Newspaper of True American, December 16, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated December 16, 1839 Page 3
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LEGC'ALI NOTIOES. REPUBLIC OF TlEXAS. TREASLRY DEPARTMENT, City of Houston, 17th July 183.9 N pursuance of a requirement of a law passed by I Congressaa ofhla Rapublic, approved January 1st, 189 aigi yof thi Treasury to advertise and cause to be sold the lots in the CL IT OF bALIIOUN, on a day by him fixed. Notico faheorby gived that the tots in the City olCulliuun will bs nflfutva at Pubic Sale, uu Monday, thu 18th day of Noeom yr Rootr hetwec'. tho Imouro of 'Ton o'clock, A Mo. and ilr o'clocka PeM, at the Cupi. tesl of this Republic, upon tti turms sot birth, in bothfollowig extrotb frai o thu lauw ahove manr tioned "Sec. 4.-Be it furthbr enauted, 'rhat the tnut it, said town shall bc olfared and ould fr no othera dr. rency than gold, silvor, auditk d ppape, or the ieu. anissory notes of this guovernmouto Sec. 6.-le it further enacted, That the 'aid lots chalaf o sold no thl lollmwing n tuer es, vizn O fourth part to be flid dawn, sand thu other threu forth to be in equal iuntalmuntnts at six, tirle ic if eighteen months. Soc. 7.-wlu t fuottior eonated, That if any pserson who salali puruhaun acy of thlienaforcuitd lots, shall fill to make puymunt of the eacaal in staloents in sitnfurmity with thiis Act, loe tor they shall forfeit all such aurasis they nay have preei. oaly paid, and the Iots adurchaseo by osuchi il tee shaft revert to ilap govermeru it of tcthe tetmubr. See. 8.-De it farther enacteil, That all pursone, I alien sot excepted, s hallu haiv the pmrivilege of pe. chasing asd holding tho sina , ur d hane Proheridt in manutlrised ts feaueletoot. to thcb n so nounn as ,, I last is. stdlment shalt lave been paid. rta TRme sale will cntinus froei day to day, uitii all of tlhs lets shall hiane ho,, dinpooned ol. Calimass is situated oin thic faot ern of; Miagor. a d Island, directly on tahe Maln. Puac iLiilo, Mogu. da Bay, and from its advantageonu i ion, will probably beeomne thne prineipal commerian~a~l aity imWstruTxe A Plan ol the city nay be acnd is .er Gnyeal ate Land Office. cur, Tihe several ropcrs in nris irtepuhhinthe Gomer. clot Bulletin, Pticayune and ruke Aimerncan, of N Orleans, will publinlh notice unmlil the day ut Sl. JAMES rf. S'Altrr Dm t Seretrtry ofthe Hrrmrvr 1 W INES- hurgaundy, n Ierdaur , L c ol SoMadeira, Rerlm, eparkling Hock, b liquorse received by (Ihe lust artirul fee.m F~runca an d (ur sany, and sold by the y uhacribern- - 'I Burgundy, Naita. Clin ito Vrogeol, do; ra iage, a ytn nruide, Chamblerlin, Lnr. e,nSt.Juliur,,, St. Ei. a lion, Chateaux Murgux, lo. Ltfiftto, Ldnwille, S (u. terse, are6oc, Graves, Lunrd, Frontignuc. Ch~ampagne. 3001 vial ;te, Eagle breaid; Palice brsndt Palace V lreenayhrad adLierty brand.t. Madeira in pipe, OhNlf pipes, nod half quattr calam caoks, old London particulureserviul. .lthensih wine ;Hoch t Gruefenherger caubinet, 1827 do Murkbehurnuer do 1, 1827 Murbebroirner, Neironsteiner, Gra. 3h ,, efeabcrgcr, Htockheimaar. 1825 Marhebruirmor, tGeaefenhargcr, Duet. 11011 Pees. Hfockhnimoer. El~el 1822 fPolma..ishergcr, Liohfroucninilelh.. Cula. flinhurger, Luiatoinic.. Ild, 1811 Stionei,,. Ihul, 200 boxea sparkling flock, red, blue, yelloiw, Gi i label, superior quality. Liquors-Wiiite A moinatte, redl do; rulafia, beat,. A; dy fruils, kiraebwaas "rl a. f. diffement liquoire. dtfl E JOHNS & Co. Pi J I'tJ reeivedfperluarnvqisAl.Elll,,.froloeve,auid lC11yo1 for a' he by Sthe subscibersere.up.. 2 .Maenifierea, Granid l'ianis, roseivaud, elegoitly in.bos laiiillith brus 1aohlcts iern 2t Malnifiaco, Semi Upright lPinene, Cuenocasevaild, hesartifully ornvn,erigl, Cf aataae.(Wl ii Sqoare Farle f'oianco, mouaeud, very ontaamevtal Lre 4 Piv~lvsl,. ctves, ruieseoud, Uaraceas and ma-.Cut fiogovy weal. d oh~n. ofc Ioub Tils.goyof PLKYEa. & Coi. Paorin. Tls ^!1l E JOIINS & o ,. St. Chnrlen t Tne BIA ZA ARI. Corner of St. Charles & Common street, f USt I alA wndl rea1ectfully crll rlhe at te n till, nf citizensnd n rnI r ot~ironlt anmn 1;,, Onnianci~, fieln ln o f Geat n tlem 's lnn -u , o ,. br - ,et o nto. thl'injlj Iinwn li',,l: lin', ri' larn, silt, ellnE(n and 0,r'i:r nmntr ',iren candbi anl nilk r naklcnteirfn Ilek En,! f nurtc,,, vasin grant nvariety: ,~cckn 0l eeray te'crrnption, gum, gtnmtc mnd nntlnn napi,,':,'rn: sil, cotto N h d glover: gruta Ihnnkin gtlonn.' nm,,ellatto and ciised Alno-aipllendid aesnrtnent ofnIndies' and gents mn' Indig 1 ncron On) and at, go It 'l ainj, lu in i. la 1 1 1 tire r4 may e vl - nilS L enrti ruIl. , r ", ,,,II.",r It. T e . ,I ha ath . rha~ets of lteaditon bing bim i ( i , n ad renere fr r enoe, Fr n a",li Alsoa ,utheonr sunontno BAZAAR, corner nfilt. Eaiur, and On,, A lE^"1,tvY MEI S.75Iu :c f'. ri hins p , pereavpr rot ias It Not, moeerron ctes. I~recommonitHve aigtersak inedicinen on fell an any inl tine ,SnarnlEo .ounll,. Their, f i n e m dahr e re pas u~ a r t hm t h .l b a ~ d n n n factnry ofsltandler, Weana, &c Cn. enon 'a nintm, hyn'nIll bLac Esnnallly nnppli:±,. PI'abtern, dle,,rr Ol,, I'lI,:o: clena will ho suppliedi ,aIan hen,',nl f~nsarnIle tn IAIVISt & ANDRIE'WS1, NEW GOODS. BlUSH & ALLEN oar enow npningnnnlnplete aa. ~soatuKn~etollat n alhirta; tdn namnbaiewt ie fronta; liena cnllnn; silk, cnttn pnend sp rilo, Tc 4 Anhin and llrewe doi cwnbric andenilkl Pandkper Cl; b llach and fannycrannta, in grecat ai,nnrj uirscur.; olaclaanl'enery descriapiono; ng aetonatio mind coonnn,, poaedeen; nilk, cottona and 1 hrand (iloves; gen~tlemn's,, L lanenenkin glnneo. A Alson-aaleadid aesnnatneat fluadio' and gcn~llcnen',, t' writiag dnon, drena deo n NmuenPann rnllnn nanenokr Bnank rs, Port n'ioPenrfmenryand cutlery, rt the It ZAAIk , corner fSt, . Charl n IInd Comman no,. I o aItICINES &c.-Loading arnsle hipa Sl . quirr Ro SStChrokee,Louisville, Jo elphine and Ohain Pale. rhubacr in case. c r Sicily brimnatona do Indign inonnonnas bladder in anhkubarrel and egsga Silt lpctrn in kogs Flounn Snlphur in barrels Gr oland gingne in do Fi lner cingar ix barsn l lilt ll,bl cnastor,,it Snla do in a,:na Sar lls aln dul1 I eln tnd slyu d ondraj n C6tr ,il beh G Ptentannnnditnln'n:,ill, asnorecd vnls l'nina anil nonnolh br a alt tWilh lngcneanl na.nnlnl nalanonditnel'fort~ 'a~tntinnn jn, anitdelnnin. Faor noa by\\ JARittt &- ANDREFISS E' a20 a' onar Can. & ' llnailonla at p E.NGLI'nlt ANNUal.S.C 'VlIe BOlOK OF lllt&Jrte' I '' Ela the'nnn Ltnnanofllleaniagnnn,nw'adabne a4,en-pRIt Tll e'kepnahe fnr 1840, edite'r .F. 1'Voctley. nith twelve nogroavn" Ilnoli'c Pintuarengqnn Annuat dlanripniona nf Wiadanr Costle " by Lairtch Rithitai, Eaq.-IS ill, Alan a fuetbor noppla oh Sleaahpeaal Gaieryn'atha otte .,"s" disb hanbo. JInn rmmcvd anai Inc sale"! nal ALEX .., , PAUL J A DRAMA ia fineat 'Din plar, vary favos aaaneonleoatcly rnnnmaoinn * oeans, an aho lenst pandu of thin city. For onto a' '', -p~I,, ",.u, A NATOMICAL,1 i A nrcnrnlonaaleaa lay P. Ck. A. Lnewis. l.cntiatp Inc. bec., IIASWELL&L' C o ; rpet LRDIE OS i, If 'l.. * Fre nch geaalnmaea-.a new nlla& ' ., i ooldraadfarolteOby J JIlIASW~ca... fltlLtSHlPAPERt & S'AIA''ONAILY-TVhe an. e, i21dncnigoed.haaen jont rennived lper altip Rialto, front, London, and offer far sanle- Tb, 100 reao. largo hlno worn Lnatnar Paper 50h do do do tlid ala 50 do do nnhian wore do 'Ph, '20 do tinted gilt fancy do ''ll: 20 do do ala Note Pniter Lit: SO do do do dn aaequaeet 't0 do manic paper, 12 anail ltotaven,nntonaen __ tat-all Whoulo'se otoanfanlace. D1nah canrdo,g'ilt onul rntalnental; enterbero. weed ond mnnhncnan', brnasmoutnte:ad, l:agnt lartit'le Cnbar boaeo, owitho'lidro; c:,lor'o in nakes o : all lainda, anai Aohneman'a; comtan ba,' brnthea, anu 'erroe qnnlity; el Ynhstandsn affion, r::newnnd, maltopony and rbnnn' do onetoblo; do bronco liar nffireo,o,, elagoat aeticla''-It In a tots nuhher, heat qoatity. 00000e picuene dtoini,a i books, nuitaahle foe echonin; aanotil,:l wa'itet'o, Et'edlg. Roo~d tand Acbrrento'o; Capyitup preseee, ' oli & thnrto; ton: copying loh, nollerlilrq~tnli'y; Stephen'n nianogeobln & Ilni pornannenttblae wriaing fluid, iojugs; Perey'no person ci, all hind;. la. &cc. E IONlaS & c',t, T't' n22 Stati,,ner'a 11t1ll, St Chnrlesat en Pai H ATS7rThte suhacriberen hone receiredoandtorereo.. Jreaeaoig bynnrny tlockea,n argegnappln of" Ireanere Rossin, For ond MOlnlrahn silk Hlta,n fathe l:,a~nt f,,tt., n ton' anod ben't ontifaforto, whlajch thtan alter ber iltslrr. - aloa to.the citizens oand tah'ic cenrarlla'. Par onto hy 0 - GtOSSIP &Co,. Naval, itlilbaev' & Fncbi.'nable Hltt:ero, aindere gil En,'tn:ang Ilallrl St l'Ittnrlro a 01 ep AlE ANIt.LA d:Cltl)AtR-A t:.op~to nr otnrcanaet of Ott,, HIEawne'sand nRo tte, dire an fIota thiac lre'vn, war-l us rattnc] a': hr ofa qlaoltyaequal totanyinltheriiy0,, Jnaa dingandforPal by PETERB l.AlDlA lv, *dIgtafrnlot SCompat dll . ootas MUSI. o Al o goC nt agen of leray In n gioduf, 3ole Fnatioofer late al to Langidrga P gar-n by W, Iy coed by teCaotnc n it and flree-t iar, t'ita Illnod oo taike an yary Io or Fosaiaont; by the nit if tie o Lone, of Eli. taory to qulr.e" f oaiIrs1 & Cu, Ntion Nar it Naaaida a ao bal ailauna ti 1'St ifEIY,. I)-1h Itie 'le aft Smeanni,,.~rn r t I tie -C o aa of Itl inlglil, illntaltter, Loidi A11 ,,j doel~f,, n eu~t, onlteoa a it Plilayn ni life ys0 11groat Port, aLea. 'iota ill dnn lin ro nr ooiotah a )litoiito a tyr pe t,tb a lir T ied s s [ t' talit cu ll- ac Iiw rra1ret lia-.10;Otoioi Ia t eI-tio, , lltooa fli t UIa--a laoi, Ctitai,e 'ctrC it N tilner tow , edltal \ýoIot li laiý-' al atao ,l iiº n itioot~ta uf ~a r lirer1 "u h e .r O te 1 P lu , ih t , e w t ngi -' w e, ai by oyal et-,, itoloal Cooaaooo: olimn le itiltootaliilo, tlaoitno, d Elc. lnclis L ette Lii rs (Wa m n tt n rl or ,> d J hn lr aw's n di retieP t 11 gnaw, blur and po e whlf iere ae, s.rr re on tottoar ia-tgietloi ittil e gateiet any ba I ewisC London Iak Aim J I 4 e a d o m - pa t r , w-" ion e~ w a n ;a v r c d o p r geil e so - a Ltoo riotalt Ir J st r , 0 hid l: se att Etitipr. ol s Wat at iltkr of i,. par- CU P fot insi -tx ý ii;1,iti alto Cl1"a th IJAWU 11t:i oeiv andl~3 ferlule bi I.'. lea-t tt - iii ltc, ll ~ te SItfal~ta~ l . OA STILO ool el ga. tit.+itt a d Iamen Cone willic l~1:tiiyai wil Iau1, , at IN ioi 3ti" dov ,. Ia Aot iqooo, the do II da H Alu l alntoat r at, a)o at,,J Ii .ote I Aeatrte. and LVEL&og/oi/ag tdog di xPiiia9 t,, ll:11' It A'ý ,i i t o la d llatyo l 0a11y l:itr lt do, do g"", tortiev ,Hik ,, ,~b t I-o (If. ta r b it It &M E. 1 itcer ci Jla rea raa Ititolt Pet nflronto an ti,, tuscibe r rr ,, ,liiklia , do ,t gil cloriatd too t ion gilt( rp b i . Irr x x o u l i w hoerny 20r inhe by .; w .1 Ito th , lattit ltl oa-i . 17ieielwov [t, dlrril gia ELagn a/i Nao P doer Sate a do leav.eto Iultttoirbiaae i, lut ta-ir ilo alitl~ otted' do ala d Doubil e tot lei,~, 41d do 26 al hobo An retia n dii doIkepno, d 1 d Ihtt d il ol do 47t-i teal Cup I J1 i nch It. lot 1,wr n 1 aea la-id i2e ,:n it'~l ir iAmerigdn Le idr Dapers. I I aho Post and Foolnpt itt r ile and blue wove ' noosze A1 i. es' s. I:I "t. e aL~ nf 4ur ival~ i iin n tool tt dnt do i Ant lu h r' look41upost Ioic~ad Iullon's P. I. Folio b is t 3 l b e wove and ld I do ' N . , c li ( t h and g lue wo ve Foflll e adIososRcr ap, Ns No. ill wh 'de 0(1 &v Iliiilntte.;' suil fl lii i inth U. S. . orio n F ls. . Pot whmd bu wv ii Rulttl Paynt-nd Snien teaihnle bee iinwer,Iaintltined Fl oi dt, n , w hite nove kFoolsap, into lnitnl 3 N oiiml o tiloi do dii ihdls&c iesfrae Ctndn f. and finte Nm aid, :3 n init Rec for I ea fint Alt f & tindware a ieount. Rt Iaaeino Funlatei- Pn'tttinne illsic Papers. dic teri u y lIat - andgde tld t Colorid, 1 rlila,1)1 and t anty Papers. Frnti, L ttir p , i linedand it4- i e i l Alti-i sall ti- o wa r ollrt I n ntetnts polumni Sandii, Pdd er l ru PitFo n tpape., t.lal nt titedquNloiti 2 Rcrd oi Ldn e , feintit ' e, m Muiit otgpaprt R oyal, an d cIp ,ta p lo hi n i th bor derd d do etiptitig prenn-i Thef o 1 84 doi tor in o rit r V guind tar Colorred Dave rbl aB n d Fa nc Pto saperl Lirtenthit y l Nitant himy, Gln ed -nit ituy U Ein t d ln & ant rttap, itne n Flail TilE Cll (IF ilAnuT lv 6c do Itmini tint i~ a it trilts [RporenCde ann mol's I voler a o "I il ver,I c o p e l r d l iad p0 po lin8 i ief N rlCn ttii nr nt-sttap SuntrJ PaprAs.LLi \i, P R - e a ti O tRi if tinp qitaree l'RtnititAdenppe ihitte;ioirona iettd dotetiplckgt niitiiairal t a yeti ``itlieil n gi shniitan i. duciii onrei NiictttelatI ietantttd t itniiua el EJiNS C, , Floa il, it ittee Stiiiat ttnto nntitt, jaletuid itid rite .. taen , dl TO aJI 4 Cra- ee MSi SSZPPING LIST. rred' Coastwise. i FOR NEW YORK LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF Sspa PACKETS. hi n o Sail every ciher Maclay) Dcde.i 'Lip V A ( r~r~, Cciii. 'i're-k a leP Millard Lon. I.()IisvIj.LEg Allen cui Prrrr,.q iri,.lrrriirr.r, eri i, y iCU Vie 1.Vi.LP: cbirca ci, biy S R OGi It ay Tore . above ship, are err of th e 1 s pp rred lo. built e I o liei r ir e. o 'iih lrl pl r reprirrcraoirirriic, c n aeric nri mrirrur by 1 Fr leery ulrliirr *~ri. dr ireiHri prrevirid n irlerrieryoi. or 8 t rinstiaric a rrelru eierrrcil prcirll fir reerpfiri ofr ile r wldirir ci o n ori dr nteric ;on- n"rrcrr lr. 'rdrcrrr l irn-rryb isi e pri c r lri + no. sle ( *| lrrrr1rriirtc iorrirrnr mare ice-, air. Fru irr, ,lote icn, Aro i l fr u It ~,o i nay rlrrer, tr he i terrIrrpac g rin f r othou1 e ag r crirc, L ill.u caio ire. ol~ urte A COIViNT AC rli titT. ki le O irrr l a rrrir l irreh lrvrrpri ecIr rn ninrd 'n in i gin or Rerin e i: in i, r to 'r e cr n Ferknor \our r ' rlrui gh L ire, * ' '' I " l iii1, ('rir, I ca e wilt ror the Znterior. CONViENI SACitriruP nHtitkit sIn enrrccc r'qcrrr I r ia lr ie slr . iriec ak irri'errr r ir te i'dii th unl T a ci Pou K' IIN, iciricer reik, wil Ito leaeo eSr ilirhe nn Ir e i 7hr i nsilarr'iiirr, o eciv lire lieupicelir dtine for Ncew lcr'r, ir rir4 Turn OR iHAYjL, bAitI. i Iiaa-irrr Pacertre lire1( 1I Free , ('uI e It.r ctcneeiniee ~ iiill'L'ii li dn onigi iricelu reri ,uJlnn ia er 'Siunc Tha rice rorrcri ci a r '.I a c iouril "Ii ir inn:,h or e "c ' Juir sege epply cc bord, r ter 0'21 UI i I.1 WI. Caer ai `nn . ai XI 1 W)~1Y 51 Van,y u t FORl IAYlol' lILA - 101111I Ill Ias n tenhw ýý"ý i o n y,. IMew 4 ,-oeon.evr 1r- S trd 'tIII 1'41,4k A I Ink I n, o _________ 41) 1115 & W. 1111ITAu.. 111N.01 II 1VrfI:y lb~~sunrt lutrtie enitr o tinlr. oll Ai., ,1-4.1 ,h 4-1l-ycjrd ahmy -(kg y an es 14r,lm,l razrs 4441,u,, na14 44t. 4nl, x AnlinnPt11NNUAL't , FORtl 1ot 81 d a. , pinird ~ ~ ~ ~ 41 141to I, 11nd Il~ ca.ullo olt., u~ '-'uc sn ,II , . 11l I ch,4, arir e will111 Ili~e IC th II rnnn f did Lon-I I "3w1 nJi,j,, ,jp>' 11, I1411,l toII, en. f aron 14j,Ij. by II,,CI,4O4 F,-- llt-, 114 un h, 414 1.. N I. a ,l. Nw 1441 (11441, 44)1. \d,14 flh , jIi,- -u,.,r 131dsInby,414,,1 I'le I,",k, a 4,1 All,,,!,;(, edte l 44lI 4In,41ly 4 I'. 4,1 lilyh' l,yn,k, I b, nn a I i 3 8 0140 44T1le ,,,lyt ,,olll . F.Fwuo yJ oItýs, k t,,,y id u,'.141144 hl ,4111111,f,1.~ Irlal fr1310, by RlASvr Ioh & . C, I~ al4 IT,,y,, 801-y;, Roo is l~f rN\Ufo II 0, by Vi l 'ac4Il io JIJ4 1414,1,1'b ,F([(11 -fil I ;,t4r184411). ~ ~ ,. 14-Wd,,40a~ U,'Iyo, It'llp k of r 1810eso , byina I~yy 34he A C iuwebo I'b4 ~ .-re 1040 rr, (11Ioiyi-y,,, 44,, prn.,ply~' fPay boret bI1-I,yNo, aCr i~a~ 1010 wY.i 'prset Iby Frd.Shbet 46411414 an e l'414,14 11,,y~n 11dited 114114111411 Ne 'a',1'11' t ;I1j t I 'an,1'lg 4iI 3l~ryie by, 41,4 ,, 44 ".1'idu ru superintendence__ If' IP & II' 131 RIIoI I ',,, 1.441141 aIl1 bJBIS 1'41111 C II'WIFI 8-01 411l4Il `41,4 3414411reiedpe b sh % 1381 1,t l ' ,,~ 04 pln n d1te byl ) t 110 11, 1 I . , (losis'I 41awfy, Il gin[ 1"'~,"' AISrw'o A R oue BAR1(gX;,&ho, In ila, ;mtteI iS fordaled by N14(lu,". IIS",Inl1 Pu The c,"s~kefur 1CI1, elit'd O ?I'ad 11.41p0 L.OUISIt, OFIf /t ~ut jot CALDWELL, OAKEY & . I T The First, or Half Million Lottery, and the Second, Tie IIALF MILLION LOTTERY will be drawn in December, and The W O MILLION LO rLrERlY will be dra n on the old plan of Blanks oh, wheel, Bath Lotteries, undo, the napervision oftwo Judges of Courto, attWILL BE DRAWN I ýG1 aid e INJ Y a20r 6y The HALF' MILLiION' LOTTERY offers nhoance La 1.291 Petriz",o'.h a rt'i s ý i+ posed nf'Tick " W in tIe. Girain ''Io o illion Lottary, alfardoig n pertot'ip ttaa at o eof lanrai, ' . to ihr . n Thto GR~AND LO I '[ELtY of Two Millians ofIDall.,oo-Iatuu Prjzre!1-t,, the Cui ,'aunt ol'$., ,e Onty 9 [Lanks to, a Prtot'!!!-Simptle Not [to 100,00j. ht00,000 ''est 2,00,01, Slcheno and selling price the ao A m oo n t L , I 'i z o i n t t i ,' t w o lo t e ltr i e s a r e m a n y p udIlic arl p r ivt rat i 'd lt t y w h i c h a d o r no b , " c i ty no N w 0, rI -taetot~ X'uaeatlmi, Si. Cttttr~,'otnrat't heatre, Aarorie,rm (:aotet ctoco Thiatre, fit. Cha l-. Archd Buldaihigo, witt , or Losaad mtany ntiteo sqaares of Groaod-'beroidla Slackn am ]lank, and oltt ttrteetiutattt afth e State of Lou,tiiatna, All tM a E~VILLIONS FIVE I1UNDI11LD THOUSAIND .IDOL. AlteRe .t~atand Stocksotf~ered in Prizesaeonen l by attltytl ta h min theitr lta'o sttly eats ttloo, w'ith cartithes, orn,,o mn ' ecordhd in th mir n'~ l lntzoroau, Notary PuI u, and t 1i :r, l ctt Yam't, ,a,,, i'.tly to, tr moolý,r Latot the Iholdert a of~ w '1'rz kts, ' -to thte ltmholdr 0,1 Ito Prize 'r,ckuto. YL itaI'mt mtm itla~~a,,tmarow,,terIoo h AMERICAN "-`-` AMERICAN t . CAMP STREET THEATIRE LOTTERY, CAPITAL $540,000, IN 1,291 Pians! ,' he drawn in DECEMBER NEXT; and in u t to gratify, at an curly period, tle purchasers .Tiaekets, t' coa bination, is adopted for thia Lot. ~ n yely, of 1 to 75, whereby the drawing wil 11 I omplated in a few minutes by the drawing of 1. Numbers from the whclt. 67,525 Tickets, at $10 each.-8675,250. 1.291 PRIZES!! SCHEME. '1P ST. THEATRE ANn GitnuND, at . elic ri trlie lialde of ilie at, e and 3d -a .u b.r.. $150,1)01) -aicitan tie, Li reti briciktibu~ilding - nie o el, k the inp odila, itt a tetlltI, 40,000 ris to 4111, 5th und tith. (n oble fine ire h, ira store InOl La. - eet, occupiedthy MessrsaIi& IVlHop l iir c. ale ii itndi ~ N7 35,000 1fair P rise to the 7111, 8111 old 9t a. . 3,0 )teeilstleeta ocied h19C W Geadrich 2,0000 i tie ri i o lse11, t I hafnd 12th. gi lc Thaint tii; story doIiale dellin g and double lot in d Mt nt apied bty J it1 H lal 18,0(0)0100 C tenr, e and ie t corda ta rg y ¶ 00 eu C O t e p i a dn c d I r in i -I i n l e p o ti l O B e Pric l te t la t, 2d and 4th. 1 Ail llaeinatire yat~orr,,ii ii laitn-iarai-ciiiaip cud r bot i:tion gra ad It ppwn. I UUuur by i 200yBnon l ins, 5ePnriz e t o d''rnv r etc. 14,01 col 9 r Prize to lot, 2ad and 50th. r oft l tood . i l it la ld crIz n to let, 2d nii i1th. 1A t ne dli v.toreat nd lot ca Vicorlertf3S Ma A ar ci ud r ml uItc 1n1n one fD n ,(101) 010 to izeto a l t,2d t d a . Sir1li ketl in the two million f, [ ,,d- 1.11,i, l'I $2ddaalaai leirr i elatt I n i aolilt is 1e0,i lie,, gl price oI rIr i d h n 1et 1110)0 i aiicketsi lcrte a11e ir $eiiaa i ofiilalpiie pan httao al lo tne willet $ hi n, I,0(0 a- af i Prim e iIst, 'A and 8th. j lat e,'iz tii ai, d teal 9toihtI Ahneat lint ba ildin g wi lal einrine alot 8e A leu itf l l fiue1t5 itn a i n rIt ne tara eathan SPtize onst,3dand90. hatS 1 s i( nta2 at ii thiery at 3idlion 3 A k A d ry, $ 311 ,lef 9,0 11. 31r1 oio eel rize to Isr, 2t 1,d in. 1th. i o S 0tre stre li lruitni ht eianad lou t, !ile 'llyd i ex I m to lth h 'h- the " e'ia-t 1,1 t1 1,e 11 hit in0 lie te e A p io ie - lt, d nr di hi. n 0 tna: i. 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I An driudI o an ret St. 2l 1i adjoin, .r ,t at the r d i t of oti l ot- r ' :3,500 nei''l l'aecii i ta ..t,:Sol anifittitsc -r ' lagi.l' itoat m til l a tl a l ot on11 hattieou a I. 1 5hleallthaililet fro ,thlt on ,ariten ofl Sr 'treet ia tr ,t I a d 6 - G I 2 3,0001 edI rena to nad 3t0 a ndlig pitd ninie o aistindtg ofit et il a ef r1 0tc . i.e t h w tul i -i ltenat en Oleatehgat 000 n'et, r. Prith n Iani 3ta and 1'!:ha nd1 ha d n AI me e )anret an en ta ihunids 1 yanad dl'r. by 00 she. p it, lmatrottd naa Cl i', am. . 91,000 Lneenr erz tlt ll nd 00th. 1la2i Au da'iglileliaiti line loti 25i ee ona,,hoi,,c0 tiecaid enc,1tl.'4ali faiei 'flerai'ti Staahi8igdtaanh Ali attdae hqat o aianaia l,eiidnf 1.a hondceic. ri ze i t oi let a 1 andiaeel ia lilt. 1.1. ACqim fra irini2da, ibiande bf l Mcain niece Oc alilit cant .liaau'ea. eia 1,00'n'l 0 LII I-, -it" Ia.a aslt 411, a iid 10 th. siltt fAce rlafleeftiner Wtlo iie tct, $bhn" ~v t0a ana6.' Pert' i~n tat, la,an,3l tf l it ea,-VShil~teaiiil ti! Jdutli nicihatIi itau- e $ latil 75 t i l eia,i 1:1 S Pr ize to i tiiliiaid I dih-t -alil AOi'li tal luot tat I,11,-1na, ili alit I-n ul, teat 2 itil ii liiitin,,~ aialrlI tat0 oaii-,er liena Iainiti lto Ii ,lit ntad ilit-lnOal18. 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'iSteohi-t 4,000l -rt an,11 r itze -. to --~ aitat1 ne1 l l ilt-let e11 nd 2 tth oI nalt,-1i, et nd 2ih-i-itl, 11cu1 1114 tret erl~lceet(rieel, Five tenkets ind fehe andaee de''e 5001 TWO MILL[Oy\S O[+ DOLLA[S. 10,000 PfZZES: end in AMOUNTING TO TWO MILLIONS OF DIOLLAIS, la'i'n DRJAWN ON TH~E 0!) PLAN OF BLANKS AN!) PRtlZE-4,-\O Ct.utIlJ \A'ItON NL)AIflEJl Lot. 100,000 Tickets, at A+"20, - - - $S2,000,000. willSIMPLY NUMB1E.RED, 1 r 104,000. 01 of The scheme and tollintg prices art Ith same , tOs not t litin otrt'n,. Cvaiont arc nutde fu~r eopryO.. in thit lottery :0 thos tcugntic vxpcnont will ttja~ert at a lane deduction lra~a thet valuation set ott 50. MODE OF DRAWINci.'Vl. Numbers Ito 100,1100 will tip, pliced lin ton wheel, ortd the same nnithcrofBnliktok rie i neo ther wheelj 'iaro.ry nuber dvnw'' fra nt ttnwhcti, a tiakltt lRuinthetltiank ntd Pdizttvwhcl will ho drawnt unttl the whlmn areodrawn. 'DTHE FIllST D.IY'S D011;ING OF 'Al1t TWO 511.L 'LION LOTTERY:OP (50,000 MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. 40,000 t lut ill" Ne. O0,ol, udoI oiI ne and ,000 10,000 PI ZE S. 3300 I. T'I '),. IT 0 1,111 no'd ,'onno.,d value) at $500,.0o0 'Im '''ll ,"1at. n 11,lus .fI, fouliIc is l bsangs 2.3000 hih nod"" )iirns n(rnt3fh 45;-k, on7, ia The p 0i'ciliportion of the 1 r0 o' ' e base ;,a righ peorso un atw Bo ad e hee to eife h iot l, ti- 1,II th aoI,,' o lia "pl u 110,00 e b o 1r c n. I~ ~ &e room , in a tl rwll 1 110,000 red' it th e ,oas e~ainmbe h tlo son l111 :11111 4~ r amt lit(me lI lo, on ,,, Ioo' 01 II bly I ll I m l er I r r e bollx li ,r nII 0 lIF' 55( oo ' n Id 1- 1 tol'. h .101e noD ' 11 vlI - bypr)INSi a u A l A IIM, r u IA Ii0:3,1,0j II, 1111 ,trt a l the p.01()tre d r ta arpl~ro . 0010 01 1111, - '.l 'I'I ,"" A'' CIll 1. "lI ',',',, l'0:AN and Il,.10,,'l',,,, 3 e n e , m o ry lu i l ci on 5 0 ,0Ill . nextto itcorn eri~ci o lulac has a tru ofe 1:1 00 e o n S,(b, r ,ine, ml la rItI&(ro of 171 fe l and S havrng a b A 7 . de. Th cp el ,oo " odC It,,, mu ult1ia , o i ll, I IIng25 ",,11t ' f 00 le o f : x r n ' " a a l a u" e a l , )n1 i g: 4 l l , b u s h o v h e ~i r e o r b el 00 1 11,11 11ll0I, the00 -rtnu"!rdo ei -e i Tha:0 :irllt ire' inl Iiu d n~r ('l,0are IIrv lII'~l),c.,..1,,",mea q, de. A I l511 b.,,~s.Ie olveI'y "110 u1 I ''4 ,us i Illl1l,l',111~el,5nnIIIll".II l 3. '1 1'" 1 1,,:,SI1' .CII1 1851 E. Io:% Il:17 1 0so0 IINld0 by .p.l,,, 1N. uu..,I,,t andr a A hentiul bocko~tb Cuitahaorder 54150,1111,1 fa rt tro u o n ~ n o ~ sir.".1 b y . (1 d . fa h u t y 30'!11 '' 1l,, 7 .1 ~~r~ A rd, Atui, , ie' I )10~.0 p,' 10 arIl!' d b bu m m 10 , 0 7 '0, 11100f n11'11anloula, he abu e rentsI,,, . , u er i JO II s 1f I 'le," hIldII' Iota ot,. Ilr u r 01,1) 0o b .100 by '0 c on 'Al , 371'1 t11,) 11 ilI. :1( 'tnr 1 1 11,':vi.wlt, '.wdI.Jr o.I, - bi0 o (I001 by 1 a . :,000 a! .,b00o . O ,gld l .0,30' '10. * ,500 loy Codltar e,2 uiinlt omn file ~ ~ ~ ~ " conrob~oirsre.3I110all, lice ~ ~ of3i lar.2,010 '1' 11olma 'ae trr ,,& . 2 ,0 101) Ill.'1'h,'mlsu suarI o grun on~ tIl rat r ". ,00 0 0 1 A~l,,),,, 'g'e m'us:od,c t l a, &u,1 21:0~"Ilso ,000 fj~ IAl Ia ,u ot aor ofos 1)0,,.., II o' i 10a''r CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD, Neew Orleans. Aug. 30th, 1833 31 AYAGLIA A P,.rnlcror.s A I - 45 . r' 1 . ,. c ,. is,) P lolccccu 11e,',I 1.1.iccc u(c lt lot=,j cciud,, Ir 00,0,0 ,. 1rA N o Cle w nd ': a p a n ctl e l o --- i 41..c't 'ie nsf ckn~ liccccccc'h come r fc 4, leduu .17ciicci(),, .(c1,0 ccciccccdclcc 47. 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Magazite street, 111t AVE constantly ono hand a lamte supply of Cloth incoll teti d tar the noulat',,tnedn. Their us. -o 01t11t bettit'g lnt , merche,,ts franc he onrca 0IN'SURAN"E COM1'ANY HOUSS ANDSGNAINTTFIE. FASHLOAII E CLO'TRINY. RO I ROB.V (IAN 0 01 III. No. lY (:mp srebelt.nitnv Whl tgc Dalrir.', fant, Oilo, Varnihes, rushes FASHIONOTLE CLOTHAING. 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