Newspaper of True American, December 21, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated December 21, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 12 CENTS. NEW ORLEANS, SATURDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 21, 18,9. V,..-VI I.205 Term of the eNewopaper Press of Newo Orleans tnanimo unsl agreed to at all adjourned Ineetling of Ilte l'roprietors, held no the 13th of March, 18t:7. .80uacttcrr*welve Di)olrs fior the dily pa notlan, payable aemni.aunually inl dvance: tee dollars for tile tri-weekly country paper. pavyable one rear in advante, where no city reference is given. Fire dollars for thle Weekly; payable in advance. No I Stbhs;ription will be diacotitinned until arrecirges ore settled. In eose of dicontinnnnce, one week'ns niotice in oritiog mcst oeinnariably given, previous to Lth aimtation of subscription. . eiVRTIrnsa.-Ono dollar per square for the first anertion, and half thit nr'ice for each eklnequert *ne: lo materialalteltration ilrol tile originatl advertic.eteol will be charged as n new one. YRARt.t Aen.RTISen:S-tMerelthats and 'Tra'err, arty dollars fat Englieh alone, and sixty fer both lan gtags i Baitbk, Itntsarane Olfbres, nld other sanadar public itstitotttio, fifty dollars in En,,lislh ,nlv, ant tlgity for both lnangloges; Stip aind itecaboet Fac ore, or C.Olnmisslion merlthants sxlty dollars ill English aa, and eighty for both langnages. MARRIAGES, OTNAItea NOTrlCS, and artiles enll ing the attention of the publice to sales oel property, cardas of pcassengern, hetofito, &e. &c. will lbe enrngel nea dollar per sqnare for thIe first insertion in each Itn CanotenrICATtOrS, or Advertisements, of any persn 1f nature, whlten admissible. shall be chargedl dauble, andin advance. A deduetion of per cent. will ble made to Auctioneero, Sherle, Regiter-o of Wills, nId flnrehnln on sales of real estate, putlislted in both Intlaogtge, and Me per cent. I Einglislt alone: ti0 per cent. on Sales of other property. AerVanTeSEMP.NTS at of tits direct line of lioeisse of the advertiser, such as legal, aucltion, snd plitnti iotn ales, runaway tliteentroYuilltiii ao.&ec. ill bechiarged for selpe.ately, atd at thle o'liliry rates. ADrVlTISe MENn S not epeelefiea as time, will be pablished one month, and elarged ae.rlinilYly No edvertieements of lhiikrnptcies will e pahlished n any ease, uInless paid Ffor previaiu t. iisertlion, or palment guranteed by a reltspsible person r it town. 'eatree and eotheplaees of aoeoetntit, advertilslng daily orthe season,. to be charged LOUo for ,nglih a- lone, and $L50 in both lgangaes. All anruticemnents of eanelidute fIor political olices -will be charged double the price of other advertiae IOing to the imnm.enste loss su.tainced by newlpaper prorpieltbrs, they line colne to the elmne1lllion tlhat the nanes of persolin whose aceountl hlave int be.on paid within one montlh aftler presentatidn, sall lie mnade knwoa (so far as p anticable to enct olhellr--they ,iblt itin-the rseleaaot to advertise or priin for isnell atlinqusnts ,unless in case ol advosce pt'melts. (.igned) J.C. tn Sr. ILOMIES J. BAYON, p. P. ItEA, J. C. PLENDI)ERGAST, JoIN GIBlSON, LUMSIlEN. Veefly Prese.--We. the uandereiged, agree to abide by the ashive eoaditions, as Iar as they are applicable to weelalv papers. (Signed) A. B. LAWV RENCE, 1ý Na subsfcriptions are taken for leos than i ionth.l. l.ettrn ill cases. be Past Paidl. HARROWATE SPRINGS an iutcot,ery cietate. taallu. n THREE DAYS JOURNEY FROM NE IL ORLEANS. . EY iE proprietor an this esontlishmnt han the plea- pa T ure ofmaouncing to his friends tail tie public in generalo,tat he will he in readine.sby ie firsnt day if Mav to aeceive vilsitrn. Hewill aleso ilate for the l.e- id uefit of those at a distance, that tIere hlase meen large improvelaents nade, nau I othlers nw goilg on lnd ia n rapid progress for corUtiletiol ich will enale the oubsnciber to acomultudate a Iuch larger uunoier h an e ioeretoreo, and atithet Sat o tine msthic Il tter. r rFa ilie eaa he aecuomnu odluted itl goud roomea or thoer who preler can lhave large cubius !etached iuron h the mtrin building. It is demrd iuancoaatsry tt say anything i i p artic tar of the alraeter e these waters, tr it is igei rallyY a beloieed that Ithey are not inferior t anv in the Srouthl ern Plates. All tihe lOauselPiett that ulr giairaile I fihnd at Watering Places, will lie ftloUd at thlie a beot mOusl that this part ao tlir coutry a clllars, a aees nhoag d, and will be inconstlant atellduance at te Spriong during the whole eeason. '1 he s uanlite will avail I mself of this openrutimlv o n returiitg tIir und igied thinks folr u .le very li)enral Li upport gaven hin lst se.e ior and hpes hv tle erxer- d i I riuna that have beenr lit l in Iltrosvill aud extfilieti \i tile acom ldntiunsi, tu merit a liberal putrut"i' th, e t reseoatrouoon. JNO CIRM. ' SAD wiLE lY VoAtin -lhe ito trctie trat, tmoon ai ecturera naod whilealc dealc rs in saddhr ,' goods are Ion recelvinll by late arrivals Ilult litle Irt, as aldlt iunti to th ir o rIII er stuuk, ant eei- I c lue asta ortaleuitoI cariicles Ia thleir illllnllur at L.ndies ans llli;atid i pltt taid qtlihed sI ddIls I do o di l extra t do ui dl dor Crcla do, Iir t'yub ws h l ing die , vi * ain d do ii A tie dii do du Crelito dolit oauth's n ti S etitaah do a tiuor. and Eng. tirdle aiind bhridl .uiuntlngl , do do tiUrtiiuilet,S iated. brabs anld j opatnned .aclh harness, ý do, do du gY an.l P ollEcl dIu do do do lruutl°h d j ray, cart and wagon do a Saddlea has, dniule anadsna le valises; eIv tcl al addle bags, BUss l ecarpet hbag; tie trt iru Itra to elthier foult runks brass nailed ; leather ot tlut p ul do, assorted sizes asld v areius otyle'; hilsters and pistol bi lt; coach, gig, sulkey, twig aid plallters crip whi pa: wool worsted, cotton unul leuilher girlhi stld aurainles; aitlrup lea, ihers; vtrntlk strps anid wisthlyt rein web; chati andll uo it hames; blind brdles and lines; S ofich collmss, e and horse and mtuln callarsr.d all qtu diti s; atn racco, buckh,lr.sheep oand hulla 1 sk1itls; platied brass and steel bridle bits of eva rv description, i plated. b..rac and steel sa pu ol evtery deacitio n;u ii plated, brasst aid steel stirrups of every dcscrip it lion! uogetqer with a ennllete ossortment o" every c erticle in theirlineof businness--all of which they olonr for sale an accomoan dating terls. 'They will also cuntinue to recelve itroughl tile ear, by packeta front New Yrkh freshl supplies to heep their stuck bnrple and com plete. KOUES, DAVIDSiON & eo, SI 15 Canal st. NO CURE NO PAY a I~tR.J'tIINSON,lric 110 I ienvill street, cor Il tines ti. practice to the treutment ti Veanereal Disease, n all its ditforn frcoaL. /f.. Juhoisn,i rom cresidenucu of luany vresntatiu ea litals i Earutpe, duvtted to thell e'uereul ti)otesra, aif el u hit llSie practice in thlat pu r nrunelt of Ihe prufessio n, gultatllrtis a aafe, speedy and elltetual cure to souch IersonSIIII as are iatilled withll ally of tile fillowing diieasee, cia: GodaorlItira, tileets Stricttttes, Chancres, tulltua, Senliaul \Veukiess, Ailli-tiuua fthIU clluddu:r, KIidtneys, ailins, Urethra, Preatrat i tlllnd, Swelld I ealic h.+, Eruptinat Ian tile Skit, Sare Tlirout, Paina in the Joints" And the numrouassylmptlo;nta whichi geaerally follow ) his liseuase. Recent cases cuared ill two or tiltre days witlot thle use of lercllry, itlliterraptio Iro.ut Ituiua., ar u tera tion inlha fliie f lg. A nediice to prevent Venereal Diseasne cun Ine hI cained uf Itr.Johbson, It is froli the rPcie l ot' rte laroanLarry, a celebrated ,rentlli Surgecn, md wad msted by hilm during tisoaeral eaUllpaitus ill which he anerved s Surgeoun Giaerao ill the L'reuch Army. Sald by i)r. Johtson, at his oftice. '|lhuoe Iersons aviag any aylt.tiun of Ve1areul Diseat sl aid bicut akiag sea voyagen, or remaovilugo. h ol lie tult, wuuld do weJll by giving lDr. Jultauso a call, 's propiIter li iases for teir cure ill the nhcrteu tnere curn be put up with written diretitns fat their use. Oficeoupen fromtn in ie muornitg until 10 o'clock at night. ABiiEINETIIY'S DYSPEPTIC El tXIR. Dr. Abernethy, the greatest of English surgetnO was opinion thatlint-uda utedsof thoe dteuaea that aluic maaibud originate ilI the sotlllacli- Tlhii Eiair .ua. used by hina with the most uonprecedented Sulceens ill lis private and piublic prauctice fir iupwrds u tlof frty S yerat, fur the raemoval of iat fullowil.g dlseaes: Los nlfapipetite, Flatulence, t)ittu otiiti l ith Stoul achnPainin thesilde, Ileavinesso' tih Iltad and, incli natin to sleep, irregularity at tile Bowesh, and iu all cans where Ildigestiun or n caoutie habit is fiuntl to oaint. 'rbis maedicine must noa b nnmheled altiong the host S of quack nostrums now before the publi,ic us it i the S sole inventiot pf tthe ablest and u mot acietitilic surgeo Eaurnpe ever produced, atnl it secret U" prepluiUg ia wa purchasned by be auget tfir a vrly lurge SuUi. ItL is agreaotle ad pleasaault ito the tuete, acts lin a wlild ser ient.atwuya keepm the bowels free, impearts vlglo stid atrengt anto the cystelt, stitd eherl'uianess to the tid, and a few bottles rttllltes the ltunt citlirlncted cuses at I.yseplsia or Indigestion, and preventsa return at ally uture period. 35 1 udisou, street. Stn:--In onsequeneeof leadiug a relettary life, I nave been troulbled, altre r lessa, with ,.licstioun t.or tea yearsli tar tho lust thiree years miy sutrlerigs haIvet beeoin supportable. I hlave tried several plhyoieitta, anda ninberof itnaek nedieiues, withowt deriving anly beoafit. I despaired of ever obtaihing cuy pertuluent ivlief' and resalgned myself to the Itntst hopeless deutair was persuaded by many friends to try Abelrethy'sa Dyapeptic Elicir. I hbve now filished the faulth but ato.andhknow nit how to eoarees tmy, 1 niratita of its wondarful virtues and the nitrocle it hit perforliaed in resatorin n to in that heialth wtiah I: a tight toat fie' ever. tend imen hll a dozoue bottles tn it a nd except may thaLnks for toe blessings you have a erred by anre itoring mae toperfcot Ihealth. ImniJCOB MONROE. TEX\hS LAND TITLES. SN ABST K\tai of the original titles of record in lthe general ladd uflce. Prined in aecordanee alt0i resolutilon of the Hlouse of atpruasentaticvr, pan. d-t4thb Ma1838,. A few t.piets jLt ere .ivid and esal by ALEX TOWAR, a 49 Oamp so FIMMOrR|IIOIDS. rIAY'S LINIMENT.--No Fiction.-This ex Straordinary chemical coimpsition, the resault of science, and the invention a a celebrated modi! ci cal mann, tine introdu-t , n orwblich to thle pnblie was invested withl the solemolty of a deaLthbod To bheqnuest, Ihans sinace gained a reputatioo unparalleled, it I rully sustaining tlhe correctnes of the lamented Dr Grilley's last confession, that "lie dared cot die witliout giving to posterity tie beulit of hiis an knowvledge on tlls sulbject," and he therefore bhqueathed to his friend and atteodant, Sniomon cO Ilays, tihe secret of his discovery. I It is now used in tile principal hospitals, and c Lthe private practice in our country, first aid mos n certainly fc the core of the Piles, and so eaten c, sively andl et tually as to battlo credulity, unless Ti where its effee.s are witnessed Externally in the aI following complaints: For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary absorptien a at once. P AlI Swellings-Reducing tlhem in a nfew houra Rhseumatism--Acute or Chronic, giving quica east. Sore Thlront--By Cancers, Ulcers or Colis. Croup and Wlhooping Cough--Exaternally, and o over thie Chest. All Bruises, Sprains, and fures-Curing in a ofew hours. Sores and Uleers-Whlether fresh or long standiog, and fever sores. Its operations upon adults and children in redcne 0 ing rleumalclic swellings, and lneeoliiig enUghs and Ligihtness of thei clhest iy ieolaxation of the parts, has bheen snrprising beyond eoiception. Tile collno remark of tlnhose who Ilave used it in tile Files, is n It acts like a charm." T'IIE PIL ES-l'The prieo, jl is reruinded to any I persoa who will use a ibottle of Ilty's LiniosUt for the Files, and return tihe empty bottle witlhout being cared. Those are the positive rdoders of the d prerietor to the AgentsL; sand out of mnily Llou. saids sold, iot one 0lus been unllslcesfrul. We might insert certificoates cl ay lenagt, but a prefer that those who sell tile article, shliuld c ibiit the ariginal to porchasers. CAUTION-Noes can be geanuino weithout a spllendlid onlgraved wrapper, on which is mny naoie, snd also that of tile Agents. OLO)MON IIAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by COMST'OCK & Co, New York, nod by one Druggist in every town in the Ucion. For sale by th!ie Wllholesale Agents, corner of Co.noen &. Tehiouplitoulas street, and by tile Apothecaries generally, je3i ORRIS & C,. N.'. 311 Clhailrai slrep, nie ciwo I rceiving nd ip ,lllecg nile ilosIa plendidl sii slantial nd tashl ion able s~ick of Cluthlin tile) ii ive ever exhlibtedII in ithis lmarei , etsisnini in osirt ol(ci i'olilciiic nrlicires:c hlie, hiii, lahek.l t dine+ h 1udon bricwie,,iirorlcivilodic mondi and choldn olive Inrck a Ii d dres t.dnls: helcVra .tahble nd llarrin1 n Irock stints+c ela'lce y o irliscc - -dI; mancy and plcni hlilck usacisinre and cliiil - ictclolno . cnclish olid Iliench ri i cy snod lJll 'ilk anld satin vests; real iiP\ ' illllm k t c flllrlS ; Senirlislh ancI frlallu'h FiyV illld p'ulln snrfs Tlaid hdlki; chimn so , eilks-we' c d h I ccn el SlTei- s |lllnders; chano1Ii lmerInI o, tInm b's wcciI, aelc l ifii si i1n,?, silk oct ic ciioiii eli serun olnd circiw'r; fille Illninl and coittol sh ct c i.i. I ihnin boh mi s, ii iold roll d; icrc inaci oid plciii hiimctlln silk nc. rirell ell; , l ''s" pri.mium tilhve.'--ilsc c hea cuItilc irtil e Oh Iiiif wh ile Ii l fr weddllins, hIll. ici.; I elcuil silk acd ranlldnul hdk.ii ; pliin S.iLired c l eali bre lderjil d Cillcrll irl do.; Siik. i,lIilh w iuluc, e lllrinio, Cercllllllhiw i illld h roll lld w lit ccltmi ii ; i h emi'; ll Iof wiihiiih they olfT'r linw lir c.a,.lh, r o 1 n i e11111111+11 Cenerollll1r S l llltll. N ov. I Leh /s Cipsnldoljci hnise S,,l re co.mci'cnleid Iyv Ihic liadun 'i .lilihid anid Chi clrls mi in, indetd ru-ictte, iohimcI t', prli , 11d the 'I'autIc bailllce i dii l th'illiilhhum'liui Oytillcun Id Shclluitlague'ns cio)cyIcPid Ciiiii1c u.'cllc yeiid 0cn e miin lor t otter iF i rl . wcrni1 , l iiiiU ilei c II lh :Ilii st1n bulrn Iiiii, erution, l 1cklv 1 , anld n.le.i.' i II l 0l the hic Skill Ilie lII.,li'ier hlailllll r. ) f Ill si al c t xsll sIOl. r1 11:ltci iiii cii '. It ui a l -Ollllll 111 ui' iiii i y 1I l lli' ercacirce. Ii ie i reccniccldlll id gl" cilll l cl, ilr hiclllltllluii ti k. (I'oi lpl'iico r' l'C'hVic I irn-chli, and iuiirlc i .i rg rcish esi i 1 1I dl ll'ai'y iii I[ l Ilec a C IIII[ I()II , ( hL' tis'I i c.chitll dic I i tl I mi cIli d ci iit I III lid, is i.ei ac llbiT i i In bj l c cl lidrsle IIIIieriP . c() t I iiic i i' lll 'iholllnc l , tlie nlei k ilCe' anod c. alnJ n L.+C,'I e , r h ,rd ! 1.11 c r l'l.., i~il hei~r iv, ll'R B 1I··1. l~ IIii drll l( (*ill ·llllt . I r.+ itv, :ry everr) d..' ari ,I LI% ,I IIt c ii IIl .llrl t J ,led and alle l·- v hIoUSI St. I'rne', 1. o F Aron) Mobile ( tehltona) to s it "Io;ta h1 L EI:AVES NtodtitMvtil ooter yt1o11 oat, tootoot..., too l o tt I thi arliotil oftt tle .til from New Orlean s, per otl h s itoolotat Kt:tiELIt, to Iltolkelyv oal.lCahs to IIL.saol. stl.tt1111o ts(lle It" l lS:t olo a ltoin , t ItoP S OtlotoI old I toe. thal.lie li " er a:ut lBay) to Cellar 1 hIto , clches thIetet tita .Marianna, Cha;hlttalo:chcer, (l)ormi ly .MonI t Velo ItIn,) 1lainbhl gL'e, ttltmtont; IhLot kinsvilles lois. ville, to Augusta. A :lassengtertlakitt; his selt at l\' bile is inll io rl .er of bleitg thrownl ot or losing hi i'e.:l.e.ce by Ither lonlllicltiol interets1, at htoe FLo.)11 I)A LINE os but onte tocero, and mller onte cos tro J Ihr ouLgi out, antd maoy tely.r elll W oHCEI1Ty 11o 111 lot ll'i'tolat Augusta in titme stciltdi, through all 1tottll er nin at any lseason, untlSS OIU IIoIIot ttl'lorel.s te ts Iroie shoulll occllr. Th Great New Orltans Mait is carrie Ily this route. 'IThe Agents for accoto odaol. l o tiol, t'eamsl, Coacheltsnud Drivers are iot sulrlpassed Ihle sotlt~l~l'll crllllll'y. the sol)oot ltol., ntatural roads, the slie atlnll intler Cstitg water navigotio.n, tlhe tile and accommodation, a.lod lilt ltraltveler slpeedcllerlailllt, comfort,I tandtl a pieas ig vl'ilot) connectLed as it wlere withlll the Iail ol ad Clillestolo, S. C. andll the sttl llol packets to New York travelcs eall ratll New Yolrk flom NSew Olrlels 1.Oo rtINN I nAos"-Was\hinggton city in 1. From. Chatthoochlee, Florida, we have a lirel Lit.n oio otuinoy amlo Tldhtltosoe, to St Ma'ks, 4 hor tostL ooollohe, als two t lltrilotlles tooll I lawkiosvilla one to Mlilledgerille, and otte to Macono, light Iwo hor oahes. S'IOCK L'.N. f co. Auoer'sT, '20th JIa. 1835. (Ollcetlt Mansion 1omuse t olile S littloc., :New t as tto 1. il, 150 Moohito to otgotota, 5 i1 " Attostot too CI'losttoo, 16 " Cltlstoýtlln to Ne\w 'tobk, J110- 18t11 Time, Now tot Mobilo , '20 htoura Mobile to AIguslta, 3 "' Anttt ta to Chtoleston, t2 ' C(harlston to New York, tk- 058 Mlaking 16) miles per day. or 7 milels lper hotr, inclu sire ol lll sloplllag es. 111v Itl N. It. L1 ilo Iare to inform the oiolliethat I11 Illridgst verthe CI Lotatoolooeswalp and i llllho rlooeek lave just lr e. clllllllelted y Ithe lgolneral govern' mollt, (the. Ily obstalles olelating :lglillstlthis salte aotI spel) I.rou1ta a.ethlltshtllt Ily e.olllvel.d; aitll th:aveClth pleasure of lel Iiug from o erllers tlat the ctolles,lo.r. ss, rivlersand II ads are ll oth Illrst orderl' llll ad as toh ater route rot Il lo'llasaulot Cellr. Illtllt, ilt is admit. tolo by all wtool have passed torooghoit to e oosorpaosseoo ill l1 elties beauty and lsae)ty. The bridlg;s thlrttotg SG:oria It .love lsso bIo tepllalliroI. J MI C J J.11 ES'S, (has.'t tI' tlLL aot Iiother N)V L:I.,:ES Ch:trlo s 'l'Trro.ll.,r t ll itoler liloo, lby J:oonre. ('I theley, or the 11an ofi I tno, by L.Iady loulo er. ldv * hv,0ley, or the WVu.iat of Houor, by Lady ol oord lltoogln., Ptublic CohPt ractert vols. t Ili otri tl llketlhes of ttateollo n ill the tilu ulof Gleorge toe 'hird,.o vio, . a Ni l :letv, i No . to II. ,Jol. SIotthelerd. ,Ne I to 3. SAdoam tle lto1t lherll n n of lchalrrat r, hy Jerruoltd. Isabel of Mici v, by T'I'ulkerlann. Paul . IKock: The Ilrber of Paris. Cas-ttcalment, a new Notel in o Iools. Fnllia's lteign of 'l'nlor illn araguay Piccioola, hbv .bli. line. 'ilt I lloietoto, Captain Kd, nb .upo lie, Iiclhelieu,by Ilulwer. ". JttIeIN, & Co. t jllty 31th-- w. cor of St Chrles & Co on tlllllllll i N11t.IINTS of Washingmon's PtOriottrn, with a i fe ac hlile of lii !o:,lic .\t0 :O:lunt t drllltotgtt Ie. ovotlotiollnryttrlr. I iI. vohluoe e $:3j toejt ,eac'h, will lbt r sdI at c010l I orh'., , Ih rllcoelle s of1 llts llb l rlt ho h be llrtotd foC tho. t: ooool the \Vllhillglton iltlolallt ouor , Schioland .Hlrte tolrphlan' Aayilm. I 'I'khistuly nalionalll Work ought to he in Ithe lill y of every Aolurital; and edltort of the City UlI colluntlrv pop rs wilicntlllrihoto e to hlb1t ilbenevolent object by gilving Ili advertiemlnt to' it I iw tlolCliins. allg. Gth-l. Car St CIIarles . otllllllnt sl e E%' MUSIC-O, Native Mouic: 'The 0 o:ivet It at y doltt yo renoeoiio r the ltoitotitll l , in to e ltr al I nlllllance; T'l'he Whiie Ilolae of.' tile Pe 10pers 1'h r rooollo.o It IIooov1lrt Ilt twot iloto oLtmeoot llo, hi io.t S .. 'a ri I itn t, grtondl IootolntiOr: 0i).. lllilta A ;ioodII io I t 't'ho inei til ot n lic!; cl a: iCr .prhiog toot to ficke wing, by II lussell; (ollle,lome, ln" art ill so in row; A Life on tlhe ceta wa:ve by II Itossll; She I watcholed for lilo; 'o m let thll a telr; CotmeIII to 11'to at pt iorllning;'er the wlateres v molonliht; 'llohere' lno houle - liko my iwo, torraled fitr tht harlp o v'' Lillrrot. Itoyal llzeos, byhv A Fl.tI e; Qoloeto Victoria'i Court Qtloldiltlc. Jtusi.treceivedllll foll. bv 119 II CASEY, 19 Co.lp at i NEW II EDICAIt TIONAfI .-- 1olonnelli.aron' Nt w Medical I)ietionary, i'l one, So1p Cvo :0 Vol.-Dulglison's'Thtllerpeutics anld tHul.n Phvst o- logy.-l~thlva l0 Fulllles, I Volumn.--Ebules T'lhtra iad petllio vlumena. NYewa t.ppliesjust reeioved by Alex TOWAR, aug 94 4l Camp sInet. DEGAFNESS. /1?UTTA ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ar ViEP lllR IFILII 1CEDY 4t'IiŽ4!5l'1il4',l~'. 1',4 114Žlrt .l4'411Ž45, 1f144! 14114' ,4'41l444d144' Olrln, clIP~l 1.4i44 f1144y 4Žl4lru'4u~'f 4'4441 II) Ilt~nI~ Otllll Ith'.'414'1Ž.14I~l4ŽI.4'..441Iti., -qOI.I.Ž'Ž,,'Ipf44s·Il.'14431.Tl tt,,li~illj 41,41 14.,4t',', I,.l3Ž41i44 '4Žl tPEll 44'S 44f IIs tlli~n~ 4plsl f l l·l1441· I , 4 I44' 4'4!Ž4441 ,,4tI1* ,,lr F IC )I e ft,,,,,It,,ptl,,,s,, s,,d, I~il.411'f4'4lt~~ ,144'114.44Ž44444Ž KII4 'I 41. 344~l4I 114Ž4.4 4l'luriry~u lt 4o l4Ž'4i4 4,jctle, n Ir I,.''II iI.4.teilid~l!1I Ij 4414'· 4!C ~ 13, 'I'( p1.,,',lil~j Alle pr·BO ll~l I,.t,41. 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I.,tl.ontlt . thy It.. ,Ii n I rii ..1'":ld Iai otIE e tll ft illd t r(r I t bll yaprelrll odilI t hip tt lr , Citlinye t thI rIbtil lll {. Th ell yll runl n re Itn nt'r r- a theL y ll ulos . 0 lot, nd ket It i-a fuct-Thlit Rthe ua ti upllt l a1 tlt;l inm t whb It u-: tm l Ja a"-- . 1 ,I ifbtb ,i partlult t Ilitn:ll nI he f llhw II ,ly.,,ii .. i l f i- iuilo l . r11.. tri t r tI, itl t Ica t ped "lyIttrluttI o. Ihbr IbI.uu .dtttI ,ouu Autll ], ,ll mn ilu.i, L It h(1Ir llllt j t l lltl i UIertlU ' 1 1r... -'rl ll(-r- thý. nu ,thro Sclbltll. ll· ,;.a; -uud Orl u ; . Ili t- oillt., ' "b.." tihtiln, hIlr ll; 3d fityibd g tlitd- Dry and watiiti r piln-itti nd d i i: tll T t-ll, rong. Ihll IIlllm Ifbd" thaco anld oud tba.k amet.ltllbt. n pur itile the u dyi i b I nl 'lilll ll t t I ut b rt d ttii i t anld rtgior f wuip I iurd w lstle, had tilI glad io" tile bIeekiu ill tile : hi : Illl)ll i tt I hr i pihtlli hrull.,l gioiiii Eri i"'Itlll,'il : hldl, l' l Stllldml ll ro gh,;i S' HlE'11"i ,b. t dllle i i Ntivter t An ie S.ou vrlelOu and atld.tleSof .t ltittttitni ; tViterbruh, &c. rt is A it-ThitOny tht eitizen a f Loulyna it aI tht toi .a lrlllt fit tId ptil l. U iti rg tular i l bttatii l b C n d t rt et.5ry, btistCd bly ilb lt Clrutedu tlutilnIIty lte p UIpted I)lot,,r- plhy sleclt, ChllplllnllI lacksun, G ihso, Dewces, Ullar, b JI ,lt..' Iiurner, (:Cos., tt.I t It, .1 lut--'l'ht· utir S,r.s aparilht hbf. d pillst are ii lnllt yed i l b lll tty by mtotty thrlr .,lt tbie U tlate.qi (itdtll tliutI I-'un.l lv eachl l 4ul< f p)lll .) I l ttd t rltey rlr b wll r tttPd tU bolll o lli tCutIy or tIttmul pt.- i pAlrttltlll . I It is u'hi y Olly he takl n y the/llOl delicate, und t llt age; without it .Uttlt ofuc jlllliiti ll or Ittlu wli t ollt l it tle troyt iDAng cr'ld; withoutr change of diCt & g'>,s, b uil *1e 16perateeahlln. be lllhl r ca leuvr , ucletrdlllp g Io tIhe Iltilllti' takeu, weakelll the ry sltolsO much as Elott of tile iurgaltlo elcedicinel gone. It Isl tafct--Tl'ttllly re the nlost effelual PURlb'.IERS OF 'IlHE BLOOD. RENOVATOR OL '1'TIlE SYSTEM Favor discov,.rcd Alto, eotstilutllnnial dl.lrllml~." lpruoducl hy inercliry, or Lt is a fact--That ml ,vrcr ini n sihgll: instanlt. htll.o tllhey hle kIllllwln it he uIItd, thlat thiey dh| Illt )L l t)rodCU .i o(Iod tlt+it rurlllb Ihuu. alld., lIllLy of, %1 hUlll tl Imoo 'fre coni iulnrerd I1-n1. of the CompoIll mi tyl'Ill,p illl. It 1a 1ilui~lCltn to corn IL s ftlcl--.I lilllld IJ b, ..llr rvc.d, lhnt0O teilll " plae thoe y can ShtaIltrd glleeails I i N. UO1ralls, i· it sILtIIIhlIt;.e tree.t. Sballr . > No. 96,. BLOOD! BLOOD:! BLOOD!!! Ist. Thflit. v.l itrlnepllo t fI+.) II contained It tha bluod. 3hl. I' crq C l' tllil In the badI' is dIPrivrcd from bhood. .5th. All dlrt.t.,·. ,ll-t+ ifllll llll illrll) o l}thie tblo d. Or in oII ,I cr words, from , ICn Ia. IlOU I IIU... IItIoI-o hdued I iteL boldy. 0l1.t All the.. tl h tlll ..,~r. en I Irrlrd o11"; thlh hl i,[l pulril.led 7th. Vegetable purgatives a lu, llsimlilale witt the blood SPIUIIITT .tthe bl,ooI is u1,,11 kaown to be oe ol'fthe great 1" 1 ca ,,,,ol',.ll.e:I-e. S.I.I SAPAl(l II.A I, Welill n lulr t bl the iln lil "I'rrtl 'll Iur liir ul'llte blod nd it~ldllid. of 1to klllllllUll y t .ler erreu+ c. It is th,+rl. I r.,cpnl li "i l ul agell t ,IIi:ll olle ;t, cv,.ry Ilet>|).llit'r I Ilend with Itd1 ll-l.~elellclnll ul'lrer ti .. ull, . ll ngi l un:I, exrl t ra cx Ur, tin, y r tap., tc. Il l al flts. , i is, , mll l d I li tltt wlll, ell h lulO ll I i lll,,llln afri l. s" ursoprril . or Bluod P/ils. ..Vitlli ,an lropilutlilll[ cilllm SI.,..d a ..dd RI centi.. I i.U ,div. w11111 byc nto etli.ct lg I',.hll ly .nil" -.l ttiL I,.p-rrc,'ill. y carrise Ual' tiw g.. te ,roBud . rid I, llull, l - )llrlllnd fi i tinn Io ,hlut by ilhe nar.npur. rl . il'll t ale and rendic the ,y+tl ,lll< ruiidlrllle It all(irm ItaLc tu dls r.*e, akeulig dial system. ,"llill, tk iiiill~ng dlsi:,n1 10 Ltke ,trigrr Ihu.l, ,.,cd kill g ntr .dI.lrnylmg thOU.LnId. ; InI ,hurl hliat are U nlIlufaetullrll tl I,by tllit . end forelign trll n ulll ur , IIIltlo %OU Illnthsllr Io.o l~ln|ltlei e lla melgllc ullroitd other, itl. From tlne clrcuatntaucc ol" tL.a rsallrilla bein, introd ucrd in ill,, beLg easy m talltke ;,ll d c Si'l l l~llt fur caILrl. lII, IIn Lhu, ,OCk,'t .r n .r 1 t11. av, i ; nult blllr g IAI d e to )treikkllkle. as aire ils Ihcbottiv+ litalu lii," plrln .rullllllsn o tll'" rthe ull' l rlla Ihh y multi+I ll¥1.111uldly t,lky who Ihe lll.e d aI utOher pllrtpiratlUln.i 1 h 1Itn fl re.'oi li2 Ilart) elicited IuIIIPI'AII$ Inrti~ ltlll~hih e " from ply.ichou and, whlch u,'... all V tile drectll.u, Ia and ura Coldently leCannll(Unl I in rheuum c ae cli'.tlUU. c ki00. I. oIeldm , l$ p·gl..n .lul I w i ri i Jb uIderil, lUr1 lh1: ll:i:ck ldli ,pine, caer ilhe rclegiin ot+ Ihle bl t and .tou.leh, luward 1'r irs. :1 bait tatt ot tlh~ nlontllll. bOUt hiat h, uI ltllll lllll'· , llltm llo lln,, walt cl i aintlls, ,our eruL+It Il. ilt.+ | Iuu"1 lelhy III th.e )lllellm l t ld bllutehe ulf the rkil. dry and Wllar. plllJll.undl |Iui,,l[+ ottht+ nlld boldy. Itltntr and rlllp.W llrll, n 1ctllllr & hlurd etm itc . coug -, blier ~clll l )llaltnt, W tltlrrbrl lh, nh. ell thll _tl haletrain lfdlleel- c r ,.Ultllig lt'rmlll l ,U rlty of thi hl od, l.OllrlitULiOn:al d~Il.C· LpUItuced by mllertCUry or OthLeii niiii rb Ask ally repacplale physician tlihn quettion, what is tho rso;lily, .b Ilt betltr cvldellcc cul we hawe ul"f lb itl sn tabln prn,,,,,,?,,,, ... s rfi....I Il ..........ivr,'d aud rife..renc. IL a bine given lo Ill.I rad, oi IL,,talucr, wf tiie mutt rellloarkabl hr. cure, e.r icr~flurlid yi, "l:lulia,, at SuIu, wllolese arl retail as No 96 CultOlll lnouas street, ti Ncw Orleans. -'l'llPsTh nlilctell with lhumnltinm. scrofula, eruitlon of ne ure manly adatof ages ud aIoini aulllOitu,,, Iby lilng ato above. .j'" hcllttnslll|in Pllyslcian ma+y bIe con.ulted from 9 to I0 A .l, nlld froml y t t l' 11 and I;-Olii 7 to l6 Il the ovenling, ,'s april a s_ 1I111+ At)DRItS of itihe Loiillinu Native Annerirae r A....ociatio.,n tihe cltizens ,,f I.oeliaiultm alld Il,, inhatllaiile of l , United Stlnle!.jesl jslllhhsli011 and finr sale by DAVIU FI.+LT & Co, it. J164 Chrl.r.s+t LUCINA CORDIAL. E <)CO R D IA L l ; l lt :l ,: , , IL'ELIXII t n 1 E a I:,'AMUIO K-Th= e utnitel r at i a it ent fIr tlhe Lu.chia Ct rdial.or ';Fxir of Love, retur' s his graterfll ark trerttdily iritree t le t therlr- ll.t erig erlt'11111 ge rii h 1 e h ll m cr iae d v dr i s ovr 0,l 1 t a nor lUlif e ti goe ti - ithrre uwilltv reihvr e Irre li etov hr i t th ir irt t rerile fl iotr ir n incls nfli arrv of thi s tin mal edic ,lo in. wtllrlrnts he I ent i -, hdra'n,,v gilli h i.+ nllg ; ttll - - rio ., ei fr te e' 'erit of tho ie pt.o oh rr iv htt i It a vette ix l unwreiei r Ch il a itl t re, e tld t ri eliP ly I which iles tre one u 'hlf th s e i, ricn ci argaed f-hl t it i t speedily resttre ti virile ot ters, wh .rei h tr.y Ih v eell exr g Iv d.ase O ",lr:'.'be end stlb.t' ti t re r tUlteit d er ltei s ll it i h r o l. e Tle e li e merr icir the ifr a ..i at e lh I l LLhLt ret il i.a the onir ennd evrdi stre ee lir t' ti rm val t,'to ln, Neov a ni aa lets i te ' )win i ns r stlt y ineir , int ttrir a tlitte, ith i t lm o t ghl t .e I tt, i loml otlrt , h r tire ic to n i,,,ittel fei lrie 'a ti u refy I frite he urtni e or & e, hich cu tIh efr ete. pon reitte ient. I ne str, r A x.t ntrc brtons ofthlieht aeiedt i i irieeo i r nm nse ,ed that the ( eoirtnintl e+Im l . soi' d ith whic h is le i tihan une llf the prie ci tged fur it it Frattce, JOJIN h'IN'I'IRS floIAIIL WEI\ F.I .. ,I1. t), l tle,. t i l Unitrd Mel teis Prerietori The above rlrtetdii ei t het r rte'e tt .ollw .ng e ant retail at Nol . I 'oydta l alt tree, tbetween \laga i in and Cltloll p trrll I- I l+ I:er riet . tllli ---:,, ti,",,llr i ý _ IIl f t 1 "X. IP+. TF' I, lhead OfhIfir is"tl f t,, srandrst ornn t Ier help ingrtr t inttr . t hrr e elleErtr Itlrllr IF w stree . ee Iy, fie olns o r it rell treserirr th ll lncTSI Ittr , latn p r irel torrly l~rl e ,,P ill h tlllp~rn .I n e nf ,,ll;l age, to high e a . ti ml ny t) i rerec ti lle ir eel[lrlll ri e, an', rtrrtil t II ilroot lll rtlo i ah c ety to·l avofid rilll I.'ta ,ind stlneles of their aIqltnil t' e lll ia reoninall( of r tlr ir Ives are t ir. r. i tt t'rrlreriiv tein retirerr er t. Ir shhort ntlltt t ltlttrrntiielhe Io 'irf l oror rrv fillr the i.elprfros t riik te i.,ll f tei ht Ile ltyr sie kir i lnr fl itl s dtloeth ie e h of ei lle. It a fir-l +ip plienllict311. lll a f. w botl hc ites r itgiorn- it lgtin. It lik ewise tter esevehree et niree rwisktersi irtece 'ifti thet frrees it teot ?reef. 'rlnertee eertifetet' til thep firrlt reipeet hilrt ir t r .e e pert rrf tile virtueree oti Oldridge : Itheift are :-Hawn tit the pruprietor . te LET Read the following:-e Robert W harton , E l. Inlr fl.avor of Phi.eilll h 'i L has certofife' tas Inn I- seenl elowl , to the high chara OIt ote r of he flloowoo IIor o Ill' l le i1 ''hle nd.r istd Io henrltv cetifs that wehnve use the II.Im of ('o!l mo ia di- l vereIl h J. Ol ridbe. aned an have foiltn it highly .elrvioenble noI oily as ol iorventiwe uti against the ldling ;doff" hair, but alson certalin rcstor w Wf.lf.1. 11 '1'llATl'IC I 0, Senior, I ti lMetlo tliot i,11insterin0 Sl (. 0e c'll st. ILs Nn :8f Nlrtlh Fith st. tot JOHlN P ING.ISI : ach -t\lllorealt hil J)olN I) Titt,.lAS, I 1 D), 11f3 Itacct JOIIN S FLIR"l:\',Illl prucrlstreet, tdil 111!I I1 McCIURI))Y. l SIuth.dst. J311N OAltl),Jr, Of3 Arcl str et. It i. k lnown ,hat. tlre o lthe abe sieners are r c thaon 3 years of age, anlll thle oth!lrs ot lent thal 30. i c r[Fron the layor' -.J Conunonweahlo of Pe'nrirvloin, I Citylo 1' Iof i'iladol hio , ao i I, Robert Vhart0nn. Mayor of uaidll ity of oPhiillle. o hin, do hereby certify l that I aoolll welllf oll Coiotollll , ",leasrs J I' luglis, Jnitii H F i ,r f l Ialli H it I 1 "CiIray, 'i 0 iose amo es 0 0rar sit lel to lth.rlboove oloeotifienitoth t lho v tl ro eoIItIPellro'or' ooIIof(. lora' ir 'llo roltltoil-o hiflo, IIniiI I. , al h fall credit a blol be 0 1 o Illoolto 1t 1 ,0 said toillelt0, th In witnerra wh reof I ll'.F II.r;'llloll set IVIV I 111 I Of anO d Iused ot 11 Beni of'the city to tie ..illxed, this l (Itll diay of" ' elke inher, &c. In [L. S.] lRIIIlI'T \VII.iI!TON, lavor. l OlSF:I'El Ihlateach I, ttlleofthe (ienauCine ll:ai has il a splenlid ellravell wrapper, ,nt whlich is reprenteden b Sol.0 Ioles1al00 al retail by the1 sle a ,elnt fitr A e : ri Tric . oi Flelche, Slc-ret, I0,-or ,\lliltlnll I ln'La , otnie dtoo , bel . Pearl sreet,and by Iost drluggistaalll l pel' tnrs t' ough Ihe coulntry. tl JARVIS & AN11lDREWS, ml19 \lollleslll e Af'elllr , owo Orleonlos. Ahttilll.lItl PtI'SL-iiilOItC.I1.LY IIISCUS- p II SEll). 'TranslateId fliro Ilts French ofJean D)u- p boi, 31. I. ).by 'illiam ln Greetihell. t Part Ist. l tlhe e-ssity of l'.larriage! I'llrt 2d. Insltuctions in courting, with a cre fur C Part 3d. . . . . Part 4itl a . . 3farrli;ne PhytsioologicII l ly iseased is the most i useful, aod de: ilfedlr the ins Oatinteresing work thalt we I ever 'readl, It wlll l reao k ua ll oor rakes Itad spllilntersi, antll make more more marliod imenl ll w'onorii tohan any p bli.nlti th at hl.sevrhenll snctionelld byIIV ecourI of Ivollel.--La .llonateure. T'llrs is a crlet llllook, o ltnl will be proullctive of tmuchl oodillnlte ollllllllllllit, It i true it eU ailln mll h arranllgooo :lootoog o'p, boot tlorlo the o ulo jct a it' 00xcu u, alnd iflhe Ihlle l e hllll writlelt oiii it, hIe couldI niot IIIIVIb etId it 0m0re1 0elic.telo. W\e esfpecially ree.mmll S its " Int truo liot. in Courtlin ,"' to the aItention of all ngIualh is a l t elllelll, ll ttl ollly ol ill qa s llu t O arlrot.r--Le Ir'eit('oa'orier De' I)Dooos. Illr s 0t 0 r ot I'P olodra t b O,. two lo .hI'agazine alnd ('0n0ll0 oteet. P'ric 7c. ( 1 1)UGo.o1 o.,N-F-ol:NIl at l'ENI, l-.l.ll. tl r J,.n,. , ro oenity ariiv.o l n tl is cily, legs lerave to inhforn Ihe ci izeo s Io Nrw oolhans that lie will aooe ni I on a le'to t1 loondayo,. 14,. iauary, at No. 19 Toulo.use strret, for Ioo instretlioll of y0ouh1 of b!htll SoL'xs, illn French and EngslllsIh, in allich lhe will he ably assIsbed by .11r. James and Mrs. :.l,:ocher, wioo afao blllll those langu gellll s with gre.,at lllency land urlly, ald , whol, wil IO olicalrgt o oll e depalttlntt of t'l young la.ties. hlr Jll t,'s will elvo Lis whole attention il the v.r0l us irant les l cof ucanol,, I llaII ers hliln elt l om1at hooi r hlln wil tII l ir I otlloiJolp t e. nllo It Notll & fCo, No. 3: I.hoolr st eot, are re.

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Izel ,', v ro Iw FRANKLIN INFIRMARY rt L r [ llil: 1 is 1.It e lrr cllllll lllrlo lll·t t tll tII ilili. _o Illillll os. l..ll ! e iost iiii llll d phlnll, a di S11, tan ay III o11 most11 lrllllie s*It llilllln, i, ltle llhlo rg 1n0l0liu 0 upl; the mII ol , UIne itle It ral tie 1issu.t - To f I b oldihhlg i Ialorge !l a o ln, lstco. otlllll l llll ilvided Slla l t'rlo ll l R i rt ds.·l The illlllU tll ie suPPli I wilh t oe ell0st skilful all0 ll lr il tiv t lllle IIiid femalllle utoe-, dllspealuet t ilt theva S IPrivt; ot rooms y11 Ii ; hll o y .etleIen ato Ce dol r ho lor l Jor' o , includino 000' 0 10 o 11 ol, f r. 1 T'I' llr S it flhe ir, ilallrv wailla, two ,htllaur per d., 1 lav00' las totn dlllllari . Siroifll I'o in ilta ordililloo o oo -s, i,'.bo do, ll: r. . All ca!lilal sllrgical oplleratllons extra. SfThe re-i.ient fkosoiriloo is lIr \thletan,o, to whn I rpoo aolooolission moUst tooe iIadL. or I.I Ir C .1 l. ioo0iiot', No I IRluot p rt lr et. i,0l'0 If lI i I.i F\ jui tilT -. i'jici I'tI lti l.\t ' OIF-FICE, 53 a.glzile stru, oppllllosit llihks' Ar hlo (I!i':ENE takes pleasureo i nullounl'ing Io hlit a. Ifriellde d the CillZellna of Vei a (lllleun l ,hat ll. Ie, . usI S int1, enaal:lvil, heo ca1 exeo tell Ila orderl eno ru.o cd t I ea, illl, at Uone hlt'ohe xfltPrn.l of ofengraving tLand Ileatly as to eheilp as typ0e Irillltnl. Mcrchuia towlshing i irculars <elt out in Ithir own at, ohand wrlilg,lcao have any gnllntitvl at J few Itolllrs nolice;i or they 11 li0l00 'to l e lo o i lor Ih n,,' ill a beuuiiul y atl'e, ollol aos has lhorhfaro, fr giv0en 00 er00 rul su1 ifitotiolllt l tonllll ItI ost re lspectblh cinuih o l hI.o es ill his in . iC nlorll . tioi she , ill Ille beast i I Ilmm asrt w ill s:u w'cli bL callin ul he oIlice land see specimens./ Fcb. 1, 1839 N It-lHuk notes eartly execured, and circular0. L I rintrd at onlle hour' iloltlei.. or UILN \F--15J oull00a 0 F1 'ai otlla io lll J iee (4 for .ale fy JARVIO & ANftIib,\, nla eorrer Carmoon & Trhapitrlrloo gta "TilE TRUIE RICiiEr OPF LIFP IS IliAl .TI' an VEGETABLE rLLtj ITE KNOW\V that health and tih ability to " labor, contiLtes the wealtll of tile great o mass of the peop'o in this, as in I1 st other coun- I tries. To pire: erve, therefore, tlhat health by natty ral means is a gralnd, moral anti p .litieal sclleme to ] fullfil which, requires oer utmost otentlion- nn The unprece1dnted popularity and utiversal ap- A approbatiolet which hIlli medicine hI s ichieved throe :ghour the United Stlates, the :llaada, T''exas, Mevxiro, and the West tdiehs, f4lly justify Dr. Peters' in warmnly lnd conse,entiously reconlmen. dint thel to the special notice of the afli:,te1d. Pl'eer:' Ver:.lnhbt" Pilsoare teo safist, imoslt effc. tu:l ped eCConlomiCeal remedy hlr dicar::es of the1 Int1n4m eonl.41t40on, that I4 4 ever be0 n discovered. Dr. 'Peters, the i4nventorof thI. iuluatblh m4 edi cilue, froml hi knbtowledgof t' ie of l I.llle system, iderivelI froll a long anrd extensive practice, has ri arrived to tol'i onetcluion, thiat tie great al.d pri. rmary causes of most discasea is a ddrangetliclit in the iunctions of the liver, or in other words ano in. cr.0lsed or d4i44nishe4 d secretion of the brae. So well is tils utlderstood, that it is commlon for Iersona Io say when tlley Ithel unwell, that threy are 4,'iod, meaning that tlhy hIaveo too much bile on the stomnaclh. On tie otlher handll!, whe1 thle flow of bile is diominisheal, li4n process of dires ion is 4 imnerfeetly perform.n, tIo patient becrsmes weako el41 e4lll4c iatet4, becau4se nollrihsln erlt colltarne4 l ill tle liod taken into the 0t loaach is not proper y ex-. rtracted, and the fnld is ejected in a crode state. Dr. Peters is confident that the famoeus Ilygean Ltheory, so called, that., ' impurity of tile blood is the cause of all diseases,"i isa great ahsurdity. p Every one w hol reflects on the subject a moment, 1 will perceivel hat i4)purity of the blond is a secon. daoy not a primary complaint--the t flet and not t thie aUso of l'disase. tVWhen tlhe functiols of the liver are doeragoed, and the flow of bile increased, v it is often taken up by the ablsor ent vessels and rarrioe ilto the eir4cuhatlo, and becomes rlinug od i wi h tie blood, as in j'du4ndice, when tle patient shows it in his coultelance. Nov this ilmpurity ol blood is caused by ao increased flow of bil4 , and to rllcedy i, you must correct the secretions of the live , and restore it to a healthy state. Dr. Peters has spenlt Icllh tile ill xperiment in4r with dilTereCrt vegltab e Imed.nme0, for diseases of tbhe lver; and Itw4 oItters his Vegetable Pi.l-, as tle best, llost convenient, and chllavest Illedi. Sine tilhat can In ireplared Ior general ouse. Dr. Puters fl.,tters himself'that hii long ex 0eri. mel4ti4ng with vegetablc medicines has enlabled him to discover the true 0 nd ollly substitute llswering all thie 1purpl s el mIercuria s witllout any of their atteen(dalt evils. One great q4uality of Iis v4getabhl pills is that they h1ave tio altrateive pvrincip cole n biled with tlleir cathartic, or operativo qall tiies, so thAlt they not only cleanse thle stomach and bowels by purging, but they regulate le liter, change tiloe morbid slecretions, stren tllhels lthe diLestive orr0a4s, purify the blood, invigorate the cerclolation, anJ give tone and ecergy to the nor.. voos systen. They u1e mild and pleasat.l in their operation, l'.and c tlvey alhost ilnIedlate conviction of thelr utility from tile first dose. They can L e taken Swith safeity by persons of1anly hie ; and the feabLe, the inlllir, the nervous, anl d 4 ti4 delicate, , e ltrengthellrl by their opelr.tio0, because they clear the systole of a4d hll 4ue1rs, quiet Ier.ill irrita hbiliy, and invariably produce sound healtlh. 'The Vegoetble I'l s are a sure remnedy tor a41n. dice, sick and nervous headache, dys opsia, costive. nes-, sickness of the sto0mach0, heartburn, all bilious .,,complaints, lovers of all kinds, audlif taken it ti cm eclllllllemllc ent wil invariably chlck their pro gress, alond save t4 patient from4 a protracted acod ldangenollS slc1tness1. 'lthey a4rc inval44uable inl tier r'ous adnd ypocondrical alec4liOns, hls, of aplp-. Lite, antd a 1 complaints ito whiicl females a4l,.n it e subject. They operat0 e s at mild and speed, purge, .-1;. are a safe and rlemedy lir worlOs iI e,, hildren. Since 1 have introduce l my Vegetable Pills to the public I have received n4rlllll1Ous certificates of t'eir euporye or etlicacy in curing diseases, a'nr, is many letters Iroln resplecta! l physicians, who have used them in their practice with the best suecess. s Ie light publish a small voluame of certificates, but consider it llnecessary, as tihe ledicine \ill P recolmnend itself to all who wi I make trial of it. 'IThe above pills are in boxes, cuntaing .1I Spills each. Price, 50 cents p.,r box, Druggists and country llarchants can be sup. plied, at wlolesa~o or retall, at I)r. Peters' prirei pal 0lfice, no. 65 P'ydras street, between Magazine lad CampI ts. New Orleans ALSO for sale by G. . N. Morsion & Co, 11 r Canalstreet: PP cerlic, druggist 112 old Levee, between the two marke l ts: Mr. lBrolhier, druggist, at tl0 e \VashingtoI ioarcket : C J Trluebhali, drug. gist, corner of Ca al & Blourboll streets: G A Shoeed & Co, druggists, corner of T'choupitoulas o & Gbrod streets : J iRossi, druggist, :latyetto city. o, , lbl ALLIGAI tll LINE. Miobile to Augusta, via Florida. '0-6 Leavoe Mobile ''Tueldays, TIurs-. ,lays, and Saturdays, per the osplrdirdd steamer Champion, (ex. cept ill of st.rul.,) to Po sacola ; thrence per steamer Lo Roy to La Grange, aund hence lulr horse post coaices via Mariana, Barinbridge, Pa. derolu, Berrien, Oltil. r's. it,ad Perry, to Mraoen, Gi ; tirhence via lilledgeville, and Sparta, to War. rentoln, tIhel c per rail road ILrlsr to Algllla. IThe Champuo n is in sll p leid order, with new copper bool rs, copplred and a pier ftstenod. The Ito Ioy Ia.s been thoroughly repaired, her accolmmodatiuns are as handslinsl n.~ iI bo .. The beau iful Santa lora Sounld, and Cioeta. watchie Bay pre.nut the most trlerealing steam na. vigati t in the South-bomrg at the aotet me perfectly land locked. '1 Ih Tearn.ari e not srpaneed on any route in the coultry ; the drivers, to a manl, carctil and attun rive. 'rhe bridges heretofore d,tngerous have It on newrly built, so that high waters do not inlter.ero. Thu'ralting houses have beenll Ioraly chalnged, anld are Inow ais good as o alny roid i tre South. It is gene.rally kouwol thlat tlhe excellbnce and harlness ua thei roads enablerl tle roams ut all sea sonls to mIlake great .rpeucl. T'lheir smlouthnlllss s0. cures the tr,.vei ur froum the ordilary latiguer of stiage travelling. The Lile is now a rrying its passengers froum Augu.ta to Molble ito four ldays and twelve holrr-, or to Nw . la es ill lour days and twenty hours. Goig to Augulsta, thir lille is six day nd sevel hoirs, 'Lit tlllle actually empllloyed i travelling as lthe suntas i llte other dlrectloln, llut the ditferenlce otrti e o t tlhe i utu, is caused by a day being lost in Pensacola, w,,ieh, however, is well relpaid by tlho op. onrturly it gives ofieoeig the Navy Yard, tle old Sp.rnlelr Forts, etc. Thu travel er also sleeps at raon,l .ard again t War. tenoton. 'lThia rralngmen~ t l wlll contrrruo tiLll trhe travel turns nort~ward, whrm the lino will be the s ao from Mlobde to Augauta, as is is ruw in the other direction. 'Iris Alvertireirment conta:ins a plain stat ment of facts, tire accuracy ut iwhich tLh proprietors gauranltecutoeach pasaounger ti til. penalty of tIir stage fare. Maps of the Line may bI seeir at the ux hagoe llotel, Ntw Orleaus, andL at ti~l lMa' siou llouse, Mobiln. Fare thlrough irone Moile to Augiusta, $417 50 l'tie ille exterilds, b) a blranch to 'l'tlalhasueu . lot Chattahuoochle, to la connects wilth thet steamboat carrying tle mail to .\pa alhicola tand St. Juseph's. rUltioc at tile 3Matsion IIruse, Miob!lo. t lm7 O I'lST'lWICKI, Agout,. Mobile. ,NEt SPL.NIIlli PIAt .1 toItl0 AtIs. " S'ft rte t,. er bpill .ilr L .. l, I: , r~ r l I avre, and S lfr sl I' thr l lutltbers- 2 tlaorniliel.i Grniuil 1tillaros, ros.e.old, e!rgrintly in laid wailb rnlllrsaIl octaves. n 2 le:llllicent .de.n IJprlight pIlrnlos, Caraueis wood, in anllltll [y lorlnatleialld, i! rwIIIres. r 6 itSatle teie .lmllnro, o Iwood,very ornalmeoal i'ir oi altavrs.r 4 'ii ero;t ui!ll nves, rtasew.trt, Caraces and Ine 0 1u a t aec=, pl ll in an[ i mahog-nny llre nl till romol tibe el eb;rltied lmfarfc toury of 'Itlo'Er. & Ct. 'arl. g+ E JOIINS & Co. St. ,Ch,,arle. t aiut l.S-4:, ) chleclPolhnr... l.o do Otuallrli ,gaud 0 sitty 13 lbi boxes Guonpowder 'Tea, in store for ealo be |1. J TRAYER I &Co.'Poydceist ~... . . . . . .. . . , +- - . .. . ._ . . .. . . . . .. . ... . .. . . .... . l A ITON & ), No. 53 0ld t .rveo sOrctin aýdi tio.lun to tlitr (,crier srlak, btovt receivted lrtom o It s et orl, p ter ht, (IIitooot fleot,, \o1, \Ionotttn, an ot y n ,,oto trent ofo IhIrdware, into Str , tailt, rAnchor,. , Il ains, Coodloa , Lenlllr, tills t . oh l cll theP otler fur sale oil accmmeldldlain. teri.s: ItA Il)WARE. . Jrigt tro.r erthnioo; onoot oo. do; oedoo carrter ritlr 1t tn t ,sillts for rsov n11d " lh tot 01 .r alinll tro 'Vted'' o andi *I'v .v r; ,rhlbt r' t steel hl. , and shovels folo 'o ulow. aI m t nerd and tenure tlll l. , nI. l i e, of nil kins e Irewlnhlrl's nd II',.,s mill c. -hs;kse n er .ll n eril lIple , .i goods. o oI l1t tto'stn t ttll ; axes,'I.uyton' pnl ternr oifooeo brand 0t nd barad axeg , wt i tllo la lirso rtuent o f I utt ot's t oil; ('(l lislll' oxe; lnd to ) drozeo l cast sltcel j orr , nm d by ol ter good n,.kerx. IliON, oTEEL.&b. &e. o10n tons flgt, quare anot rouond iron; Btlimore foller an11 Into iron;l o u r iron,. size'; I lt fi ts sheel iri.,l; o sleier; I;1o t do; 1a-1 (I.) I:In h1-h [ lierf d -e' t '.rl; [hil;{' 1 n till; plate zin t;steet ,lo oli Iolt ; shul,It l t reoeo.t 5ln ke s llt nil, well tit. 'tledt from 3 to G inches; 5o1 oant wator o not Il ie clsst tIootl n.w; ;(I kol.lrl AN(goat)to lN, C.STE Ii. , &c. .1thar toos aIt.: qo kto ootie hroL rsoirro, Ihotrttre It'cho i e Call rie-; Bai n Kale, Inr ; 10lo 0 Franc i putsI I I ,ill|. e;,iders nlld slliilell, a lairgo annuli I;AI rl; II sit t' -tl I tttirotla o o ololtil.reot tol il lotoIo le-; windlow ,lna ss all inze-; Nova s ia 5r lin stilnes nod aI larte sloctk Pu tllen tooill.lsto oe~ lSUltt led sizes. NAl1l1 CILISN .llY. Tamllll t rolp,% of tile he'st kilnllI, tllld Bou ill mllaI1Aihl:IllI t tlufilla Setl coLdl a pd lelh llnes; o nil I, vanr ly (I every article ill the shlip chandlery lille; lea 'ther, oU ml l.iodul,jtut leceited firo Plihuldhbb . 011. \ND ..11V.i.. , IF'FS. o 0tt O -olo I nto' Itter St oalld oil. 5 bbls do1;i 00 bhlo olie I01; Ian h tar; 50 dt , Ine h l nd rto iny ; t do soft itn tor; Itor i hal l'b ols; l erl. of rloo net;t ttriht enrhi-hr; e',nrol mltl jllpllln d[l; fI .ll + Il l 5I 1. kI . i--A ISON'S- --- T .o great celebrity nrthis unrivailed (llln. I position, rspOeinlly ill tile Northern States, loav s tae propriutor but l the need to say ainy tiling in its fvor ; o'tr it las been i aenorally conceded t to t, that it is beyond all comparison tile b st remedy for external complaina that hoas ever been disco vered. Indeed tlo speed and certainty of its ope-0 rati os have tlthe apearance of miraclea ; as nicers, w unds, corns,, leversores, childblains, white swe! lings, biles, piles, spider ald snake bites &c.. imme diately yield to its apparently sltporhum on influ ence Thus if properly appllied it will remove an inveterate corn, or brleak andl heal a bile in five days, will allay and perfIectly cure an ulcer in two 00weeks; ind the rlost desperate cases of white swelling lhat can bet imagined, have een de.stroyed by it in less than two mInthls. I t tile bites of pai sonous reptilehs its ficacy is truly surprising , all even in tile bite If a rabid dog, for if apphed in tlilme, its power- of atlraction ara so wonderful that tthey will at once arrest the poison, aLLnd thus pre. vent it ' oin pervading IhIe systat. It is likewise r greatly superior to ti)ny melldicino Iheretofre disco vered for the chalfed backs and lnbs of 'horses, f'or tetters, ri g worms, chappted lips, and in short for every external bodily evil thpat may tall to tIle lot 1 of mlan or beast. Tile proprl tor has received at least a thousand certificates and oth r documents, in fat r ofhi' t', S,,ecific Onltmient," upwards of' a Ihundred of which wetre written by respectable memblers oflthoo Medical Faculty, all breathing the samet eulogy and satistiletlion. r Pro ared at 129 Liberty street, New York, and for sale at ti5 Poydras street, N iatw Orleans, itar. G If . sANCIt. iNli% BIY '-iE FACULTY U OF MEDICINE. w tIIItN'S Cotptittnt Eaxttat ok Cpatiba eod Scnar., I ic tl - -A cea 'to in, c sa , and t oost 'tt uat tl tretle- ti, d'y eter discovierejdut tic a-ll' c Of c-thlaeh, Gl-ttia Stri.i.o'es W.itcies, Iacits inc tthe ck andtnet , senaot, c....nacat, c:infticac .. idiea,, g'ovelo,scoehctitcI erupthii s, F.e. as It te i.tlucttiotn of imediinl possessinttg the tasef tld active itute of tihe one now oiletreid to the public, t tie p ,ietor has but to i refer to tche nu emuns crecim liuiHotntinlls l'eiu~ved Crumnl t .ll ost el lt of" the mi e dccact tccuity it ltc ape, bhlievi.g tact it ct-iti be dttly a'Ip .'notted wihen its mer'its are llmrlle funlly kuowe. The , I.alsi:ll of . ait- scet tenit c oi lasti, t as h list m.ult. of its cred it from tihet dislike which patients formerly a exi ss c re ardint its distlh tre able taste, dlstntbath eet I cedit welic t t e tnls na toail h, l td its heeto'oe citllceienactic c tad i nce- i the intlacatorytcestge. iThe Irut ietr cas omaitide ai aiyss of the alato in nels tei i, t h th oe toe c ti uaciit an t otr y meies w o atltltrent y e uc t 1 isein ':e sur.snt s a ll i t hi le usefully t lng in isteltc tha in in the present state. The mbove eme nine hombihns .n gredients Which arie in the hi,,hest repute ant-o the -most ctieatiiec aond tearned il the proiavsio,. thu' it th cs tcpoion of it o thisc r ear atiOcc e icaceansesthe eFricay om the A e" I l onlueh. an oper'atlon trlyi ncto -I wshi an surassing the ttst siatagiitae extiec.tioim i posse..itat tile scam tiae tm leo advcntage of its leing adllilsl ese , tall ih penicect stc less in tie diticreilt tliace a to'tvle abat e diseaer. 'the uost emitent c hysittcs nidt cc'rgeoccs titf te presenit dy ecprtes their' decicled a pro"baion in it o of Saeasaiarilltl, whiast its use ic thes iiacitail tiospotlt rd t lle publitccticl inst tui tio hash be I, adtit t ca titcoes, c-lary extensive. It wac a at tor-te re ted wtite the ceeirated Ier Abelnethyt i all t a te ea ta t tl' o s, steall in ocsti ,e hitaneotsetttiOt 1isitgt' ioa t disrdeta e ar t t lie o fth tgestitvefunlti o s Iiavic ioen snlluitted tot te test and aexpeiner of tIe h n on celeln'ated atno.g tihet aitityc thiey" hi'v o expesn'd tei sat iscaetion f its extcaitrditco'y elticact iu eve a se tuder their attie, h taiiotStilg. it ota it theItca t cah i n id tena aeatiae. h ich t h r i etacttions will li a rilaei ell erleafter Pl ared ttyJ 1 TI oi htietaiso Lasnion. Priice $1 511 per" ht. th oh ul cttndpriactct aeomn n s o TESTIMONIALS. iFrom A It Sallooi, Eat. t 0, SneonGa to the St 'I c ot i ial ati, I.e.. at n0 Apttomty. S iThe trict .i ie ic I cone ttcee of oa u m.e- Uroticin in a a nl amit t'fcaisens, bth maemi it s invrble succet s ults bhr, ti i'oved isct Ig y tlit I ivc t i n t itt a t e a to l t hestate itn S.unotcia it oite ttiof te ttmot caite and c elelelitcnsi r~emedlies evetr olt'eretd to tihe public, :aud one inl which, hoatl ecix lcie ec I co tlacie evet'- retiatee, whilst it r ls fe tl 'g: lnet thce so il:hctett it a tlat auh acutly en Ilet ieo e w'ii elqaltm p r ea. FrIom it Ihccit'ar, tSeI C S, Ptocsilat to the urSt Smaeit' it(cice Dtisitielscary. I thke great trs tatie ia addingt r I." teStilrm to the iaklrepte t.,i o, ot'yr w i ,catii t tol, t ishicccg you the tese y tin o |iolly desele, ia cn amilte raser it fi" tuice lla 'lt expese ineuored inal bringing iir t to stla amta e plea p 1flat- i ii. Frimain wih it ia , F It S aen, Slin to Gat's lais pThe a ut iti sctte- , ncati scite s a'eiaded ti dnilic s -ct to er .c om t i di cile 11 111bo11n s. " atie llnrs si tat, tl ll tle otlt ditseit s has lhicily satisfied ue tihat it ohas ily tcc he kimtcc ic hi truly ictpreeutcc. Nlat the Iotl-s Y'Oi soI Wvt'l tiesat e, amplyl1 andu spleedily% t'eitl a)eyoi for putl vlu h a i'itc o r ratsi. tit p t a Icratao Si A C.iLc tF Ic r t' It C S, I . . lAcchg been icdUedi to cOr ntiact lxtihlet islenvatl Stsesof tviolenat tttorht mac witdch had hihert- hauteic e.ery a .asrgii con ainihhisterll bd tiae, hadim ini( ' Siat-e catd sepealy artes et.ecied ithf il a facW lios s i feel top .ltccti dttythoid to c tao e thattIctl it p 0cte ioth publit and ivcei ro otmaeud :aa od ise nOin other, URTGLlt W OK SFronl G \V llair, - D, Physiisn to Gu's Ic o Y it-.l| WThe trnict aest whicht I have given you.r mediiit ltttlacg inac pcattctcc, hAclil its invari.ttle tansttaccsi cattl, -t ý 11 i adu hie at o to nielseere in its ilSe, sntI I deem h Sbut atn tact clicittie ant i of dnty tictal ly tebtlteetlttl itsicicc icmt c tttic l ctotia f i irtun s. Fiaot : I l' Ihoatsuntit, II F It S 1.. Ihetccict'a y tcy saccceae thahiks ftr t e nalcabla pie seata o o t Iu E"tict far the aclte of taoauorthwol, bn. L feel Gr.;tcl dill e Oui have all Ist bIought a medicine i -O'e ich will ilciae I eslreatlttt |itlg tbo ttiit It' toir tie metclrhe w. -i ylot t s t lwan i specdn clcl iyt. in ccctattact tat shott class It tcii'ditt melget pleasulre icll uhlihi celcing d i thc wneldthe valcable itcucttie ofoto r it FInUacat. 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SOLD aT i 1. ,J© ýC xý ýaa ('or. of Natolhe and Teltoepiteyl's stR -IOR the care of rheumatlsm, serofula or king's evil, lllU - aelation or hip gout, tnceipienleancersrnltrhonw, ypl efu itie null mercurial dizes·.J, Fertictuarly ftl:m i d paiafu nfeclttlons ofto Ihm one, Icerated threnot it nosMtrils, uleen of cviry iih',ortillll, fever oren ad idlnterual hesnnl ler , i tsi - las. pilic,soeoJ hesd, aervy, bilns. chronic sore eyes. eryvdip !hs, lotlueitnulild ntry veriity y ofcltonllol tlfeetion,.Lsk lie oel.rrh, heind a:he irircedi* g ieom any icrid huisnoss liait In to!:oLtulach, l Jyspe.opn proceedieg from eantinoll. ,gie,.ins of im liver, rhrob i inlnnllammalon of the kidneysr moild g'nero detiliy Ity ntorpll aotion of the eoslah ,f rilte sin. ft it sillgollaly elfcai.juo in r novstin f sthete oI':.tItutitos i leh hIno been broket down by tinjndiioin totmilent or juvoi ili e irieielt rties. In gie rlterem tt is re o-olnI di ui all those difrales which arise from ompuritie oltbn ilood, or vitiation of the humors, of whaltevr name or kind. Sole of the aiove e(mnploios. o mts, esqile so trifling at. sintall iptlheatlllms, which the oircml.ntaaeos of the Dile Will - hoetntt; b it 1 a fnsnl rremedy or iourifoer to remove ts L rnlsei.he INDIANS' PANAlCEA will gsetrallly b found ste tininot. TO THU PUDLIO. ilowtrue itls tsht oodenlo phyaiist=, nt.thelrewlhition 5 excel in tlr pi ofeuion, exphlore tihe vast filldtof sclieee by the aid of oeinetry, cod seek out aew remedial gents, it short, to rrioe it oeirfhttbo ie tke prsp tien by meelasof art nlioli.--etllrily overlook amd neglect. asl beneath therl els. tIhe ril and buinileie stores of medlcilue hieh tone Altl¶lh7 intia e.t.ei to iiting out iflthe earth aevery clime! 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'hi'e cillpUiiility. ollTcieicy, and SAFEIY' of vegetablle re ile iiieasier IlllEtrll, in:iy ie etllimted bho contrsting the an Ce-it .lrllre wills rle. modern ~or, to hriiig It Mose nine Ioltelo eoder not ebiobsrrsui, kio the illdiau prateice wills lthat o tlie wilus. 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