Newspaper of True American, December 16, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 16, 1839 Page 2
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.e receipts of 6it,'attel to 23, 5 thine of lust yearse per proof of the great yield e to former expectations. 4to hear that the flornaund Ra il At e issispiplre redeeming rh"ir notes ieeantat5-parsant pren tinr. They ate theit housein order, Wise men they! ýsitmiss'has takyo strong grontd against internil .4eqve ents. A bill his been introduced and will Iroeabti likas,5spoiiisjin4iiirswa itariting tihe issue q4euttheesiaetaistsqel totthe esgisso imyrcivesmestcour ?. papp t so het b orereatith6tt exception. This hill, if' 6( thi wli eut obffistoeriptions new authorised to the ati o f2 4,5lt. The total of the states's liabili.. tioforhondsaeaitely issuedi *Lt7O,636. The move wnant ia the beginnin$ of the new anti. internal improve " ..T;,-at policy oftte Gentral Goverment. A- A ernment organ, in %Iissinoippi, brwr"hei the Soet, insof free trade ansdthe repoal of all triffe. It ie r breaking up oll scenes hotnee &o. nol goes in for dirent tax to be levied by the tusteaunod paid to the $overenquteat Wsltingtou for its Inpp.rt in the qubta sf repreentnoijun. The administtrtion paper, in this city, admits that the suit loetsty. bul tsbe paseed by Congress lhiii winter, will be smtnded so as to make it a National Hank to all intents and puresoso, divested of the power of dir entlting. Tm FFrom all spparances, there can ie no doubt,iut that thrboegitnning of the snd ofthe late experiments on the ctreneys isathand. If any measureean he adopted, to control the Stete Baoks in their career, without ano lher National Bank with the power of discounting, the precept ositluenon will prose a falsiry. aint lu Dmles. Cha,.rlen. Dtt ......... 8 Iahne Do ....... 4 411 .1rk1 42.....::..* 2 Cniat, do...,.. 2 0.222',tI. do''.i.F... 841~i.222p2222 No02..... 3 l122.2 2 :::..) 12.0 A 1 .,d do.. ..... 1 2 B.t.1 , N r ..... ......30 I2.242 d A,..,.,...3 OR F OF NEW OIILEA NS. CLEARANCES , December 11, 18'0. 21h2p 1,a222io2.J.22e22. Li2..pon.2I, S4rJ PWhit2y !ship 0,422242, 0222. N~e Yo,,k. A Co222n I1.rque Aga24 Lawry, M1ontego Bay, 7 2V che l co Brit, 12.,,d.. Koll'.. 11,2.22 *2c2 rr ~a. 2o. file' i.. J IIA24,2.d.1o2 22c Na.22 122223242. Pej2222222. 01a2222 12th £122,22 1,2112. He..d2.y.11r.2..42 R1122 12ryn, 112222,022 0' 22 Steam2er Niogara, Fennell. 21oh2.e 22t2e2r ARRIVALS D£c2eber 14, 1839 ritgmr J ~n-r ,U3 S. (22 P22qu.22I22 5222".,r '22 I2..l' 12' " 4 . son.222 . Rat2on' R.'.g2 222222.2r t:". I ~!' st , ,. ; 1,r42.........1. 122 5t1222 A..I 0.1'n2.2, I~4i.3.U., fil, A44222202 De2 mber 15, 1830 2' 222a~ t, ".. _, :.".-. .02242gl121ld22td*°"' ..12"" 8,, 'i . 42,i., 42.4., 222. Edw d,2 ~ f;. Sh.eveport St2"2,nr 1+,4 4n 4I a. . n, a5232'. 02,2 j 512,2.21 , ,I ,nn,', 1',.'t, f" t., 11.222222 EXt'(nIT )..t. .n,,1d 2.2. 1.1e2.1.. sc I '00 i:'4f.1. lu T RECEIPTS Po , P22 2222222, 1121,2, F,:c,. _' "2 oc , W h le ,t c ; h1t d an o u o a ; + I i , G l -' r I ý 1 o:4A hd2.2i,,521.J2H 1,,4ync ,, . " ,=, t .'' .n, , P0ers d hr, IK ea&W ,. 2221122 NDA; 3101.2' ., 2 ,,,, SI Whit.; 12585 WhI;,.e::f r, 2244,.ý.. , , . `, Sh22vepor.. Pei ane2to N", '.21 n22 2222 A1,2n2 .y & 1 26110 N. Iltt -2 S Tobbs following i 5A~i ~vnnotso h a Bay 2222u H r I.y,.2, ;teame ...r Ii h,. ..2", & A.2 022..£ 22222..0 B5rk2, W1u& 221 £20 6.G: 18.L2mb221 & M.T12,022'2 . f. i ro22, Arc.,w0& 2;3W "'.,'."',, I,": 242'. Hik;.y; £5 Cis.. 1& 25 T. I. 1 T1 222 80 1.202222,14 11 8222 Dec :rd &' Lwrge 41 4.'. . . . 222obae ratio'2222 £19n,422.' "2 Monson;30012122pple.112.04.11 2 A L2..22t.& no;05 Lau,..t -'4'n~;.ýr ~~ 1li 1i, & 82 e.2 d,0 al 2.4 I.,r 1, I I2JR OR,42 B2; 18S12.,"' ) 11222222.Inc T212d2222;. 12,4 ." '.' . : 2. I., 2224221.22 2od oh 71 M Whim au;..l He 2222.". I-,1,J,,, 22,,4 'r: A LIes; 22 7o&., 0I n. ®t$q 5P 7 1 .0 .JW 1 iu,& 2 2 ;4 5 0 , 7.5' 2 1 2 .2 .0 . . " I 1 32222422e 42222 M 11 R421,.2.I!42. 4142".".. Pe.hp'.,.,'C25 2,.'; T 1 125142. 24i ' 1l.... '4.4 PA S . r":'4 122222,; £22,dilj; 322222.2 ,li 2d... 11' K. 42241,24'r~ 1.,"+ Lady; 122301 T,.,: I p.. ;' .r"l;'as4I. 2 aly R224222 12112... , Kelt; g',.. I.a".Iy 2 ". r4224224 .24tama X..4k111e. V11p24 11..L~,'; 3".2 2,24 .242;' 220-,I~ 21.2l.2I22aF22222ekej'ily220 .4422r: 2422l~". ..o4 ... 2.  D Lpdy Alo, 022221,242,2JS.23. 2.. II, u l,,2' ,de 422", Fl22 .1122222. 05.2r; 12222 I4.42.- l. I411 l.o.'..4 .u.1., v' {I, '0 122.222 .22 l.h2I , a.pj rl2. 3 0..",,31,, %.' .1 £44422422 0.2 ME SIC)RAN D)A Ulcer 2110l .emain.. 2' 1"«, 24 err,1 44 tr°tFn t 'HE2012 R422.s:rj M~W OIRtEAN' ^N1) N1h,SII% ii.L I. 2.11 * The flla£Ilwipg 32 l''4l'22.444, 24.4 412a R12,. It Depariure, il,. 9A. X I °# A 11 1%A.Mld I 11 i P-A. 1 2i 11 11 't ~T\12;N"(YII~Vr Cl.1T'. I~ad nL 2 , I ~y l; 02. , r 5WRLAI 24NAIIII 1' r 4 nI i i.dyi 10Ior ul.2 S, pjr.". -~" - '2Ilk o I4'22, [ L etttd . ,"2,2,2't.1 for ,. ut .uklars; i, etl ofi. -11-md dollars fro :t ,tars fort. rtfeer,a nkiig . EIGHTY TUos.U!U toLLdp. rnue truly. I f ecur.« hin ver ,, Ationary,prisoner'nCsod deputir, (" . ..; cost hiq4 nothing, or paid by "no gKoJ .iLfellow, the editr of tie Sun mny b". Ai; :tl Hozey will soon be a richtnn, and thus we, ; " impression mnyv took up, when hr ,bho'ed tor II - pointment; indeed that was one of the renon, pntch i mnotives alays being the firt, that in uced uo, end thirty ttherr to ask Ned White fir the allicr, and for refusing in which, we kicked upsuch a, tu 6 a rn pus. Come, roome Ar.Sun,ifyou will ogree t tony tUtzti expense, we dare any he will Rive up all tih pro ir. the office, for ut 01ast half at wimt you etirate theii - end make enough then-you'll any, e, en so, it in a mighty pretty place-wish we had it. Irredeemrables.-It might be nil very writl if to" iv teners of paper money had the coal to :Ii leem thei pro. miles to pa", and besides this, had h.- riht by h a it, put fel th their scrip, that they shouil be lircolatrd an money. BIttwhen the contrary is he ase, wlenti opportuinity ornuspension nfspecie p iymen's in s,"i:.ed upna to put irredeemotle pieces o+ ;p,,r as a circuln flue medium, on the faith of rIse ia'ur., it ^rete" a troy low malte oflie public morale to to:er - ec c h iolatio of lIw cad right under the plea -f i'i-,ilieci-,- acn exhibits in the proposers and all! r" i o ut h n te? auran correnponding diminution of but ,rlo[ -M -11 without which ilnoiety cannot be li. eirri l .1ini ia state ofipuriiy and honor. Rail Road Memo.-Three routes r v beet, red for the rail rend from Harriobuic to i it:", The twoenouthern lines are the mnte iblr. It tl supposed that the one up the 9n-qit-lioh t mouth of the Juaieta, tip that river nei., ,le ;' , ny, along the Coennaugh lned down the Kirkereneia and Allegheny to Pithsburgh, will b' -le-ial. 11 , timnted to coat 10 millionn of dollars ieni is 290 mitles. TheHarper's Ferry and Win.he r Rail Rld is r doingafinebusineoe,-1000fbinloffie gn The ctmmietee of InirOefors later' o n ir i along the whole line, and foiluu it i~ toite order. The net profits on I r Washinc-tc nail Releigil lail Road which is doe, -s lir as Weldi-t fir iele letst months were $86,00.1. out of this ;i°i,000 land to go to meet the loro on the ,horn c Iii in,, l wni I Ilia !company. There lira 90 nine of cherad eo, ", I rinishrd, and in adlition to the recr it?:,(0 w- i envl , be raised to complete it. The - I I\ teamnboat line, when ith-ir i-d is 'one ti -i ; ti vaunah or Brulnwikilt w . A large quantity -firm, lioni fle Prttvilt \e n:rlted by anthracite coal b, arrite,] at i The Mount Carbonno upy oas n o, : works fir a qtuntitt tf ca-i irt-n r - f.r ;_i i nniii they will dio whnoel iirto n,, The Chartcntco n l Cincent haveneked aid of the L atur . . I ble themto tiake up the riot of 1°.r n~Oi 1"t of January, for the Il butihi rg I tnil it C of the pirclhe mnlo y has !,en pul. Sauit eonopoly.-Mr. B0n.oa is el-er to Fat i on salt, 20 cents perbu -hel, repeald. Ili i moving in Indiana on the subject. The t state have paid for maniy years to ie bit-r,, a salt monopoly from $1 toeue acluor ad I Of 1 . r bliti " this necessary of life. Il -t w --1^t 'i - battered bh the repeal' :'d " we much do it, f r heo that done +cy :l o at otz t mercy of trIC rptas, ehi4.c0 net-a naesiled with the re of low prices, but Ili ratre is higher low than it wa, h ia duty was pj ' Bitt politiiinn earenet ir the result=. All thty want, .I I ' f rdý ment, i I hen tie i \ i r. uii 'ii, will cei n , ',1" Fi ii or sotmi . t I , lio "f:i , titlne i jId -1- I - t. 1 I - - ~ ý ion f ine ,o .,I arow ,'I ' . ; }I,. luI -' II-:+r 1 I~ n "it h, . ol *I ha11011 fe-ill Il , a i -o ideri,6le gin almy It ~" " pr-vent cupselizig, place r. " i a t-1moot, and Ve , - -p-ri o .8ma nt*- vdi i -f l Ie -n - -o-nded r ii tnuif:itce. hti-c--o-n, and .I I r' te f-i - rln il t-r i , h . 'I t!h1ei i -et-cetii 1- .- - nn~i r lra nme ta mary t" It , t , p..r"` th ne :' , ." . ,_ n' h .u ýr \ ,r crren , _ .'h .,nr" f rites , ., , I n I . I u- . rate n~ate Ib r I ,t fl:@ tate ed c oad i (n 1 ui " t. a caro po i ireiequal at females an 'aid of thin young man, .only is he the beat delinear r, but that he is an artist of a 'o 8^m Patch of Mnrble, which hen arw Orisono, ia spoken of, as 1 far superior to any thing of the o..nted to 1hr public. Marble opens at a.e S. Charles on Monday o'ght. METAIRIE COURSE. Sunday 15th, 1830. Proprietor's , urne $600. Ent. $60 fGee fir all ag-s. 2 na old 70 lhs. 3, 86. 4. 100 5, 110. 6, 110, MeeI, 1"1 1" . h r - .1 oatooan n ,' tf 3 lb=. ' r ,'oeato-tn 3in '. A. 1.1I. n.:,o n J.Mim' --I)I.f Tolie f, i:r o 'I by (Lay H n-. I.i. I *lr wt : lillp ;fuie ,- ' , J. 11till, . ;the ii. pe.', ea ' n, h ^ "'~ , N tit" 1 e -k .,Ie , I.. ji -.tioi dsr rnJambv iD 3: `:1 t ,,,e o. ,io s 3t d ' /itee r-u, like -tt prrd- 1 - re <.n 1t1t innu t 1 ir ser'ton, was won ttry enyils, Again, tIt -arcqail of a " , " ll on ono side. ( o it thile you Ana'. Thk-e n.- ship FLrfield - yestrdny, eipi,, this beatifti teaself.tSomeyen .neo,0 5 as replimd of ~ vesrl in the I\,w' O,;oas. tradr was, lt at sh shtot " ' I y so many hale, "f ;Ivon, withi' ~t win, any t l - ntt St, tar Hock 11e ,.' even unlre iur 1", ( ., ,n b Liverponl Irrdv. I is thus, that othis . i' , c-,y As asserting i'. inr e over ott .o r ciitt sa ilt to td l t 'l Wt-` r, n cusp , ium of commerte. t'aipt in Lyon of the Fb iI"l a 't 1s "r 5,peuimcn of .L i1eC an: rl ip.-Inwse'rs. Nee'v "11 '" 1'iv rth m rne' 'i I'' i" faun is spread on r ther 1 ,,IM, w utha ' uausisal sti, Fe.. lem',nly be e,.g o; "".m+ of fe lin-, be cin'd for thef,,. Our word i, - n 1 who wt 1 n, t *.i , c'"mpany- withlls Ca taidi, nn "t" ,. ok !,1 5 new, tb" =" e hince,if th-ir I usin-w' n", q ises eas voy up - 1 nn l'nit6'Idl is owned 1y 6l. ,<, J ý! e=a nd 1.",1'. a nof 'tw Y rk, 1the ;, "'6vt , _ , 'e 1 runn li rt,^ 4 rco:, !' ,i $60,010. tho wi, , it l A sirs I od "I' olue. I11 r urb'1 ,,, is c,'u blt flthd , rrail 1"'. Lrngtlh on doe.s ii., Nor; Il n r." ,a hearnl ";d and Icing of oula "1 6"0. He, (non~ine 5' :Q00,. sno im l-. t are .- t ilh , .et -ti ' ,o a io the a..21otoe, t n n I( ,- f f tit !" 1 e, to ,. dt ed W r i ,.:r usge e ta whe,', A<.& \.. '5,11;.:nn npaos the l 9iiu ti Cante, nn,, , u~ ,,' 'r newY k. Is,' tin, ose, God Ze'bra wwd a r.. ".;I"hI o a ny i ebny are ae in (he , 1%n f the walls, duo,', r. A l al e: w k it taibed and out ~usied, a is usual. I thforo the berth. ore canmant, c'h'ains routning nn ^', r. ,A. plosa'bd X !,,an enrprt f lich P.'5. o""., o ;I . a ri Ind :onve'r'ni ct e 1, '1-IThe ron unt,,l 5,5rnt b!` _ ;a 1, , strik a trn 1 r richness of *(ie dr twinga rainliurr d to it. It, the In d-,n ,!,ts tis til. m w th he urm " Illinoit If r i 11,"I`r h 'I`, I,` X ,11`i be tr ", '''i,:) 55(55 in w rit.. I.- toady ite tone!-! on-i all neon all w,~ .= I " C undvi it - 1 .u ii. It f!1a 1 , noun n. Enviain Linn will e F ,et l ,:1 1r orr , Iv-- dit 'idt -heir -on I'" sr 170 .-= The month wa' r. to think "f ,b," bra o " coaa hrom WI .0 .,e, and biq poetatoes' fr".m I' :t n I t, of ,"r S( 'rv - ffs f ". %"n8r " bn i

ofvm r E:. gi. h, your ii,( o m ohe 6uý. . ir rLeir ryre at sIh ,,; f . 1 ( ol. o". n !"If dios"" of then in n'i, " t he" ready fitr ysour pinte i,1' ~ " in `. - of notatoesa will. W hen re-,m n'! fr... ..e " :h n momen that thrie fo"'l t;" ,1!.1 o .muta for thee:, end th 'lrl s 1-nybem- to ti- fg bo I h g..core. ,:i, 0;ý , 'c n ,, .iinr,. For tC year ending Ot I-i basco in Philadelt-a i-", 'rhero i, on,". ,N ' rv:'' , ' "5 two hi,: .. , I , o5,nr 1,]1!1 e ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 'F n, ofw nt , le [,a m na a tr: iculture. is ,, ,ýc os . "o-l1 in Il. hader t'!"_ N n' N. o*Th r"" :ne favnm 1 I r A .'."'I , ? ' I i r l I . r ' i . , , I , 4 f f ' r" r 1 . . . . .r , 1'..rl?111,r . ^'11'1x~ ~ ~ ~ ,,, "ýIiltl-. I.. I" "t 11 ý .,, tn '' ... r, , . : C~a 1,L 1,~ l n *bxt ., I * h"':.: ;.tion of Texas e a greater degree ito eitseitienrn than any r in the worldenot Sexcepting our own. ' Among other sensible provlsionsl t are equal to the tfge, are thoae : E " No person shall be imprioonl fr debt from ina- itn bility to pay." and In all criminal prosecutions ftr .el, the truth shall o be admitted in evidence." lot Wake up Air. Pic.-The news yout.ublihed yester- em day meornig,under the head of"latest m Tex'a" ap- gr" poared on Wednesday last, in the Toitnaoertcat, Bul letin, Bee, Louisianian, and Advetieer, the greater part of it in your own poeo,', the Picayi1' thit ste e day! 'The Tiorn is in th some a predk t Fie, tr geetilemen-wakeup-;-woke up! Sr. LoUIs POsT (erFCxt. O(lt.J 1 Editor Trot Amaerianet c. 1 Ion Sir,-Your pnpers to Andrew fleyer nre not taken out of this ofier. Cause,-Ran off frem St. Louis. Wij'iýC"C '. `"`C'f 'C~T XCn "'C' l U-. We r"ei'ed the above n -"ren s moil, nod ,.il;-v ay n' ward ,'f on " '~ý ,,r a snip Cote C11 e will c tthe .C' .IC' the .eat of the nCC i'' ry , -Cv, w' ." I ompny of M a'grrnerer tC, JiIor t' he the It~ a 'tne''v l ar ; t C''' I'a t v Ie C a"tt iC 1Cand te men !Ck C o"ier-' 11 tIrCrCoCC 11:t1gC ' at itel p'Cr e brInC much in the t. e:t 'c" 1.t% o hCr'o" "C C' teherfh oiels.CCIg l'sI C, e'CCn4 by lndrClgi'Cng au on, ti- of lo:-- err -tell at C a'- V. :nt. Ib h flight I It 1"aut 1,11 is i., v ngred into, ^ h n . 1arry~ atte's rode ~l eign, i; tAbo t to le a 1, tad, in lal i v" selt ne y bo tel t'hed with Ce cCr ins'. -e won tiC. tie the i'ormOt'on rC tn to Ir'd"." . Cela'ke.d for Oelubor, i .- elI' n uCn C skhi in foi e [ apirng. Tha wrtintn a( ~e: . " .er!, nx ing naticle, tl,.a,.,h thnt on 11lug 'I' ,To ni l ,n . more to ows liki c lW e leastn. ! t ! et the r ,er , ;t."':, .1~a" io in taking, ( "oam rn lessons. li se na" t: "a ~wl do rn Ion.-Vona x it is true C tC e ere n nCpC andmeof - ' , n oa Io t , f'r Ct ' h C l' erer C I ',u a .--I I fill:rn"p int Tf his caw I, ", , a~a rm n 't " tot hae a'm l'" paorum, ^ it a aem ''i., " t tulwer' I sI'onatic vnaus. WIhav .* ut a 'a' 1"duce~d h" ea *n. lie e Norm C ' r 'l-t'C pia tC w dle« is an .,( nthsne nil Flee pg. Flo, t" NFa I ' 0 --',eI CC n lC 'lt ' f youCCrI iuao Jumes (. iCCClhas' t t ' na yo it a.ndir,,t^ fr P", ,"',y of ale Unit l hate and 1. J L~emoyne for V ,"e Pa-em~lara, t aC t ..r.... in Ka, In al y. [-lad un t ,1 " ii ,' hatur*.ia a' In betart of uatitutioneI ne W .'From Louo'tle.-\i it. I "''.CH CriCs.- ' l l:'C 'I ." 11J \4"r, lening the > ofJu " ' of "'C `lt"'e r', ,C', C''re ý, '! ,,n ,ýir+ c 1 r rh' l atI t V p: 1 .: iz I), r V I " I: I. I [ ,, III ý rý I t 11-14 11 '~ (1 ' , brIIk" in .,. ..,I: \1r " 1'~ I)Ilt I .. , !44 N ! r 4)1 ! i tTn 1.%. ..sI r-' i.n , ,I " A) --2 bill ' 8, 11114 15 it:1. t, till $1110 &E4VARD. 50 dollarawill he paid to whoever will ± ioye, in any of the city prioons, either of timeI following alaves, belongafg to tire Neow Orleans o d Nashville a h nil od tan puny. e ELLICK, hRIch. aiout 28 year. oltd i5 rent t inches in height. hoe and impediment in his speech, sheet hir and down cet look when apyohex to. n n RIPLEY, grImeo, oho'ith5yenar old, 5 font6 ines 3 inaheight,erother a iCld ork ,ned iotilli~eert ononten oncer. J ICALD\iLL,t'rooident N. 8. Any presroti or proenee hooad harhoriog or employing eril oegrone, will bhaponiehedrwirhithe -greaeoet severity of the low. So' old OFFIEte oF THEo titoEMAa'o ItiUOnettE Co. Or Nzw t1nEron. 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Sam Potc, Mn MARLE' Henry, Do Baoe Y Melisesa Miss Verity To-Aoorrow, oast night but three of Ms. BALLs. 10* "'.'p" I~ i-Performances to commence 'ac be had at the Box Office. 4j0c r'ta lTEET THEATRE. i/ALLS. rt ii N I - e, netuatot and ttr of the adte t ,,fresheensuing Ball Season.dl W AS IY lGT'ON BALL ROOK elite.1 STREET, v ~. ,L AND BcOsnaN sTREETS. 1` 1 ,,. f the Washington Ball Room nob ' e tnhiefrioends ed the opubli, that Itablioichment will open for thee 'i.' loving, November 4th, 1539, by a iIl ' - D MASQUERADE BALI., S" ' ~ ..'ghout the season every Monday I % n ylao evening at each week. " C.enlemen, $2 00 .ih, 1839. AS JOCKY CLUB RACES. $i ECLIPSE COURSE. , 1 l ii''IIL " 00on TUESDAY, the 24th De Y1 n 1," r, ;tend ofthe first Tuesdao Y N OLIVER, Proprietor 1'0 lIt/N 1'. 'i, I"ulouse 139 Julia street e" Ii~1 C CAMM9AC opl tro -..._TO RENT. n. 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