Newspaper of True American, December 14, 1839, Page 3

December 14, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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LEGAL 1OTICZES. _ REPUBLIC OF TEXAS. TRaSaunY DEPARTMsNT, F City of Houston, 17th July 183.0 -N pursuance of a requirement ofa law pased by Ti I Congrese of this Republic, approvedJanuary Mu S1st, 1839, making it the duty of tile Treasury to advertise and cause to be sold the lots in the CITY OF CALHOUN, on a day by him fixed. Notice 9 is hereby given that thelots in tile City of Calhoun will he ifforatd at Pub'ic Sale, on Monday, the 18th day of Novnmoer next, between the hours of Ten o 'h o'clock, A Mi. and Four o'clock, P M, at the Capi. tel oflthis Republic, upon te trmos set forth in the following oetrmact frtomr the law above lmen- F tioned - See. 4.--B it further onauted, That the lots in Fri said town shall be offered and sold for no other cur. oncy than gold, silver, audited paper, or tile pro. missory notes of this government. See. 6.-Bo it furthlr enaeted, That the said lots shall be sold on the following terms, vie: One fiourth part to be paid down, and the other three 'F forth to be in equal instalacuts of six, twelve t eighteen months. , See. 7.-Be it tifrther enacted," That if any person witso shall purchase any of those aforesaotl (h lots, shall f.lilo make paymant of the neve;al in stalments in cnnformity with tllis Act, he or they shall forfeit all such urns ,ins they may havy, previ. ously paid, and the lots purchased by such deflul ter shall revert to the goveritncum of the Repolub. See. 8.-Be it further enacted, That all persons, HA alient not excepted, shall have the privilege of pur. Cm ekasing and holding the satic, and the President is =uth irioed to issuepatonts to them so soon as the last in, stallment shall have been paid." The soal will continue from day to day, until all - of the lots shall hiave beau disposed ol: Calhoan is situated on the East end of Matagor. da Island, directly on the Main Pass into Matagor. itt, da Bay, and from it s advantageous position, will F -robably become the principal oemmiercial city in 0estern Texas. Ca A Plan of the city may be seon in Otho General at Land Ofiee. Tihe several papers in this Ropublic,the Comser. ailt Bulletin, Pcacyunn and True Aimerican, of N. Osleans, will publish notice until the day of sale. JAMES II. STARK. Co Secretary of the Treasury. J IJINES-Burgundy, Bordeaun, Champague, Mkdeira, Rhenislh, sparkling [look, liquor, reeivod by the last arlival from France and Ger iney, and sold by tile subscribers- fr Iurgundy, Nuita. Clos de Vougent, lermeitage, K Rtsanedo, Chamberlin, Larose, St. Julien, St. Emi-. na lioi, Chateaux Margaux, do. Lnfitto, Ldoville, Son. tone, Barsae, Graves, .uInel, Frontignac. tlampage,. 300 baskets, Engle brand; Palace braid; Palace Verconay brand and Liberty brand. ladeira in pipes, half pipes, and half quatcr cu case, old London particular servial. ilenish wine ; Hock; Graefenbrerger cabinet. 1897 do Markebrunner do 1 1827 Markehrulner, Neireonteinor, Gra. R, efenboerger, Hockheimer. St 1825 Markebruimer, Graefenbrger, Dom. In Pres. Hookheimer. El 1822 Pohanniaberger, Liebfraueninlebh- - Heinberger, Leistowein. 1811 Steinwein.A 4O boxes sparkling tlock, red, blue, yellow, E lab, asuperior quality. tquors-Wbiti Annisettc, red do; ratafia, bran. dy Isil, kiriehwasser; s. f. difforent liquors. dl E JOIINS & Co. F 1tW SfPLtI.NID PIANOS FfltOI Pttlt N. " 1J31 received per barque SALEM., f'ro Havre, and I ir wsnle by the suboreners- 2 lagnifi:elt Grand Pianos, rosewood, elegantly in- I inid with bran tit m.tovso. 2 i zgnificas t Semi I1pright Piano., Caraceas wool, beautilully ornmenteld, 6t uctaves. Gi4unre Forte Pianos, rosewood, very ornamental L 4'colonaG l ltoaves, rosewood, Caraceos and nt,. iogany woot. 2 do octsve, pltn an molahogany. 0 a Tile lsove are all .,m the celebrated manufac lurtoy of Pl.IYEh. & Co. P'aris. dl E JOHNS & Co. Si. Chorles it - BAZAAR. Corner of St. Charles 4r Common street, aOxctaNOE 0l5rEL. P LtSi . AolLAN wolde dr refpectstll Y call the at o . Intirn of cil sens and sterangtsi to thleir tsl ,plwrie t ,ase"lonrs itenllenei so linsn -b irs, dptu .s., ric niitta. rn,irts. fashiotanlle lis ronfonts linen . ..l lnitralk, Oe ttin slid s orinoi nldvr s lirsle anl drawers: sate'( and oilk handkercsielf: bilasclnilt! fancy e i i valstlgreat vsriety: setckb ol'every description: gatoI elll.ab.old cotton "saslenders: silk, cnniot lld thread Saittlbrd. I For a b, eifying antd pr es rit the Teeth. r tb iSft.ri ationll ttot acquaird grea telebsrity Iy J Itt Plseestig iit sSt- s"ttal.stle pruperties Ifr gio, the Teehl a pli.lh, nrwetOln the broatlh, odI en-t tirol eradicating the scurvy. it i l'oomed o.ff ingietdi eIlatstlean Oat to thi taste, tlnd hithly sencfiuillltni irohk and pore'rvation of tlie 'l'reth (tel ums nor dsedt Mosesessall somtt tICorrosives nitaer,lte bunatlel oftll rI tl l, istetrs o1 bcic, inlopired as it itevilshlyy t. ih caer in llIint otheor cotlpts into) will be prerovedl an.l nedered beautiful in te extlemt. Fur salel at IheI BA,AAIR, corset of At. Chatlrles nOtd Csntotls Ion. d tUsll & ALIAb. .'lle. ". ift I E --:.75 sla, frelsh n sedi- I ' vines, rectiveld per eeet at rlivells from itel Nthil.. re dliest. Liverpootl atd sliatre, aklsing their stuck olf mretlleoa os fIlI as .no in thie Snolthert counlry. ' fine tedital prep nrstia t i ttre |'rll the celebrated ttnuuI oee'y of Slander, Wennor , & t'. trots ho ethesstlsiY silt be ostnsttly rep dlied. Planters, dealers and I'ssli ciaswill Ie topphied an the usisIst f'sosnsisle ler .,Attti.r &. ANI)IltIlt'S, o 1 eflstslteln and TelhstIii itlomst NlWV (GOOD)S. & H & ALLEN are now ,penig a comuplete~ Cs- mn w IauatleI linen shirts; do cambric, wlth linen ont; linin oellars; silk, eotuon ad merino ln ser shirt l nd drowers cambri ns ilk Ilhaidkerchi'f; Iol, olaoernd faney cravat, iOn great variety; mom ir sart; Fli I tockof every dosenipioll; guoo elasic and cotton su endrs; silk, eutton land Ihreud Glhves; geatleUteh' Ilener f lo r a uk in g l nh e s AAiD R Ao-a pleldid asrnmento o Aladise' andgentlemeu's nt,,1I writg deke dressin, cmes, nusical boxes. work Foolh e hbuzz, Port Folios, Perfui ery andautlery, at die BA- ti ZA,.tnraier oft.ChArlesandl tamou IPt. cld d, ir- CINE, dec.--Lnuding irom slops SI. LOUin, Eceor i 'nrbree, Louivilhe Joal lehie and O rhio r 1,¥, :c. i e.. . . i nt dealrs Foraai by I nt fh d i. JARVIS f ANDIEWS, Ct 9 " eournvr CUm. & Tiicapituulas st Post F.NGLIH ANNUALS. Ciu P, u oo. K .O ll IEAUJ'r', edited by the Couon Stesnal'Blesaiugtnum, wilh bautifully fitlnhd en- l lyTe ll empsnake fn tlilf,edititdby the Lady E. Stuart oil \VWortley, wit twelve sugrevihlng. RIice He.ath', Piciarest uu Anurra containing history nod I.,a descriptio of Wind sor Ci.tei . a d its enviros, edited "lra by Ilteah Ritchie, Eq.--L ill...tritil.nsl. Gla Also a hurther a.ippl> of thait slienlit work tli En, Ihakspeare Gialery. with other new and valuable Eng Log Ibh books. [ Just received and for sale by 1 si - ALEX. '\VOWAR 49 Campst Tinl T1AUI]ItNES. |Ma A DRAMA ii five aelts, rm,, the Frenchl of Alex. Dumas, by Wl. BUerger, ol "Nonirleni. Kel This pa,, very favorannly received in ilie North, is IV tmore stron;flyfeemtiimendIIl t, ti he I ol)ih if New Or leamIn, nsthe fiMt produeionl ola well klmwn geniitleinii Co othtais city. for sale at thfs priniinl liook -toarns, anid at E JOLHNS & Co. tit dh cor-St. Clarlnes and Comnmol st n l ye.I.tOW FEVEIR. 4Ii Nsenrcabsas sn tle Yaholo Feverf fGibnraltnr, of iilil, .y P. cb.A. Lewis,aIthIr of Lewis on Fever. lie l , Lettiiig.&O. &n", just receivti undl for ni fI 3J..,. HAr. W LIA & Co, succ:esoT . to ALEX. T d)W R,5 l Camp Int. A R.D DE ROSSANN, or time Adveoteres of Fr ecmh gnolhsarL new novel by nA W Mi y Ry Uo ,.ndfrnrale by J J IASWEI.L Co. C 49 CoAImp st NtILtBH PAPRV-IhnION u nII- K d'fagrned. have just received per ship Rialto, an Londn and offer for sile- T L'4r5AM pi large bluo wove Letter Paper a ",. 50 d .o di o laid do F d.' `'.do white wove do T dl0 - ,tinted gilt fancy do 20 do do A. do Note Paper L s 10 do do ao do anequest 10- do mnlic papal, 12 and 14 staves, ornaman J I-all W.Iliiwo' manfaleturo. It"- Fak . 1 gilt and ornamental; color boxes, rose isdlaad Qtoy.,y,, brass moulted, elagant orttele. ar boxesa, wit alidmes color's in cakns of all kindla, ber.u n'n ialel hal' brushes, superior quoalli tatthdeOfl, ypnsewood, mahogany end enov;m iO rable.anbros or lie s, ao eleganl article; ŽO do b r e ba. qallty. Sqaae pieces; drawing ,siiitab'Ior (achoels manilil wnriters, Welig j and ofekerrt's; Copying presses, ftiu o3. quarto; lug oiak.el7prqugahv,; Stephen's changeable & thns blue sting fuima, in jugs; Perrynm pens of kind., ica g· EK JI)HNS Onto, U.itioner's Hall, St Charles at 'T'--The ba'tmefibere have received and.are re" h p.b paackrtalar'supplveof Beaver, . kin sik Hategf theo st.ut fash a u fa atjtors, which thenv .rfIor inils the citiens a nIub'le eneralI, Fr naue by ..O -1 , G SII& Cio, Naval, z& Faabinbls Iasatst under le nasa el, StCharles at I LA- E-A eomplnte assormnent of awarer'a a dirsel.efom hes seiutre, war + bti e a btlay enal to asyn tih city, now S by PICT3ER I+AIDLAW r ATEST I tile L_ or the goldeh 4 011 Meey 4 ig(I5 l Father Butler and the Louohle Pidilg , Carleton, author of Neal Male, etc. 2 vo e., . The Cunons of (.endl Breedair. or ethe Ilndboolk b Ma, of Faolioii; by the eulhor of the "l.ews of' quetue." E JOHNS & Co, NO N tolioner'e alto d2 ror St Chanrl end oimem;on sei J U 1' t(iECEI VtIu)-The Belle of a reeon, a poi, hv'tho Coooteo of Bleaeeinglon, illuelreted, Lsdol Tboe Shokp1oere tilleory, eintatning tlea prinlipnl Is nile chraotere in the plays ol the great IPoet, Lon don ediliion. tretorl Ole Notl a ehritmo.o and new y'ler's present, by Frederik Nelihberl, .ldleon edililo,. Frienedhilp' Offering and Winter's Wreath, a christman net il new yeavr'e arreiet, fihr 1840, L.ondon edition. hui I JIJINI a .C Io, N I S.letionero Ilall, rc d2 cor it Charles and c(omlmnnO as ail harnutiful ilhtminated el:gravinge; published by rvP A(ckeolniin &. Co., Inlo,. ten The ChPethoalrd ConIpaniocotai.ltiniig the laws of thlie IIIo'l, lolle elld iower of lhe pieces, renlirki llin the ilal inethol Islif beeinig the gmen, &c. lL.c., ali ly W I.ewii, I.iolon 13:9. F ('tesas for bI.ginners, ill a series of progreerive lessollns, r illastlraltd by ulnernosl- dlnigralmo printed in colr; or ; 2dil edliii, r'vie o.doI1 olrrpctedhy W LewislI.onI. or dliil; illo, Floyll's colioeX, London edition. 0 Jiil receiid nld for sole ot E JOHt S i Co. i d2 Stailoiiner's HAll sali j ICIIOLAS NICIt.EItlV coii;hlre in uoie vnume hell Pe odiltio, leut rtieeied ndl for sele y T. I IIA\V F:LI. & Ci., euecrseors to Alex. TOWAR, 40 Clnmp street. d3 SI(N l tI.AS NIi(KI.lIIY, No, . 19 iii 20,jein re. iind for ue by J IIASWEI.L & Co. d3 49 Camp at SNtiillG ANiD UUITAR. It T A STILl. ilmel rreplclfillly iliflorme his pupils - . nid the puille geoerally, i:,ilt li has returled to lie ilty anld illlllenllleid his oien:, of iastrucliols. Allp'licotioll. wil' li rencived at til sho reios ol Mosesr. F.. hills (& Co. St. (hIleie lreeOl; at Mr. B. Gr.sey'r, C"mp street; or of Mr. -. at 1ladelm Plge'R corner of Cnilll i) tr0tel tl L.iliayerltte cgnoh r. Perois epplving o eillier of tie 011ove places, will ple0te 1 e0ve their el ard.. 31 d bd U II MA'. 9, nll IIlt C9S. -l1 EIOIRS of bl - own hime, illelodig the Revolit.. I liil, the Ilpire saill Ilie Itersnir lon, by I.ieol. Counl Malthew DLinto. jlot received and flr sale by J. J. IASWELI. & Co, successors to ALEX. TOWEIR. 4.9 tCulel. d5 I.ll 13.4 2tl. MAPS--Jniii J Ilainell & Co, 49 -0 SCilliom street, ilave just received, fromt Philadelphia Srlhruill eiillyo IIM iitthill'i. ilii fier lhe plokel, vina filr 'oxil, I.ouiianin, Allualtoa, Mississippi, Teilneiiene, tlelulky liicly ichillin, \OWiiioielll &Le. Lc. logether with It t r.olie l;lly of Mitchelll's gueoirplhy n alolllhs. di12 E. JOHNS & CO. STATIONERS' t HAliL., NEW ORLEANS; TI isOrtlnent ofr papers being cow coi pletd, Itl: ihellricbero nfter Ile lfollwiug list to the prti- Air coulr altlelioln f the public. Prices. an IcsuOl. low. English Draiwing Paper, (Whatman) Deliey, 20 ilchaes by 151 white wove Meldilllu, 221 do 17i do Royal, 24 do 191 do iperiuoyal, I30 do 12 do Elhllrliint. 30 do 23 do 2Colusidlier, :35 do 934 do Aline, 31 do 26 Is I)iaille Elephanlt, 40 do 27 do Antiquarian, 53 do 31 do lEmperor, fif d, 47 do All the above extra thick, rough grai American and English large Bi, papers for Blankwork. FleI Cop, 121 inch. by 1. ,iwh..andt d. w I)emy, 224 do 174 do RIlyni, 24 do 194 do sopr Rovyal,274 do 191 do impoSial, 311 do 22 do English Letter Papers. (Whatlmen's IRuse and1 Turners', and John Green's Maitnulhcluren.) Largest size Packet P'osl, 4o, blue and white wove, e. f. o:ummon do do do do in do do do blue loid Bank Pot, . f. blue wove oi Extra nill large thick psrt ; do gilt Tineld large pot ; do gilt a0 Tinted pest; do iilt a.orfs miler 1o1n1; do gilt Foulo pel""l, wuiiit s blue wova S Bank, bhlue wove Blnck bnordered, (ilsourni:g) pool Ebmllooned Iltiree i amld imll pIit d0 gill f l ii. . " i valium post, on both sides di I i /I. ' t,' .,i pi iO . I /,3;,.1 .,r A ,fe Pli ,l'rs, ro.. . In t ino. at ' in , I ,r 1'' , - ,,, . ,I , rilt - 11A11c .. a 1 , 1 I fell t. e en gil , rr Amia' .f.(, i o u0- 1ev 'e i nfin 0ize Amiso n . s letter, while lan1d lu wove w do . hlJo i uliai tI dr di di tlldiin'o, Itubbard'a GoI odwin', Glpllin', and of all other gooud oiills in the United Steles. oLeter paper, Ni. 2; Comimon ito 1e Iai 4l t poat, mie and I' i utalon's . f. I.,+ey colored auto paper Fouc11 ll. c fih i w iull a nt bis wove and laid l- o 1o Nd. , wl 111111bt n ue wove t dill A i o iii oIo |hlnlelhrl "Ir E~nglioh notaria doenaind uis do rough edge 5 Almei' superiir cop hm w1v1e; wov si- ll ud·01' l I o' scns. l i. ia d o c No. 2, white wove tIlulodwl'O eOd li illl ler god mi nll in thll U. S. mo Rulede Paipers. et lSlier Rpaprl Iiii e paper, faint lined 'c k 4isel, ot. dtnie.' annd Ilbdn e. do Aliitieyt ii hlO ho wiltidllliir and cents columns ti'illr lito do do vtryl..i loruledd Iuk Fools p, a f, faint lined d, do N n o o ed . IA- ito II do wirll dolo. & 01 lines fir iec. 4 do do do long for hardware accounts SRecirlor La.w rpi neint Batl AinsRie Papers. Music paper, Royal, I1 and 14 slaves rder .'rti.os) 21 selaves .'anrl po . p . o . , Poet offie or yellow envelo oyal and cp In do packet st size ngpaoer, Eglis white do American red Blur ae neui end rovnl Oil paper nfor copy.g presses Rice ond India iaper StBank nota paper I 'racnkg paper, large and double elephiant Gla . and sead pnper e nvelape for letterr, white, tinted, embossed & perd. t Log paper. . l- L..v- -A ,n . .pply o ........ the I .n L.rnaw e awkjest reeeivedn y the d ubsetybts r. Montagae'n Su.mary of tihe Laws of eet.-off. witt rn l, Keat's Commentaries, ahridedt bt Eastmanr Johb =, Ia Csat'H Modern FAetries and Predents of Duel :"., Ta Pletdinres, Eutrieeand Write Coke's thitreta haooka of Ieports4d, abRidge y i ld Danla li hngeradi'n Ptaiaal af Puilaite tany, nosltan t', toreTte m~en rhitas, frei.htta and in ews n ted fro the latin aof ines, with nates. ()livers' rights of att Amerni e tm itian, wit a c,.t : ,u+"- Cn Stry on state rights and on the Consitu, ad ad apotich of tl U. - .Ser,:enat'e Caeonsaitrttintae Ianw SE JOtN' &. S, N (I Starntionero' ia g n El N corner St C.barlesiandtt . nelcndt8 n one r a Iei11'a Poets of Amerina, by JohlieseC II , -,, a inornaco ooud T l o, eu for 840. ad aChrl stmN ondNew YErn - 1 ser:R i, arndid enossted ie r orocco The Perl nr Affeatr'a Gift for 184(1 'ihe Chihs dGem finr 1840-Alaso, The Gifi, hi0t-Tue Violet do, and Literary urtnveoir, r18i , fnn sale by E JOtINS & Co, ortalioners 1,01 na.rr tt7 nn endllt Ctrlailna Col;,,,,n pII K GE U'S Oi IEAUTY. rlilS splendid Anraal, editerd hy ilte '( ' - [Bids nle,,itrtn, atnd illustrated with i tI,' intn aod highly finished etrgv nep, just triet r," alne by J , IbWEI aini / \O LAWYER.S-A new supply of at, ne.;' Standard French aln a w a ooks, just r. nr Rog OO,5 Codes atnooks, I VO| tI & rnatonCoora ie drois francais, lltvoltn a I rroplong, Vent I vol 'Tultltier, )roit Cieil frnanis, 10vole rat Pailliet, Droit Civil, 2 vole - Ragnen, CIldeol Commerce, I vol . r Nouveau inormaire d Not arailt, vol . caver, E JoIINS & Co, NO Stationera' H.,. Iash.. n8 corner St Cltes and Co 'rl ale _ _by LAW BOOKS. " . TORY'S Commentary on the L.w Of Ag" ' 'I." I under daIl' New Yrnk Reports; Cowaol ' \,.kn erts Johne New York Reports; Case Chitty aon Bin, new nea a The above with agenerial asesortcneato Io.f I. Sjust received and fcr sale bN &L Co, t5. A T R9. JOHN. I eASWELL& C etATOW R,4' r-J rP ..' 14tý 4 Can~x - FR NIEW Le AD, I;O;IC LINE OF IT ,6 r , 1- 1 d. ).11+Lt- .wayt t I. , ":: . Sl, iiiii ,, '" ; ..... viz. , and a mmande, k LO \A'+it 1.1,:, t ''.Fio3lrd All'' .6A S C , ", AiiN'I'Sc IlI. ) SARANO((i I .-,+idge blth i s" -ht, .nr. ,t l i, " iut'lway ntui rbyf lien ' '"' lie t cci .,- g. lippar n 4,Y' 4i~ ilinnflu ii cu bu ,,,t in ""w1"~,r ii,-\ allt~ Iue, Find l in., th st t.r n Stn ,,. I',' , hr trid', wih ne r Bg l al an n,, an. d ctummsndedlby f rne" r ' prsi se p n ih P evrr w till po i tel od tnin_ ~ In ,t"", , "I , ,~ i lrv, and evf,'Y at o ,,i , ,,, . n.iut it thesi Fiunl, A t ull, 1, r..Il ,s \\,dl ,i allt.4 be y l lv ,ed , :"., thl e g oe r a t pu bctu N11.7 ,,"o ,,"',. '," . , nin. t ill I hu 6h instant. e Ineior F e nil l or11. AT In, O ilva r .,'.): I1 , +. ~ " ; , . h t:: i," wae, marble any lrl,,= In .l~ tt .:" )1 st,,el, or fi,r ufh", ot ,: I+ ":: ,. 1 ,1 , a1- r , piut la board A lt Sa e u I' i l e n n for tie .i. ,.,' ,Imp ,,, oAfnue.I ).o 'r7 Fo 5 , 1 ' ee innr 1""v ] u ,t I ~ , 1l instant. e1 1I~ sih it 154! )I an I " "- ' .1 t Povr r wi l SI or2 11 pu n," For treinit of i hi,, ,,!,'pply o eL n uerd or - ' i +-n nl' , 1 I Camp Fn F I " '" E, n HK l W i ,-e, .,,ks' Line. T Ier ,", Ly , ~r To-Morrow a ( PI I'I' t is d ge1- ascrtened ship ,n41 ., A4;l~,, uinac.r Fil oinning inn e FJug "LC ,' . . ' I i y PI,"; , r.en l,:Is~lr utonor nsa diowaing~sln •n . ,,r tie i n nv nt ihe I al rosi n nl n ,, 'g t,, " P ai-t of 16 1th instant. 6 1, 1 ,11d .A+ev )irk Line. "+ +al ti": " !'iiu ,:gular packet ship ' .' A l i ne , h willvi t s ly e, trg). :~e,wel WIbadespatehed ini Id t'l I i n renj iy t, 'he , r In-n iii . '"I' ii utiiiiP nil' A ln t nh)," aui port in ur rpe A Sii w ,t mb rt+ n1- Antwerp is m)st nl AI0 Ai tIAll FIK Thi F he 1terior. 1ind' e .e " '' I I4 hl' U i l n mGhe t i',!. spler'irl uew and light s i htieat .' MONONGAHF:I.A 44'-,''\I, . Ii 1-l'J '..M , 1, •," , , ,'t "I",,I,, ., I.:+ 0, 11 if HIS r U r ,. • ' ' .1.. ... . ... . n - . . 1. Il' I, *. II. ,4 4 ,,* n i~lg n n ~ l I. '. : "IK , . .! II,v ,r t ,,. 1 ab o ve p W 1, " ,~ in.nin hT i .'cock'r Thi Fo In-tu+" ac m o d r - ,''l :' ; '."i elTg. n t di. ' F tF1, o ","'+ t .... )t"), +OP THIP 1 \ ;-, I,. 1 u alodrl h+t .,- ",h ý ,""ý ,..1 rp,,, ste+* a meN~ boat ," , Warr ,.:+ int, gtI0 TI ,.* '.." 44.. . . , ,"' elegant Sag +p , ,,,, or ae in111 ;,I C4m - t IA .t' " ' " I :;. eWver n Ia T I Sadun in'. 1:" 11- ieo n - I on ~ Capy.Annrt ii~i .... 0 .......ý ", , '' ''4. il,.'l Pacent. "A th,,, ~ , . , `,,i r '". , glll. W a ' g . ,JIml u',r ., ) n in-er , atl .n eL+ ,,. F "e , waun n.nidun Iiýi , ~en wilA ,. -,n ' . .' , r , . S pe - lv s till,: I"ýn. I Xl niet i' u6Ch r P stree gm i A eilelelnn S". ,," , .. , \ I. " , wing: plen h Jn il t , . ,, , , ,-oi t rsu nie 1c Onic' '4 llrv,niuiiu 1-1 i t.Inn hiR'hly 44 4 , I ', ii ; 4+, {itlt~i Syl ie Il'l (' , ',, . . in ,. ( ~ i, I.I r,, e ler by the Finlit, ili ,i S I h, . u.ih piener H t li , ., '' , ii .uet., iful engeaun T he i , ,I ,, '= ,l C aps< t . t ur 1\: ., )rthl" I , oi I.,d ay F. nun ,,l I s. ,, .. .- I . .c y .,.i W in .he I m4i'a 4'rg aI JonA. C lul, . +al,:ma,. tm ` ,, . e Ye t 6C art res • "I',L,!,, ... . . . ).L T . I.t"',' '1'ý _ cily ,. , ith C uutess ofi A ll eu. tie principal feri .. ;i re t pet.i l , d Ne iw Ye:r' It resrnI F 1' tad , A'. aw' ,, W r eth n (' hrie- i ll i.. ,, , by S. G. t ,i I t. I I IIH SWELSi & Ca, l to A T et or 1841, tllus- f 1 . I''..Y, W. l 1o. Finde, h m e " , . nfto r al proe tad eifo ser. S S ,~ ,, a or tei ( tw, ielrt hf (lle Sar ndul w Vi s e becu bytld elllncer telH S rap. e: k' . 84Finde, with poeticnl 1tu S L... .. ..t .. .. o ......e n Ii tcie`, t i H eetiI s egat Fir 181C1. edited by Lad t t rt et, A ,ttal tor 1840; Wiadree Cattle 9 i 1 , nI,,1 sl'iia i ClO( e, fo!lowind spleni ir ti 'ale eritir re: c at aCci rnl ietmt n of trigi prose Sl verso , - e h "I Ittl,'o.nie se:liei r in n series of twelv.1 0 ghl. y ., a s, various subjects by tie Cutell' ef .,i,. "," Knout cartp Boik, 1i84t , with poetrci el ta . , . rl. antid ryi t g rt l t. 1S sel iiudarutr, a r40, a itl eautitul e lrtv- I 1 l ear 1i1 e edited by Lady E. lltrli ".i'' ,e,, Antual otr 18r0; Windsor Castle y r' i -, cv L. ritchie . iilrtus, v Joh IteeSE, spElndid lllorc co S ,r', a fr 1840, b RHev. JALhn A. Clark, I . fr L810, by Miss lao Eapr lll r 1': ,, 1;40, a ChriEt Rand Nerw Y car'a P ie .trb . td a y a morc- ei. r er A tlgtt'.tiine adll t for 18t0. , ee aso, a pom, by lhe tr nte tee of . i- ll nr', f O lill e llril'.ilfiltlt l l e . A Ih pl 1as 8Nf rthe rg r at rlll c "ý' Op)i 'u + as ound Wil- Ve\V . r n(lh. +t ,' , ea. .+ ,,r's Presentc , edited by Frederick . , c I,,xt 'bootnl e Souvenir, a rlhri~tlnai., mnd ,New I'1 f ,".. ,edited by S . G . (icur id:ch. _ JoIIN, S Cro. N. Orleans tt.lileiPur's t al, -oror it. t4.durt t e, t ld rollllot ll st 2 ON&:EEOtASO.R SIn, -,roar 1re l llllrlo i noll Cll+I and nR - itnn, ilyth,'.crians mid Drutids; . " the origib history and purport of ' " ''..,,[ i.. J . Oale br N j IIASWELL & Co. S.uccer or. to d7-l-- Eurial o Lew . .d ESquitv Ieporter,. t'anining , II fit repr. t. o, 0 ,11 . , i i ,l i drnlrlIn~ 4ver ;t ,1i^I, nd ,, + ,,.+ v,!t p7 r, lt .. ,n . \r l E . I , ..h , Co. . r.. ,, .,+ , LA h . -LO SIAN G ..A!. REAL ES.F. AN STOCK S uttljortftt? of ttj SAtate oat Lbatutitaa. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHiJD, MANAGER/AND PR IETORS. "T Te First, aIelf Million Lottery, and the Second, or Too Million Lottery, a0,respectfclly presented e Public. Tihe IIAI.F MIL1iO!. LO ITERY A be drawn in December, and finisheld at one drawi9g. The TWO Ml [.ION LO rTERY will ie drain on the old plan of Blanks and Prizes-Numbers in one wheel, and Blanks and Prixc is nother wl-eel. Both Letterji. under the supervision oftwb Judges of Courts. WILL BE DRAWN IN NEW ORLEANS. TI /l'he HALF MILT.IO\ LOTTERY offers chancee to 1,291 Prizes, of which 33 ore lIiz .s of Real Estate and 335 of Stock, besides many Prizes come. pound f Tick.,sr in the r;rand Two Million Lottery, affording a particip ,tion of chans to the holder of a Ticket for Prizes nv. The GRAND LO F'I'ERY of Two Millions of Dollors--t1,000 Prizes!!-to the tilt amount of $2,000,000, of which 107 are Prizes of Real Estate. Only 9 Blanks to a Prize!!!-Simple Nos 1 to 100,000. 100,000 'T'cketse at o$20-2.000,000. Scheme antl nrellig price the salie. Amog the Prizes in thlose two lottrries are many pu Pti rivat. builditig which adorn the city of New Orleans, and are the pride of its tnhab. itnts--tho Verandah, St. Charles street T latro, Americans Can ., Tarv, 'Theatre, St. Charles Arcade Buildings, with Ilctuls. Dwelling Ilouses, Storer, Building Lot, and many ertire squares of Ground--bosidos Stocla loanks and oithr rnstitutions l' the State of Louisiana, amoutting in the wltole to TWVO MILLIONS FIVE IIUNDRIED THOUSAND DOLLARS. All the Real Estateo ad Stocks offered to Prizse are owned by t',on nd in, tiltr posession:-- hle ncts of sale, with clear titles, are vested in their firmn and recordld it, tile tffice ,,' Adolplt Mnozureau, Notary Ptbl r, ,td nofli,:r ,it' cocvtyco:os, rol.y to transfer to tle hlolders of Prize Tickets, exempt tfrot incumbrance: 'iTh, prolperty is set apart ut;alterably to thlat sole and o).ly purpose, and canl, il no event whatever, be conveyed otherwise by the firm than to tie holcdersof the Poi'rize Tickets. . m a w, -I AM E RICAN CAMP STREET THEATRE LOTTERY, T CAPITAL $540,000, IN 1,201 PIZF.s! Will bedrawn in DECEMBER NEXT; and in order to gratify, at an early period, the purchasers DRAWN 0: ofltickets, l.e eombination is adopted for this Lot. tery nely, of 1 to 75, whereby the drawing will be completed in a few minutes by the drawing of The sche 12 Numbers fromn tihe wheel. ir tii lotler tihe irorarOit 67,525 Tickets, at 110 each-"675,250. MODE I nourbnr orf 1.291 PRIZES!!' from tie Biu SCHEME. THE Kittr CAMP ST. THEATRE AND GnouNn, Will be prize to tihe holder of tile 1,t, ld and 3d MONI drlw lle inrr'er 15.... ..t10,e00 'I'ret rubtrnrtial ferr Strrv brick buildingtir LEackdo'n calleld Armstrltg's hoItel, fnrltng ile eorner oa Cu r ol Caap utill Naulchz streets . 40,000 aed by Prize to 4111, a5tr o lll antd . ain That vanalble live story brick store on Old Le vee street. occupied by MIessrs 11 i& op-p V in 35.. . . . . . 001) 1 Tl VE Prize to tire 7lt, BIll and 9Oth.s val That elegnt dwelling house and lot, Nol 74 dre Koyal street, oecuplid by W V Goodrich 25,000 lrattt'n trer Prize to thle 10l1oan, l1 aned StIh. Tihe prinitn 'I eant two story double dwelling aed double l t 1,1 t o

211 . occunpied by J I alIll 18,000 anr right Stu Prs to the Ist, d and 4t tot .r . tire square ofgrouul in faehourg Annun- di u a deai A ith.SdI. hiunaedt by Liberty, on, el by rr.tlnll tle ri alnd Terpsichore sls. 14,000 red it i' e to I td and 51 i. r ,; 11111 I ., rte story tore anrd lot llrn er Cnmp and iernt i . r lnreet,uccupied ry .IMr. M. Lauthler fi r lour an b a i" .ds... en 1t,000 ec$ iittt I' n to St, 2 and rofth." 'f1i , A ttorv atore and lot cornerof t laryre ti i cerrtlicite I'fr 5h0 tickets in tie twon milliontt ' Itnn ry, tai $20 eot h .10,011 I U TI n fortlUnate hblder oft hi prase m le reali zet e hatippy r istoily trodtanin posrssnot. throeR This me tie vari s slendi prizes in tile two ¢Ill r of ly t lotter,, will beI - ty en Prize to Ist, th1 and 8th. with the n That I re anb ilding ndti el ive t in the r ciry I 'l.afayette, nltl bltt lp ivto dais, l a ort e r o b e Waenir.g ton ald tlthll i .we irs. 10U by dt0i) ; 47 leer 9,0•1 . . 0000 s Ie Pfrize to ist, 25 atrd 9th. A eriitr otf.125 tickuts il tile te tw o million :10 ee in lottery, $ tech 000 i ewi Prirze to st, 2 e and th. T h That one storry , we zli e hn)uae 'tell It , 2 I. t Navel let st. rnext ti dulott r l nlt cu tnter flh llha im n,51e far 3 v ear A certilitu te ilr :l3' tickes ill tile two nmllion Iy el le uterv, eln) i eell 6,500 a Prizeo Iit,"id ui 1lt nnti. A drtltiite li nand lot te Vieler t. 3i I iart f rte lobing 2i1 i(min lot forming corenr ofn le 11 ghien at. t, o 01) er SPi,. n to ltst, 3 4thth , L A L erlit e f+,r3011 ticket- in the two millio ,01 gr Ao fery kit e '2oll rtcll a pertir,00 P l'rize t Im -1, 31 tield 5th-.kind pm loui thlit, lot Irlllll ph mu;ln ne st. 4.on t. Prize n 1t, :d r d t . lit. o A ce2tihcate r'J70 tickrtit ile tetoi millio.nirti lottery, t $ trtl och; ttn of Pre tra in st e td 71.t Id A certitfi< t ao r -', , tic t 'L i in tn e "," n million 45111115 l e l tl ry, s $' 1 .·r l:le l, . , 0 nIn)' ,in at. uxt t corer lot ld Vitary 4,000 u n be St Clinton "t• 1I'iza tot Ist, nd 351 no191h. . The 'noA A estnr ble Ikt te I t r.httrllITr st. 2.11. adjmtelh 01 nCiCrn . e on rhe Ctrnetr lItt f Nnvlderet. .k 1,5010t rn prite to I t,:h. a 111ntth.8. An eligikly .ituated uilding lot o.n oedliious in eet t St. dd N. 5th lot fruln trot uo curler of e t. 3r000 d 1: 3,t000 line of It,, ' ni t le t, 3s r dand1ti lith.e sa Aipriz conrsltng o f t certtificatnef fr 150 tick- atoer etas n le wr o millitn tla ry, r li$t i eachI 3,000 trlpn ly Prze , 3d d 1t2. ll 1 ilUOne n inncatln, 2d I. bonndedi by Cherry,' lint- 50 EPntniS i eliria Cnesnu and Err at . 11. Prize to ISt, l1,1 and .reet, 2 a A lesiralne buihldirne lot, 3d, MI corer of le10- bolue nren, and Ollteget a sts. 1 Prize to tst, 41 i tstreet, 2it Al desirldht hlliline l..t .. fteet on ......gut 1,8100 fe y I" le Ent. 31 I. 41 "rithr r. n toentI llat ng t 1, r i. Prize to eIst 411 t n ed i7111. Ioeidn An entire sqarne t f grdlnd, 2r I e . y ounded brir P--by Clio, peat Irrato au4 d \alt , i. 1 0.0 lark Prize to let, .4 ...kind 33111. St rt. 2 A p lin n ne 't SlutlnIre i'ground in.5d1u S d. 1:00 ie.ttd edl by Errltt andL Eagle Sta. ran.ts I Priz, to Ist ,th nd 9111 .1 t. P Aro- ril o t1 in id m.ho ed by Io. a000 tet 'riz t tan slaria onlrd 10th. ' An er igble bunlrlt i ltr i ltUitti r IInn,. 2, lmit' city of tIe l e,:1! l'tel \Vam hingltI street, 7 , I" SA , il a2l i lt t'rIn-n , air fl.y ,fvett , 3n 3 ire i e tt ooteV r -brtnt, tsad .ill'lot from 2.0 let,'riz S, iht an I'thil l. tlea F orh ,il lin I .-lf - 'l 1,,,"sl , ,il. ,,, l ta eitn , , :1) to bt f,.,t ptch itu F,'ourth etlse"', let .41, 1t. '4 r ti fona Inlk C net r.I Pr a ) ,toten tSO tiar* a hIt 21 1 JIsu ltri ntk Prier t t I rioke. ni m t nrth- 1 'h5 h ftO1 7t - Ott'molt t, h and.tri ....,-,o lt, :.tit,. _aitmrt 1, $ , 1 10 ,,0n, Iete a ru-r, i t 0 h r tit l tsir ' l Sir ,niin tta I alo r d t ,ml , it ated tst o 4) 0 te S frsll tut corller \V'ah(IngteOl sitel, s 1,8011 2" eneh n .i "l " 1 7i " d fin11th - - t, n 51 tt , 12th- S,-l ,l nd t7111-t1 t, y t h nil ytirn n a-r riz,'"at en , cerifniale ihnte the twomilliOn ,0nh Iot tier, 311) tlckett n , 'i t $.M1n e. h t .i 6 or3. 1'rinz.. t , ln t Orb ant11 ti7--1nt, tat ord 'I'- atnll nt , ia7111 nnttd 91ti- let,7 ri, err1 11t11. n eror 'wo prizE.r, raehe certilon t athr 175 tketn len ille n two mnillitor loitteryi25o t, t r$k e nt i 0 ,000 j de t1ilt .1 t n h$11 -i-ri1st, athe; Ikll 3- t p d,:blueut il railroad co 'nlmnY, 41 sna ,, 4,000 n ann Pm- at $1111 eacith, t rlrintn , 9 t 111 sald I lttlto, Cal.r l m 191h1etla a 1 St. rit nrId llt nl. o 'tr -nI.ICh ertrl ru engrnv- Fi: p rize.. eac'h h om, n of ?,tn. iiri ",n 3,1100 Juli1 6airont Stc, :1,nl0 sali ,lr . -ki , 54a t , den ea4rt Prioe toiien, 81 ia an d terh"-l dt, lotab an2 0 1111h--Ist, 9hind 12th- at, 9th lu'i totls-1st, sure Eiorgh of ' irt, enr h P cr rlee ifeate n f50 tXlftrn el5 theh 211 itorco tw hevln i n i mltcrv , ,:311ine0 .taik tl r, at $ 5. t0, a O Ju P rize t lr I t, 1pitha d 1211,- 1st. |th 1 m a ,11 1. Clark, hh--21,:, ahd 5th-l.-.'d and ith-2n1,) 51 and 7th-2.1 , 3a and t 1h-- "i , eI im- 1,:1) and 9th, r t- . a t a de a "'en ord el ei ,l, i 3 e . ... f laTresr fo ir art' th an, k .0.10 3 7 I aonl P In of L tni in hd, 7th sh aare 1 tit h-nod 23 I Pries 10 2 , :_51 nI : l3 l tb 10h --1d1 43 1 and 11Ith- - a5, 3.1l ad -- "1..L"h anl 51h --l. h and 3 61o--1, 4h11 nin , 71-il , 4It and Sl- th-'2t , de 411 and 9,11--21, 4th and 10,h--!d, dolhpad 3 lintrs of e rw,, w1) aliht r a e on n re or 5li ar 1 llin e t two i llr o bll et 5 tir ckto s , a r- !3100 i n ,an , we P rize , to the 2r . 4il n . i 2l thr , ,l 5th andi thio-- nd 5111 ear17ih--2lS)t mrc piLh- l,5th fee rt 51o rte11 r1 h--1ni a th anat 7111-21 n t il E 2pi Si),or I' r 1 --1.1 6tth bt nd a111- I,) 71na ,1 ir and ll h--rd, t th yth 12 eh-- nn no tneat (i tll 'iezbe a d neoo h one hprnreon n he Le&Cifihllr for nt) titkpro ill tiltn to or ni',iho ltxporitirn h er rhoatnt d on - ^e d ..r ,bnerInIInI / pribes to tickets tnlag ny ,, h rnrew o)rlno '4-t.t..err L oo Co. b < lking ( 1li Y,370 Shlle. at ..,I t tp srroet Oen Illlldr|d nd twenty-sin nnrinn, each •',t cdnn +.+l . 'n- ten,,dl hat.ty oidni~rhlod . ,a ," hi in" I ": 8 - '.a d , s , Std' t Bali r' ni all m.nis . or 7th and illth.. -- ra 4t ''t. ] "',' .w ddl n· t*;n 'c - -s TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. 10,000 PRIZES AMOUNTING TO TO TWO MILIONS OF DOLLARS, DRAWN ON THlE OLD PLAN OF BLANKIS AND I'IZES,-NO CO)MIIINATION NUMIDER,. 100,000 Tickcts, at $20, - - - $,000,000. SIMPLY NUMBERED, 1 To 100,000. The scheme and selling prices are the same, as no additions or reservations are made for expenses in this lottery: those expenses will operate as a laroe deduction from the valuation set'on the proprerty. MO)DEt ()F DRAWING(.-T-Ih Numbers 1 to 1100,000 will be placed in one wheel, and the same number of Ilat0ks and Prizes in another wheel. T'o every number drawn from one whoeel, a tieket from the Blank anod Prizo wheel will be drawn, until the whole are drawtn. THE FIRST ' U.Y'S DiRAWaING OF TlIE TWO IIL. 43* The I.1ON .LOTT1'I:ItY, uliau v Ioa MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. peMty I a SEaLch day's drawing under tie supervision of two Jlllgel I Apollo and of Courts ill New Orleol, aund thile wheal. oplened and 12'7 lei sanled by tIem. 47. IThi1 10,000 PRIZE S. nFcty at' 1. The VEIlRNIIAII and gronnid, valuled at $500,000 Washiogto 'I'h 's valualde and p eleiono edliee is 6 stories feel flonl C high, and presentlls a Irnt of 145 flretn flr Slit liltont, y 2l har: l ,' stre t, illl I10ti 'et uln Ct llolllnll street. 49J.'I'he The prio cit s l Ilnrtioll of tlie front .fthle base- d 10. of 10 ment ltoro. n C l esalarge I t nr, nlt'nno (r coEP e ee slree anid , i.n stlorest , .ind two In rilld oltiese to Itt 51i. Tlne hotel, I lr wlli nl Ihe relliind.,r of thit ,l'nd id an Nnvad' edii t is detigndalll.d. a .n l.hi i inftInaw ,' - ni lr si r ed by Altelsrs. IKing & (trleks, iif nstle which 51. iThe render it the nmost f,,hionlllble hotel of tIhe t,.olf 13 I l)ltl 3111 pero.oo cnil ai t olne tille leo colvel- Ill stlrnlts, irlln) v nIeclnimlnol ed lith di win*i rooms, parn - ,o The lour. and1 bed rom111s. The plreetrPIl IIt avers- (ppoolsiLt get, n .:1),l111 |l!)rltlll m , IIIno nlrelllll illo,'0.o od tIe d lh o it ly rltnvlen illn tIt lie a seso Ito $3,11,,l(. Thei 2 h32 127 to lres oit le lanlltltl le ders it stsceptible of 53. TI^ allglentPllt i tou$ 15,01111 I tile ftillttnate holder mi. of 18 I, of thin rl z ,e.' and V l n it. O,, l" S l. CIlAII..S "''l'IIEAT IIE AND 54. Ai (ltItUNI), with 10the scenery, macht ieryI being lho Wardrbe, .ili1 . cnlomplete . 500,000 32 hv 197 Tlisoll mnnili'illl le l tlrture looin faot o of 130 55 A I lee on S tt (Chih sltorreet, wiall i deilttll & front bein. tlhe, of 1717 hi t on t St ChI rlr' Arenidh. 'lhle capilci- by 127 tI) e tv and aconne: n atlilll o withini corresolt d 51i. A I hwith I .e .ltitllldlt ' o ilt exterior• 'Iloe lldhving grand alotnl is '25 hl. 19 feet. The four tillr the oorl e Ifn bolxles ono n Iroulltonit IwithIlo extlnive gull:!- 57, A I ries; 47 of tit n b4oxes hlve t ollllOr orrtollling 1j hI t fi rntd a. nl tlle nello e tf 1of 1e IIon ils hlt. perlh el : e loel in 'en c ir tlft'or :lr ', wo'ighinhg 4, mn5I1 ii.`, ltr iilnilel witlh 176 gt lig7 ts, unit helis. 175U . 1rh7 coll. rhe seollr nlod u Ilelll i wr e lre unequall.ed nn I ' iThe t/elntll'n' lihIn in I ll n.olIn r i 0 Il leUo red lrllin to for 3 cars I 2 0 ;lll l tnnnrn r iiio W). AN. 3. 'Ili S",I I Ii. I til lIA .5' hIlt ODE IBUtcI. L)IN(iS, 1 1 'IIS, hNI) GlROtUND, valts 3 3inoei ie i 0,0110 i. AIonlnl l tll hhi)ti 1hi' 11 0 nnnni nnllhi ordern 14 tnn1',t0 o fe't frlnn t rnt 'o lnar il tl r ,ty I i d ,ep, t rtn.l nlit' I l. ( noinorl+s An'ncn ' d 1, ,(t8n n i' . Theni.A ower part i uecnoi0tn] inw tr rohon1, ol, 'hl 4 t'~l he tire tqt llore of o und Itole nOnir- srtn po r r n h lity, of tl,' o·ildioo lo . nn' 10 ole s , IIt, u le'ictnr lit' re thn i i t37,1'1 Itt o 50 il. 'i n fn s 1ti l tn reo I eloh l o. n I, t n t o h J 5rvsn It lll0,' 2 '1 toitiln n ntnv nt tunlnt, lle nnt nIlir lti nl in ieni l oe rll .h r ()ftt . . I " ..i . S. The fiulr s 'torv nloni ick t.lre, N Ito.. r 'i 2I0oel oirlnptl, nnt ll'l1ioi llnln n nllltintp i tnv n tIooin I l ti llt ileruh' slreetstred 0tre Sohen toorter 'lo inn t r,0 00 7. i. '1Io rtni Snq.r. o go rond onl oh'rleo 19dA street1, tntllloininlinl of Ii ll ttl 1i.3 ilo tah73 elice Lof it"e tiorbelu `?0,0l 70. A.. . EIEr. 'Iorerl0si0 h0n100 0ttr0'l11,& , 5,000 1, Stoo Iyt .' ....ntir t I ref gro..nn d o n ito erl b1 ondr 1tr1et, 21o I'ni ,jCl.tllnlnhti', ntof ii g lo t ti 0,0i'o , bye 010 S.The entire It ronn ofoundnn'n ol Reo n la treon sI reeIt,I d ultnici 1100l , coontain Ili ots, I.oun - 7 310Dtellt y .llnerle illnd nrlsTlih tre lstreel. 18,010 0b d 1:" . n '1t h, entirety rI e 1tn. rnr., Nnfllllt 0 l 0 l llo tto ni hue o Itre 0," d 1 1 tll i l tll y t'o i l nllli llq I . l 01s, 7 5 . tn b inelllldt! d i 1v l lttoIt lnnn tn e oollnlllO n.r0010. 13,1)01 bou 7 . 'Into I eln ire . ql uar e ftn i rrto lll oI Me ho. s eetn '.r1e . I tnl notitolt Ct nnihtinIn I . i otn , 201 boulnded by 'rarpl it+hoI+', Lilberty and I·tr m 1Eu lto ll run stlreets 14,8011 •e t 15.' Itwo so.tory oule andlll I o oN 7oono Sl (cven Itr,,t d 1n l t.Cipaltilr, cornler 7of iRol ood street, :3!) by 105 tee' 11,1 12. 16. The "..q~lar o" grofl id € i II;e|es .letrt lr(, '2 t .ll i nnli n nl 1, o f , blun n ln n d e d 1 ) I l te r 0. ,I 101,,'le lm I Fhelic ' it 1"n .. .....' ;;+l 14 h5 , t,1iTh iq o nden I O,,h olto tone ,1ll lIllllllo ,'I t t'. ' i f.n +Inn n In .1 o ', h b y 3 1 htl- 11 5 ip·illl unlitl 1l.lhertv arll .l, anl the I ne olf tle+ 11,(1000 0iliy 8.rt .. n1,tnnonv1d.of g.1.,I o. >I lelll.,10'o e Jonh Itrtettntý ililhl It 'o i ' tO 0 1, 1 oio111, louond y (1 S. i hc r' 'l o , nT , : l .i , rl i , I I2 loo n . i 1 1t I 1 2 0 0 0 1 1849.1 '1'1" 11h o ntar, fIud on n'i . nn sree, n 0 2,10 a tt ilt , t . ht ,, o t fto t , t-, hO~t lO b , I ti.nne lltn - 9 no.eid, 11 11 nr d d ,1|ict sir,,l 4,00 .o t tL. it I nh t Ir otlll rnr od .1111 ' it '. t' lte Lim min re ew l 11, .015 Sum h, b an ed by 5 ,.1 ! \\hllolu Joihn ..hC.,,'l , n. o ,,.xt the oooeit, r of tCa o 9,1`001 t 11.r(11l., of 5 In7Slltl In t.1 t. 'l' I hao II of.r ,nd', o l'lT alhi sAlp,,et. 2 0,11.000 ,h d ( ,l hh IanI l 'nty ho8llnt" , Jacob a unait Ilo nwn f reel . 9nt0000 i 2'01.3 h 'Ite no r ico ll l bu idig ,it .San stree,, S2 4 iTi 10. ' . o c , lo, I,, Mi ,i.lLnnti .. too 5, li,1 t tl1.t undeI IIb n11 warn ,'rert 0 l 8l 000 o 31. ' J l i I So e a o f io . • • t, b 82 m. Th0 13 rlo h u rlld Ih 7Ir iier flrw 411100 0 21 .' rho .lUirn o f egrooonioi n hnll ton st0,,el, 2.ttninuliin. f olI.O+ l nti eo.nin' lV t illll ni t lllll t ,0 2 o8,500 by 37. 'l'h, onle stounhal and n.t Irlill od LIt d110 uli t r!i, '', 01 boit l b ng: tnhttt oo l C . 0000 s1rort,25 by2rlv 73 feeet " 13'0 38. Th le op of grof onln oi llon streti..d m. o t l t l otbt, Ihitltile ly J hyl o 8,000 l 0 n00 'roI'e totre 0tre 0000 'tt21. 0he 0 o fne slhr Ipy l a no, rol , 31 ,y 1o'ni l 35uli street 'd o . n "ot of h on lt Ato no a 00o toreet bohth.inh t1 hon 7 odd1hy e on Ja I SIlm. of 6 10.1, b!od. , 1 ,lly hv , I Soisan Ja 7 ,580 m Meolnir.t ,,ttteLooatait ,,31. Tn' tv ltle nrlnl , oo l it Thalioa stet, 30 y 3 25 i. of 18 1h1 I, to nootott bh . ian o al, 3ttltonot 5 9,001 3 2 . T i' o . . . .t o r y n u it i , g t oo t I ,o t o ,t Nt o at h 33. Toe ....... ar of gr...... on I.tlbPl,.ure j sl e,. .t. al. ,of III his, honnls -td b y Solis, 2520, 0 , 5s500 S31. 'The Ilo o If .,r ndlll.l .5lipllh str.eet, 2ld feet • • . . . 5,500 Coll II od F 'it t'eel 5115,0 1 '3t1. 1Th. hit of g-ound in New Levee street, 2,11, next 1. the cornler oflubiu a rest, 30 by 5,50 37. T h le square of groun n r b'l~i i street, - - i".,.,_. by 113 feec 00 TO.. ,Ail.nafeof~lara $2,0110,00{ (?ALDWELL, OAKTY`& PRITCHARD. J\5rOrleNa. Aug. 3018, 1839 45. Ihe portio of n qm .ye of gro,,d aon 1 I'loliu silr, el.',2ti m. ol 16 lotl, blooudldl by ltaullt I and streets, uld other pro p4e . '"h lot of .ound the i rner of 6.010 127 i.ot d on ,000W 47. The square of groond on Thalia street, 22d t. o1.5 lota, hoounded by Otssosel,Clossa and -elicty otroslr • . 5,000 b 48. I'ho tWo story brick house ond lot on Washington stieet, city of I.tlthelte, beoig lll fie:t ios Clhilppsewa street, and having 40 teet front, by 20U luet il depth 5,000 49. 'j'he quare of grounl in Thalia street, 22d nt. ot18 Ilot, bollIned by Msartit ldl Mello lloe streets nd Esgl aenue 5,0(10 511. 'T'oe one story Iui!ding end lot of grould an slavtdes streel, Ibeig the.3d lot fo, 'rterp. iehrnl street, bnving 32 h IS. feet 5,000 5t. 'ie sqlore ofgrondlo in Errto street, 2d n of IS lots, bounoded by Martin snd t,'hulin i alrl.ets lll, e lEogle nVoe o . 5,0110 55. '. I oIt of Groulnd on Apollo stlret,2d ml. (oposIit ethe residelce sf4J Field Esq.) lIoeg thie d ot ro't erpsi choresr eet end tsings4i0g 12 by 127 lete 4,000 53 :'i. ' ona ofground o ,n n Errto street, `2d m. of 18 hlts 2,oundod by Eoglo oenueo, Tlhalia sd \VWhlotsrtift rS 4,000 54. A lot of ground on A(1llo stroet, 2d In. being Ie lod lot hfrom Tl'esior e street, hcving 32 Tsib 1O27 feet 4,000 "55 Alo rlofgrod on Apollo street, 2d t a. bei., th, 4th ini 'urplt hichore sllhut, Itsn g 32 by 7 let . . . 4000 511. A lot ofground on Victory street, 21 m. hav ing '6 bVy 17 li..t, bellliling thet lut formitng the crlorm ofdEgIolerN storeet 4,000 57. A lot of grotm(d t2 bV 127 feet, beilg the S4111 lotfrom that ,which forms the corler of 'oer'sichlore ste . 4,000 51i. A lot Io'gr(llun on Atollo street, 32 by I127 lo,,t bett,,i tj22 lld lot from, tht whilh follns tIle orller I',le.lmtene lroeeo. d lit. 4,000 59. AIot tf ground on Apo1lh strert, 3 by 1"7 foet, oljoimog the Ilot oUrmilsg th corner of Jl ,,et,IoIO street 4 4,000 1. A porlion lof frolld ol TIhlin street, 2d n.1 .u tc siiln e II lots, b nt.udd lby (olibs and 51 tos el tr.ets . 4,000 0 f1. A lot.f grotod tot Olelpno'eoe sIreot, next to 2 th2, lht folrliln tile c2olller o l Apollo Otto.t,72be 127 toel 2 . . 3.500 S. A ot of ,00u2d tT 'h. rsi stroet '2d m.3t2 hy i',7 ,t, ti e tho to .,I |om that 53. A lot o. . groun: .... l, lel, lM......o streert, 2I Apol)o. sreet, behlg S32 h 127 Or:t 35,00 l11. A squtore cf gKmtaod so Terpsicbore streetl , ,ll(l t ilg S lots. boUlodeI by JIotI:I) Illtl 'So~lis sl,.3,00 (2.5. A lot ,Cg,,,ol ,dor elifieb.s -troet, being Jlll o ,tret, oad botllnlog hle 1. 7 3iv 3,000 Iil. A sqlloare fC gro.lld c(. ;lainl, 14 llolt, ot,.ntttd by ChLerry, E.rrutt, CI.2llus ulld Clio -, W il. . ..,.._._ ... .. ~ .... b2uo,,ed ty Eagle, \lelp toelle, ,lslolt ilt ,0 2 T'lhalia strvet ,500 tlist A squnre ofgrow nd, Iltmttlituill, 1I, lots, bolntnded .ty \Vuluoll'llh a, Chltloly lld Errsot Ill) sheets 2,500 69. A smlll ldellilng. llouue nd + lm oItf grolnod feeh, aot Oil 'hippauwt sreel -- feettlo Fourh 2 102 70. sor rotll, "g 1. lots bounded by \ asloot, Cherry ond TIhalis of.sound, ,ootoiisg 14 lots ,00 "· 'n *'1"U' VA,'U'I' "%Trrl t and CherryT ttreet4 T mot oundd Ih~y Thul Iu, Solis stud Jacob stree ts I'm I."''hllS 73. A.'..'noti- .ii llttd, gwm ldtl ,,,._r 10 lots, I),tIs, In bmunml.d l y Clara, Melp..veu.'e and tiartin lnusual) to streets 1,500 74. A sln.t ii gro.'nt convtwm.'og 10 1 t,, tn,tln~el ,glleyll.'m, 'lilll,.'l-m.3iild Irm I,500I· boun3dtd by C) esnut, I. 'v., 'pi . a'nd Clio 10T I street- situated '..A 'qunrr omtgimtudcontaining 22 lum e 02 ho,, Ullndd.?I it IIluLce. Eiji-to, Pouch a~l nd C:lio 150 trllion 77. A squr co.ntainin.g 1610 Ios vntg Ilolldell by 'p)·I( a nd l ()(?U:l sterna 1,:.00 locaClity 78.. A squarei,,, gttn.l intoiuig 24 Is.. bounded by "I'rnr h, P.ruto, I'e·I and Clio 2,'00 .0 eels.t..,t~i,,,.5li ,1. . CI..r and Wiut litit. 00 N.'. 0ouutlrtl 03. A ., 1,.,'1.'i, o.i tnt (711.stretsidd 17.00 t I'. TI' Iri .-bylld n.,dte Uf t;.-i -nt boan 800 i 90,I I A , Il ,1,,',,,s ,,,',l ,,11l.t.'.t1.. s dnl, 1,00 o It. A tt,,t,0.l fII ;;round otlIidl 172uldts 0illed 03. A alik., it.g in i-.piati- b,,tg.,i' b I-d I CihoU 001-41,ii~~,n 1. 0 Num,,.', 02. A Iqnrr .4 ' gri... . ('ttniui.'gtn nitt's qua 100 tw b Cliptn'ititt"t.'-i 40 I.' 105n fent"I 1 7001nu 97. A tq pi .ll O groundii.It0l i i- ntiung 10 21.' 500 '.'.ll' .',.'. lr".'.' m uu11 %% b111 Steels 1.?00 C ntl cc O4...\ EIIIT llu C11111 T l~ill' Krw L) cult aiw0 24 I la cha C 9)o. A't ty 11,10un tems Sit gaind tan y.. 1,400 Ott Ii) 05 .1 l..'nn ,i ' "ni,,I' lituh lllnrmii' 1 lultn 0)) ti. A ttuiol.* t .q"". e n ..fridil on 10 tat houndetdl ii.e.) Fri."' nll tottn .trl 400 C. . 87. A Shinn. ul'groBI.U "d IrllllililnllC 10 lots E 0 bullnndrtl b} 1'li ,I'oar uud Touch streets 801) j U 010. A I,,tf giiaotl of gro nd n' tluie.rt lot'n N. bun wlcdr.l by Pear, C'lioand Wasll elt0 N S0 0 Ill).A trutl~ularsquare f Rrutonl bunsded 10 bIy Houon, iie ili,.y o.d Utertm p trutt 800 ler 00. A Iril' gt11 I'iitr.' tigd it li. cor- 800 tin iD n.rr at ,i tIllldh · JI'i''uhn *tlour 500 Intl.'. 350 91. c, Ii A t in.,',ln Itw.r ott gouri.b:undg iS.' b~y 'I erplicborle Wi11rll mo bs 1·L·(R oin 10 9.2. A trI't gruiiiiqu Jrt.rmyn it.'.' b .nde 300 by ýlelpunIIue unit larti2 rt-Shy P 103. A tninntottitrslnqua of griind ibounded at 00 by Cliu andttLiritenn- 300 Aet 51.5 003. A s tnquae ignln n cintniming bi lotn ntud hyundeand ly Manp, Venuts d Pi.s stet 80 rece 00 and the canon 800 ,, ,, 10. A lot of ground nn tttftatinii str Ienet ('ls the 4th fTrom that which tenonslll the corner of tal fo bn Chlilplewn lrre et ri ilC 40 by 1. 5 foot 9b. A lot ofI grounld oil i\leshilgpun street RI Ileiny the :nl froml Ilint whic:h forms the cornrler and 100 of t:Ttiplpewl ln'cl, being .10 by 125 feet 750 andl 97. A f ground onnttl ping 12 lts bounlde d by ri,·, Luplo.. ,, ne, T'.-e and - e 5110 lea 5n0Il OUR rl S·t;ld Iould4 Iltw 9:3. A triangu'ar square0 grond bouded 41 ,11 by Chesnut uudll 'I'llalitl Streets Ito 0013 '99J. A lrinnasa ti cl"o'e IIfgroulld bolunded 0 C, by Llnuuncl l and lI~fl) tI streetsl 000 100. a lot of groundl funning the corner of "' Jelsev nrt Hdlllhteltln ·Il**·Is havinlg 25 feel 35 h ,000 101. A nult ll' ground Ibrliltg the corner of l Jersey and 1'Mien It miensl illllle same sllareo. having .5~ feet ol thle former and 115 feet bn the 350 go ,500 "lever ltsteoll njrcv rlr·,~ b 1 15 feet, the 7111 from the lot lurlunling the corner an) 1,500 of \\'allingtt"l street30 103. A lot of groundl on Jerary street 25 by g8' 115 feet, besing lh Bll f11 rom the earnler of Wash-50 4,0 igonsreta 104.1i~t A triangular squar re ofgrouln bounded 3130 A by Ctioand tlruce streets ·~ __ 5.500 y105. A triangpular square ofground boounded 208 no by Pear and Errata streets ti'U' Iun~ ~ ' 106i. A trianular e~lar ofgroud honde 5,500 b Iy Calliope, Pine and Euphrosyn at S t 20 h b; lapirux"I \"u,"s ''·'t` 5,i110 4:170 prI"o. I . n .c 3 + ~t 5,10( Icu nce tnll.: 9 ., 1,',, 177 prises, I·H'r earl. t 1.c tI 1 " . i"' " ,. 1 4.,,, ,,r,,... , l r ., it, 1":,. I:"tt.lrin I;i ". *. « ,n\rt~r lrie n .,In .,uu..'t n~tn., . inc ,;.tý. I ..n JOB PI ,T .. S o" no' OOERO i rvlD1I.Y, HANDSOME LT AT TEE OFFIC@UWF 'at True Jp09e**40 1, UI'. CHAILES STREET, YF.AIC IOTDRA + '. mOOz EoTARLISIIMENTfs No. 53, Magazine Siv2et,".' ý<ý (lpolpoone lore II ' A roi ll. I$'ILf,IA1uJI R OIEE, PKOPMUaTO JARVIS & A 1REV T 1t IIOLE0Al.E AND RETAIL. If 1? Q DINDODIUEWS, PtO?3'T5 01L DYE STUFFS .ANL) 4 ' iC'+' Cor-erut Cu flOWnuhl '001. .. " 4o':, L' '"" { NAV ONA " ; A large upply a Garden Fere" ~ n !0.r.1 roe f1 -(·" of 1837. CHAMPCiN & kOClt].1r CAPLN&GROCERS AND I)EALkE '1' ! It:A I ANDI F1.1 No. 79 nod 82 Julio atroo t1 '.re FASH IO N A BL E '.LO'T1 1' TAYLOR & I .T)EN, Ne. 141 (lh.?tVr : ". 8,1 HAVE a o'etr ttlulpllly IY 'i, i s,,":r to re'lenineraa dress, of Ilt - 101 , ' \< '0' prices DOY'I.I , rs:. I)EAL.EHRR AMERICAN & ENGwS I. tO N GLASS, No. 3 CaIlONnotLo 000'r IS.' BAZAAIt. q SUSS & ALL..Y'17, son NO. I, KaClho(ol" )110100, e : ' ofsn Varne~r ufS1. ('A rlreanr i i ...,.+ : sf .. " ."o Nt'ty tart '"., .:·;.tr IIý'Erfio.·ry; thro0nig C'0g - at. "ilui ',. ' S":, Cutlerry, Hootiery, GOlovres BSirt.. 8. 5.., Cotoreootd Vla cv Artliices.4 0' SA~III)' L 'I; .4jferchalrdixe Brokerj o·r··~F· ie·n; . 113 tlffir, 3p, CanP et.-F.". ,^ I.. I , I t, --- J. P. FREEMAN Xr r'O ( Mlkebcale CIoIthin Ka.: al..UINIII No.3.I 3,ooollo' . T-V C ecnstantly nn hand s I.. ,i ,''1" RL ing, cacl.0 0 ld for rive 0t1' ".r 0. I ooltettll lurinog large. onercIhant,;',. :.o ... .tts be Opfliioll at rile shortet noti o04 FIREMF.7 1 INStRAN5,E 1'4W'1 kON R :'.ýi OF NEW ORLI' ,i> S This Coa aOvref f re ".. Nu.Q4Mooss'on's Iuiidit " o' N Noew Orleans, May 15.1838. ROBOERT CLI - HOUSE AND SIGGb 'vpr' No. 12 Caoop 't" Wholersle Oealer ill Puiool, ( . r i'(1 lhe.. m:a30 WioodowradPioture '.r .~ . FASHIONABLE . i .L 0 RODIAT~S OAA 0P·lr-n I~ No. es, Chlarge- , 0 W cE conslanllyon Land to.; iI itog 1 gentleoren's dreo nce enl moot t'asllonnbla ss II, t:,. -r t., 0 ooo~i,oiteduced prices. dec4-183t 0 BANK NOTE El t'.. It WDON' WRIGHT I ' I' il0 7AVE:openoedanoffice in.o , '.. 1 equal advantagesith t "" fitr the pu~rpnee of engravinga 10 Botale, Bills ofI Exchange, ~ · Clhco toond olthr inporrtla p. . againost oargrior;omid bhaver I,1 10 ttll roaf keepitt of oil plates over fir b tun dehr; ilslly t:l . i " i . . 10 will be exeutredo witlh 'r1"'I ."., trrms. (diteamurnerr' .it .. Nov ()rl, ott. N ot+'rtlrr52, - 0 ItiEIUI.Ah'I ' "'' S'I'. LU'IS STRIEET RE" ' "E . " U THE EXCI. N-rier hashe I'n l · i~is +-+," 10 and tll pubelic ir an lhmrl .",o`.s'. 10th iretfu t, aO Re atlral, w .lert . .. zI , . 1 ," rC o ucc'rdling tlo lte bill oflfare, ' . Fifty cents for BreOalfOlt, ao d ~ e r: t· . f 00 D inn er. 'l IIe breakfast will II ,;.- v." ." dI*oinc· n, t opt inn, one corp of c, M~ae with Ii',, i,:,f t *!ttnlx 0f v nuj~ and brood at rdisretio'n.ll Wien dishes at opI Otioy aIIUPp . :. Iilý vi "" ", 1P CI;( : i00 oioeotolo rot.0ouaoool f.ý f'114:44u eA I' to' w0 hoeret tIthe are Igte . Fft'Tlf11o0C81ht11 ,, i atlooriloelIt.o. Ithe ttl.l fh'l 'o h 500 er lle. in establlishing hio I s00 ttiollwhrel perons Mill b a100100 ". ,, ". . tihe dao, at a ChIeaperrtr e lho " 1 t _!. .,e 0 it,, subsocribrllt hlan ao Dpartiesstl willexeuutecitY oll"""''-OO ol---2wL~ n00 TO HOUSEKEEPERS O 7:".`. B a' " BOATS, end COLJN!'ZI7' :11I···r lHI:o usrI borearos are no r,. ,,l I " .- u, the 000 T m anufatorelslOg, n 'rge ol, A'- ."' llu. s,7 (' 'lrland ,9 00 IbrthieOnlo l, I.oookinog t Isa' 'la:" 'l u ,t oor O w e 0 totmpslott Chandelirr, Jupla "t.0., I. 0. o, 011n Iuse' loroiShiotV 00las0000 l rl ", 01 ic' ; ""." y Aý'er- r 200 unusually towIyi rieorooNo. -"r p s:", ". o CloO100strut. 0O211-O4n * 1'..10 Sto (' . " MANSION HOi '1. 1() ,500 00000 .+. I HE ooa~ltreognlllofre ',gB.,-' .o'''' ti loon. walil P T 110,010 elralt ioia oolentlr, .'*,' 1,110 0 ituaooed ioo Oirapin street, r lO l. I`oo , h "ve ,I": a ,n, o tonunnctoo then piouoblio ll· .r" r "titi0<io ,Io la slol 0tttOl' 01 ''"il ilbedri~ui wiatll5 ny looVe th10m twith 1 b,11 i -" t v1''"' · 'L';i·i rt a- t '11 lll~ on l'- botl~l 11·Isjl· '(P1 \Y .(·i.l. /·I N t. loca uclity, Eotnminiec. 6r..·r r " all I~.I··. tt It it ii u,,uecesslrtonsar1- y to enu eratell ". ,.Y IA 1,500I lsiE J CT--I I. MANSION 1101" iii ri" 100 ' d la H.Lot. 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