Newspaper of True American, December 20, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 20, 1839 Page 4
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seb nVia nilt heirW t alot ss sttoe p;stront, w toilett 'shtlin giahions 6iw lasin atktwltsd rostngsie ra d y e iner toot, golden as'orh ln gl s pal i'oldcnst, a, i plai tM t thewith a kr-" ,esn nof the golde ologn, Lseader, Florido, honey, ASWeI wtfer stuerysineand have a t Colo ne, extract ofn hanr, a full inaisg do in cakher lnen poti s ble hair oil, beors end an a asfollows: ed cainand pItuctwid k oem l e r p 'n s and p onne po w at ory combs of every nd c ine toother with a m fithe ulatest ed r os ashions lote and reder, Fl oreliado, ho..y, faowerogan ers of c very size and rer Sp th areeb e xtract of a gat re amo oityslymsoving to in cakes e uld oe, W nad' stoatblep hairuit, boarsoand n ^ `" a t e qsn l, slaint and i erfulme Span o p llrs and guard chrio ste, co , Naid schloring, shoe andl LASSei G and read ornel and t oilet Ffgee breast ens oft e nrated. tr;tl Odsks tila nd de y-in cu kles, s 'and stladie w lleswkd geand chains itd lhoit music. usical bhoea. Ac Ssoos kinds, violins eand goitaiars, silver et mhskuloganle wd p encls dressing glsearcpe.s ahod osnttitoeksg n tinitls wit xnd witoted. / REso AR'brCLE en-Frenph da filenpereuk and dresing ecases, some s ,shot belts gaye ugsr paste blacking, toy ix. ibeads oferery kind, bells andpioenes, ssin stktlxnves ranorn and eclstoas thimbles, d pitrassilvert platedl steel asnd cotella s ,ec. Spacete hedsoks a nid wallets o various kintdctt ine aed ard es, playing cards of Fren ch, gc rman A rideaic manuetsrae, dolls, imiation fruit, tn l; *lt ehof various kinds, Saundar Pomieroy's, Co ieln', Hillman's and Hawkin's razor sops and lc.lbne sdirks, faley bead necklaes do :,it [o a n, pearl bueto powder flaskis, eu:I and tiedtit , vil t and silver o, gum elastic stnseta fatert, plain ad sword tane.o backgame'mon .ile .Ollealvietnes, jowsharps,locefocc misiteh pis al, with a rat variety oe othern arts S.t-ofshti.hs ll he a le d for 'cash or city accepstn-t SIthi, floota, h no.1 ttrssg.s, co. t. :deniceties a large sal new seleateil asortment a . ºanstshtgsofgentlemlt's tfine colf ant Morocco boots . do $lds ltit do hst'd, nstl stot waxo pegged boots o , s -,imoo tsltties; unse's flina cal" seal and lot'oent sihe psstpsl anti ibrogns, heokskin shoes, btroga s aso rppber tmenhfne alf tnol kipped peggoed shoesaol "`,ý";: t b; i bootst do stmot kiI anti lax . eggegd shoes ..' " rig _ ; gentlemen's best qiality nall'sewed sihcs, sa an Jack tsDownigs; dot cdf anI Mortotcc - sha1tte s tn brogants; tic cnlf, seal anal morocco '.;-`N eisaeeandslipp-es,t do calf, buhi anti seart wtgs, 4 tti,1]le dos fiue calf, s.aI and tnoroccoquarten atp.eqd~s y ininella' nsd elildren's lpeged od soollwei h sglasis ndah'oas fevenry qual. letkl n todl". Also alg..oe[l assortment of men's atoni wax and .'t iireg.l,ll srl hd Ihoes, together with IO,0t0 I pr 5gm ;btst quality, rustitt -gtttts, naited n tit I tisksI stitic exnressly for ltltatiolt use; a gotd t.s s - ~iOtf sit s fine sat stout kip russelt bcc ilogas, .t atitala, sol a astge quantity of an itoerior qualut3 . -tatansil wax brogaot lls. Lalies' tfte calf, sd, morocco titt gr ait welts, ant p mInp sole shoesls dnfoe French Morocco anlitl kitl -, tamd slipet do roaon nilshoes, wlth aol wittlout lee.s; Slf, seal tad stoat leatir Iootecs; do siPrtoli itNhoe. i fnall ais tand qoalities; dto lastiLg brogttans; o ail.-e. a li'sel d tbi bootnes. Misses' lasting spritg sltoesl., la l-ga Childlren's colored Alorcoeo ald las itg bro. saoientleosox'sfttliiahble black silk hats; do block n Idrab heaverdio of a supio ali ty;, t itoination -iram dot bhll aid narromw tbrim men's ftine tab l nd lhlk Rltsontni srt nappel d hats, a new article. Ynooth" S;le sine hats. elt ifierent tlolaities; do children's l-l-n'sstlnd bh'sa black aldantih wool o ai itsts vaiioutni islatpess with geterat asortmetnt of boys' and ten's 'lhsrassortment will be replenislhed by the rrival of p----;"-rtltise l;et iroahe ooseo ,tamedl cities, all of whicht Sr he. sols . ad ncommmlatineaterms. lo g I- -if LLOMW WARE, WOOD SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &o. IlU.HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. . 1 2$W+ter, near Beckman street, New York, received the part season, and are constantly v ivssg large and extensive additions to the I ock . he above goods, which now consists of the Sllbwing assortment, suitable for the southern and west " ern markets. Hollow ware of superior quality consisting of a but 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Dakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, TesKettles,. 6 do JkileI, . . S do " Spiders . 6 do Sv red Spiders, S do Srddes, . 4 do Fire, Dogs, 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 43.4 inches, rtd 5to 7 inches. or.. ws, 20,000 gross, iron and braea, from Slinch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior ality and finish, and leass than Jarne's imported set s ne., a.ssorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for T ai.ois and hattor's Iron, a.ssorted Saot weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to S " U.llls (or Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. saen toorder,' Alpsteamboats and ot machinery made to bhpabove assortmen 'i, e is particularly toaotinpondcd .to th.. Southern and Wastar merob.y - for asale at low pr~ied.,e and upo+anterm ; it ie be. la+"vd tob .- temcortment ever lgeed, for sals by ahmotot in the Morouots. by forwarding a request by mail, can a.epin'ed circular. with description of goods, Ssand terms, from which no deviation is ever . iia, rnished by return of nmail. All orders will receive immediate attention. Nqkw ork. 1838. Je3 SPiane Forte Inhtructon. "Wilhis13inSithitenders his services to the cili, sibin of bI 3iP rleans as a teacher of the piano S rS 'haeing been employed several year Stauio in private families in Bolron sa e iierelotf the female seminaries in its hoiic ao b h9ops to merit their confidrence. s ispermo erd rsfea to Rev DrCI .pp, 51lc.srs SA ry, Henderson & :taiees. . plase apply at the bookstore of St.4 amip at oct 2 SEED-The sauoscthre grateful-thanks to the p b S port he has seceived since ae a is this city. Being sole pro Ss.red17 Cominmon street, hae ! i en t Ior any northern seed r it econneceed with anv house in . t st h' assures the public that his a department of the seed busin cotries of Europe are equl: t United States. He ill. Prm most extensive ,wend 0.4n in France, theno thert 'twill b. :,lnirerest, as it to , tiaditon to hi present ane eseription, really the fruit trees, of all lindang a full as tiesced line, of geno + Win, m. DINN. respoetfully intorm 1 public in qnueral, that )k slo. .h Tohoupitoulae ;hatas and Copper, 3 sk v.Qry Odesoription, tlpe, tin bath. i id ises, and all 'otice... imh as steam. sIts, and ther SiioSp ehimnys, breech. n of oat door work, _ o roofing sod guttering, R ika nds'.oL work in t ei -nle at t__ R .;+h' . o dec27 ro t. between lI on hand Onane, and " .lde'll dispos of Ina ~ i~ IrrMocti.r v day nt lhtee :;1ý :u i patS thftil hye e Lonain he Iaely.-tieituee four TMif e6thes. to Pen*ia e- nen 's,' estbtate in L.rtihie eaheresthtaeandero te i r'eumed-thenc i via Iairianni ind Bt.wcnsville, Fin. B.linbiidre, ,Pinderttr',n, iawl:itrvilte. Sound t-rveil &"Linii. ville tonAuintr., (Ga, connecting retulnrly with the rail road cari tn Chanrleton. andl the steam packetr i ' Now York, N.orhtlk, P.,iitlhelhhia, etc. Tra setanbs are a the beat for thi service, and the navi.atinn presents more advnnltaes than can hbe fonlld upon any ate atmboat rolte in the south. ern relioih. The great improvements in the route have been produeed by tleclontnruction of fifty miles of new road, by the proprietors, viz : frnom Ll(.Grsnge on LnaFavyete Iavyou, oi. arm of Sontia Rosa Bay, to iryanit's Ferry, o' the Chatrnh-,.clhie river, ten miles above the Cowlard, or 14 above Cedar Bluff, whereby the nnvigation of the rivnr, and the eon sequent deoentitnts, and moere recently the incon veni ct crossino at the Cowlrerd, are entirely avnoided, ad a fine road from Marianna dirvet it Bainhridgt,, it,,tead ot the r,tundotbou retd via Cliattahotelri., lereening Ihedia'nlee about ftorty miles, and irireasing the facilities more than ance ado . Ale., rc,,ranrh line of twon iorse stages every other day ftiron H tw kiansvile, via Perry to Meatorn, Gao uenneeitg wiih the line to Savannah and Darien, Get. - A mail steamloat tlire reguiarlV between Bainbridge andi Apialacthicla. 'I'ravillers wishinge to reach any point en Chattnhtochee or Apalacht cola, enn take stroelloot at Browlsvitlle. Mobile to Ptnsancola-Latnd Rou:o-D-uring the time eecup c.l by ile repairs ,it ta-'e, the propnre. tors of the Fll rida lite will tun a lite of lour horse pt st cnsehes every other day between Mo. tile and Pen.icola. Passengers will leave M.lhil e at 3 o'cl;ek, p m, in the U S mail hear, and proceed to Hall's Land. inO, where a tour hnrse coach will iae in wai ing to envey then to to te excellent house of Mr. Charles hiall, I 14 mile disteant, where they will find ipleasalt acclnltlodltinns for the night-leaving next morning, they will atrive in Pensacola eearly In the evening, thus avoiding the disconlort el nigh tr veliint . Oftice at the Manrion lhouse, Mobile, and Col, line' Ilttel, Pensacla, cwhere seals ,must be seei redt. STOJI: Il'ON &C. C now I DOYIk. k M.A, Hlouse, Signl, and t)niamvill Pintiersa, No 3 Coarelele It.erlt, two doors iroe taml street. Ilalitiions of the following wontol and mtrbles,,e ecuted in a masterly manlnier, woeoa. earlLEs. Mahongny. Egyptian hlack a gold, O'uk, Giaola anti Antico, Pollard do, Oriental or verd antique, Curled io, Jasper, Curled Maple, Ilieid Stone, lirds EIye Jo, ihirby Granite, Sltin loode, Potomac, H Hair Wood1, ilove or lurdello, Yew Tree, italian White. Colronantlle or Black Sinnn eand Breetella, Ilose Wood, Ameri an Grey, t Asl ahhihe Oak, ke. It.. kc. Curled icm, Slpecimns to be seen at the shop. Paints, ails, -Iglass, copal varnish, ie. on hand adlor sale. m I SCIlIrA IAtiS .e A RI'l IEN \iAltl .'IEURE, 36 Charrer atreet. New Orleans. M SIRGEANT & Co. impnorers iof French and English China and Earthen ware. are now opening now and rich pntlertns of breakfasi, diningr arid tea services, Itiler sets, pitchers, tel and colffee cups, teapts, sugars, creams, howler, plrtee, disleer, teireuns, wash basins and ewers, fontit halie, re . ie . SRich cut and plain French and American glass. Swarr-gobolets, chaltRnpeainst, lemonadeo, jellies, clarets, wines, rcrdial., centr. bowhle, doealtiers, Stu blers, presere dirshesceleries, e pleee, yitchers, lanlmp amp shade antd glasses, candle shlados, salt ccl era, etc. Sliver plated, rnnzedi and britania wares--ease tors, liqugr etands, cake hsekets, etndrslticke, branches, spoons, ladies, cofle and teopnls, nsugre, creams, lnmps japanned trave, astral stand ,nnd lalfinr lampnlj,tfine cullerry, German silver spoons and I rks, together with a greal variety f Artlicles or fltt ly nse. Merchants, planters, ho.Is, and sieanlhoants, furnished w;h goods at tie rist rea seniable plrices., and in, ked sot os to be conveyed with safell t any ptrl p iftlhe coun'ry. Also, nppotlecenries' lnssware. nnt 2 COAL -The sutibscrrlerl ave iunstantly on hand a large supply of Cannel and Liverposl ceno, in bulk. of superior quality, which they offer for sale in ilnc to suit purchasers. Also expected hv the filer arrivals from Innd and the North, Cnnnrl, Lehigh anti Peach Mountain Conl, broken and screened, put up inl hilgheadl Pepretslyt for nfmily use-iall itf whi h they will rllspose If on Ile most modlrate terms. Orders leit at their office, No. 53 Bicenville et. up stairs, will be promptly attended to -. 4 . . B . &. A SO t l ,t e, . 1. auuvort uniaei~almu ant Plladers. Negro clotths,blanketsi, flanels, hlnseys,lowell shirliags, checks, linens. calicoes, handkerchiefs, &c &c received and for srle low by the subscri bets. ROTTA & Co. ort. corner Canal asd Chartres st N EWV OODW-Semmons Harto & co are now re neciving from on beard ships Yazoo, and Saratoga and brig Coneordia, from New York, a great variety of goods ti their line, whicb together witl their foritee stock on hbnd, makes their assor, ant vreryy . plete. I'bh following coanpose na art, vi: ell rtwist, t.,,r,;tde, ttek and dressting .nlis, horn do ofall devsripttioln, I n din rubber, silk and worsted elastic garters, comnmon & fine elastic suspeotders, locofaco and Lucaifer matcles, eidlitz powders, powder IptaE nad Ioxer, trlet Ilowder, pocket books and e allete, needle hooks, siwolli pearl, ivory and 'oroceo card cases, Ihead orllalet, Ilaino ral beads, necklaces nol tlegigees, head deries, bead neclaces, cut gliss and piain,seed,silver sod gilt beads, Indian beads, bell rad plaaiesi pistol and largn pnw er flasks, shot belts, hltre, belt. pocket and d.leiling Jistols; doable and single barrelled gunsa. Bowir knivo., and dirks. scissors, shlears, packet knive, guanrd chaina, and ribbons, waist buckles, cloth, hair, tonth, nail,eomb, rutmb, shle, tplate, ttoor antd dlstlitg brushes, Cologne, Florida, lavender rose and bay water,ated essencesr , and extracts. Maccassar, hear, attiqne, and Vard's ve getable hair oils, tshaving and toilet soap of all de eriptions, ladiiets' ad geatlemtans' desks and dreessing eases, hair rieglets, frizettes and braids, lain, fancy anti amusical work Ioxes, plain and gilt liguretd, oat and vrant buttns, pearl andt ivory shirt d*, slhirt stddsl, gold and silver pencil eases, tooiriceks and tweezers, rlactel nd gilt lockets, tminiattre do, silver, Ibrass ro steel thimbles, hooks and eyes, hair pills, tmrilttion fril, blk and redlink,ihoo blacking, violine and guitaro.ribtbed slid plain percussion caps, linen twite, sreoted enah tens,gold and slther lace nsd fringe, latter paper, game ogs, eridint wtips, walking catrne,p aytg catde, fine gold, plnti aned gilt jtwellry &e. The above, together with a great variety of other arti lee are offered at wholesale or retail on accommodating terms, N B Shell eomhtsrepair;d Tt) 'ilE' LADIES. DR IIULL'S UI'ERO AWBDOMIINAL SUIPt)RTEII R1iIS onew iuatrument for the radclan l cre of Pro I lpaus Uteri, or Falling of tise WoVonb, by no Vernal application, supcrsedig thel use of thie ohb jectionable preasary, is coufidently recommltended to the afflicted as the means of a perfect rester Itron to health, it never having failed of perfoirming a cure, even under the mlost aggravated eirculRatalr ces. It has received the decided approbation of Sir Astley Cooper of London ; Sir lBenjamin C Droedis Sir James Clark, Physiciau to the Queen; Dr Asihwel. Lecturer on tidlwifery to Guy's klos. pital ; Dr Rigay, lactrer to St BartltolonMewa s Dr Griffith, lecturer to Wesnmin-tor HsitLal ; Dr Ratrsbotham, lecturer to I.ondon hospital ; Robert Ferguson,lencturer to Westminster hospit, al r Dr Swmerattn, lecturer to Middleax Ihospital. and senior accouhreur to Qaueen Clharlotte's lyingl in.hoapital ; also by Htrry Davies, Conquest a Blundell, Lee, M srrrran, surgeon Keutes, &o. by Dr Morreuu, president of the Aeadetmie Rstnale Is Medicine, Paris, and Accouchlr to thie Ducanten D'Orleann ; paofessors Velpoou, Marjolinr Paul Dubois,Sai sen and others-and in New York by professorJ W Francis, G S Bedlfrd, M D prolhe. sor of midwifery in tihe university of the aily of New York, proli. Dolaftld, atd Francis, U John. stun, prpsidentrCounty Med Stoiety, Laurens Hull president eed society State, of N York. profi Jas McNaughton of Albavy, pris Marchl, Cyrus Per. kitn, Duane--Drs Tlihs Botyd, Gilbert nSmith, Hosack; Stearna, Ludlow, niram,h Vacho, Power, Grayson, Vant, Ronsalor, and many other distill. guthud physiotnns in the U States. A G llull, Olfige 4 Veauey at, Astor IHous N York. 11 A constant supply of thle aovebc inatrumenta, with Dr Hull' improved Trussaea fir Ilecria, will he kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, A Gi Carpenter, Natchesi Signs & Maralt,;.Wttd. 'tille; Booth atnd Mallory, Miathis; W r WT ;k.n sob, Somerville; Ilall and WaslhingtOn, Nashville; McNairay and Hamilton do; R L llies, Florence c 8peitwoo, Athens. ll .fbtiaeribea, Agents for the extensive rm of L • W. Buc. Bther, shelMeld, Enrfand, have just Saesip heist s' ats., e.o.iseti.g oe KnIV a desionjtita, Yea, k;_ lpeuarpoIt Iealsas; Rases, Sm rasa, e . aic*. e g. wbichthey ara prepamed aghba i tobe tlm sxd.trwdu f Termes ad condation. SUfhermndehna ouea t afa E. . MiS Js' EW M·UL~~~t~qgEPI#aawrshssse " FOR NRW'YORI . . l I.OLnE8' IlNF. OF PACKETSi.-To sail every I1 oiher Monday. This Line to composed of six ships, viz: ' Ship VICasouno, Captain IBunker, Nnv. ¶8th g , OntalAns, - Sears, Dec. 9th at SPAnrHnA, - Ashby, , 23d A AnSacss, - Denns, Jean. 6th i , NA.IHVLLt, - Wood, 2, 11th ALAnAMA, Bearry, Feb. 3d II The above ships are of the fient elass, coppiered, and crpper fastened, and Ihving been built in New York expressly for this tiain,-they are of liht draught of watEr. and almost invariably eroas tile Bar without any detention 'ihea. packets are olnmsnded by Cplntnines well expeiletned in the trades, and will always exert tlemnselvre to eeeommodnte-nthe, will alw ans betowed ul, end down the river, and will plomptly iail as ad vertised. t 'IThey have hanndsomely nmnishkedl aeecommndslonns, andstorestnf thn lrlt qIwlity will alayes he finrnibldl, and every attention pa id tthe cotmfori and satisfaction of passengere Tine prier of cabin passage is fixed at $20, without wine or liquor. For furinar partlcaltra atltv to n2 A CII'HEN, 90 Common st 'lI'h shipsure not accounta'Ile for breakage of clses, NEW YOK=, AMu V.W t(tl.LAN LI,'E. rIIdHIn I.tNE will ho eoanpned of seven shi, wliecbi will sucreed eac.h otte.r in the folloing order, vian: Ship St. Ainr', it V Foster, ,mester. Sl;p Treny, n. lockind , e t imasner. Ship Itetpullieul. J I Wileon, master. Ship Aul Ncrnt, E Cornell, master. New lhip Irnmikforl, J (i Itinssll, manster. New shin) Marr in-leand, It McCerren, cmter. New ship Fnirlield, W I .yoV , master. These ' hi .p are all tf the firt cilaso Io sel n cnmmo dations for pnssenee'a unsurtpassed ftr conifurn and ee onventence. nd and lyo enllllainden. 'line preatest ilnctualitv will he otlerved in rdespatch g ing them ns alvertioled, and every resaonnnle aceo n i mldation extended to salilpera and padcngels. Sh For freiglt or pCsse, apply to S$2 P.ell It I.AIDLAW, 66 Camp at aFOR NEW YORK. [Louisinna and New York Line of Packets ] l'i V1: Ships composing this line will sail lfrom Neow Orleans and Now York on every othler Mon day--connencing on the 20th November-anJd ti insure tile punctuality in the tinme of sailing, tlhe line will hiereafter consist of five ships, viz: Ship Yazoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the 20th1 November. Ship Louinvi!le, Captain Palter, to leave an tihe 4th December. Ship Huntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave en the 18th December. Ship Viekaburg, Captain Woodhcusee, to leave on tihe 1st January. Ship Mississippi. Captain Davis, to leave on tihe 15th of January. The above are all now, of the first class, copper du and copper fastened, and upwards of 5110 tons Ilrthen, are of light draught of water, being built ill New York expressly for the trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are fitted up in tihe most improved and convenient Ire n, and finished in a noeat and elegant style - Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, a and every regard paid to thle comfort and entire satisfactian of passengers, who will please take no. tien that no berth can be secured until paid for at the offee of the consignees. These vessels are commanded by captains well experienced in tihe trade, who will give every at tention and etxert themselves to acomlnodate. 'liheny will at all tines be towed nup and down tile Missie sippi by steamboats, fnld the strictest punctuality observed in the tinle of sailing. Tihe owners of these ship.s will not be responsi. bloe lr any letter, parcel or package, sent by or put on board of thlemn, unless a regular bill of lading be signed therefor, at the counting house of tile agent or owners. For filrther parliculara apply to J D BEIN & A COHEN, d nov21 90 Common st NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will consist of thie fillowing volssals which have been built or purcllased expressly fiir Cite trade, vie: Ship Seaman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, Nickerson, , Irad Ferry, new i' Stevens, - Solomon Saltus, a Latham, Brig Architect, i' Gray. These vessela are of the first clans, have hand. some furnished Iccommodations, and are of a light draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and dischnrging their cargoes in Baltilnote, at the city. Freight will be taken for ports on the Chesupeake or James' River, and forwardled by the ongents, Messrs. CLARKE & KELLtIGG, at Baltimorne expenses on goods shipped will be advantced when required. The price of passage is fixed at $6(0, amrtple stores of tile b st quality will be provided. Steam up and down tile Mississippi will be taken on all occoasions. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nova1 22 Bienville st. lEw ORIeNS CIARIES'I'TON PACKETS Tlls lille consists of lour veesel, all of the lirst class, coppered and copper fast. ened, and of nlnut 200 tones hurthen, witli handsome aceolnmodations for passengers. TIree vessels are commnsnded by capinins wel experienced in the trade, who will give every at tettion, and exert themselves to anermmtodalts Ithe shippers. 'hey will h, lowed up and down the Mississippi, and leave New Orleans on or before the 10th end 15th of every molth. The following vessels cnmpnse the line, viz : Ilrig Arabian,Charles Gardon, master. Brig Cronpman,J. B. Thompson, mnaster. Brig Almean, J. Doane, master. Bari; Roger Williams, J. Allihers, master. Fir Ircight or paessge, applv to J. A. BARELI.I SC,, 61 Common ast. New Otleans, or Al. C M-rdoeai,Chanrlreton. oct I OA'P 'IE OF LOUISIANA-rParialt eof/Orleans Cann of Proaste.: I'T all whom trhese'preseo.T c:d .-' eerne"e know ) e, that wherers Willian Mackey, a res i.lent of the city f Maysvlller , Ky., hns applied to the R,._is er of Willh, in and Ior the parish & city of New O.liant, end ox iit it Clerk of theCeorl o' Prbales, in and il r he Pnrirh and eityal Nec Orlean*, alert said, for a 1"I ON ITION or A DVERI TISE'IMIENT, in eonfnlrmity In tIle Act ioi I, Lreislature o the State rniltled " An snet foi r Ie Iurther esurnnc nre ItIles to purchlnsrsr at Judicial Sale-," approved 10h of March, 18:14, notice is herecy iven at all whom it may concern that by ir r ue i, and in ibheoience to an order of atlte. fn slid courlof tlreohates, in and fir itrs paeiin liid city of New Orleans, hearne date the tutir. Aptil, one thouaond d eight hu,ndred and eilh', and rendered in the matter of t Nathaniel Cnx,in the petirtinn tl Christop atms, jun. Syndicof the creditors el said siuon o Nathaniel Cox, deceased, which ire was also granted pursuant to the deliberations f a mielting of the credtrrs of the dtessard duly held and cotnveaed on the third day of I'eh rusrv, eighlteen hundred and thirty eight, beftre II. B. Crenas, Esq. Notary Public, and lsoe after the legal and ausal pubhilinrito had betn made, the IRegister of Wills did exprse for sale by public anetion otn the niath day if Mov, one thousand eight hundred asd hirty.eigctifor ncotint oa the afrcesaid sluccession of the late Nathaniel Cox, deceased, the landed praperty hereinnsier deseri bed, belonging to the said nuceession, which pre pa rty was sdjadicated t soid IVilliam Macel as the last and Itigheet bidder thereon, fhr the total price and sinm of seventeen thousand d.llars. Description of the property as given in the Judicial conveyon:e: All and singular two cerLain laots [.ground tngethar with the huridings and ir avements thereon, and all the rights, privil.fe, cuestoms ways, servitudes and edvantnges thereunto tie lo.ging, or in any wise nppertainnig, eituate in the suhurb St. Malry,of this city, n t he sqara houlnd. ed by Poydras, Magazine, Laln ltte, and Camp streets,and designated by the nlmhetrs seven antl eight,n n a certain plan draen by Frederick Wil, lhamson, Depu:y Surveyor General, under date ol the seventh day io April, one thousanil eight handt red sad thity.eisht, and deposited i tirhe iBei oi II. B. Cenan, Esq. notry pua'lic flr reference ; which two lots adjoin each other, and neasure each twenlt\tonae feet threie inhltes and vix liles froti t on said Ptydrns street, by sixy.lllree feat eleven icehes·and six lines in depth, haatween iar. allel ,hne, [American measne.] Termes--ne and three years credir, farappro ved endorsed lates, secured by special miorlgage until final payment. Wherelore. all persons who can set ip any right, title, or-claim, is and to the lots tf tground and and buildings herena described, In consequaence o informality in the o.der. decree, or judgment belorereeited, and under which t he vale was made, or any irregularity or illegality in the appreismnents or advertisetrents, in time and manner of slae, ,or har-nmy other qsuse or delest, whslsoever, are here. hiry'iteh'ihid admonished to show within thirty dapeys frotnhs publication hleeof why she sale, sit ade as aforesaid, should inot be confirmed and hamolegated I secoerdance with the apphlcation or said purchaser. Winess my handnd the seal ejssid court of Probates, ihiseecond day of May, A. D. 1839. [L. S J W. F. C. DUPLESSIS, may 104t ins Reeu.acref Will. LOUR-52 his l ading.ftam steamboat Baton Rouge, fhe ile be 0 DORSEY, syep M Nl.wL-va e tdu!SG Ftif~t ilrsinn ii!'' ROLETTrr'S TABLES OFINTtltigIesT: fT O which is now adstest anoAverage Time Catenol tor, or ensvmethmis for finding the average rime r on storage, notes of hand or hills of goods, when enr- t.I chased at different dotes, en different eldits, and for I' various amo omte lbealdeo a useful and eolnplete Ilanking re Time l'Ta'le, the best that can te eoatrlee4 or that fi.- c glesa Cn pri llne within the same condesend eompass, nail size oftajie. hi An savel.dsement in thebook is in nearly the follow- so ingwordat t 'the high distfnetion this work lhas reeeived through Ii the tell legislative acts prefixed to the title page, is a re commendation in itselI; so mcommon, anil so esneha sive, th t nothing is necessary more tian by way of a-t e vertiement, to give a eonnaensed viewL of some ofits pe csliarities: a far nstance, the Interest has been comp a is. ed from, and compared with, what is equivalent to nlurt teen erseelenlculatione, exlmiued in the press thlir. five times, sod pliated tram -terentyple Iplles tested p tirivti"-one times, fCrom all which it morst ha evident I evenait the skepti(a eiseially oi l tie p o lna oflthe ide tall of proFin the lieline) that the work most be situbh montialy infallible, aod in ennfrmation nfthis tbeliefa t premium of two hundrello all fifty dollars, is now o ,fii- c ed for the detection of an error cf cent illthe presentl or fifth edition, as exanirssed in toe preface, making five lar Ie nemionoe '.ered for the same error silncet e fintl f dhliHeahlio ill tihe Year 1112. One of tho most constiicanas features of the tables is t inthe arrllangement of tle Time nld Amonlits, which for expedlitiins, rnference oralllerspieuity, with Ise help ofthe side anl islex, eaannolt e excelled;l antd the sally to and ease with which the intereol can be foumind tothe extenr of general business, wilthot doubling of slms is hesid, sa eonvenience ss essential, that inI tihe estlm tinn of some ni the moal competent and praetical husi I otrs men and publie offirers wtr have malte..,iat ise Sof the anrk, it iros heen distrlignilishel Ibv to hlrlrotnltle appellation efsfa 'rmaster piece". And eonsdleilrg the inalilihility of the nilelhla anigintlly iladslted ili eomnotisile tie work, and tihe extraordinary umler and variety of the examnitainons, and tests of every edition it hoas ansedin the press, eotwith'tanding the whole is in stereotype, cnllsiderilg in sh6rt, hie positive aeurency seerredl no the tirprieetllntedimeansr eamplor ari, the vno id lumehas beenr hreld ip andil emlplatleally stylerd the most wonderful Inook Ii the waslk;" most celrtailllrt n manllen namer ftgure work oftthe same extent, wiech a since tie biegning tof creation, iaon haal tile same llst ber and varicay of testr ill tile slne namLbelr of editarsr no, nor one half the nunber, as is clearly shown in tile preface. esidres, as test and standard, it bas been tried and i proered iil nearly all the batik and public ffices in the United States, mill h the publie generally, iduring the long per'iod of thirtyfive ie'Lars, yet o eror of ilire ra all" challenged by the ofer of very lapre premiumsn. Tl'he ilt.irtiexririasily rdlrpte Iyi all rtheeourt m oflaw cl sevureal fttle Sates as tile "rite of Ealcllation o- forralute interest," as also by law for bank interest, to ancolingas the book is used, oaun as way he sees ill Ian prt, by rce nIames of the susarilhers, and a few of lthe subseqrent purchasers, in tie list at the cud of tile ook, l is in tIonessla efeery clses ofe'citizens in every qnar le of tie Unit ed Staties. ire It is moreover well known that, by its rearly check, it has so ollenidetectdr large errors, long after they were le madle, even by the most carefll and most omplietelt arithlmeticiadn, teat its nsetillness, alnI: he salsolrite lie n essit cs for its ils-, have been extenlsiyely insisted i pon, so evllente illced, lrhave been its ldvalntages, anti its savings, that, severrl yearsiag, whilst the first edition e was tscare, and u of prinit,n igent number of .reconad hanld ellpies were sought for, some to a gle t distance. r land purcrased at varliou plrice, as thile could otcnsinl. an ally bo picked ip at om tin $11 it 5 per cory, asni ill some persons have recen..y declared, mid hilstaimea Ee erul lle quotedt iatthey would play $5o,r $100, and $5105 e for a copy, ifnotto be had for less, alsd an tndividual t in tile later illstance partiivlaly, having at tile sane littie rxhltlited ratisfactory apriaf, to several pertsoans ple sentrhat to him it was realvl watih that iortey and Smore thiluch thie salilne of lis er valuahle tie, lihe re being ia ver rich man ln.l in publie nmee. It is likewise worthy of not ce, ncd indeed proper to at inlmre that sucllh is the nature of figsie work gencraily nll aspecially when of the aextent atd imporrtee of 11thes tee to Ils, that I;nl this honk or its like been p-relipr. I ain the usual snnller vlone, by the most esnlrmelest , calculator in the world, and aflerwards printeird most a. Iatiouly ndeir his own Eorrection of proof sheets, it ry wouMl, alnlot to a certainly, lave Ieen unsafe fort re l ser r, lanl t dear at any price, as tuhe prteee dliiic. inf. exptlair. Ilirt so picetiec annd vaninale hlle ithe stereo'type piotes of this workibeen ma c, that tlseesire er iheln, ilththeirnumercus and exsra'odinarv exaisnin:t 2 tiiosrs,agairst fire, fire ithe geirerll benefit, siler are (by Seidverntelllent) conslalntly kept in a ilace .if special a alinty, except while lise I in p inting. Ampsledir'ectiirs to finr osit banks and statute ihtoiar at eat wilth usetfuil holes, folilow the prefieco, which, ill tis fth as ii thie two pr'cede , tilmgitns, contain much in fIrmiatin corncerning the two larlill uodes l cot lpt lug inter sts, tee dalys of glace, ke. It reminais only to raiinark that, rtw'ttitirstsrling this F inconInly cost11ly work, whlis h 's publislled elisl.e interest aibles we'r, iltroni c.d in drlir s and centsY e-ll ta y "t'.ii .nlis s .ni .aa, hir shrr n so extr e nsivel, a .sr , ,lia s ,ernti y icltrrlr sl , it los r l' y csn e fun' mnh its rr irs wir iln ter ',,Si. tee sittec" leas of nearla lfrarr tlrOrrilslro drlhe .so lasder aix isersr oti nile inl 17i1i 0 1'11i05, sistninted In the fist dititoh of 7600 onlies, "rising chifelly from its piblica ti 1 or itha tlti l se, at ai "c ider p, i ti sai n'rilse g r t' :a d ss criiiea. \u ,erlefi .e lthe ;tilhlr still relies ont l Ise diserli'itellt and genI'rosity of i'th public for aI olltin: d. nllte liret'irerence i. d pirrIarllll gc. 1.'l ralte i)by the it PrineiI ne l loJokrsello r i.' r Ihe United Stlaes Iii ~--, - I )OLIIEAR'S Sciene of Pl'I1erunuship recivednlu J Ibr saile la their perlaeillt Writing Alcademiel No. 8 h1tres .lrt,r i iNrw orlealns, 189 tllroadway Niw \ York, I gllauhie at., Mlobile. It is Ipnrlicalulrh d 1 iiuel 1• Iprivate leorleora. nd sglools, andg is et:lenIth l ir ier:to s ol'ull aesd I.dlie iInd gIentii ea iure invited Lo call and examine the svtelPiii ill the ise lves. I.ecstns are given at slch lloues as o ay slui tthe ti llleuicelle of all, ald to classes forued in any Ipri of Ile ritv. .lolie wtio prefer i call receive 'essons at their rwn ref orosts rovite, e Itse of lessons are desired o atteovt..- r ' t. i y ell asther wiil. .YAK I.(iO'I'Ill.R. V AIINISIIF.S--rThe uhlall er, having Int Iyesta b slihed a varnish nllufalctolr in .ew rleans, is ready to silpily thp Inters not Ithe public il general, blv .loinlesal or reltil. fii. prices are indrate, and the q unlifv o 1ililc prle s sio per r toaln y eva rt hinuih tI ItInhs pl'e. 'l'hg greietlgelnn enipglot e llt s periane.dl lthe lUlin.otrv hgit rls been i Ihe Iad o till exiersive llit t g his ktiih i Eurtr b ' l oeP diglt r. c l to cull at tlhe orntero rNatolz an o lld Tht Ioul a ses, Shall le Ireeantell wilth a fufair noile of g vallish tlery tgat awishl to trv. AI nIIonit thla evarinish , re til lllllh Nl.1, torallrglird no tgr ehlurnge evan inll Ihoili gai`ter. Tlill Illik valrlish for oorers nd u leggg Lile elihonies. The transpgregg varnish withoul smelll-, g. &ri. sg I NiONNAIIEI.. iTAUNGRS LIlIUID OI)FNTI -I- HI I o ce. lor hga elggle and in ihe n0orl, with u rnfiotr seccess. for eleanslngl ind whiceilig Ihe telth, and prt veeine tlie gltloohae h preserve tre ailoe, psiltinih th: lirt at,, hlld rplevino nil dierises il t iire tIh mgouths isliorllr n eilgcr tie dlllt r infanl -Org t pI sponlttnmi tied in a wgln nllalt..u] o" pare wutr.r an,,d aý, 1Iahltrd Ito Itih Ie'le , Il usual Htilance, wilh hrlle , will ilgttilollov pre vrnt nstervy, and sr, iatlghlhl t otirNnllltig r till. tlhe t uth achne. Mliesssisippi atrn Louisinnla Hloel, IlRHS. MARY KIII(rLAND rcspe-l tlly sn. , oinces to o Ier fri ernd.l rind thtr public gone. ally that solh is Irerlrorl to uacommodglr a lheir l it ie abovo establishmcg t, and iloleg8 frm liher :xertions to render visitors cri forthabl.c, receivn a contigualnc tof fortigor hivrs. Stn'triilgf enobi. dent lthat poroolno viainii;C 'oViigtgim during t.e uinrmer monthslr, contol fild better nccolritnudittiulns thnn rhe can tiford tOlolin, on igrre liberal tergia. ler hoase is pl.,iantly eituatiid, aInd well sepplied will every eonvonieltcia; tile liar in furnished with tla trotst elgieo liqtrore, &6., in short, site proiIliseo "rat nolthinig lhall b, wanting oil lier part to give ,itire sntislcntlon to all who may ptroiizon hiio .lississippi anid Luisiu.aa Ilotel. '. je3 Cologle Water, Plrllfnery, &die--A a;,lerdiin nrtei lerf cologner put r i eaxpre tbsly lithe retiil cluen; nlsl Iah presnt ' eoeh Prl'lniery, elnbra cilt every varitly Iotr the toilet, lresnle iby bet 2 RIEES & D'LANG. L IV Glean's PeIfaime'ie, r Iadian Dye, for coloring the ll ir ; Bear's Oil, Ruslnens bel,'O areesn., porlttllalllln, Mlchaw's Fret cle Wanh, lttlpriur perl powdler, lilp wote, creoam ,f roes, vergeinble rouge, tllto if risP, lip solve, tkreenote liotlU wash, caugi.llttt dsotriliue, oroinge lireor water, powder plffs oand htixer, Atlerliin chIrea git, na1ly puti n Iuor otnIes violal, Pres. I Slt, llinaelle, kre steto tlltlh a.t le drops, hair brushes, Elldlish drnaessinl crtnlha , Indian hair oil Sitl a variety of othar perlllnlumrilrs, &c. Ftr sale by C. J. I'RINCHARIII), Aot 3 corner o at Cullt l and e tiarIe ohoI li TRlON.STEEI & IIF&EVY (iOODS--llt. squanre anil bundle iron, well aonssrted. Ilhlool, roll arnd roil iron, ail rods and ploullhl Cast, Germnn, gllnar, blitlervr, sipring, sihert aind Crionwly steel lIollrw wtnre, cut otnd wrroulit nnils aid spikes ZLieo, block I thg uill mitil griaid eatres, al ketiles Cand ellbles, a tiOl ors, Il. lx, Irti iat I Il(r e lilt o ceoFrI mills Anlils, Iibees, liteulrlall Ibellows W'ili, Slntit,illg illn bir Ia dllu; ll ho Coal, nidl air.,king swhVto Aegis, itownlnil'o irlll gilheli slisoleianil shovels Ihook anld plaite linigel, door I window hooks Collina, IHults, S.arlrii. iilll otlelg ayis Ia'r'dl tgl %liriilla nolllnge, lints anil Iwine Bolt rl an slalltlillg ioppi; Niaval stalores Pailirtt, e lrioelatlnd ailserilngil A Iill ioniltimlitl iii Iurdllware saind slip chalndlery, hlwa)sou lnii (lll, anol wictagre iofreil era aleat whole ale or ieaail, o il he iliost fnooalboe elrlilS, by sia LAY'L'O N I :n."3 h501 l.vee. LOUIIOIANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS Noi. 53, igienvullea W ILLIAM R. CAIINES., would mespetfullyin S grm his fiinals and thIe puibic tIhat he is coll stantly reeeiving from New York and Bhrston a gond asortmenat igi Furniluer, such ss mnhlogay hellire, e.al1, I ed-tesdIs lmaile tlind iaeind chaira, maple and cherry bhdeterol, mohoganiy and eherre tableo of all dencriliiu. , bureau,, nilitr, secrelrvyn, writing dusks, war dtrot s ofmahong.y and ohery, wea dtsala s uesking l rfiahep, bedding,&c. Ate. I, puraiturs tlpeked weei lprlomaue willsiran carear- I 11SHTO? & ASPI1NALL'S -OMPOUN'D TONIC MIXTURE.--A: speedy Al - and :certai'Bllrn for the Fever and Ague, remittenLtand intermittent fevers; prepared from the original recipe. Used with eminent and unt vereal success in 1839, by persons of the highest respeetability in this city, as stated in the annexed a certificate'. This medicine is highly reno.nmended, and has ° been extensively used in the above diseases with such distinguished success, that the proprietor of the recipe has been induced to offer it to the pub. It lie in Its present form. in the h.on :it may he the means of relrvinp manyl ., those who are suffering under the soelge of our country. It is a medicine posaeesing gre.tvirtue, and when userl aceoding to the directions has never failed of effecting a care, even in the' mont ohstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at ill dieagreeahbl, and c persenns of the weakest stomach, and children toayny take it with impnnity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requires more than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a 'cure. There is neither mercury nor arsenio in tie medicine, nor any thilg iijurious to the humran constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its ofienacy, thet Ihey agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in acenrdanct with the directions and has not effieted a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at dis wholesale and retail drug and medicine store, corner of iienville and Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to je5 T. W. SlMITIt, 48 Conti at. Drugs and .~ledicinere. J I ..erne.vt ho levnted himsset ru this city for i the purpose ef trnseactine a reneral Wholesale Drun hbus;ineNs. lie is now rerlivine a full s.upl. of fresh and genuine nrtitles, which he will sell it on liberal terms t To city druggislt, and those of the interior, to physicians, merchants and planters, he will offer inducement su each as have never be. fore been offered in this ilty. His intention is to do a strictly leeitimnre hbsiness. His stuk will :i soon be complete, and in a few weeks will be res dv for busines. All orders Irom the eountrv,and Sfronm mnerchants of tI i. city, receiving such orders a will he promptly attended to. oct 2 No 39Camp st te Royal College of Phyaicana, LonllIon. te iTIE orignmal Vegetable lageian Uiverstal Medi 1- eine, prelpared by W iliskin, Esqe. Memter of tile Ilnvri College of Surgeons, Licentiate of Apnthe cary)'esnmplmy. Fellnw of thlt Utort Soeiety, Surgeon SIn tile IRoyal Union Pension Anocietion, Laneasver ni Place, WVaterlnn Blridlge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' it, ant St. Thomast's liospitals, London. in This valuahle medicine, the result of twenty years' Ie exlwrietcie and unparalleled success in the extensive eni a id igliy respeetable tractice of the prolrieti, par otisiled ltyjthe Faculty atitl nthilitv, oait is eow intiilicid tethe notice of the American ittiiic, at thle earest so , licilttio f f a numlber oftgentlemen of Imlg andti high ic standing in thle profession. It is hoped, as a prelimi nit sIory step, to check the evils dtll fatal couseqtuences e arising fiom the use of the nuimerous and deleterious n, esalrutms foisted .t:pen the pnlic hy tile aid of fabrieoted a proofsof miraeulousetre, andi other frauds, by a set of et reetenattr, utnprincipleid pretetlers aso totllyigotnutt t l of medical Siience tat it imipossible thle mostrlats . delusion can any longer go down with the iltelligent - people ofthis c.untrt. These pills, mill and agreeabIle A tn their nature, should he kept in every family in eases a ofsuadlen illness, for, iy their tpromplt administration 1o cholera, cltups, spass, atfe and otler alar.,ilno Scompltlainlt, which too often prove thtal, may le speedi3 ie lv etared or wuevented. Infi tt, all those who value gieod - enltll, should never be without them. They are sot' id in "tekets a 5ot cents, $1 sad $2 each, by every respec. te t!c lle t.i.t hb,ksellcr, adti vernlitrof tedlicitiv is tiu UnitedI Statest t I e Cantadas, with copious idnections, with esttllanials of pronfsouinal ability fiho ly the fiilio sitg etiient gentlemee: Sir Astley Cooter, J t- Aterncly. ,Jomuos Itlltttllt, M1. I)., \V. Bactk, 1. i., J. Aston Key, A. amnipton, .M. I)., and titntrous t otltelrs. 'he origin:ds imayv e seen a possession of the tot General Agent, by whlom tie medlichi is imported into it thin rulltiry, and to whialoi all pplicatioins foragentcies n- must he made. - JNO. IIULltEIN, 199 WVaerly- Place, N. York, te Sole Gcieiral Agent for the United States, &dc. i.e For sale by aplpoinmitntot of the e'igilud prolttietor. a- Iy S.WlAI t lltTItr:tt,t I)lrggijts, No It Cuan stlveet. f .e.I.te All fi. or Sttltee lLt'ui ...ian.. jut vs DEAFNEISS. A NEWI' article for persos troubled with dearness, (called thin Etr Trlnc pe, h, as jut been received, by the iase 411' "th lieh. i hi'ul titU of II1P r hue lUan voice is dipvtianctiv coveed to the var. Anv oer whre les ever turn oedlige/I If olwonverse with a very dca I ,.Mr ll, no111, lie 1 lfiyd oililvofe f tile didlioelttv mid Plt-. herrassoeloteii erieoloed bot Iv tile lcelvoe and tle in :liv olnal l s l io ,tllll ''l i OIl ill iele. Ily lhe use n l t i Ivor 'Olrno.ot thll, dljetilon is entirelv laovintePr. I lne 111s181 septllcal haveo l .lay s a. .ndooed their doubts a ' )r hnvino used tOl T'rumlpet. For al alt I' F GUION'S, Ianey storer corner nf C.inonn and St Charles otreels liilir hIe Eichaona Iletl. f'eh :13 lO TIl'E PUBLIC.--'The undersirgnd. having studied under Dr. Sel.midt ol' Charleslon, South Curolina, and Ibr some years his assistant in the practice of mIndiceir anld su.. ly, has Ie honor to ofl'or in prolessioroo l aore.rv . in this city.' lie assures the Indies and gentlenien tllat the most prompt attention will ha paid to the calls which may bie mnad; and itlso off'era hli srvices to thle hollelrs of slaves, being well acquainted will the diseases common to themn, having attendod them in i:e sugar hlnuse in C;arlrston. 'l'h thminous anti hillous pills a tfr the composition a Prorfiessr Siialiotto. with directions, can ha had ,I tile uarderigned. The erf:et which they have produced in this and other cities, has been attended wilh ltie greatest nuccess. to which the best of releronces can be given. Apply at No. 1fi6 Mago. nino street. JNO. M'LORING. N )TICE---'l'h partnerobip of Kelley, MAoan &Co of New (lrleeo l 3Iasr, Ilurris &Co., of Nathez; nd Ilorris, Kelley &Co., of Itdoev, was dissrAi rd oi bto2l of lMay tost, by thle ldeat of t'Sauol A Mlson, nle of the parlluers of tl l liras. The undersigned, aurviving partners, will be chlared with the settling andl cl-sing said Iusiea afos t ,Blows: Levi C Harris will nattend to ite settling of teii business oa' alonla a, orris& Co.., at Natcllez; and Horrn, I(el ev & Co,.,art adcev' and Ienry Kelley will attoed to I'e settling of lhe busineso otoKellev, Maion , C ,., at Newv rleans. T'ile' nIles of the several firns will be used in liqtoidntionnoll . 'ln',se imthbtedl Ito said firms are earnestly reqnested Oeolme firward alnd nmtkeearlv setltllltemet; nnd tlhose having claims will please preltent them without delay. IIENtLY KELLEY. CawOrlnans, June 27, 18:37. " RQWAND S TONIC MIXTURE, F *R FEVER AND AGUE. ENT'yearn have not yet elapsed since it was first regularly subhiitte.t to the pulllic; but it has attained the higlhest relutatii; and thas sll,. planted every other iledicine for the Aget, wlir,".v or it hal been known and aptpreciatoed. Already has it ben' carried in every directiotn throughout the United States, andl still realize.s loro than could have been llllicipated by its ot angull inll friends. Timusands of ipersonsl have not only been relieved, buint restored hot.hl and vigor tllroug its agen. ey: and they now cheerfully testify, at every op portunity, to its doided and snprene efficacy. I. is composed of such Uandliinal principleso as are calulted to renew to rew lplthy action of thle stom naet, liver, and other iniortanrt digestive orga;la, till lose ofn whlchl Iarllony is the ilmmtadiate caose of tihel .4lese. It is apparent also, that it produ. cos an a.oliEr change in t ie condition of thie systeml, and eertaiily destroys the native liability to relap sea of tile affection. W'lnon the Agioe is attended with any nither elalaint, thle employment of the 'Tunic ?Iixtu-' Will not interlbre with tIe treat. ilent of thle other di-ease, but wi 1 even afford as. a-stance by lirnisliing strength and vigor to the bodlly datring tile course of treatment. These who make osb-of ,this mdlicine mray be assured that there is no Atenlie, Barks, Mercury. or any other article in its comlposltion unlrlend y to tte humlan cnestitution; beilg entirely a vegetable extract; and they may have addittonll eonfidence in tihe use thereof, wlhn thely perceive that t lhas tile ef Fat of aget ro laxative about tile time hal a bhot. tie full has benn tael--in coinsqueneo of whicl. there'i nlopoairt of tile medici's left to linger in he biowela'to cause obstrultions, and other evils, risling fromn the use of many of the remedies now offered for tile cure of tius alfectiun. It has been used also nan preventive, by iaony who were sub ject to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it lila Invariably warded ofll tle apprllondled attaLca. Obsesre! The Proprietor, fully satislied with the onparalleled and universal ruccess llich Ias cln. stantly attended a punctual nld re.gular use or the 'unil MIxturen, in all eases of Fever and Agueo, lhels warranted in engaging to refund the price to all those who Ilave taketl the lledicine in street ac cordanco with tile prescribed directions, without having been perfectly and lastingly enred. T'le suhbscrlbors are tile whIlusale agents for tile South Western States, and have now on handl six ty canns of this Itedicme, which is warranted fresh and genuile. For sale at tile lmanufliclured prices JAIRVIS & ANlllty\VS, Wholesale i)rtegiets, nov27 cot Common .i 'cnllllnitouas .reet. MIONTAG UE'S BA.L.l FOR TIHE TEETH. -- demnandlrir thintl ral n 'medytaly u tilYre nerrative of Iha teethl, has inldt.ced t e sub.crlber olfer it to the Amlerican pliblic. Arrangenments hbv oeen tllade to l iph. l gelllns in a110 tleOllnorIl Clie aid loall ill tihe Ueild iStates. so as hI'lettce it ithi he reach th1ose sufflering and likely to suffer this moo larassing oflall Uces,'l'lltuaelbe. hbleo applied nvecordiog to directions niven on boItle, it has laver tailcruo l affird Jintilleltt and lcenacl re~if. It also arrests Ib11 decay in deafctiv eethl, and relievea that aoreness elijheo frequenth renders a ralang tootlh usslea The apllicatlion and remedy are sillule, innocent, an not unpleasanlt; al the large nunllber of lersona in different sl.etions of the -malery, thea laVe alr. ady experienced such dtaighlfu aluldralaary eohits fronm the use of the Balau, are ready to bear Ifar the public qoon) their testlimny to its ul riandled q.ialhten. It is an Indian remedy, obtaild ningularly and uneapectedly, adI tnra be regar.hId by the civtlized world an the mant valuable dtitaoser " redmlan of the wooands. Palea 1per boatls. Bold b . -AtAt h Ua ýwsnumtTo feel Law.. M:·" FEDIC5AL CARD. ANDt IMPFIRTANP "TO THE AFFLICTED WITH DIB - '." EAFES. It. .aaen aalaal Pvsta,tla tlatttaad Ad·~hmraltltl't a 'Ttat SEO V~rl Di.,,,aaa t s~ aatis. t oorhat Illtttl aata, d.titalattared Iaaainl ,, raatla | ot ,lrvatala. on Eelbuittat mdead.ry, dbttala h.arly t.hale. a th.t tal t.dall oa a ttatagl th imtadiadat aur, with r,aisa.sereti nat lraala. • it • tmelunehZ , futtha thuupunld· llvicttm• to the Ve . latest Dirsere, owinr to the unrklrfl~lncar of ilJmurtfe mall aht by tha ude of that dnally parlbn. aMiiuryaraan tae ctn a stitutina, ani cause ul:erS'rioll..wth hlotehe• ou the deald, fce l abaly, dianetpain tha~lght uaaba indtha aar. dafasalao. ,tiua.. leets. end node8 nu, Ibe hin banep, till ut |earth • geu .ra~dl.)llity andl dcay of the elustitlltonn enralo.l nud lanclloly~llntl, plat. a peri,.d to their dlredful su~f~rjn.[8. PERRY'S PURIPYING SPECIFIC Pll.S, A eartaiatat and thlbm.a a pl.pdy randelly awrl for tha piarattn tna etlattuala atre aal vear'al dimlsa arrhta. latea, ataures wetkn.espainl in in tit dlaatiaaa oalab idaeaaraaval, lulnahbo ar Inldel,llyt. ir tiollnof the lb er orduraara, at.d albPraal tttoa It u tary pa.n.aaea. uaahl patr orhltiapttrbl'l afire litttlas apaca oa thrae ,'.y.. hya o ti tall pill biara I'tat. allh eata.a cr~y anll areto "' a certeiity withl wlyih thy art colld. ua ally adlmiairler~dcanhen I nilerled Ily Islelly thliubnald·. The apacifli pFllra analat every pa-f tible a? inai'iouia jaoiatla pual fyinatalblpiraagroaaararbliabolamaa laia. lPhlly atann ly raaove thea Ibiat,, lut renovate ba thbeI aclina the dllate ulbt a.liealona or tile Iady, axaplling tbiptaratar ualaor., dny their m.tataat ta mild nad imaparta,'pible aa o a u avllle a til most sceptical of tileir natloui.Iiuur i, ml tiller unl plm",S. The naltharan.laal aaerrary nor ally ai bi r maa'raI . a 1a lpatt. bt takeln wilhotbt 1atleallt.t'a saaiaioa a r aadiamvary. Tyaa re. qaira no raralaatl or t itt.loa or tia.', nr bhlalranae of buai nears bult rtaoc a Enmlu lc e eurr., ithoult thle Ienrt Flx u)Hire 11 the pitiallL Anlat apriad wheal tiae aaaihtaaiglltltiaiaan nlal Selist. it will h~e well to hlave. reeoulre*( to he Pprcilie~lIls. nlr aahen ankaa halnre tale dltnaae Ihat alalP It. appa'raat, ItaI, le as taarlaia pravaatave by removiag the aumplaintaleotlually tadl aaaaally aarar Pattrry. Saragnaa, ealLinaa to dlrtcb aheir tuallai to thoba dreaafull ,labilitie risia aaii tile ta fa tat. aad adia aliminatt iadalgaaaace oftbla pa..ilaa, whl.,c IIt aala, ,laaa tian tlaaIaarlalaa atf oa narvnll a faf..lialaa, ntad lltllilan ii at~nre all tite aaaa-'tlillg iaaaeeiliaia of oldai bae ilat eaktla a- al dsroaty allthe Ihadild esaata. aeaaionillap Ia.s oa ira-gina tina.jadgatan anal alaory, inditTercaca and tvaraitn for al a ealaeaa. Iba idaea f ahe Ibria nanthaalp aatald daapalr hihriab r tl.ofal ,alltaidarll thalnval na tile authora a a l t'.irOga mieayannad ilH ,eatoily afaan aaeialtth ?..liaili, oa marriaae, ara Iha tlueta.tiall data of thoat wIh have aia. a way to th• hlltb.aae n. ddrlaetiva lbnbit. Ia thbt dl. itretinag mtalt Il dalbility or adelatlanava, albadar tb.e aane qaenaoaaauehabbltaual prattatleat. atatatia Itiaa, or any other ctlba. ha bhiab tha powera of.the ranalbtaaan aeome anfeeabld, they oaler t irta, af, and tpaadoy raaatatlaa aatd andaieaoroua hea Ith. PtPalryt.gValabI. Pillas ar aell knona for the aerttln ald eflactual ,.aldy at" aaaaauda, y amptatma, aanereal ru itin. painain ahalbant., uertlated ore tbaroal, diaat.edl tntabahro d niahebuma tlba. acrofault, aorhlutic ana .ann~lua'ar tflatilant local aold gautert ldtllily. Itylatarlla l ppltl in the i hb d a nd limab, daprttltan of pirit., tad 11 dieaasea atlratlt afaoatn aaapn •tatat or talf blood. Thata PIllt .lte wartlly a plIc li thae aalinat of mntar tand eallptina.f ahips, tha alnl at, tt diey .ill Iteetpgod tn all eli ulnteI ily Ioth a tb tite. TataI had oldy at ao. '6 Clatat houbt •treat, New Orlcaat SPICIFI" SOLUTIO tI. e-~ LL whouee; aufferinr l'ront UIrETI.IItAr. nlP ASEb lueh as nOILRIIltIfA ClEE'I'l, S'TRI(:TUITIP crIRIIHI'ATIIIN OF" TIl~E KIDNYY., RI.AI)DF:IL, UllE'Fll dA. PItIttTdA'I'E lANI, naad all DISISAdSNE af tba I RINAIIY PASSAGES. PAINS IN TIll. 1.01t, CIGAVE.. t.ulab.ea, or Itmal t,.t'eatbaknetta or Latal laldity, tra sure'·JTd tha~t thi.l Vnl~lln th~i edicne at all tier ,urvs 5nd t peraaltlya erdicattes lltl aove diaaaaa, alatal bo,.er athn any a- otherb sa.d inarialy improvet s ati colla.illllta t nad aanaral ,d halbh nd rcstrtlatOt Itaat. baaba h albhjahll a- hby diaea.e or ilpaapar trtalnlenl. It falt. no Iletdlille e1n :bsecomlparedl to t. and ,t has p+..itlvely curedl mally til~ua and illdildsl~l af,,r all other aaditinet htte feltled.alldia daily Ilb uta attl'loae Injllrtlala.l Iltad ou at aadieinps--:talat·.T paattalal. Calahbh.Sttacaurt. ta. aIn aldiioa, to tha numerou- testullllniat¢ r(Clved liom all ad o'tat a tIlt worhld,iualttdina the Itan tlld tVtdWt l,,,ia.,Amtr. ica.fraaa.d andllteleUl Ittallaar tile hitlb.t -tandi..p It the pro tfaa|,anatlbearinatgt.lieta ly t.ila aarlarirlaa Ia.e.s*: flat ad tuaalred paada rewatrda ha.beau asaralt'llts idairf d a laa y alt alla haaollltproduae t any tredy elltl o Yalnlld't Specitr at Saulioa,. All.erti. no aurthar camlan a canbheanee.aatry d ut aa.ldi.. a ftw f tftt taartificatle. "I tltalertrihail Yolanal'• tpaaae .aolutinn to attertl p.. ma tieaut latahriala uader Uaehett Di-t.arbaa.,nd ta t lay d lata.tUa|. tent, they all Ea.ard I11 much t hnraa r a tauneba i lhat I bIt eVtr ale bfaaatatueasdd, tad their.geleral health w a-tlcab ihatrot. ad. II.tI.Ea'atia.t "d(lsecturer ol) Mtdwirery,. .t Brthlllomew'I Ilo~pital." ,Dr Clarka baas reacribat T'taad'- .italia aolutito. to ma nt y pdtilellt I,,berllil( undelr UI·lbtlr] I)lreh.*rrr.,es a..d lllvlrl. Ity lollnd Iheattl " wet.ured Inaltulhaltt at les t llt ll ht hua.I.a r. aiaullyoab-eraead. bheaasi.p t pla r.i.tla of (papt a atlat nd I o, totlauan it iauarmllya atJU~aallrd, and oada that he iltand , lure tu precrrihlo fur Ilir allilrltt.., Dacetlaart1 1831. Dr tre.aa hereby aetratll Yfalalltl'a atweilia Sa:uriah ia • aantt tlticeiau a raettdy, aad oe lathIatt.taaa Ura.lhlbl tia sY ,,,..u,,er than ally preIat etiD n o£ CIlPalvu he |lnCY C ever er Irteataltled. a Tb talanvt tan be obtaiuad only at No. S Cutlum hoube ia I a ill Nat Oaleana. SARSAPARlI.I.A PILL OF HEALTHI; O., Bt()OD P'ILL. rtrlis excellent tnluily ll in a j e dicine rf lo+. trl,:i ell a:y p) ir ,, reltilc alS ltrder, f the stomac h and hat alta. tle r coi ll ',nl , tylllpltal,,l iE ll S r Uit, let ia Ir tl lea y' l,.lp +. I-. o ul' . le lle . Bice Ila dat tb , i rh,llll++., ielan s fulhle-a iner Iea.d ll, dzllnes of the ey,,g Irn, aIE aald pRa slll theutomla l alll hmu els. IlhgeIll uln for,,h .¢ag t fot hid +.rate ~ f the liver, and a ca,n.cguudt ur, tLoty of file how" ol1, a uarldg udlaorF.t :alio. f i vry funt a l, . ,fll dite f, arc .'ydl III Ih. m.Et exi elllnt +I,prep +,t,, hyl l a ihttle,, gevrl an, , ,e f ,lert. ti a .ll e,,i ae lw, t r t hrei d, wnwte Wll Lou sillee ile aflite dat of its 1lloiry r,'.ets. 'lne a tcllh wilt s,,eellly reg allll it . atrfentl , healthy actia r, d the liter, hI. , elt iand kildlley.s wll rePl, dl+. take hla.n; a,·ld tamI e~Pilll af i"th.. hcss+ heast, lpainl nat jum,,c,"d al, ti aeIall e're~gth, n, [uI11 altd rnt.lweI hlrrhll l 0,11 thlel qllleh re lt efl l:lLkoo this llle dIlc al4+ 1co1 1drll to tIhe dI rm II< ii, ;uevOllllnll. i-g (,.It ilti . p'l ,llsare patit lUllaorl ' ctf eraca:i l,+ r lfir nllll llh ug h.l cn r klln, 'igu .h l+,rl".$ -1 h rlle th, +.,I- till oh-tril lt,,ti t 1..s n atlallry pua-lltj.P; nohd if. Itthei IIIrl , f ee~~p ,11{i d~ melat n il ,e mtlh·,, rlhey nluicl y retore tile . }strut to te , uto, a t, tite l es] repo.,. |'rIrnns of a Pull hahit %hlnaro s ll.ject to h...a,'|le ghhfli I(ctr, dt ia ttr apnh er, ll, en,,, g iln the rare, arU.og fl om ,ou t~ru t fl.w tt hlsal to ilea h',,at Llletld aaever ar Wrthou' t a h,,t lll tniay, ytotems will be to bely cai ri, d ai , ttlahthe,, inlnlIdifIe It , at For Fom.ll ltllesn ptllta er Itlo.t trilly' exe llrll, -dt, relt - ca tll aaa etruf i,,.s *ihrt(JIlt'abtl" ea atl,,,a. Plet+er 5, l',al ,tla~ael lih tIle le i; In r l.ainll of .arat t.. i dnailn, t,lr atg at, t,y'lt+ nf..cto llr. lo,, lehi. , piom plen a d 4 I l, Ill++.S of the killll, lll hia a a heahalahy a biatlVrn'dl Ic flt ftha ru oIRer To mtller- tley ura ro.r id,,,llly r,a i,. ttat,1 se aas ief heal ina,hIdI thIat rian te tll 'It lllll e I I rigr llt'lle) n a.ll fl idree of all on es th·y ire l r n lllt llll, "I. A+I lpa.'tt,i a.'tl , tle , rY I"''''''. lt y mlllt L l , L l a ttynmm l ilitper, e alil, I l ,aa ,t,,-th thle. la l t .ua e,.I.. . . ,a,, et ind ttgirt te a,,,ltl ort f dlet n. cnltllllet llll lht rilly g leir t rl.- By reglnltll hrd+ll P I¢.P. nl','or hll"tel thl llo i le n land I .golh ol', I h paiettItfathtytt. batfe i ttrae Ir every, a.r.t ,, ,'P 'ie il., ,,Iht can, It.r age IIr re]; anIdl r eldherly ,.1,ll, .-I hy w 'I he foUntllt ,. he .t." ,gn-tat ateabe kaetaptne ith,-er ar . talr t SolhI Nut fs tlst- house st. New 'Orthan. a,--am P R O E gSS OIl S VED)O I'R 'S IIYG EI.I N I ER01 1 PI I. | . 'o, thea,N,,ti lllretpaltios n NOf e'lprtrrala.d y.I Ctm of tiythailta tate ,f t tie C ,ti t hIr te tornnl hr YPIIII an1 ili15 L, many~n dlsurderx ngrra tteen t r b t ai. ea,,,l tOltt t \l It t lete h hll i,: geta, t "la tt tet on *, an s' e,,,tid dieases, iv oih llhr arvantlnllSr nin .el-illll l wrtetlh .., ¢ . ,C-, cao mlbtiillg IallnastcIt kLLlt).Wei" i .ly thIO wtO nle or hvt lleEloc tlll le l brl tis lr ttull ul and ee d ifd.'.t a nal a ,. Dr DaviePon conltlnte, to dutree Ills atnto to o.ole d,. oirders sr R fis froln tl, fro. lin :d ltlcrllminatle .nt~ul grllct ,&Plht a larllll, ahliih hoat only tcrt e alllll. . a tumerou trail of tert.u ffehmi. Itabt ,lNO entelt lI Ie a t vl t+,atrf lll the enlrvat, llg tmrb, ihltie, el ohld lgr To, h, l.t d: t tln"R~ilg stele SI TAlili I t..5iPAe, "tewheher eilea Criteb:q.le or elalllP. nl, habit. Pxrcrlt ,Ierlnkllg.aornlly ntin tIellta I.,, r thh plr er, of 1hi, alntilttlllll Siti ,ea. i, rt Cll. "iorIP IIerlI rll aa'rft,nd Itpeedy resaltllratoa .;ftiid oIadt,,d loran$ haitt tItlbllta mcl, holy a llnt, thatall Uah ti..llt fll v lt, illyteo Ito .e heredl df,.e re o.ill- to thll, unllft k.ul, e..g t , ,f l era l,,eI., .ahoi, by tlia ,fteof th:, t I ,adlv ptilmt* , ytel,, ae ' ruin l co . stltniln; ioi:, wheCnl he I1),ttPr w adou herad. Pro.a lessor tit l.eylllln UivePliy, hai coaltrnrd all itt lllllaa Ihaa fit u H|nI|l:rlukilldl l~y theo direovlrry Of lb +ll Irn d ln. e~il fII the I ureof thla pInt r aa le d oalll aillt. Nerrr did t iltcover) f- p ra,lbtnI.'tath etAl osryo Liani graand Paiten.aT rit: l area tall'lll ll; it W l i snultl llter W llh lv;dily, pnd usd with uncldes intitla lrc1- in I lleiln I linnlte d tilotd iet I eiss.of the dflicate homyfilh , for the cure ,,I whihch the, hbvebeao Inng eellbrlll.d. The famlle of thes. 1 ill. thrl,'i out Germany, cau-ed thPIr llPelley irlllolldlctlon into ,lhllOl tav Urye ntl Irv Tled,.r itwthwehiehaiheywere.c,, a ) appmointedlb, tahe Fettr., al Ilt.4 ie t at , ew a . I,. thI. Iongl(allrtantll gtl ,r IIIHe.V were illt nlllhp.le co Paniocnlld . aaaeigalardel tak 1. ,lelifre I.esll t: es satre he cighte,, etlrtll o a ill. lt wangs n,rpaintd I hat medt elne can Itle m,r, iplarlb talet. I11 tlte J 'ahtaIt he. aie suEII geaer,.. Il-lactaion a 'ie laleg,'ian llerl PI! rot ne anver psrli. le iI illrl,]siolS ptll flbn. Iutl, ili" In tllhler progre:- he., whole mnns of fll.ts tiler, nol onIy re iiov¥e hIl ,ir~.t o u relaicbn ted hvthir alctn., thedifferen nlt fu ,i .of e hl'- Oc ll' eing t l . .eraser halrl-r. , I ;nI n~ mlla lnnr 11)1111o s11l in, perceptible ltot,, eO.VulF. the Inn-tl.reeIpulea o" their as el ad-,y ttler i ] ra. alt I I. eIt anlhl' l wi lth u Ithllllr t t sll. picioll of di aover --they rceltire ica ice-tiaiiitao d hti o b o lilale or I ai s erulle o lthlllllr , hlc l a lert a cnl.l e p lt r., y illl Lf .', IJmat ecsin,,'e .atile sf .ie'.. A'oti. poI, and hle.' fi , sllEIhlPst -Ilp ion~ maly ext,, t % I rll to. aril to hevl, neon,., to the Il?·gali fl at IIIP·IIC. for when Tken ~ae hne dis nsd Ile al NIts . 6ll"tallnsl hullt R rAetin *ssentn IOan vin, the complaint effeclfitual y -nil .errelflp. 7'he drplluralll l tatle rat -hi, I. many per-a,,r have Tie... when v.Il ting the prol prlEo, MOnT Ii I fMPRTANT, rea UMAN itipeaIveC( ,astir} :II Rc, YMA. ha puhIlllhc ace n bl th mhid la'er my hav wile~ indjuiscoerly ,(t i1e hir lo lr 'I'hr e pIill- holdnhll lit, , a Irtl of all medllicincllhest bl .le Ian lnii.d hail augtl In e, r t . bt onlitlld ," ay parh e t. Fr. ing,,I wlon, o nv o I or jh,liery; t1.41 Iw'l,, ol: erIO . . lretloch i. liltr healn enr col illlll njure their rlltttyl o Ipi eent iti. , dR alto on Iall dl'tru tioln pnly at NoI. 9Gl C to llo house , o ew Orleanl TILE MOS'T'' IM1POR'l'AN'I' IIU3IAN DISCO VI·:IIY. Ci.ERGYMAN, lea tit The Caml~ridg, I~nivetaily hay. AII vi.rr]d a;,hod n lllEnt e, wi h f of Ahrrvear. or :tt·ntt CoIll,lg tit,. of turle rn yelar' bwldurai :, and in r olrd veerse hvngllt hlI lrever!!I. pdtieentll nll .y1.h... tie hie eurot ail who ,e lloln d he s nil sird , Illloth .,lvell lle. from u erpo et c. .lletlsri Ia ille I Fb tga te, alleerl s. et lic , riTh meyla a de hilitoy h sall e huli on. e teL ,,lllinlll , ion of bloodit)Le. filhle he l lie fl.n, o1" ,, lllld fie. 1'.r. 1,i .rIe of a lltlnr, inlpllneil), o . l o nahelt udv.l.} ., restless1 i , irenll t ll ia lu, wrlell ll, . llll r sl l , whle ciyi e, derl e ov mrlolnhlrllOly. nughl of selfl n i.linnn. nlllty, Aer...l . h cu 'lble by thih llllh lor n disrll iovery. Alrlt r,. cover inl six weak R. Apply o SNo ili Custor I ooese gree Ne Orleans. hhlh llhl rl AND ll EAU'rY, lTOllAC II PILLS - A,. at an t m dill e, I ws itel- l has rema IJad, ,atI rlP penance has prhvcll file fiat. that LII~oe who er· lttention to I- olgr ll, he .lalll' l sll n blolllt r tr ptprr order, preserve ha",Ith1.preCFEIl dirserre. atil gam-ar~lly ult~iil robust, ptll. are iul'lltl.aptl. Thrvhpnnhl ,kn It hleer ill. f ~llone, extlialt ofr can oailn fln.lwr-, nd III 1 18 ,t oh t:heiCX1OIPhb aa~ll~gyient ding. of thh ll illllers ord. Alyd, Their lomts n all nsaplrml v.l .hlpnrlt' lo vrryi l , - ll lo ra i n t+ clli llS'o oli reo l &iilrm le l. l livet, cislllty l:.. I, , o .l o el elr . r iellg nello l. • nsnl,h ll of n.lntr-a lll Ililprrrlreio Iter i. ath. fers . o. brelth, brd :brexcllent read10wtirow nf i tmIrlny xc.... ot thie t ,1., n~l tht.. 0 1114' Il go, a..! ew,., foor 1Llrby ! I . , lie,, ,hv..,.ml.. and iily? yrmo file cn 131 M.u'aa. Finial- who v;alllr Fnd h~onlltl sl111ol d novena wlthoa Tholm, All they part. TV t,"a hlnod, remlove obstructions, and give file kin nslnuti fll, clear, 1,..lltlly nll lOil,] it looming 'pprnto l. Person, rl plethoric .'nledt. hv theFlrl (i - to tt hu"1 che. ci ., drlent. neO.nFF i_"hr. No. orhave ot,9 g,,, a flow (. ' bIlod t, file heasd..hatl':r hanger~lII·tty. CH itel rno and p}' son) of A l ago-,IDlnv tak..mi-io n rt any n tinr. der Ihcy f n no d brodaic allvlnrecury or n',4' nl*.piionl ,hut r(·(u1r1 1 nll~lll~llnll os r'etrirtn,l onfl let. Thfgy reeped hr. kept in everyamily h F r remdy i n ... .ll Ma -udrch 1817 t; floe Ju thiir prompt oif it8. isnrutiom. choler-, atnrlru. cralmps, spa-,-, It1 teaI, nId andor a leaninlg conllpainte. pray .e a LInl1I IIY Eur*IIor J)I.Y.IIIo1( · CoIid at mle N n. eri C has.e tit, N ep O r le ene _ A'1' ·--l; ire-e-drali tua-inh lloLo, ri'..Iebllnli lin . broldi hofat and low cenwr I .alineg whicn 'hih St. Ihoui, for stle by I ihIlttle A'('er, mvpl 13111.gezin· -t UniJt treled Stqanltvs of lmpituter. n du App i r y . hes F£lltF l Court at o' w .... ans. OFFICE o. 11" 9 II3IAI,"'! "'I ILEL4MIl. (Excnntnge? Hotel nol'diuge.) 9AID Cnmgdeiione·r lakes nfidnviis ndelr Andl by -virru of-'"ie -Acta of tlllgrP·, p-...d 2 $ Fe- - :t cry.18. ...... .k , 8171 Il+eJudipiar' Act of 189 an ther act. of Congrea,, in snail caeca manes and provided.. Said Commleeioner has cnnriiderahle experience end ines f rtes of capltion and ect ificata which it.,,, stood that seveest Scrutiny of flan bles Lawyer,., pril 112 rRINYTING PAPER AND PRIN'TERSL' INKS Just reeived quantity of Imperial and double matlalo riliinl :e r;able sanply f joatfo cal 1?viatit' TiiatiaN, ]tai a Ba lrý MIil Uegnaluatnem. The Greet .ante.s Mail i cloned every day at 10 "'claok.A. M. I dud everyday at 4 P. M. The Lake Mail (via C'oviirtloa, Li.) in c.loned every Monday, Wodsetday and Friday, at 6 o'clrerk, A. Bi. In due every Tuendaj, T.ursday, and Saturday, at - P. i. The Loair(isie or River Mail ia eloeedeveryr Moa day, Wednededay, and tamrdasy, at t P. M. Il sent adl retvrntd byhatrambote. Arrives irregularly three tirle a werrk. The Bayou Snra or Canlst Mail In elneed eteret Teeednv aen Friday, ni8 P. hI. in. eCn anot returted iy ntuailtate. The Alreandria yr Red River Mail In sent irregu. larly by stroonihets twice a week. I.outtnvILI on RIVER MAIL. Monday, Wednesday and Close n 8 o'clock, P. M. aturday, IL COAST MRIAL. Jetreday aed Closeet 8lo'clck. P.M. Saturday, EAN IARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER a 2 ases mire of thi superpior Cologne water, juat received cad for sole y the rdozen or sinole bottl-. Also Americnn and r'ench toilet piwdrsn, powder pnir and hxen, rhaving and toilet eoepsa,eosmettie a ballR, milk oif rorsesI, eeirelie corl eream, extras a noL, kephnliln, Ward's vegltahle lhair oil, pomatur, nme e perse, Flaridn.laveadar, rose and bay waters, l'res' en'c salts, Mearseille perflmery in trunks, vegeta. bIle t ad liq.ild roue, Chllrin and Orrin toonth wash, lotl, hair, tooh, anii red flAsh iruahes tnogeher with on additional snpply of fashionable lorn and shell clmbl and jewelry,tonr sale low at whaleuole or retail by I IIMONS, IIARTT &CO, ju!y 6 70 Chartres street. [ lE undersly ned havtne rere.,leneed bhsinrel an n Druaeii amd Apothecary, in the aeoro ,iwnedt by Mr. 3 rih Oil, at the corner of Tivoli eirrle and Tl'ritan Wal , rr.peotfully solicits l sharo of the poublic pntrnd.e and renewal of the favors of his former customers. The entire steak at Drap., medieines and fancy articles is fresh an. car lally sneleled. The following only ate pare tiralnrized, viz: Pro Sildn, Seidtli! and Snrataga Powders. Y, oet aI'- drs, bheing a wholesome and eleganl elalitutse for yeast, tn raising bread, buckwheat'- ElerveeeInt Magnesian Apperient-a d plelSant and gente purgative in dyspepsia or indi. ' gesrtien, nervous debility, giddinees, headache. acdily of the lnomach, habitual coativeness, cuts. neoua eriptons, &e. Carpea'er's Fluid Extract of saresparilla f ~ urift inc the blood, &c do do and cubeha, &e. $wnim's Panarea and Vermifuge; British an SIloerlerm oil-, Opodeldoe, &e. Relined L:iqorice, jujube and Guorn sve paist rri',oh, h nchb.e,, N S Prentire'a earbonie denirir fire, chbtrine tnth wamh, powder puffs and beres, SPrentice's cairnlc denlrilire, chlorine tooth weae r- powder puffs and b.ixea, Prentice's scented an c l plain toilet powder. pomatrm creme def? i orenne flrwer, rin,, Invend!er and Florida waters, tI of the best quliles. Ilowland'a Macssar Oil, Old. rider's hairn of Ctlumbia, beat's oil, a variety of l lcifer and other machee, indelible markingin a. perior hlaek ink, &r. ve Sperm and refined whale til. hl.y's Linim m A Ir.ash aesrlumeot of Thorbnrn'eGarden So oct 2 GEORGE JONE " ROWANR,'S TONIC lIX'tURE, For treatmete and care of tie Feer. and 4A'e. IT will Ite retdihi discovered wnhereinlthe Tone Mix tole inu 7er 11 to the ordinary macde af treating e Feal nltld Agur. In thle filt rlae, beiang a Vega able Extract. and free iron any deleterious and poison) tun ingrediecnte, it Isayv tie taken with the atmoat safe' even It the tendler infant, or aged invalid. Itira t vellluri elpeof lle disease, consequently theeonsti .jl.ll asaon regains its wtnted tone atdaetivity. It caeb liehets a son. aInd porelanent aptatite, by itnrloeating etrtltl cell,atd gives an relish in theenjo menta of taste. Ieiigi pecnuir in h.aing n p rgati vequality,itremains the 'hree tso in.reese this disnrdler, or to create ntlerdiaenet., but thtoroghly elnnsease the several or grana o diestioll, anot tlts benefits the. system wvilth ahnteter uotlr, aneions it may be oppressed Inadividual.s, Ilter tie uni ofth C Tol)i litotte,t L re Ibeene ex Irsd I alil iue untl causes of' the die.s ad IIIave ercped aily sIynlptlIll it of rettrn; wleeeas by !h , tse .uhe clnullon eemedies, ttere in always errs. ted tn itiertened liahility to reCuirec. 'The danger f t'reqeteent lelnReeCS of tihe Ague, is very evidttt, or lhe scsterl will anol eenirle too much proentl Ih nl;le to reacl a ii it sliiine, and edeedily'anllt til io tilt ii ereteti violence ''lie loet in Mlixture ifeT.rd Illt sitclle resonalle Irice. as to place it siib tile ellel at ol,er nUlle!--lno tit tie pIo and destits are hler y Iliiiirhedaitl assitatitcewi ollet ttteicit, IIe nit ,id nOennelnae whichu is "requenttly denied them,' else vrlvre r lctnntly bestowed. 'III .Ill'lii e r e. e e.-evetl, cilt tinrd gltnet the sptt ri ies tlitetioe, ofliis iediec.r, tihat are daily offerea fnri r. II .ipepaeil onl by fr. Johin R. Ratwmend, at his I al . u , r),.'\inrkre't sler,, tifilduIiiiix. '1hae sallacrlihers all thle whoilenls aseents for the tern •l ate. alnd willlh by the erese, at Iphia prices. 'I'l be bad at retail slsn,a Apultecarine in thi city. J.lLVIS &. ANDREWS, Wholesale ltugir.itls, coa Commoi 4 'l.o niO us a `,JAItiLf CIIIBMNEY PWI:CE Wlo~n teta.j, . -. . .-' - -.-. Custitmhtiuise street, opposite te peet.eI'tee. Tile euberrriers nr nowv reecivitg from their fact torica it New York, anld will k'eep constelamly on tand a general asterttenttif Marble Manttla Pieces olfupenrlir wtt ktianehslll, and of tile latest patterns, madle of the best Egyptintn, Italian, Irish and Aieercinii marble. Alce, Mlonuments, Torabhs and G(erve Stones, cruldeel utd tlait sill and lintels, ::.t:rlec icige, ItIllis aIld botndary etone, plaster ofl'Paria, Itiiuan & Hydraulic Cemeont a anti laster. g Hair, logtclther with a splendid assortment oi e aur eItcnted aod plain Grates and Russia Iron rataes nflhte newest and nmost approved patterns. jetterirti done in tihe neatest manner and at the riteost notice. 'lthey have first rate workmen te rt 'trs work. A]..' ' AIN & STROUD NO URCURn NOR COPAIVA New rile;sx, Nonv. 1, 18137. Oi'T' sin tnntlthe ago lthad the tisforteune to get n.scret disese, for hich I ave applied to sere. rttl d'ICItnrs aU cue aUTl ld they did nntcure mne, o now ele tide Above date I ,t tyet n lyself nIrtta care of Dl)otnr luet, oidell i elc l.,Litto cure ite. Sites that time ttile elic gut eit worser so a tot break out in large oleea o Ih n lber tif six or eight on et h leg, and als oves cny Inca, and smre throat, and not able to work at he preeIl ttle otle eolrn cot of tte disease; larg ticer en tile rightl ide flte tthroat. I am now ptting myselIt elonidcnltly ilderthe care of Dr. Ihuet, rf Paris to be perlctly cored JOHN DEAN. feb 14 ly r DO CERTIFY that the above mentioned disease ia Squite well curda to ar own saitiactietn, 'or which 1 tiank I lt. inee;atnd Itloreover I assure that the medi cine 1 lavre takhen oielat me tit, and did not injure my "call" rat all ; therefre I advob, me f Iiow ausuerers tI. lhose t l'er v t p to iDr A. Ilaee, 128 Canal tci, lrett c iet Dau]iine airt.t Ilourbtot street. Dr. Iluet ils rat bos freem 9io'elnc. A M,tuntilI 4 PM IThey wiili find a title doctor tar romplains. Jt)IIN yIAAN. IIt Graier street. If ocy etre wants to see me, call at No. 40 Gravier Nlew Oilean. Feb 1, 1838. JOlN D)EAN. feb 14 ly SOMBN ARD & CO'S Boston and New Orleans r Li eof' Packet Sh!ipss .Th'i new line of slahipa lina been expreasly built to run between the above port,. and will be found of suitable draft of water: arcollodations for pase.engerl., and every effort will be nille te gine general satislcetion, The line is composed of the fto lowing ohips: CheIrokee, 415 tols Capt. J Harding, Ctlrolit.a, 40011 do S Lemist, Clatlltton, 374 do D Eldridge, Cottitbianan, 625 do G Barker, Senaman, 240 do J Howes, Coembat'y, 625 do D Humphrey. Tie above slips are all sow, of the first classe copper fletned ned oopperrd, commanded by men of gratne experiene, iavo largo accommodations. witl a separote laites cabin; every attention will be Laid In pa antgorea and tihe very 5est of stores pro oidetl ftr Cent. 7'Tie packet, will be towed up and down the Mlbhst sitippit atd the stlriotest punctuality obbsrved In the time of sailing, asd should the reguilar vesels bt detainede itn renvittg, other shipae equallyas goad will i all caaesa be aubstituted. A shore of patron. aga is solicited, alto the agents pledge themelves to1 nceollnlnctht as much as practicable, to receive anlti forward goods by acid line at the moat modes. ate elarges, and to advance all expenses on goods shllppeid, if requiroed. T'lie slips will leave tha Ist end 16th of every monthe. For i.eight or pascege, apply to the agents. J A MlFRRITTeu Comm,,n t. N. B. Advaneaetents made on ooonsignmertn to Messrs. A. C. Lambard & Co. nuv927 CAI'Tl'dhN MlAlCIYATT'Is NEW NOVELS iRalltn the Reefer, by tOie onthor o Pelter Simple, be in '2 vale. Cunlanttgs, or a Winter at Schloss Ilaiefield .s Lower Stvta, by Captain Basil Hall, Iloyal Navy, F. do S., its I vot. Lord Rmldtt, a romnOce, by Allmn Canningham,1 vol. Sheapard Lee, written by himseelf, io velis.a SCejmpeadainus istoarnjnj otaly, tranmslated from original hllaian, by N athatiel Grees ., ins vol.forV neite Na. 79 of Hlarper's Eautily Library. Vols. :1 & 4 ot tile new coutteplete and fniform edittin ocf l'aahiaglta Ireet.e'a Works, Rog,.r'a p'rachle acd Engishk Dideaary+. in I vol, daa. A'g enl'a k'F'nc ran d English Ditioe nre. ALOO-A te.w ttore ucptes of Cotnble PhrenologieII "ite,.hai:' Large aurveynr'C n: tpses ofauperir qual'.. ity, willh ehains, Billiard Ulllolstf .4 and 2 1.2 ineh. GihottO's iacltvedoldetalic ensjaplooued papers, weights. dote. Etc. &.c. Just received, a.d for ale by m31 BENJ. LEVY. Ith1 o JUI V DI HOTKY AW1T HTE WAX. - "alhe auehscrlbeir has teenete d on ivnoies of the abovre Iln~ie ar·ticl from itunett, ad afioralbhm for ale iei very reoao.llalle terllt - ol7 II Bt'NN A ((El., 43 Tchlpiioulaa IRON IUOOIl"-'l'e e..ecbcribers have procnred at a greet ax.nae, -the righlt of pulling on iron retin in thta city. 'lTey are adapted to puhit r buildinge, wnrehuucee, asd Ipriveto dwellintgs,sad eenmhtine at onte cheapielsa and dorahility, ad _1 are pt'bftstly fire and wter proef. Tryvmet may be knowllt end a todel sees- t Iotr etabliehmeal oppoIte St. Mie."'t markvt, TelTerapion las. a-esCO - " !Ac Co'

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