Newspaper of True American, December 13, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 13, 1839 Page 4
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. d hainsr am u ashiits kn, giNlt pialitn 1 f yak horn ultm. | w.y err 1flhitrdd g eases: nunst, o.-efs,,l plume.; et aig aps; toile mjtitel sa tin Cushlioas e bead-eoains ast Lvbeoer and wrllettoo ine d c ommon guoir L this ignofIhe Gold o Ceob, d - m2R. the sign of the golden ee. Theuaubscribers havs re a nT theirpresvious s tock on hand, o full t arnt of artirles in their line; via: Sllry, bru hes, locking glasses, a ieen tngin part an follows: shell, wrsoht and plain tuck,twins wi lnrotd, dressing, side puff, curl and ( M r'nltr iastents of every description anmongst an e stle omi Vasan ptsters, Ivory combs of every e lor, r d and pcket, atogter with a S holo e Lavender, Florkdo, honey, wr wafers ofeverysizeand des. ed Colngne, extract of arganmot. y inp fal iito l , shaving do in cakes an n otsd nou,8,w dWrd's egetable hair oil boars and an 1zd t y'rsobaellisng salta s plain 'and perfumed sr 'derpearl Pbw.odr pos Ilnrpuf's and boxes Pc. * osal p aAnod rolsomrs add chlorine tooth wash eith a genetal assortment of i r somt efthe latest n nd most fashions et leniing of white and red cornelian, tops 4. i filagree, breast pins of a gres' .e. ttf Ste watsh trimming, gilt and silr ,nekles, RU EsiOVer and gl d pe eit and guard chaina E l hir, dhat hloerumbhearthfloor Ik t tplate, scomb, Nail, shaving, shoe an LO N GLASSES-GO-erman statia and toilet ýlsrirlntifyhi8d and Freneh dressing glasses, horm; ; i~ rY ofotherkinds not enumerated. [1NA ) VARIETY ARTICLES--French and"American' popJable desks and dressing eases, some tnt t'ci ad fin1?ely finished ladies work boxes and dres ei with and without music. musical boxes. Ac e btnn u kinds l , violins and ruitars, silver and nele and le uod poclnils Ior earl,enters and 'aointleecdloUacknagonaand pistols with and without'preusnion caps, perruasion cap chargers, nipplll lne drivra , shut belts gname hbags, paste blacking, toy 'lea stt, Lndin beadhiof every kind, bells and Illanee, Sad Coamon knives, razors and scissors, tHiihlces, ains, silver plated, steel and commoa si etfos e, puket books and wallets o3 various kinds visiting snrdo ad card casea, playing cards of French, oGermlla 'ndAmeriean manuoaeture, dolls, imiitation fiui, sno . boxes, prints of varinous kinds, Sannders' Pnoeroy's, Elnmernan's, Hillman'a and itawkin's rarzor straps and metallie honea,dirks, fancy head ineeklaces, do with .-r dmrie, toy watches, pearl buttons, powder flasks u en:d plain seed beetdsl gilt and silver do, gum elastic .uspen. der, and garters, plain and sword caes, bauckgalmon" haards, diee, opteal vinneas, jewslrpsn, tloofoco notchl s anddrinling cups, with a great variety l otherurti dle, all ofwka:h will he sold for ecah or city aceeptani. aes on 13 maskss credit. B II SiMMlC'LS, & co. Sd70 ?OChartresst. nII MIItI It LEE &dto, No Magnazlac street, t. o noece r ivlng from shtps Nashville, Louisville, Kautckp, ngleaud other late arrivals trainm :he I Atlhen cities, a large and new selecrtedl asortment gltas, Bootso, Shoes and Brogans, aoosilntilg of geltlmns's fine calf and Morocco boots do fl quaotlt; do buff'il, and stout wax pegged hboots "riois qlttsias men's fine calf Ral and MorocaCI , enaps and brogans, hbuckskin shoes, brogasns ao itippets; men'sfine calf idl kipped peggd tnl soesalI I ro tisi dao boats; do stount kip and wax peggel shoes rot brogan; gentlemen's hest quality call'sewed sloes I-,ganna and Jack Downilags; do calf and Mioroce Ite kle shoes , nlhrogans; iln calf, seal and Morlocer I ,dian slasc andtslaiplw.s, do calf, bulf II oL seaiL Wilg;s aitew aleicle; db fine calf, sri.l al mnaoroccoa qwate rnta; loys', misaes'nandl chldrea's pegiecd and saedl b ogantand aines of every quality anil kinil Also a general assortmenm t of nen's stont wax anld r.mlt iragnes antd shores, together witk to, uK pairs -gro llust quality, russett Trogans, nailed ia Ic L I talks, alde expressnly for plaIntation use; a goil as Srtnmeot o men's flla andl stout kip rinssetn br.igans,: w artilclild a llge nanit ofii a h iOrqalit ri setil nnd wax hrogall. Laies' file calf, seal, morocco ani grain wels, u 1r 1 Irulne soLe.i~h9 i d floe f i l'relch Murncao alld ki; iu "n' il'slit' roan shoes, with and witolit Iheers; i,,.iel ean l soM leatoeroot es; do 'lruuellasho.l I. fallf:ledtd galities; do lasting viognss; ito gaitier priul$o:lb ! b_)ees. Misses' lastieg slring sh satn ,, i -Igapy 4.hld'ei'a colIored M ocOCO nld lasting b.o. ...o e f t'aalionablr klosk silk I b..' -, lack te-l "tal Adsscta ait a aipseat- unalir If ltre. g atidrtigarow brim mc. , , . t, ,lalsmla drllo napped hats, n e ..:.. .re . at -ane. lotslot different quait:o..o ,l;,,. M--n bod-kcy'a. klack anid r 4:ge l a .lor.. ~, . . 'lhl.lttna.aint will he r', . -Ic .l t iesrilifkttl+romthenaoooi ..--.. ' 1t- ,i t ., , * .-+ d+. + enaceo.,,dort ,... . 2 W1ater, near Belickme n frreowl, - : receivel Ile past i.<:t.,., .,l ,- r : i ng large and extnvitt .; ab. o e ;Oood . wh.h : .. -. : .' t; • O ilp asor rn tp, ,th.l. t 'i , i , . r rna mrkets. a1 l lotw ;i r' ! p.erior gql.t;t'. tt at,'it t ' :tItbnut 1500 t,,e,, v;o , Kottllos, L i te, tin I l; Ie: t is, Dtkelpona orlivena, i dotlo.',ro+ ie e ea Ketrles, 6, ,ao ikillelts, . 5 d, F'lat Spidere 6 do Covgred Spidore, 2 do Oriddles, . 4 do Fire Dogs, - do ao Wagt,ni.nan fro:t- 1 1.4 to 43.4 ic:ehes. art do. 5 to i ;ncit.s. toeod, 20.W10 gross, icr-r o.nd tlars,. ~... t.. , . .3 to 39 nch,, NVo, . i a ..p.r.r aiu ,wd.r rnish,, and lose lthan Jamt,'.i nmpore, prices. ' Sad IrofieCgertsed in conk. i i.bcu, 5,ou ha f: retailing. . Tailor's and hattor'd Irons, as-, Bash weights, 100 tons, assorte i,. 0lb*. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, chur. I miie to order, Also steamboats and other machinery madei _rder. The above assortment of goods is p'articularly re•commended to the attention of Southern and Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal termns; it is be lieved to be the largest and best assortment ever oftered for sale by any one establishment in the United States. Merchants, by forwarding a reqnest by mail, can have a fhrin'ed circular. with description of goods, prices and terms, from which no devtation is ever made, furnished by return of atoll. All orders will receive imutediate attention. New York, 1838. Jn3 Piano Forte Inslruelion. William Smith tenders his services t, the ci,h sens of New Orleans as a techer of Ithe plano forte. Mr S having been employed several year ass teacher of music in private families to BIoton and ilsu at several of the female seminaries in is vicintil, cannot but hope to merit theircunltlth nee. He is pertmitted to ri fer to fIev Dr Cl..:p, ,eases StelesOi & Avery, Hendersron & Iainee. For termlns, &e please apply at the bookstore of AlcesaderTower,49 Caip st oct 2 F RESH GAiRDEN SEED-The sutbsritr Legs tI express his grateful thanks to the p t, Ic, for the liberal support he hnas eceived since re commenced business in this city. Being sole pro priet-rof the seed store, 17 Cotmoon atreet, he i. not and never was agent lor any northern seed vender; neither is he connecled with any house inl this coUslry-but he assures the public that his enmnectionsin every department of the seed busEa oess, in the different countries of Europ are eq nol to that of aty house in the Uniteou sates. Ile in,. prtnlssede, planlt, &c. frtom the most extlellsve and respectable nurseries and seesllletn in France, Hutland, England, Scotland said the no tihers states-and it will at all liues be his l trertcr, as it is hls study, to receive, in addititon to Its present seoek. large ar ivals of every dacription, really the lrowth sat 1838: also, engratted frulll re s, ol all kid. The pubitc mnay rely on findt g a lull as sortoent of every aricle in the seed hlne, of genu" lta qutlity, itd imported dilect by b"mWm. DINN. -A W T & C .ros..petfully tn.or.. thi friends and the pulic in Hyerral. that tlhy smeepy tiem new briqk shop, 219 Tchoupitoulas .e,1 whltere thoey keep constaiitly on hiad Copper, Tien lIW Sheet Iron Wre, of every dcscription, iaohirs copper stills, kettles, and ptumps, till bath. ieg tBe, senseil cans, of all sorts and sizes, and all other brass lasting done at shortest notice. (ytate hars of every deooription, etch as steam. boat etirrup., bog chains, screw bolts, and other )tpld ofsteamboat work, such as chimneys, breech. fIej; w ilt l lo do all kinds of out door work, shob a- le. copper and tin roofing and guttering, S #e., Tby .isose sod all other kinds of work itt thif lt .f bulstite. they will execute at the sabsrteist . .. dec97 Li R, I . o 4l 4 Conde street, between R lnl ionlai ,tYbhilipakee s e onsrently on hand Satt ~,~ #Mhr.tertt of bolus usd brogan., and r - Y:rksianct .ure, for men. women + , a4..Pde _,.,i,.xes, which he will dispose of a l quletrnet on sending an order e attended t LiS SBEGOUR • ,C ,:.': Tl " .T FLORIDA LINEP I' 4-, i From Mnbilb fAuiasts,Gse. 'le afvel iibtir earey day at three . o'cllek .pm petU S mail toat 'foo ellu' ti.mdtnr, ahbnve Bl'kely.--,'enae four ptr elnanche to Pensaerd!a-ihenclte. ,amboats to Ltgrttnge, whereth iantd route it resuaned-thence vea Mariansia and Bi"wntvoile, Fin. Bainbiidge, Pindertowth, Howl- neville. Saundereville & Louis. villejo Auguolr., OrG, connecting regularly with the roil roed earn to Charleston, anti the steam i'skel vo Ntow York, Nrrfolk, PniLtadelphia, etc. T:e steatn ets are the best for the service, and the navigation presents more advanlnges than can be fonrnd upon any asteatboat route in the south. ern regrior.. The great improvemenlt in the route have been produced by the rllnrlruction of fifty miles of new rond, by tihn prrprietore, viz : front LnGrange on L'Fayvrte Rlavol, on arm of Snnal Rosa Bay, to Flryorrt'a Ferrv, ol the Chatruhnrochee river, ten nilhta 'hhove the Cowlurd, or 14 aihove Cedar iluiff, twhereby the naviration of the river, and the con. geqertll dtoentiolas, nld motre reerlllly the ineon venotert crosin nat the Cwtlrrlr ore errtir(ely avoided, nld a fine road froo ihlariartna dir:et ItI Bainbride, insttnd otl the ronlndh outl rord vin Chrllaohorrehe, lessenins threrlinanoe abtUn forry tiles, antl ir.reeasing the faerilirie more than loue a day Aim,. t ,rnneh line of t.o hnr, ta .ar' every other tip trn H twiisville, vint PIr errv to rlneoo, r.4 ctnnlteeetir ith the line to Savannnll and Drireo, (Oso. A mail steamhntrt dlie regiulrlV hbeween BEinbridge nod Apalackiolas. 'Iravellers wisthine to reach anoy point on Chnloattroehee or Aptalal ht eola, e.n take steron oat at Brnwnsivllle. Mlobile to Pensacola--l.ldt Rouoe--During the time occepted by the repairs tl bonos, the proiprie. onrs of the Florrida lne will run a line of four itrse post conches every other day betweentl Mo btil, ard Pensnenlo. Passreners will leave Mthilo at 3 o'clock, p m, in the U S mail boot, ano preed eed t lll's Ltndl in, where a four horse conch will err in wairing to convey them to the excellent house of Mr. Charles Hnil, I 1 4 mile dirnnr, where they wtil find pleasant necommodations for the night-leavitn next morning, they will arrive in Penancola early ton he evenln, thuls avoiding t he discomfort of Otlee at the .Mlnsion Hlrouse, Mobile, and Col. line' -Hotlel, Pensaconl, where seats must lie etau re. STOCKi'ON & Col. nov I D tO LE & MAY. Ilhoa,. Sign, aod ll'nutetllla 'ainters, No 3 Ct'ortlelo street, two doora li'om olal street. ltmitalono of the following woods and marblea,ax ecuted ill n masterly mannre. WOOlla MAnTsr.r. todgaoyn, Egy ptinl black and gold, Oak, I GrIohs and Ani'o, llard Idlo, I riental or verd altique, Curled do, Jaspe', Croed Mapile, lllood rStone, Birds Eye dot, Darby (,trmiite, Satin Vood, I'otomae, lair Wood, Dove or IlBrdello, Yew 'I'Tree, Italian While. Co(omnrlile or Illack Siilailo anid llrectella, Rose \VWold, Amer'i n Gieey, Asi Whitre O(ak, I e. hk , 1k. Curleld Elm, Specinoans to be seen lt the ahoy. Paints, eils, glass, eopal varnish, &e. on hand aitor sale. ml CIINA (iGLASS 1& EAR IIItEN \ViAKh: o'l:, 36 Chiarres sireet, New Orleans. 1TM SI'RGEANT' & Co. im port era of French and Enllish China and Earthen ware. are now opening new and rich palltterns of breakfll, I dining and tea services, toilert ets, p)itlhers, Ite liad roTffee ts lllu ep Irs, sugars, creaisi I . Ire, ploltee diahes, lureens, washl busins lin ewers, folt balho, err. erc. Rich ct andl lain French and Anmerie"nn glass. ware--Mohlets, chilpaitifiine.' , lonade, e jellies, clarels, wines, cordll is, centre Iowles, idocu.ii trs umnblers, preserve disho, celerle., pllchers, lllla . napl shade and gla.oes, candlel shlados, salt cel ery, ete. Stivcr plated, irnnzer and hrinnia wnrre-caso tlirs, Iiqur slnnds, caike l.Eskeoi,, eilndh.lsiet s branches, spoons, hidlecofllfl e lnd tenpotslslll ars, c leans l ip, l s ji anr ed I rrs, astral stall ndi,an lao-' ing niltrpr, tille, e teryt. ,t et rttt1 silver spoons, nod therk, together with a great variety .,o ' rtl its rIl t rllll e, ritU r ihnlll , plllter', il(h l s, and sonahle prierns, anid pal ked sio .s to e convey d wtlr strtry IrI e v part of ihe cot n'ry. Alo,, n,, pohecieries' etna.o ar. n, '2 ird , -ihre suoserier ttve hanid n largle Supply of C (-ar e;I l a d por cl.'r col, on hrlk, of superi r r ultairy, whiri they fot r r 'a e in lois it suit purchasers. ind antd thir Nrlth, Cannie Lethrtl and Peach 1lourin tin Co~rl , hr, ri, t'd s ,reneP d, il ill hinithendo e .lressly oir r la:n,ilt use-- all of tali it .Loy will tl on 11111 i1 1 nof 'i0llp e ,,rl s. - rdi rs lefl at their iilr'e, ', 53 'ie anvlille o . "'. will be prompt ly attnilred to Ir. & A SrT.:l.TR. b ,,t -. 1 , a :rriL r i i . o o rk I. r, t l l ,er, ... r d"'l , ". " o m t . r, ir,,' .. . . . r. eLp w .... ...lne r trht r ol rr nalcrt olt rb, [I pumi+ c, . ,",aFarth ehom s exs, arid extralr a . . t r ile , i. uiotl's vt triptionoug lorir. uut ' desks an0td dig rdesint c tri, Id, i rieglev-, ,r braid', c lain lrc me n ed luto tei aI work boxy= te m a o t a ,ur'ed, r ton no.ld v1st h luntr., tnearl sud n , hirl dof, pburort stu r, o antod iher meCit , o y.r, otuuh c fane t wec.rat, pyuen nd gilt A t:ket. er hnnturt r ser o , n firerh btao a a st 1oI nimblej , u u nkit k rano n .rs, itir- r ins, d tty oon Erds bld tald redi gk, Sh lctre r ba ,,-, to ms adth or.oloane. dri-md to llai letu'teso n teon. boot , to.urosl iltult . t r tenra.old ao] u tirer ltroe ond ,rut, l:oldr pttpro t ar ridrng w oa'ip , wlcturerlin cr r t lll iryx lois ln. noldt r cglyt.d iot r to t Cgit jlwdtelr l o ; D FTrgubort, teaturrt -rreol'otor ll tyogio rotit, unelldo, Lee, oerrmhe , noegofr Keiate &o e o Ie Mei-, P rt , o tle Ale o ret.r to tt ulllloeis DtOrlnans prof. o Vl , Morjotin, l DutoisS 1 S ell combs re-n d Nw York my roFeor lI(JW EronIoi, Ii . S l d.loI'rda, I 1) I)RT s' lorofpus Utidiferi, or uallroity of the Wtb, by ex ternol ork, propition, Dtlotrsdig the use of the jcstoale, pirento ry, i coMfiden.ty, Lurcomtn ell to he augliton of Albany, t lhe r o perfect rester lir. to health, it never havng fai lld of per Srmting elrayeven under trenal t ggravnd ted ocirculnrta e 's. It htare received the dcirded approbahllu of Sir Astley Cooper of London ; Sir Benjamin C g Isrodr ; Sir James Clrk, Physician te the 1ueen; DAG Aahwll. Lecturer on meiWoe firy to Gll-ylls - pi7 A consta Dr nt leuoprer o St Ite arthoe w1t Dr SDr flu, ll ecturer to oved Trunller Hospital: RA bthalaer, Ntlecturer to ndoe hospitl ;, Wodert ,a Frguson, lecturer to \Ve tmiuslder lyieg-ilna hit, .hospital ;ooth alsond Mallorry, M Dh , CP Wilet son. Somerville; Hall nod Waahmlrgto, Noahoitllt: lndirayl, Leod errmiton urgd; eo Kates, Flore. Dr Morreau, ilredll,.t of the Aeadeinie al~llival Ce Medicine, ariued. Athensd Acouchr to tie llles )'Orleans ; professors Velpeau, Marjolin, Peul 'Dubissoni 1o and others-ad in New York y n ca ied a idwifery itnsie uetiatverity oi t it I of Naw York, pros. Drlafioed, and Francis, U John.a, presldelt Cou Lrr 1 lMad Soety, LaurCns o hllo MoeNaughton olr Albany, olOtl t March, Cyrus k-ns, Dea rieD Tl'uslloyd, Gtllhrt Suilth, Hosaik, Stearns, Luradlo, KSlart l, Vachoti Pt w Grayson, Vail Ren aaer, and many other ",-' + g1 be mphyi know ina the U Stae. s. A G ll J.D. O )Ie 4 V Oaey ait, ALrN.Pi C 07i A nonstant supply of the instr. , ville; Booth and Mallory, Memphis; WV T Will,. son, Somerville; Flail elnd] Washngtonllt , Nashvilej; Mcnairay and Hamlton du; It L, Mhs, Ftlorence C Spot.swood. Athens. m AI|E : ubecribera, Aleuts Vord the extensive Birt of eeeived a very etenslive net of pit' e l , ,. ri.ietlg of lable and Dessert Knives eit w-l,+" .cription, Pen, I ccket, Dirk, and Spear polet | niveos l(uzora, Srri o exhibit to the trade for orders. tarots and ¢cnd ttoa_ ,sil be moade known at lhe time. WIt ll J, JD. RE.IN & A COHE.N .90 Common at. 3 Tork d. laltimore Packetu FOR NEW YORK. OIlMES' IINE OF PACKETS-To sail every other Monldy This t.ine in ea poorde ol shoTps, viz: Ship Vac.slaRo, Capt~ llnker, Nov. 25th o OraL.ans, - Sears, Dee. 9th I IANTaHE, - Ashby, ,, 231 ,d Ananas,, - Denni, Jan. 6th ,, NAruILE, - Wood, ,, 211th SALABAMA, - I)erry, Feb. 3d The above ships are of the irsot class, coppered, and copper fatened ,nod hoaing been built i New York expressly for tlhis Irade--they are of ligt draought of' water, anld almost invanriabl cross tie Bar without any detention 'IThese pockets are commadedl by Coptll.ns well experilened igther trade, and will always exert thcmselnes to eerrfo.,lodate-thir, will alw aot )et wedl up anddown the river. and will plonnplly sail as ad vertired. They haove kndsotnelv faoiakhed nccotine.t tinne, nlll;tres e" lihe firstqnalily will oalons ho forninhed, snod every tlleltion paid ti the coomfri d satisfaction he price of cabin passage is fixed at $0, withoutll wine or liquor. For furner particulars atliv to no A COIIEN 90 Coolmon et The ships are not aeeountna e for of class, holllw ware, nlrble or grallte, ooplerage. of tin, or rnst ofiln or tctel, nor re sta n le for any package or parcel .ntice, a rretilor hill nftrtldine. si.ed nrlre;er. oSP. Vto la a i a su t d kl r omrtLnE. ItIIS lINE will hn en cmposd d ofi seven n, whicl I will lererlIeaolbolhur illi tde .llig ogrder viz: Ship St. Mlerv, It Fonter, toniler. Shiip Trto, It. ioerkind, dl, ioater. ul hip Rel;ullicnii. J S Wilstn, malter. Ship Alboro, I sECortll, miorter. New shipn Frank(nortJ ie Russell, mansser. New hipi Mary Kinoltool, it 1clCerren, anes r. N'w shlip Fliriield, %V L Irvon, lnster. NTIheoe Ships re t.ll of tle rirst clasp, Ilve neeommn daotion folr iensnerln e uonsrpasscd for conforl and cnnllvezlhnceea lnd lIV enlynmmnaldd. illr freiglt or pnua pye, inthl ' Io s2l lI" TII l: , )I.u.aW, k6 Camop l F1OR NEW VI)RIK. [Louisinna and Now York [,in of Packets] I'II Slhips composing this line will sail lfom Now Orleans and New York on every other Moo day--olnning on thle l20tll Novonmlber-and to illnuro the puneltuality in the time ornailing, th. linte will herenfter consist of ive ships, vizs: Ship Yazoo, Caplltain Trask, to leave on tile 20t11 Novemlbr. Ship'Louloville, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th December. Ship Iluntsvillc, Captain Eldridge, to leave on tile 18th1 Decelonber. Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the lst JauuIary. Ship Misslssippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of Jannary. The above are all new, of the first class, copper ,a and copper fastencd, and upwards of 590 tone burtlhen, are of light draught of water, being built in New York expressly for the trade. Tile price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are fitted up in tile most improved and convenient Iplan, and finished in a neat and elegant style - Almple stores of tie first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the comnfort and entire satisfaction of passengers, who will please take no. ti ce that no berth can be secured until paid for at the otfco of the consignees. These vessels are cotntianded by ecptains well experienced in the trade, who will give every at Itlltiol and xert tllhemselves to aconnondate. Tier will at all tnIes be towed up and down tile Missis. siplli by steamboats, and the strictest punctuality oberved in: the time of sailing. TheI owners of these sitips will not be responsi. ble for any letter, parcel or package, sent by or puti on board of theor , unless a regular bill of lading be sig:ned thorelor, at the counting lhoue of the agent or owiners. For firther particulars apply to J D BEIN & A COIIEN, nov21 90 Comunon st NEW ORLEANS AND IIAIrI'IMORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will consist of the followintg vrlsseals which have been built or purchased exprecsly tlir the trade, viz: ShIp eaimnn, Capt. Miner, Blark Mary, " Nickerson, Irad Ferry, new , Stevcns, " ol omon, altus, ar Jl an,, Brig Architect, r Gray. T'hee vessels are of the first class, have hand. some turniehl d ;accommodrations, and are of a light drealt of water, so as to adlrit of their reeeivinrg and discharging their cargoes n I Baltirnole, at the city. Freight will be taken for ports o.J.Clwn haspeake, or J.. nee' .ive vrariued-dl 'day he agearnlts, e ,, ew .KELLI GG( , at Baltimore; expnsees on goods shipped will be advanased when required. The price of passage is fixed at $1i0, ample stores of the h st quahly will Ie provided. Steam up antd down the Mississippi will be taken on all oecasloes. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov21 22 Iienville et. I,:'" )ltt:.AN\ & s'tlltAlrE[T';OtSN PACKETS 'I'll's liile eonsists c;f oiur vessels, all ol S the first class, crtpirel d ad and opper fast. . 'red, and of abouit 2010 rans I rthen, crremmodatinslt for passengers. ,re errnllndd hby captains wel e trade, who will give every at I themselves to neemnmdarte thie Sev will h in tow'""d tsp dnit ,oan hlle and ltene New Otrlealns n or before :d 15th of every month. The followiig nlpoae the Ine, viz : Arabian,Chalres G. rdon, master. ' ' C sa pman,J. . 't'lior lpson, master. lagn Ailern, J. Doane, meastrer. Bark. [RogeI r William , .1. Allihers, m ter. Fir freight or passage, anplv ro J. A. BIARELLI ., C, 61 Clommon st. New Oileans, or l. C •\lardrcai,Chailreare.n Oc I A-r-I'T E O'I LOUISIANA-Pariah of Orleans-. Court of Ptrobate. 'i'lt all whom these presents may concern (wrtesing. Knaowte, that whr err\\'illiam tMackey, arrs 'dent. the 1,t ai t of \ravtei lh, Ky., heas npihed to .he Refiser 1 V,\ till, in a.l for the par.ish & crtr of N, wt s t h aooi , nud \ t ,flir'i, Clerk of iher Co rt ' I'r it.6. iln and fer the Pari+h nod city el N iw Orh ,ann. a+ ri said, fora "+ll, Nl"'ION or .DI ER I'11S?'t";\ ."Nf, .in roul. rm y , thn Act of tbr Leislaur t e t' "hr I S ale I ntil id "A l i ct r for rihe Slu(t er 'ire .ratnl'' ' leets Io pcrch.rers aI JuI D lrY l iali,," approtetd I ll i h it Imarclu , 1;:;1, noerie is hlr,'y ricei n ,ail hoti',ir it tn y ca rrilrn th i tr)y virltu, t, anid t ch, nc . t lla order of sale Irol sind eofmr.1 o r1-,o+tes, in lnd for t,,. parish ano cl y of Nw )Ilt, ints, bear. dalte door third A I01, ,' IIItho-ah! etlI t hunldrd rlad ,,a,,! r... .red in the matter of t Nathll nlrl ('If x, th e petitia Cf Chlistop ir, a lll..S li l ~ihrl creditors of sanid onlll Ill N.;lthanel. s.r ( Sde d, which .ie wa als, gr .ter. , :in'',tn t to the irdvliherntiona s of s t-;tins; oI tihe crt,'ttri nil he da ect r sl r L dt naoll 'li IvereP d on ti e third daI of Firh ro trie , r itl \crt hc undred and ltiry i .2eiht , bet.tre II. lD. Ca, l't. Naery Pbhle, nild also after o1, :1I an l I u, tal pu l alh ioni trtil ler nl maer, the lie .ter l dittse did 'xposl , lir sa,.le by pullhic ltioln on the rmith d vay ..I a'1y, th' oursa ild a del l e ir than td r Ir eilc r, l lr r n t outn' i Ii hi alres aild isuelresicun of Ilha lte N iaha el Cox, ., ,sd,,h, 'I ., . tdprp irr' Ihn, i a tier descri hdi, oll I lea raid s -8 i ni l whic pro prlfy was ndjudicated ia set Williram Maheker as the rist and i rcltest lrttder Ihcreun, for Ite Irual price and sonl o erleniern tihousand d, llars. )Dete r1ilatn of the property oa given in the Judicial Al anld Iea :.elr Ia cert ain oas of grounld tor,:hl r wivh irhe bulldings anll Ieproementelt thll. on, ntld nll the rgllts, privileges, custom+ wals, aervitudle and adlvantages thereunto bie lrnc1ine, or I iiay.ta ise npplert.,ainrig. itluate ti the wsuburb un tif1. Iry y, ti ll t is r Iy.I tihesquare hl O lr, erd by Po dras, 1laiuazlrts nityeeI, and i ., i r le's,amni desit nanled Ib the tnurts eres ,. I 1 ceio a trtita plan drawen ' by Ir ie. ''r i' lIrani , Dir pt y .ra Surveyor GerlP r;, t.,:l,'l dateI I the s Iv' lth diay of Apr;l, o e ' , . hnl I. 1 ref ind tht'y rih , and . , , 11. B3. C ,. II ,,, E,+q. e. c.....I . e.II'h II en n 0 .i l tr te 1111 li re 'a i '... ",, sr i ', e • r rand .es, r -1. :. , , tuenceo ] Sr . r judgment .nit ,d ' . I. iesale was ltde, .' \ . I ..y inll te spprlsernente onts, '., llse and manner o satle, or anly r or delerer wlreaoever, are here. oy Clled ,,' a;dmonished to ehow w'llthlll tht rl) days retll ire publlcatlon IlIeoet why Iue sale, so Isoade as aloresaid, should not be cOllfirmed and hlrIigolgvar'd it accordsace with the applhcuatioe ofeuid purchuser. WVltnas my hand and tihe seal of seid court vl' Prou.aese, this secud day oal May, A. D. 1839. (L. Sj ' W. F. C DIIPLESSIS, a t11 10.t, inr Reateerol WellsV -LO)UR--52 bhs lading7'frsm re 'bsaat Raton Saoge, fs,.r sale b ODOSEYV, sep? 441Nw Leen ! __ JUSTPUBLISHEDFRON O pg Pan The P.i.t Ed ROWLSETT'S TABI.ESOP l 4Ff 9fq,'t'. hTO.ic is new mIded " n ame imdeCeco lail tor, or easy methds ftr nii hes eae n on storgo, notes of hiad ot hills of Restl when na. t chaced 'at lilferent date; en atilbcrtt. tct.s, al fan' tatlatat anmalnta; hesialreaataafot at otal tofo oadoRnri Ftn Tiate Ta'le, the laes t hatern be etotarice irtlace fi go'res cnn tar tine. within the some enttdocaaHom'" ofl Cieop~ye. comtao An aadver iaemena in ttetbook is in nearly the'now-. iog wonds: inte hird disttnetion thias work has ceivred thotagl the teta letgistltiv acts ptrefieattntlte titltae,oin e a . rommendaeltiot in itself, sn tncommon,, aon soa eol. t aive, th tnoothing is neeesryt monerthon by wo'ant'4j.. vertioment, to give a ctao'oesed Vti.w of some o"its tat. liite: as feeInstance, the Interest has been comp, a\ ert f'om, ndt otnlpareal with, what is equivnalenit oatI% tee etelsenleotationse, exatniueal in the ssntahirty i fi'e tinles, nld ptritred Irm tel'ent pe dItes testa thietyty-n ne times, ft'on l which ot oat tn evo ident even tos the wsketic especilly on the Iensonal oflbe ade tan iof oint in tie ireface) that tte week malsa t al' ith sueienlly tf unlible, al in he nlirmathinn ofthls I,blrFk premiatt of two haoheetcod dliftv dolltrs, is now effac ed fr the letetionn of an error nf ctent in the proesent or fito"etlitioa, as exllrtsoall in tne prefaee, nktong fie' larIe tlemnons fl'caetl for the ame error ineet hbe nfirs pnthlieotion in the ear 1i0r2. One if the oast clastti'tois feetores of the tatles is ibthe anegenlenti of tile 'ilne alid Amomnts, whieh far expndlitia.os, roreenee otat aelspiealitv, with thell oflile sle a one catnot beoexeeted; antid toe sa ty tV amil .ase with whill the intreal o ine fo mdal to talle eiaent of genoerl htsioess, wilhont lonuolatiofnsg ifsmt is eltsitt t a 'oesatcate st esasential, that ill at th lthna tion of aome oltre nlatt compareat tht pracett albuSi. nsl men notlatbtit'ti tlhrn ers weo tate nltle reanl toe of tle waork, it las been adititlpolaC l bhot Ilhoannltatnle opatllatinn efufa "maiter paee"'. And enonitlertng the infllilhiiy nf the ntehod origatilally otlniteat in eomtloa tiaa slee oo, ond aloh extrananea tatautlllae ant variety oflte enomitntitns, antl tests of eery eli, ion it he piassal in the tlress, erotwithstaiong the wholt e i in tetlant en cnsicderltag. iin at lt, he apositivefe amc-y Itarerlh tenl ltrroreteetaed means eoldoae mi, the vo tlune e oal.s h tern , I otl al ead em aatieclty tyled s, the atint oeotla'hefattlaoc ,, thenw~oslk;la most Eel'olalov na aen n Itnot na lgoaere wor nofthe same exntleot, will tince thc e hletinginca'tgo oloeat, Itaetla s tite same ttamn les nd atal atvito tat' e iat lIa sme i atamel eof etlitors; ito. oare tlle h nlftt aunlbe, as is colealy ahoit in tihe Iuc fprefaceoug. ul y h esilrs, natrot and stanllart, it has bet trie anti Itreedlit ntaetyll It he att antht tollat uaffil es tie Utaitral Stoat's, ndo by tlae patlatic gotteralty, dlaarittg the lonn pc'tedo ot'thletv~-five 'e. %~s ve~t Io erer of ill eal Seltiro cs ever Io'efo nrocndt toil, at thonl cnttina ally clhatge'dh by thle tci'eof cryt Ialolo 0.i00. Ilte bok.isn e i r et r a t nltatelh I II a el l Oftaa al seVl'ta oflathe Sle noa tile "a e ''ra o ill'eRtletltaa foartlnoate iatterest," as also Ity law liar )iathk hltataeSt, aeeoe'diagas tIle Iatk is Isod, actn as cov h'e eseerl it lart, lay '.,'a naaes f thle sathocriltetr, artd a few of Ialt aaaas'elt a 'rha'sers, tte hist tattoe aia of' tIne book siall Ilaaesairn ei'eveera1 ylOS'aitaizitrs in everyquaar tet ft Ie Uriarlt Stalts. It ismaaeoveor well konown toat, by its aaerly eleek, it nas so ofltudetected tlegE earors, lIng after they wear mael, even at thle ntlostaa'cltt lltotd most eomimeoe,,t 'ithletieianss t'alt its cnseRfllless, natIthle oahsohate ne. oessaty ifr its oa, Itone heen eoleoniyelt itasntoaa tat ',n,, io evlolellt, illCealI hiovn beet its atlHoaltagri, lttal it: stvings, that, seoecl y'arsagcg, whils thle first edaitioa waS seartarieeinttnt t of tarbt. a g aret .nher of seaod rattled :oll weroe naolK11t toe. Seaoto ln.n eawe t liastsCae. tlad Inl'eeaaRcdt tolonionll irS, as they ooal olv catttaaw ally bo pihced apat firom $toto $25 per copy, and some noatars 'tntne reec..y dochlrea, atl a eI tiathtotl tlnt t thy wthanoul lay $511, $1tt, aol $500 for caria , tfnotto lIeltaldfo, lets, anHa.n iaaali'iatual Ita ltheoltlaer instaance Itlrtievleltry, htav'itg at ttoe itlae ttnt r'hittter aatioaalactoaytaecal; to sevaeal. per.sonsiae. srnt thaat to hian it was oreallty wcortta laaI tonaey oaad aaanaae ItaItLa all toe Sottolag oftIit coca' cattoottle tilalt, lae beilgt crlaai tiaricha anliiaod ii nttblcE oRIC. itIs Iikewise worthy el" Inl'eeofI nuleaoeerd gletalea to taillnoae-t, Ihlao tlla is thle a ainlatane aof figike wo.rk tat ,ly anld aISpeCI.lly wheLll hI' tile erl e t id i m, muIll~le ) II~se ta l~s. htatha this book oeltS like aboat In'p:o. nd ill le ItS nd1 Ilalnnlee· vhmle, bl thle most e . np~celten cateatl~tat, iat aile woleta andt teltreaarats Ia,lteica tatst audionll v run~let' ilosnowa eore'tlclan oaaf 1araaf sets, it aonhl, tanllistto a ereaaiaill hate tascra atttfalt iar. elc li'a'eatreaadatoear,.t aaay al'.itraa as t le facl'aee denliieu. o:n'l.' e a.hlls, anat s rletl{cc aal anaiaattteltre e tilte stl'reJIl! li' plaeE e'i bls Wrol'k~liee ~l 1IPe, th1:1 It Seellre ihlill, \·l'ltllhlur nInlleee·Iis and( eXI.llli'am'dinai' eXanlillia otoeltiseatol) t nalt' attl kefa t iti a eh ltace ea f statat t'aaaaaa, egol'aaa iariat' it'gaoaal I t n ralllhig Ity at I(a Amy l~ledh'eio llc to athaIa'ulh bhlans t na siat. e tm est wlceseful t ottieto loot taie ri hclalt , t a. icl. , in this O'tto'ah asaoa'lhetlcaae Ireeitna, alodaolton, eclaicla, firathta n t CalllaIetllill: the tato ltat ll I,) eY I C np t tag: aiter [la, .rt' dols s l' are, a e. htitaaaaanlalratna [ raacnaaa'kaIhlt't aro'ttat.'ahst'adhagttl,i Ilneconll~ntlyl~ Etl~l t' Wl lk. \lhllhl Yila,a llhlli.,hed Iletifm~e intcrrtest tbl'L's I~:art: ill'lat 'alle.a ' ia'alllllhs ynd Illl% It. 1'ticd, au I +u c hs hc(t!· n sil t,11.11 lt-n ivel\ I.1) jlibllCei tia raattor.' 't hartail t T!'ela sa lla.h a t iaartta d r til hteenl.SI. te ]uiitlll)· itdsOf iOl.yf~i hlsau hll~l ~h SIa a 'te:n'sa tlllae frn 17t9ta It .ta il , catr'aara act l ftte oa aaatitl a ofat 7 aaUaa a.aa attn%'ig oh.ta~toaa "rta tn atat ir.ia tacatatt ilaltina aataariocttnaalee prcer,cj taaa'aynoattiaag ,af eomlllln~tililln or. Illr~ltltl Ii11, anlsl litc-tillue <)! c:n'e ttnil, • 'taaa'e tIar a a , , at" l~t lle ull' , ,taht' o he " IPri,u',j .o slhs nheb,7,,'rls I-. tbr .ne "it I1 . II'li li ig ,'.:i , I 'l eSll N lttotte~a'E lcaa.. . Iarle.I"a'i eat, IIt lllar> i~Vu Ylllk, lhu llihhle *I. llllhilc. i J'aihuh'hdaac t'.lnacllra /to/ .ar LJrj,d 'iako halta Itnri'tllll c''~ir~t '4 ' ;1 aa l'~ F~rataartitaerrri cltai sfhul ,1i and1 ise eI~·{,nllllt~.d Ibr p .r . asi Il'atl a~t' I ilfa atit. L II c pc II'I' rae il'ite ic ra 'I'xamt'a'c tihe st sleiii for<. Ilhcll ll~eve.. a.8 stlll, IIre ai cot, ne atrata I51J m l, a Itattadit tIay etllllie ofaa ll, sli k u I: tsarJ li r ed illlrttiy a riirt of ath atia. ~LadiesH~~l wfI. efer i[ iuttt recaire lesaolts at theilr own ref st'lenlesi.t Pe..,nsli pnvin.' e I~ Ore lEs*OIns re desired o a ate. tata t la ,ellasthev wish. .3PY- ig BP tY'II hR. ready to ll ply the. ail iera and the Irdlir in it geeral, by whorlealae or rertail. Ilin prices are Ilih.rntea, and ther parlitnoflhis pnrlhcis supreriiir tir iyever brouatt ; e thin plee. 'l'be g lllell It el llo\ e ll Si perei tIt the Illnu.ll atlrev b ben ath e Iobad of nn rlelsve erirbliseai llt ofl his kind in Euri pe. 'I bl ne dienp ell to call at the eaorner of Na claez n li Tche ilto as l s, shlll be preanser witrl a fair satilel fcn aln vtrlilsh they 'llal wish to try. Aaniest tile rvnrllishes anre t. coIalr, toatrrnierd ntrl tno ange ee in oiiin water. lIe black arnire ll for arnres aolld stelln bler cilirLien. Tie trnspareltr iartrishr witabolrut eell, i &e. a IIIIeNvr NIEL. W r AGNER'S LIQcUID OL)ENT --It tan been ong usead. hint, here and in liltr norlt with inrifiorm suceess, for cleansinann d nwhitena i ite . o eai nrrveliur tile Illl ihacllr;e priserves the gntr ipitn ishi .i h brhi rt', nrd reievng alli direara it abin oe liable to either the rilet ori infant --()ine tea .plOnhlJ mixed an a aine .lht++ltd of -ite pu rreir. arid s., ariied tuo Ie Iieat, iii usal amnie ,s with a hrsti, will 'flfeatu ayh' pt- aell ,ecorvy, anid ard utif tinat xculiaiain pain. the tanin thire. the nti ache-- `- --- `- Missiasippi and i.onuiirnoan hlntel, r1lRS. MARY KIRIKLAND respectfully an. taounaes to hr-t frienids ard the public gene. a lly lnat site is prepared to accoammordate thema at ,e above estarliselerllt, anld ropes irm Iern :xertiont to rendlar visitors rromfortable, to receive Seaontinualeo o" fourier faware. She ferla eafi. del lihat peorons visiting Covirgtala duri p the umnler natntll, canlol find better accolllllaodat than sire can afiord thee, on mora t libaral terms. lior boaso is pleiatntly nituated, and well napplied with every eonvanieneel; the bar is farnishJed writh tboe most clhice liquoro, &e. in shortshe proisese `r.t nothing shall be wanting on her part ta give itire satilataction to all twho mnay patronize tile ,liasissippi anad Lruiniai a Hlotel. ja3 olngll \Wnter, I' rlumnery, &c.--A arlandid narlirle Iti eotolollte, pi l lprt i r a1rely fll t irlte rt-atil tradl,; alsa tiIe tUre t " r("al-L 'rirrtrrrllll irl rtiltra eiaa every variety ta the Itoilln Inir sl. ily ict e2 IltIl"Sd & D'I.ANLI L IV G'll' nan Peifuaterie., Indhin Dye. for ctlorina t the IIelr :i rnll-~larI bearl's reresr, poallnln. a ale W\a.i, *leperior pearl powfl air rnoe, a vegnitnlila rouge, krenotll, tot wah . eac , r., ,, tin tlrrntl , ,i , . , bruashes, Il' t ;P !' :: . ... ,t. .... sik.e lll .: .: ;, , +,,,,,' .,, . , s ike, Ii sat keltes b + -- . li Irab B - .. nlllIn l - 1 -t, - -rii -mills i ,i ,, c ,, .dll tate leand dlrnt "! , , .king totvrs I inwllaltd's anld itller spadesa. lrln hllover l .: k 1 plate hinges, door alntl window hIooks lCollins, H u ints 1 SI rpslll, tall caller ut-es FIr'd and .1rrtillat cotinge, liat setl twine always onl hanltd, and whieh are olfred f:r sale at wiile alla or retail, oil the loallt tavuarlide terms, by t . LA "1I.o,. 'a,:. 53 ()Ill Leven. iO ii DIANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS No. 03, ietivrale arremt. staJlI.Ir.1 It. AiiNI'm., would reapes tnl y in S f irln I ias tii,ltll n lld rtha iltir ie tllnat Ie eoar statllly reeiving r font Nuia \'tirk indl Rlstan a olld atntrrtellt-olF.iatrllilre, snth aS anlaganlly ebaira. efifle, Led-tends nartlni atnd ptlnteri chaire, irmirle and cherrv bi.-danteat, Ianhl-annv alid eherre tables ,fall deecriptiuns, bureru-a anilet, , retetrv, wrilin desk, wardrnuei of marhogany und cherry, wan andas, lookinag glnsaea,feathern. ibeddin, &e. E'e. Nil. Furniture peked for trlnaponrtaon with graet ean troy lI T.ItSITITON& &RP1'idALLt'8. ( ¶ PTiJNI) TOI tC MI TXTtifR EI.A peedy A -J .:'ad tortin ehur'for the Fevet and Agie, remittent and interci tent fivors; prepared from the original recipe. i.rd w;thl ominent and uni versal suess in 183Zrby persnns of the hi.heat " respeotability in this a (r, as stated in tihe ainexzed certificates. " This mediciie is hi hty recommended, and haes e i been exten lyy used th above diseases with ti such distintllshod ue ura. that the proprietor of ec the recipe has been I \llired to olfer it to the pnh. ri lic in its present forn i\ the he ,n it nmany ie the means of reelivil o maiy ,a those iwho nre ra suffering under the eei ge of our c a"ntry. It is .. a mdiicina puserssing Io. t virtue, and when used at aeccnrding to the diren . -n a I never failed of ' effecting a cure, even i:tIhe oiost obstinate stagte of the disorder. It is t :It all lnarrenable, and liersens of the weakestc orn.tch. and children may a hike it with impun ticy. i trenyilhens the digrestive gans, creates an aplj it,, and seldom requires i m.ore than one, or in . tci,,dte cases, two bottles ri Ito etYfet a cure. Tlh'!, is neither mercury nor a arsenic in the medici,i:1e. a, r ani- thing injurious to to the human eolll.lltuit, The proprietors arne t so well convinced of i b `.licy thlrt they agree s to refund the price if eve. hil which has been taken in accordann c witl he ,.Ations and has h not effocted a s perfect ct . i," :.. fever & ague. p A. OLIVER, sale geoi '- Ilvo Orleans, at y his wholesale and reolail d'i, ii ,edicine store, e corner of Bienville ndil C x'--c ' ;reets. S For District A .nei, : C tv I, . je5 T W. lTIi. 48 Conti st. Dres ami .nr S J 5 .irre lt ha , d I .r this city inr . the purnnse aiof 'rnr·nael u ll V holecsil in Dru business. t[, is tnow v, full snipph I at fresh and gIZenuc e r iiib i -ll he will sell t on liberal term. ' ,' d . -, and ihosa of the interior, I ph w, . , ,n r - . n plantrs, ' he will Iffer indu.errl:rh ,a ;; a- e ,a.e never he. e for been offered I r tl. , c III , Itention i into , doa strictly ei i -iiv , ,,-,n. s k will la s n be i enlplltr ,, ll tia 1 t ~ i,( will he ran idv fir business. Aci orders I , .: i " ,:nmrv nrid a from merchnnts ,: er i .uu , ivn. such orders e will he promptly .t tdest (o. oct 2 N," ^')Camp st s Royal Collen. of cI h-eani, Lonldon. cc V ItE oriagenal i-va-deh Ih, ln Iioversall hedti I- lcise. prelo a :d lby IV \lies, I Es tti Merner ,i" i- the I.vel Collerge iof .li.,a,,cs. 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FITEN years have not yet ,laps, ·i ,, , e first regularly smt ubr i rted f toiF F " ;i ",iii as laolaired ne highest rep i,. . planted very otllc r medicin e IrIt iF u. to ,,,, s, or it lhas beea k ntowai aidr , 'n a a .,..i r F ,F hat it Ieri carri d ia every d u .rn .ui ,, theo Uniotea ud St ai, still reahllc . ia ,,.F :F,' have beenll anticipated by t ieto 1.s .FFCIrTF oF1 ii Thousands of ipersns lahave ilot onll'i ,'r r but restored e l ll l vigNr It,,; L Cey and they now cl7eerlllly tr7. y, 1 ;t portnity, o iWA deSid-d antd su.- .t ii t is composed of auceh notyeinalp ,r , "." ,' t calculated to reneu w tle u ea a t t. ah, i ver ati neitd t he r iiget rapor .0tFt:F; , , the lo rs of which har lony is ti e nii, d ,e . or the disease. 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Io mi d t ~l ,I glu rl+l ll. h fi 111,: lltll,ull e.e1; elrdllkr~g oldr .ly, pethp.r di,"lU 1' I, fuu llchth h..e r, the 111. rIll~lrl all l l ,Pm a lh l,. htlflr-tl pro, ai'o]lr, l i m Sp+P.111 t Sted\" rl'S~al llrllll sl I sll1 lldylnll, hew0 hhh1.. ..-n II I+ a nitll~h l ll,'t, tllat' llilIYGllll. N I I.~ II PI ll Lt LheS' Inno, of thuI.. ~ Sy l hnl~c del~ll l~luy , and . th f y Jn ll d lrl>, Illll Sil~ n~ill rilch bu I..I give at ,;ntl nnle .l.v'nrhillr nodllllf " hldll. Iii~or lit lwull.l n +lVril-cru un hnsl. ,lnl a eurrll I iyy "h i t,l a nll. t.I IIilgl hilswnlllll h tt ~ y lhfl e ",l t'lvI l' i- o or I t p t be Io su lo ," i bl grpa er ll1lilillllI it w n.l:.u ht il+ uI tinny. ; Dri D%1+ , lllliet ll uull. ic" l. ll lto lllllrtIn ut litllllll ll,,ili ]isill~l lar d +e ll -,og frit the. Iur t rud ''e i'11J eoi t ll+,.. ino le l-th ' tgtl I Prtnlly. e. n thih Mit I lly "illy orhcalll iiot , ,..>t us cIt ll~i)ler ,l A frrly, trhl l lle lll hO e j i , ~ o l-[rlll} 1.1 f~i n". 1 iII I Il Fltl,lltillll . lnlt»ig.i .i r t ll., w thp. us by wh.i c h~. the hp lile-tsr, l'- of Ih"r.s i;'t i..o bream, enerf-0 d %'1, rd ro .rufr,li sn,'.t'rI.. rd ,-h t~slo,,! u T Ille so'uJind nhod hl!n . r..,. lh pr 1{Ih ItIe l alllt , i I 1 ltll In l~l,+ M l ltllilly rl,l, f . 11 'i111, l i i. Is1, ooll,l bi, y theusen .i~llthat " l. p,li]+.r,;l lull.-l,Jll oi thfi e ni~r a'lto tin; mlll whth e gr++m r Ii ll % heler Sl I Iitlilr hell o1'o i>1 II, .il t it t. all, i oter r -ih, cutl rlnl al t I Pr , ,li ilI~llll'lr bene fittal .Iht Iit mhrlaI :,y {hit ,Ii, uryof11 wiihll l,-il ealite-1u theennio~ til dl c tory--lhe e ie n lp lol Nevterl p,n,1 a ds o .rr i,,,e ,, r r hl~ r s l nne (,f ll; a -,, miht utter'1: (.,,]1, + +'I a- llyan ýuirIi w t-h .. , olg li -esi , n the ,,1 ol +. It . ,+l rW, o t )Ii, of the dlll atll rIi, .,tl'%iln ll l~rthelnn oi f +. l nt tlheyd~ Itt,.i r h il sit linoll - lebr-b,l. T~ito'+ I11.l, looiPl .lht.n I'il II or nu irrmllr , c'r n -ll thh i .peed) l ll11" nlrl rl 'lld+ r t oil , 1t." 1e t yc, u .. r*hit rr ll~ ' I ho 1' llll , i ll whi rl t th eyI ard, oll 11 'ell, hi,i ald , e art l h llullll-w~rd.b to h u:t~. n1a fd 1 llut' 'n lung ruil u"lthl ai,t~r~l the ll'lrlll Ih n, pn abl ' ] l'~u, , rodh,, a., I-lrii ll'Pil lv grl I. r1 I'1.tout.e r 11 ,1 ,,,, of -,,.-,...... p , .. . .. no .,: ..- 4,,..+,', Ihr.,. a h" rh"l orf oh111 'l~ the 'u1 ,tlr,, , + lut. i<,, ,.,..It,,i . ' ,L i .... I i ' . .. uI s '1 ! L . a ' i h e . ra .l i 1 ,1 - .1 I Ur of na .- , pa n - 111 nc t,, ,, + ,+,.. nn1 .ii ur ~ .. ...ullr 1 ic a. .. . t " may ' , I ,+". ,wilon ',U tllll uh te [I[. u . irio 'f I ,I +nr - , ...... n rr t-1. 1 o *rll ..... I, d. n ... I + ofh + llplllout r y',: nn r al Iit fr huiI It Ih . .I rx " uI t o .... hisP Iroht t it . .Iol w re w e era iltd 'i I I : ... e~lotm y.l , h th,. t h u Ill`. a1 ilf deto o nrrnucto . tin "~ .eclao r,,b11eby, foah r a liken ta lief' a teo. loet'r. . +1':I'I It, 'lpN n.. r, Ctttolt ho 1s -,LP o uw Orle tll l t'. lI Jrn.g .III, Pu l .Su t - l . mlllua aen mrretc .* w 1'r te r nirem ',b blur, , Irn tilt ex) lee hof \ r y, r inde - ih ,l ht im ,,'e. on w... .. , " oo ' i, Ill -- l pill t h die,,+ ,,, tl.l t J. ."lrll t l~ " nI 11, 1,, , ' ,1 } l y ui 111 i lrl e. i Am-; .. l... W''.:' )it :i;: flrlll a " po "'rtio:n:::::: ,11 ..!, 1I',tl fll'o I,- ou ght ..rvrr t .Pli ~ ll;. The .." t ....... I" t re- l. it +tnlt. rlor to.1~":1111 lldi~l + t l r "lllt~i, hll ]t ve Nu lp~ltt 1,7i /f 'I- a. tt 1,1le+ t + .tltl~l-ll I~iiillll/llr, l. ~p ~ lltllll~ 1, l nenlll. In ou + i + 1,it tr, th illl i~l~liii"i. , i lrll p. 1, r , ...,t a de• ",. :,' , ":ii~tb -c ii o bhe od Ieh r. behndf-. dm. '"' :, *I. ..|r ,, lll ,sl nrre, ,i,.iiii+ ( r. elle ii " ode)' . ý,le. Tlll.Vho l h Iho kl+' ,I' elf V d- r lt lll%'I. u i iln~lu ythls, rr, lputa, Jli scl-. l y¥.r bolll o st re . IIEA 'i'lll iAND+I +p III PAUll , T -, ',,,l ,,,.1JS -A li h"mw cl w. h- , I wrierha i.m1i 11 xp ren Ih. pr.ed ,l fIaIct, tha II11' 1-'i a h.< - T l-- I.'t li hi..1 le . u lltll, pt et ru llur.' n.odn 1Jur ul "lpii.1 t, bttly theiee~l .ml Ilg l ~rtu \ewlnll t)I.tydl(Jl;+' prrpi). Iwi (13lt)" rhol~l -111"i,ifuin. ,, t "' titlil :l~ ls Ill lll tl ii-. c ) l nc i 1__ All (o m,,,i x in ,r to aru .ty o uil ';ner ..,irlri ie ur,.n ntanllrland flve ct'Il~l (,l la pl., I , of ppttd . l tod hreln iiiii|lnlll of.I of111e... (.llptesaist Ii ller.h fouls .lolll,,.p ofu ral (.o mi, 114n' o ec llentrr torativ co t-aony ex, at the lra I ,,n ,li~en "r' nd.. vn11 t~lqo till- Cn~lil{ihl. le i ulbe ,h 11,n~ "i . t'relnt'l ohlruI tiolyof nlra gien IUt lt1 La y rs. l pril r,:. ,-- JustE received a quu n~ntly. of/mld,er l perduher vdla riken Piropet l nn a|.1r a" suppy rf ohni.nfair V)Uan, P," linl Ink, ,rid si -r .ll ' ke t il hv t'Illlnyn kl . i1 and low rowinR, binding ,n, slhi Mall Replsalasnaa. The Great lastern Mail is cloaed every day at IV o'clock A. 31. I dte ever3 day at 4 P. M. The Lake Mfall (via Co'viaglon, ln.) is closed ever, Mondiay, Wednceday anid Friday, at G io'lcek, A M. . I due every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at S P. 11. The Loniseitle or River Mail is eloped every Mon dayv, Wednesday, aend `tnrday, at 3 P. HA. Is sent andl retarned by airambloat. Arrives irregularly three times a week. The Baypto Vora or Coast Meil is elorred every Tieidlav via Friday, at 8 P.IM. Is aerl aid returned by steamlhoats. The Alexandria or Red Riser Mail ia sent irregu larly by staennaonts twice a week. l.ovrisvi.n.E OR RIVER MAIL. Wednresdy and Close at 8 o'elock, P. M. Saturday, S COAST AtnIL.. llTnesdey and ny a i Closesaot o'clock. P. M. EAN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER a2cases more of thisa palerior Cologne water, just rcreive lnd for sale ly the dlozen or single. bottle. Also Aiaeaicn and l'reanc toilet iawders, powder pi ulsand 1 onxcl~lv aillh' n toilet soap, eseue vwarsh Ioill, milk of rur,, cosmetie coli cream, exrnas o mask, pilrd, Wr . l s vegletabell hair oil, poinatumn fl h rlter para, Florild. laordlciar, rose and bay waters, 'ree.tia's Bilit, htaravillea pierflllery in trunksrvegta Ile t ol liqid ratuc Chhorine and Olris tooth wanh, crliothlair, il,evl and ceshl !rutles toigether withl an nllditioaal spply of' fahllioable tiorn and shell colhbs adtl jeelr,lir ialc low at wholesale or retail by SAIMMONS, HART'T &CO, ju!y 6 70 Chartresa street. TI lE unoersigFned hlviln ree l, arnced bhaif otr t i arn ie ni- aon d Aprllhenry, in tie store oIned by Mr. J1 c.bil . at 'er carner of Tivoli ritrlr chrl triton Walk, reprt elully solicis a share of the pin nlie prnowder andis rentwam l of lhe favors or hba ftirl,'r clal.,ntoers. The eniire steak ot Direr,, mediciie, and fancv arileles is fresh anl iar, fllyli slrI,'.ld. The following eonly nse parr superizeao lc, viol Pre Sda., Srimli'z and Saratl.go Poswder. Ya netl I'vil r, bil hlg a wkileaoanle and elegang l slllltivlll fir yeoets, iU ralisig bread, buckwhlnat Pall enlcr,&e 11atl,.'n Efrratrernt Mlarnerala Apperitnl--a il pl'tn.l and o.erte tlargrive in daypepsai or indi. veetian, alerv, n dellity, giidaiere, headache. naoiiiy iI [hbe lna neb, habitual cuoativeners, cauti. ttllii eru nllas, &c. Ctrliev'rr'v Plaid Extretr (f earenparifa I Spuvilha bin irh, Iie., i'c Ido di and aubehs, .&. aiaiilllte Prnilnr'n aild Vrlnllage ; lritihb awe iIlii Iirla nii', Oliodi edie. Aye. Rfin-Sa I.'qa,.ri-t", jiniabv nid Guvamuve paste o'laih brblhvlai. N . Preat',c's carbonie denlrir fir'e, hllrt onwaoh i, powder plriad and beaen iii-'rciai 'a Callar l-al thnlirte,s chlorain trith wash poowder Illls and baxit, Prelllice' scented n plain tilet lpowdler, polmatum creme deere oimlnnaue fl. Cr, rar, Iaaven, er and Florida waters, ,tll 1e Ihere qonlineP. Rvwlnnd'a Maclesar Oil, Old. ride,'s hIalva oCl'Coumbia, beil's oil, a tariely of boiler nid olinr racniher, indvlibla miarkingiln saip~ri-,r llack itk, Sc. Sperm and reiined whale oil. Ilay's Lininme S A ri ah assirllnent olll Trhnbrn'esu rden Se le a . +GEORGE JONE ttilWANl'S 'ONIC hOtXI1'URE, Fotre neim t ae n ef he ef ever aree nd Afire. tI ' eill Ie i renilv disca teerd w ierleii he I'omei Mia tril is surior In lhe oldlillnry lnede of Iresting e l'evel ullld Aue. In ihe filit ploeI being a Vsga atl t Exlrnact, still Free tlrlll r) e lrlAtrious ad l poisuil ,tI iullTrediius, I leV Ie tollos with the utmost safe. efern b the oleder k hflnl d or aged ilnalied. Itt:, lioil ll ti'golllai i i ion ttni ii ilid acvivity. It e stb lrhle itoIlsl llll d porI tlir t |apl.ltitr by isvigo ratieg hIo.stoll ich,io.s ives rielitIto temen t jo'tnes iaor ste. rthe si lellIo v i ii luIt IIIni gl riltve quality, it rerains Ilbe riW, dII. inrele tis mislrder, or to create olterdlivose,, o but I.lrohelyl Ve lrsenrps Iti sever.lI or Vulls 0 dinaiot rlc thleor beroeitr the system oil hhtllleileror h'llec os it mv be oppressed lhliividuals, ifi,"r tie ll e oIf i T ''iufllite nM tritsee Ifrrnll rleosed Ial the uII ts I 'uses eif ilh disco amt hole e P'apel any y 0 npton's of rcturn; whereaf by e ly l est llcotion v 'rrlldier, ter ee s a ways crri ed r i et l. i aly ll rectvrts The daogee it tlPeqIIeIt i,111 ,oti.s if ile AgiIe ie vPrV vinls, or Ihe rioiii l, c lltn l Iollonrii l ir soo l pcrinOa I a t li 4 l di lee 'l ' erdi 'istl lllln lit I ile'est n.ti, iolence T4 he ]'oEl i tilllre t . at s a i rice Iti lacs it iile tll rl tl or n ac themsil.--solth l h ve po o andi staoieu ore iler, v lllulirlhedl l'iit'i 'itha e ilh.i t g iit rt eiliilc iiif. , i, .,,-di,'a,,l iu,, c. . ,sity slt'vvee 'I h , ici lsr. e1,,",,. I ctt x.91111 lillP5 I a 1,,IFt 1 Ils 1p r ci,,os /,untiou, . . f t.. his ....di:ie ...... are daily ullo rea oII thssrs A l ol. omby fir. Jo n It. Rowiond, ae hi "1'ke st li 'ltrS 1l thtw Iltbo le " ns for loe ll rll otsll . "ili. iii ell I d hP r ill lt. - lhhc prhs. .'1':,; e i d pa retairsw.e at Althec ri i il the a.iltv. i- JAIlVIc ti. ANIIDREIj ', 3f AIIR.II CIIlMN EV PIECE WAlllOYeuLs C Ieo llllhouso street, olpupsit e tile post-o'ffce. ri'N( ire ini civreveivilg from their feel Iorie ill New Yollrl, and will IetP constoll y on i lihvd At geileral assorllotill if OMarlle Mantle Pieces of olip' rior wirkln;llelcip, and of tile latest poaterns, sdeds of the bivst E;yptiavn, Italian, Irish and Aiiirleill ,llrorhi. Also, Mollllrlents, Toubls and Irav Stones, i hlhd anld plain sills and lintels. ilarbl 'iciigs, herotihs ald bontitldary istse0, ilaster If Paris, Iiii1ion & Hydreslie Cvment sotl I ltster. i . lair, togerthr with io oplrlidid assortment of th ia.s 'no lilttendslid pilon Grtos pd Russia iron ites ofl hv newest snl most approvedl patterns. i allerinl done ii the neatest llanne r anid at th rtrst notice. They have first rate workmen te is -. + work. AMf.". AIN & STIROUD NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA New tOleals, Nov.l14 1t37T. ItOL'T six Iinltlhs ago I liead thle nlisrforlune to get An soerrll dioese, lor o llielt I Ihave applied to seve ail doltoro tilr a cure, and thev did lot cure Ine, s now Ollr .llhvi ae lti , puttin n dt.Inpr Ilint catve of nDoctor lhletLivIed I exeiit: li ool tI ce ue lls Sitee lthat tiC the dlitoe oe got worseoc ats to break out ii large ulers Io t tile anor of six or eighlt on ea II leg, nd all ovsr 'y Ilae, ianid lr' tlroollt, and isit able to work at he prP'enOPiiIts.oll atcllllot Of the disease; largos iceren the rilght oiie 'if Ihe tlhrlia. I am Viow putting syll - c.fidnllv Iluy dertlhe selra of [r. hlu, f.l I'nris to be pertvetly cured JOIN DEAN. feb14 lv T IDO CEIIT'I'IFY tihai Ihe sivP menllltied disease is g uie well l rt i it ivv' ly owo u oatihhrtliii, for whitvh i tllhal DIr. llllst' sail llie'oer I seire that the madi t-ille 1 fInv ivkclll Ik lnll.s in, ilit, all. slid not injure ny Plth iti 'll; aei.iv I addier Iiteof stwosullbes to le nIli, emsod apyo Ilr A. Ioes, 1212 Canal - lel. l.,I, ll )'t ll.llla l lla vild IourliOll st eeris. t)r. tlort i n iiiiioe itriiiii 'ci"ick'vh ,A unit 4 P 5M. ' l t i 1iiy o i l, n d s i t u , . d se re tf vl lt . c 4 tsla i n t.s J)1N I)IEAN, III, (f;rvier street. If null our ntsllt.o wte Ule, call tt Nio. 40 Grlavier N'ew Oilea+. IIh I, 1 .IoN DEAN. Eco Ilt lIi I. '~13. feb 14 ly O31IRLI) & CO'S Bostnon end New Orleans 'Li ci I'of' kiit S!Is.--.Tl' n erow line ol hips Jtis beeli op-reolsy iluiit to run between the above porte, aod will be rlolitd of ouitablc draft of water: ilceo lllldaltitos for pissengreors, and every effort will hbe iadlit to give gpretratl satisfction, The line is ooolrposed of the fo Iowiitlg lips: Che'rohkee. 415 lote Capt. J lierding, (Cirolil4, 4011 do S Letnict, CCliileston, 374 do 1) Eldridge, Clhimbiunla, 605 do G .arkcr, Seamn, s210 do J Ilowes, i'ombnyy 625 do DI) umphrey. ''lhe above ships are all now, of the first Ieee, ler Ihaellred old aoppeered colnlnanded by men of grat ex otevietie. have large aceotmeodatince, witli a hepatC tai elibilecahii every attellnlion will be aid to ltlasongtgro, and thi very t eat of ctores pro aided for theti. 'The packets will be towed up and down the MIls., sisviipp, and the striclest punctuality olserved is the tui of soilingg aod lshoulI the rgigular vecels be dttoitcd io arrlvit g, othor sEips equally as good w ll in tr eases be lbstituedl. A share of patron ago is ,olicited, noa the agnota pledge themr lves te, avcotllnlodat as iuchi as praeticale, to reeeirve atll Ifrward goods hy e id line at the most modov. ate charges, alsd t O dvatio aol expeanss on goods shopied, if reouircd. 'I'le siit. wvill leave the stoand Ilti of every titllotih. ur feight or passage, apply to tle agents, J A MBFRII"i'T, "' Clommon at. N. It. Adllvoloeovlltn liliidl oel oonsignmonts to Mesisrs. A. C. Lombard & C.o, tooV27 CAHL'.\IN 1tltq',VATT,' NEW NOVELS alo/ thela r Reefer, by the atttor ol Peter Simpll be r Cu c,.ifn.s, Or a W eil e at Schh os lfai-field -i t it o Yti$ r Vlli ltiu lhasil Hall, Royal Navy, F. & Lord lulo/anI a roule'ltlt lby Allto tiun ciihamt eel. .voi, l Let' h hrit IO I llllSelS i2 2 yos. ,I LnPes avoos Jliost y eJ Itray, trauslated from ollglt d ,tita b Nahlsltiel Greene, iul vol. for. ivliig No. 7o u Ilorper'sa Luaoily Library. .ula. I ".' ti It. then vii clet.ll and uniform edition of fosotiitogoo lI'cjo."' fork-s. or's FrLch and Egish Dictionary. in I Vol, re. "Ittezivi.,i tiyrs Sttveoir'" (oinlttloee artpeoior cl ity, oith tiii, tiltitarit Ilieit 21.4 nnd 21-2 itihee. ( iot. m' ilitil ...c..rli i 'ons,Jcldaned ptape, 2.ightn J&ust rceived, .id fur sale by tn31 B.NE LEVY. IM 3X-:h -iOVA-d'--wl.. I1.11E JUICE, HONEY AIZD 1%I ,VA_. "J The :IbssrIClber aUs erreived nu invoi.c ol above i ati acliatlle feim tlavaltm, and ffers Ihen, - 'rule on very reasonvhe terllls o17 H ItitNNAtl(EL, 40 "l'clpithuils I QN ltl'-T'lhe 5ubsreihec have proecured ats itorell, hte right f pLl!ilg nn irog 'io.s in ih1a clay'.'- e are alltpisd Ito pblu.I llllldlllng, walrrlhotse++l II':d i;r"Stle |lt'lll ijylpi d nlbtlllnl]e 1Ioll ee hlclhlph rsll a'id tllulltllty, ad d are prfstl) fire and atiler proof. 'I' rmos moy be known, ald a modrl ceen at eU, establishme oppoice Set. aslly's moel Tehs ititula c.. act WlLL 6 eU

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