Newspaper of True American, December 20, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated December 20, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 12Y CENTS. NEW ORLEANS, FRIDAY MORNING, DI)ECEMBER 20, 1839. Teres of the Newspaper Press of New Orlenansn unaninousl v agreed to at an aldjurned melin ofc the P'roprietors( held on the 13th of March, ll1. SusscarePTre s.--Twelve Dollars for thedrily pa annuln, payable semi-aununlly in udvanee: ten, dollars for the tri.weekly coontry paper, paytble one vear in advance, where no cite reference is given. Five d,llnrs for the Weekly; pvahyle it. aclva·ce. No . nbinriptlou will be discotlnoned until orreenrge nre settled. In case of diucontinuance, one week's notice s wrinti" oe invoriab y given, previous to th apiralion of suhscription. S.vONrrsttn.-Onen dollar, per square for the first esertion, and half that price for each solsoeqoert lne: ant materil alteration fro, the origlinal advertiroeten l i be charged as a new one. YARLr Atuvatrtsvans.--Merhants aeld 'rra errc arty dollars fir english alone, and sixty feer both Ian Sagaeo Banks, in nurane Olfices, tnd othio sinlie" public instittilons, fifty dollanrs in Etltlish only, IanI! igthty for both languages; Ship and Steamboat Pac ere, or OmCnmission merchants sitty dollars in English as, and eighty for both languages. MatRIAGES, OalTrARY NOTICES, and articles call ing the attention of the public to sales o' property, earda of passengers, benefits, &c. &c. will he elelre I one dollar per square for the brat insertion in each loan uatne. SCoeneNICAoTIons, or Advertisemontl, of any person al nature, when adlissible. shall be lcharged dauble, and in advance. A'deduation of twenty-fire per cent. will be made nt Aicctioneers, Lberifs, Registersoo Wills, and Mlarsnlhl on sals of real estate, puolielted in both languages, and 50 per cent. ih Gnglish alone: l0 pet cent on sa0e0 -- f other property. AvartTsl.aonrs out of the direct line of business of the advertiser, such as legal, auction, and plants Sion salsu, runaway slaves, stray animnal, &c. &ce. will be ecarged for sepac.tely, and at the o -lincry rates. Aov rrsnrSloTsr not specified cc to time, will be published one month, and charged aceordlinly No advertisementme of bankru.tcies will be published n any case, aless paid fir previous to insertion, or pay.rlent guaranteed by a runeOpnilile person in town. 'or'attres and ather places of cinecemont, ndvertising dail orthe e asona to be charged $100 for b.nglish a lote, and $1B0 in both languages. All announcements of candidates for political oeli:es will be charged double the price of other advertise - . ants. Owing to the inmense loss enustained by newspaler prorpietors, tbhv have come to tile coiclusion tllat the naneseof persons whose accounts have not been paid * within one month after presenttion, shall be ll lle knewa (so far as practicable) to eachl other-they obli gatiang thnemselves not to advertise or print for suach delinqusats ,niess in case ol adeance payenics. (Signed) J. C. Da SO. ROM1ES J. BAYON, P. P. REA. J. C. PRENDEROAST, JOllN GIBION, LU;MSDEN. Weekl Press.-We, the undersigned, agree to abide by'the above conditions, as far as they are applicable to {sipnpds A.B. LAWRENCE , SNuo snbscriptions are taken for lens tian 6 months. Letters must, in all cases. be Post paid. ~hyRROWGATE SPRINGS S g ery contv, Alarews. THREE DA4S JOURNE Y FROM NE IV ORLEANS. T HE proprietor of this establishment has the plea s Ure ofannouneing t his friends and the public in general, ttat he will hbe in readine-asby the first day of May to receive viniter. He will also stlate for the he efit ofusthe at a distance, that there oare bein large improvements mnde, and others now goino on and in rapid progress for cumpletion, which will cahle tilhe subscriber to aoommodnte a muech larger onlttber tlta hsrettore, and at the salnte time ouch better. Familia can be aconiotrdated itd good roome. or thore wmio prefelr can have large habihts etached from the male building. It is leaemed ullnctescry It say anythiog in partcll lar ao the character eo these waters, tfo it is geerally believed that they are not inferior tt any in tlte Sontl am Rtatee. All the amueetneat thnt ars geanlital feaaf at Watering Places, will he fined at this.'I' ' beat music that this part of th- countrV affordsIt. Is bhe angged, anMl wrill be in conltatt atteddance ut t e rS.rienl during the wlole season. 'l subsclibce will avail himselftf s his oppnrtunity n returning his unfeigned thalks fnr the very liberal upport given him last season. and hopes Ib the r ter tiont that have been tade in imoproving and extetnlig the sasomnmodaions,to merit a liberal patn r ton, Iloh resent reason. JNt CHRAM. n,3 SADDLEiY WAIt.E.--Tlhe stltcriero,, mtn faiturers and wholesrale denshrs in saddlery goods, are tow receiving by late arrivals Irotn ll itochrb, in their toirner si doc, an extno stve 1artasot o df articles in their heO, stntig do do i -oeten do dt do Cretol do u do o Antr. dt do do English do Youth's de Spanish do [ do e do Creole do a kmer.and Eng. brdles and bridle mountinos, do do otat tingal"s, lated, brals, and joyatnned seach harnes, do do do g'gno.laulkeoh do do do do Barouohs do ray, cart and wagon do Saddle bags, double ands ngle; v.hces; mt dnenl sddle bags, carpet bags; best tron Irlne esther lolle trunks, brass nailed; leather boot tIp do, assorled sizes and varlous sotyle: hlisters and pistol bells; coach, gig, sulkey, twig and plunters crop whips; wool, worsted, cotton and leather girlhs and suresiotles; stirrup leather.- trnok strops and worated rein wet; chatn and nok homes; blind bridles and lines; S utch colllse, and hrse sand male collare.;.l all qinhlti a; it,.. rocco, buck, bear.sheep and biuffal skins; plnted brass and steel bridle bitt of ev ry deseription, plated, brass and steel spurs of every deserspton;t, plated, brass attd steel stirrups of every descripo Togetqer with a complete assortment of every article in their lineof business-all of which the)-y offer for sale on accommsntnuntg terms. 'They will also continue to receive through tlhe year, by packets front New York, Iresh supplies to keep their stock ample and comlplete. KOUES. DAVIDSION & co, 18 15 Canal at. NO CURE NO PAY D R.JiIiNSON,Oil ice 110 Iienville strwet, con lines hss practice to thie treatment of Venereal Disease, in all its dilerent formts. IDr. Johsoas, from a residence of many yearsin flins pilals its Eurulc, dovated to tli Veereal I)iseasea, and frots his present extensive practice in that particular uranch of the professien, guarantees a safe, speedy and ellfectual cure to snch persons as are touubled with any of the fillowing diseases, viz: (Gonorrhlte. Gileet, Str;cttnes, Chancrea.s, obta, Reotinsl Weakness, Alfetiotnsof lb i Bladder, K(idneys, Loins, Urethra, Prostrate tGland, Swelled I enticles, Eruptions on the Skin, Sore Throat, Pains in the Anl. the numnerussympnloms w.liclt geterally follow his disease. itecent cases cured in two or thlree days without the use of Mtercor, interruption troa business, or altera tien in the ntsde of living. A medicine to prevent Venereal Disease can be oh" gained of 1Ur.Jnhnon. It is froet the recipe of the Darun Larry, a celebrated t"rench Surgeon, and was used by hitm doring tateaevroal camtpaitns in which lie erved as Surgeon General il the Freueh Army. Sold by Dr. Johoson, at his otice. '['hone iterson avlng any afeletion of Venereal Disease, and sbolt akig sea voyageSa, or removillg to the countv, would do well hy giving Dr. Johnson a call, as proper imedli. ainea for theirn ur in the sherltst time can be put up with written directions ft their use. Olffce open from 7 in the morning until 10 e'clock at night. ABEIRNETiIY'S DYSPEPTIC El IXIR. Dr. Abernethy, the greatest of English surgeons was opinion that line-tenths of the diseases that atfee mankind originate in the stomach. Thin Elixir was used by him with the most unprecedented success in his private and public practice fr tnpwards of forty year, for the removral of ho folluwiltg diseases: Loss ofappotite, Flatulence, Distenttion of the Stoil ach, Pain in thanide, Heuvinessof tho Ilead and incli nation to sleep, Irregularity of tile Blwels, and in all cases where Lndigestion or a ceslive habit is flund to exist. This medicine musnnt be numbeted among the Itoat f qluaek nostrums now bofore the pubiic, as it is the sole invention of the ablest and most scientific surgeon Europe ever Iroduced, and the secret of prepsurig it tu piurchased by the ngent Ale a very larg sumt. It in agreeaole and pleaallt to tile loas, nets ins a isild nir ient.always keeps the bowels frea, imarts vAgult nnd strepnge to the system. and cherlelness to tile Imotl, and a few bottles remores the elast Ic mirtlld cases ofl Dyspeplia or Inuigestion, and prevents at return at or.m New Ysou,l7th Atgust, 1838. 35 Sludisona-lreet. Sttl:--In eonmequoenoofleadilng a selentary life, I aav k been troubled, mitre or less, with l.,digeotion for ten yearv; for the last three years sy uifrerings torve beenilnsupporthble. I have tried revertl yllyiciints, and a nunberofquaek ledicines, with. nt deriving any : beealit. I denpaired of ever oblaitni iui parlllllelll selietr and resigued tmyself to t he to t e hopeIIs despair was persaded by many friendtl to try Aheretlchv's Dyspeptic Elixir. I have now fiashredl te fouath tut tie. and know nut Ihow to express 8y i . irtiOll of itd wonderful virtues and thea liranle it fli performed in restorin; n tna that health wiich I: I ighlt Io-t fit. ever. rend me half a dozen bottles a e slid Pcent amy thanks for ome blessilgn you have n erred by re aturing ma to pstrtsl health. I rentain voers, .1uo lo MONRO. TEXAS LAND TIL'IES. N ABSTII8t T of the triginal titles otf record it A the gsneral land ofhite. Pruned io accordnuce wth a resoletilon of the Ilte of tsipreontatlv ,r, pas ditllh av, 183t . A few cnopao glu't rceeiivld and sal by ALEX TOWAIt, 8 4. Oampm I d\ITORRHOIDS. -IAY'S LIN[MEIN'JT.-No Fiction.-This ex traordinary chemical comp , ition, the result of science, and the inventlon , a celebrated medli alt man, the introdlur. n of which to the public was invo'ted wit 'he solcmonty of a deathbed bequest, has since gained a reputation unparalleled, fiully lrstuining the corrctness of tile lamlented Dr Gridlly's last confession, that " he dorod not die without giving to posterity the huOefit of Iis knowledge on this sliject," and he thleroefor. bequeatlled to hIl friend aid attendant, Siomonor Hlays, the secret of his discovery. It is now used in the principal hospitals, and the private practice in our country, first and mlost certainly fo tile cure of the Piles, and so extue +avely and eft. ltually as to lamfa credulity, unlleso where its effee.s are witnessed Externally in the following complatnts: For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary absorpti'. at once. All Swellings-Reducing them in a few hours Rheumnatism-Acute or Chronic, giving quick ease. Sore Throat--By Cancers, Ulcers or Colts. T Croup and Whooping Cough-Externally, and over the Chiest. AllBruises, Sprains, and Burns--Curing in a few hours. Sores and Ulcoers-Whether fresh or long standing, and fever sores. Its operations upon adults and children in reduc ing rhoumnatic swellings, and loosoning coughs and tightnies of the clhest by Iolaxation of the parts, ihas been surprising beyond conception. Tile commnon remark of those whotr have used it in the riles, is " It acts like a charm." TH IC PIL EIS--The price, 1t is raFunded to any person who will use a iottle of Ilay's Liniment for the Piles, and return tihe empty bottle without being cured. Thlese are the positive orders of th.e prlprietor to the Agents; and out of maniy thou. sands sold, not one has been unlluccssful. W' might insert curllftcates iI, any lengtI, liut prefer that those who sell thile article, should ex hbhit theli riginal to perchasers. CAUTION-Noneo can be genuine wilthout a splendid engraved wrapper, on which, is my name, and alsothat of the Agents. SOLOMON H AYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by COMS'I'OCK & Co, Now York, and by one Druggist in every town in tlhe Union. For sale by t:e Wholesale Agents, corner of Com.nen & Teh'ciuupitoulaa street, and by tihe Apothecaries generally. je30 N ORRIS & Co. N,'. 311 Chalraa astrtee, ele now . reelving and Iopening the i most splendid, su stantial and Inshilnale sttlck of Clothing they have ever exhibited in this marker, cnnsisriJ n ir. tart a othe fohIowing articles: blue, hi bIlack, j.t tlac'i, illtlud n hrlwnl., citroi l, "live, lendn amtor. and golden o'ive trck and dress euals; heenvrr, staiblest and hairriltn rok cost, eoingavlntly hinisl '"d; Inrcy and plnin tbl.etk eisinitm re and cliilh pantaloani. enelish IInd fiench aitncy and IriI silk and satin vests; real new ilarki t cmiforts; english anl frelah fniey and p'nin starfos ndi hdklt ; charnaltt s, silks.web nd ulmn-cestic susii - penders; chalnoisi, IIrinl, lnmtIt's wItool, c'e'sh itlan iei, silk anil cuttl, r net sh rets and drawers; lint, IInin n id cnotici shirts, Willl lint, litt eiis. , pllli rnil ruill d; Iv..r p'uarl an1d platll handlislk umn. hrellns ; " (lnlT'a" pr' inn tu 'lrl vps-se, a1 Ihuautilul ,rii . Il f Wish e ku il, t i r ti eddint , bi llse ku.; Sltr tilelild silk o' ranul, na ,it llh its; plain li 'ured and enlro' 'lered Cani , rn. do.; nik, :llnti wuilt hi hri t;, g ere ral ni+itun, a l l, d 'row.ln and white ctnl h.l'f hse; all of" whlirh inh y ufT,.r nlw 1,, enll h.l it r In'I. ll r t "'' tum r .s lsn"ll N ,v. I LadIy sC antpound hnise t >ap e e oIm+.ended t hr ladti, .I i dllIId ind C-hurl~P i el, e d r l l t t t tt i le y r ,., 1a n d ti c uilantic balance of tll tC ii.' tt *ti , i)oli n i 1i ulnesed it antd JlIL ,,e. the , Ili,'Ile, y of . l .uy L . \|,ningne' cll oD Cmpulnd Chltle ., -a,, b, ev,,rtd oIe 'Irci l - lor l ttller ot rine w. rm, . it le. I l on If1e'd, sIn b rnI tlanll er, ior, pi l,lst it e its , ulld nt ll, i s ofI tle skin, the he I ll. itt o , tl e s t 11h0 slaI, ,itll soon eramelah,. 1, ie ral ~laded is .,n ,nm lli, nt[ 1 v Il ).P n i.p or I, .ul l,, old f.r .,ill, . ilen, tt r hAll A l111' t ll k lompl , i ei, ii iie tIle sn It tnxtot n. hIle tttt i tts c tit J ts I nit tit ..hA l tltlte Ilnnrt- . t t p stt ., , I w'trlH :, t ihL, n ",, k l ,lt: n,.i lt b and. , l I , lue I. o d or It l it tlrdltt tttt, tittl o t sl y r n ts t id r i v sury every dal aria ol Ili", rut evell to lit lu.urlt ,tt lte t an ttcis. tdd4 worti l ntle eitt rreail at Nt. 95 Custolel holluls at . Pr(cr $1, 'TI1RO'GH; IIN riVE AND A IHALF DA15, Prorn Mobile (Al bamna) to Augusta ;l4-r) L I".\V . +Mobile eI t ) N .ther das iw u,. di:r elt sl tes the artival f the mdl fromt New Oitrav.n lpr th, stellamoat EMcUN:E, 0 Ilhalielu, .Ocuhesto I'UuS : cL:" stamoanlts pset e'lusn:l.+l Ilae , St Ios:, Orl, :ltann d Ch(ic, t oliaclhe Iti, er and I r ) to tCedr t hultt, coaches thtohe, AiC u.ianUae, (hattnn(ller, (forlt f rly lt.ount V . lnon,) I.nit Idge, mdcertoll; l ain kilslle and I nuis. ville, to Augusta. A passelgertak.ek,, has seatl at Mo. bile is 11 Iio idanger o belng throlwn out iit "osing hi llre.erence by other eonllitoieK interestl, s'hle 1I.16)1I. )A LINsee is Mbut onelte cern, tt eludet, one e28 ti , throughout, anl may rely wIrit cllrAINrtr Uponll l lliValat Augusta in tlne slecitied, throughllll all ath 11er and at IIany season, iIiutles som11 111o51 tll lLl.sel e:scala. trophe shllldl otur. The (lreat New Orleanls .Mi is carried Ly this route. The Agents flor aceeuIeodl tioll,'i'e:llns, Coaches aud )Drivelrs are ullt Lsurplssed the southet1n coltlr. The smooth, t ad, natural radls, the saile and inter esti:g te Illeiglation,the tullle altd acclclnlolliotio dlrord the traveler stpeed, certillty, cotllJ'ort, ailtl A lea iug vatriety; connected as it were with the litil Ita Cshtrllstntll, S. C. and the stelml packets to New York, travelers can:lll rea llh New York l'llm Netw Orleans Ltts l THAn II t nret-\Veashingtonc city i t 1I2. Frolll Chattahoochee, Floridla, we lhave a l.ilra Line via luine)' and Tain!eihdseeg, t St .lMarks, 4 her post coaches, also two lellueces from ilawkillsvillh one to Mlilledgeville, and one to A.acon, light twoll hou oaehes. ST'OCKe IONR5 L co. AuoesTAc , i20th Jan. 18i35. i (lfeeet Mansion hlouse Mobile 'ldi tancev, New Orlc.ans to M.t eile, 15v, ,ail Melbile e to A.gluia, 5411 Augusotla to Charleston, 136 Charleston to New \'ork, 80- 180 T'ime, Now Orlean to .Ltoile, U2 hours Mobile to Augusta, e .". " Augstl tLo CharItleston, 1l Charleston to New York, 96- 258 Making 168 miles per tiy. or 7 miles per hour, ineclu ,,re of ni'l stoppages. nov It N. II. 1 beg leave to infotm the p)!hliethat Ihe bridgel over the Cautahoove swllml al n:lnHard I.ab, creek have t been compllllletedl i tle general govern ment, (thle, bly obstacles o.erating:g:instthis sale ane' spleedy roIIt tee thlushallply ireLoved; i nd I have tl pileasure l'lenol lug ifromi travellersth.l l the coachec,hor. s. s, drivelrs all olads are lof thle filrst ordelr; :iiand as It thel water roullte fom I'etnsacolt t , Celhar IIIhI1, it is sahlit teld y Ial who have passed tlrotulgl it tio ie ilsllpIssel, il novelties beauty and sd'cety. The bridges tlhrougl Georgia i.tve also beenrepairei. J M1 C lttAKFelt JAbMES'., Chani. T YIetiRE LL .ld Ilhier NIOVELTIES Charles it rrti ll,or the Bitter IBlood, by J:euni. Chevelsey, r the Alan ofllenor, by I.eldl Ilulier. Ladi , hevlley, or the Wu., an of Hiouor, by Lady tUheve.y. Lord lrughllam. ,ketehen nof Puhlic ChCracter 2 .ole. Ile .te rinel SKenhllr ol' Sleatol uen in the time of Niehulus Nielclivch No I to 14. Jacl; She Nrdl, No I to '3. Adam BIthf-nIt mnher m lof charncter, by Jerrohl. Iabel of Sici v, by nl'uIkernttlin. Paul t Koek :t The lBarber of Paript. dulll:ealelnellt, I new Notel ii 2 Inies. rlusil:n tna Reign ol' nolr in Paraguay Piccl,da, by S'ai tine. lte elllltelnott :aptrain Kde new sItu lies. Riei tie, e by Ulwecr. e e I:. JOHN0, & Co. jnly 30th-3 w. cor of St Charles. & Common ts O (NU.IENTS ' W1 h \VLhtlclllll r I ll'ioltllll th a fee sim il e olf hlis Ipl ,h .e':i,+ d,,.tlq ; ll . Il +.le. volu li-ary\V'ar. I ;6,1, vulume$.iti t+.7 j r7eh, willhe aldll dat hoem Iricv,tlu, proevetdtIs . Ihl.; l.£+bhllv tio, l Rae t he. dlervt'd fir hile ite llofte \I.llnshivl lon .uul Lob,,ur 'ihitmol, namtilllal \Work onbllt to he in the linnds of every itelllrlla allb editors of Ithe city anl coullnt y pnp rs wit, clmlrshe to iIt it hlravoltnt'ohject by giving ilt~i advertiment itf ,w in.rsllln I: JOIINS k Cit. A-Crlnt sag. 0th-lm. C.r St Ch arle t'n.nun NIe Ii u SIC-t), Native llec:e , 'Pa nvclt IIt I'lla rnlIti1.e , rmYicr istlt ; .Ncevar D splatir, el dl nl yol re nI,tllh r teI h tntll.t l l:a I. in Ilia I)l' l[ rtunuln1 rhe Wlhilt if.11 rse" oI te Ptep pern; ! hou emlullls nlI ) I.,I I l lr : t rt II a t ,lr IdI, -itu n +b I V " . rintinl tiereltte.| :oIn In;i tcO.+r IVtinhe, e ti Ntnt 'It, Int tl .e ae n I p a tint; [ ea.r: n i t lr u 'tri;e l e, row; \ ILite on lhn tcD ,il wive, by 11 ittt+rl..; :le )ornig;O'er the water-; v moorlliilt; I 'hrn's o ho, e liko nuv ,W l, arrnrll~lled Ilit- h.rtl' b 1' I:.rhle . Itny'el ;Vtttcr's, yh .\ IPlot Ie; (..,lree, Vit:tl,rlla', C-llrt (J.nadrlllee. Just rreeived Culd Ibr llv dIII I C.\lSE, 19 'namp at 'EW MAelDIC~ l tl.I'p[t)ONAIL+'.-" I SNets \Mlelllcl I)hrti,,nary i ,l onlle '+lIPr I{.,vnl Cv Val.--tlttglisneu't'e IJtierpeutiees asd Hem -t P e _ dtle.v.--I).vu" Ion Females, I Ylumte.--Ebulces l'Itrrs. IO*lwic- 2 v,,hunlos. Newsluppliesjust seivmelhiy Alex TOWAR, .sa ullamp , trreSt DEAFNESS. U(ITTA V~t{I"'I'AIII.IJ , AN I.NFALLIRI., REMEDY FOIL IIEAFNEAS.--T..rA trtulrtae,tr Fhirk h .utt.nd el{ tile *(pl~iC,lll~ll o1" lll* Y lhl.II*~ re IlRIly iii lOilnO hllUlJrod ell-e~l~l tile Wertlillll~ter I)isllaliprry (for tdlseaese ol tilloe my l,,d t ir) ht)r wlt I lettt.ti. Pitltlll hltt'itu+" b l , tilld id A,. Tttylort t1 D, frili tt iltlltllt{III tI.Ih O lerllll ttll g Blid tIle SC ll on I i r t iv dI l it ith { it)m it'A ',it to e. +{+ t i P r tis well le 11·',1 1 IH blhlwlnF lallo ~llt y··l ('{B,. lIr Ablerlle ith. 8ip Ai tley Cit+, P r, Drt t Iio, iiCtrti- I)ii itle t , L Se ttttihliti A litt. & . Iltertitl )t.titttgi ttl ttt I trie,*ll, llrer to .t,.,. ll ill~iical e~l, ,ee, wh h Cv ititI t~ it ii ,, it e C t Tile {'.llll .(l'l heII tOtlY Yl.Othlitu i tflllt {I 1tl lii ii e mild Girittt, c.lut it it steedy Illtro, mth) lll l lmn-t-v +.T Elllll~ll)"ill l':II). lr~le ld +llhlr'Pl..+ Wore prll: .ll .t d to I)r T~lv let rroln idl per t,, rollurultulallor +, I0 te I rcu lllrl llnce. The co~rlnil~ly withr atllehl th (:ultra Vpllletlllhs alt colllillalllly nl l lieI camll IIldI: I,·-tedl h+ Illlvb,uriP iu., Slll..l hlole+.l hili111ll0f li('.'.+t tl,,.ir nl~ll:Ii;+st Ir~lie I·!hilllpll.. Kii~l.lJ f the Pr·Ii, rill .Ire :II·PLoh Wllil ,)£ h,'+1 UIhII lrTall 1uPlr edIL o )r Tl rII I~ lle.rit e fhlld nrllryArls t lln heilr ,n.ur.rd ... tir i elel~flearbc llr L+ cll usilv rPe )lricnld o Lit' ln r utlle ,.,'w kl 'C, o( byth, Da,li~pn tl+ .oflhi lor lttlIil,,Irellti~pZlls uo i cls Tr es II Iro,,rls l'.,y IIlI ('v.rI w Jlll Iii+ 1o I IotaI I o e~ lll o I O +e o e c r ge ,illn wof wl lollh'l ws t i de~lr l l en s lsl ullrl d.ilt Irll {fly I~lOil c lr Id-l~ I1ol~loit.l I' d b lnlrlln .l t he iill mir i 1 .rI d bytll him F isC hu ~ri ~li l n 40mr e olur Ilulors deltf IIva lll l ~linswe e re'llrod t,) e h'Irlff ll: ll )n) ( d e y a· hi r t"lelrll.V ol' , ny,), , (l r~iie) . w ept+ re-ti r llo r ll llun riliT, Ollr. OfWlcl{lll wa+ (f clly:i nllitelll rlla lld eall. 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It1. a-kfwistleala C r l'al t"ira' rll til aI 'at', hiskra 1'. alaaa+111am tIa' aoade aa aaa fntaaern ',ial ils Iaaa'aaa ta f fanll af a l- Renad the F I l wing:- t ls ferffll if . n at I1'1, h i oll h h, ft I a alll ll I,3t hg i ana aeraa he 'afida aowia a l- a anti I t an 'fra+r -' allrrf Ila l hla r ilaa , , e ' "tif' lch t 'll tvo acrdl te I Im of t'nir(ll'hil rll oy (,i.reL) blb . {th1)II(d11 na haave fhon i hifafrla a rvif,', i e n Ira tha' ir. a a a r.etar tia e .a-iins itl i llla' u,, 1'of h ir, llt tita- etala r ill resa f ela r l'a'a't1.1,aaaa h 'I'll a \a a -l-'' 'a Sena or, Methodist il oi" i)St (irsll em'''r, nl" Nfo if. North ftttifhst. JOHN Ia a'aatifA' . ' 1 a ), aalfh I'nnrst II'alnl a' fh hff''f l '.fi f 'fslhtf l ff-Sa'. .aaill 't ft .taJr. i:!- Arach hare(i. Itanat fkt. tfa iara e of thre+a bo ' v iners err+ a ar'3 thLa 3dye larafa:ate, and aIae tharn's nt niss thou a n f. [i'ro't the .Mhnar. Cfa l n' onwaallh of tinr , ,t aaf n air, Ci'v af I'hfladaaa1,ia. !, Robert \ahaarmr. a 'r aoaa1a1' aaa'ilt a taana nf I'atilm ,e. Ihig do herehv certila ' thu a ala ella n t.qaa'alhfa r vl 'h 'ftnisrs J P i'aai'i Jfiaaaah aaa:lrer, a i id thi a h 1fai raiaa gn'acfi fila cr'eadaaitaaalad , igiven aita aa saaid ae itjaata ,

the a aull anaina:la- n', ' at'",1'I ho .+an, i'i' rata'i.l by it'r sa le ' lfa'eai a f tr Alti* ara. o` a'leiacha t street, an itia +"-oat' flatla loa Pairt Ist. a ,ila.r'f ..... 1'ntio',, .llainhga',t I'alla a-ad. aist fLatoia ilia h na afg , with 'a cun fa " Part a. a 7".. r IlUCA I1-I'-ttl*:.NcII toot l3Nh.l.-o M.r J oni, o orec nltolotllo .d I t is (i'i; y, bo, letve t to o'oIra the ioztil' s o ft No'ow O:tltllts l tha lie wtll 'propn nroaoodungon o 3Mlonullv, 14.Jlouarty, uNo. 19 I' u 'loul Je 0l rot, t olr loe io'truetiol ot y'1out O1 b,,th c srxe, in Frlllch nd EnghS hllaliailq I (hlch n It, viil he aily assorttid Iy ilr,. James l anl Mrs. Altlchrr, whtot rPlak bilth ohoose itoluotlnos Wtllh oratll tle'ncy and Plo'uritoytaod . o wii u l1 loLucharge o u the d.lario urt t al Lhi viu Ino 1.tii .,. r iio1"t o'ouo loto , .,ooooi oio oo the vnril,uti |lrnnrchrs Il ell~lil'lt(, ll ils;Ijl}ll tq n·1( T l .llllUI tlhath+. ,,ill give etltlre a l, 11 to th ll e who o"LV hlill1ir lottuilu ll w I lhl'tri('(lllliu,,l (oC. lt llo I built trill anti'ooiiroog Nuolil+{I lot+ & ,, N,. 3ai ChOtto otto' t ac e Cti, uyll rt lJ tll)- frlll t ' iutftr h tII. i 'o ot,,:lat.t,.tI li too.n tfP..l'llt D lli CI),II~I+I {,I il6 ;t+S llrtl~il lL tit sl+,l*>t llllltll 'lldI l',lllolltlbu to olhltnL . IThey I o u t IIVIIOU tenll - rhII;t strlngercs ;Illri /.n, ,:,i~ ll l rlot111 hl~r1111h tl11·1i, 'Pilive+l ,liU U advantageous yi aycly, Upv p ii, Ii .d;i lasu IIl llll. .lt) Ill Lilt+ N. H. A ftev d ,en lontllt ivo o ry hndle i ln tiro llo , . Irto I' too :16 iontooot . A t 1to, a l iinre Ii ft l ,ill "to t I 'o u ' t llll l i. r !1 llll+ pLblIt:IIII II1ll. it+/I !:~lt' ·l.'l.ll<Ill.'l'li+' Illill ILll .I in).l I· tn tlnliin, upon ie nllsouib 0 , UIt unl tr. , e I~l I , + rl'he tI~tlltlhl r i. hll'.e [lr I "llrlr oillllltl~l i{ It+ V Ii i' tt l illrll t'111 11·1~ 'it+ Ii~l"\ 'lll~l. l i+ lliUtl dll. ! tr~ ··lti+ t: aIl I Itiereo t' as+-o i o "t I'IIIl: illi.lllliltiiil ~l '+lit ) ·~ill ,I w th il IiI).( .klllk I1I IltvtttlloolttuttuoIott g Io ollll lltll dlilll t oedl , Oul , n "''h I o In lvai; Il l Inaoo Ihho be" t oli o , ,l en lt ie doo All cln0l rh r lltrti t u.i o a r. l ' +Ill t;lll iittlll lirT il::lZXII III i -I+:it lil rllB.l~ ~ )( 'lhe r-lillt pl s 1 :4 s llr d'ot, oran to dho, OI.llir il 1, l ' l. 0 ii Jil llilIt X l ll . .:ICE, . 1\1lu zi0e stritPt, Il Ipoositu Ilillk o' Ar to (I ':ItE t ie l]nsure in n n n i g ( Ili Xl~ll II1 o'oottoIo il g lhl llttllt ttillh'.t 'Ott, - e iat e IIrllillL., 31n1r, l r l thle ! i'l(. h• r 18 cr ,< ' lllll, il l+h l'h.p | "IM i le ll luvi llg Ulid nPrirl v li chL'rL·II I ., yellrltllq dlll.. ·lf ili II·rol I.Uclor Ii. ,y J ll lltt'e tlteIt fI. , ,i't al ioNt ,oll' IIr Xer ' ,rio i Tel, apit lh, II),tll l ilt' i11-I re. lPI:tali+ C ollll i o~l o o lit~1o-tu l Ih tool o.r , l: ii, t ou, too oll tolilo~lilooo, 00 too to iltr,.o 'll ot ttit r I t.lf .,lint+ li ld ,t r ' it o-'uo' 0000 , 0 1 to1 I U I o E---t t JUIILo. I t iIto or Ii r it.tJ ll o ot o .o o r,, l too Slot .dllP hI JAlI+'r i o AIIt IIootoou , N to uthorrcl'or roliolyoo o Tctrrpitod,lU otlr "TILE TRUE RICHES OF LIFE IS IIEALTIP VEGETABL LL ulfE KNOW that health and the ability to labor, constitutes the wealth of the great mass of the peep o in this, na in in st other couon tries. To preserve, tllretfore, that health by natu rea meaon is a grind, moral and p liticli sclietme to fillfil which, requires ou, utm'ost attention 'rle unprecedento.l popularity and uotiversal ap approbatiron which this medicine has achieved tbroughout tile United States, th!e Canadis, 'exas, laexica, and thie West l.dir., fully justify Dr. Peters' in warmly ansrl cosoe.ertiotrsly reeourerlo dlnr thetm to the spocial notice of the aflticted. PoterS' Vrgetable Pi lsaro tc sae:lst, ist offec. tual and economical remedy fu: dtseases of the huminl econstanlt on, that h is ever bcll discovered. Dr. Peters, the inventor of tlis inlvaluablo mledi cine, fr' n his knowledge of the i ularln cysterLI, iderivei frlom a long and extensive prarifelo, has arrivecd to t is roncluioni that the great and pri. meary dteirs of most diseases is a d.rangremntl in the flunctions of the liver, or in other words an inl crlsl:ed or dmuaisihed secretion of the bile. So well is incs understood, tllhat it is co:nlrllto for aprsois to say when they ftel unrrel!, that liry are biliou., rnearillg that they have too mllch bile on thlletomach. On the other Iland, when tile flow of bil) is dimtlilshea, tihe process of dires ion is ilnnerfectly perlirerl a, touo patienlt bcoIIes iweaki and emaciated, because Lourishrnent cotaield !n the fird taken intothe at miac is not proper y ex tracted, and t',o food is ejicled in a crude statre. Dr. Peters is contfilent that the itm:uus Ilygeran 'Theory, so called, that, " impurity of the bloodrt is thile case of all diseases," is a great absurdity. Every oine w a reltects on the subject a momeint, will perceivce tht iupurliy of the blood is a secun. da.y nut a primary counlilaint-the , falet and not thI cause ul' of seisc . Wllon the functionslof the liver are dernigedr and the flow of bile increasod, it is often taken up by the ahlsor et vesselss and ,narriedl into tire irculatlo, and becomes iaini ed wi Il the blood, as ill jaundicie, wllen t,,e patient shows it in his coulirtatcllei. No v this ioipurity of blood is causetd by an aleroased flow of bile, and to remeriy it, you lust correct the secretions of the live , and restore it to a ,.ealthy state. Dr. Peters has spent Inlclt lime io experimlent 'ilg with difftlrent vegutab e medirinre, e r diseases of the liver; and nrw others hIis Vegetable Pi'l-, ai tlhe best, most eovelllenlt, and cheliarest Irnodi cano that cin be prepared for general usu. Dr. PIters flatters hirsisotlltht his loong e eri mentillg withl vegetable inedicine has eniiabled hiru to dlscoverth the true and only ubatittute answrilng ll th! plurptr se a e liercuria a without ally of their atte diault evils. Olin great quality of his vegeta:bl, ills is that they h:ve tile alteratlve principl, coin. billled with their cathartic, or operative quial ties, o thlt they not nely cleauso tihe tcoL.iehL and bowels by purging, but they regulate the lrer, change thle elnorbhd ecerttons, strou:thos the dlenstLve oreans, purit'y the blood, irnvigroato the crculrellao, iat.. give toul and energy to the nor.. vous synteln. They ale lihlandn pleasant in Itheir olpration, and c ilve!y illlloot Itmlerilrate convictionl of thteir utiihty from tihe first dlse. T'ly car r c taken with s;aliity by persons ol'nny hgr ; land the ftereru, the nfirui, tihe nervousl, aild te3 dlicate, u sLreongiierll by theiroperliou, lecause they clear thie systern olf atl hlul eee.r, quiet Ierv us irrita bility, rand iivari ,bly producie so.ld health. The Vegeta;ble Pit s are a sure reeicdy or Ju lun dice, sick and ervus iheildaclhe, drys opsn, .oativc. 1s* , sicktn:.s of tl sntoluacih, lheartbulr , albl bhliou. cnoimpnlaiuts, levers of all kinids, and if tlakell at tl c1UiOmmiouincmLnt will invoiririblly clecl their prol gress, ,rand silU tilhe patient froml a protracted nil! dangerous srickness. TIhey are ,ivarhi blo il ,rre vous anid hypocoudrical aflctions, los ulo appo. tite, and it I complaintsll to which females atlno ai subject. 'hay operate au a mild and speed, purge -" 1 " o Raal e alld cLrtill aireirIdy flir Worlras it children. Since 1 have introdueo ! ily Vegetable Pills to the public I have received iimnrerous cerrtifiatcs oft ril euperior ullicacy in curing diseases, aso, imany letters troin respecta`rel phiyslecia.s, wllo have used thlem in their practice witni the beet Success, I Iuright publish a small volume of certificates, but cousid, r it ulneoessary, as the medielne v ill recounuedl itscll'to all who wi I lale trial of t. IThe above pills arc in boxes, containlg iI4 pills each. Prier, 50 cents box, Druggists aind country merchalnts can be sulp. plied, at wlolesa e ,r retoll, at Dr. Peters' princi pti oelice, inr. 65 Paydral street, between Magazinr nad ('Canp eta. New UOrloaiS ALSO for sale by G. N. Mornison & Co, 11 Canalstreet: P P Dlerlio, druggist 1 old LeLvee, betwaen tihe two narketsa: Mr. Blrerlier, druggist, at the Washingtoi market : C J' Trincllai, drug. gist, corner of C ,nal & Bourbon streets: G A Ieed & Co, druggists, ornoer of T:lhoulpitoulas & G(rod streets: J lussi, druggist, Lai:tyettl city. mitG ALLI..A t ll LINE. Mobile to Augusta, via Flnrida. . Cf* ,al Leaves Mobile 'uerdays, Thurs. 1 x' days, and Saturdays, per tihe splendid steamier Champion, (ex. copt in case of stl.rlmi,) to Po sacolt ; thenle per steamler Lo Roy to La (Grange, and teenc flour borse post coaches via Mariana, Bainbridge, Pit. dertln, ierrt~on, Outlaw's. a d Parry, to Ma:on, ia ; nteceu via 11illedgoviille, and Sparta, to War. rentton, tI.Iece per rail road oars to AugLeila. ThIe C(ihaplullll is in lspltmItd order, witLh now opllper bllt r, copperr l alld e pper fastened. The le Roy Ihas been thoroughly repaired, her accomllmodationll are aas ianlllloe a a ay be I. Tile beau ital Santa lRosa SOUllnd, and CiotLta. watellie Bay present tie nIoat interesting stenm na. vigatiou ill the SioutLh-being at thie Iiametsi perleetly land lotked. li e 'Tealm are tot surpase d on any routo in the colutry ; the drivers, to a llanll careful aud atten Live. 'The bridges heretofore danigerous have ib en newly built, so that ligli waters ido nilt ilter ere 'h'llnIee g lnhouses Ilalv been iostlly changeld, and are now ans god as ,,n any road to the Sonh. It ia gneitirally knowni that the excelleneu anlld iardnesns l the roads enablel i the teils it all sea nens to aIlltke great sput. 'I'heir utouthln. ss oe. cures the traver er lirom tile ordiiary latigue of' at sge travelling. Tile Line is now e rrying its passengers froin Augusta to Mobitle iI taiur days and twelve hour., or to N-w Orleans in tour days and twenty hours. (Going to Augusta, the line is six days and seven hours. TI tle actua.illy employed in' travelling in tlhe :llln ans i thle other dilrctiou, nut the dilliernee of tiiee oil t:Ln ii utle, is caused by a day belng iat l Penlsacol:a, w'.icll, lowever, is iell repald by the oplinrtumry it gives lanercig theeN.vy Yird, Ltie old Sipaniisih FurtsL, etc. 'l'Te travel or alsio sleerps at Mlaou, agtun at iVWar tenton. 'eillis arrangelimnt will citllllu Ill tie travel turni. nirthward, wheni tin line will be tlhe s,lm from Molblle to Augusta, as is i nw inll the other direction. T'fis Alvoltitsreielt clntains a plain stat nient of .tlct, tle ileeccurlcy of wh:ehl tlni plrorcitorira gauratiltte to each passuniir Ii tit punlaity of his stage lare. Map. of the Lnilne may be seoen at the Lx hange IlHtel, N .W irloa1a, acnd at tin Mla. ioiin Houss, Mobiln. Fare thrnoughi fronm M.bile to Auat'nta, $147 0 Thr e lioe -xtllonli, it a bralncl l to I'allllasslee. it Chlaittouoche, to line clilnnlets wliil tihe teatnmoaiht carrying the mail to .pa anhliecoela and St. JiioserL'as. Oiliio at tile Maalsson lienlse, Mob:lo. miii O i.Ot.d WIJCK, Agent, Mobile. NE ,a S'PLI.NiJ-It 'iiN , FIR.til IPallis. YJ [sI' vt. mini ,. iiunn ine s.11.E tl, rove thvre, and mfor a *le i, ttii i'~ r rl 2 iltn lliii'Pln' (. omlld linacll, roanwolnd, elegantly in. taid l. iiil a,r'a iii oetaaen. 2 -'nllll tlllrt emi p ,righlt Piano., Carnacns wood, Ineamiullly ornlldnlle.d, 6 otlijeea . SSq1i I i'ollse !'ialles, rosew-ood,very ornamental 4 l'ioia 6eitave, rosewood, CuraccIn and lman hugmly oodt. T'he Itiln l eeitere i I fri the elb.iruied meine. ntry i1 ILI'AEi, & i'o. lfarts. dGl E JOnlNS & I:. . R llhslerst rt 1AS--t tiahns I's owelioug, lae toneaute,laid - nixty 13 l b boxes Gullpwder Tea, in storea fur i rs J THAYER & Co, 71 Paydrl et L A V |O q S CO , N o. 50 U hld ', re itr' el, 0, E.,. h tion lto thoi;r former sltock, banvreeivef hmt Eng haul, per hip l hestlr, LIdwi'nh al l enI \0on17nt1 , 1nd1 by recent arrival0 fIoo Ith norlhern !.fil'. the follIwing looatment af Ilrdownr-, I0on, Stel. oNail. Anchors, t'baibo , Cordag", leather, Ilols, o. hb,hcll Ithe olr for dale ou acci:uslndatingternls:- II.RI)WVARE. 'reer clmin; inx and I,,r Ilu; cane tarrier ehaila and chlins fit, saw na fs; hrl..gli: CIdoli h)rs,'VWos'! inll lI.vadul'l; bright calt elet lo r , nod blvels allld 'pad-'; hri-hr I..uisiotan l',...; rlll.,1;n71e be; block '..arllihlhaaes; beko'.lrinilalc' anG'7 ',ll.k-mtbIl'. ell Iow "a in:uners and inure; tile. nseioted, of ;Il kind, 'b!h'. ; ('s make1; 1o,.er 1re17des, n7urtd'l kinads oolon,,nd'" mad Il"'l ill solw'; ,toal leel whip 7,n1 ,ro.s cl t .nw.; hl d +- w-o ; oatl r , i l, r.r- la. l.dl es; lan ataiou bells; Indian crn ,,ill: ruary eonh,; woo ocrews; lee hlocik: A, i.cnn door lotks; padllcks;aloin hooks; ;terlylard;l e,.h eiod pper h xe,,;a* tets; chi*el0 tarprtersa and smithl ' Iool generally; ,bichli llmle vi ces; ands general assorluel of table callery and bll'lf (-muds. AXCS. Hunto's a1t slell xe ,, 'l.aot1ul' pinttern; Iloni' brand and hlnic lxe, with 1 n a s .sortlient of I lu .'s oolS; Col lins' .xrs; and 15'1 dozen car steel axes, bnadl by other good Imalers. IRON, STEEL. &c. 100 tonls fl it, 'aar1 and round n0on1; Balltimore boiler snd plate ilron; hoop iron, all size-; I(ussin ile:e irn; American do; sheetll 171st el, and foso al 1 ill ltiar al,[ falt bars, as,)rteTd, ,and,.r",'i's Iiimke; Crwley .,l G e rlll an dr. ; i11.,(1l. 1it laahs blialor, d tllk l ; l llol'a fil1; pl e Zolllo ull lCe 1ad pig lead; lsh,al sizes. NAILS. 500kea rat tna1!, hell aIs7rlIed, from 3 t0 C inche1 ; 5.) casks1 wlu,7 1 ht mlilod, line silaa 7 1 d r,.1e1 1 51 k1 1u o7ar 1111aailn; keek, ti., e llrca es 11 na, ,Gorllln', . A '\CUllll CASTINGS, 'r. A dclhor· ct' ll sizes; chain nbleh , d&,; 10:10 Frenchll par, I 0, 10; pin(r1 oi l"'re and akih la, a large nsert nit; II 10salt klillles; pious. b ol'dillbrer t tI n inuleD t tie-; ll ii ow urglu s nil a lize-; Nc s a S.liia i. llll d lloes and it large stuuck ( ulleu mill wln, eassu ted size.. SIP 'CHANDL.R ILr. Malnilla r, p , 1o 1l1l, Ihot kindl . l d I).11 .n111 lll'lltll'l IU'l lMullilla L ll I.iso anld plough I1 7'; iiiii :r 1 trltl avery article in Ie ship 1 hiu0 er1 y line; le.llk d u: Il kind -,jim t e , d . ohn' Pliiludel, hie. OIL AND NA'.ii. 0l'O1R1HS. 20 'nsu7a pure 1-i1ntr st50rli 1 iI.d ( llad'.. l ,i 0 i aCO I :l li l t bla b l tar; 50 do pitch srid rooii: "' d- soll o l'; ' lfur i hal f I h"i ls; +tints of tairp alin ; l rihr var lh co al and Ijanl d; lneiultll uil 5111 ug e _iARNItllUN'.s ,Nll'l' I I l. I , 1' T. 1 '. grcslt e,:lebritv noftlis unrivalled (Inn. position, especially in ilae Northern Staltce leave he proprietor but I ttle need to say any thllng in its (ibvor; for it lha been eenerally concedud to it, that it in beyond all comparison the h st remedy for external comnplaint1 that Ioas over been ditco. vered. Ildeed toe speed and certainty of its ope. rati bs have the aplpaeralnce of rmiracles; as t''e5 r,, 7v unds, curlls, fever sores, childblains, wllite s5we! linls, bil:es, piles, sllpider and snalke biteslo & . inllne. diltely yield to its alppaen7tly supoarkut ln influ. ence Thus if properly applied it will remove an inveterate 7corn, or brooeak and heal a bi!e in five days, will allay and perfectly euro anl ulcer in two weeksa ; and tie os10t deIsperate cases of white swelling that can ht imagined, have beenl destroyed by it in less than two nmonths. I r the bites of poi 0s(ono1s reptliles its vficacy is truly surprising, an even in the bite .1'a raobid doLg, t1r if applied in lilm, its power'.of attraction are so wonderiul that tbey will at oncea arrest the poison, and thls lire. venout it f oun pervading tile systoln. It is liktewise greatly luperior to ainy IlI.:dlcllle liher1otollor disco. vered fIr tlhe chal:fd backs and l.nbs ol'lorets, for totters, ri.g worms, chllpped lips, and in short for .'very external bodily evil that may 11l to t110 lot of malnti or boast. The prlopri tor has received at lealt a tllousand certificate7 ulad othl r documllents, ill Lfa r oft'is I "1 St, uclie Onllt0le(tt," upwa7I7rds of a Il ndrod of wlrieh w1ere01 written by resp,ocltle 0memnbers of the .\ldCIl F .ialy, all belathing lthe 0an0 eulogy .nd satistht.on. Pro ared ;it 129 Librty street, New York, and for sahl, at h6 PPydrts stredt, Neuw Urleans. IIarTG If SANC.TI'INED BY 'IHEI FACULTY OF I MEDICINE. 'II)ILN'S CoimIp)utrlr I.ttaiUt uoCOplliba and Strpta 1 r.'iltl -A certain, sati:, anllot t Ilfctlual reinli ,I ever icouered I'm th. curle olf iGoitr)l en, (;letis Stritiurllles, \ltites, lai' ts in t tL bnick autI oins, s'illllun , weitakrers, altectihos kidnier, gravel, scorbutic In tle intrletimn of a melldiineu possessing the nserl tad active tinyatue the one now ifcrehpto like publie, tle proprie tr:ls but to rlel.r'to tile Iulrterous ItUrecom Intellirtllo recilueed flira the most eIItnenlt ofi tile mhe dial f:4cult, in ltope, beliei,., that it will be dily aplpceiated when its Imecrits arc more fully known. tThe Wh:niIu of (.opaiba, sote\tnsively used, has lost much of' its credit Trolu it. dslike .hlilch patil.ts tollr elrly exp". '$.es It re("anll' ll i(ts itgrecahlJe taste, dlistllurbanlCe otiu'louwed in thll e boo elr and rtolimel, noill he 'retofor 'e Silefleich.i t whelt used in ll the itllanlmaltr stagle. Thle Ipuro rieutor h ,s nm:.d an a h:lI is ofl the Italm ln , toneclv Sil that tile more aetiveq tltieis would tIhereb' be mucl mlloe onI' tll'llll":lte'l cad I)morLe uselfully :t ittuli.eltd thltl ill tie present state. The abore mlled ciner culbinlcs ill I gredielnts which :are ill thile lighet repute amlno the lmost sciiiie antd learned ii n the piotessioati. Ectlth idu.; in tile conltpositin of this pre paattion it\clrases the elliac:y of the othllle, aproducing ni oupcratiou truly nsto nisllilg, :otI sitr:passii the most Iatguine exCipect:ttiollis Iposs.ring at thie samle time tile advantall ge of its bIeinlg adinlllistered willh pert scrtl ess ill tile diltfl'eut etrges of lte above Iiseale. The Lost eminent phyllsiCs illan nd surgons oftt tle pesent da ex res thllir decided till lUohtio i i a I..r of S:a.'la rttilta, vtilti its Use ia the be I, illt still catilea, very erxtensllite. It was a tir orate remedy with the rcleblated lt' Aberucethiy ii all venerea'itl iatcitions, ruln i obstinate cttlanteous tut'rptiotns, arisinlg lioU disorldered slate of thedigesteiuunctilous. Hating beenl submitted to tile test and eplerielnce of tIhe most celebrated amtrnlrg tihe theulty, tlhey have expllressed their satistrtiion of its ex.trlaordiar'y :litcacy ill eel. tcase under their uihlrge, bit aldtlting it hoth ill thel public iunid pritate iaprctice. 'lTheir' ob ertvations will ibe silered herlel Pireplarled by J II 'T'Ihor'n, Clhemllist London. Price $1 511 rIper Lt. Tl' ESTl lINI.\LS. Froin A II Salmonh, Esq.I F C , Strgeon to tihe St I'1hmnas Ilospital, andll Le·Prl aon AnalultoI. "T'li'e tirait llich I hItave i ttt Ie 5 a" .o lr il'epai tit n ila iarttytV orcases, hotlh male itd l'siilte, in its iresults Iate proveI so highly I'~rouratle. that I do not hesirate is ipronouncing it one of the nlost t:lu:hle and ellictcimats lremedllies et oltrrelu to thie ipulic, ilutd oe iin \ hict, , h tri ex rtt'ie ce, I cin place everry rl'iianice, whilst it Idos Inol.prodce the srnt. Iupleasant ell'tctsuvallyl ex plerieced ifrom nilllla. FromG II I ht latdi 11t I C S, Physi:ian to thta St ..n rlct h'le ell ip us .. I take greol l tlelsure i all iing iimy testilni to the stivress yine fulluy desere, in ann tiuplenie arti tor' tei labor a i I expense i-. C rell il bringing it tio suchoI I pletic per'ec . FaIr \VWt Ciooper, F Ii S, Surgeon to Guy's lls pitlal The rlitial'mt s1tirers whl t hal s aitenled the ris lni tring .-iUr medicine ang y pii a1ii ieltnts atlitred w ilr theabirme diseases, rIus uill s.tatisih t me that it ihas only to tbe knowni to be truly :tpilrecitiltnl. May ihe successte you so c.rl desT.e, I:unliS amn speedili repay you for vour valnable preparpaion From Sir A Cooper, F ll S P I1 C S, &o. &c. lHaing ltbee iltuced to rIy your Es(:lulet it n evelal rasestof iolunt i(;t inorrinut, wlic.i t i lar hiiflerto t lnlelI eVery pe.cription aim.tinistered by mre, Iletv ii tioIu sure and rpevdy cures ettllted by it, in a few days I leekd tet H.f il duty hlound to state Ihat l I l now sr rt pra ice1 bthl public ulad pirivate recnue nllill utlste nOll ethelr. FronM G \V Illair, MI ID, Physician to Guy's Ito piitil. The strict test ,which I have given your meditierruc lam g lllllll patlients, And its hinvri.le stlcces thus Ir will ilo tine e tieo seersel ie its use, and I deel it but ian act io ulsltiee and of duty to ithl in) feeble testi monial in of it'virtues. Ietriir it umy siorerluhaiks iie t e valuable pre senl of" ear Extract for the cure of (Gnolrrhlea, &e. I ! uto use t hick a ill prove. deidieltum long sllugl f.r |i the aldicul uld-t- sure, sptedt alun ari'tlal curer i ' cases 'i tit.'re tloeclass. t lati.trd negreal ilasure Spblishitng to the world tihe vadlable quilitiesof a ourt Werer it neessary, the prop t etor enubtl here 'furnish imany mre teistimoniis equally as eollnentory as Ih11 i lolle buL trits. that riltlgr.atl sc cs hitherto the cre l expeie lat which it hias bec p clll ed, iill iroveits lgreatest recoerilmlniiiion:iioti.s it''a.g pulic. atll ot.ra is ite stir, jairtta a foitrm-iit trp int Iors-l -i neillh "oahieh i r seati e takti , tr e ig ei b, easty ellv Ituta unt- itas tristelyI .turi', i ith no Iresie.lilion i diel' tr coniitint'm t ria' business. 'l'ivelles especially -ohld find this nlardicine Ligtll iIsalul, l oulU nev" to b unp id'ile with ta pitr tirion potsuaSsing tie 'ti v.auiitges whilh i . til presetlt one clmbiia Acomlianying tlle Mlellicine is a pamlphlet expilana tory o thre iiiil'irten't stages of the disease, without am extra charge, ..dntaiuing full nill ample d'reetions. " For salc by SIICKLES k C0. mse llia.ura 411e (aniaril street. Ti)lTlE T 'ELLE l'S OWiN raOK- - Camlv'r ('s coakely T7. ItR i Otnr't key to'I'elearsqre "Iornv.'s Fr;.ne i splline book Ereliah eadlers, Ihalf and fiull bound htir'ateirOet'e Freeneh Gi errerarie W5'eemat's .r.air willatii M. riaaa a r.w'll'tr medietl eripaoinr DOselle' airit ei --ltetill ran the .nerves Lad'sa aertheai pocket took Genliemaa' mediical porket biolk Mleso'a ftllier-Crckettre ruag book IIaia'a Uniterl States. A new and la rge.asupply l'the abovte wake just a tieesl and opee r li t alon eotrl terms by sate Tstrow, 49 Csssj-t 4 11 f INDIAN'Sr YANA9Ai( SOLD or ('or. .fl' NtcOez and Telhoopittumtl it. 'I OR the cure of rheumnttlsm, acroful• Ir nlCa 'wt.t ll IL latiea or hip gout, incipmi·lren erleaLkE mll (tPh. litac add/,ellcurial diPrul s, particularly ulners~aad palufuT tftfcto,,oo of the hioes, uloersted thro-tt tad nlstrils, uleetr• rt evtry d.scriptlon, favor .aso. iad iterato llro cltoesytlitot Iit. ttii, oe ald hinad, scurvy, hloei. ohruuieomre neyre rysiP alosl lotehee,iand etry variety o" feutaeout ffeetbionr o roo uic cot rrh, i.rad tlhe orectedoio t iog toey nIrld humoor. ttlu i t,.ei ituiot.h, and Jy.l'sjto prmerestiog from varotiod. ,tLtitonh or oth liver, chronlo intlltoamt tl of tbt.ktdSeyS, ori geoertl deollily .ollsd ly n ttrpid actiof of the t e*O lS ol tile kint. It I. tiugiuloly eoctuu. io r e ovrtloiothesne Censtlilutmu l which voeo b teo broke, down by elejumletott treatmont tor juveiilo i trteglurtitil. hi general termt It |t ret ronltuendedol allthou ditreases . hicl itriltao ohmturlitu otti. Itli tod or tte hii.umioo.s, of rwhtt or Emot or kinld. Stuure of tite attove complaitti may to oi req ore trslle . rit . ! tlttt ll'ilcaiiuos, which the eir.umsttoeas of th0e CO will iictate ; tobu t ooo tt€tlreledyor puroifttotrtotrto eonthb 0-05e, ti. INDIAN S' PANACEA will geeo r all y t l b ound eat duiolo To . PmBIo . uow true it is lh.t modern phlylicmul, etatheir·Rhleli it exell I. their profe".ciul, explore the vast feldoTf sei hb fle id of cfiei-ley, nand seek out lew remediatl agduts, In slort, to arrive ato pterfection Io the pr. ti toy tens of nio aluone,--ntlltty overlook rod oiglect.o. beneath t0eirnotiet. otoe rich cad bit oitteotio ttoo of medidtne atbiot. ote Alttgbty ittoottood to oiprttg outooftltm eottlo in evryOlimeof hod toeW suc~h ~enre trute is it teaul while the1 American PhysiclS(nlooks ottittoipto otr t c tointriefoor mtty otbit motsoot cotamtoenod eoos. -trur trttles, or.ltu.lty chaliging a tIhery are attbedlitoeei of fi.alut or Ill ti he is ill hi own country with Ot tlltitoll proi'boi f of mledici ploto , ndtctl to ttnoanr.swory I tiltlooitoll tIo doteoaor Ito tt ure any urtbe dliorodler; antd yet Iit i tgllrllt t t" thtiir virltues, and they are suffered to 'wlte trilr sweetnrgs on the desert ir.' Tite eftlott of vegetable mediciore on the ystem ere tento poirfy--those of intooralo toltini. Tri fotrmer exeort thelr eL. oct, tlltd teoos .l--thl lttrrer merctry to partioulutrt ethob micolle upot the cold. detolposnolo the buelt . ad edefls . mlina tie cnltli!uion byv i cluw and sure dotrttoTiot. 'i'tiooollletllltoilt eotlitoocy, otd SAI TY t.T roeoth 0er0 tetlel i o"tr louoneolliy Inye e-tlillltod by eottreltiog tile air retora otol p Ooe lh the "lodIrto, or to brint Ittt ieiOe ilmoilo dintely nlller uur OWl. ob.cnrlltltll thll Indium practice wit that tl'ie nthir+e. 11I'u, ill Alll ite, tlt not koooll or hLtrd l repltetid ilittolest tllohrolllntole n deeoripiolltuuttretetlltg fte tloodt loditol.l by tlo.ot if Iltor ittple rtosonltlltole., Ll tos tfct,,! the itn lt rlapi td sod a-tl-I hllhlln uresll ler the Iaterll Medict of tioe ctlltltlto patotto, dlirected in the moot ktllftI lttllor Ilofe oe ild Alld wAlol tl IIatnt boetlolotitrioed ot the Crunpnier-iVe cn-e :mod Tadilt" .IVllth hllch the ludian freel hiat rifrtflont uily t disoeo looo ll "t th Oi ;at tooti l o bltiotl ofteo. - ch:r,;um disease un luou thril Wl'ho has ever heard ofai. In ditlll with t tttitutloll luk. oa id ruti.d oy i treatmellt Is And ttn a d.utbt exist tit thist 1app t rt lottttn of the ao.v ago ft it ot llt'tof ill. !tshh the te.di of tano it hlLr to, is oteltrl Olniu to the morn genial Il.d.I ,fa or IotiJ.i whieh be otnlolotot Thie ,totollotolloig dolo,,t it, ttnets, tot. for exo enlphifie;,tiuu of thc f0 soiteoty ttt it 0 o0 tite amtlo aod eatt nolenltot of more o hlIl God Iiot erealtlt d lior io bl mifit oel its tchlldrc o.veor tilloe whitb tho pride aod the art efoluan tae TI'rel a 2olnrosldenct o elong i portion ofthe aboritinul in. I:lbitduto Urf t ohis o ontry, anid oU tntimate aflotlentoo·le with tl o stoollllds o cure of come of their o lost i lutestfl practif tuloler-, the propri,,tor of The Il.dians*' 'aacea; acquired a kInt lel" u lne ti' le oes powerftul and favorite roelmediet. From allnlll h sI? rell·d s ch as are neat e fE.nious and up.P proprntr, u.I afte~r various nxperlllolll to feat their prices flies and strength, he has combinehilld them mutei~ rural hecre pre. rated, its thle nest perfect and hdllaliill for the pkrpuia for Tiar irtprletou ofier. .his proeparation t tilo pblit, witlh the tco.ho luooo .- tuit hte Is pluci,` ithi tlheir rteak a re Inldy ctlyiie nl reolieing IIttliy Ol blS uolioetdt fellow btige, owho a irf.u.riog ul.lder tihe y.roul lchronic aud ottlidte. romphlholto toowl 1l0.h it ij atllptable. To ouch it will peop oof I tcialulatle valuhe ts ile nlelalo, itdl in manly ateo the only io olols, of rli tt.iviht h sir ssuierigti and roiturilg then) oon rto, titoolhmloan hiolItlet.ts, Thlo is notofferoed sUICos. mlaot ro edy., that illly percthance oe equallyrood wolith many ititltr, lu0 I tto, bit. its onlwltiu is coapabloou ofl orii in tootyootoooroe ctoo in wthich aitllhe usual rootedoeeftall. hibs it Ilht dtoe rtloltt tedly t ud tilt it ll reputatlolio 11 hal obd ttoli WIhohtever it hUt .ee.lntrofduced. It IN only .h,,ut tilh es yaars since this preparation was p.o. Suted to the public: l!ut it that hort oo par e of time. som loulrdootid.of ou mni.hllt hre fouud, who would so.kOOly deo iuore thit thlty behovord fthtltoioli.Ol werie taved by it, mnd Ino must cae. o llter tIkey had itied alleny d perhap t ll the ', PoIo ,, reuoIdleo iu vttit. WVlerover it its kiow oo t it rapdly I iUttt tlifo u0e, untol t hit atfoode uilo stsuoltnnttol tleudoo. I vlllt lt troot'hltat nrtot . thei tlooo ,of te oIPlseaoo II molst eontpiteou it tt olo ntR otatll!iltg oyillliic auoid srorfllolus ocethitot wohtch have defied all outlher rlottedie., id porttcularly ito ittoo ctses where nter i try ihai hoon olavoiohly oted nl to cuee distroteog ppoill ie Ithe htoit, ntlts, nlnroeullt ulcers deruglellro nt l t io dtgos tttlttgrtils, Ac. Theeillomouleltely rulyovelnt indi.l rate fit llltlrolyterudloll, ttlh dOislass d efEct0 (,ofmnereury, ren uot.olt olo cootitoulion, olI leoive ilhe patitent .oUnd and weot. It, rlteunotino m ao ll ulteraottod ore throat its bhappy ffoet erteo ut ieos iptittoant gtviot olm it.uiottuo tt relief. l',ktn iti pral0er duoee, the tndlall' Pitiaeoo oporateo rI nn, *oit'toootletsop iittront , d toiiiooiondoiurrot eoltot. . "lltr;1 , e c aid detuI·P'I.I; a ditqmreltiediuret e. and ·atlit ie a llitit iOt l o latd ouodyne; tlnd it proper caltto ao oon - tI;otthitc uid ,IloUtrllttgogue. Generollyot.troesled.ittinereome Ith all li crreolil it n) llcretionl.givel tonestothrestulooeh mrd e ,x+;. a",tLoe ill tote glaids in n partitultr matnner. rowl the-., pril'l lnl. it, opent!lltion, pIav h uUderla, ode 'li'nmdllt m cdi lllt li bltu l)lllti hlighly uoltt it i .ry omdi.t *un., tits olotno1ot h00 e to opilied, odit it hats heo used watot dlclllierl'ul llScceS, t a Sprltlg amull a PFl purifier, hy those ' wi at:re ubtilecl to of toi chest, mid wrhore col.sit tartlli rPtuoolc new vltor. Stoh ptrsooo wiil do well to tpe iwour thre botittleis u otlsml dloe.. Ihtieonver adirt dri.k t- consdltoretdo iettetaryth Ils tontceltb itult o small dt,o. will nuswera~ill its purposes,1 it, muds~ ln.I tiile, .I teen cxpan· -ll ! ilt a .r more aoreeabUle oUioUer, thatt tthe omtmonnt diet driink..e '/l'h=foJlnowJu ertificates, ont of qlludrrds ihnilar which might he procl rod., et gip lelto ,hewtsheCeaFtetOlble ldudansI I' anaea, in tile various el,e l daii rtsi terhillnr ionedd; and also to esh tit, iu, tile mostrutinat~ctor .t. lller, itl superis vlt over the syrups Il emlmlna use. CASEt OtP RIEUMATISIM. ChLt beaton, Nov. 15, 003. Du ring the last whn er and spriug, I wutalllicted with a very severe aud dill roioiug rlotuloaliom, octisiolled ty expo.uro i bud wiathir, ie .ow take glreat ploeasure in etalig thatt lit lotth, ofllthn Idiatu' T'so oue int to perflet health tlldl Iconlidsetlr recummeo d it to all similarl afflicted. JOHNY F.RGUSUN. Killll t. Ctharlestort, Marti7, t.ltl. l waotseizedlaout three yearssionewoith i dlistresillg rl. inattllonloaued Iby takiug a oevero eoldt wlile uuder tte itflu eone ol Iloorellry, d1111 olillt ho dOsaOled l• fromt btll ine• iooll o ever since. [ourillg thi. period I tave Ieen a patient n the ill;rine olosotiitl, ill this elyy upwlord of four lonhelb RtAd ioearly the 0;llllm0 oealth olt tioe in the Italliloro Itepitel, utd triod siuioot every remedy, with iiltlelnett. O. Ihe 1oth onl Felrutlty oiatouttyhiotttnftourcoly abie to moveabout bpop rutlches, leoulllnei-l the use oftfi Indians'Pr caea. ltuhll i nlointh I found myslf enteilrely free Ironl painolld am noW lsp. tty to Irate tih t d I oUider lyeIIOlftoerfectly . well. o Wil. 'r'UC'sKl, I3 Market It. ASESL OF SCRUPFULOUS UI.CERS. New Turk, Sept.10 "1835 , The m00y estlfyb toat ton te Fall of tb., I wu soised wit;l aottllig looty ase0k moud seto, wtichafterwords etertted,4 itltcale large thasily ulcers in lty etek. Aiter tryit seversl pllyetltons toio advlloaot. e, I wenit toPbltadelpldbis ed plsted olytetoll'uinher the careof Il)r. Phvlil and Beoc. wlen, replated I hVatletlos to te etto telw o weo pronounced utterly ino illrable. AlIerwardsltI k too o wety bottes ofeSwa om'ePoeu. ePn, I Iol ilght bUtIleso oft Potter's CatkUlioaot with no matertlo beitolit. DelolaititI oflirto which had nor Ieome a buhrelb tf, ni , I returned to sly pareas lln New York, i, 1819, alnd gavo mn'st Iui to t lioogeroI denth. eo r Io g of thf Ireat seeo1s id tih o lut otll:.'llucll, however, I t casetimtr to miy bws I wa persuuded to fry It .s e last reort. To my great sur 'ltseiti.well susetiefotitton,l loo found mysell reatlllyro cevcrillg, ont upon taking even bolttle tie otcertnboeed, end 1 hr, am(, Ierfectly wellit, the eourse o "two nmomtiL, riad have tooenloued oo ever' tieo I nake this, eod wimh It hlotllltod. for tole bteoil-i'thtooo whoLare tufoereng under aio s oiilor otfliloU or Seyphllitio atfeetiooe, that they oey bLo.w .loht oui ollred no whio fl s ouff.retd eveory titl but ldeatht I Swhouconidoer hislifeTsaved by theabove'yru . WA. Jll <glll t8:' Clhrloeton. July I.$i91. wI ooflictel tour -roer. wilth ii ulcer itu ithe O ett eegtal.oo . taYllo oooopeoodollt ooooitp oosoooit OiotiAi b taojir. 000 oe itd togir skold olin it, but witotot Ir olonttyIoteeoh Ii a itnooon titsot btotol oftlio Itdiotet Itonaoto mttole aerfeot' 0c0000. MALtiAtIEO A WEST, fit Moobet oP. I. I' awl n . F Y & lVAi'c.R IIA~t. lNO lenlry Slebrecllt, (lrmerly J. C. WiVke :. w 0uhl most respecrlfully inliform lil frisa. the publl in ge.neral, that he lias ofdl icot ' - ly~ reclvle a g.eneral aaaorlrment oi f uplwniery e'l Iboler harlniig. 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