Newspaper of True American, December 18, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 18, 1839 Page 2
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t i whi b rime a ,hnt th . cop Sd . e posuud in / inyo Ida. W e dtitt there li no frm ilt ilid an wisil trnnationa have bi'that week. lhii i on thime no risk rBes4,00bag, es, there ipe wtre the a threnon u of ih i'.te ht a h n oher. ethat r oea' a t New York and be no h n tPll p . tnil. lfra sharen at L_ t :the L rlm at wh bhught or telinghve ai O AXoh no i m Neidrlione 7 to t week. no thie ho ttIOy ,td wa a gbnad. A ante of iie thea, to th rie and N. ofKorh trupaeblieny pt O oh. .ottv.. at Lierril ine 13York and Ph8, i 8 t'or P10 39. v. l t N.k 81re.nt Ataiad tob.43 4- 6 o 8 3a i8 1-0 Sins lfay. Iat imLorgo into Lirrwl-bght of ttoLing 9ýI 4,eegrntio9r '1,87,00, soee tit an nt traeon 300,t00. Sttek li poet it9'00 aaionst 3t.WO0, eame intn tee e yar,-nof American 204,000 or 21,000 les than it tlheheh. Our te rtt Homrr. are to t!he ,,i, N.v. abor. No haentogin nnricos of nttoo. tock oto htd 13 unr,. No drafns were returned to the Uitcd Sana B.nt or the Girard by she Lirorpoob. All thoos irn by thre latteron rr lon. t Cryder & Co., an18 sold by13, im mappl'n fo rmhiU.Ste in N7. York, brore only d accep r. Bataroflo.',-nf Amer in 4,ri at00 ore e,000 dles negotiating lrm fnrrth.r loan fnr the tank of Engennd to me t thenras .ofpcie that .mutensun to buy rami. aThe i t in of rerp f ecily ta. btackn rnca and 3 .lng. iNod hd iat were returned n the Ui, . ed So atnor B nl or tohe tirard by tor tiverpool. Allt those dpraet dby the 5tleronMgrtohsn. Cryder CO., rn nd old by cramre . mnrhiti d hh. Theh reltn" i O rk, wore only accsp. proeilt d-ened doangrours to th incromae of thor impor -et frnd. The British Goformen, wa s iven notie It dat es indemnitiy an .re mfdr ftr the opin h lank of Englr tend Chinere,d tistrt tirre is no intenrino to ash Porlia. ment to rant e that la.e to buy lhs tetch of retrent i i betwent o money and land had to ilrrow 5 mio lrance as nt equal. To he narial of .thr omhnfm at the presenl d.ri, with )s.vantl . tob on rcountived frome , mc an gin terco tnse withe Londrer. hpe rtat ein lroonked upo ibn troo lli andvor " Enlande ormndividig mr te. thoras pceoploe wore tounagt t, be oferannd. ine. i. _ mTl+- lmmml IIIla Itnt|H. r7harle.tnn. De....... 10o 1 De. .... 7... NW. York, do ......... . 7 I c cinol d .......... 8 Phlmlc|phIa d........... 8 9 l.tiaville, d.u .......... !t Illt ire "d... ......... 8 1 t. I. d,, 5 Ps.ann.. i do ., .. ... U I.|rl,, ,. l Now ......... 1i llonslmnl ( es..) A. ..... 81 l·IIudnu. d~n... -.......15 1/ do..............6Ivre do............31 N..hoille, .1i ........30I Pri, do........... 8U ' FOIIT (OF NEW OIJ , q,.. CLEARANCES December 17, 1870. -Ship Isac 4le1to. Terry.hivr..p. .. Ship to.1,y. ,3iy Li.vrpoul. S 4r J P Whilt.y Ship hli.vliie. A!ln, New Ynrk WV It Fldiek Ship 1.efayntte. 7.'0lwent,, A "t Itrae Bi Olive Ir*i.e Watts. Wt ltlmour Iledfotld & lck Linni1a.G3 nt.. N. w York 1 A rillle lis Lyue.y,.llardy In.lo. J P Whit ey SL' Vil.., Lou.. Mobile 3,3) Ich IIreyp. Halels Curry .i1h Oaol3., TuwuneudF. Au.nklinAtlaapol. Ooimth & Bnrne. deb Berriot, Palelo, Alnbine river Brylln, Auwti. & co ARRIVALS December 17, 1839 Shp Glebo. )lisver. l.i.vpool S & J P IVhit..y nIaque Mary 4t June. Varney, 8.1h f; IHedfurd Slrlg faor Averil. Sta,,.. Mihile to mlter la.e.e.r .l,.nib... rlr.,h On Phrrveport P.i.aeri.Jt.l. Lillmo, Oonl, t3.f. N.ltchitochel ltelmuer Payou Sara, Nhrrl al. fill I'olulmnhls atlo erm mmep o.mre, Irickll. If, Rnl.dslph steamr Tollaml.......... . a, a hur.g Stleamo F.he,.......... from LVr.w. 11. aner ii m ,....... ..... ...... fr, L.e ltoek. EXPORTS LItVRnoo ....Pr. .hip Allerton....Crgo 260 abiles of entree S ............ e ship lnml.may....Ctglo 1727i ble of mlttoo . .Vi;.... Par ship SaLon....Creo 13 7 . Wll3,. of costen ltw TORK... .Peo hip Lnisv.ille....Cares 715 hI,le. of .oton,-241 ple lest 48 h'.nlr igi, o stl,,irtid rodA 74 hidi 07 11tee. ntolluued. 50 hut. feuat her. ..............Perb. g Itinnotn....Cargo 107 hd4 aug.r; lSbhltlod 4Oli.r.'. mnl.... IIuaore.... IoPer brllg Olive rallth... .Caro 50 gierce. 36 hde mole.s. 69 Sd 3 u4. "r llonoe....Perh broi..y....C...oCrn26 Ihle. rotten, 1546 pip load, 41 ldids 5ll Im .,ol..Rl 9 ild. .-,,r Mona.....'err te Viola....G3rl6o 110 lae3h aotn 63 hi. meota" 3) h' pork tIn.V.. ..Per t bh Los....C.,gr o .11 bolsa ot.A1 tl I0 PslatnLI......Par lo I OcLolc...Cirgo .msortd proel Aden 814698s RIuanr...,PeP ell Ierriels,... Cargo aedltsl pro 'risiuos IMPORTS Hi-arm ... Per btarWin Mary and Jane..Corlo iron, 'trcle, grain ooenainn, irmtlril, MItIL. ...Per litay Averill....(.mrgo !uanher RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE lShmveporl..l.r ttalmrr lllil ll..Cr. . 541 l bl- entlnn N&r J lick; 5:.t.,ce; '6Thl.r ,& iodll(: :NI J I6 'I'a..eIi..; 5lrlcaoott. Jnn.o" c,,l; 117 AlamIn,,ull; 15.5 A . douas cpi~l.nbsl .i+ &'hn0lp6m1 19U Petyls,,x .liut ll& co; 4 meiehnbdimn 6'I1111. Pert nll{dy. Nmllehil.phl..Pr eeiller.ll sI. I.i toll..Crlo, 56 lh.ll l.e.'l. ('thase A cl1414i A tivrlalie; 13 IV lies': 317 I',v oir,. Aromil'oo; ll) s 11t1 r ,ola ('rilly; 7I l',yilor (ail. dls.r & sn; 16011.,ir 8 $au,,rlrl; :e9! I allll.lh Thulnll 3i0; il*lel . lDat: 141 A i.liolls & os:67i Kirokmn 1 cl" 147 I r Ii; I.,bl .ollll,,. .l om.eflidesBair t a lo ielb:ld; , ba'e rirfbatllltdhe 6 46111 ili Culolmbit..lI'er lletr Ifyolon ?r..C.irln t 11h3a!, rOlnW I ButL . Welst 6 coi 167 lommllih & TIo41ls..*lli 5 KIey . K...1 blrti; 44 K-ken.Ann.Ailtlby & Wall. 10 Agmo.; ,, Whioe on; 31a.lI; I-2 Wat 51. . lul I cl: l lat l low.n 13 hle A en; o It lNahi *t to-i 8 Dick . €0: rOTaylur, Jrollrrl- i co; (+,lis &Wailaul 09 Rl."er . Aher, t Fotl.yh 4 l.ime.aich; II Or., .der. M,6inm,a.&WrIhhL Al .e,:ouz t tc,; Iuu Ifr Nea Yor.-i 54 ownar t. Aomrd 11 l4 hider fir 3at.dohIt Po,-rair lC:omlllsereo. Coign 15 Roe, 1are a1 Asber; 14 Arm..l.akl a A% Ikr:.n.d .od 5 to 11l1I1 5 Ill; 7? p. a,,rwo.lI 1 e. o2u3.', toao KaBs.eer 2t WVrWiht. 3laevsa4Rohl)ft; WI .orour. Lakos , 1,akher, 21 I.wa *Mlit.2(. Llokhoa, lFellr a& ilos,en.; isi F,,'-ybth l.ln oalrl 6WI'nt.,, * Ci3ldoipu7 Di.k k. Cn T'rleo . Hopkill.; i MaUtis PleaoLon. A *; 9.ll.lrdy It Coopler . re a-. borg%.Prr .tn.i.i Tollliml.o..CsrLo 216 pie. of b fithe(Lmll· eoe .ltlllll lm . ,tdllow tI Frellklinl d lien. +- ;alimp7 It`, i aeienrane 'l.I Pfet Grll l A eo; .i hl, Iolar t-'leiW i p a: bl1ib.1a Aill8.. Ibis pllclle 'iA.. t .W , W. .rii.e. it lia . m itle' Am..o a.oloi twelA ; 3 lits. oof .iPllohlOatdr3l 1 iron fSaue lV,,,lal ; Ii pWloioh3t I .&0of5 - ltlgbl b illn A.II H'lll' Ioo Its n6llrrlt6 Lw I60t Nn 1.111,141.0019il 3lo , tllkiy 0 e7 4 :iil'ih. C2 i 'iIi..li3 8+ I..d t.3 hi. bar I ..I EA lrid.s ; FMpi ).l l.d I~I~.,iri I0.s blo ,r alore . Clnrke; 153 Io . bIar i ,Ido'l. k :il.2m1al'bld pork 11l lheill' 1.lls .i+era.n & puil Larf g ur4 iril 4 IldºIe l.; i lace ll I du hluiter Os holr"6l`p.. k eigs oaih krd 6 h..d rlo.h 7 .x a ldltae 3 sIi. Doli-tail'i-Ol lk, sUnldrie h. the wey of 0ll.e4 Io the ". I ,t.,o rteimer Slam0 .Cargo W hbal... ..o . G b jsea.d84.Q.a .. CONSIGNEES ".l5!Ibtd alpuga~i adS In rm at. - AS - ; . ... S.l iENGERS, W BSao.aC'.arlo Mi.. Smilh. SIglr .alofe., 'tatj++ 3)aoo. o.......,.. ,il t...... 0,, ,d 1-P. VI.-. L..aTl3... i- Il..... Iae. ;- "\ ,.; I.ýw4rea;r CP ...ab. illt.wlr, .uil .....Ag .nesoe,. o+.,, ..... .Homey" Yr··w+ot, lll d :l."klOlA++ ·* :)fesar5 aolhing. 7060e,, Cairo, Joli,. :< jt eoni.ihq L).p.. ...t . Caaal ;... Pano, .,J ."- j~i~lrl Wqt.l C;l~ uilil Alldd'r el~ t+ -r i+)1al gl;4..,lurg1W gayrc . "'Wham. len t, ý 1·f, y ` ?. .. - - i :.Ya~l s S, r .- 5,.),+' Sleek, dev. na MRMORANfI \ I .. it rrrjelaltrbtse{ " .....1.. _ ..d u . I7 .:ler l.,k 1. 1.. ..1.. 3.. " ;Car.. ;,'to".e.- 10. +.... .r t 0t1 S .4) I" ii.1:LX: id • tlh 1. .... d .r c:1 rid. )lr.)} ., P".. ,r, ...." r i .: - ,, , .........._slnu ht. +rr oC 1' lieilt~l 550, ias :tta.Ip r.5I en,[I t, aIaa3)t"oeLq.q A·hll ~ y jotP.3 for so H r jd Jamesr H. Lnraricb, ;.gill{ Is. Afufi Fiala, Savaalw TIl tqbop. Q Daily, TrI'.Wekly & IW . VE: 11 O .AN4s WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 18, 1839. LIVERPOOL AVRIVED. - (Astonilshment in London .t thetsup atnf specie payments by the U States Bak-Mr. Jdaudoan out of his diettie Cotton advanced 0 1- per pound. v o ,red at new The ,iverpo 'aptn Enled n, brid ngng T .-rt,t thetrnltrn i of the' nnt hrlngtg iYrk, a" the evening of ten I.iverpool, nnd to date., ft It. h th of Noventt " S.-. nwv. our regular files of 'ith lot. forom.aldaded by Mr. Wilmner. 1 t:tttrnalsfit into owhich the L.ondon nmoney mar astoi u by tle intelligence that the Untted maenrker w had aonnende,l specie payments, may he tUaOoncdived. Thle papers an all side are . illed ,i regret., recrinintations, and exrouses. The tff-ct was instantaneo.. Hetdharnes fell from 19£ 10t. to i 16B Sn. lnmmedintely, and cantinned at thils quntation up tol o'clock on the evening of the 15th loinmo. tireat 0 diotres has been caused to the many fnti;lies inl Grert Britain holding thi stock. The nrip inseand by Mr to Jaudon did nott fall,as it was seen that thi paper woItldh of have the preteretone over any other ceaimn. The large rk bankers, however, lid not take the paiie, but were firm in tleir opinion that the stock would rise again, after is the present ill-wind blew over. Mlr. Jnudon adilres,l d a letter to the London Timee onil the Ilth of Novetmber, f.atly denying tleo uesertion if that reckiesa print that le Iled renewed lthe billo of ex caltig; drawn o"I Londond by tile U. Stnteo Ilank. He halt been succesn'fl in nego,-ciatiot a flrthior t ann or ' £21I0,0(O itn l.oon, which w rr hl oulot aro lhim tllhrough a l h li itictulties. l'he negcieations of fIlnpe (t,,t. Shad fallen to the ground before the arrival of the Liver on Cotton on thle th ultima, had cone lp 1.t, per pluntm. with the otles brisk. Onil the 15th, it hadlll advanced In id. more, making in all a full ndvlonle of id. siare our last ldvices. S1pe!nltolrs were largely in the ma.knt. r The L.ndon peple, however, did not teli""ve tlh.t this rise would besua.tined. I he new, from the manlfac String ditt icts is most g'oomy. Wheart had fallen, but P the fall was looked unun as emporary., owing to thte very large quantity of baod or isle it mar er. The duty had gut up ta 18t. 8tl. per quarter. but no son as d the better qamity of grain wou d begin to come forwlard 7 it was ooontidered certain, that importi ns would com mtpnce with renewed vigor and bullion of otturse go out c" of the coutnry. 1 'The Bank of England hld exported forty thousand it onnce-s of cold to Htanburch, d and wa drawing agoinsi it. Gold . wao .,lowill nlte o InUre into its va lltjnt n slow or rate, th reu!t of iiost violent contractions to the Sgeo it injury of genaral trade. t American sec:urioleo had experienced no nfrlher de. pression. Maryland 5 per , enbt hall bern compulsively sold at 74 M. Janlldon Iledgedl for his new l Iaof £tIt240,000 state stock at a fair price. An outbreak of the Ch irlitta at Vewport, Wales, has e boen stppre-sed with considerable slaughter. They o had no !eoder ht he closing of tlhe a hi en from Landn of the 15th, d 4 o'clock-the no t* by the Qubhee tshut New York and noSton did not llsuspend.,-t-llew tp U. S. Bunk shliree h 3 per cent, and created a fur better feeling. of Mr. Websle.r and fan-ly we a to sail in a few days h: for home, in the packel 1h ldiator. lie bhad jst rerluneted fromn Paiis, where thlle Kin<t Irtl giv'n hhim and Minister Cans a grnnd dinlur at St. ('ion I. The newsalo Paris is not agrea able. The colnmnl tation tf thll tententce of death on Barb -. and Mlianon, 7 bd xcsited tll ultraudtmno,crtct to farth..relti. El['e. 8 von arrestr hld t,:ken .lce in Ilt great htrkoet of Paris. iUtoe, pi-tol, th .inren dro . o. c.were found. t Positive testimony in Ipr nlred, Ih It the n<ority of Sea sons had j ioed tlth IonapIrti'ts, and tol de a new tclu called the Naltiolll SoU it, titl a view to, e*tablieh a republic on tlie ruini tftlll m l are:oby, one of the Bine perte's to pieside na dictator. llr firing ofthe public a duildilgu was to he tho e ignl for tihe revo'ati n, the .lnsptirators beginning by -etting fire to their owo i houses, in order to I straent tile ntteotiont 6f th," soldiery. c c oits'do iogbtofo otle oiennpoa fotaiiy wito Rupeil. krholis' daughter, and the silence .f Loiuis Na'ipoleon on beilng chtrged with a design of wishing aI iilnr alli ance have done thlll no good in the eyeo of France and Y and England. iThe Chamber was to open on ttn 27tih of tDecembler, but thell nlOa uvred of the king hllow plainly thallt lie i< determnd :ie shill naot artioiatot to eny extent in the government of the country. That bodL is hilt a tool in his hands to hid. his nllrpatiol, say the jour nils, and the peollu's repre..rt itives are treated a. the Crtes used lto lie by thlle crafv Ferdinand antd [.abll I. Louis will not yiteld hisi powerex.-plt woth his life. The news of nuspen ion by tIhe United States Ilant did not create tnu.oh exl itlolnt in Paris. 'ltr. Rothlo child hld aIone to London ht rellasent onil t receipr of the next advices fromn Illt Unlltd ti tes. The opplo-i tion jourt als are t pleneit u I.c.tal nt . aintt ute but I te y SItways wind tup with an allusion to the Indemnity busi. ness, shewing thus, what it is, that dictates tlheir eit ' of sions. The last year France exported to the whole world " 20 millions ofidollers t orrl of mnufhlcltres, one sixth Sof whlich cattle to this eouotry,-butn in spite of thin the money nly-gociations between France and the U. Stones, heing mostly done London. do not bring the 00 former into so close tottnecti I willh it us, and this is to cnnsidered as one retons why oureombarrnasmtents do not oli Rct thetC s.erinouly. 3 The plice ofbr oed hld gone down in France, half a t et.l on a four pound lo.f \ heot has fidlen too a little, but thi wao not looked u!pntt n a proofthut the heitnvest woullld b:l moe Ih in etl.Otg I or th Cfeeding lof the kig. dtno. '111 Giaverntiontlt has old-ntd, i:dlrectly, large ,tpureohet ot slboatd. Thle hhl.lts of train tlit the .1d iltic were irlnl ilp to the 2..d of N..e.tler, in their ,rice-. hti- tatnllino it ell iat prereni, as they rcpeered a gr. at delntnd fromt Enalanld. (ireat fears wetre . xllre-s d in 'urllkey as to the cr p, cather d, noll that to Ibe gntlherd int 1010. Tihey : ooked to Egytll fior 'upli:s. Bread in Coneantotioople has doult ed is .>rie . (';eneal trade in I'nri.. has not iccl rved, in October then w r, one hundred anld three Lnikullterrie Ior $I.c%.O'0000, itcnsioning clent diI.esses tamlng the lmid. dle .'lases. O.hare , f thle rt. iermain rail rad had fallen I otr l ic 00: tu1. .Al i'ul'lci eitterpricts in France inEIgush. SI King ntd his fa il-y h5- rrtnttet' to Paris for tills winter. A brilliunt senitn wea chalked out by the nobs. teln. lernard i dacil. lie a.w t i. uded by royalty io the ea'eltey of tlnotmnrtre, but the!penp'e made no s lliefstttiisofs feeling, no lie had outraged their feel ints. laI springtt, Iy the pr. jeeliuan f ihie FoIls deitch0a Shicih thLe nation elumpelled Philipipe to tbaileo. iMaoj or Pnitint made nt speech nn the ocinsion. lint I bites w. re exprrted in the Chat.bete,e n giving up Algiera. Iiore thin two thirdi ofl the sohliers relt out t, the colony hI! dii'd of the fiver. The rulmor, that ite li0ultan aind Mlehemet Ali worhli settle their dilierenlles withot the inetif.rence of tile foutr power., was er.,ited at Paris. A'i is tI be re* on niz'd a snveiregn of Egypt anid Syrin, and ha son oiotn. areh ofCandia. i S ain was*ttill unettld. Th( rries wea dliaolved* 'Catbrra in the Serr;s was trrng, but Elsarero wa:ls el s:ng himt in slowly and deturhgt feomn im hi his eat office a by Spaenih gold. Belgun was in a state of. ferm nt. Ileevlution s expected in Italy. They acert that the E IIpress of iRsiin is dying and that Nicholas is matre t ad a*oree cceutric. Harrisburtg Coacetiot.-'lThi respeet,' Whlig. .nsembled at liarrisbur, on tl! , . . . - I A fter urgcni atll.n, the Ci unve u: , . 1 ,. , i . , " far a candidare for the !'" . ,.I y... ' ,. I Hcnry Clay bn,i " , , a s, l-,'I. ". (tr , . s i r S-et n will yon (i. .. ,·,. - r • . • . v adhel ivenesa frem "Vc t:. . or f.vrori:e; Hlenry Clay is iot iet t'o.oid., , audit we aupport oad Harrison, it will only SL. t a stop at demncra"y mt wild. • tmy Clay had tthousaad, .f devoted fricnds; Ilar riionlaabut astpportter, We w ish lice Whig cause j success, but catnlot h.i fr it now. Tle Oaine--Tti fi:te boal has ltoad bottaOI. She strnck a lol in the Ohio and hoe f led to hbr gnarda.- :hb hut a totatl -ol. If Ilortcn had 'ive;i in tir timl he wo: ti hbave .ntd a fin- odJ upon th i oteerttillt aid actr t I it.vpatitg a.'ilrtl in tilen:Coat. .+t ` {eye pt rav It r rlivei mlii. Cpitol. on Sat.t.y the 7th inta..t, ' nearly the whole day was pent in amending the Jo r. nl and i unles.t h. i about lwhat thi tamet sad 0o and halm ne.sid. Ifthe Whigswou&,id .ganiea h. pa ,and be content to be directtl'6y~ one man irir views might e in. mores itn rmt , and ty would 1) oeelpy a more l: uentisti iloP ition. Th party in pow* 11 - r speak n ie r, lbeCau sth ettle upon their otpinionsf e ,n to lInoae. Lctlhe, Whilgdo thle snine ad the ould be able tereint ulurllaiun nlore auc. i O mo d tion tio.umend the Journal so as to make the decision uf..e Chair, mtore plain as to ite should be c tunlr.eby ch tellure, a long iebatleseued. It we, cI l aver. lost. 106 to lIt, the New Jersey delegation i Ii co tie u:f.o l. climants not voting. Thies wa a point the legally commissioned members should never hkve yielded. l Mr. Adnias le:ng accused of usurpation. in his dici- I ig ilon ofll e 6th, a long and able epeech ettling to forth hieduties in so strun a light that even his ene of mies were compeulled to agree to Ilia ,ositiona. Cave Johnson and Mr. Chinn made propositiuo of cnmprou y mtise, but they ware not lisletcd to. Mr. Proffilt f fit. el diann, totc thle proper grounid of eltire rersistance t tle he high handed measures ufthe Ico loc oc. Dickereone led one ,ofthe Lonteltanlul fllm New Jetrey, attlepteld to ct ncake a eseich, llts tit, Illouse would not permit him. to Duncn, the Ohio tully, having the fleor, then bege his ion tirade, addlcilg the proof on hliuch Ithe ive loclusclhuii. aet ed thitir seats. Mr. Rice Iiarlauid lhjectedol to the read ent ing oflhese prom.f ans they mere not prirvte'papern. Mlr Quite acene enuied upon this ubjec'iuo, which was ' r.1 to. lilnated by an adj:lrllieln. lrheary Clay. The flit scratch we ever made with a pen, with a view ofpubhlicity, wa made in favor of this illustrious orator and slaeteata of the West. Sine' then, we h havel tudied hicharacter well, and no mtun,eitllr in the present orlancienlt imes, has come nigher to our beau ideal ta trlue patriol. He FIon been intrigued nut of thinominatiu ntothe Pn sidency, but undertlhecit. eum:anrcee, will the true Whigs abandon him? We for aoe. mangre the meagre Ilarrieburg Convention, will still ga ftr him, if ho cac be prevailed upon to consent to serve. We cannot worship the rising sun o easily. Henry Clay, in hareen, is, and will be our canaotidate. Whot is on ouraidet Raise your hand-! and aee if at least ic Itou Iriana, Hanvc CLAr, in not the choice of lahu people. We'll talk again with you upon this point.-In the meoanwhile lenry Clay first; lHarrisoo, if we can done better. We are sorry, very sorry, that we are no longer in the encreta of the whig party. We have been w.rking like na b are fellow in the support of Cuay, and for the last -. fw we ks haave been surrined thnt our fri nd t f the t iee has been occu ied in defending Harrison. 'I he lstw yesterday opened our eyes,--we were not in the Secret, that it was nraecessary to prepare fir a change. Will all the Whtla af Lui.uiana give up their old fI vnrite C'sy? Or will they rally, and give him Ihi' state, t least. Let os be true in our actatlpi;n, our frie d' tlhe fiolt ata noble sepponter of our Principles. Ken 'ucky, New Yolk, 'l'eoaess.e, New Jersey, and other eYttes will do the same. For our part we will go fIr Sllrrisln, after we find there Ia no chauce for Clay. HEAR Itlt.--Mr. rn.ekenhrough, the loco foeo President of the RaItk of Vireinia, Ihis discourses. " Ilrow a refore is to he brought shoue among so many hundreds of hanks estahlished unllder diffrent laws, it is very dificult to determine." When your party threw Sdown the balance whleel that kept the State Banks in order, you preached that tilhe latter coali not go) wrong. Now, you want a, rerfrm their anhtsec. The dilicuity will vanieb, if your party will only ;tt a mnaster over tihem. It il . law ofnllature and olmoney too, tlat the lesser body will revolve around the grea:er and obey its impulses. SvutLr's VICTOIon.-'lT'is magnificent, full length portraitoflrQueen Victoria, painted by Sully from life, at the C(ourt of St. Jamrea, has been received by PMr. John J. Haswell of this city consigned to him by the "Society of the Son,'s of St. George, established in PhiladeIlphia, for tihe ad ice and assistance of English. men in distress;" and we are pleased to learn that Mr. II. in conformity with tit wisheaf tlhat truly hbnvno. lent rasociation, will cause tile anmt to be exhibited in aid of its Iudc, so soon as a suitable uecation shall pres ent. Refit &ule ani'nh: 9':E Mlly, andit 1 t la+re tat ai atstald in tite Englishjtmrnalsover, tihe siilttree of most rmintent artists, that Air. S. has been the moat succersful ill ronveying a Irue likeness of her omajesty. Protection.--Great noise was m.ane about plttection ofouur manuftcturres. The systnmt was pulled down to protect the clttsn states of tihe South. England re ceived Iheir cotton free. fduty, and we lower our duties on Egli h goo Is nas a quid re quot. Iave we real zed thil bnetlh expoecled ? No. We have millions of cotton to England at hiih prices, bht we have bought her go. de at high pri:es. What we got with one hand, we poil out with tihe oth'r, and in the mean while the country in impoverisheid, and English capitalists en rielhen at otr expense. When will our statesmen learn c;tmmnon asense ? felshaszar'c Feast.-Mlartyn may now hi le his head. Washington Alstoln of 'eoret Caroline, has iust unrolletd his grawl Ipicture of this ftaet nat ostont, ho ing baen engaged upon it fir a0 ye ars. It is raid to Ine the mnet sublime since the days ofLoaena.di dat Vinci, with whoes Iast .'tpper, it will go dlown to poterity ao a monu ment ofgenoi's nnequnaleda in the pact and present age. Al'son naggestnd to .tartyn the great poi .ts of tlhe let ter's pi ti.a If it be true. whet is alre ide, sid of it, and we do not donbt it, for Aileto is one ufGo a I' noblao creature, we woueald go on a pilgrimage to Boston to see this great work. Law of Storms.-- there munt be srmn truth it, .spy'i theory. Ili predi tion ver ty at tile New ,ortk Exalre'.afie, that a storn wals raging at torfoek wasI verifi d to tle very c ty. Will Mr. Epv " int na down nas a oeariber t his b t ,ok. We g, ie ftr sa i .nee. To :lr. lCearrll.--W' have iont re:-ived Sir, Dec. IFth, 1:33.-Niles It-gister f Junea 8, 1113. Can Vout nlct nag. to ,xpedit i the na dia mtme r llpid y from "Btelinor.' to. New Orleans? Iftnot, yon aug'tt to anti a anid let suomet' onl ltie tn'lr Pcte' wr Y o .ii, Pa"ty .Vrne.-WhaIt n uncertainty there is abroad among pur"ly Iarty people! Tity hIrve retreatinc eoanervatires in Vi'ginil. A capit.l nane. for these gent'emn keen notir thtir fi lt in tan.e t h'y were retreati.r lo.fe.ocrs, and as relr' tline is their forte,no awonder thiy fa.ld it easy to go back to the fold. Itarw FLOWER.-Tha (l'lineee, cttoute tf ltheircu tomary applly of oplirn by the Emperor, have taken to smoking the ilreap Flower, which is fully as tlc n ulating as the hatefli drug. Anotlher instance of the futility of unlptlanry Ia rs! Ilow Funry.--'he world is never done with seeing fautny thines, if not new things. This is the age of tih funnay auy espectlly. A Mr. Greeory in the Virteini I.r nl.laure.,has bhidly hrobched the doetrine:-" Th'at lhe penplde have a right to do wrnng!" hIlw particun larly funny! lie's a aecond Groius. Firea.-Two on MImleay ,tight. One in : :'t , : street burnt down a row of woed 'n blit ;..a , I , i out of houe a. I Itlle aeveral peoon :rl,'. f rugar, eSug r.- . ,. . -' 1 . cnno;ac"' , ae I ,I'.>',r. · . <.'.. . nf I , , - . " " . :i ... • . n . .. a'dn , . .., - , , .. , i . ...on. TIhe ',ght anaembled, S o - \s a rising at Pittaburgh on the 5th. e,- let 6 inches. Gamlttca.-What ate inhereot passion ic lhe desire togatdble. Thr New 'otk aed IItd-on fire compa. nie tlave a wager pendiog of $1.00, Wahu car throw water lha greater dtilance. WHAT A FCss !--They are mtaking a great fuess in tlhe, Eattnr. Iapers, t4eate the IRussian miister is ahbout o marry a lady of Georgetown. Fll accournts of tis woad.rful match are proleied.-Fodge ! STor THoa Matalt.x.-- e shall do no thing. T'lrri. are many who Iear to see Marbla leap down the Falls. hut we can surea thel, that themre is no danger whatever, at go and see tihe rolling uf this marble dwn c the raternrt. Il in wortlh cenig. As to the play of dam Patch, it ' a fine piaee, abounding in wit, rltrac ter, and Itdhiroys ;eonititl. I Thlb Iox e1ry A. DaoLLtas.n ha eeanmenteaadia hept a at ota the Supreomt l anch, and in by 0 ".C) or, a judlo of the Supreme Court it the room y,,, sitawbridge, Esq. who resigned this tioce S1re trn from the western detficri Judge Eurtia 1 hating dreclined accrepting. a it LEVt PIERCE EI. has been appointed Secretary of e: d I tale, in the place if Judge Bullardc who is prnfohted to r* the Supreme Court bench. S R[P'Ve understand tihat the Suiremoe Court, will sit . on Monday next, sand commence its regular sessions, for the Eastern District. Gorso Wss.-+There are great iodes in this world; men who do not see bevond the tp of their noses.- i n Sma of tihe Eaatern editors are inliting long essays, to a prove co their fellow citizenll the folly of going Wea'l. er Why. they tuiglat anwell y tto istop the current of the r Mii..esippi. Who would stay to srarve on the barren :i. lsads of New Pngland, while tie praries of tile West og invite the plough I re A CAPITAL Hlr.-elloeett in Ilis last number au o nutlces a coulr.e of teotures in New York, by the fPd.. It. lowing gentlemen ald upon the fo'blwing rubjectr. It the is a lit too good to be lros, asld o.tho-e wYho know the on personsI named, it will provea treat. Nt one c.n take o&nlll:e at it. Jatners \ntson Webb-Duols and duelling. Joe Strickla.dt-Jack Itow.nlg literature. il. M. Nonh --old olothes and tlhe trade in llt m. I W. L. Stone--AUilanl mng:l tim nllld Dutch history. ad Eiesa targeeant-Naetional -ongs for Gen. Morris. 0,. Th.imar Italth!ir-Moran~ and marriage. was Mees Y. ieuelac-Cheatring and lying. General Morris-Military ta.ic:s and poetry. G. W. G(riswuoil-Nature of Godtdeeas. h Stephen Pri .e-Modesty and moderation. ous Rev. David Hale--\ Iipping Satan round stumtlps. we IW. . Seward--'ultlre oflaosall potatoes. in Philip Hrone--'ie bakirg. our Daniel I)elravn-Sn'f pfiitgll f .d Iron ware. sor Martin Van Buren-C-(ullue oflctabl ges. cit. Col. R. Mt. Johnsao--\W'od rowing. for Juames i. Bennert--Finanne, Pihlosophy, Religion, Bill Puliticr, Women, Heaven arid Ilell. wint FOREIGN PAI'rE.-The files of our Rleading Roomra are egoit hbeutiflily tsuplied with.. great variety of tl. Si u ltert British pallere-Lloyad'l Lie', I'iner's Price Cur rent, full file of the, and papers fron the princi pal tow no sf Englnnl, Scotland and Ireland. the A Guoon MovE.-TI' e legislalure of Virginia is eon sideri,,g tile iropriel of tile higlhest court ofcivil law, and the cri,,inul cours of tle state makiog a yearly re th portfte rt fith new printr of law retlted by these Iribullall like i t ie i:rurep oif Iheir business, every year. Thin should anet hodaraRin every state. he Wliere will end this ealolerovelle in ship building, Ia I he a qus tien we are 'on tautly atkinr of ol, selves, as we the see packet sl'p after packet shipl arivlt.g in our port, a. each new otne ill sotme particular surpanoittg la predes casser. For yFears past to each new rhill we ha re said tliia i ate, perfection, bllt r arce hate we f.rnaed th t opi.i t.t be. d' fore another hIas rcuplled us to admit that it sulpotoes en all that have go:.e Theoe reoarks ale e icited tier fiom the iasaernet ofthle new slhip Fairfild, juastrriv. a tr eal flotn New Yoik, belongi g to a iis recently estab li-hled. Her oelhin and eccouannod-tiona for passengers are corta;l!y t'qrnl, if not superior ii, Ires.ty tllt comfolrt to .- any ship that lits entered our liver. Those who doubt any let mtem visit her end srlrisfy themselves. We, re sure t ts they will receive courteous t e, traent an I a kindly wel. rew come from her very gentlemanly cotmanlullder, Captatin Lyon. %We have nmade a plass oe i ther, :.nd rre thertl org. pt qutlified to -poak, that for easo d.d comfort as a sea a oiy Iaot, and for a pee I, sllayea a aI bt h urpassed. 0er tJf Ca-ntlin Lyon we need not speak a woUd ir coure. he endtlaliln. He is too well knllo n ramngt ati as al able 'is and skiilful seaman, to rtquire praise at our hands. John D. Johanso, Robert Leeche, Jorans Butler, Edward Freemalln, gil S. ). lhatcher, J. '. i.latterwrrth, life, Jos. Fowler, Jr. lJa. Crggeshall. r. Isaac Freelman. .ANDIDATE'S. {1] We are authorised Io announce that, at the solici talillll of a Inrge' ulmber of the citizenus ' the three llllticipalities, .1r.WttILLIn ".tIFRE:T lian cono'nted to tihe premwntatin of his noone to hia tellow ci iz'n' at the next ensuing ele,.ctin., n+a eLa didlte har the ailet. of May.r t tIie City of Nat fir oii. i]l Nous somomesalornrise s i h onnoncer qn'h aIn doinande d'un grand ilolhro des citoyelln doe troit Municiipalitda, Mr. WnLt.tuas FalnoT r. consenti & ne presenter comma candidad a l placo do Maire & In piochaino lecction. 11' L. U. iAtINIet, at theI" oliciltlin ef mnany of his friends, hans consented to becole a candidate for the office of MayI r of thin city. t NOlI'IC2R-'hte picket ship LOtUIt'VIL.E, Capttini, ile,,will erave tile I.toee for N.w York, Ih t eeni.g at ii.i'oli'kat whic' hii'oi r Iseeollgere iltendiong to emark in hIe, wil tineaie e on loiPad. diR LOUISIANA COURSE. NEW ORLEANS. JOUCT CLUB RAC' S. FALL MEETING-FIRST DAY. Wt dnerlav. I)ecennher 18th, 1889--First Rae-Creole IPurse, '$51i--, ll0 to thi winler, and $ 00 to tite sec.oid ia. horoe, if iore thaln mwertier ; if but one, $3'i-- ttlt Ihena s.--tnec to cotme oifil 1 ,'c u. k.-Entries. I John L I.ewti ie ntr gr. e. Lord ofil the Iles. 4 yearn old,by i''eili, d.o imyv Jorv. I)re..a green . red. 2 Fergun Doplanitir eners f. Faitaiuce,2 oe'rs oid. by L.uueoodinal. dtmt li.ighti.iig. I)re',, ahite & blu..' SECONI) ACE. Same )Day-Proprieto.n' Pt'ra. $25 '.-)-ili heatr. I i)I" i..o er-utterir. {Itr IIIi'e) Ih.g. ple..,l 3 geere old, by irunhy,io,,l Groro " I' s g (lo n t. " 2 A Il I;'i,.af+te t entre gr. f I;nhlbox.3 wart .tld, bhy ti'K tl, daio Lucylirono, by .irtr en hy, 3 erson L ,hnitiilltier en ,rs f. Ploein, 4 3ears old. by ' ra'p, .an \etusia. liron, ,whil and hl.. I JohI F i1 Iler entero e. f. Fairy Fair. 3 tmeare old, by i zanorln h, dJell y r r Peter 'T'coan.e. LDesn, green and red. IiN.ttY A TAYLOR, 3 JItLItS C Itit ,' IH , Proprietorm.

r13 llO'I \\ AI),\VUIL'I'li, FORil 1. ERPOOI.. __ 'Thel ft oilioe, op; ree d oe, aand pp'r fst net pelr p et .hiip I'AN I'll EA. Ashby.niaster pat'lt. or Iiuilt or pasnsge, hoving eleant nncuin lliod;itlnloo,olji.y tio the C.e;lnill ol h|llald or Int dill A COIIEN, 911 :Comon at mIt 't'i': C()"t StI'.it:ES of23 : itic gluks, nod I l ,oolle lorllit'lil.%. inohdkel 3 .r 3-2 hnaieo natorkht iJa. Colnllohn, nld 1 hketl n harked J. Clarkc, I: caovmd per Shi.pnauoi'oettre troot Neew'ed to call, pay freight ald eil, - theon way. WR : i.t.[ioligoern.$ . . hI. (t .l J lon A .. .. ' I '.'io oo k Io e s -, n o . o n o - t ri ..I .,tIJAII FISK "" ,,• .·~~res munkd C m: Ina dnm ' .i S. just recetived ptr illp - eI 'N i Yohk,,ira rrqlleote to call, S;:.dJ chlarges, sn ltake asll' anny. WIM FkttItICK & Co, Sa. 70 Caump at -rflIp CONSi. i4NEE of 45 ol eschneoe, marked C, In a diannowl-li l hoxs lolsiclto, marked Jnmes alllllters; and 4 car negs, glltrkOltdJ & II, received per packet hdrip Loui.oille, Irnm New York, re r eques I-d to call, pay fieight and exapicei,, n,d Ikea no awayn W it FSu IICKtl C&o, i " 701 (:ttllll P F, on ihoard lship <t \lar, fromn New Vork are ie quested to mntak thetllmslves io n to te clerk onil the Levee. I'P I.AII)LAW. NLEW OLLEANS ANDI NASHVILLE htAIL A GRKER : Y to seciions 8 & 9 of tlei Charter of . the New Orleanso ni Noia-llviioUila r -ad Com patiyl a o,'ecerai in*etio. of Inl eto khillern is ellell no. tle3d l,ondnv inl Jno:ry, 1340,or the jlorprtse of electintg Ten Direr I serve tt ir one ,rear J i tAI.1)tIWI..L, Pr.eident. Office, No. tI Ilaronioe t. Iee. 1I1:t. dll , $20 REWARI)--Rniaway on the Ist NIt nenhoc. the netg. tEtltlti., spneukitlg Eon' r . I.i and eFrench, aged iloot 18 or 19 yenron 5 fet 4 :r n5 inehes hii, short .e nodtlhick set hmall mean, prntminentrt ioraholl.l an oen and free gat hneine onttof the froIntl Iteh in hip ulppter jaw Ihrnkn. hiel n,wetil he wnlltawiav.a lair ofr rttinade anltol Ioose with rnoll hitile .-tiijoe, ltIt a hlirt, said neoro worked a long while hillh Mt, We.l. Soan, brilckloora'I hand. Fiit.lANtH) LEMOS, S--t" - No 373O tloihihi ci TEN iD -LARS l EtWiARlf, - Will Im paid for the !felinnirioinil of Ithe negro 'O ctr 'TlHOlA, who ahamonded BSaotdny last. He is well known an aloiog ben a drly driver wager and to k on board stenlibtia. I lie lrermerly belonlged to AIr. dollgy ttvnanlt, nld alhot 8 iwontln ano was nlodged i;; jsil, where lie renain ed till tile ! y appnlnled by the Sdhrifflfrhlo tale, and sin e thln lie las beonloccupied to rtoh u w re nmid curt driving. i ItONJ AIIIt., tlit corner N-.chez cond Tchapitoulan -ts $1o "lE\V.w RD. 50 doilurr will Ie paidi to h*vever will Inde, in any of the city priiori, either o1 llh fihllw'rig cloic,.' Ii loneing to the Now (Irloas land Nunhvillo Hail Road ELIICK. bldck, shol t 28 vents old, 5 feet 10 inches in hettht. hiam and illpedimenri in htis speech, short kair veln dolwn ea-t h.,k w hen isploknii to, KI PI.EY- grike. ail t 25 noal ld,hl 5 eoot 6 inchea in height, rather a surly lo k'llltl inltlli.el coilllrte a ice. J H CALDWELt., it'resrdent N. f. Any person or persons i tlulld harboring or emploviig sid iirensue, will be punished with the itgreotet severity of tie Iow. w n14l Ur'Yesle~lagy ilitein iir,,rr•,ltllrlur, wioo wlsthed to vent hir sic pl.eeom oell Onl .or. lhe Ithlled o bit dared ont Sflee, inserled i forged advertiae ent in the BIlllhtin- copied blow, It it certlnin'v n mean miad dirty trick lhat any foil alight play--thial no gentleuln woulil It be tuilty of-evincing hcth lack of dense and lack ol s i clirage.-- Ilu i leliil. lilt it.. If MI1) Rii-WARl.D. to.lE above ewanid will be poid for information that Swill load to the convictinu oul ldhi peron i i er sons willi cilePd on nllvetiioieiil to le iseriIl in tie New Ofrei.lo (eCoonlermtul IBulletin, ol tih 19h illatent, piirpirtiii linalhe ,,h-icriber hied eniered inio cifari. r nerhlp withi Jihbi, .arrett adLl there, Ulllnle Ih I tley . of F gav, Ba, rett & Co. fiIr the Ipupose of orrying on ihe burin*a- oif paving-nu such vcnneeion having ieen riced N. B.-Th-lle undersigned takes hia Iplorlunity of in franlling the pnhlic, that he is not connlctaed in busioies of any kind. except with his brother. n .A*IU; It,. . Fc)IRli Y,59 Ifnenzine'-t NOTICE-dH.i ILFF'". ' F ti, it.. Deceniouer 12th, 18:49. lI P- Sheriff begs leave to iiinarin the paublc.- . thal in our.ier ihbtiu inr'n to fill thie of de piiiiea, be Itma placed htiiinell nond.-r o oblicnlit ii to lil a lagelituilltl d misltried. ThII. hi celdle.,nol InIIVr nill cvel enabled lil i tl the s It ri ofher jicllu.., deleidi-ll tihe rvoni. 'rhnt lie culleunlibn lie thae .tet round, Inare Ie, n iut olwitlh illncesulnt ie.aXieeo. Ih1t. Sit ilslt ll hi.ow nalnrtectioil, ald that o Ihis fliends, n lit hisl Ilemi o amn .e HbY colleiltedl,ai die, Ierlfule iet s dLnlll Iloter thl i 0IoliteI. no cIIni will tiIck iit Iii asc, if le mtkel c te of It-e u-aei r o llli ih tile hiw imaen ,n Itm ,wFr ftrtbe clch.cli f i u fl sa l f lffice, aid dlls llee d o th 'tnrulry of ile I'oli, of thel Prisli,h.s .iell i lte a itle al d I'al ith l in 'l.,hiidedl lin fur Itlertion. C F IIJZ Y. i 1. d13 Shelrif e -ISf INi- fron sehipo Aflut nmn, TIhree Tricke inier if cludize, ilcilkad J IfI Oh itreoill & Co, Itrils: ''enn. l od flli n lship .%aohvlle. Ihore barrele, marked n- & .l. Any uesll haviogyho srn:,e in their pfsoes: r .inn, will pleaose gire ifn.llaliun to No. 90 Commnm sltreelt 1114 Ie ol'ICt- li--Te re , olr 'I' ii. IlYDB &l tlfRrHfER, . i this diy diOAlveil. TV. I. HYoI)E, renniam Id ch:rgel with lhe liqulailion iifllereif. nl r w llr plonve tnes name of the itrsla will onltv bh oed hereafter. I' K HYDE, it kFor hiiielf nt'd t he hirs of c d3 J i P HYIIKF. i te ited G wV. ll trti, with hi h i pertnralerhip, theyt l will contnue Ilte blueinc-s telhlefl-. pllorllcl hvTl'. It. tlYDE t& BRUOL'ER, undler lthe fltnu if'I'. It. it1)E l Cu.I T K IIYIIE, G V W ttee. e' d35 3t Cnminrl st, c', i. leaglzine we 1'Ihl StIIIIL III'.e. rnsleIlll' lly iirin Ileia ad I fii ofin i a uit-Ien. ro e ncit the pllric, flint ieciing iv- uiliged tu ilire fom hluoiminsaolo n(eecicli lf ill bollhlh hi- Ie blia sljlii ietlok III l ascre i- Hewel', ttoriotlnll aodl lhinswell if Philadelpia. who will hereafrrtuernh dl el thlle hlin eae iill li ccit lller i le iielllsiIe fJi l re J. Homwell & Ce. lie takes Ileh . i rPn:tnuulllllelldlllog lto tliot to he paolrouag ufloio fllrer cllellllllr . I,% nL A 'i'OWAIt 49 lampi st Jlre tiN J IAMSWE.I. & CO. el. IJCC.Riu.OH S fIl Alexaiiler "'Iwar 49 Ccamp ahemt tiake , aileaurc i iohurllinr iae cii tulu ra if 11eblute.o ole cnd lhe public geinridllhuim hivine lr, iurichalied frOll iIr. Tllwllr ilertCe tie .icstc of hoboki, n icltler &e; thllev ninv lioin neil IDitllnii is will llnke tllher rtolllllnlf l very eltmp -t,. They will aeyc v ber lihle ito culili P olinlu'ters with ieke, AlsPr fir newohuc. In ler, bllok n;od job nnrk of enery duc-oril uiin on loe elverly beot ,,rln. -Ciy ond cntntry intleluhlllis will fIId, ll.llik Ilhol.ks if eVe killll, q alltito, :l d lrinco teee, hr aitlh check lllookh, bill I.oIk, (lltolllltllellho coh ba ,kS, bills ladlll, wilh all ortinc es fol'stliollery lsullyv kept ill Ilollk stores. CIIpyingll preses, COpyine ilnk, c.e vell'a light niil dlrk Ihluce ld locPk wrllinifolllids; Iullkcrs' iolte i.eae, pocket Iloo-ks, &c&c. A t'eircl,rl lloslu-ionlll eukntllii prcei of lciene ill all l de)llll l lC iiIl hlterelllre. wih lhie lllot xteni ivelnll d o illlpletl coo.+rl,,er . f eirenln hiooka recer lfred in eiw ttp: ne ill , ~ln ,I hlyl "are l ep.rei . ... stll It oIIIIry nier c snlls and dalolears it lie loietit whioleole nwicee. nr25 W ANTI.lJ-1 're or ' 1111 lan.las to U on e ion' Salils ix mIlles Frllon the city; there e go.|d andt eon tlionls ht.ost; IthiI hld i'ttetd v ilvnled and call brll. fa iir inLlolne uch l :lllnily \ 11 halve priviler of c I Vifi lle a ilre mr 'l tre are rlllllllll r -y diU olilothref i y "ir tt..I'I " I)t.llilll o" i llilllllo r Ito "e n5 corlner N.lcl ue IIIlIr Tn.unll ' .illUS El.IR II liN I NAE..,. TOR S(I.E, a fisr re I lhwi tttt b pptly on SN & A N tiltEN winll r.clice law in paotner. lhip ill the cily Ot New htleanU, and Ion thws II rihe. ill tile I"'.llllitry, in hltihll they Ih ve lr tll..llt praclise, ).tce No. 9 RIoyal airel.: di W\V 0' L t -I ', .. t4 I 1(1(t) L'I'MN RAIL KOAD NOTill't..WINT. ra aANGaMnET. To uo llloa llec n ie Iet of %oIetiih'r, 18:19. Itfrce Car at 5 'clurok A.M. Horse ar t i o'.ck A.M. Locolotive. - LUcololive, 9 - - I1 - M. "t - P.,. 6 7 -r Hore Car, at -, II - RRANG(EMENT OR rsuNDAYs: The carl will tenav nl the cimne hturs an il the week days rlld I o'clock I' M. when a Lol:oltie - ll hare Carrolllu every rhotr iit 7 o'clockn P.1., I.ld New tOrleals evety hour nntll eo'otn'b P.M. An extra Ilora Cnr can be nhtnioed tefore 12 o'. Io k P.M.. by Ipyllsl 5 i tllarf alr tthe Trip. After 1 o'clock P.I. IO tItonlr aill tl I haeglrd. iPerton aoilng by thl .teanm Car mut provlde thels.e'ove with Tickets. oa tle otllduo.ter has poltive ldiretions Iot to rlceivea nltorPy i lieu thereof. TilE JACKSON AND LACOURSE STREETC ARS i.aes tlet hread of Jaokso strteet at t. lo',ck A.M., Callal itreel at 7 o'clock. At h:.lf-pasl 7 ,l'chock ilhy eylrllllnllre to leav holh ll ul e ry ll hour, ultll TP (lclocY I' I, excrpyt in thlRt. itntad o 'rnvin' (Ia.ol t at jl 'clock, the clr will leave thela ut . o'cick I.k l. It is patlaarly requersed that .entlemen waill not put 1heir feet upol Ithe cushlions, orlnoke in the cars, bwhen ladiel ere premer.t Utllao N',n.Orloltoa Carelllen adil Road (tlanll ;l'. Octobet *1d. lp:i'. JOIiN HAMPitON, Chief E'l:oco r N.( & C R.C (ok'tt;E u"' tiH,". F..'. tt..:'S I.sUi(ANCE ) hI . oiY. Newt t Itttto 'let',er 10, ]'1 . frillyR Stockhlltlertt ; itoi ltien tn.rt l.reh no 1 tifi.d, tltt the txtra dviheol 't 5 per ¢.m; de.: rlarett o',lti let il totmhet. wIll er. paid to titnt or B) order rf the IBard, tdll : Lf'l )tCtl, Secretarn . BIIIJREAU D'INSUIIA NCI 1)E l.A COSII'AGNIE Dtd.S PiI.tI It':ts. La Nonvcllle .1 nta Ie, Ill I)lcetdbh., 1831. Lh . Slertilltetrs dE ee l ilKetillclhy od! i I ynvivto quit'o divl,.ml 5 r lr cent, a .1o. dlec.r 8lnr I f ler ' r cir e ROrN imh 4'U L oci leur lelre sunltacs, sir o ivs a1, i rmetie d o leye 1' ar ordre dla Di.Oistrat, F 1. 1 ronot.. r ira 'NEW O;i'LE'NS I AN Ci t dl IHE I mirotn. tzw"I -cin lbnda" 1S .. -, , r.v o... , .... 6, \ V,4 c.m , t £4AGNESIA-6Mitxaa'n & Bullera' latgteala, last 11i received per shiip Kentuckt, and far owhleeale oo retail by Ii It ,NNABiLE, dIG 45 "rhtallititalaa at A IROW ROO'P-PL.AS'I'F.R-l100 lis. Arrow root; flesh colore and tielk pli ter, landlllg from ship Kentucky, and fir wloleaole tr retail by di6 H IIONNA IEI., 4:'1 eltnltit.trllne at D IAit.NI-Glozier's ioriumotd'e, just received and for sale y d6 If BONN tuEl., 43 Ih'cmnitouls ast SOFA'I'T'S PILLS-Pi(.E X BITX'l'lRS- Just received, and forr wholsaole or rleull,iby diG II It.. iN VAiELr43"'i'rl.ituluo at IPIIt'Is 9.f 'rotrptile--15 barrels N tork Spirits Sof Tur1uttlle, laltding flron ship FV.irfi.ld, for sale by JAItVIS & AthDIE\ lS d16 corner Ctllltllllllaod 'n 'tlOitll.olooa set -'ASiR Ti 011.1-6 bh.rrels No I Cantor UII,a ouote ritor eticle for reloilirg.,fr aole Itv JAR VIn I &ANI)IIEWS, dIlG cornelt C.Ilrmalnl llt' l'(tllh. ,tlio tn t I~lK".--', t brla in lttor and fir sae Iv a.d16 to I, olloft o, t N.ew eiveel I AIts)--.(li kerl new Is*tLJi, d. ull afore., fr sale by di d "G (: I)()I{..;Y, 41 New I.evee ('IIEJoSI N--Jolt receive lt.. 'to Ytk Itstll Illy . f t:lrealll., large anId trmll; olae. tlo'kgat'n :on Iloaol'd-,i the BUlk alo d .tatio.omy St.,reof d16 JOH\ J HlAS8VELL & t',. 45 at ii'rit.EL Pi'.,S 7I1 ilK 1)asurrsa pren; Vicltorila pel; doublr brrl 1 pe.;reallr In; Perurtah p-r:;ciro", ei ion Isa;.tia nmol . o-a, with a varjet uat ..htt'r iotonuflotretl b til not etd Perry, 'arpersly for Ihe I.ttioner-. atore of d14 JOHN J llAS .It.I,, 49 amp lat N1AII.e.-1500 kegos a.s.sred 1ize0, iti itoe atal for 424 F N COMI.Y, 97 ClamLp at P .PE0E1-591 rerma c trmia m ling 1131 di. large. eizedI, cloth Raper 100 do bardware poaie 11O d.. cnrownaiiIcap ellppiiig 500 do mboe rpul.r, anaort d conlrm aor Bala by JlliN J AS W ELL & Co, .33 .SoicoorOeo to A 'I'Iwar 49 ('unl, 11 TOi Will L": LEIADI DbLAI.EIRS. 30 CAKionr tlend, S11lla cIiceuch, 2'5 coolsw No. I Lend 1 15 "I'purr 25 lb hoach, 15010 keLe lid, 25 IllstoucIIh Flat Raudeby the Ajgiei. JAIiXSl & AN13101WS, iiS9 cerer Coim &Triiaivioulno at 11i t 3N I iLbA'in londilg r1,,ii shii 4, eiakee,-i0 C) I2, 12 x 14, 12 x 16. New Englaond eriowi slias. 1'lija glass won pur.Iioned tindaredud rices at the winlding ulp of the alnuul e latrine cllmluun*,n lod in now l reyv lao. JAIlVIS & A N1uElKWS, .59 co,,&'r Cu rbo1.,hi.iomlactI I.ANK (4 10115- Ia in.iceAh ,,rAli,,.:e sai0 eaasiald, ivory ViirO, plaii nilod colored blank cardi vitile variina nie..e, juset Ir.aivemia d f.r solm bly JilN J ll1..KI.I, &0 (I,, 1159 Sicce'.or,.it A 'rownwr.49 Camp et ) 1NKEl;'' CA\SES stll fucks 'tuck,, .lfall lle) i / .all* , Wallet- wed Lllllllinllllinnr --A large mid clinicsvn iie~ultlaIIIj juirt reei.ed1 nI ta r wIle by JOHi-N J II.ASnVICI., 1159 S.ccee'rm to A I',wnr. 4o ip mI 1)ftI\T I PA I'Elt1(1110 rearm pap a news, orsizeas freont21 &:Il:I-, ,2 & 42, ,u., nilel iouc 11111p1 Oerei' faro, Iloaloim cad the. O)io frain Philndiel. Ipis, lu fir loalo by JOINJ IIN H -iWI.I. & Co n28 loeeco',ro in Ale. TT wer, 49 (inalm, rt 1- _APEI0-509S neon do 10,H) rrera " ·i;le, n J I7 10100 raulias ovrdwnre pvpre, ill als andv tbrt gle Iv J 'I'lHl'. E & Co. 74 P~_rdraemmI -RI.t)OI(-(i0 1blr, nl h landine. flivanie by 1113 b G liiIO Y, 44 5cw Levee Nl" ON t PANACEA-Juso received & fir whole. 11. amealend roadut ly dli H IIONNABEL I- l.A-5 . f..1eey didevr,1a,,,,, uchi, 'a Globesi bottles, VaUvjai om I drnn h I to ah. z, gradluatingmi,.easue.e. milail viiila &i, Ou.r in l,.en,,le al lDil by .111 11 iI ,N%.AIliPL.4:1 'I'cbapitnamomin (IllVk PiTs onpimmly iur u frule f3 'I'.ieipiioauia. i UO Alt-50l hlhda .asug iv'. pi.enliofia.', for cale Iy ADA1 (I & WHIl'AI I., I(I1ASI'ii(liill1.- 10ibavreia b-t ca-nor oil, c, liiw ' ieand rio, I. a riitliuie. .I1, 5 hbll l',iIenCI a , Sderas qiuryil, . d ..aliy, cal,' leby Jd AI VolV & ANIDIiIW1i, ,e 0112 Erner UIIImmm &. L ·)·.b Ilillll Ine su 'r GIr OUl-iflO blm at he oan.ling in li.o ciiitiiiig I'order for mulle by nil, G lIORaEY.41 NewLe Ice U -atra Falii-lir.,,, a foil a- ·: t I ent of D nn blu , (ding Ir wafer, ellcr powder, bruohes &u, wboirmale in retail by It 7iiiNNAIiFL, d111 erncer Net -lien & 'I'ih..opit."I'a'. Ai *niUIl l.OlISo-3411 Mexicani anid Paiiiai tJDiu, l iF ual+, fur sain by d4 ARIiVOII FISK. 3)AOGtiNi ,N Ii iLE, IiOPK-.50 pices om It obgviag-365 coil tope, all ofiilnlik. ntico: *) fonatre and iiurmsl al....oeaic.nm l it itnririchy itll4 S Ii IHlA \I 11AH O 8:1,3. IIbear at lJ 1,r shi1. Mlin-icaippi, Cre.aa "ea I3 irk, a orbe caw carilaral ,'Pni 1(11ev 'nillil Pl',e,1 le maitr 2x' (2 I Pi . oS411' Altl( Ii.l I , 8 l pi SI 'LA 1MgBOA'T PAPe:It--.No Ifaodinig IPro, hip Ig I0II o LuleOi froIm \Oe Ymr.0 Filols fine 'colore It, medium, suitallilble for rl~rl"'",bnuI hills, &c. &c. lilr sale m by JOIINJ l4Aerj ELI. & Co, p, 9 000 Seuaceslso to A 'Toer. 49 Coamp nl Ig N t6 incrh. irv ole 0y L:1 1310 .1. Co. (ir-if 53 (ltd leeve si h~)FY iem iiaitified, loi~dmg lr..s leiam W bant Pallada, Ior minle by p l3 Gi In)Iiii5l',41 Nrw L.evee t' LAMPS &" 1.U0'I' 01: CANIII. (lllAs. 10 SPI.EN1iID a-eaii', l f Ioiale, Ii1aiteI enld on, f I\ nLinrla ,imiiimjaaI LorIIrlelinmchec ie iely mount. oe e11 wit, buun prieinn,,jll l received, fuLr sale byp e 17-12i It It1:11K ER & ('e. 17' ('aip no Al) lit.aryllIiNE BO'I I'IKES-Lenidiiig Irosi m ý ` llenry floc, t~io IIeiii,' 3011 1iitiii.'vr MIaIeirj it, wefr al.: lowaFrlomfiaie evee, IIiq..n.aiiies to suit .iApnI0'l.· Jdl\'l8 Ar ANRI0EWS, in17 cur Commn dI' arL fit ( \S) O(LASSEJ- n-io pllulalioll ablove m iA twn, far male Inv ca LA AltO-183 keg leaf iad,i laudi.~ flrom.iireiaioni tr Fair, ay, far sale II. le 13 (: 1)0llK', 14 New In (rce r' 1) A allY CIIEIRIES-50 boxes in elaic lold ) 1a Ia,'rle by __ II13ii iORSIIY, 44 SNen Levee 'At'I'bL'Oi-'2 lirai nemi l'hiiiidehcliinaidi~e B101. 1jeaoe,for ale iby N F C4 ii1, Y, 'd ". 7qytiip -t .mle biy A M &V jae Iof ,111 67 lrve i T) 1't 3011 .ackm xl alie lUIIUIII, per Iblt boatfur Vatilc by lt.'' a1113 44 .\e,. A evWI .or Al (keg naiils,c ioi.i , n , liiw IUidaigf, )n hunt fluorine JuI-Ppl.,n.. lion suer by II uill AlIl 1113 & wliil'3.i.;. 67 liraiiev .t _ FVa iipru·c Vick.i..rcr, audfIir a.(iv by A in. f N Ali,.U CommoInn o IAI SIL.\ 1 S, C.rul atrod wllel r, i.,0 I i,,llling Sr-u .snip li i vi'lirlea. from Phliladelllllun. matt or s it Salim th eII - ir,.. by ;. F. Ci 1..0, D ii3-lw 97( l.iripai t ANiiLI.KS-7i ioco bo 1esSpe, of Shaw V I·Rrle'* nriiiuaiaire, lauidingex sh ii1J,,hn hllde, iild rei t. sale by nli S i Iii aNiIIA :1),33 G2, rIt H .174 & SIAL'-40il bor. lrw Ia 0150 t'ugsl.nrr. 1y11 salt, landiug trom .1ml lI'-, Ilnllllr a.,for suh" by PETERI LAIIILAWV, 12 " 51 Campll at I JERIU'l --iEurLS-A IO1.e uyy,,,ryneyl 0I FrPro U Prriy rrieo, reciryd by srlij. 1.uioeur., for wholeIe otui, by II NA. LL, ___________ 4I c'r~sili1.'uo~la* . l. ; UI. Illll1.l.5-I'l1 bale..I 1 .,ll, 0 1.114 blue lUJrills, ling forror, slip (lburlsolxul..r rlel by x o10 I 111010 C l+)AI'-200 Fyuxe. trubbins' ; I Na,., il s.ore, yur _2 _ J'I'll %V Fit & t'o.74 P,,,lydrasi IN AllS- 700 k."go in olura ,'f o aoIrd NlU. Nail,, I rudlyya ud SJpikes, our -all by N 1. Cl OIY. x'25 1'nlllulj a ii ~ Eli 1 I -trl)S-Received 0nu. Fruurr, fur IL 9 huleu r rrluil by A II3IN j1i 1 .. '2')II 43 jail1ulr is a altb ________________ boa r', J_ n 'u 11,n3 112,1 Ir I lJ'tigI (ironing do n~l Ne·W York, and1 Cu i *Ill Icy ' APiI bL lil Irur,.. iA llrolul o,,,'r vrI', e lilowd, ypg ex r oJlu. * 11101 1111, ll Hl, by 16 U S i 1ILAoCI IIIAIrIP. 31r5viyir I I' 1 .-411 lirreeo 1111111 1 . 1,"w hi, laud'.,0 eo brig I iryr,, huml iolyyloo, oJr l ,1110 ,lr by r hIi: i'i II ll,0N' IIAljD, 33i Olylyvijr rI O lial-3I ca sks :'tl Irrlfllnln4e 111Jh _I 4 d ii 1LL NUIA IIL). 33 lirlvirr ml a' llel h) I & i.,. 17 74 l'oydro.. rl Ol 5 LI-01hiurs flaly, luninbg 11111 shtij Paolo, and llyor roleby 411 A. CIIIIEN,9 D Crororon rI U'll)IlIj.UONur-157 ,'rjoii.,ii j)1111110y1, yorsua ____.___! Ajlib ,ii l1i1K IV I'I.extra. LL':AII2i nil kros o 11,0:5 Io 530ilpore for ail by .1ILVIS a .ND4.l)IIEWO d cur Cuolrrl,,.& J ir o·(: lnoio'ul us in afore aa uld lot nine ,l JARVIS ,k ANDRI W., d7 car CrouaorrorrInd IrlTrrrjrrulauls ") (l r·c IIM,) ,- 40 1i'( - I 41t1 1.11 1·.. x , I e,., onj ·'u,: ,I "' + 1" i~ I.o'k , b;to e. "r * i '~ . 'Il. 11 . 1i. -·· j 1 Af: i , Ii : III bV l,; .y i,y.r",.r roll rlFo l dl ilI J 'I '1' ' ·; :·I.. It " C 1'.. 7 I I ;·! .,+ sr \`V I I I , - - - - . ., i.:..,,a .. Luvhi..ui., 0~ 10 I ,.II "II0NNAII ,A,41 1t ; Y t b'o i"lould.!ot 1F ( as S c 1 . ju-t .jurrl ly U 1lgrrllu o0010 ,. '"ý 1 hulls and l". I',l ,'; t. " N t i ll cla b lAloirob ydz '1 II(\ rorrrwlrlla (olll& r clllllj~lllljlOr l IIUACF d IISlol .11 boxy, lalldlg ar.d or 'SULI~le.lhrlIY1'I 1b1:110 Apply rIO1lr0, 117 Ito Irrr roy .NIII _______ d5 L 11111 I r y yr lr II .4 'yS itrO Ii J" I. jlrjljG,·1A4 N~w Irc IJU S OIL 011.-loIioi 71 11,1. fiip qu i 110gni c norj ju (O 1 bA Pj11 torn, olj ir allrr,, hr syye byl ul2 liure l'ullio 'rlO, joy uula ay l1Ui\C 1 RAISI S-;:011 boas, "ding and forC l][ (.ljU-lDbi by NuilO 44 NuxLryr d1 l7iimpa 1 I U L'1'F:It IL i .JlEESi .-111 Slums llrP. lr d. u IiY Ii hull-bY·.. 441a iel 11ý 'e-1ir,,jlur al.yplylryo N II8Com. lIaIIV It III .- llII b brlo rojIri ·ur 0lolla, br l' y 1, J! 1; Ilul(ýEI,"14 \.w Lever. N FuUA-ij.0.ll. iw aud o1 jAlLM-leb br.5 Irul I 0,11, .0 rI.r, :"7 y r l 1 I G jlrjl01i. oA, 4 ll 'Ir fLo t [1C aolby~n'l j DTI 1104.1,4 ýC,'1; koyros L'. UtLOUlt-lI 1 yly, bert Ilbirro' brordo . 01 lby 1 0o19 (t13 D)RSlr.l,44 No w 1y100 ,V l1 j E-111 brl rec9""dis -1110 fords le by A 5PVLV U' NAIl.'brll ouoom rd,. b4 o wd lnd 1':l -31 cot larard orN e /1)111l, 115 97 Imnp st ST. CHARLES THEATRE: SrAon MlaAiaOR,. : 0. iAatrir.. I2d apperaInce in the t Chaerles of nitR. MAIU0BL.. This Ev uing, Dec. IllsII, will b llerfriumed a Cunmedy entitled, theI FOREST ROS .E. Jonatlhn Pluuglbuy, Mr Marble Bellamyv. Mlortion Slisoriett, Mrs De Bar oelly, Misa Verity To conclude with the popular drama or SAM PATCH; Oa, T'nmE DARING YANBuI. Stm I'atch, MuMAasuas k Hera, Delet y 9eli.ea. Miss Verity 7D l)aerten I 0at 6-P-erformane te to commeal u at 7 occk ,ol Ue' ,I seaun T'ckets mus be had at the Box OiRfi.. Olpen from 10 ontI 3 o'clock. CAEMP STREET TIIEATRE. BALLS. Sr RY'NT-The HK*-i.,uat and Bar of the above L Eiutsaliohts, rIs the enauing "all lseason. Aslpl) at lIe Ix, office. d13 WASHINGTON BALL ROOM ST. I'lltIP TRIIEET. CVTWEN ROYAIL AND aWRloN ITReeTI. SlllFsi MANAGEK of the Washington Ball Reom respectfuilly infirnms his friends eld the public, that - the. above mentioned establishment will open for that seunaonn Monda1 y evening. November 4thl, 1839, by a GIRANI) DRESS AND MASQUERADE BALL, ex. and will euontinue hroughoutl the seaon every Mondlay Wednesday and Faturday eveningu feach week. S Admillance for Gea'tlemen, $2 00 New Orlrans, Oct. 24th, 1839. T NIE l'EW' OILEANS JOCKY CLUB RACES. OVER TIIt Et'LIPSE COURSE. - V . ILL c ,..m ,.ts 'e o u I'U ESDAY , the 24th De. td otsille,l Ij9, illeatl of the first'l'uedy r, dl2 V N OLIVEIR, Prtprleto 'TO IEN I A Dwellitg House 139 Julia street Apply to 1 C CAMMACK kICo. T1O RENT. IT Dw. lling Iluuxs No. 139 Julia street, in the idittd. tna mnv n ow. ALp dy on the pn u mwee, rio H C CAMMAl,1K i Co. di Two rnnt sits, tIhe sean d floor suitanble e ii a e 1 tesatpt IIn tit, remines, N. SI Camp us- xreelat Ihe Firemen,,' Ilnurance Office.. a012 W TO REN I'. Th l three *euery brick rtoe No. 87 New Ala il I.rterl leliee; n s. ive ilmndiely. ,l . It u s tYDE. % BRO'THER. LOvTTEPIZS. 3r1 lIE Fllowisg Ilnstittions, Citizen's Bank of Lou isiissl; Uni n Itnk oif L.ouisainn; New Orleans Canal anuld lnllkllls CoiInpV w II recelve ipecial de , po-its a Uin-t o erili.ates af oie hundred dollars cad n ,wtrdi, t rln tlno U the credit uf lthe llepsletltre, ns whilch i rlticsters, It snub.m:rltlre will deliver T'iekel in the (;Iralndl Iensl .atello Lotlery-- anuke' Arcede, Ind tlolirslo lIteatl, &c.T it. S17l1lI)'r & HAMILTON, tinder the Verudah, op,,nite E Johnst & Co, I dl I Stetinonrha hll B,, BANKS' ARCADE, CITY HOTEL,_&c. iro G RAND IREAL ESTATE LOTTERY Ie OF L'ILOPEItTYTV SlI'U Trl.D st NEWORI.EANS. t :llIID)& lAM ItITON, Managrra. Oit cffees under the Verandah, Corner of It. Acrles and eommon Streets, and No. lilt Chartres Sireft, hsotten Conti and St. Louis Streets. " T ITrl n view ,lt,,,,etin., .Ie wise, of our feriends. we have tie iph.usre of anlnlltlncing to the puba at lie that Ilthi LoIhery. Iby authoriv of the SIate of Louis t lain, will be drawn at the City Excltarlge, in St.l.ouia for in New Orleans. S,ic.hudrawiotnil ltitlowi gisbries-eoanthe wa _s ceamber neat. fr Or n gents l thrllghout tie ulliosn, eill cant the above to isn inl stietd lnl:e In ione f the newslpaers of their ,, respectisit residelnces, and charge the elxpeniel in st Ii -tdl StiCIIMIIIT & IIAMILTON. 0IU mole l."r55ll *5r 0Z L5ROILllJ. The Versndah--St. Charoles Theanfre-Cump of. Thlerm r-Couldwell'a SI. Churl, Arcude-Iioeela. -Slorcs-Srluoosnn of Ground 4'e C.API'l.1 I.'1hZ. S! LOU n01sA (IRAN!) Ri; Al. ESTATE 'AND STIIJCK L()'I"I'.:Y, olpirne sorner of Coral and St. Chlsorinelnirto, nuthlolzod bya ler of thl i4;, 6d IiI1lsrch 1020 TIIE IIAI A' di1i.1. IV, or amop treetl Theatre L.eter). l2291 PIrno,"! droon on lfilet Ilnarhor, New 1-err'slIo.e,oiwl lrirsssiiiioil('slrosning. THlE lilRAND lw't1"0 MIiLIIIN LOTTERIY. 19,000 PoIZso!!! WVill coommrn,,,se d nnwing oa onoo a pranticoble oiler the Vn 1st Losi.'ry. (I 'olot isf prey llenlks in the Union, a hieh pos lea. mo.lly lIsikotd, in iiI. lot, they are ijocud, ll te, r~cemrrd in poi'.sinot Ifr Ticktse, which ore in the flat(' 3lillios $10-Too Mliliisou $20 CALIDWELL, OAKEY & PRI'T'CIARD. nl,' Proprietor, & Managere. CLASP No.1. V E Half Million or Catmnp Street1 h7ixni Closs c h n Looisiono GRAND REAL ES't'ATE AND S I8iCK I.1 5'i'VLIY. will ponitirely Ite drown on the 31'dInt DIecnlwer,rw Yoarr' Kre. CAIDiWELLI., (lARRY & PRIITCHARD. oil (Ifiin'oroner Cosnal ndJSt Charltes er. p loiN Ivi ,'pAi''..RIL. lni-inl J Iltnweil do t~o, 49 Culnp etrsPI, hiare thin day raerired a Rea· rlll supply of type, case,, lr·,PII· bras, rule, column guolhy , Molbio, ilninern, quoino, conposing slicek, rIlsooing 0me.'e, lir'osorn, iromn tih. onlcatred foundry ot Johnsliron & SmitIhnI, Plslosiltio, whichnis i oerd to the nrule o ncsnnsndntgo' toen. dll SAr" A3,. il.01TT0 .4'A:It 1110 s'nisO lie,. ruled cnIp p"pmr 2:t11 Iu du dolo how price 's50 do dto lt-tis'nia er 1110 do do idrils do do 511 du Ibis- *· 's pack-"t postl, ruled an 3 stirs. 'just received w0 f .r rule by John J I IAI W GI·L & Co. d': succneum 3 t A '1'u.. r, 44 Camp at l11I'IG PiI':Ia-:ii eam 17by42; 1011 reamu s 261 b, Iy J8 1011U( reams 26 by:16; I(N! reams !2 iy 32' 100 ron-a.' 10 Iv 42; 0 0 rron, 13 by:3 thinsdo, rinsirrlonn, Ihe h';ris 15,,iek a0d P0ntleotwnod for niae bI J .1 HIA8V lLL A. 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