Newspaper of True American, 17 Aralık 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated 17 Aralık 1839 Page 1
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Pua 1, N TUESDAY HORNING, DECEMBER 17', E oNTR Tems Pmimerieo rm mid me News Ipn i P ress Ne .r'ee - -- - ---- - . -_---.. YrIL. Y 1 peinueo v ag r CI UA NINA( RR IOIDS. -x _w i x , ,, . ungnilnouslv egresd to ut ou ndjrurll~ nrd mr RI Fr4'S~INME lrý¢ of DEA FE S L ,, ,,,l~,i~~FII ~ R~3 U C I N A C 0 R D -I-A--'. THIE TRU. ICE L thle Prop~rietor,, h 6·l nn the 1:1111 or Itrch, .P 1rrnm r 7." Terms of the Neroapnper Fress of Net Orleans unoniolnouslv agreed to at on aedjourlPd mertin" of tile Pronprietor, lt.l on the :13th of Mlarch, 137. 8cusceuPrioss.-l'welve Dollars foir tihe dily pa annliti, payable stoni-tountlly ilt advance: toe dollars for the tri-weekly country paper, piyable one iear n olvasne, where no citv reference is gtvee.- Pive dollars for tho Weekly; eolavaile it. a Iva ce. N. Stilscriptiou will be dixcontlinued until arrearagtes are settled. In case of di continuance, onel week's lntice ti iriling oanst oe itwarlab y given, previous to tht xpiration of subscrilption. Auovt' dollar per squhre for the first nsertion, and tlllf that nrice for ealh subseoqnrt ,ite: any maoteriel alteration fro.. tile original adverti.enlillt will hoe charged as a new one. YoAnty AluvnTelssis.-Merlchantsnt nl 'era ere, orty dollars fot tgiinlt aloane, and sixty far both In. Itlagas Bcunks, tlntlrta:e Ofien:s,and otld r siminr rtpblic intitltiaon, fifty dollors in EtIlli only, oln' tighty for bothl langltages; hip and 'ayc ors, or (tn'uini.t.lnn rehlts saxty dollars in Elnglinh no, and eighty for both languages. MAnRRIaOs, Out rwanr NOTICES, and artieles eall itg tile attentiltoft e o lf lie tio sales o' s prtpert ardns of ptasengera, hrnlleofit,& c. de. will be etu-rtl I otnl dollar pet asqure for tle irst isertion ill each lan. ContIIoICAT IOoS, or .dvertis..lnnttt, of any prsonlll al nat'se, when ad.ti.nible. -hall be clharged dlouble, and ill advance. A deductin of twenty.five percent. will lie made to Auctioneers, Shcriera, Ibtnislersof \VWills,and lrahnllls oil sales of real estate, publihded in both Inng..geý, and 511 per cent. in Egngish alone: 10 per cent on ..l o- other property. Auvnrcrlst.ontNors out of the direct line of bu.ineso of tie advertiser, sucl:h ts legl, .etion, n111 p1lant ion salne, rullnnay la.ovet, etrnv uitllnl,&ydc. th.,. will be ehargod for sepy.tclv, nded itte he tlillonry rtes. AolVLI.cISIMooTS not cyleiftan a to tliley, till Ine pu lished nle illontl, and cld Cll:1rod n ornllulo No lavertisem.n.t of btankruptcies will hbe eblishedi n any case, nlllle paid fon r previous to inoortinon or pavlllmllt gulllrallnteed by It reop i silm le person iln Itowl 'l'nrule.n ald other i)lneen ,f' fnlottse..nat, .tlectioi+,. daily o rtle season. to he charged $11111 Ifr lnglioh n lono, and $150 io loth aIngungeo. All anllou. tne, ll ot i ll t i.iats fr .pliticnl aieee will be chrned doukln the priccof olher adtt rtsee i)willgt to e illl.ense olon netllincd by nrinolaopr pt'orpietorn, tet htnee come to tln conelonson that o Ie nb eis of iorslllo whIose oaCoIII hove Unot bedll olld witlti one inoeth after n restnntltitll, shall ie illde know. (so far on oitctieofal.C to eech otlher-they obli g.tilg ttclloelrcn nttt to aldvertine or tpritt for eoh delinquadtll',llesn ill eae l on aanne pnyentmln. toigned) J. C. I). S'r. HOMES J. IIAYON, P. P. .EA,. J. C. PENDI)ERGAST, JOIN GIBSON, IAMSDIEN. Weetly Press.--We. the undersizned, agree to abide by the alove conditions, as far as tiley are applicable to woeale Itpters. rdignad) A. B 1.': ' $ lSn o scriptions are taken f.'. oa rIllt. stut.i ill I e .s,. be t, tire IIARIOWG&TB SI':lt" i: .l ntoell ey cntelllllty. A...' TIIRYLE DAYS JDOURNEk 2. ;1 l.:Al ORLEANS. T3iHE proprietlrt f tlis estnblis' ly I' msure of anllouncing to his fric,, . ,1 in general, that Ihe will Ie iat readine : lay to receive virniers. lie wi ail nelit of ilths at a dictance, tlhat tiler . imlprovetnent in made, ind otlhers now '' . " I i rupid prongres i for coumllpletion, whie: iii " i, :,," aubser'oer to acmmollln te a 11much larger numlller heroetalre, nld at thle onilne timel much better. Ilrotilii ciytt lie atttelCttnlldnt l .itlt gOot d rtotolt . ore thlloe v'ttirlc.. r i:ll Il ove larg cetbill 'e.taclted frol, the matl btiltilntg. It is letonedt utuncese.ry to sat anytlhing in I)rtion lar of the chlranter of theer waters foil, it is generally believe tlhat they are not inflriior to any in tlle Southl rn ilatlles. All tle naonocntett ttI.t urn getralle I'otn.Il at Wtaeriog PInceo, will Ie fnid at Ihis.T 1 heslt tuiec lthat this parr 1o tht- countryllr t llrdls he blom eanglged, and will be in contant atteindlaned nt.e Siprit dndritg thle woit.I season. 'll snubtcii hl will avail Ili:ntelf oflthin op ,nrtunity n returning his .ul'ineud ithanko fifr the very liberal support given hilt tlit t.eon., nntld hopets b[t. the elxer tion i htt have een talllae in iluprovilg nld extelliug tlhe a ounudlaltinsll, to mllrit a liberal alllwuan e, lh ICearlt sea.sonl. JNO CKi.\1M. tt.3 SI ')DLERY WARIIE.-'-lie ntbtt ert-, I. n feturers arl' whbd, sale denhr* i.n sldd'lerr g',.,I, a e .n i ( ce0v. il (t le arrtt'n i 1,.i tlt.e il ''t. 1 d tJ tt ii i. to theil i ur or " it..te .I, an x.' ten Ltdies ntld .tt.s.ns ipl, t. , ld tlli tled addl 's, j tinl dau lllu c' do til dA: dn tio 11t' .lao , I ' dI, du Cre..e do, t do d, A,.,r. do, do do Eglisth do do do Credle do ., Eng. hrd!es oand bidle m,,untlnge, ,u do u.rti g, l,.s, tacd, braes, land jalpllOlnd coeUl har.r" d., d do g eg landl sikt dot dit do Blaron, he ray, rt slind wnagon Suddle bauo, dounlo ands ngle; valices adulo bagos IJtus eIs carpet btags; besl I etther folio Irunkt, brass llnded; leatlhe ' do., assored sizes no1d various style-; II. pistol bells; coach, gi., Eslkey, twig a.n crop waip : w1 ii1, voaUlSlld, o L ,1 aIl glirhli land sursmales; 8irrue [anllhe, strllps an.l woralcOt rtai web); chln tit ,, ho loesot blind 'ridle r,..dl lines; S .,, . : . and hotrscand imle cotlaran,.tI all quaI ,i rcco, buck, buar .one l nti a Itufficl.Isk,. bruao and . . n. plated, bt ,, . : p aled, b " , , ,. , s;+ ,U s, art ic l i, ' , . utlr for an lhtey n , yeir, by , t .. l1 liea 111h lil fltre t tile teu.L'tl t'n Veut ot 'Lal I)itei e,lo all it, dldf'r., t frt n+. I)r. JIdnsa, fro.u atresidce of iauny years i i I,. pil;i1 ill i tturlop,u dOevued to the- treatn ,t; "lt V .enerel )i.setasl i, lflll frllon his prors ee t .atilu sive 'le lile In tant lparticular raulrlh of the proftiesio, aiil , I," tc+ all' sd lt nllli a: ure to wltll pleao ilt its tll t tuaItvd wilh ttiy iti the titlowinlg dis.eas-e viz:- (io orahiea. (,lec ,s, itt:ith .tuee t..t re.l l', , Seminal \Iauuknees, ,hItl'oliiAotns ollte ihdtld Ltins, Urethra, Prostrate tiland, L,-ri . , Erlltiols ion the Skin, bSor T_ Ir , t i' Anil tie numelroussyaltots wie,', ;nes· pll his issease. IRecenat eases cured in two or thit, la y.s ." ; : use of ferei ry iltearllrption Ircitl ,t:lI + ra tie i the foode cfliYing. A Imedicinel to prevent VYenereal l'i-ease ,:an he dI, 'fned of f)r.Jq lla non. It is fotr tIh so. ape of ie aronLarry, a celebrated Freimll:h norgn. ai.d ., sed by himn drreVg the mitveral c,,n ti nmi iil c, . ilold by U tublOeerl, lit hi, ollt ". 'Itil, ".!:.t+,.i sruing lny Ire.iue ol' Venereal ) -ilAt ass, . ,++,t t eking sea voyages, or rdmovillg i ,:e ,a. , ., i ii I , einoe for tlelr eure in the ilhortest , ,', cat, te p,,t ,ii ) with writuelr'direiatiuon fo, their u+s,. Office uqpo from T in the toruioE uoti. tl l' Ih~ct at i night. ABEIINBTIIY'S DYSPIEP 'I' F.L :YIt, Dr. Aberoethy, tle greatest of E,: ,+.r ,b . I , , opiriion tlant uili-tenths of the ,;a·tsI.. , lh1r t:ht, i eankind originate in the Itoaach rl.h inl' .,oa sead by himi with the most nlpret I."nt,+dl ..,:,.,..+ h. its prlivate ard public retic Fad : ,nt. t 1o I'r rt I years, for thle removal of.hefollowi +,.- :,d.-, : Loss .foppetite, F lntuleney, Diet,,, to ,,f' t l lont a :hPain onse nci,lefHleavingsntf , Ita - e,,: dta b.=li atilLn to leelp, rregolarity ol tile iwi.+w,,r , irg iln all casUes where lindlgestion ur i t.stil, i it - _; l, w t it exist. T a hie edicine l ustnot be nuthrlen d Lth tl the- iIt of luaek onstrunm now bhore the i, o !'"rm , a. it i ,m Ith,: -ole irvention of tie ablest eof ah , Ietl, lo Euroet ever priduced, aed 'th t eert t of i it was tI trchaid by tile igenrt for a Vr I. 1re ul.!l. I i, ygreanle and Ileasanllt to the tiolt ncts ,a willd aItr L:oot.alwayt keel tile bowels tfree, ilirts vDit ,td ltregthl to enthoeystel and theerl'+ios i tn t,' ll, i and t few blttles rolnove tile imost clnrlltell t rme, . , I Dyaoepsia or lndigestion, and preventsm rotrlu at al0y future period. Naw Yoaut,17rh Attaust, It;31. :5 S1odlianil ti'.i lslt--hll tedoene etouctt ldit g it elltr) i, Ibe unave been troubled, Ire or a less witi h lhdl eation ftt tor years;e lur tile last three years ily Bi ul7Cret l) it ! beeinluupportable. I ilhve tried several i:llu0'ih~ll· ilnd a kltlnerof ttlrnck loedcrinet, withliCt i,"rivi, :'iiry beoafit. I despalred of ever ebtainin, ancy li rti, l,,.ill =elief, and reaignled inyself to the n tet holeloe. dtl,rt,,la was pettoaded by many friends to try oAherity ' I)typeolie r[Elitr. l have newririsihtdlte fOiltti ,ti tie. nd klow not t Iow to expres Imy I . irlti, l" its wmnderfl virtues hntl the miraole it aiii perl rllmtm,l o resatoring o el that health' whiuh 1. t mugh: lo..t ii. ever. Seed me hnlf if do lea a a e aid ece,", hoy thaak fo)rtnohblessingia..L n t s c iredl tby . etoring et tc perl at'health, oi emnain oiusriiii T iEXAS LIND TI'I'L..,:4. SN ABD'PIR t:'p of the originoal t ,f;.It a rei , ii ;i, • adti. the gteneral the tttacte laidit . I.t"-iti-,l rtth a rtia lutio l t l the helthl ' tr ofl'thit - t.,i ol , Ip, dyltho lartalle. A few ct.pies nll , i itird iil, sale by ALE. Ih'it, 33 It ' ant, st IE WM.ORRIHOIDS. HIAY'S LINIMENT.-No Fiction.-This ex S traordllnary chelmical co Opsition, tile resunl of soience, and the inventio,l ta coleblrated merli en cal cmano, tile introdl' n of which to the pulbl. - was invested wit. thel solemnity ofe a deathhed h beqenst, has since gained a reputation unparaolleled, 'o lily lsutainilng tihe correctness of the lamenitedc Dr Gridlly's last confbesion, that . he darod not die without giving to po.sterily thL he lit of ;. ct knowledge on thils suhject," and Ilie theorelr : bqueathed to his friend and attondaot, Swiono~ I luasre, the oecrreto efhi discovery. It is now used in the princiipl lhnspitals, and Stile private practice in our country, first and moes ecrtainly fi tile calr of the Pdes., and so enxten sively and ft, stually ts to baIlle crerdulity, unlcas where its etT;e.s are witnessed Externally in tih h fillow ml, coin plamts: For Droeisy-Creating extraordinary absorpti, at once. All Swellings.e-Reducing them in a few Ilolr Rhneumatismo-Acute or Chronce, giving quhic ease. Sore Throat-FBy Cance*r, Ulcers or Culis. Croup nd cWhooping Cougoh-Externally, and over thi Chest. All lruises, Sprains, and Burns-Curing ic a few hours. Seoros ad Uleirs--Whether fresh or long .ta nlllg, and lifever sores. Its operations uipon adults and childiron in relde nig rhuci llclllcic mwelhlling,, and i loosening cniirhs iiIill! tiiglltness of Icte clecstiy celaxation of the paorts, has been surlprsing beyonld eoncelption. Thle :e 'nllm n ronlrlhc of" clthe il hove use:d it in thll Pilens, is It acts hke acharm." S 'TiHE IiLl CS-i-'l'h price,, ti1is re.lrnded to ny r persn who will uise a hoatle of (Icy'c Linimeti liyr ithe hillan, and return the cmipty bottle witchm i being cared. Thole are the psicive orders of ihe, pri. itie'or to the Agents; anld noi oh' Ilimlly thou anlds soh, not one hc s lb'e Illlnccelsi<fll. Wh night insert certl.Ciflcat Ic ally len;t.i, but Ipref'r that tlhose who sell the article, shoiuld ex r hlbit the erigi ial to pi reJlhsels. C.AUTION--None can be genuine without o e p did im i.V'a , on which is liy one1e, lad aloe that of lice Agents. ISOLOIMO.N IlAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by COMST'OCK & Co, New York, and by one Druggist in every Lown ill thet Ucion. For saile by the Wholesale Agents, cornler of Coin non & Tehieoupitoulas street, and by the Apothecaries generally. joinl S vl c ll . l o. N . I 'I ....ras . l. vet, al. .u. I rt eil vi,. n- d o , ,en lg the moi t ,ts ,lendid', sb-l anrd rut .,d; Iv, rv pead and plaln h ,io d,., ;i,|liu r lls i; ' " o premlum Gloves- ,s i t eautill rticthl of white kid, for weddin.s, balls, t t.: a.d randana hdkp s; plain ti:ur.d and embrroidered Caeuhlrlc do.; silk, Itmb I wool,, mariou, .erlntown, and brown and white ,,lt4nm half,; ill of which tlc. i er low for , hvt. Fi, sitr. , . .o t t rs in itnl Nov. I Liadey Copo tid ltae Soap re ,4..,, Inllleue d rovtalt,, I llty, t'I le re n d the I giga, tic hb a nce o fI 1:1 Ilhlslsru, o l.e opini aso Ila - io ised it and pla,'d the " ffir. enry of J.lm L. tlooltguO's csIom und CI i nes soil bl,,ofr arter ad to lI rl is. sit f r lh , Rli'l thle h :I. , i,[ t rl ' ll , ,f t-i- , eati li, , nll o , rn". ul~c t-.. . It is r. Cot . .......I nh ..n. iiai' ut shavio N o.p or copoold fr g. rli.. Solle ro, for hl: lu u l. h pl l III: IIIIIII crnolt vi 'l ' (i tl Itreckbl.', Ino ,, r . l,,at hi + nu I de ll,-1 5 l r "he ,'o n 1 , al,4n. Torl Irls ,cirtwd,,, thd l i, , n it , P i-o--r,"-,t , w ... s.,i , . too. lwd, rh, I. Iv lllrn rene ._ rrr w oe , " i -' : , e 11 l sirl k I ,, ltl II,, hllltl ollll. r m " l oll J lr h rd '-tI 'IJI IIIHJ lilt" il(I llt llli-.. ti lld lllt l ill r\ flit .'S ibleh lt ,rlh:ro i o I e ll tt o,.t n tot 'l r na nil i... ti , ry evert , ai rs I t i: , bltu evenu to irt lu.xu rlit SI ,.. nuio ct c i S ,Id l,, m' ,I- r, t.,i a" N ,. 95 Cu nr< Slll. , l'rXi, ar I . l I I-(.! 11' ti: b llan.dtl Iu l IV. At N A II4,% DAYu , '"ldistman., New11" 1h.m6 .silb e,11·~ 1to mi 1 nit , I 0 n t- A iht l 1,riis ' II iv" ' it +I i ,.It I 1 ,,, -, ,'i l, , . '1. I, , , Lo,,; ."-.. .tn sittti .: ' , ; ,,'. , -: i,,t . . ii. tro ll t ,i . Is I 01 , Io 1n s,ho, i , 11 m l ,,, o ,.ar , i i dmi ' il , utoti ' n li , . :o - I ,r 't , 10 , nail. ' o ,.T, het /es l;o ;, rae !so b.. . , ,pa k.', .1 ..AK II. .1.11 .'$,Chus.Tp it 'LL m d h-rN LTL ý Cha s I ', I ' l it- ,1o ta I.,l ,,, n , S rh Air t 4 'otg 1 , .i"h tn t" . ',c.,?. ,: \1," ' hv, ho / I,4 . t Lt,1 hu"le 0 e h' Ird, No I lto . ' Ih t -3 wi, l h. . ! caei o e tl .,o, .h ;,+ t. h P u· ! . nth 1,I, W ki l n b jur ,, ' e,,,\ l . or bl Ifii l i t C r 0d h S" , ioe ant: =il +'h of his.,. -.e,,,, "· -_ 1, fll r'tn'llfir h. Ihird, llhi·(gao MICu,. v ,1+ £ . , l,,,':1 i d ,'] : t e , , .1r lh~ 1'-S l t ti i t Isa be ·l .' lto . . Ii. |i . % l i t i i t:. i C ' b IIe ' ."i |'rI !I I rI tlel h. rtll a . of tr rs. i toast.r rl.r·IIs il, r -n-IW 't"' , 'In f ' I.. ,,+uir l o L:or! ~ P\ cc+ , i, udve',, N i li+Im . + Slcl . l . . l6 ,-I n' . ++v ,r I. ! I t '. .. . ... v r, ·Ih e \\' ýI l-^1C- N,',, I ." Ali t,! , ' -i :, ,,, '+,Cll 10,, a,,Ii .dI;r r ýlh Iitl tnrl' lh c ''. ,,:h4llon ?ll(,1).l sitll u " t l , i , . " ' ..[t h . ,, row; \ " Il.," hi"' iii, o,, w. vr·, by l IHI ussl.. car •ku .1:II "re h+ tlr l" th" for , :-l ,arp e t: ." I). , : 3 If o lh l( '|'I. . \by 'l ll- he; bibI. +u Victo[r ia' I ). . . i ' . 1 SlvAl' I I ,,' . : ' I,1t'! , ' . d IIp. ti ;iI i- .-1) o r ""v,; \ !;. , ,,,. 7 1 I,+ , .b I ., aX DEAFNESS. G("TTA VECrI'rIIIu IIS, AN INFtI.I.IIrrE REMIEDY W I Y FI'I IIEAFNES.-- I''. r '.rau .rr,,s which hr. ti.rril c d lho apphciiiin cirr tilr . vrd-rle reledy i-iri r ci y udred , lr , . iL l the wr(,.W I nLIlll.?,rr I)isPr lll arv ('llr o1 Ihe eve , 'rd uilr) ior c.llw I -rnib'1 h''v l rr-ir'bIy· A d '1r'yl, r i l l I'y ll, g -h (i)r.Dl.',+ i 'll th mIIrlr ir, l o.Sinn rol i'i' rcrr ivr.u . hil t l , the i 'lr i'-:'rurv c ir i ni ic :rci riiroiir Lnl a, ... . il , ,l .,,ees Ihr lidl w ,,, m,"J Irn It ......... 111r,., ,'It : t e ..... l Prllyr -irA 'liy CIIJIr.l r l"ll - m |}r * I I . I' bic-, 'rii' ,i( . rr l otrer 1 ari- i 1 .olllllh - i - , . .eror o Il D fl(rli. ri + II , Illm II c-, iw-o r 'rlll-d o, Cl I lIP IId'l1 IIt It T'oo Nllllun ofl'lllr (; 1 \'* l; hlllr. , L IIIIt. II, IIthnI I :rl n r anlh i i:'LrY r rlllllU lc(i - 'y i i " lrn+ I ii r l lb . i1. o r nln-1 ..very clll l l'rv in Ea lI'II. l':l ll'l I lhl. .. ~ l' , wr, r.-n PI ed tio lIyr'P -. lIr Prii all r'i. ' -nrc 7iii I, Iur1i Ar l Ir l.clllll-liricr g"h i en ,(rhlitillfy lilh whir-l |ho (i) ;l .-w " a,'/,l l ell r l W +C a y :' lil i:an P,:.lrllrrrd Ii. ll Ill , , riy.,l i., rlllcd . by ' bo e, '11iI'rl IbI , Iulllir In, r ,·.1tl , I I ri - . ll rir)Ir' KII i ofl r i e 'hP F , l,.,) n l.+O l d alot Ki,. 1 of Ih o " )),'lh Iai,, uuof+n rl n1: Ile Jry Dirbic t0 i ci oft , buryA r,-tf Iii ii i dibirigurig -. t-'ii hIi rrr-c..': i. rl,.. llII.I l*'t llor? il Tlh( I1.1 rvill l]" )11d 11 111 i Ii lll i(iI1 I •, • p. i 4,4~l by tlop. lll ll lC1,ihr lll lnhix Ii llj l il' - ,± i ." , ,I r r,'ric. 'l hIo I rl Wll re , tic r try J' with l'ncr t+., cc ii lr l'rol ani IIc 1 tr apply III -ic r ierly.L ' Ps lulllullnr-I . n ll 111i Irllltlh 1 -lr Ir . d hIn hitll i, :;i,"Ic.u IW nn wel n....IIa is tlhe pri,,c, pal ....... oft he thre , re o w (1 . o I Iz r I Dulin 100 r orn, or Iii-r ,Irri Ivirlil ,ier' rrtor red , hi I nO L o.illL· h f oil had 1- t..lllle 1fl. in l .y;, h i 're cyjr (I.'r l¾ U d; wrr, r,-l ir r ti rhcorit 'rII- Ofila u c W'IIi r.I'i. 1 I'"g ic,, (iu;lu . , .' I. 1h ll ln y r I.< IIi 'II'Ul il 41+l)ll r.llll li tllm hll, i +,ui l'F tl1('l I.,,l i, [ o cllllrll .lt p rllh; l ll, I ,'rrli . ur u rit r a o Fl lm,.| ii,. " lu ir a th,1.1 IIIII~ nl 1,:U"·,,,1,,olr,., and [I.,- I, gt!, ol'on,,,e 111y Fu. r 1.I 'flll'"ll'f U ItIC 'rI '', *"r + . lh·ll 1t 11 (1·11 rho, fo .W 11 - y Il li iliriiciii -l The I,.v John K,,., cos ia • i .-ii 'h rC b uri tc+ ` c cl iir e ti i e.,. Ii i ., c il ' idt, i h lll h l." illt 1 D llti.ii ll I IC ,orrrc Ii-it,"rI r rI) r ,lrdriit.,. 'rin, li'i rc i cI h., I i(i'rirr l, orl IY I'~ly IWIII apI( III h it| l t. In her yll ,, II o. dur gC which ii: tlulh 'Im ,i lil d ie,l In n,, Iy.l' it,), lrat,, Anr, ", Jt. ido,. yli. i,"1 , iwh'll.ri tr"rlln n Jicl , rull h g ,' Iiri c uii r illnilcld II. ll" e .t, w itii hou Ir i 'Ii . t lll, , iirt'rrl llr. D' ri-a e riclll' I I lcrlii'ii urll r rll rl irl r.rly rlir' ngi, -li, Ve, ' i. i.. ' Ira.e i' 'i t lll lr ad i ..t u:e,I :1 - ,r o11n rcb . r llll, l lh,"e hl Ilhear (" no ,rirur- ,"vr I ,,),,)rb cIrr'or'pyiirocu. ,iti - l~ a., s-i od r rlie lion r. r iOti l ,ir l" 't III Dr n w llllollllw ld" l':lllll hllr 111 (· 1 . ofl'· o Ili,- (1,II, Vegr 1 d ili+-- in I ,n r i i r hu : o rc n w l, ; c : l. I tI, I I,,.r,1 - I. d I orrii Ii ui :no)tr: du Ihl," remrZ ly o, r ý ,, u ll( l Ifu "", .no.,ng fn,,,, nrrvo o, t i, I'llc Ih' IIn cI lll· a 1 ,11 relax oiun IIpIII oII , ', +. -.t cld, o,.1o , j i+ , J1 aIr l ity i lu r . l IIi'm , ~, : i , ,':It ro + d i I . i ti 1 hunIc ,lh l uIll l iI. n lllli) IpHIr a,,, o:1 [ , ýi+ . , Ii ,ei)ll:. lllflh to I.I othe~r-, it Oll+,1+ h~,N,d , p, l ti+LP .. wh may h; e, ac:ci. o U n b, U'l thisr cllluc l 41 ii t C* r . + · y. D)IJ.Ine, of. 0 t will ,: li. rti i i tr 1 t) -hoe;, r~ it lII1 to Dr Taylor, '" i .lll(.l ri, hy t ~ h,l i .i lll. 11'l Iii wullle il. l ,u, i , • \It rn V whlllltx a t:nIII a,,n l vahilll, , n ntthln l: F, O IUra mIIIIIim AC ll ll:lr l )ll llyo nhllo- i ll sI 111. u.P. I lllW , g'l~ll· rl' llryr lll d 111,1 e leIt I I 1ro cl I l lC l rll-r ciryn,' ,1 nl, ' , i iiir, lIt) ou d il'., . .'Pcltla'-.l Whr.: ul++le ull r I rn ", 1 i .huI i nJ uiy hr,,!ofaas. 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Ihi .L it I. r .. i rl. it on jusItly hetlw,!hal Ibel ,OtlV .+ f r llhlhllh r d,. +tlx i pn hii . t u lrriimrl ll 'ln' nl havii e iun r r, t .rrc.. icc cri o ll l. n - y .-ii nina r r r 'i . ii l c ir van d. 11il "' + `.') ,.," ' ofi ,! .ll hlod,I ova.+,tWi,uvv"rs++ mic PI ,i , '. ,,,,. i . .. ... ,, 'r t ll rZ ,...Id I', r ol" .nd - "" ,r, I .. .. , . = , :,'',ly ,tdl,+ f'D r'l' r oyh l'+ Iih h I I I,, l· o It I Pil ,.t. nlio w co lr ! , , , r pi ,n . .. . .rH :.l . u.. ,. I lthe / + i . lt ll . lbo ln tie: o 'III'"I~ I+'" "h: I' . I... . i'h'r Ir II l~, uol'I+ iiI' O11 b ll t i O (,,, ", V ,+ . r rol 11, .lll;IP., 1 . ' " ' hl Pi~ra dr , r do" h I , rIP' " , d , I ,v l-il.+\ hiitlie.t ·r i llle Pl i llp r nirr Ro ll .. ,+': - +.+. clluliho( ic 1reo ci (Yll,( ti 1'i tfll " . 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vfl,,t (a., nnJ isn . ruor ., .cl. " a ý 'I r , stnlnach cuugu~ n, liver '"1II': ··· ' . .Illitl. l5 l llhýa J ·:I the rwlwll trri"l a l lca- ea.ri-u: 1..r1· . e i "Ith h,, Ypllaillt ti51:,1 11arade ~ra N-1-d .~y J~~~u) r Ol1hPI Nln ·lrule.~r dulice It tost, thelb " P- xic I) nli rl r TC( ll::.nd it an 1(1i j' rr'"',!'vrr1ly. N'11 t l uý:ter v! iprrc · rao hovebnr ul 1". 1a~alus sbe I ran he 5551."11 u, hot, ire, . . 11' ,1' thLc:1Ol) etU1.*iihlll C cures r: vrr Pcrfurlurd by 11 Ill] , $oi !1ul ·a".- u ' 111 a \ , : :,i Cualu ··lo !1 ,)III1 JT 1'11ese x111, utel %.o4 , .:rr·ii.LI) l, .. l Illr , ., "fI · .,ou · :any :io Y~u~t..,_'. .olu" ,,. o! llql' ", u, ti. Il .; Y Vi'"''h · , li ' ., Its uon"ý:,;.: i., ;,, ,1 "I 1' .l .':: r, `". " . ..i ' I1I·· II· rli rIil I-~Ip ,\ ll'r' ,Llorn,` r ý le ,r ,1 u :rl., ,'" 1 LUCINA CORDIAL. S E C O I tI D , . , I . I l f tI ,. ' f tl , l 1 'E l l t . I)1D E .j t r lrlnlt.--'l, hI llhilt xtatIr A it:e,+t Iihr Ilu riAn ( 'ndinl or I . f l r 11'of Ih, ve, returnsll his gratefull ,ic""l o tw l j,*, e nt + fiE t ar f 11. Itri ll pntr Illuge 1 I"1 h n h att Ienth re bv ivwtl il nr asofr Ir , be tieI - "llsl ll eb j la", beenl s..i=t h'mh hIll'h(r."I s Iho thel :i - hit il nllrl+:ll i h+lrll 'u ll c Iv Isl1I iTht in 'htI+ .n 'II u al e l anl I i r-.l * I r+.l i ll ill i'tr ii J tHN \ qNl'o i niivr i. ti o i.h n. wa~ll~ +IH IU l finr be I , h[li ol 1o- " tll \h, 111 I vl et hl) e b+ nlIIi\, . ( 1' if-, nI II q i, 1 1, e l ,,di Id tx fli,.ith buttnds o x our 112a'11 111'h I ase •chan one -, la ,l the ilc ,ante.--1''h.t1 it alill rmwi s l t4 ) +etbeIlltlhl E PIIf il lu lll it Itl tdnt i- t hu onl hy el 't ed . t , .ris e-co elo. r h rt n e vn he "f t lopr tnen iln o uat hwhe-, an-l h;+rl e i , r. +in are s ),vie hlita v oll ,, i ,lo w i -' +, i s lr :. v f oi h t, 1 hu r:lCh"', I d llt a t ior fPl IfHtll -iP htn tlla I inVlll lIli l. io t - alli, ti I e il llrl h tIl' ltIhtlr tIhelenb" hr nh, ori roleoltlt l tity tt.,itice ,,fry,: li 'OlI of Ib I Ihr I"id Sii. he ,rn of lllc t t a el . - v-r. r ., ty. O In re ie iv I Iealf of D11.l. 1,_,.;,1 ,'l-;,. ,v, ih,, %,-,ttu Il i,r. 1r1ih 1r IT. T Ee,,ntrlla . h, - 111 r ( o11.,11 -l,btlln be, a.l III b o t tl l e .l+ o fl | ' iz ( oI . t s , n ; h , ti t t hel r tC d o , l lr d l u i , + + , , . i' i w Mell it 1, e s tha ltlin i h ll's the petri hlrtf li rt iti i ntrfr I :ISh l'I Prophrietor. s Rt New (rt ilhuo, . er l ~ll il ýl ; l., x.lI 4t, i * ne h, hnp lltl nr +lhhu llh~. , . t p , , Iv 1< oe1 ollr, lo i it w 1 : ke l the l. It n +i llhI a linlti ot lllrel l.rlncs ofll tt ldra .+,liRcnf ai't 1I, · u'htil ( It a yree c n it o reeoil .tt eioý hi ,eed, harill omOleonel l wVrl hn ahlh +,'ief'I I) lltr o I IIT ir swtsl and 14 eri ,t t he r l('qlil .ltn ith PHiad-r` fl.ei, livoer a+re t.,n 'Il,' r Ilty spy o its rrfit , IItI) + i n hurtlllr not wv,,n I t, los ofrl n lr l,rt yllI. tll- t- rnii 1. tI lnkitIC v, llr lh wvith "l. l i lll llll the. [ ll 1 ie lltie hitirO ,'+stn (), + "a, i~ · ihairtronllt tl rn n! rfill , Intavlal it end b lfnll y ill v, I lire- it rFO~ n ,etrl.ll , " tllttrollt certif itentlll ii lh fir.. tes~pectnhility itt s p, -t of the virtues of Oldridgejl Balllm anr++h t ht, ; he iproplrieo s, Robhert1\,'!nrtitl, E+q. In 1 + t .'f i of e 'Itil .* I tl+] his ('( rt he< if t Ill. t l+se holoC b , to tlhe ,ugh c11 1 h r li.eaittstl the W n III,1" hi r biut atlso ul -erltall in rc:;t WI,. ' \I TII It 11 'I'll 1TCIIER, Senior, .ffllr 1 ,I) !'lltli11A 91 D, IG3 lh '*,.+l 111 \ t. 1~I1 r, 1 :1 ; t 1 Inset. 1 11.1 i 5li 0) .eatrs· or -, a ,th +.-. io t t I.-+ than :ti). I+i1v ,,e' 'Ih'lat eli hi ', i., 'I ,, 1 I l, !,. ,,.,1 ,, I" ,,.t t .., ,,.It o, 1 :. , .,, I '. :, , , , ,. o.n i"l .. . . .I; +, ~ l . ..... ,,i , , .· · l-'·; li ·· ,+ ;d L .. ..' 'i ! r" 1 ' 111 ý ..11 . , , 1 1l'1 _ /ý 1111': 1 .h ýi!. 111I no 'u 1114r cal it- . idle Ind" dtl1l1. 'U .. .~a 9 ! ·. r u cll.1 ". rrlr'1 Ie p r 1 i11o .1 . Ir I i : , ` I. " ' r 1 1 r "I t r n r -, ;c nIi . , lr r · Ltl l uf. :l .v , f u: :I1:"4 r..:u II.. ,. .u -ýlun rltt ý I c :.. t 1"l illl i I t.. 1 1, 1 \ '.;; ... 11.x1 st rt. .. 11, tl I'l ý " :l 1 , i tLlt' I1 , . i'i`I . i tl I'1. ''ul Pu'., n" ',· Huk " . \\ ;" \, tllltr x pirusllur~v Iona,: n. il'ý to r: ! 1i1. 1 ill' 1!1 11 , (`11 r"'I 1. r ' ': e i.., 1'.{r.1 a l , . . . . . . Y I Y u.,1 : lr S, ' . . ~ l'i t r . '1 1 ' ( . ' 1 "THE TRUE RICHES b7E KNOW that health and the ability to l abr, constitutes t lhe wealth lof tli great mass of the preo e in this, as il to st other Ctourn tri.s. To pr, serve, thter'fore, thtt health l y na.tu r.ol ton is a grlld, rmoral and lile;al schemleu to ' filtil whieh, requires o lli teIst attCtltionl The pltrecedente I popularity and ua:v:rsail ap. pprobli, in which this t t edicidtie hao s aol ieoved thrlitro ghout the Utniltd States, tte C;anadta., 'TI xexs, I xlexto, anld til C W t I dttle , lilly justify Ir. Pters' in warmly and ,tiolusl, reeoutmten. cinlL, fir*It k otllo dge of the ' u n.tI sylly,, tttrive : frouit a lo!g and extensive prlctice, has arrived to t i Ionclusion, Liait tile great aI1 I prI. lmiry cl.aes of miiot diseases is a dernge ent ill fthe I'ullctl s otl l thit liver, or ill ther rlds al ill. creiased or dnansl~~hd ecrutetin of t he blo . So ,1ollt is ItIIl olldertood, that it is ecollA on fo persons to say whotl they f'rl unwell, Llant theIy ar btlhuo , mtotiit Ilt m! they lthave too lmuch bFile on I the sto mah. On the other hliand, wheOl tC flow ' of bile is dititrsht , tie process of dies ion is imperfietly perfir 0t, tiolt patienotbee tits tweaki lanbd emaciatedtl, because naolrishllellnt contained i the fttd tlaken into thr st ,,Ici is not proper y ex traetedll, anld t, food' is eij"cred in a crullde statue. Dr. Peters is confideIlt thalt the filesll Illgeoi lTheory, so. called, that, "'impurity of the blhItl is the ctiaue of alllliseascrs,"' o a gri at absulrlity. Every ton io retllcls n the subjtect ea timoot, will perceivoihat pllltrtlllty of the blood is a seven. da y ot it pritllry coOllaint-thle Iflet and not the close o ii toe,ooe. %Vlen thle fi'nctions of ttl liver are d*'ran:edd, iilnd the flow of bile incease!d, it is oflte takel up by the albsor nt vessels ail Iarrinl inllo Ihe circu;tllttl, nd becotmes i ing ed wi b the blood, as ill j.unldice, whenl tLo patlient shovs it in his coInItennIet. No t thio ittplity oi blood is caletld Iby an itncreased flow of tol, and to relýl' y it, you c tti. ciorrect tie secretiots lot ih live , it I rr lorre it to a i tealthy state. iDr Pelurs has c spt ie l te in xtperIment ing with diflroet vegrtab e Ilnindoues, (1u diseases f of' tie :vier; and mlnw toffitrs lit Vgetaile Pl't., as the hest, mosllllt cOellient, and chlle;,est iledi. oill' tillIt Iti Iit' prllrl irid oir l rlleral u er. Dr, Peters iI ttlurs ttllasetlhat tlie long ex oeri IIlen ting with vIgetable medicines hasi enabled hli to discover LIto trIue 'lld otll) oubstitlte llanlLweriL, tall the purposest el e r ttria i without iany of thei alto :ttdllt evils, Oe great quality of his vogetabi Dills is that thely have tte alterative principli o binoold with their eathnrlie, or operative qual ties, so that they tiot only cle'lans the stlomach ndl bowels by purging, but they regulate the hiter, cllllt e tilte tiorbl d sacretions, strontlthens the dilrestive or tan, ipurify llit blood, itvigotlte the eirul:ttiool, ao: !ive toue and oenergy to the oer.. veoll sy telim. IThey ilt mild and pllrasa,t itn their oleratiol, ot tovey :atltost ietoteediate convitioii of their utility froml the fi:t dse. They cnit :o takeol wit HlliI 'ety y .i'prso s llilfa y tgtr ; and the tib:le, Lhe ille:ri, tht nervo .s, anitd It l d licate, . e clreonLt lihel-t by tLeir tltor tiotn, becauot, they clear the syste of t. l humourstit , quittet nerv its irrit, bilily, and invirlihly produe suuulld health. The Vegtit,lule I'l a are it sur rtemedy tor pun dice, siel aL!.iervous headaithe, iys Utiip , costive. utmiteuementtet witll invaeriably 'iec their pro greos, ,llltl slvue the patint frtion protracted aild dangenlouIiloes, llThey invttl ,le tit er Iv us alld Iypeoulln:eical itlfctioll, lo e. lof ap,e ill, anld i I Compl aintslll to whtiecl ftelllales ill ttt itt t e. s ujet. 'They opert tco a iild tantd speed. ipurg'' .i :,r :a st i ltd certL.ti ,tc :dy itr worms it 'htltre.el. I"L!.IcC I haveF( introducel' I my Vr. g,"lab B1:l PI~isto Ioil 11,I . re me.-turd m inmemmmm emm ,.mlfl.m Irill LIIPII I ll L i il uring mmseab (1 it eUb * mm-. m l ml.. omm i.. Iemmmm .mt mmlit 1 lb tpim( will mmmtl tpmm lmminm mmmmmmr mmmmtimmor it .mmt miimth mib', ch.. I'ricr,· 531 cantsl p" r box,, mmmd.,m mand~ ...lty Inc.m u eonho up .tmmlmmmllmmmtm llma'l, iatDrl .mimet:rm' ir.n:i m' 1'" , .trout, i ween D Mbmgm' pam. I· ~ ~ m~ft Pm' mm... i i ·-ri~~ It N. Mmmrmmmnn &m &Imo 11 I` , dmlmmmmgm.t jj) l Iuvr , " M r. lint I..'. i·gi, mm . 1.. 11 .:1 : C m 'rluclll , d. I g. - 0 ." I II· lourbo n trveis:i (3 A i I"' ·io. `;·ir or 'Pe~lllmupltuull.a & .l: ua gust, 1,11-ayett city. 'mmrmi 1.mmm '3'' ".t,: " oo. , av 1, 11 ·.lv rl i \ 011:1, ,x~i n^ .or ,.. ~ s mu all 1mm m mt..1 . ml ..','at ··wImmdmmym . I . cards mmlit- , , m.... m l i.' 'I imrmmmmm mm'3.t,. " fr om. 9u:.lsla ."U, , 1.i. days a d i·I·C!(· mm m P m m i'mm'om I mm mm. ' ii' nu~"., 1 :, 1, 0 ,. e-t., he li o s .1 J ,v l mm mr'mmgm is m mm immmm''m. 1:...,01' m mm"...r.,c! I: 1,t tt 1:. di, :;,r mue of tuna ..le , s u pn 1, " , day hum ;oat ,r I', r .,. , w .,.h. l* i~ llF· :': tIailm',-,,m-III, Alam y :mmmmmm l m.. ol't 'rl r \ ety Yang, t., to ol i : collnn '.. .,, ' t'. nn ., .ls . in 'a 5c I t rd al-. 1rmm "'m- ''"m wardo by .m.mrmmmmme n to1 m ,- ".t m 10 it .u mm . Cm.m itm'm ,tmi, In m, PlIR ll~'lý . . o. .rtienl il ,.. " t a plum stat ,r· rI oi miamlri 1m p.m~ .:cimmm m .` ,, m -' '1 I I mmAY:' ot\Ih ,u o Pny. I l; 2.0 1 u1 11` !I. 02 J THAYER & Co, 74 Poydro, at AICAY'1'O' ti r , No. 53 Old Laura -trn et, inl addl.i In t 'i1 to ,Inir fu, mpr nloc klnve , II.\t weli low, " rI·I tr , m(11)111111. .,I nil k)1 ~)1 IJ-r ,"tt -; ·I1:I lo, k+: :1 m. I k,: ~I<ls e y llrl 1111) 1111 ; Il ..' lll t+' tool- e."mII il·()·; I(~r r: In . .~llI~ nnIIIlne I a b; Ilolr a l TIIr. ne w of 11161e . PII.rl ..' tl I Il·Ti(: l III-t rorII lr(r·r l .n~ ~ ·tt ion' hilier,, ilia t n. )I1lnliI:..+,ith n Isloinrlr oflll · I1( I; n l,, 111'.I\'; r:l L d zatas s ela e , d b II ;I -iri \l l I1I;I.. lli~1~` 1-,Iy E' Tlk C' ~I el; r1I 1IIIrfm t? 1,,: 1,. 1 (') 01 11,. 1 5 i Itere .l l I" il: :j III nn"I; ,.I "il et i I i ; ý I.rrt r lin l ! ie Ilud, ., ttIM, Il Izos I 1 T greflt celebrity of this unrivalled Coin. Ipositioll, spllcev llly iii llthe Norlherll SLtate. leaves Lite proprl-tor not I thle need to a.y any thing in i ict tor ; for II hlas beenll ,ener:llly cocedtc d to it, Sthat it ic htiyond all vomparilson the b st reined for exlcrnal coplllain Llthat hls ever bleen disco. Svred. Indeed tl e peed and certainty ol' its ope. r;ati ln have tlit aplearla i ce of miracie ; as l, rs, vw tllcd, corns, tivr sores, childbluins, lwhite swel. t lingvbclr, pile.)s, spider a ,d lsnake ilLts A. illllll Y dically yield to its apparently slicerhuom , itcllu. llce 'T'bus if lroperly applied iL will remov! e a slllllerati clrnl or brieak nd healil a bi'e in li e days, will oiay and perfeclly cr iiin ulceri i ill t - i'vehs: anid Lihe most dl.ipeiall e;la of M\bli S cclliv t hlt catcll Iil Io.gitev , hove I'-i dcestroyed by It icl less tlhan two IciI litehs. I I thle Imis of cpoi S s)loolus reptiles its ffticacy is truly su!rprisingi , all even in the bite ,f a rabid dig, fur if aipp!eld in illme, its power of latraction tire s. wonderuiul thlit, they will at once urrt thle poison, and tlhus pre. venti it f otl Iperv.ding the sysote. It is likewise greatly cuperlor to any otnl:dcinle Iceretltotro disco. vld for the chllafed backs and Ilibt of horses, jtr Leltters, ri g worlls, chlapIped lips. nd ii sliorlt r ccvery cxterlcl.l bodily evil that ioay lall to lie lot TI'ihe proprl tor li received at leas a lthousand certilicltes and otl r docucitils, in iav r ol'lli " , vcltic Oltiiloenlt" upLwards f a uldred iof which were wrlitel by respectv ible intluclbers of tllil Icdlicdl FPrclty, oll breatlhing tily saule culogy nud ctii.siccliuoc. Pre ird iat 129 Liberty street, New York, anid for sail at (i5 I'Pydria itreet, New Orleans. o- Cli.. II 11til VAUL' CIN I-. YUgllltditt' e oimpitnd ii trt co ovicipinc iLe clricltlre. \NNites, Pallins ill .itl lck and ins, 1I en1 weaknessv, lttidctiocs kidnius, ;t'a I, sccrbutii nIi the ililrilictillii i tl i clt' it cie itossie i it ii l: lit actlive viiile of tl . c ite t iil licd to the pubi cl tile i.prpietor bils bocut IlIt I rl I iih mllnerous ILrecU-li i illc uits receiveid fironi the must enicuent c Ith ie nc I il ll tullty in I11ei op , li, t''l nI Ih t it l I i be h I lc ! a p tcia.ted alien ile loclrit .u'e Eton; fulb known. T''ie hialsnin of lopl lihca, so ctetlis.ielL iscd ials lIst iitch Of its credit bIro li te dislike ii clth paiCeni t t ls lllm l Sexpress d reardin;, its disngrocbhie taste, d istur.banc it lu, ii h .ili i,' l"e ls c ul stm;hll , nt it. , icerei .tlt In' ilti cli i Ihll usebl in llle .i·I ' siage. T he cci', ierlif iii1nsi1di :l ni al sisof the i hliL anl, illllel in thuttoll ie nIl e" attive ulitilehiswo Iu blnt hiie bI ieS titll I rll'le LLlO'cn t ' ila d and l elll usefllvh cccinille ld ti in the i prest sltie. The aih rotvic c ine 'i ci biine in g eCl iellls b ich rll e in the i ig iihestc l e cctilcll ' til' ,Iost sei ll ific nilll nil'l ei ld ill I Icve prl itessi . ill e I tl o il e other, prIl odll o i :III optll lltill rills lii - nislb n, :1 i sulr)plssi" thile most sullnull iot expc , cialons; posw+sstigat the smielimne tile dihant:lge of its ehiug adlinhisteled l i lth p rleto stuccess in tlie dillb'ffrent saeIIIi lll.reo lf ll ti ll present day xpress R e dvi lllplll l lllll il. l i n IIv l vr rsp: ill h,, vlill its use in the princi pal hosplc i ll ili il public l .lllc:l institutioIIns iC lI be n, aund still I oii elt u ll··. , e't' oIxtonilgue. ht e it I:l IOlllt lir t :I llVwllh III,. ·L·)ll ih' A1 11·.lnl:llys A ill :i enttltl :lli 5ti i , and i i obstinlcc lc l ti ltlel lia l iri s .i rti n,' a IItccis iccr'ed stahle ( it t edi ,tie liiiti lh in.; been sumlniilcd to the Lttt and txpeliienc of kill most elebruted ununo, the tin"ills, the' hilie lprssed, Ith ir sals sllt. -Ihl ~of i i.s ext r l i l t Iticac it everltl ease inder" theil' drih r:4e, bI etii il l.. It hoI h inl h1lvi E ilii aund prii' .tt practi e. " T hei ' nit o f r,,it i. ill ht il i i dIFT.lhv ,f let.. I' 'pa red i1. .I 1 'lhIn [ i " .,, i, a 1e. ....I I ., .. , . . ., ; f lintI !i . .i . . . . ", ~ .I , )l le t t ... . . . . ... . . .... h t ot . I . tic . ti Is _ . , . lu eI (ccnc Ott oi s\. ei ,l ot g!, 15 v, , : i ' 1 I29 A ro t,19, It F . > . ,, ! , , r . .' • ' , . . i ,,, it , f., ,, it, :, . " ls i e l is r+ .e i 1, . ' , . , j ~ , . I t i . 1 1 ,= l1 0 1 < i, e i. . . , t .. .. . 7 'I "· ' . '.. " -, 'ni n ... , i t r· .r I, i" • .... s.. , ... a" " ; i : f , f .v "", x .t, , ' t ,, : !- " , , . ; . ' ,. . - i,: c. ie., ":.i , . '. ,, , i- . I· t ',' , , ., . a ,, ..- u e P'+x t i · 1"' : ',' '' , ! J t h rl· l' P. " '' . , ',i~-`l lit' 1" ' 'r '~ ' 4.' ....... ....... .. .; tie,- .. .... ... ......... ..... ,, l p _ ..n ,'xr+.i , ' 11111 i ."1 , · s A , 1 t At I Ilxlý ii i I LTI * ajlli I i u diiuz; I.u 'p i',' ,. h, i jii; i . ih,,ve aearn f .,ii. ''t"'"' a I,.I'i lr.,: lun" which less si i i I iiiii l "I Iiiisl r kiss Id i i p i, I %.Nis ý"' r TaaE aPosLc. ' she "it "ý " -nA 55511. new rrmel lehlits goals in allure, to ur r,. t, -k.. of oni e: ul A r (s I'r . i,55ll5 rii b uisitl thdeir entire; sl i=ii ll,si Ii. icpji.'sighty C"' ASESt or v clime! Aud hiXT u m ,ch Iorr IrUe ,. I t1, iEs1lct[,e A n . 15, 3kial0o3 s I I "o," . · cil eaul·II fur many of hill wart rel all n uocrr i"'?."'1·.1:1 "u~l~ll llall iu(, ure :nt the diotate· i 'd-'w"li toile. Itsgis n ir IIWI hisono ry ludic t ".li ,,, rl~illi lu or t", . (),1 axe )11 rA,1 li( sult t r l·p-V sen Ir," i> Ipllll oflhl1 OI r a~r iiii I, gI·s A) ss ers slsiifked to 1,.sk Psirr ss IxI.iiilisir [I,, S 'stja .,, 'I'lls e. Slcs li, s'Is'ill ~iii sits upsr esidithe system ore teI r pasty-[hale ufl i mlrt rll l lusting. Tl lll ,ormcr J ertrhleli crt innl ufiiiis, y I.iiiIii ii Sb bii Iuriclr Oib 1' 7`1.r lllLI·Il~r t1? Il1lirllnlly) ( n Sl 'If :·LY of vrgetulife 10 udI.iiyoIver i , iiliiiiiisisn 1 t y L .iluiii.siiisthpe us !~t pr:,rsilc5! n~1ll L [u a1oderl,, or. [n Ilri m~l it worn11 ImmnO iiiiiiii3 pads i b it ii diii *Ssisstie1s ills r.t!,tUI lac IIC lll . 4TJ 115 in II~i, JII t ne r ih ard CASES (IoF l SCgi.C ylNn II ('dElla.. elai Is el I)1YIbsII 1 (lis t iIkd Ii LiSe ,oust s1830.tb Ii ,is 15 iisploiidiiAn Iwlm 5 iujIfljh IDTLi ~ss. uirs piss niiilil,iil,,si, iiiii udfasht (Ill i:b nian *sltuuub,,s I,, 'i hi ,, 1, IICIC ,ecwr auugt'rmI? VIA~ I) a.Ivrrh,!arldo fan n ! ,Ir"' 1(·st1 a roans sta gell Ill skis , and IIIIII iii iL1rea yme m i 5mlp ii~i~ il sr .I X u!,dnI "- i~ttl. Irsf iii r~iii s o. I'Sui'isoir, Fn"s 'l thle' ' of man is busr si., it clllelly on s II to [fie more grain[ anti a tr( r medics which~CI he i P"'l'ltiCilll51,ol' I[ImI il16fii i~ ,uperlrity of the 61Ulllb pod ants nn""'""*s o f carp wbillv Cud Its crrill for als Its r& oSli I c'ddllrrn Ivcr thole wllich t eIld Irdu anld the art ofnta base Ii bai lner oirun lnn n Portion of the ahorigimlln , I,:ibl~l I Il,,t" Clthis llru ry, a d n1, Ililslllr iqlplmill ell (Tll 1II(: 11 - of c lu e ea ,. losne 55f ike s, me t lrreernll y ruct, im,,:the roprito3!. IllA INdlt·s' ' i.d o is now creIllrllligeiu BIH n ;plr. h d ln'l x ere fr Ire Iilr Lbc ull LI· OIelIeei pl. p",prralr uu 11 1111)ll ;ti er l urioua rr::;II rL I111I a [o lust their : Il)O.O l s~111d, us 1'r wel fi·"· It[ uud hpucfcsnl fur Ibis p.U*,rit fu hII!5, 5s's~ua",s" tut h, isplacng itbrin thleir rv~sch rn sorel spans'' 55·1 itl~rl lll, 1 "5 55 ~ Ina ulittsd 1'ul/OW Lciugs 1u011.11 o II~ll!! i t Is np ;"buLisb. 1'55 -chit x al lyuvo of al uabet et " b lwen. uudl is ll:Ly )· ils s ilo lley mor" t brli'on' hI,1 s e s. 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Inten style ; do hall cilnipn and ncommIn, Pn!ilirlrlthia glazed and uliglind dor d,, French landrceper, fire htaritl, bl lrds, &.. di w lvl and wa rtI d dd d,,. mnornaize do er.lrrs, ilk fttnr and galloons fial qtlilitee, patterns allid priCe,$ witrlted Iritigia as srlrd ;pattern,. plain and auirr, d Sajilsiausuin, rl ait style plain and tulouaedr erollta drapery ri usna cplair ard t.uillred, a-ored color. news slyl. ol needle wtrk ron.iofa cushions, floIstoot rovier, &e lew style at bell pllerns, rained figares ind plain, eilt wind.w ornaments r all patterns irtd nize.e, gilt engles batll !a Ra.aearhd-- ..-. &i,glassa kuib., castcra,.,uir tlthr, figured and Splitin,. i- ra=s ^.Yrilttit rr UI tI f r rlil.lrren r :t lll clulrtld anr d allitle, wolterd.a-edpal td Ias. er!s, a gnerral aslrtelrrilt r f .phlatlnrt pdlspppee hahIIIng, eiIst.naIy n, hal.d and-Go milk at the Iowest prices at Nos 41 Roiyal and 64 Cutlmn l!,,uae st." N BI-P-,rsons in the city or f.rm It e eauntry, .e rep. clllly ivi:ed ii aall and exrulane for thrmaselvec. 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