Newspaper of True American, December 18, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated December 18, 1839 Page 1
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_.. . _ _ _ _ _ ....... . . P~RICEllll~ll11. 12- CETS - - --____ -.-- --\.'~... r___?~ I" PRICE 1 CgNTS. - NEW OIRLEANS, WEDNESDAY MORNING~, DECIM'IJR!:. 1;,::,;. ...-- . : . . ...- _ . ~___--- ~ __ .. ... .-- ._ .. . .. . ........ . .. . . ..... .~~..-~ _ ..... "-'.-"3 V tI.2-VI N,.. -)on Terms of the Newspaper Preas of New Orleans' unanimouslv agreed to at an adjeurnd meeting oat the Proprietora,held an the 1ith aof Marchl, 187. SouscRtrrlosens.-~pele Dnllars for thed haily pa ann.nll payable somi-anaun lly in advance: te dollars for the tri-weekly country paper, payable one rs. . iatdrace, whre no city reerence in given.- ian dollars for the Weekly; payable i. adevance. No I.ljnuription will be dincontinued until arrearoags .ire S.-Atlet l.In ease of di.aontiunuace, one week's tatice lis filftg nnset oen itwarnably given, previous tn tlt zlfrtlon of subaeription. SoveRnlstNo.-One dollar per square for the first nsertion, and half tlnt price for each auhtseqaert ine: tn material alteration froi the original advertieement willhe charged an a new one. YAttLe A1vtERTtsnltER .Merchtnat and 'roa err, arty dollars fot English alone, and sixty for hboth lan goaasoE Banks, Insarancea Ofltenatd other siiiar public Institutions, fifty dllnars in English only, aiI ttghty for bothl languages; Ship and iteambnlbt Fac ores, or Onnmtlaitnon aterehaits iaty dollars in Englilsh no, and eighty for botlt languages. MARIAGEn, OButeARY NOTICES, and artieles anllt ing ithe attention of the public to sates at property, Eards of paneengers, benefits, &a. &e. will hbe eliargel one dollar per square for the first isecrtion iln eacti tai C aoe llMNct laTI, or Aldvertisemnts, of any perain al nature, when admissiblle. shall be ehargei dulble, and in advance. A dleduction of twenty-five percent. will hn andle t Auctioneera, Siterfe, Registera af Wills,aid lInrsltals on oales of real estate, panlitshed in both liangitiie., and 50 per cent. ill Eitglash altone: 10 paro cent on alts of other propearty. ADnvaRTsacErNTS oat of thc direct line of bisiiiena of the advertiser, such as legal, auction, anail lnlato intt sales, runaway slaves, atray anienits, &c. &e. will hbe clhrgd for seepa.atcly, andil at the .dliuanry raten. AvDErtSEMt:Nrs nat specifiet itn to time, will Ibe Ipublished one month, and cliaredn aciriliitly. No advertisementst of hbnkrntptcis will lie pilblltelle i ety, ea sde nes paid for iprevioa to lintertin, or S yt ut gnunanteeI byv a raesponlaile percn in towu. S PetrlSi old ether plaeces amnseiaunt, nadlvertiaiilg il te ea.n. to be helariged $tlli fier hngliat a "one.Ja.lAL.Oin both languages. All' .ie.e.e.t. af anitidta..e for political oR.irce will be eherged dnuble the price of other nadvertie ments, .iwing to the immtn.ea loss snstainlcd by new.lna,.e prnrpielor, they tave coaae to theu .icllcaina thaIt ie nanes of persona whtse acnecotanitats ilo avnit tl paid within one monthIt after preavntation, shall tie aloe known (so .ir as prIacticatile to eacth ther-Ithey illi gating themtelvea not to advertise or print fir such delianquent ,unless in case al advance payaments. (Signed) J.C. IK ST. LROMES J. IAYON, p. p. RIlA, J. c. ptRENI)ERGAST, JoIIN GIBSON, Lt 1 1)EN. Ireekly Prca.-\Ve. th"e inldersignedi agree to abilde by tIe above conditions, as far as they are appliciihli' to wetalv iapers. (lu atedr A. B. LAWRENCE, ea N sbscriptiins are taken fur less tlhaa ii monthsa. Letters nst, in ill asnes, be trust aid. UAROWaATE SPRINGS and Tloen,Dlncry e:atlllle, Alale ,ei THREE DAYS JOURNE Y ROM NEW 1'1i ORLEANS.. 1liE ropricetnr fl this es thlishmct hasI the Ipa- pi l T sure f annnouala e t ias fiiclla ald eIt' lhe : II [eci in getteralt.,t he will,... in r ..ea ..ieethl s it lel elitay olf ', Mavte reeiveeviviters. Ice will ai r ltlltl or Itle hr neiht oftiace at a dlibrtne, that tihere hav bee ' terd .I.. imp c.eents cicoede, aotLerts l ia glie r oe . n. ill rapid pegnrtas e for ec.mle l ell ril th cnbteriber tlt naecec clette i ranlcl h ctraa r lllll.'ie r thtan Iteretu re, and at wlte sle illll iieiIIll bl le. Fatnili ean bhe caceoteu i , "Ih t llll rtnII I l I o hrl. there who preler calate Ii r I bie g c tic edalse ol Io iu the nain buildiag. \''. It in leelned unneesseary t say e tgllaytallie.igtci c i hetie.ed thet tlhayore ninc eriorer tenyc theaec' c era Nlatet. Ale the llatwelnlele tlIte iltea c-aclll' i ound at Wltaering Ileea, will le friotllllu at ll. 'I"e best dtu de i c theat thi cr a Io it " c t fillun .l'ell- I Ii,. besn angleeds and iscl beain eand qut alledc s alC. t e b.l i wll aido Creole this w" to, n eunn dio 1 h e a a tralagm, hiv alteentmadeedtlabclh r Ia cltte'a lde\cl " *e ccaaanuclati d teo teritt a Eibanal t ils' s," u 1lll' J\U Ci. .llnlltl I ti bi SI A ell.~EIY \V -The nslhl criber , Slocurers cd w olele d e in dc-le d a:,tle tee aou, recleiiane bgy lte ae aas Iron rain et n athro fldditiuell tu heir a uteer atackh an exte- lto led, bide bridle e and it ne 'ltt cc, alae: - oi Ideanh a nd mtinea ulal adl tdauillteld s;adle', do o do gCrebul edo a o ~lr cito e t. do Av oa doea do Egl.s.he do " .u ty, t Cndeela do i i; atler. and Eng. brdlencand bridla e et dllto I s do do aeertinealetas lated. brass, and japsleds noalc o eahes ,tin ti de do do gegaaand aulkbttdo 0 do do do to do a ray. ecart and wagee d st Saddle bags, double aeda;ngl co vaeices; me doel ne addla bage. Ilrutaca cdarpet bagel beet Irot frame t tilt eather fl tserulneb, baess nailed; loaebtr hoat toeey do, sleored size aend aSrnous styles; llolsiaer and c i pistol belts; eoach, gig sulkey, twig slid plante Ia bit crop wbips ols wool, aorsted, colLtt, and aleae o g irths and sursinglcas; elrrap leathersc; t..eea DI ettaps and worstet rein web; chbatl nd itabk theh haneest blind brtdles and lines; S uch collaeS, ari and horsn sd mule collars,sl all qCanllli ; a i. er recoc, buck,bear. sheep uad but ulo skie lns lated Iea brsls and steel btidle ball of ev ry description, is plated. brass and steel sputs oi every desellt tIIll; ti plated, brass led steel eitrrups ol every desorapc I tlt l'ogetqer with a ealnpletei assortmena t of every cat ariels ic otheir lineof b uslines-a-ll eul which they 't oiler for sale on eco etiuin tet c. Tit hieei . ie Tliey will also ontlinue to r, ceive ltrougle th ill year, by packets ftroln Nouw York, Irecb sntplies to i keepy their stuck aemple and coete plete. KOUE'. DAVIDSIiN & co, i 18 Is Canal atl. Nu O CUI.E NO RPAY " lR.Jt1IlNStN, Ofcea l1ia illivile street, con fines hic practice to tile treatlenlt cl Venereal Di anee, Ic tll ten delef'r-it fmoeda. SDr. Joha.nse, fromn a residtlle of llannv ea ill tllS eiluels in E.rolpe, duvcted to tlie realoct l at I:eereal Iei.eUs.e, etcd tlfu his ti erosclt etellnsiv " It'icette in thaitlprticular uranch oe tibe prolesloen gunr.lttee ca serie, peedv and lifeltast cure ta such llerso ca It are tioubledwiltll lty of' cte following diseases, yiz: Gmoarrtlena. Gleaels, Stcttllesd Collollc ate-In, IBara Semainal VWeknessc, Atll'eltiatt oft tile 1udde:r, Kidneys, Lias, Uretbra, PLreltratle tiltl, Swelt.d I eetiele., t erupticns the Skin, eor i Threat, aitos in the ta Joint" Ani tlle numaroussynlplntns wlileh generally folltw |t his tliaease. m aeeent eaes c redhnt its tw or hre, ylcya wielhot tte T une of Mlercuary, ilteterreptii. Irtoe lIt bilcnss, nr alters Lieu ina ihe nlde of livini. A mcedicine ito prelaet Venereal I)isease can bIe ol tabled nf lr.Jolnsoatt It is reate the recipe Uf theej llDurt Larry, a anlobmtad reletllll SrgeOll and tv:l used Iby hm h dlrlnng t'e reral callllli llt ill hl ee Ie served S Surgeon saoral in the Frenllch 9 amt. Siold by Dr. Jdonann, et bi olie 't'rc.c e pIrta olns i Ini any aif.lction of Venereal Iisealle, saol Ilaoul aking sea voyages. or reniovaeg I tche cuntl, , Woilldl dowetll b giving Dr. Jolnson a call, us proper uledi eehce tor their ecre in thile slaorleet aillw can be put np eit written direetine, for their L1te. lleopen frcm 7in the maurnialg unatil lt eeclock at AhIERNETIIY'i DYSPEPT'IC El IXIR. lr. Abernaethy, the greatest of Eingiali suraeons was opinilen thait i-tetlethe of the diseases tollet cUble mlckind originnte in the stomncae. Tlhi. iElixir a nas sled by bi withi tile most nnprecedelnled uolt:ucs ill lis private and publicl praelice for alpw'tlrdc offorty yearl, fr the removal of bie fdlloawing dtslte'tea Loss faicpptite Placuleney, Diatlenlilln lf'l ltoln aetlr,Peain ithahie, llleavniessof Ihle tlend and inll tlllln to sloep,irregnularity el thle Uhcwels, stdle ill I cases where ludigestioa or a ctslivo hlabit is lonnd to . exist. S iT ia medieie must not It nnltleled ialnolne thIost ofoack unostrnme nw before ithe plubiic, Ia it is tllt: etle iuveninotieff then ablest and most aecitellilie snrgea n Europe ever produced, and to secret ef In'pea'itg ilt wa llurcebheaed by the agent for a ely luraeo sumt. It ic agreoalole land pleasaut to tho t oate, etls e . a mllid htetr iVt.alwoa y kleep rphe bowels free, inaparcs vigola ad slreegtt tee the sysltelll, nld cheerllnlss to ti Illnllll and a few buttlec rulnecova tle aelot e'eeitlteel caes ul D)vseelesia or lldigestion, acd prevenls a returu at elly fIture periodl. NEw YORK,17111 August, 1838. 35 iludinn'-slree. SElm--llcenaequneceofleadilg a aeloetory life, 1 ' ase been troubled, meore or -less, with iletiealiee'ti for tn esars; Ior the last three years eley sufoerilgS have beeusineupnrtnblc. I have tried severntl ytlyicialns, asd a ncnmberefcnaek lcedicines, wihlot deriving any benefit. I despa'ed if ver obettiiiant" ny perlllallelllt relief, and resiglned inyeelf ton t nletrat coieles deslpoir was persnaded by many friends tc try Allerethy's Dyspepti Elilir. I Ihave nowfinlaed thle feu llb bot ti. andl know not how to epnrees men y iiratious of ios wanderful virtues and the cllracle it ht performed il renltor. me In that health whiel I. I eaght lutt ftr ace. aend me half a dozen bottles na a aned except my thanks ir the blessings you have c erred by re storing mn to potete health. Ii C ONI:OE. - TEXAS LAND TUILI,;S. SN ABSTI.\LCT of the eriginnl titlets of record in I fe benerel land oftiee. Pricted iln aeorlleae wtth a reuollnion oflthe llls, of Representaticv, pa-. td-lth bays 1'13.38. A few copiesAxJust receivdw and le b y ALEX T4'OWAm a J 4930amp at FIA4MORR[IOIDS. [IAY'S LINIMENT.--N o Fiction.-This x S traordinary chemical comp-sition, the result of scionce, and the invention ,t a celebrated mnodi. cat cal man, tlhe introdaist n ofwllilch to the public 'i was invcoted wit tIe soleomnacty of a deathlbedl Ta hoquost, has since gained a reputation unparalleled, it l fillly sustallining thbe correctness of the lalentend Dr Gridlcy's last confession, that " ho dared not a, die without givinop to posterity thle hbuefit of his aces knowledge on this subject," and hie thlorefror, TI baqueathed to his Iiend and attoedant, Ssiolol, er Flays, tiglcret of his discovery. It isl"4 used in the principal hospitals, and cer the prido practice in our country, first aianel mns! certainly fo the curn of the Pile, and so uxten p,, sively and efoh s.uoally as to baflle cr.dalily, unlaess Tay where its effeecs are witnessed Externally in th. , followinog comlploants: For Dropy--Croating extraordinary absorpti'?:' - at once. oPl All Swellings--Roducing rhelm in a few heours i. Rhloumatima--Acute or Chronic, gilving quick a, rase. to Sore Throat-Fy Cancers, Ulcers or Colls. Croup and Wlhooling Coughl-Externally, and over tile Clheslt. i All Bruicses, Sprains, and Burns--Curing in a u00 1hw haure. wr SOrs asld Ulcors-Wlhethler fresh or long - slotadling, and lever sores. Its operalionls ipon adllts and chlildreno in redue C aig rlolumultic swnlling, andil loosnia a rgohs anda Liglhtneis of the clhest by lelax;ation of the parts. sl, has boon slorprisng beynnd coacption. The 0n0 comlmnn remark of those whco have used it in the '" Pileo, ia It acts likie a TIIE PlLlGES-The , person who will use at r ''' for Ihe Piles, andl retur, ' ' ', ,, |acia eared. Those ara '.. . tI , prljietor to tChe Agent : o t , I slands Oold, not one has ,, ,, : - i W a .iglt cerl....c.te.a, , prefra tlhat thlaaeo who stll a ;. · 1 i ' habit tiac original to prca CAUTION- Noae ca. hre " sphlldial olgrav'ed wrapper, oad alao thaat of the Aglnlt. Soll whl.lesalo .nd rotac '. , Co, Ne,, York, and by al-, - ' r . towla in Ilcthe lilion. For sale by thea Wholea'l. ' , Coaa sa0 a. leholalitoaal a I- th' I Apothecaries generally. • 1,1011 ,.ORRIS & Co. N, 3 , are eivia g and oa e 'i - 9ena ti a l anlld Inslli nllna' ,, ,, t. ,: ' , halve: ver exhibited nll thli ' , e h olwn araaaci blacliC , IoIIIo b twwV I il, . . :,''r alala( a,.hlan olive e roek ai, ,,aiblenall halrritlial n tooC' t lancy al l plla in Ilaa [anI tilooi lS nalls| ' nt dl ,aik oII ' c a'at i il 1 vl 11 0,atsa r at i Ilao,, i iaoall 'o loaaallaaIla C' e+nghts! aml fr,,,e,' f,H . ... i"·"ll; (:ch u ,+is, sllks-wctl atid '_,1 ( clas to so . aP / t111 ; ch l t a l ioi lr ala', iait -aa-' '.o l, 0e1s i l ,, . , i l sl i o I aL'tt aa n 'a ahlrl alllad Ir cawers lina a i; H r ani cantuon shirt+, wit+, heia !'al-,a- a. pinll I II; · '~it r:!l,,d ; iv-r+' ponrl~la Ia u ' ' ialaaaa Sa l d 'a 'aa . 1r 1 I /rl·ll ~i ; (;cai1'1'' aa1a'tl 'a'll I ( h1.a11·--- , , 'aI l ' a r'll , 1, ., Ihlhl id 1r watI !,h ,ala I l llsla alln I: 1,, l,.,rt lia, a silk a l-d r -:. - i -ll a -i a is.i p -lain - ti lurl dla eaia h lcda , (o ii rl c ' . ; ,lik lan 01 i ' -al ' , I 111illll ; lllllll lti inV l 'th \\ e d o l w hlh, "I I+',ot1,, , I h+.rt1 ,+11·.11 ,,l" a ilt,'l+ l ,, ,,ll· 1; ,r IIIw II1r on i a~tt ,,r t,, iu ii llIll t mltll rlll slr. a. l 18nq[ N ov. I [ c ,.illlllllIU[Il II; Ihe ~llldl,'- .1I \1 ,djllld :)::, Clliirh's ! 'a' rn l uaa ll d ra l tht,'a a i'aaa, oe prew, and lIt ;1 Im, l lllua. ll b t II:llllI l! Il i[[ lltl !~t, lul t i.: li· llll Ill;% i S ,uisa ti a u la Lrce l l i 'li'h iii' ai cliiV 1 . "Z \|,iltII'1l~rtl' Ci~lllllllllld .lll CI..,'CI .iphl.n/ ,,~lllldLI I Il 110abige's coIaund1Ch a11 11.1 .1·larl 111( : 11101 aI l- ic -liP .1111ah s · h Inv [llc l,, l 7,f 'l. l i I . I +111\ WI' ' r,,, ' ,i t lll ,l e I~ittY a- tl e .-1 a rla tIcatl e. It y l tl i h N tilv'i( e s As.,ll ' g r ,t-ssle. It 1ii F-, nlaihcp aaeaar aan iaa ae-aaitaacy it i i fa a a la- eaRan i It - c aaa ash le steresi . t ,k , a oa a e eilcll aa IU ei a s eaiad l .S a ...... aeaa ll oi lharll I tdt ailialgh e i Fveta al i aa ll' ob.iaaso iisrl a havnia . i, llrenldtr rl, su++sc,, ' .. th e l. nece~s. , a r .,), evara y la ia trts cli . c i a rag t its l a luxuraer l 'aia,-,el ca <t, i aeyI, cad rly : t a' coaeas,. ec 0a.110 ."0 [ TIIIUI<G~ ~ ~ri INlnll i'i N II. hY+ IF'rom .llil (All mna) tao li f~aa(a tGelaJ ' I" .A\' ; .\lol eih veiy othel'r lilt, inilllu..ii tl) alleg a S h iaa r vllaa l a l ' the Inail fbreolau New a.lea1, lCI• IhI Stelallllhoaa. "laEaLau, to lAlaktl-, -aaaales ao Pensalaole i asllteal llab Ilt, i aea illi aoal IF)T it e sa scoa CI Iaan s cl (nhatineIacl'tiscr and H ay) to Cedartl 1.4lul. colachis thnc c vic . '11C iaa , tcillCiaa, Lchae, (1 riil'-lY a oint V ri, ni ioin) liaiubhihl+, P~indertoni; Iawkiinsville anid I,ouls. rillea, to Auusla. A io ssa e ltl e ta kinei, hia s seat at aIa a a , •a r Lile is iii lIe, lil~ daer of leig Ii throwa uia t oa r hlsin hia r riLercie-Il. y tothlPr 1on ictihn! intettll'.St. 1 the FLI)I. - aIk I)A IINI'. is but no t coincern, anid ti1der lain ..e Io -I t aak athroulcouilt ill mIIad rely w salcal ralrIaT uNllot hlso '.e1 arriva'lti Aiigusta iin'tlini sllectiltd, throuth a11 w.eath aad 0.r h slai-al octalr. "i'he Ihleat New OI-ha-nab ,1+ n, r is calrill l) thlisaroaloe. 'l'l Aa a ets Ibc rec llna o laca n; tillo' Teaalls, onalielle alld Drivers are na t lrnlpasliedla clP, the lLl,,ith n o allnlalct eai k hiy. lahe laaotal. hard, natural roas , the saIli and inter real altr unaigation,the iaa.\ ml aac'oa odal ionl Sel, I d1,ra . speectaerinil ,aclaliat,amd stea. c I n g .asleiC) I c o m ut e td a s i t w e. r e ' w i hh t h e It u i l lR o a d be (I.s·ii istLo( S. CI.. nllll ite stemla I.,ckets to New Yr-k irlac:ers all r aca , New York lrnal- Ye'. O'lcalIs A mi'lil th:llacl, ic hele Florida, we hIaave a I ha lls a |ille-0 NF .i- ahaae h !tiaa ln Il r h na IHaIy ll Iarl n \lahlt vil p ia on i te t lilledgerille- and c ni to \1icfa i lih ya aaa'a h abr a• (llua lca \lillls l i1lou.1se Mobaile * lqac al' cae, othw (srlaa1as o a.aaaea1 15atlhilis aa oaaa bile to .oLaaa a la ll , 54 l i Aao usa a to (a harlaae tn Iato aaaaa ia'saon to aa n l*W Yiao ka 98gl -- 1a0 ti ..%. u .sta t (hil[+ili I i Time, ('halwrlten to .obilr, YSi- hone MobleH tougusa, S Alakluil In G iilels pr day).. oir 7 limiles pILt hnulr, inclu ,+lie ,;, li aUstlqllagesP l1ily )Il i. IL ishog hare to iuftamn the pubhliulhat the_ hIwidgle+t ,lver tIh C halahluohkeswmunlla t:ll 'h Urd L:lbol celuek a:ve just hoeen compluetl d y the gt, I r.l'dl · iLivL 'en the neiit, (tli,. ul) a llstacles p elndrtliilg :llgails.tthis sale: anl' er speedy .olite tie thushn l 1y irteiovedl; iiod t have th. pleasllre dle'Ic I hlng frPoni Irtvellelrs t hatthC C , Sss, drliverl's lll a nd tlel atL·e of thle filr't or'del· I ,i , wiler .outlte. I'l~oai :'mcuEit ol ustll ll tu• Illutf, a, , ied ly all whto hlav • tpas d l thnouh ht to le bei , in laoi.s la t aaay and slftety. The brid. .a oit l'eav- aiso ibeeolatai aldt. .a 1a l d i. t JAMES'S, tChas.'l'TYRRELL tmd tierT ' N (:halet 'I'vrroll,or tile Biter Blllod,by Jt Chtveley, or the lun ot Hi r iby l.ad3 Ii Ladv ' heiveley, or the W\Vo. anof Ilot:or, bL Lady Chrevele,. I.,rd lro, t to, hlketcheslof Ptulic Chlarater vols. IIi torial Sktetches of Stater len ill the time of Nicholt Nt ltlehv, No 1 to 1I. Jack She pp,,rd, No I to 3. Adaltm Biand other mn o.f chamreter, by Jerrold. Isabel of Sici v, by 'I'ckertnnlo. Paul 31 Kock : The Barher uf Paris. C.olnCealllllnt, I new Notel h "1 vlis. SFra.cia's iteignol'"'tnortt in Paraguay IPic ,iult, byv ai, linle 1The Iu u no,,'apntain Kyd, new pplies. Ric'helieu, bIy Bulwer. IE. JOIINS, & Co. Sjiuly 30th-- w. cor of St Charles & Cotmnon sts J O.NUuINT l , \Vlshingtlon's' P triltit.n, with a t faN 21ir ile of Ii o p tlic .\tt'ounts durngthte Ire. Svlhutihmary\var. I file, volum,.$lI to 7, each, will It ..0,hl t at e...l Irivt. tI roevt is llo I t hs toblicationt re to be d 'lle ,'d liar |ltee u s e \\ ; lull I luntla Labour ,. Sc.-I nud \hlet Orphan's Ayinuu. Tllhistll ilationti l VWolrk otitet to he inl the hands v of evttry .to\llliitlllle ; a l edtuor tio lt e otitVy ilt cott try papet s wil lcu trotbllll tt'et Ill;lt bi evlolnlt oiject lby gtvio g thlis adv tiserlllrll t It 'tNr illoo ltl eb<. o o o aug. Gthl-ln. 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W enl, 1'' thll y stt1 tl1 tI illLs I ,t of Ihe purguttlVeujulllC t p ullhtd tod. Ius ally db, e' AI FL , ott~l. Ji 4 hrtes h It i. a ll-1-Tin they re. the e.-t 14 rrlual tin PURIFIEiRS OF T"llE BLOOD. p REILNOVATORIA U,' U'llll" 1SYSTEM 1 E-,r dicovered ge Also, contittllitllallla ,\llscu a irotlce. llby mercury, or tle. hnn llerul.., orf til ruusrlnlllll tit f yphillis, loss, vecterial, nu 9 1. is ac l- r ill-T 1,"rrr illle isllln ), lle Bnce hive they een [' known lwii 1o ha use [last I lacy did IIUt patl arllchle I Llle Ix I loo t- It is l ll c -t-hat no. hot eo Sarsap.rilla pill- and onr britte ' ,9[" Ca'nI nd .yl'lll Iul'N :).l'. p, ail., c ll tlic 'lt to care t!,, clay ift h l i, ll-i+ I i) n r t l h llel-.h ll- d ]]c be ,.rrvlll+ d itl d illthen) "!} pleace tlry c in r 9hte S c4.Ulll eu uiUill inl l. Url[ ll it tit C.-U uul-hll-= .IrI.e-t . ; halri[ -. - No. 96. 1 BLOOD! BLOOD ! ! BLOOD!! ! I st. Tihe vilul rlrn iple .Lllce) to coati led I 11 the blood. "I 2. ItuoI imiakes hhlood. 1 t. 3,1 |.:¥1+y Ik1ll. Iin the. body| is derived fromn blood. b l 4thl. A ll . lllll hcu , ll nae rg c,l) lly the sa.ll vl 5tlhl. All ilrputei, -e f+1 ivpull )ll lnltl n1"[1. blood, or ill not er words, f ml l el t Ul nnl dn hI mor- li)it ~ lll o 14- h ll hoIII the h ,ll . 161,. Ab:ll tlles hlllllltr, hre c:tcried off. the Iiii1441'1 +,r11", v t D, I U V W It 1), has lCV~ur,e a iprc + kllown only to hhllsell, ]4reyi su ha lw ~ ~ rwl nw endtrn -. W'llbhl t destroyilg tile v irllls 4e. i sl'll. . lloa) rlI., nold I;, lllln Is, S,trs+aarvlla or Blood Plils. Wlth the sarslapriltla is ll+ If ehnrd n .d i ;e r pI gatIr V, wlileh by its el l~llct grd UaL I ly ..n il lllll,. iopl t+.rcepuhly cairries oil1' i1440 gross att14 ilrbld Clille| ", fr on tfro Ih I If y tire r rL ) .). 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J 24 Clrtrefst LUCINA CORDIAL. tF1 -iE C('illml I.t l. \ a, i. F1.1XIK I)E I L'A h . ll, i L.-iTne I· id I tfo tesu Algent thr lte Lorin t'(m 1a1 or I txir uo Love, iturris his Krnleful , n f,'l +l ,il_ m nt. r tl e l lntrrl hIt nll g l ,nlinl i IItsits1* :'beady n-Jllel vea, uo all o III r li I.e: i 1' 1im' il-i lm in hl ill ha:v een ent hin toil ieh ll oel t lih tl The weIfor/,."4"ts *llirncv o" this hinthndoln mrl<dih, trios Th ljl 1 .. .. i] e fllllllll nld ll' fI ill" It.i .1'erdllf trl Walnt , iI' t i .n , hrnwh i htis lo , dverisl rio S th it is DIr. nltuinh'sa relen r i ttlv I disctn .ert ;vt n • I ' Fd - lh lI e atio in llF'rmtI n .-l l n it nih spedlh resi ' ih ll1tl'e i urt i wmx ; o lPheiL they llllle rillh eel v:u lte l 'nre h fuittI I IdIIIld 'it i t nll e'llicltwl, for the thmr ,d!m.' 0 51 hLI* il. .1 fhiat t it il the tlll, i!dv everdl· ir , fllr ir till reullll, lfll ft its . Iv invi o...t... 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FP 13 N H FI-fuk notes tauely exccated, a nd' circulars, r ( r it -L-. outnu I I, a rt noilne 'Ilo n ll rscnler oNcny J nlVt & AIt 113 " ciroiner Cotlllln n & Tchopitonlas lil caru The unpreceentor popularity andg univerts;a . ap ex , and Wst dfullyjutify r. d KNthem to the at hsp eialth nd the ability to I aUUrnr constitutes tile wealth of e the grdiv t red. masDrPeter of the in trlor, ao in in at oilier r'diae cries. .o prr rori k orede ore, tlat hlellran system, g derived frmi a grr and extorl ensived plrital , hsem toie fultions l th liver, r ofhn utot tword aoln ini-n crens u npr dcdenished poeplatity d othe rl p. .1:. tproell is this understood, thlt it is cOnoieve Ior l lrrouglnhrt tio United Sttton, thre uwrtalrt, i'rsa t y biluou, menli d thrtl t rlr, full jav to tify r.much P otao' in warorly w n, ceu .r.ntionely rooatoooeny dthe stomach On the otihr aio d, h nt th tiirts ow Pto ce' Vgrs dtital ilo, ithe nrocest, f Ilo ecs i , is tuil nlperfcotlo oric ol, udy fort dieaes of lieae htfoodn atalkent l tot, thiat Iras ct beent .irncer' I)r. Peters, to inoin tor of e hia it.tluarnus migeu Theory, frot iH kaolled t , i urity f f ti he mn d derivad from a longn ad extonsive pranlira: I fir arrived to trLia conclusion, tiha tthe ngrattltntri. an is tnhe came of all diseases," is a grealn , rdity. tvery ulcti on wo rcileel trll to l eitr watltr all dt crealdl pr deivethat nisl surity of the i:.lod is sd y lliot tim ry compleo int-oth ca it ic tttraiti foer thi pthe cuse of ay s. When t hey ffeol i, titoal ,t the y It ilhver are eraingtd, i nd they flve of hie incr asdh o vt wtir tor b. 0 t, e oas i r jundilc , when tre p ttt sho a it i rrirris r n, tire ora. ro.e thir nim ur y i l blod i. tciaterltd bl o aorllincreased rlorw f b l tltfood ta r.cly ilt, you llue t correct itt setelliol $ Ir trlth lie, a nld th rer loroI i a healthy L ate.i t)r. Preter ic coient thi t the trr n t rlntt t-- W it'e with daillret ,gat, eitmpano. i? dyels ls a tire cata of all rliararrse," is a gre'ai ;:lýorritry. p of the haeru ofal no o Isr Wtrcn tlre frrattll 'i to-, o as ti ber t , rt st ar ra e t, a nd t ehaete ft uof i e - t sl to is ctovur tlen true byd til b llry rloalt Btt rta v S tt .edour vils. uane greab t qunaty inr iedflw., i v llts is t l iat th ry htve tio alta crat ve p rin r rio o bird wi th ttl ui r a atr l artla , or op ratoi qi t lt tieS, o aso that they not only Iettan thia t st trht aud o Si ll its by urtl , hr t tegll y regulate th rlier, It, .l.. the iitorblt i to l r: rt't ll ttil hir ltt r ll llls the 1 ceiricula tioii i vllgl Ie tou Icnll d ilersg to t Ih l Ir..m to d aver thiledand prle asant i their operation, alltl vey t urr tnror t urre artialte CitlttC.tiont o tllhir utiralit.y :rtLo thei ti rret dosralt. iThey clt re taklrl withllsuit y npoe rsons oraty hg; nnd the IytIaet , til illir y thy it rvrll us, ai d ty il i deglicatet , o by r trhlir opleritlionr, bterais tI hey cltear cth sylater of ,ad hulotuars qunet norvg thls rr te.. abhty, ad inlvtriably produce sounrtd Ih f th eir Tlihe Vegeftblu Pil s are a sure r ( T edy an r raun. ioia, aieiry irlby lerrns r l dachy , dif air) t ig , curtit e i lies t, si rkness ofti . . -,r . arrrrr .a.rrrltira rr rt .,llll u . i colpl.ints, fevers of all kinds, and h takeln at .li: crlrnalcg eenro t will invariably caleck their prlea Sgriss, and save thaly patient from a protractedlt ad dangerorus ickness. They areinvaluable ia nor vous and hr\ pocondrical afections, loss of aptie tit,, and ii cnorplaints to whlich f'emales al'rno a e I sulject. ]They operate as a mild and speeds purge I - n.i a. a safulnd certain remedy for worms Uto children. ro Since I have introdueod my Vegetable Pills to e. the pubhe I have received nulmerous cortificatel ,I oft mir cuperior fticoacy in curing diseases, a no, ai many letters t rorn rospectatlle Itphyci.ns, who haveo used therl in their practice with the best te I umight publish a small volutha of certificates, but consider it unnecessary, as the inedicine osill Sreconumendl Itselt'to all who wi I mlake trial of it. S 'riThe above pills are in boxes, containg 1 l are pillo each. Price, 50 conts per box, Druggists and country merchants can be sup. iplied, at wholhsa e or retail, at Dr. Peters' prinei Ipal olice, no. 65 Poydras street, between Magazine tard Camp stal New Orleans ALSO for sale by G. N. Mornison & Co, 11 for Cannlstreot: PP Berlin, druggist 112 oul Lovee, between the two mlarkets: Mlr. Breeoier, druggist, at the W\Vasltingtob market : C J Trinchai, drug. gi t, corner ot C.nal & Bourbon streets: U A e I.eld &, Co, druggists, corner of Tehoupituulals & Glrod streets : J Rossi, druggist, Lafahyctt city. ALLIG;ArIt'II LINE. L Mobila to Augusta, via Florida. Leaves Mobile Tuesdays, Thurs days, and Saturdays, per the S "^- sapletdid steamer Champion, (ex. elpt in. ae of to Pa sacola; thence per stueamer Le Roy to La Grange, and thnco fotor i; boroe past coacheis via Mariana, Bainbridge, Pin.- ' derton, Berorien, Outlaw's. ad Perry, to Macon, ia Goa; theoc veta Milledgoville, and Sparta, to War renton, thelco per rail road cars to Augusta. p 'The Champion is in splelrlid order, with new copper boi ra, cuoppered and a pper fastoend. 'Til le Roy has lte.l thoroughly ispalrtd, her aeommnodations ar itas lhandsto as any be t. 'lThe beau ilul Sauta Rosa Sound, and Cancta. watehie lay prebnat th1e o10t strIllleSitg tealll ali. vigation in the South--outog at th statnostos perl'fctly land looked. 'Th ' Teoamooare not s rpaastd oi aay route in the country ; the dlivrs, to a I(MaI, cat'usl and atte i Live. It The bridges heretofore dangerous have b, bon a newly bultl, no that hight .lters do nlot intr ire 'la'Itu gllligo ilu ois lave beolE aoy)s tss' c snged, aid are so as good as ,io any re d ill the UoSouth.l It is generally ti owal that the caiallnce and hardnoss uI tue roads uiable the tealls uL all bea sunlls to make greal speead. 'Their smoouthtll sso. s curoes the trom tie ordalsry laugu of stage travelnug-. The Ltine s nIow c.rrVing its passuger.s firo Augustal to Moblulll is four days ad, twelve hours, or to Nw Orletals ill lourt dys asdy l tt enlty hours. ;Going to Alugusta, Lth hIle Is six days a;Ild s ve hoursl . 'I'n" s tisne ltually employed In tr;ari l ll ias tlhe s n as it thlse ther dlstuLsctIu , ist : the drdtrene o.f tnl oni tilthe s st, 1o c.tsausd by a day Ibelag lost Lu lPenaclia, w..ach, howtver, isa sall repaid by Lite up. ortulty st givet t lu'oing the Navy Yatrd, tL ol Spa.IIt 's For.ts, etc. Tl StraveLtur also sleeps at Macon, ai ass at Wtt'ar. tIcltonl. 'his llsarranes's'ns c t WIll ca IIUotiuO till the I travel turns nl orthward, when the lille will be the s ton trotls llMbillE to Augusta, as it is It wtsll tLir otller directious. Thiss A'ivertisement contains a plati st.t. soent lothe accuracy of which tl, prtirle tors h t,.su ger in L pellalt~ ol ias "'. " Ix Iaueli 2 alugmlglienut Grand Pianos , ru,. i·· .. ";"u. t laid with rass A octavs. 6 S ,e Itt-e 'lallltus, ltosats u d,\ ery ornu1 al ili Iotlsavet. 4 PI' lI, uctnrs, rosewood, Curarcas and ina". d, o o~llt rves,ptilla tatill lnonent'. S 5ai wh ass la o htaes., Il t. ue afic e t emi Il' figant ian.c Ce anaaiei wnotd d(i E JLIPl. & C .. t Ei}:.\,sWI chests troswchoug, IS aL toura aud it e 1 misaty 13 lbs boxes Gunpasuwder Tea, tou toure ot sale by 1, J THAYER & Co,71 Poydtaa nt AL AY'ON&CO, No.IO ;. ddt ,ih'"al to tfir forlner, , Eng landl, p"r adr by r..... u; r ,iv,,s; ot , . . f l,' ui:, - a nalrs a , c .i , C,,rd e, .I.. .. c th e ot er "0 le on acco louod. l. .n ,', rrit'tr I i )W ,li f lit : nll ti: ( il.lL .Cli 1 f Rr•ul r.I " ' - . Iarc . .,: , i, ;, o:"a n torn l- u i".ac li'+i ' n carew.,ter: . sa itl n' to r to eeer -; ibr" gttttc. AXES. good r. INT . & .lin; , ler , nde; de n c ast e nic. lndslen,a- . . ·,' t gar ittdo taod s. krgo Iit o crlttttt ttiO (.ioo'o i 100 ns . o l rfllll de I c.l I.I EoIInh 1-l,.; 1r ,'tol : hbo'1 ' oCo and !:i hua , usorCtlle' Enell '-1, a 'ted h nih' C· lll P C A L (in; plaLe zi.;.l r l.:e c alf rio g Ilade, sh, l, n11.,.c0 . N A IL . 50 k - t nile , w tell as-ro , i, I. t' 6 ! 'his; 1! b r P r I tn' tt lt ktrtlolltll o+h o i do .y l, t iuil o t iet; a or id or it; B ls 1 t lls to .e r .h n dt, trif so t tat att orge lc ld le co ait ,ronl s thi e , t ';d ' Fretce or rotor t lcltt ntt UcItitTtt ha httO st e r i it l t'o vr.I o Ilol ord s1.0 hpeert ood cot) u toy ot tr. opr laoiti tlo to itto0 sa pouhInly 1 iu Ie l n d i nel. mvoerate cri, t od h oro orc t Irt ) ml .il litl tels ro. I lid lilt do',u.I ()II. AND \-ti: 0,,'Ap s .. Tatar str I;li,:t , '. -01 ":-' .1., 111 I'll ll' tll: itrty ol ll In ltolt In h ttt l Iui, :c d tiite t o1 lo r o t tr\ l - ' telv, itot, h' ito t oI l l rbiot i t hI tttt' . col og yi It It. o grewa tt celebrt yll iltl s u nrvl ,h'd ('I it-s P osition, eslpe ially in they Northern 1o IYor v, etilF .ruprt o or tbut le tloneed to say at O y t g in ts 'rd or r it hat beok .2reralPy ib ofdrd to it, thot rt ils beyond al comparidlon, ti I st remedy vry extern.dl bodly aint l that h tys everi to ll lotsc vertdi Icei e d oth rpe dop d nd cu r I" o1fr rits opi. ri tcl o hve thr e rite n by rlslct , ir, lcs ;n o hii'err·, w ids, c ornl sty, fev ll brts, ill dhlt.l w site swuloy! ags, Mct., piles, p9 Liberty ,d sr e, bisw York, immnd dr lely yh'ld to it ydpparranl -tr tly sN rh U inL lus mar26G " f_ a41'A L'j ri~b it fst.~ t'x.'L Ima CINI: . l Il ll)ItN'\S Camltaatl tEl.ta:ct ti" CUp'ailt a L I ' s tIl l - A u c 0t tilo sn e , a id tol le tae s s itn gu ' l e th h eue -u aI) ever disovered for tals curt are t' o eiaL ta, GI n tels eStt'tic utrls W ahiteh , laias in tth e hita. at Otils, samett.'+ at ala .I siti as...a. ii Ia ta t 1 { s i a1 asesCs `n' :ld actiLe vis llhdi Ot tlst e sone stats I' lutil tll tet Ilo t ublics tote ao,'etor islas but to lfel to the tuneltllll's ss iral- li dcl lilteu in Euope, beliedis thlit it till be duly salsi'e ts salwhet its eattrits atre mitt't' fllt knotstn. eits t flls:tl of cl+paiba t s lnsinvcl avlllm Ias horst much Io af its cretit frolm tie dislike wthi It l pients ltltnarly its x apIneess d regarditn its disthlore t hle talse, disteurbance t iodtuceel ill tie boahel ss lte toealtlhll, illld ites lelaetofore illtaiu tillll, s slhesn usell ill tlae itlla.tltllltllolr) stage. Tilt ertlat'ietlrs tatia e at l atsastis at 111i* h aleen, COltnetva at tag th t tthe mtse o activeeltalit es todld tt s tha-reat i he much a a mlaorne rolnsel ttal t ltls IT ( aLe usea l 'lt Itll lialistCl. t cd titit h a ill tl rial'Seet state. The tuha e t"l seae combinestite i a l'tedtliets hlic lla e i t se lighest ae I tl.e Intt -, t htle auost scierntific and lea ed it the at t'tt \ liaSilhn bHala i "ap in ite e s llaesitioan this hslllllrt ilcas t seo thte a ealisitlc s of the othe p l tal tilu g at llttl'tltla t rionls setoa- t nishini, aald surPa ssi g t e osts sttne ex.teltiietuls tha sess atsing at tlesa taae time ithe tdattage at its tbeing adsiilaiatsred wil perlsect sueesres inl lhe iltrenlt astlag a t t above ic s5tae. lhe allt elnilert ih sieials aylld t sl ar'e ll' tle presellt da t express thieiar .ecidetlld it proltion in flvOr of Sautsu Wrilh, thilsta its slSe ill tie tri teii ul lospital sAnd public maiical institutios llats P ite a, adi still easltintllUesl ,ess eXelltesit. 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F s The tlril whleich 1 lavee o1 tllse ur Ilomrlplrption in I valietv lofaises, lotha nltae saltlfenla'le, in its results hrve Sprovel so hiaahlly Ia"slotulata , tihat I tl , a ot hesitt. e in pIetronfolcit Onll of thil te trt osat atonled ellctat.lse.I remedies t eer olilcared to tue public, anul oe ia l t t hich S r ont l experiele, I e l plas I vtr I a It'illleat whilst it d aes io ahi . t aio t. the l t al t a s. at It.le s altt s I ttt - si alae i elle sll f 'o mt h eolot li'ta . l'rom G II lnlt)wantd, .I it C S, 1'11, qcia. to the St a la')hsboe altsp atlur-. t t r I .akoe; 1u1 t h its gra p tllas 1o) tesh iIIth to t re valua hb ill. ilro " leO s o )l Iltplr)·ll. l',lttllo , ~ ishlill. you the , larau expense a n a i.h ita billS t it~t& &ill otu tsc let g rterlh.onnl. r Frunl 1V 0 Clooper, F. It S, SSr,.e:n, to, Gn)'0 IIos- I I T eass Oltt aaa tta thiallh,,s 'ta .atatttut, thlt.a tlntis-ltt Itl, i t. )ll ,r illa(t itas ieallt cltyt itat at-, h its :allictat wt ill lhw aattl a disattses, latat fti tsatall"tttt th t it has illy t t , ksl t , a be tril , :po ,cc d. M a the inp t.s v li st 1es11 d olasve, : .tist aI n spe' tlyl rpt:' t ou furn 1 Ilay"', been im.c,.l to as. r. ' l;' 'estcti in se\'eal caseasof.silata (tnosrthatata \lsltcl nd Ili.ato bnlatttti-edt i e E.rl I'r' riptio lht a i t'rtS l IR) n ir, h.IS ioll ( llod Ssu a sta sed curet's Felchtld baIt, i, a Iew tts i eel " enial'i ll t t falts h antd st silt;th: t IOsa ill IIIt ll, tiet b ho'th lubli as d s 'it ate rcla s ta t td ts asa tl use uiit a wt a lata stal l aat'coa's ni-nlasast'tatsta a l other. 0 'a oma G tt la'i, M1 ]), Phaistatn tot Gta's to The strict test which I |l:ntve ~i\tlI )ori" merit ie a.t tlam s sily I stelts l dllll it-l itllaoLs slIle snL'csi. tII-ss sa., It will Ill.llll., e toe l o ). 'l '.e.ll't iln it;i ll-t, indf I de,", it ta t ta as 11"ta jl tiassa lld( " :sy l s a- t ia-lat t telt Itat te tastta i+ i n l enl mldlll t all ti p"f il biolkhllr . " 1 10 l'r,, I, \·1il Th ,m, 1 IA 1) F" II S L. g illl. Ill'l vi+it lly)' 80 hm11 l thUlnl., fol*r t r v'loII reItLl'+ to sl o use ahieh will prov a dkidcrm look s,. .asa to i ilca(..itell 'l class. It Tiirllasii(, (1 ' mat Ie:Isue . a te i il pulishlli5g to the world tat e vialuable q, a iticts oaf) our 1 's ereiit al a :essar a, the Iar a •ita rotdd bti or atae flrlllSsl is Ii ' s l ) "e tesa i'l ait- s lalt lll as conlltllatorly s the aal is elstllle tl ssusts that a its g.l:t tb" sllithtcnt tlle I:I1 s sxaaatayse nlt ahih i ias hcatsia p S p:u et wtll t roltais , gl't' l:lt's l1': e llllll i llll llll.ll . :lliSI·Ctli ll ' t( ehliti. ll Isrell' ll1ellla Iapl this prtpLaruate oll seltle aebov las'saet, I'iortat ta, ' e hl'll--pl tip ill lOll- S- a Isa . 1tirILll, t seiaa g built ask Al') ,a H aesles i iaes t diae |'Olc i i li.: Ii4. i,.L .. +.., Eaglish RAader., s :ss l ..i 1 tait i ,,,h. j W 1N". Wlsrocllt'sl French Gltu.*n,;1, \"ieenll's \Washingtou ndfli Mlsritn Ewll's elldeicTl eonl s aplllai Dnb lII'a nrithmelit--lVeil on the elleveto "i ]..h"d. natei:c*! pocket hook lianllemlullll mrri iecal Illp.l, l Illo l ssotll's fmllier-C-r-.eLtlt' l coglg book Hale's It, ted .lltt., tot A new and larle supply ol the alove wolrks just v eeirerl and opened for sale ou ,,ol leann by It l . A Tu\cal, 4@9 C'mpl at f .1.1: 1'ottA6[L L 5 ýr}, 5 SOLO) at1 Osf/: L'© ('or. of Natchez and Tcho'" '.. ief, -lI. jOR tIe,.ronfol 0r not eFI, Fint . Or orhip ggout incipi, utet.d er, f , .-,, h,. .r, lilies -ceurial diseases, particularly u ". n1! pox Palr n ,b"r bones, ulcertld throaI n, oo . cther of, " ", r, rq I .. ... fe e sa a .. .. nt ra,, tIure •a" Op l lll ';" , " 0,ll kl 00, c " i,-, t. oir. l . e'. " ;. tv of l tt oo '. o o " cuilll rl .... . ", 3 ",' i 1, : " e "li, fe om n, or ., u y l e,~ ouT, ,,,,. he . lu.+'ll pi I.. .. to -J. Ie ~, . . .. . ,eti. ... ...s ' -.I, or.,,- ,t r .vof t,.,i.' ",;vv. . . tie s . "., cr n . O.rlr r. -xllk ,.or tker leraesol ap" ý, h " i. P,.' 0 i opa t pilloo w oll ',1 ol i they so,,, S.hol orofl t Ieiol butI o cahaery.d - ,., tohn NSIANOrl' PANACEA .0l. ,to l- l -. l IH w Ira, it dIl. tla, oto l sU i o. i .r tb l a ud eti hoo I+ iunllotoftbyirlrlte tlll, hey13 URI iooobwtui nonole ooioooopo fnoo.o ei ur 1 is 0e i the ir l 'e en rt Illr. -r$2-urs ITh aidooll eyiotlro y too dall ce ' he 1y)t0m a r t horryt , toh aod el" nlnrf to .tnlolo ,IIi' he- lO re neI t tiLeir l' ifeet ioan od lut -tiho m l ttllr, salloo lIllo, i ll p oorti r . a Ielllhl uonol teoo,11soO ,l0tHn0 loAhthihove.oll d u 'dorh111 I .llloll mole fomiu. oot atoll o hnoo ilo ellro ilc ,tllt.i en t ii i T~l~,ule ollll~iat ellic ellc ll~l id~ 8AI'F.] o{" vegetah'vle o story rtists, pepetur rly chngingas the 'oro thrr. ofI ed ie oer iiiily, 0 ll lll, o s , lloded y ilt.n 0I snll t the tl a Pend rU ttlc wpln l P.i l I "alod pllat uti t i rlllg it nloerlai i their sweet!-, . fir e desert air.' il P r~ellHIIE IEb Oat aollla oo. olltttttiot tt llll l ol l tlollry I, 1 1 oinllOlct th Ollolly upon the ololooooooecuonoloiuo thyonollooos, ad undr00 'Iooleollgoonollloy, oiieuioo, a00d) SAFETY of vogolotlOe r0 l.edi.,tier moon rh, maol, y ol , iomood by o~ootroat on g the Io - icliolt oodou rooooohe ooudotio, oto b0011g it 01000 1imm00 liaeley ulldder oiur uws i ervattio the nlodian practice withok that tot tioss1hire,. Whiso, io Aollco, Ihoooo ooknown oheard , l" ro:pl" tet il-t tle° wllri sob l lmr decrilpid tull u prtettdilg P- i clle ndlnll )"l IlPttlly o f lle lller '0mle r'nledi, s all ne Iai eLo - f l ~lfct ilell-,oat rllld and usttli>illalg eullex fller tbe Materia M Ph~dlc:,, (,f o h. t (Ie-m ns 0I 05II 0 ) 0 1 direted in t0 o mosn t o , l lfoll i ollll)r, f lIo'a,,ill , And wh0 , hasIl tloolt be sllrl ri d . t tho m i - l,:rl ,ive 1,1e l o+ .llity o ilt . l w .b the lndian frees him -, ll f lolo oly o d ,l ', ,ll ad Ilit thelo nhI.lolt totol oltnolo ce of 'hru ll W , lt' llI,,aa ll+ lo.,gIlIn W ho ha ltrh tr of lno lt - ,li 11 witho ndb s lI ttul llloll Itoh : k ld r, l d l,' ofo i. kftratlelt 10 .ll d s a s n d;o, . .1 1,st x n I : , ,,t t o o 0 tohis i onp y e x e n l ip lo o l l o f Ith hI',llljllltl~llllll m,,+ c IIls: tLot.oh dth) (s ofnllllin it irto , il .+ I~r·,)+t a I~,+.1 rcsi~lencn annoOllf oporlioo of loe oblorighiol in ).,Ltllt III it1. {1I1 ellll ctlltrV)ltl II,( il lltiULL·t u..qUtUnll|11co with . , S,"tlyll 'r+,lh o pr hpri'ot , " , ooal o l l.o I r ei.q oon ooliredhe u II·Il ,,l u 11cav of olloouT b T of oslo oty oo oofol polota. kollmoolltgohlsolllolot Il eslll ,,,,oo dlial ditoObneioot ofodisn kc whd d grr ov e ulr l 1 d tile w lllt t lh wcrll I aad het orite remlledies. Ooo.Illlldthl, i ,le rellt llts h oooloo lorolo lttlito oloU ano d o p. l r'ojlloo, 1oJl r 000 ri0oitllolo l lltlloo to tct t lr prigoi ph,,., ad·t'l++lll~lr :1;lr I·'o1 IIII P d h1 ~ lil lipl. forll heeP pre h,'tlrtd, a tile Iof c·ruri, ,t p ilud bnn llC1al £'ur thC Fu rPose wot • L," hw th d oi cur r, .c e o teirl....d,,snalprnt. 2'.,+r ih ropr, irt, o- theis pr'parH,' Posse ;,' tho d ae, t towlde Ilol so,lP " I . ofhe a.oioltoweo Ihillo 00 h th rj p re mh edo.10 lIlt· )I Ell, c, llt ·t. ilil re l ie iX ll.00011 o1olitolli ted llo boil. go, whl-o , the- s li- rl lid- .t t si werl t .lH, rllcur chlro a ou a nd u p.lllate prlvrllldiltr ,i lll4n'hle1iu e -ojl ll blh l i " oU tlet woh lllplo o o :F sI ,+Uhd! h. and · ,u i, l Ihe : ,, .l ulhn b, rm ill I l,- Ca-rm here olrey IID'tiill-* oft ll'f'( VIII.' theUir +tLlrl iL lUlld I1· l nlllg llren l elss I,,,r, nt, the h,,a f h .., Ices a lnd~ ic .or <,lfel d p os com ii;1 rl~lll hl~ ,,l~l,r I lt. II1; 1 lflu hlllrl~l ) l ilc al~lt .Ioodr ll v it l b 1111 To. t, lll r+ niit 11 U , "il t h.is1 prhl(+h ion llihte tl ah u l il, w ith iiillll c,,p lullt ,t i bil t. 5011 m n h h , t1 I te ulltl~lriiledl fe llow Thi¥ga it s i i iy I t _ sutii r1ll tilly I, ths o rUclI tla Ia 100 if. 1told Wco .s, 1.r II hl.illsllll lts , Oll.l fo uhC ll ood. It Ir +l~lly;~l l tltl t tll 1·(E !·L'.10 olll,, llltt Is o pEP lfllO n o lt pre - ; 0 llll, I lllilJlL: I11ll i11 IhI i1 .llr I 1 011 Id oDof.I . 'Oh, o r 11 , I;llo hll.,11·f11 r l. ello I,11 o l , ) uII ntld o hO ol ic alllll llholy dol I ;lln"'11 111~1· thill 1)(1· ~ ly h' , 01 1 h '. t-l1 ,1 ) Ille t il' v d hl y it, 000 500 mI n, I o1f. r.I ',-. " t he1 it r h tlcl rlat'd sit1u ld pf- o rin l the ,risel A Iml.lt1, Idoo llly'i l t IIlllll ls:.IlIIls V lotsOo l oo I oo tld Ia dly o yo n rll"llllovdy, II 11,11 l ,ay, /IiIi t l, llOld h t l, IIIeq t ua Lb lllti-g l w tlld on. .I11I11oF orl u ,ol'u " ioo IoIoonld yf ; o Tlal' l Itrr m f :ile, Iii0;hi. i tl i lotf llhe pldlo o llthot n laolfl. hd ' Hllllllill,., 19111111 llllll .(ld -:1i1'11(11101) lll·tj~l~l'['il+X II(:ll llaVO dlsie+1 I II t h ,llo r llrd le - llldl I i rl ii I11 1-h ) l l t llo -cI ae p a w lo e r e I llt " r It111lloo06 IIIIlolly .olIl. ll l I 0t1- h 0(l 0lp ul.0 L wall ptlro.l t +ýullldt tll dso bs:r bul I5 11 , in lt , courdll palcllelt ul th, som t 0 Ild doior[lle 141toe. llo- illl l l lnP l otl? IlllOt llolullld 0ll11 0ly ld i0 tlll rll "rlld i0,0,ln, tll, 0 ll olooo, oillooo gotol s I ilrooIo l rel~ L I tall Io y hlll I, )l llllll ll llt iltl.le0 Ith0.t looolt.l oavllolld w in ýmos hirlt.llili i, Ul l lho rl .,ll' t n I[}' , it, h apl ndle~ •l s11' IIIt Ii clllpu rciIt,1, m l l d yll llpl h iilll th1 ei(ll um0 lli1 od toioillro llohllrl. Phoo ItIoky o wl . opellols raIdly tLo 101rt1000 0101tl1h to1111 Ill Oi id. hto , r .111the oduo , it ld h011ff l t 01100llth 0er ftl llf 0 thd 00e1rf l a110 . 1 ive1 foio t l tll0 ttonluch t 1 S1,10'ohooiog booboo .,lilts2 100 101001 -i .leo io v ie i0 t Ib, glhn0 lll0 0 i1 o t. po lt0e1lll0 r 0 linlllth. lrOlt e- t liu ll s'eilhm lP s i:, d sr.tOll, il ull' , ll n hiiid c reBod. 0rh00i0 0lltheiololloIsl OolifolIllll I000ly 0 lIj0ll0ill n0ly 0nlb0 utl0l r0mllllro piiOl VlO1.OP SUhll w)er ere Oolooll onLo , i w ot1oo 0 l0t b,0r0l, ,r0ote l ito gllllll 01 0s. o hllo g 0,ru 0 dlll drink 'ih o eollolor d lecteonr0 , Ihlll Plllltf taken 1 ad 0llad oe, w1- ill ~uaweral,1 iL ,arl.).e.% hl much leaa thner, at less exletl.e, to l ill t n1 r 1 ore a0reeabl0 0 0 0uuer, itlu the ulm o nluuu dlet 0l t llnwinf rot rliollnten, 0oto l onf Illldrells sifi hr, wllich Smiglht ber ereontt .a000 h.eell ho ols tphe sounL ol t w. hdanll fo I bunaea, i t le vriou S oesllol-loo. thWrvill o llooo ioloed; aud Il als I t eum lll, ill t, e loll so t .tix llcl oro nlllnllsr, iro pupery- i tl ' ao- r niull ppoo .ololeO . gll.ol llloool loll eo1 "o ..... herl. -+.+ ..'..1". 'F , ILIUP, ,TIS I'. ot n do io 00p00d0,0 .1 001 leatoflotlll 01011 0, 1o 11011 . horitv aogohpndooov0,.ogeu 000 lahor0cJss 1010 tloatnootofoiotodono Dn nuringe ti c laot w ulller ad illel wa poplicred t asI Iery tsvuore niii diuen m oigl¥ rb utsnll lll, occliOrltd h) exposlrd~ ol iI aoll d eniotlhe. i .lw t0k000 00rea plasuro in 0thlile otooolh oil e1 hbl, tll o oof 0h 0lndir n0'0 0llc rit 11 ll l t1 Il perfect 10 0 ti 'd D eoafide llly recornfinod it to alo, oll rly affliocted "n nIa nll.lllbuoed I o ntahill l a everoi cold, oud ile ull0er tuhe i0u Sills e ofd llerubry, loon llieb Lgas lislbloo lle from lnusino u itnle,"l ever silwe. v)triglrllti perio u I Illve dluell ptao e In tole olfrillhloe Ilollatl , iill ohi eily upwards of four montn li od lon.idrly tle ma t ln o 00 10,f 0ime in tohe lllilior s nlpitl, al ll w Irtd a enlll very rples, edymucth iClebioenmte n tlo hs e lost ltsTie lnoik otoorocoloyoifiotgnono oot of ohundlooimlardwnicdn mio- b ooloofooooooo5,oollnbioi shon tioo. tlQ:todl ln On dto onin 0l0 Fen rualry t lei t tillt . lllu o rloh ly ablon to Ilnoe ahout lpnot r t oooeher Ian llntteotedth ti i 0 olh I.lodiooal' Pnyc eo. Inon nttol lonhd ollwdhnyoI f lltaely foreo loeu pinh oand am go ohip t, py to statl tht Iiat o ll.idor olysodfopr ofrctly w all. Ws'.. ndIoIU(Et. 13m arketit. too. CASES OF SCAOFUIIoUJS ULCERS. ill low York, Sep.h10, 1830. ao Thi maonso certify, thot it ihe F.I of 125 l wonn seized sith (o. iwllilole It my loek alod Ihco, wicoI dnhtler rdn Ind erated , n anly ee lr eP. llaDtly lerr in 1 th lleck. Afler irylng plevernl t)llvbl(ls t arln ldlo tllllta l, i wt ll tit lilup adI iad o lld pou m t d o d llloelr lyer the conr lof itoI) f.t PFyeio tlhl BaIoh, wbonpftl, l eot) onlnteo d ol Olvutios to o ede, Ith wutt pollntouneld utthrl iu toot oooruble. Aloroardflntoo too ellty botleo ofnnwaioao'tPon. top ruoloodeioght bOtlle t Io ,trffoO OC+tlollOU, Wth no matoorial heolle Oolit. Denophiillg ofglf, whichllhad 0low becom0e burthlro oto oe, t returoed to olyplorelot ib New l York, inh a . alotd oa.e inys if lop to a lit erlllg dt ato, tenrino ofb tile groet y con. +11 the tudiaon' Poooooannnaovr, in cases sioonilar to my own, tilo1 was pernsd to try it, as a Nltloreo. To ny gree o 0 ur. priset oolol om s aotisfantitn r Iolo otF old 1 yloello raizdly ro t o a oVeroll aod upoof tlokiolg flo ll oothtls nftelllctrt healed and lt oI neollho pecaloIooy wllcn llOsobeokIwo nooo ontringndin hato lelllJo illlvd 8o e¥r silll:m I Iiinbe wet t slilodolplllt , std piss Id 0 pul0 hlll dooto r tile ft Ieolio o rflthos who ore Bo ooo rlllo uog dallo 000h0 01100oernlfoloul or 00yplhllille Ho'fotioon., Ilool they may kllon 00 h1 t htadl ciurtd ollln wo aso surfstrd eso ery tplr ne hut deyth, it lob, ntlrono.ltcrocondooolootooofloenoy botnoooioocltcodPnoot Ait bet u.londer o.b lifo reod by tho oahovbsoyrolp 'tV li. IlINM+AN. Ch lr IP tho lo. JY oo o31o. OO tt~olo~o.000031I00000 loot0esort.oTo moodonat io. pI as aflooll o l s ihi10 u10 h:0o r i. tile 010 . 00 ciynn.ion p0001tlll llh oIIJ. 0 l llllhlekOilltg stIl h a CIoloOlotll h hyli 0and have I.xl.t~d I llblr lkl l l i t) a lll in t llOuI llorlll llelt o loete, . Ih l the ,00ll0 c onure olubotl ofotll Ilodi-nod' IP0lll0,. ollotde deperott th ure. . alo IA (AItiAl._' A lifTe l 0 1? ithob_ o o ,t. UIPI) La fF It] S, i'AtIt, IIANcilNil ST'rUadj lsihii, SalibacvT lt (I ari, a e J. C. Wicks . a iould lllat r(lespecll t ll[ v ilorrn hiis frien. i tie public in rge.irl,, tht he has and is con . ly receivIntt a general rasortment of upholstery and paper bunginri . 'The llowin eolnprieen a palrt of his wsok, which he olfetrs for anl at wllolet sale or retadl un tha ollast accotultodatitl terms, raeinch velvet and satin paper, latest style ;do hall commian and cirano, lPniladelplhia glazed and unygazld do do, French landscapes, fire bonards, illllda, . dl vellvet sld worsted de do, Inoreaozo dou .blrs,silk fIling and ealloons of ll qualltles, patlerlls and ces, wlortled fringes as itrted pattern. plain and cldortd. Swine muelin, Ilatest style plain and ctlousad, cotton draprry pmusln splaiu and twilled, ns-orted colors,new style of needle work for sufa cushions, tooaltono covers, &c rew style of bell pullers, raised figures anld platn, iall wriid-,w ornlllllmens of all prsttersl aid izir, lll eangl~s balil nd spears, leathe(ae le, glass komlias, crsters, hair cloth, figured nd4 ilain, a lurc a sorlitmnt of toy. f 'r ehildrep; oree silk cord aid assels, worsoed cird l seis, a generIl sorltent tll f ufpholpst9ehit 51Taiir haluhmiers, coutsaalily ut hand antid froa. ssie at. thn lowest paces at Noa 41 Royaload it4 Cuatoer Holluse sts. N IB--I'rsisr in the city or from the esauntry, are reapicllully invitedn o silland examntne' tr ihlellleva. Carpels anld curuinls ltide in the atest iodl rn sylet, rotitos plepared at the sqort. el niotice. aOd all kinds i tlupholdaletryweosk du _with Iites_ II c IOd :hir .lulh. ct3 i 1 'NGil.IH PI'.IAER & STIATIONARY-LThoeun ._i deiligell hove just received per ship Rialto, Ironl oilldolaiiild fl'lr tir 8ale 100 ri sas large bue wove l.etter Paper 50 do do, do laid -do 50 do do white .ince . do 20 do tinted gilt talotuc do " 2o do do do Note Paper do do do ,equ r-nr, ·,aierd 14 stavlso,. ' , -, . .. , , , , h e s, reos. ., '.. f , "it widg. . S .... o - . . r, . h lii -i .' tir r, ita- irnci. t .1.a II itin r di.', all n)loamn s,' .

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