Newspaper of True American, December 19, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 19, 1839 Page 4
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op ti ` t I lins h i beloan s pl ine - t! io. ry R .na tlett ib lohon: notice holden , sol l-nf i , on a ?t" walert. 30011 e toi fe toiO t outr ormer si of haoldi Stee fne i sIhee ribsc an hee. !untGo lol ats', 7 shte oin of thpe golden n ,j iigsprt as follows: s ollw heo al plain trek,twiet, greaidsemng, stide pofan; earl ano ncmbo of every description amongst xiean ptter, Ivory combo of every," Slrssi nd paket, tnogethd er with a ofrenoah ande Aomrienn. -Cologne, Lhveder, , lorid, htoney, o ts fewe waoeris ofeverv ize and de n od Cologne, exttrtotf Ber-atnot: , e ring do in cakes ano potet ot hair nil, ears andan -r p o bmseu ani chlolne toothF whas" in n kin h, il efnrsmed N h general nssornetent of -sm ie of the lteo t ilnd imot folhelona ini haleg of white and red cornolian, topa . - Swt l in flreeo hir roat po ina ofa grs file eh trimoitnts, gilt and silvr tine;le, n le er al gilde p. eils i and guordl haoins S loath hair, dot. ngerunt b,l tarch,ftow,, Pot late, encomb, Nail, lshaving, soe and n Am s _es of ever y etipan t ntd toilet te~ ~dreisd French s dresCing gitsshs, oitle iy.0 othdr kind ntot enlnerratted. AND1 VAIUETY ArTICLTUgS-French td Aiteean portable deokus and dressing cases, n ol try aend fnely ashod olndiacs worL k hbxsand hdres moidtmes with and waltrrot wnosi. monsi1el boxes. dc mirinaso uIvanous kinds, violins a itnrs, silver andt patl penril and lsenealdod poenil tor carpenters ted syotmleclont il wune aad peisdtols ith aodwilhot t tonee, blteelloion cops. ln:rcndpiolt cap clargeros, ippl-o irew toriekerslt helt,.eino aoset, pisoe blackigo , toy le bttm, Iolen d of evory kind, belln nom d iinco, niendceommnon knives, rasoln and seissors, tllsnl es, -nsilvert dl ouplnestslver ml plated, steel and common spectai hardsla oti nt eaes, colayin, ears of Fresai , Germoan nd deotomooojtectn IoaopeDriefan monoat.e.ed ollo, initntien fit e on peprah of vrionus kinds, Saundors' Pomtemy's, lanmerion, Hillman's and Iak lkiv'o drior stroam and wetallie hioondfirkn ; fancy helad iehkloce, do with w-r roptoeaeihed, whpeurl latonoc, Iowdue flasksbo, eun end " s.ld t h eads, gilt and silver do, gum elstie nsiuspen d ltroeengoie, rplain and sword cianes, bhckgaetenon hoords, thee, opai dleienoes,jewl harps, locolfoco mntcli enandi diahking eupeith a great vanriety el other rtli cen all ofwhkh will be sold for cal, or city aeceptan. eo 0on012 months credit. B II SIMMCNo, & co. 7ll (hanrireaot. • [,m I IR R LEE .co, Na iMaetzlae atrceta, Ke'dteo:i, Egple, aml other late arrivals iron :aile a:rtl.dn cticas, large ld inew elestcel asoroatent d i A s, Bomas, Shoes mlidi Brogno, roositing ofgenilemltos fine calf andl Morooo eoots do qd nurltyt do buil, aoln stoot wan peggel hoois o ,sraeio.liasmltiel men's flne coll' seal anti .\lrocet ohm- Ior.iis optl broooi, n odekskito shoes, bionos ant IlliPes: me'oRin e caelf ttld kipped pagged sfIoeonanld I @ro i ito boots; di atm,;t hip anl wax pteggedl shoe cln brheano; et.emtlen's best qoality etll'sewel shoes n.omn 2 onthsek Drowningst do oil"t andl Monoeor i wide rshes mlhrogast lo caNlf, seal atl Inmoer I ddiuo ruimocasolo w.ipc: den calf, bhtufi " suea; wnigs, Slaw arinlet do fine mill, seh.l anI moroeo quiarte., "tokst Iuya', miues'natl ehlidren's lRe edl ottl sawtce h t, ognnatshoesof everyho anltBit roaind. Ais ageaerel assortmellt of men's Mtont wc r not . ,.at Iwmegti end shoe, together with I0,000 otais or iu lion e qidhty, ruasett blno ns, tailedl io til I inks, madle eerressly for ilontitoti utei a god gtst ,scten; of mecin fine anti stout kip inushest btngg t, a ,- wrtiol, imil a nage qt uatity ofaa illetrior tuolity ', sort anti wna bheogons. Lolies' fine eolf, seal, mnroeo aotl grait welts, anloc ptmp soler shoes; din floe reli; h Mtosamoo no kid ut b f',ml" lipes, do roan shoes, with a tid withon t Iteel i coalfa seal ehd stll leather bootees; ito Ptunelle shoes I fall khbls eol qualities; tsi boing brognast tie o iter. * Mend lbredbootces.& Misnes'loatiegopr.intg shoesa, - oaks, m. ad elilrel'seolored fa oa'loeo at n lasting bas " wri reLnoots, &e. . .entlenoen's finefoaionoble shhck silk Ilats; e bloank w lltir be avderto on a ot perintityf nioal it; do litylt Itl ear do; Itondl :ed natrow brim tets's nlle ti br aottt '.dllk haiosislort nanplel hats, a tew article. Yonthll I m;e size Ithts 01 lifierent q ualitier; di eihille'gd oer 'adlo"lael hel'a blaock ao l Mi lah woo hsin ts ofl i alhls olo te r witL general assot tinet; of bo as' a'ndmc ' i hasttartnoenrt will lk rebletikhe i) hthe aotivbl of rhl" nhketshiom thtaoe t emole qualeties all o ilwhieh willbe sohl n eontonetlntittetrms. ntgl-if IIOLLOW WARE, WOOD SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. e.IIE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beekmoan street, Now York, have received tlhe post socson, and ore constantly receiving large and extensive additions to the stock of the.above goods, which now consists of the allowingasseotmont, suitablo for the southern and Western markets. Hallow wore of superior quality consisting of idnt 1500 tOns, viz, SPotiof 22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, fromn 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15sinze, front 3:8 to 18 gallona Bakeparn or Ovons, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, G do Bkillets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddle, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Witgimn boxes from 1 1.4 to 43.4 inches. tert do. 5 to 7 inches. iJWooll Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from w8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inchl, No, 24 of a superior quility and finish, and less than Jame's imported prlses. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor'* and Jattor's Iron,, assorted. Saash weiglhts, 10 ltons, orsotted from 1 4.4 to Bolls for Pltntatiors, steamboats, churehes, &e. made to order, Also st.arnbeats and other machinery made to ardor, l"The alove nasortment of goods is pnrtliclarly recommendl 4 to the aticII:oll nof SOluthern rind Woestern merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon tile most liberal terns ; it is be. lieved to lie tle largest and best assortment ever fel.rld for sale by anly olo eotall!irhmont in the S.mitcd States. S-Mreuiits. by forwarding a request by mail, can have a prin'ed circular. with dercriptitn of goods, prices and ternms, f'om whtch no deviation is ever marde, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive itimtediate attention. New York, 1838. j'.3 Piano Forte Irnstrueron. William Siith lenders hli services to the cihi, ars afNew Orlea.ns asyl teacher of thle piano fpr 'e, tlr S having been errrplryed se.veral sear : aps ptcher if music in private fmilnies in Brstlon se d.istreve ralof ut e femnle srminaries in its - vieilrlon onnnaot but hope to merit their conlidl nee. "ie is pesniilred to refer to ltve Dr ClI..pp, llessre ...taian;eI+AvFry, Henderson &. Guiree. o te.'..s, eIhe ilease apply at the booukstere of :alca-,d T.. wer,49 C4 amp at act 2 OARDEN SEED-f'I'he surrheritr lie~ g to xprels his gratelul ihanl6s to the p b Sa,0an the lihera support h neIhals eerivd since i e a pUltnncied'fhpilneal in this city. Blinrg air pro piieterotf lh.aed itore, 17 Common st-reer, he i not .nd hl r as egrLt' fir anoy northern seed wender ei;telieKlr ietonnewed wih ainy house in l1s o.Otfy '-sfat etltassures the public ithus is e(tniira'plise tI n a p-dipartment of the seed brusos Satnsh i fediehrnti onuna ries of Europo are eqeal ntat tiotal of y hwise in the United States. lIe in. ep.r·neaede. plntas,&de. from the most extensive and respect.blhfureries and see.lasmen in France, jtoaInhnd. Elagdanrd, crilaid and the no:there idteaa ~d it lt-w.l at.all times be his inrrersr, as it a=n his n td .to resirie, so addilioo toe hsa present vsals of.v ry daecriptnn, really the f 0 a , engrafted fruil trees, of all it, i ely on finding a lull nas 8 ri'#, Obl e .in.tit seed lier of genus jlpieni pored direct by _.'_ Win. DINN. -- CO., respoctfully inform d the public t general, that er 4r brick shop, 219 Tehoupitoulas "okeep conataltly on hand Copper, rWare, of every description, t - =kettles, IUo pipsr, tilnt tuth. of all sorts and sizes, and all ide oit shortest notice. Very dAeription, sucll as steam. hog ol.ain, m0aw bolts, and other f a work, soch Is chimneys, breech. do all i di of out door work, Seraed diit iorofing and guttering, j 4.? and alf other kinds of work in .eir l aesr, they, will execute at the dec27 .o 54 (iede street, between Paj i i tS ttttp, kitut sone lantly on hand laiettctsrnil.o lonflrs aud S t York milsitfaerire. ai'r men. woomen d re l of aoil anl. winchl lie will dispose li at tt J er ate elnure. lienifhins tigni- ene ,on send:e' s arerles rilbharlthbiit wish"otietdredd to L . SWCiCIOUl Fran Mobile to Augsari,iea. leovee Mnbilr every day at three o'loek. pmi per T $ mailt boat rtora li taendltP, above Blskely.-tIen fountr aea eonahes to Penasare-theneo useamboata to L.gran-re, where thtand rotate is resumed-thence van Marianns and Br:,wnsville, Fln. Bani fldre, Pindertown, ItIHwinaville. Saunderavil., 'aotnis. ville to b uguelt, Os, eennecting rerulna'y with the rail road cars ir C.tharleston, and the steam packet' to Now York, Norfolk, Pri4.dr.lIhin, etc. The steambroats are the heat for tihe service, and the envigotion presents motre advslvenles than enn be fnotad tpon any sit amnboat routa in the u,tuteh ern re,,io,. TheRreoat improvements in tha rotte have been produced by the rnnatruction of fifty miles of new 1 road, try the nroprietore, viz : frttl I.rGrnnt e on u LnaFavette Rleou, 0o arm of Sant Ross B.ay, to t1 Cryan~r' Ferry, on the Chntltnhtrchee river, ten a milesa ohrle the Cwfolrd, or 14 above Cedar tBlff. v wherel.y the naviqanlin ot the river, anti the con. seq deaentiets, and rIore recently the incon ven'ao t erossing at the Cuwlordt , are entirely avoided, nod a fine road from la rianna direct to Blinbridge, instead et the runldahout ruoad via Chnttalholchlre, lessening the distance about forty miles, and ircressing the facilities more than llce a day. Aleo. L ronch line of two horse stages every other d.y it,. l 1 Ira kinaville, via Perry to Macon, Gfk ronneeing with the line to Savannahi and Darien, Gen. A mail steamboat lit's regularly betwenc Bninbridge and Apanlneir.ole. Travcll rvs uwiaii.rg to realh any point an Cllaltarnhnchre or Apalaeht cola, can take ateorelboat at Birwnsville. Mobile to Pensacola-La.nnd Rou:e--l)urine the time eccup cel ty the rep atrs it btoas, the proprie. trcs of the Fhlrida line will tun a line of four horse post coachtes every ohler day between olu bilearnd Penancrola. Passengers will leave M,Iile at 3 o'clock, p m, in the U S mail hblt, and proceeed it Iall's Land ine, where a fovr horse coeceh will Is tn wni'inv to convey tlhe to the exellenit horae of Mlr. Charle Hall, I 14 mile distant, where they will find pleasalnt nrcon,,od lltiln for the night-leaving next niorning, they will arrive in Penasncola early i:n the evenlci tt i avoeiding the discomlfort of night tri vellin.e. Oilie at rhe Mansion Tlause, Mobile, and Col. lies' Ilu;el, Pensacnls, where seals must be secu S'l'Oelil'ON & C(. n.v I DOYI I. k MAY, Ilnosae, Sign, antl t)riamvtaei I linters, No 3 Carondcle struct, two doors from Canal street. nienations of the following woods and marbles,an ecuted in a masterly manner. woonl ws An aLt. aMh:ogany, L Itall iblck and gold, 1tllarl do, Oriental or verd antique, iCurled do, Jasper, CUrled Maple, Itleoo Stone, Birds Eye lao, iarby Granite, Siltin Woanl, Potomiac, Hlair Woodi, Ilove or Ilnrdello, Yewr Tree, Italian White, Coromaanle or Black Sirlnna sml Breetells, 11Rose Wool, Amerirn Grey, Ash WtVlite Oak, he. I :. Le. Curleid Elm, Specimens to be seen at the shop. Paints, oils, glass, copal varnishl, c. on hatnd adlor sale. ml CIIINA ILASS A. EAIIIIIEN \ .Al4I.ITURE, 36 Charres street, New Orleans. 3WMI. SERIIGEIANT & Co. importers of Frenchl and English China and Earthen ware. are now opening new and rich patterns of breakfura, dining and tea services, toilet nets, pitchers, tea and coffee cups, teapots, sugars, crealns, bowlca , plates, dishes, tureens, wash basins and ewete, foot haths, etc. etc. Rich cat and plain French and American glase. ware-ohllets, chnmpaigne, lentonden, jellies, clarers, wines, cordials, contre hiowleh , dlcanters. tumoblers, preserve dishes, celeries, pitchers, lanmps, tlep shade and glasses, candle shados, salt cel Silvcer plated, bronzed and britania wnrer-cat' tars, liquor stands, cake baskets, candllrsiicks, branchee, spoons, Inales, coffee and teslpots, sugare creamsn lamps japanned trays, astral standr, and hnaing lalmpsl, fine cutlery, German stiver spoons anld ftrks, together with a greal variety ifartnicles fur fiimtly use. Merchants, planters, boat Is, and eseamhnalr, furnished whl goods at the mtost rea sonable priers, and punkedl so as to be conveyed with safety to any part of the country. Also, pnpthenries' lnesrasare. nor 2 COAL -Thle anbscriboers have constantly tin hand a large supply of Cannel and Liverlposl coal, rn hulk, of superior quality, which they offer for sale in lort to suit purcaltoers. Also expected by the first arrivllls from rgp lann and the Norltb, Cnnnevl. Lehigh anti Peach Mountain Coal, br.rken and screened, put up in htnrphenda expressly for ininily usr-nil of whi h they will disposte of on the most modernte terms. Orlers lell at their nfiice, No. 53 Bienvillo st. up at tv411j be promptly attended to. cr!l I. & A .'lbl.1P. 1 , t oiui tr .i.,i.iaUls alU PlanIeris. Negro cIlths,blanketr, flannels, linseys, lwell lhirlinoP. checks, linens, calicoes, handkerchiefs, &c he received and for silo low by the subscri. be:s. O'I'OTTA & Co. ont. ' orner Canal andl Chartres sl .EW GOOD)S-Sinlmonls Hartt & co are now re ceiving from on b.cord shipsn Yazoo, and Saratogai snlblrig Concordli, from New York, a great variety of goods it their line, which together wrih thrir formlel stock on lh.ndl, makes thleir assor ent very, plete. 'The follot iog crmnlroe a part, vie: t ell twistn, r.,r;dde, tuck and diresill g combs, ?ihorn do ofall idescriptiorns, Ii dli rulrler, silk nid worstl elnsliec carters, eoimoron & fine elastic suspenlers, hi:n folco and Lueili.r intclles, eiillitz powders, owderpnflk an1d hope ,,toilet powder, pocket liooks mntd allets, oiedle blooks, aIlrll, pearl, ivory and tmarocco erd cases, head orniaments., placiie ral lrnds,, necklaces nut lneeligoee, Iead t. in,,Iu ead eclnlincks, coat glle nicd ilcin,.ced,nilveran,Il gilt ncadl Indian hiendh,, belle nodl iphnes; piitol and lilrge pcw. ler IlakFs,shot bells, h,,rs', bel. pocket and , hciling Jiftls; double ndle single barrelled glne. Bowie knlver, and dirks,. erie.rsi, shrrs, p'cket knives, guanrd cllins, alul ribbons, waist auckles, cloth, hair, oool , unilconth, ,rtub, shoe, liate, door Ind dustin brushils, ColoIgne, Florida, lnvend!er, and bu water,assorled ossenees, iand exlrllctr. robctir,inr, lirlrtr, antihliie, andl \VWardlo c gelalde hair oils, shat in\ g nod toilet scape of all ,le criptilons, Iadie' and gtiin ,Rns' deska and dressing cases, lair riegletl, ;ieliites iad blraie, plain, fancy anll musical work boxes, plain anld gilt, gured, cot ald veat bettlns, pearl and ivory shirt do, shirt stIlds, gold and silver pencil cases, toothpcirk' alrl ltweezers,pl ate und milt locke.u, Irini, iture ido, silver, brass anml stel uiiimýilc, hooks and eyes, hiir pini, nirtation fuit, blk and redink,shoe blacking, violins and guitars,rirled ild plain percussion caps, limn twile, scented cushr oens, golil nld silner lace llld friige, hitter plr paplrt gamcr bigg, rildine w'tip, wackinig 'nie,,plavrg ncands, soldr, plat.,d and gilt jwellrv &c. The above, Iogenthr with ai great variety of other .rti lee are olffered at wholaeule or retail on uccomntodating N teil Shell combn repaired T't) Tl'HEL LADIES. lilt IIULL'S UI'ERO AI)iOtMINAL. SUI'Pt)IIt'E'It IllS now iritrumnr:rt fobr the radical cure of Pro lapsus Uteri, or Fallinug of the Womb, by ox tornal application, suporsoding thIo use of the ob jectionablo pressary, is confidently rocommenoded to the afflicted as the means of a perfecstrortor.tmon to health, it never having faded of performing a curo, even under the ilmost aggravated circulltan ces. It has received the decided approbation of Sir Astley Cooper of London ; Sir Benjanin C IBrodho ; Sir James Clark, Physician to the Queen; Dr Ashwell. Lecturer on amidwifery to Gui's Ilos. pital ; Dr Rigby, lecturer to St Bairthorrlouewa; Dr Griffilh, lecturer to Wsltmiin-ter Ilospitll: Dr Ramosbotham, lecturer to London hospital ; Robert Forguson,lecturer to Westminster lying-in honpit, al; Dr Sweatmlan, lecturer to Middlesex hospital. and senior accouoheur to Queen Charlotte's lying; in.hospitul ; also by Henry Davies, Conquest a Blundell, Lee, Merrimnn, surgeon Keales, &o. Iby Dr Morreau, proeident of the Aeademie Roayalo Jo Medicine, Paris, and Accoucher to the Duchess D'Orleans; professors Velpenu, Marjolin, Paul Dubois,Sa suon and others--and in New York by profesnorJ W Francis, G S Bedford, M5 D proles. sor of midwifery in the university of tihe cly oft New York, proft. Delafield, and rancis,. U John. ston, president County Mod Society, Laurens lull proeident med society State of N York, profs Jas McNaughton of Albnky, prbis March, Cyrus Per. kins, Doaner-Dra Thos Boyd, Gilbert Simith, Heosack, Stoarns, Ludlow, K.isam, Vache, Power, Grayson, Van Renasilaer, anrd many other distin. guished physicians in the U States. A G Ilull, OfBce 4 Vesscy st, Astor House N York. b] A oonatant supply of the above instruments, with Dr Hlull's improved Trusses for Hernia, will be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, A G Carpenter, Natchez; Stnno & Marsh, Wood. ville; Booth and Mallory, Memphis; W1 P Wilk;. son, SBomerville; Ilall and Washington, Nashville; MoNairay and HIlamilton do; R L olies, Floronce C Spotswood, Athens. tlittE ,ubseriberc, Agenta for the eatensive firm of W. & S. Butcher, Sheoield, Eacland, have just eelvel a very eltensive sit of ira orl a, consisting of lable and Desserrt Knives ul' of e" lo d ritilol, Pon, locket, Dirk, and Spear pait lnlves; Razors, S:is torn.' Toolu, .c. Ac. Ac. wldbch they are Iprelredl o exhibit to thie trades tor orders. Terms and condltione ritll be made known at the time. ats J.D. BEIN & A COHEN,90 Common st. W .or.. . alti.i. olre. .Wak.ots FOR NEW YORK. on IOLMES' LINE OF PACKETS-To sail every 1.E other honday. vat This Lin . s compoeed of six ships, viz: Ti Ship Vicasvuno, Captain Bunker, Nov. 15th go , ORLEas, - Par, Dec. 9th an SPANTriA, , - Ashby. ,, 231 ARKANSAS, - Dennis, Jan. ibh In ,N ASHVI.L, - Wood, - 2 11th SALaBrAMA, t Berry, Feb. 3d tit The abne ships ure of the first class, coppered, and capper faslenoI, aud hoaving been built in New York expressly for thin trle--ihey are of lieht draught of watet, and almost invarinabv cross the Bar witloot any deaention. 't'hese prckets areecommanded by Captains well experienced in tle trade, and will always exert themselven to anccommodate-they will al any hbe towed i ',p and down the river, and will promptly sail as ad- f enrioed. ii They have handsomely fuenished aceommnodtions, e and stores rft he first quality will alwas ehe furnished, It and every attention paid to tle comforl and satisfaction of tnssngers The prier of cabin passage is fixed at $90, without wine or liquor. For furtoer partienlars apply to n2 A COHEN, 90 Common st The ships are not accotntable ftr breakage of luass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage. of tin, or rust of ion or steel, nor reslWnoihle fit any preknr e or \' ilf IS I.I NE will ho eomposed of s-ven ship, whlich will srceedc Frackfoitr i thRe fullowiag order, viz: Ship ,t. Surv, II \V Foster, imaster. ShPlipI'roy, It. Diuckindh rfi, aster. Ship Ilerpblicut.J S Wilsno, m;aster. Ship Anlurn, I Cornell, master. New shii iraFnlktor l,J t; Russell, master. New chip Mary Kinocland, It lcCerreo,oinsler. New ship Fairlield, WV I.yoe master. 'These hips are all of the first clasn, have arenmmo dationn fir passen.oesR unsurpassed for comlfort alnd is yyenienos, aInd alhly coounnlaudd. l'1 he 'reaoest ipietialitv will le olbserved inddespotch g ing them ans nvertied, and every reustlnable accum y illaltian exteiderd to iappers an!ldpasenlgers, For fireighlt or paisae. npply In .21 RETI'ER LAIDI.AW, 66 Camp at a FR NEW YORK. w [Louisiana and Now York Line of Packets ] 'a'11 Ships composing this line will sail from New Orleans and New York on every other Mon day-ecomlniencing on the 201th November-and to insusre the punctuality in ths lime of sailing, the lin- will hereafter consist of fice ships, viz: Ship Yazoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the 20th November. Ship Louisville, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th December. Ship Huntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th December. Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the lst January. Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. Is The aboe are all new, of the first class, copper dJ and copper fastened, and upwards of 500 Lons hurthen, are of light draught of water, being built in New York expressly for the trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are ls fitted up in the most improved and convenient re plan, antd finished in a neat and elegant style - Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, xa and every regard paid to the comnfort and entire satisfaction of passengers, who will please take no. lice that no berth can be secured until paid for at the ofee of tle' consignees. These vessels are commanded by captains well experienced in the trade, who will give every at tentioon ind exert thlemselves to oconmndate. Thetr ,s will at all times be towed up and down the Missis. I- sippi by steamboats, and the strictest punctuality observed in the time of sailing. The owners of these ships will not be responsi. blo for anly luller, parcel or package, sent by or rs, put on board of themt, unless a regular bill of lading hI be signed therefor, at the counting house of the ns agent or owners. For firther particulars apply to es J D BEIN & A COIIEN, id nov21 90 Common at NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE OF n PACKETS. This line will consist of tile following volssels or which have been built or purchased expressly for the trade, viz: Ship Senman, Capt. Mmer, Bark Mary, . Nickerson, " Irad Ferry, new " Stevens, " Solomon Saltus, " Latham, Brig Architect, t' Gray. These vessols are of the first class, have hand. some furnished eccommodations, andt are ofa light draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and discharging their cargoes in Baltimore, at the city. Freight will be taken for ports on the Chesapeake or James' River, and forwarded by the agents, Messrs. CLARKE & KELLO)GG, at Baltimore: expenses on goods shipped will be advanued when required. The price of passage is fixed at $6(0, ample stores of the b st quality will be provided. Steam up and down the Mississippi will be taken on nall occasions. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov21 223 lienvil!e st. n iW OIRLEANS & CIiA RiESTON PACKETS This line consists of four veselas, all ol the first class, coppered and copper fast. ened, and of nbont 200 lons hurthen, with handsome accommodations for panssengers. These vessels are comlanded by aeptains wel experienced in tile trade, who will give every at lenotiln, and exert theemselves to accommnlndat tihe shippers. They will be towed up and down tile Mississilppi, and leave New Orleans on or before the 10th and 15th of every month. The following vessels compose the line, viz : ltrig Arabian,Chorles G. rdon, master. Bri C:apman,J. B. Thompson, master. Brig Ahlnenn, J. Dunne, master. Baroi Roger Williams, J. Allihers, master. Feer freight or passage, apply to J. A. BARELLI &Coa, 61 Common st. New Orleans, or M3. C M.orde'eai,Charlrston. oct 1 "`TAT'E OF LOUISIANA-Parish of Orlean- i.7 Court of Probate. 'lTo 'l whonl these presents may concern- Know se, that whnerets William Mackey, a res ient of the city of Maysville, Ky., has applied In .he R. -i'err of Wills, in and for the parish & city ee New sarls, anod i nlicieClerk of the Carele o' I'Prbltie, in end for Ithe Parinl and city' of Ne, Orlenns, alnre sani. for a M lSN I'I'ION or A DIVER ''ISIMG:NT, in onnfermity to the Act ofel ithe Leeislnaturr ' I tie Stnte lntlltld e t Anl act for thie tardher acsurance s tisles to purc'asers at Juldicinl Sales," approved 10 It of March, 1834, notice is hereby given tm all whom it tmay concern that by vi tue of, ant in obedience Io tn order of sale from said court of probates, in and for tihe porlha andi city of New O,lenns, hearsn! dlnoe the t:,ird Apriil, one tihousancid e:;;ht hundred snq, eight, and rendered in the nulller of t Nathaniel ('ox, on the petiteion f Christop amsi, n. Syndir of the credetors of said sin eoi Nalthaniel Cox, deceased, which sa!e was nalso granted pursuant to ihe scheerntione io a meeting of the creditors of tihe deceesed duly ht'ldl ele conveecd on the third day of elh roar, eighteen hundred and Ithery eight, bef ore IIB.B. tnor, E':at. Notary Public, and also after the legal and eus tl publiecslion had been made, tIhe Register of Wills did sxpese for sale by pnblic nuclion on the nitlh day of Msay, one thousanlld eight hundred ane l thirty.riger, for aceonnt of the aforesaid slccesFein of the lnte Nethnniel Colx, deceased, Ihe Isneled eprlperty hertinalter descri bed, be,loneinu, to the said suecession, which prl pecrty was adjudicated ro said Wi\lliam Mlckey ans the last and highest bidder thereon, for the total pricenld sll of seventeen tholusann d dllars. Description of the property ns given in the Judicial conlveyan e : All and s;ngular two certain lots of ground together with the buildings and imnprovements thereon, and all the rights, privileges, cusloms newys servitudes and advanlages thereunlo be longin, or i any , ise appertainingi , ituate in the suburb Ie. Mary, oPtllis atly, n the square bhound ed by Poydros, Magazine, Lafayette, and Camp streets, and designated by tile numbers seven ano eight on a certesain plan drawn by Frederick Witl ehamson. De)puty Su'vey..r General, under date of the se venth day 01 April, one thousand eight hend, red and thtl rigeht, and .eisd el In the e oflreice at II. B. (ctn, E tq. OeRtry pit lic fo reference ; "laclh two les anljuin ealch otherI, andl neasulre each twenlslone feet Ilret inches and six lines Iront on said PIlydras street, iy sixly.rhree feet eleven Iechesond six lines in depth, between par. allel lines, [ American meanrue.] Termts-one and three years credit, fr appro v, d endorsed notes, secured by special nortgage coetl final payment. Wt'letelure, all persons who esnn set op any right, title, or chliin, in and to the lots tf ground and and buildings herein described, in consequence of Inflrmnlity in the o der. decree, or judgment belore rellsed, and under which the sale was malde, or any irregularity or illegality in the appraiementa or advertisvlents, in time and manllner of sale, or for any other cause or deleel, whatsoever, are here. by cited and admonished to show within thirty days from the publication hereof why the sole, so made as aloresatd,'should not be confirmned and homnttohgsted in accordance with the applhcation of said purehaser. Wttness my hand and the seal of said eourt of Prohates, tIhissecond day of May, A. 1). 1839. [L. S W. F. C. DUPLESSIS, may 104t ins Rteg.tner of Wills SlI.OUR--5 bls landing?'from steamlmat Baton R ILouge, for salebv I DORSEY, may7 44 N*w Leves ZUSTPUBLISHED PROM aTniERzOt r PLaTES The .It FA'disfthe f OQWLKTT'F TABLEB OF IN'PRRK T: C IO whichl is now allde an Avemg Time Calenls tor, or easy methods for fRoling the average time ret on storage, notes of haod or bills of goods, when nr,- thi chased at dillerent dates, on different credits, anld for ve various amoumnts. esides a usefttul and complete bsanking rol Time To'de, the best that an be eontrived. or that fsi- 0 gores can r itee within the same eondesend compass, and size oftype. be, An sivetisement in the book is in nearly the follow- sut in words:t Thel igh distinetion this work has received through li: the ten legislative ants prefixed to the title page, is a re- It commesnd a ionli itself, so uotenmmon,, and so eonclm - I sire, th t nothing is neeessary more thon by way of ld vertisement, to give eondensed view of some ol its pe euliarities:as for instanee, the Interest Ichs been eompt y a' ed fiom, and compared with, what is eqnlivlent to tour- t] teen setsef enlenlatione, extmiued in the press thirty. o five times, and printed from tereolype plates tested p thiroyty-one times, fiom all which it moot be evident ti sen to the skeptio (eepeially on th le somal otthe de- e toil f proofn the preface) that tile werk must he nriih- i netieally infallible, and in confirmation of this beliefsa I premium of two hundred and fifty dollars, is now offer I for the deteetion of an error of cent in the present or fifth edlition, as exlressed in tie preface, making five laree p.emilons ffered for the same error shieet he first imltiection in the veer 18t14. One of the most emtspietans features of the tables is t ointhe arrangement of the Time ndl Amounts, which for expediti.ns, referenee ond perspieity, witl the hei l of the side and imlex, cannot he excelled; anl thlt sallyv ty anil ease with whihl the interesl can be fotnatl to the extent of general business, willttot dnoublitlg ofl'suts ishesidhhs a convenience ao essential, that ill tlhe estmtn: tion of some oe ,lit moot competent arll Ipraetienl hllsi. h ress men ml Id ublio offslera who have tmale great use of the work, it Ihs been dlitingstished by thl honotile appellation efofa "master pince". And eonsidering the infdllibility of the methl otriginally atlopted in cnmlmtsing the work, and the extromrdinsry tonmler and variety ofl'te examinations, and tests of every edition it has passed it the Itress, entwithstanding the wlhole is in stereotoyle, cotsidetig, in sl6t. , he positive neotrney seent'elli y tie tpreeenlttedl means emltlo oil, the vo id lnlmhcas ieer llthel t otlln etlililtielly styled " tile most wollderfil hook oi the woslkt" most ceretinly no mnienen iamea figure work ofrthe sme extent, whihol since the heghaoig ol crelation, has had tile salme nnm. bee nltd olietsl of tebts in the same ntimber of etlitors no, nor one halfthe nmlm er, as is eleatly shown in the preface. I Pesiles, astest and stindantl it kas heentrliedl al ,raced iell nearly all the banlk antl pItblle moers in the United States, sald Ihv the l)ublic generally. during the long period of thiretyfive trers, yet no error of hie rad elatlotis lils ever tent I'lonrl in print,nllthollgh contitin ally challenged by the ofler of very large prrtlntins. l'he illttid expresody aotlted ly all thee tinrts e oflaw el sev.oCrl othel Slates os tie "rtte of ecleltlonle - forllatllte interest," .s also by law for bank interest, to aceortlings tile book is used, and as .vy lie seen itl e part, by .,.e names oflthe slnhseriers, and aI few of ihe sutlbsellquent purehlse:rs, in lthe list at theenl ofl the book, ti o isn Iaessi:eo eleevee eloss of citizens ill every quai te of the Unit ed Stles. Ie It is moreover well known that, by its rearly cheek, it hes so often detected Inrge errors, long after they were ie nde, even by the most eoretul and most competent arilthnleticians, tIt its usefnllness, and: hie absolute ne cessity for its use, have been extensitely insisted lran, so evldent, inteel, have been its alvaetages, anlt its savings, that, severrl yearsago, whilst the first edition be was searce, and ou oof pint, a great Iumber of econdl hand copies were sought for, some to n gre t distance. r preredperased a: t valions prices, as they couhl ocaseion na Illy ho picked up at from $1( to $25 per copy, nd, It some persons have reoeo..y declared, od indstaeers e ctould hequoted that they would play $50, $100, and $5(kt e for a eopy, if notto be had for les, adl an indlividutal Sin the latter instlnce partievtirely, having at the samle iile rxlibited satislactory prof, to several persons pre Sset that to him it was reallv worth ltht money aildi Snore thtonch the atevin of flis vetry valable tite, he e being a ver ric manon~l in putlilicoffice. 0 It is likewise worthyt of ntoce, nnd indeed proper to at impre., that such is the nature of filge wrok generally and specially when of the extaent ald imltortane of cli these to lis, thlthiil this book or its like tion prepar. it ed ill the usual manner vioae, hi tile most colnlpetenl e alculator in the world, aml afteirwarlds prilttd mst e catinaly under his own correeltion of Iproof sheets, it Swould, almost to a cerltaily, have been ae safe lio r re ferenlce,ndil dear it anll price, as the prefaiee ltarien hi l tulp exllains. But sit perfect and itiuaitleae hve the stlteetiype plates of this worklteen ltiac, that tolseelre r themn willthteir tmunerceu and extlaordinary exalil: K tions, aglnst fire, for the gee'rsl beinefit, they ore (by e .dvertisement) constantiv kept in a place of special to safety, exceplt while use in printing. Anipledileetlios to find both batiks and slnatte i.nto at est with tseftul notes, follow the prefeo, which, il this - fill as ill the two prceedilngdi eitis, cutait much il1 ferouation coneeroning the two lawful mocdes of tomplut iugilltlter so, tee daysa o g:lee, ke. It rmi;ins only to relmark that, notwithstandllng this iF unommonly costly work, which waspublished before illterest tables weret illtrotue.d inll dotars and Eents lie o yetul aulm inilvie, has t een so extensively awld solibertlly or patlrolied, it hlls ilOt to so IutIitll as pait with ilterle. tee hecty lios of noarny [iteui tliotsanil itdio;lat, beside, six )earso etimte from 179119 to 18W)3, slstuilletl oi the lirst edition of 76lo) opics i,rising chiely Iioin its ipuliea tiol tittt ltl tttie, at ai tiinder prieie,) to saiy nteillig of iorut.ltelliilei ort 'irlit fir ahtost a lile-tilie of tare, tiil, iad sacriliec. \herefore the h llthr still reies illot disuerieillt and gelerl.sity f thlle public for aIOltli : t. once ol'llpreflraele an. i patIl)lllrhUe.' Jr.sle by hIe lit Pri.l ncil lBooksellers in the Unted S./ates y I t1., lt: AI'S-Science o+, Ie, mtitshi;, :" ;-., d ;,',;,; i STor sale at their ileTnIrihc t \Vritell ei i tniesIF tNo. 8 (:hntres s r et .ew t)rlet s 1;9 Ilrsteiwtiy LN w i Yo'rk, tikOphiile lt. .l lil.. n scl hI, adlll i s Calullutted fir p)erOlls olf tll apes. 0 i, lReliur cellhlell are ilivited to cal nl I t"ta on L.esells ore givnll at sa1Ih hounePs as.t aIy sllit fthe cllvrie llee ottloll, a td to classes tilrni Id i lly til' 0' the city. I -nladies [wi prefer it cao reteive teiRcl at0 theiro uwn ref At. 'r.relle reytno n trse ofroesons are deiirecd - tte..l.ti-''- . '- s ell tsletie wish. IS .3r.K IttOTitll t.. oi "T A R N I S H E S -- 'r h e S e hs c rl he r h av i n g I nl ely e s h IdlleI a varlitsh utnnfllactior in New torlcans, is re adv r"a"pply thel painters an, Ilhe public in genernl, by whonle.aste or.retil. Ilk prices are moiderate, nad tle quality of hsl pr.dels superior e, noy ever brouiil st thlis pl7tee. The gePiI[Olleui enImpovetl to s {per inlte tile llllUnnftleorv ilse benan a ield of an et- tecsive esiblisinen t this kind in Europe. TI'ioae ditpi.sad to ell at the cornier of Natchez anI I Tehonpliloula Ps, sllll heplroeenlaed wilt a fair sulmple of any nrrlis theyv inlf wish Io Irv. AIIongst the vnrnisbhes are tlh. cohlc Nl. l, wslv'aoied so ins I:hIUgO even in Iboilin witier. Tlhe llack varenilsh fL)r IIisreii and stleil ole cliinmnies. The traInsparent varnish willthot smell, u &e. tg II it NNAIII.1.. W A(NIR'S LIQUID ODENTI -It has been lyng used. both here and in thie north with uniform surccees. lir cleansieg and whitening the tenth, and preventing the toothache; prl;srvrwx Ihe gimwe, purilfing thI breats', and relieving all diereese, to whicll the mouth is liable in eilher tII

adli or infanl -ine ten spoonterl, mlixed in a winte, glassifll of pure wa,.r. and sao apphle to the lr cth Ill usual tlnlln e wilth a brush , will " lfers'illy pre. vent secrvy, and ward off that exerullnting paini the touth ache. Mississippi and L.oisiana Hotel, iU RS. MARY KIIIKLAND respectfully an. nouances to her friends and the public gone. ully that she is prepared to accommodate thles at to absov, establishmenit, and hopes fr )m hler sxertionsto render visitors comfurtablc, to receive s continuance of former favcrs. She feels centi. dent that persons visiting Covi'agtion during the allssmer nmonths, cannot find better accommodations than she can afford themn, on more liberal terms. IHer onsne is pluasantly situated, and well supplied with every eanvenieuen; the bar is furnished with ithe most choice liquors, &c. itl short, she promises "'at nothing shall bit wanting on her part to give ,tiro saliloaction to all who may patronizo the ,lississippi and Louisiana Hotel, jc3 Cnolo;ne Water, P, rfumory, &.--A se,leodili nrtic le of colioge, put up cxplresly the relil tlale; tlet the purest FI ellch Perfumlnerv, emlbral cingi evrry variety lr the tiileo, for sie. hy sct2 REEd & D'LAN(G. L, IV Gleun's Pefunteries. Indian Dye, fer coloring lii s letr ; Bear's Oil, Rustllns beal's rease', piroinlun, 1n ieilaw'us Fret cle sash, superior pearl powder, hip white, creuns If rosee.s, veet"lable rouge, vla o f rose, lip silve, kresolae uoth wash, ilnloinel drntritie, oillnge ower water, powder pull' and boxe, Alterirlan charcoal, neally put ap inll itr ounce rials, Pres. ten salts, eologne, lkreostue toth ache drops, hair bruslhes, Eoglilsh dreis.ig coisi, Inalin haii r oil, witl a variety of other peruml.rise, &e. For sale by C. J. 'I'RINCIIARD), ocl 3 corner at Canal and Ioanrlonu scis RON,S'lIEEL& HEAVY 0OODS-llar, square and bundle iron, well assorted. Haop, scroll und rod iron, nail rods and plough nmoulds Cu:st, German, shear, blisered, spring, sheet and snawley steel Hollaow waye, cut and wrnnght nails anlld spikes Zinc, block tin, smill ands grind stoaes, salt kettles Chain cables, ailecs, an eors, Ox, log arsl d stce chains, corn mills Aneils, m ices, Il:niersand bellows Wire, shleet, pig and bar leadu; lshot Ceual, and coslking stols Aisss, Ituwhlnd's and other spldesaml shovels HIook and plate hiinges, door andi window hooks Coullins, Ilasts, Shllarps. and othee axces e'ar'd iinl Manilla eulrdage, lilies anl twine Holt an sheathllisg opper; Naval storlaes Paints, lilserd and sperm oil A full assortn.ll.t of hladware and ship ehandlery, alwayseon l alnd, and wlitleh eare ofuerel fr sale at wllhle sale or retail, on tile Inst faniolale telms, by sma LAYI'ON p ';n. S3 Oill Levee. LOUI1SIANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, Bienville street. Wt11..IAI R. CARNES, wsosl reepetfully in Y frrm Ills friadle and Ilhe pItehlie that he is conl stantly receiving f'ons Nuw York and Ulsron a good assortisent of Farnitre, such as menioslrv clairs, soles, ied.terads ale ni paintred chairs, Inmaple eand cherry bedsteai', moahopany and lcherry talela ofall desariptions, seureaus*, tilets, secretarc. , wrisine, desks, wanrlrutes of nmlhogany ail cherry, we sands, loonkig glasses,lfenasler, bedding,&e. &gc. NIl. Furniture packed for traneporiatlon with rest eare nev s RUSHTON & AsPINALL'S IOMPOUND TONIC MIXTrr E.-A speedy A . and certain caurn for the Fover and Agune, mittent and intermitlent fevers; prepared from lie. oiineal recipe. Used with eminent and ani ' 'rsal siceers in 1832, hy persons of the hlighest a sspotanhility in this city, as stated in the nnnexed c _,rtifieates. " This medicine is highly rerommendod, and has e ann catensively used in the absove diseasnes with :t cli dietigntlishod eaeense, that thLe proprietor of lhe recips has been induced tIo offer it to the pub.- 5 lie in its preeett fLrm, in tile hln :it nmay he Lie means of relcevinp mnsyl e . those who are utTering iander tle senirga of ouac eouitry. It is i medicine possersing gre.t virtue, and wlhen aecording to the diroectiond has never failed of efl'otins a care, even in the nmost obstinate stage I at the disnrder. It is not at 11l dlisagreable, and eorsona of the weaken stomachl. and children may take it witll impanity. It strengtlhens the destive organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requires inore than one, or in obstinate eases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsenic in theI medicine, nor any thling injurious to tile human constitution. The proprietors are I so well convinced of its efleac, thet they agree to refund the price ofevery bottle which has boon taken in aeeordanes with the directions and has not effoetes a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole egrnt for New Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and medicinle store, corner of Ilienville anid Chartres streets. For District Agencies app!' to je5 T. W. SMITII, 48 Conti st. Drcas and .lediiner. J a eveaesht iels hlaled himsele eI tais city for tlhe purpose i trcnenletina c a general Wholesale I)re husieess. ile is new res'ivinig a fell spplv of Iresh and grenuite artilee, whlieh he will sell on liberal ternms Ta city tdruggisets, and those of tile inIterior, tn physicinns, mprcbantsn and plIlntersr hie will tflr inllieeriients auch ni haev never be. Fi, brien titered in ihis ciiv. Ilis intension in ti tin s trirlv Irniitninme billsiness. tlIs rstck will soon lie I'nnplcie, nd ihnll ta new weeks will he ran div fir biliSires. A!I nrders Irnm the cOllllnrrs, and fro ierrchanls of I i - cilv, rechiaing such orders will ie priciplly alttlnded to. oct 2 N, 30Camp st RoynI Colitece of Physicn ns, Londnn. 1ll.l e oricnnal Vegestlle Ilhgein Universal 3ledi eine, plrilsilcil ly SV .\ilkilt, EHg. kleaaelr i" tisu 21nvs'l College of Sctriglles, I.icentiate of Alieb cars's t;olesiany, Fallcw 'if Ihllt (Canes Socnety, SUaReen to ilie Iayc'l Untiote Penitoni Asoehitiicn, Lallceasic PIhlacee, W ,ecrlo urilge,aad Ierpleinal Pupil f C.Iy' anil St. 'I'Thlains'as llnsitalls, nIonilon. l'llis valable menedicine, lthe result of twenty years' exl,'ritulce anhl ilnsiaallelad sicress in the extensive and hIiglil iesltetsable praetice of the pr'n'riely, piiris icsCd hv Ishe Inanlty and noailitc, anc liscow iets'scoilc'd t the sliolice of Ihe American plsdlie, at tlce earnest so liciation ef a intmber ofgentlemaen of long and higl lstandingo in lce prfoelsion. It is Iopedl, as a prelin.i niery telp, tn check Ihe evils and fatal coasecnllese s anising fieom thie use of the inmieraous and deleterious nosi'inlns loisteld span the puhlic Icy tsle aild of fal'riceled paroo"s of miaculnc'styc'rc, asld ather frnlads, bye set of icarlenlSy, sni'incaltlled prietellcers so totlaly ignoauist ol metdlin science, that it illlpossible the mnsroaae delllailetl ll atny lniiger ei down with the intilligent pcoile f itallis coa lntr'. 'llleaie pills, milil ntlciagleniblh in tseir tlillnll', shnlld be keit in every fitmily in eate ofsudllen illness, for, 3y thleir illrol'pt adlmiaistration, choler, Ecrams, samers, l ies. f's anid other alarniinig coiudlaint, wli eld le llien Inove tictal, suy 5e speedi Iv sI'iiUrli er Ii'eveltedal. I fset, all those ala vcalhe g'ocd Icalih, seluhle neel bhe wiithlic tlhem. "l'lut e sco' Unitahl Shnlsla Ii rie laal:llna, waitll coyious lrecalinll. tgetiler witlih asinollnils of illl'ssnihnal ablililty fren ti faolls a ins- estliccclt gellltelntIi: Sic Adsale, tnallec.., Ahcrncciht',.Iasc'n,, Illulh21cc, .\ I. 2)., ii. lnaek, .%i. i5)., J. Acll "y . ey Ai Frsilnptn, NI. l., nSill n eillls others. Tile originils micia be see e n o issesiOc ahtile f icaal Agent, by w'holl tille: elld'itciitn is illllonled into i is country, and to wlom ll alcIlcllationi Iorageccies mun!t he made. Sole GIiliiln.i Agent flt the Unitell States, ia.e. For st le iby illllliltllleI t efL tl i'e ciigili ll ' p 'oprietor. by .'w&l. l i c.estliiiini I)rnLgiss, No 11 Cani street, .i llesn Ageiit Inr Stllitaee Of Lolisinllla. jelrv D I'.\ IN N V arthcle filr ler..onis troubled with dlarness, ( {alledl theI." Eatr ·lrellll~·( It I hlis 1 tlI benI Trocc ei i Nilt voice is iv ccasved to tiil wit. druiee iwhle Irs cvr l.cen lt t. conver hhayll; den IreV..a lIllilll Im f~eidivlc~ s ,I)II , Ihe of till" l i(icuhv add1( 111·i bIerrasmenl excccimiried boil ticrm PIvns nnd iaer cin div actnn s o cin r euntc'l ntlict'led. Icl the isa of r i ji'r TrupI tisc cijeijtion ic enCtirely oitir'P. I Ino itesa iI.ticllcl il h s an an hileuii 'a 'ii ItIoutblts at l' tIavilca ilard dil 'I'raltpci. Fur sala ct IT F' GIIION'S, .ll trloie, c.rar t i f l''on sii'a d Sti Charlcs lrets -, L It r t ic .: ll.ltact'a i,, . . . ... lilaC Ji0 TilE l PUBLIC.--'lThe unidersicni d. Ilavicg saudied uneder Dr. Sl.incidh ot Charleston, Soatl Care'ti , ar tli'. r s'rolmne ycars hisnssistatnt ial thie practice ol" mediccinoilid sulrgry, has the hulor Into olff his protlessionil services in this city. :li assules the ladieds aad gentnlmen thatR the not iprolpt tattention will lie laid to thle calls which laly be nadr anid also otlTnrs his services to the iolaiders e l aves, beingt well acqnainted with tlIe disetacs collunon to thli, hIving iaittclided tiemIt in lI:e sclgar houeeo in ClIarlrstoii. lThil foiteoisc antibilitous pills ia lier tlve composition a31 Proaaiesir SnolletLe, a illh dirnetions, can be hlad JI the utdernigned. 'iThe elietel which they have prolatcd in tinls anId otr cities, thas been aLttendled F uith the graltest seneess, to which the best of' references cant be given. Apply at No. 16 MaSng. sica street. JNO. M'LORIING. t'LTI'IE--l'Tire ltneitrhip of Kalter, Milanee &Co aof Nilcw Orlcan;ltm ~lso, lhrris &Co. of & iaall:her; id IInris, liKelley &Co., lof Isodney, was disaslved ola ilst of Mas y last, lly thie dieatlh o ldatalel A 2laason, use of the psrllers of the firmel. 'ite ulldrsiii led, st lirivi'e g ertllers, ill be chllred 'itci Iii settling ttiiu CItIcitic lill Iii .irs P ss e s ilhcllws: Levil2 Itluri tawill itendsicte acitlicig oflctie busilie.i o( ,Il:islllrris . ' ..,it .leiz; Ind innrrih KelN a* C Co. lt I,.liey and Ilcnry Kelley will alreled au lie seitlilg of tie LnsicaesS oflKhlev, 31tsou & Co., at leca (lealillT. e 'lilcin tee of Ithe everatl llrlis willbe usech liqntiidcsiciici oly. ''lhose iidcbtrhd to said firms are earnelstl requetedl o cefnie Iu'warldd a inke eurly setalelnti. and dlosae having cluais will lleascr ut hnia I well t delay. IIENIKYKELLEY. Cowa Orleans, Jlne 7, h18:7. ROWAND S 'I'TONIC MIXTURE, r,,n rTfrlt .ADt) ,lGUE. ST-FEN years have nor yet yelapsed since it was - irst regularly submitted to the public; but it has attained tIle highest reputation; and has stp. planted every other medicine lfr ilthe Agae, wherey. er it has been known and appr-IciateI. Already has it beeon carried in every durcition throughout the United States, aind still realizea reire than could have been anricipated by its in.'is ua lguine friends. T'leusalnds ofl prsorls have not only been relieved, but restored t be .lit ucnd vigor through its agen. Cy: and they niow cheerfully tetilfy, at every op portunity, to its de ided and stcupreme efficacy. I. is composerd of such medicinal prineciple as are calculated to renew thre ihalthy action of the stoii aclr, liver, and other impiortant digestive organs, the loss of wvlicih harmony is tile immediate cuseo or the disease. It is apparent nlso, that it produ. eos Ian ectrlire changeo in the coldition of the system, and certainly destroys the native lilhility to relap ses of the atifction. Whlen tIhe Aaue is attended withll anlly other emplait, the empI!lyment oi the Tonic Mixtu-o will inoat interltro with the troeat. ment o the otlher direuse, but wi 1 even afford as. nistance by furnishing strei gth and vigor to tile body during tlhe couer- if treatmlent. Those who imake use of thii medicinu miay be assured that there is no Arscnic, Barks, Mertury. or any other article in its collrmpolsitionl ulnfriend y to the humian constitution; being celirely a vegetftble extract; and they mlly have additlonal conflidCnce in tihe use thereof, when theyl pnereive that it hs tie of - fect ,f a gent n laxative about th ile ti alf but. tie full ras br-ean taKen-in colstrquilnce of whlich, there is no part. of the imedicine eft to lilnger an tihe bowels to cause ubstrurtions, and other evils, arising trots the u.o of imany of the recedies now I ofitred for the cure of thi aitlietio.ll It has been used also as a preventive. bIy Inliy who were sub ject to a peuradical recurrence of the Chills, and it has invariably warded oll' the approhended attac. Obsernve! The Proprietor, fully satisield with tlhe unparllclcd and uI\versa :.uccss vhich has con. stantly nttlendced a iunctual and rreular use ofl'the Tonic Mixture, in all cises of Fever and Ague, tinls warranted in enlgaging to refund the price to all tllose who Ilave tikeoi thie ircdieinu in strict lc. corllrane with tile prescribed directions, without having been perfectly and lastingly cired. The subscribeur are a.o wholesale agents for the South Western States, and have n on u hand six ty caets of this imedicile, whicll is warranted fresh and genuine. For sale at thie imanufatelured prices JAIlVIS & ANirtikI-WS, W\bolesale I)rtgists, novt 7 car Conlonn t ''chulpitoullaa street. iltINTAG UL'S IAL.IT FORl THll' TECE TH. iTIIE esttlised rlutlloa in l, s ..--tal.lly tiucren-Iul _demandfrli thllia eriel tual I reedy of paliii, aldl pre servative of ti icedlh, hae inlu ed t e subocriber oiler it to the Aueurican prlbli. .srrangensents line Ibeen ilmide to tupplrv Igents in ull the pIrllilnelal cilie and trwos in the United States, so as ti piace it ithi tile r each i ilose soeul-ring ald likely to uttler this mos Ihusll irsili. oflP liehllle Toonh-ael.lle . lWhiVe applield to directions given on botnte, it has never Iailei to i itfld inlitneifate and manunt relief It also arrests the decayv i defectiv teetlh, nrd relieves thlllt soreness tliichll-s frequently renders a strolng tooull useless The application and remedy are simlne, isnocent, an not unpleasanlt; and tihe large alliber of persons in dilferent sections oi the cora!rvy, that have alrl ady exlerienlced such delightl'u arnlltlutary effectes tro the use ofl te Ballll are ready to bear (fir the public good) their testimnon to its un. rivalled qialitle. It is an Indian reemed, ,obtained eiogolerly land ueupectredly, asld uni- lie retgarlrd by tie cirilised world as tsle msrt valuable discovery red lan of tire woods. - rice tL pr bottle. Said by ADRE JARVIS & ANDREWS, ,r C 'or Comnion and Tehapitoutae aet. S - - MEDICAL CARD. AND IMPORTANT To THE AFFLICTED W'ITH HIS EASES. a'oI TJPREATISE on Veneral Dlosen,-Donorrhs0, Oles tnttd oricture Inoluding practical rntoooit on Smioetins M'srek ena, ·risiJ frm early skusel, so that ell pernonr alnnI o 0t0dn nit imtoa~nti cari. witoh one rEOoy nod snfoty. I It in a molanohsi t fnt thnt thtlnsndo loll vietio tothe Ve- P. oeoool Dionono, oninl to tt untiotlilnll or ittesrso e nt. moo, w ho hy tle si nn f that e ydonllrytionoot r e on the e0n otitu l on... o l..... l oerstito o.ith btlotres on th. .tnn.lfae o and lody. ,iooosn in theboigbt,otoioithnlneon, desfnennnobn ntlooto jleent, ond nodes o" tihe shn boone., till ollongth o lie rnldelolitysynIdoony of thne o slrtiittioo n nsr. sd o Inooholylonot"l pl1. n peri,.o totheir dretdft l flnrlsn . Ti PERRY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PIlLS, by Aosertilo,naf ·nllthomorootnpsdy romedyoovor dition for the opornnn. nd efloetul nor olf venereal dJienne, orrhott mlootn, itoros.senino l weklnesspoint t nin tt nilfooioon oflh idones., rotnl, loslinog lorsldelhiito, ir ratiot oo the.h, der or uritlra, snd olhnrodlnsoeno ot I)e n nosy pasnnnoO, tloently Ptr ormoloono PrClo tt cure III the sho .nlto nf threel 'nop, Ily on nlnll pillfurn doe, wlth easen e sno onf oafets. Tnohe crlilbnty wth hkich tiey nre eontlnsn" n didn nerell. canheonttetted ylo mony tbousondn. Thei npooit: pills root oolo every pttiele Ft ifsiotiotit poitnn. p0ri fying in theirtpoorfno'h n r hoblemnssnttlots. They not oo If ooolovsotti,,limnsos utt renovnte bh thotr notion theo olto ctfiooiono of oo Iody, enpellint tiol rosiern Itnornl, toy nheir mntno so no ohl ond impotostttible on In enn11oeo tInk mosostcptleal of o eor t.slonitinlo 8nil uonequat l pnoWln. T'lo neithbrcnotoln olsoeonry o othetr millornltotntdtt tonyb talon niohbot tbenlilhlbltst tuoiinon nr diovorso. Ttiey ro qoie no rstrnint oi iiot.l, ot ofime, or hindoadeo of buni os.n,brtoee ........ o iloo . h thepalicnt. Atnooy oriod whenothe siohtonttutlneioo tony to eoisn, it oill he wollt to lonrso roolro to the opeoiloePillo , tt r nlelno tnLh bolfnr the diseane hen iolnllo ill, It osto jt on ososltin preenotioe by remooing ihe Eoimpltinetffeou.lly tL osecrolly Stsoro Posrry. Rrngoons. Eonlinnetodiret tthnirtudlielto Io tho.sdreoodful dtbiitieo nrinointo foo tile too Free nntol iodit- 0 e iminnte indlulgencee of Ilia pcrsitnlie which nat onnly .mcr- I tiontlmtrolls troin of ner0 onb anFiotinn, bnd t llfolt n l sotnrleo all Ills oonorvoting inlhecilitio of olil .on, ttt nenkoh nod dlestroy ollthl ilodnilo selllnt oensionillp lIost ot imatine *i o.jogoniootnod Iloolnllory· indiFoereooe and ,overo)n For folot poinouoeo. 'lhe iden of their own ollohpphltoon nod despair wbioh nri. ronn(st ooniiloslo themelven no to e o on thorn o nhtoiroo tnmieryo noy d tile oeonnlilyofrno.otoolloCntho otlieilio or marringeor. nlhe nletoltillt ideno of thoft whn lave o io. t moy to thin iloloniso tod diotrnettio s Iaobit. Iotliotdii Stnesnnin iotnt nldtltlity or dlenicieny, wLololor the ton nooEno of uchno banefl innoioto, onnisol olsrinhino, or tny othioer saie, by whiob iho powors ol the eonootioltlton Illtomtn otltiseehtd, they ofoer a Sroot .fn and npendy rosornttiil mllnll fn4]l viornmle he:, th. PoeoryooVogolollo Pillooore wmlknol n For tho certain nd oefootnl lelooy st yfnndtalty symlltoms. t enertnl o rllolonno polint in oles bonEd, olcerated ,ore thlroot, diarnoso oled , cllro fle hnnic11?Llllm Icr~llll., IeortmtIIC and Klnnllnhtr elTee~tilnn Ined . alld .enl g loosoihy, stolly. ol pollln ills pt ththini nni tolimhn.dsypretiono oop plrit, od nII dinOnn.l trotls. llonlllo t ionpt,0enalt of tile blodit. Ttoere Plllttnro worthty it ploae ill ohe a~l nt masters rn, - n lsainionf stii', Itie inoe to , no they oill keep gnod in0 ili slonole, nooylensoth .1f tihto. To be hnd ollly at No. Jh Cusntom Iouee stretb , New Orlolnl SPECIFIC" SOLUTIOP.t SA L.m whooronouffnrino Froom 171Ll'I'Itt tAt, DISEASF.S 05 h Ltttbjan OuiNStItIItItIA, tl.EI, TS, STIIC'TIIIEO r ttILrTATlhN OF'N TItlE KIDNEYS, Il I.AI)ODLO, UttltI, GIA, olPt io.A'kT: Gl.oml), n.,I tll DISEASES orl ihb, U IOINAIIY PASSAGES. PAINS IN TIIE tOINSm. GILAVEL. .ltlstboo, or solo ielnelnl Weakness, or ooltn lIohiihy, nr0 Pss..uretoiosadl ihin vlubs obo toleoln t all tolIlr o lrrtooslll vr perl+.etll , rldicntes ~fli nhnYE di~re.llem mne(h roo..dr 1IhllnltlIY obioero dllr invisrithly itnprnveo the eollntilntiol rsnd oEllsrlt ,. lleatll, onn4 restores Iln ¥.r tnilse pllrtl*Il~l flaY beenCCI ijnrl nd hy di.seae 'tr Iltnpopor trotolsent. It Nt, .o lletdicille can boe etlohooll to Iot t nd it htr potitively olrloll rnnlytthlltb t S. notJ ionhi4]ildbtai er all otloer .oodieonee lave boon flnlloodi dlt tinly nllooeroedin Ilhn uto nf'.1ore injarml,· led ilnli~eoul ton tomotliointst--2Otltiso.Turpolntooit, Cnlhcb,. Slnryootto. S-s. toIn lditioll to tIP llollleo,ti t lti lnl-lllnl l reclvo ll flm a rlc elt tt he wo r hlt ,io cilo d nl f th e t nt L i lld ot , tI l ad i , ,d tnl eor ica.4o, nawl intedlool ntlnf Of lhe Iiiolhotottning ilttblt pro. flon onoo:tlltbhio oltnnlhntoy titnill ourorinilltsueooon ISvo t [ut Ilddrod dnuu n rewaldollo hdd nobosnveral o ilntototren Ios lly ot. koetnnhoonlooEe nny retedoty olllqloto Voltlld', Siscido Solutill. Alter this no Furlh0 r b onbo tlent cn hoe neoonry' ;lo onl fil,. • wthoeoorliltcono. "~1 hl~re Ilreriled Yolillnd's i(ncline Boluti-ln to reveral gn lct iinsotnhonorillog olllldersruso Diottinrsgoeln tioy oni I lOllt.i.ot ) nl.nt, they were *II .nred ill mnlC(l llnrler llhnebI lhnl | lld Vel before b ltlsoooied, and thoirgesnorol oohitil wlt t lllan ilnparov ed. II. I.E. NI. In. O "ltetnrer nn idwiferyly, at hohLorto s tlo'w Ilnttil." oh' Dr lCrtts htaprn.cribmot yllold'. SlePiL Solution, toonllt ny lalI~lll+I 1.11.)1rlnl. llll4]er Ul,.lhIral I)i-E~lllrLe+, ill~l! lllt~itrU 1'4]yiooliiOoondohe-owt.ioord it lltioi-iti ot.. otie. lion kehotl to li oi,.tslyoli-erooo.ihe sttnf tio.I|. FlrliUonl of CpoIlistll it iofottttt()nittii' io ottoott4y 111et.nttioi4]~, tnd otne ilnttlheitl.l o oure tl preoorilhe ofor hit lttiilll. .JIoanOa, Dl'eell4]mFr .'. IS3"l. Dr Green herebyy certllG.S Yl,4]nlli'· .i.'cihe So'+thliln i. I )' lnlo1 ellicaclnul remed~y, nlln4 ollp 111111 rrlllOves Urclhlll]l Dlb et" itolnetthlloo oInbo.oy IPiooltttitOl hoaIleler pre loet trihed. itt Tie olovotetn b btailled only o No.NSCustom Iiouie Int ion oNew Orle ani. SARSPARYII.A PIll, OF IIEALII; OR, 111.1101 PIlL. Itt. r t111j eo celleno ftltttity .ill Itt to ooidtille no: it - lIlsod - ts. ct ietSc l+.r c~iI reCtlll. L111 dllnrlelr· oi" thell OlnI:th Il nd ha • soL o tlesOint.y sogotdt1tt~tttsll ftti i ,n rE.Il.ollek., liilllllE· sJn, tltinooi ntr ttt oyl)lEttiottt oltilteot to srailtt tllot, Iottt too nlltnof ilo hsltltato .dltlillldio olfe, ll.ys r, ttIlsoilllst olod hi, tilllle totiole liver, oond oioloqllootlolllllulioily oits ilhe Ioow sitll s..ooio sloisn pilllttir'ioofaroso footioo Ity fhe iHtoItrto vi tsc lhe olllit:oltl of ito nltlllllrto ilielot. Tlolle hllllllOt will O n.oteetlly rotllit iIt ttrellolh i a hetllhiy ttotiati olthts lilt, tllw soeoitlttbtillttsyt III rttitdit. l tikO o14oIIP iilld iIsIotitnf lilh.its h50 .% hlointino 1sio l4i4onltt tsdittsno-ItIItpoirtPIoi srIeIItoh hal SI1II4] FO-elle.I IIetdlllII wdl : IJI t leqllPk re.ll t e+ ItllhlZl )lilil Ins. 4] leill.. 81.el~rlhlll to lhlldlreClll(,lll. tlcl~lll .l'lik. e:J+ll hnxr. to l'llsn pilltorn piirtloulttly esirucillt fitr btnntln h ot-olghit. cnl4]s, tlFlll..I .1hl)rtlle(l i.I hrelllh,11 YIIllIl IIII lllU(;Lll)hllI tinlhl 1H'llrllr. Illc l.Sclye. 1114 ltlllllO IOClll~ll~l llfrellllllll.]+.,elll· lnl Io o n lt , tl y llntoy t io rltll F e o so ilttltto ttslsy .lillteiitto t ill PerlJv Ii.I~lolZ+ e l" u Iili lls1 t who are .uhject Is Uf llllnhll e IJI ,lllil II leelll. 4]rowll,+.+ 1114 M)lll~lt+.+ *11lhee~r+ Blrl~ljPll~l; I'I +Ijihi .1 l 1it1ii ttts[tttitt. piii tIo oI. tootyonso ott. totlIft.ot~rnitiooiins, th's~oont.ilso'oonto~lt i Yer ).•.tho.ioo Swlthl the +ex; 4in Irsrillll oi" rlpirilm, 4]nlllltrmm OFI rlrit, Ilrrsll+tu ,*L ",etllullr ll+ ll.,chllllllde I~''C "i lll .allollelsnl' IIIB.'klII, QII4 ot iv a h Pt lhsoity i4] jltt ilo lslt)tel toi. tht E(llltllllslst ho T"oinuhtbs olisy ilrto t.oltlidillloy rsoemootoltstt n. nnoileal nla4]leille th11eft1 Ilo he lkelt dllrllll. I~rllaalley; .llldl FIi 'litd re n tO , lIle1S.IlII . l rt· ell~y ill:ellint, they itnile ion i t ntnnltn II Ooop11d"t i1o1I1t14 fosl yoli toooith tile t1tuo' l+11c4·.Sfll "Il 1t1000 rr~illirr Iio rail r~ll llt r d4*4lel i), conll lln~lelll d]II IIiC. ,.:I~ir neec. itoitof oltn tps111 o il]l -l t olrnrlhl l. Ills ljie alld DI iIIi ill'the ,a sellt. thts ¥ booo nlsflidlhe loo.r.of.ry. .,,i .. ho rib slhlu veclll hie r,.q..rl.l; :llll i.)r plhl~riy ~e,,lll·h Ihl·Y w I| hie .O~lll4] 1(J ad Iih tinlstetlll'oortolie illte4]itlno olllhyrlol oisrnr l t ott Sold at Nu.OJi(.iCrIlII Itlhos olt .ev Oroltlla. s lP--:lm PiyiOFF3¶SOR SI, 'ED0:33'M IiYiIEIAN iiE333 Pi3,LN fo.33r the3 r333.333.l e 3333 3(33333 of awry 3pe3333'.d ,31 tomtit thIha ypllill1ie diseasee and thle niaulyd diordern arising front thle implroprll c IlillnFIII Ititl each box I. given atrcnt on ··onerctll Sol ryllil it i dieasrrr, with elarvatialnr or "-linll wet, 4-c. '3 .a.,, tith inin 3im 3 worth 3 kno 333g33y t33..333333re or hate3 b3i.n eulfe. ers to thin dreadliol Sol dovmtaling mIllllllUy. Dr DaviFrloncont one- to diret III 1 attention to those din orders *r sing fromll thea loo free anJ illdlscrrminlllll Indlul genlce "Pill,: pabbmnll, xllil11 not only areas,-,, u numellrous Irniu of nervous· nlferlllls, but aleoelllaill o~ I. lotlrjdl all 3Iheeniervai,3in33333I33333l .f3odi3ge. I3 n3333t dl,3ilesi,,s,,, .33abili3y Pilot 3333ici333, whether t333 3.t3333333t of 33 e. fll Iselin. rxcscslv v drinkingg or stly othellr Eclure by w bleb lirel powe.3, of 3 th. 333,33 33333333 lr3iy.. e3f 333'd.31,33 3lf33sn 3 33 ean.. ii-.,3,dy 3sl7ruli t' tI3sound nody. vhi..oob ., ealth. It IJ s nelso.-holy Irlttl that thou,; Is Nil vic tims to the I1C e nerc~ lreal d ne, on inr to if.,. un'kilfUIlIclh of nlllterntolleCII who, by lhenaeof Ihnttdlmll y pI~ilnn, mercury, ruin lthrenol abandonul; and whenel he great Ilneler Swedluur become Prorll lessor o It LydllFI Universrity, he coufrrrred anl inlvslunid. bene-c fit'U It 6llnkilld by the dicL·UYFIy of his glllll PatIIAI.i Ill Ilea cure of this deplorable complaint. Ne ver did al dlicovrry excite a erenter rreus~inol; it was oaouh3'. r with. dit3 , an3, easesr of the de)licate Irmuplnililt. for the cure of which theyIC havebeeu so~ Learn celebrated. PilTe fHIIe of tliese Pi1*ll, thr out~rrnsany, caused their apeelly intrn~dllCcbun into olllost ev try'i.,1 3333. 33he'33'3.3333 3ii33.3 w3i.ich ty were co3333tiill33 3.I,,nc 3333 -1,333,33,3 can 33i3 33333t33,33 33 33333 33n'.,i,.,, , f3, t, in, goner llr· ill Ll~rs uclinol The l il 1 11.111ia n IlrrbPil, ou ou eer 3aght.ic,le pI.i..,. 3i3333..333 3oi3on,3,333,.333,j IIg-if fi renovate by theill ctions'3'.the3differe3 t ii,,3. I',33.ln, y tixpel o ng the geneses honr., u,( Iil inn insurer on io ta n oelll 3li3impereptibl ,3 to3sIs Lu 33e 333lt.-mirl of 3I ei3, '. 3,3, 33g *n 3*r 333ll i333 o i.3- 3 I 33333.33,3'3,333i,..' r,.y.,, ally other ndorIrol, and ur V~E( tesybet ken ito Illalie Meal ass~Rla visC tine or hindrane ot '6.33,3 y cited 33333333. :'33 wll. out floe least exposure to the p .the mleel. Alol aypriod w line l it, pdichtr..3,nl V333.i3 'may e , y, it will3e3w3ll tohoi3e...3ori~ Ih the Ill yg~nn I~co hl) I In, for /III taken before loth nlllmelP statel in jllllCI many prrlllll v bits whs vsiingthepr pri stil , from the Ilse of Mercu ry, r etalilers it .YY Ptively up. ,asr.3n 3 33 hep rreha that 333.333i33ii ous mI3ii33in333ial 3e. 'el t3ol, n3333. 33gh 3 3ver 3, be. o~.33'333by 3,y3p3hon3,o "lill, her heait nor cold w I ll i nyu re t leir quality, or present their due e l·n;·ts on this IIIIstitatlnnl Sold at NRo. 96(:ol11,o1 heo1.0 ctN.w Orleans~ TIlE MOST IMPORTANT IRUMAN DISCO VEIIY. A C3.31R(33311AN, 3,.t. of 3he Cab.g U 3.niversity, hnv. ircdimco(I~ered .I 10e101 od of cu ring 1*11 O Iumefo Nervousll or I ,I..'.it , 3.'.! .3, of 3,3urle33 y.a33' d33rai,3,,,,, an in iour y3ar,3h33i'n3 h,,3 '. 3 l 3,333 ,01333,33333s, If ',333,3 33n 3 h,33,3c3. eel who f ,llowrtl loss adlvice, excep~t twelve, offers front Ilmelnvo Ieocn3ra3lle 3thenai3. t i3ure'33her,. 3.33 3333ril3 . 3l,33,33,ldi L liy3i33ad 3,,333 ti3333,,3.3333,33 ti3,,3 bl3,do'th bi,,..,viat33.. 3 .' ago, groundless fJ Ihar. F.,illlr of IIIPIIIIy, illcallneil) for Ilari. ies,..' udv.3, ., restlessness, irr.'3ol3l33, wr'3rlle3i33tn. I33d3 . cinlnll. derlublnl, . Illnl1111. )ly, i f chi. of selfOI dlltlruction, tit.I ~uryllloc.,".re Ellrdlla by thir ill portentn dlbcorery. blol re. urr ios ix ae-· Apply to iNo 333 Ci.33,3 3'ure . s'iN3, Orl0,33. HEAL' r 1 AND BEAUTY, ST03tIACl PII.LS -A-n mi,,ent medical wri3t r i has remar , i old experie3333 hi. proved 3ile 33et. that t3333,e w. 3o ar attentive to hcepllll tlla sclnisch and bowel it, properr artier, I""O'eF J lltblth. pteventdiCle· and generally aIIta) I robust,) 3.,,33,II 'iI heal.3,y al3, ago; 3, 3633 d33ir33,3, (urp3 3 33333 p,33. ore .3ln333ed,33i3. t,333rep333e3 w'3n tIh33ulp3333 o3 qu333n333, extiact of cnmnrilr: flower., nlr.l the most chohice lclafosnbic an'd33333333d33..3 of 33e Mu3er3 n 33rd333. They prate in all Nase., prov33.3sup33or to every th3 r med3cin3 in thhe cure o3 ·lolaacL al.d liver tolmplainillr , loss of aplpalllo. Ioligellln.. .33,tti,,n of iull,3-sand 3333,333,"i333i333,,.ft.l,, ,Lo33i,3,. o. breath, and nin excellent re, (11111 11 after ay excess at the to~ b33. as .they genly p333e 3ad clean" L333bow33 3333 33an33333. the3333n3u33, 3d 3il333333333 t3,o 33inlitu3,333. Fem333333 333, value go-1 heaelth should nevevr b ithout thembo, as they line! fly tl~e blood, remlove obstructions, and give the skin n bnauti f33l,33.ler, he3lthy ,3d blousing' 3 pp333.'.3in'., Po3333333333 plet(3,3ri, halt333. wh3o3rrsu3jr3 to h333333336. ei3333,333 d3m3 p333333 3,.3.,it. 3oi333'33 or h'3333,33 n gre3 33,33.3 il blo33,.i. 33he It3tdsholi,,3,i 3333,3 them i*3rl33333. Ch,3ld333n an3 p3333n,3 of all ague, only take t heir) at any timte, as they do out .-thinlsi anly mercrrury or n~ly ingredient thnt requires unnullloileut or restriction' or diet. They bh'...3. he kept i3, ev3333(33mily u33 33med.y in c333,s of 3udden ill333 333f'.ry their ('.m3 t 33 du33 . 333333ioni,3oler3.,,an.3mbus, c3 3pi3, p3 3,i fevers 3d3II33 ,,.3 perming33compla3int3 , m3333 I,3'33333ijly '3.I'3I3333.3 I33.l 3l,3, t.a Nn. 91L Cu.tom bo..c 3,'. N03,rlens,'. 1AT'3-I:33'so.33 drab 63333iu I33'3,3'3ri3333 qulities broad brims and low 333w,333'. Inudmg frmshi 33t. b33ui3, for s3le by I bI'A , my7 11133g33313333 T WOOCLLUN United Stat3es' L'ommiasioner. Appn.Inte by the, Fdera3 033 ot .t New Orlea.n. OFVICE No. 1033 CMlMON STREETI, (Exch~ange Hotel Hnllldinge.) A~ID Cam iiaioner aken ffidavits under end byi Svirtue, of the Acts ofC C11gr3, pased 2 333 FP33,3 ary, 1 lt23331333arch 1813 3 ti, Judcic3i'r Act o.f 1789 na nd o3h3'. t or C3nugr3, in such an. s 333330 and pro. hied. Sa3id C.nmlN3ionar ha. .canilderable 3333ri3353 and upon G I rtes ofcapti(11 and certificate which Il~s, stood, 33, d033re3l scrutiny of the a3l33, Lanyers. pail 12 pKINTING PAPER AND PRINT'ERS' INK- Justt receivd a quantitv ot Inmperial and double medium PFrinting Paper, elan, a su .ily .J'3hn33 and D~urant's Printing Ink, and for Pale by ~ y,.(1.. .__.,. -.."`ý fQ,ýyý,Rt.9.f'etras 1* 11i R1eful altem. '!he Great Eastern Mail is closed atre day at \ clock A. M. Is due everyday at 4 P. M. The Lake Mail (via t'oviegton, La.) it loued evok itolUny, Wednesedy and Friday, at 6 o'clck, A.1( duo everyy 'esdoy, Thsy end Sathrduv, ao The Louiserlle or River Mail in closred rry Mt. .y, Wedely, a..o l.atnorday, at 3 P. M, lelrelurnoi by v'taetlmoat. Arrives irregularly three les a week. The lnooau Sara or Croat Mail it elosed every riroldy ead Fridy, at 81'. M. Is sent and returned v steumntonats. The Alexandria or Red Rieer Mail is sent irregu. Irly by strallloats twice a week. LOUISVItLLc OR R.VEa MAIL.. Monday, ) Wedntsday and Cloe at 8 o'clock, P. M. laturday, CoAsT Mrtc. auerday, and Closeat 8 o'clock.P.M. EAN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER 2 2 caPea more of this stperior Cologne water, 'ut received aei for aloe by the dozean or tingla kottleo.- Also American and Wrench toilet powders, powder aliT and bolxes, shrlnvig dll toilet soaps,eosmetic waAh tils, milk of roses, rosmetit eool eream, eatroe o mulk, kephanl, Wardl' vegtaloln hair oil, pomatur, :relme do erse, Florida. lavendlr, rore and hay waters, Prestti'e colts, Mlnrseilles perftlmery ill trunks. vegeta. Ile o all litqtid roua , Chlorinr and Orris tooth wash,,, ntl and flesh b rtthele c ogether with Snadditiornnl suopll of fasbienable Iorls and shell combh aund jewetlry,aLr nda low at whleseale or retail by SIMMIONS, tIARIT &CO, Sll!y G 7lChrtres streat. T iL undlerrienld hnvkng reetm .:tnooed businessl ioe a i)rnleip and Aponthecary, it the store owned by Mr. J e,, t01, at te eornerrof Tivoli eirrle and 'Tritto Walk, reepectlully solieitat share if the pohlie pntretIne soda renwi of the favors of hbis fiLrmeIr eustlomers. T'lie ehtire iteak al Drres, medliciiei ad foncev nrielbs is lfresh anl enrefully sethlrrted. The followino only are pa.. ticiilnrizer , via: Pre odnr,S i-rli' and Sartog o ewdera. Y nst I'Po drrs, hillng a wkoliaeonie and elegean shtiutoie fir yese, ito raising bread, bucklheat cake', &i. Bilt i's Etfcrwvecent Magneslan Apperient-a .lelsant and genie purgrgive in dysppesia or indi. Beriion, nerv, us debiliry, piddtne., headache, ncdily II the ltmnaeh, habitual coutiveneslr cuats ncoeus eruptions, &e. • Cnrpea'err' Flid Extract of sersnparilla f poriliin le Il htodi &c ti do and cubehs &e. SNwwaiu's Pnnneea and Vermifuge ; Btish an llerlieii oils, Opodelhtle. &c. Relieod Litqitrire, jojoihe and Gia itorve poste 'Tnth hrisJlhta. N S Pre.iice's earbonic dentrit fire, clhlrien oinlh wash, powder puffs and boxes Prentice's calloime dentrifire, chlori ne t.oth wash powder puffs and boxes, Pretiire's scented an plain tlilet powiler, plmatum cremte deio orane flow er, rose, livcnler and Florida waters, Io the best qulities, Rowltond's Macessar Oil, Old. rider's olml ol' Columbiao, heat's oil, a variety of lcifer and ohilier matehes, ind;lible tmarkingin superior Ilack ink, &r. Sperm and refined whole oil. flay'h Linim A Irslh assotrtment of'l' Thorrn'eGarden Se oct 2 GEORGE JONE " RWANII'S TONIC MIXTURE, Foe lreatmenal ad cure of e Fever and .~re. I 1' will Is reoldil dircovered wherein the Toam Mix I ure ieoauperio to the ordinary mode of treating SFeer n. d Aeoc. In the first place, beng alVega b.lh Extract, alid free from any deleterioeo and ptoeona] -it. tlCitdies tel i s Ina eie taken wr. tle itmlst saffn i et-e bi the leder infant, or aged inlovalid. Itisa t coin. e/rstpapcil'lie idiieari, ctauseqtirtity theoonsti - tiroi ouii Iegollll ils wonted it ald ta adativity. It estab Irhes a IliIaId irotnent nppetie, by inovigoratig heItioulichli,od ives a reli th Io tole enjr ment s of torte. leitcilg ieelllillr ill avin a tiirgntle qtaility,it reoaina the I ieweler i i reoe is tisorder, or to erreate otlerdliseiise, buli tlleriglily cleanese It eeverral or coit liestioll, nald thtlls beaefits thle system with hnlcvr thel nll&rClios it maiy Ie oppressed hidividuals, afier the ier oftil Toici ltiatoret ier ndl lhv iI·IVp e' d tilly syrlO lllm of tosr"l; wota iec by ithe tire rft u nllltllllnlll reledi , tlers is tlways ert tell in in'resId lialility to rettl.retlie. The danger of Irequent i ,f tile Agle, is very evillot, us Ilse m\ 1 c'llm il nnll tHI l 'Olr e too m utel pro tto i I, le tbl rreset wailt .iedi.inie, anil peedily'aoI: I i- to Itoh iicrssnaatnioilence 'lhe 'it ir 3liatlre oleritd ltI irtclh reasOnalbl prier, as toi, Ilac ioaithia tie re-ti ot eter tnei--po tinl tlse lr and ieoritu Itre lter y ftirliledwithassisi n erwtl tt tnnvil ellin Slie it' aod aoriolnd ere whlicll it frequeltly denied thvm, e els intel rehloctntly listowed. 'lII .,thli rt: rr re..petly clltionetd gninrt the spit ri n i tliitt in' f thlii tIediriiC', that are tinily alfereo It opelaeile nnlv hl I)r. Jolhn R. Rowtetl, t his hL'ke aul,ertlhrrea althe w hnolele atertls Air dig tlllrn italer, oI will etlill by the grtea, at S I)lltn .ir, it '.l e htd : t retlil lso, a -o. ,rur C ,,,tl,, t . .I'ey ,oi -on . . 1 - --J-tlt NtIES SARILE CIIIMN1.EY PIE:(CE WaEo,eto R, * ( ..un...rrnhouse street, rIar'useto thle post.oiice. The subsIribers are now receiving from their face tories il New York, and will keep constantly on hand a general assortment.rlf Marble Mantle Pieces -ofsuperiOr worktaurnship, and of the latest patterns, mader of tile best Egylptina, Italinn, Irish and Amerenan marblo. Also, Mlonuments, To'lbs and Grave StInes, mrulded and plain sills aned lintels, matrle litcinlgs, hearths and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, Roman & Hydraulie Cement aid I laster. g Ifair, togetlher with a splendid naeortalent at a uan rrlcrlled and plaini Grates nnl Russia Iron lutes ofrthe newest and most approved patterns. Lettering done in the neatest manner and at the rtlet notice. They have first rati workmen tr . 'iris work. 'AMa" AIN & STROUD NO MERCURY NOR COPIIVA Nrw Orleatntr, Nar. 14,1 8tR. A hI'JI sie rnntbe ago I Iad tie misfrrtnne toge L- "'rer disae, forre ir l trace applied to r. se. So lir cure, oad tlebv didnot cure me, a now er thie .tlrrve dale Iaut mareell unler tl carse of Doctor Ilrel, arlla I exr.tIillr trL eaie lire. Sinee sta tins lie dliece gil worse, c o ar to break out ill large u eem to Ithe ,neu lie f sis or eighl on ea h leg, ad all over Ly lace, a sore tlrot, iand nsot able to work at he pereemr ollatron atoelrntr of tlse disease, large rcer en tie rigbtl sie of the thlrat. I an nsao putting nhyell oefrllrrtlry uladertIeb cre ofL)r. uet, r.f Paris, o be Iprrlertly cured JOHN DEAN. feb 14 It i)O CERTIFY hlat the above ment;oned disease is quite well cur o own eat iafneti n, for wih I tulk lir. ard reover I asnnre that the medi. rirTe I Iave tsklel il, ale ar lit, and lid noit ijitre sny aletalb at all ; therlere I ldviser my f Ilt ow serers to l ate I ime an ltly no tr A. Hirer, 128 Csnal It.ret, i unetra trr I adnlrrar lhiru Borban strees. itt. ie in art bous'e aran o'clecl, A , nuatil 4 P a1. Tllty will fiia l it illre I toilr or Illis omplaint. JOltl N IDEANI, lerarier street. II aslly ione wrtl s to sea me call Iat No. 40 Gravier i J".O H N t DEA N . New Orlenna. Febt I, 1832. feb E4 1I ~felt 14 ly LO 1BARD l& CO'S Boston end New Orteas Li e ofl Packet Shliips.-'riiis new line lfships Itns been expressly built to run between the above ateommn ordations for pasengers, aed every effort will be Illlado to give general mntisfaetio. T'he line is contposed of thre to lowing shlips: Cherokee, 415 tbas Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 4001 do S Lemiot, Clnirarestrsn, 374 do D Iyldridge, Col unaikua, 625 ds G Barker, Searonn, 240 do J Howes, orilmany, 625 do D lHueophrey. Tihe above sips ore all now, of the dpfisttaist. copper fistened arnd eaopered, commanded by men of great experience, iave larg noceommedatiene, wilt a separtate ladles eabint every attention will be raid to pa-sengars, and the very Lest of tores pro vided for tlhemn. The packets will be Hawed up and down the Mbr ilasipp, uand the strictest punctuality ohserved in tie time of sailing, and eshould the regalar vesnosels bre detairned in arriving, other shipa equally as good will ie all eases be substituted. A share of patron age is solicited, ant tihe agenta pledge themselves to aceolmmodata as mech as practicable, to receive arnd firward goods by o id line at the m ron moder. -te clharges, and to advance all expeuaes on goods slaippedi, if reqarired. The nhips will leave the let and 16th of every month. F'or freight or poassage, apply to tile agents. J A MIFRRITT, 82 Comman et. N. B. Advancemente made on conalgnsment to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 CAPTAIN MAItIRYATT'I NEW NOVELS Ratili thle llefer, by tire author of Peter Simple, &e Curaingrs, or a Vinter at Schloss lri'ieldt it Lower Stytaa, by Calptain Basil Hall, Royal Navy, F.a' S., il a vrl. lord Readlre, a romance, Iay Allan Cannisgln m,l1 vol. .Sheppard Lee. acririen by iliiaoelI., i 2 v elat 4 Lnaopenadiosn llisiorpj o, traneslated from orignalul Italian, bly Natllnniel Greene, in I vol. far, min{, No. 79 of Halrperl'e amily Likbrary. Vola. :1 &. 4 of tie arew enmplete aid uaifarm edione of tahlaagtora lreiar'ae 'Works. eogir's Frear rand Eigligh Dicionaryr.ii l vol, :.vo. Noaget'a French tad English Dmeailarr.e ALSw-A few mlore cuioa of Colkln'e. 1henologaal rRietlai:' Liarge Surveyar'a gilanasseaes tfanpernor .lsl. ity, with chainsR, Billiard Ballstei "214 and 2 1-2 ineles. illtoi's iui provednletalic eens,japaoadplapers, wiigst. Just received, a ad for sale by a31 l BENJ. LEVT. IlME JUICE, HONEY AND IHI'ITE WAX J The snbseriber lise received an invoice of ae above natlydt articles from Itavanr, aUd offersebem br ale rn very rceasolqabl leelllr, oa7 I BtaNNA BIEL, 43 Tchspitoulas IRON I{OtI"S-Tlie nulsecrihiers have procured at a greit expi.n.r, Ias right wl praliog on iron erlos in ilis cily. TIhey are adoprd to publio builairng, wrshlaursere, and privare dwellingsi omlwinln alt once elaerpoeas and derabihlily, are erfanait fare sad ,,,aer prarf 'Terms be krllowna, and s nmodl Teen at our esthabliahb opposite s. ler)' mr,rk.ra, Tellapitnulass e. erac E 12 COMS vLL .