoinr dronit l I flr - pridtb oi-ia.os diocrite, cn coniedlillceo iitie liS t'|tt do formelt dlls 1lrlurdPt Is dIderCt oi, ]o jtlng eant do In Coulrdn 've t er ole ilI vodrn In e1e filt on do tore ircgulnti d n ill6gtlilt rliaoilntiuo, I'avis on l i!tieoll elt in itOddo Icl wlano, ous pou rls, prvlttro cause quoI y appte, do rosin rin itilerr 1en icie error qitic lnciiti Ji oaire voir, iunn iinit juir t Iter de lt 1Nhl -e, tion do nt nivil, poutrlntoci hi vllute n ailln laitu iu so 1cil pre otfirllruaC- eo Iillniiinvite. La ti me peoprild6 fit nl!lilnl liar I Slirilt .ru. dit, tle villtgtiio jnill- itrtiueotlllbro do ['uiu.lli 1839, sll velrti d Itil trlQrei d,! elc COttir reldc lolht dinl-lilinlie joir die Io n cic do ii tf. 1t39, dniia lo'lm'ire de Mart i Cctil, i.tpIntr toe liitrl- It: wer & al. cn. Leo Eectinnl Iiledr hl Idrcticrn do Cliirliv Ceil--No. 120dl9 d I)okethn do . rIt aoir, a I; quollo ronel Is dil II.nry Willi;al P.lirey e'lrt roedn clqndrelnr Ior leo prix de qliatr oalnl all quantl piustres, payable e.tilulliitt. I)rpilltiotn din la pirop inod d allcn to triunfior judicinire, coavcir : Un crtai Ini lt dc erro le aIee 6ii qule fill nljlgi t\Viiician Niclihllson Illl, 8iwcn raiLn Ileitl it Isaao L. Mc. Cry, iy nnrltaiteir tit In rule dc In Nouvitlle Orledli-, e 11 .Ml.irn Ill9, el verll d'cll juiganont do crtte : C r dh 31) J llVilr 1733, ei qll a Is It 8hr 1939. Ii CUr ur,loni d'6ritiie r oendii ui depllln 'atIct er cia ,stnilidttcll., 0 'lie.a, de ar Itgleg.gcie cil u, sio rtll'ct. i r-,lllcihr ted tirielolot coiltlilii s A lll In dt. it' jllcldlClt tl , ti o lot do lterre eit sitad dair i lt)troSia dit' Jm'lf.lollnil, dinl Ia villa d" C.U ri.limit, it tcr dctu,6ic it i le ni t nert qclatre do lirt A, A.ur tite pIilll tress6 'cr anjanimiti Buitoc., ieriii'itenr ho lIn dat ier'.lss, Ie 20 Janvier 1031;, cit tlCic.6 l itiu In I lair-.iti d.: •i. I. C. tllo, lill.ii.o Ipuli c uilt ce lie rille ; t. .-.tu Alctrlircaiac) €mnimlllart (cellu oIids uiiii ..p. e ci . 1.. l.rl Itc I, to'I, u t Iramteio ptdrl troio piecllte-o dcfeiII in r ent Itcoine, Lh)oi CLetI treatu aunt piulo do iruilllmllcurl cit iace Ior rue J.ffrellof t iris ctnlltln qcic .tra Ieiruns six I)cucrs IiL dollli ur la hgtl ite aoteri vio di h-L Nc .1. nnisnll. bli lonus le drnilo, Iprlvilelsa ALc. qlii y epilalrttcni Asent. Tiitniin Itl' norh'a A. M. Buchuenir...tuge deIn Cailur iu.lhru, a li NSurluulllre, 1839, P. ,1E I1.,AN1'. ne0 3t it 30,1 I)c liii C:r(.filtr. IIEI'CBLtC O)r i .XAd. 'lg't As iaY I)EI'.AWMr t' r City of ll,,ustol, 17t11 July Id3.9 IN pursuance of a requllrOelllt ofl' law pled by Congress of thite Republic, apllproved J.aury S1st, 1839, onaking it tle outy of the Treasury tol advertise anld cause to be sold ithe lot. in the CL i Y OF CALHOUN, on a day by hil fixed. Nutoti is heroeby gilen that e l tolIhe City el CatIllo l will be offerld at Pub ie Sale, on Monaly, the 18tdL day of Novernis.r next, betweeo, the houllr uo' I' I' o'clock, A M. mad Four o'clock, P l, at tileo Cpi tel of this lleoullie, upot thie terms set fortl in I thefellowiug extracts.eulr thoe law above mieo- o tinned ," See. 4.-Be it forther onaeud., That the lots in said town shall be otffred ad ad old for no otltor cur. reney than gold, solver, auditel paper, or the pro. n missory notes of thils goVerotent. It See. 6.-lBe it further enuated, 'that the oaid ates f shall be sold o thef.lllowinlg terms. v. : (Oln t fourth part to be Waid down, ind the otlher three forths to be in equal instaluolutl of six, twelve t I eightee oa onoth. See, 7.-lo it -lirther nncted., TlatiF anp n. persel who aollo l prehotas aol:y ol hrllUe ail(,rtt.old lots. shall foil to ttk tytk py.t of tite ooerttal t etalonent in eoolorit.y with thtis Act, lie or they l Ilhaoll ferlbtt all tmb ulloe a lthey tuo.y hiiv p;,l. A1 ously paid, and the luot tpurcll.utd by uchl deftlul ter elall ru,ert to lhe guvurnllmeat of tilo IOeltlae - lie. See. 8.-Be it further enacted, That all persons, aliens not lxeolpted, hall hotve th. rivihe rot lgt otl' par chasilng and holdinlg thellt taie, alnd the Presidelnt is tuall. rized to isuepatell nts to tLlllnt s.t) taro a tile last is, atalueut lhall have beenl paid." The sale will contiuoe frotU day to day, unttil all of thle lot shall have beel, dispolsed ul Calhoun is situated onl the IElast end of Moatagor. da (iland, directly oal thle Maii Ptss iOtto Mutlagor. da Bla., ad lifrom its advlntatgeolts position, will probably becoeto tlhe prlonipal coultllercial city inl IVesteorn Tre'xs. A Plan of the city malilly be seen in thle General Land Office. The several I.pere in this Rletlblie,thle (Cornter. eial Bulletin, Pcayuno and 'Irue American, of N. Orleans, will publish notioeo unI tl he day of sale. JAMES II. S I'ARli Seroetlry otf tle 'Trearosury. ChrL Cllerokee, Iouisville, Ju..iqphine ,sidl O ti o- Pule. rhlllubrb in rtlltus Sicily brimstone do Ildilgol ill cerOt i (Idletrl inc teask, barrel nltl kegs Salt oitre ilt ktes Fier Sulp Uri barrels G;rouod gigertill to inct gbilgtr itl bugs 120 oble etetotr ci I3al sda ill t eKi k ialerultus in do Sedllte anlld stodit powders Caster til hottles Patentltediehae tijle, a sorted viols With a general anllr!t ett oflliciiltes for plutnlatione and dealers. For sale I y JAIiAlIS J ANttREWSt n29 cornr , a t'e '.lC'i· , a tilull las at_ LFRRDi I .E IASS.tN.N. or o iot Adtollllrte lat't A Frehnct , gr.tlett.r.-.t ,ne tntv.t' Ity . %V O' Iy nolis,andforsale by J J I ASWEL Co. I25 49 C mlll st INULL'Ili ANNUAI. aS THI . BOOK oIl' IiAIJ I'\, eoltoed Ity the toIollt .L tess oful lleillgto, witllh btotllfllly yt lolllh d Ott 'rhe Klpsake ftor 1840,lediterdby ite I.adly E. tuar Wortley.wlth twelve entruot too. lieaIlt' Piettrest or Au illll l cot tilllh .I t Iototou descroplito of Vntolllr ta-Ie a tl + ivi ao byLeteh Ritehie, E oq..-l ill t.tratlltittln Alo a fetller suptt I' ol ih.l sooleotlitl work tlht Slbaklpearo tioarry citwl otier loew ltd valuable Ieng lieh books. Jest received aoud for snle hv oll AtEIX. "I'O)WAR. 40 ('Ctmp st DRAMA ill fve acts, irs tlhe Frenclh l Alax. A Ioumaeby WIlo. Betr,o i ei • . .rltot. tills ilaly very favorebly rertited in tlte Nortlh, i more stronrly reottmnttellded Ito tbe lobLt oIf Noew Or leans, as the first Irodueitott iii alRl khLoLW t, t'notlellltao ofthis city. For sale at tihe ripo ipal othk -tors, and at JtlJOIN J& Co. atd7 ear St. Charles and t 'otnon ot NA'rOMICAI., Putholnoicnl nn:l 'rterapente re, A sereoheii tn the Yellow Fever of tiilnllatr, Io i 8171 lo P. Ch. A. Lewis, anthor l'of Lewis on Fever, BIlloo l.etiltUt.&. le., jlltt receild melai for valt .y J. J AASWVELL ho Coo, ruc:eeiouro to ALEX. TO)WEIO, Camp st. 00"s BOOKS & MVSIC. i ATES'' NIWEIPI Eti--hakepeare &hi frieude, 1 A or thie goldell oe Of Merry liuglalldt 3 vols. Father Ihlllor and Ihre Loufllgdeorgn Pilril, by WA' . Curlpeon, uthor nof Nedl ,Malone, etc. vole. Thel l . ,ol ol . olotI BreIreoioo. l)r IIllndhook of lhe llan of Fa.hidno; by the alo.hor .f lhe e l.u sof Eti quetle." E JO(JINS & Co, N ( $St.nllnelr's IlHll, d2roe Sr CIoer. hr aRId l.lolo ,.lnl eta JJ I" II.l'I(. IVr'l)-- I'lh. Ih, ellh o uf . . o te., . ly Iin Cu nllers ul |iefSilgIton, illustralted, Luandl, , The Shaklllll. ne (;llilry, enlalllinilln Ilhe principal I m l i in e plnya of the gret et, L-,n 1o 1 IIdllliil e. Furele \It. ,\ r, cll mltl nall r n n 1 Ir's present Ib Frimd lhip' I lllbring nll d I i,.nr' 1 re l, I chri ,i and nlew YIIO'R lprsenl . Ikr 1:.1t, London ,,llied ,'. E JOHNS. \", N ' , N it tli t lonmr ln r d3,r Sr CM hrrl.-nlc d n tlil1 l\ ll I A lK -- A l ll il fAnnorllll for Pl ll 111 I) 'nutIIll( I. titd I gravi.nge; putbi l, , A kerllll, olll , .' Co., I (.l dill.. T iLc ('hlr-l.,rd CVoot pa i , n,1lll inin. the ln il g llll , i elII l ill an IIIpow lr lr II lll 11 ,e lll i . , I h Ihle l &lo tbO i ~ IC\ Clll. ti:ll ll A lll e 'Lellws, . t' , 1 9 t'h ,. tnr h giners, in a ~ rie + of proree'ivr. I-..:,, ,tuldll r tll o l r lllli : d l ierrl I ", rit(e' nl , I,,, dun; also, lIhvtie's c.(ies, Lo. dn .dlloro ICII)LIN NICKI lY cn .hlte , . ,-. r ll ..1 llK li , Io . 19 unII J j ,l , -d iveI and fitrul 'by J IIASilEI. t, :d_11 4 :' E. JOHNS & CO. STATIONERS' IIAL.I., NEW ORl' : rr lll , Iil nlllll l ll (if )Illjl lm lll I In g " , ' , t lir :d-eih, i "r. '4''1 lll0, n Illwi. g I . ollal r ltellltilll , fil t ll i.1 Ir nioc . I . . I En"glish Dra18'in.g Paper, (I ,'. n to )h I1, 1 • e b .. n 111 , , ~t' n, .. ! L) " do " :l .. ; t., 21 ido 19) I ll rihh o il B h l n lo i, ) 11 118110 ..uper Rilr i, 27. 1 dl 19 t rilne, 21 I to r , i]) noli 'n,:1 1 do ' 7 American and Englisl/ large Binding papers for BIlanawork. E n g l i s h ,. ' + , . (Llllg t sll'n P111.cket 1'os 1 ' .- , . 1111 1111 In doI 0 ,I 1F 1 ' r ,!IIk Pot, 11 . f. hhe w .. I:xtrl lill lear e tllik , . Tillhd! I lt; do ,...Ill - I.nree Ivorv past; ti o a' nlllil poilt, w ilite IIoiI I1 , atIIi k, It 1 : h I lhnsaed lire- and snail I"(llllrno e lllll w ' rlll l I'lnlllr, ll II ,I e .IIIZ"I vel I I,, .." ,.! ,i ,., lh, 111111 n Vi, Iurl p110 P -,i nt, It, p per, whiter . , Pn k o r do l , ri i s ili . do .. . , , : Ivl.kry l d, I Ank o.rlered dio S IKi 11t II III note p ter whit, , : + , .i i ,' Au l l ll-n' I'kt e O ' \\a( red silkon t i t, .... u 1 1111 Itl, Ame1 ra1 111 , 11 , r ,'+' o'tllie:' e. f. . ,"r. 1 , I lll - ize I A.' t no , ' ",,",o,. ' Valin po oti ti' 'it unlhP I s ' l llllll 11 II I w uit' I aI .....I . f . I I II.'lllltlr l l.l l t I, -I,1 id , , ' ' II ll•ll ,'l' l .Id 1 ii ' ' u rti,0 1,t ll in': o .ti,l a,,e . . , I ' 11. 1 l 1'o 11. l . , (Aiiiil H ,an l..U, G ' , 11.1 dý1 .1;. . : · .. ..~ ·. , i .. p. , *1 C e, I11r Cohrlntrl ed o l It. ' I ;m, 'I1 ,,en I.'''x"' !I do Inla11n n llrcu I lnlr r.+, ý ( I'n'm rd null "WhoI·*~ Y (·1'Inin nod l I·II11I . i t I'rinli n:; P per, l .ý . , ".. ý jI,, ,Iu 'A'· Lll .· 1e. 1 , i'jih t I+"l i .r I I.;I rIll "'. ''' ' , ' OwII. ·u · ,nI n ,ltttdll. I 1'1.r111."nn J.,!11+0:1 Y jitiI I-ii Itettt It tao I.". ",''u;,v + t I)nnlnl' both tellIr Ili "' :,, '..ti.4 '"" I·. U I . 11 n8 malrl Icrn ' itt .' -,~·1 hil .. 111, rl t:ita _ I'llr 1':l rl nr ýr I·· ··: 711 'I'l..C l;ld n . P - The .·I:r;lr, 131~. Literary dull .· ' - ·.'.l"ý '' "r "I : .· n7 and llhly ell'~· ýtn11t1 ·n· I 1 I" It r t 1:11,·;·r '·· - 'I' pl nE,'. .. ,, na Irihm ) , " : !'. I 1 111 1 ' .' ' fro ' ,`. ~ -', " '.I 51~1 I", i '1 w· .ill L. \~ ,ýI end 111 1" , " n1 Ii I, , ul n: u,. lull tai - all .i. ,, ý: n ·. ,,. :·ý,,ý 11 i ". g .1 I. " I, .. , " 'Co o' a it ll. ..r' l ' 11 .l. it pwol l: I "' I". r:l. g aud xl t, is I ul yil . ý' . ., 'I.:. " nn '," . r- all kil li """ Il " 0 l"-dI 15 . AT!V sý,-,-,r"'Gel 11 _ 3SIPPI1TOKýsT" Qooastwig".! FO AiV SFolR A~ily I ~,.'h'. I.i 01 1ANA *x N NEW ',ikl LINE OF To ail evnou,-a ii ,'~ . II. (IP i-IlL '~ ·)1:1-!-111\1· r .v r II:. r: I ,.flI 'Iw·:: I ' , ( II , "-,i;" ili \ lllt',t. , l F tll ' " )' . ''I1 ' 1 I 141 ;II-AI F' IS 7,~l j" I li 1 I\ INN ill POUTS-, ' 11, 1 1I 'II'' - l i ·'IlCII fi ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ li 1211?n~l"f 1 .1: rV "f~ Y 1''It, 1,:1," Ir1 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 11 , , , :11 l 11 ridIly- 111-ý all., 1", +'Ir, Itll *I I'll W 111 , 1. .. . I.. 111. 1 11, I r". .1. -I ,.., lie ' ý1 1. ý 1:1 -- IV ins Itr · i, "r la' _ orn ý ''{', L (1 1.1 1: 11 l" n l. II .r II ··- , liv ly S:1 1 1 . 4 i n ! I ',,, Poce - " 1r t~p, 1" 1 ': l hipi Null-C)I· ' I,"SI'l I.. r II ,\ ,1 t. ý1,. , i i; " ,n 11, ý t. ', elahl ·Camp -1 freill ,r p assag e,, II' I . ' \I t, , I' - l.r ··nr it : in Euonnpe. A .}(_'_:-, r,"r_', I :1 .: er lt iP m, s t Ilr T 'd t:1c" Interior. ý.s, g') - ý,rlr "uh I. an. andnc lisnbt I .: 11 11 · .C~ I , r +, 1 1' ''In ,n ncnnllnndlll ti-,,ls f~lr t la t t' p; yl ". 1I..11.: 111 , llrllr ` 'P ydrns it, -ft or toJ'iN (A .1W N 1._J ý'1 _,_ ý"ý I, 1" , '!. It. Ilnsrra. JI·. ,111,,11 l\ t 1 Hook A. M .. "1 1 f1..1'1,11 "I ·I ' Inllirl ncr:nlll nnu u, ( tYI tF:&('a (1!-·.l nnll Ih lr Pt .1. I ,, ', ",1":",' ;Il I ,,tnt In the nlr,, "" t11' 1'. v 1' f·ilthl instil(, at Ill S111tH 1 41Pt ,IrI P ! 1171' .I.1 rI1Y· ~JIIJ , li ( Il : Pnckrt. "1\III",nil"" i. "1,' 11 .:lira eery Sun I'1 1-I'I"r I Plght ur pas ,"T " . II .srs l Ilan Il,1~terr _ I1I / . 1 , t 1", ·rnn+ rl trrrn L Wrll I r l .. , , F r, . . ,ý I , I1 . , , , n rl chain-, ` ns , 1\ U \! 1 I4 SiF l 8 1810; t. r * e I'W' o lri, .ing ar . en S, . f orgimal prose anc S, : I , y, ,-I- i, ties ol'f , Ive highly ok,1810. wilk poeti ; k i, t ,h h Intiful engruv l tl " ., . . ,lh ltl d ylll t FIll ll ll II til +: ; '. .I'"ll I !' i E!by Il4 ly' I llfl rl lot '- ;elo .810; \Wind sollr cstile . , splrndid morocco *. . : i· . i ', ' :.i·i,, sIhlp ndihl ikoruc co , ' ' s W t1i h, . a ,\r n ei)i Jl e dited ll yt' iYers p1ek ',ra',, ,lr 1 I40. "* I F , by .et. J,,Flo A b +, .. < a , * 0 b ica W a ,;ai em ''a l N ,ar.i, nl the o r orllll I , li84( * 1 , -.te, bdlly, by FrC derick ,l +'. W . E. Filhen, In. t . ,Ilv . I exec t, e.'ll un er o l in Ol series of twelve highlyI t iln. Cu,, ujet,,by 8 iol(llou , . . 1 . 1l Fkilili ., w ith 0LIrticul IS," 1 . I 40, wih ' el',arntif- l engtrav :I . , ' · I +l, ihrs, e to!lowhilgltioln u id by L2 V. IIuOrt , , , l , ' ,, o ftio o lneese, splendid morocc ,,., by Rev. John A.Clk, ,,i" 10, by M Iwl W e r ina, em-ll . a,, .a d I t..t I ill is a N Year's PIth e-t l 40(Ž. 3 1W L& . a pI'o , 4by he Countess of I. I,, n r '- ,, -minining , tlhe. prinm, ipal female ,, t tl r,,, ", " ,o l . l , w Iw illra Pre "ent, r_ ln, ;.a' WL1 d a Wi er f, t ren al fh, a it a IPrese-t, e.ditedh by derick LE JOINS & 1'. N. Orleans 5t:tirn r'l HL all,a :r at. Chi"',le a-sou CoonaIU n St M Ei1A ON. . Y.-. w ..opies I. Iellows' Exposion . or religiou donvas oand rommnt ant, Ilvlvagoria snd Druids; ci'i +. li' I:,cra or, t A 'I'OWLER, 49 'namp srrcet amt " ...quit Repoly rter, contlniog " *. ,tI 'I cthe ncare .g...... ui a nd ld l fonilllem ,, i . f La, nu Eglll yll in oIelll. JUn J IIASA\WELI . Co. -, , '3ucces sors t ., 1 ,A ,TOWER, 49 C-mp at a r 110" rsigned offer for sale oil nccnlnomm .'ll , d co" , e.. le eilsr itlll Io all a z.e+. L 1 OlUN" & Cao. 6. Old Lann e i - .LO . ISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK uýp futborfit of tije State of Zoutiantta. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCIIARD, MIANAGERS AND PROIP.IE'ORS. The First, or Half Million Lottery. and the Second, or.aT o Million Lottery, are respcctfllly presented to the Public. e IIAI.F ,MIILLION LO TERY will be drawn in Derrcemer, and finishled at one drawing. ' TWO MI IJ lI1ON LO i'I'EIIY will be drawn on the oldi plan el Blanks and Prizes-NaIbalrs in one whoel, andl Blanks and Prie s in another he aoth Lttterics. ultder the supervision of two Judger of Courts. WILL DE lIDRAWN IN 1 NEW ORLEANS. / The II AIF MII,LI0' LO FTEIERY offers ch tnccs to 1,291 I'i ,zo., if w:l:i 313 :re Priz s at Rteal Estate and 335 aof tack, becidets many Prizes coma f,1d of'l'ick.isn in th (; Two Million Lottery, alflrdiig a i .r tithlion ,a'ch .aI cesI t ht i, to the ho der atf ' Ticket for Prizes in S t'inhe GR(IANI) I T 'I:RY of'T'wo Millions of l)ol!al.s--l,tl000 I'rizcl!!--to tihe lfu aoiunt of $2,,000, ol' which lu7 ar Priezs of Real Esatte. Only 9 Itianks to a Prizet--Sitpla ,e N i. I to 100,1100. a 100,0!)0 't1'ekts at ..2tl-2,t1t0,00!l. checmo and .ellbttg prieir the same. Alltong ttle Plizes in iaesl two lotterie are ianiry pua!ic 1n i.ate btpliric tgi I: whic adorn the city of New Orleans, and are th pr:lc of its inhb. itRaIts-tIhe Vuotnitih.I (t. Cir:iaes lrr.'t 'lrhearrt , A neratri C it'.a y i rent 'I'lihatre, St. Cllarclie Arcade iiuildings, with I li t:lc, Dw lling ltg Ilao, Stotr( , Builditing Lois, arnd alltily cilt it irtareCs ol Groutld-be.Cid.ia nStalto iil BalkS ani d tol r itittitutieii s of' tbo State of Louisianla timottig ii tno 0itt iwhle to TWO MILLIONS FIVE L[UiX&DM'ED THIOUSISAND DOLLARS. All thle R,.ali ERo aten ttoritks ,tlFrctl it Prizes are owctd by tc elly ctl int their pooee.nt:--tnho .tt. ofa ale, with oha.r tithe., aTre estd in their firr,a and rrcitrdod il tlhe olicer if Ado.lptlte Mzureau, Not;ry I'ubl ta, :d ntli..t of coItvieyanees, riacy lly tra:nst!'r to til hIOhh:r of t'rize 'fickets, Cexenlt friO, itlictltlaterl(:Te: 'ricrr prolrtiey is sct o ia)liirt elaaleraTbly to dtiealrt lwail lypruCad a, ino, ho conveyed o aiCrwieo by tile tirl tktn to thlhilt ders of ithe Prizei 'inkets . AME RICAN CAIMP STREET THEATRE LOTTERY, CAPITAL $510,000, IN 1,991 Pntzrs! Will bedrawn in DECEM.IBER NEXT; and in order to gratify, at an carly period, thie purchasers 1)1 of tickets, t e combinaltion s s adopted for tits; Lot. tory nly', of l to 75, whereby the drawotg will the completed in a few minutes by the drawing ot i 12 Numbe,rs fron theli wheel. uLI 67,525 Tickets, at $10 each--9675,250. 2 1,291 PRIZES !' ull SCHIIMIE. TI CAMP ST. THEATRE ANa GnouNn, Will be prize to the holder of the lot, 2:d and 3d Wt nett'rs .. . . . .$150011(1 T sm I to i t fore ltore Ititk builditg called Artllntronel's hotel, fCormitnlg he cOurter ol (.lMp ud \ltcehel e streeots . . . 4tl,10(I I'risz to 41th, 7 h muud tlih. That villile fir.e sltory Itick store on Old I.e. "ee street. occupied by Stlernrs l VW llop il ". . . . 35,000 1" Proze lo tie 7tlt, til an d 9th. 1 'I'i e l t ' dtrl g a l ,,e and lotIl Nt 74 Nory Tovl strn t •, ho' ctiirl' IV ( rWoodich 25,000 "tt Prize to the 111th, I Ith, and 1h. t'lh ThafI t h tory. douille I eilltcg and double lot Mel in d "d ,i to:u tled by J 1 1 l .l1 . 18,000 alt I'rize to the : Ist, f ld tid 4tin lli. All elltile sqtilare ofgrtllllll ill lfl1,boullrg ,nnun- elit' ci itIf. '!d M1. h-'unded by Liberty, Benlton, 1,000 eI I A ellr !wto aud TIrlksi n hore sts. mi , ron ' aM one ~- r e tir m oti'ul lot o.rner C tmp adt , e 1 .Julita Ire,'itcitttl I tyl Sir.,M.l I t er "or 1400 t'r l go,. t I . . 1,000 fal r lz t te i I' It I`to r III nld t lt. I" "l'i,,t r. o corner of.. . t V.I, ary , ... n nod IJuli a O tt. 111,010 MI • ''im to rl 1s 1 'llpI'nd ,711,o. r lotttl y oi f $ot 1 .l e d h . 10,:00t"t t' liiblt I y t'atel I O1htll ot oPl IIR lihrolueh i lr lltedi ,lll h It'l pr i t I iple Ino rt nl io f fee the vuri,,,splle3ndid prizts. i3 ilae two andjli,, o, lotlCrv will e a-- tt.IV o t i 'I 10 o011 o nd 8 th :wi T ane t I bu r u i ull PII' III1ti rtI it f on It Io u oh It. L ri to 1x1,2 1 and e 1 b It. ,-.t "Vitot o ttlrtI i((ltthen ot. It0 h A ,'eer ili ate'td , ult.o k t' inl i. . twot . millio. : 3) 1 lot'ery, $! 'olt 5,0 , 11(0 P' rize hst, 2 ,1 In .] dlath. 1 ,I0 t (',r it, t hr adi ttll -I s Ioe,' r nd 6,llt, hiid 1 I. Natvldtil sl.nt xl t0 lt ll, Itl, llt tiiur tier I 3o.1 - II IoPi e n • . 7,505 0 ,5 ,i1y I d I. hi tioi ten I rB o rei 1 ,A res rlihnte for :, 1, lckeln i l thr two M hiillioni I ttiv. c t $. : each . 6,500 A der Cllh tI I t boo-' m I lot on V !tory on. 3,11 r lii "In o: ifro t I lllillg corne r of It ll Aghinlt ot. . .0,d00 0 I rltd let 1 it, 1, 4I4ll0 0 c. t . itcto fr it lekt in te two milli hot''yrt, $2,it h .I 6,000i Iri ze , II, :5 g an li the r lhi, v" n r It , $ l en1 si •". It 5.00 el t u i f crt fr . "t toti t ictig tetwo t illhn t hwwv It $' 3dnrh ont 4 ,1t0t F1'izo I, ', nlit no r.di 1 iprtdli A Iw oly dw,,hiog c h I 'l , :J 11. on te k'" 1,i'."1 e t. mar xo the el: r lot ofeVith y do Pt t tt ( 4,000 'tiz'ce t IA, 3,(I , id 91th. Lt A d 'otrn, ,h lot,, n ofl e d, h.r std 11. on. dj d 01 og 1l11,, ceter l 'orttof i Wot ol. 3,5110 li lizrtoe it tot,'tl no l 11th, A. eligi oly .iltnled Ir illing on on n t eii lioot. Ol Oi.:dl ii. 5tho111t frllm ll lhatu ooc rllp r of Si. I rnole o st . 3,0(10 lit 1'lize to, II, 311 nll 1111h. A prize i. ii 1. .fi...e f.r 150 tick- at I'rize tol t, :I ni, l 10tml. O( t rt llllrtde q111 toe tf o, ill fltlollll A ll- e it,,l trtuot rt, 2 I1 1 ho tued by IIgherry, lh - Prize I PlIto I I, t mo 11. A d cyblc f r buillig Io, 3d, M . car nier '0f 11o " l r e u u n o d \ < , utnl r g t s e e . ., 9 0 01 PI rize to ltt. 4111 t 1 f1 6th. A d.'ir tl e buIildng hir t ' - el oelt 'lo ll trgu 1, 0 ' Prize to ltt, 4hh -ind 711. A n enull hre Si re of gmr lldII. 241 f. ,bounde ld II by lio Pettt iErnlu at l \Vnli st,. 1 600 Prtize tr o lnt,'i ao 18i h t ll l A po 'in 3i 1 te a lr( efgronnd it '' d 1i . hound. t1,001 el hy rr ato and Engle s;t,. I.t00 LPrizo to Ist, tlhl d.n to 91h, A PtII:tI of I r1teit, illn0 ldt houif ed by ite 1,lo 1to Pui'e toO Ist,no- ttil lt tot 10111. l ll elin lble p uilllot It , l0ti l,,Iro et I.iVl,,l'nie, c it1, l.nli , e1 ., :3!0t1 t o0 1,llsh llJdl rol, lit hl'hIlo fr,. u C l lilp p sw n 0 1 1r 111 7 5 1 1 SPr t, i o fot, hht o Cti I A buili pri lt,,,ed. rlHIIII * city of'1.flettItr" 3i i'. "t II:I ', 'leP lll l'f llll a l r u o |, tI il It i l le t f il rl n chdi c1 '1'L cllie, 300 ,. 751 r z- to , Is 4th ll tl 1 ' l ll 111. FI It, Iciec ill co l iefe,ofi loolc ofi.I0i cLllll tll n 9 io Illb f i ti r lo'ltt, oil tl Ir , lot nl ll o, 0it b o n hlt rne , hr e e , l . " 11 ea, 'h1( 2.rl t lO'r. Itt lI-e,Slh and c lhh -l' , 11 , .l 111 1tI 51h1 an ll "h 1,--.l t, :f 1 5111 ii, l1111 o'Ir' c t rir, rolh I e o if il,'l, ll r 05t IIO t o i fn ltm l ot t oura ie ,V ish hl glo u ' t rill et , $31110 G'ize Ito 1St,5th andl Itt--1 tl,5,5 o lh 11th --I - l h olttl I m i t--I- , th , ciii "tlt-- Il, 0th ol,, Intit -tath 11111 9Ilh. S thr i, rize'. t, nll r elil e,te il the two min, llionc lotter, 310(o tttkelic $ n21 , ,0151 Pri, o It, tic i t l h od th--i . t,7 l all 0th-- late 711h1 a ,91h--l1to , 7th nd llth. 111 Two priz++., mn.h u eel'tifclfl,Ir lot e125 t, krt+ 1 ,i Ihr, two lillion l: ll ltley, 5 2 (II kS, it $ 0 'er I fieh, 1 611 and tllt -istl . 1olt t I, Ihte - Ie lb to, ItO I h ct $ Five priort etl e i toeg o tMltok in drhll Icllt zlh a,t n railroi e corn8 l .,4 i i s 010 , Incat $1 I0 e 'mhi, 1,'000 io 'izO o t el , 71h noitt ' l tll- -l' t,7th 30nd «I 12th--et, 1 m,,d dllh--l,c81h moor'd 9h I d7t. 11 It 0 tl n0lthd 1 llh.l . F iv eo,-te for s i , IO ait, o Itlien, toidtlo:mtlln railolr e,.,l 'k, :31 1 shlll. i }i $ ill , . 3,1 t1O Prize to Pi . onIl ,l to d Io th -i t, lotl h ni l 11, h-4Il et, 0 t huld- Oltl h--11i , o lh -11th 1nIe1 lt, o itwonullion loutery,'.101 :l h-Lke , orI $l 2I,1 et-r8llh ,000 Prize It,, lho.t.h 1l 1h-Isle ll, and F11 h--2d, 3 s and 41 l -h-d,:hold nd 51h - t d, to a.,l 0th-2d, 31 nod 7th--1,1, :hd and Slh 'Tell ertz",, rs.h 3 shrllro ofr lPltlk in tIle hank of |ololisIl , :ill sl h rre-, at 11 100, . ,,0 Prize to 2,1,:31 ,hi1101th -1,13.1I unit I I =h 2td, 34 .'t1 n 12-2-- ,4th and 5th d,-'. hhll t m 6tlh--!d, 4dh Ind 7111 -2,1, 4th ll 8111--2,1, 41hh11 1 and h-2,, 4th amlnd l'l th--d, 4t1 nilt of Twenty prize-, each a eerlt;0,nte for 25 thekub. she PrizeI. Ilhei,1, 2. 1(1, Iiii nod l'h-2d, 5t1h11,1 l .,Ill,-th, 51h e| I th--2dl , Mth Slt EI h-- La 1h TW1TiO MILL[ONS O[ DOLLARIS, 10,000 PRIZES A4O N IGTO TWO MiLLIONS OF LIOLLAlIS, 100,000 'i'ickct%, a1 $20, --- 1,0O0,00O. SIlPlLY NU.I1:lE l, 1 o 100,01)0. 'rhte a wheine and netlil e ii" ,0¾ its no aiddition- orinPS rvat lOnn are mode fIor Fexnnen io thi)a liottery: v. (h cotioingtinii. ýOcu0 will operatol -0 it Ira d~duotioi lro n th vluItion nit oil the ji ipoereiy. \il)V0. )IF 11)0.\:IIW l(: -Ti~e Niih '0 1 to 110D0!)M ill he placeld in one woleI, ind the onne nuIImIbIr f Illih oi ad l'.ix. ii iotlirnot h lerni. 'IiT'o i-very uoIl drwl Iiooii 01n wheel, aticket fuiu lth B1lanki i d i'rizuoiottcl will ho driin, uuitil tiOOwiol ire dci owu TilE F1RST DI)AY'S DRI.\lN: OiF TiHE T'11WO i I ILL .ION LOTTI." It Ylh MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. pelt 3Jl Ech l. ll da'r dr,wi. .E llnder the (upervishiu of two J.dltges Al: ol' ([cllrt ill New Orlealnsl, nld the wheels oplte d unlld 127 ool.ed biN" 1 Ii i , Itd 10,000 P 1 Z Ez S. 1I. T Ihe T IE %NI lI d 11 r11 tmnid, li T I 'd ot $5110,1071 't'll 1'lh:1 valttable owl -plenh : edi'tfic is 6 stili f.o Ch:larl,.m strect, atnl 111:;1 i 't 11on - r(11 11.u streert. 4 Th, rinc'l ll portln of t ,' lion( tlhe h s-.. - i lll (111 .rT n lllll el ti type i olr )I c){in 1a bon se noe 111 rini s~ltl mrae d ,11d t. eT t rlll e lieS to) 'eI e ml 1,y t1. ises. liihg 1S.Me1 k-, ill It slvly "tlrll 5 r O.lers it the the IieltlSl i l 1, 1no' tinih e1r1l h I.11 .o11h; 3;,11 I)rrsl.tll 7.ll lit .111, I.e $1lve r ctotU len til ll ioale 4 n It , t ll d to i l rotlS, pull lr hoo-r I111 bed rooms. The r ll rerelnt lo t ,erai t. s $ d ,ill l 1 1 1,rllll llll tl | i u l I '(l) tl illVc l 4 I 'le d t h bI .'l..i. llo 11 o 1 1, It ,lf, to $:I:,5( 111. The :'. 1 ilx1"( 11 o hen nLt o ui nllt rle r- it tlo iCe ,tl bl e - f rivs; . rnd t xur r 1)11lunr1t1ed iii ,ii ld t In. drftll ', . ic, . It l' ! 5 ,0011 ' l Il hitsn liti'litt! itrlt' Ire U.1 itfiLnt o1f 131 l ( II ,it t 'h1 , l , e t, w ilh d p h , Iroo t l! i lIII' 17 liet o, 1t ('harl,'. Art' e<. 'l' he e u ,,i I i- by Iv 1l11d I nc'Ol 1 ''l o il'.ll \withlinl '' A'I.rll l(] " wi ll . f le . elllo1 hof its t* .ror ''110l.e 1· grand l o i b. y . I.- . II ,' t. T he 1 lr li,,l' . l -ferpe "..'...e l ..iier jle . .ii.tIe 0 r1, ; 4I of r t" , b x'fl, o 1,, 1 h t o,. .lllt ,I. I o'. Olll, Ill "ll ol . 1 111' ei nI e I ll. ' I l, , lll C sI.ll,-I hll . r1 11 U.d it tll a t;lllliti l chlt rnlllt r " ni. r l" 'l 'nht'Ti, :11i lee inll i Irlllll irjl , ll 1 )lihl , .1,% ,: l h oilul.d p ilh liltr _n' 15 1. ._ht 1,1,1 $111,7511. tIT ' 1h. I t" nl lllrl a1d 1 to . II,'r , l Iiqol.lf 1 la r lhdrl 0 tll clnll tihl.l. l. 1tl, 11l r ii 1 Illl elll 1 .l . !._ T'II. Tl w ~llel. dlhiml l l t 111 r ou d oh I rd 1 tir .) lr Il .11 hai plll c,o1. 11I, l ll :, i no ,n l. ,itl lhk of h ('o i, order, . 1 0), r111) fe. i, .'r , ,l, lld ll o 'il''o'1i , ''c i i, I.I l +, ro n l ,1n1 th r . 1 o'h rnrll ic ,)Ipulvm i' i't )i1.g . "heI low1'. loot is ,..,..( iedl hby 117 rof l,. hos, ".dH r Ilth i lE, mIl sto'e 1, 11 -l l l 1 1) 11it lore t' ln hl.r- wl l',t 11y11l 11111111- ill h, 1:t111',.00lll,'." TIi .n1111.0111 iii.. lol-tl. 't'h yI ''''t I' min cri" I. ' r "1ll'l e l nlire 11h11: 11 of crlllll, 'd 111)575- MI Ilt. 1i IiPI.'im 1 000;ilor ro 11n . 1)'T lllrll 9 0 S|rrl'l, bollll,"e , \ ) . +ipllV n,/, "1h'rc7 . 7h 1111 11 'dan . l" 'l+ tlt, -I , r onud l \ iIu n ,J1b s .6!;.. ;.lye ·.'Ae.. . 4J")'1"1,I |' I; 'I·I 1e, J;1, 0 In"."I, :.I Iltllll y.ip thY C It .IIIIIII! 1 1i1. 5l0l1h ooi i Iota, houodI. 119 l'l terpe, II1c, L S 1 111 ll · l'l), b, sic wl'l "..l'tsl: 3".,111 0 I. The , .1' sto1r brno k' r. , o,. (11i " 0 tI.P.¥ e -"r1, l, Is o It m1 lll hle111r , r entli cg also un , 1. l:11III15II ' - re. .,0 1 "",00 '.'rlc . -"stow )rv ," i.ick, I. . qll'l p1 lout 10 2Jul..I...C '1 'rt 1'F, <o ........d it, 1111.n..n 1 rIb th t coruer of Hravi1,r sf'ei l. '. 811. Th ,' r m liw . (lbeo i grolllhll n 7 lrv ta h (treel, .d blyllil t li?, 7 t11111111+ :3 Iot0ah .n :;1 Siln O ri" i or. I litno . . . . 00,. 101 Ir. Te , .1h 1 ti,.riletetr\r,, t a. o Ion l 8er l 517,00 notre tre 1 .t:. 2. 5 . ,0011 II . TIh1 enlotre squlare (ifo,. oln 1 ll'trelie I ntre., 1 ,,lll lllilll e, o" I trll.l ll e, bl ytlll le Iby 0 o ml r I e l r i. clla.t elt , .5,000 I i. The xl t1,' n (go on NI erll w Oli (I;raviert street, wllltlllicipll ity. Illllln11 In 13 lotts, 40 17 i c:lrlle n 1b . i r2,r00I It, 1:2. .l'heen ie l la r ol f ' rt oud oll. enton a 1 ( fee,,t, 211 .lnlj lll h ,ll I ,'I.) il, Ili lot , h i ln. ,0led fly l'.t 1r )1, T l0 l,.llo rt street(. . 18,0110 l13. 'I'rh. ellir,' cgllnre olf( arorlu oft 111111" l ue e yet,211 llllll1,ili 'll\ o ml llllllllan Ili hlug, ho b ing.'d bh I It4 t n In T'er psic hore- slrePes, 18,00 1 ' itree L I, 1 llllielr l . llh, ca n ttlinni Ili lot., 15. The two stowrv house and n lot (11 New II Levee slre1t 2r mlligcounalilv, corner o" ictorl 1nu .i l0 'er l :51 by Il t-,h n." = ,e . 1 2,0 0111 I(i. The .a lalre oTf rlmilllnd 11 lhll( tllrr tslle, It 9l Illltlllieiltldl1¥, it' .t lols, bounde1d by llelcu- I ,I t. l Ie, lllrl l I1It II I lll ,'",it) rLl .. 1"_'.1.,1) 17. I'1,I" tll II' oi ;!rollledl oIn I1,1 u .'t, er, 1,1 21 'III I IIi 'll ii"I Iof 1 o II)I-, l71,u ,'d by 1,I 1 t.011 i111 1 e11 -rt 'sore l., 11 l,"ioI::1Il l ion I IItip 11,0110 0. 'I '1 ( , 1rv 1,I g i ( . 1, . 1,11. 0 sIr'ePl, .iI llllllic ullllh iI' I I I6Io., 111 1 ,1 r I.ibl~rli Tltl, - l' h, i Iiu l " o,1 II .... ) Aler,.l 1 ,)01) 1I0 Il. Th. allllo. h I I g. 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T1'hIe h,l ,f-"it,11111,11 n New9 evL0It· nel· t 2d1 1,,. hei..; (h,1 Ahih I fnt Ih o hm It in street, hell l-oIII Itu : 1(1 fi ll 1 t 5,011 :II. Th'Ie, sl ire If r,+..,I '.1 1 1) ou IsRral un rt el, .11 0.1 . 1,1 i p t,111. ll 5,,01111 II3 . Il" i lg the .Its IIIh'ltl T rpllll l, chol e ( ,tree , 115 11%31 I,y 1"7 ,. 5,011(1 II..The sgonr o m r .;t .lhm rt, I;I recl."t Isr,.e '21 Ill. m I, . 11ot1r, 11111 11) by . Ilnt and Mlelp - ''iiri .rlelllill 9 nr0, I v 3 . 1 ,17 . it d'Ll,+ldhilell ++t¢,.ll-, :|]II 1 Zl.v . ,i I~a ,.1 'z' CALD)WEL L, OAKEY & PRI'rCILARD, MAýiA'cLS AsI I iQTrdZoRs .e'1. Orleans. Aug. 30th, 1839 .t5. Th,"~ i-"'rlilhl O(! P' .,V:,r# I r F!.IUr.|I on .I|'HB ·1 11151 h l . r,.,l ulI. "·h , I ,o rdod by I, it . . 6,110 4.. l' o o tl ofgroondlri + tho e tI ootlw of A1l.II.llad Irl1-tll)le , htI, ot,. t 1, 1 4 i , l y (i, by 127 Ii,+t l II t17. 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A *'1 , " 1 , IaI, tl I. nud \\'allli lt bt,+ by 31hi. 0011 Itt. 111 0 url 5 1f 1 L.I .I tl.llll t 00 7(01 (1·11170111101·1111 I 01011 osltJ I ( itol Fliohl s~lt I l~lb' itlol lltulltla ,vh u 0 t1b att $01 001,100 01 11 . \ll il ll r'>. h ItI l, 0" ( .1tltlhJ .ll 15,0 0or 0 00) i0l+r tll'Jl , t111·' 10 III "rhl lha l' $ 0 8,0i / Il. .\ Iliillgl~l r .tlll i ,1.I·I' (I1 C.l.iliII I..tuldrcd n totttosoyotoolosl~~d .l~ltl i i~l( 1,000i II " .\ Il~ l ttlll +,liillltl + ;)l~lrl i ll·'Ir1 ll, blltlld. t 46 (1 , btotoob, Eoo.f , lablo o0Ib. . llllLll I.I 7200 1100 , :101110,110,1 ;.I 1,,11 .1 .;: : 0 11( 1 )I .... It. I 11. . 1 | "!,I. 4II ~ +.lril..I I~r,uid cnil-ilhthll i0 hli. Il .d thl'lqa~tl ts .Ib IIO . 300 II.,. ,Ii Jillll ,If11 Uf~illtI liI1II fVnllLhi PII1Itrell 00 ll0 Ari hlIoo oo 1101111. na) istoob'V ll~i t1$ n 50rt 0 Ih. 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I)r:ALE:I kS I MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS 1) IE LF.SAI.E AND liV) IAI.VI)OW IN1-8 S8 ihronr ut f ,i~unrn ni 'l' hnnpOoti lor natrertI, NAlIIAN JARVI. lOOuN W. ANOI2EWN. A large applly o GCarrdrn Sret'r. is ananted the gr··ll CIIAMPIN & coOLEHi G(IIIOCEIS AND DEAtEl:RAS IN I IoVlSIONS Nn. 79 and n2 Julio ,trirei, Nrew Orisn. llT~bip . dluuuuoilti, tu'e. paluu p. mor S FASh IONABLE CLOTHING 'AYLOR & HAI)I)EN. No. 14 (:harngs. mirre, lIA% I: ia- nauntouI uply . f orn' ottacle pferrutinitttt to peutitrnnuuoua dli.oul theu Intlt tuyle, atNew f'rt duo 20 DOOW I, . & M CA s, I)INAIfERS IN AMERICAN,* IEN;iDltll CROWN GLASS, No,. 3 Cart!nViti;" ru:rottIn. 1o JJAZAA Ii. YUSH & ALLEN, NO. i, EXCIIANGE )IlinEL, noir of ,St. ('It rtlsuou ('nommon ste,. NEWW OIt1.EANS. SPO r d nralen in Pn,'Wcid i: h E C'utllery, Illuii y?.. (v. iW i,% lul:., hIt ubt , U irlturollea, Cnn,'o~lllt I P. 'a: Attieirr. dG Ai \. I l I:, 'I (iffY, .Olerrihnnrifnr !?nfnr 4. C unnri.rr/on .terrchanl, 11:3 1 tlmtý"r(I. Ofuwp rI.- Fet1 rneru.ent .r. P. FREE MAN & CO., ilkoltreI Cloloni~e EIWsrbinmewfl No. 3, .01a i gn u e nuu e 1''u,(V in fund ia garge onily of Cloth 1 oa lctulitt irlagrbcnoiuiry trader. 't'lueir o.. oiniietrlu biri, Inrs.rclol rts fromnultheountry sou bei.a;.riieu nt Ilte rftuiinhl otiio. ict FIRCOJIENIS INSt ItAN'CE COMPAINY OF NEW ORL ANS. Thbiu Cnipanov ar now prrtllred in labk RISKS AGAINST FIRE. Vh rICG, No.24 lunorun'r IBatintdo, Carolf r-r. SL TiI fY. pNow (hl frnnr, Many 15 .193. nrectory. R8OBffRf CLONNON. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12'npsln holeiifanle irouar in I'ninr., (i, 'rdulit'sl Brusihes, outilt ff(i'iAuin ail I'inpuroe (ai &ein. \.0. )I ' - --.- ________ FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. 'ROil.Y SO.i X GOOD IPIX, N,. ON, (hoortrer Hlntre, (li Dir Iu1., ffir o'(fr. Iin n gu hut, iiuf un . Ima io's uti., log le in ileryoilt iia Ilrc-l-1l n~c: H.ANK NOTE ENRhIAVING; H WDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON AVE. I u ruo Wilner in New (rd,-n tt . oo*esing I I qua a~lvuntfngen with thelir housue in Na,, Yorek, I;nr pIn parirnar ii nciiiiiig an I i iniug Ballnn k Notu,. Iiinii.f, lb In, in Eaifiharry, Ceittifuieaoirf hlrjoiiia ('lhri. indoir ul r iioploliiaut inpirn, rio.. ring' arutity naniia·1 I· angel le p; and I1IIII ( Ilde ample pt nt tain t,~lt ri~ 1 Ih. rat,' krnplllua cll ll Iaillo unit IIIIJICSsil unl entrust-if ed to their runie; Iheirprit 1eiinu embrace line nite tot' oinir CiteaIdI.Itilpuoiitnn in-ltttirniiundoall irdiro will beouncuted wit art taptiuinilI, aw.1 rh t. sua nut. (hflige recoiniourn Rliifnu Catnal On:. On.. (inl runt, Nuinuiuu finnd, 1939-i(7. SEGUAI.ARL PRtI CE{S. SI'T. LOUIS .STREE ' RF.STAUIAT, OPPOSITE '1'Tl EXCHANGIE. T IlE .BPuhr.riirer bha the honor to inform his Irienda nlld the publc ill erem'rl, that he will open, on the kith IlIHIIIR, a IestotIll, where persons will be Ferved Ier lrlllllg teo tle biill of fIre, t regni r r prices, viz: Filly cetsr foir IlhIakl',,t, alnd Sevenrvt- e rellet fnr )nnler. The br Ieklhlst will consist of two dlirhe at o Iimlllume cll of cf ITSar tT ilh mSik, hell' Ilttle of e 1loe erori iryerd al dir're.lirr. irer drrr rrnrll cornit of thllre dishtree at lrptlrll, a1 op. Ibelf a boltre of wine aid bleat ll liaritoie. A greatl nuber I perrsons have rell cenmplaining for a long tillle of the iLnconvenience Iil at Inblei d'hores, where they Ire ohliger Ito be let regular hours. T'le ubscriber i.lhs fte hope of l igel obvilted thlat inoeen venincce in e lltalishing hi, Iestlurlt at retular prices, and swre persolln will ie ttallll to ria every hlurof ire day ten a chbeper eate tihan nleei d'hneee. 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