Newspaper of True American, December 20, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated December 20, 1839 Page 3
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' 'A TH OF OULUISANAA-First Juditcial Dis Strio Court. The.Ltate of Louisiana, To all whom these pie leoes shall come, greeting.-Whereasa HENIRY .I. IJAM PAI.FtI a Y, havilla urclerd t sale made bytite shelrif of lhne prarlis of Jeeraon, tha riroperty thefreinater described, has applied to the clerk of tlhh leurt, in wloture ifere ilhe desl of solo was reoorded Ion the onoveteenthday ol UOcober, A. 1). 1833, Ior a Muni tion or Advertisement in conformily to oa Act of the Lgioltereof the odtate ol L.olisiana, entitlld, "An Act for th further onoaruace of titleo to paltre|aerO at ju dicial eulen;" alpproved tihe tenth day of March, 1834: Now, turahere, kow ore, tan t all persons interelstel hertoi, am he.srey rilerd o d il aliratod in the name of the toalt of Louisiana, and of tihe First Judicial Di-. trict Court, wtho can oct up any rilght, title or claim in and to ti t property hereinafter described, in conse quence of ant ilhrruinltty in the order, eceree or judg taent of the Court utnder hlich the sual was mode, or any irreguolrity or illngolity ill tilhe appraisetelnts ald advertisemenits in time, or manner of sale, or liar any other dtelfet watJupreer, to asow enuro, witlhin thirty day froalr th day thils toliiltin is first inserted ill ihe puaolie papelmrs, why the sale to made should not be con irmed and homologated. The saidprorty old eby o ie sheriff of the lar ih aforeesod oJ the twea:tieth day of Sietlemh-r, A. D. 1839, by virtue ofta decree of thit Court reodered on the eigheesnth day of Marcll, A. D. l11;1), in ait lit enitled Mnria Ceil,i wif of Charles Ilrcwer and ol. vs. the mineorhildren and heirs of Charles (t7cil, No. 12,81.9 of the docket of tils court, tl which alte the said i lee ry William Palfrey bIaal tie LourllCerr, for the. price of foIbur hundred and tlhlrty-five dlluri, allyhbli oash. Decriptioa of polperly, as given in the Judicial Cun veCance, viot ertat sin lot of graunJ, the same which wasr adljoi ated tll William Niultolsen HIuih, lt a sa le itlm b haue L. DMcCoy nlatiateer, of thil e;ty oIf `iew Orlills, On LhelevOnth olarlc 1811, by cirtlte life jitllenmlllt ,Il isheonurtol tIe thirtielthJnlnarv It36i, Cd whica h wl u lrderd by said eoult oil thea aeiglteento Meteh 1839, to he reuhl e tlltn risk and reltesn u feaid HFail, flr oeg. Ioeting al d refunill to comply with the terms loid IUon ditioni ol tsil ndju'licatmon. tid lt lrmieg n iluted inl the parilh oif Jeffersont, in tie trowte lail ,aorrlltoll, leig nlted as nsamletr Four ill sqltare A on plan t!rawn ly Benjamin Iluaison, e rvaeyor on fald porilno, ao tace twentieth no January 18:16, anld dellaiter, in thile ollic of Il. It. Cone, a tary oi blh af aliti. , d is friel, ito Atmeticas laartur, ftlly taio fTtet eleveal italics Sfrototn Ier.e satreet and lforay feet Ithre illnlle also fra tont iortlr o thrert, tltree hutre Ila. tirtv IIa t flet i depth asld front on Je.ort ont, and threr hlllred aod fioth inlhest nt a hollltfll lt liarii davidil.t it feeit lot No. Three, sogelher with all Iho rights l arvii. ¶e e c. Ithereintln beltnlint. Wiltes, tie Hatonoalle A. M. larlanlton. Judge of Ihe L.e Court atothrrid, thn 16th day of Nio emlber, n20 P I.E BI.ANC, Dp. Clerk. REPUBLIC OF 'rTEXAS. Talalcnu Draanr.,asT. City of Honuston, 17th Jauly 183.9 IN pursuance of a requirenmeat ofa law passead by N Conglroess, of thl Republic, approved Jnuacry list, 18o9, making it tile duty of tihe Treasury to advertise and cause to be sold tae lot in tile CI L'Y OF CALHOUN, on a day by hitn fixed. Notice is hereby given that the lots in the City el Ctlonll will be oforad at Pub'ic Sale, on Monday thl 18tilt day of Novomiter next, hetwmeen thln hiours o Ten o'olock, A M. and Four o'tlock, P M, at thie Clapi. tel o this Ropublie, upon the turtns net lorthl ill the following extraots from itah law above men tioned o See. 4.--Be it further enctead. o htat tiet Iot its caid town shkll he offered and scold fur no other our. reney than gold, silver, audited paper, or tihe pro. esiaory notes of this governmatll. See. 6.--iBe it furthur enacteal,'l'hat the .aid alos shall he sold on the followiang torms, vit: Oar fourth part to be aoid tdowi, auid thie otlier thre forth to be in equal ianstalruent of Aix, twelve a a eaighteen maonths. ia Sft. 7.--Be it further enacted, That if aty person who shall purcha oary of theseo afores:atid lot, shall failnt tn make payt avat of the seeY ul in. atalmente in conformity with this Act, he or they shall forfeit all uch aunms as they liay ravte previ. ously paid, and the lots purchiasud by such dealiall ter shall revert to the govornmout of the lrepub. lie. See. 8.-Be it furtheor enactedl, That all persons, alieans notoxelttod, siall have thle privilego of pur chasing and holdig tlhe esalste, and tihe Presideut is aultsorised to iasuepaatntttu thmo taca n oar as tihe last in, stalsoent shall have been paid." The sale will cottinus frao day to day, unatil all of tile lots shall have buell dispoeard llf. Calhoun is situated on tihe aast etdi of Ilatagor. da IIland, directly on tha Mainl Piass aitlo Matiago. do Bay, and froun its advantageous paoition, will probably beetnta the pirincipil commoereial city ill Western Texas. A Plan ol the city nay be seen in t!il Gcteral Land OtBae. Thte ervoral papers in this Reptbliclthe Coalnlaer cial Bulletin, Picayunea aid True American, of N. Orleans, will publish notice until htha daly of ale. JAMES 11. STrARR. Seretaory of thel Treatllry. TTA'T DE LA LOULSIANt.-Cour du treeu 4 ier District Judciairo--L'Etat do la Louisi, ane I tous ceux que cos prsontre eoncerllent Salut : .ttlnll. sa.Jgj9.jI[RY WILLI[AM PALFIREY yiant acheIt6 unelTo tfaitn pa-r -lealterlf do. la paroisse Jeffaoron, nl proylrid16 ci aprb dd(crite, 'eest adrelad ao grotto do cetto Cour oh la ' ito veaao flt 'a dix.septibl.o joulr d'Octobro do I'anodo 1839, pour nun v. contforlnOdllt a I1 scen, do la Legislature do I'E at de It Lou slane, intitlid " Acuw pour confiruer Inl titros d oeqlo. reurs aux YvoI. judiciaires ;" approuvd la 10, 1834. Qu'il soit connu, ettolite. personnes intdresadoe ant par cn presantos solmldous, au n sm do I'Etat do li Louisian eat do la Cour do Premior District Ildiciairo, qui pourrnaint avoir droit l Itn pr - pridl6d d6erite, on consdquenco d'un dd ouet do forua dians I'ordro, Il ddcrot on Ic jllge ment do Is Cour, an vortu duquol Ia vonts a did fit ou do Loaue irrdgulari 6 on ill6galitd danl 'estimation, P'avi ou le temps et to mode do la vente, on pour uno eutro cause qllinollquo, de faire voir, dans traote jours 0i dator db.ia publica tion de cot avis, pourquoi la vente aiani faite no se rait pan eonfirnmad at holologuoe. La dito propriddl fut venldu par le Shdriff sus. dit, le vingtlma jour do Septoelbre do I'anedo 1839, on vertu d'un dd6ret do coltt Cour rondo Io diz.huitibme jour de Mars do I'anndo 1839, doan 'nafaire di Maria C6cil, 6pouso de Chllrl- Ir. war & al. vs. Les Enfans rminour et h6ritiera do Charles Cceil-No. 12809 do Docket de cette Colr, t la quaelle ventaole dit Henry William Palfrey c'est rondo acqudomur pourlo prix do quatre contlls cin quanto piastres, payable comptant. Description do ha prop.idtd d'opreo to transfer judicisiere, savoir : Uncertain lot de terre, to n,0mo qu.e lt adjugd & William Nicholsoon Ihull, tone velta hiite , ur Islaa L. Me. Coy, enqlateur do ht villa de la Nouvelle Orldtn-, In I it Mirs 1:19, ell verlll d'un jaglllns nt do C or dlu 3 J . nvior 1736i, et qua is 11 Mars 1939. it Cour ordoulin d'.lro ro vondn nun dopons et risql es di lt Hull, a caioe de so negligonco et do son rclfi. -a remtphr leo tarares at enoldtllolts le I dill. adjudic tion. Co lot do terro est aiued dans lt Paruisse do Joflrson, dens la villa de Carrlilton, it oal dosih.i p ia 1 i 111. nora qiatra do |liot A, our iin plant dresd 6par snjalian Blisaon. arpontour do la dait p;aroiue, Is 20 Janvier 1831, at ditpos6 dins leo barrni d 11. B. Conas, notit.o public de ctrlo vill; n a (moauro Amorioilno) oinqll.lnt doux plods O1e10 pouece do fCoa e Ia rue do la Levdo, qul:rillto p ids trois pouces do ta 0. lta ruoo Illirlile, trois cents trenta nelof pieds do praiandour It Iace a la rue Jefteron at trois cents qiatro piedo six" pollces et demi our Ia ligne qll lo divisojlu lot No. 3, ensaem. ble tous loo druits, privilbges &c. qui y applllrtonl. soot. T6mnon I'llanorah:a A. M. Buelhanann. Jlge do la Cor susditoe, co 16 Nuoembre, 1839, P. IE BLANC, 90 31t in 30d Deputd Grellier. E. AT-S-The subllcribers have received and lc e lo 1i rsioin by every pockobo lonrg .app. l ul ofItrver, R tssie, lFir oltll Mlloekia silk Htll, llf ie Ihltt -iS oll. ion and best ianlufactira,,which thlel ol eor lor illolPI: ti.a to Iloe citizens aind pub inc golralll. For salt! by Naval, Military & Fashionnable lillters, under o3l IlxchallcIa HaIII, "t ('laalrle Sl SANIII.-A ouittlAGE-A .ol lp.. 1 assortl0eit ol 1 H(w er'l nand Rlolpe, direct f oanl the Itllryv, war rteled Sto hb of a quulily al i ally in tlt ei ly, now laliilgand for salo by Pkl-EI1LAltI 1,,%W, t17 G(i 'ullnp t IRON-The uondersigaed offer flr sale oail ieuiill. (taling terr, in Itll Io suiil palraoh.oole ln rtemegaL of Iron jnal rPceiveal lrom SthlellIulle, ptr brigl Ilol0iolli, asmprlring a full and cenpleie aslolrltuen l ill al ies. LAYTO'UN & Co. d6-tf 53 Old Lave oI O tltd U. ''K IlI "' a-E. For cleflauig, beautifylig and preservoig be Teeth. flHid prelpariation hln loluirel grelil celohril) bly J its poeTess0ng Ih ail tl.tIvInlo llreuliloe. flr 'giving the TLoth a paliah; loeein Iit llrOllll a 11 illen tirely eradicating the scurvy. II is farmed of iIgredi eats pleasant to thie taste, an0 hilhly beeolijsial to tile health and preservation of tlihe T'rth l and l1s; nlor d sa it jIoses ao ntl on ofaeorrosive narnre, the enael oflthe' coth, instead of bein imlpaired (as it ilevilhtl l Ihe era in intoleaoier eonlpolilioill) will lIe liraorvled and rendered beautiful in thb exltelee. For i de at the BAZAAR, curner of St. Charles and Clneloton st. dl IIUSII & Al.AN. ItlSI 6IEDI(;I ES--371l pankaoce frooallldi ceins, received per re1ent1 arrivals freln il1e ,Nolth. cre eities, Iiverpool 1nd [Havr, making their stck of medoiclnes a full 0s any in tllhe CoIIIlry. Their iae amedlcl preparlhlSoi are f-ori the celehratlld manu1. faclory of aunder, Weavur .& Co. fr1i1m whoall Ithey will hr acnllantly nlll lHied Planlter, dealers and I'hyesi clas will be suppiiod ol tihoe ,io0t lforlble lerlils. .IAVISsr. & ANDIVREWS, aly em Slmlol alnd Tehapiolllal n oal NEW tit)lDS. BUSII . AL.LEN are now opoing a enleoleto ao . oU olaaent of linen shirltl do cambricn. tllb linen fronts; linen coll lrsI lilkt, colleq an0d morllli un1deir ihirt nd ldrawers: oalnbrie and sailk lbodkhlli'rehlfs hlacL and fancy eravata, in great varietv ; mllalr llarf-; ataek of every deaoriplinn ; gum olatic and eotlnn 0i11 nder; lk, c 0olln ldl irlrond (itltes; genlltlelleri' rsnekin glolves. Alao--a splendlid asortmenl nf llnioe' and gentltemon'a wriling deo. , droesino csso0, anutlial box.on work boons. Por Foaior, Pocfulery anldcutlery, t the BA-I Ra- -ZAl~l. cmser of lt.Coharls aInd Con nmon s0 dt IB -- n -n.. -mm IIam!m . . Jl OOKBS &, 1"03IC. G UNN'S DOMESTC 1E M.DICINE.ia-More than I ven enra havle elapsed ainee this valuable fam ily mediesal work was written bIy a genlemeot f T en seaee. Sine, whichi time, more limon lso hundred thousand copies elve been eold ii the wesaltn and saouthern states, andthe demaid itr it in Ilonse lates is itireeinag. The publiheres navue t lelv revised, en Inrged and' stereoltyped it, and excstdllp it is zuperihr style, andi now oCer it tt tie cime 'lt of I.uuiesna.- sliciltors nremnw ready t, wail in thie pullie for their patrnege,mlwhish will ble g.rteflily received. 'I'The o lise fituenn & C,. is sIew oIIe at Ne. 164, Cusp ci, itppiOeir LafI1Cette Squatr r telh rta tile Ittli,- atete tes et icly invsiEd tesll aid inataise the work ior thlnterelres See VtsaIs ansd steamers w;ll fild it exlremely uscefl, as well as famiiies. G( V RlcAY31ND. General' Areet. A ilberal discount will be alliwted to .httlesOsle F- OI"Sl AR-T-...,]'- ClE... RlUlO.liI,...--John J. Itaswedl " I Fcai 4 nl lnl t have pnt receivel isy the -- whip larfiel,) II.I SITC1 lrllp Plll; TCFIV~ l h Fruiselr,'r Chrtneicles f1 C6ilgl,d Ferance, Spn'n, and the ail inii u enttttlere;swl . tIt eplettli soIlule . Thte tnissYe aIttl 'J'retliie eF Slr Jodu Olsuhitleillr , fit. wilt elstE . aleur, r &ue. by JO Ilalliwelml, eFq. 1S A de. As. aurhtm's Ansomy uf Melanceholy; the aixttellth Lon doesedillie. TheCtmslcete Anuler; or,Constmnp'atite Alu'i Reecre utitn, tieiugn ili~etsreeus~a~l riucer, fubpiei-c,md flub, s u tilishtie; hv mesk Wslsietsd t'harhel eCsttc. iumpeisu: TIhe 'rpo tral Edifices and ornileent s II Is i iha ristll ofexecavutti g silce 1819, Ily lir Vlllietlt (+oi l, in ttt volumE+. KNthI.IiI ANNUAL-'. T,1f . l BOOKi IItE i )L I'Y, etlited hy thle Cutn Steoas of lusigtlon, withl beatietully Iim-hild etC T'le lheepeake fir 18l9,editel by lthe Llady E. Stuart Wuerlee, teith rwl v e lle rlt irllt,+e Ihltil's Picttlreqaue Atniul etttittiirtltichltt-ry aecil tiE-eriptiiitttf WVintlttr Ce-tie a sI itt rmlieirtilst'diiei by I.ells Ilit,'h-% Itie, .--1.i ilhs-tr)tioo.. Ala, a farthter SUplilt ti )1ttt pIlndittil work tte Mhllktss1eale Iualery willth otl:er Iuev aud valuable Eng e lilh hlb k-. Js.t receivsed Van e r sele h sf3 AI X. 'Pt)WA-t". 41 ('1elp st PhUL J~, NiEI. 1R'311 ii ive aret, from thle French cl Alex. SI)uD e s,by Wyiit. Iireer, of Ntie* rl -L'se. Thii ular, vwrv Isvorslllv recei'i'ed in ihe Norlth,is more rlroll ly rentcmlnlln.n.lal 1In the lb,lllllr • lf New O(r lhnn*, ts the ir tr tllllllititn ofln ell i ekncw ettllet ian tfthis cits. Forsaleat tilte trisip-I lleb stilat', at K, JItilci & C". teaLr St. Ciha',, ll. ('lllrl] st NAT'OI ICAI, I'atholttlttsi el tI TI rnpent: re s se.rche on the Yelllw Fever f ;ihrallari, of 18t:. Iy PI. Ch. A. Lewis, ithtlr af Letwis ont Fever. Iiitiil Lelli.t, &ie. &se., je-l reeri'ie.I an I lfr tle, bly J..I. il hSWWELL & Ctio, rseal:cessr- t AL'EX. T'l)\ i': I, 49 Cccii, et. il5 t I.FIttI 1tti I1O..SA N, or the Adeninret of a I Frtrthg*In le t--o ieew nItiltt hV it \i Ml Ilcy etol'l'-,asd frsrln by J tiASOVl. fat',. n.?5 49 ('amp11 .'t - TI)UilA'.$ MNi,"l1(II til. ;11F ROIRl if ,i own lis e i, inseline the lReveIh.. ' l silnt, the I':latire anel Ilhe Ir'tlrtititn, by Iieauf. (CiellnI tltttltrrl)e.liutil rceeliel ,llld i'lt tlil'IcIYhJ. J. II \\SELL & :C, esuscesctan to ALe.X. 'ITUWI.I:. 49 Caurle ar. . d5 ilTC'llIl.1i'S .l\iS--Jdhltt J IlnwEl ,e C(it 49 1 Clamp streetl, ihat. it retPivPiIl, 're),, I'hilllelptl'i. a etorae l lspply lf Mithlt-Iel Im. t a t r ths li ce el , vi: f.e Ten·, Lotaiint, AI-lnhle , Mis.i--i tpi, Tetln-see, lKeittll-kv, Mluichiga, Wisetliti-itl Ae. diue. Ilsetlltr wills a ufree li tti 4v tl tlitclic getreli lirth tallt 'flits. 1112 I.A\V 10 6KS. .1TORY'S Colntei tarv its 1ie Is . e f cy; Wen I.tlsllt Ne-s Y.rk ilelltrl; Ci,.va'et' NSee leork tirliit -uJtiJl's. New 1'Ork I sDl+IR; n'nsi sail MIi stv'. Crtlw, fause; Chillt on ailll, ltw edlt. 'f'l's Ite ove '.'it etellEr:ll esaOrtllell el' Luaw uooks', ijut received nud fur saule hi JullSi J IIASOW'ELL & Co. . u [' : I*l,q ir . to iT ? T1W)\V R 49 I alllp street A- A'il NttVEI- ItIE, -Shliskul-utre & - ft cud-, A or the geolle age, of Merty inlelad 3 vile. Father itt.rR r anel Se Ltislhdia-iec Pdrimtii, by W. II. Cerletlun, osllutr Ill hell tltlsull, cii,. vll2,. The Cstnet o tisl II CPite.,t lli It llttllat of the Man if Fashioe; by the au.helu f lithe -' of Eti queue." IC Jl)IIN .% Co, N 0~ tti ititner's Iill. 2 cur St Chbrs r iei clenc,[ f ti jUS I 1 staR1 vr;va- I)-l nlt ti' tl fa tetot., a ptiet, by ItII, Couuto ut f '111,nsington, illu'orated, Londcn n rdiitita The Shakspenre inlilery, rrntlnin.i tht principal fi Iol tlle lhnracters in the pinys ul tll grerat 'net, Lon d ln editioin. For.,t Me Not, r n i- n I ew ynr'u present, by Frielld+ih arilnt z unI \n'inter'i \\'reiltl, a christman dt t ur r t (ht lrt e nod3 a i ,,nm-n, tt. Si.\I I] . t)--,I Snilt ut.Irll e io r- lul 1 111) . 0..i I 1utlill illlltlnlahl d c. r:u illog ; blltlb ll'..d 1|.v A kermllllln Co., l .odll .ll Thle (:lhd-A llhnrd Co pnlllliUnll rnlllininin thle law.e f lhe oe,vIviihl antill plowvlr Iof the plters, remllrlkna on tho be<t n1tho ti " b~i,,ni g lte g.1 llnl, \c. Rc., hJv \iV x.ewl, I nnWV 1;t:19. Cllvs.{ for b. ginne1re,i 0:00; rieo f po nretP=ive lesmon, illllllraled hv n mIIIirro(ll larir 1ns, l rintllled in cdlor s; td edini n, rvvi.vl anl c b rctyel, b W I yaws, l.o P Jitq re·lcorild atid Iftr le ie E JIi k Co. ICHlOI,.. NICAvL~il'Y " I. u um... N chrnpll eliinll just IerLivel adI t for I nle bv T. IIA\VEtLI. &af Co.,'uccesstr rs to Alex. TU\'Ai, 49 (mttnp stree l. .t KILE. llaO. A KY. L US I rilceivO i-n i otn tit al l iton Exporiit a o thI t intr. lie s n r rd lit it)11- dtxta.tnt. lhLa Cil' x1 oi tile untielt aIg pria l. Ilillhtaorilns andl Drui s; It , n01 Ino uiry l tt t he t o ligixl, hishtry and purport of Fre 'lll tiltllt alr ttal by 1tA r O \Vi R, i9 atn11! srreet A "'l'll.t. most res ++,lpi· lllv t..l'oln his pulpils S1nu1d rite punhhc gee,,rll y, t:i".t hoi: IlesP re'turnCd to l tiltrx" l c Ht Itir' I1 rtl g lin r h :ti m xl it Cixtlll ata1t tl1. d Apf'lic tii in wil liph received at thb. s.l + of I lla A rs. E..ohns h .. to..i. (Char.les sreea ; at ,. r. Ia . L.'se's, Cmtatrret; or r f 1ar. S. nt 4 adutp loage's corner A ifl C. rp Zrtrolt tnd , iyettaa qx l ar.. Pers.. applline atr el.her uf Ihe aig s Ilacr s wb l p...tia itrave tllhar Vcurd . fa1 x x t l a IIaOOS'--A t 1a w sappl. f th nll-owng wnrksr a Io la, alt received by tihe subsciber. "llNhoSa -Al r :toke ilrl sll Mlllltalne's S.lmnalrt of tlie Laws of ietlof w ith an ICent'? xrll x'11entmh', ahrirllxe, by Etalmllla JxaIxox Evall' dlnr n ltt 'iett ax- d I'ra:x dntr of Declaratioan, PItt.di'lxI, Ixntriesand \Vriti. Coke'a lllleen booka of llepezt, abridged by John A Ingerll neul l o xf l.titint Lxtws, consisting of tIeatises on ships, frl'rieht. ae d ilLnLurLInc;: i transla (Iii l'll i rehits of a11n x11 ri l nctizil n, illt aI rmmen* llr il stat; r llt anlid on the Cunxtatution and p,,licy of Ohw U. S. lier naaa,1a 4t1ir al aI Straoterx ' Hll, 113 i eix x r r4 lat hnr. 'Il'1;: Po.ts of lAmerica, by Jihn Reese; splendid ,llmorocco bolnld ChItriartan iaeelp.K er 1540, by arev. John A Clark;r n tP nlllo in m tlncc ar illlnxl ieilicillat ('tiril ftr 1x10, by Miss C II Waterman; iThe I :tr 1 839 IaChritn. I nt rad New Y $ar7 pre. se:: .{ o:nl.lld I'l, n Hss e l loct:o) Tlh Child's Gem lfor 840-( s, The I r I il", 13I- Vile VI . do, and Lixurr.y uivtaleirt 11t, for sal n uy • E J lIt)NIN 4s . II.,,I.Ei . C' tll . n7 c rner Ot Ch4arles and Cromorn o tt i lleSsirtrr , snld ihustriltd t" thi tw, ixn lautg and bihly fin sheld engitvg, ust reive, and i r atonh "y J J .IIA:'+V I.I.,. A.Cot, W25" 44 Pomp at t .no w LAlVriErS n ll llls I.v lof t1e Ito*.lou1%g Ibandtlardia l air'lh i.oy l'riltax just receiveda It .,ron,5 t o Iea annu;l(.+, I vni Iru1,alltO, ir.tId . lri fi u l ais. 11 vnai Il'ou lie lr, I aal Vxil ll f elxnix, 1i0 vnls Paixi x, I)roit Civil, at l vola inKgrn, tudir de t'nnm erce, I vli .iN rveai F r1tultitir t Nat rnit, I voli E JuIINS & Co, N () Statllnrl' all11, n8 coriner Sr t I('h4ontl itnd a.,anrtn isa i, the vertal Cmorls of L:lv and aIqoity in Englan 1, d1ringi the yetr 1839. l'ubhshed mnt1hly at $7 per antumt. iubshriptioa rt.etivedlx L a Caa JOIIy J ItAtor ELL a Co. Successors to d7 A TO\VWER, 49 Canmp at 1NNUALS IF(,C 1341]. iU'rT receivdir fr ship EllIO, bte following .plenC Sditd aItan lxditio.n : The Aiiarant., ila igelrny ofuriailnlo prose nnr verse, e iued hy T. K. II trv.o." Gese of lielntlty, :i.lplvyed in n of Iwlrel.highlv finihPd allraivilngs ti varioui s m uhiects by hr'e Clou loaS of II s'I "ano-t.m. Filhr'a Irl nwig Room Strap inok, 1810, with p eical illu,.l'inm, Iv L,. E.1L. and ,lnrv ifwitn. letieI Bookof ,,f ||Pait,,', Ib w0.viml iean tifuil engrav rilhe,t rtltihd l -y rI ( Ct111tlar i Ill s.illl.go ThI KeIl pike fr 1840, exditd biy I.adi . Hu.ll 'Vi th..'1 Pie:llrellqe 1.nnual inr 1840; Viandsor Cu1ile and it- ti h ,rSo,, by I,. Ititchir. The b'Patxof AUler.c, fiy Jobhu ree , spleindid i.moroo Chri-tian Kea parke for 1840, by Rev. John A. Clark, llolrrocco blound. SBulgix'si ()fflerllg fr 1810, by Miis aa'e rnt. , am The Galll ir 1140, a Chria maS anri New Year's Pre Thi Pe.rl .r Af1'efriuwi llth for 1840. The Chihl's Gem for 1840. The Violet Ithr 1810. T ,e (:if. for 1840. The tIell of the Seaseon, a poem, by Ihe Countess of Ble-singlon. Shakspnre's Gallery, enntnini. the principal female tcharaetorr, in the phlys of lhe great p{oemll. SForgel AM No,, a Christmnas a1nd ew Year's Present, Friendship's Oltering and Vid,..'s Wreath, a Christ mas andl Now Year'a Present, edited by Frederick Th" Token anir A lantic oSnvrnir, a ('Io istnas un] New year's ProasxHx,]dited Iy S. G. (iaitdricha E JOHNS a Co. N. Orletns Stationeri' Hall. -i corner Dt. Ch.Ilas aine Common II tJQIPPI2TG LIST.~I"j Coastwlse, FOR NEW YORK. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. (To ail etery oether Monday ) Thi.1.ine iaaaanpaacd of Ciau Cllla.otnl shIps, via Ship 'AL') , Capt. 'I'ra "k MiIS1iSSIPPI, P1 IillIrJ LOUUISV II.I.E, Allen ill AiII.ISPI'aE.C Ititltao I IU 'tt'oVIIL.E, a Eldridae ISAILAtOGA, Il11thawny 'Th abovre shipsa ae nil o Ille iler tl th, cilatred lndcoillfts~le ClIln, of a ililtt draulght u1' wet r, oCeli built ill Nrew I o0k IclapreleIl fillr tIh, witi eleg~an aeIllllultalolda ln I. 1%:paase'gere,sad rleltelldlell 1 1.111 Io I eat l '.li p lli CullItmRIse . tile tIrice ,llI, C ge i+ eIery oIlier 111111 cllIWir willIl. 01 111 ile p ealet!d lldlvey Iat arriolllltOlir llInoplllOait e Illhcll com rt irllthulls" Itrfi-r tow sl ,up purl dowln the liver. andJ theo greatest punctu-I ality nhil "ne, alIII i o llila lk Iof l lrxili Il l 1 11117 tV It IlI altiC &r captatin thesPhliP will at renl""'-'bie for jlewelry, bulllion, pr1e.110 n11 -*on11'9 ilverl or plated w are, ,hllrtkugr uT rile h llow, wanel, marblle or grnutlP, collplrrngn o ill, runt of iron m stlE l, or f.r env, llet ", pinea~l o~r packn nt Ila y a lr ipla oil eIwi eof ihrs,, alitl nn . re Irlell. hll tlCtfurl 1n10 taken fotr th lH)~IIt C 11 Ilil oIlgl IICI. .ICCI(I). IIIIIOIIIIIIdiIOI F\V CtFOSUIUR .1 CII,7 Cutup It - -- FR NEW YORK. -~I( Lolui~sinrlo and Now Y'nr'i Lint, fie f Istaaiiir~g regulanr pocket shp SIIAIC SI'I II[iCC , 1rnll. mustler. halvli y. Ip llalol fill Aag enenged, will hive rtllr 1IInle It F'llr Ir rein( o r l IIIIPIIIP kai)gsulrto ne1 l lC mm ap'Ipyi bot1rd, t1 lice, Ineryl, the vrlaltll tll Oater, .11) 51 Venn, t FIokIC 1.11)K1 II.0t S 1d CIlanc itllip Ij I' CIl. 0 111by.11 lly to is Iao t tlalldII Ing ad wll etl ithll quick1 des Iluu"I. I1'or tho pn terior, h"!vi tg nle.eaa ar·om ''ld 10 Vi 'a C t (h 1 t la11) 1111onhon, or Ct. dlO e A C ;1)11 Il, Nt I4' okmm~n 1 eI IA 1 I 1711 11oiling11hi i /II1W t TA :N. tile 117s1x. For pallllgl , nIll, l ant boardIII , 31 d - d17 51 rPamp at - Tt51l 1Ei~ci '01CI1\ta. u~l Ito Ctrl fltlllf fC anylll 11e00 in EurpllCe. A Cired App1ly IbtorC t 10 CII J1 F 1128 llL~ I'arbr IrtIC iltC5r l 7t r'tllt a or tl I.nterior. I1,01 n rqurnete IS thI Indier fair tdkint 11111 11011110 tA. 3I [bi6lll te ilee" 1 lve lld 111rhne O1101 1 7tk 5.11inallntllt itlr to lece Ive illIlpuply deLIttIlglllt New pIl~t I 1n. :t . d14 F la BAriU SACA. Ro.2gMnr PAwillALLrt. The finet, fast running zrenmhrlnt .., C1 a 4Clr CC'Caarllia.1 Car t . liC, rn A ' I Illrleav. New tIllellOO livtylg efw d or hurtling t l 'i "0lllegli olrl 1111 rig tr11 pus, lll IlplaiCCl~llk,,ll ,, C13Il)tlIal allll tltiall b1plu.11 age 1pply itn board l or ar b .128 'Ltni' 1r", a FORl ISAI ill' SARA RegULar Packet. N. CCi I fllC slsl eeiC Ilall nlennl wihll l uva Nelt Oatlrli every1 \ird ne~ddatat I11 o'clock A. M~. for Ilavo-~l Sara &revery Saturdayt at In I'cl ck \. 11 tsalll* ino n-an·f down ond Sunday. FoI~~r freightl l or pa~aago apply to Cupt.. Ilanl out bo rd 1 ur to feb2:1 40.1015 & V111'i LL' RIOC I .I iVELRY. AT No. IG ClfAR'rr1Ee OI'REET, A2 FUI.I. r*;srttllatl. ll- roe."irell on'iitilg Or In, ring~s, locklet .+, brolal:llos, lillllrT "i·Ig.. eldll sodl keys. wa~rrnlllpl' Illlorn~ cisrlors Illd kniY.1 wallI~II cudII p]oC-et books, Illl, pan 1, tooh and W iltl bl u.hes,9 plated .,arsine ,tad Drlndlr-ill ekR anal I n!, h:lwketJI corn) a."rklnce+· nodl bend+;~ all ther nliore articles w~ill be oltl red orl file m'.11 renl-lnnnbb11· forms.~ NV. 13. : I1rre flout g loss w (inllO\V· ide s~rlvrS andl -how~ caeca, for axle. Please cull at 16 Chartresr sweet.·1 - IJUSE f.tRNISHING STORE, - w x NO. 55 C\I.I r rREE'P, NEW ORLEANS. ral,.ýlE UID.I;:I(S.I hlaviea now opened their stock if (liooi,. iUconsiltig of Table Cutlery; fine ivory hI:Ileld Klllves and Forl; Ivo ry tablto and ide.rt Knives and Forks, cn sets; Ivory and back handlu Ileu and gimne carvers; oyst.r ald eilok's knives, Germani, English and adomlnUoal rtcilvaifactrel,; -sLs lnd cloavers; aXrs, ha clats, lck saw's, ,c ; icpatent locket anid plain COlk screwct;Gertl e nstIver, tea and table uspe ,z torks, butter and fish knavuI; IInglish jl. paned te; trIys, waiters, ill sects Tld sing!e; broad ad knliti trye; eCnilll anlld pl;ain top plt warm. ers; tea caddeh., with and witlhout tea; tea cauis lts; ch.aln;hlr canldlestieck; lamps; nurse lamps; foot baths, wilah kIttles, and cleanmbar pails; &c. ilain and block tin ware; conenoltn tine ware; tea and Ilppel'r urns, w'l:hi and witllhout lamp heaters; cop, per biggings and itlhers; tea and cffleo poto; pa tent iiinperll (dish covers, in setrs; dish anlld plat heaterr; eg blhters; egg slice, wli,,s, ladles, &c.; sauce and stlew pans; pplepper and dredging boxes; bake. padding, patty and milk panel; reflectng ba kers; tin roaster%, &c &c. A ge ral rassortmentt of pot moel and iron ware; skillets bath pans, spiders, clay and iron furnacesr; stove furoaces, with pipe suitable lor small rooms; slhovels, tongs, hanIdirons, lbnders, brackets, &c. Wood and willow ware; chairs, cordage, broom, malls, d&e., comlprisinlg e general assortlCent of house and kitchen Firniture, which we now aofer onl reaulnalb u lerims, ucd hope, by our long ice q caitanev with LiiU hisines, and unllre'mitticng at tentin, to imerit a share of public patronagell.c d19 CAMIPiELI, & EEREB. 1. I .tlcI( NI i,, .':.-l.ailincg ,rl , .11 (1, . ....uul,, *. llChrlkrlk., luiivili', ,lusep llns sa, Ohio I'lv. rlllahlri ill aaii na Sioly li isaeitini dIo Pladder ill ve.k',balrel and , els I diid t1a1r in k sa Floor Sulphuri,. barrels G;rtiad ginger in d al. a da inn tinlarllate- do esllc/. ad seu i powdersc I'tSent mi ed.,i via a , aasorted vials Pakiut idacn v eeneh b.lrche c WithI a en r:l ns-nllcit I m di:ines for plantations and cealers. Fi r Wse hy .IAltVI ,: AND)IEWS. 029 coran r gin. & Theiaoitoulao at - NULS FU)R 1i840. JUT reeeice Ie , New Turk the fotluwing:i p lc . cli0 Lniiciic Ediitinv : 1 he .arunt Ii-t:llayl of original prose ante erst, rdhtrd by TI'. K. Ih',tv.v. G nll .of Ile.try, ii+ p.lavr. I in Aetries noftw le hiighly fiill;el Prle.tlnos a f vaiieuns anhje.:at by tha: (:cac-tfis- of I.le-eI11igihn. Fiaihe's I cra c iao i. oal Sopll B I,k. 1840. wills pooeti cal llulist ltins hv L. E I.. ai. i ll lv Iol w llt. Ileautl's Ihik cf Beauty, 18111, whI hreautil "l e grrv. i go, edit d b i tIIe i'lcltlaculs ciI BIc iciagtcII . Thie Ieepsl,ku tlr 1810, edited by Lady E. Iluart Vt orthlc. Heash'i P.iluresqau anln sul fcr 1810; Wiidsa r castle aid its l n i.i o, by ,. I. inchis. - The Icat clf Ie.\tcet.c by Jhlt Iteerc, splendid morocco Christ;al Keepsake for 1810, by Rav. Johna A. Chllrk ln, lcclo hanld. Belgian's Of1' ring for 1810, by lMis Wsaterman, em l'he Getn for 1840. a Christmcao and NoS Years Pte oent eboisared and c lorcce.. The Seal ,,r tilecti cn's Gift for 1840. Thie Chd' sGl c fihr 1810. The Vildet for -40t. ''The Gift Lfr 1840. The lell dl tice Season, a poem by the Countess of Ila-lngroll. Sh..k'peare's Gall'rv, enClnining tihe princi .al fano li charel-c re. inl thl piec cilotle great ilicet. Foriget l,. t, (:hlri-lnts a d New Yaar' present, Iy Fered. SIIdIec. Fciednllhi'a aioi'ering and Wiiehw's Wre th, a C'hrist mtla and New Year's l'resent, edited by Frederick Sobe rt. The 'eokena and Atllsntic Si,uvenir, i ChlriltcIr and Nerv Tear's Present, edited bey S. G. s;oodrivh. The Iris of Prcse, Po.try and Art, for 18ti , illus trae.l I ilh raviui ga toy WV. & W. E. Faider, froma paltin ea by J. ilrnl., i . dited by licss . itfforl. Tihe InIk of tlhe iilinir, or the Ciourt of Quieen Victoric, with l cla.lldded onglcVilgi elacuteId aicler Ihn eulcicinlecccPlc e of it. & W. K. Fincleo, witc poetical illustratioans,li sale iv JtillN J HASRWELI. & Cn, d9 Successurs to A Tuwar 49 .lamp at ICOLAS NtKtiLEvY, Nosa. 19 nnI 20, just re. cived and for sole by J IIASI\ELI. & Co. d3 49 ('aomp lt %I t E )ICOL \WORI) .i- Jclchn J. llasweci, & C ,o No.49 Camp street, h re jot recived fI'romn Phil ail lphici occd lMcoic, a genorae sappli of nmdital hIntka. of thit tert edilions; amoalg chith are Louies na ielhew frear. The aeiect Medical .ibraryv. I vls. tlltxanlcs Cyclopedia of prictical surgery, colored plates, folio. Slik--a on dieaser of tha chest. Medical and suregial noeoraphs, by Andrsl .leuis, Stlard. &. ..t. prilciles of the theory sad praoriee of' icd:eine,by Moroshll Hall, 31. 1A. d44 .: LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK s u tatjiorftt of t~bi State of Lottidfana. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRI'[CHARD, MANAGERS AND PROPRIETORS. 17 The First, or Half Million Lottery, and the Second, or Two Million Lottery, are respcctfolly preaented to Ihe Publie. Te HIIALF MILLION .LOTTERY will be drawn in December, and finished at one drawing. The TWO MILLION LO rTERY will he drawn on the old plan of Blanks and Prizes-Numbers In one wheel, and Blanks and Pria a in another wheel. Both Lotteries. under the supervision hoftwo Judges of Courts, WILL BE DRAWN IN NEW ORLEANS. The HALF MILLITO' LOTTERY offers chances to 1,291 Prizes., ofwhthiclh 33 are 'rtV a of Real Estate and 335 of 3tnck, hioidel many Prizes comi posed ofTick'.os in the Gran.d Two Million Lottery, affording a participation of clnoce al,,r to the hiolder of a T'ickot for Prizes in The GRAND LO I'TERY of Two Millions of Dollars--o,000 Priaerll-.ot thel :'.l amunr t of 32,00J,00, of which 107 are Priams of Real Eatate. Only 9 Blanks to a P'rrlz!!!--Simplo Nos 1 to 100,000. 100,000 T'ckeats at $20-2,00t0,000. Scheme and oelling price the amine. Amnnmon the Pizes in these two lott ries are many public and private buihlings which adorn thl, city of New Orleans, and are the pr:do of its Inhnb. itanta-the Verandah, St. Charons street Theatre, American Caml ftreor Theatre, St. Clharles Arcade Buildings, with llttels, Diwelling I.oues, Storn-, lBuilding Lots, and many entron nquarea of Ground-besidas Slocks to OBanks arid other ltiatitulions of the State of Lotuiiana, amounting in the whole to TWO MILLIONS FIVE IIUNDRIED TIHOUSAND DOLLARS. All the Real Estate and StorIk off.rod in Prizes are owned by ti erl anld in thrir ponsaesoion:- he anct of sale, with clear titles, are vested in Itheir firm, and recorded in the oflice of Adtlphe Mlazureau, Notary Publ e, and office of coanviyances, ruady to tranle r to the holders of Prize Tickets, exempt from ielit llbra nor: The proplrty is set apart unalterably to that sole anid aily purlnoso, arid can, in no event whatever, be conveyed otherwise by the firm thanou to the hoilders of thio Prnzo Tickets. AMERICAN CAMP STREET THEATRE LOTTERY, CAPITAL $540,000, iN 1,291 PaRIZe Will be drawn in DECEMBER NEXT; and in order to gratify, at an early period, the purchasers I of tickete, te combination is adopted for this Lot. tery rely, of 1 to 75, whereby the drawing will be completed in a few minuteso by the drawing oel 12 Numbers from the wheel. 67,525 Tickets, at 810 each--0675,250. 1.291 PRIZES!!' SCHEME. CAMP ST. THEATREI AND GROUND, Will be prize to the holder of the tlt, 2d and 3d dnwn lllnbTa .. . . . $so,ooo 000 That nhlator ti rt fur litrv brictk building 0 called A rslaron_'s hotel. forllng the currer ofi C , hI at Nltcez onetera . . 40,000 Prze to 4 hi, 5atll an till. That valibhler lire story to iek itore on Old Le ,*re stleet, occllied by leseaLr H & W llop kie .......35,000 I Prize to the 7t11,, llh and 9th. That elegant dwellthg house and lot, No74 I Itovnl stretet, relcpiitd by ;v W Gti drich 23,000 t: llrize to the lOtb, I ith not lith. That to eltory dmtble dwelling and double lot in I2d l. orrupied by J .1 ial . 18,000 Irizz to tlhe let, 2O1 atttd 4th. An entire square ofgrnllll in funlbolrg Annun. ciltion. ?d 1I. bounded by Liberty, lBenton, Mel ,omnee and Tersirhllore asl. . 14,000 n I'riz to lst, dil an.l 51h. That one story store and Iot corner Camp and Julia alreet,uccupied by Mr. 31. Lauthier for i dry goo dsa. 0.,000 IPr.ze to lt,. 21 and nbh. That one totry store and lot corner of St Mary atll" Jiliat... 10,000 et Prze to Iet,11 and7th. . ,0 ' A certificate Ibr 511 ticketa in the two mtillion lttery, at $'0 each .10,000 2 The fortunate holder tof lli prize ntay realize ttle ihappy v atity to nhtain poseasionn,through itheir rleditlll, of the pIrinciple portlio of the various splendid prizes ia the two millin, I hItlere, will be a Prize to lar, 2d1 and 8th. That I lrge huihdlilg cnld extensive lot in the city ol'l.afyettre, ahubolurg .ivrudlis, corner g Wnanitgtota and Chlpp.wan sta. 100 by 200 i leert 9,000 Prize to lt, 2d and 9th. r A eerlitil aut of 425 tlckets in the two million lottery, $21. each 5,000 Prize to Isat 2nd and 10tlh. That one story dwelltng house and lot, 2I 2M. Nayvntls at. next toI double lot CUrlner of Mel- it i1,thne 7,500 Pi is le to t. -d andt l allh. A certificate fir 3'5 tickets i: the two million lter, at 0 t rea , 6. ,500 Price it, lot,. d and 12th. A drelling house ar d lot on Victory at. 3d M. being id frlom lot frming corner of D'Ena ghir snt. 6It and 4,h. it,200 A certificate for 3011 tickets in the two million luttery, at $dl eachn . 6,000 I'rie t ist, 3a1 and 5th. A lot of'ground on Nayndes st. 2d 31. being the third lot Irmn Mialp mellne at. . 5.500 0 Prize to Ist, :I id nd th. A certifcate fir 270 tickets in the two million lottery, at $ mIt) rt h" . 5,400 Prize Ino Itt.:td and 7th. A certifcaote for' "25 tickets in the two million lollery,e t ll eah . . 4,500 Prize it lmt. t31.oad t ih. A two story Irweilli eohits annfloa, S3 01. on D)'lenghien st. next tihe corner lot of Victory St .y 4,000 Prize t, let, 3d ail 9th. A deairable lot on Terpieh:llore at.2d I . adjoit ink ht et crr Irt a' Nat'.de st. . 3,500 Pie t to let,:lid andl I th. An eligikly oittrtRed building lot on Relitiono at.lld n. ibl lolt from that on corner of St. a Janet ist. 3,000 I'ize. tll l t, 3td sot l lh t . A prize eonnieting ori a certificate ter 150 tick eta ill rhe two milliotn tlttery, ait $01 each 3,000 t'rlce i lo, tid lnld 12.l . "1 Olne endire equare of groane in ftlnhonrg An naneiatiot, 2d Ml. ihounded hy Cherry, ThLe lit. ChltC alld Erreto set. 2,500 0 Prize It. lt, llh and 51th. A deoirable building lot, 3d, I. corner of Ilo re and Mllonlelt nilt. 1,900 b Prize to Its, 4111 and Lalb. A d.eiratle building lt 0. tfeet on Montegut 0 St. 11 M1. 4th frnm oreau t. . 1,8110 d Prize to lat, 4th end 7th. An entire eqllrae of grl.und, 21O . Lounded hy Cliol, Peao, Erralo ntll Watl sta. 600 b Prizel to s, 4th and nth. A plll tio ofa siarerg ol'groend in 2d 1. bound. ed by Errato nlid Eagle one. . 1.000 Prize to lst, 4th and 9th. A nqofnro frtrrlt in O ld NM. bounded by Ma.. th, Pine srad Clin, et. 2,000 2 Prize to Ist,4th and 10th. An eligible hatdino lot, faubtour Livandnleis, city of I.afavel;e,39t let i Washington street, 1 3d' lt fromll Chili,towa street 75u l'r.ze to let, 4111 and I lh. A bhilditg it ofground, ,aity of I.afatteir, 3 la t on Washington str el, and Ith lot from Cihippyr slto weet, 50 Prizr to .41 , and l3th. Si~ h'lidl~ing lots of Cm k, sit d i1 st to I ' th Fttr buIttltin Itts ttf amnat, , lrli if Lafayeyttei fritm lot corle.r We a tienetn s$ ee, t 010 0 Prize I, t,Ih and Inth--lInt ,5ind 1th andt, t-Il, and 8ih-et, Silt an.l 91, 9$;. Sit hlrilding loin of rcnrtl, callliuat lite to millioth frlonl tt crlner WVa. bigtio eired, $3'10 each, 0 Prizue to Ita, fith and Itih-1 , h and I th -I a, 5th arnI f4t -I-- nill, .ord 71it-l1s, f1h ani 8 th -let, titil ,l 9t1h. Ftte tirpizea, malh a cereitelttt in tIhe tw mnillton lottery, 300 ticketr, . $'l rerh . 6tOll0 Prizo to let, 1.t nrtl 21h--t,. 7th nitd a1tt--Iao, 7ll aird 91t-t-Ii, 711Miit Iltilh. Twlo prizem, each it certificate for 125 tickets in llo two mIlil(ll lottety, 251) tl:kets,a i $10t neatl, 5,000 Prie to ins 6 han, 10tth-It,6th n tlllh- , Five prizer. each 8 ohares aof Sock in the Illlurichatalllin railroanl rcomnlahy, 40 shares, at 1$Ittt elct,. 4,100 Pine i tl ar, 7tll a-d llth--ltat, 7th and 12th-t·l, 8tih ahd I Ith--lt,8th ndn 9th taIst. 8rth aod IPth. Five prizes, each i; ohare' ot Ionntchartrain reilril srtobk, 30 halurs at $1110(I 3,000 Price it, 1so, 8 ii and 12rit--.In, toilh anol 1 th-I etl 9 anrid Ithi-lt, 0th and itlnt-Ist,, 9mh ac't [h. Eilght prizes, each r ertifellclte ofi0 tickets in the Itwo nillill llor. tt 101liti elr. et $ il enth, 0,000 I'rize terl1It, 1th1 aene 121th-Itt, 1111h nd 1 !t1-2dl, 31 tnd 4tih-24,3h ano 5th0l,3t and 6th--2,131 nod 7th11-2, 3d and ilh 21t, :d and 9th. Ten ,or zr,each 3 shllnres of rtock in the hnnk of luiiaiiant a, 31 nl ciron Ioni $110, 3,0u0 Prizea to 21, :l..t tOnI0th-- 31 anld tIt- 219, at and 12-- I.d4th and 5ith--Su., ht nnd 61h-- d, 4th and 7111-24, 4th and 8th-21, 4thl and 9th-2dl, 4thl and 10th--:I, 4th and 1111t. Twenty prizes, enac i eerlifiente flr 25 tiekhti in the Iwo ,niltitn ttlllerv..r tickets, at $214 0,000 6th--ir, 51h snd7th-- SI.5:hl and8tit-d..51th and 9th--td.5tth nail tlh-2d 51h and i lIth 0d, 5th erd l1.di-2d. 6tIr cnd 7th--rd, 6th and 8tHl--2I1, Gih anti 9th--.I, Gtb and 101h- anl 8111-2, 7111 anel 9th--t,7 th slid IUth 2,, 711 andl IlIth-- d, 71th nd 12h-l-and 23 i, tth enld 9th. Siety-thrre prizee. each one chare in the IOcaeorne srn eeOlranvrio y, hre at i4 3,150 Prizera to inknta hteviltg IlthI and toih. One hllnniedolnl twenty ilt rize, rich e reltifiel filrtc) liekhoo in Iha tea ililn lultterv, )26 titkel, at $20 . . 25,200 Priercs to tickete havtng any three dra.o nltmbers. One hltdred and Iwenely-ix prires, ech lhren thore. iothe New n)rleana 0.l0 light atid batkitog eaompny, 378 en-,n.ant $:1 . 11,340 Priret to nhe tan ead 2Oi, or .'i eel 4th. One hundNred eatewentyix ,ritar, e keh nwo harne New Orletans gn. light and banking eanotany. 052 ehoerna.t n:1 3. 5,60 Prtei tin thOe 9t and t0th, nor 0th ao I1 th. Tnr e ilundred end Sloe en prie.. each a err titieatne nfftar liokbtn i.t the tanwo eillinn tolt nerv, 2000 nickeain, ci$Olt. .'2., P6it.e to 41nh neil d hu-hth and Oth-Ath and 7th-7th ond 8th -lid 11l, nad 9lh. Folr nd Roirlt -urean rize ebarh a eer. nifcale for 3 tiehnla, tin Iha Iwo oail ion lot. le. 1305 nibt tick c al$20t , • ,4600 Prleto tot Iat cd :bt--de anil 5th-1 and Ath--lth and 7th--5h and 8h--6Onh and 9th or 7th and (1th.. If Fle heetryrndnd free9ilonrencldafire. p49-20 TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. 10,000 PRIZES I AMOUNTING TO TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, DRIAWN ON THlE OLD PL.IN OF BLANKS AND PI'IIZI,-NO CI(MIIINA'l'ION til.,lERS. 100,000 Ticictm, at 820, - - - $2,000,000. SIMPLY NUMBERED, I To 100,000. Thle chlorne and selling price. are tihe same, as no addition, or rreervatlone are mrnade for expenses in this lottery: thoio cuntllngeut expenses will operate as a lar,o deductionl fro the valuation set orn the proprerty. MOD O(F DRAWING.-The Numbers 1 to 100,000 will he piered in one wheol, and tile same numbter of Blanks and I'Prze in anotlhr wheaool. To every number drawn fro one wheol, a telkot from the Blank and Prize wheel will be drawn, untl tile whale are drawn. TIHE FIRST DAY'S DRAWING OF TIlF. TWO MIL 1.ION LOTTERILY, MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1040. 7 Eacih day's dr.,wing under Ihe supervision of two Jndge of CiLurt in Now Orleans, and the wheatl opeled and sealed by them. 10,000 PRIZES. I. Te VERAN,.IIA\lI ald grnllnd, valued at $5.0 0,i0 T'hsi u ,sclethi. Aend illl ediflce iAstoAritestt ligh, and presents a Ir.ut tfi 14i fet lon Saint :lharl.'s street, and l0t fiiet oll C rnn.on l lll reer. The principal portion of the front of the banu nmelll . elll c ie II.m iMla ge. hir ir rcoflte elueon anil eiglht isore.s. alld two crned eiltrieL to lite hotlel, ,.r which Ite rventiindl', of hi' spl'hidle d tdfierii d dejitllell, llld a. sllil is noW e CCmpi ed hy Mesrs. Kilg & .lleekt, iu a style whlich renders it the Im1st filshionbltle hltel of ithe southl; 3110 personull call at on litte ie be ovenu ielltllceccommoled en dii ,hladie rolUme, par lours andell bed roomll. 'Thle Iplresellnt rent avera gPe $0:iO,t(IU pertulllllm, Iand becomes illIvenLed bly proiillsins I.1 the Jesees to $3:,501). The stores iu thebasel-rot rendler" i1 Dus elrpile, of ugmlellttliun to $45,001 to tile fullll' e h holder ,fthis prize. 2. THI': S'. CII\RI.ES TIJEATORE AND GIROUND, with the scenery, maclhinery, wardrolle, lmusic, &c. complete . 500000 1 Thi lliagniliciett tlructure thnu fitInt of 1t30 e flon IS Charlest street, with aIt depth & front Ii of 1711 feret il -'l Churles Arclde. 'I lie c . ttci Iv anlld aceonodlllllllldtilIons within correpllend with the tr.lgnitude of it exterior. T"ie I traltd atloolt is r 5 by 1tu9 feet. i ltre tbur litrli I :ef boxPe rllrt ttlrlUetiled wlith extelliive gRlle-c riis; 47 of tIhe· boxes have Iboudoirs fir refllrh I inolUls. II the neetl of il1a defie is su'lele. dlailda nlugnilieieal n lhailehelr, I." el in helght, t0 feet inl irrlmlerence, c iwiglilllg 4I,:t0otll.,& iillulmed. , wilth 176 gas lilltts, atii cest $111,750. i The scenery and machinerv are unequalled lln lhe enlnlihlolini nll tile wurdrlil is tllln eilicenll.t 'I'IIn wIholretlllhlll eii'ti coltld itIo bie leased air 3 tleara it $311,II11111 pler DIer ot.llll 3. '"Il. Si'.CII t11tl.,, A IC(ADE IIUIL DINGiS, .B IllS, AND GItOUNtLD, val ued i . 150,000 A heanitilbi hlock of the Corinthian order, 54 eetrl friot on Iant street, Iyv 170l deep, frontl ion IIi" St Churle Arcalde, 4 stoilies high. 'The bltlhl, andhl stores; tll tll'hed floor are the hlr gest billiard rotill in tile United S'tates. The upper ttorits are t.isi led i,,lto 42 td ng roomse anld trlours. 'lihte whohi relnts ft r $f15,1100 per anllUlll. I. I'he entire tallre ofr groulllnl, l lUlliei poility, if 'iciit"r'll bulildinug lute io . Dryade street, blollllled by Mid )tllellll e, Ileroehe, alln r hr37,000 5. The et lllr tic. ortckf tlore Ir o lIIdI nireet, 2i u uniciihtic, titlitiii. 0 iiiioilioh nn I. The flil story ketch etort, ! o. ilht Levee s ieet, ist lUU'llici tilelb, fior iglllitig Clitlllon eret.. 30,000 7. ThI'le b r sthirr new brick dwelling house oil C ttrlntlel t setlc', 2i ttllllu i cipulll , toriing the corlner of i ravitr sreet .. . 30,000 8. The ratite lquare of grlnld liU l)ryah+e street, td 'unlicipialiy, conili:i 13 lots, houne ded by Luter man l Hercules streets, aend tiln liute i t it" ,ll&lr . . . . . 05,000 9. 'The,,el itirei. Iire of groun eld on HIere iitie strree, :d Hottiictipalliy, of loi Ints, boulldted by .leltluspete strwle, &.c . 25,000 10. The elntire ciquare of grouinton Herccles street, 3d mllunicipalityv, of i loits, bouuled by Enherllope, 'T'erlpllhtici eslreel,&e. 23,000 II. The entire squareofl groundll oun rvier street, .I mluniciipality, Containnllllg 18 lolls, boundeid Ily - 20,000 12. The entire square of ground ol Benttuon Iyreet,2d t ini l pall l I conhlil.l 11;l l,l beelu . ded by Eucerille lI :r 'I'erl,it:llore stleeete. . 18,0110 13. 'The enltire sqluare of groe.ll ll Melpo. teen l rsele, illl'lllld uutneipultlvlyl:OA ll In lulo , bollndeld by entllltlll alld I'erelel.ll rlltri Ireedt . 13,000 II. 'L'he. entire squtl.tare of ground on clueion 'ertel, 2I1 inllieiitil y i lllli, eti i lllt g 18 bitt tcleilued by 'I'trltli.hute, Li.erty acd llt"tute eel . . 14,0;.1 15. The two story lous.e and it ol n Now t.veto alreet 'Id ltlllicipality, corllner of Rolin ,treet, :11 by 105 ert . ,0110u Iii. I'he qaree it" grollld iln cllreies c.trPel 2d clnieillnhllt, of'J I llt, bounded by Ilercu' lee, FuierleP nnil Felicity slects . . 12.000 17. The sq . re i ground on ienton .street, 2d municipality, of 14 lot., hounded by ,Mel l"e m~Unl..I Libertry nltrlets, and the liie of tihe otiler iproperlt . . . 11,000 18. The tillue tof grountl oi elelpItenea Liberlty, 'lerpsii, re'a d Hlhwardeslrec " 11,100 19. 't'he .tII..e of t nithl a Istreet, 2'I luniipall , olf I .i 't-, hllounded by 1lelip, t.ene, tllowuitrl and i ib. rty streets 11,'00 20. I'lh, Irlanllgolr sIarr e: grutte1 d on RIeu Ion street,"d in. f5 l ith , biunded by ilWhto and ISllterp etrle Is I0,00 2 . T'he ou .ltry' building al;d grtound on Jlllia c..e ,r l lt. e11 xt'I. t1e corner l of. l LCa.,it ctce,'i l'2.. bt 7i f . ,et 9,1;011 .22. '1'h"" mq "are ol urse.i ,n Thalia ,trsi, l ll ...I.. t hl l , btcinded by .l'llpeotu.'e, Jacob ,lld ii'tlii I 'lc • . 9,000 23. The oiu Sillll builc!ing on Jilia slreet, next to, 111th e tner (i' St :Mlerv. .t'r't, cU sul:iilg ia htkerv, and having t.j bllviy'b f 9,000 1. 'lThe stquiu.ei if c. ., e ut n "leli,,enlene itrecl, I ti oltttotllllh t7 by 1tluwartIJl,'l'CeItiI cOl ant Ja.eb, tleelts,c2d in. 9,(000 .5. The square of gr,.uud otn I ibarly street, 211 m. 'fq13 ci,, bulllled by T'l'erpichule, llow. uril alnd elml e .t lr.Lete 9,0"10 23 1f7 lod,, boundled lby Whitl ad ,lelplu sllls ellet 8,500 217. 'I'lhicui., o Ie s tor iii g ntnd cri'uero alrrt1, 25 by 78 Fee 8,000 28. r..h 1 ...... of grn,,nnd on Melpo,,,mnoe tand Ter-:hre stets 6,000 Julia etret.l, 2,1 III. b"iE'ig .1111 , ot frot i:Camp laree, Ihavinlg . y 7id lest 8,000 3+I. Th.legn.lre of groundlll on '|'hali't ,treet, _d ll.f +1 In h, oundelthdtl hy Jacob, Jols .tad lilelp amene meet', ts 7,5110 31. 'I'Tlh eqmaro of gro,.il on :l'halia arret, 0 ,lellllln'lllnehelrel . . 6,0011 300. ?he iutti ltry bt.tilling citd lot on Nto . ,000 den trlree 2.I Inl. (ollrller of Terpsie'nile strLetl 6,000 3.' T he stqurllre fl" s'toreldc l od 'I'b.ti 'Ellcare eltl, h, 3d ll. oI1 18 hltde, hdeudt'd hy 0,tlis, l une,,l alnd .lpomene stret • 6,000 31. 'I'hn olt of gtn)lld on Apollo street, 2.1 im. corner of Malplmene street, 31 fy 137 1I5. The squlilr of gr uodI on M+elimn-ne" , mitr'el,ol int. ot9 blot, hound!d by Icluntrd, Ja- , al,,h altd Feliity illle 5,500 t. 'l'he t It fgronld in NeY t loe street, l ,I1 m. llett ttie cul- c tl ltmll itbill strelt 3c by 10 firt .5,500 3t. The square of grounlld n Tiltril .treet, 2lt 1t. , I. B Ilts, h lund ed by Clarai , Slad i e l, 38. Thc lot ,fAground on New I ev..e er , 2d mI.h'in- e'.:Idt lth lot ftorbin treerl. oi6f , fee. 31 I 105 fe 5,500 3i9. Tih.e tlet t..f c oni on " e ructe ,1d IM. ot18 tel,, houd letlty lreb l,'l'hnli cand Jle.bll inl'iiet Ire'ets 5,000 Uh,. heillng the 4th+bet frolm Tl'erplsichore scraee Ilaving 31 by 1"'7 ft . . . S,001 41. 'The .Ilare ofgtml on lerculle s I rtree t Id m. ol 5 lotle boucdce by whitc antd 1Iclp, o feet. . 5,000 17. 'lit eqccrt otgetolnd on Thiie lee 5,0t, d tI. ef170hlrt, bit, b y Claer, Miealptnei F iae tSltlrein t . . . ' 5,500 4c. 'The lot ofground, eoreler of icel,rv and md'".aghien st'eet stit 3d. S ; I. t I. . 5,000 r,.+T nWgI,G, OAKEY d PR1T[I: Rb. . .ý C ...ý, .4th t-.. 45.' The prtiuon of a squaore uof ground on I'lali slreet, 2d lto. of 16 lot., bohuaded by Isauos I And Clhta streets, land other pro pierty . 6,000 I - 41. The lot tofgnun fror lingo the cormnr of Apollo antd 'erpl3ooute streetsto, 2d to. o1'32 by 127 .,ot . 6,000 47. The I qua oen ground on Thalia eireet, f llh. I $5 ltut+, h$u3ded by l.ousoel,Cl1.,a and I"elicit' .rto e;s e,000 J40. l'lt lbnel trlry brick hlse antod lot on \VntNllingltell st I', city uf, beilog u00 :ot fLOlll (t lllet Cih Wa o.irrt, todl 1,,, g 4 leert fruet,hy 201 ocill dltde l p 5,000 49. T'e qat ot3tr 3$ grond lln sthaia s'relto inm.31 03Ju.ts, ltredl by ,Marli3 and,3 3t',o.0 intne street anrd Eair avetre 2 ,000 511. TiAe oe shtor iouidlong And lot of gronltd on .ngyades trcel, being Ihe 3d lot frmi Tarp. oiehe,r; ortel, halng 3:2 bIy 1t'7 et 5,000 51. 'The qrtior of ground in Eralto streat, 2d n.of 13 1ois, bouotodl by OIo iti0l and Thulia $ia lrts, 0ll Ile avenn0 . ,000 52. Ite l't ofgrouad on Apollo street, d i. .oppoite the lresilence of J Field Esq. Ifei.g e31 lot from T'erpsicloro ontreetp, ichd h rv;eg 32 by 127 feet 4,000 5:i. A I3'q3reof ground t)onErrato st reet,d n. of 1 3ts houtded by ,T agle avenue, TIhalia nd ahlut streets "n t 4,000 54. A hn t ofgro und on Ap olo str:eti ti e leiglg tle 3d1 I 'folTerpsichloror street, havlg - '2 Ill, 2r7 feet 4,000) 558 A lot ofgrnund on Apollo ltreet, 2 i$,. heidn. th 4 b3h Irt.3tl ''l rl ihorenl t reel , luvi$ti 32 ' by 127 it . 4,000 56. A ldu ofground tn Victory street, 2n tit. aviug f20 by 102 leoot, odrilining the lot or titg liet coneru fl'lnirln o street • 4,000 07. A lotol gof.rould 32 bo 17 fret boeig tloe 4'th lit f'lom that wl0ielh iorms t3he s3rner of terpsicre ste . ,00 56. A lot of ground on Apoll street, 32 br 4,00 37 12 t. it.b"i 1 2le33r 3nd Tloto rm hat whiJhI fos l0he aor. fllCr f ,polt ane street, d 3 . 4,7000 59. A lt bofAround on Apollo street, 3l2 be 7 feet, adjoing the lot frming til 3orlner of Melllpomene street0 . 4,000 00. A ortiono3 of'round o3 T'bhlio street, 2d it. c lnt:illlrg lots, bouaded by oo. aind 3oleut sel re , r 4,e 000 6I. A htlost gof grld on M nello3m3 Ire3t,3 0 e1xt to tile Ipt Jfr lnin~3 t 0l33 co0ner 0t Apollo :tr..t32hby 327 ftre, 3t0 i . 3.500 i02. A l't of Torolnl or Terpniiochore s tret, 2d n. 32 by h 27 fetl-t i big thle 2d from that - 0l3 t3re 3ill3rs tih3: corner o'fNsahlha street 33 ,00 03. IA le3t o3'r n h30 33Melomene stree't, 2 in. 2d ,utth t a dtt which otlrls the corner Apfil ne str, heig :12hy 3I 127 feet . 3,500 61. A s3 er" of igrounnd on Terp ich oro sbtreed by co lutlg 5 t, boulnded by Jndb odid olis streets . 3,000 65. A lot of gru ndIn llteh,..s tr,1et boing 3t3I 5thI 0l3t3l if 33 ~ ..l I I 3iml1l0 thIe C3LLt3 e of S 0a0ny street, nol 33ut ie 32 by 127 feet 3,000 1i6. A s0tll3tre1 of ground rt.inting 9 lo3,o3, bouaded by Cerrsil, oereto, Chesaut 0and 2 1i sn0t0er . h t 2,500 i1i. A square of groould eortillneg 17 lofm Ionlendd 3oy Eaglle, .030ll333 . an t olo ul and lhi tr . .• 2,500 1J. A .ot i re grolund3n, entoiulg 18 lot, hotldeo i.d bylIlo)e3,Tu l,3al,b Ch'ey Lit 30rrt ol .alrel • 3,500 169. A osmoll d eallingo horse and lt tf rond 5 11 feetrt, 11 U3llip3tos:rol, --i-th etlon Fo33rths street, 3 3rner set . ,000 70. A squarr ol ground, onoltaining r: lots 3undled by holo ut, 3Cherry aold Thalia hudd y Erto nod berry 033003 ,e 2,000 72. A squnare onlf rond o contaiing 4 lot, 0bo0I0 ed by l'lin, olis 3 und Jacob streets 1,8000 73. A e. ra. laro grr3Ollol3ot33toi3i'g 10 lots, boundd 3 ly C ar., e3 03333r 1 3o3nd bartin,00 7t. Ap sqotre toigool3, mtainib g 018 3h3, houndd bye bheooutl''hbhb ,pruce nd Errn to stl 3 reets e . rI 21,500 L75. At qnare of groud lleontdo inbg 2 ots, 0u3Iced by 3hesnut, Erruto, 3pruc3 gnd 033 Clio trea * . 1,000 .A quirne 1fgrot nd, onlCaining" 22 lots ounded by ptu. el rato, lPbeh and Clio 3 sret, * 1,5009 77. A o.llore ofgr(lundl eontaining 10 lots ;.. A s(0ua3 f grotnd3 cont3ining 922 IotL )olllldeld by I'each, r3rrata, Iear oud Clio trets,500 79. A .qune30 of ground contai3inEg 0 lots 1 e0 hounded b \Val m , Ma t 32ru133 C 33l033e 1,.500 100. T1h triangular qallar0te of groulld bondutl 03. A qo tureoofrt ound contai3in 22 o ts lotttndJ bty 1loplo, Cli.,, linead 0332 33ll33p3 0tree01 . ,400 80. A q2anr3 uof groan3d conltainilhg g lots bontLillldld by -'bi3rry 3lld Lhalih stret3.l3 2,200 81. A oairillUo. f groundIi3 ootoining 10 lots bolldllded Iy 3lo, -r.lliou, oot 033,3 1;tst ot r '00I 04. A senra of o1 round, con ai3umg '24 hot . I),;urded by h sold, neod lMeotist .uni,3ts, 33d by btoA New 0l'Uo3 ll 33t3ll3333 . . 1,1200 85.A iA a0.3 I0.3r 3 1 l.grotd e3nlniloiing 19 Tut, II 0033 Jelll] by al oli, 323]3 o nd M 3l30 treet ]200 Il. A 3 3U3 r o 00t llutl 0 C0tl 3i3l3 g 10 utd h3ll0dld bh 1eh and Et3r0l3 ,trrtelt 000 ' 87. A .qtonoftll o gotlnd I30 Iotllat boun.ded by 2li, ear oild I'lobi steets 8010) 82. A qlorc of Icround eoontoill3g 1t5 lots houlde.l b lPoor, Clio osd oll IWlroeels 800 Ji..b Iri3nlll3r rqulolre o ertllld Iounded byv It'lllt Lt'Ibty odt.tll erpre sotr., 8000 ".t. A Irhlh ul.or oqo.tlet t thoe uor ner of J033 3l333 I Thtllo lreetls . 00 91. A rloglotqI3hlll olllllo grr.0ltd boundod ol' erlos.lhre adolttll oolb strerts . 8000 9!. A tti ut3to3.l . q aotoforoond boudcedt I botoy eotllo o.l+ ond Sltroon lettS . I000 913. An 0ria33ulr square of ground hounded hv (Cil nlod Plcbh sl0r3os . . 8.00 1... Aoqoeoe of gottd contaobing 10 lots h tllde by Ma233', 'Valll and fina s3 tlrets and rie ca0 l . o l00 9to. A lt tof grollld on Wa'ah;ingoto stee tie 4th froIIII tnwholt, torno the 'ortor of Chlppewat.tertc, being 40 by 125 feot 150 1.0. 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AI.ot oflgrounodotJirero stre.t,22. b 0 3i5 3et0, I3e 7tlh fr033 the tot Ierning the corl3 r of \Va-hiogot33 street 3 300 t03.A o All of.arl n Jo t e trey treet 2t oy 115 feet, 'omi-o 3th33033 from tIh corner o f l"oW'o - irlogt o3 .o 3orar e olol 8ro b o od 301.31 trian33a.r sq31are3 grn0ud .ott. 331 j'0.i. A otnnulr sqoare ofground batondeod by Per nndt Errata ttreelts '1011. A triotnttular square f gr0 nd t tot. hunded hy Callioipe, Pine oo.3 E3plhro303e30ireet 200 107. A to inanrlar square ofgcruutd, bouodeod by ,tolooe sad 'tooo streetls . . 200 9,370 primes I nlnhro eaeh (nas Light nod ln.tkbng 0 3mpanv stntok, at $30 . 281,100 200 prize-', t shaer each Merchant's EA chboue oloo.k, at $75 . . 01,000 1773prize3,l Phre each Ooen lnoot,nenon cortnoy stork st $30 . • 8,850 633 prizos,l 3share each M 1erchan 's Insurantce The DAILY Paper is nautly eriated with 34a1{ type on an extra, doubla mod.tmr bthet, of *117 perenoum, paynhla. etrnnnually in adoaaati, The TEZ-wrCRe Li Paper, oootoiaing the t >l.l. 'lott.. of tw.. dn,I:e, $10, ej.Io"'l ji. U OOidtEUC, whore ncaily rah -rncr is 40ccn. '' JOHN ( G1iBSoM Nanw OILF..IVo. MlAY A 1839. JOB PI{INTING . OF EVERY DEaEGIPTJUiO. .PEEDI .y. IAND-IOMIL.Y AND CllgAPLY EX*f tRiLRP AT THE OFFICE 01 T l-, Tlre ONmeric(sI, IT. CSA'ILLES STiTEE', NEAR POYIhRAS. COTTON C:IRCUII 'K*I Q]' PRINITED with ir Greatests Etprdrtionliod eo syle unsourpassed in NEW (lOz.Exe, or iea Oo)F.OEs lrff atI rOLIG R.-og ir. St. Charlete Ea her.'e (Cooner /'r GroCer S. ) or atl r hi" AMERICAN S'RIt SNTN(1 UFP ICL. conrner 1 Ioyl.ra a.nd S CIharloes IitteS , will be promptl.y elrnoed lo. i TEAI1 BOAT HILL-%. () W ,EItt,.OGENT aC Ci1rASNTA of.;1'EAVJ ll stA'I`. can tare their Mlille struck of is sea or more Colored (Ike on Irain or Colorned I'Pepe, wri desnpath, and on favorable Termre. y ileavig their Oaoen b I t'll( b. A3MIEIIC.bN o I WtE ,eeor l'oc t'rn eL aS. Chortn, otrer!, ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC IIiiZ6· ASTA I.ISSM ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Oppositer hLtok..' Aanode. WLL 42IJ G(USElh: :, 1ROPRPIITOR nrl JARVIS u ANIfi1EW8 %1SI0.LESAt. AND RETAIl. DE:ALERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS 011S IVEt S7'AIVA''S AN)1 tI/XJIWON (AL SS, Ct.rrnel ICo.mwool nod 1ehuupitouloe attacH. Aetti Oa.Ea vy N rS'IIAN JAIRVIS. JOHN W. ANtIIEWS. A large epply o Ganrdten Sect.. u nrautod tbh eooooth of 15ff. CHAMPLIN & COOPER, GIWOCESlS A~, .\Sl SE(lES IN IIIUoVIMSUNI No. 79 End Oal Julia streer, New Ottr.... 3JShip ao.'l FamilE.iy Lres pot upo. m.r FASHIONABLE CLOTHING T.. LOR & HAUI)EN, N.. 14 ChaC $saces IIAVE a cnontoa suplOIy ,oo ery ,motle pecart.lea to gootlooaau'o dreIs, of the Inatat Style, at New VetE DO Ve 1.0 8OAAt IIEALEES IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN CLASBe Xo. 3 CARoN.EDLET STaoT. Io BAZAAR. muss &L ALZZN, NO. 1, EXCHANGE tIOTEL, Homer of Si. I rte, and Common asl,. NEWV OILLEANS. I N1OIlPEthS anod in Frnclih arS Etgiela I'rrrfumlnr! ; Dressingp Cause antl Portablle 1-t·lu. Cutlery, Il1oieiy. GlOoes SLirtg, Stoeke, Umbrellas Coeo,,'nd FJcne Artiecl.. SAALULEL 'I'UUY, .Mllercandise Broker 4. Commiuion llerclhael, l13 1 AlLe, l36L., (L'mp et.-For the present. J. P. FREEMIAN & CO.. Whlesaole CbIbieg EeIa cllbk.euo, Noe 3, )IIIauzztlr treet, I1 VEcOouLst.otl ontn d a tlarge upply ot Cloth inl, Calculate al I'ortlhe countryrtrade. 'I'heir as. .oor IoLietL ii lagO, ttimrehiaittofroio the ouutlryaap be aepplied ot tho shortoet noLice. o,-it iI, KF'.I1 EN''S INSUlRAN' E COTIPANY OF NEW4 ORLEANS. This nopon renva now pnepred t, tukL RISKS AGAINST rICn: UFFICii No. 24 Musson's Building, Canal s.eer. F. L TRACY, New Orleanr. "Moo I. 111311. . ecrL t tri . RtUiEIU I Cl. iNtNN, ROUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 1' (Camp street. W\Vholeale Dealer in Plaints, Oil, Varnishes, ilrushes, o:je) \Vindinw and Piecure GieeI, Ie. &c. F-ASHlIONABLE Cf--LO1'THiNi. - ROBI.I"SO. & GOOD IrPI.a N*. 6`, Chartrets morne, One Door below Bienville. !1 'V e onstantly ,n hand every srticle lappertain. r1.l itg t: gIlbeltun'. drr'es, nwde in th. bent tno it ner ani mostl I onahll style, which theyi uttr fle ca:Is, at redleed pric s. del 4--1138 ib, BANK NOTE ENGiAVING R WDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSOR I PAVE opened an ollioc iin N.w Orleans. puse.einff i equal ctlvaoreitoge ith their hlllnoe i N.ew Yuoki ftr the psllrle o ul'engnrillg d printing Bank LNotes. Il|,)I.1 Illla of Exchange, Certificltec of ii'pos I s Checks OId other iuIrlitr iltAl er, requiring security agrirstt I'orgeries; altl the oanode illo, prllovisis for Ith sare keepinlg it all luteis and itplrelluan entruns. .d to their care; thileir lpereil.en ellnbmcethle tole Solt over liehourededl hrnkiet, institeulionn, and all orders wili be executed with nrotnptitt ule an a on lt uual termn. (Ilrioa corner of Ilo'al iand ikcnl t os. New Orleaon, Nonvenlherr-l, 18.9-tlf. a IrEG UI.tor P it ICE S.o S'I'. mLOUeIS Ste I' I en ,T''AUIta'l', OPPOSITM r . Ht'; EXCHANGE. lIIE suhe riter has the hunor tiinlonro iti trintds Sanditl,,irplie ill e.tlesrl, that h will nopel, otn tli lkih isnlart, i IC.etonlluli, where P troens will bW eread or.cordinl. to the bill rl' are, t regulrirriess vi;i: Filrv cosil fill itretkflnt, slid eestven"e ellnts for it ler. 1'.I breaoklfat will soinai.t oftwo tiMbes at outionce Ot L ,i el fbe lic asitlh ,i'k hrllu'latlsttle nf win ando breaol t dis.relii:i. IThe diiner oill tcossist of hleoe ihiill lt optionI, a shaup. tills btllu Tfieiuasnd bteand ut dirrretliui. iA grEt mlusher uo per.ns hnave beenisomplafhing fin a lutg lime of tie inconvernience Iltl at table diltlem, wlrer Ibt.v ore oblirged ht be at re oeglnr htrlls, 'it cubsloelribe hns the lIeltip r il loinE g abovitedt tlkntliteon tllirelllPo iin esllishini hin ResIurst aIat reguiar prices, Indl n hre lere prons will e attenidelI to atevsdrv btr of s tIec deay, t I henm per rate thian t lteteiO e d.ltteu. I'h"e ,ulcr lihr has a1hs eleegant seloon fur prirval parties, a. l will exelute city detmlnds. 15-- v . tLCH-l., D 1IS. TO IIOUSEKEEPERS, HOOTLS, STEAM BOATS, ud COUNITRY DEALERS. OII slrascritirl a anie niow recling direst from the tION HOUil Etriet, large rupplito sl is ;lalOhinnandi Earthenwiaie, I ekirng , lossee, Plot id and Silveor wrs. L.unpr, tCh.ll:rrlir'r, JaprtunIy, Kitltr,'t. w-re, and iue umiiririieg s otgernaelly, whtichthey.yok r ai unusall iro p ie, at Ni. 17 Caen.pi ttreepnd No.l14 C(rri,,nllr st'ct. i2lll-4w it I(I9WERi t Co M.ANSION HOUSE HOTEL, TI IIE isuimerligned, rrreent iroprietorsof this well . bknow u se mllient , called the M a lisoa Ihba se, ituatiod ill OIlropiia treesl Nt. i19, hIavhe lutMa N t IIiOIuI. I the plllie, tnt their greteto can ani u at renslio will be hildtirteri to rtller eolirarso ble lress wlhio tuv linirvlr Iheir wlith biler pattiree. lihe ad- fl aniitgers pn.esred by tie hiouse le tr Iaeller, fose it lohahtii,coivenieniice&r. are aot wll known tIhig it i' ulnecerslclrr te elnumertlte them. pretp "1-1 CUNY & FULTON. MANSION IOUSE IIOTEIL, d la Habana. . o OS inratra o oorucves propietarin del bi - -ti onnoeido estaohlcimiento OUmtbrado .AW'. L SION HOUSE, ain.tdo on Ia calls de I. Obcpe,. N ult. 119 ; tlieien el honor doe amleuins..l publieoa: g1i ue nt ayores of.iets y ntencioot.rel. a dedi. adles h c. ain lacor kI Ion persotmen ..s tv'it a coni con tu piatrocinio. Lalrveon mini que !piren dl.. lil enCninerorlas. 2Ls e--ly CUNY & FULTON. MANSION IHOUSEHO'TE L, L ES Sen..inig., c tanuveiNd ,rtai.,h - IoUSEm, ont i'oetler ps , urix ipersoanaoui voudropt ibon lea livorturr de ler coirfitnce. Letcotoo+ tidsqtm'ore'Ceente onsi. oll n u voyatgeurs sont i5' 5 cttntnut pour n5 91 rep-ly FUL'fr)N\ r o It LA'VAUD has tlihe Iotn. tg hisb facteI - U. red lie piilic in to getoerra ra°io. tabet 0 lintrl at (Crroillto,. wohen lit lin ilt tes os llo calt~ ol hia old Irends and a il ged oeire. ` I'rivno partins will e hando proa rd foch cintrg a litle . lotice hoerehsn.,; s illins ise-ucmn nto cnrrognrneots withlsmtolietss pldeb desirtme'+ ot'ire inn the pUlmllmel at Ct a.1, ,. ente BAZA ., ['Nsf 8 Ali.A wotild reis) 1-a ij It" ltenth+. r:feilisema· ·d t lrttirct'.pktse ertoi)ett of Osoetlewemo Iitiell . do esenltoli i. 1 avit linon -runts. lrushtioatl lit gt tsen·r lr.t: silk, erittion and merino te.ti e.s*inol Orwrot, panbri.n stud tilk iseudkirhie stou fAni int.o t i ost: in srt ....iety sttoljrtrt rip;i is n ..un trelv: -i.tiestsketlotess: d cane. tý .Almt;,si hnPi. ri ges .. . teor.citrhan rrld o .t, * nev! ll

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