Newspaper of True American, December 20, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 20, 1839 Page 2
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W.t r.o0.'Af', C03kw' ere: oi-i.oo MEMORANDA 1(beeoill remio.mvoeoy tloo..oed ifoof rise O6&oV o. t t>: A06 k1 cCAI4FRL;I'Nl)N RAIL ROAD 50P11'5..W oooeo Aoooooeti60. T'o .9Soeereo oo'-tl. lit of 2enoohe,, 1039. P0900 OAthwLLT0ON. FROMt New 00100N0. Hootvc 1,it 50r t S eOk A.M. Ilforr r eo o 'rlk A.oI.A. L.uoeowoo.. I.ooollmotivo, 9 - 12 - . - -ro.M 4 A- - - we.~i,'el -o MoHo,. Cae, II - h"mlAOOOStVleT 700 1UN0AYS: tbh ..oiw111 loase at the 50 Illourn 00 in the -odt days goal eichqa P.. whi a l lnbmotv. wll I ar. l:arnolit.. s71o~ry, 0 Oma o~4, lock, AIS.ewd Newl tnco;.oeerylhour Ac .con lie ohbained hbl1W 17 .', loo roP.., b t foer l orttTrip. Allft l2o'oI;k P.AI. Pa p aZl by h0sioo woolt provido thorsel,.. w withb T th eonduo.too he. poooivo direoiooo n0t to AIj NAND LACOURSE STREET CAR0 1.evee 000 60(4 isnmmtreuO J et0o'cl k A.Mt., C.,;9l ' id,7 ,dt, hifp i .`clackthey enmeoe O hekyo l 'c P Mowexcept. t of ogiiCol e-et a0001 o'clock, Lte oar 4 0o ek P.M. ' ocip artoqSold tat geatloowen will not pox c bawp. eremwoh le ehe awe, whew ladi . JOIJN AOIISON, chorm _____o Chief EaginoN.0. A C.R.C CITY RANK. 00 frlOI950 Iicle Ic 89 - ii344see Wedno.dy-tb.e25l1h Igd 7mosy et. No:cl oed WI b pavabls ale the dosys ft r ocolee ItoulI be made ottohe e 4 y n ;-. R 3PA! FET. (ashlr. RJ&1R1 Coho, A SILA IAN 00CO n P t~g 0* oe Bs AL pis' 3i··ecemI·iicmrl b I, 14;9. ti t ar heeb no. It cr is I'I34.CbCrIa r of ý4'"` 'l~ ~~WeIlu~1 elp de 4 Waeo of i Cp Cm. of the e Ic celled~ll c 00lth1 00111~0b a J M iPic. -4..., ,i FrA3I il rN. . t, p. - ci PIJBLISHRD b TrIl-Veekly1 & Weekly. . ' w' oiR LE At f x -'- - TFRIDAY. DECEMBER 20. 1S39. p'al7 . potreons of the True American are mepect. lyu inlormed that, we haVe the mint comilen Job I Oeel~ a the city, anid that we are prepared to do work s n iti tnoa nbt t., be rurpa oed by any clncern in the t lnited States. Our chtrges ern such ae to satisfy the most eenomoiesl. T se having johnbs to be done, will I dn well hy giting nuo a eal. Si1eimens of Cards and t Pancy Printing 'may be eon by applying 0t the CUon. I ting Room, under thue it. Charles Ixehange. DANIEL l 'CONNELL-TEXAS. Mr.O'Ctennell, not content with hid endeavors to Improve the political and moral condition of his own countrymen, in the largeness ofhis heart, has turned his I pecial attention ton Texas. Bat what is very singular in this matter is, that lie does not meet the subject - ith argoument and rasont, hout launches out into the ocean , of impotent abuse, recrimnination snI misrepresentation. One would think, to I.ok at the condition of tile Eng lsbh and Irish people, that the ield for his opra ions was quite large enough at home. The Lilterator hra not yet perfarmed any one cf the labors of Hercules, demanded athis hi hds by his admiring eountrymen. Il in true h a hs matnaged to heep hi,,self in the public eye, but,-no more. The cause, thslefore, ofhis offi. clous interference in the eonnerns of Texas, mtrt be acerihed not to sincerity of puopose, but to his ambition design of occupying the lofty positio of Agitator, con. scious that he cannot reach a higher point. But lea vinog aotives out of the question, Iht us take a brief viewo nf his celebrated litter to the mellmbers of the Briti'h and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society, ldated Dare rynane Ablhy, October 14th, 1839. In this letter, Mr. William Kennedy, sht visited Texas last aumnrer, comes in flr a large share of abuse. He says:-"It is necessary to awaken the best feel. ings of the British nation, in order to prevent the mis. chiefs and miseries which tnus ensue from the estab lishment of another slave-holding state." Here is an open avowal of the British hbolitionists of interference in the concerns of Texas, for the destruction of the young republic by attacking isll domesti institutions. The impudence of this avowal is only equalled by the blindness of Mr. O'Connell to the " m:seriea and mis thief, "of the poor population in England andl Ireland. What would he say, if a party in this country were to hold this Ianguatre in relation to the further subjection of the people of India by British troops, and yet it would nntaavor more f interference in what does not concern us than this held intrueion of English and Irish aboli. tionists in the affairs ol Txnas. After laeuding the exertions of the soci:ty in trying to prevent the recognitimn of Texas by England, Mr. O'Connet nays :-" The necesrity for further exertion is obvious and piressing. France has recognised ttere pirates. France, at whose name humanity haes , often had cause to shudder, neems to be reckle' of all prinei. ple. and to calculate only ot sore, paltry mercantile cain. France has given its 'arbaric sanction to the ex istence tfa com:nttn.iy fraught with no much erime, and pfegnant wi;n so mu. h misery to a large number of our fellow creratree." Conccioau of the de'ect in his right to inttefere in the concerns of'l'rxs, Mr. O'Connell finls it very convenient to call the people of Texae, pi rates. 'This is ever the resortf those who. tred on f ground they have no right to occupy. Does the know, who the Texians are ? Does he not know, thatt they are intelligent, honoet, and upright Anglo Amieri. cons from the United States T--men in whose veins not a particle of base blood flows. Dos he noli t know, that these very Ang!o Americans are tie descendants of En. gli.hmen, Scotchmten, I'ishmen and Welshmen, and that they look iloni it as a right to extend their sway wherever the road to enttqest is open 1 Do not the English do the very samet thing ? Are they not enaeting at this very time in Indoa,whal he calls the Teaian firce? Mr. O'Connell lsecrves to he blamed for looking nttyon the surface ofthings. if he te a sl.temon and a philo sopher, he takes good care to conceal it. As In the abuse fiFrance, for Ileing the first Etrope n nation to acknowledge 'Tlexan it does not deserve notlie, but, in pnsaing, we eannot help noticing thi coincidence be tween our own condlition and that of'texan. France, despised France. illiberal France hae, in each care, out stripped liheralld enlightened Englnnrl, in hailing thet accession of ihe United lates and Texas into the rank ofnntilns. The world weill decidle betweenr theclsims of France and England to that true love of hIhety waits not for paltry, party considerations, but extensil the hand at once to the freeman, wherever lie tnay be found. Tlhe Liberator, inthe bigness of his deigns, proceeeds t " I respectfully submit, tlht to the Britishl ard Foreign Anti-Slavery Society thi+duty properly belongs. First, to make tire British people tierfecftly acquainted with the accurate details of all the abominatione helonging to Texas. Its history is . fshurl date, scarcely exceed. ing ten years, but it is a mornstrous tite of blood and crime.SSecondly, to obtain as mu:h conoperation in England as possille, in order effectually to prevent the recognition of Texano s a stale. And thirdly, to form an act upon the hest plan of counteracting the Tex. ian marauders, by organizing a powerfulcolony of men ofcolor upon the must convcnient tract in the Mexiean republic, which may he conceded for that purpose." Hero in a man, who, pretending to honesty, good sense and a love oftruth, prolalims a LIE ea huge that it ioa wondler hisarm was not paralyzed in nr.ting it. Whal! Tih cartter f'Texan, a "monstrous tale ofblood nnderincr!" Thn people of Grneet Britain have been greatly improsrrd upon by ihe lyirg etlories of corceited nd impdeclr.t travelers in thle U. Sretp, but the raprid i trercurse helr.voen the enumrriee rf Iato has re di.ipa ted three fhiles and the statels are breoming to bire un drr.tood. Wi:ht Texas, the orrnme game i Io hbe plin, ei over, nnd ii, the frrennost rank fvilthfierrs .taeInds I)u. ielt O'Connell Oh, shore upon seuc!h mrean and irju rinus lrutr rfrter,! As to the L.rrPntd duty, it in in keep-r inn with arolitionitem, antd is in manlifet vinll:ion of Tr. inn ri.iht,. Butf the hi d plan, drvelrpes uo great a henrtle.-rnee end eelir:rn,.eo. of prliry, thlllt we can not beliere lMr. O'Conneltl to hie in earnest. lie anould I ght the flanresrf cfiil war arnd hep nll its horrors up. on tile headst fboth tMexirons and Terxinns t prevent the entali.tmr nt rflr verrry in 'I'rxas. Ito would are th ipli f hetirpliniof the Co!orandu deluged withll i!ed in pr f,retc to 1ecoing tiher bhlootn wilh thir yello. hbar. vast and the snowy cott.n plant, lec..t..e the thbor might bhe perflrrmed by nerroers in servitule. He would por rrut upon Te'ns a Ihnorrsand evils to cure one even .of doubtul character. Does the recommen dation prove 1r. u'Connell to be a statetsman, to be worthy .f ithe ennfidence plared in him by Ihis country. mer. Reverse the pllropreitirnn. We, in the U. State., feel for tire stnrving and dirtifnchised people of Eng land and Ireland. We would aee them admitted to the privileges of freemen. To eectlre them this inestimable right. would we h.e justifi.d in pIl.cing a"powerful colony" offr'ee Americans upon a tract of their uncultirntel ltnds--ad sua h I lnds abonnd even in Eenglatd aind Irelantd-in order to countnernt the further progrrss of tyranny and usurpationn Yet tire latter propositioun le ase much juslice in it as thal i f Mr. O'Ctonnell's. Forlthe tract thrs to be orcnpield4ry this colony, the 'ee.bnoard to the North of the Rio Grand.," is selected by Mr. O'Connell. Here is a tman interfering in tire en- cernsof rther countries, when he is even ignorant rdf its gengrnpho! Again, we are told that the objeetinn to thie nrknonwl. edgermnto fal'vnxs,bh Englnnd, is the trraty of the I-t. ter with Mexico, and that Mlsion cannot give ap any portion of her sea coast from tile i abine to Ilonduras. This my be en, ilut while Mlr. O'Cornnull is prating of his colony scheme, and Lord Palmerston is deciding trp. on the power of Mlexico to yield her sea coast, the star of Texas will move onwards, and her flag oat over the harhor froum tire Sabin to Vera 'uro. And what is more, Anglo-Americans, with steves et their heels, will he theconquerorln despite the ravings of the Liberator' a nd Joseph Srurge. In our nex t, we shall still further develope this impu dent interference ofthe English andi Irih bbolitilnistar in tie rflfirs r f I'exas. T'ley call ter a "c;nltemptpible power' bhit they forget that .sir has a neighbor who will be at her side in the hour trf petit. WVecall the a:taonoin of the public to the aedertise meot of Beard &r Kendig, of a ale of a large and vainto abia collection of Books. The sales will commence nightly at 31 St. Charles street, at half past G o'cluck. WohNad almost forgotten to no'ice, a song composed by )tr. II. T. Trust, tire distinguished harpi.s, n ards by 3tr, A. C. Alnsworth, for the present Orphau'a fair. The mnsic in certainly most swert, and dues great credit to .Ir. Tast u a comlposer. in.ui.sI Y.astUl.-They have failed agaio, beyond Celrlpbul. oya ay a llubile paper. \\e would per the mails and Mr. Beotr±t in ti. same artegory. The sret is "he great Slup"nded, and the latter the great Jti.raga sar friend Prentien would tanoaieally say. every ma'an efooo .enopum.. ThLalstpe`'lleihe such idlaus aot isee thronghuthe thii yellihueold ap hbe pi Ib their ee by thenb twh Jernante to ceoeeal tie to cBgrile at the doings of the Harributrgh Catteur, whic h must and does animate every true Whig, who stands by u his principles. Why did nut the Bulletr and Bee come to out boldly and express th ir real opinions, if they avre ti an., Do they not know. and does not every man know, 0 wrfther friend or fte, that the Whig party, in thin state, by the coarse of the grand cauens, is at present enve loped in a thick coat of Bomrb na trnet bitumen The Bee and Bulletin, by th-ir articles on the subject, are calculated to mislead our party in other state. Great care ehould bh taken n-at to excite tiaen hopes. Let the Whig papers, if they do go for the nominee of the Con vention,enterupon the contest loldly and openly. The warm and consestant friends of Mr. Clay-and they are legion-are not to be transferred like tte cattle of time opposite party from Henry to Wtlliam, or from Burton to Baxton, because a few politeilans slll en deride. Our own opinion is, ct the present moment, and without knowing what step Mr. Clay has taken in the matter, that this state cannot easily be won for Harrison. Cir. cumstances and the course tak a by Mr. Clay may change this opinion, but our hopes are sadly dam .sned. Henry Clay was the pole star of the party, and to desert him for another, requires a degree of fortitude difficult to sum ,on up. The Whign had the numbers on their aide in Louieinae, but it was fighting under the capltaincy of Henry Clay. Nothing but imperious necessity will keep them together under the command of Harrison. flth thing is not ienpoe-ible, but do not descend to throwing dust in the eyes of the people, gentlemen of the Whig press. Let all he known, let it be nmde to appear, that Henry Clay h as not been elhoued out of his fair etaim to nnrsuofirages and a hard battle mn) yet he fought. At the preseeit moment however. tle I.econ are delighted andsinging,--Whn'll he King but Charlite Kentucky Legislatere.-The general Assembly ofthin state convened at Franlf rt, the oeat of governm:en, tlte 2nd inrtant. "I he lion. C. A. Wtcxt.trra, Lieutenant Governor and ex-ofmcio Speaker of tid Senate, having been called to til executlve chair, to admlinister the goveromen', in consrqcence of the derease of Governor Clarke, it became nereaeary to elect a Speaker of the Senate Pro temporr. BAMUEL HANson, (Whig) and a Senator from Clarke county. was elected Speaker of the Senate, pro. tesn. without opposition, theopposing candidates hoaving with drawn. JoHn L. HELK, Esq. (Whig) was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives. The vote stood thut: oer J. L.lHelm, 55. Charles S. Morehead,(aleso whit ) 36. Acting GovnRrnoa tczLt.terr delivered his mensage immediately on the orgnnizati. n of th two houses. It Sis a plain husinees document. le sets out with an -' Ssion to the severity of the times, and the se ".it to a ney, a affecting public improvement and kckin they of m growing enterprize of the sate- He says: we thare called nto wilneos di - do- .o. He eay we w re I the tisl cTcerns .p regret an embaermnent of doneretf . o our atatt,threatenled with an nban. t . ur puhli wurke, to experience a derange. in met ,,j the commercial and nlonetary concern of the whole community which is calculated to prostrate the :o enterprise antd paralyze tile industry oef our fellow i- citizens." The governor furlher renm.rks, "May we .0 not find abendant cause far the present deplorable t. condition of the currency, in tile failure of tne governo td ment of the IU. Statee to perform its high duties of nr furnishing to commerce and trade a sound circulating nt medium." Ill We answer emphatically, yes. SMoneLe CITr CHARTER.-The people of Mobile, led on by the principal administration men, have agreed to t ask the Legialature for an amended charter. A board of common council of eight members is to be added to t the pre-ret Mayor and Alderm-n. The latter are.. be Schoselln as the law now stands, but no man can be a couneilmane, unless he is possrseor of a. frelhild and I pays an actual tao upon it of five dollars a year. Voters r for councilmen must pay a yearly tax of five dollars as Iseued upon their personal and real estate. Objections are imade by many to the d.'taila of these latter provi sions, but all agree upo tile necessity of having the third or money estate repreasened by a separate body. This arre-t to the march of ultrdemncmraey by the Locus of Mobile, argues much for their good sense, though we have no doubt, they will continue to hurrah frra grarianism so far as tile general govern nent is con. corned! Fonot NATCHEr.-We have a file of the Free Trader to the 17th, brought by one ofour steamers. The post ndtes oftbhe Agricultural Bank at 11 moutht give great dissnletioa. It is strange why tile planters will take such trash in payment of their cotton. Thle trick of the Ulion Ilnank by offering to redeem her April poet rotes in specie when demanded has been exposed. it was all a ruse to induce the public to take the new emission of 3 million, but it failed. Cotton is quoted at 13 cents of paper money. A 'r. Hyams, cashier of the Brandon Branch of the Commercial Bank of Natchez, defends himselffor re movinr $25,f01l in specie, on special deposite, from the Brandon Bank. Iiasconduct requires no defence. The editor of the Western World hnas refused to fight CIl. I.abauve, of the Hlernando Bank, for an article in his paper censnring tie latter, and sent him word that he should give him a trouncing if he dared to attack him for not answering the call. They, the, are talking shout the best plan of offering incense under the nose of Jackson, if he visits the state this winter. How base man becnomes when lihe bows the knee to man ! THEr FAIR.--Ever body known that we are not un. charitab!e. That's one point and an important one ton, in the discuseion , f tbhe subject of fairs. Every body known tie .re do not Irt 'or left hean know what the right drJan in matters ofolharity, at least our conscience tells us so, amd that is another important point tuhe settled int thi, matter. Every body kno a further that noslelstlon in mattere of charity in the vice of the age, and it ieno plain that the blind can almost see it. That's anonher point fixed and certain in this ellir. Iris kn-lrn, hilt not by all the city tf New Ollenns, that there are no less tihan fine chnrtrred orphan asylums enaugh, ome would think, to provid" for the fathlirlesr and mother!ees. And it is an aseertained fret, ton, that there was a disprsitionn abroad to introduce, snoce long time since, a system of inlolerance in tIe management of the Poydrao Asylaum, but tlet it was properly rebu ked. Again, it is stated that the proceeds of the fair now holding at the St. Louis Exchange, are to go to the erection of an Asylum to he placed under the ez clUsive direction ofoneseet, These things being pre. mined, it becomes us as public journalists to give our opinion of them, and to do e plalucly, too, without the design of giving offence. We rej-iice to see real charity abroad in tile land, bet we would see it onseeuming,modestand hunibhl. We would see it exercised as advised by the common sense code ofthe Tarsus moralist. Fairs are inimical to that code. They are places where pride and ostuetation sit triumphant. The plan of tufficing wives and daugh. t-re to participate in such a Saturnalia, is detrimental to the finer and nobler feelings of the sex. There is a great expense attendant upon fairs. The eneoulage.. meat of them is a tacet rofeassion that real charity does inot animate the breasts of those who boast of its pon session. Why not, if the bonatetsnfcharityare sincere, the rather silently and humb'y bestow their mite to the i tiailnent of the intended obj ct. But no, our people are like the osteltatious le brew s, who with per fumed hands and jewelled fingers, lift high their arms anld let fall their contribulions into the treasury of cha. rty. Let chriatiine-the supporters of fairs assume this tit's -im tate the p.oor widow w ha quietly gave her mite unolitited. Then we should hear ac more of che.e eat teelmtes to gather the wages of charity by asaliling the vanity of some, the pride ofothers, and the liberality of all. We are opposed to f-ire, therefore, in Ilot, as injurious to the real feeling of chaeity and fatal to its cultivation and growth. But even snpposing that our charities were asked in a becoming manner, we should object to the levying of them in the present case, for we do not e ,ncie it or seneary to erect another asylum. There ale enough now, and there in ample, room to maenifest our charitable inteotions on other subjects. Do we not want free et hools for the education. of poor children who have pa rents ? But we randidly declare, we never saw man look better tllal be did yesterday, as he met hlis friends at "swoeet honi'," his fine faceirradiated with smiles lthat had their soarce, a the meanbeam shaee, in a brighter orb.--A'alchezr Paper. There-that will do! have rides that we can crook round " Sh.rtail and kill any deer that may stand inlthe en sl circle.-Natehrz Free rrader. That's nothing.-In Bachelors Read, they have rifles that will go off at a half cock and kill any deer belore he gets ready to run. tlAhlorn won one heat yesterday, on the Louisiana Course, but F.loie mlanrd-ul the resa, andearried away the perse. putt eighe,'i·at qoire who were'bbahet wbiwtr)Ie bllil sl in hi'iilmeort. We witncewd ewe of the ee Pi*e, Refaelar the Libeetine, which drew ears froe mt tiely as eye, and the Be.elte if Beidiia, Lte bend' tih sonmet little thing we ever eow. It I. b led with wi', aatinn,o iident, sentiment and moral. The management a may repeat both those piecer; for when they are known Ct they will drew. By the way, we take this opportunity re of informing connooieure, that every part in bott were - well performed. To night Dan Matble, in his prise comedy of Satn L Petch. pa FIoA'ctIA..--tome one of the ruu mad democrats of the Alabnma Legislature has brought in a bill to re move the branch of the tate Bank from Mobile to a 4 place where share are no borrowern, in order to protectt p the people's money. When will the age of humbug t ceatse resAn e:ly Nourth Easter made it very unecomforta ble yesterday. Q We honae Wagner does not intend to let Boston bral him off the field. -'Inarrcytt's Diary in Americ.a was styled by a wag, lat evening, at the great hook sale, his Diarrhea 6 in America. Not a bad title. DT r. Buchanan gives a public lecture to.night at the drawing room of the St. Charles Exchange. An IrMroarTnt ScaU et -We take the following frot that excellent pnper, the Mobile Journal, in the cn I hopes that rote ofcour enterprising dealere will furnish a us a statement ri.iln., for this port. Nothing is lost I by the truth in euch matters being known. Theeharges iton cotton at Liverpool, we learn, are rio dollars a bale. I Will someLody give us the particulars I The followinor tateetnt will afford a view of the charges incurred at thine p:rt, exciuaive of insarence, caleclarei om a bole of 40lUb.. with freigh at Id. and pricer at the present rate.. Wharfgag per bale oIC. Weirhing 1'I Draymg to Presse 12 Mttorg.. average, ray, 2c 'acter'e tontisi ,nt , average thls season 100 Add for freight to .ity $1 50 Chairgeable to platr --$2 85 l Brokherge 25 Storage until compresred 121 Iltalvtle to vessel or lighter 8 WhrfaCea 10 Cmomilton on purchase, average, nay an Feeightand prilttage, my 6 ft' Chargeable topurcheer Compressing - $8 60 Lighterace to lower Bey 80 f 8towin: (done by the dco,. 25 Chargeable to v' el y 25 ..ef --i 30 Total rý. At,, o.nrceeon bale bIa $ 15 .port bchargL at Liverpsol 6 00 Total on bi th ides per bale $18 15 The length of this cigar is four feteight aches. It has a delicate taper at the end to fit the moutb, ani t from thence gentle swells in the proprlion oI a very heanlifnl Havnan to the centrea, w hich it ie two incites oin cliamerter, six inches in circnnlctren.e, ad i Irm o thence it ,apcrs to the fire enrl.--Ntchec Free Trader. . Sen I that cigar forthwith to our friends of the Pi. Scayune. e THE WIN INo UP or A YAKornE IAnRISTErn's AD w DRE-s T TH JUtLY AND i'OURT.--Mly it llheaee cile court, I lad rthlr live tlirtccic Itlndred Cellt'rieoccn the - mall end of a thbnderbor. chew the ra getl end of Sa Sacll of lightnine, swallow tht- corner of a Virginia othrn fence, and lhave myn bowels torn ut by a Breen of briar, than thus to be. inm'coozled by thiese gentienean. g COCHIN CHINto.-- letter hlcs been pnhtlishted, in the last numbher of lthe Asiatic Jollral, whichl ivin a la mentable accunlt oft'te persecltlin in whichll ite Ca tholic ,tissiocnarie anti coneerts, hath in Cochin. Chinn and 'lonqcin, ard expordto bt the nnivr gm.vernch. n;s. |i t1n thmtormer cnountrv. twc Dominican liehocc, three to ISpani-h clergymen, anti sreven native priests, Ilad b-et rd Irehecoded, nnl a lare nucmber of onverte bad been to trangled at the eact. iitne. Ann or THE GLoBE.-In n eonnversntinn with Poetur a Lerdner. etating how mnuch we were ndebted to the dis. d coveries in geology, detnnntrating the antiquity of th. searth, I. rellied tllt we need init re.ort to geolony to prionV the flet; foril,a it regrds the lleren too ,f the heavenly bohndies, ir eold not b,. prvelthint thle fix,. astira ore crat -nb an itmeneo dlist tne tht, notifith standing light moven at the rate ototn hundred tholsnnan miles oPr second, it world take three Ihunded thioui nd vyes s for a rly of it to travel throIgh space ere it reach ed thin enri;so to tha l tnrh s wei now s he eunt nave lbeen enoater maore than three Iu tdried tlonsaid Vinre.-n Plenaann Recoil ction of fa Dillcetnte, by IV.i;. Gainr. diner. _ _ _ _ VATLUo OK L'I.GLI E..-1I the Necwmarket rnoe,. on Thursday. pint n.o II, t lt t re w hnvniveor a jockey ltrt anatclld iff thr hontnnnother Inl.nd, with ottienon o ous 'hoal.," hrlted it int, tihe air. Thek'" iln ttd" on- inotontly fight, bhllt s n qnik' dopped his fists, and tmned lt.intettttco-ilv open hi itet.. Wh.n mergel on ob hie emllnpanionr 'in ivre the "inO er d" g.eood licking,' " What?" -aidr. ie, 'li Ieh he tlhb s tLat --I wooin't hndlie hiin with a pitihrnrk ; wh l he's eighteen pence o day utrier nIhat Punch !" A woman thy outer dvyl. Ilnvigp washed her non' II etmkitte.. wan lament:ng pilift ll'y t her hltinnt ho, nf multh hy d rnll lin, no meuch nr n th it was aiposi. hie for the unrchin ever to wo'er ti.m oaTin. " t'"tt, that m.otier," ansked th e lidt, who w. e San tlna't by ? " Who," nnewnerdi the parent. "te tl, k ingso lie rlln itp on tit washt. il iit wt.ent fit the,."t " IR tt tnt mr ther, run ni ,lt raerndled the hoy, it a tlo.e ofnd rpri.e, "who. if he wesh me leg eo all, we.ant tityl ren tip iti--then met socking aol fit ye now, ut hehur.-Don. caster Chron. is To nan I.CetHn. BIltE.-If tihe leech will not bite, hi.t lim sappentier tn a broker for n w.ek, and his teeth will beotme ot anarp that hbe will b:te through the bottom ofa hbras kettle. ff MA MEn VesTtii e AlF THE OnEO.TnHILLtan (tOLLr. ar Y.-"he I nthink," taid Madame, "Ith at the ippier I gnallery will ereatlye aislt my telenied Illylrtpie porfor. Smer, by keeping in thei .elnnd." ". n,' replied nam Rogern, "but bV breinging the God. nearer to Ithe buae and the pit.i aafratid i,,u depart from sonnd policy." "Prey," raid lltrwn the otlier dnv.o n the Denn of - u, 'what id tIhenriein of le word Ditnmae. o.plied to lie rfsehinaltle Wriing Inkl "It i. derived,"t ettr tttlaly replied the I)ean, "frett the GCreek Dinmeno. to remain. or he parmmneltt." "I rather think." ohbeed RIteer, to warn of the party. ' it is frmt the Itlian Dietmint. It. Devil,nlhiort flintl do ii another Ink nnwill ever b c uetd."--Joh Bull. THIE DOCTOR OnTWITnED.-- Dr. Mounany. ridithg oer elne tIIwnt , othnrvedl a ho. hphertd tnernin his fiivk, i hti new tontn. '.ltehind'aid the Inrter, "who gave yl Ihant new coot " Thre le .hehrds thiniig lie G.t no n pearnn, r oliltl,' Ithe atlu thtt b.lhed you-i-ti iea'i'h " The doetnr, hilhly pFmenn.l eill. ,he nnsewer, n a little wa.y, an Ihen desired ili Io vanl to o hack, and ask tile ellepherd if h wanenit a t place,as ohe wonted a foil. The nervant dalivered the mase-m. ' Tell your t nater," eaid the ehnpherd, 'lhal hi lwiv naw n sil nol lllpport thnree of i." a r We are aulthorised to In nnnee thlt, at thle Ilici Cation of a largo notber nf the ciltizens of I e throe Municeipalities, Ir.WILLIAte Fa'ant hao conetiled to ithe preen.talinn of lhio nam6 to Iir fellow ci:ieen, at ie next ennsuing elention, o ai candlidate for the oSitce of aloyoEr ot the Cite of Now 'hrleana. s None sommns lutorie(s k sannoncer qu'b la doettande d'un grand nombro des eitoyens des trois Municipalitda, Mr. WILLtM FnaaPI a eoneenti a ce prsdoenter comma conddadt & Ia place de Maias a Is proehiaine Election. SL.U. tGAcnrta,et the solicitationofsttany of hia frhietds, has eoneten d to hecotnma a candidatt for the office of Maytrr of thia city. LOUISIANA COURSE. NEW ORLEANS jocty CLUB RnACS.. FALL MEETING-THIRD DAY. FRID tY, Dee.OO, 1839-JoekeyCluhi Pares, l5't0- so$300 of which goes I, the ae:otd bert Ihoree, if Illtire tian Iwi etlllrl; if btit two, the winner to re eeivo 4tLOO, it hblt one. $.t0. Threemile hats- Race tuo.nmeoftf' I io'clock. I James S Garrison entere (John lC Beanlev's) b. Ih. Mill lnoono". 5 vearsolit, Iy imp. Ftlde, dam by Virginian. Dreue, bhue. 2 Duncan F Kennor, enters gr.. . Gray Merloe, 4 years tltd, by hlednc, Idami Gray Fanny, by Berlandl.- UDrean, re nd nred. IIENRY A TAYI.OE, ) JiULIIiS C lilt tIn vt,. Proprietors, d"-0 THOn . WADSWORITIi,) T 0 MI.ERCIIANT., voer. thicicnna, .u Cuten tc ller!!--All ye, who need oliakr, otei ttlia ece ning at No. 34 St hlrles street ntd tintroniee the hnndelnbp in wiih tide hni.olne tot. I)ielionerie for oall poor Aldermnen, thlo may (irelhnee) not know - how their iown nltea nelotlhul luok in weilling. Directinn for yotng Hi lla"old al uityoltunger Wiven. Notels Iur lieaen, and moot tetife toleos ,f ,ntrder andt bll.dlhedl, fur young mnaten. Coall all ye whit need knowledge. d2Oi r'Cotmugnree , f gioda per ehip Ftirifnlrd, aked (J I) Johnenu,) (Join Childs) (I W) IJ t) J)(S) and (I A I amre requesrted to make tihe ielvrea ktemn to the clerk on the Letee. oppoeito St Joseph treet., or ela the gords will beI tored at tlteir eepen.e. dl?7 I17NO' Captain. Ownec,. ar Con. aigore of the Denish ship Thatte, ill pay ane debt oan- T traeted by the crew of atai .hip id12 AIIIAH PISK I.1ET CONasIGNE.;i oft iboea glw,and I h~eladtimerhandiae. makted 3 .J 3-2 boxes `nickead IJeo. Canlahan and I Ihanket marked i J. Clark, Jr. re aes-al frrmll ,lko r New York, oire requcsted to coaI, Paya freight aad clnrge., atd olakho them away. W Rf F ..ICK d. C, o d13 711 Camp at, o' ID' Pocket ship FAIRFIELII, from Aeiw htrs,e will discharge this morning, oppltsite St Joseph street. i Consigacen are requested to attend on the levee, to the li receipt of their goods. di16 P LAIDLAW, 51 Camp et i L- The cn.ignees o1f 6 ceas marked t.lC in a din. omtndl, tnod I bbl mnaked IM S, just received per ship B LOUISVILLE, fromt New York, are requested ton cll, pay freigltl and clharges, and take eamle awn). WMI l Fl 1aDICK & Co, _d5 70 Caml st I; Tl E CONSI NEl Sof 45 shoes cheese, marked C, It a diamnond-lll hxbaen tlownco, marked James O Soanllers; anld 4 ca.e segars, marked J & II, received per packet aIlip Louinville, lfrom New York, are raquen d to call, pay freight ond expeolen, ad lke some away, \V It Fa)SI)ICK & Co, an~7 70 Campl st b )TCoaoogleen of g" ,oad ma lked U V t I. U It & P .f F, an hoard ship St aary, froam New York are re. ouested to make thletlmselves nuown tahe clerk on the Levee P LA)ItAW. l C OPARTNERSHIP--'F. I IIYDl., laoigata aae.t cinted G W. 1O1J., wit Ilim in partnerelai , tlery will continlue the baaine- hretutfae per.aad lvy 'P. It. IIYI)E & IItOTIIElt, utllncr the lirao nf'. R. IIYDE .Co. '1 It IYDEIE GW IV It.Sl, d3 39 Common at, car. 11agnzine W AN EL--ll'hree ocr t, ur loallllir to go uo n play, ralion si Inwile fraom the city; there are ormd and eommtwldioulholanms; te lanl i alreiady clltivated and can brings flir ilncte; each ftiaily will have 'a privilege of eultivating a large parcel of leround for a number of years. and of culling as much timber a. they unavy went, wilhour havile any thin Into pay for the time agreal upon. For furthler ortictlarr, slply to - a5 corner Natchez and Tchalpitoulas sas DURHAM Ca \V. FIOR SALE, a firlt rate D)tlha r cmw, apply on a loanrd ship Potalltea, opposite Esllaaads street. Dea. 12 LAW NOTlICE. R N &r A N OGDEN will pr ectice law in partner. ship ietthe city of New tarleana, and in thatoa rinhea itt the o munary, isn which they have he. aa practised. tOice No. 9 lIfay d street. ..atc ftre1 NOI'Ua-SII-IF;IKIFt ,d t " 9 II Sheriff begs leear. .eceeantr t2lth, 11.9. ITthlt aint arie to ta" to inl'ora the putlic,- poluee, thr lao llae-' ntna to fill the oaia of de a largo aatmol' ., himnselfundler alloblicatian to tao not evena .. of ealurlesa. riato hi. colleoatioaa haave dele* .nablead him t pay tite slalnries of th jltlea, ..dent thltreon. That lle coll ection lae la toent .ound, Ihae hern put offwith incemeaut TaIhe it is due ItI has own aorutctti,m stald tlat ar ilai f ietde, tlit his fees o' ffi :e he collected, and he, therefore Sexpects that after thi notice, no one will take it entise, if lhe makes uce cf thae mneasuroe which tile Ilw palnle in bie power far the callection of his feres of office, and these dae to the 'l'reantry of the Police of the Pari.t, as 3 well as the Staes and PIarish tales, handed him for collection. C F HUOZIY, S dl3 alSheriff M ISSING from whip Albahat, iThree Irllllo iter. .1ehaaalize, mnrkod J Ii S ttirgiatn & Co, IParis: 5 Tl'unn. and fom ship Nashville, three barrelo, markedl P & M. Any person hIavinghlle same in their posses: t ins. will please give inf.rmation to No. 90 Colmmon I tres-et. n14 GREAT SALE AT AUCTION OF B.,OKS. ýTATI'IONERIt tl.etter end Clnp Ptper, BlanL tallol;e, line llhrary ediliosll .f Stondard Works. ENGI.I. H ANI AMEItICANN NNUALS, ALIUMIS '-c., .takitag alh.aether 5'1 lareo ease and colmprising aol sttetmlo tatf ulwordln ltf 1t,011 vollumas, just re. cerivred from ethe Inta New Yorkh and Plliladaelllhia f.ll trade sales, andl tu be sold tyl BDEARD & KENDIG, 0 at Publie Auationn, at No. 31 PI Chl.lee street, directly olap-anile llhe St Charles Exhal nge Illtel, on Tl'hlrsday, Frlanv end Saturlay evenings, December 19th. '01h tuallld 21t, eanaaeaaing at 61 O'll.ek. 11d9 3 Yeserealwy soaIe paarTletic..t.a. mWl wtsnei t, vet llthi spaleen ulponlole at lmn hr.allleld buat dared not, insertell t forged aldvertise eiellnt ill tile lletin copied elow, Ii ie certainlv n imnea and dlirly trick- bae guilty of--evincing hath lack of sense and lack of e courage.--llBulein, llth inslt. t $1100 REI:WARD. Ft11 abovse ew.,tl will be paid ftr information, that I will lead to the colnvictin of tihe person or e er Nons who caused an aldvertisemln to he inserieal in the SNew ()trleoat (lolnmerclal Bullelin, oftleo Iill instonl, alrportine that lho sld)-cribher liad enlleredl into caIart - erthip with Jhnaltlarrett alal othero, usaer 11e lstle o' l'orgty, lBarrett & Co.. fIr the a lurpoase lofnrrying oll tbs blusht.. af.pavia.g-no such lonnecion thaviing been a ormed N. B.--'lhe underoigneld Waaee thin pprtunity of in r firllnaae thle ,llbli, Ihat he ia ronncted in business d tf oaa kind. ecerpt hith hi. lr.ther. n02 ;A\ll1t:l. L. F)IL;tA't, 59 laenziene t 320 I shu' \it1)--.linaaaaoaaV ata tole Iot %oa netlalr, the negro ltiE(l((;'lE, slaeakilaa Ene lin+h and French, na.d ualtll I or 19 yeacrn5 feet 4 or 5 inches hlelg, heor ltnd tliick net small eve., prominent ftreh,:ld, an copln and free gut a havina one ofthe front teebh in lthe up1per jaw larokaan. I iall ton,awent he wllnt awianv. a lair of clttontle Ipant.l loons with omaIIl tlua (t ripel, aml a ginghnm shirl, snll necroe wrked a long whlile ot l n W' St ale, 5 hiah klwcecots haad. FFsltla'a., - I . .. "$111 IEWR'.R D.' 50 olllar-will hr ceil to nltonrr vi!l lodge, in ony ojf he city prl'lkl , eithe of thle f dlllwinc slaves, belonging to the Ne Olrleans a.d N.,.lnl~e Rail Road o'lmponv. ELI.ICK, black, aSohn 20 yrnrs old, 5 feet 10 inrhbe in heC'ebt. has9 and in'pepdinPlnt to hi. epees It, eI klici h it,(] 11-irn rn--t lek elm', spoken in. ilII'I.EY, Ri0'if, all, 125 en r ,.11 ,5 feet 6 inches nin heightr, rathler it st.rly Inlk nnIII inh"I·liceC(t CUunttnD iullre. J Hi CALDni',I.1., irroidlllr N.?i. Ano' person or peoll-onC md herl..ring or p rliployig r..4l nlrrnles, wlllbe punilleo with lhe gre.air-t serily ofhthe law. 2w. n14 A S11IRTS, 4c-,Rasl receivedl amid fr sale, a gInLt variety ofehirtn..Cllllalrp , shirks, p1lneer.s bsums, all oiifitheirst qlq in. and iiloulnlf,01r0,tli GOSSIP & Coi'., Exch:llange Hoterl, 1119 SIt Charl'es t 1 savers; cOrcl''llar do d; ld protcltImor ad crilb rl for invalid; wate.r pro "( aenp-" earrings hnnts; horse cogUY r1 ers" utcy belie; to be hadl ot COSSii' & Ca,',. ddl I'.xKhoegn'.Si(Charler at .F orI CAPS--Just rrcriv."d, it Ilindeomm. *ssrlnmenn lL' of enter, far rent, hir seal. andl every ,Ihftr de scription of cone, of the. best nlotllfm,:turr and ql~lalinp; f for nloieholecale and rretil at (iOS-IP & (;it'. 119 Fixchl1000 ilotei, SI Chanles at *IIOONKS-a great variety if trunkc, ralirre, i.ather 1 hats cases, for role at t:USSd PAc C', s 1 419 Ex.'eege Iloel.' St Charlrost U T r I:1.,S-nlargliOe n'rtllliilf timblre baso (. Ilzelon and h:rst qllnlily,flir sle wholl1sale and retail at a; ISSIP o C,,'r, 1lu9 Exchange Ilicil, 'hll'nrle at SILT .DI:E LElTIER PtP.El-J ta ol ly+ Sc1r Y hip Faireldl, 100 reallin .rIaitio'oe R -1 Letteltr Pape~r, o very ruperinlr end -I,", f "r sole, allnlerle Sol reoiaby .'ONINJ IIASWEI.I. On Ca, i19 40Com1,p.t lNew York~a general supplyll nflllninnndenntnrlf'IId Cnrd,; also, a lot of Cll.OPplltrla apr. *til'hlbfr rljalb worb. JOHN J IIASWELL & Ce, dl9 49l'oiop Fi H AIRt SEAT. AI'Al1-$11irnlle Ill I'lfmtelli (re a, I eer sale lo',1lell made stall golld size',men's an1d hoy's, at G1(1SII' & C,, d19-iI St ('hOledre HlI,1iii-.5-5l1 brIe ii sltore 0111d f.r clal by dl d16 f I112105EV, it New Lc vee A1116-_UOkegsit...,.ft or. tostr', ter sol., by 1116 G 1c)1(1ilEY, 41 New Levee /1l; 9(II'N-Jcoi receive I ,,· No'v Yolka eel ( 1 ply If Cheesman, largr end 0100ll; dsee. Ilnrgain. 010( ti.atdo.ue the Iinck and '.Slioioeey Sdiore of d16 JOH. J 0A.ýW .L L ~& C, 491 Cciep ri .:'l'RL I'E.NS. 0l11E Damaraog pno: ;'Victoria pen.; doubllo harrel inoo;enelr pRan;. Peruviaon pen; ci0llai. pen; ýii mnmll1 pien, itl a ceries' eaibi' orhe Ino.fotiiurr1d fly Gillet and Perry, exprreely for tIhe saltilerr. store of 414 JOlIN J IASWEI.L, 490 , mpn or NAlmO.i-1O00 kegs assorted meizes, in anl for soleal by 1114 N F CONlLY, 97 Cemop en CU1T LASS WARE-We inite pulblic eor.,lion Ito , large arnuroll.'.i of Ine and very select paltn'on,plain and cut cilas ware dl4 2w It BROW VR. .& Ce, 51 Comp ai LEMON £10 I1U-Il01 bne Umaderored'oosuperior Lemon Syrup, f.r male by JARVIS & ANIIeE W, 1:6 arornr Coimmon and iTalebpit i..o eli SNAS'l'tIR 011-16 I.&rrole 0.. 1 Caoec Ud,a cupe. C rior article for rriilier,firooale i. JAIIVI. & ANDREWS, dIG cornooiComolon oo.'I'1clhnptopnI. st pltltN1f; PIPERSI-9t0-iH l rno 27 hb 42; 100 trems 21114 I2.I1; re1001.0 2O6yd; 10n monna 2I2 b 32 " 100 reaoo 10 by 42; 100 rrams. 1:1 by l3 tIhli dov rroivred from th. b'ig l.llerik and Pncllntheo,o.. fir role by J J HAASWELL & C., euccr.emrs IC A 'I'OW/AR, 49 Comp a :. .5 NAI.Sr-A large rssortment d ilt star it r so~by lý n':'t ADAMS {[ \YIII'I'AI.1.. 67 Grnrler-t ~ UNSY B 11GS- 30 bales 2 bushel gunny (logo Gin sitare said hir -nic, by 17 J THAVER I C.~ 74 Pryylen" el ANIFOLD WRIT iERS-Wilao.,'o I i illma l if.L orirers, fircpvino Iletrer, ialvieer. drom ilue, plalo, A"c. joit recriond t ltlh BAZAAO, of St. CIhorler oiId Comeon at. 114 _ _ _ 1ll & AI.IAN. '3 111 IIIRf.-'I 00 girlec..e c wo-ol inolr er Snd ilie otlcrg.coodcook and ,bild's nooor.- Apply to hI IONo.AI1EL, 1.5 4.1 'l'cbepiiouloo at ASTOR 011.-I0 llls frar toliiy Virginia c0010 C oil, 10 bble Western cartr oil, N.,. i. fir cot, l e JARVIS & A4ItIIEWoi, n29 corner Com & Tcb.pitllns at B)UNCH RAISINS-0l;0 be tc; landing and for alhe by N F CiI1%1i.Y, d2 97 Cap.Prt LL A MAlll)-800bags uperlar leaf Iard, in cand for sale b G DURSEL', 112 44 Now Levee W HIIKEV-loll bris reclifird la Ith laidil,., per W fat boat, for nale by ,113 (i i)ORSEY, 44 New Icene. DICKLES, MUSAR), &c.--0 hnned isllrn ior; P 4Oboa.alJ gollojjar:qnquart jaloklro; 1110 hbnes Tomneto krbhup. 00 boo.. mo lard, in 4 Ib bolllee and 4 Ih rneaoalerr. n mare and for aala by 117 3 THIOYER Co. 74T'nydhen al LOTTEPmZas. a iTiHE FUllowing lilttitntin, ,Citisen'. Bnhk IofLo. 1 blan;i Ulinn ,annk of Lnnllaunli tew Orlenne Ciialll dIelltia:eg CmpiaiUy w II recenie giqecial de po-its aainl-t reriilihate iflnae hllnndred d ellar. and pwardnls, i, releanw to be credil of tllte lepstllnr, an eertilcnten, the ubllieribers will deliver l'iekets in the Grand Real Estlate Lottery-- nlk' Arcade, A iSUHIMIDT & IHAMILTON, Th under the Verandalh, opposite E Julin. & Ce, ill Statitoners hall BANKS' ARCADE, CITY HOTEL, &c. Jer Ge Ch GRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY OF PROPElRTY ISITUT'I'ED I NEW ORLEANS. ICHMIID'I'& LHAMIITON, Managers. Offices under the Verandah, Corner of St. harles lt and Commone Streets, antid No. 1111 chartres Street, H between Conti and St. Louis Strect.. ITH a view of meeting lthe wisele of our frieenj, we have the pleaure of annoutlcing to ith publ lie that title Lottery, by authority of the Slate at Louis*- C tian, will Ibe drawn at the City EnLharnge Ian St. Louisl in New Orleans. The drawing will, withuut fail, begin on the let lie, cember next. Our agent througho theroughou union, willeuse the abshove to be inasltted once in uone of the newspapers of their respective residences, and charge the expenses in accnnnlt. ni6--1dl ti 8Ci3MIT & IIAMll.'rr The Verandsh-S-t. Charles Thetre- Thoatre-Ualdwell's St. CharleeAr., .Jltp st. -Stores-Sqnarea of Ground d- .ode--Hotels. p CAPITAI. Pti" ' - L OUISIANA GRIAN' ..IZlSI!! SITCK L O'" .. IREAL ESTATE AND and St. Charle a .'lTElY, office corner of (aral State, 6th '".. reert, authorized by a law of the Till' .arch 1828. .n" . HAI.F MILLI)N, or namp trelet Theatre 12991 Priz.*! drawn on :n31st Deember, New 'ear's Eve. and tfii.led in one drawting. TIlE GRAND 'I'\V, MItI.LION LOTTERY. 10,000 Palzrs ! !! Will cnmmence drwinig as wron as iracticable after the First Lolltery. lI[ 'Notes of any hanks in the Union, t hich are gen erally blinkibletl ia th .t te they are isaced, will be rceivedi i nt laev n slfi Tcklrr, whichl, t ini the Half Million $10--Ton h !20 CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRIt'CtHARD, l2i Proprieturs & Managers. CLASS No. 1. SHE lalf Miillin r Cnam Slreet 1 Ileatre Class ti 1 the I.ouisina GIIAND REAL. ES'TAt'IE AND ST'OCK LOTFiR.KY. will tositively be drawn on the 31st Decembnher, New Years' ive. CAI.DWELI., O(AKEY & PRITCIIARD. n6 Office corner (C'nal and St Charles ril. tr UlULt.OIN--3411 lexican alid Patriot Doub Sloons, for atle by d44 ARYOH FISK. tUtil"'"n I'A'riFNT FIRE receved I per sBi i Mis.ias ipi, frolm Nvew Ycrk, a large ue sortment of Patent litles iand hellt Pinsiol, fr a le nl n O G).tSIP & tic. St Chrllle Hloltel T lC'.*AM ItOAT' IPAPER--Now Inliitig rom thip - Louisville froni New Yolrk, 110 reaill fnec llllrrel medium, suitable for rten.nlbnlt iilly, &c. ci. for aale i by JOIIN J HAtWELI, & Co,, , 8 SlleersaIrs to A twIeir. 49 tamp at S AIlS-- 000 bk r Ueet nails, well as-ortll, foum 3 6 t 6 inch, tir sale y LAY'I'ON c Co. d6.-tf 53 O0d Leeve at 5 jt I Il.iiKEY-'5 lir' teiieiferd. Iandieg from steam boat Panolu, for sale by dl3 G; IliiRSEY, 41 New Levee L.AMPSI & LUSTI'II.' CANI)EI.ABRAi. V + SPLENIDID a-tirtmepit of tlable, mantel and ti bunntine lun,ic. Iilld candlebranelsr, tit lily motlunl eil witll gleas liaillis, jnl ec ired. fir pale Lby d7-1-2t It tiliEWE' ER& AC .. 17 t:lnmp st I ADI lliRA WINE Be0I 1'i.E--Landing trunmhip IHenry C'lay, ifrom Blremen, 301 Iulimpera Madeira wine, f.r Pile low frnom he i evee, in qiilntlties luo it pi pvl.liaeern. JARVIS & ArNIiREWS, Id7 ear Commllln iind l'ehanpilnul is nt iU..Al, AND MIOLASSES-iJn plantalions elabve ,i tuwn,for snler ie n5 A lIAilS & W IITA I.t.. I Gravier rt r r A D --ib3 kggs fet lalid, lundig from steamboat r Fairlaey, lbr sale by dil: I DORSEY, 14 New Levee t- --'N tl CIIERRIES-50 ioxet in -tore and I P for sale by c113 il iITOlSEY, 44 Nov Levee A .A'TEAI US-`2 first rate l'lmlellhina nm iaeP B-. J. JA 1eau, for sale ty N 'CI n 1.Y, - n"i .7 (:n,,ip, t If TI.Elt-l2 roil.- Iealthera good article, for 1 Isol by AASS VIIIA.~ J117 1 Gr vito et (J 1'-S-3011 orckb Al the In n'ing, per fli t btt, fur 5 V Pale bly U IIOI(YS.Y, "t 1113 44tNe ld tvg LI Ilrkil, assort ed iyw leoding 11o23 A1)OIC l'! It ":l AlOI I P:N RNn.91iCommon atl 11 4 le, fro m t 'Intbilndelplli0. toll for ae 1}uml h ,r 'e0' by N.F. C 1111', dl d3-1 9711 i 11 Pt d A'ob S 21,nb'-11l b(., b boov hnod:1 5 nO lg Lle, 1 p enIt alt, Ilotoing le,,n f t p I'.l "oattun. aonfnor sl Htby Puma'b L.AIIVIAW, Sit 11 (llmp at )ERUFlIIIEIlES.-A loyoo Arn-ontlltenl o French) EIealumr'ieo, yrceoived by Pchi, I.novette, for Ohloleoole onoalil, by 11 II INNAI,01., ,r 2" 43 Tenopitoulee at. e 1. I", I)itIL1.5--LI) hulas nn~ilrun inldifti III d ""3hills, Iunding froml Phip I~bltorlleIm,tll oole by - 1111 1 1 1 11)G II Co t illA l'-2)l0 uoeo IRubbin' * I daal, on slotr,, for I. sole by 112 J TII.A'Eli & Co.74 P"lurrotset A ILS700 gen into alouo t f n-rntd Non. Naila, IN hiBd& and Slbkes, o r tabl by N CII LI.Y , ,25 97 l'ntyp a LU LobIr ,n a EhMS3-lgyc,',ord foo irorco, for IbuIeaII lrl. reetal by It lb IN N.ABr., 22 41 7*lI'lcltopo nlll eto A t 1)AJN~FL D BUCKoETI'-201 d. z,-, in lttire, fur sole h) . TIIAFEI('o. 71 Poydrtoua F ORt SALE lbol ien Ilay, land)ing Oton ship Pantheia.nd fur rsaole by clR dA. CI)Th EN, 93 Comimon at IUCIIJ Nm-I:?7 Doobloont, for sale by ý!'IILAltOJ Ill FISK J lll:\ LE m -,2,parr albs 1u. A1{1 No. whe nollt bllnigroun in oil, for le by J OIVI , A;tDIA) i, d7 c- I c own &'I' iL hnpitnulno At~d . P RINTING SMA'1'1.RI' .14-.t,,l,,1 J Ilasinll & Co, 49 Coopl lecr t, have I111 dnv rrretitr.I u enr ral suipply oftt1 pt, c:1,,,, pa's-cr. bytrow rlle, cli 111in1 galleys, !loil'. to, 111i1.el, q 11110, e' 1 l sik .... (iallt Wli·kF, 'IrnllUre , from the Ckh~lated Ifnllllly nl'Johnnson & 5m1111, PIIIndellpiS whichI is on;erd t the trade lo necoolnod~tlo11 1-,11o. 1I1l 1NE-75 d oraln -herby ainr, gi""d qltnall, itt storers and for sale by '117 'N F CfIIl.Y. 97 Calmlpet SHERRY N \'INI -2?8 dozenn (I..),. b rand)d Pale Sherry, a very fine arlicle, for rale by dl N F C ' ILY, 07 Cempeat M/ AG nPl.t t-,lolt'a '. I tlellet:l Alneltcjust J0l receined per hlil) Kenuck , andllf.rl wtllloaule or retoil Ly by Il SNABLE, 216 45 ''rcapiln~lulaa at A tLllOV lKiU 1 -I'LAS l'llt-ll1101 I Ibis. Arrow alllp dealtUolored and 'lark Ilia ter, Iondle from dill ll7)y l -(leIyIN IC 43umuds *l v tlltlltltlllO D end for sate yiv dl6 IlbllfNN llll,, 4:1 'lcllopilnurle r OAIll l \IIbEEIL.d-Uf Ort1Ou sto10ls, iII lre0, nd c for lll hry N 1 CUIIILY, d1 97 am t R.1 AO"cLi ill nll Italia 1nllf llllll.liu-5 gr.t.v I II Alllee cllellnltl'l yeltChIIc, torrat'l tlld genuinett j'tet rlclivrd fralm tle 'lml.fl"lttey 0nd fir fIIll lo t),, troth it hij plriltt. JA loVI,& A £0 I"IVSW, d16 rnr Co mollollll anl 'i chalollol.jtole et F.I.NCV CIIIN.1 '1'A t1is dElnVICES. r1111EUr Sllecriotreha 1 tll lrelevll fo'o Flllnee, ferw lifltIlnl:eC,'Icillain Itgieatrt anld lea aetloceo, of chVr. ellllt ely new, 0111 v00ry blelltilul 111 !!W 11 bIlOWUI1 tI'n, i7Co, PC `CIGio0i; SI.ATIt1S-J tt ltt(jeiv0d fotlnt -Pi)aolel' phi,, 0n inv001: f very enc 0rih reotes, I..ngiiol and .,mericon. 6 by 9.7 by l1,9 by 13, Ii Iby If, &e. For sole by 'JOHN J IIASOWELI. & 1St, di6 49 Cetol) at ('AP tAF.0 LOE'I'I'EIO lAPEII- S100 rccotoine rtled eep ,lper 1150 do do dot tin lo 1riye 1.55 dlo do do lertte papet 100 do d.. plain do dlo 511 dolllllnlltIas lpcketpllrt, ruled t n 3 rides, j0e receivedll and fer roleby John J IIASWEI.L & Itt, 51100001,e l, A Tl'oller. 4IC.1omp l DDIN1,151(' IlV" )8. &e.-50 hbntllrt bit'tlirota ) lnand.l;50r n olo do strnw; 190 dt bolnnet bouoll, Jultt loded from thlip Ohio, lont Itlliideliphia, andi fr sale by JOUN J II ASWE LI & Co, d'l Ourellrl-tIrotl A'I'l0,49 CamllOIt /J 1( PAI~rKEIIS- I g11111 11ck1r III d111s an~d obtly,. env, is nlttlled by B 111(0 N & Co. dOi-7r 17 Corny or I00AL-53tolla Lehigh coil, broken and.-teemed YJes1oeolv lir r ·ly f lo I 10 1 1110 Ie, laInIg froll,0111 Pil) Ningtnt, fromn t iladelpllhia, 0,1d for oilde Ino 11,1 to 0uit pit c llntarsll)0fy on bboard or to N F CIISILY, d2 79 Camp it SOFFArT"S IPILLS-PH fEIX ix IBI'Ti' ILS LYE Jut receivcdl, ml lfr Oloclrtoole or mtnil.Ily dill 101 BN lo.EL,4: Tbrhnitnulna I '(PIRI'd' of Tlrpentine-15 hlerlnle N Yorkd Slfts I1 of Turplellino, landingg f'm shitj Fnirolcll, fir s51d0 by JAIl VI d &, NDRIl 1, d16 corner Col,,mon and 'rhapilltllOla ets SUIPILY IF NALS.vwll assoreld, on h1nd and tlforsall by ADAOIAS WHIOI'AI.L, ol? 57 (iraoieeat ( Ad'r(tE l'bL-,A fw hlobiet the heel Ihli alt / Ctator Oil, received und for o holeolao or retail b; H BINNABIEIL, o22 43 l'OIllnlfitoulos s lll'ISKILY-50 bret Orel t d, ill otirer, for00 ity tol d 0 DIURoEY, 44 New Leree I"ULIIERRY TI1EESO-2011 MIr'e~t Nltit anrlin Tree for sols. Apply t or %Cutoylt tl 7 ST. CHARLES BSTro MANAGE., :1 h D*tts8. Third epprnratce in the tt lr of MlR. MARBLE-t-'Ier c6Lh ano43.. a i. i PaTn. This Evenitt, De.'2 , wlrmill r hl y entilled0 the YANKEE IN TIME. Jacob Jewcharp, MrMabLle George Mrlnwoui, Uon Chnrle Carlton, Do See 'eggy, i, Ve.ry To eo'selude with the popular dran ofi SAM PATCH; On, Tnz DaRnto YaNs.n. tit 'nch, M M ac l',nrv, M Mo Melissa, - io r.rq, Q Doors open at --Perfurmanes to eOmM ee itt 7o'lcok.f.f D' Seasctn T'leket myn be he at its Box Ome. iOpen from 10 until 3 o'cloctk WASHIN G DOIN BALL ROO0 T t. PIill.P STREET, NET, ea 'EC. IoV AND MORaoN sTasts1. r 7H MANAGEII of the Washlington Ball Reem nrespeetiolly informs his frlends and the publie, that the thine Ientioned eetnblilhment will open for thet enseon,on 3honday evening, November 4th, 1839, by a it. GilANI) DRESS AND MASQUERADE BALL, Is. and i ill coninue thrurghout the season every Moaday ednesdaey and iraturdey eveningt feceh week. Admittance for Gentlemes, $2 00 S New Orleana,Oct. 24th, 1839. he Tll NIW Olti.NJ~C Ji)CKY CLUB RACES Alf UVER THN. E'ILIPSE COURSE. W TILL emmenre on TIUESDAY, the 24t1h P ,,l1139, insteed of the fret Treedny dl2 Y N OLIVER, Propre tec STO REI1.. he A Dwelling House 139 Julia street H C CAMMAOA L Co. S TO RENT. ub Dwelling House No. 139 Julia street, il ti mIJ. hbniidmg Com tanv ow. App on the -! misen, or to |l C CAMMA.K &C.. i rd TT LET. us- NiAE Two ronms on the second foor suitable ft Soft r;appld~ o the premises, No. II Camp e treet,at the Firetet.t' Inlurnncs Offtce. elI hip. TO RENT. rel The three story brick store No. p8 New ale J I.J tieel le; phreeliou diveno immnediteNl. t Appy to nill ' It HYDE& BILOTHER. n3 ' ,It I'1tINTER. in the .nuther Statesu-JOHN J. IHAS \1 ELI. &. Ci., 49 Ci.',p street, repecfullyj t eolicil urders from Piinteoa of th tlit genaerllt, SPre sn, . 'ype, ' l Inkl , t'oper, oid every anicle suabe frn pirining offie. The, hove on hand double medi Sum, imp.ri;ll and super royal Presse,; type from eol Ireil to 16 line pica, tnbracinel a large *voety of jolt liin ogtelt, tlrniture, qooi., braec role, galleys'e,&. . no lmu iho I hilsdelellin and New It ork fondrile slie. 't- 31i11111 regnt of priltinte taperr from 19 hby 24 to by 42, suitable fir amphllet, mook or newslpper, which they are di.p.erd to sell on resoaleole prices tor city rccep Sltllle-.; a liberal uliscount made fir cah. 'ir e Pitre Fentting orlders toIn I & Co, may rely upol oit gfetling the irliI'leo eouo'ernted; a he tehLiCaliteliel if theL trade arte filiner ti the house. it Old typo tul.e in etColnige.1 di INES--Burgundy, Bordeau, Champjlae. V M~adeira. Rbenish, sparklill Hnl, Ill".': received by the last arrival from France and Ger many, and sold by the subscrihrs- Burgundy, Nuits. Clom de Voueeot, Hueritago. Romarnae, CI:aoiberlin, Larose, St.Jallen, St. Eitl. lion, ('llateaux Marguzx, do. Lafitte, L6oville, Soa. tern., Ilarsae, Gr;ave, Lnel, Frontignae. Chenampagne. 300 baskets, Engle brand; FPalan brand; Palace Vercenny brand and Liberty brand. Maludera in pipes, half pipes, and half quarter casks, old London particular servial. lthenish wine ; iolock; Grafenberger eabinlet 1827 do Markebrunner do 1827 Markeblrunner. Neirenateiner, Gra. elenberger, Hoeltheimer. 1825 Markebrnimer. Uramefenberger,.D. m. Pres. liockheimer. 1822 Poloanniaberger, Liebfraneaiailek- Ileinherger, Leistewein. 1811 Stinoweiin. *M".;ta boxes~pilu ,g Hck y. elli*. labul, superior quality. I, quors-Whito Annisette, red do; ratalla, bran. dy frunt, kirtchwaas r; a. f. diffTrent liquore. dll E JOHNS & Co. CJltl: ii. lt t ;itt)rlt b n iendulatly ianfrta hbia Sfi.ndu nd ceutonmers enl the pullie, thbn hLieg oblhgd It erlire from bineason account enofill Ihnlml te all ol] hid stock tl oresn Hs lswell, Herringatn and Ilanwell of Philadelphia. who will hereafter con. durlt Ith bhuitera iln thi city tinder Ithe name ofJoha i. Ihitnwell & Co. lie Inkbs inhnture in recommendilg I lt to the patronage f hia f.lnter customera. n25 A TOWAK 49 Camp at JOHN J HAASVElI., & CO, ýUCCEStOitS to Alexanler Towar 49 Camp stlert, take plh.aura in iulortiing the clttonmrra of the lat hotte nod tlm poblic ge Leralloy,hal baring Pltrrhtrsed front 1r. 'l'ower hila tie lrck of boaks. pi:tlr &c; ity have nrow hrch addltion ams will make tloeir asuorttlenl vrery .onple t. They wil alwaya be oalle 1t, stppi IPrilntrrs with itik, paper for ataWpe. per*, bhek job mtork of every demeription mn ith very bheot Irot. Cilt nl cuatry' meachanl will hled blinik Ioks aof ivery kinhd, qualitr, ned price, Iogether ill ctcki Inoks, bill books, Ltlom bouam blaekw. hills ladtnc, with all art dele ofstnmiotery uanally kept in lahek .ttcer. Ctipyileg treses., copying ink Sti . ee't, atd lnark blue and Ilnek writing hluid; iakers' noto caree, pycket lomks &e &e. A glmerla . nam=etmetit ii hIta itn all the departmentol of Kicaem and Iterahtr,. wtth the moet eotensiveaodmomplel, onoorlmant .f orhb,ml bookb ever ofered in New Orllans cll of whi thme ar repre oared to sell to eonlry mar. timate and dealers at ito locom wholeas le prca. tray. 25 APER-ftr rItll rollon stm ,ling 10 11 d, borg izelltcloth paper 100 d, Imtim*. t arr. paper 11"'0 d I croa it slla cnp wnpplin 5111 i. o shoe iter, aeftl Id CoitOlo For role by JOHNli J H!ASWEL.L & IC , n?8 Sullrel'esr. to A 'I'twar 49 Camp aI Qfl CASK.i\t piare leil, Sol Ibh ttctl, O 5 LSoa oNo. I Lcetd " ishUl h60o1,1,25 ita cools, 15d " pr, " '250 I ON each For sale by tha ,.genltt. JARVIS & AjNDRIlEWIS ci9 corner Cmn & Tchapitoltaa at iL"t U.N (LASS. landithr from ship Ctarl TO I 12, G2 a 14, 12a 16 New England crown lale. T'ias larm wa parctred at rodued peics nemai th wiliditig tae ill. meaufn'Ieri.e aompano.and i ew oe I very loar. JAItVI& S NDRWS, s29 cenler Cam &r TchapitlU IIat I.ARK (UAItl.tu.0b invoiecodafbbot and K' In senmteld, ivory eurfarc, plmi fad colored blank cards al thm various emae, just reeeied.eCd ber IIi .y JOIIN J HASWELj-a.P t n29 Suiccreorn to A Tower, 49 Cam.l 1ANK ER'K CAGES iand Pobet. o oak., U may' ..elt, all't.r ,d nlemornrdadumn.-A lare and elloiee nsuortmett, jut received sid for anle b JOHN J HASWiEu , ne9 Sccetserr to A 'owar. 49Camp al I J tt.t'i.itl; PAtI'llt- tO(b -nra- pee+ r new. a, Sofizecs trm 21 &Sl 31 iti 2L9 & 4t iuat landed f.n lhilts Ooeea fttont Heston and the Ohm from Plsadml. pllin, ani for sale by JOtN J IIASIVELL &C e, n28 Succeetorc to Alex.. Tower, 49 Cam at L)AP.I--50ll rea.,s dotihe, 1000 .ra. siingle, asl I U100 rnanm hordwarae pater, in atore and b1 armle b d7 J ''HA fEd & Co. 74 Prtydna t . i1v-OU-I(-600 bl.- ii the Indierfnr sale by " d13 G I)OR.]Y, 44 ewtsl . 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