Newspaper of True American, December 18, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 18, 1839 Page 4
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.6Olr wlrdlir x il 'oo+ books abl w e ?~he "d.n of itim golden no Illet. TIhe nhehrilmhr have re. t theirpirviol s terl,k onhand,afull Ch ilnt ofartieles in their line; viz: :. JIwellry, brushes, loaking glasses, ": ..i.a ngin pot as follows: r t Id, li-mlt plaint aek,twist, osi', ail paie, curlandt "t oX t iro1s of every dlescription H ( t (i xie .ter, Ivory gcom nof every D ;bhur; * t* ltin i 'td packet, toagleer with a tfFraeht anntlaoriean. 3 --Cologne, Lavetnder, Florida, honey, .l rnloer wafers everyrrsizeand des rated Cologne, extract of lldrgamaot. ll kinds, shaving do ill cakes and ots Lsa lWuird'a vegetal,le hlir nil, anto:d St's mell:ing salts plain an, perfumed I. wdnrpanrhlpwder, po' "l'r pu anod boxes po- I it rlls,om and chlorine tooth wash Ii a ,t h a;edteralaasaortment of JWELLT.qntd oldofthe latest And nmot fashionn b6g Ottaxnnnslting df white and red cornelion, toplne in edtpnet lafilangre, breast pne of la gree" lr. watch trinl igs, gEllr mid silvr ,ckles, ' ea ailrlmona gilesd fa pt toils and orguard eni mpetatic -eDitlhnirns, airdus crunbe,hlartlt, loor, ec nplah1ter, comtb Nail, sholaing, shoe and .,. tQ LASSE,---ernan static and toilet u iaantn gifng ltand Fntech dressiog glltsses, uihom ~ t 1 vaotieiv foteher kitns nut lnul.'ited. SY," AN) VARIETY AR'I'ICLES--Freneh s) portabe lee . ks and dressing cas, seile n iserint and, n ln h 'Balrhed ladies work boxes and dres etaine ang e witah itdl .withou masi, m nsieal boxes. Ac da.ornedaso eva s inds, violins aid goitarrs, silvcr ua t leta djeilaiid leads,wood pIencils gJer carpenters nad .enadaneslaihlettloKeR.gunsard ,istols ital inl vitut bans prtsston oapsn prreusion , co t char , l'toople'e 1rwdrivefs, shot belts,game bhgs, Is ash Iniucib.ighl tea etts, Indian beads ced very kind, bells Brnd Iaues, rsallic n n aeneditkn f y ho ar n, idr alit ber dnoant cnmmon knives, razors and scissors, a ond les, bLdles, pins, silver plated, steel and thoelan slea l tao ole pult books and waullet o various kinds, vll is iting :cure dard cad easeL, Olaying cards of relochl, cormn. n and Arica manefa, ctre, molats imitation fiet rlit s boxes, prllts of t arioas kinds, Sanlldlr' Polntlev' rmmeason's, Hillmn's and lahwkit's razor strap hsni metallic honcs, dirks, fancy bead necklaces, do wetb ""-r dmps, toy awtehea pae rldttn , powlcr flasks, eu. .td o rlairseed beads; gilt and silver thle, gn claslei suipn er, d garters, plain and swaod l , b3rk0 uml , soaltk, die, opictal'ot.nes, jwsllarll a Iotol (natchn and dsiking cups, with a great vliartey of otcr lrta t, all ofwhelt will he sold fi cal s ora ity ncceptaa- y sea on 12 mouths credit. B H 51IMI' S, I co. tnMILY litI LEEs; e, n do ,ll el tzi. street, a,. row e reeeiviagfrom ships Nasto ville Ilnisvilhe iittk3, Eagle,and other hnte aloivals tresnt.0 :. St .e tlts 0,ties, a large and new atlentcd as'sr'tll t !, Boots Shoes than ad Brogtns, adn lIltg ofgen rtelln'sfinc calf and Morotcco lbols to L24 quulity; do buftd, asld storu t wax I ogeg Ihoats o riousquinlitles; mea's flee atlf seanl :id MoroCns t a nilpo's Iand h brogans, buckskin sored, bro. lls s l eppel : oen's line talf anl kipped ecfioed sloesanl oI rgans; dio Iots; do stout kip awl caa pergglel sle 'ttdl brrans; i enttlmeo's best qalityl tell sea , i sltes, o isogons atndl baek l)ownins; dto t:ilf anti maloreto ekle slroes nnslhbrogmnes o ol calt l e al s tidl eMo,r I oelistlatcns still slitl't ns,do calf, buIIll ot seat Wittgs, s aew article; do line oealtt seol and inoroao o.utl'lter lsots; boys', missesanodlren's pegor ed l sale twct I pb Oies, and shoes oTfevry qualibt otr ; k ind. Also a genernl asortlnent of bell'sa stolt wnax and rs-tt br'ogans anti shoes, ItOgelhr with l1O,(k) Icier r ugri bent qality, rassett o rogans, tliecd int tht I llksob mace expeessly totr iplatlaita ioas; a gtmll aiS-a t lllelll of nell's iliue and stout kill 'usst't Inin'-:ttgSHa Sw artial, an, a ttarg qualtity of ell ifetitorlo ualilt rt sset Slid wtax brgans. Ladies' fine calf, senl, morocco andi glnitn welts, anod pimp nole shoes; do f.inlet Frenh .ll 'tllllo aln kidl rtin rcemd slppers; do roan shoes, with and witthout iclsl - I* falf; seal ind stout leather bootes; to I'run.lla shoe. It - I fall kindls ond qualities; do lasting brogansI; to goitir. aantd tfoxedl bootees. Misses' lastitgsptitg .liou:lnn taso s. Cildrnller il ore rd c iiOLmeoi atad listLit g bon t s tietn hoorts, 1te. ientleteu'sfinessdlonmhble ilack silk hts Ito a llnIek ans Idrab beaver do at a superioe quality; do iinltio, lit amoido brold atid naeroww brim men's line dlinh( an its 'linhk Russialhort inaltped low, a inew rticle. 'snothis' t at ;e size' hats et difetrent qualities do cLildrae's Sln'atind hc)'s blaeckl lnd drabwonol ts of various A slo pea, witLk general assatiaelnt o boys' and Ilml's ' I ls assorters,lt will le replenishorl by the nrrelal olf eat i poekets om the nuase ialctle citics, all of whict fiolle soli iel eoilmodotint relnls. sito I--if _o2l1,UW..1 ARE... hhODOnD CREW :, SAD IRONS, &e. HRE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beeknan street, New Yorik, hoap received the past saason, auld are constantly rbmoiving large nd extensive additiotns to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the allowing aasotntment, suitable for the southern and wesitern l intaa]aete. _ Hollow"aitare of superior quality consisting oft beoc rip5l00ians, vae, ."-P 2tsg 2dlfloreol t sirze, from f:8 to 50 gallons, BlIsilt o fl. ' oes, f1ossi 3:8 to 30 gallons, , i.Keo165stiie's, 'rom 3:8 to 18 gallons, S paneof iOvens, 7 different sizes, isKettles, 6 do . . tillele, . - 5 do S ,ledtSp idon . - do ^ oesred Spiders, 2 do S- td, Ices, . - 4 do ~ F ,tagsd 6 do i n.W heoxoa frotm 1 1-4 to 4 3.4 inbhes. l lC-t do. 5 to'Qjneli.e; S d*ood $s erews;0,000 gross, iron and brsas, from ;tc inchob N. 3 to 39 inah, No, 24 of a superior g' .l lj aft finish, and less than Joane's i nported Sad t-o.e n, asserted, in casks of about 500 lbs for ;.rtailing. - Tailor'i and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sslaweightsa, 100 tolte, as.t ltcd lfr.o 1 4-4 to , S1I1il'forn Platatiols, steannboats, claurcher, &r. eirbav to 9rder,., " -.Alosatetb,eeat and other machinery ade ok, '.edor:; - . eI ho.iae dsfortmennt .otgoods is ilartiecuarl eeinommsiidod 'to the attesttion aol Soutlleor andt WVertaleri, ereihanls, ad are oftcrarl foir ale at low poices,. gtd'upos tlie moast liberal terms ;it is hoe. i-tevod to Ihe til largest and best ansortiment ever offered for sale -by any one oltablirltmant in the hatslted States. Merchatnts, by forwarding a reqnont by mail, cano have a prin'cd circular. witli deosrlptt ,l f gooRll:, priocsland terllis, f.OLt which no devilatioiO is Beer mado, farished by return of mIil. All orders will receive iuntediatl attention. New York, 1l838. . e3 ,.iatco Forte Instructohn. Willin $upin lenadeTrs hi services nto thle eltl sens of .New Orleast' ao a tencher of Ilo piano fore.. Mr Shnvinpvben oenphtoy,,d rverral )ear nna teabchor of tmaero in private tunitlhes itl Blston ansd alit-elo-evi;raltd( he felltale Oltilastrles in its vtdtlittv, ensrit but Ipo Ipe to erit tIrir conlloldence. lliesl oertniired nto [lev oDr Cl.ihp, Mtiars Steodt.o Avery,lHeodersn& 01 3t00"se FPr irliss, L i lease apply at wue buuktcre of AlcxqderTuwer,49 C.atip at mIIIt 2 I jRE;$-'- GARtlEN SEED --'Ie ,n ,c,,c,, t . li-he; to axprea-ijs llitel'ul thanke ls to ,th p , sIb;, foi tlnsa-llhtl Its hsn c.ier, rd tine..e I .ndemsnliiedoinkaobem 50 thlis criy. lcitic sol i)roi-e or plets.r oE'(lhienedeitoissi 17 Cainllleln itrto, , t u r -t Atat-qoll .wr" •w t-.. I,,r any aorilorr asrca - 4oqsahfgp l t. eih~l. Ins connreetd witi any hboune iit enenteneononitetoe0ry depatarit.s itl the rseetd hunla - .teu, in Ihe ditll eat eran eti f Est atopn p re n qet t`o tif l Itio~eg an the Uilitetl O:tati.s, Ho i. pspw*re,,n tshe iaoat exrtettive Msttlgod - g+ n, S elo nd e llc ll in ti rato t e . t-lo eeni ;sinoadditiouto ta Ito pe..e.. rry doecriipitn, rally the ,sn..tnlfted Iruit trees, al as .sp ly an. od,,ln g a ,., s . •g ' e nnl o tim ei sc e d lin t .. t ,' l. eiin triinds nd the paulio 00 - i : I, t',lt t atreot, wlhrrra to;.y ,pott c 0lntnlt ,1l t.,lll~t~r, stloh .l eqpper l;alo ktli o,,% ., 0000 a. tol,, l! tnhehrbrana ont;.o;, O nj .i :.., l00, C,-,0o h ,att tlitItU o ", a ,;:.": ' 'h , t :+ or,..+,-+.m i,lpa.a, Ilboy I. &i it bustemda of out door work ro,.laltei roofinl asld futesaiag Snaanitlt oa htnOd .i ih she+ l ae sT.ill despr eto ol btetnraqss.gsInce ott Bsndini to ,,rs'dr . , a ,+ - Tea M are the eel r the sraiet and tha raviation presents C llre i a vnlaes ih, f calr -P:etreoarYi, tfIrwinavilattasa ie laaarrvitlr Latit. le found upon any st, ainloa t, fate in the south. ere regrtl. The great imprnveTei <li, ro te have teen prohduced by ther ' ircn atl hillv nit inf new trld, by tle pre·lr .re, viz : fret l Lrat G tl.e olo lynfavrtu -hivu, ant rm of 8rana Roesa i 1, to [I trynpU Feirr, oi the Chrrnhhaahee rirr ien a miles ahoveh. o;,,w lor 14 ah, arBilff , whereby athe wtviation of Itl, rj tCr cen surlinent der, nlits,and motreS rllyR the incon- a Veernest erarsear at the (rowlI tr, are e-ntirely aveidd, anlld a finea r-ed frolll Marianna r it Ilainbridge,l i',a'stcad or I.te rounrldaba t road viar Chettahotllaeltarc. Itrssennlr Ir e t lileai, lle about ,Inrlty a rtaie"s, nell Irtrea.ling the faclittie snore than atrce a dar Alia,. L ,-artnh line off rwn herI e stares every lIther d,.y ilra Il wkii svi lle, via. P. rry Ia Macnl , r a a-tartarai ia wilth tihe lilne to Bavoeaah andi sd A mail sttnmbnr atlies regularly between U Dinhridge and Aa:lhmn;.i.ela. 'lravallers wishilng Io reacll ally palnt nna Ch:at l)nrtrhal e or Apalahe: cola can take isteo:.aboat at Dr wraseviule. Mubie ou Pliensacla-1- nd Rou le--During the . time oeclpetr by tlhe rrepalrs at -il's, the pro,.rie. d tors of fith Fi ,rida i ae will run a line ol laur horsae e;arches every otber dacy between Ma' h bite and Peatrlfdr. will leaivte M.ile ati 3 o'aclch , ep t, in hie lU r aail boart, ald proceed at Hall's Lanld ing,t where a iour httore coach will Ia In waiing torl to:rvley them ta t ie rx-,r.llcat houseof tMr. Chiarles fnHall, 1 1 4 mile distant, where they will find r, pleasart accOltllnolmalrinls for ale ni aht-leaving ad next orning,a they will nIrive it 'en sai eola rerle y It i.e evtni::r , thus avoidtlntg the disconIt full eo lt ri .htI traIVrillnl. te Olice rat atha Mansiotn llahse, Mobilte, and Col. line' liotel, Pensuranln, where septas t tar be setr - ret*. S T'l i+' t' , & CN . n a v I It e l ratlous i l" ate f tnllohin woodls :and marblesxa it ecated itll te a taa LPt)a lalatI ec. le WOtOlDS M Alt l+a M tltah5-roy, Eayptian blalckl ad gold, (ak, (;lila and Antiao, Polltrd iot Oriental or vcrdl antique, led do, ,adsper, lit urled Maple. Ilhmd (Stonoe, uirds Eve atro, ( i y a ratite, or Yew 'arce, hialn hite, ad ColnOll lllll e oa l lilack iit a llll l lI I terlla, eaint. a ti, ' Anlurei .elt Grey, rat Ash a hile aik, Ie. k a. k Curled Ilia, at hptcimees to be seen at the ainear. Paints, oils, g- ttss, coplal vrnisi, a . &.. haiE d l for i sale. -C1l-.NA-I-; . &.-l. iti't-N WAltl.t FlI, , e36 C(hnrres a re!r, New Orleanls. ' r11 S-,:I.GlA iNT & Co. imrlporers of Frenelh lW and IbIiaUlis China nad [Earthen ware. are . opIleltiing newir a:ld rie-h pillerns of hreaakfna, is alt ining a l ra ttsr-t-ice , taitlet sets, pit-chel s, ta-t I n di c tliie a cups, teaporl i iutrs, a creams, h wire , ci .leit', di-ler, ilureLtms, w ash hasins and ewels, Ir t t at ira ll i . et c. ate. ot Rlih Cult anI plain French andl Amrrican glass. es wara -- laets, IhI ai - paitne., i'.manadile-1 , jrlliart ts, clarel l wine-, cerdlall, centre bowls, docr alllel. e ur blersa p reervediers. ele ries, pia'hersielmpsl iap shade and glatses, candle shadlios, salt cel , er, etc. a Alvlr" plated, krnazte and brirania anresr--canc el tar e, litlgtr at-ande, cile a ir skes, cantldlas licit, lrane thes, spoon, halles, c tifeeeand teolIjl rts, gars, creams, laiamps japannrd Iras, astral salnnd-,arnd r iinla g I lllrpe, fini at ller), German slver spoallns a- and l.rlit, Int rtlherr with a L reat variety of articles a ur fLamily ler.. Alerhllaans, planlters, hol is, and isrranioals, f.irnished waltr goods at ihie most rea. Btllllale pricers, nldi pla ked sn as to be conveyed ld with salely t- any part of the coun'ry. S Alsoa, at iealIries'era c ls are. not 2 s CURAL -Tl e sub crlber r alr i htve- r tulaIr ivy In Shand a large supply of ('nanet anlld Liverlposl col, I tIn hilk. if superlt r quaialty, which they offer for sale in aots to suit pu arh -e rs.. t Also expected b tIhe lirst arrivals from aEn k Innd and ihlra North, Cann.l, Lehigh and Peach aMountain Coaln. hralke and sereeined, put up in I hIgshendfiexpressly far annily us--atl of whi It s they ill dispose of onr the most mnodernare Irms ( Ordl r lelt at their a ilice, No. 53 [lie vllae at. Is up astl, lS. ill be pruImpilyl atended to 's ',ri . . . -& A iOtaLI. S , il ., .. . Ii . ,i Al illl 11.1 L Nre ro cloths, hlankeits, laor:elel Itnse)s lowril shirlipn~g checks, lin uns, cnallco, handklerchlefs, &,c d6e recelved aad for si.e low by the subscri. be:s. ROTTA & Co. oct. cErner C-menl ad Cktlatrn s st InW- (;O(1JrD15-n rons Iblatt Lm no are nowIV re. Sceiining from oa btard, ships Yzooi, und .aratoga andbri onrordiN, ,Iilo1 Now Ylork, a great vnariety of oods m io their liie, which together wii their fCo ml e steck o hhi dle, Imiaks their assort ct veryP:li, ph te.1 The ollowilk co ii s -el i n llort, eiz : eltl ir ,c..r:, tide, tulk &dlll rririoslll Ilad o dr ilo ci a bi tbcrlbticrlll. i lin rcurocliier silks null cdt Csilecid c 1t, ir't ter+, l, l lille I icti slpiene P s, 1 1ciccc flltld L& l ci.'r in cles ehllite ,lowldters., lowei pullmb alid loxte,lais oile poe.Cr, pocket book. end a tedh- books, sit ll, pear, itoHie an etorie tIhiiicr liith cociBe g rcIaiither l'iinci raI lead. , ciill. e, h,:oIIi l a cncl . ;iii', icIai coIll' c CeadI ti . ie[l llce l cI1ii - l- rllpil Jl, lils i]il r n lr d gill b de, india.n LenIs, t.,1 ;nill 1hinois pistIol ainu i lI'ge low. .slls-illl-;- lhhir·-o iel 'IliIIiiiarrell lllB iti kllve, ta, Ililc . Isilc aid r i .r, iAid dui'til' Icru ii= lii'o c.l I e hjcdioiai , llvi l , rI t eii LIls( co t i ln .ll rl'tcsllnens. d nlld ex lracqF- I . iio.oui r +, ~l;ar, 1ii I (, li t C 1V'I l'sLI vc getoi hbli cit Oiii hIm li cand toili iiiiaet ires l tde cri lU, iclii,' cd "ot -l' ceskc ing ,id clc f rnig cusicarlv ull l uxs, c il ii n rili .i l ic ciclll llud ll a Vest hutt a r. ill, pea:: mil itniv" shirt dt, sl irt tld g g Io ccilll icii i 'oii' hllllcri, tiii llecks and ii a ro . d1 c i oi c ,tnd gilt tlml, clre l;et: Iromnani," dh, sihie', Ir'l' um steel 8ir Astle. Coonper es, Loir Bis, iil Blljt iuin Ch slitll iDr Ili goh , l ltlr . to St icritllomll ellh i i- d aC ril,iic, icieIuicio Westi ilcicsic o coifal; Drci i RamsbothLem lectuTto London hospitl; tobert [lorg.u sol-n,'ecturer to Weiitm i llg' iir.iniiii lloiit, nol; Dr Sweatman, lecturer to e, idolls, x t hosr)iucl. lc nccld acnior lccucihir cl ieen Cl parlotics lyidt Sin-hlospitol; also by H alenry Davies, C'r l goI Bluld nm l lcrrun, surgeonlh .\e " :..' hDr Morreu, hrorvdert of th grlea vrirtyof ohr ,il Ni II Shell Coili racair.dt "'Il 'I'IIs1 o lAoIuEe. I}IM lliill.' l ' I'lli'll) ISIJIL I At. F'.'I tilldl.ld rfI1i"S new isow ulicc:t fr thib radical oter cf Pro l cianeUteilri, or rolliig or thit Wciii, liy cx t.ur. l iipAlictien, iiuplcsodiig thi use in thr uben jectin DabI pr.semry, is confidlitly reionmmidad tl the aliii cterlci i the iic on O iail rficot roar tiWon ti lielth, it cad Ithrlinog r'iled o' perlirinhing a tro, eei uoiller ihlla c at cggr aicled cirashc tai res, It bes rtcoived the dh:cided approbatioaica' Sir Aistley Cocier o Litl do; Sir LBnjolltln C lradito Sir Jlltli ClAot, Psiyician th. rhl Qi nll Di ACashwell. Lci-ecr oi midwclCry to Gc y'si l.s. itc.l ; Dmr ltillg , 1l.ct if.r to St al:lrtolhiuiew81 Di r Griltiit, Iccatuccir to WatcmioiLr iospitcl; Dr Raiiabotscii, lecturer to alondon hospitalc Robert Fergusoc,ilecturer to Westmineter hstpit, al ; Dr Sweatisn, lecturer to Middlesox hosp tul. and senior accouci ur to Quseen C oirlotteas lyiu,., iil.hospticl ; also by lienry Davies, C," r , IBlunidell, Lec, M'ltrrm elan, surgeo . . .t . . Dr lMorreau lir le t of t .' h "O c fhord Ak JlI Medicine, Paris, an d t .. . c," ' i , e. D'Orlcaca, prov;" " " , vi :v ~ r t ii ul. , . 'i' . II. ' I , i thc chio sila . -:i . .c can e Astor House N a , Ui' At i apply of the above intsrmients, with Dr'It'sl improved Trusses for lieroia, will i kept by SICKLEdS & Co, N Orlenn, A G Carpenter, Notches; Mtone & Marit, Wood. vinle; Booth snd Mallory, Meciphis; \V 11 Wils-i ieo, Somervillel Hfll and Washiingtoin, N.ashville; Monblirw' and Hamuiltan do; R L Bliss, Flnrqtl.e C Spotswood, Athens. 'i\JilE : -.uheriberkI, Agenat for the extenive aisct of i bW. & .. Botcher, Sheffield, Eutlond, lave just d cocived a very'saiie et ofen' ri iis, coasicling of 't f ibie and Denirt tKnives of s. -t' descra'iili, Pset, SIctkeat, Dflk, and Spear poiint ih sies; cauc.ra, dai. OreuEdgl- 'Ptocls, 6 aC. &c. cwhbih bey are lirelicred a exhlibs to the trade tot orders. T'crssa and conditionu Ps ill be made known at tle time. e a16 J. D. BEIN & A COHEN90 Common I.1 "'Shit~ll ua, Captan hlunker ov. i 25th - , OInLtas, -- kep1 , Dec. 9tih an SPAN tTHEA, - ARKANSAS, - ns,- Da Jant h in NASJVII.LE Wt W , , 211tlh N W Brry, Feb. 3d A SThe time hi ore.rStertclues, coppered, gt cc eipper f 'anad ohinr flC T built i Nel York xpress or this tra-tey are of iht draught of wate ad alnnat invariably cross the Bar without any dltion The pakets are ommansve by Capt5in well el nleac in th-e trade, and will al s ert thlelser eeto ccmm .udnta- Ihewill gl avwbetowed t n ial d down the river, and will prolmplly sail as ad- f A v-rsied. d they havne handsomely furnished necomdotinnst is andNstrvs lfthe lirst C .Imity will always be furnished,t and every atlenltioa paid -i te comfori and satisfaction y of paspnengere ie price o cabin passage is fixed at $ s0, without wipe or liquor. y Fo'r furtaer particulnrs allyv to n 112 A COIEN, 90 Cmnmon Pt The. ships are not accountale for breaknge of elass hollow ware, Imnalle or granite, cooperage of tin, or T pnr el, ftiesn reoir ;ll oflre oi is sie edb thope ofr. I llrt i.i' nore will t e mpsadl e oi seve ses w0tch Swdlloonlrseed eatr. other in lthe fllowilng order, viz: Il ip Troy. Idt.I)oeekida he m ooeaser. or Sli Iep' licslsl Js Willsal, I hracir. Noew isil, FirankiJd Gn or I sell m o foater. 'NesW srhis cmllsv il-ond, o is inet irrell, lasler. N.w shiq Fnir.llh W Y on %V ver ter. These an.lips o nre al of the f orst cIose shve er loetmn dationl fs r s l:sr, enelsd ornlsursosed for colfirt ad Ira in uVe te n tllnlte y am ab llll e ll llalllletl. '1 lie w Irell a teI lllssdit, will Ie osIerved in despate o i tLn, Isr advertised, Pani every reasonulsae . neot rl lll(ill V S l iexte Ld to ipll)el. lnd uisse , n el as. t rfis'FeIoiglt or siarell pn mpl the Io ilaI.FOR NEW YORK. um [Louirsiana ad Ne. York Line of Pakents] TI'Il,: Shipas comlposing this line will sail ull'r NoNv Orleans and New Yorlt on dvery other Mon line- will hereaater :onsiht r of five ships, viz: Ship Yazoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the s 0tho Novemnbor. Ship Louisvrle, Captain Palmer, to leavo ons the 4th I)Deemnber. Ship Iluutsville, Captain Eldrsdge, to leave on the 18th I ),:ci slber . Ship Vicknoburg, Captain V oodhouse, to leave on the 1st January. Shoip eissinippdi, Captain Davis, to leave on the s 5L o of Jalasry. v ro is, hwll above are all new, of tie first class, copper Iurthen, are of light draugh of water, be ng buoi ,in New York lexpressly fior the trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are nab fit,,n tip in the most inmproved and convenient re plan, and inibeslld in a neat anld elegant styleo - i Ambple stores of thle first quality will he provided, fell n ed every regard paid to the omfllb rt and entire satisaeltiol oel p lassingers, who will plearse ake lo. is Liec that no boel:th Calll be secured untl paid for at the olFe J of the consignees. "s'l(Ee w'se·lsare cotlnanded by captains well Slsexperioced in the tradle, who will give every at Sltcioll and ,'xert thmCnselvOs to acOntnnlldatO. Tfintle ,f"· will at all tunes be towed up and down the M1issis l- sippi by steamboatsl nlod the strictest puncluahty oblserved ir Lhe limg of sai walg. as. The owners of those sh i;,s will int be rCsponsi. iE, ble for anh letter, parcel or package, sent by or are, put on boa'd of thein, unless a regular bill or lading ol be siged thurelor, at the counting house of the ms agent or ownters. Fle fnrthar particulars apply to les J n is BIN & A COIdIEN, 0d novdl 90 Conlmon at NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE OF u SPACKETS. i This line will consist of the following volssels a which have been built or purchased expressly for P the trade, viz: Ship eauman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, " Nickerson, ti Irad Ferry, new ,, Stevens, " Solemon Saltus, - Latham, Brig Archltect, i' Gray. d These vePsnel are of the first class, have hand. a some furnished : ccommodations, and are of a light draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and discharging thelir cargoes in Baltlimnre, at Ihe city. Freight will hbe tn-e-"'e Arflrts on the Clhesapeake .--., -- , aRnd forwarded by the agents, Messrs. CLARKE & K ELL)GG, at Baltimore; expenses on goods shipped will be advanend when a required. The price of passage is fixed at $60, amiiple stalreo of the b st qulihty will be provided. I Steam up and down the Missiassippi will be taken on all occasions. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov21 22 lionville at. \ 1.\ OLIEA NS & CIIA RI,ESTON PACKETS 'lThis liner consiss of lour vessel, all of the lirst clase, eoppered and copper fast. ened, and of about 200 Ions I.rthen, with handsome neconmodations for passengers. Three vessels are commanded by caplains wel Sxperliet l t in tl e trade, who will give every at lelntion, and exert themselves to aecconmmodato Ithe s- ipptere. 'l'hev will Ihf towed ip andi down thea Miaissisippi, and leave New Orleans on or before the 10th and 151h of every month. The following vessels rcollmpe hile hue, viz : a Ierig Arabian,Charles Golrdon, master. f Brig C ipman,J. B. Thompson, master. Brig Almerna, J. Dane, mnaster. Baer, RIger Willams, J. Allihers, master. Far Ireufht o It st sage, aply to J. A. BARELLI & Co, GI Common st. New Olleans, or M . C Mtrdecai,ChClhston. oct I Si TATE OF LOUISIANA-Parish of Orleans Co>rl of Probate. 'II tl'', wahmu: those presents inay concern- Saneai c.e, tli t wlerres Williamo Mai kel a res S illea l tielte citi a. f lieI svllei Ky., liha applied to, ahe R' er iVillf , ta ', fl r the penrat's & city FfNtw Oiliane, ndil . oalhci, OCler2k of aheCrnt a t Pr ht t, , in ,,v l l ,ir I he IParih ane cie v it Nrw Oltea ', afeiet t, f,,r MONITIOiN or A. DV itR I 'I E '1i T, i eaufr t rmiy toI tlhe Act of tie: . Le ur- of ilh. .ltae to n ild I. Aa act for lthe or thern stlr mlhl~ llhi-ea to i urelachasrsa l Jldicial Sal. ', i fit provedi I10( t of I le allr , 1834, anotice .i hlrea, r) itelm Itall whoem t m100y concer, thalt by S ,iltf o uI, and in lbe linate in all orl r of sale Irle Isad c, illr e t I robllnes, in and for taet palish and t'lltt o N I t w )ll lans, he rit nJ d ile the ' iri d Ai r'il'l, one ltouiaf ld etirl hundtred andli ,L he ', andll rlud ClPed In the matter of v Npale h nl, I ( o, -x, 1 ,tal p Letitilon t Chritaop U ILrs el llo . Syll' f the c'redllors n e said -, a fl N'ltbantel Cx, deceased, which 'r r" wa nasogranted ,ursuant tothe reliherati on of a I t aitlag o i tihe creditors of the dteabea' duly bh.hl anedveed on the third day of lFe irlare-, ulhtein hundred and thirly elshi, bcfire It. B. C, nao, Lsv . Noary Publiic, and aleoa fter the loegal and ustual pnbllCatiaon bad fbeens mare, the Rego..t r tI WOills did l xpfse fir sale by public 1e't'i fn in the nihh day iof l Vay, lone tlhousand eighsIt hundrpi aol thirlelyi'get, for .et.Onn i i he aliureaid uccts-sin of ahe late Nathaniel Cox, al ecre..d, fhe .l nded propei ry hereinalter descri i led, , ia ll ilta thIe sucielssialn, which pr'o a pely aiasindjdiected o nsaid .lckevas S thie inst and hiihest bidder lCerron, for the ilot ' price and sa t of seventeen tholusand dllar.' Descrapnton ul tI property as given i, : ui ', conveyance: ! A!l and singular two , ., i' r togelther with the balhilings o a t thereon, and .: r, trs, p,.\ , r ~myllsl, h . ways, +, ,, ' ts e"dVa a a' t'a i. . ,. o, n'~ isi , , a lt "I o unl, r',. s . ,+ rt ., : 'r ", try' t, e l hP. .ll:H' + . ,, ., , I : ar ned;c. I,. - aeen, by sixty.three feet , t rcnaoto nex lines in depth, between par. vi :nit A;american measure.] tn.r-onae and three years credit, far appro red endorsed notese, secured by epecial nmorgag.t until findo paymen t. Wheraelre, all persons who can set up any right, N itole, or claim, in and to the lots f graound and andi abllians described, in consequenceol anfornaolty an the a der. decree, or jaudgment b, belore retnced, and auder which Ihe sa'le was madet, ill or any irregularity or allegality in the appraismente or adveresaments, in time and manner of sale, or d. for any other cause or delecle whatsoever, are here. a by cited and admonished io show within thirty e; dais Irfol the puuelicaton heaeof why the saole, so e made as aforesaid, .aolald not be coufirnmed and homologaled in accordance with the apphlcation of fsnid purchaser. t \VWate sen my hand and the seal of said court of eof iritoes, alas second aiy of May, A. ID. 1839. [L. S \V. F. C. DUPLESSIS, nmay 104, ins Rrgrieral Wills. us LOURL-52 hlIs landing'frsm slsamns Baton F Rouge, for sale by 0 DORSEY, may7 441\1w Levea -. r~narknaluatfrrg zss~af <4&iua:stzn .77le ilkafr rv,1Tr - O2 whilch s nowaldet. an Averfg ime cldula I.- tOP, or easy methods for findingi the-a'vera l time stortge, 05tes0f5 heart or bills of goods, ~yleien livr- t clha.-d at ilflerelt dates, en diffeleat erellits, ant oe rl various amontts; hesidessa seful andmmnlplete raonking re Time Tasle, the best that can be contrived, or that fi- os gure ean e n pduee within the same nondeaenil comlasa, sald size of type. b An anlveerisement in thebook is in nearly the follow- eo ing words: i fhe high dlistlntion this work has received tlhrmtgl i the ten legisldative acts prefixed to the title page, is a - I commenttltio in i tself, so sneommon,, aasdo enonelo S"sire, th I lothing is necessary more tian by way of ad vertisement, to given eeo,'ensed vi,.w of come of its pe e.liaritles:as ferienstance, the Interest has been oenmp is. led from,andl compared with, what is equivalent to tar- el td een setsef ealulatione, examinled in the preesthirt- o five timees, and printed from terentype plates testedt I thieyty-one tises, from all which it most he evident i even to the skeptic (especially on tilh te sonol nflhe de- o i, ails proof in the pres'coe) that the weok mosthe I nrlth In metienlly infalible, and in esonfilmtion of this belin f a tremsnm eof two hundred and fifty dollars, is now oWfl' .it 1 l rLe deteetion en an error ofa cest in thea presenti or fifth edition, as exlnsed istin t preface, making five laree peminss ofteresl for tie tame error slin.t ti fierst pnllieation in the vear 1102. i s, One af the most eonspielnas featres of the tables isi i in the crtngement of tie Time tsaid Amol nts, which r fsr extpedltirns, srefrence ondsperpell sity with lthe lselI oF. tlsie sihe: nd indiex, cennot be exelersi and these snaly tv and ease wilth whih the in:teeslen cl ibe follol to ths enxter of gealted business, withole dtllinsg oF tsum s isbesi's sa conveietnce a' esential, tlat il the estlnmo tion ofsomte onistie most comlptent and praetienl bnusi shens msen ando ipulie olfilers who save ma legbeat use t: of thie work, it has been distinguished sy the I e olale appelltion efssfn "anster inece". Ani considering the itfoallihiliy of the sethos originally adloited it, eomlsnsee tshe ork, antl the extraothidaryaa olthe onsl variety of sie examinations, eal tests of veTy edition it has passedin the -resst eotwihstalnding the whole is in stereotype, oieonldetiterrg, in sifir, he positive aseswery n secured Iv the spree.lensted means emplosm, the vno id lmenehasheen hetrlisp ands emplLatnes lly styled , tle monst wondenlr'futl ook in toile wslk" most lo -o mano sta names figur e ork ofthe same extent, whih ta since thie sbeglilg of reation, has hall the samet mto her ansid veirty of ts in the same nlmher of elitorst no, ntor one hal the nubeter, Ls is alearly shown its the t prefthae. Irsidsi ae nstetl nrd sadll rst, it has beeh tried ahn ireeeld in nearlri all tle hn a ni idpublie o fces ill tie tnites fSltates asnd isv tile pauhlec gonerally, I iriIg the loa g ousthirtyfivet rears, yet n ere lo of hle rat celatils iars ever Iheen fi d in Ilit, altongls eoiint ou alv challelogtl.d Iy tile sfer of very la rge Isremioms. t'Vhe ill rot cr Itresly ntsdptet by ll thleeorta tie oflaw i staecasrl eft o i Sates is the t rate of e:lateslnou i- fr itttlte intelrest," asals o a cv law for iasnk ilntetaet, t eeoty c ,ig as the book is uso~e, and as s, ty he seen isn ile ar, Iv ,c seecMnes cof sna sllloleibt rs, as.l a few of lie siol,seub a poellt thnile le i t hai th end eFthe ook, Ot is lin sloesSoill on r elo'evr so ciies of il Is every tioel e of thle Ulit ed States. cite It is moreover well known that, py its reahily elleek, it lhas so Ot tein detected lrge errors, Ionn aflels Iley wcne se inole, evlcly thilessten he fot oad mosto enoile eut aeritsmeici:tnsl Iat its utsefulnetsta, n iths anlsllltne cie cessity tior ites cc, Ishave been extensiyeel insisteld oloi, so t eaicens, ieecr, have Iceo its advaisltlsgsi, llc its tae igs, thiat, seversl ype:rsagg, wlhilis tile first sldtisn sthe ascarce, ae(d n)lt of Ilillta greOat sunsmier of soeondl hand npies were songhit Iel, tsene to a ge It dlisslcne. er nlld iI.Certssell e variouls psI.iees. as they could . :e si, I ns ally Iho picked uipat o I onol $0to 25 per copy, ;od dlita oespeso is have e IecEnos.y dclaed, a intclle iCe esuli be qrcsledl that thley wonl I)py $51, $Ith), calll si )s are for a elopv, tinotto be had fIoer lesa, noait ildividual t in theelat'elr iensoabe l-rtievlhlcy, I'viog Iat tile amces iime rxcsicited satisi:letory lr.oalt; to several psesons i.e sd, sent thla t hlic it was re:alln worlthi that s1onsey soid scve ilsuslmhl tile soacving of iis ve ctv sa cile tisot, lce ire being a vecry rids inHan andc in plel)cic onffiee. io- It is likewise ossrlhvces o nstsce-, ss iinenl "roper to at scooe i, tl: suchE is the mlrctclll'e o cigle work g.clally col scsceetialiy wlien of Ithe extent alll icillicaiolee oc at el is tise usual s ctsal it. vtsoe, Ih the most coin tet, S cltlcnllctsisll tile worldc :Ic I v flelti asisc S l s lltsl-s Iln M llta etl n cltti cIlli lti" cst h r csis ccoll clt ic of II1cs I c"tsCl t l it sty woothls alnins~to as cscrtacity, cete icen an55: Fic ce I'esalelcis dear -st aser picic, as tie prefcco Ihl' iic - asi. Ln" exl isicis. lut. ]l I lereti t anl i vahiille have tle s ttercctype piates ttsllis aworklclek ntics e, that to wscc l e Io helm, wf llil lter lllntlme leuS lalnd exll'llOl nllnllv tex ulnillBR ig incongs,cginst fie, ttit- h general bessfit, siey a'e (iy the ndeec niosuI) sOnstatsciy keit isin a place tit snioiil 1to c -et)c , xc-et Wiilesise I ili scieltlg. cntcilesiicslions ticfid iblcht bal tiks and sattlc e ilttisi - 1 st e ht iti usell nooes, follow tile nieltleoollich, iosi tihis - Ill,:s illt, t two ipceedling, cditiocs, ellahsin ncihi il oliati coI olriillg Ilc- co cli.w llti I, u is o c IsIIen itg ihltcl st, tec dyS oif gl ce, eo. It renmanls only to sclcllslk thati, notwitilstcvcding tilie JF ulleonirlirmyv coslyv wor~k, which wavspuih,.he Ikelne intercest ctssdls wets.v inllllle,. iel dollars aii d cents Ie • 55t y0Ol1tltlll lanne, has Ilell soetelstrvelt ctsdo liberallo eor )rts'si"'Bel, h tt has nctcetso n cvioi as cllh iiih lteniay tec hcstcll tds of le:ahtl ious thcnsciai ditasi, , s bsi isoe, six)eciarslctanle l-lmin 7cc to 195, stustoilcdoi ctlce first edhiiisn soI" 7t10 ,op"iesnciaitcg ceictly Ill-ro Iiul ,iclia ii al atime, at al under irice,, hto y itill esprnllivtiol or irofitfoer alnlos a lit'u-, a n ' i ndsacrifice. \4 herefoire ic e o utoeli sill h iislel·IIIIelnt antd genIerlosity' oFI he lhllc f'u lhiu: ld. ante of |lellfeelee adll Iafllonge Poor sll itl Prinocil ac Booksellrs in the U Sltates cod d ---- - :-> [)OL'IIIAR' S94kre c Pererarrehipec teed L)' fer'kr0 ' ir prrrrreetr Writing i No. 8 Cbutrea sarrei, New Orleno, 189 1 a T tHwn York, l)arillroe ot.,lollhic. It is particularlv deaigned lif privalt letrners, and s lmhols, and i crlculatet fitr eCr iros to'll agese,. Ladies lied gentleell are invited tocal and examine tlhe svsstel fur tbetnselves. eI-lcn are given at sacl houses as e'y .uLt t, aven te o'all, nod to classes formed in eny. p.,' at tie chiy. Ledies who prefer itcan receive lessons at theirto ra f Peruncer payin a tree of lessons are detired Satte*,1 .f,.: . • is well astheyv wtlh. .3YAl BIILOT'HhR TARNISHES-lThe Suibscriber, having lanly , hlirshed a vrnish mantlfactorr in New l)rtean rendy sto slply ihte nirutrs and thie pubhi iin gerrt i, by unlh if;alc or retail. HI: p.c nies a nre d w irat g thle qulity o Ais pr.dels upelier IIt nay ever dbr to ie rr plre. The .itcrrarr enprloed t io per. ., tile Irlllou letulr hto bean at Ihe .rad oel an elnl:sve etohiser,,rert of this kint in europe. 'Ihose dicsp..d to cull at the cnreer if Natchez and Tlcho p inaude aide shaul elrrcsaentel with a fair sumle of any varnlsh they ror wnish to try. Aerngst the varnisele are-the clarll Nt.l, warnolted nr to chalg ecver in bolting water. The black varnish for stores and soteam lb chdeire. The traenslrent varnish withoul smell, . Sc. au IIBlINNAIi FI.. %XTAGNER'S LIQUID ODENT'rL --It hnas Y cbeenlrenr tsed. bclh here aed it Ih.i north with unifrunorl Ucesos, r cleransicec andn whening Ile teat sll t in prevretigi the lolloachre; pres reras tlre btoes, perlrini tl br kat'l, nnd rerioine all eri sl.s to whirl thie inolllt is lieble tI eilher lilt. "l'l'dl[lr tn lllll - 11;:e tllell a hon ell mixed in a WIIIPr leerl I o. slltlll 'u W v iito r, and s f;roi i o he t lceit ln ial rciitrnct ow orer cverc.,, urn ol coI i l. re. um me mo nhrvv, end e.rd elf lthatr axrco o.lalg inn.. Miss.heippi ni id Leronii ela lotel, %jlIS. MARY K[IIKLAND respectfulaly an. lraouce i s ao Ielr friends and the puilic gene. ally ltht sloe is trle tred to accorllnltsre lain iet at .re aoe)i estahlihIinoClnt and hopes fr)ni ther riertiousato rander visitors eaurfnrtablc, to receive t Contllnuance f former linuvr. Site CtO ls collr. dent that persones vicuting Covirgtn durirng tile uimmne motht, cannlllll finld bettrr ancollmrodaltillrls thain she can efford thenl, on nleor liberal tIeria . lier hIuose is plens;lntly tuarltecld, and well suptplied itl every tnvenliclrcc the bar is lurnihedl withi the most coinic liquors, &c. in short, she irpremise 'at nothing shall bt, wating on her part to give :tire natist:clion to all who may palrolnizo the ,linsissippi end Leisiana lltel. jSp 3 Clol.rlce saeteer, Plrferrty &e--A snledi, arlil le f eolll.e put rp expresely r tllhe retair tade; nlsl the purest I maeltlh Prl'ellmr, r, lbrr ciHg. every variety lurlin tue Voto , ,et dI. h".v At rl..] mc-h c tindle \ , lisn hnl and rod irc, r ,r alt,,r" l tele, i nenasl, slier, blis terd, r, p,;y On, Ig au.d triurer chain o tenw n ills ith A tils, li ceu, H ellr aseorbed.l Wire,,pig and bar lead; abet Coal endy steelg es IAiollsow re, lut' and wouher nailes aid elel.. Hook and till, illnges, derand twinda hutkslt Clai blers, Eets, Sho;, htnater es Ord, ll Mla.dtilae chiages, licornes misll wi eual, amn hl eaking er Nal ov stres Paintc, linseed reld acarcm oil A ull aassnosltner of haIrmware and dtrip chandlery. alwoasoil hand, aud whidihatw foro tifr Cale It whale sle or rcetail, an the ust faveolable terms, by mn4 LAY1'ON 1- ':h. t5301d Levee. LOUISIANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, Biienvrile elr,,el. J IIl.AM Et. CAIINES, enoul respectfully in f arm his liriadsra and thie paublic thcie lis con rtnntly receivilg Ifrer New Vork and BoEton a good essortrlent of Fnrlnitre, snuch as mnalhngaly airirs. sofas, Ied-teadls naile aed penstld chairs, maple end therr bIedatcud, malpgeny and cherr tables of all descriprtiote, bareaue, cileta, secretaryc, writing desks, wunlrul~ea of nabohgany and cherry, wa a esanda, looking glaace,featiers, belding,&rc.&c. NB. Furniture peaked for trealporatien with lgreat can " a t9 RU.tSRI0foN. A=lr4AI NALLts C OMPOUND To N'C.1iXTUtE.~-A speedydi aPnd.cOUtin-utq for [l.eFever -nd Agro,,u remittent ahd intrlinittent leorit di.ropared from the oriln'al recipe. Used with eminent and uni W versal 1832, by persmon of the higheot on roepeetahility in tits city, .as stated in the annexed on Certificates. w1 This medicine is highly recommended, and Ihas t been extensively used in the above disaases with a such distinguished success, that the proprietor of er tihe recipe has henn induced to offer itto the pub. to lie in its present form, in tihe hon :it may he the means of relieving mnyev ~. those who are suffering under the seorge of our country. It is a medicine possessing gro. tvirtue, and when need a according to the directions has never failed of effecting a euro, even in the most ohetinate stage of the disorder. It is not at Ill disagreeable, and a persons of the weakest stomach, and children may it take it with impunity. It streogtheng s the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requires, - more than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor " arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious it to the human constitution. The proprietors are r er so well convincd of its efficacy, that they agree at to refund the price of every bottle which has Inoen is taken in accordance with the directions and hoas sht not effoeted a a perfect cure of the fevor & ague. Itp A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at iy his wholesale and retail drug and medicine store, lhe corner of Binnvillo and Chartres streets. os For District Agencies apply to -- jev5 T. W. SMITiH, 48 Conti st. re Drugos ind .fedieines. lie 6 e.renaes hn+ Ilnted himseltt l this city for ..g the purpose of trn'nactiog a geecral Wholesale at Drug business. e is now receiving a full stipple unt of Iresh and genuine articles, which he will sell .it on liberal term. 'Fo city drulgiste, and those of "n the interior, to physicians, mnerchants and planters, iy he will offer inducemenets such as have never hbe, tie fore been offered in chis citv. His intention is to ie don strictly Irtiihnate business. lhis stoIk will tell soon he llnmplete, and in a few weelts will he rn 1. dv fr business. All orders Irom tIle conntrsand lst from mer:hante of t' i t city, receiving seuch orders the will hbe protipflll'ittended to. oct 2 No39Camp st tihe Royal Colleg of PhsyeiCRnn, Lodolun. the 1IiE onrifinllVegettable lingeitt Universal Medi I- clite, preltat liv I,} V tiakit, EI. Meaner tei 0u- tile Itoval College of Stlnetitt, Iicentiate of Apfllhe cary'saLtmnltny, FellowI of Iolt Court Society, Surgeon Irts tn thle Iroyal Union Pelliol Asoeiation, Ltcaslner loll Iliee, I'aterltoo tridge, intl Ielllpetual Pupil of iGuy' lst, andil St. Thomanos'sl IIositila,I.oondn. in This valuable medicne, the resullt of twenty years' he experience and unl rallelcd success in the extensive ok, ats hill lr iaspe-t.blle lactice of the poproieft, plet • _ r'- sued hy tlhe lol ll ltr nobility, snd is now iniiolit;rodu tothe Iotice of the American i'tllic, at the elalest so • k, licitatio f ef a nullllter olfgettlemten of Ionigat llhiei ere standitng in the profession. IL is hoped, ts a preliani lent nary step, to check I!he evils and atal conselquences tie- arisitng om tile us nof tte nlmllerolous nInd deleterious ln, noslinltums toisted t:t.n the lpulio by the aid of Fabricated its proofs of mirtellulousen-a, and o tlle tofralds, by ) set of o1n selteullary, Ilfrinclplel Ipteltllletls so tta glly IOtgtnoa fnd oi l eie'il sct-ice, thIt it impossible the'onis ee. lellttsint can anylolongecr go down with the intelligent nrl- people of'thisetnhl)y. Tl'hesn, pills, mili atln agrvee'Ile 1a11 In theil nHtlltei, shold he kept in every famils in cases lens ofstndlcn illness, lo, fory their prompt dmlilistatlion 01t chlnlolera, . clt-m s, spst!, li.ti " s lld Otlle" sl stii..i, g lust complaints, which t oau o1en irove lttel, ouny be sacedi Oe lv otll t mlteilrvetd. lntl B 11f tl these wait lolllog tell tie- hIalth, s lnhl never be witlloll tllhln. l'tly ailte suit' and in p Ieket.l at 5n ) centt, oI and $s each, hv every respec, he talble de...:gist, bolkselfeei, sl ieidoo " Pmellicii it tilt United Stltes tII I I e Cnole.ii s, wlitl colfinus Ihheotioios r to togel.r with estltnnllials of prli" iot l ability from ti Ahe1nelohv,lar s t lfte idtll, i 1. I)., \V . l:ack, i. .ok , I ie- I. e A Gt e ly, At nmptoli M. tII it.,d nitl nn. it olhclrs. Thu rigi..Is say Ihe seen n poss.,ssioit of thuIe lost Ge lne'a! Ag·et, hb' whum thes ndlicit e is ilmplorted intn it hlsenntru lv atldtowrhom 1al al,ltlicttios o sloragoies re- mnnst be' c.le. . ct- JNO. HII)IJIIN, 1'20 Waverly Place N. York, hite yule (;ietl':tl Agent LIn" the United Staten, .ic I tire For 4tle I)., a ppointl.enl t ot' ate eiciilgiml i' )priett r. I tie- b w SWAINs £?" . -lrEnen, 1)rtllt·gi.ts, NSr II1 (.n.I s setI inl l I)1 , i ,N I /l NR ' ~nrticleh,,e Iraerols r u 'led with deal'ten.s I (called Iar iIaI'rnlt.l 'tt) ae Ites jYi I ritn lie hI th e si. lhice nt, i 1 i , li" e 'In iy, i lh hit urll 's is t1sW'LItr ca;d; gr ril? ac tie tatr. At ii iict promll t als v itilalllo Itu ll t cniers,. wclu a whicrd ill sy bI msdntle ai li lor bs lhtts ervicctas the dIlenlas cateseti, to tll tei, Iavit g ittelv. and theu in rlrrln 1(1 'r Ihi ii 'lti ' in ta been itendod 'iT i. $T5O \'i, *hnrr l h e or xr uttho nn Ita a l. \ . _fly . NO Tc E PUsb LIC.-t The a uidhrsieeNid. hoaeing studmid under D)r. Sitii It of c.,rltnton, South Carlina, antd fIr some years his Iassirtant iu thse prctic of mredicine ard lurgery haso tlt to oflbr his pro tessionael .mrvicrn iy.s-- I. e ..'i'ic.ran d g niitt l'i t ha, tha e o l, nt prompt attention will ie paid to tile calls which may he nutdr+; and also his services to tih holders of luves, bei ngl wll acquainted with tile diseases colnmon to them, having atttendcd them in teN sugar house in Ch trl elston. Th f'nmius anti.bilious pills atoer the ompoiut ion it Ptrofenaer olleti e with directions, ian be sad itnted every cterd. Thie eftct which tAg ey have or l lian brut ht :c aid apir been attended ohoe it be"an carricd . saucy di.. .tii ,hrugi o. te U:itrid St. e , , ai ,., til, u i erl Ith.a, cu,,,t tae. b1r. i uati)i iaiet 1 Ity ic: . n'a-. ,.. ,tgi e ri, nd.. tot metered itl e it Int viger I rcagit Icgen. l riopsetli lb of ofl(e lley, i prisuiciple as s:u New Orleua. Tire ntmes of athe severtal firs will st e used in liver, and oto rtaly. It'hose idtblote to said firms are earnestly requested o coie fodisrwarde. I ink early settlen, t nitd prthose having cais will detlesry ule nt Iteln wlithut delay. S of ecti VI C IIARIS 1IENK'Y KELLEY. Cow Orleens, Jun ta ?7, 1837. ROWAND S TONIC MIXTURE, V,,a FI.VBIt AnD AGL'E, rlE N yearst have ilnot inyet elapd since it was first regullrly st bitted to the publi; buffrd ait Isan attainced thie iglit s tgtl a,: iand Ias stp. planLed every o ther miedicinte lay hle ACue, w that.v. thor it nas bAren ic, knowrk, i rr, ciated. Alretiy Iar it boon carried itl every dlrlljatiut thLroughou the Unlted Staies, and still rely liza ete texra could and oustandey of ierss addie not oaly bcnd riev i , ut resthered t whnllli lhy viver through its atges. ey" and they now chelerully testile, at avery op portulniy, to its delled undi supremqee eofivty. I. is compoaed of such mdicinl prileft lingerl are r Clculated to renew the healthy no:tiollt of tile softh - h ol, liver, and other important dilestive lrgels, loss tf which l armny is the i meli diate nouso of te disease It is p thirent alo, th. It it produ. eCo an untirn chm;lllg ill tile colldition of tile system, and raitn prdes tire, bythe ative liabiitV to re lap s id of riodtioe., en otithee he illu i attended wth ria ly other numelsait, the i Iphtyined acl tihe 'onic lit Pure will not interlbre at d ithe treat. ime t of ofe other li-eas, but \url cvee afford Ague. Sistnceg by lurnishin e s ftrength ud dvltr to tchc body during the cuul';e of trrcatmeot. Those whllo make use of this medianes may bo ns.sured that there is no Arseuic, forks, Mercury. or tiny olher article in its colmposition uficedic'y thi e in utric onstitution; beiang entirely a oegeetible exitraut and they may have additionul cuufidunee iu thi use thereus, whun they perceive that lha t hle of feet of a gent an laxative about thie tine hIalf a bot. tie full has b-in taen-in cons(;queno e of which, bthre is o part of tile odicini loft to linger ian rey: bowels to cause oIbtructions, and uotlhr uevls, : nesis teem the use of she ny otenth hc edies cow, nI!i: Pe· for the Aure of this irica tiOnc It has bit' ;:s,-.; o:!" as a preventive, by Ina rny who were sub r: i a, o1riodiual recirrece o lho Chills, and it · trtably warded off the npprcimnded attacK. Fd "lh Piropretr, fully sTUtiiid Asitho tile i ' lrlatd ullv s, n uccess vtllh lals dtiia ll. " 'n I ,ilucual anld rculhlr ui oif the Se.. ases of Fever and Ague, ...ien ap:lid lc- i g to refund the price to i e relief It ale , smedicine in strict ia . ..nd.. n., tg et ...n ',Petions , without 'Its •lag .ti 'i . i , tia for tilhe 'r"r :t ýlt ..rlr . . .. . - . h six InHLesnbtblinted rerlhlttttu:w ," .,, / 1 demiand for this eai, tU.ll i,,. I ernl'ive of t he teatlth, has cid iiL, a l, , n , riend uorer it to tihe Aerlcun publet .tt,, .t o ,In been made to sup lv agents in all t li t .. , + IIIId OWlld in qtl Uinited States. so as tr i d "ih "the reach oel lhor suliring ondlikely tu uecr, c ,, berudsing of all ushe, Toutoul-uce. Whueen applied umcording to directions given on bottle, it has uever Iuiiru e lo afford itimeiliatt and mnluelnt reii f. It also arrests ahe decay iw dnfetiv teeth, and relieves thIn soreecss v. ihich so frequenth renders a stroog tootdh useless Titse nplcation and rlllemy are sinltlan, illnocent, nn o )t nleasant; astll the large Iumber of persona in diflIvent sections of the country, that have alreadv experienced such delightfu ilandeatitary etscts Iroln the use of tee Bulli, are ready to bear (Ior the public goad) their tesiino tv to its un 1 rivalled q.Inlities. It is an Indial remedy, otbtained 1 sinflolarly and unerxpctl dly, andmatl be regar~led by the civilized world as the most valuable discoverv " redmae o" the woods. price $1 per bottle. Said by JARVIS & ANDREWS, nr i Car Comsono tal Tnekspitouls ues. : +MEDICAL CARD. AND IMPOIRTANT TO IHE AFFLICTED WITH DIS .EASES. STREATISE o· V Dnirntecel, Gloaorrh-ebtlnelt end Stricture, hmioudinr prnetluei obnee-acioel on eSeneiea Waitckleta , asit:il. from early ehuns, o that nil parsoul coo ontain RUl tmllediull earn. with elne.meel.C. sad soeley. Itlnes mcteettlmlh ty fet,that theuende fmll v et I1 to the Va neesal Dircece, owlnp to the untkiltttnl tlillitecrte miee, who by the ute oe that deadly poison, idrcuy, ruin the con *ittulnneetl teee elceestiene ,with blotelees on the ecctI,tce-e and hody, dintetes in thteight, noine in the aners deafnesc, ohl etinnte cleete, tnd nodes cc, the shiln bones, till ,tttagth I get rel detidity and decay oF the eCclstitotien nities. and d tclaholy deeth pate a pnri-d to their drecdfeultceritlet. PERRY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PILLS, Acerleinesn endthetmest speedy reccedyeter diteoe toritehcpeelnte ndeefdtceul t reet venereae dlieaee, orrhee , glecet, itctrese eemintaucehk.c, patic it in th niffelioes oth idneyt,gevel lueluhneo toretdethitit, tr tetion ot the t, der or ureetlra, cild oilterdicesec or the u taryeptsecres, tllenly per'ormellnperfeelfeeretnthesho citee of three 4eyn tty yoea tmuc piliForce te, withteaene cresy antd saety. The eertainty with which they nre eoletne t ally edminietereden elaee eaeted by many thneuendi. The specific pills rlootnl every paltirle or insidione poisnll, puri f ryingIn their prrro/e I hn hole mas f flud1. deThey net on ly remove tbe direeee, but renovate by theer ection the differ entiueioneoelthe hody epettlling Ihegrnsner hueore.e their mtnner ee enild and intpercertiblelas to convlll t moeteceptlcal ot thelr eatletni ichlt cutenequalpetsc. T'ie ecteheceeonliin merery 'tor any other mitereled enay he ateknecithOJt thentightele seepicion erde ieerny. They re. Sqire no restraint of dietllote o tithe, or hihdadrec of huci iesc, hut effeet a cnmelctceeure, without the lent elponero et the paticnL Aency period when the etiehtentealp't.ennmee ecsie, it willtbe ell to haee reeeu en to the ei l Pitrll For when enhcu beoretehe diseec Enlemte teeu.pytrelee, it ccts te'acerthlt preceytite by reeovinlg the complelaeincttully ted neeretly. ict enrec Fecery, urgeont, eotlinueto dtrecttheireatudin-nto thobedrenedfull dehililie erisillg frobe tile too free led iedit eliminate itlulgeee tFithe pesiouce, wechic not cln teet. *ien a telmeceus train of nervelle nfReleni, amld n cicd e Ite velteict all the etercthing inllecilitlie ot aid ge~, hbuteteeht -ied deetrey allthe bndilr senses, tetntioellg teeln c itci ticlh,jdgment end entAlnry endiffertce and nveriun For a Il teplesuete. The idea of their own Ilthappinemle nd teepair whieh cerises (,oc contidereng tlleesclves ne the ncthore e thelironenltaerey, nudl tlte tIeCeenity oerlUl-llet niltne (e ticitie or mreeicge, are Ihe e lueteingt ittea+ ot theee who hate gi n way to thi. delusive and detetteneie hbtit. Intlhtedl,, ,r treseltg stati ot deteility or lefciecy, whether the conic etceaeaieefsuchlbuueful arecttice, eneeneiee derenknig, or any eother crnse, by thith the poeten o the eonntelttlon hneeoal p. cnleebled, they ofTera ftrene enicfed speelyc rclotestielo ctteetcltcieiaoeeecee-he+h. Petc ryg Vegcethdle Pithe nre wlll knowt for the ereitn aid elFeectaltteiedy frceolhhllt y syenlptoms venereal eretptinlu. pinein theheonen, clecerted 'ote thlecccediseceed noseehro ti e huceelmllleet eroltltu, ncrlmttti tnd cleclllUer eltleetio.e leeloc lgeccccldcllity. IIoeturnlt- tpllpt in the head cnd limht.dtrtyeesic o epirits, antd all dieeenee trieclle fetle ne impcl et itete I" tihe bloel. Thcece Pllls Ills worthiy e plcce it the ethitnl o maceter and -I ,lais oe c lhipe , le nlole e n tce thtey will keep geod in ale eli,'llttn clly Iengte o time. To e hebd olty ac No. it Cunlolb houne street, New Otleea, SPECIFIC" SOLUTIOI'. SA I, r c llfeelicice rille from tTIIE'I'IIRAL DIetAsi"S on u fihlcl na GONSOIII|IiIOI'A, GIEF.'I', 8T|lII(:rUIIlF:8 he IRRITATIIN OP +I'IIIi KIIt)PYt, RI.AIDIIII, UIIETIIJ cyt RA. ItLeSTKAtI Gl.AND, ntd Ii DISEASEs ci:he U ItlNAIY PASSAGES, rAINS IN TIlE JOINS, CILAVEL, irulnhnro, or Iron (ielmllltl %Vesknceas or Io~l Dehihtly, arc· P assured tlmt, thin valUluot e ~lnidllle llt all limp ,ul~r.,llall t ereiclv orlld lle tillave diceeh.eel tseee. theiel any ote ceheer, ceel ilileerel lly il oytevel tie ecolletitlltincnh, d tee l nce l eel leahteh. elntrtstorle-to vlcortc terelee eel. tiect leecI eel icejer eld y dine-an or tllnlrptcr irt alne tllt. In F(lte, tee IllediClle can be eeccelcare to ittIcild it ha cPtitieelye Curld cecciy tlhleeU c : t cnd inleheiclelllls tnhee cl olhee ,eeeiiCileec hece ededl , elllld i, daelelly elleer-cei l leen ts, o;e c llot - llljtrtllll nlll lllaleOur teInliceeentPs--tioiellet.I'ccreetelle.. ielele, llr. e Ce. tee In +celeliiteet te, tille ll rlleee eeeceecte-etel ,eeeeeeell (cetl lim ai l ceel aearte cf thce werhlel,illeeeele li, he eat lld Vesi t IiIeel i-,IA ec -ecatlc.eudllleeetetc tteen iecee tllotitelccyeicieelncccec1e fleel~l, feSJlU,:llbeI aril etestihony tols retreee icille suceesLe: nv ce1ce whot elepo li y reeIecely celll tcc Y'lans tpieleC. -o Selulioce. AlerIIlt ce e Itncle er ceeeclUent c Ielt e IlceeecyllrY huRi lt allhli .g I l1f l ,1 111I(IIl crtiielllp· . 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III. i: II i~f, elllre l cc dcw cdhelec-i te-c hc ic l I, ,.ih cell-nycec-- -Ilucec--et ieLylp .eell ... eilci.... creec t cIIy heli,, as ccll Ii h ttl ell i "e.eecttlieeteee Ihteetlechithlncreu I tIen -IIIee ct· r Cell i -le1 hy --le -el ect tllcnelcel) e, petXll c- c , ,,i .a . ,. dc ceilen. icces c 'e lect eg - iidh e. cic iei, lee & n i Ittttl~ll,ll ecUd iIiilhWl c-cc- -7+,. CUetheff~lnl i~~liA+II r4& ltr.-l;- ,----,cc. cc c1 i ,,,eldteethe,, ted1 ieeeeeie~tccllc'tley ,ll. cy~u el uIc, hereeelh t he 4-h dcc, c eelL lllllrihe iedte le It eriete'erhed -<oh atNo. 6 CJ~tlll uu~ .t Ne eeieal. Ieee-eci -I .. Ti "'V'rnDUR'S IIYGfEIAN IIFERB PILLk i tr~ lt ',l~ ,,, '.. iali-prupe, ,,si unreil disonsP, rw igi i li . e.+,, ' o !l i ;tl, . .,,i who, bytheseofthitdeadlypi.itn, sarcu.y, ..i ,o, stitution; lind whem "he great tOteter Swedour i e.rIon Pro fsne t Leyden Itlivnsity, i coniferred so i vlt libli beae tilt upon ,.kiid by iiithe discoveryo.i f his gra. d Piiane fLor tim iurneif thi deplorable ren lalalt. Never dli d adicovery xexit" a greater seuatioH; it WanS elglltall or wifth aidity, ntii ulseldwith unldleinlilli stcce.-sil rho tonallil llintoan i d tice 1 erns oftI" c deiei.te-coplii i fi iii cure if -t. ihi they lveteloInll, ea "he f.lse of seer. fil th, out ('Jfrllllny, caulleld their ciplody illrtr uoniltll int l eam +I eO v erya cilllilr. 'Il'hl.rIlllty willh which ii wli eeiriwereiiaily tluiiille il,'ed ·llt Ie Otllilili y Inllly I IOl a , J, in i lie dl r inl Ilee lg hg .itii lll wi r ii v wiriutlee l mete cas.c Mi nion, lc d n,, lrgrl li Ithe ^o,,",r, t, allenc i , lll ]ighteri-t i vll u itl I .,if. CIL,II Was enlnrtnincd l,'hltt lll,.,t" elulcCanb11mere | co r lha thatl whichl It.. g,te Pru-c gIteit stisll'ictillh 'the illygeili Iterb Pi rllo ra.nt t oaver j ertie tIt of ii.edille o ii.iOllil fill ig in I eir tillrlgre ts liti while ian o"f tl:iI-; they iiiiiiily re lovei tiii he Iii tine lel hlt y th eiir aclti blls, I, ill're t I uollctnni ifttl i boll - ixpcll llg ini ia ih i r i ri ilendinhi ai siliiler i li I 'illl erco itile lltn o, e ,i,(.o Ilh, mn~ln at:t tI cul of I llrris oi till rag filddllll Itlllllel power; fele)llliilherl .n i nl"r r)' tit a,,y metler minernl, and may he talkenU wtllhl lll l i htI l ollel Iss picin Ofi" di-covery-they renl re, ui ln reirlliit f hi' lles lillc or l idetInlly i ol i,,ll. a, lin il copi i e i i urll Iwiei Oit tilhe ennltexpsure i Ifile p lEii. AI aIy piterid iibe sie iig Ii.ueii tl IIIi.i ehtnit y Ycih , It will he wel ta haie ref.ourc to ith i illygu nll llerhl lll, lor whinll It e lecure tllle IIsease IiIIk lll ll' i ItI. p r1) r.l( e, it aics n¢l i cer-,e plrillolalr i vellli ril iei i-i llthllt rIii lllll lt el feItiil y alllli Oiretly. ThI ie pliii tll, iw ii ti ll, noo ' peHiii i leell , iwhi, i. viili l iih pir rieltl, l'rnlll the I1.e, f ilr r lI y, rl'lllr r nlll it itn wrutlil'ey to aeis e)ti ih citti tillhe il lli Ia;iliiln IItlltll J. Orlua maineral wIlco illejuLiiiallly aillllilllhdl. l ''le'a lt s houlll Pa llla~ a portion if i ll .lieu tii lelei tsl ) uinll i, lldII Illls lllt Ii1a h o It i i, l.o ile. yOll Iy i,:rIl gio. t11. I n l ' I plllly e or jii llll liy; II 1 11 aii, et s , l ,tt111 nail hehhe eor lt coh lllldlll njure their qualty or plretest hlllr al ielle 'tn.O t. niu Il tllu ta itiil n atlll l Ne. .hIhtiieieli hoa i e l,rW Oerlnllnes TIlE IMOSI' IMPORTANT HI UMAN DISCO Vi:' Y. Sli .e IIIiolshAN, I ralai of the Cp lhridg ll niverity.hll c ill ,lulsiivred .itir hltl ,l of c rtl ig hill elf fll"it i rllnus ll, orAMpaII Conll llna , of Ci ourlnll ys s' I ulll ritiol, lndtlll Nei a I.!~u,ll~i-i ii i le tl. llt r a ll l l ,(}( pllie, llll., ,1 t i llJwIirUlllh lY . Clll.. olCnr lh I , }lllll llll . Ite u I ,lt ' elna h % .llw of lit , hle Ill dls nl S, h TiilACII fht. -Aiiovier, imisulelv,aleiiun lustieninnive 1tyl iiy Ii Ilalld l illl ii terlll ItiotI f i slud t e Ie ii, r !lgoI. dlllllalr falialll.hiresi, of llry, itllil .) ,11 . .Oi, mil~led ,II r(UIIIIetie e I fr ' eluting, rrileeee, u1 dFl ll #. 11 Il IVI.I.I', o l'o ll# Il~l)L· r lerO t i . ,, flP* UC ) el, ,ll ldl, e oi nllll l in eull i l I lllhlt, thoughtu ti t il elli J Irueiig llil seeslt,iic,ii-ula fa :,llebiiu ulthisiuiafnteun d'uceuls, 1a1ro cover iiiix weells. Apily tho No iilu Cuietai house it, New Orleans. EIIALTl AND IBEAUTY, MACII ti I ,L-'. --A tllt nmtlldie'll wriler tIns ten .a lintsiu iiidi, I l iuieren iie uiIi provetlis oeitel, ltha tln tIe who . r sc ea f olllu IiIuud lnitil f ! tll.sI tIIcIh e Id lo lit- ll irllrr i ll, er, plre rve ho"th, III evII et s.O l ll'eit di ai g iiillll h ltall riII, i.ierfl llll i tIlllll. i 1tuid Iag ie l iir Ihel .eCirultl uriinif tl ilhs, Illsl ie nldtnpledb iiesarll elllll Illlpd withelll ihleI ods nea ll io, .Ilt a.i of clln intL n Ill r=liiu iiy th Iti i t c;li ele ois a ll, 1 eedllep elr enlll dt iig of the 1 nr r ll e bl l fa. ''They hale Ii a11 sletul n ad l ,,1 liver elllll thYll, Ii1. of iiilpntlll, Ill~ligne..leIrll. llOlrI ~ . •i~e lellll i h te e. sltlllyit of fulll- l tadil .b l c illtg l after aI I r , aholt ulrs of |)mPlht, andll 111 excl~l..11 rt'torl ive Il'e t lily i.xe.i. lit iiio tl e, l n o the genl entl uioiilisie teqalesiuiiu,, aO hellC lCn ieach, glll i -vigornl. hlt i Ollll iltllill. I te lll tha wil v alll O IId.I lh* lohllth h ld neer IIhe .wilhlout alll, aslneyt puri. fi lUe blol d, relllave obI trllclllunadgv li ki t1 all b,,ute I Allp r elth ii h Ir.lhy n Ili illl Plllrllle. IPor .r-1n nlfl -lllferlec halt, who a.r.i hjrt I htlollMia,IIl. EilllE'f, dil. (lnLgh t. . t .dll .iol .i, or hll tan geein d l ' IllW III Id 51111' ,llltlelllln hem fr olllly. Iluyaic rl en ant ser17119 and v tlll lier acts i t e eany, lime, . s iac ati lint w oiainl penasuirdtshtreuroenfncubto Saidl fa Canis nse d iots netid eveirh Ctiulmli s s isd. are a', 1rift ,u: "lslltltpiala l rs a nd I ine iP i h ellll s r stran~~ud tha scexescla ro~lnliayohth shea~ll) alegi*s,11 i I~l ,i .~ Illeg .i.).. ,,,, . . C O II fy tclrntior preveined, I TiNf --- PAPlElRv... Al N iD r "TEarioS' qualiNies as, ran a i q, ntit alt"ul I st a, aini fand da shis meiu .i, Pi ,Sng P ' r'it ,..,m~I aahsn andu,. A p p o in l e ld b y t t l I, l" . , i,. r tl ( ' 1, : , 1 a t . V -,, O r l e a n l. OFFICE' .No. 11,9) .(t'131Jt~ v ;TII.EET,I, (Exehliuge hater E-.i.I' ii.) ary, 182U1 l"i 1 nh IN17; h uilc Lhcibrv Acot oi'7;89 and oheracts01 'one..e., it, such utsel titiae and provided. Said Commi, sioner Itt' o'f .-iderafle-,experience . t e nd ms e n f r e f s' u f c a t p o n a n d o e l t. ,. ' hii c l h I attod lho asvereeI atruliny of the uolhl La[w Yera pill 12l rJ~evllal itril t9 "- · il~·· i~· Olu I.RINTING PAPEI:R AliND PRINTri 8 ' IN'K' J u st received a qua nti ty of In pe ria rand d 'abl e medium Priuting Piper, see, a auptply o(Johnson and Durant's Printlng Ink, and far pats le @l ALEX "T.OIAI %R, 49 Canlpel 1\ kmall Regastlama. The Great ~rear Rad is closed sca day at 10 •'cloy t tkA.. Idb.aseerdsy t 4P . The Lake Mail (viL srinlon, L.a is.l.i d pr Oirndoy, W adpeadav and Friday, at B o'cock A. . e dis evary i'ueandiy, ilusday, std Slatrday, at P."%M. ..L° The 'Lvare.ile or Riser eMa ins aloden eery sou dey, Wodmsalsy, snod r.nay, at'81Pi N Is aent and retarnad hby ateambosta, Arrehas irrahtaly thrs tilteo a week. ? t The Bayo Sara or Con MaIbI is ihloid evom7 Tuosday and Friday, at P.h I opa t andlsaturred by atNamhoat.bst Tj Aleandrisia Red Riser Ma iseait ,lg. larly by steamboats Itice a week. LOrjsviLLI on RiVca MIat. ' Usiaday, COO AL Se IjIcasas ma of this topeelot Cralogno isther sor receid etid inc and F ios ati 8 o is relag an." A s Ameriean od , toilet pdrs, o r PIls d bonet, saeisl ngnd toleloapaeodesallc.wash ilrallonilh at teost, coneoin raolid crem, antnd a m sat, kephalr, Ward'o n eerabloenait oilo Pootatem, cnceaie do pcte, Florala. lan niiar, cr esod bcay watera, PrestaN' alR, FneAriseilNApt' ery in trakWArceg .2rpeasers Fmere xta ofthsaero soloeapariller JUf unreeedand fh lor , &c hyth doeno alnd cueha I&t.. Sttwl,,airt toathtnl and Vai A rab ftei; atogeihr with Ath Aerican oi anOpd Fenchoie t &c. pwe r ptes an s aoned haning u.otmni ceds e saise an iias i rlk greiand Apmlcsd creym tesstare oaoe fod by Mr. cnb ori. a tvedra co. aodrf Tiroll e lci erlrand oti Walk, resp ctfndOllyrlbleac thk m addiiorhnale inkpl offsioal .otan.l ofe and iic plroeidr sad reneale lo f th ke Lsoret if1l his L~llrrriic catirmeers. 'Ike satire strak oF Denga, meiliciliaa nd oner stu tres is Freaksar. Snreunil articed. hTii fcllowin only ard pen r Pro SririoSeiir ia and Aspsthear Pedheorw. owne hy MrG ~ Ot ttEOG eorNerf Eoi e .l ritodwrs hin6k re som slea seat tolortir te foeryerusl, in roisi.g bread, kaekweml Incaher, &ct Dillr ir'a Eltreeneceiri Mogaseisas Appeelest.... Id rileanit mnd nd cg inurlei a dytpepsis or iAdi. t'eI "riz, h nr M iii aenirro, faous dei liii icy, ait t , kwdsei. aliy IIi the siowo hs, iia ilnl Itoieendels, eats. aeouhste iu eas, o rii ire b rhet Corpca'e~r' Fluid Entraet of mresapsilla f B pririfna lhe Irloirie, Aen do doanotl cAerlsn tr. ir nao an i a i reo d Veriio dse lrpsa amini n Ilnerrl eilru Opodnrl, de.. L, efired Lrqreriie, jirjhn sod Gausn suve paste "I'lmtb bresils. N S Prentice's cnibnhei densrie fliPs, cil,rirniotooth r I wIs, powder paffa and beaes, ri l'ecrrrier'a earl[rort dent rl(.iree, eI'hrler tIooth wash nodper pelfas tnd bh, X 'e, Preiiieo's saentod sn Splnll r tlihI powder. Ir slllstam crams de.. orangefir olwer,, lovenrier and Florida waters, iii ikhe ieat qulirre. [Rowland's MacasacrOil, Old. rid li's hlni ofiClamlia, bes's oil, s Onriely of aleifer and otlier anroehcs, indoliblemnrkingin aIrper.,r Irirelr idok, &e. Sperm and ralirrird whole oil. lrny's Linion 'y A Ir sir assorrtinent or Tiorrern s~aracr n Se -,e . GEORGE JONE " It)\WANI)'S TO.IC MIXTIJURE, i Fol e e drertiroeni nod cee ef the Feter and A~ee. I! T a ill Ia eerdiii adiirrsrr:ered i aireeinihe Toena Mix Strl ilcl a eripirt to tire ordiney inoda of treatiog e I:evor alid Adear. It trhe ftrsi pikee, being aVeca ohl, Irx Eocir, i.od free frmi ony deleterione and poason= oU irreeediierrr, it lray her taken with the almost etoa aerer Ira tire Icnah r Ilfirol, or agdeI inoalid. lture i-rio eIreljpoeo iii- dieeae, aconsaeqselnly thieonsti rd lilrir orr1 IegtiirGirS ita ioniec tin. itd a ctiviiy. It eotab h1,. aI SllltllJ alnd lrorreoaei np SP Itr hy invgorigtang hi strlllnclrllhd.l aItr rel o air ecnjr oments ltaste. tii! ruels d , imiariertsertais ir onreri e r to create rrioicarrll'icrrlli.r'n ribU r elolll re elerIRe* bie esareaitl or eleri ii dlraiiroll curll th1 h benefits the systeo wi ii irJirihe tir (,Ihi l lirij,'irra i tonay Ir applesennd htlivid~llll., *lfrilt uIII 0e if lirC tarOri itriotrrteln ate II~on t~ilotI IiLl thr lIIreureirrI, eseCLa· of the draec reidhllrn r-(.ll rod llly re'dr llverlrr i Urrrotneoin wie'eaos by tier el.e tllrlle CIrIrIrirrei Irlelllrririe, i hre s a ways eraea 0 rid til ireIIt' i lrebliuir,' in erreoeeeoes 'The dangel (if l'141l~ltlll I. ill'rlRri Aofillege, s vecryevidsnr, ci iIl o ne t io m eli prir c ta I *. thh' to r,,cl a tlh rr,.drimirir r nd ,eal di ly"nll tlll in 11('h iillorl eCIrirlllrlleiTr e 'llreuoia Minture llrar('Jlrrr l II reaide riesrJ)iraees to plnes it olehis aelre. li r'veeir ,llr'I--.nteltrr rihepeuranddestitl rrrl~l l~li~ l·lirrlurirrreoiaroreelliitoliati ire rrrrir (irrrrcrrlt~llnirrrrr~i.ohllrrafeeqoaily d50jed dl Icr III ierrrrhrrrrrrdltl~ iy hesourwed. ' ' I tIlllli(. I TnrdJI "lleii I airutolned agaoit the apo SriroUs .lt,~ ni ufJ Ih~orredicine, thief are daily onferea [; .p~cpnlr d onlvy hD r. Jal0n F. Rowand, athis It I.I, ,, t~lr) \/Iark,,'It· ;. ,l'hilndllll ll i t· lie 'I rlltllalr llbtrrr Iltr tile lrrrIaeoIh arnts tfor tile tl'lt . lateo allOrwiiiaellly the Cress, at eIrlea ,rie.. i'.e Ir bad at retail alaoa in Ailulo rrcirrir, 1 ill olr city. JAIvVIr & ANDIREWS, - *VWholenule Ittagg"iat ear ( Iirrrrro. n toswh. ARBLE CHIMNEY PIECE W3EN0ov00 CLutloonhouse street, apposite the poet.omce. The subseribers are noow receiving from their fare tories in New York, and will beep constanly on hand a general asnortlent.,f Marble Mantle Pieces ofaupermlr workman ship, and of the latest patterns, mode of the best Egyptian, Italian, Irish and Anmericarn marble. Also, Monuments, Tombs and Grave Stones, ineuldcd and plain sills and lintels, marble ficings, hearths and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, Ilman & Ilydraulie Cement and Flaster. i g lir, together witil a splendid asesortment nl b ass mounted anid plat Grateq end Russia Iron itaes of the newest and most approved patterns. Lettering done in the neatest manner and at the tost notice. They have first' rate workmen te .,ve work. 'AM 'AIN & PROUD NO M1RrCURTB NRCO S ' , the a ofose oe get did ednocrsi , m o sow 1 1 ' .... "l-, e, break ont iI lals uleers , " e. ,h,1 i. , .i ,f, ' ea' Ii leg, I e a d ll over . .' : not able to eork'at he diiaei ; a 'leer an ,.' tg te:.ell contiren .) ,;id a : ,l; myself to be perlectly cured . DEAN. feb14 O a F DEAN. " DO CF.RT'I'y that the above mentioned diseesae is quite well curedto lly own sntliafoctlen, for which I thank Dr. hlth; ad mInoreover I easre that the medi cile I aver take oul.n me fapt, and did not injure my Iealth li a II; therelire I advise my f flow sufIerer to lose o theearsod ,ly to iDr A. lert 128 Canae ' orl um heitt ana t dll o erbn stro . r r. lie iii at Ioel ee il Iek, e b, until streets. 4 P M. Tlhey will liid e t e ty. dctr for this reonploiat. Jmth F N r E Greeter st reet. If aNly one wanll t see nile, call t No. 40 Gravier New Orleans. Fe I, 138. eJO tN DEAN. fekh 1417 LO BIARD & CO'S Boston and New Orleans SLie ofl' Paret Sh!ips.-'Tlus new line ofahips has her expressly built to run between the above ports, and will be iound of suitable draft of water: aceomrodatlion for passengers, and every effort will be made to give general satisfaetion, The eine is composed of the to lowing ships: Cherokee. 415 tons Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 4011 do S Lemilt. Clharleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Colnumbian, 625 do G Barker, Seamian, 2410 do J Howe., Ilowbny, (i25 do D Humphrey. T'lhe'bove ships are all new, of the first lass. copper festened n1d eloppered, Commanded by men of great rxpcrienee, ieavo large accommodations, with a separate ladies ciabil; every attention will be paid eto p-oinger, ond tih very Lest of atoms pro videi lor thein. ThIe piackets will be towed up and down the Mis sissippi, and tle stlrictest punctualiiy observed in the time of sailing, and should the regelar ressels bi, deteined in arriving, other ships equally as good will in all eases be ubstitutold. A shre of patron. age is nolicited, and tie agentls pledge themserves t accominml tel as n much as practiceble, to receive atid lforward goolds by slid line at the most moader. ate chaIrges, and to advance all expenses on goods shipped, if' required. 'The nhips will leave the le t and ]6th Of every mortill. For firciglht or passage, alpply to the agents. J A M FRRITT, . BCommon at. N. B. Aldvanements made on consignments to Messrs. A. C. Lonmbard & Co. nov27 CAIP'TAIN RIIIRNYATT1IS NEW NOVEES Railim eke YReefer, by thle author ol Peter Simple, be in 2 vols. Cummidgs, or a Winter at Schlss tlai-.field in Lawer Styrio, by Captain Basil Hall, Royal Navy, F. e S., iovnl. Lord RL/da, e romanre. by MlIen Cuininghm, eevol. Sheppardl Lee. written by himself, in vols. d Coempendiru Hialtoryof Italy, translated from original Italian, by Ntulhniel Greene, inl vel.for. iring No. 79 of liarpcer' Eoamily Library. Vols.:l & 4 of thie new colntlete and uniform edit. ,a of 1'nshigtoeu lrrdir'a HWorka. Roger's Preaeh aid Euglish Dict'eionarin I vol, elo. Nugeot'a French and ELogliah Dictionar., AL.s--A few more coimeeof Combo's Phrenologica "Rieissi." Large Seurveyir's Connpaaes afsufaperlor quel Ity, with chains, Billiard Balls ofl 9-.4 and I2- iidhes. Gillott's improvednnetulic P'eno,jaiineddpapens, weights &c. &c. &e. Juton received, aid for sale by m31 BEINJ. LEIVY. L INIt JUICE, HONEY AND WHITE WAX he sbscriber hits receiverd an invoice of the above na.,ied articln irome Havalna, ad ot'er tsham for saie in very reasonable ernis. o17 H B(NNABEL, 40 Tehapitoais IRON ROOFS--The subscribers have procured at a great exp.nse, the right ef patting on iron rols i tllins city. They ere sdapted ti pubh heildiagm, waraitusee, and private dwelling.,and eni.nlmie at once. cheapmesa end dorsbtlity, and are perftctly fire and water proof. Ternms may be ktnwne, end a model seen at our establishment opposite St, Mar.'s market,Tehmspiinulasat. I et E B COGSWELP & Co

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