Newspaper of True American, December 19, 1839, Page 3

December 19, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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ZO. NOTZ.ES. A'TH -OF LOUI SIANA-First Judicial Dia shall Ane, gretingt--Wlheres HENItY WII.. ie s hef of Louisianari, To all whomJe n tih Irope ty lfter..llescribed, has applied so tite clerk of this in r tiit so oicee thI de ted of sale was ret.ordeld o lI toeaetclnth day of I)tober, A. D. 1839, for a Muni a or Mverttiement in conformity to al Act of tlte b llat of the Siate of Louisian, entitled,"An Act p0 th.firoter assurance of ,tilse to purcihaeots at i-i h.t salve;" aopproved lhe tenth day of March, 1834: No, tlherefore, know ye, Rnl all persons interestled f rs, are hereblly cited and ad ,onishe,l in lth nseme of St S:Sltale of Louisiana, and of the Iirlt Judicial l)ia- s Coitrt, who can Oet UI any riolti, title or eclni ietd tdot property lereilnaflter daescribed, i one iene.6f any ittfrlnlllty in Ile order, i ecrce ir judg- di ,ct of tile nCort utdr lwhich tho alt, was Udllldr, or a ir'eguinrity or illegality in thie ppralisemels t dl nerliseanOets, In tiles, or manner of i al, or Ier anlly liar delfect wlat+oeeer, to show couSe, witliliutilrly r . ',e fru tt tileda y this lo uitlo is firlt itertltti t a lio .,,lli papers why thle sale o made slluld not be cono ,ntd antd hamolagated. " 'slfd nt property was oald iv tile sheriff of l ne Ilr lSlid.t th.ieido toet:lielib t y ef SepteiboHrr, A. I). "i3.d4 ty irtte otfa decmee ottela Cort reineredlon tile ltli lnoth dayiof Marcll, A. 1). litJ, in it sotitelllitled T aria Cheil, wife of CIharles BrIewer nd UI. wc. Ite ;,or chldren and heirs of Clhrles 'ectl, Nio. 2,811t,9 Ihedolokt of Thris court, t whlich alt he ite said Ile Willian'Pallrey lecause Ite purcllaroN , icr tile :r of four hundred and tlirty-fiva dllara, payable . riplion of prouperty, as given in the Juldcial Con sonel vii: lertain lot of grundl, thi e ame which wae adjinull ,ed to William Nioltblsnn Ilull, tit it saleittnle Ib s 1. McCoy, atttitnteer of tlh e'ty if tiec t)rleona, ttOltlevnth larecth 1836, bhy virtule of a jlugmenot ,' tcourtiof the thirtieth Jatnuery v I311, lnt , hih wltY Brid bey ald court lt tle eighteonth March Ii39t, 1,t resold at tohe risk and exl eatwe i roit flfr iro.. e ,fi.g tid refusoie to eitply withe ItoleIerItl itld Stin: ,.ons t .Bid e dj nienlllo hlt teing Ttn tled in parit s of Jhglfltrbot, inr the Iowa oti ,rro',tt ttettcgI ed ai nnmlier, Furilt sqnlre A oit t Iploo t!rawn Ily ujamin tluIiseo, trvtyltr n oaikd parit t, .,h i Ith Slttoth Jsaldary 183n6, odt deolo,witel ittll IO ltl: I'. B. Cenanr nslancy ,ulili li hi f l 10 ii il 'l. lg, its Ae ieul on ltnsir, filtly wo ,c leve ill , att LonLV.oslee , nail Iarly feet thent o ries ia ,tllt n ollilto strelt, thr hu ded n ill iet in d cph ri sd llt tleo.J it, rld lcthree ollllretl ld forn6t inschesn m aot ihalf, In I i,. e d i loit lot No. Three. legtnlhr wi ilull Ilo ights, l.rvil en ic. thereotto thelotllgil. I;ano;tl e fite d lit ortatlo A . MBuchav tcue, .idvlge of ti lr i Cortld aforlerid, thie 16111 day oI No eitllib:r, 'dO P I.E Itl.AN", Dp.t'lcrk. IEPUBLIC OF 'I'ITEXAS. TasbAunav D EPcART HBYT , SCity o Housaton, 17111th July 183 .9 o pursuane of reoquiree oa lawtr pt ltniitbd by elonre of llthis Republic, apprcved January lt 1839, nmaking it the ittly ' ithl''reoa.ry to rtrtise aend couo to be sold tile tol in tie CL i'Y IF CALHOUN, osn a day y hitl fixed. Notice i arhby gioen that thelo ica i tile. City ,l Calhoil Sjil! be oiffore at Pubic Sale, on nlondaly, tile lathi alty of Novoaber next, betweeo! tie Ilours ol Tenll 0lock. A 1,1. and Four o'clock, P M, it tlhe Ctpi. Sorthis Repubilic, upon the terms not lortit il Befnllewipg eotrlcto frota the law aboveo icnt 'S ee. 4.--Be it fritrthr enacted, 'Itat the lots it Sit town shall be offered and sold for no othelr cur. ','py than gold, silver, auditoli papor, or ltie pro. .'i.rory notes of thits governlnaolt. tso. 6.-De it frtlheor enacted, T'lhat tile said lolats ,in!l be mold on tho followitg terlnst, viz: One tih palt to be ,paid down, aild tihe otheor lthreeo I t'l to be in equal itllatalnonts of nix, twelve i.I 1 _chtaeen mnonltls. 4Vt' See. 7.--Be it filrther enacteod, Tiat it any u von who shall purchase any of tloeseo aforoeslld o shall fail to make payniant of tile aec;col in. ,tlilentl in confornmity wtlt tills Act, io or they dal forfeit all such oitnS as tlhey tmay lilct previ. :.r paid, and the Iota purcialed ty sclluci deflioi r hall revort to the goverlllnlutct of thie Iepub. e. 8.--Be it fortlher enactedl, 'rlhatt all ,persons, 0r s not eIcepted, ohall Ihave tle priviltege of pur -,ng aindl hlditg the snumo, andl the n'recidlct in " triaed to isaepalltents tt tltlctUt so snI ai tlhe s. sItalitnt hollll have ben, paid." : a sale will colntilae frolti day to lay, until all is lonts shiil ohave booeen disposd ttf. " .Iho n ia aituatod oil thle ltiat e und of elt(aSl r ,' laIld, directly on tilo Mliin Piai illto Matagor. aI y and froUt its advintalgeous posttiol,. will ahbly iwetin t llt trieipal colttiaorciail cily it ita Lern ''oxas. Plan I tihe city may be seen i the CGeneral Slie neeral iapers in tlis Reptbliclcho Coulllr. I Uullelin, Pilcayuine til ''roe A omlic.,o, otf N. I ass, will publilsh notlice utlllt Io day l' aolo. JAMES I!. SlITAR ,. Srerctar (' Ltlle T'reasury. TAT+ DE LA LOJUISIANI -Cultt rdu Irtou ier t)ijirict Judiuiaire--L.i. do la I.ultlo , ( 1i tott 00lx que cos prd6entes concernut- ltAtondo que IIE'RY WILLIAMI PALFR Y it ohet6 itlno uno vnt faito pur Ito Sheritf do l, Riase Jollerson, it propri6. ci ;llprbs dd6crdr, .t adlrciu ad grotto c o u tto Cour oiu ti ite ,ton tt enr6dist do 'o dix.slo ptlbrno jnour Ld'i)tctlure tn1O.t 1839, pour un avis conolortment a nti e, do lato Legutl:turo du l' at de i Lou t iunc, I!tuld " Anto ptlr cun1uirmnrr hlr iitre des ncquc. Ir aux vnliii jdiciaires;" approuv6lOO I10 3Mars, itu'il soit conu, Lt outet's persuonos intllldcsu6o i r parct . presenti s soo i lld , 1t n n ,t 111 1 i I'illat la Louisiane et do lu Cour di Premienir )istlrlct Itciairo, qui lourraient avoir drit il h pr - it6 oi-lp.oa dderite, iin conltulutncel d'unll d it do fornilu ldaS loI'rdro, e ldduret oL Il jilgn uit do I (our, o vUrtu duquoel lai v,;note a 16i u do tonoo irr6lgoltri 6 ou illkdglid6 d, itms m'imation, I'avis o to pit elt o le mode do la ' 0, oil0 puur urino autro cnusn qlclconqluie, tlo ro voir, done trnto jours C datlor do lu puih;ua do out C via, pourquoi la vente ainsi faito no se- C ' pa conflrmill6 etI honoloogude. l.a dieo proprit61 fut voende par to Shdriff sus. li vingtemo jour do Sepotimbro do i'aund1o ', en vertl datddereot do cotte Cour rodll l I hailiblme jour do Mars io I'aondu 1839, dans t, '5tire de Maria Cdcil, 6piousoe dto Chrlts- lri, er , I. v. Les Eifans ininour et h6ritiers di Charles S :il--No. 12809 du Docket to cette Cour, a la I S l vontole dit Henry William Pttfrey oost Si aoqudrour pIur to prix de quatr. coils cin" 0 ate pioare,. payable ciulptotlt. it .)eosripiion do to prop.itd.d l aptre lo transfer dait re, savoir : , certtinet tt it terro, lto ilione qllo tut auljigi pc :'illiotu Nictllotl6o I ii, A Ullno veintu lite , ;r luo L. Mo. Coy, oencateur do It villl do ll ,lrvlle Orldan-. to 11 Mars 18 It, on vnrlml d'unl lient, do cotto Culr ldu 30 J ilvitr 1736, e o I 11I MIar 1939. t1i Cour ordnlll d'lllte re ndl aux dteptns eo risqutls iu dit hlll, a cau-e '0 lis negligence et do, s.oi rtllu a rmltoplir lus " 1.(1nes et condlllonl dn la Islt i adjudicaliou, Co as hla tillo de Carrolton, il ult distndo Ip rr II: l to qlltro do Itlnt A, stir un plan dread plar i janinliun uio.on. arlonticir io Ito diitl paiuisoc, S 20O Jonvior 1836, cl d6losid tn"Int tl Ilailrui d.: B. Cllas, liotal.e public do cotto villo ; It a Iotlre Atnorieaine) oinquanlto dcux pleds onze tCeo. do face i la rue do lt Levde, qu tranto p.cds ,a poiaes do tfao C to rue Ilurthe, trots cents ,it nroti pieds do profondour et hice C la rue aerson t trin conts qluiatro ploids six potUoco aL i ourto ligte quo to dlvioo du lot No. 3, oltioit. touo los druitl, privileges &Lc. qui y apllrtiol. t i moin lt'Henorab'o A. M. Buchanan. Jugo do la Cour susdito, co 16 Norvmbro, 1839, P. LE BLANC, 20 it 30d I)olUid Grcfier. A 't-'h1.utei o ubscrii. l rcevedocitni me sti.ilg ho evoey iaceit.at0arg supllft tu Iueaver, iat, Fur lid MSi.kin silk Itlutsoftt totse ltifout. S and bont ml utfiaI tura, woticih tlhey ol r ito r inlleC - it to th citizens and Iub bgencrtelli. itor stle by Naval, Miltilrvt t. F.ol,it.tieto l Httiers, iunder I EIachitiiCc Hut it. S't ihlt rlPes i AN LLA t tltt)A lt-- A c -iiIhIn tp o slrlttietii ofI Hawser's and lLoie, diLerit trulll Ihe intliry, Wlol ud to h e of a quClily equll tio iIy ill tihf city, tinoW ngatdfortsal by E'I'ER I LAIttt.. W, ONiTh undersigtc d eliur ur ctle otil oittititi ditng tern, in Its Into suit p nrctair.iu : tllu cargo ro ji s rri e ved ir nlt Slne kho IiI, pI.r brig t'tlhtnuo, prling a fll ad c.itpleto ailrlment i t all si zes. LAYtON i Co. S, 53 Old loveo or OIltRIS 't'tOti' Pit'blE. C elatdui.g, beautifying and preseroirng Ohe Teeth. S pllreparation las acquinred great ttcelehriti byt | its poloessoig ito ului lc invtlluliito r pet tiet Crli ng the Teettil i iplt-h, oeelino tile iroilth, aund co iy eradictling the a:urvy. It is tolrlmtd ut iigreili- sl pl nlmnt to th tast, uland highly hluefhrial to the t aont preservation Of oh. 'I'etil citd t tititi iiir Litpo otmsau t to o, e clureinvuoiti, tthie euuamuulu 'i oetth, inteadtl of Ccint iutititred (Lt it li.itllnly • l ar t n o ntOlo I oitierco ti utiillI Oii) wiLl be lresOi Ivet rondorend beauttfill in itotlreloe. For itle tt iIlit 00 e ZAA Rt, cor er of St. clih lrles n lt L.o u+Io i At.i ItUcII &l A.t.AN. VlI7 t lES I MEDht'I Ei--ty7i p;kn'uie tooslti imitl d o nehrecivcote per recent arrivlT ftr,i tihe Nirthi e o' iverool ani Havre, makinlg ileir Rtiek iof ti me i f - l ll tI o in tihe .outhern culllliltry. hthir oedical preparatiuls are -iiiti the celot hrat di iit tnu iry ot Iader, WNeavetr S to. rniom .eihw they ic, ill natalitty uppliedin. Phteri, d, enters nt I'lsi will e luapplied on che Itotrt l.aornhlei tortn "R • .IAtIIVS & ANI)IItIh\VS, c o Coollnno t and Tcihanituilts At S NIEW G(iUt). tad USH & AIlLEN are ocw oeningt t eomplett at - aortimnt n' litill shirts; do cambric, witlh linen a rlian c tlltro b silk, cotton lld mit rino illnet onll drawers: cnmbriec ant silk handkotrcbhi.; and fanny eravnoi, ill geat variey ; Ittlllhir selti.; of every descriotion; tum elaoi ic and rnotll u.i - r. silk, cott tit lli tltdid iLuia.R ; goentlletlo'O kin glovers. Snit plen liu sslrtr timn of ladin' und t go t ie tmoet'l !\ dtlt. idks lreslin canss, oitusicl boxeo, work Port Fo!ios, perfumery Tnd cutlery, at the BA CaoOns of St. Cbtrl allnd Common ss. ,t4 300KB8 &, 1(780. G UNN'S DOIIETICIt MEDICINE.-More thian -tven ya haveeilnpsed aince thisvaluable fam ily medical'work wra itten hvl a gentleman of Ten essee. Sine which time, more thann one hundred thousarnd copies allve leen sold iln tile wentern and oiuterll stateC iand thi dtmnwdl fr it in ihone slate, in ilcreronig. T'Ihe pullilser llore illclv revised, en- L lare~el and stereotyped it, nd exclurted i i ulerior tyle, an noo w owFlEr t i tihe citl .ni ,cf Lo.uuiiana.- ilolicitors are now ready to wail n tile pilulic: for their poitronce, which will lIe gralefilly receive. I'The of lice oficalnn & Co. is nw oepen cat No. 164, Camp cst, aIpposite Lafayetle Sq uane,whrnca theu [ hli ae re ect. fllv inviceid t.ncllld eul anx ier the wrk for tlentcelves Seal vesls ond stca:ncers will find it extlemiely uefll, as well/ as f.lii~iCP. Ii V IAY1OIOND, Genertl Aeent. A liberal disccount will Ieo allccwed to athlhsale deCtec. Ill 7--Gt F ~tlO.eii\0IC/Ii CIIR~).'clt~t.l'.d+-Jchcc J. Ho-tacitl & ('a), 41l (CIpcc) srCcet, Ihavc jllst received by the shcli Fairiiel, a fIcadher naplv ,f Fruierlnrt' Chrmll :ircled if floiThlnld, FinIcce, Spn,nc d ] titeoiijcchciciaecccntric,- ;lcccc llie cdle 'rhe Viciacen cllct cc'rll'ccc ci r c' It Jote l Iocc lUicc ci'VIece RI., I. cwith I Ites c O caicr, (c'. by J ) Jlliwccll, l. q. Ic, F SA c,. &0, " Burloane' Anatomy if Melancholy; Ithe nixtaenth Lon dIl,,l~dillol,.l The .n Anclert; rcConaimp'alie. Man's eecte ll innllo Th' e T di',ltlrn lllc rIe:dii, n onal%, nllcoi, tlc, aIC cdtici. cc llo ccok o\ICocUcdull nlltlei roPe yltoc Poicfi cccccc l~ic e eI l c icccoic.c,lictiiclecccc s iccccicictiy r Wr. i V iill, i, Iwo vw luie sn. loISil ANNUAI.l. F Ill l.t O( K1)5 cl ItltR I'Vff. Yedicirbhv the Conn Stcc; of cileasilatOlio, with beautifully ficshtec en Ice c l .epmnke ,ir 1510.e dicec by tie l..ay E. Stuort 0 ll0uoc l c Pili coderre i AIluc l c ll llillin. istr nnd hoctlc .-iwhitih-ce lv oo.- eociohotihic. b"A nI s Ii, I , Irhe -u-1 +it h:trafhintlhl work the Shalllk. +Poesr (+lalry wills uttelr alew andl valuable Eng[, ) Jbt+t ruent lid icend I-lr sc-tilii i Ic- li ceh ok . i13I.I.X.t"'iO'.VAIt. 491 (loo tl R 4 111 c c PAUlItJIN Ef. 1 lIIAM W in five Il-r, Ircim the Frnh I 1 Aee- . re tIum i+,hy t onh 1+,rer, ofl Ntw I rl,,an+ Thi- iW r, very ihv mrllty recelived ill 01he N\'orthl is Imore strltn1 ly rccIminI .thd tli o the pu c oi f NIc e (cil cI ' ic the l ciir cl irihccllccts io'a iic ll. hi kllwn eclitlecillnc cl'ihis c its. For ale o at III The. r ipa l I k ti.r and 17i St. hall,11111. , &tOllllnlin t Y F:I.I.t)W I.'.;V I.'lt. ANlI'itllICAI I'ctholcaic'iii Id'l Th'lrapniice re 'E allllesoiC tiht Y'Iellw Fever lf l;iralle ar, tf ll2I, hv P. {Ch. A. lrewis, uIIltholr of ILewis o+n F[ever, IBlhoIo Ica'iih .&c. ..c., ust reeci' ant I fc r c ic le I y J..I. IIA.oVI Fit & Cc, 'uICcce-or IIc ALEX. crcTlcilit i49 +SL 1I.Fi:+I) 1tl9 Ito)SSINN, rll the AdvenliTres of a nobl rge~eam~-a cw l Ic I1 00 I try cicc lcricilfh cecl hel:. -u nI J ill0etVtlhi(t \' t e llol~l,l~l uril)lsUF hy J J II."gWIII.( E Co. I, 49 .allip st Ei C() i081 if I'i clitcll i, icli ic i e llng the Recn iin 1 l I c ti l iinlire l id ce lie tertccn'c cc, by Ilieul. (Conit Maillecw cllinc , jn.c rcleivldl iid fciir celi hv J. +!. 1I IS\' &. Cth successors Itl AI.I:X.. TOJWl It.I 491 Ctmptc . d5 Il CntL' OlcPit-lcioh I ltciaew & 'cc, 411 S. llClm rtreiht, have j111 received, Irlllli Phlhdld p hi a a ge lerfal s pl qdy of 31it,'hell's inr G)P Illm . In(lbl, h ic : f0r ei'xc clc, I.nic lin , Ac ihllt t c i'n, iii st i lpi , Tolllle-r p, .-+ ltl',. New Y ·rl lil,;+-rlr ; C~lwanl'+ Nl.w IYlukl licp rIs; Jc lh'lclc- i (i c Yc \'lrc k iel) olc S; Ni lleyii iiii , lll-cla'cCc lWi ('cr if itcesi (lilly on c illp nlw c ;dii. h'lle s ovw. with +I ellnr ll sotlSllnelllt I..iw Look., juOct rccved land lier s 1oll iV C JIilIN J 11A0VII9001 C. S cii t accoc.l. i ccIl A4'I'IfAT NIVI*1 I'110-0 II N -ieli'lr h reti 4 rlle NVli oeIl Ml-ckv IcIEnkcllce vhccltc.d, ;aIh r Iitlir g-l Ie tlh' l · Iy \Itic i V. II. -lc rlcetons, i ulhor of i i iet l Malonetl, Ieic. 2 vily. T'le Canire. tclc, lod lctcei:ilolc, r tilc Icdlhook ofthe +\lhn of Fashlio ll; by the eu.ho, r of Ihe "*|.lirse of lEti Iqueltic." Nc It-cci . ccc , dt2 car Snt (ic ich rlc s IIiti C(oIt ntil tic tL Ie tt l 'IVll- f'e l i tlh o f &, son-oi, a ..+,. , y t h , lot ntess or f - i.l.incgol, illu-iratc d, L toii iThc hkre .h aich ccct( ,c clli-' cciiilinic tIh' prlncipccl h Simllle Iharc:l ttrl c i l' Ilih .l Ih' i reilt LctI , lIc i ui l lFor£. l e , to. chri-tmat. on 1 new's lpres+e~t, by I[rie -hi p'. i il].ril a11. V r1 ' W re *tlh . a.hritm an i C ( i idJ . . i',l, N I" il r I lllll, ' 10 It ct r- 1 i t ccc li rh i- liii i , ,, l I ct\\' 1 c . litc--. c i"ii1 1 i l \c-11(i 1. c i lr cci1c' lh \li-c h,· I,, ili,~, il ill ~,;,,iilli +t+, grl1 l~·~ ~~·; i~bi~hl 'd~·~ I~y he ke..l'Utl ,'k C., ,.,.t,.n.(11 The (Ch,-s-I,,llbrd CoI.mUl nionll '.c nl:hii n Ihe' lttw< ofl he . g Eillll ne Vliall(· IllIII powevi~r iif thi. lplliecl ,s t~llltll 411 hl c icc i , I h (ha In hi t' rs-,l l a r cc' of Iro ll ive hc idie, illll-l;lli,' cc lll ll- c rllccii i lli L l'ici' i ii , illtlltl ill Ciii'rs; _ . °rl 'l. Jl~ l_' t.'vl- 'l ll l {',III +L · h ll·· lllrl\ \V I·(ewi s,lr on-· cc ll-l,' cci cci-'q lci-cIcccic c.c llclc li. i -c 1 lY lllllr lui' c - f .I I I .1 III . cc e ' 1 +cic t h'ci, inc x h T ,lc l , it "0tl 0.. t'i ', l.iI''. ' mi i lt illh by T I- f e, ece', rig. I r.n t h-, u iIh,.n i- n I,.', Ietem Ih nn , o l. cic, i.'l- IIhll· ria . andlr oils; .1. I., l i i I t he I,:i 'll hi-iTry nold linporL of J ..)ll\e ri1 J IlnIVeFLL & Co. 4 al nd 1tTh(181 generally, -8t ' hn h cl rrilrll t o "I lh," C ,l l ~n 1 oo..o'orll I hi. o te'ts," iof itnstllc:iotts. I..l ohns 0 iCo. 1. . (Charles street; a t Mr. It. .wsrt'h , 4 ut 'slr ieti or e -f Mr. ,., it c llccil h 'oe's cce k in r el ee KCecitlcc' . fcIeC a Icyid e-lcc-so Ice hnc o Cvars -t at rn It l l tinv ante - reei e 'rtf ccc ,el at ion Igr I A)O fS,--A li .lelwecllyI Ihl lut I'e ecllg wI ore on Iae w, j.t-i Ireceived y the .ulbcriber. Irl yllklllll. tt i eek s I.i .F \,ol. I ollltllllioll v eof the IC ws of se elf-I. cile all IItIi i Itdi. I21lll' · n ll: I P¢nm oir =, :athoidriCd bIV rE.ilSltlilm JolhllsOnl Evi S ol rin eIIInItIries noI nd wI el.d ci ' o )f e rla lie llt iP:eeli --, I deT i lo e ellr , W rit n Cokes'a tholaeln book of Rleports, abiridge'd by Johns A t iterary ln c c- Un l llg r 'I Oll \ Illtlllct of nilme I ic ee.cisin of realize; n l nlll aill e, ei,_ l aned eil r CI e ll:trn o.l Ite i Irlleln , l e a in f I n' t, ,I it:. l el e AO e t) ve is' riglls ol f all \o rlllie iii mliz.'n, wills a r loetll n le r Oi le tl e rigi t nle d o en te llea rittln p rtl Ile I v ei fl e U. c. 11v r::sulln lt. tllll olill n I ullllll I aw Ioe frrl hallie e .i, 'inoeie'.cn e ole l rjvll:: l',ot't . .\ .lo ries, Ito Jol hnI Rteese; splendid Si r ll et, o ll il ii I o Alt trndlt rn' Ha Iou;lll ri 1110 fo1ehcrtcl, I" cti nlined hed New I 'ears pier ace ". ,eee ,, .,,e ,.c emt e,, c m i en .1 " ,rnlll ll,'ri 'r a1 ll.t, .,t'7. If-r 14 lli Thel(' hll '. fimII' o, 18110--\Iso 'lllu l il I li 1--''. i Vl hl doi , o n le n itelrary ,l llellAi ellan ericinal Iee t an vere I JIIecc i NS c Co, "eac n lioener's e lal - - n c ll'r .t CO1 IIoEA ltI '. Common eat eIIInlS sn le TiI anlt u r eailye d h til el (Collilelt f e Ile < o in_.ton, y lilnd i ,l slrated with twelve hir llli and hishh ihlnshel engrlavn= r iust u ecived auhnd or sale by J J 1enec \Vee , .- Coe , i it n trd t Bcee lust race ved - ic--ieee i i I'' ero d o o, I . t ( ,ite eivi i fraeneta , 10 vole en r r le hie o d ri h u Civil, i ? rvI on i dll .n L erlqe I va a Clh tealn Fn rllel fclllllt eorei, I e et nAildee ee re , r n8 coirller St Chrlll s! sitlll Cononnl n Atel I Bel' l J ril o r Law tlod Equit, y slllr er m Iunlu Liml i' the ce-tenei tenet a aflecennel l eqity in EagilcIc, dnrir et . l 11111. Ci, lished et tlely at $7 iPr l ullll ubslrlle ne re· l ived n . JOIiN J 4JAS\1ELL ." Ca. d7 A TOWE'f R, 49 Camp at T--- ANNUIS FIO 1840lito I USTl reelvedl ter slln decI lID, Ile folloteing l eg - T odid Io\lon EI-dil- :8 Thea Aeallathe isellnasol of origie al prose aCount verse, edi- Cli ted by Ti . It. Il vr. Gt)eeis of eti autc%, :liphlayed in a series of twelee highly y fienied e-erntn log ai'variona suiljets by i tal Ceoln e les of reelllsiahett d. Fie-r'na I c erawi. Itnmn i Serap Book, 184 b, wilth paoetel h eIl el i nl L. t nL. ad Mny Ihwitl. SIleeaite' Book ofi lienatn. 1llO, bl is se atifill er rall, n I log, 'dilt Sl i le t C ol let s Iiof C om.iegltO. il 'The Keeill ke far 1811, edited bIy Lady E. Iluare i Klath.le llectree eliae Anneal ort 1810; Windor Cascle e eilI Ia I.nvirn ic, ice L. Ilitehi', 'fihe Poia ets n aU rea, by Johe n Ieese, spleadid eneOreco I- morrotco loul d. e Belgin ' iil: .'ene g tlllhr 1810, by Miess W e en .ee , m. The (leot fc r 1210, a Cellriemes ndl New 'ear's Pre s' eteelil, ek ied ae d e ieeornneee. di . Tie- IPerl nr Afeceioen leift fer 1840. T hl e e'hil' Gem fer 18I0. The Vilete fnr 1840. T e lifP fPr l840. Th''e Bell otf ie Seeeon, a poem, iby lhne Countess ofe Ble-sington. It Sheeepeare's Gellery, eeonatiing the prlnceipal female e chsrat:r.,n a lene e phlay of fe e gree t poe.i. ParForgetAle No, ea Christltts and N\ew Yen'c Preeen, S Frioendchip'e Olferine and Widoen'a Wretlh, a Cili.t le- teeca eld New Year's Pereaet, ediled by Frederick The Token leel Aelenelit Souentrei, Ae 'ehr.initee and Ncew cId Year's Prenent, edilad ly 8(. G. (iaGoodrich. Ain EJOIINS Co. A N. Orleans Stationer's Hall, 47 corner St. GCarlee and Common at SHIPPING LIST. Ooastwse. FOR NEW YORK. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. (To Sail ersry other MonJny ) This Line is co:oant ed uf i.e blo'slu ilt n-hip., vis : hifp YAhO I, Cpt.? 'Ira-k MISISSIPPi,, P Ilillard L LOUISVII.LE, ' Allen MHAKOI'ai, .t., Iritanl "IU'I'SVII.LE, - Elidridge " SARA'I'OGA, Ilnith,way w The alaove ships ore nil of the first atasn, oapp'eredl nd ' apa bfaanr it, i ao alinht drtti r ght of l taor, a nd built in New \ ork eolsraoely for riae nIrd, with eleglant a neclllealntla onaa flr jinst'gnlP tr, tot l llllalllllnm t by a nble ll pnd a iertinol masters. 'f olle rile fp nssu ia pot fixe Id itt $!)i, ithn llanai an i or l ,illn ple stlllre ill every uthte r I ctti l r will Iber Provided, nd nevray i t tptn to t e ttn i prona o ot t h I atfse l ltt to lrl:l i In the title. T hle Stll s w ill lat all littlPe lie tnyr uI n ailltl dOW/n tile rie, aonid tlhe g tehlet pttetut stilv tylnated as / their dav r nofii/inn. be , Neiahler lhe. wners or caltairs af iesnship will be Bt tenOlliblc f Iwelry, n ulli' , p olr r e on rtuelro , ilver ar plated ware, itrilkngeoaf nlnsn,hallow ware, naarble 1or grnt0ite, ao ertg e o' tin, rustof nroana ta t'el, o ar f.r ln llIttli, lr.t al ,r ltakngeo ent l ,r pult 1 oa It rd Al Fifi IPI s il set regulan r bills f Ilading are token fur t 1 an alrma, aind .I1 value Itlere ltnfe Ipr sed. at For a 'eight or "t s latge a tppl toli n27 \V I F')SDti:K & C,,70Ciamp lyt i FOI NEW 'tl/OK. Iteglnl r Pearkot oC lUti ins:tant. aiueiauain and Neor York Line. lE 'TaO SAIL'I'tIiS AY. C S 'I' E farot sli liin reguln r pneket ship lol ISVI LE, Allen, annset, vnifr/ er - entlire enargo engaged, and nn buard, wil/ be de C VNl T,, w it aiI lve. Il' li'etalint pafpecie only, or pnsarnet, avinn g ntperi or e rti n lllll alt1lo, apply Illt boarda , ltate tier bletrw tahe Veemaalne Markett or Ita \ta l It Fo)StIr:Ig & Ca, I 5117 7(1 Camp o st 01 FORt It VIAIO)I1.. an ' Tbhe A I ft n/iinog nibp POWIlA'rTAN. Cn1ooin (j S\ Mc(/Crnrt, will enil na Stltur-' S at. y n. ine.. F'pnassanglt. orIIly Io .naraI, o- b I-i'a e rti nloll I' reis, or tto P LAII)I. .rA\A V, a117 51 Clinapop it ------ -- Il NI'. OItK.uT ilne t'atr taebkrl f alarlttva lt'e ita/ int fnt. New Y.nrk rade NIw irll nat. Line, kl'he ship SI'. /MA/lY. Calpt. Ia'o.r r will S tnil a ira' dnr n ion altnve. F dr, foraiflt if a151 oa 2')0 baleo 'f cutllm, iappalv ot hartl or to dl3 P' ta I, /a.A/\V,a 51/anmp at F NIALV YORItKi First Rleular lia Nei et.- -ihtens' I in p. To sad, Day J./r To-Mllorrow 4 Th clt' o re and alt/Cot tner aacttl hip// ' 0It [EA\S, Setrs, nalster, nill positivnly A iA ii l l i latvn. I 0/r I.ight el 1511 il des cotton or p isage, havl;ng ael'glt ne:ltallln ttIil) laa a tpl r Il ie Cn lta in on l b adlld olAr tier elow tll. J.e ohelll. Ilpnke l. olr to d12 A :)l III;N. 9t) ( aIrtoln) r It Hie..J Tlni.lll sIhip 'ell K7'IS is now ready to '1 receive t'r inllt for ally purt in Europe. A . freirght f tlatlburg or Ainerlp i nerst re-. srtt.i Aptly to an i0 A IIAI! ISK ' For the Interior. CON'I/N'IrN' SACREit) HlERT. A In ensequent'ne of tib Inadies fair . takin I/,eon tainihe 18th tile steam SI lntt PEKIN, Ctait nat Freick, eills n Iarv l I tn1tontt'l o the 17tn instlnatanl order to reCeive the l i Isdesti ned lftr New Oree .. 31 t d14 r.egtlaro Packet. at T l" i lf Tr e finet fast rin ;or ; nStle nlltl -_ H C. C. II lMA, Cart. W\Vrling, aill traleave iew lrleanl~ everyL Turs nroroing t 'lk, nod btaynu Sera ev onr Sn suge ap tly n buird, aor tnt i,28 1' I.,\II T.Aun , 51 Camp st FOIL tAY(tIII SAILA Ie.Bu/,al Packet. tee I~fem'?'bli. l~ll The Sldenid passenger steanmboat _ il tll.l.l:\ANT1 , JeE se IY rt master, . ,_T' -= . "iill tlt ve New Orlealns evern v n ed nsd-It AIn1 o'elok A. 1 o, I nar /an tg Sar o &every Snlodo r s a t:to il ell'ck A. ,1 linkin. tI, enaa t dowrl on Sn btll/ Fu~r Iriigh t or passage bpaly to a /un t. Ilbrt on Ibla nabl n)r ato fIltt5 AnD:\A1S & t nI a TAnIlno RICI JEWELRY, AT NnI. i( CHARTIOE SI'ItEET, A FULL. Ai o.tir lllllt , i u-t reIneivel aonaiatieg o/f ear rit'ln , I,.:kel -+, hia h s IIbIIru ell 'l• P io gllh ti/tilo ., In.a ,ntaia ta n la a ind of ird eilain% ;valn fiand ken s, walrlnlntet rtlt l ,a/an l.,cia lsrna n l l(nniv/o, talt ; Itn Io"' PIlllllk h , Itiell, will, roorb and tahle brru.n.b m, lilni,, calhli.+ aid ' f I: l oti ls ekt . an f u Ib slets-, crIl ne l. ce . od a I ,a, . ; ,ll the nl+oie articles will be tl/l)n'd n tlte o aatl rnlt.rath ti t at. Mr . und how)+i ca , for stIle. Please eull at 16 C.bartres ANNUALS FOIL 1541). I Ia'tSlT rtei'a.a fit IttI Nev llk tihe t illuni/ga-Iaa en (l l.,mlta nuo Edatlnaa : t loIrnaa, a tll rld 1v nan. K. l anvrtv. G1e nf I.lry, li~pl;.1ved ill ai sP.rres oll.: lve, higly t.t.ala:n. nanlnalqn,,aanna Ifamltn /1/ le e: In lht. ( r+,mllt,,.s of Il:l-siulghut. 0i~l le+'- [tmui ri' l·t11111 rn u ,,I I. np ]t. k, 1 10. w Ill l:-"eti a The liatait' a , / at l;r In10, edited by nl/atly E. lu01 li'ath's rt lbee uePl ioin l fir 18t0 ; \Vhindstr eastle e /aIn+ irtirE i bn na . nitchie. a I 'lhe Iftb. l Ut... bll at t a / tinad I ', nn llh Net nhlnlost'o I- aJh tilnal r K 'iellln fr 11a , y ILev. Jan A. Claf rku /8h. ele.'iae'+. t It ring lItr 1310, bly Miss \\~ e' n eni Ti c lo/+ taii 8lll n .t Clln. ttinas ii N ew YCara t re-n f The Se,! or el . l utian's Gift tCtor 1840. 'l'he (Clild's Gem ,S+ir 1,10. ntheoVionet for I biann 'Th'i .l t d i lilr I11111. FThe nItll it tll a. SeIstoli t, aiaanalln b'y athe Inu terit of an Sh tk nlle nale'S ll ery, / nannlrnriin llt Ih lntlyal fede Sita cab i na a nl/li trn,ll n Sin unt II gthntnsred pe. tyn n Fred. n.bti dnrt. FrieP/.to nist l aanrir iaad \Vintlw's \Vr'ntal, i l C /iist 1 intl and New Ybar's Present, ed/ted by Farednerlnk nahe ' anaJii i r Atlaiiti S uvena r, i Christit as t a d 1j New \'ear's I'tesent, editet l by S. U. U .,h'i h. ta ie I I oi f Pral sen Pi ,:tt . ai 1 A t, anr1t111, iltt a - a tr atel iit rllngravtital nty nI. & n \ o. o. lhdenl, ' /in supa-ineaendeae nnf /a. a V. E. Findeu, wnth poeuiiall illuotrtationta nur n/ule tan JtiulN J IIASW\/ELI/ & Ca, d19 Sul~ocen.trs no A 'petinr 49 t.innp nt jNi Itstlt l .AS SICKI.EtiY, Noa. 19 nuel 20,jailt re. attn. canod nfr sile by J ltAS/E/,/Ca. d3 49TCapr N1 No. 49 Camp strtrr b .ve jhtl rrcittd hIo, Phil tt.llphlia lo It ,o a .o oonetral supyl of mt ,lical hllk, of lit: ]test edl{Ja+ t IIO,.ig o t.hlh ore Louti, IThe eect cat l.ilrnrr, 13 vo's. Iloxtn a'S Cyclopedia of praelical surgery, colored °tokn s nit diseas.P o tllh chest. llediel nod nsturgictol moiograp h. by Atndral, Iouis, rtard. &. &e. prioli;es of the theory and praotice of tnediine,by Maorhall lall, Mi. D. 1'4 "g1t0 PIllNTEIS in th,moutheru Statoes-JOIlN J. SHAS1\VI+I.I+ & COt., 49 Cot:1' streer, respectfully solicit orders frotm Plrinte.s of the soath generally, for Pressls, Type, Ink,l oittr, out every orticle su:taie t .oopritittolnh ote. Tlto hoe ttt ond h tonhblet itdi , itporialotand super royal Proesse; type frot non parei to Il linle pica, rolhraciln a largval riety of jo. tuntgto te,faruite ouoinbubaus rult, ualleto'su,&o c. f-ot ilia Ittiladtelphia iod New lark founodrios; alo 30l() rellts of printin Uper, fron 1 by 24 ItS22 by 42, oltitbhi. fr pmpIhlelt, Iook or nesrspaller, oltirlt tIhey are doswpoed t sell oll reasooohle htrt't fotr city oecep- tlalce.; tlibtoral d iIIUtI I olldotd ftresh. Printlrs solling orders to II & Co, ilmay rely iupon gettmg the trtieleo et.mllll ted ; as the technielities of Ithe trade are flmiliar to thle Ionse. Old type taken in sxchango. d17 7INES--Burgundy, Bordeaur, Champagoe, . Madeira, Rhenish, spalrkling IIu:k, liquors, received by the last arrival from France and Ger many, and sold by the subscribers- Burgundy, Nuits. Clos do Vougeot, Hlermlitage, Rolmnde, Chllambertlin, Laros, St. Julien, St. Enti. lion, Chateaux Margaux, do. Lafitte, Louvillo, Sou. terne, IBarsac, Graves, Lunel, Frontignac. Cllatmpagne. 300 baskets, Eagle brand; Palaeo brand; Palace Vorcenay brand and Liberty brand. Madeira in pipes, half pipts, and half quarter casks, old London particular serviol. lthenish wine; Ilock ; Graefonberger cabinet. 1827 do tMarkebrunner do 1847 Markebrunner, Noirensteiner, Gra efonborger, lHockhlimer. 1825 Markebruimer. Graefenborger, Dom. Pres. Hlockhoilnor. 1822 Potlannisberger, Liebfrauoninilch lleinberger, Leistowein. 1811 Steinowein. 200 boxes sparkling linck, rod, blue, yellow, label, suoperior quality. .cluors-W irto Alnnisetteo, red do; ratafia, bran dy fruits, Tirsohwass r; s. f. diffranrt Iquors. dli E JOHNS & Co. .EI)ICINES, &c.-L-allig from sbips S'. Louis, ¶ Cherokee, Louisville, Joseplline and Ohio Puly. rhubarb in cases Sicily britmstone do lIdin ill cerons ladder itn asks, barrels and kegs Sdlt iltre in kegs Fluor Sulpthur i barrels (Ground gitger in do Race ginger it bogs 20 hbl* ca-rtor il al soda iucasksi Salasratus in do Sedtlo and soda powders Castor -il bottles Patent medicine vils, assorted vials Paint and varnish brusheb Witli a general assortment ol medicines for plantations and desalos. For sal byty JARVIS d ANDREWS, n29 cornesr Com. & Theapitoulas at LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK 339 outjoreity of tie j tate of 7Lout(fana. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD, MANAGERS A I"OPRIETORS. L7 The First, or Haulf Million Lottery, and the Second, or Two Million Lottery, are respcctifaly presented to S.l Public. Tie HALF MILLION LOTTERY will be drawn in December, and finished at one drawing. The TWO MILLION LOTTERY will be drawn on tie old plan of Blanks and Prizes-Nulmbrs inl one wheel, an D:anks anod Pri, a in another wheel. Both Lotteries. under the supervision of two Judges of Courts, WILL BE JDRAWN IN NEW ORLEANS. The HALF MILLIO\N LOTTERY offers chances to 1,291 Prizes, of whilch 33 rce Priz a. o Real Estate and 335 of, besides many Prizes com0 posed of Tickes in the Grand 'Iwo Million Lottery, tlfording a parlicip i a oE a le.oa tile hoIlder of a Ticket for Prizes in The GRAND LOTTERY of Two Millions of Dollars--10,000 Prirze!!-to the lull naouott of $2,000,000, of which 1u7 are Prizes of Real Estate. Only 9 Blanks to a Prize!!!-Simple Nos to 100,000. 100,0O0 Tclkets at $20-2,(100,000. Schleme and sellin. price the same. Among the Prizes in tIhese two lotteries are many public and private hbi!dling which adorn the city of Now Orleans, and areo the pride of its inhab. itants-lthe Verandah, St. Cheares street Theatre, Americane Camp strew Theatre, St. Chacrhs Arcad: Buildings. with Iltels, Dwelling Houses, Stores, Building Lots, and many entirn squares uof Ground-besides Stocks in Banks and othelr institutio os l' the SLtate of Louisiana, amounting io the whole to TWO MILLIONS FIVE HIUNDIIED THOUSAND DOLLARS. All the Real Estate and Stockts off:red mn Prize are owned by t!etn n nd in their possession:- he acts of sale, with clear titles, are vested in thfir firm, and recordd ill the office of Adolphe Muzurean, Notary I'Pul c, and ofi:e f' contvey.tcecs, reauly to transfer to the holders of Prize Teckets, exempt from iencumbrance: The property is set apart unallorably to tLeat sole and o:ly purplose, aned c:an, in no cvent whatever, be conveyed otherwise by tile firm than no thle holdersof the Prec Ta'ilc!ts. AMERICAN CAMP STREET THEATRE LOTTERY, CAPITAL $540,000, IN 1,291 PRtzEs! Will bcdrawn in DECEMBER NEXT; and in order to gratify, at an early period, the purclhasers D of tickets, the combination is adopted for this Lot. tery only, of I to 75, whereby tile drawing will be completed in a few minutes by the drawing of 12 Numlbers from the wheel. in 67,525 Tickets, at 010 each---675,250. 1,.291 PRIZES!!' fl SCIHEME. CAMP ST. THEATRE AND GROUND, \\ill be prize to thile hoer of tile Ist, 2d and 3d d rwtr ttlnrttrr . . .$150,000 'rst rtmbero .ttal four sror brichk btildirg callte A rstlroen,'s hotel, tirlllllg the .orrner onl C.lp and Inatchz s treets , . 40,000 IPrize to 41th, 5.1 rard Oitt. That valuablle oe le toryre btak sore on Old I.e veo street, occupied by Mlessrls o lW\' fHlop. kios. . 35,1)011 1 Prize Ito the 7th, thi and 9t1h. That elegant dwell.g rou-e andlot, No 74 li Royal streeo, ocrlpied by C W iouadrich 23,)00 0 Pirie o totile 101, lth anitd 12th. T Tlirt too story double drweltig and double lot ,00 in 2d r. occupied by J te 1 Ilull . . 18,000 00 Prize to the lt, 2d and 4th.I An entiretnreqt fgrorllnd ill ftllhonrg Annum. - i ciltilon,2d M. htornded by Liberty, Benlon, elr Mel mee anrd 'Iernsilmore sts. . 14,00 r Pr zeto lst, 2d anld 511. r That ' iaroe trvltore Inl lot corner Carnp 1nd Julio ltreetoccupied by Mir. in. Lathoier for dry goods ..... . 2,000 Prize to lt, ', and rth. 'IThat onte tory slore and lot corner of Si Mtlry and Joulit . . . . . . 10,000 a Perize to Ist, Ol nnd 7th. r0

A certificate for O500 tickets in the two million ro loltery, at $20 each r. . 10,000 'IThlo ortunate rholder of thll prhoe ayo, realize tIle hao pV donstiny to ouill li oonsessioo,lltrough their Itledi n ln l of th . principle otion of ,0 ile various splendid prizes in tihe two mllionr lotherr, will he m Prize to lot, ld and 8th. That large lilding and extensive lot in theon city rfIl.ofovetyte, taalrlorg l.ivlludai, eorsor g \Vanin@trol and Chlppronw its. tO1 by :200 o feet 9,01)0 Prize to lat, 2d ard 91h. , A cerli' t:o of 425 tickets in tile two million lottery, $0rt each 5,000 3n Prize to Ist, tod and 10tlh. 'rhat oe story dwonelling house anil lot, 2d 11 . Nayhle:s st. next to drotbla lot corner of Mcl P iTo to lot, 'd and .io. 300. A eertilicate fir :15 tickets it the two mnillion luoll v, at $a0 sach, 6,500 i'rize Io Iar, 2d and 12th. SA doelling hoeor ilil lorat ar Vict o t. 3 d . beig '2d trro lot Irninlg cornei of D'En ghin t. r 6,2?00 IPrize to lst, 3o ant 4th. A certiticnr e fior 300 tickets in the two million lottero , at $lerach 6,000 0 IPrizeton or I, 3d ant 5th. A lot ofgeroud ,oa Ntrvdest. 2d al. being the thirdl it riont Mela l ben set. 5,5000 Prize to let, :tI and 6th. A ceo llionoe flr 270 rickmns ir the two millitln loltero, ot $dl9) en oh; 5,400 S I'rize t Ist, td tld 7th.t A certifiate r Ior lo5. i:.khers in tle two millinn lotryrv, oa $d o'ach 4,500 Prio.e to lot. 3d And 81h. .! too story dorllio holause and lot, d3J it. on D'l,-'hie st.n nextoh tile crncr lot of Victory 't 4,000 t Prize. to Ilt, 3d riu~l 9th.,0 ot droirahtr loot ono 'l'erlo-iohrre st.21d . adjain i'or d tor lrt,:dll nod 10ot.1. Ao eligonly r0i0l0e,i building lot on Relicioans Ft 0000f1 .5h lot flrom lllha on corner of t. tJa ao.1 o o 3,000 I'tize to sel, 311 nd lll1h. A prize cnislilg -f a rertifirnte for 150 tick eta o1 he r.or roInillion lottery, at $211 erach 3,000 . 0I'rze tI. l ,: ad nd 1?,h. One entirleo qllore of grounod in fatllltlgr An nuneialion, 2o d M. lonndled Iy Cherry, T'ha "h. en Chesnnt nold Errnto tis. 2,500 Prizeo to It. 41h aRnll 51h. A Alsirolr bulding lot, 3d Ml- corner of S O" of relll and ollctylut stl , . 1,900 Prize to Ist, -th and rth. le A deoiraltr building lot 25 feet on Slontorgut at. 31 MI. 41h fr.In Molreanu st. 1,800 Parize to lts, 4th entd 7th. in ,ntmre squa0 e of gr.ud, dd M. bIounded - )v li, Pea, Errao anld W\all sts. 1600 Si rize Pe : Lat. , 4tih atol til. A portion o'a sq:!are ol'groLnd in 2d 1. bound. ed ed ho Errato and Edaine in. . 1,200 IPrize to rst, 4th ntl 11ith. s A sqn,qrn ofgr nronl in 2d I. boolnded by 31a.. rtn e Pine aonl Clii eta. . 1,00 I oriz n" to 181t, 411 llrd 1011. en An eligtlte Ihoidin Iboo, iitrnonrg Liovadlai, he cit' f loffar ete, 39 t+etl ol Washington street, ltPrize too bst, 41 anod I lth. A bhidilog Irt of ground, ity. of Infiylete, 3 Ort'o i at \\auhiltoni ostreet, and ith [otfraom . Chippowa slrel, . 70 0 'riz. to iao, 41h anel I5th. Follt I. niling lrotoof eiounl, cilr of La'ayetltre, S 10 to 400 f0't each il t ourthostutere, lt itt 4th o,. fronm lotcornor Je ev 1eeltnt $100 each 2,400 il P Iltioz to l, t. l h rr1ollnll ltlh- - l , Soth rootd 7111 -al Iet, 51ilt Ronl S --ll-st, oth nont 911t, $ te0 ai enach, Six Illiotl ing loos of s olot n ,r ilt lrnlt I st to lh tiorn lot toroer \Vashillton sorcel, $3110 ed ret,,~ .1,800 Prize to Sot, 5100001 Oth--l, t, hlo and 11Ith -lot, 5th rootiI tUth-I a, itlh arut 7th-io , 0lth t, and h-lSot, 6t11 annd 9t1b. of For prizro, eacti acertifloe, ilo lie two millirot lotlery, 301)0 tickerts, t $0 etch 6,000 'Iteioze to lot, 6th od 12rth--lt, 71h and J. 81lh-lst, 7th nol 9th--lt, 7 111 and l10t. 0y Twao prizr, oehltc a eritfria tor 195o tiekertls fr in rhe lwo illio)n lottety, 250. tickets, at $20 e el. . . 5,000 Prire to st.,h andl iOthn-I th annd Iti Five prize..r ea:h 8 shalnres of sahk in thln Iotchat railnl raroa ompuny, 40 sharot, at $1110 each, 4,(00 10 I'line to 1.ct, 7th and Ilth--Ist, 7th and 12th-lt, Bihll ad I Ith-Ist, 8th and 9th t.nt ath ntdl ltlh. Five prizes, each 6 a1harea of 'ontcharlrain rail rnal attak, 30 shanrel, at $Illl 3,000 J Prize to Ist, Ilh and 12th--lst, liltn andl S11 th-I at, i9. and 12th-tat, 9th antld Lth--lt, 9th ad tlh h. Eight prizes, each a certificate nft0 ticketl int thia two million ,tlery. 33121 til:keoa at $'211 lalh, 8,000 Prize to 1st, I4th and th-t-It, alth and 12th-a2d, 1d and 4llha--2d, 3l and 5th--2'd,:3d and 3th-2~d, 3dnl itl---2d, 1 anld 8th- hl,3d : nd t )llthh. a'te Izt' ., eaclh 3 shares of a taok in the bank of Liiina, nII 3 t0har, nt $111110, 3,0,0 nrize to 2d. 3d. and 1ith--2d 31 and l Idh t2t, :l and 12t--12,4th1 and 5th-- 1,4, l 1 anl td --2d, 4dhl ad 7th-t2d, -ith and 8th-2'1, 4t1 and 9th-2Jd, 4dh aid 10th--d, 4th and Ilth. ITwenty prizes, rech n aertil0ante tar 25 tickoht in tha two ,illian atter, 5111 tickke t, at $-~l !0,0t00 I'Prizesa to t Icedtt nainanl three, 111 an 6111--2d, 5t tatd 7alt-ih-d,aht ntd 81---2d, 5th1 ansd 9th.-'2 andt11, t alli ih--d.a5th ah ll-lth 1d, 5th nnd 12th-d. 6th anad htt-d, 11 6th and h-2d1, 61t11 antl 9th--d, itmh and I hho 2d, Gth atrl lth-d, 6t, t and al -ath-2-i, 7tth and l l-t-tl, 7th1 nal 9th--2d,71h anid 10th- aI,71h ndal 1 th--2d, 7th and al ah--nd o d, 8h anald 9a1i. Sixlty -tliren przi , eachl one lhare in thr Oat;ia ellltranataI coatpalny,63 shaireas, at $5 3,1501 Prizes ta ticketaa havring 11th and I:thl, One hullndred and twoenty ix prizes, euch a certificate for 1Il tickets in the ta o il:lion h 3ttter,1 Vl ti ket-,t. at $2 25,600 Palioes to ticketa havinig any throe drawn numnbeers. Onela hundred and twenty-six prizer,eacnthrera slhre- in the anew Orlahna gin light and bnaking complnny, 378 a shn'a. at $31 1 11,310 Prioes t. the tat and 2J, or 3ns and 4th. One hllndred ana] twenty-six prizre, each two share r New Orlnans gaa light and banking companny, 5 shlarra, st $3:0, 5,360 Prizes n tihe 9t11 and 10th, or 1ath and 11th. Three hundred and fifteen prizes. each i cer tificate of fnr tickets is the two million Iot tart', 1260 tialkes. at $20, . 25,0200 Prizes ta 4th and i-r-th and fitlh--flth ana 71h-7Th atnd 8th and 8tIh aid 9th. FPt, hanalrd and frtv-one prize llrO h a ,t ir tifnate for 3 tickets, in tile two million lot. ter, 1:3'5 tickets at $'O, . 0,16(1 Prizea a, tat and ,1--2d anld 5lh-'d nnal 6ah-4th and 7th-5th and 8t6-6th and 9th or 7thandl lth.. Fime lMudredandfr t.l .ouad dollar.. $540 .,1 TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, 10,000 PRIZES ! AMOUNTING TO TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, DRAWN ON T'IE OLD I'LAN OF BI.ANKS AND PRIIZES,--N) COIMIIINATION NUMBIERS. 100,000 Ti t'kct, at $20, - -- $2,000,000. SIMPLY NUMBERIED, I TO 100,000. The scheme and selling prices are the same, as no additions or resrrvations are made for expenses in this lottery: those contingout expenses will operate sn a lar.o dCduction lrow the valuation set on the proprertly. MODELr e)F DRAWING.-The Numbers 1 to 100,000 will he ploced in one wheel, and the same number of' Blanks and Prlzes in another wieel. To every lnumber drawn lroln one wheel, a tioknt from the Blank and Prize wheel will be drawn, until the whole are drawn. T'IE FIRST DAY'S DRAWING oF TElll T'wo allL. LIUN LO'TI' I fY, I MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. 7' EacI day)'s dralwiln under tie superviurn of two Jrrrfe / of .oultr in New Orleans, and the wheels o)crned and sealed by tIhet. 10,000 iPRIz L' . 1. The VERAND.tII and ronend, ehteCLd lt $500,00. 'rh's . lalalle mirClu l rple ,lid edifil i' stjr oriesr tigr, rel preleIr a tront of 145 f et on aint Charles strer't, rnI 1)0 Ifeet Ol C1or,,,r l stret. I Tlhe princi rel plrtion of tlhe frolt Ilftle baser Ilenlt lllrr clmrllsres a re br or coi: e lIrror e red eightElr rere, and two erndl rlldlile tl ilia hol ,I ftr which trle rorr:,,'r rof'i+' '.l i edlific is resirene.d, nd·l a l cch is now ocerpi ed Ir b Messrrs. i(ing& %hr'k., in it stle which emlners it the mrrst fashionabe htotel of ihi ottllO 3110 personl can at Cnr lime ti be olven r eltlv a o enlllll l i ld w il r o drlnwin ro' s, par. lours and bed rulnr. Thle pIlre, lt rent avera ges $:30,1f110 perannu l, land beclmrl irnreered lv provisions in 5the leases to f $3,501). Tle storel s oni thle b se.-llellt reniderm it susceptible of anU tllntiolln to $15,000 tot lt tl Illlllte hollder G(IU.1)N, with the scnlery, IenollilltfIff )wnhllrd , ensic, &C. cnldeetrfel. 500,0001 This igenificiefl structffre fs rur frntt of 130 feet on St Ch.frle stfreet, with a drept)h & front of Iff frietron ft Cflarffe. Arerrfde. racri tv and Inal:llmll atolllu sIallt) within mcorresp ond Vthl ctilhe ,llrtlgll tlle o irs erlxter or. iet 1 e grald fr1loon is 15 brIr iI'9 leetf. 'IThe four ire hf Lbxles tret aourllunpe with extensive uilfe rielr; i47 of" th1 boxes llv llollloirr rorf rfll. ng rllls. r tilne untle) of tlhe dilllnr ih sre-pea. ehd irt infnifricent he hf eb r, I'r f el in hrrghtl, 31 er sill emillrlllelerellce, ,eighrlr g r . ,5l rlh-.,& inlumed wirh 170 ne wle. n rr cor-f '$1fI 750. Th'e elerrr and alr l ilinerr are unflfher d fnd leh hon tihnt, a nd the wafdrounie on in rniticent. 7, The wholeolaslahlishmenIII :ould now be leased fir a e rs r llf tt $3,1 ard roul o nrll. 1sI VNGtm, 311 i ai , .INfi GfUNlDs, yrls ted rt r r . I ,0r 00 A he ntilif hhock othe orinthia order, 54 fIeet fIlor )li Cmip I llee, lbf 11 deplt Ir1nt oil he ISr Charhes rArret de,' .oi,, high. Th lor.rer re rtitll'd Farr hi rro F iron, Fheule hathselr, lld store; 1tir thela r r lor r :lle1ra r tie lr gest bilhurd ml)lln ill the Ulllnteld Sttets. lTh upe ,t tlles Iir divided ikt. ,2Imbugnhe1t.l vr l'n 0s und l llll'urs. T'lle wllul relt hlll $ 5,1101 ler llllnlln. 4. l'he entire square oIf ground, d muniti rrlit, of rrlret'rr buildirrg Iutef or. fl)rey dr strPerO, oued fy blv .!Olltnllere, lerchvlsr and ''erpscbu rrre ,t rets. . . . . 37,000 13. 'l'hr eltire sllllare r r ofrrnedr on lrrvnarde strl,+t, 2'I Inilllli p lltv, .o tnlllflilllll?, 111 b ldlrtg Irrs, rourdrrd by trEr 'orpefre, Illreculrr and 'l'rep.r sichore ue,,ts; ... 32,0010 0. The frsrr story brick strrre, Nr. O(l I.evee dll'+,el. Ist ilUlli~ici[)+ll y, Irullling also ol) Cl intn llee. . . . . . 30,00f) 7. '1're fo ir tor. r !r w brick dIr ellin.rhlnus oil C~rllrlrId. t sirrf f 'r, 2) tJ lllllliirrllltrf eUf lIrir.g 8. Th.e ,ike rqtuare of grot d on I)rrnr, ?strtn I,·I . nlullnilc nlit,, v.olttilns 131hsill, ) 10un. dred Iyr ruter de rl r lerrules mlreftt all, the linr tfire if rile lirrerrr. . . . . 208,01 :I. T'Ier'enrire.1 ,:re orf grnrd on r lrrrlr es sltret, 1)I IfllllllClillilV) of Ili hots, l1U,0 2d by .lel om,'rnr r rreller, ... . .5,0(1 111. TIrr P0rr111r r lre ure orf .roundrrr 11 Ilercule+ Elllrer re, 'erf irrrhorre SC l'tt rr ,&r. 25,000 SI. IThe etire. serrareerrrf 5 rolr on r ravier itreet, 21) mu irialrily, E rllrrrnrai In l lotf, b bourfded bry . . . . 0,0110 Id. 'l'he 'enire erfuare orf ground o1e Rrentoln slr,:et,'J2d , lllllllpllt .ty ellltll ii l i ts)n 111 111, U i SI ll fry IE lfr lrrp rid rl're llrrrhorre srr ole. . 1C,0100 1:3. IrT e errtirersrrare rr rf ero rl rrt Mfellnia. n tene ree.t,2d 1rrrrrerriprlityerrt:( rerrnrr rilh)la r rbornthr d e lv fry IBrrentrrrrl ln'od rrlr.l rt ,rIrePts. 13,(100 14. The''Ir mire squl're rofgr'rd rrrr Berr Itrrfnr rtreeeld I llrllliVlr I , l or rlrlllrrlllllllr f 18 )tl 0 borndedrl by 'I'rJp.i.hure, lhlrrt'y Cled Euterrlrr • :l. , ·14,0011 15. 'rlTe two ctorc Iloo netl n l ot oNiew l.ever eteert, 201 , itleipi (li)y, eiarner 11' Mtblti ,treit, :(9 by 1051 lrt 12,000 1 li. The sgqure io.groain lonlculescstioet, dl nirllllllii:ipie y, I 9 hl , bl)lunded by) Herceu le., Ilieiepr aliiid lellitity etreete 12.000 1i. TiheqiI ,qutrl .rotlud in leton sitiee., 2d l Iiciplnlhttlll r, oi 14 ihte, Ittbiuc led by I.l Ilntitnne nd i.lberty streets, nod thet litle of the other lproperty 11,000 18. Thle elUiei oCf greund ll io ele +miro lc stlr.eLt, 2d mIulllllnitiptli i' i t oilis, i Illtllll lll by Libe. rt, "'er1 pilthre ln I.d i lo arIi stoirii 11,0100 i.ene, eio trd uc? Libertl iveics 11,1100 . "Th one story ir , ilditg tTahd groutn trt t. ili iililllil il nllc t to the corner ly C.L -n id nt. n i In .c.bounded by .lllepinenlcd , iJcob and c IIowd itc rees . 91,000 n .xt to h 'l, rner tr St el l arltt i el, oetlltuing a cckeri, nd ting 3 by 77 bo 9,00() liltree.t, 16 1 ill I eI.d by lowhIUldTerps choth 'rlcd Ieeld;lbet l tl e ie ri i7. 'l'h I ., s tr hlii i luli i I p ctite1 oeel Jas.tiil lel,2d ill.rt.i It? Ihcv ci3 , lt fol, crite s.r eel' , O by 7 ie ft t ,000 25. 'rhl ? .· gice(tie i c r liet rlivet, ,at Te'r-llebore slneers . ,000 119. The etrbey . cibi, Hacnd ti cnr- o oill iii. r,,I i c. llril.d I. I l iit ii CunSlt l stree('l, llnvi11$95 by leg 8,000 i . I .of 16 tiors, ounded lv Jii? c eb, Solis andil 31crnei rn- stlre.etsi 7,500 i litlo llr , ld IvhaI llt lin nI Ii c f ne, ' ic unit 3" . The ono torrvi I,,illil n lt d Iiot onr .ir o. ldei stret 211 nt. corner of T, rp0ichlore str 6,00 33ii. 'lTh uitiiire cf gruttinIc i. Iltcl'et Ceit'ri, l eil. illd 1 i l oti , i b o deli h I lllll ilc tii 8l11une1 l .n lelpmee stie s 6,000 In. corlter of allelpuo tm e lrlt, 31 bI y 1i 7 cOlnll ireliciyi slrlets 5,c00 31. The loer .ire od oin New L iree tre t, rd il. of 18 Iot, I b unded '0 Clara, .71uite.l, din. llc c ll et stll r ieit c nil.0 i li 0l i a 3 . ''I.e e et l C rol cll l on Ne I re e.*m. 2d i ii 0. ,liii.,do t oot l It o lin i sret, hay ino 31 v 105 feet . 5,500 :19. 'I'be quallllre llo lri, o l r 'n l Il inI. c ln I , oUndlld, it y Illlit and t ler , i "ll0l5 nd l.0 ii0 i + 5,00ti' 1. T' e. lot I ftirnndlll on Nea iloes street. ,d ili,. b 1ilg t0he ti t, tut llmed t lrpsin h ue i l re i Travinc : e1 . n1'7 ll- f t 5 000. 41. l'htr ellie el.rctld In Il ,cules feel 5,000 di. Tle l i rsuare olf Ienn e Il n i r,. 2I in. ofen 1Ier, boulnded by Ch.retl, elplil no mnlld Martin strlal .5,0)00 42. le io t efgrionlt l", ci eV:on r nd hI0 r id' thiearrnl i in,2! en y bnig 3. by CALDWLELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD. 'hem Orleans, Aug. 30th, 1539 MANA a o os 45. The plrltion of a atnnre of ground on rThulill r.eel, 2d II. of Itl l lots, ibullded I)by iuas I aid \taru atreitn, and other jpro 1t iilndtngandirmin a r 6,00110 - "e.1i .°rh'o Io ofgrlound ftneirnlg Ihe .orner f Apotll "lid '|'ersl ,tnhle ntreetsa,.d in. ot.32 by 27 fi glt 6.000 47. I' he square nf ground on Thnlia street, Sn. ofl5luts, hounded by ,aluinsel, Clasa ild "',iicith -triels .5,000 - 4It. l'llcitn aOtit briek Ihome nnd 'l l on \'rsllFilgtoi slntit" ,i of, I..nlayete, being 100 ,pl i.i o, rlil 'owt, .' I ilsr tt, and il a ng 4u feet rontll y 0. 0 luOd sInt L d,9 tI I n a 5 'l,000 49. 'ihe square o. groun'I in Th.alin tret, to Od . of Ilt Ito, i nta,ed by Ilali. and l .lelpo e pl oe tlleets anllld E:agle enul 5,000 i51. 'Etilae nlaltr bIuidilng nid la of grunitd oNvyade'a streat, bahing ite -hloht from Ter ip .:c hn !e+ t. sl., vmc. ;.2 bv I24 7 feet 5,000 '51. IThe squIIna ofg ll n i Intostreet, 2d i.fi13 Iots, toillnde,l bll Alait and TJhIa(ia ia .nrata, ind I'tnit afel e b, ,000 52. ThA it of grnnd on . Apollo slrret, 2d tn. (ippoite ti-i residenii e a iJ Field Esq.) aeing ihe d ti l'llt 'rt crlTrpsichore toet, vild niva32 :2 by 127 reet 4,000 53. I lt oquar of nground aVit Errrato street, d in of 11t b s Iunde,d by aing te avenue, oThali ]and Valni at alrt. . . 4,000 54. A lIt fngroulnd onAtlA lo streaet, d. t.e c tring tlo d luI, t0,, 't'erpsichuro streeat, havig - 3 b 127 fel . . 4,000 5:5. A bar ntgrnund nnl Apollo street, 3d i. beit eit beitll I'lllld 't' Inrii llore S et ,ll ha vii3lld " On 427 bt'et . • • 4,000 5. A lot i frrolf ndll Vn lalao street, 2d In. hlaingi; byll 11l 2 ltnt, IadJoiing tahe lelt tiing alr corlan fiitli'Englli sttet l 4,000 5i. A hIt of grounld 12 by 17 .l eln, eing tte 41l tlot f Iro Ihrthact iii anrms the co rner llof Terpsi,'hPore slieV •4,000 1 5.r. lot ofnarollld on Apollo street, 32 by 00 wiil llll, r I er of , lle: ne ntllet. tr. Il t. 4,000 59. A lot Igrunld on elApollo strele, 32 by 1427 falt, tl jilog I ho h lo t lo linus t lhe .oln, r of AOtt ,lloae street. 43,5000 il. A nrell of , i round ont 'a rp.ila sh , 4or str. ctli in2 51 lots, boaunlad by Jtnac and a,,isellr,,l . - . 4,000 0.. .A ltI t grnind n in Iell ell e st l Iret, ne ,Xt t he: lot r, ' t In the call ler oi a Apollo tslrt- . t lbty 1I7 f.eit , C 17 1 3.500 I tl d 4y b,'gln, l ttl nue de, 4al tnu t a T;. ,A lot of ri on 'ers - lh'ole sitrei 3 ,500 1sal llnh tenl i',,ia 1.500 l i. 11 3,2 ll by 127 0","t, beig the 2d i l-l n tilat which forms b hie caurner ofr ye, sretn uIe t 3,100 213. A lot w gr.00 Ito. 1el0l)ne'ne slreei, 2d pta. i tr t, baing :1 i b 127 " ltrt i3,500 7t. A sllnre oft groud con inilpi 1I lhor str, cunltih t by ba1nut, hlIUlted by JaUlb lld oli streets,000 hiL ,0 4 iot n, I-na aitlo It rnl'in he no lea, a f nt Juin,, -tnl,' -llali a hliallll by 147 eel 1/3,000 stee . ,500 lt7. A square of ground contaiting 17 Its iouniided 4 Lay i CE tat, rA1),t , Satndtil alld lhaais att'l, . . ,500 tr. A spra uar ofgru,mn, antliinlig 10 iot.I Ounded by \l llluct, Irlato, ' Iiaylland antlior slt~l ,ir10,500 .rII ito lt o it'hiitla Itia l, -- it-eetlt t IIaril s rtree , 'orner ; n . o~_ 20 ,000 70. A sqiare of giound, llontninig 13 lots bolllted by \\allc , errtu , C ary and Lhulia stree . .s . , O1 71. . sqi nre t rlll l nd, rl attii bng 14 Iat.n , Itnlebd nIl ha at Vll \ nlllllnad Ce . hert 00ry 7, . A nqtuara af round, contadiin '4 lots , bounti edtitiaTt lbati, ,olts tindI Jn'tilin arees 1,200 73. A otlo i agt Ononllll Ctntuliing t0 lois, itnlllllaid by titiil Chi Clll, 4a1)iuto and llarntU slrets • • 1,100 7. ,. sqare ol'lnnnd,tcontahnohg 10 lots, iunded iy Cheiaut, 't'hlti.'aanruce aid Erlt to sareias . . 1,500 75. A sqoare oa 'gronnd coantnhinb 0 lott, bouneind iy CLiesniiu, nia int, tit atUCe and Clib stretsit . • • 1,000 .A 0 lntre naftgraand, cOntaining 20 ll dollnt|, by .lrtce, Errata, 'eaatch and Clia s*reets 1,500 77. A square fatgrnotd aontninitg 16 Inlt baaldad bay Spltai n. l'ratiiach tt1 ]1,00 7t. A sortie at gtandrl antitiating -2 alt boanbed by l'aoa it, Erraoa, faetr and Utta t*reets 1,500 079. A iaaaa of nroinid conhaining 10 lute bouniied ay Witi, l1al4,a unit Cltii str.ats 1,510 00. '1ha mrianglar square of ground boind ed by |lealttihstnd Mlpttiiiiie a.treet. 1,500 0 it .1 0 iaat at groand aalttniiibL 29 lots itntdid by \a lt'ida, Clio. I'nn atid Calliop4e 1.400 oz. n "goo a 1 r1.ctnl cnnattntgn a . 220 83. A tqas'e of ground cotunining 10 lots itolunthd Idy I'nele,L 'l:rutol nd \I tinut atle(ts 1,200 I.f. I s..... tfnnti on sittin. g 24 ilts te lo.\ (irt lealle " dnal nI1,400I 5- A ru o r ud eaa 19 lots 8 b e5. b y<4 I1l' (a l, d .1".1 l itty dI. t i l 1t 00 . tllll t llll tnl . t nr ll d n.r it n blrnlltt o 00 I huit'eiinto bIly 'cnlttand I rtt s'tet 800 I;7. A tnqllnll Ii ofgnd ru.tllllllo g 10 outs lbornndtd Ito tAlit t, l iatd st lll .clltelts 000 0U. . r nln uf "rllllll d l ulllllillill I l ei lrtided hy tnart Cio :,d Wal l tlrtoaot 800 I;:. A tIralll; r n.qulal t, groulnd i,oaunded nv Itntlltllliln, tily ind Ui.'rt. stltt't 800 t' ae ioht"'I isn stn . 800 93. A triangular n nutre o gruntd boundedttt it' 1 tttnclttortt and Odtis lt O 800 Jl9. tttnn lllln.llqtnr n otgnnll nd bounded by /liso nold streets l00 ijti. A sq ire of ground c.ntn iofing 10 ots hounded, hy Maplh, ,enus and Piue streeta aod 0e cnal • 800 9. A t f if aglo t tlllll it 1'lltnhighl tn treeto lltlh 4th from Thatl hahlrh torts the comeItr (if i. A liolt ol gltllll l oa \'tnt hilt .ton street illig tho,. ; Ihf. , Ihat w'hi,:l forts the C llle om r of Ihippewa strstbeing 4011by 125 fret 750 97. Att sqlluare of grott d ctinla nliBng 12 t boulndedl by Mlph'l, IEuihros lyne, ('e and e. nos streets r " 51!0 9;. A trian.nunr sgqure o ground bounded , (" Ihtn l I14 'Ill ll 'ha streuate . 400 9y. A Iultl l :r sgltole i'ground boulled0d ht'tt ant-, anid nrtt,ttleetIs 400 S100. A lot of arlounlllld lforlllillng the .orler of Jerey an] Washington suwp., Into ng 5 fViet on the Ii.rmner, and 115 on the latter . 350 101..\ list of groutltnd itrllling the corner of Jerryv and Fourth streets illn thle nll7Tle llar nlugII ;.5 fl olus thi e former land 115 feet on the Inlure350 111t. A lott n groaUltd on J'terev srene, 25 be Sl5, ti'et, tile Tth Ir000 the lot hlrllg thle corne~r of W 0 t nhitag ton street • 300 on stree , 3 . 00 104. A ttinnigar tin l areof grolndbountlded by. ('i. t anlll ltprute ltSeeitt 300 10t. A tt.ia.ulnr sqlare ofground bounded by 'etar indl .nIat atr.ets . 200 10';. A Iria0nilarsqutare oif lmound bounded by Callt, opes ine and l";.phro uye street }200 07. A t iann abr sflllre ulfgrounld, bounded by \Iane s nd -, nius slheess 200 9,2370 prizes I share each Gas Light and Ittlb -n tmtan stock, at $130 2 E 81,100 00l tize,, ,1 thare anth ltcchanttt' Ea c'ae. sto,'k, at $75 I5,000 177 prizes, I share each Ocean Insulance tomltasvn stt'k at $50 8,858 I prni, eeal tnnr each Merchant's Insuranea conttany stock, at $30 . ,800 46 Iises, I shan each, Exchange Datnkeoa,. puny stoat'k, at $50 . ,300 S30 prizes, I share each, I'nnukartrain Rail lhoanl astock,at $100 3,000 10 prizes, 1 hitre each, \'es.trn Marine and Fire luunurnce comnpaln stock, Lt $50 500 STwo aillioas of doltar, r .,000,0It Ii = i-,----- The DAILY Paper is nhatiy printe. wvita "MiaI type on an extra, double md.emI dsee.r at' per annum, payable sums annually it advance. The TRi-wm Le.r Paper, containing Ihlareadlsij matter of two dadliee, $10, pnyablo in ath.iaOe. where no city referenee in given. JOHN GIBSON. NtW ORLEANS. MAY 1839. £0B PRINTING OF EVERY DEdCRIPTlIeC APEEDII.Y,HIANDaOMELY AND CHEAPLY FXEC1CTZ9 AT THU OFFICE or THE True Anmericat, adT. .CIIALES STREET, NEAR POYDRASr. (OTfON :IIIUC L A S (3 PRINTED withl the Greateso I rpeditiln, and no style unsurpassed in New (uoaas., *t S*a Oour; s left at Co.prilno Roea is St. Chaes l.t: henoe, (Coaner of Gravier Si ) or a, 'T R IT AMERICAN PRINTLNG OH r CILh, corner ol Povdrae and St Charle Stoeemt, VU ie promptly atlended to. 1TILLAII iOAT BILLS. IVNI)C" N AUE'N'rS, -PAT. PAINS f STEAM iAI'UAT S ran hee Ilair BiWhltre.kA'Jr,i oae or more Clored Inks on Plait or Cuolarrd Petapr,.i despatch, nad on faeorable Termes, b leaing ltheir ROKaE:s alTItUI' AMERICAN iLPI('E W VNr' PoVdroa and St. Charles treet ll ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC pUINTiI E.TABHLISHM i.NT, No. 53, Magazine Street, i(ppai, . sLank' Arvade. Il'I.AI air GL EELaE, I'ROPRIETD0R JARVIS_ X1I)RWS, WIIOIE.SAL. E AND) RE'0'AII. I)i.ALCIS Il MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS D'ER STU''C S AND WI.'VDOW GLASS, Ctrner ul Cuonon and T.houpitoulan ntrenie, 0EWe Il.EA1. N NA'I'IIAN JAIIVIS. JoHN WV. ANLIREWS. A large upply o Garden Meenl. varranted tIo growth of 1137. C-- RMPLIN & COOPER, GILOCEIS AND ORE.\I.ERS IN 'PROViSIONSI AN-) 1FE Nl',l No. T9 and 04 Jl ia stret, aNew Orleans. Ctno;Shielo ,d F'nily storiesp. Iup. macrb FASHIONlABLi CLOTHING TAYLOR & HAPPEN, Na. 14 4hartre. tlreet 0 IIAVI a ut n tolllat slpply n f evear article pertatýjlt to oratleinr'e dress, mf the loaet style, at New York proce.s dec 21S IEAI.ERE IN AMERICAN & ENGLISII CREOWN GLASS. No. 3 Csonotnt.Pgr STana T. It BAZAAR U BUSH & ALLEN. NO. 1, EXCHANGE IIOTEL, 0 ornrr of St. 1h:rles and Common eta,. NEW ORLEANS. P1I'ORTERS and Deanera in French and English Perfuoiry; Dreosig Caneo ond Portahle Iltok. , 0 Cutlery, Ilroiry. Gloves SChirln, Stoct, lnbrvlles, Caneoeorr ! Fancv Articles. dr 0 SAIUIEL 'IUOBY, .llerhtandoise Broker 4 Commission Mlerhanlt, '13 )ffice, 3(., C'amp sf.--For the present. J. P. FREEMAN & CO., IWeolesnle 'lthingr EaeStml tmc meaa 0 N. 3. 3,lo toar street, TI AVE consotlot on hlmad a large saupply of Cloth " iltg, calclhotcd for tile cuueOtlrv trade. 'Their as. Ssourtlrent loilig large, oerehohto from tis country oan bo oprlied Iat tlo shortest notice. oc:tI 0 1I" I". 51EN'S INSUl AN EE CO]MIPANY 0 OF' NE\ ORLEANS. Thin Coonlen'v ore now proepred to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. U0F ICE, 0 No.24 Ilouaon' Bulldding, Canal 1 L "ltIt'y', New Orlean0,. , do I g 15. 1108. S eertary. 10 t)I3E1IT CL-\NN(N, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Camtp street, 10 Wholele aleealer inl Paln, Oil, Varnishes, Brulhes, m30 0 Wind.w and Picture GlOss ar. &e. ) FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBI OOaN A" GOOD1PIA', No. OS, Chartrea street, n00 le DIour below Bienville. [j VE % on.otontly onl trnd every artilea aplaertaiio 00 . iq I grInrlrO'ItlOa droses, ,oal i the Iteot hea n._ rer otdrSl ot fashlanahlo style, Ihieh tlhy olkr u' tos: i, at i'edHleerd pricci. dec4- 1838 BANK NO'I'E ENGRAVING R WDON. WRIGHT HATOH & EDSON L A VE opened an office in New Orleasn. possaesing I-A equal udv;ettages ithl their heuse in New York, for the prpfose of engraving nnJ printing Blnk Notes, Blnd,u, Uls of Excllange, Certificatela of Iepoi s C(leeks and other inmpportano t palers, requiring seeurity against IFlogeries; andt have nldeh ample plnvileioun for cith bafe keeping ot all ldlen and hlnprenssuoc entrust ed to Iheirecare; their sperlit ens elnhraceihe note tot' over GOe hundred tankiet institutions, and all ordler will be executed with oertptituide, and onth usual arUns. ittice comereeofleyal nd CanalI 0tC. New OrleaIns. Nt,,etmer 2itd, 139-If. It EiUI.A I PRICES. SI'. LOUUIS STi'I'EET IRESTAURAT, OPPOSITE '1'HE EXCIIANGE. IIE Subs riler has tihe honor toinform his friends and hI.e lpblic in general, that he will open, ao the lulh inulart, a liesturail,where persons will be served acerding oe Ihe bill of fare, it regular pricen, rio: Filay cents fr Breakfastnl, and Sevetlv-lve cents for IDrner. The brtakfast will enanist oftwo dishes at epltueae acl ofe, .ife ith ik, half. ,Inttle of ino d ad at discrelion. I'ce dilnner ill conaist of three di-lee at optiont, a soup, halfa bottle of wineand bread at disceiole. A great number of persons have Ieeneoml ningit for a log titet of ile ineonvenienre nit at tablsca d'lheae here Ibey are oblliged to be at ragelar hburs. Tie subscriber hatheof having obviated the hope of bneing obvialtd that ineon venielnoe in estbllishing his lRestaurat at regular prices. and where perstons ill l. e attended to at every hour of the day, t ta cheeper rate tilan at liee R(ble d'hotes. iThe eaubeerihl has alseo elegant saltone for private arties, a.nd will execute cityl dlhtande. n.l-.w MICHEL DOUAIS. TO HOUSEKEEPERS, HOTELS, STBAM BOA'TS, and COUNTRY DEALERS. T I II elscriers aere now receivine direct from the i L ltlnntlftttie, lag nrge ellIliresl lt la.,l ChiUaantd rEirlhleteieeee I.olekieg ttetseet Plate.d leid Silverware, I lUltnti ('iette}lierse, Jupniety, Kileltet ware and h ,ste eeicitte eesiil get.ellerllv hich they ofer ut a tlltJeIv low prices, it No. I telpntreet, and Noe.4 (:(,I,,oI'¢UFt'Ct. 11lt-4w It lli()WEKtt& Co M.I\NSION HOUSE IIOTEL, IIAVANNA. I11IIE nteleereigneed, esent irlmpriettreof ttle well 1 kentle enntalbli llllelllt, called line Maunion Hmrse, aicated in Obrlupit tteet, No. 119, have thle hanor to teollllnt to the ptublic, thant thieir grentelt cam and at tenion will be dedicated to render colnnirtble lersonti who le on fivor themn wilth their patrotnage. he and venutege possetssed by the house oIr iravellera. for its loedily,convenieecee &c. are so well known liat it is D uunete.astrv to enllonlelate jhsmli unne ry l-tyv CUNY & FULTON. 0 MANSION HOUSE HOTEL, IW¶ e la Hebanna. a I OS'infraseritos nueves proprietaries del beas IA cnoecido estahlocimiento nombrado MAN SION IHOUSE, s.tuedo on tI calls de is Obrpisa 0 Nun. 119; tiecon el honor de anuneiar al pubileco que sus mnayores at'uerons y ateneiones ernan dedi redas a ceotnplaeer t las persnnas que lea favorea can con on patrecinio. Las ventujas quo posee dil cha ane para loa vingerus, tanto per su localidad, 0 comodidad, etc. etc. son tan conectdas, que as inu til enumerarla. 0 21 set-ly CUNY & FULTON. C0 MANSION HOUSE HOTEL, d Is Heanoe. i ES aoussignds, nouveaul propridtalres de I'& tanb insemnent situd dons Is rue do Ia Obrapia, No. 149, eonnu sous Is nom.le MANSION IIOUSE , ant llhoneur d'informef le ·ublie, qu'lla 0 feronttuo leurs efforts pour as teedio agreelale aux personnes qui voudroht bien loea favoriser d leur conftanuea. Los commoditds qu'offro etase mai. onl aux voyageur sent asses colnuls por -nepo poi.t juger ncdessaairo d'en faire ici I, detail, i P91 ep--ly CUNY & FUL'rTON 0 CA RROLLTJ'ON 1, r HOTEL, 0 'e LAVAUD has lite ..onor of il im.a,. g ea..d i .J asd tice pulic ;n Kgenenl, t!:at lohe lan. akela-b Iletl at Carroeetl.. wcbere ta trs sa bn willts k" 30 tie calln of ,ias old fracade and ailo Iitas li dfpoe.dl , Private patties will be bandaomely pyonelad ,fIb' DO gvii'galittle n:ltice beforehand. Hei wiltieg tseoese :lto arnecameult ith famtili.a tr iatdtljdeta 1jdYneOwaao ni ie eeeeine Ihe sllunmt tt Carrullait .: . ?-I;d0 - SBAZAAA R. Corner of St. Chaeks R Coamm'" stre4a. E1 cnaANOE HOITAL, S USN & A.A LLAN would respectfuyal lTp. 00 motiono ituo lns aleO ntrangr.tos dl o" Sscorlttnt let Gentloe .n'a linen hIrla, do i t / 1tO wits beIn r:nmat. faabiuaonle lines minan leins i larr: silk, eoltone sad merieo tlr hr t ]iru a dtiis.e a 10 eeehrlene and *ilk haadkerchlefe: blat aad fals'mat. - ate in gisa variety: snribasoreery-l d.crl.ptot go O aluie astl cateon upel.rtern: silk, coloi sad r Sgloes:nea natishekingloae: uambeltlau andeMit, laM n otmnattell Also,-Spple id aooretoont'ela dit tt a s p mci hlong e-a dei-kw cun a ae i, oIlrt li, a t. t ntery, anri dch futy g.oda oaoun th

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