Newspaper of True American, December 18, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated December 18, 1839 Page 3
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LEAL NOTICES. lA 1'E OF LOUIhIANA-Farst Judiial Ie- a trict Court. The lainte of Louisiana, To all whom Ithee pie- i ei.tts h.tll cnme, greelintg:-Whereoa HEINRtY VIL LAI)A PALIFEtY, ilavig iIrcIlmeed at a rale made I tIy tJhe seriff of the porilh ol Jelror-n , lllthe ropertyl hereinather deocrilted, hln a pl,.id to hli clerk l ,"I thi. Court, ill whoie ofIlcen l le oel-d Iof ane was relonrded ionI the seventeentlh day i Istcmober, A. li, 183:, Ior a Mi.o- - lion or Advertioelaent ill erofrnnity tIl no Act of tiet ,liolnaureof Ihe tlam oi Lollinint, elltitlled," '. att fortlt'. furlter n.urtnt:e of Itle, to Ilolilanlr at }in d;coil sahe;" llpruovtd Ilte tooth day of ,fhlrtih, 103:1 Now, thIrfire. kllo w yr, .roo nl tltrseeno illlntrtleil herein, re 0 irolby oiled imtlo f n lintttj l I he namle or I the ltale of I.uoiniala, and of the First Judlcial )ia triet Court, whou tur ot up tnlY rgtlll, tite or claim in asd to ri o property hereitafier teeriried, in clnre quene of atvto iatfrt.lloy ill Ote order, t elere or judg eot of the CCourt o lnder whit1h tila ol,. on ataidte, or lity ilegl arily or iltoeglity ill tile TI iprd ,senasr tlodt advertllrortnts, na tine., tor inunnoer it's al , ior or ally o-iler deofet wdlat uber, io slhow co on, wilhil Ithlrly ieal (riot( Ic id t h ltll itilo is fnilr i toel t tI i IatO tiolie pape.e, wlty the mole no made slhul tntl bte ort otrnd torn leombogatedt. Theanalddrlpoerly was sold ,yi tle Riprriff of the pr-. ah afortsnald p t toe ate:ltietl Il:y ,if S. tehlll r, A. I). 1839, by virtue oaf decree ot 'ltis iourt relldelde tP f eighteentl doy tf loarel, A. in. 1.1t9, int i stl it nlllltl ariea Cer al, wife of Chlarle Brewer tsd al. v. tre minor childrren and hleirs oif Ctt.irle' teied. .no. t2,81t9 of lia dckeoft oft t cour, at whnich alt te evildl Ien ry WVilliaO Pallrey Itomtye'e ith t .urcller, lir the priee of four Ithdred atid tllhrt-five dollarbs, Ityabl cash. tescription of property, as given in tie Jludicial Con veyantoe, ni:n A ertain lot of goaui , thll t ame whtich to ne P lu i rated ilt William Nittlsoatnt It.ll, at r ole iotlde th, issue L. Mc:Coy, anetillneer of ille cily If d.w( Irlenl, on the eleoenih lMarch 18t36, iey virte iaf jotlldlntllt tf Itiroor ol le tllirticlt Jai iory Itldti, nttl tit:th wohn ordered Iby said court o I the aitltetit areli 1i8.A, Ito be resoldat lthe risk ontd ext elle olt tnil Htll, Itr Ier. Ieeling and refuioa t, i comlnpoy with tihn terms lantd i(tnll ditioateolaiLd ndjui'iottot . Hoild lit ioitig nitutIted ill the pariah ilf Jefteron, in the loWo oft n.rrtl.sto, ieigil oteld asnllltllr Fnur itn auare A iit a plAlnollatn 1by Ienjatin RUelano, nrvorytr if rsill inrioll, hIn ewentteth iof January 18:16, elid ieaitetlli it tll illiese ar H. B. Coel n, a nlry llltll lile tin ell osali illeDe. uring, ill America iessnor., filly atn frol elevetll llres froiit on LoFre sirent, and forty littl trene ilhes Iels frunttin Burth sttreet, tilree hunda itred ne Ihily IItIe feet in depth altd frontt o Jelfr, Oil, nd| thiree hunlred and fter t.etf6 inches anli a Ihalf itn ihe" int dtnitilto it froma tlt No. Thirae. totgerther witih till the rigitt, protih irole&. Ihereinto hpetgitif1.o W siln the A. At. Bulnllanlll Judgle of tIe L B Court alreorid, tila 16th day of No, tolier, 120 P LE. BL.ANC, Dp. Clerk. REPUBLIC OF 'I'·;.XAS. TaiSuaur D AAlArittoT. City of loustou , 17th July 183.9 i N pumuanee ot a requireotet uf a Itaw ptansed by I coogree of this Republic, approved January 31-t, 1839, making it tihe duty of tle Treasry to advertlilo and eouoe to be sold tile into ill tile CI U Y OF CALIIOUN, on day by hint filed. Notion iL hereby give that the iota in tile City ol Calholnt will be offorod at Pubie Sale, on Monday, the ltIt day of November next, between tite ours o. 'Ten o'clock, A M. and Four o'olonk, P M, at tle Capi. tel oftitile Ropublie, upon the termts tet ttrtl in the following extract. frno tihe law abovo ten tiened S,, c. 4.-Be it further enantod, hat. tie lots itll -aido town shall be offered and asold for no ,llear cur. wenacy than gold, silver, aditaed paper, or tile Ira. mhiory notea of titte goverollaot. See. 6.-Ba it furthler enacted, Ilthat tlt -aid lots shall be sold on the following terms, via: otllr fourth part to be paid own, an slid tle otler tilroe fort.i to be in equal iustahstt tse of six, twelve a I1 eighteeno mionths. t, See. 7.-Be it turthler onlneted, 'llat if any prnan who eltoil purhahrsaany of tlseo alunreaitd lot. ehabtl fil to maks pylaoltitf thi onevea;ll irl etarlmentn in conftormlity witil thii Act, ih., tr they ahitall forfeit ail suchl atuait IS tihey ltlty Ilo prvrt. ously paid, aild tih lots purchatloe by such delilul tre nhall revert to tim gtvortmcutit of tit lietpub die. See. 8.-Be it frtllor eroaced, 'Tht all l.rsoi s, "-liena not excapted, hIove li privileage oft pur ckaining atd hi,lditg tile m.alae, tlil tile t retllllent I, althkorired to iasuepatennta to thelu so Oatlln al the last in. .talltlot sihall Ilave teei poid." Tile stale will eottinue fromt day to laly, until all of the lots lsal Iavuo beeh disposed f1b . Caltoun ia ituatlod ol thit Illst aotd of M.Ita3or. da Island, directly oln tli hleMin l'ti, ,to iti Mtaagttr ala Boy, and friom its advtndntattottps iohltn, will probably beitroa tite iritncipl comtltltrciil city ill Wester T'oxoa. A Plan utl tile city miay be eo ill t!ltO GenaItertl Land Ofise. The several tapers in tIlei Reptbhie,tlho Ctlin,ter. cil Uullletin, Ptitlyot ienld TLuLe A itIC laI, Iti \. .o.reans. will tubhohlt noticte ultll tIta llly a' stle. JAMES I1. Stl'All S-rtitr flt th'e re nrllrv. - TA I)K L I. l,()UL..+.&+s~lr.-u l-II .-re,. i S ior l)Istrict Ju etl. uttle - L [: , ane n tous cetx 01 o eq a l,;u.o p . :llu, - Attal.e q,- 1It h,'i '1 ;'A,. .i" 11 FlZit Y ay ial, l aall0 , 0 a Iu ' ll l '0 t +, .1 rt t ll i.. parocoor J'ire , I tr youIoos tul nurot to o oo odlr. ollllO.10 0bo.o L, I Ii ,h ( oco, do lio l te l 10tre ,n l - jotitul6 * AOtu pour coT irour t. .o r dLi u - reurs auxveotojudciaires;" upprouv6 nl t, tar, 1834. ,a Qu'il soil connu, ottouto' Ier.soones int'i oeoss ,ollt pur cl presctosoo00llell 10000.i ,n 1100 d. Il:'.t.t de to Luuisie Eno a do t Cur du Protorr I)iearlet uldciaireo, quli purraio enr uoir drolt , Ito yr - gridt6 ot-upoes d6crote e. conl O ooco t'uo. dd Feoor do furls danou to'rdre, ide qtr. o iL jr,. merit de I r Coor., on egrlt duqlotl a veos l a ir d flit ou de to... irr6duhlri 8 uu illdgotliid d.olo retimtiun, a e u lreo 1 to rIn qlu t lltut.. daj t ventse, oU pour uu0te Couro du30 qtlllolllrlll, lie . Fairc~qrlo dans teR3tej,.rs L dotur do to plllhie r flon de net avlr, pouCrio itO entut djilni ilt le n0-. nrit poe oontireod et hurulotyu .a Li ditr prtupri6iit fat vnduo palr le ShOdrotI as.o. dit, Bo vingtme jno do do l 8tonbro do illE;' . 1839 n0 vtuu 1r duo d ,orot do ct00 CL or roodo lo ditohuilime p jour do Morodo snue odu 183), dtru ns t'affutir de Mnrial Cpol,d ouso de do Iurt.- l" wor e 1. evs. Lsee Enfans riileour I huritior do Chlorlos o Ceail--No. 12809 do Douket de coll. Conr, hto quells vente le dig Heory Willitiom PoltIrcy rest rondo aeqodrur io our .sfm ite quatr c oelne loim C quantn piastrs3, payabtle c I Eptat. naderaipilun de tn prop idetd dopres le tranfeor judi amti :re. auo-r:i Un celhtoi let do torre, to oi8eo qulo (ut adtjugd • Willialm Nolto'tros. oull, & 0.00 v.,nti bIite or Ilsaac L. Mo. Coy, roguntatur do to villt de to Neooellt Orltan-, to I| Mo.r 18.t9, en verioo d'uo jutgoon flt oo ectto Conr tia 30 J tovier 1736, et quo to 11 Mtoru 1933, lit Cour orduolooio d'Brre re vwndu auoo dtjooi el et rosq1oo do dot trillt, 0c 0l000 de *a ootligoneo at do sin gortlogo . r!oll hr lto torersa st oolololotill do It. tic. odjudio.ii.ii. Co lot de torro oat sitoe dona Ia Potroiols du JotI'orrosolo onlos ,illO dir Currolltt it ool tldsi,.d to r to lii . nero qoutro do litet A, sor oil plan ol'dsord itr ansjoulii Boiouuon. arooicoolr lie ta dtiit proiaruo c, lie 20 Junoior 183i, ot dpoo.d 400n0 le toorigu d.o I. B. Cotoas. ooto. a public ito cti rills ; uto o (onesUru Amoriouine) o lntlolnqte doux pletls oloz i pecess de fose t l ruo do la Loves, qua:oanlo peda L trues poesceo de tfan 0 lo ruo Iturlto, troii nelli0 trents neuFl pieda do profOulUir e.t Ibce 0 to cUo JofflrsOl st trills cut qlluotro pgieta six poucos el danli cur to ligne qtu Into dariou lot No. 3. enosoo. - tlo.gtua lto druits, privilkgos &t. qui y oppoartotioe. guent. "dglonoin I'llenornti'O A. M. Bothantn. Jogs do to Cour susdits, co I6 Noroembro, 1839, P. IE "IIANC, nO0 3L in 30t DopUo Grotfter. A~~S'l.--'l . u mcri )er; hay,+ raealved and . re re i e.roituthyevtoy peeksrtttr late ou!iplit it ilever. Inn a es IOurggnse t3Illrtik Ot~td h ogiootilen i IIoloPfo aon sod tosou wagoooaoiogro osoig oboe tf o~r I ito~lrc tioia tu ohs ciiueou o od 0 tic 0eioerttly. I~er salcb 0 Nanat, ltiorhv & Ioilooi ioeotlct Ihot,.rn, ogodor u3I IKt.holloot |Iblo r t t'h0l0 iortl AN LILA 0ijiiIOIAGt& grio-- i ootllllll-in ngo oolilllrgo! iIi XY loawor'a· sd Itootocy,dtroo w(.io too - .otto4Oi ftoe t.f a qooatoiy eoqigil hii noi~ 1091 0e0i, 0000 jaeondng d fIr olut by to t'E'l, ttOl . Wil, u17 ltio V RON-TIhlu.ottrrocooI coli fr stle uoo ,,C,--o ,..--.. -I dooling too"iru tolot+ 0lt 0ogUitt purCheer: olly .srel of Ihnjuo oro.ooivLd Irdm t eoloo tgo1, |ilo r ootfri g h!el.Log. motla.Wa fl ull t rid crttoo ao.r'tleo nul Otl stzes. LAY''toN &C oo. d6.-4 .',3Old levee +t Fe' rloado, i,"a0lfttio td .pr....i,,g 00 To0h. pLqLlg4Io it0ratiooao t t tti, o tlrolie ciloe ail) I.v .ui.i soporo illoot Iou-ie l tgo'UtlltIt IoIrIl+lio ." tor ng tile otsTrent, . p' Ii-i I0,00wt00I tIe horoith, allot rIo sirely eraloteatiO tlioo sourey. It is rloooit·d ,i" ioglei|i onto ptleaunuo t ithe oct,, imil dtithly b OoiiofiolatIO tO tl htalth and preservation io tof OteeIoth olnt 0eioiooo; toir dogO it Iloaesal ll ntotu ill'it oCrtbrrisiV o I olotthoCiio oitlle stithe Terth, tigu'latl of bolet itpaireroI +t ii tgilohi. ' oltoores e tum oiinaiottgl oitUll+~l|.itiioiloi) wiclt I,," , ..,,. ott, renadr'd hetiifisl f lt tho e.,tioo' 1AZfA, 000er0000 .r-'t floe odlos t • '" " " u'" fao:ary oF Mrsiotor, Po· er cnehe.|.iveyruo-I ' , '', ·": '" cinoso widt tupplied noh, ,.,-: ,. ' ''' - 6 i e. i. ·· · · % I [·. ·: ·I ' 1 ' DU SH &. [,L.0 LEN o .. . ',t,l . o. g lotln. osatI litoigni| . IJ ,ogloirgli, witlh uinon fronts; lietr eulotrs; oiuk, 00l0l0n neoo muoruilo ill00 r ohirte sn llI trowrc: onobrit nno o ilk hainoii korchi ti; bleek t led fnoey erovto, iog grue variety ; i,lotgor aeerfo; atiokseotFery docritiii; ! u e o otlloe ion cotoln o .u.-r i ~nder·; Rilk· eellol nud. tiread Gotnvecr; geatllelnon(O |lutr~e++in gll~veL Alto--&s deed.| usooromiee oftldal' olod eentlt..oeni' wrrtin" ,|e~k', drree·t11(RFtPK IlllU'i('lll bl)ae.. Wtlrk. blwr P s rt Fot i-,o poeroonoir o .i -toy, t bhe lotA t.AeR. umor uoft.Charles a0d Coogron sin. t . -UNN'8 DOE'01'IIC &EDIt'lINE.--Mlt Iban G"ven years hve. elnpsed eince tthin. luabt al ani ily mn.dical work was writlea by a gentleman ll erll leew,.e. Silce ch :inh Inn, mtre. IInnlttn tt nilllJa d tinitlil ttati lit I n l'eietll d ac t it mlh wtllllttt antd .luetitet attm.II, aInd Ithe tltll'm fa r t it Itilttte -lalUn in int renainllg. 1iThe pIbli hIe'r,, Itve htIt'l revisedti, en lar d wavlsd tnni Ore anlll ill nd n aI t xllll r i i, .e l ilr Silt cir. are tn relly it i tl it i ii tt lie l+U 'li t le r ast aett, wi i h wi ie t a iftillY ren iene I. 'rlA e* - in. l" IlnA .T. & t IIt n.In iti et N. o. 161, 'a'p +up tittila .alifettella n' rt altw re. thae pilt li, ' e re pva' - fllyit in .itd thacll and exnlc liathe wotrk fir tti ,ePrve. S.. na ,Is and stttrn will find it extre l.v t.fll, a well ats fatim t. I; V I4 l Y l, 'IND. (maceOru AI e"l. A liberal diialtant ill lie t all ied Ma nl,;' e. dealeiri. dl -6tw F 4 T 0 4 1 t ine y1t sltl F.jiithei n o I w h , o fnr i lly fl" u had Frou'a lrn'-(cata,,.iItln if Intl mnI, IFlnaC Ii, Sili n.ail tIll s I Id , i tt ran i aiwI to 1 n l il n illl ll llle Thie Vial e i G1n lrywli tdile Eni t lr.g !s , I' lll llll ' nIt F A \- i. &N. I Burl,,n'scaIt loaul ile tlhifuteno t; Ittt t ixlieI h Lani dno'dil ,Nh " " Ilte 11(m lPte r II. r; nr,'i'o(mh 'al " II ,t'ii IlE teitt I and ti iltet: tt Iztat k \ i at l i Badh,, ('i o ,,.nd na ltnin ,ani ai t ali llratert it 'dll-. l i1 llr iaiprirn i WiVilliu atntal a itttti c, ;ditii w viii . b a l ai'ait llle ,glon, it hI witlfltv "lr,.ld tn bytk C. Ainty twitt ithacr fewi oaiFt e r ati bli ag' 'l'i Ik f II ). editn the I.ndvE . Stuart Ao rli w wth le a nelnltttii t. All lltn triy her llnmll , i ti el tihltnd I h' l J. Ji t'1 i te ,L ry with ,ulle r tc i a illl Te it f ll n glltlii i hoomwk ,;V.R. AAt 1 it iiinnre cived nt iapan hia b IIn W3 ,I' .I X. t 1'1 aa R-, 49 ('AnX t it 4i PAUl, J 3N E . A l1r A \ Itt. five n iNN, from t 'e dra th te Alex. T - i trrpa , Jvery tNvllrly re .leir l Itn fI;e N rh il lll i'r -litr y rens.t ea d ittn nie till , i eI iti - itl the i li t Irlrt i ta'nltl lt' l l lt qt ow w i lolllol o+isf tliHa city. [or Iolll t llta t lpinipt ll l nl k tnlr s, Ilt d se t El JOhd fi&Co. 7 aor St. Chulearl nar.d'nl ,an . st xIr.NAT'OIIIC(l I., I'ilholn e icliJ ta " rr Asnlrhe ,tn tie Yell.w I iteler of tihrnt , hIa' I'2,. C P. ( oti A t lle t ni anthrifta illa.l it Fevert , iai .d Ieinell . &ULL & C, jnaiit receivd lit for ih heIy J..I. II.\..WEiLI. & ,, acice:e -11w-o ALF.X.71 )IIVI;I . 49 Ca n it. at. -5 i T t llT )ll 1" I - (i. '.I.'4 NN, ortll" theAdvellll · reII of-ll F'Ie l'ItY S C lllintlrna i llew t v la if ir P. ley E91 F.l|O RS of , I, u minvl , l inl,. iilellidne. thi ll 1,|.. J. H S .VJELL & Ca, ll IS.nA LIrX. T CiWR. 49 (timi a. I.' d5 an ITII 'I'tt 1 Ac '--n Jalt J i nawe'l &.i , 49 Ci el ., I cusi re tive , r- Ii'hil. a iia tc d e,,r lll y -f Ji ! lt.hll' lr I heI Iln hep c' et1 vii: Kelllllky, a 11ir ll r (iiion~ii &e. & , tn1 1115 ll5 i hr wilh a fral anll+v ,.f inh,,hell'. ullrnplllv nali ,in+. 1ll9 NAW ItO' S. . ter ; atti n ' S N Cw 'i ik aeiti; t i innln ala iii '. l (ri l i -; ( iit n ill aw edit.i l-i Teita'hove with a iete-ai l asort'ilttt (itt .iu Jiudokn, Inat reettived a td f ir lula It. JtiiIN J IIA, SWELI. & Co. l lnd.t, 'toi 1d7 .. ll i+V I t, .I.I Cillt, -III rainy a ithl+l h Iv sell. ' i)I I ll rlny , llliilll i I I sal., F Ill,"r Il/ll(ll, i ,' IL· iainn ' P I y W . . The.+' ,g n+ ail' ail. It ,.'.irl( sr he" lll allll.h Ik o he tin,, If'a +ia,,; by the I1 1 ue. ,)' i 11 1t. 'Li, fll il .ll - d2 cIr i Cht 1()h,,rh, a,1'l 11111111,t11 s 1 I I:. l II 1)K -- 1 i. lir t,l Arl,,lil- I) 1 tli,, ~11 .| I h . n tulf ill i.1ut d v gfraitig ; publl)slhd I •, k m.l d C,, , I S ld . t n 'I'lls h'h.+-hn,,! (C', ,Ia'i, , . ,,'.o.i . . .. Ithe - n". "ftll stl, so,,, p.wi r , f th,. ,p , c,,,-, rea, k- ," th', h -I .t Ii ý ,,I Iht ,l ulng thInl g.d, l , \l . .\.\. , I., [. H . ..... I ,u I !.o I I11 1 r L L", rr+ I rn -, r- if Il ner -ive . I osnn-, ". i ',,-ll-it~ll, Id h. iI r oill .n ynr ellll r ,1-; I II S rI - -. 4 . ';e n 1 nr . i l I l'.. I l i. i'a Jr a ms nc. iir I u ·'i 1( III· at 1' il\ J 'L111 L & 1'o. \I. , 4 0 I· 1 1 , 11 a r r r 2A I'I'I. 5 \1'- I; l it.; i S I" ot .. . I1(1a" I;: 1 \t-ON w¥. l l Si i iv . .-I,,ie i I'llu l1- ll,_,llhl* Il xl , llu lll ·t vJ i i , pi illl, Ii o i Ili.l.r uut lll rJU L ll ; 'rCoke i. n r l k It t idgr by A I • .l(1l\ J IIASW ELI. &C'u. td7A Tr nO\V i Io-t, 4 at m rerPe Sn l. b I1 111s rgi t to ',)il¥ I:/l b, Ihll C m et lulr, lld I ll, e . I r"i - 11 u l d, ri , o n ii t i -,f i v l d11 il A llllr c li, nI w l I ) I,~" a,'eivl n tl r . sllll- 1, l l, r sE. ,lhs CII. '. hirll;,r - r C.Ilr . 11. d .| I. (i I n.ll "t '" T " " ' - tre , I ,"I Im " ' e t" " -. q r"" . I"', ,r . . p , i ;e.a t i . er of l lre ia , w ll IRh"e e h.' ,' la'irk Lre r 18Sy'n Io'i Ii) •r F wrksr I JiI l'n(r , llyle su-li ller' t SI'h lln allk- '. I " l.l * t 1,h. SIll _IeIsi ann d illhlr I lhe Lawt - Ow i s wl-I: il t 111 - LCoo IFKnS-A near supl yof ine J iohin- g n tvanll are. i ro i s el a Pr ejurllrti l Leclvs lll ve i I)ull p it o ol tat ilto ., CallO sgerii . So ublats lti" ieI.a w o a iti I L s f e a . 47 uccoA - Fpa, t ' :, 49 Cso ,p tell Ir-mo th lati of R11 IT fe ih l, l, It iII,11I",x . l OliveU. ' rih el i hi f ll olrip Et1'll i,t wilIh oI i. silen1 th r i lr tlln ril t tic lla II1 Itho prCoUlill Iist o e llld ,lieiv f liei UK. Snr. n113 ,orllpr 11 hasrles ."ri fl jl, b ....... C, n in..el-loI-l- I Ai\'a .1, i . 'dlap i 18.4.1. tiotF " I ' P t I lsl , of A nlri 1ca. b l J Ih Ilee..; splendid IIe-vtIC .l 1ih 'tl"l in C'hr1+11,"la, ,l ,S,.[" .r 0, !), t,' Itev. Jolla A Clark; 1o .llldlll Ib1 > l:CI Ih< ' Ie i t Itr Season. , ba Mtoe , byC i e Cat teran of Sllal -mli.eall r 13tile. ry, ul li sln i. ti r priv Yenr prea e enc':: "i,, r o,1t! t'illelll" or a'I 11elesII C e:ll 'Ir ' e N iftlll ts-- i'h o Vilnl d er Preet, Lioerlry a'In.lllilr IN eiLt' f er yilFe- fVl SJ I . O s Sytiione r'llllll Il all 1 i ,ernel r St. C'll rles andil I'llComon sat Iii11 Ili lly liB lhed e 1',lvl \ yr-llll illj -t r~ ejv l i Iu I r sale h " J J IIA5iWI.I.I. S. C,, U L1\V1'IE S- -A new slul,ply ,,f Illlt Illow lig I(u_.oi l I':( odles Illlllel+lil I vol C d'rllllel l, (nlllliris. 1t vole I'-llMrlie Ihler, ' II, t C villl Clllfe c , l0 v lll u3 ll c h urar Sll t Clrll. s and C| nun n aie JOAlN J IIAS\VELL . Co. d7 A 'I'O IlIR , 49 C..nIp at -- ,t .UALS I -'ill I" 1411, TI' rll lurant. n ,llire,"llnlly ofurll·ijnl prose nlnd verse, y fished e _ll"rllo'ilIgs ol varioiud .ulPi21 bl y thlel Cou rtI Ir l o-s of IIll -i.'tm.i. F i ' h,' r 'u , Ir .lw i , e R l .lo o I S c-r a p h ,o k. , 1 8 4 " , w itl lh j 'l i , ' , Ir l,. -'(" ,, ' . !..i ·. - r I. t.,i tit tll Season, a poem, by lle Coulntess of f or PIt,.I lie N,,, ( 'lhrialllaaa Ml.,{ .v YUear's Presnt, h'a; b .red.'ý h-lrl, . rf; lirieniirhi p', Oll'P.rin. and Wil,.'.\Y railth, ('iCrist Is- m II nII ,I New Y ear's PLe it, editle, Iby FI*re ick n'k year's Pre. e.It, edied Ib) S. G ci,,uJrc.',. A ' N. Orleans tutliannr'a Hall, !. corner St. CI',rle,] s ad Comnm n it SEZPPhIl LIST. Ooastwise. FOR NEW YORK. LOUISIANA AND NEW YOitkI LINE OF PACKETS To Soil every other Mo.torty ) wl 'p I ... . "l " i' op . o l riisiSIi P lilurd Lii)Il VI Iol.I, A e.I 'il tii 'o r i r SFIU T'.SVII I r " I oltl dler " .011AroGA, Ho tlit nov 'rio-t l oo i . l ,..o vol ttl n rt .h i , ovoll b'I B i t ll ttr o gwl r ilo cre-1 tO. I lof tr' l ttr riib ne. llgt i to-try, st t i, o ttlo t .l o v o t.tlsIt oill.r ir h IIhto 1. Thui't o tt n l rps tlIP t ' IIv ll IIt liro-Iti- i-trd toWl Ih"e v iv ..h lts"O ., ilt., o. dl h I F.(d FtE0 I ll' . C veroll • I oul ..o ulrht -r tn y p t il i *1111· 11 l folrP h ntll erllPfl. hiorl., le i ., i r u r l it o I lie tt f n o o tII dIe v tlloe Ihe . tl t"e ii o lvd. For lroioht Ill t ..- e a it olo h lo te t g nso ivr F- -Iv ofl it n s!. vi. Lvoittni o i n.iod iew Yo rk Live. FI' i SAIl'rli 1.S .) t. . Ui ti SVI I'E, Alleln, t .vaer, l.r viiir hur r itllir ati.o in~lge , o nllld o it blihoJl, will be Foir ii.. it o l.1 ,lr e nulllJy oa r p latltte, IlPvivll sip ri eir art le lour el, or l to \II II IIt ' I)' 'It K. i C, o11il i el c11 Cam o t A F R LIVER 11 .l. t . vI.i 1 8 i V M·al· rri will pil l - ltr y .Is. i, wri. For e ll.ssg , pa ly onll iarl, op i t l i 51 ramill p t)t Neo ok I a otlNw I v rl n, llir t t lt.' t s pTllhll 1 I. ll . l i er will wiOl nn II."r il , as lllaitcr oll I.r lyht of I5.1 u, 2110 b..lel .! f r.llll s t l.u, .Fil oill t ar, I or t I i.:1 PI II II . A II'. 11.51 Cllli'ln l tl rIlt NIIW V o I. liFot N'IV tlitloK IF It Iltt,.o I 11ckl t.--I o.h lle' i o n l To sito, no / iter To- itrrow rite n tolot iqi nod toor loo.ntuIdt ardop t);'IIA ,is, Seiars sI, IlG lrI iill punitively alvl .,s alove. FFor ig ilt I t 151 t tlle Ittlotto Or pl. g, havhlg ea i t i i ll ltio n I ooK I', -i1 lito ohe o lolt. i ll o htlid oi: tier he~ow tlh,' Vreo.o1 h Mo kel. o r to d12 A it lil".N,9.t looi,,n at FO!t IFllEli ll ' ) Ut tllt Il'. . or. h livi-l i 0111 A it 'rilI' IIS i owo 1 ready Ito re t rlo fr,-iglti fCr llly illtil Enrlti'. A fi.-trigt o ti loobug or A~ttt erit is v-,sv rte. ootid. Aotll yto odil'6 AIi. tlI I,14K . or the Interior. COIVI':NT ACIttI) i- till'. In: lnsi Iollf oIIotI-' ll oila elles llair t* i king * oIill the Uilr Illth. I te ni h ,t I' EKI , ' l.o. liio Fe'rirk, oill i.v. to t ic l ...ot . v e 17tht ....,tn odelr toeveive t--'rC--ootoovvit-- oA- ot, v to. ial ll ttiolr a t Illt ortor tttoloolr Sura etoto g tr o n s000e apply tot Iotrld, or in .'l6to Io\I1i.%D W , 51 Color st FOl 1illti '-AILA i.ii. I P rilr.Pocket. I_. - 1 1. 1 I' .~'Ill , il . . . ell - '3I ..I w II ,mo~ New Or]~ t . . .v o tI'd vr"iat"- v Il0 :t'clo k A. II. fotr Itl v every .<O Io vat itl- ,' '1 k %. I l ' , . s.- I . .. onl .od.yl l " .r I lrc htl or ill1sngU ."· t ', I ;i :1t ittoo h t h . toI - -r to 0 RIG IC,, JE\Vlilr,) AT t. I t .c.,I ." o l A UL o .,-tr.ttot ..1. r.1i'g of Snllllhho I lt 1 tL ll.el. . L I I. , m4 , 1: d·111 1-.·(l il-11 k , it , . ... .. . stltlo rtll ....rrI ii t oiott \' LS FiOR 1810. A T- .lý'itr ye , New, lustk ltie fluingi. ; plen . ,r-'). araIhed I a T K. Ih b ,, v. GiT ,'. ,f It.l '.. Ii d.a ' in a ssA-,en.fiv me hicc h4r . L--" I i.i fr 1 r.i bv..l. l by hi , I .d 4lu- ) n ti r I'.. AI' t. 11i n Ilwr t. e . llr i 's hto.. of li'.lut, 131ll, wlth heatmlihl emgr'''s i : - , ,,lil.,l h, tllo" 'l, ~,llt=4 io III @'lle lll. T ihe b.l'l, ,e tr s 131I 0, .i.te' b.d I . y Ie. Iluarl I h 'e (lý l' llr si II ' , l'In fi" 1810; iad'a r a tI nh ll 1+ I .sl ayl by Lt . liril i.. fThe 4)t 1of a '. .ry' "b )1,J l Ia Ias p hithr l Ctllun',ca :I h litti .'" lsk,' fl r 1 1i . i.. te.. JtitiA A C l rl.0 mo rc.e, hboUld. l~leinobHi'I ifl iring ter I1310, by 1l;+a \Vahtrmlnn, eml- :A; The (;rl1 'or Hiilln, a ('lIs. ll antl New Ycars ande T41II ,Holkbal-the lilly inir,~l¢} orte C uso ue A) Tin Se.I ,,rr 'rlin'. Gilt Imr 1340. i 'l'h,. ('l1hl'a gent, Ibr I310. T1h'" \'inlet tot U110I. A The (;tfa lhr l1141). The ) ho.4ll. e p so,ta, ptoer by the Couatleas elf 0h),,k- penar"'.- I;lle'ry, ty lllniyia thye ri ' plinipla t afI .l A ch:hl.lil. F+, 111 the phlll .a II thle Ruti' l I,,III. ee ti. eda,. ....... Ch . ,hri a.... .d New Y'elra' prea...t, by F,'tl. r ur 4r "ir, fl tyiyt A F,'i: ,il'shill's' llbrin, andi W idow's \Vr..thl, n ('hrist lll,l. lald N.ess l'ea-r'n lPrenrlll, edlted by Freder'ickA Snuh,. rt. Tie 'I'ke, .ld Alt.ltiC S, a 'hristoI cad n\,w 'ear" n ranr ct, edited y . l ,I. (oIi, It. 'ily Iais ,f Pyar,, ('nary ind Art, tar 1l11, ills- A tratei .. iI rertfnain.u..hy Itt 44. I.. Fildell, fr0ola hae i .es Io J. ll on. re aI ha by Iiac r ( itt ii l. Oldt., . ta. e , . c a e.1 n 'Te IlNtos a B the I(utatir. or tlta (Coamrtf Qttuen A Veceri'd, wi th rlad dr enlViarsn Fxracetnd Gler th. aa1y-,tlealledrt''f .I.. & V E.tFldmdl, with paetiaal illstra t ions, ts- te altb r JttliN J IIAS.'VEiL, & Ca, A d19 Sacssor.ra to :lTatwtr 9 't.atp at i oill( )LA4 , 1Ir(ElBtlY, Nota. 019 ,adi 20, jaut re 1 earive.l Vr tale by rAd Ian'EI.I. & Co. F d3 49 ('earllp nt? III" ' It \\'(ll4 4 --Jaoal J. hlliaswtal, I a ( . No .a 1!t Ca),a st.'t, Ittaveijaa tt.'i'ivrdltilt (Ihil .delI)hm t tI. IIoitt,'o, a a'rul a aidu v f at' u,,i,.nl I i yaok', at ir. It' lit el ; ut. ;a lti.i.tiire Luuia I, st, leow feve8r. , The aser l',ledy et' i.anrur, 1a3 o as. La .[ ro , Josehine aIOhio ,~k,-s m di-aslP. of h.e eltvsf. . Mer,li, il and urir caI monii.g'raplh+. by Ardr.I. L~oulis, Std,I4. c. te ri ,oi~el ofp the tlheory nud pra~ciiee ofF iletoirie, bf r.. ll h . . I). d' d Silt (PIIInT)' 'I ain tht ullat hr. i S iataa- J-O l N J. U 114.19 IE.In &1.,I, 19 tst r.aret, r.esp.etlfllyy .,,li,:a r',er' f.oa n arlilia s l, f th silta t) a'etrr 'lly, ftr f"Plea.+, s, Ty' e, hnk. I'nii rr, nodl ,i'very alrlicle asI tablei f ,as prinlin, oilier. 'lies hIrte isn hand double modi a )taaat,,,ttna ',',). .t1 ti itirial hilda'tllrr royall ('r.,.ar.; taps finalty ynl ' iitryit h Ililiyatpica,a 'i-,t aia. a lIrgetg'iliabty.l f ja-' ng ,lv r, tnr,gni, lall ea rulei, allae',.&t mac. fi lt l Cll s a , til rd l ill n i N e w l u r k b lllr i P ; t ita , , 3110 reta" ul'Iaiuftina pl)a'r froa l 9 iy 04 it. 2-i3i 42, ei)tble fitr mnaphlet, hook r newsaper which they are dis p,,.,d Ill sell tin reasonablel rirlel for city accell tu'sle'-- n i hlbsrail dise lillt iia~de fi'rcetsh. i iat'r. seating ordierti ttIt & Cao, ay rely paon get)tn they -tt.i a eratt,,rer't'd; a tha tlch nieayl.ticaa filthe rat are vlir u th. ose. lhw tyih taken In mcntmedie sfl1a i 7 'INES-Burgundy. Btrdoaut, Chamtpa'gita, - Mladeira, lRltenitah, siarlilttl Hoik, Iiq'fare, Sreaeived by hle loat ulrival Iratan Franc aud (ear Iloly, alld ioldT by tpstcrialrll- Bturgaunldy, Nuatt. ClI Ott dVagaent, IOriat'tage, Ralahad.a, CI betrliartu. Laroae, St. Julier. St. Emii. lion, 'aiteaux MlargaeU, do L t.-, Ldovtllo, Sott. terno, Iarcay. Grayvte, LaIol, FIratItgaa. (a.aItpague. 3110 batkhut, E"agle lrand; Palace bratrda; Palac.t V~rconay a rand and Liberty brand. M ,I de lra in p ip e s , h a lf p i a s . a n d hI .l' c ua t ea r caskyt, old L . , . ,r , . 18"', s ,. r" do' 18'- Mg' .,,',.ytuter, Gra. ti 1 .. - . Il t 'L il.!t r in . 3 )2, . . .ni . r"1... n . . 1 n. , 2 i. " ,. L ia l il. l' quors. E JOIINS & Co. -L.audieg I'raltslhiihpa S. L.yuis, e t, , Ile, Jae.hine anld Ohio aa,' ..,ru ill rases atedy hl islaaae do Judelal ill artolnls Madd.r idla...kt,barrela 'nd kege Sdit peter ia kega Floar .aittl.rit 'arrels ef I.aairud gi.ger iat do It.'e ,ear it hags ale 20 hbla ea-tor nil Sal a,I,1 du va ..tak :it, a.iatrayll ia do .qedhi'tit, an abt powaler a.t- Castor, il h stl Is ici Patellnt lediCllle vioal., assorted i ais a ir a-'itti ~eu.ral ias -at t'iiiial ,t.diaillsa forlplartliatOt and dealta. For sale by JAIl.VI 4 ANIII",,b.'S, r.- aornar Cain. y TitsyJitut at LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK R Zuttjority of tfe J tate of loutafana. CALDWELL, OAKEY & RITCCARD, MANAGERS AND PROPRIETORS. Q1 The First, or Half Million Lottery, and the Seco r I Dc Million Lottery, are respcctfally presented to the PtLkt. Tie HALF MI[ LION LOTTERY will be drawn in December, o:-i ,t one drawing. The To' O MILLION LO TERY will he drawn on the old pI.nlil t Ilia ,'li 1 Prr ---Naumbors in one who.. ".- - . J Prila in another wheel. Both Lotteries. under tie superviaion of two Judges of Cour -. WILL BE DRAW\N: IN NI: 'I.l..AS.: The WIALF M ILLIO"R L )O fIERY offers chael ces to 1,291 PIizel., dt., . o I.c .. , :'fe t. ' ',t an. .. . , frzes oomrc posed oflTick s in the (ir.tnd T'Iwo Million Lottery, ltfordiog a ,artieciplot Ot. . . .i .a '. icket ," t'. The GRAND 101 'I'ERY of Two Millions of Dollars-1U,000 PIri.a!:--to t1 . ..' -" .- 00t, o whlich I I: as of rs t Estate. Only 9 Wlanks to a Prize.!!!-Siiplo Nos 1 to 100,00.0. 100,000 Tickelts at .2J--2,tI110,000. Schemne and selling price the samtre. Amo,trg tihe Prize ii thres two ltte rica are rmany public and private hnilding, which adorn , ,ty of New O)rlenh , and arr, th' pr d .ri!s inhab. itants-the Voeraida. S1t. (har e str1eevt Theatre, Amerircan Catp stree i loTheatre, St. CharITs Areuncadlo liiigs, we. lb tot, Dwelling '-. . Stores, Building Lots, and iantiy enlltlr squareq s lf Ground-besidus Stocks Itll i lis and otther instttutions of, tie State of Louisiana, atnlounatig t t . TWVO MILLIONS FIVE IIUNDIIED THOUSAND DOLL. '-. All the ReI Estate ad Sitocks olired to Prizes are owned by t:etn and in their po.soesion:- heo acts of sale, with clear titles, are ' and recordad in the oflice olf Adolphe 1tlMzureau, Notary 'uol u, and nofice , of cnvtyance, ri ady to tr;nsfer to (tI holders of 1'rize T,. iillctlhranoet': The prtpterl y o asl sPo apart alL dtrably to Liat n.ul and ly purplose', a'ld cal, o .n event whatever, be collveoyd u:ltherwa . . to the hIld:ro of the Pruze T'lehta. AMERICA.N CAMP STREET TIIlEATRE LO 2 TEI Y, CAPITAL 85.10,000, IN 1,291 Paizer! Will ibedrawn in DECEMBER NFXT'; and in order to gratify, at an early period, the purehasers IIR. ofticktl , to e collliinatiol is adopted fur this Lot. tory nly, of 1 to 75, wherebhydirAu triwinlg wil be completed int a few minutes by tlhe drawing of 12 Nullmbers f'rom the wheel. in ti the 67,525 Tickets, at S10 each--$675,250. 1.291 PRIZES!!' 'rot SCHEME. TI CAMP ST. THEATRE AND GROUND, Will be Irize to the hilder of tihe lst, rid and 3i dleaw II iir'.rs . . . . .$iso50,oI - "'hrt ubs l altl four story "brihk buibliulg 1 cItiledi ArIIstron_'s her'l. i lllllng rite ctrier of t.rItr r ic. tlllrihe sttreetos ... l,llli 1)rei. n ir I Io 41h, 511 a th. Thllat voirilrt.lle litestrllle blII store on r IldI Le vee tlrelt. oc.cupiedi by tile.el.s II .. W t111p kibr . 35,*000. i I. 'rizer' ti the 7th, tBill rr 91th. 'That eleganllt dw u.llg lllun le all i t, NI 74 NI lhovll stre'tl, ser ried ly: \V Wt ri, udrich 253,0 Thrit teO tory dorlre dwel!llr and doubl lot 1 he oin 'dI3. rorircrlrri by J I1 Ilall . . 18r00 tPriz o to Il I rlt, rd rrrtr 411r1. Al ee ti' re aerort of'rlrotUli iiftrriumrri." rrrt Iron el .tIttr. 211 it. It-urmlet by L.iirlry, ltie on, lel tnrPII mr ll TrSil l nrrir re sts. 14,1100 ri l'rizcrtr 1t, Areiiid Stir. Th'la ir . -.tory strlr ild lot clrepr Clllemp aid id Juli',occutpicd by Mlr. M. I.autlner fur dry g rood. . . . . 1',000 ie 'rlz to Ist, 2d and erib. t. 'T'hal one .rory svtore and lot corner of St Mary be andi JIlin j tr . 111,(10 l ir T'ret" to lit, 9dl eud 7th. [ A creifitoter hir 5011 tinkers in the two million 100 tIrose , iot $01"l erih . . . . 10,1'01l The IrI eIUIr' hold r of thin prir. in Iu rl elizie til' iiu I t' i, tiilv th i olrllill prsea.+e iorrn. throll gh iOwn- r ~lle lllmll r " ' Ih t rinrclllrie Olli f i1|" lotlarv, wc ' I InI - I ' rie. to tt., 2d eerl 8th. wil Tr, li ro huiillhg ltal eetnr ive lot in tie cily of l.nflyelte, it lllblllll ais,ri l ornerl r \ llnllilt.tol illd t'lopii.twa stat. 10U by 2U00U leer a,0111 Prize to let l ' atd 9rth. r A cerrdi at'. of1 425 tickets in the two millie o lottery, $ it ,'rtih . . 5,0011 dll' Prize t l0 2d alnd 10th.5001) N That one strler dwelline house ande lot, 9.l 11. Na ades t t. 1l1 toll dollll = lot Iurller of .lel oll l.,le ,5011 . w1,i A l ',iV ito Inr, e l3l o I th. 3l oIll n v I. ol re' PIcn I, a h, . O I er." is 1r.1, .11l n I 11 th. A deellrrmg Itrrrlo tNeIeI reitol Vicloro st.i 3d 1. ri r 2,I h c lot lirllg erner ufr lDEn 1 ccrlihcalle Fr Sl! tlerr td il t r tile two inilliun l tt e r ,t ','t $ hra Ijs , 0 0 0 eitle I li., I r,31 1wtl c eth. on fIr A lot rii cirlelo i ,r I Na thi'es t. 2d M n. being the third lost Ia ll 4 oll lllllel st. 5,5011 o Pr ez t, I hi :+d rr ll tt'. - 10 A re IIIIICI II e f lo 2" lickets ill Ihe two Illi o lill p Pletlry, lit $211 ,rll.; ,t r0 ' ." I'rl tor l r . 10 e l t i to' 1-~: ~ ur Itr rIrith ri lil th A ePrtl . rl hat it h -n I0 t nnilli Itt'v rl l $'2I olll 'it 4,l00ire . ',izdr t I t,: l 011. A d' ir hlli't Ith l I, an-ir.i rl r t.h- i, . 3 . aI djolil i t. 3,11O r00 'iroeo 1I, t, 3demd 1t111. rze I n tat, 3d lo ad I I1 ,h. OA prhi.r c dnsislllof au rttifi'ante i ir150 tick e ill lia tw r tir i hli t i oith lrto, it $ uco 300 i I'rie t I l i :I IIIIII IA i. (toi 'ri e i tre l nret if rlltllll ill fllll ource All t nitli' toll, d It . iro1h i.e by ii'h.rty. is l it liri. Chril'et 'ull Errlo sta.5110 'Prize' ito let, hit cnail 5ith. A dlerirllt Ibuilding lot, 3dr M. corner of Aloe e re.t and Ill lrllgtl orI. 1,900 be Prize le st, 41h nil d 11t.. A deslirello 1:irdle i ot lt2 ltete on Slhitegu t ter at. 3,11 I. 4t'r t l t . 1,0 e0a lit' Prize to lt, 4it ind 7rtth. AI rleire lllle tti' gril.nll, .di M. Ihouneedeil c -hy thin, Pee, I:rrio ene\lisel. I 6110Il - Proze to ict, 4111 cll 8th. A pell lil " lil IIIlre of gL'round in cd I. hluntd. d by Errate anIe Eagle d tr . 1,00 i I'rze o Il e. 4tih en 19th. er A equerir il'rirrltl in 2d .\Il. bounded by 100. ilet. linec a u t li etc. . 1,O1 I. eriz Iors, 41 fid 10thu. Ar elig tie lui.c lo Irn, lii tuh ,it rcir r Ivctrlai, 2e1 iityifl.erac er.e :39 heot I cii \Vlshirpgellcltrett A 1 d1"hlt frtllllfoe hil)rlt W n lrtolt s. tr t rloze ht, 4th and 1 hIh.r A oilhlire bot I ', tEc ,ii. city of I.aoiyelt', 3 S to 'tr" o i. 'llhillngt lo ll ,r -'er, and It lot trio m e I, Ciriiniwa sitreet, . 750 ci Prz" Ito Is , tit and 11th. F t,11r Iu n ill . I I Ils ' lo ttIIIe, c ity oir L Ia ye tel , or :t) itn 411 ii 'crt n nl, , I Fo rtl sten tr. Ist rt., 4th L irom Iltt)ornr tIhr ev tot et.otl c$'.l1 rilOra 2,100 t ' to r It dlitI 5111 rircri Oi al-I.t 51 11t Si 11 1 i -rl-- t th Sil r 11, $:i:ll i h nd e.nil. Si, tll n I nI-- oI f t Ih I 1 1 Stir-lot, . toirt ot leero toietecornelrict otlle ef' • 1,0,a d errr. iSt, . "h 'rize I lIt, tit and 2h-lt l 7ith and . 8th--ll, 71iI aldt 91h--ll, 7th n11t 1 1l1h. I w Tirw, rizes, ereh cttrlitltt r 15 itkie.rt rt t ill Ihe. wi tll illiol luile y, 511 tickel's, at $20 li- Pri e to I osf Ii Icd h-ih-i si , 6nlt t nl l II e -- i ,11 I- Five Irize.. emiC 8 Scllhree o s1t" i illi Pitr'lctltrillc railroai co ro , 4ll llt rLy 4 hidrne!, et $1I)l ech, 40a0 Prize I'tolt, 7th ,d I lttt-Istth and t I+ lilb-r-st, 8Sti ord I lth--lso, .th fnd 9h- cy tot. Strt atld llttt 0" Fioepries, c.ech 0 6lteece of Poerrhatrain railro ti tletck, 130 Ihaei. e1t $l11 3000 on Prize It, lst, I1 and ILtI--lot, int andci ice th-t-It,9 hand 12t-lt, 9Oricir lith- le, 91h arl I~lh. Eight prize, "eac llp crOtlfic let tfi5i tileetrl i rilte r v ,i n hoi ter . :11111 ticketr, ltt $211 .jll ,0110 O Prize to le, In ilt cl l dn I11r-ll, IIIh ald re, I 'iM amc, 411'--2l1, 3d aI 5cl111-l-ll - andt 611th--i2d.3 rl and tith-2r, : d cdh- 24 d adc .1oh1. e Ic n i':'l lrs, each 3 h.IlrPs orf in tle unk S21, 31 a, l "-"dl,4t1h at 5th-r -'ill hal 6th--d, 4ih and 7th-O2i, 4tt nand rh--'2i, ee tlnnd 9th--2d, 4hl and lotIh---'d, 4th and li c. 11.11. 2 1 . h, l .Ill "t'r'.lllro. I', l--'c , r h0 ' . 255, 00 alice. inetir Ntwed It .'rnii ,I l.h cud ba otk p dg ceotav, 3I i holl-n.'o cr.l . 113111 p .roer i', the t tcrt add eel dr cod a n 4th. Ont holnelr.d and crltWee-ie Ierizicc. tech Ico shamt ' ee O treo re. n c' ii ht crud bi nthirig creunlay. '2S5 eharers, at $ ·1', . 5,360 Perizce Ic tat 9th dnd IIIlh, nr 1.e "It I anl I Ith. Tilrhte Ilctlertol1tl60ee(ef prizr*l. e;tll a tr. i,.caPr"l'nl hilr lickhor iI Ihi rio illiro rloi Icr'. iinit tiCkOls..l *lII3, cod 7111--111 ulld lith rd llh 11t1 'nui 1111. tilcrle lttr :I1:ekll,. ill II IWd Ilillict hit terec 1.1:5 tichetr or] $0, • t6.160 0 'ri;tee II i t t i li:d11-- .1I 1i 11 1 d h -lnllll n lh--4iti cr1d Tjl--Stht cid olh--irb acud rb- Tir 7ced alt Ililh. Fire hkudreetad fentdleded do.rilsee. $640.'0 81r G-RATD LTT R, TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, 10.000 PRIZES AMOUNTING T0 TWO Mi1LL0NS OFI D)OLLARS, DR.VN O(iN TINE ILl) l'L N 01 BILANKS ANI) I'i'LIZIS,-N( U COMBINATIIN NI)If RS. 100,000 TickctM, nt $20, --- +2,000,00. SIMPLY NU.MIBERE1D, I TO 100,000. Tho .oloino aLd relling prices aLr tIh same. ar Lo addiiosr or rurvaololuns are mnade for expeonse in tht. ILIor'ry : Lthosu eou·ngoul otxpoLesuoill oporILt Ls a IL.u AdouctiuC fm Irulua vie TluLuiun et oL LIhe prLoirLŽrty. MODE)I, (IF DLIAWING.-Tl Numw rI Lt 100,0(0 1will bo rieced in onLe wheel, and Itlhe eare, nuerrrlrr Blanrkand Prizer in anothrrllrrohrl. 'e1LLVery nUmberIrT drawn feet oaroaow l,alirike Frrut iLIr Blank and Porize whauul wi;i Ir drawn, Utiltilru wIl olo are drawn. TILE FL.ST DAY'.S DRt ll IN( OF TIlE TWO ILW - . tLION OI.0TtIl TY, MIONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. pe IT 1" ath ,lx)' Jrs d lr wi ulnder the supervlion of two J.d0es Al uof t',urt in New UnOUl.u, and thL ahelsa d a127 seeale by them. 10,000 P RI Z ES S. 1. The VER t\ )11) a.d grmula , vaalult 1It $500,007 %V Th'I'll's 1, a biLleh and plended edi6ic1. is sorIr:cs * a:igh, and prel ts Iront of 145 f, etl o1 1alt fro, T te pr i tcip al portio h of tihle fr t of the lbasI. - leII sll .to , elr . .oI'm l ii a In . tit b ll"r ' 1 ,Be e hotel Du Iei gt stores. end two ereall ellhiea oi 5 Itel f, r wl'ich tie r.nliCi d 'r olllhOiM. 'i'I A ll h Anh el ylevisldes I+hlan 12 ) 1e, ill t lowIo walo uhpi s endreniers i a tile lllat alllshiun lahle hotel Of 3l000 1. soulll ; a3111 eIr l, e. nlll oll a lille I e I ne tnll. ll iellll ecom tlllll ed ~ih dra ll i llr'a A ) l.Ims, ur hollare an1d1 bed room. The plreentl rlent verl - up r1es $Y:,)1ll plerlnllllm, a ld Iem' s L e llllr el d the bly pro isillllo i t111 h11 le0,es t, $3.:,,,00. The I stlllres on the I as., enl l rell der- it s ist lr ,hbl' of 5 lllmel. ltmo to $45,0011 to ate lIh foitl e holder of lhis prize. 1 11' ll T. CII tllRl TIIITEATn E Aa)d 1GRU U.I), wii thle sceneryI llnchierl, Lei ardr,, .. &. ml 5001,00l 'I'his llllp llitltiellt llre r has n fruit of 1:30 5 Aeel olaaSaI ia.tila ll i' ir l, w'ila h a ' &i thhIi h a fr of 17l11 fe 111 II Chires Areo l e. I lie cup ci- by tv nd na.Co alllllllaLdn ious~l ithn llll rll'lls d wi l .he he n g1lla i td m e it its aeterira. 'I ae oad erao ll lll lll IrllI r ll 7 1 9 line. t'I ellsl. Ta lea- llr roOlllP& It, t rl e .tel re of t rh,- tlold is sit-p en. ' t -le a-n . 32,000111a ltt 1 t mlg olieial tohry eh r, t2 l inf h ouIgll, 31" 'eel n eirlllllll.r l , 4 1 l a 4lllll0.,1-tI -., l,2 11rise wihh, 176 gi11 IIh. bt, aolnd cost ,$11,7,+ 30. ire f l i 11 -awel . . 2,0 IThe Thaeellar 11d I llll.hill ar Ill Illlla(l un lll e't on :. l t hll, llll d tile wllar' r l IaIll e n llllCeelll. 'Thi whv h.P.e0ahli.,i1 e onit c flo Iw nu le td ear 3IIIr.'ll la l Ial' l 'C I lt;A " Ilo r 1UIU 1. l1 I)I \1;S IB tI'IISH , GI{O)G UD,, val· re d alti r . 1 ,00011 A L lale lil 'l lllli'k of h lie ('uciltehi.; ordel, 5 1 ellet autmll Camp iire.,t . v ,Ialll a I',' ' t0 h," t I tl Clllrlie I r e;nlloe, 4"st , 1 Il l. 'Ill uth n 'inl t eailroaa ii llarle l,' ga tt le la' htt u t 'O I o erll ltlllll- tll lh ,1 la 1 ell tt l llewla1- 1 el Ill r stlries u 11 ti ided iq' te l 42 hf e atll'r r alll)llie i n llll p allour. Thi illta llla ellrts llfar l00 per I. 'lb' ellire ltlanre e o earoull'llll2, llteIlt 'i" s acliel, 2" ei alla' btlildia g halotsl, Dryad~ 10,1 hIraneed, hy 'l'tac.h11 at Mel'lpo lmety, lleratat lll, tan I u'n.I, mIreetsa . 57,011 a Ii 2. 'Tfe I eaII, altarey bneler on lien Jos Ja e stan rl, a1 llllllnl aaaiatlp, l llalatllllll ll; l Illl thibha a:n 01 ba 10e s o. 3 2,00 ( a 0. 'rhe fi earoef ,r.el-'llstllre, No. a e la .v ea' lalll' 1st 11 uOui"il ' I Cllo-llelhta .. t. 'Tbe fii t o r elorv eIl e brick dellin aIOIIse tin Call(l llll e t! alr. 1:21 ,lea. UleaaI , IIbM. 1 Ulll.l.l b thbe orllnr of a ;rll' i.r .l. 311,000 i I8. Th'l e C IearO .l" g raaao l ao li llad0I s dir 1 1, tlI t 3ILrm ~ 1e ll I O lltll ln 3 ll 1, flUro ll 1 dt el h b UItl'[) an l u lerr uleo St lee Itua d ther si lilne aa' I lt llb't i) 111 dg. 2 ,00t 9. The rtW i ir ,ith 1e of grfom d on I I.rc e hs b,1 6slree, m ,ll un1 cpe itlv of I6 ol a, bhuunl d byr tr h )lel , mmr . I str,.P , tc . . . . 25,00(0 10 . Te 1 eh t ellll a e gI r liurull 11g tell ereoles be l leat1l, aI d U IliC 'i lll , 1f, tat lio IU)+, a tLe led by sit ere. er oe street-, n, I~.~05atat a 17h ,000 street, 'I,1 nlllllliCil:liy, coI. a1ya 18 It , aumledl by a 2.a. 9,00(1 172. The entile aa1l.ra (of goundt o ilIi Benolaln troel, d ', lcaip , htataillclla, aCt aollllll a II O h talla Ide nd llEuterpe a dllll Terla si9lore streeli. a 18,0101 b 1:3." 'hle e aire samlre of a roa,e oe l t flip sle et' m,:2 lllllllte* litve nlla lliU ll It; lots hmluu a, Iyd BI nIo allll l l'erlsilthro streets. 1 ,t000 b 2Il ,l d Ia' allll al 'il lil 1, L ial'la 'am Ita 1a ' ala, h0taueea.d bya'l'erpti.' .are'a , La brty n ad leetla rpe '1ICi81 i ae4Ia'. .a . .]a11t al "5.daae IThwo slory hoae ani l ouil Nlowtto 2 I. Iveu ..treet II ' al l'lu p ality, cl 'Ilar l' l ,ubiU I street, :30 by 105 .1,000U Iit. The sqalllre of itrund u l I l.rcules slleet, te 2d muicil)alll t, o l 9 lots, bounded be OleItu-le lse, E uaer l " aa ' d F el, 0il slre l.t . 12.0 )0 if. The squ re illt gruln.l il Ili.m l street, b .2d wu1cip:Jit., tff it 14 ltut, ,,L.n ledI hy .I'r IJ1la1 t OI Il.erby bteales, a;d the lille of Ihe eI 'ah ,herprolcrly " 11,000 18. The. aulla.el ot erlhnc l ,ih iyeleh e ia slireit,22 ul llnuicilall,,uf 16 Ilots, bouudod b! y Liberlt, T." riuth,,re atllt i h(wtYYrd slreela 18,000U 0 00. l'lla s1u1 r, ,,fglUICtIi l olll shra leel Ia aI IIUclatI lll l a l.f IL I ."-, hyId ,,'1h by eatll I .(,ii lilt.inl' aa d l.lerto d.rltts 11. 0 ll,e700 a 2 11. 'Ilre jIrt m ll r 1r)'l6 "l Ill . llt ,l altin en 2tn atreea I laaa1lh. o l 3 aflo , l1deltelb ' 0'l,to I a dll 1111 Is.IIP.R 11l0 tl .tl .0 32 . T' .'1a'ee sr'ay lonildigonala graarl on Jld the-' ' l ~lll, 'd mII e tt I. ch 'liler o l"..a C eat atl, lf arbl b tt 7f et 9e,"1aen 100 . The s, ;m, of 1 rmid "n '0''alie she05. ha. :,I l. h I a"to sboata de1 al htlerllnle., Jib bll Otl laetad l o t.l t'l. . 5*0011 40. The Pale sta'le ctlndlhnnl on Jaiaa sret2, Sfankery, t llavhlm+ 75 .v'T1 , • 9,000 21. 'I'I la ll a t Ir af e aaaa1 l l t a ,h'I I . ne!] nen 10 slr a tllo lha,heada11 by Ilhenwrd, TIerplIn.u 300 Jneal" sr0te1 ,7 m 9,001 1 , td -t. of I3 lols, blallel,d by a'ersic lulre, I2b w- h . 1d anl unit :'nlc',ts atret. . • 9,11(10 ierle. secr . . 8,50U0 1 27...The .1e Y so llr ildiolg andlRro .tI onI SJuolin olreet, " at. brillg 3, lt Irian C adp h 20lree,5 by . t 8,000e 21. I'h1I'4qarta oln f a' rte on MthllaO. aent8,0 .tree:. 11 i. " 11 6 le ,s, lbaIuIl teI d b y Jlauob Solis ndI lTer-ilnr1e sICee 8,000 1 419. Thee er nah, a'aai val a'and on Juio a d irenle , 7 :loh olill' Ie.t 1l 0o1 fcl'a -:Il II Plrt~el, hlt"'ill.."25 by 7, .t 8,000 3:). I'llr h q,1art. ll enruuoJd ,,. 'l:hilt Thalia treet. _2d or. ,1 16 hs. bhoul1ded by Jul)ol, aul.: a.ld u1) :'I. TlIhe st lll re It groU ,+ld o lI'll il, "Ire.l. 2.1 m. UO I18 h, s, btllalhd by ,llulwt, SoIt and d 1l3lm powr stl retlt 6,001, 37. To'lle one st,,ry buldlhg .nd lot oni Nia.Io deP lt reet 2.1 nt. tm o.r if "'olich re s+reet 6.011tbein032 frmRbnsn)I) 011 insa. 3l' hv 105 feet • • • }9. Tn~ hle sqel fr.: ;rundollln' F.rrat[, treJet, 211 it,. n 1f8 toslr, hound, d .Y Lby rlu , r l'hulia and 311, iiu. llohllglhoin "tu 4ti l iot r oIm'li Tlrl.ichU .e .tIrue, 001il,4 1 tby 1.7 5,0)11 7td In. 5 .I5I .,, bLoulllted I wI ' whil'.lld v 1en ,0d , 361 4. The lot ofrourlll n l Nne ldl s t, 2, 5,0011 11. heh. ll Ii i Lhx o he l firlllmihg lhe corllel ol d'l'n +. iI it'+t, h :2 l I .e CALDWIELL, QAKEY & PRITLCHAUD, .'y'ew Orleans. Aug.· 3Arth, 1r3 45. 'rh1,e plot.tio . ..f a squre .. .f gruul..d oto I' e, 2.el'l te. of 16 Iunl, houdd,d by l u:s I a1mild L.'lulu n t'retls, nid other pra e i. I 'e lot of gro.n... fIrn i.g t .he. corner f 6,00 'l.llo uad 'Tl'rps hole ireeti, "J2d . uI'f32 by 27 frt 6,06011 5,000i 48. rl'he tn storyv brick Ihnu nwlUl lot on V hasIIg oIUI el ,II1IarIIy ofl.ula ? teterlillye II It tIr on , h p20O1 Ient I n1liih . 5,10' 49. 'The t tituale Iol gnn'I l in 'lslIin : tadse, t 2d nt. of I t; Itels I)hoe detl by Alto till aud .11 , u"( a .1 0 ,1+ ,ot dnl , t II I .(glg llbl' 1t, lll( f l., inj 7ne s5reote e I~gie e 5,000 )11. "rine ono dlrv building and lot of gr.ond Ls Inyulll. s :;Iner,l bl g I' qh i I3 t fi ut l1 Terp :ichonr'. rrelt,hiviii a:5 bl1 1'7 leer 5,000 51. 'II,, Illu ll I . nodfg nUldn illI t .t rele, m %I tin ,irr s 1and I theglo uvenle i , u. 5,000 ,ra2. lot fT o I Ilf lllrpsichl l t ree l, lun d he ing 32 b 127 lerl 4,0100 5I. A , Int fgruInd on \ll o trl, hd tll It ll o1Ili'ls I sId folld by T ngllgiianer nŽtl'lIbhain sal ,,lh 3W s , .t r 4,000 54. A lot od ground on Apollo street, Id m. ic h I 3 4,thr I T,,,, 'ernic hur.stleet, husin g 32 4,000 511. A io' ofl round on Victory streel, I IIm. !luvihg U20 by i102, adJhoiing the let )t winag Il cos r ltur I'c l llghl et tr7l u t' inel gt • 4,000 57. IA hot ., grued , :n by 127 fN1t, bring thIe 4111 lot loln llllll whiuh lforms the c'lrner of l'er psichlretp et . 4,004 s 5I. A lt Iof Igr llllld ona Apaoll sltreer, 32 by b L27 et. bet.lln the ad tt trwlll ll h tul whi:h fo'unls t al ll.It" Ic r If,,, Ill)l. llfe 'e t t l Il. '100 51. 6 lot Ie'. nlUllld eAoll A olalj ' , t, 12 y 1'7 lhe,, adjaoin.lg the lot fortiug the tun'r of 0ll.)' ane,. ,,srto, 4,000 I0. A6 ,ir io 'j ,.'eround , i'l'hlia stiet', .d 4,00 Imnlinlllng II los , llbouanded by' olis and lan sel .tret,, . . . 4,000 1l. A lot of lgr 'und on MelponInll street, lnex tl, tile lot f0r, in, the nll nr of Apoll A srn,'.3'2bby 127 bee, 2.d u. . 3.500 02d e. 3' by t'7 beUt, Lding the ;.'d from wh i,.h lurlln the corner ol' Nulvdes street 3,5Z00 Jie st reets 3,000 6l .6 It \ rot , n.und .It l ehio a tr, t, Ib ilg j Ilh,. bi ll ,re th.,t Ih,.'h I.nras tihe a ,'ll r of ,0St Jit I.tri et ', adtlt , h og 32.I 1 'rfeet 3,000 io..\ 6 lquareo" f g roulid I.utlni ng ll Isllt, Ibonllllded by CIherr, lrratu, aud Cli sl t, ur gn, c2, . • l 5000 67. A sqularnre of g round a la ing 17 hat, hollllllnd by \06llalll'i , IIb aI 5'h ar a 3Tl Y r 1 lItl, Cirule1anane',-11 efaeet, o jan0.'ulh t.r eA s2quar U0 ground containig 8i lots 10 I.unleld by \\ alniUU C Tha liaue nd l 1et '1, a 71. A qtultar of gcoundn containing 1l llllt bounded by ult, ' .al Elr annu td Lnetl 1,00 stresets 2n •1,000 7.. tA quare of glr.uad, Eo.ntiuing 4 u1d0 d bhuullded It hl. ' ihl la .i an d ,Ja l streets I, 00 73. .A Dmnua l a gr..unnd, aeluta~iig l4 Ilot, buund,.d by ClUals, relntueimne and .lrtia ilrele . .04 ~y,00 74. A squllre sl'gound, coutaiing ig 0olau Iuuuded Iv Cr nheo, Lh, Wr tkUu Erar- I to streets 1,540 77.. A .qunre of grund coutaininig 2 Ins boudald byi hltlaund, I'rlatub ,lrc ad 100 li I 2.A squnr of'grnuld, a OUIlnaiuing 2 lutl oudbda by JyrucnI, irrnl, Peunn mad blib tletr , . o,54 77. A flr.uandrl CuanainE I I[not bluuded by Opruace ad IIeach sltarl. 1,500 7j. A slouae l rouud on cuuliainltg 92 late buuulded by l'enh, Cl(r, Oan ar iad Cle strleets re i , . 1,480 79. A squa,e of grolatd contalning i1 lots boun ded6 by Will, Maplde rsd Clio slrees 1.50 nU. 'l'hitr anulllllar luare' of gr un d busUd.e Ib by CIlrlcIs ind Tyod eel,. 1,58l 81. A stalntnol' groullnd . tlnuiu 4 Iw2 lots hoLnded by 3Maple, Clio. L'luPn n.d wadlauy s r6 orri n . 1,400 I0.. A mq u;r~e gf lround containtilln o I ,ot bilenS,d .by n'hnrr .. aod hha&liapn.a. 1,00 :t)3. A iqIltre of 1ruullutd or ltaintill 10 lore I1,( ,llllllI.d by . IIIe.h, ilurtl a IInl \1 .ut als., t ,7U0 ' 84.6.\ sull'tuv ripruull tL 41i14 IVI. 1111 , t C Jt ltlm allr , s , a d by II ,te. At f J,'IellR l 6.| t l:.lirlln l 1t s ,l900 b, t b rc, L,. 'I, ll, e, I.a u solld 11 ,h' I ttrI t . 800 i. b l ellllqlt ' Illo a Uelld cslutuiti nlg 10 lots bI,i .( ,It. '.'ech i d llta rrIu r.t el, 000I 0 1,80 Pnab , .,,..i . . 000 II. A i Iq f o(.uud , +til 10 Iuall Ibus da d Its I'.ll , )eaJ rmIcd ILach i.ttr 808 1',1. A,0 Il letcer ' if at l I,flr u lid or 15lolts ,l t Ml, ph lll e e, a alino m Wtl .l et I .t. 5 Ir.neulnr sqlarel ul glruureD mdd b0 niill e sal ad n.rp htrea 800 ,. I t) s l u(. n,, , I r l:e l o f. rllnd llt thne ur 6by I er;e.iuure non halnl stI k.ll, t4 0 ' 00I b, M 'e1, ll, nd Mar,i'n ,eI r 00. 0 o. I r ilinea'rIn qtel e b o,, 40u712 LOu i 750d 1... A 6 atoarf gr.un.d Cmani.nnag 120 Iot bldllrd Ily MphIle, LVnluIrl Illnnd Pou ',hl Vs 9,. A not f -uarud on. a gnWdshlhllltaltee Ih th frm1 I wh I whnll Ilslu I thO, oner" 4f 1 I0 . A 6ut In grolluld .o .r.hind ton saurde' bilm hellnltnn rtlh ii ltt'res llf.e h1 c love 97.:1 squa10 re0 o 6 'nlIubIi lhte 1,'ugt ll tsl b ,tded Iy Maple, nollsyine, lle irndr Ve. 9.A IAtrlnar .q inro O grond boule lnde, n 9 I. A trianglau r .qie ,,fground bounded b bly Mel- nn Junt y ri'O tre , .e . by 04) 100. A tot. f ollii f0rtnihl the corner of Ilol.n bhnbl,,. tI Ii !L t.r i s, an,) 1I., on the litter 00 0 lt fgrond fnlin the corner of . 7pand Fir Ili n eaie ina thL ain a lare .y on Jere tre, w.n by50 100 S " ', I o ' "r.'6, I ', r :ll nl e urOner :0,1,1 ,'.poaan +.cb,aI$ OO , 3,00 l 01•in b , e...,,. 1Of cance stuck, fl f75 , f. e Olilany stock. atl $0 " d. • 1,... 114 T mwnilliw,.o fdulln' ir ,00000I0 The DAIL? Paper is n,.a irintitql With Ui el l type on aen extra, duubl*w red all) *Iolr .;ijto) per annum, payable, 1.11 anfnuahly ldlldveuglla 'Tlho Tm 01£OILr Palterr. cuetuaoam !her reeas1i rlnaiLur "I' wu clu lr , j10. peycbic li. rrr· .i lrlre) where nfu City refirenoc is given,,;.` JOhrn crBON1 NEw OItLEANs. MAY 1839;. JoB piINTI G " 111 r101 11 D)iOARII'5IO. ,?ECLDII.YIIAND1IISCi.Y ANU C5I1IAPLY EI:1IIJIPl " :, AT TIE oFrraU by ruTO True JNericav, x9hLl.S a 2ltEe r, NEAR rO YD"&S.: ThWTi0TN(;IRCUIA . rI'ICl: I'N ) w'ih th Gr'IatesIl Ipedidiorl,arld ,.',1e uisuropoewad i Na n. lfEf.aa, Ir .Ini ,: rf a) (,IrIrlru Rflora in )r. Charles Ex (::crerSI a I R U F. " . SRIN'I'INI OFFICIE. '"t Chartle Siooti, uwill b 11,, `, INgofATFAM tof, aain se orlore. tI'aper, si& d.epildh, Rln airing their ja. C)RUKRS It1UIW). £ sos' r-' , PndrooIIInd St. rI'R II (r ORLEANS LITUOGS"A.Pbi'U pRti-INTlt~iNG EttTAIILISHli.' T, a No. 53, Magaxilne Street. (,pppOsite Batiks'· Arcade. WII.LIJ.1 c jl lE:.VE, I'llOPIUfE6biO JARVIS & AgNDREWS Jl IS)&. Eý D W 0I O .E EA L N A N Il ILI :" I )' . I)oA I.E l& 9 S MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DIP .S'ILFi-N .iAIl) II I.W))DIV GI,.SS, C:;rncr l Count,) tadl~ 'rfluullitaaias streas, NA'IIHAN JARVIS. JIIIN W. ANIRIIEWS. ,t large rufi'lyt Garde n .llreeo. Iurruuted til 1ru1tb II) 11137. SCIIýal PLIN & COOPEII GIo()CEI: A.NI )12.tI.IzRri IN I'IRUVIS1ONS No. 79 and 2tI Juliai eel , New Orleans. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING T'AYLOR & HADD1)IN, no. 51 4Shrtr05 00tr600 IIAA'I: utuuutr~ttl ·Itl 'ly." . r att'l eruruHrlre ''"'ia to );utluuulu' di e, f tI I II II ecor'll x lpOai111 l - IIEAi.±l)S IN ..IA MERICA F\.L'lSI CROWN GLASS, X1. 3 CAIHII~IIlf.Er STREET. 1 BAZAAR. SUSH & AL5LEZN NO. 1, LXCHANOIC HOTE1L, Lbmer ofI St. CIhts£and Commfon.1.,. NEW c)111.EANS. MI 'OI'I'EIIi IlraInd lI ill InrI'IIre cIId EgIglobh I'erhow·r~ ;lhre.siofg Cate. 1111 P1115.10e Ilook., Cutlery, tlnlk, , Glorea Shirts, Stut~k, Umbre~lla.. (ýn11PP, Ntin 1',I(-n AIitilel1. .13 S4-uUEL 'flIBY, .Merrh~adire Bfrokr a4. Cnnolniision .lerclhln, 113.1 mire, 3.6(. I p 11.-Flar the poreent. 3. P. FREEMAN & CO.. al holeeuI CI·lhiws ErItaUE.hasaU 11 AI2 I:1listatIII 1o1n11ld u large sulpply of Clotb Lni. ull Fin- ir lIInI mrII f r ae 'TCUI IIhir as. ýornneut hei u:; hunts.T~e ItlrmlhH1I1* frutu cite counts\ can be a11,11ie d tit Jllurtu~t notice. I1SVN Al 'E COMPAWT U) N~t8 ORLEANS. 1Thi0 ('rapant' or O nIt proepreod ft o ta RISES AGAINST FIRE. No. 24 1Iuss1I'u [luilding,Carol steert. EL'IACY, New O ,IrI oIIa I Illr 15 1 8 139. N )'eror. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Camp streer, Wholesale healer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, oU30 Windw and PictureOlre Gss e. &e. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. RODIVXSO.'V si GOODH ILV, No. ON, Charlres ltreesl, Ooe Door below Bienville. I- \VYt constantly on lhand every artila appertain II lg ot greuoartle's dress, t len de in the bent man er and imotst fahiontble style, which thly offer for tcals', t rtedloct ltcct. de4--I _l_1 _ 3 WDON WRIGI T IUATCH A& DSON Al aE openei ofeall fhe in Now Orlemsi. poSseeniog L eqatl drvantges oith their house in New York. for the )arpowe ol'ellgreving aJ priotitg Bnok nOIatS. llond, tIlls of Excmhage, Certicatle otf lTeposi Checks and otler ailolortunt Daper,. reoqring seourst against lurgl e iens; d have mdnde rttapele povsion for the.bafe keeping o all plutes aod itprenSitOnI entrut ed to tiheir cte; their slpeni en snterone the noe lot' over io hlundred lhulokio_ institution, nod all orders will be exeruted with tlnruptitude, and on thl usual terms. (fice eorourof Royal and Cnal s.. l New ()rlrean. Novemlar., I . --ta. ItEo UL. AIt PR aICI r. STr. LOUIS SEtI'lti,' NESTA'UI AT' OP PU IT -O TIOE EXCHANGE. SE Subs 11 trihpr b te honor no inlone hir lal iar uand the pobLh in ieonerl, tdst Ile will pean, odneil L.dth ilt a ltonstanct, whIere persona will Ibe acotrdinlo C0 lIl ill.of fare, . regulag prnies, ria . Fifty couts i l pirosiklast. asd Senteaola entno oia Drtner. ''ie breakfast will auuna.t .t to dillhe atd oltiot,rli on up ul atlt smilkL halfa betlin of who and branl at disretion. ine hinner .nil consist of lhtes dishsI at Ioptiot, •a noup, hIlla Lbttle of ineand Unead ait ditoretillt. , gfreat lnorer o/persons haoe [sn complaning for i lung llle of Ihe ioconvenienee alll au tableks rlotnes lhere Ithe are obliged to be at r ngtler howLR. T.ns suluriber LIs the oiote of htving obviatld that inoon elliuore in .atolllslto hiti Inestaurl atl reouler priresl taln where peron I niull be atrlendd o0 at wIry hnvUiro the due, at chreelper rle tn at Ithe able d'hotlea. 'iTe nulbroF ihr habs also elegant salronn fur-prirlvte jlttties, arl will reecule city delntlds-. 015-`_lw M[CIIEL DOUAIS. T0 HIOUSEKEEPERS, HOTELS. STEAM I OATS, and COUNTRY DEALBRS. t -1 il sl h t .etib er g ele a t w ro ur it ij d ire t fro .m th e onttfltettritr k rge supliedo (e lnCi, Chila and I i rlbethe~ls tb, I tloot i nant, Pl.tiltd ld ;Silver waroe, lI+p, t'lt.,lehiern.. Joltvtattty, hit'ilit ware and l I'.. slui" risllig gOr.d RrIrtti'illsy whlh thelry oker at i t.s oo l h I ll/l'e, 11 t Ntt. 1t C17 . p Itre.lmtl d Na O. 4 I'tt ittttOt't "ttcti. hl,--4w It BIttIWEEt & Co - MANSION iHOUSE HOTEl., 5rl ltl'it utlrotgnetet presnent proprientrtd tttlti well tknolwn ernl.lltllllltt, Ctledilli I la.nsioan Hoem, I . tv.l ItI OhtIlti:tI t teNol.9 li, Iotl tlrhE httlltr no a iIll.ltlcoIu It the plllldie, that thelir grevte-t car slid 1t e tllti il be dltticuotL toilller perontle 0b-' ,tity tinvur tliut with their patrunaeR. Trie td " tt pt ige e tn nro-ully ntie hlose Itr traellern. flr its lo" .ulrtietun t.. i...... arTa w. ell kown .,alitit is W elllle- lt to entulltleto te thrnt. sort '1l-ly CUNY & FUL'TON. 1MANSION HOUSE iHOTEL, d 1t Rabtonas. "I OS itfrlearitos uove1 proprietarino del blen A eononedo esttablceimionto tomnbrado MAN SION HOUSE, :tuudo on Is call. do Is Obropia. SNuon. 119; tienen.l ionor do anuneiar at publieo qtue Uns matyores elottnoa y stnneionne neran dedi cadao I eophttcer a lao pers0ona qua lea fovoren cottna su ptlroniuio. Lan vanttoja qun pon. di. eh. cato parn los vinglertc, tauto por an Ioealidad, etnuodidld, otle. setcn. son tan conectdun, qtue a inu tit enrtnornrloe. u21 aei-ly CUNY & FULTON. 0 MANSION IIOUSE HOTEL, d is Hosanse. 0 TES soutsigoos, nouventus propridlainll do IN i tlab isenmeot situd dons I ruosd In Obrapia. No. 149, eonnu .anssl non de MANSION IlIOUSE, ont t'honnetr d'infomonr hi litslie, qu'il. i0 leronttour leur efflrt. pour so eoli&. .igo.aIs son persoonne qui voudront bien lion 'lEi,;Sln Iur eontlfinllc. Laeo cnnmediterqu0'oDO Onte stelt .on tnt Voygelrs oltoot o.wes Onnual 1 ponu un {,ults jugor nt.eeoaita d', faiy icli I dltai;. 0 1 oep-y I , IfUL'rON. ,qr - ...... . t EltO-m r le " " - ~ , tI ltot- er rt tr'nednbgs n ,tt , :n to . .'e (hoser e.t ' t .0 ee.o ntwto io ` I' l . . l, lt ul " \,.1\ " ... : · ,..%+eeM·s tntllly tt all tlu ..t ,e ltr .n:. ..l,, tueI°t II t e po le' I're; silk, Potiontutl aIr :c.- u, i ia Ji ,.' a... trh.!*'lb i00 rartetr i _ ilk atutlkeruttnv ,,.lc. .. ta..,:v , , r at ht i rr in grlplt t.-iapi~a4Uee. T's r .i', dt'wi...t ,-.,.t t sn rl v.ou d .n dtull nota alete ll . Md ilf . a . '* i nsy tpmri4bd fdet /

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