Newspaper of True American, December 14, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 14, 1839 Page 2
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,e( ttl edit ' ---- eat, in otifall, dea SA (Iii invest and oLivetpnol market, wea r itfna decided Ct illI t low to blelieve day tlunodant, as hy he pitrj ti nat.s of lat seasnon. ttie I to own ability, for Diet nmuch wor-ted, snil "ý_ýý - rOins ,to holders were firm to hit ttck. Al,qot 700 ii r 11t taown lrt n New UPa *t" from the Eant. The the ire not nluc.ohengd tol ne., coming in tor New J Yr ei'rom Tampioi, nearly the ltnmi, being the proaeeds a Mi .te xi(o. The cotton anl the ' t l . i fith ltcohnge. AIPhiln ..n.te,, at Haltimore, n a n 9r to I4. Forly one hli Is of t York with halfa million of P" 0tffreight, among which of fhle spocie'ws chieny on etnyreittances of Billts s l.p . Bank Stock snld at 73. h rk in aeirag upon her notes, 1r The broatng, of Illinois, ihs illion of Illinois amds D rges and. commnissions, exchange not. exiring, N wihl t Wriglht . Co. the 5I awtEsiet· iroor tt hikera. 2 stn. J ooi try infl aCt on the let of the C Ssreasury notes. It ap- t d Hankns have resumed speins payni 1th I bills. Ini Georgia 12 repilg pd'ail t nr` sing. The Excllange .lot*ai'tVa. addtrtises to an the 4th iontant. liy-D1io ,Preheediof.S S. Bank, Penylva., i iin the couttrsf o(I cw York, declaredl ,,n as il,. not own . dollar in ise U. .. M * -tv' ,thathtall the stock was held by S lszriu , 'saviral of the Provid ene S'the low price of goods. ' ttenn. lie~ refused to receive t 90lrO tabbll.Io i U.S. Bankof Penn. D Sc D. . ale.. " . t.A . . ...e . tVaehingten Dee . 4 S ..... I CiniSati, do .......... P lt at j 0 t"+..•... 3..L .isville, doi .......... 0 O. uetPltl0rel ds . . c".....: 'I St. Louia , do S Sotitil do...-. .y... " 8"I Liverpol Nor ......... 3 0 .30 H Re .... d ......31 I.. fos doN... ....... i it p Le.eltl O t I i ANS.t 4 '.' " December 13, 1839. i hHollandinow, Liverpool, 8 J P vhitny .lhlresitiekfo:RWnelh l.v 'orpool, P Lt.ilIe 4 klpgln. Uutr,, Iverpool, Boolin, Collev a co aipOhi e KurPhilsdelptla. bloI n lIiri. ihi'p Columbia, WI le, GalvEwton. Smith & V'oorheesa Baque Posclier Howe, Cmlsanonhy, *J W Zalskrie : Ie t:tee, Scuddor, New York, I ilt Disey -4k4h Chaieion; Collla Matagorda, Master eIc Corin.t IlietknOGalVetolno. Duan, Bron.oi a ao rtnh.'Nlad. WVillia..-Aroiia. Lemir, S OhipOrlnua does, Ma Yoit, A Cohtn - Decemober 13 1839 .*rsm Torw bolt Porpols:.- vid. froill tLae Po.s.o, heing "psocrded to aea with low, rafruned to tlhe city with tie shig ' Tao bolt tlHunvlllejit.......from theN E rpass.l haing . taken lorton tOlea ; hip Rochester Owensi, fIl Baoth Il doay Oor BarquaEdit l ,londlett, 40 dsys froin Now Yorkt, via yy ,K 8ehlllelopll+. ldrtdge, from slelnm. "E1ntbr .tralta.n Guordiola,fillNlovena dLo! lpJ l Masoni, Minor, fin Braman 54 days S")ieU oaouat. ta .18 JY fin Ilamploi Roads S hi". ......froom Jmica S l tdner, l bCherleatnn, J B Baily -f ,o; l0Y'0 1L s lie fttarr }Crum.. fah Mobile - BI 1o.~~~of0 0lRolI .EKOR'l's to 2 Lo'oyoon: i ýlpoboHo0olledO..Calgo F173 hal.t f!!tx ý, ,,,,..::~~.Par .fl oOraljo,0..COr0o 22260 oboi of 0 hO 0 ?.Vdf Lhip Kolilo...Cogo 1361 ales of a -r eou ( ] PhLoDOtltla.. ..f' ip Ohio....Cargof 100 hilld..22o. 1110646 ooooo, f4lf¶piJoleafod, 140 porto.. ooh. 12 hi. c..- O to olb &,a 0oLvootap..u A'.Ihip Cohnmbi,... Crg o Asoored C: , d Chooopioo....Cargo assorted pro, ..r.cboorquoPoacher....Cargo b00 his lour newF"1i Yoax.... Per brie Ceres., Ca ego 300 lids mugs OtoTAooooA ..... Per .h Coriaj..... Cago assorted pro. v-olaw. If Aaoo..... Per .oh Nolted...CagCo 50 pkg. forniture 300 f et louluor SO ooo harriogo fOb pkog utfnoil. o Cooar~proo.... Par ooh Epojlrt.... Cargo 120 hids suga P SO bb Da 4,0. IMPORTS ge I*- < :.A..Poreip Clyde....Cago 50 0fons.y, 000hI.fO.p ff.0Mn....Pooship Macoo.o..Coogo 10,000 brick, 110 ba 0pro.Mioms P n Rood...P0. brig, Uoo. Coogo 602 lu pohlic doeu d he Cllootooof the Costom Hlou.; II co00 W if , d., ld. o I'koon William.,4 do A If Wallce 4 ea 'wO 'ArlhifJ Poofw.e; 5 do J If tf.Ooricl,.2 Oh .. mfo eA Dooo.... Per hfip Rfowohas.Cargo lufoo.., pofftoes and New Tompt , ....Pobooqo. Edooaburog....C ogo 254 tfon b RdCEIPTS OF PRODUCE Sis.0.1. Per sfamer OGe Ltoeovlcorfh..C rg. 50 b1. hoer ,AU amd0o dFdo do CodF,.y~loojor &f iooII, 45 00 Ioo. 1 . n o0Poolo; I easloJ4W Doyer; 25fukckobroW W h Niffyilpiglffjg d Rf H MO;illI; 8 Is. md.o J D Allocaioo; 001 pigs lodA Ocbnt f Aco 109bIs olm Coonooy & Elder;3 2 hd. CaofocoilJ Whifo.O, hobal ffton N & J Dick; 0 F l.ior.. di.a Blfad * Landry,2 Lodbeth 4 Thompfoon;f4 Yoolofo 4 11 c;,lJll W0 S"y scu;lock.peas ofodo 1, VlohoLuor..Pecofteoowo PrinOooC...Coo 1500 l..nte otllto FrPokli,Al HeodIon: 1.o47 .Lobolth& Thuulp.oo; 17 No-. t gent Tool,,ro 4 Woo.; 122Ooily. flck& cu; 110 Bourke,, N01 a cotl 5 0 J DIokohO Oa0Io.o 4 Onod1.''.,o r3 Kfy. 01 4 Hobfori7 72J 0 Burn, 600! Ileoo.t.Io; 50 MfoddIox, f',lldit co; 40P Frie.on, DaI. 40o; 4'f'Tylor, m.3 dlOy AIcu; 32 For fytlr4 Limerrickt; 25 Teytar & Goldnero; 25 A Fulton t co; 10 Iloold.,. OIOKoooo 6 Woight; 25 Ct,tj. A Wool...; 15 Kirk. enids. Aberno.hy Ar flcoi; 14f [l00s0, Adoho; I! A A Ilocy f IA-Of WOII,,o, 10 NII oojoour;f0 IV W 8Broon; 4 to order; -40ol'Y'Whilneiy; fJ WZ oekolod ,,u; midselo 0l.D1.oli, f bull Lollousille.., for s10,00r Roppohonnoock.o'o. . 2 bals. modsoe Phooopon 3 Eoo;0 dit, G GoPlc;211e;60 p. b.heg';og:.I coil fop. Foretell. Romon 4 cc; rho k11. cheoee. ,0 14.l liq or J 1F0'clo '0 blo .pplcoJ'I 31 tfoold"; 4- keg0 bo~lte J' oo bilo WUUlw JI D Coopier PatIk8o.10gs fod 48ad hcat3011 hood shoep SIr K.rr,3 II CONSIGNEES No isit ofconoigoo.' hoanded in frolo.oo PASSENGERS Pe.rc t.Or 6o GOLeeoOorth..0fr Stuat 4Ofockiiy; Pilkhen ood Lody; fochohoerooc Hill; Rfmboll; Lacccooo. 1,01000.; Dockot tlcoral Ecgbar; Burgeon; foogooooy; Fullil;; G;.olilo Compooton Coil; L0,on; None.; Vouioo. Smith; GlIgow; HIfr ri, Domooo; Mfon;ofloll; Sprini; Williams; Do·ood; f.odry; Thoompooo. Perms faner Roplp.0 I no.o. .OIooaro Kitoo, Earsf. Toemplt Wafoon; Broode.r; feooop; CoO,..; J.udgc 0f00mps and Loly; , Houmpbrey s.d Lody. Roya, Iticold; Ofifordo; ..d 44 on t0 . dick Par stoemer oPinoolo..Whio~l 4 Lady; R0110; Wdllms.oo; W.hfbo 0,obUa mo00i Efwin; Tolleo,; 0V.lkhloo; MaLthews Glasoock, Cabl,,Gov A Romooo; DGE Williaoo. o 9MORANDA RiversltIl r0m0in0 very IoO..oo .10 ofo rois Irafffo repors Lady of fh0 Laokhhih aground, on Hurricani ~- I.fIJd boclolhe oi0ooo0f0(0100r. FARE TO THE METAIRIE COURSE. IT THE RAIL ROAD, ONLY 25 CENTS. EXTRA CAnS, fpfoerly flled up, ar0 recdy , o trancpo0tany1 numb1.000 j0es000ger0 0 tho th l.rte uott' Coolc, our 00 ce001 oull, on 11h, NalhIIllo Roil I Boad. Some ubj.'oion ff001.4g Lbcn moode, to th prioc, -bo.;s Scarely ne es100ry 10 000, Ihal 00t0 eX 0 hart a l '00f 11000n tf1 occovion " but m rtg oPuaiic Interesf aon Fcor,, i4IeSl, W0OfdeeImed0$00Oble, 01 11r.0, to ploce its fare S 'l wOgis e f thor lo00,, of convoyooeo --' slj t ph doo reced oo aboorethe 4 the foot of ,;eas ofnt, from I ",'K. . U O ai W0.fel cdy at d oe hums dvoortimod, du _ s J CAL)WELL. Preuidonl. i 'MTrFOR THE RACES.ED o REW tOLEANS AND NASHVILLE RAII. ROAD. -~ Tia", Bi is the yarengemeot for the Rages. As - 'l0 OUO Iý 0eprtue,- mp_ 0 0 I. lb t R.g. f, 11. R. A. M. '1 II A.M4 f d. 11"I4 A:R M. , 1 A.fol. F`A RAGETWENTYVIVE CENTS. lo. oqiy tdiooidoy ed Tuesdao th. coro will go to flo R '. Coovuoal$5V A 4U 4 &4P. M. .lOcI4.UortIr g*lh 1co f .if 1839. r~s x'- JAI4Rf H,.0AI.DIWEI.L, Jil ~tf Pweornot. A1f7KMR ounRIoAN. ian Am ; Times FAITf.YUL AND BOLD. knew I for the S PUBI; HED such a Daily, Trl-Weekly & WVeekly. know hoaps,I NEW 111LEANS: onase SATURD)AY. DECEMBER 14, 1839. Mr, a Mr. Congress.--'he Senate me- the appointed tlass. day and organized Mr. Benton gave notice that Col he would at an early day move a bill providing for navy the summary coldtion of all bank notes in the into District utde.20 dollars. In another column we have given a resume of MI itle proceedligs ef the lower house in its endeavor lieve to organize. As usual, we find the Whigs divided lisho upon a plain question of right and law. Vircinia Leroislature.-The general assembly of the ancient cmnnanwealth of Virginia met in tihe capi- A tol at Richmond, on the 2nd instant. sur John W. Nash, ( fco,) was elected Speaker of suer Ithe Senaten, without oppositiono. will Thomas W. Gilmer, (Whig,) was letlred Speaker of e r i the House of Delegates, without opposition. ilg The Governor's message was received, read and re fa.rred to p,,roprinte committees. ,f Mr. Mlay introduced a bill to remove the disahilitiesa o from tile Bank, occasioned by a llsuspension of specier a payt ets, whlich was received, and passed tihe IlHose e of Delrgales. ti. A retloiultn was nflered, to co into the eleetion of U. . Seatolr on tlhe following Monday, wlich was laid on [ Ihe tabl,leuntil tall the nmembers elected, should be wn presenlt. lil TIlE IIARRISBURG CONVENTION. I We have letters fromn llarrisburg to tie 2d inst. nr Delegates ar. ived wero-frotm Mass., 6-Ohio, 9- chl New York, 15-Delaware, 1--Indiana, 4-Ponn- It ie sylvania, 8--Missouri, 2-Alabama. 1-Michigan, mn 2-Louisiana, 1-Maryland, 2-Virginia, 2-N. le' Ie Carolina, 4-in all 57. Our correspondent states I. that of those present, the feeling of the majority led scentemed to incline towards IIarrison, though Ihe had to 12 no doubt that tile result would be in favor of Clay, age by an immense majority. All parties were cordial, and their motto was-Romre first, and then our. 1l O- solves. Col. Grahame, from this State, was on tlhe i n ground. by THE RACES. nce We did not go to the course yesterday, the wee I s- ther being gloomy, and having a good deal to do, t in consequence of the unexpected arrival of the mails, six of which poured in upon us. The at- f tendance, we bear, was rather better than usual. Our limits forbid our giving more than the result, . 0 though we have some good rods in pickle, which will be sure to make their appearance another 3 time. 31 Friday, Dec. 13-Jockny Club Purse $2,000- SEntrance $100 -four mile heats. H. C Taylor's b. c. m. Maria Black, by Pilho da futo, damt by S.eolensko, 5 years old, 107 Is., . - 1 1 J. S. Garrison's b. h. Billy Towne, by imp. tnoy Fylde, dam by Virginian, 5 years, 110, 2 2 Ioa Ira Stnitlh, (Walker Tlurston's) clh. c. aria Sthreshley, dam by Paragon, 4 years, -tesa 100 lbs., - - - 3 dist T'sie Timn -8 01-7 47. .aco The American denies that tle Camp street theatre is leased for masquerade balls. We were ohsn under thie impression that otlr news came fromet miighty near head quarters. Forster, of the Green Room, has it lfor certain, and will make ihe thing rvinr go to a T.-[Times. stit; IC Soa we did, and were right, too, for the time asing was not passed till yesterday. TIes Camp had beent leased, as we stantad, to a party, who were unable i via to plank up tile cash; but we also stated that ano ther party were negociating for it. TIHE GRAND SCIIEME. Tile grand scheme of tie U. S Government Daily _ ,asumng lIStteo debts, to thel f three tie land revenue, is watmly pressed I y Baring and Brothers, Beers, White & Newbold, the conspirea. a tore against the old U. S. Bank. _r Thoe Boston people, at the last dates, were amusing themselves with sub.mnrine explosions, Otis' translation of the Tusculan Questions, tic counting for thie udden change of the Whigs against the license law, the Pierpont controversy, Chandler's oration, the new candidate for mayor, Mr. Chapman, and such little notions. Happy people ! 0i A Mr. Stimson, of the Tremont theatre, was lately killed by one of the counter weighlts fulliing on his head, during Mr. KOan's performance of Pizarro. "The people were so astocked that they get up and left tile house. A Suicide.-Mr. Israel Cashier of the Wes tern Bank in Phil. sllot himself on the 2nd, inst He was found to be minus $12,000. Oh ! the rap. id progress of the corruption of morals and hon. onlsty ! :37 Hoary Ulshoetfer has been appointed Con snl of the U. S. for the port of Trinidad and Cu. ba. 27 There is a great rebellion among tile ten. ante of the late Patroon Van Rensselaer. They have refused to pay their rents any longer, having struck for agrarian rights. A posse of 5000 men has been ordered out by tie Sheriff, whose horse. tail the tenants have twicei, shved. The plea of the tenants is that they have paid rents enoigh to give the li a title to the lands. More Rascality. 'i"ih govuernment agents have paid off the Monoulonces their annuity-$-6,00 in fire franc pieces,--raking tile Iriians take thlul for dollars. So we go. Mr. W. M. McCarty, I rather of the duellist, is a candidate iin the London district, Ii1. to fill Mr. Mcreer's place Ilea is an able statesman. Major Donald Fraser of the 1st R.lg. Glengar ey Militia ann two other porsonages, were lately drowned ill crossing the St Lwrecne at Cornwall, U. Canada. McNally'sBook.-Mr. McNally has written a book in Buston about the Sailors. Wonder whioth. or he is any relation of Mir. George, Augustus, Severe. McNally, tlhe Duelin ma.n f play.houseo itmemory l Rln. PoLK.--I is asserted that General Jacksoen ains intimated Ilis will that lMr. i;overnor 'o,k be the candi date tfir Vice Presidenet r thie coiing election, and hin signified Ihis pleasure to the deillocratie party that Sir. Polk shall succeed ril. Van Burrenif the latIe r be elect ed. Mr. Benton is i.i a great passion albout it. IFon CaTros.--Daues at New York from Canton to thre ilth of July. The C(anltn Price Current and Ite gister are printed now at Masneo. The Americana have nearly all made pleace with and agreed to rtlp the opiun trade, so tha terus ir ill not go tip ill tllis country. Thle Britllh are resllog n their lights anid enger. 'fle New York Post is duihbtlul about the passage of the eul-.treasury bill. hioes the party intend to bat k out, now ho thahey have the power? Thei negro lovers of the North are harping upon thle Amistad slaves. They seem to lre resolved on making thie government break the Spanish treaty. Poor de. vile,-these abolitionirts. SNUrr taT CasNDLe.-'"l-rtSaid that Mr. Wick. the mnmber elect irum Indiana, will not vote irrih li party and that they inltend sniuling hlilm o'ut a useless candlle. An Editsr's Defence.-A Mr. Catmeron of the Columbia Rail Road lately called on Mr. Midle. ton, Editor of a Lancaster paper, for tile author of strictures upon that public work and its nmanage. moan. Mr. Middloton refused to give up the name, whereupon Cameron collared him and near ly strangled him, buhot Middletuon diseongaged a piatol and shot the ruffian through tire abdmnlen. Casmeron willtlnot survive. These are just the fit sort of anawers fur impudence and violence. Arrest ofqts Teztal Aarba rador.-The -Srpprior 'couny, Court of New York iti ftal boech decided that the Teswr ofee fan Ambalondormunt be released from arraet and rea- house. raint. Thelir dciaion, given at length in the N. Y. waited T'ines,only repeat what every man of common sense nif thr knew before. The wonder i, that the oiffieer applied to ditterorr for the warrant would ulnder himself to be betrayed into ing evid such a violation of the law of nations. If the truth be to utnrl known, it origina'ol with somrre abolitionists, who per. oustiy hraps, held the note for $6010, on which General Hender- qre'rin w as arrested. Iis dec Jersey, Mr. Vandenhloil h.aeen so unfortunate as to throw ference a Mr. Thomnpson, playing with him, upon a pile of 'file glass. The latter was cut in various places. his si privile Corn.Rershaw is now conmmandant at the N. York Mr. navy yard, and Coin. Kennedy rules .ver thatt Wt ash-' ark ingtrne. t inter lIr. Calhoun.--It is reported at the North end be lieved llnt \tr.Calhounr will hring ina bill for thl eslrb' ankr liihmentir ia PAPER CURo.E.C to be reden'led by tho sir, various Treal'reares of tile U. StRtes in specie, which in his they will collect in payment of government dnel! (iCnl r --------- t At the last dater from iVt shialtotn, vni ous were tie teon urises who wats to ihethe sienaker, shollid the House tt 'sueerred in Cave Johnson lad the good t will of lGrneral Jackson, while Alabaman I.eis was ra. Mr f ta rlr te hnnor. IHe would fill tie chair well, weigh- Sate i.g 4!2 pounds avoirldupois. d.vit the I. IIfmorming oa lottery oicei people is all the go in N. deoe " York. 'liTe Sun lantely infrmed on the people llo Tihe -ne ent ther nn advertiemollnt ofone ofor r Steik and Real gate Eclair Lo:teries. Ally thing to raise tile winI tlese hard timtes. com an Bennett rys, that Price's ilure to mnnke the Park goa ni be wns owine to "Ibstinacy, bad rrsngemrents, and bad rnli tilner!" True bill. ot Ilennett has na long andt characteristic aecounlt of the r t. nmeeting of tlhe New York delegation to Congrens ti Ira Sichoose two senatorial delegates to tie cilnvetllion at vt SIlnrri-bullrghl. He snS that Chandller Stirr, a Sectt mi n man,andi J dge Woodward, a Ilarrison Olaln, were e- at I N. l:ted. a l' The scve ecaees growing iout of the Seizules on tie Jer y coant ol Afriea by v ritish crui.r er lharve been il d to the U. . Supreme Cout. y, ---- ant al, lThe Erin enoni is closed for the winter. Some 00 nt or. lats were caught, having on board 80,000 borrels of lnt tre flothr. All More boats done tap.-Tie Diana has burst one io of her steam flues at Cole Creek, on her way to ea Louisville. The Lady of the Lake is buried in do, the sand on Hurricano Island. n0 th te Look oeul.-Two rnen wero taken up yesterday by at- frota Texas with $15,00 of counterfeit City Bank ht Bills about thornem. tll, * ich From t ,anmbia.-We have dates Born the Coast W Lher of Africa to too 21st of October. Business dull. r Nearly one third of allthe Europeans died this sea. w )0- nso of the epidemic, among whom was the gover. st nor. i UNITED STATES CONGRESS, lHoece of Representatie.s.-Dee. 2. This ieing P O the linay tr tlhe nseeriblitg of tile two Houlses of (Cn ters., nt Id ,i'cltck, tie late clerk, Mrn. i(;aridr, prro ceedrd to call thlle list ol'menmhers to tie 96th Congress S --first eeoiOI. tHotrnig cnled tlhroe frol Miinel, Newr i Ia mprnireit Conanerticut, Vermont, Miorsenhu.its, it. isrand, N. York, Ire called tire itine of Joer.llr F. an-t inlphifr..Mr New Jersey. At theis r ntge of the proceerd dint in. tihe clerk asked tle Hoiuse il it was tilwir ptiesere, m lrrresu if1 tile ilternm ers ror n th lis Stitre slotl dt be pas el over, li,r the e.dLlt, oins there ths colhictillg evideclle with reiard to ihe oilter five menber i t rort Mr. Maxwell wisted to know whlrat tltot voider e o wrer wits. t e nro ' he eirrlr read the comnmilriol of Mr. AvirirS , andl treen ild that tieire wer five otiher C hlnrissino . iiithe lpace "MLir. Merccr ctlled for the reading if the law of New Jersey. tite Mr: Cave J.hnuo iithrOe thie evidenti nlt tie other patdhe to he real. c eO Mr. Jenrnieer warted to tiw wietllher tihe lerk hoad nah airy roth er oreuts in his poss.ssioln thloin the sin jit no leN rt id - lo th e iRr i. e N ir- of lr itives wattreo to i pa s e. ' te I, by s, as tl{ti Iy 01to rganlliz l thle lhoe er, andu st ,,eIe-t] I( r leoroo t l y o lay ,ag the mlwttr uI lu thi. Iur o. ýae tOlrlC .ily ntce ihotu t tire power ti vr.t". Mr. rleall tatd e ri tenlei trnt tic ably la n wis tII iet call the Inlen of tlre crlle s ho ler , lio.a the e. .. threo cording to law i....... r ' rtring the law ando Ille facts and Mr. ar Tild tile crk rre.,iltretrrihe inrrtirtn before tile nfohrnre IrHosie. ()lie woon tht thieerr dentials of pira- e oiIthhr i fie I.otfoe reu r innolts rmu'llrid be rean. AoIi. tler that tIe ilw of New Jerey itrit llti be relad. Aid a third, that tile c.rk .kip tie lrllllall.nt Ilallles fronti SNew , erseiy, nill re rieedl to erll tile mle" of olter w.inte, Me ereer witltlruiw ]is mrirth I) Ierind the law of i New .rrsev. Mr. Slinle was fir ile rerkbt eskipping the New Jer Whigs te nalrer, and riing oii ito cull thiier, whi,'ct were oray knhrown ti ie qoirlified, si tlirt a quonrunl shlIi III ie hai to Ipried to ' vinill'si., o.gnlie thie leIals e r.illlder yor, 11i1 Ihl Nre Jereey Psle(ilnlle. Innt elitvetl Ila noI fl oopy otihe waily woulir eneure or n'llliamliOlltn. Mr. t 5 'rcter wa oIIposed ilO t this pan. it tin the dllty of thei chrrk, to call thie nares if the lerlllberr Wt,in, had thlr Governor'. rerlificlte frolnr New Jeitev, t ti n ti held r ithe craoleiniula iresa.ribed tby thie law ii, foilng tnit t e, Mca of Mr. Johllunn i f Murylnnld, would never corenst to tihe lerk's pseLngI by tLhe rnlrslln of the mIllellrril L tey wtol reld Ihel Grverir' i Prtltcnloes, beier. tuse Ie ra if Nemw .leree nenrihd nrdentnls of this sort, wh oat wo lieh, I mn, Ia illelbllher Iol h Ill Mlate onult take his - set o tIhal flooir. I They wer te prit ofrer idirer orf Arighttl, sithere. 'T'i gietile elerk' a ipower to l:t I, tat ihrwise, was illVCstling hir with u Slleritr t Ittat to rep. Irfthe Ihrise. le tcould r at ay illloe eake a Itture St fivorable to his own views.. Mr. Iliddlle wns utterly opposedr to nieowine tie Clerk hie powuer't e P uell ass over tiln illrllcirf ntnellltrr d Coan- lorte celrelnias werrei nrtrcollriice with tihe awn if N. Jersey cril the ronstihlllion. If tbis were nlnitledi d Cu. tihe being ailred by ilh elr ki wouoIl be worlh e lor l hiill. lie rhad lreatdy at.liitredthe msenthers froni Mateutaciu'" oalts becausre tirheirerdentills were in tinlll form. Do eton rthre corn,' it itll IorofN. Jerrey, cndr if you Irive a tloullt uon t1heir i r tvllliin; thrt is, if the lotter iare not 'lT y ill tereortrllie with .he law ofothe state ond corlloliltoi, Iaving c Ii1t it1se. lr. n llor e won fir tile tek'n enllilp Inrte Itaren r,f eInr llborr allllrlr wlqr rr, titlerti seilts in thlrrIr iliolre. It re horse . lonsit,, q ellliolnl, llll if·il IIhltl iluV d .l t iiplen tlhe rpt'rim tie evidlrlll'illre ort' ilier,' cluint t I lri'r .thr ,il it ItI) tea itlll i r, lltt tithat wi uld lby this opertlion b' b tli s rofrllm.. rIgirto ',ll. Mtr. 1lircee aedtl hiror Illr tie r-t Coirrgress wnas or ennitzel? oIr. 'aittia a on th e teal ,ietnial' t' wt . or. ir. Sade lid tfli untie lreyw-lhired l . 'e ll PoIuttlte g.+' t e f ' return'd memhr, coml.'l the .letk t nlolisl IIHIVP IIIe col,,r if,'latl l Io the seal. Thebl(re sIt of this vexed qllestliln to the Iloue. Mr..S~een t enllllltlllled that tie : 'lerk( haid d l'l ed Slahd, he '.ahl lqott11a111 it it. It tr tian npwr hS'ilr wllh the olorof a elniln and thie relal eturlnled inntller fit ttirlr f, t. lek. A to tecide l on thi, n of ar. llllll lld e at nonaht Ihe, credll tialtl brarinl. the eltr tiftal.llt the 'tIa ..t llt e it Ila , i tf f . . I hromd seal P Th," dllt', to Ibm h fr n ,lUni e WIle to | verify th leedel ltinis in point of firm tin I curlrev , nn o.ol Ti. his bing ascertanined to be c Bret, he was lI tt call their names. lint atow the cilek tats nblondnd Ilia d.ty beunllse na color ol'cla.ilt was set iup of tile credentials earing the r execulite teltiRfiate al ll seal t.e o'ly q 'uestiot nttllt whittch e tnuld have a doahbt. I'The clerk was bonid atherfrlte t ndt ait te, crf deutials healring the Governor's rtrlilienar and the slate seal, if t ! ie 1,aw ttn ras,, ti t oubtt their t,'nulne n. ". The law of N. Jertey Wtta eall.'it aa to tihe Linrld of credenltials to b btrne by the matebera to this house from hat state. Mr. Itynuna said that thequaetion was which of tile two delegatee ntow tresenllt freat N. Jetsey htad :tht right tfdent' intlhia htady ''lhat'tioldantatbe al'cidld ibelore the facts,tllnd te law were befare lheIl hoa-e when i 'ga. niret. The qtuetinn it bhetween the people of New Jersey a d their governtr. 'Thee eatlld Iu nothtling gninnt! iby admittinllt n ne (I tiLe detlegat:iona, far ttle other wuuld ie aldmitted aInd no poer onearl Coullld preventt it. The tinet plan was to orgtlize tile house ithua t them nld cited thea cea of Letcher anad Moore as bearing Ulpol the pl[int in quleatitn. uir. (t ll braitl sad that lth e ourse of gentlemen was ineoeaittetn. 'They denied thle powerl f the clerk to call tihe namaet.t of inei del.gatilan alid adlnitted it ill tile ease of the other. As it was, the clerik had lone well to leave tile matter to our decisionl. Tile plea that N. Jersey would lie wronged Iy Lnt calllilg t Se Inatlel of itar delrgales at thia time was a false one. There wals eo rule folr the order of eallinag. The Irue plaa is It .a on celling ta'i we get a quortnm. \Ve can then decide whelthei.we will orgatite first or pate upon lita s ques-. tiln. Mr. G. denied that lie had ever said what was as. eriaed to hla in i the paers about a milb, &ic. Mlr. Eaverelt declnrted Itlt ile cleerk had Iio right liant tn elil the na.mel of the maembers having the governor'Is cerlifitcates. (The elllltlsitia very grtat.5 Mie. I'rag lltolila g thre lerk had donte rightly, anil that Ie evidence if tihe apopulattr vote in New Jersey was as goodll as the govrllnor' certificate. T'he beet plan was t alltlllga ize the' Itousa lfirt t. Mlr. Mlaaxwell of New Jersey addlressed the iaholte at 'length in tipart oft hiit claiams. le conended hnt the cerlifiate of tlhe governlor, whieh hSe hone, entitled him to his sent, and that the clerk did wrong inll n calling After saole iemarks bly Mr. White, of Kentucky, the housime adjurned. TUeas AYv. December 3, 1339. Ilouae oa Represeatiiea --Mr. (Girland called the hnuta to order, end statea that Mr. yrautu had the floor, Ilt with lleat gentlemau'ts .rnmissiati he wteld make an appeal to the h.ase. lie felt thi deilieetv ,tf his (i sit~un. lie had bSat oee tutives, before Gud atl his ountry, and thet wans to de his dty eW h t party' .eeieg aend with jtsetlest ell. Hiilertol Il diputed ncls toif selts hase heen pre.rnted to afboruighiinad house. In the ease of Meters. Leteher and M5o5m they waied their riglltR until the hletse wase orianted andl niaed for a fortnight. Tie pesallet cane was one i taln Et.1 dlitleruot. T iheI difficulty i ir me to deeide. Caldiothi in heit h g evidence si eifhre iot What sill I iI do ? An I ndiI to u. lp t uhe power belnnongg to theal use i? in to ttP ponition, I ask tihe privilege of makie" a stetement b in higt. ustify inyselt, as my colutit hat beei brought ib. ance. mqnestine, N. " tMr. Jenifer aske tie lerk if lie inlended to reie eploy his dis olel of veoterdoy and ceill Ine irnerhr fron N. rrie Jersey, so that tie Ihoue could go oi i, ithoeat lis inter ference. "lie clerk ai theat Ilise rle isioll ofvteriodn was in hie pinion rialh.ui itheciilld inotdlpat f, oin it now enlrea stinlied he was wrong. All Ig e wnhlledl was the I te privilege of lenitig the rcar ols if thlai decision. Mr. Jenriif.r coIItrPiiled alt ii waR tile dty of the elurk to eal the naml.s if lie 5 eInllleer t retllnell hby the Conerner of NIew Jersey ,e llolrl n i e Ind lo riht I It interrupt the ork.n.lizeltiln of thet i rlllefuthineg ir. Atl erl on wished tei clrk lie i ll owed to C nice his ntleiteI an. (Erints el "t proceed- hproieed!") n aMir, Toli inerro ished to kunow of the elerk, i lfreom a 114 it ill Ihia pnnsesebille more thenll one return firomn N. Jelsey. 1 (Cries of t Iron:ged."-'" No--no.") Tir. Sonidel'er olietefl u. the clerk'e prneeidiing. Rolne ofie t frelids make i settentunent, if it was he Mthe.' et tro c it dtue h to the cek t. e n ow te mhim to texplain wdiy:t heId nolt di.h rlged th be duty aigned to Shi yinho'y nne. (Criei of "g ioer.") n, Sr. 'hlite rns i.itely ouppos Iu, hrnriugniny poty n. rl etiementsi frtrom h.tht cle o rl,,il ovih lok.o to fle hu.hof impre..on ehithe tei'try. It wtoe urinatler wlat n - on davit Ilinnferell Iof New .rey ,rseVnt in here to arrn ' the laws of the sent., the clerk loa hound to take evi Ii N. dente of illr crederetiole addulcedltl. A r.s.. Wihe objeted t the clerke~ ght to he hnrd. S iin The trdinance of 1781nd no lthe resonltihu of 1791. obi- Sl l gat edi te lerk ofihe lt Congrees to keep a roll ifthe in ite was swoe.n o k eonwrm thln itI the clire l.bere conlhe vlhdene rh frlo lte hellaned tlnpl)h e re of p:trly, ull the cleu k it i e lo cofd to ui l lfree i.el this fl nlnien ., neil h an I tI. ie.olltiti.t 1791 le is t eo ntinue inotflr.e uor tu lilhei lSlree.i-i I atitoniitis. er. Wise rend thei rad irlinnny.e f 17ti5, and sall d tli if lielrol ieel ,n ii int nle tieryn. with -r. anrlotan heti wotld have r lenjred re inm io dinele trle iednt imupo ed on hil by that Inw. Trle letrk wia. n mtiionteritl oficer. tisluto wasr tho e e rreeiv t'le evilece ire.eterii to lite indl enti'r it.-- tile i tnil hie lln eni letno in tis rase? lWhy not Ihen e Iiter th nin am lf hle luen rs uo ipn thIe roll? 1. ere. , j ilo- rl.fes lhe iiti re. Are we oa irnvelultlIln t ' ilt, mini s rs? Thle I Pg eslo IIIIIt ratne back ID. lie clerk, of. S at le., n (L t o Il hiwi asalsio IIIfIIIItenin ii (i.getltit , nlnil ea s rIiiil fi -yer to n co e rip eII ptl i i tdi. lirlc tly. in rO- iii rfilneing to dcilde n pw. Ile lreik dthe deihlei. The failll to enter itil. nnle of o the n nhih o lern fr l nont N ite Jer.ev, inso ait iliii jodglmelt. io, Mr. Clek. k nilo r hwill hnve to dleride thiu hatler bit priend. do it now. The evidene in r eftnise e ouse, nd it ia s chuyehlJe sive y. If Mr. Ilnnlolti b l'eili..ui II e go.ld, owhy aerep nolt tlhe c.rlifintes of thle oI)ther. goo The la It Io aN e(0 right to lreve ant tiny nt f.ro1n takilt his sent, it' he nr Of Iha n eertillnu te in hit ioektrt. The trwe plan was fir do tile m.emk r call r h atsl nd thellen tile oleller rn with iredenilsnlldI o reent Itteut and take their euei ite. All disptted e etrions wonli then he leniled by tile t one hoile. The clerk las no rill rto look to the nets of Y overtlor Ptnninrgtorl, except er far n tile latot'ris eerti- if fo ftuat oee . ie was in fior ofe henrine the clerk. u in Mr. Wlite cnntended that the ordinance of 1785 it and the resonlutin of 1791, wrse not binding on in the present body. Their force was only r, cognized ci rday by courtesy. e objected to the clerk's statement, tank both as novel, and infringing on the rights ot this body. Ii Mr. Cushing wished the clerk to go on. He J tent wonted to know by wlhat right tilhe clerk admitted the evidence of Mr. Rnndolph'a credentials, and II dll. refusedi it to the lonofoco colleagues. In fine, he a o. wanted to now. by what power, hlie ndertnok to - over. slop lie organiznlion oftlleihouse, by this o unheard t' attemplt. A to tihe right of this unorganised I eody's voting and deciding, it was an inherent right, so that gentlemen need not be fearful on this - e point. Wr. White loit no objection to Mr. Garlnd'a I omaking a brief statonment of Iris reasonh for Ilia green course of conduct, but protestedl against his read Ne oing the domnwent upon lo ablre. SIt. r. Vonderpool oun it dlifftelt to answer the en- gentleman in fiPvor of Mr. Randolph and tIlsa el. i rcei leagues. They all ngreed ts dliagrele pon the hest plan to purntie lie would ask gentlemen ielilg whethler they were prepared to exeltde the evi. doniet that wnnt to show that governor rinnington's deuce c esertifites were in eottrnantion of the will of the people? Heie thoughtie best plan to lie, to go o nl oi and organize the rouse, passinng iy New Jer. u sy. He li did not heliesn iin the prlicy of certifi. rnot estun. Tlhey night he forged. Te law nof New Jersey says tlhat i the persoes wl lohave thie reat. other anlt number of vrtens rom the honle state, helll bhe thie uenlbers elect, to contgress." Bult t teowen rkhl of Miville anid Soluth-Aitihy were oeitltd, si ix i at the, io olliiusions of the governor are flree - t It Aon r topunar liberty ag: insa the bonds ol anir-', n Govirnor. rey to sete ioe Wll igs ake .roe

i llty Sir. Pope waers e by playtg into ut I iandt if (olf of lititielr0 it l eurs fimnl Neaw Jhrse , iw t ii teirnopprmoes. "I[ iis nacordilnc to isi, werl on Mc liid i' hydr greets. unrimi nin dh Lohiroix ought r m to u mairch hoo'" i' ii . '.atie has spuoken tlhrough llcore her political nuthuritlos, and we ought to rerspct fillsi r her in the presnot staoe of thilgs. An to the Asoi. speaker, hr was f)r lettingh ih ni mitirinationi have Ii thim, s titthey miight shr handi. s Mr. Afi eriggo a.ked the clerl whother le did not if other a(ulit tolhim h Iholegality of lin eelenulial, CIwhen o oprsonimld to hiin, bufore tim imeeting of th i- , Jer ir. Jolhnsoni of 'Tennessee, obijected to tlhe were questin, as hlou ing partial. I Mr. Garland askedl permission to make hlis state lnlc menit. liri Several obljected. Sthe Mr. Jennifer, rose and argued at lengtllh in favor mer of the Wllig dlslegation from N. Jorsey. lie said Jurey, the obljet of the party was tOn otust these six mom in h ii hers and one from Peeuoylvani so an to get a ma jority to :lrry thelr menasunres. The electiun of ien t)Clerk also dlopon'led upon tihe success of this i SMr. Wallker asserted tlhant ite attempt of the whitg oh u i went to trample upon popular represorentation. Ilnce if Thiese "iertificnate" imembers ee d a minority of to nit votesns the evideilte on the Clerks' tablelo went to t shllow. Let tlhe Clerk he heard, and it will he scen t iiiie that Gnvernor Pennington's certificates are untrue. Mir. Waddy, Tlereliore was of opinion that Mir. myClhrk Randolplh and hiscolleaogues ouglht to lhave thellir nend rests in the orgnaization of the hlouso, for if they naw if were denci thaut right. the principle eouhl nlly h, nmiliii pulsheod futtler, and tAe Congress could never he aeluce.. nastulbhlud, if it pleased Lthe party in power. -i. to Mr. Rtndollili, 'Th called irmllller from N. Jer v a seiy, wan willing to hiear tlhe Cli nk in reference. r are ni As to lh eonle.t between tile people of N. Jersey ilun, ansil Governor Penlnigiton, the lormer hiens approvedl me f of tihe lattnr's coora ii the late nletion, and hbo ollylf fcre tlhis is clnsrld, it will api:.r tlhat ihe iitie Governtort ha alet,:d in aucoricanei \n.lin -i e Iia la ,it it I, and his oath. is fuor. 'le iluun then 1 dj,,rel d t;i l WVilnesdlay tilhe 4th l)ce. wasi Dr. [I"r \\'e are ullll risrr d t nll nllnce Iha, it trhe solici-! lali, on i I nr_. re nullbr'1 of the Iilizenlls of the three. MI rieiplitipt s, \r.W.WILLtIA FIrr:IerT has co.<m'ted to thIe prriserntion of is na ril e r his fIi llow citizens at the next e.ouiln elletioll as a randidateo or the offlice of Mayrir ofl tie (Cily f ,oew r )rlelans. _'` Nons sornlnes autulrisds t nnnoncer qu' la doulando d'ul grand rlmbreo dote citoyns dos trois Municipalitds, Mr. WILLIAM FRERET e consenti a& oe redscnter conclno candldat a la place do Maire & Ina pocllaine lection. [CI. 1. U. Uaha'NP " *t , .....I:.,m: ,or .... C :.:. ,ell.llll , IeUs cosecnted to becomel a candidate for the Ilice of Mayor of this city. NEW\V OLEANS AN) NASHVILLE RAIL ROA t). I GREEARI Y to r'etioans 8 & 9 or tile Charter of Sthe Nrewr Oreleen nal Naoiville ltoil r lad Coin. irony, a tneretl arPe.iag of thI.' (o:kholders is called oi Ithe 3d Monday in Jeruetir,i 18310,lfr the purpose of electing 'lno ilirecroc to cerve for one year, J II C(ALI)WIiLL, President. (ltoe, No. 14 Ilarenoe ot. Dire. 1th. ,Ill NEW ORLEANS. M E T A I I I Ki C t U R S E. Fourlh I)ave of rnll etrrtile 18i39--- Saturday 14th. Joeky Clh, PIrser $6,c-Mile heal.. (irei three to fiv.) 1 A. I. Mlinlloero aete T Irb f Fel- Ibe by P relir. damer rep'l'il, 4 nears oI., 971rbs--lress .yel hnw and red. 2 Ira lrithr etrer' eci Meari n eke lre Me hlle, lllO hSorrrrr'.'. 4 years old i71blre,- ee. blue aod 3 RH. I. lailerlterrrr . ('alna I. llrrFnt llolori imbnerorlg. rinrIrr ry Irrlcil:, 8 Cest oirdi, iio1bs Ilrer' Irie eand lie. 4 J- F. Miller rer.a o Il r,,rlvc ive Collier, dran Sea G erl,, 5 )ear rld illleIb--li-reos graen and re-1. 0 Larcc to comre o8fn at ole o, rlork. IUIIAII) I) AD lAMS, J. i. iiAltitilON, d14 P'roprieors [rflMelnbr cora obtlil I helrir blriges or Itlubiritoa & Co,'; er _ . FANCY ('tINA 'TAIII.E SrIIVIIcEI. Tll t Slhserihers have irlt receited fro France, Ea few line pnrcin ilinin, dlerert oind tea services, of atlrer enlirely new, ald very b'enntiful d14 2w ii lRitO\VOWiR&.;c, 17iCamp st C UT GLASS WAltE-We irvilto public ottetion to eut rer neseorrn etl tll toee and very relrct polereo, itlain eltd lrt glass ware dll '2w I BJROWER, & Co, 5 Carmp at S0to wihoorver'" w. . a m . ;hi a'gel e aut lri d of tlnlTwio Forsl New Orlons s old, 5 et 10 inchEs - 23 Coimpany. binspeech, steinhalt' EI CKE Ilok, shout y in height. hs and itlpemdinim.Ah ,1 5 feet 6 inches ted lion Mro Itoh when Intelligen counten it.PI.EY. g.iffe, ahnt25 , I i\VL, Preeidenth 15 in height, rather a surly lonk '. foutd harboring or For otce. J H t punihlled with the e li rre, will HI: T .reatant t y erit. u" tole Inw. re. of t i der, rope tt O1 1 Lt 1odie lairttc - C( f v\ENTr 9ACI(tltith~e 1811, the stenlll 'thi Ino t erq tuia,,ain In ricuk, will i.. . taking place ,,tt iu der e v blot I'EtIN,, St in 114 orfe f leoc 9kS itihlel tn the 17ith inr; 2t tllusitilladetiuedl for New Orletor T.-B 5" -- AT'I'AK.t bet oer TO SFU A'l' tlie, ntaster, ill de. cord t'POCI t l, rig ext, t 10 SI IM rt or . undaybnrh , oplch site tlh. nC Cstent Hun-e or IIn cho 1 d14 P. NI.Ai l ; jp;in ;oabhe b barreln orl< o l)a eFi pen in;u r ctrile, mannlactured htd 1 pell;earle p en; I teruvina P.eaalieoerv ntore of 1o- fan ph ntll ca iete ofnil e a ta'het .. .. " s Gitlt lo I'e rey, e xpesesly for t.Ile-. ii f EISIcIL t ooo.t lifitirn o rit feet, t on l the [N J IIAn 1 P I , rulivpIv (orn ['hlit Y ,EN.l\lontttOltee i-J thlittly of medical L Ntt 4i aipi sllld ltre t h, v jl'A y wliiih aire Louisn Iebok', olf etin tet ditlill; amets d' 1t telnihow fever. I tu rgery, ctlored t nt 'h le elht Medical I.ibrenr. 18 v, F 'ii tIoxni's tyclptiedill of pr1teiii plates, fiolon. Iv Andral. Lonis, tnl. Sik+. on dlisaese of th1, theen. , aad practice of hl teicalbannd saurgicaol um oailets "e b 1d14 the Storll . &c. ptriiciileb of the tc .ý-lea- t-u n. e dgrlnete, hb M r.-ll Hull, M. l. 'In o re n r OF iNtir stock is dull r eoid ll Stockholders ofi tii Coulrn e ti tthe office. e tw tifed ihlint the l-th inselo ntf ti o "'I', A Y. n tid payable en the a lh ii c ( toier n i te til e i Ulialoen. tep'O G o I ew r ti e e nr .itttnt i I Ni I Tue [ litlct Ilo n11N(o ynes to tinhorm th.7 Co1, ltr,-t, new Orhnns, tht lie Ihas tknlUll rldlltv vollnlite ioae k, ol'lthe ireenln 'l f Illllrnce o ft e, Nioi' It d13 "'nl ]ii I1 ht Ihr itl be IpI1V to e lixIter ti they nlly hI otll ilon n ltel. u - l e et The l iulltitn .unl I'icltylntn" raly nc. - c 2th, 18"19. . Icot oiieie i io t t . t In T HEt Sherid begso leave to infbrii litntin pv Iree I in order Io i|,tal mn to fill ' ll. tion e hove SIx I 1oe, IIh h p d himtell nIit er nte ct thc jud* I it. h° a large 111t1 n f I llll'ioPn. Thait' hie in e has r eut I gn nt evlen etahle him It pay tilealllorieO .uee. Tha t lel- e l rnl , ,l'll t1'll . Thai Ihr el+],"ct "1 i1. I'.<. rotund, have been put o1fwiri|, tiCe'-no h" IT, . . ,r. ;, <. 1 :a , it is o u. t llis oOWl 1 rllteelo l, atond tl,' I :.1 3 that ndl lees ofe oli e Ih -. i 'od, h, I,,, 0' ic ed cxpec thllt afier tli otihinru;t , , ti- if ile Illtke tiu e i f nai 1lm ll . , ;p ' , 1,, "rn 1785 i llh spow er or the c ll el r LII" U f t , 1, , }It m f r ig on well as the .Stale tte nd'l'Ir i' S .hriR tzed collection. d1n, h 13 ,-, ,_, __ bundle inerclhantide , Ize lm·I !1 " r't , ,:r I He Jar. Calflhoe, n alnd 1Iii tan i cd eivet t er ship SlakoP. " t:e, an requested to cull, pay freeIll. ', en, nO t a ay. ,'( 12m ... NO to Q3R:Nl'I('I l--Neith.r` i" heard siglee tf Ihe Ianish Pahlp x' h, a !., h1 tniserl'tended by Ile clew of uld " in this N ,t ,: ,.. tR The memnblers of St. !'. 'r' t i . in I iho ' lirer y ies iectfilly tnll.tII 1i1I ~ ,il ',i ., 1 r 't " or hn li l(ne(l it one of tc1r. .E. I:. tJlll cl cLt' ell, butwen Mn:, I" I, "'l , T'nutr. ure til unti futhr il eice. i d n8 _ ,1- + " ."',.J Per *tfi! or the -- - h n ge -'--- r -"Ii in cot. ato''l , Ilt bl h iaobtot b 1I it the I,)UISiVIL, 1E, front ,lNew I r' h . .. . Co, Ll ymen Iparfeight anid charges, an . ' ('`am st to .vi- W " 1,, 1Xi ,:l , , ,Iik^.: glon's ,.5 will of i'i t'lIt N CO Nln E u i I ' i :-'' ' ,-I ' to go C, In o itinl eti it-ll boixn ,, ^ ,, ", 1i , , w Jer- ciuudccoro; o 4 nelioceee Ii nse rutufi- Per It tack t ship l I uisville, ', , . N e i d to Leal I , 1ay freiglt ttI ,'i t e wnvt \) " uet. - \,".v 1 ,," r A I' -colIo n 1 hir i t II , 111 unesled to oiake themselve, p i- ithe. tilrI -iIi t 5 . I&un. o ship A o I ,' th . ny ps. n .,.fi 11 nil . r n , .i n, will please give. ,ll',lu " ' , ... ' -iloi , d3 I h ." .. I rIYIE & G .ll(ll I 'i hOl , :c.ii frv SI :. & Co. 1 , e.... .. 4 3 9 C . ", ... S Yestrn i nv n one ipor t," . venil his p ten up oo n .e ; t- I I, j /;Ire, inserted a forged advert,.,' ,,: ,, ,:, copieiddhslhwi, It i ert ly te i , i, nink , r0ll $ 0 ,P'winn I rr, t ni'll r li Ino ll o d i dverliiiiiul -.e In l • I ,c:,l Ne'W |)rle nool R ( Iflll erollt I B ll hlln. ,. ' :;s tirs Iv I of Forgo, BHarrett & Co., for tl, . r n on tllhe usille- of paving-no wl , . of in N. B.-T'te tiiiersigned lak. OIt N , frmlingi the pIittlic, tl t hlie is nIi i .,I i' all.ny kl d.i ixept wi hietoothr. . $. I cii Ir. ...RI : ( .. ., HE nll.h nod RI ireoh all d r ., I. , . les i ,t c4 or r llc ,hbe . 1, l-ll'n staill eyetl , primineni t I hreh., i i n i i i t IIng me of t' l,' fr ila el oh i, ll o ' p Id o t thwe l hsie ws t'is' ctw l... ,n c..1 It,. lIo nswllh It bLluC e .iies, -e , sir negrto tworked ar hag hf i A I F -' hrieklavvrsd's hb fnand. iR . 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Cuopyingpresg s, .c,,"],: pen er ~ r lies in t if , nsill t l t e ], l "t , . la nil r t r ltore t e c h e Ii t e m utl c k o',e& l - ' t + r : ma tortleafll of inhool hook.1 eer of]'er,,] in .\ w;" allr t wiNch le prepared tell i " Chlis OTn de it iiiitee rime1 t ho l, i p iit-- -e -w 2,Co I4 elan of AN'I'. -1- Three or bhir faoaies to to ul: . e nniucnn il snclacliectrou lcnuliet e.e ti o and eonnnndiotn b,,s; ih1 loan ical,mudv o:d Igr a andlcan ri, c cfirintonn ' 'cith family .il- ht.tley prvln ge ol r f mculiirtine.t alrge p rel' f g',,t ,a i .i., nuimber e ynrr. nud edictm.g as much timber lfbV w ln, wilual nit blliuc. tnL hi ng to pay In ,i agreed pA tli. Fir further hiriicitp uhl rerltl tt, t II I,(}NNA EII., - i1 t cori r t N at c eII z n i cIl'itilllllt Ii hayl. I SI ul 5it 0 vtiteku ll tlk e Ii , nho tonrl the , " ~0 " fiort,h i t Il t i i. osel h sl'ret wharl apr , ly ,i ; m1i - nil P .A}DIi.A\Y..", "-: SlUII]Atl i ll. --i .ll.. I OR T I.E, el iri rote ItUa, i" i,. ,.." i -cluenl. etiiiP i Puth lc, oppo iotei i ,ii - IL.W NN AI'CO . ...,er.. Ei sltip ,n Otic ot n w ,l . .t'.i , tief rihe ill the irarti+eS. (Oflce No. '.' :: alt.o . I +,r+ . rl siipplto itp i, ceik, l,,i. nn , . gtlltve , inl th . ii. ' " , ' n h lm l st lck l, ' i , ''. lo s lo . + ,.a .l." + .. +,+ nlcing'en &1 -i SCl, iiti In rt.". trd n , i t lAP AN- ) lETTER PAPER l 1t10 rems line ruled nep pnper 2511 do dI doW e1 lIw price I S le50 do In do le ter paper . I l00 doi di plaito d- Io " . 511 Io Il ,oiei', pnIeket pmte rule, I on tsitdee ju-t received and fir soeby J,, J IIAS11iWE L+t9' t I reamt tiduhic efj}" lot] rein6a.2t6 ; I, 10 reste fin t.2tb-il2 trams :0 heyd; Ohrralt b ths d.......ived fro ..., lrIg ,e nitk red P t"tin ed for s byJnleh J HAdSVELL gý' .t t en IIOWA R, 49llCamp . \llli n ilL, ll:, Ir. I~ l- . )A R-ýrrama rootot somdloing 0 do larg sized, cloth paper 100 do hardware paper T. . 10t0 do croews andl cp woppng S5011 lo shoe pper atssortedt cosom Foriol y JoFIN J iIASWELL & Co, 0d~l3 Soccessoro to A 'rowor 49 Ctamp at TO) WHI I' I.EAI) )DEALERS. Sevetbh 30 \SKS purr" lend, 500 Ibs each, 25 casks No. I L end 15 "'' pre " 250 lbs each, 1500 kegs lend, 25 Ibs each, For sale by the Agents. Th JARVIS & ANDlREWS, 11N9 corner Corn & Tchapitoulas at (R')WN GLASS landingt from shipl terokee,--0 Claue ) x 12, 12 x 14, 12 x 16, New England crow.n glpa. Gen. D This glass was purchaoed st reduced prices nt the Ilesnse wildilig lp of tiet matnufolllrtril enomill¥,nnd is now offeredl ery low. JAILVISt & ANDIR`IWS, 29 corner Coon & 'ehopitoolas at ll -ANK CAitls-.(n i(vmce ofAlll bo nto nodly' e enttelled, ivory sourface plain ad colored bllllk cards l thle various nlzls, jlst receivel and Ior snle by JOIhN J IIASWEVI. A.L Cr." tootl n12 Successors ot A Towar, 49 Cc(+tomp st rio IANKEIR'S CASOS totol PoCnkrt Borks, olnlley i) nerl%, Wlletn and Meto'nndu.oo--A hlatrgo andl choicdn ssanottnl j st re eivcd n.d frrlr by h t JtlIlN J IAAWEiW . . O,, n29 Sccessonrs to Al Towr. r49 Callpl at .i3- -.0ITIN(I. I-- Iof0 ren.~r for news, Open Sof sizts fronl 21& 31 It ,29 & 42, justl Inndoll ftime sip (Ine. Ott n ot itono end the Ohlia fronm 'llilodel CA phlis, not for sale by S JOHN .II· iANVEL. & Co, n 118 St ces.ars tlo Alex. T'owar,49 Cnnap t . s )APERI-50i realus dobloe, 1000 reams single, a, A. S1(10I renntla hbrdwlrre papr, in store ad lier 'nle by d7 J 'I'TlAIY lit & Co. 74 Poydr.s at FI.OUlR 600 Ildsatt Ihe lIodi.+, for sole Iy U 113 G UOtRitLsY, 44 New I.evee NDI AN'S PANACEA-Just received & for whole saloe and retail by II A A . efe wry e ldserripti ot., lc h no globls, bottllle , the illns, front ioI il.hlll to 11,o, gradllllntilng mIers res. Ne to er) vials &c, Iorwhlele n p retail h s ill II IIt t N.i;AIIt'L. 4 t'I'c tpitoulasat G o HINA PbolT A cpretolsys ýr ntothoooriet. eornlt and ý.dll. bI I(i NNA BI., Iltl 43 Tch ilohlas at 1 I AItr--lt3 kgs Io llltti, l from relambotl' SFairplhy, fur sale by dl3 G IDORSEY, 44 New Lve re UGAIR-501 hhds on .rno i1ntplatostitrs. for salo hy og I_' DAMNI & WHITAII, et, dll 67 Grnvier at I0 . AS'1'O Ott 11.-li- Itarrell b.ot Virnitti cnelor'4il, 3 1.) white tod clhartflr rettailintr,nlto 5 hbls TItIIoIP. see rastor oil, 2d quality. Aforl le Iby SJAIVIS & ANI)IIEWS, nl2 cornert Ctmn &"0 "Tl', i.iUR- 300 lrlc ot lthe laudling in fine olipptg S lorder for sale by G EY,44 N dity y d i t tDORSEY,44 New hence Ive )Lt -b' l--i.nest Ftreirch Fshlion, it lull rt - sortment of po :llttu, Ctologne w alCr, so1p, powder, hsbruhes &c, wholesale or retail h BONNyAII L, ' Ill ar er Nnlthez & 'cho upito nltootl h 'GitIU-illO brie ctrlce, fors olebh - an25 4. 1)O1{'1O. 44 New Ieven. I1 OUBL(,O5N -340l Mexican and Patriot I)Doal "' nI" loonr, for ale by A" I. ABlYOII FISK. ,i-e foctitre sod tor sale o,n eolnttt,tootlto rlns by k.., 1.14 S G I.ANt'ItAR), 361( rolvier t - r I- '-t'OLT PATNT "'l ltE ARIS-tJuot recived r' G per ship MiRsisei i, frOt Noew .erk, laotrne ns nmet lo Ptentl titlei m od bell P titlol. fr aliotal - TE'CAM IOAT PAPItI-Now lending from ship Louisville from New York, 1111 rPatlls .itn coloredl , 3iutn, suitanle. for ea tlhonb hilln, &e.. tci. for avle I iy JOIIN J IIASWEI., &. Co, S. I.. SllColtaoror to A'l'mwlr, 49 ('nlllp st SAILS- l000 kens cat toil, well s.ortlpl, froot, 3 t, to l inchl, for sole toy IAY"I'ON A C. in 5'--.3 Old eve st 05s I NOJ tISKEY-25 Iln reottifisl, landitng froom stoawot 5 I hat Panoli, for stle by r. 113 ( I)it)lSEY, 4 Nrw Leoven I-do I.Ati'S & I.UU'IILE (:ANtilotiABrAi. - I hip PI.ENIID) a·lrtlmett l f tIhle, aountel and ooni Ihte onil llllt, land t dhtrllo nl ,lnoot ritihly lmountt ! with glass ,irisen,,joetl recived. flr sele Ilv -L It ItlEOV'"It & Co. 17 .timp ot ir- 1l \iNE ilt. T il.KloS--Landiog trt,,,i HPnP (Hn r. lay, 'rol i, , rn lOn, 30 hmplllllrs Matleira t"o, , " rr ol. lotr. fro.nt ,, lth L.en., i. q.o. tt.s .to . suit haoers. JARtVIS . ANIIIE\V\S, '1t t't e ,r t(C OIIttiott tiold 'I't:I t llitttults 00 ""'l' eI tit il \ 'sNO ),\IOLASSEOS-- Ilt UIsatooils atve ''t otown,for tal-e byt AtAM. & A VWIlTAtl., 67 nirater st t. " y III,'KIY--1I11I brlt, tt sit l,,Idme,ooffi,, rle by ,'1, 'id3 ;i ttt( b"lAV, I14 New I,''ee t o l tor -a le (y -.(; . (|O.SEY, 41- Ne-v l.rrer *i' , , \'I'I+\L'SIU -- flint )eta 1'lllhldPli),li , +titde IhIt. .. i, t llr il-INtll', by N ('tr(lllt.x, t stld, bty AIAOI5 1 \V'IIIT1AllA, .I I I I J() l',,1 -:3ll lt .alu kmo the hllhillg, .-r 11. Ilo l llltilt ai t a, sle oy G t)( ) t{lS l tY , r. i .I. i44 N w I.proe 0 0i r .. . : . . . .... , S r .. . .... i L iN -D L E S - -0 ,o o s s pe rm , o, lr n &o - t arlo' s nanllnfacltiure, olldIng ex ship John Ille, uld flr T t.S (C IIIANCII AII). 33 . roanr Fc Spool alul, La~lding Ibn bio eoll 1i1 II h forl -PErER I.AIDLAW, 51 Cnmp st j. I l.FIIEIRIES-A :Irree a sItmienm of Fraech i ellFIrIelicn, received llby shiN lllivett, for 1 1 a,. orreeulfl y II I(NA I 1., 43 Trehlpitoulan st. S. TIR. I ILL .-L10 bnle,. -llbilaillon indigo blie. ills, landing from chip (hirleston,fir side by %I{ I I IRIDI)GF ( I'- .ll oo.s Itbbins. ' I I ",Suli , in slore, for . oe by JT 'IIAER & Co,74 Poydra at 1, I,--700 kegs in storef ieStaled No. Nails, .'ads and Spikes, for .alh by N I' (3(13LY. 97 'enmp st 0 (, ,tBO v lEEDS).--lReceivedl fr, ll Franc.. fivr I 'ol'ole er retlail by ii Ih INN 1 3 EI., 4:1 'l'ehl0pi(Oul l st ' 1. ".ll. l ,:S--i 011 bexrs Jm l'n spermC , lbuldivg i ig It Gro,.,gfo.,. f N,'Nw Yo, it, ,lI fr snl. bx S l NLAN ll lR1)', :13t(inier t ,- 10l boxes (: A l.techr,' s yellow, Ilndit g S hip John liab, and lor -nl. by l t ( II.A'e Il.1a II, 33 (1rnvier st 1 ' f:-40 cl'l'ers prlin e I'r Iili.'. Inlmllg e I g i I , front i'hnrleston, and Inr sol. yll S G Ill. N..' 11R (1), 'I33 (irvirr o t , n1 -(21 asks $p(enrm Oil, tloling ex ship John S ti I.ANCIIATII), 33 (rnvier st i1--31111 In;ls Inding froui nretnmer Swnllow G 1)()IISICY,4t New L.vee ... ./} J 'Il' .A l'ElI &. {o. 71 Povydrs _t l' r S\1". ... . 11'- hales lh,y, Io.lding linm chip - " P ,llr , i'd ( llr a ioe O}y A. I Oil .)N, 9"I I'mlcmn st , • a" .NIl.u.I anldl No . L .w I wh . "d rlll I llr io O or =.,' J 1RVIS. & AN'I)ILEWS, cr (Cummon Sc 'I'rhapit'u, a sh 'Ill -T1I ,gshv1ds Engish b .e enoil i toF·LueI h I JAIIVIIS ANDRIEWVS "or Colnllllmm n mlI ''Irhnl)ltoulns Ft iI .1, x ,s j g lojar; jar -e lickle; lI ll snxed j ,, ,, t,,, l in storeoand f(ir sale l.y L 'I'll r Vl.R & C. 74 I'podras st I , 0 bsA;--d ales` 2 blirshl gnnny ngs .1 , re tand frr -ale by '7 J cIrI r YER & T Co 74 Poydrns at ANA (3 I) WIi'I'ERI-W-ilnn,,'o i,pryced ma S1 t. I wri 'rs, t 'lr c'p inO leylhrc, illvoices dra w il.i c.js received It tole BAZAAR, corner ol as. u'h u les slid Cullnloll St. Sid4 c .1 &111 Al.lAN. Uýtt: .,'iii.- Iwo 1.1:Es;nu ,oeole'rod iconer I.,:: Io alhc: glood cook srid child's non-e. Apply to II 11)ON NNAEL, d _ 4:3 ''cbhpitoulna a) '1 Ai''I (I -10 dL.In f..t qenlily Virginia ono - o. Il bl W'eilern c.sli.r ill, No. l, 1.r ' alel by JAILV & ANDI)IFWS, 119 cllrner ('oan & 'rehll'h itouisn at 1)BU,1 i AISINe--ul00 boxec Indig anod for wIm :"iy N F CO31I.Y, d27 97 Cnmp st ' )ll"'r,,,'for sale. Apply at 109 C mlln l st I 1n -l I bl I-1) al rie len ine, fisornle bIv 01 AD.4 Il.8 l"oTL, , Il Or1a irt , y I a. j.i, i l . l . 0, do di n .1' i' "w! bouadn , just lboo ..', fbonl Ip (Ill,, 1'. I i . and for .0l by JOIIN J II ASWIL.I. & Co, dJ rsicessrs tol A Townr,49 amlp lC l SONP PACKEERS-A good packer nf cless and eartnl. 6n enwnre, iawanedGy B BROWN & Co. d-TI 17 Conmp st '1OAL-53eaoks Lehigh coal, broken and ecreenad S lnn pre5 ly for lbe , I y use, lonw alindiln folll soli Niagar, from I'iindelphia, and f.r sale in lte IOn suit pnrciasernal Iply on board orto N F EI)lILY, d '3 79 Camp et n.lAI.-i-A large aswnnend in nore and onr sale by V ,1Q AD.AMS-& WIITIrAl,., l67 Gaierl ST. CHARLES THEATRE. Stago Manager-Mr. Barrett. Seventh appearance Ihne two geare of the highly popular t omedien ...t R. BALLS, Who isn tnged for Twelve nights only. This Evc'nine, Dec. 4th, will be performed the popeinar Comedy entitled the LADY OF LYONS. Claude Melnotte, Mr flalet Gen. Damas, Me Barielt Benaseant. Do Il.or Pauline, Mre Stuart To concutde with the BUCKLE OF BRILLIANTS. oi Tllt H CROWN PRINCE FPdcriok Storke, Mr Belle Prince ekAlbert, "e MrField Katherine, Miss Melton S' Doors up .n at 6--Peruformance tou commence ut 7 o'clock..l SJ* Season Tckets mnuv he had at tIne Box Ofice. Open from 10 until 3 o'clock. CAMP STREET THEA'TRE. BAL LS. r.LO RVNT-The Restnurat andl Bar of tile bove 1 Establishnonl, fnr the ensuing Bill Slaenon. S A,plyat hTiT. Bok 6 fce. d13 WASHINGTON BALL ROOM ST. PIIIIP STREET, BETWEEN ROYAL AND BOURBON STREETS. rle IE MANAGER of the Washington Bell Room respectfully informs his friends nod the public, the es, the aove menotioned establishment will open for that K. soeason,on Monday evening, November 4th, 1839, by a t GIRAN) DRESS AND MASQUERADE BALL,. ane and will continue lhr,,ughout the season every Monday Vednesday nod alottrday eveningn f each week. A. Admitnonre for -eelllmnen, $2 00 Out New O(rl.nns,Ot.i24th, 1839. S 'PIIE NEW ORLEANS JOCKY CLUB RACES. vder, OVER THE ECLIPSE COURSE. ILL entmence on TUESDAY, the 24Lth D. cntlber, 1839, instead ofthe fir!t ''teedey d13 Y N t.IVER, Proprietor T'1O RENT. tee A Dwelling Hlouse 139 Julia street ,dl 11 C CAMMAC & Co. K. TO BENT. otn Dwlli I ouse No. 139 Julia street, in the nu: uilding Comt tow. Apply en the pre el·a,orto II C CAMIMACIK &Co. d6 S TO IoET. :riv "- Two romlnn on tihe secod floor suitable to i offies;aply on the premises. No. 21 Camp at streetet thie F'iritrmn InsuraltCt Office. 022 Ill 'I'(1 RENT. hi The three story brick store No. B? New l I.ol > e street; poseslio o given immediately. .r li to n183 i I 1HYDE& BtItOl'1Ell. Po LOTTERIES. 'rum _ 3 riTllE Flllowing tl.citutions , Citizen's Bankof Lou et isina; Unitn Bank of Louisiane; New Orlean'" sleam Caol and llanking CoIpay, will rereive spcial dr ponits n.nci-t terelilkltcts of one hunlrcd dnllars ild tve pwards to re in Io the erdit ofthe DIepositors, to -which cerltficateJs, 1the slcribers will deliver 'l'ickle I An i tile ( i;rald el IEstale Lottery--tllauk' Arocdt, nont- Bishops llotel, &c. S('tt11ID'T & HAMILTON, t under tile Verndah, opplosite E Johns nr Co, p dl I Stationers hall lodeiro BANKS' ARCADE, CITY HOTEL,&c. sot a GRAND St1 o R]EAL ESTATE LOTTERY Ot 1" i'I'L'tI''Lt''Y SIT'UATED 'I' n NEW ORL.EANS. r :lll' IMIlI)T& A I lt'I.TON,Managerr. OJfirsc under the VIerandh, Corner of Si. Inrles t an nd Cnnommon Strcets, and No. 101 Chartres Street, ^ Ibet'lre Conti and St. .ouis Streets. Slr llat this Lolttery, by nutl.riltV thfi StIale nl L.ouis ill"a, will be druawn it tf "iy FIlh h hge, inrl' ds in Nqew ()erlant. IThe dlawinrg will, witlhot fnil, begin on the ltlet 1. embher next, t ",, ge r llrm lt t ihll e il union, 'tillenune tlhe above is-,teied ollce in one of the nlewspapers of their ;- o r.sidnces, anl lcharge the expenses in i. t + l ' 1CMIDIlT & IAMILTON. randah--.. Charles Theatre-Comp st. / , --( ldwell a .5. (;hartes Ar.oda-Hotell. --Squarns of Ground fe CAPITAI. PILIZI.St!! E OUI.iANA GRIAND REAl. ESTATE AND [L S'T'( CK LOITTI:IY, office earner of ('seal and St. ('hirles strrreet, autorized by a law el the Salte, 611r !arch 182118. 'rII IIAI.F MILl.ION, or tamp street Theatre . Lottery, 1291 Prizes! drawn on list December, New er ear'; Eve, and finisheld in one traoing. TILE GRAND TWt) MIILLION LOTTERY. 1,0!00 Plazrs! !! Will commrnre drawing as soon as practicable aRier r the First Lottery. rllNteis of any hanks in the Union, which are gen erally bttnktble in the Stlte they are issued, will be Sreceived in pvment fr Tickets, which are in the Half 1lillion $ll0--To Mlillion $20 CALD)WELL, OAKEY & PRI'I'CHARD, er 12 Proprietors & Managers. CLASS No. 1. T Hl E Ialf M illion or Canmp Stret 1 hestr Clan of I, 1 the Irouisiana GRAND REA. ES'TA'E AND STOCK I.O)IFLIRY. will positively be drawn on the 31st December, Newt Years' Eve. CAI.I)WEI.I ., OAKRIY & PRITCHARD. S Office earner ('annal and St Chiales ate. I O'tEL. /.: " 1 LAVAU has thle halnr tnstifaaruing his friede ",, I and lithe public in entter-l, that he has taken the IInlI at I'lrrollhon, where he trusts het will receive lIthe nlls of hits nhll friernds. and all lovers of nl.d ch r.t. Pri'vate pnrlirres ill be Ilhlllnt rllanly proide fler by rig givinr a little eltirt blforelhndttl. He iswilling to enter Inl, r,.I nwlt: O F' ith fnl ilie.+ er iudividuals desirUU r o; -;l·-iltr Ih s alllltnll'l tI(·I'nrOlllon. m0l2 Uhbrnlr el'l Co mn.ser. OFFICEIOS FORIH THIE YEAR I639. I *rsi.ent, S. J. let er r. First Vice 'residtent, WV. .. Hidge, F.q. Second dti. Jnt. A. Merle, Esq. Conmmittee of Appeals for 1839. Jamnies Dick, Jamesp H. Lverich, II. C. C'atmnck, Ahlijah Fisk, r P. O. Nimtrhe amttel Thoepson,_ Ip NW OItLEANS CANAl, AND BIANKING CO, r lliE Itrn Steamboat Relbers will leave the Basii I at the head of tho New Casamesetery day, (except SMondays) for the lnke,as follows: iDepart at 2 A. t. e ltern at PR A. . " I A. .. , i-i P. M S2P.1M. - 4 P.M. 5 I'.M. 5 9 P. M. And on MONDAYS: Depart at 10 A. M. Reltrn at 121 P.M. 2l, '. 1. 4 P.M. " 5 P. M. I 9 P.M. may 28 B. CHEW, Cash. NEW ORLEANS & CARIIOLLTON RAIL ROAD res NOl'ICE..WtVis'r Asasahoerr T. snd To colllmllce on the lot of Novamhsr, 1839. 1`frM CARROLTON. FROM 1MEW oRLANStl. tt floree ar ntl 5 l'tclock Ad.M.. lloa Car at t1 o'lock A.M. mg Loomotive, 8 - Lucomoives, 9 - l- I - - - I - PJ11, - - - PM. - 31 - . - 4 - I - - -w- 4 - T Sr ore Car, at 9 - I loseCar, I1 Ti er enrs illc i li. n the rolas heanrs ill th weak days ler untl I o'eteok P.M. When a Locomotive will lears Carrolltl ply every holtrs lt iltI'loch, P.DI.,aad NewOrlean avelybe e nntll o'rlhok P.tI. a An erai lorsas Car cn be obtained before 9 o'eloek P.M.. tby paylna 5 dollar for the Trip. After It o'aloik P.I. tsto 1 dollara will Ite eharlead. 'l Prerat on ilg by thes tesOt Car mast provide themsolrv with Tickets, as the caomlrtnr t ha positia e direstioas metat I rceive motey il liseu thereof. ht THE JACKSON AND L.ACOURSE BTREETCAIRS at Lerae ctle hred of Jackson streot at 61 o'clock A.M., Canal itgeet at 7 o'cloltk At hnllfepat 7 o'clock they commence t lis tenar bolth itda everyh holl Iltr, ulltll S o'lock P II., erapt 7 ir thLat,. intarnd of leavinR Canal attreet at 8 'clock the ea -I ill leave thlere at 9o'clFck P.M. St i pairtaularly requested that sgOIenule I wll pt' La N v i 0 l'ectibre.19. I tt.' titaottt 5 en.elp l ,r loa. v:- ,, th ;I~ e, ir:' lnltld.e IH a t er ce ., dee sltred O tilhe I.ot of laltober, ICit! pa' IO to pt or thlr legal represrentltive, ao! $*t5tk lsb dale. lt. ly order of tbih e .,sa , ' ' led DES PO.lIERS, k hlip La Nouvelle (Irlkol. I0 Dl ecrnbhre 199. 1 nit 1T . ~teusaerltlenre de ettae inalitultioan son prideue L4 qu'n ,!ividtnd plusde 5 t cenl,a b6b dplerib et elrl In ler d'(t lobre et sera plyela eux ou leur note dsv (Iar orde . eaTpY ea a i .e t s r, " o-raMOtlS 7i