Newspaper of True American, December 17, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 17, 1839 Page 4
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ýSIs - * L*4tnni dui si ma.d erlvss'ctnloge. - a Jl1, rmflithtrl'tpi5, tltliqus * iek al~aol drrentng, oon:pot n eo ieO trrin.di; op licss hellssoicl hlmoit iE i s h in .tjl ollesi *4 tited ,satin eoa'i$.oits lhno.hd Iheinl anlt o boks and walletls; nl2 f fin d a mti otmmn gtuim. s lurifer matches; nill b dtti tot,, o trmse' stock of F-'cy s8 [ le e votL a iolenl dst# o Prt, r so SSIsit~d nOfl;bhio Gnolden lnab, 7 E neAND RETAII' C ANI) VA t y, E she of the golden h ltr e sobuhocribr A hoe ýr l. t tthay . of Wtho pevit stork ib ulla~u~ e ent of articles in s .ei-ria n +slawellrry, brushes, ocking gla.ce, igin parptls ollws: c r hell, wrought antd plainthhktwlet otond, dresing, side puff, eurl $r 4· ombs of ev.r- descriptioe an a t o ntom Mxlon patters, Ivory omb ever I dcpin, lOtedrewsin and1paeket to etr- with a Ttt nnahand . .... P E ilognc, 1 entde, Florido, honeyv o aferfevery ie and deo o.'- lsceso c doll gne, extract of Iforgomot. 5s, shliaving do in cakes and m do , rd's egetabl hair oil, hearts an. o nO smellig salts, plain end rflented Stpo i , row ierbpulT b.oxes po WELpoLIthnd r Ts,oms and ehlo e tooth wash d W a ge n r as ortm nl of - ew k me ofte let od IttOot fashliona ofe erfs c wap g ofhite a red cotelit,, topao . J~ttlacdroim sen jg mis, rotf flhsgree, .as pitsoea gree' .rl ahri- gille and silve" .cklos, er dirngld pt letils and guard chains `;Bk S lhair dust. Io ,cruni,hlenrtfltolil te, comb, Nail, shaving, shoe and OOIG GLASSES--German n stutia and toilet g slsl magmdfying and French dressing glooasse, Iou , wlih a vnri.iv of other khian not enunrcruted,. FANCY AIND VAIRIETY AlRT'lICLES-Frnch ad'American poirtable deoko and dressing cases, some very rich and fitly finished ladies work Iboxes andi dres eases with end'witloltt mouic t, usicnl boxnes. Ac eordlias o Ivarious kinds, violine ead guitars, silver mod platedpencilo and leadwood peoucils ar carpenlter arid cryolsetinutntlellokgunsllan, l pcstoll with aod wilho(lut eases, reotrridusn ttps, plrcu'sion cal cclii;$OOerO. niple ssew.,lvntor, shot Ibelts,game bogs ilastO bi-acki tea setts, Indianbeedls f every k nI, belbs ald tOy 6eand commlon kaives, reolr anld nscissoros,oti:,llo aedlee, thso, silver plated, steel and eod mo p lei. piastet books and wllets of various kinds, visiiig satdhsitldeardc ases, ,playihg curds of Frenchl, toecuto and American manufacture, dolls. il itatiocl ftnit, t,, Loxes, prints of various kinds, Saundela Ponroy' Emtoerson's, Hillman'e and Hawkio's razor ctrYs and metallie honec,dirka, fnllcy hbead oecklaces, do wio'O or drlps,toy watches, pearl buttons, powler flasks, eu, and plain seed heads, gilt and silver do, gut elaotic ooslwn. ders,old garters, plainand sword canes, hubckgoouton boards, dies, opticaleieanes,;ecsharps, locefooo ccntc'l Rs and drinking cope with a groat variety of other nrti wi fa great v rtre els, all ofwh.h will bold f cash or city accea ies on 12 months credit. B H S12IMCMOd, & e, o 70 t~ha(r.rhi. -·-U..~...I. u ý j.IiI&S l B{ "a oo,.No RMcgsaziae street,a 51 cw receiving slips Nashville, Lnuisville 'entlils Eale, osai other late arnivals trim :1, S"th.ern citia, a large and new selested assortment slir Bo emooIsl Choes Rtid Brogans, eonstllntg of genle oie's fine ealfl and Meorocco beots do 2d quality; do bule'd, a.ud aloot waX pegged lot ls n "srimsqunalities; men's fine call" seal alaf 0lo'uecc rh.; inolpns and broeg.s, boekski shoes, brogns air Itl:tlnitl men's fine calf nlA kilped gged slaoesn ab. I rolgaa; lo boots; do stout kipl otl wax bleggetl shoe ,al brogants; enlemenme's best quality cal svewei slaoes i'rorsns stdl Jack Downiog's; du celo" and 'ilo'oCe, I trkle shoe$ andllnrogans; do calf, seal A114d Movnrn. I slia shoes. and ilil.px.s, do calf, bull ate asea wongs s ww a.icle; Ido fine call, set.l sold mosroaon qicsre Coti lboys', misses' ane ahtlldren's pesletl and aowe, b. ogaas, sanl shoes of every qtality atl kial, Also a general assortment of nme's stout wax ant abogans stid shoeS, together wilk t0,(t11) lair, gre'o Ibst quality, rnssett tuognes, nailed inl Iit I inks, made erxpessly fort lantatlon tue; a geotd as. Simle of mnenn's ,le anl stout kip Oseastl Il"ign:stI w ltoll inlr, i a sige quaitity of aon interior qalit. tmsse d asnd wa brogans. [ladlesi' r s call; seal, morocco a.d grain welts, antd pomp sole soest; doc file Fret,lIh Mortuto anoo kitd rut s laid ippers; dortloan shoes, wihllh nid witlout leets; It calf, seal and stout lettber nooteda; do 'lirunlla s oe, I.lall kildlls tal quelltles; db lanstt g brogitls; ito gaitcl seand lfoed bootees. Mi des' lasiitgsSl.titg slaoesan., as igosh Childien's colored a'i..oSlind lastitg boie. ~ u ntie boots, kc. ieeutlemea'sfioetsbdlonsblb black silk hats; Io black as I drab beaver do Itd a nsuplerior UIqeltt; io imitilon Itt ram dot bitroad anid ltow bril meitn litne ib el iltIk nosia diort ailiednl ihats, a oew article. YobtLs' at :e size hats of difLelret qnalles; da o chii re, i ' mIn'ais adl Iy's blank aind stralb wool atets of Vh ilS ela ltin with general ts assolment of bays' and ieclt's 5,0 ! Caltl. 'I.his assortniet will be relletnislod by the artival of aco imeketslrom te oore Itet el cities, all of wrilch il I s be sol on acemnlostoal tetrimls, itu i--i HOLLOW. WAtE, WOOD SCREW, .SAD 2 38 Water, near Boekman street, Now York, have received the past season, and are corntantly neeiving large and extensive additions to tile stock of the above goods, which now ctionists of the allowing assortment, suitable for tile souteern and western miarkets. Hollow ware of asperior quality consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 different sizes,, frotn 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, frot 3:8 to 30 gallttns, Ketllos, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallon, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 differest sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillete, . 5 do : Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddlos, . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 43.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inclhes. M Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from r:8 incb, Ne. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jaseo's imported prisees. SSad Irons, assorted, in casks of nbout 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, aseorted. as8h weights, 100 tons, assorted friom 1 4.4 to Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &e. made to order, Also stoarnbeats and other machlinery made to *rder. The atove assortment of goods in particularly recotomendod to Iti attention of Southern aind Weslern merclhants, and are offered icr sale at low prices, arid npon tile most liberal tenrmn ;it is be. lieaed to be the largest and best assnortllmelt etrc offered for sale by any olte entablislltlent in the United States. Merchants, by torwarding a rquestc by mail, cai have a prinsed eircular. with descriptiol oif' ooid.t prioeeand ternm f-oan w-clll no deviation is uver made, furnished by return of nlnil, All orders will receive imlacdiato attlLiuii.. New YorO,lO-,t. .a 4 aelead to tie r ·1La e r ýr ."-err t., ir . pret r, ,,t t +, - , d ne ,ae t I Co.n mn- rei t, i t n' te , r t r t ;. ".. . , neon Jn in tll tiisn.' ,,ng ii Sthtln o 'itt,)' h rI rea thtn h tiic , ndn So.tland . nd the no them. tt - 1 times he his inrerest, as it I-hi eody rqnsive, in addition to ho present torkI rtI of every description, really the §nle.n6 pia l. imso, engrafted fruit trees, ci all i.'t tay rely on findt, g a l.ll os. l.i. of .l.ttl' 9 rnt. in the seed line, of genue lou qality, and pported diriect by Wim. DINN. ANDREW SMITH & CO., respectiiuly inform Ijir friends end th. public in a ndter n, that ° thjgo'eeepyythe.pew brink aehop,219 Thenoupinoulae -.s.witwle thp kiheep constaently on hand Copper, 16mo 1 Iu!ar Iron Ware, of every descriptton,, p ,g't.- . sy.w t lankntthles, and pempa, tin baht. t.etban++1+ ofj- oidlall sorts and stoes, and all rbres eiiing-donsd t shortest aotibe. S. at hbare of 'M!IerjeOiription, soel as steam. 1 o.tIL rr, fraig ehlsandu, screw bolts, and other k hi. oPftea notL work such an chimTecy, breech. ;eon piphpen. t w"tieqWhl so do all kipdq of out door work, 4464ea',oe p.d and tin roofing sed guttering, *A. Tinsyabpsyand ail other kinds of work it, S* e a tbhe will execute cat i,. i'' tbr deed27 ýt,13 11i;Yp o - 4 Conde street, btweuen I llmt-w Phultp, keepe cs antly on hin haop Ut iwarl, l fb.ourt and Lrogaandl. - [a 'dali. betaeen et-fbc.tet®itin o.h t..:. elsi* W .yik tinnufonlc .r I, ,+,,t. wc,.,. tae sendin n _r.. .er v ·" _.-.- · . r. R A lNE1 I t'eiooo Unilw le toAtngiittsGet 41,innk.P In m aU. 8 $1il bitsr ']lestamnaoets re Ih o hee -fer dt teirveo. Lthe nLvi ,'tit presens S rlore adv .ieinlne an ihe lind tup Agary otra o ltong ru. is the south. the t reat improve oenra t ronl the hsteamen Sprodluced by thee stction of lifty milh so ronad, b.y , .o ire . vi ' : fro.t I. L rnn e t .ra.,s t v,,", an Arm ofrSni Rosae , to Sonthe CtoVnottoon ttlhreeti , tee s Cowltrd. or 14 abovecedar ilff w h e r e b y 0 e .n a v igan tlo n o f t h e srv e r , a n dt tO te Ae t de,sonoline, aod tcoe srenolov thee int venolnit eraapoinett Ilo CohatVfcht, ore oAtiral on tak stri rohosadt el Bro rtn il!re. d v Soo iled to Prinaco, lt- hod Ronu --Drin. e eostconhe every oyher day between Mo Ple a.y ners wll leave o ieP rrv t3 o'lock. op m, in the US ail outih hnd proceed to lu Savnnil's nd Ci, where a four horse coach will o Sco woaitin to v h em i the ex-e rilent house of Mr. Charles Sl mile disant, iwhe rel they wrl il h el fid Bpleasant I Acconlaeitd.lous. ''r the nigt-l rviea' n.'r morning, they will rriott e in Pensacola earlh otcetcee ecoooooo nl nro-consvtlle. obile to P'nelthus v.-- on the dis--comfort ofe oonoeoico, h the co-potre tt h,0ac, toe pro.orie. roofe tt the Ihl nsrio n o i, use, Mobilet, tnd Col. lnorepste lp11e, CncPs eery oler daiy boet wcen ino, wahere f ooer hort 'llo'ogll wiloods and mables, eo oloVoey ottlett tUo tho o'o'o:Crleoilo ooe oof tr. Charlte i t 1t ile d isitolnot wotere they wtl llotl tle0as0l0 OtolnlllUdW , lollolo r lhe ilio s --tot eioty oco oooooUo'or o, t)e 'ivol conric e it Peh.;tcd.l eoarly tio t oe evollto thus avuldi';l 0lie dico fo rt gold, Okt Gi0no i and Antico o too r Iot, Ot ro oh or 0 erd a0 tiquet Cic lb t Maple O l', tooe Stone, tis oe )nby GLranites lir Woodl, ot or elinlo CO.o:t itille l Bllack loUSint. a rli ac ndtelCa, float Woot, A.ootes i ton Gory, Aci t Whlite sO , o . . r -'t two dor ' Specimnl s to he seen at the shopi . Poaints, ile,, glass, copal 'varis', le. on oad oil for se o loe. ChINA GLASS & EAR pt'IEN WAIck I goldE 36 Chre s tree, Now Oclo Atico, lard Eono lo i OChitr ltd Ltlo enl alori u e ioow opening new and rich patterns of breakfasth d inlg and eot services, toiler set, pitchers, ten Rch cut and ple in Fren and American gtoe, war-l ohleo, toa p )oignes, lemondello, jel clares, Woines, I crtro low ers, doAneittr r . rn bler, to pre e diseen at leriesho p itcher,ntluo s, lap shade and glasses, candle soaodo, salt cel 36 Chanrrea It reel New eriae si.. MsI SlqRG.rANdT &r C,. Sukorer era of French br nlnches, spn Cllince, arlienod teap r sugarre oWle oprllinc, nl, ald rito stterllo tof Imrcak- s 0A0nin, nlod te sorvides, toIle sorase pilchero, o te and lroffe eup. jePotoor ftrolt- Cvroet- afro, ownle. pIto. diphs, l reoott whrr it bUr tIoasit oap owers tousr- loalts, bro ie .i s r it ireoads t n iotd julliret cl reo , o ite crd. iltoeo, totoo, i lr h.olt , tt.h otl toer.ot Wainl sholadeo, ar olassets, ooat d sttiooeo sah cel Silver opllet- t r, ,nzp ' nd t ra nia it res--eao 2 tCrU, liqulr susand + sare Iiskes, cnr ndloht tk, hrit hulk.eof sup, rior qualay, white and te y pllle fU o rs, s:raollt- . in m s s .o npinr d s ru;si as r ] Bitebd· ,n tl Ala- expecen by thne t'll r n a rrvals rll oniver £ o, n l d a nh dr .+ l +cth e r w ith, C rrio" , eh h ty tI"+ r e .3 olalinho a l8, flbrni ohed '.:h F n.,,ds pu tlle41tOPl ria sonalble PriCs ss arly f:n keii st ts ,- b eal o vet'h It Sstairs. will lohe poue r o mt l{s nred. nnto .i b t. rn Al n llSlr(rhI ,.I(i. A r lly . Aiooo epreloe .rl too tile liout arrivoolo frntto 'lt t land tnoo Ib -r N l.roojoototn I. Lt-hi-bl onto 'eChoio, Jlollllto tlill Co oiI, oeol,ken otool oot:.'os,, e.l , too 0000 io _be' "Otili oi..ooc_' o tt0 o t +IO 0 ,, . Oclr t ot-o-h',,N.50t9 o-~ t .... u.,"tl. ..,+,vouo . ..a ['h, ers. Neuru uohsh.,blalnkeL.%foon ]ZII~e. lse+s ,.)weI L. Nhlrliara, clbrrls, blirki, calicorr s, lanrrrllt,! ictlia &i c&e & raclved arid talor a e a lor li ite .llbCrl . be.s, ROTTIA & Co. o..t. rornir Caml, arai (Chartrs ar NE c:W(oOs-r 5Sirmans IHarit 1 co are now rea -L .evivin2ýfrom itht rn!..hi s Yaz~o, and 0ur'a , Ind brit: c (- corliii flor1 N York\ n', .r, ,oi, t , t .nodI i their lilln, ra whicla r toeller wit, thi elimain, slto'r k il Io n 10n( , mukes their n "LI olllYI'.. I ve . .ete Theioll . inir ng rti.rirr rt, Pz: ell ts , r:Lle lrk a d r sll sn ( i b it b ornr o al ri r ir I l - rliu rtlibrk .iil aills ii r ir. ii ciliarei, ruI;a moo flle rlua ti u i !t a lllllers , lo, o fao6 'nd LH "ili'r IIa aItltll reihllilzrr o,r der s a Lo ihw'er .o I t il Ia . r er [oeltet horka Ili r ll n lietl, einedl to ooks fHear! ii l Ivolry 1 . Iu)d Io"oveo arlr( use.", ead "rein.II) ,filet. ral "'ea( d, nle( k il .ura III n ligres . br-% ead , ihllllP", head hl'('kl",t(en, cut eIlmt'+ alnd lhI itain . pcd s..r u m ;ilh m s lnclian Loa ttds, bell, and 1I l )I Utl ; I) stol and I pow tert~tot.],..h(t belt.,+ h r-+., blt, poc e a' t dne:Iil p" ,istols+.; uiU r ,l ntl,l.Il..'le lbaneflh, ems L - 11 q knives,, uud diril, s..ri"·: I hem ,li runl',, waru rrir iii l Ia drilrla 1(0d no,+ l hi.rllil rr .r ,il l: ar " imb tlrr Ir 'l rIrilllnt ,( ,, a , r 1 Iiian II 'oh( +'ui( , hI i', I, itt, ht ll' ll i rln,' < ) rh'hl tvc r"r, r+++e andI by Valhr,tI-snrt,',l. nesst:l. eeuair,! hai rlniint, i, I .'Ii Carl niiiiiioIlr(i. r+z(t'llla' ro i iii,l+iirnl oar!;ve Y. tblltlbl hl~l+ O++111 +li++ 11 I.O\ Rli +ly S/il llli). ol + I i s cri atio rr, nladi a,' n io 'tlara a "r s.;rii no . nririg L carrrln, hrrainr ,ioih la d a, f ds rlu! iorire , ii linIi 'lll cd l w ol k'hur o l. , ru lli lhIrrn . "io n i, l ed o :,t" ,i vei hultusn Irorn andriirer rii* rte i- ,t'nd n ,nllh and s~ilver pl,ei dI t- l: t + nr~l+ . i+ nod It'+,ei, tl'm alte I and Fi ttl , c et", o, o, tr do, Hil " o , , rs um .re Ii:imlll lna, hooks u Ld a /nne, hair pin"il, imlitltioll rait, rlllk n.,! ,,~I..: . ..· . . vi i air!~~~ ~ rairkrl rio Ii i i i I I' ' e , , , : . - . . . , , r , o. ol, Dor . at.n, lecturer to M -iddl : t hospita l. and senior accoucheur to Queen COnarlottc's lying; ; also by tlnry Davies, Couquest Blundell, Lee, Morrlmian, urgegbo KcatIe, &c. by Dr Murreau, procidoet ot the Aeadenie R,.avale to Medicine, Paris, and Accoucher to the Duclhesn D'Orlean, ; professors Volpeou. Marjolan, Paul DuboiSar seon and others--and in New York by prolbssorJ W Francis, G S Bedford, MD l rolIs. nor of midwofery in t'o university of the oity of New York, profl. Deloti dl, and Francio, U John. ston, president County Mad Society, Laurens lI,,lI president mrd society State of N York, ,F, :,l Jas McNaughton of Albany, prors March, ('re. I',r. k;ns, Duane-Drs Thl'l Boyd, G rll,eri Slltln Hosack, Stearle, Ludlow, K .il:. V ".,c PiC r, Grayson, Van Rensaalaer, ,".; -,i,. ot;, r diet,. guihbed physiclans in the L t , A U illol, Office 4 Ve,.ry x:, Ator fal oe N York. 11 A conrstant sipl,, v ly io t1hell ":, ,, Ill,,. ); i,t, wit)i Dr Hul's iprove 1' .r. . :r tI 1 , will be kept by li. Orlane, I6 u(artoetr, Natoem; se--, A Marsh. Wood. Ville; t lo oth and t..:,ry, ',l,,,i,0 ,1 a; 1' p W ilk.n sorn, eerrHe; ; ,. \ .ltshiinlon, Nashville; ,Ic .aer.,y a-o It[ .,l0t,. : do; R L tlles, Florence C ,.p<ot"'sw, ,. . \l,,e $. "1 --' .. .ers, Agents lir the exteniive irl, rof oI t . utcl.r, Sheheld, Enelual, have juost te, ery exltlense net . . t' t,', .e,,,o * ý'k a. o i esslnrt Inlives of t . t"e..rieel)hoi, l'ell, , .ckt, lDik, and Spoler poho l,.,ioe.; Iloers, S,.is . bs. Edge 'I'uel,&V1. .6Ac. &.woii.h thev ar. ..,bI;,renlt a exhlttl to the trade for onderl. T''erroo oad coaldiiunos A U tbe onado kuo wn at the tenlre. eI6 J.D. REIN 6. A COHEN .0 Comnon at.l '*-*fln d& Saltimore Wackets ,e 1.FE .I..NE O.. F PA gefrr-To efe ry Thisf Line as composed ofanehml t ai lhs xbVmcna un enta , ,pr c Bn c rr, . fSth _Anxeusa Dorn.s, Jan. 61h NA"T - r~W aod, 20lh a Atitti Berry, Feb. 3d The oh-al pn are of the fit clans, cop pered, and epprfo ,nedand ,avine hrne built in New por e, fur tid s dn wiuo -they are of lieht Irauglt of rald almot inveriublv teats fie Ftar without sny egties '(hese poriktia are aommaniaded bly t:itiais wall nperrvarled ia (lie trade, and oill alwarn exert n twImseias r accotnlmodaite-tlhey wil alt ait iaetowed upe rdd town the river, and will planpliy sail as adl -iraiced. 'i'hv have laadtoalnelv furnialsl necaommndetione, sad setrts ,f lhe fir st qrality will always lie fareisbed, and every atlentio iaid 1it, tie cnnforal ad satisfacliuilln of'i lass..gers 'he prirce of cabin passage is fixed at $901, withouit Fir fertier particulars al.ply to a n- A COHEN, i90 Common at The lhipps ar not neeiunts',le fiir Ibreakige of elaso, hollow arel, nmarle or cranite, ceoiperaee. ofin, or Srllt -fihia or ierl, nir r nlreiinisibe flr env pickaee lr pari''l, Hniel + r'nn'iirh I IIn ofh ilill is oeilcd therf.,dr. 'a!W 1'U.t0 1 ,9.I.I.V lu Ii,Lt SIAI\E. rlnill hr1 .E wil hae cmpnisad of seven ships, whih: Iwill saieeed eai.h ohier in thie fallIs ing order, viz: hliip St Marv, It V Frster, master. Shi' I'ro, R. r )oukindT rff, toar oer Ship Ieo ii.r'pa, J P W rilso, taunter. Ship Ailoar., W uCornell, master. New chip l VraldtirtJ ( RIussell, iasier. New rclit, Mary Kine-ladl, It OlCerren, nasier. i: New sllip Faiirfil', DV ln. Iitleaeor. lliThebe 'alii aiir all or Ile fhairst clnel hlie aeun ilo, odutisn. fir pasencielsa alsir trisea.d fur cominfler ori t; anlvoepielir ain e Ilde ulllll raided i fl preaelPst Ils uixdaililr will he iheired in lealterll h illte lluin n h advemrlied, Io evev reasndnale anceut e l Id'nl'I'hd L.nlblL ,., a ti Cl ap st m,' R NI:W yililZ{. [Luisiainna and New York Line of Packrets ] 'rlle Ships coinpoai1,r this line will sail lroai New Orleans and New York on every otllcr Moan dany-coiniiaieing on ther 20ll Noveillhr--a d to inscre thle punctliality in the liu e ol'sailing, the lie, will hereatere consist of five slips, viz: Shtip Yazo, Ceaptait ''rask, to leave ot tilte 20th Novetllber. Ship Loenirb!le, Captai Palmer, to leave n tithe 4thI December. Ship Ilulntsville, Captait Eldridge, to leave an the 18th December. Shllip Viekshurg, Captain Woodhlouse, to leave on the 1st Jainiary. Ship Mlissiessipi, Captain Dalis, to leave on the 15tll if Jlanatry. The above are all now, of the first class, copper di and copper fastlened, and ulwardsl of 5010 tens Iburtiuae, are of light rauaght of water, leinig built in New York expressly fi~r tlt trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabinst are h fitted tp in the most improved and convenient plan, aod finished in a neat ansd elegant style - Alittl stlares of tle first quality will be previdal' Sand every regard paid to tlte ..n.itirt and aie satlisflacliuan ol pnssenagers, who will please t to. lice tIat no berth can be secured until paid ". le otce ef tie consignees. at 'Ie'hcse vessels are COmelnlldcd by naptlais well Selxperieicd in the tralde, twlr will give every at telltiuel and ixert thelleselvus to ueaiilndati . 'iThe, will at all tilltes be lowdl up andx dow t thi Missis aippi by lsteanmboats, and tile strictlelst punctuality ahberved i te tl lime of sailitg. ThIe owners of tlhese shis will not be responsi. blo for any letter, parcel or package, sett by or pat on bloard of thert, unles a reglar bill of lading be signcd thlerefor, at tihe countlina houe of thl agent or owliera. Far farther particulars apply to J D VEIN & A COHEN, noval 90 Cuanmon st NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE OF PACKETS. This linue will consist of tihe following volsaels whichll ave been built or purchased expressly for the trade, viz: Ship S8eaman, Capt. Miner, BDrk Mary, " Nickerson, " Irad Ferry, new Stevens, " Solomonl Saltus, " Latham, Brig Architect, t. Gray. These rers!n are of the first elass, have hand. some uarniihed tcconetnodatibies, and are of a light draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and dislhargillg their cargoes ill Baltimore, at the city. Freight will be tken for torts oý. Clhosapuakeo r Jales' Riv " tinri'ad ty thi agente, , . , '- ,,IUKE & KELLOGG, at; SrxplV:ses on gOods shlipped will be advan.ed when Sreqouirad. Tle price of passage i fixed at $60, atople stirre of the b at quatlty will be provided. Ste;tl o and down the Mississippii will be taken on all occasions. IFor freight or passager, apply to vGEO. BEDFORD, nov21 22 Bienvil!eo t. .\E \' OaRLE I;\NS & CIlA If.IESTfON PACKTI'S flitis line oensists of l r i vefsfti all ri it firstand las. Neoll)erti nldi opper fost. it" end iof tlt 200 ti s hurthen. it I hllll some it , etll llot i atil tll t "fi.r pascenvers. Titase awt tls are ititit lllllllnnlrl f fb captltit l wel ,.x Ieed i ItetI trodt,s, who will ,rive ever, at ileltlion, nd ixurl IherIt h turelves to acc)ttmmdl,: Ihei Mitissiptpii, nai leave New OrI utus on or before he Iaillfd 15il ofla ever)y tunth. T'he fallowi. g vessels colmpls e e the line.. viz : tlrit Aatbian,Charles GU rd.n, rmaster. Bhii C ,a manI. Th.s' I to i, master. th 'is ..fli ennt J. Dtni e, mi ase ,r. ,r;, Roger illihat e, J. Alliiers, ns,'er. Fr r,i ht or passage, nautply ito J. A. IBARELLI / C fi (t.Ciot eit. New Oltean,. or l . C 1Ituturn i tChait sith ou C''.\TE 'F LOUISIANA-Parish of Orleans . C urt ul Prbalce. l 1i' all whoml these presents may eoncern ,, iriieti.i. iV Know , Ihi) whire, W; iall Mackey, n rei S nilent of the cv . 1 l ssvill , lV., ha npplied I. ,' Pr hb,' s, . nd or the Par:.u h ndl e vn of N w Orhean,, ndifrsat , hirn 31t)NITl()N r V . DV1fR SI1:lI:'"ENT, in onfiinrmlly to the Act of ih, - Legihlanurt l fh ,, Stale i nttltl d t An net for Ith, im h ber I ll.rillll II IiP~bII I)llr i'arm iI JIi(a ,d l rir ,ne l in , i i..... . , hd of s l Ir i, s.eil l ,i Ir al', ini and fIr t..e pi ria and .- I -, J • i - ein ,ai an taa u i s s, et'eu, "I'h r d .b ` s a . ... c .... i ce, di le. r a pl.Ou1 ,:,re,,br,"dd e n ., ,vuiecial muag d e ] wa, erv iitud saend advan t.s .llrund b auborb S g hetaryndel ischyd n heou ,sequenel ed by Poik' !, Ma,- , r*,* L .- ., ,... C . s ,rets, - n, and u;,.nale , by wi, c . , h , a, n w. ,, one s ,., IH. B. C by e d LU a ,. t, how I hinthi sn fI ,,. t rl i ines 1 r11 ~ s . pi c [ t' . a-,, , , w y.l lree fleet wayt t, ev ide on-d ii, bLe ween par. T! o g a a a e ciretdit, faeuppiro -ul, ~ "..cured by special iniarignga ill iersonis who can sei ap any right, W - nii , in ,and tn o tie llts of .l oid ia.usid Pi: aird dings heean descr d, in eussequesnie a ild toriiy niy mIea .de. deLrre, or judgmean belore r ictetl, au nd rl deralw i'liea sale was node, a, ! aorn irrigul iy . rll illegalie y ' r lie apperuia sn te . lar ulty rlsl? n ens, in e ad to , lyn ~(d iaai a aleiie, a' Flr lly ohllr cause it delrct, whaisacver, are hbre. lay cued cud ndmaiiisbed to ebhow wabthin ihiei dly srllra thlepualicn, ten ies, why , le rsu " le, ia madI Bas (reaild n.ialald lii be ielirmdd and hiiiinlognated in oaerda, e u ih, bhe appl niuioinr ifeslid purnihiisera I lian sa is a lund and ite seal of said rnurt al st Pru ..uie, iilla send duy ir .MIaA..I. ,1039. e [L, . W. F, . C. LII'LE reIS, f l I' ! . L tU .2 b. I Iaidiniillger'fe m eauislmia e lw aon a r A Inuge, fcr sale by s lOrSEg a ma) 44 INaw o ene ee 7.7- T ,e fl tf itine, :" OIWLETTf TABtLE.S OJWINE1RiTt it lnaiot ie nWmentinlted lol Aernge Timol ChCloen tot, or c metlh net ltl fl ntillO g the avusrage 'lime an ao~ll' the htes'f head or' bills, of gcnts, wlln l l nm easel i at dlllnst datesr, an lliffurent r-edit , ani . l rl rtlinMt omot n;ll hesitllel u l oaul Iootolnete rolaskinh Time ''lie, the hest Ihot enm le neort ived. or that fi grres onll pr aloeo within the mote ctooo.ld ooatatans, nled s e nftjpoe. All anverlioement il the bonk is in nearly the follow. ingwnrhs: the oo l'le high dlstnnetion this work has received ihrouh the ten legislative acts iwefiled to the title Itle, is a ie enmmendation ll itself' sn Inonmmto, ase d eso encl rive, th t nohiog its neesnary mote Ihan nIy way nf tel. vertiselnent, to give a eon nset vi w of snm, of its pe enuliritieas: foer Insonee, 'he Interest inA been eonotyas ell f'om,aplin comlre wilh, whet is eqttivale t to tor. teen selsefenleatllinoe, exAmiol:ed in the l.e thienrty. five timne, anil pritlell rm te eotype lllates Ietedl thirlvto-nee tines, fiton all which it omst o e evideent even to the skeltio (eypeei:ly nn tho te.sonil efthe de tall ofnterofiin tte plrefae)t tnt the werk most le erith nmetintlly ilnftlible, atd ii eolfirmatlion of this helief ped'milmn of two hnhltet end fifty i d orll in now oeRe Seil fora the leteetinl atn ernr fa etent in thi pleslta or fifth ellititlt, at eXltrsetd in tie prfance, nmoking five Ih "e toetnioo tclled fir tihe solte erFor sillcet Iefirtt puttlication in the year I 8Ott. (tOle of thto tntt cmsticlltnus featl.esn of the tablies in inltne teIrrangtement of tie Tlite sod Amtoto s whtieh fttren priitit.on1, orviientt tiltnr ttietsity, with Ithe hel ofthe sileandi ihtr.x, rtttnt Ie excellt n ,l 1Inilt sallty to and ,ease with whlch the in:epesl cal hr ai t nll to the; exltent of gn lel -l Ills ile ss, w .l Io lt it inlien ol',11a is hti.istI a sontticnoe o esoltatil, thot iill esllta tiv, of somle oi the nlttot pelltetltniatlditrt.;cl Iei lfv nos ment Antl llptlie ofi ea who llllhane tm lltegat utte Iof thewnlok, it hasn eell tliaittigistcal tt lo hootels plplltllhlinn eftol l' " tlllasle pine". Anlll eonsiAltitg the infillihility ott te otetho otigintally Adntted int vOmntoetitte tiole a, ollt t the entrttttlittrtt anothltcer tndi varlety" ofllite exanlhni,tions, adll textr,-f evely rclicionl it lls pian.sed llllt,'otret, eotwiluht:olllillgthe lhole is il ste.ltvltle, collsitlolnllg. in itfi.. e losilive aelll rAe SecllrrIIe IYV thle olllllIIrleltn.tedliI lln Illens lell ,o l ite ti . do luethasihen h IIdu potlll euhaticly sI tet " the tmosl w tllltrtlll took n ile wsnlk" otinati ce't:lll i11, enotetant I tAmt. .fig.r wolk oft I•Sllle ae e Ite IInt llit i sillne tllr Illegitttihgct t eott tt, lO l tie same llin. ,t nttitarll etyiPtilfletitE , inthn sane aO tiletrn o t itort rn , otnte inll'lthe numbert as is clean al. o v ill lle irtitheet Rliellt AIti ,st at nd slttttia d, t haes bti thrd and roecd in early acll ttte hAl k ntl nl ictn lfilles n l e Ulnitnt Suttel.s, ;i i le i ict I gtottli lelollli. durin ltie Innperiod ,tht 'five ruirts, tyt t-e(.ror of ittal Clllltion,, l ts l ee l ttllt n " .n rill lhnl ia cn tittt t!of eh:lrllt'gd b) the t fl'eo of Itage Sr -n-lires 'the btotok.i illo.t exltt stlt tt.oltr el ht ot e chec,9 ofllw ct steveal t ltt lltatSt t Is the tt rate otf ottetlll ot ernielote itteot"i nlon ttttty law ttor hak Ino tesn, lienlll;tillttg AS he lyotk is isted, Aoi as a:i ile seeil in ltlprt, Il ,,l alets o le st llsterillttl.S t ad or ftw of titt lttSenoentt plnllhisn, in tt e istnl al teyon oI ie i ooit I a lly Itoi.eslto reiltot s . o'eiil izln. lI ev.l) C lttato t of tihe United Stat.. It is moreovre, well known that, hv its re:'ly check, it hAS sO Ofeln deltecLed large elr'or's, ~llng :tlite the)y WerCe m f.elll, even ly lhe mtost re:llel nal 1loast oltolelllt ariiotmeticianti etat its ttsett lllles, and Ilh nISlatte lie cessitv for its Is on, re bevi.lextniti insisteo tt tnt ho evlnlet, inceht, hiane been its ahtiaotaigo , allt it" avings tlit, sevelll '-:ll'sag, whilst tile firotl edlinf was tlet e, t llnl tll of ltrillt, i ll gr iea t.umeer of stn olrt haf l oe.llies were t ght to r, soir e 1t a grae t lisneiet. mlll pito.r d itt vatriou I.iers, ais tey acoulil occ:lsiont saily he picked ul at from~l $lit to $5 per colpy, anl tisome tIel llts hlve tIin tee lto tteled, mid ilstanllce tltul tbentltltl that they woul p,. $ne,$100, sa, S51( Sor ta egol1 1llotto Ite har gotr lhtess, tte ti e l iiibl.ial illt the lnter instanlce |larliierlhl). havin.. te tof s. me lime rxliibitrtl antishamtory pelo', to sere elt pe .so s p + t tselltl l tt to h tn it was ltttlly wnltth ttrt Into ey silid ,ore tlnonlt the saving oflt O s very itol.ichle ttic, he beilng A vertt ich mtol ae I in ttbli noffie. it is llkewisc wlith.,, ot" e+ t'ce,1. mi indeed pr'oper Io ittnt-e a, tha:t sllen l is the "tlle of o ige work gvllyav alill a;peeially whent of thl e III.- t wd iIOPIraIee 1uI these tol I tso ehalh:d o his hof k o its h ike bee. t llelI I ellillthe lal ltlllllon r (olllt, b a thie most conmpetelt calcullt llin ithe w olo ti t l'ne o int otis ori , t ti htst eautiaottlntoldt histon corrtectin tit' proot sleets, it w o ul ld , a l m o s t to a e rl ~a i lll vl, h la e hW ue n ll r s e l '. oI"· Ir lreltttcaetl ldelr .it an, .o.iet ts thle pireae titleiie Itt| explalns. ttttuttvt t tipteittd vaintatle ntve hth sito ettalie tlatt.t t1this wo klheen n:t:e, thtat ttincmet ThIem, withillheir nlmel.tlcS HIII exaIlOl'llioalm, eXlllillm ti ia,s againtl fire, for the gt llti belntfit, tley tre (bt" i .verti'ser tnt) ee,.maltly kept in a place of il·eil ! al..). excepit while use I i s olioili n o. eat wilhuosefil neles, follow Ite p'eaf,u whiel, in this fill as i tllllhe IW l' eeelii,, t'dliliolls, ellItanilo nlucl l ila f olllltlion tollnell ttll I tiltlnwo I lfll Ii t oclrs oflllllt I ttnth o lllter ats i tel dtvs at'gtlace, t ir. Ilt emmntsldluy to lra,,i'k that, notw'ithstwding Ihg a illlemlullyllln cselld) work, whlich waslllldlmhell lrh efore inltelest talklie wets iuu~n~wc lro n ~ 1 h nd celt, lll benl - - )a llll allmelllalli has heeo se t.'elnsivcl, amd so lberlnlly j | rlnltr liEell, i Iltt Ilet yet 8o lllcl l As plaidI witl int elrev s teP. hea loss of [ ii:e i i, i. tuand dollars, h e hlsIilde. six )e.ars ofl tinle blo·lne 1799 to 1)5, 81 , isted e " Ithe edition tof 7611t n lics, s . i' gl s i ell) 'olll itn, Ilphlica ioll alllhtltilllnt, at illl' ll-ie,) to $ay noth ioglill ,wIll rotrle. ri .tlorHe lce Author ,till Irelies oalt te hisvei'ltalt l rsily" ol he publhlic lfor a Clllliuu: alco ut t 1. el'ei"l."I . " slF:e hv ythe to A snle to aI, .Nccnlchn, nic 1. jIr Ii, Ii hdrna n ersallllgl, iw 'i I,- li,' SBu ii . c't,cc,ci ' .t, Aew O)rle .c , lcj llrchiay New York, I c p i -e s l. c icbilrc. It is o uric ue rc es c ed cc •i rivate ellac rnersr c sir l Sstclllolcscl cti ncc at c I'l " p irllns o ncullc a, is d U, I.a lees and u t l e ah e invlltio ted U II t lna cxa~tii x u 3c (Wll, aidca e i' OTI'iIn fti pr ,0 e . le lns tire ive n iIt h o II. l rlysyr v e ldies w u I :(relfer it ac rec a ei t r own rIef iilences. S goi.a irh I re O f ssonslr i c iesired o attet.,i,-'" .p ' a os ell iae s rlW wis-,' I. I RN1SS1 1I -Thle cl rr, haA Vi lo t 1"111,, eIsI. c c liblhed It c nLc f I .III lll.otlln. in \e. t Irle:s, s I old e tii s pli the i n l i III s e ublic n crecc o ihe inulthv of his prc n :lis suLIP rio r c I tI)' evt Ibr,.t hcv IcI Icli N ;t l:ce. 'I c ' rllcnc r. i h ,l i l f -n "oin . 1 c Inct . I Ic nl .'fcor i on t II, d icfccrcrcyccno c. Sllllln lilny ,;( is i I:ll . ' hoe d.c' s r to ulll Ult lhe i ",,l'leP r tlf' .'.1 iez Ult mllllTelI il U .itl sIC, I h epre nh wih fair e f a vrs the ma ish Io r. I iI.4 ic il a arishs iar 11,e conch N lor., 1,c...r d crt I c h, - eved ic Ioilinn w teri. The blnck vc r is fir cl.lllu s clllcnd s ll n ll hlilntluies. Thce Wcc.l.crlll.p cd v cti IItCcc tc-.iccicc ,c &3c. nJ . r 1.. A' c IIl:.. Ii uAINIcI t II UI UI cc nt o)II '' -It h ice~ ' U!' n r ll llll l i - h llh her le o ii Il h ll," iorlh wih nifolri $u1 l / 111 , . hlcri h i lllj i· , :,lid vih hl'len in Il iAllll t s 'l ll Ins t I, r, l nn n lrcr'nii all lis C cl nic Io i i h cll 'II' n oull c I" II, iox. i cfic c, r chc .I hlII i1 ilfaln l --[) I lll h Iii1.ol, tin e i ni wi ,11 uilny I lll ~i rlll , WI ll, r. ;ll d s n l llllledl a hi fie llt, . i c Iill HIIIIIItcir .ccc .c cc, c1Ici I rllc cc.n cci cO ll ll'lclcc acc f ccrllllcr cfaccr. Sica fi I onllci til ,-;n, ,+ H . - i i ," l '..1.i. . . . . t t. by C. 1. ' INCilA RD, t ~ ~-y- ----.-~ ].T{NilR 1 - OOtS-IAar, square ' . ,ý,,dluII r.|,s well useoated. ',, l alnd rod iron, hail roda and pllouh ., German. shear, blistered, spring, sileet and Ctrtlev steel Iollow wtarre cut aed wrtught mttils t l Ilikes Zinc, bleak tie, mill atd gr.d stl es, salr t k ettles. Char)l Ecbles, aInchors, hov (Ix, log asid trace chains, corn mills A0tvill, vices, Itmuumersatl hrllows W'ire, slee.tpig an bats lall. shot Coal, Antttt tki sogststt Atmess,towlalnl's mld otller spadles aln shovels Ilolk and platel Ii.ges, aoor aid wiolow ihooks Collins, Ihluts, Shr:,r s, d o1111 i,: xeIs l'arlld al 1ttilla t uolltge, lilnes elat Iwine utllh anl seltlhhiag aop1ti; Natal stores P.ilnts, listredl illla strln oil A itl asSrOlltllent cl Iharldwlare stodt shii ehsndety, atwt sao. lahtet, llie whllch ilae (tlfterl fsa sale a, wIsle sale or retail, on the mst bvol abi le trms, Iy 4 LAYTI')O '53lllid lesvee. LOtIIISIANA IURNITURE WAREROO1IS No. 53, Dienvalla saretl. V ILIt.AM R. tIAIIXE:S, twoul re.peelfully i-. .atlty receirvintg ro Nfew York and llaseon a ge.,l tsorilnent ol Flrnillltet such ai mantnv chs irs, otl-s, Ited-tltade ts;le tliold pa i trd(ir" tattle and cherry bIedatea.-, rumltholpy nld chlrrs tahle of (.ll descriptions, burecue, e*ilers, pets tarts, ritiu, dBaLe, sactt!ess ofmallattrga sand rlteeey, ea allletla, Iookilg glasse,fe.atllera, lteltbdci . &,e.i. Nil. Furmture pecked for tetusepurtalln with riess esae a Jsr W I R TSHOmN &t 4APIAT,NA '8 SOOMPOUND TONIC MtIX'URE.-A epedy . and eertain eurn for the P.iver and Arue, e remittent and inIermillent feavrnt prpeared from the origital recipn. Used with eminent and unl versal success in 1832, by persons of the highest w respectabiity in thisle city, as stated in the annezed i. eertificatee. - e, This medioine isellighly recommended, and lies been extensively used in the above diseases with r- such distinuinshed maceals, that the proprietor of the recipe has been induced to offRr it to the pub. I lie in its present form, in the hbin :it may he thie means of rrhevinp manev .. those who are Ssuffering under the ea" etge of our enunitry. It is a medicine possessing re.t tvirtae, and when used aecording to the directions has never failed of Sffetling a care, even in the most enhtinata sta.e . of the disorder. It is not at ill dinagreeable, and ed persons oF the weakest stomach, and children tcay at take it with impanity. It strengthens the digestive e- organs, creatus an appetite, and seldom requires h- more than one, or in obstinate cases, two hottles fn to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor - arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing ijularious e to the human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its eflieacy, that t hey arec to refund the price of every bottle which has Imen is taken in aecordanca with the directions and has h not effected a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. Itl A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at hiy his wholetale and retail drul aud nmedicine store, Ihe corner of Bienvillo and Chartre strreets. m.s For District Agencies apply to el- je5 T. W. SMITl., 48 Conti et. tic Drrgs and ,lfedirinee. il J ,,r v. ' ine - hI I..,..i i ,nsel t erI this City .Ir rt i e i pm I~ ner r irr' rrt1,ri ; i thg.. e eal Wirolesale S trrr biir li I1, " i, ,, w reririvin t a full e ippi t a fr n ei t which le will sell in ,n lihrr:,l 'eon1 '1'" , drt issrie, sn those of irhantc and planters, -vn I e 1;1t ;:T]' r in; ,,, r b;)r I,, n\ Iave. never he. Ihe t" b n ,, , li4 inteni on i e n I,,O .., a.s:cII, , '" , 'a, , . H is r t a k w i ll ich . in..i..rIl.. iii'.. .. , I ..r. "v weeks will c .e err , .r heIinrlrt. A Minn the enntrv, ani l; I-,,I t rli.Mr i n. , i I , eiving such order. the will ,r, urerti , , ai l,,ldir I t,r ' = " N, 39Cnmp st cit .s lr llllllany FI, rl' IIh . cUr• Soleitr, Si.a seto le inteat t.oeii Uni-i tir ciunit n, n, I i l.ri horn e l'r e ni.Irt , ter l r, ll tl r tti Up icarpil of ( ;iteli it This vrtllli:the mrlrlirliullt. Ih, i e, i ru i of tweySr vgerls he xcp.'.vlv e :nd unip/ n l ll<.i~.!! ;,,.,.c..s hi t he e.ti.nsi vl a: ii'- n l II, t e lt l t, ilit a nd now ilr c to'Ilr e b it.: It, rli rrnrirll I,rl lie.,ii, l at tile e arll' st sl ak, lir, :,ron..," ~ i nmier ef thlt I of int s iRte ll c lR le s tali,,,n I hel lria a ltsion h It in ,, .1001 the I .'lln itrl siry sli ,' rttleck I!le st ilil to fatal on sequelces ,n nrantCrmitl :,,isetlt i tt hlr . I erl, ,"ii I. r t 'eai of n're iatcl d it uori I' i ,rilcrc l inrnoi:rr , i1r11, lr,- etllllis , I)'ea et of itlln liclrtyon'' tllrirrile:,lrlrrI i.rt'eelln, tota lly iellaen el etnrer dirl seicicrlce, that ith in1 i,s ibie thle nloniriots ee, deluirerrir amntrir lrgee go rirarrrt ebit the inrneeligerit ii- toll cnftien .1. lli.y, h Ttr,."i lills, mnilll t I I'eaI ad toneirr nare a, e tlrard re kliir, ir" rrfrn.i in ecases tat holier., l ti cite errs, at 'at- , li- -i." t all., licilod l nt r lilii ot nttlnitt, .......l.r r ln ....tnr . ,ir,.irt'seebi. c IvEllr.c'l,. Iir ereendl li tait, all rire whi t value goodi al eil, shoul litre be wttlu,,i III-- r ''l'hce are sot ird iPn :lr tS ..1 II oter ts -i rr i ,a, ily every, Ie te!ilerdirri.rt,l , I'le,'P' a, i rrrniri frnedilcir inti rnith"t S'rlrrar' i o I the f.rill, at einA. in''rrrllnrll-,~ i , batle rorlllllCia, .1 rrt Alter-ri-iIre Fi.c lrrrrr' I! , . t . hutch, M. Ii., A- 1n.-, e Iol a, F. 'rarrrr . Ir cad auracrt t othe Irs. ' r'h l n.y h< ' . sa ssior ofthe t1tl a( rcirl .l igrrt ri, iriilr ihr ' r tIn'r ' i., is himpr t ed o rt hli. r iqu rriru, , li rr, I.......n1 :. 1 hi,,, ei res 'i.rglerrie - i lu I Ir tIuli: J N"Pr W-.,nl i I' I e, N. erkb, er teer ''lC hr appolintr .rt ,,,. ihn , .. thr ii,; s pen ictor. SI h1" yh Ar a I atiirtnii , rilifL , ierr ,e ' t U.itri erect, l l a ll II. h ia e I he I ,,. ' w l ,I ,ltie ii, I. B I hliletclla.pwan vo ic , ' iii , l :, 1.' i iu iat.i1imit who "" I.. ',: .ýri ~ ."h s vrrv d n , e1 F l. la tl I I'" "ii P' I ' . ," I` I rla 1 ,1 a I ll to oi fer li r A,. , city. proipt ai t ciii' e n 'a whaici 'Ear Tl u l,pt , tl , l-1 ,,, ,ga,++ ,,', , C il ll. Cn av uho ts ta , lt, r t. 1.t Il,,i, Ale t :et r !i . 'Castatreeti a e r lth . k. . cstilc antler r y1, Icareee owith l.a l, g ,r .toe. isent oi threfre ctes of ' . '1 ' aga.' :: - hel fer aiemo suret ... . Sholderi Oat' , evitl he i the l diti.enl. d. h y 'e avigth tic l . t, ,v.:o , .lest of Cseaw Or,,iii, J tni llnl·*iK .... , , , . . .., ha Is t i i f - . ' " ' ,,, , m e & th at Ii r il I Tit- Ulllerini, d . r'' : ' Irge t withe t selllini . .a, Lev i lil ali ia, i , • , I te of ason, lhirri \ . . i e , & t o. ittc It, ' ..eim- ,', h'e..+ettling ofth, tI" i, New (rleanls. ', ... , e Caw Ortrh-nnm June 27, 1517. it ROWAND S 'I'ONIC IIX1TURE, t', F, FEVERl ANa %ACB . .ll rl~lN ylears hatve uot yrt elitsedo sica it wa. t, first reguharly eslhtitte,l to the tt.blio; but it i, has ttained the highest ret:op t ti ,.I l s s t. l hnted every other letItne fo L r the Ag u, wt 'ne ' e- r it hao been known and appr ie itd. Airetdly nI io, it btat. c rntd ito every dlrtftt at t tetrto ouit the Unittd States, tot ttitl rea iz,,t tlot timit ouI.d hlaly0 heell tllllie:ijyltta d Ily ilt Ill'tir S ii '.I t, Iir , dS. t'l:noust ll o tlt ' o er" t l Ipn ve tati ) lly ,· .1 ,not r iv , Ibht reat o I nv r g it s i t'. ry "nod they tot rhortily lto y, nt -erry ti iorltnity, to .it deld.d and supreme ettt.:y I at is COIIIIopo- or ouch Ituothnllll l prinletlhs is are or clcuttlttd to relIew tht:. healthy :IClit .l oi(t l stIt tl ti, er, o oti r ip rtt dgetiv orgns q" thue tonf ,nI . . ,' 'r . .. . . .... . . . . ........ , . . . ,. ,, .t o t1~ Obserwe! ' , It Proprietor, . ully . a: l., i,.t t,.t t ynperstlleld otd universa success chieh has cot. tantly attonded o punctual and regouar use no tte Tonie Mixture, in all caoes of Fever nod Agueo t'elsowarrattd a cog giog to reftad O1e pitce to oal Iltooc who tovo ket Olton oomedicito it otrett aoo. co co with the precibed rdir ctios, waithout it tin1eog lodto perfectly tdlucess l ii l iy llcored . The sblolcriter are the wholeoaole ttr ue for the e allhooe who hotve t,,ket u teo e tl edictto o 00 ItnolCd oi+ y torteolfc t wilttote te Wrecribed direntirot, wtrthouto, South Westerll SLtates, anllld Ilave now on hband six ty of this mredicnlr, which is warral'nlted rl'esh altd genluile. For salel at the nllalln ctured prices JARVIS & ANItltEW., W\tallesle D)rt.egta s, novt.'27 coaleion Io 'o'ocjthontuitttluhnrr_<tr AltO .N TA(GU S BA .M FOR T . TE T1 rlHliestaholishedI releutloot l dad cottlo.llty ltcrea t SdetllllhId hr this eeingtsal reoltey Oll Itntlltld rotl servlive of t te. th, hai induced ote sub erlber llbr it to the ,tleriettll Itli. Arrlngemhetits hal Ibentrllud,,out! to supl getts i al tile lttlltclt ealt ltntld tlln ill thle Utited Stls, so te, as l Iplace it it t theI relcILt Il thnoe ettlrioag otIl likely to attler tlhs tllui hIltnllg ttllil ount., Itolltl-lctIe. hlelo n ptpltied aieordior itt directions giren ,o botrle, it llos never lifiettooll.dl imterdiatr oot e tnuutent re.!if. It also hnesl o le h'cv , otleo .tiv oeetl, tln rrelieves thatt sorelsS lichro (reluoently renders It etrung tooth Itseletss Totwr i i1 liCoti+n aod reolcdy are OttIe itelnwteat, Iol r Iot ttlirutti; s•ad the l arge e h, to r I of ilr'set s itll difil'tat n c:litno Itt 1 the roonutrve, tlt lilte tilc. otv exlerienced oluc deliihllltltt oustl.outiry ctlcts to'cl ttie uoe .f tL IloBtt, tree ready to tear (ur tlte Ipublie gtt)} their teotitouo t to nat. rivttled qo.hltoa . It s aou Lndiallo retllttet-t.tlittledl siohlolli- ul. ullerctredlty, aId o l bt e rer urti bIo thito o ilertd tt nllo as the tollt valuable discovry0 redutu of tile wotms. Price $1 Iter bottle. SaIld by JARVIS & ANDREWS, r t Cot Commee and l'bepitotulol o. MEDICAL CARD. AND IMPORtANT To 'tlE AFFLICTED W'ITII DiS EASE8 ". A..R T ATISi on Vetorl Di.eate, ooorrhionnfli1t ) dto tjriotlos, bootludiolto Iooolie olo,'rvtoutic on Sptoooioo Wookn.os, httrilf f.noltrl v t kuoo l so that 11t ot Mr hooeoi t1titill nIo ionlnmlilnto ttcrt, with cctti t frety tno I st oy. I ti s ela~n chol ya lt t at thloo llo till l tttti v c t to to t hlb Vs . n n ra ltl ni~a l, e o wI~p mI t h e o lktl olllo .o o f.cittlt rote mtoo ,, olto hy tictottlo f dtoo olonodly oooitnt, tlnocury, ruolt tho coon ooitllt nn, Rnd cause uleorotioo woith holottolos on tic ittoll, ftiso olod cody. o imltoo in the itilt, moio ItI tltoooctr, ofoo· l.tlho /o otiootlwioooodJ oioolo ottht tihio., tl0tih1t Frl o oidot~tityoti l Itlfoty or tIhe eolllttttlliton ttlooto tsl o t hooClUcholIy, ntIoptLtp· itr, o to their otchidrodfruoos.lor. FItti.tY's PIIIIFYING OPECIFIC PI LSB, Aocerntiottn, tltd thotttort.pctyroo oostyo eor dineov torthoptto ott r onoolodrtcouol ctirseol too en lsootras, t orrhoie, tletic, ieotnrs, otltllintl WtI.o osil. pltonp in on th oil~ctio'00 oo th io.iyc,1grotl, iuoooicp Io, oo ilitl, i t S.iolloo or to It der or Ur0tloora, c11d other tlioaoeo l or tiot t liny p 0070e 0 it0il 000 erortinto otitorel oocooiooohntieto o tltllhe ,oiioy.,y oilo ottototooll p ytttr Iis, willl Teaste f ryiyng olaoity. lThoeertlnioly wth wooiooi oo e o erea o iuto - tly o·lolnilo rettooio., loot eoottecoldy It atty ootio .usldi. o The spl'ecifi: pI"l. rootul sv.vry p,,.tt,.le ,)F i liloul eiro o. puri tying inl their pro!r'P.+ hll+ s~lzlelFmr Inll~f Ilal ii. l·IF) ni,% nt n. rly rollloofooth r, i oo,:,lly, rtlotpto hio toeir nciOo ttolo ,hfeoR ea i+*/nllcl lon8 o theR hmlyI expelll~ g le umrorr hlu iorr. tiny Foolir it..ltnococ otolill ooil ioopor etoooileloo tot cto o loiollc o inost ree Itlerd of Ihllnr R,.tnlli*hi111 q itl It e iu I Irnwels. 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Tim iJAc, of lheioctooo tow toooftoffooooo onoo d lPoPil lhiclh .rirl·r ]',ore cm l~lderi.. • I sPlllrve s nr .stle l thorr* Itolirowlllldry, ollll o iloloo.oooooily ooro ,ooct ool tht folh:iltie of tlt:,rrinm. art llr nel le Flllcltrtt~ *(llT of t o wll Ito Cve · I t I too lothis oto lloloo attnd otlottooolito . Iototo. Illoltlodl oootr onool.otloioe o o dooho hty or de otelloooeo, wlhothlcr tile 00lso Iqttot o~oootll Poll-to. oO lootooco, toy oit' ofyteor oo o tooooottoooooi .o h lli 'c ootL oi ooiX o 1 or oot etloooolio to. hot.oolot.. ae ld, they o otter o ooir l - o'e olnd op dy t t0oooit l0l0l0l, o11to viuolotts tholl o1. o e o te era In PoI'l ryl. V.EehdIIIe Pillrnre? well hnrlo fr thr eerli nll {'ll icll the lrlll e.,l IIFLeerII.IP# .(;relt riflll', Yll.P Ised illlll 1" r I 0li0c 10 I0 1110 . l.h l 0 I000 000 rl0ll0 . ot l ll o Illoo!llloir ooltoteoll'o.n I 000l .,I 1llllrll ISt hfhit , nooto0000 ll0 t )oy o ll ooo to lot ilI Iilnh., d-tlr...illil o1' n ii''l lil .ll ull di, Isel urlll . . r 1ll l 0 0,0 l0 ol 0 100, lo iloto I:lilllllt1"! ll\ I IIEIV ll 1t} lip Tu Iot Iloo oloy o Not. lO o oultOlolohuu ole1etttts .e' Oicnct SPEU'IFI SloLU.TI itt .0 ottolrl 0 oiftl.i lli 000 o o 11.11 010I0)1. I tIAI?,uIO: -i( 0110 ol~tl~~ttot-'t. 0000'.+7S I'IItotitt-oto t ·I II~l~lI'I'd'TIIN (IF .'1'111: lIll).l·:Y ,< I t1 \)1) 11': 111tI,:TI.11 , I(A. I' lls' ' ;..".I (Il.A NI). iiIid ,11 DIRI.;ASI'. I hP. II+· 000 ttttl:IO· tt O~ttO 000l ftiIII tlittN 1ot56 001 Otootfiof t)Illjl).titt OtI-SAllY PAAOAII; S. PAINS I\ tllto tO t NS, til 4001.' o Iirllololootooo oo Iro to i enoo llo o o Ilolollo B or I I ito l +, o f o or I lll..l lllrd lh,ilr l llg.v heI i ,nlmP tlr i atlllll t ll) lr iiii :llr.tlll ·l IIerI l l,' ll r( IITi{ll1, FICi. llllo lbl -Pl . )11. .nl l~llh . rl hIlne l I lln o. ll to 11olo,, oi r lll ot o i 000 ir tlP Io 1, 00 11 Iii 0 11 ,nl0ri l :II ,ObeE(II7d:.r;:rrIHI11to 1IIIIIIi,:rll P''llt.}in.};:'t CU~iItY*' hIel.ill IIIIU a11n ileelll ll rlll* Ion II nlllll eht dI-ii lve ylured (iPlly illii. ni. oottooo~ hl,,of ototoo r to oo t ooooo llot~liie.hluF~~d ii tool ootttolo1oPdllEI iI totoole oitllo-e po~ II~cyl o1ooo ooijoiyl hoot;(u ilooloe otoot.t'l ll.o-t jo i OfVUtir1" tl,.(nle :er.r A I ll11R ll I.iln l l li I·lltl lllcllalll tL'rlllll illlllllr rl,(,lYI, vI 'l~llnl lll SI'nrlr of` Iher worllill nehl n. Ie Ell iort nl d \\·ri ,~i · r., nlI· onttoslon.otllnl-ltrinyo tostiln-toy ttoils oollrri. 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IIbdI 1111 , sr, llll the · t\.l \y Jrid I I3 Ill1x111 \l rill ur S ho I" gi .11 a Ie tlt nn ýnrrrn llnd 11 hillli 1331rn is I!, IIIJll., J 13111 1111e111 11 1 1131111)1 rllnr111·illl ly f , i llrr lluvrnr c311 d* n1(11-1I, ,11nlilill 111~. 1113 3.111,,,11 (n thee IIPI ollllicr t3' slop 1'rlnnr Ihn inn 1',131 :33311~l~ll 1111 rcii11 .,le 1111(111 gr'11Cr 111111, I nfx111133 w"Irill F .11; 11,131 Il·Y \)11(· a 1lll~llllI) tru331 of nrrl vn11s ulfe,"t·11 xsr 111~1 11 Ililll· lil or, its ):II·1III ti l Ihr ou,"rv xI'InI 33nh I, it i 3111" I11331 ng. llllhlai ill i'd \\-)1;11 star,1 1 hitity :n il J elilI rI."t3,, 1 x 3,..11 11 1 111 "it c n1II11 r:,nee ( 1·1;I 1· I Jli· C·lill 11·rl))11!1 111 f r , 111.· SFIt li l to I r·,,,.,li,, ,, 1,., ,,,, . Irllr 1llu r I, e by 1 ,1.3,,,, the, p w ".vr lrlr of theIII1 . it, t3'~· 11 11c 1IIIJ I·IIIIII 3' l, hr 1I!(· IIL o firm, / lfl·,11 · 1?·11rnp ed 1· r6 li1 n..11111111 11,1 vrcorol( /11(11 11 . 3,1:.·111.ftlJ_ ncrr",1ll '111- '-r, w in to ll s un l: tl ll III·(llUr"+ ulI rll I1IIIU 1II 1 xl' it :1133, i t Ila 33?,I3l )1III 11,13 I IP\ ' 1333, I( 11n1 v,1111 lhern·l) 111 1'11111111 Icy11n13,111111y',II lnr 1.1111111 irv;Jri ln 1,1, n ce w11 1111.,rnin 1111 1,31" 11 1: hr 1 1 1111 1nulnl(. ( PII I)I r, a". of 1 1111 l'lIraI r · II (?\irl. i 3,,r hr" urr of wh ch III~ nu ( ,r a y, in1, i 1 r . I sl r J4 33 1 11111 n n'. i1 I1(. al 11it r, I 3' _ 111 111.ro1 r1, S, ,ý1 11v u i t , 11.11,1, :· I .311 1r x n 1 11 :,, I~ s n 'i p e n r J 1 : rh r . ,.1 .3 1 1 1 : 1 ;J 3, u l u 1 . I h 11113 ? 19 1 i 1 r1 1 w - rn33ui:n ne h x3, 11 3n 111 l'1111 J : h n 1 01 u y e'o ~ h , ,r.u·, o 33111 i. ii. iul _to uo 1 rr 1,13 , o- s r nrn 11113,11 111 ur - - i I, I·· JJ, I,,h l)(l~l· ntC h,,' Illn: ICJ) II II , ." .¢. 1. · * - , .' '..'." ...L: ,, .r. .... ..'r a e ., t, ... . . ,: , . ,1,,, I .\ .1" ; . ' ,, , . i, lip i{..u . --n lnno,: m. c t eewritea . n srem k Ia ,I .p..a r hag.. at "1 is rtothu....,, Mad t 'I .. .a, 611,.. Cala -aa,, or t -" Ila K-3Jt rd, amt~l Pxlperinulre has I , e t ri. thnl l ,,se wl u Ur. ".loslln oL -pl.¢B l~ the nllllllcl. bu hu '.l ,,pp,'r nr .r prei rv. Io. ll. h l, lovnt d.. e.*o. , e.r I.lly l Iarbr b . i ch¢errql andl heathhy old gr; fir hr ln ! , I " h ur .aet fIrst plllln are odo., J, hi.. I"ng nrII '·l .violh. li; ,t " . nl llliill I, exlfl , o ' m U ,III r wI a le t e l n. I , ... opn,.:;.,,p ,.'a f ,he 11;,,3;',Z me llric "" ;I' ' I,' r, ail c a. ...i..., nadv vry ,ther la ,al ..,, , tag carebl a slo ,ci a,,, livr a la lhlci..y , l on..1 oI .I l'l g: S1g.g l ; neluautlon lf fUllllT - ,lll tl,¢p(.ll . ufl't, mead., nhortllur o3 ult,..... n hd l ac ln l re. tl)rti e ufC a .... l at.. at ll. e t. ),8, n l .,'g tl,'lj. Ilnll l h e tuill t e ,bo st , lre e lueL t P atlodlnu l, a liUEg.r l t tC l a lla aia a .. h vlue l Nlat. hol| tvr he wCl Itlla I p11 ily Pui {'v tl"., bloodl rnmove h 'netrclu" o .n" ton toit. a hr,. r ati ful, clanhr . (althy-an.l hl ,, g Jpa'a la . . .rso . tf pleto,,ric izalit. wh are l III h wl; a ;, .. v dlll*,r ". J t lle Ir.Y O )l'.i;.hl...r,, .-n.e.., ,nr 1 h= .r" tO reat a lw o III o Jwrl . ' of .llaa t agto. C agata ithietmt leP aim, . aaa tar d a.n.cntl aiydnrury ar ayaiaa.y blr. t at rablaenrlllinoi eat ia. redtricllll. o ' lel. 'a lnri., lnlll . 'e k l ata everya I ,ulY a all r lllelly Ito lna.a a llf .ullll il wL 1a fubl, . ll air aropl t aa ll a. islrlItinll, IIc. Ia d iii lR R1(11 $ I NErS{'t .lll, 1 rli 1r nd I Or a laIrnla llro alll naial' ....... a. l ap , al surppl r preveat . ad S,1 lt N1 Fo. 9o Cu.t.OI InllA t, T Ne t). lln4 Ca. tI A'T---I:I coose. dia, tubllo-ia , hlterin q. l dit ie Fl' broold llrh.i slid low , rown. l,,linorIg fi-m .hil 't. {.,uli., for s{le by { 111{ {,i1 I: 9" (., no7 131 1bfgorzin,' ot Appointed let-· Ils Federall (;ours at \L' Orleans.. UFFICE . o. 1119 1 \.)1I) ,'l l:1'', lEar.mange ll~ote1 l{u'dinges.) C1ID rflnltlioionrlr lakes Illlldovil8 Ilrllle¢ ollhb tb vlIllu,* of ltll. ts oft('', tresa, Ito-sod 2 th FPn arl Pry, IS21f; Ist Manh 1817; 1e Jr, civ Aptl of'li;i a1d olher LLt+ of ongre.,'e. ill h11,11 aIIses lnae III _-id (o;mnnirsloner h.s considerable exporienre alld fles If rl S Of 'altinlul andl certificate which h wo. a rOtnee lh- aeverest scrlllann o til apblest t.\) eLs, rr 1,ril 12 'I)HINTING I'AI'PR ,1N[) IRIN'I'I,:It,', INK-' - Jilnt received a qullanily of Implerial and double ni dlira Printing Paper: al", a suenIpy b'J)Iv hnun and b I)Drent': Printing Ink, and for sale by of al ALEX TO\VAR, 19 Canpst I Mail Rueulaleshs. The Great Enaster Mail is closed every day at 1 'clrock A. 1I. In dtte ver) day at 4 P. i .. 7'he lake Mail (vioa t'vilgtlo, La.) it lonsed eser tlondiv, Weilaedynv and Friday, at 8I o'clrk, A. Ml I daueevery ''uerday, Tlhpr.Mynndl S.aturday, at. " N M R. COLOG- E WAE The Louisville or River iiaijclaseaoed cery lInseat dAy, WAedlledav, and rallnlayclt "pi)M."I. Ia er ! nd by ta oata. IAtive, Afreet arly r mimeu a week. itreac rf -be The Bayor. San r or o ai att alner l ever:Tv Tresday seal Friday , at 8 P. i. l sent and return The Alepaadria oa Red River Maisin seat irregu, lafly by stearm ioats twsice a week. k l.onsvIl.c oa irERa MilLI Mlenday, ) " Wedcldnesy and Close at 8 o'clock, P. M. Mlarordas, : COAST MAIL. . Solerday, ed Claoeeat 8uiolck. P. M. JFAN MARIE FARI NA'S COLOGNE WATEPI J 4raoes srare of lthikf supeaor Colog.e witer, jn.j received nrd for osle liy tie dozran or single baucktt. Also Americane and Frenael toilet piwdiers, powdea pCtts and eoxras heieg and toilet sapa, eosmotre wash balls, llilk If roses, rosmetic cold ceamt, extraoc nnask, kepbhla, Ward's Veg&rtabl her pomftufn& dsn yease FIlor ida. lavadasr, roae ad Payo wamrer' !lra ri ca rlto, If oririllr fclery i atrulnks. vegeta. deIs i dliqlid raoy' ChlIorin aind Orris taoth wash, otr,haiv povlcuih nlad ries 'irushei tagebller with sn additional 'sppl y of fasfionableern Iva d hello racobs and jpaelfr,fraaln low at wholesale or retailn by IMMIONS, HIAR'I"' &CO, jo.r!y 6 m 70 Chartresstreet. PIff urilervirard I nv iv r Gevaelacred basinava T 00 a 1) raivi anaid Apliarerlv y, in lie slnren tned by Mr. J cob Oil, at lie ranser of Tirolit^ circla otdff 'l'vitiio Waoflk, vevpi cvcfoffyalicits a jr arm if ihr publir praivciile accds roesews oalke favssan ti a farraibr enrrl cise era. T1ke vsnyie nirk at Diner, rerlirirresv adl Toay orriclin is freab ana cnrl huly sa Ih ied. The flolwing only ate par] Ivre Soidn, S, iS i'z and Sarst.,io Pnswdev.. Y, oo f',i I r s, I,.lug a wkrlesoee indI eleganli for yevst, sl raoisilg bread, Lbuckwheat r tli'o Ef,-rvtreenl M&ineslaa Apperilnt--aJ Ilioit+ vai fer. ,pnr',fivnl . y.,o, c c., ep.a or indi. _rain ,, I'vrv, so dviilivy, pid'raen, headabe.. ovliiy ,,I ireioi.. ,.b, castine..vnv, cal. iPi. erripir)l o .Is, ll c. - Care r'r's Fluid Exvlrel of oe'rsnpsrilla f pulri slt~n! b y,', Ac do die and robebe , &e. w r' r snllll a llnrsn nld V'-rli. lgr; Britinll an llnbl, 'o.. I-, Oiderlri,,. &e. re.ilh,,d L q'i-ri.i', jjilb, nsad G anoauve pani e 'l ir'vl b orr,., N S Prr,'cI'nl careblie deniri f-,. ,ll,,ri ur,,,, w ash,, ,.,ei der p.,l ard bexen, IPe rtie t'a rdaroiode ii le- ire, c'lfhitiUa trOth wanh puowder luff' and b.rlale, Prentice'a seensed io n p 'lin shilli powdler, palnulum crana de oru oarsre fla rrc. rao's-, I'rlvnler aid Florida warere, i ihi' hear quli'lra. RnIhlnd' LmacusasrOil, Oldf. rrloui, hili, orl C.ioun bin, bei ' ,eil, a variety ot I.eifr ail cnhrr marebrs, indfibla markingin sopcriir ilelack ilik, &r. Sperm and refined whale oil. Hay's Linm A Irl eh osiaarllnrnt of l'hbrlbirn' eGarlen Sn icr 2 GEORGE "J(NE RO1WANI)an TONIC MIX''URE, FoltremeLatmt and cre uf e te Feee and Akite. I 1'T ill I.e rtdZilt dic eged t here; n the 'lilra liim Itueii it rllltrri'I oItthe urdi.ary mode of Ir eating e FReael Iald Ane. In lire fihet Irlo, I , i e Vege hle I,:xrnl und free/1 fr rSy delerer oua andl Ioison) ieereieldls, it Iinv e Isken wlth the Ianlsr.safa nenl i t Ihltetender hiittfillt taged sinlid.i Itrtee varnie re/rjreof Iruhe direar.Ia Onaeqnrllly Ihsenali rini Ilrlll roegaillr it wanltedl Ilnitr and aeetiity. l eastab a rlnlellliJ itIol a ItIrlrnl aeruatite, by invigorating ilratrIrrellltllrr.d reneurelir rr ntre enjlani, talroe l-tI. 4 rrniirr ii vinurrrg aequalitya rmai rite Ih r rlu Irt"r ane lii h liorderd er o eraents orl.erditieiae., blrt tl irlllilRgiy .t.enn... or c.ollrr a .igeiiirr, elnd n i ira eneils he siyaret with w Ilnll e ter alll ll 'ililnra it nrre be atppresarne Irrlivihlirir, rfar tle t reinfri To'Ier i lliatril lle, litr rall tire iririal arrcaus on tire dracl rulhaven re...J~ldh a l -, s ptnu s - r . e, onrrrtarrr. a e ; wt r eae by Illr iir.i elie I C IIIioem 1 renlli s, ll ere is Wlinys crea ty tr rrCeurrene. 'flir danget it eirr~trrtt r ltieeaifathe iIe, is vern rvinhlrnt, a. lre ti, l tll lelllr llll t re ilt r s iu b oe r etnan r i ,r nl ,r rlde ,, react ...... i i a r i. .. ..llid . . 'l irn to 411-11 iirerraa ioieoII 'lire 'Anti nliniutrie l rtlier rt i t Pll l l iio ,l plUll e I ras i rt iae i t i tr i o tihe it I n el nd rr rihtee w ir-. a ieeqir lr' ernird ii'i. el 0 rU nee Illtritlny Ir ee.n# TerTei. li '1it till ri lte iained egwaet thi spr, iul alil lil r- o i t tistlirieditha tliat itare diilyn uifere lle i ello lly h D r. J o h o R . R a w ' na, ill. I •il , . irtur,I, llhirl.vl'She ,1'.p Ih ilnd lp i. 'ttlae ity lie rhohlrr .tinanrar Ihe n n l le, l iil ll r, e y the eerie, at '` RIIUII~lll illt II' lrl+ L\J'. P IH I| ·ll or I 11'11141 rcs 1, 1-hdu ealue~ Aputltlrn 'l.i ill lh~ cilv. t JAthite & At'IREVRw, Wrholecale tIragniuari ecn' Coil m.,tr,.·-_ 'q "n'l,+i ,ry s-- '5 AtRlL, i Cl, \1NF,. PIEI:CE W,,r t Sv miha"ruituube a eelltnli .airsi trhePl poa.oAieit. .it eh.cralter I irow reeev iln frll their el fae ners ai tm art Yrk, aelnd will ieep COlrni.,ly on lirnnir ennrad l an.rt nil.nt If Mari le Mnntl Piteen nliieerioir rnik . rkannit]p, natl nahe latent aer. t Irda'h beat 'gyj'la, Italian, Irliah ant Aieereirt Iiinireile. Alban, nonlmrellnr, 'I'ninlin and iLe vr 'atni'tric Inn.tlded natl painm silia and , aurlaili+ iiillg.g Irserl ia alid boundary tonei pa-iran ni Pret, Ilniran & Ilydearnlie( emaennt a" d" l' naer. g Ilitir, LogethlLr with a nItlendid .nara.cOtnent oF ilatre ed alld plnin Glrntes and Pauria Iron lrias ot'lhe rlewcli anal mot approved pataitrna. Ielleterig dune ill tie eratnbt tl lnnr alnelnd na h etcal notice. 'lhey hauv Brat rait: wolkmenr te t° ' AM N & work. IAMF " AIN & STROUD -AM- AMN & STROUD NO MERCURY NOR COPaIVA r "l New few ole:f, N.ov. I14,ta7. 1 ve apepllied to onor r rll ~etora I:re dthe did not cu e ae, so now to t nu1 of ix or egt ea tin g t alt o S , a rot a'o not lmle to work st he irrt t to Oil acenonotin of the dinentase' la re e i tin ot i, s .l of tiethroat 1 n noow putting wyscll ,,. cofid ntlvy tuder tlh cuie ol ,' In Patnrio, Ito e ierectly cared JOIIN DEAN. f eb 14 ly n 1ir Cotit e tmet;olne d dtoens is S i , . c t o i vaw utslictie ftr lr;I Iu iorHo ; to ll n oreoverit I iS ire that toep neoi II - (si t I I-a e tareo *tr lit t ndt dtdi nlot ilntre liy I I t refhre I adv . f Iow suffr,,rs to t I. Is te Al O hii "omb ar d ourbon strgree ts r ,Ioni i V o ei 'nti 4 t1 . home i fIt ro 9J M'teh. A M, until 4 A l. it J OIIN I):AN. II, itravier street. * It nv oelino /ol ltO t te ioeot 00ll al No. 411 G(avier INew 0m eu. I"n1, h i J" IN IDEAN. " IrontARInno0 C'Ini 4 Li o o' Pack ;,' ' '.. 1 " .. .... • I nh e b e e n e x ln l . . . .;1 ' - .I , t -eW i o" 'e r o i p, i rI" -'.. ll U r II " '" `I ' n- ' th i ,t. J l ordin t I; 'I, ,Ill'im Lo iti vo, S..... r,.... .hji i., a y o ' te 'rt .o'tu, o B, e ittmmindd hls iosn II" . i. 'nh" " ý,': nee~"~L'- l t encolle S. ,, ",; I'." ":'i"ry ntlenrtion %h be "t'r1" h" 'lr 1b :. o f stoe o r ro ... ,..... ,,,J fie. " ...... down theM. titot, Furclriots oe regluag r vense ' .. is e'pqually u fe eud . rlharo of pat,'on N ' Aden....t. o 'tol... *be to reciote - s, soui to advance all xpeurni on good~i shl pped, if required. i The ships will leave the let and-'8th of ever] mouth. For frtight or passage, applyy to the agents J A MFlrkITT, 82 Common at. N. B. Adva noeemente mode on 0oneignmontl to Menssrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. iov27 CAPTAIN MARIlY ATJ~ NEW NOVELtA Rata/ll the Keefebr, by tihe anutor at Peter Simple, &a Cum,,mings, or a Winter at Scaligo Iloi-field ie Lorwe Sal tn, by Captaiooil toll, IHoyaltavy, F. 4 SLoca RoB,,, a romance. by Allan C iaiaaia 1 vol. Srjalrpard Ltr. itten by iiloelt, in l_ elt.. d Compedium Ioiatary ofJ taly, iranslatedi r original Itliban,, by Niutlaaaiie Greene, inl aol.for oaing No. 71 of Halrper'. Emauily .ibnr ot. Valn. :1 & 4 ul'ate new anaipreti nod uniform edition of Itaahiagioo rsinr's Bl'ark,. Roga'r''a Fiach arnd yjla iioh f Ud in I cola Sro. IVagcani Pirecli Sad Laglis Dkiionary. abioa-A\ fleW alaure opae Tf CatafCn Pbrenologirat "ltieai." Large Surveyoar'c i(aaotlaaaoooegmiu l aar ita, wilth cboica, Billiard Ilulleoofl 1 and 2 1.2 inches. Uii fltoi's improved aa lc an 1.2 babe..p &c. ar. ioc, la osrnajoa laIac we gbtat J usl rdre~rval, sd {Fa sob, by 0111 REND. LEVY. IJIL: JUICE, IiNEY A~ p \\HI'IE J Th n~rerter isayt) oncil uHITE WAX_.. rbov lu u ill raun of ihe colea o veryro,, tri c 104suo rror. he for at? i lIINNAIII.I *flI'Ihatpiiiiojl IRON i 'S-'Ir aiar,l,o Jlilai Pv oeed ata gr0t p.-, tar rigIh , in p red ale: c. 1ra ore 'lopird ai ableo lan',l',ge, wnrrtio,ýrar,,,, al1 . oe alon rlliac nubia rombtue III ,Ilae laranpanssr anddoanbtit sand are pccfralvl fire niad allirjar 1 .aand ba bnown, ait a ioall sean a1 t a uure ililage iy13 Si. n 3laj r L~'c~lille oppositeSt Nar'anrta,;, -chep'" I ct2 E ficoGSIV]ALL&IU

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