Newspaper of True American, December 21, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated December 21, 1839 Page 3
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L.ELA NOTICES. . .t'A'E OF LUUISIANA-First JudicialDis trict Court. 'lThe State of .ouisianta, To all whom these pre* Slitas shill coume, greetig:--\VWhera HIENKY tt IL. SLLAM PA l.FI Y, Iavil.g porchmo at e sale made by timle aherilf o ila paorish of Jerer.oun, Ihe proert Ilereinafor described, has p ;ieid to lhe olerk of tioj Couat,t in whoeua lice the dud of sale was retulsdttd ftI the seventeenlth day o t letober, A. i). 183), tor a Mlni tion or Advertismamtellt ill conforlnity to anr Act of the Legislaiture of the .tatle of l.ouisiaton, entitled, '::"A Act fhr ite. ftirther atssurunce of titles to atrcioaoete at ju dciol sales;' approved the toothI day of arclmh, 18tt: now, thoerno..o, know t e, and all perdons interested herein, Ire hrelwt cited unt d ,totnished inl thie Iue of Stie State l' L'uiiaiula, and of thte First Judicial )itn tricl Court, wite can set up anty right, title or claim in and to time property hlereitafter described, its conseo qulencs of any intormality in tale order, t eerec or judg menat of Ie Court utnder whleh the sale was made, or any irregularily or illegality ito thie ulppraisemootUt and adeertlineteots, itn time, or manner iof ale, or r r ansy -ther defect whatsoever, to show enause, within thirty days frol tIhe day hisa hooiiuti is first inserted io Ilo, hlrtlie paelts, why the sale so inudre auld not be con rmted and homtloguted. Thoe aidproPlerty was sold ve tile eooriffcof ti i tsr ish eromesld oli te two:ltieth dfly otf e1ptetmbtr, A. D. 1839, by irtue ufa dees ol'f thllis rt reollred o tIle righteenth dayof Maroel, A. D. 1833, in a suitl etitled lIaria Cscil, wife of Charles Brewer nand ol. 0., the minor children and lheirs of Charles CSeil, No. 12,8U9 of the locket of thlis caurt, el Imicll sale thle said lten ry William Pallrey Ictamle tilt purchaitor, or thle prioe of four Ilutdred and thirty-fiv, dollars, payable Cash. Desrriptlon of prolerty, as givet in the Judicial Coo veyrtece, tvi: A.grtorim) lot of ground, hell same which wans atjluli rated Its William Nichalson HaIll, a a sale tiadle hIt lucie L o MilCoy Outiolner, of thb city 1f. New Orle.las, on the elrsenth l arcb 1836, by virtle of o jtltdgnte.t of thiscourt o the thirtielh Januaur La31i, nod which wia, ordered by said court on the oi~hteotlh tanrelt IUJ3, to he resold at the risk and exreaso e of Raid HIIIt, ttor neg. lectlig acd rfuentireto eolnply withhe l terms nd col: ditiole of said ndjUelioatie. onid lott Ieinly situated in tem oprish of Jefmersont, in the fow oftarrotllto., doenig loted al nAnlmar Fuur ioll actrte A tMe a 1lot drawn hiy ilenjamin ioison, stlrvtyat of saiid iaritsh ,sOil Io twetltieth ot Janiusry 1836, od detposited itll tio (otice of h. B. CCallo , noltary )Uloli of this liit ,old eeas uring, it Aimeriotanl ameaour, fifty twto lirt eleveO inhellts frolt oa l.v-e street, satl forty ftelt lhre illthee tlsa fruntton turthe sleet, the r ed huadl d tord thir ty tu fret in depth sild frlt on Jeffer on, and llree h tdred anti futoleet 6 itoshd end a Italf otn thie lille dlvitdit it frolt lJot No.Tl. lre togetler with all Otto ights, privilc. gee ce. Iheritunto telontgiag. Wlelanu, th,. Honorable A. M. tlltlltttmon, Jtedge of te Cor . sol on urrarid, this lo day of Noveomber, .90 P L. 1I.AN'V, Up. Clerk. REP'UBLIC OF TI:XAS. 'Proatryr I)eI'ATrNTr, 1 City of Huuaton, 17Itl July 183.9 IN pursuance of a requirenent ofea iaw poseed by SCongresa of this Republic, appruvod January lest, 1839, making it tihe duty of thie Treasoiry to advertise anld casse to be sold tite luto in hoe CITY OF CALHOUN, on dtay by hitm fixed. Notice is hereby given tlat time loto in ctie City ort CtilJlhotut ill he offered at Public Sale, ot Meonday, the 18ith day of November next, beotweo tite iours oa Tet 'clock, A M. and Four o'clock,. P M, at the Copi Sal ofthis Repuhlli, upon tihe terms set lorth ill the following extraeto from the law above moen tioned "o Sec. 4.-Be it further oenactd, 'Phat thll ots imo naid town shall be offered and sold for no otler our. sancy than gold, silver, audited paper, or the pro. miasory notesobf tits governmuntot. Sec. 6.-- e it furtheor etactd, Thhat theo n oid lots shall he sold on thie followhing term, vil: One fourth part to be paid down, and the other three forth to be in equal instaloemlts of asi, twolve t i eightern tmtonths. A See. 7- -Be it further enacted, 'irht if any person who shall purchaseatny ul tlooeo atres;id lots, shall foil to makoe pOyuant of tioe eve:al imt stalmeonts i cafurmlity wi this t Act, heo or they shall forfeit all such atuns ias riley tmry Iav,. previ. ostly paid, andi the lote purchasedl by oucl defatml ter she11 revert to tiloe geoerllntcut of tile tepuh. lie. See. 8.-Be it further enacted, 'llat all persons, aliens not oelzcoted, shall ilntce the Irivilseg of pur ckhoing and Ilulding the sammle, and tihe President in aothorized to issuepatottts to theom so too, usa the last in, staltuont altll lhavo boon paid." Tfloe sale will conetinuo ftrot day to dlay, urmtil all of the lots shoti have bees dlisposta d oi Calhoon is situated on tile Eaist old of Matagor d- island, directly on thloe Mioi Pasis iltto Mnlatgor. da Bay, atnd fromo its dv.ntltageott positlon, will probably bocome lhto irincipal cotttmlcrialt oily itt Western Telxas. A Plan ol the oily gooy be seeO ito tte Gooerlc Lald Offite. mloe eteral teamote im this ltoitoblic,tht ('ohnitar. cial Bulletin, Pooayuooe tll 'l'rue A lol'tiittll of ON. Orloeats, wtill puhblh Oimnotito mttil the daiy of malo. JAMES it. SToAItt. Ofrlotlrv oI' tole TIreasurt.m E TAT DE ILA LOUISIANF:-Courdu (Prem . ier Di)trict Judiciuiro-L'Etat do la Louisi, anl 0 tous coux que cos prdsonlte concurnceot Al-Loondu qno IIEiTRY WILLI1NTPAII . RR;Y oyant achott6 a uno vento fatll par lo Stihrllt' do l lareirse Jelleroul, In proptri6td ci lpres ddcrite, s'eat adres6 ao gretfu do cotto Coour o o I.l , ila 00t00 tIut enr6dist do o dix.aolptt0bo jolur d'Octobro do I'onjdo 1839, pourun uVIs coOnltorotdment, l IIIt o seou, do la Logisluture I o I'E it de I Lou Siaolo, inlitul6d Aol poour oonfirlcr loo titrls deos icqle. reurs aux vullto judiciairoe i" approuvo le t10 M1ar, Qu'il soilt conn, ott0outes porsonnos int6resdles ont1 par coy presente son domes, au n1i do I'Etlti de Ist Louisiona et do lo Cour du Preomier D)istrict JIdiciairo, qui poorraiont avoir droil a li pr - pri6tid ei-ap.e dcritoe, n colnsloqueneo d'un dd falt de forlln dane Pordro, Is dderet oul In jugo mont do lt Cour, on vortu duqucl ti vento a 6t. fail ou de tou1e irrdgulari 6 ou illdgalild dons 'eatimnation, I'avis ou le temps et Is oode do la vente, ou pour uno autro caus0 quolconquo, do faire voir, dana trouto jours dater de nl publica lion do cot avia, pourquoi la voentle ainli fails nose rait pas eonfilrnd et homologude. La dite propridt6 fult endue par le Shiriff sun. oit, le vingtlme jour do Soptmlbro do I'anouo 1839, an vertu d'un docret de cello Cour roondu lo dix.huilisme jour do Mare de t'ann6o 1839, danos raffaire de Maria Cdcil,6pouse do Clhar- Br.wer & al. vs. Les Enfans mineur et hdritiors do Charles C6cil-No. 12809 du Docket do eotte Cour, & la qoelle ventoe didt Henry William Palfrey s'est rndu acqudrour pour to prix do quatre conllt cin quanle piastres, payable cemptant. Doscription de la propoiet6 d'apres io transfer judioiiere, ievoir : Uncertain lot de terre, to nmlnio que ful adjugd a William Nichollsol Hull, it une vento fite aor lbase L. Me. Coy, engnlatur do lt villo do la Nouvelle Orldan-, Is 11 Mars 18:19, on vortu d'un juagement do cotte CoG r du 30 Janvior 1736, et quo I 11I Mare 1939, la Cour ordonnal d'.lro ro v*ndl oau dopous et risquos du dlt (ull, a ciuse de sa negligence at do san refuo a rompltr los termesos t codon o do l dite oadjudieat.lout. Co lot do terre eat situ6 dans Ilt Paroisso do Jeflfrrsno, dase ta villo de Carrolton, it oat dgtsille6 p.r h: nto - nero quiatr do ilot A, our uit plan dreoss pLr enjaLuin BUissoleo nrplOntour do lit die paroisse, et 201 Janvior 1836, at depos6 dane le bltreau do II. B. Cenns, notable public de eotto villo; tl a (glloauro Amnoricine) cinquanto doux piods ooze -- pouces es face d Io ruo do lo Levde, quoirante p,eds trots pouees do ie o la t ruo Burtioe, trels cents trenta neual piedl do prulundour at lnle .a I rue Jettorson t Ltris cnto qultroe piode six pouceas et delgni sturo ligne quo li dlviso du lot No. 3, onsesn. bte toon lea droits, privilgeus &c. qui y llppartluen. Pont. T'iluin 'llinorab!o A. M. Buichanan. Jugo de la Cour nusdite, co 16 Norcmbre, 1839, P. LE BLANl', u20 3t ill 30d Deputod Grofflor. SA'.S-Th0 subsenrbers have roeceived and oe r, II1 oSioijgg ty 0vely puctkeot,u ire: l aglelu Ol i o ver. Rllussia, Fur lot d o looeskin o ilk , oflte til.ol E tf ll. ion and hest inllallotnra, whielh thoe ollo r for inllspe tion to toe citizens and public odloanerolv. For sale by (; USSI I' & Co, Naval, Military & Fo'uhioIoublo Ilttiers, under ol Exolthllao. I lowl, St Challles as " ANIt.I,A t lIlIAIE--A .oooooophote OoOiotiiionl 00 L1 ltaw.or's sod o1io, dilrec foraoo the toctgorv, w0a0. rantOld to. le of a qlulitly qluLoII tll to y in ithe Cily, n0lw lailding lod 'oro ale by PELTEILAIILl.A \V, ol?7 66 Coalllpst IRON-'rTho unersigned offior for sale oul accumIo. d1 adting terms, in lots o suit purchatusr: the cargo of IronjlLsl reeived Ironl tSelokllooioo,1 per brig IololPonlo, cinprlillg a full aa d comLplole o sot urlllt oo all illzo . LAYTON & Co. d6--tf 53 Old Lien 0t OIlRlot T0() I'll' P IS'lE. For eleamning, beautifying and preseroing the Teeth. 111118 I' ppration hal acquired erea.t celebrity by i t ile t o lesing theo 0001. invaloiotle prttooello 0 giving te 'l'rteeth a polish, ow00eli0i0 the *lroilth, 0lid el firely erodicloling 0ile scurvy. Il in fiormlioed o1 iiiglooli lrot Ielasl ot to hse l lte, and hihly btoeli.t gio Otihe . taltll and preservationl of il' Teeth and .oll; 0ur ht6e it pomseesen aUtm ofu corrosive nmallrel, tIhe vuewl afthe'l Teth, instead of baint impaired (as it inievilably Ltlo castr it illmsl olhor coiloposi0ion0) will bI preserved and rendored bauotful itn li exlloOllpo . Fo r sale olt the NJAZAAIK, cornel of St. Crlu rles Cid oIIIIIOll n. dl IIU.II & ALI.AN. F IESH SIEDICI ,Eb-t-:t711 a:-ku0e. Irooln rEinoo reeeivol per t eorollt arrivalh froom lle Nolth. ern cities, I.iveruoo l and o t Inre, ookillog tltir stogck l' medicines as full as olr il the Sou ihrn collntry. Tlheir fine mlodicll protaratiollo are 0 itoln thle celo.rat-dl 0u0000. factory of Monder, Weavor &. :Co. liou -'.lioln Ithey will l coonolnolly suillliod. Plantlera, dmters ood I'htysi. ciane will be nupplied o Ilo te l00t forotlrt terlm0. .04110tVL & ANtI)IRE\V, d17 ert Conlmnon and Tchlapionulhs ot NEV GOODS. BUSH & AILEN are noow Iopning a complete as. BIo) olOnl ol" ill shirts; do cambric, with linen fronts; lilmn eoltrci oilkt, coto0 and m-rilno ondter hirts ant drotwers: calobric oondt silk lhandklerohioIt; black anrd fancy crevatl, in great variety ; nlllair ocurfs; clocks of eoery desorcriptionlg u elatic alnd cotton o ue inderr,; ilk, lotiuon aod htroad (iGoveoo goltloelelmoo ; Also-a sllenldid assortmenl ofladies' and gentllemen's wriiting do t, deooino noma, mnll.ical bores. worl bomarn, Porr Folian Perfumery and utlrooy, at thea BA .AR, corner of Vlt. Chrlelnnd Common tsl. d0 00oo & MUSIC. G UNN's DOMESTIC ILEDI(CINE.-More than srven vears have elapsed since this valuable fain ily Inedical'work was written by a gentleman of Ten eessee. Si.sea which time, more than one hundred thousind copies alve been sold inl thie wasteren and southlernsatures,and tihe demand for ii in tholse latee is increlssing. The publisher liure lalely revised, en larged and telereoyped it, andl executed it i, superior strle, amal now offer it to tle citiz,es of l.ouisiana. are now reedy to wait on the public for their painlnaeis, whichill lihe graIrfallv receive I. 'Il'e Tof lict IlSaliunn &l Ci. is ale opienat o No. 164, Campi 0t, oip.liote Lafmvelte hquare,wh-rb thie ulllic UlO re- eel folly invited itctll ,ni xlaaliie islhe worlk i.,r thesllelvea Sun vesaela anl steamers will find it extremely uorefl, acs well ao fallies. G V IiAY1)ND, CGeneral Aeent. A liberal discount will be allowed to whieia lel dea lers. dsl 7-6t I-rIOISS .AT'S CHl ItulClI;l.Es-Jhrln J. linowell a & ('io., 4'l Cai 1 treet, ltlV jft received by the shl i Fairfield, a furloer slluply , f Froirt's Cihronaieles of England, France, Spain, and Ihe alodiailng erlllltrie,; twoI plelid voluln e. The Vinge and l'raviile if Sir Jolhn ll udeville, KIt. witI notes, gloseary , &c. by J U) lalliwell, Esq. FSA ic. &c. urlton's Anatomy of Melancholt; the sixteenth Lon dlonedi itn. The Cmplr-ete Anler; or, Contemplative Man's Reere itoli.n heing u livcotrosee n riverr, fimh-lmreih, fith, anll flohig; ly Imlok \VWalt, anid Clnrl,?s Cotton. Pnompaiannt: Tile T'operuapr, l:difices and )rinaents of l alt leii, tll resull ofexenavlilla since 1819, by Sir \Villill, (ioll, in two relumes. ENGLCIS1 ANNUA.I.S. T Itli BOOK IiF lIE ElI'Y, edited by tihe Co . less of lllessingon, with beautifillly linaelh en SI'cII Kerpcake fir 1810, dllited by the Lady E. St uart Wortlerv, wilir twtlve ellravingo. IIelllila ihtasreeqi,,! Aiiiiaal contaiilln Iillety nned dlrscr lIlinn 11f eiloWm sr (Can-li a II it sellvirlls, edited by I,eiehl, ILit, lmie, Ieq.--l illnstratin Alio a further supply li th ilt pIlendid work the Shamks ea-o GUa.lry with utler iew sad valuable Eng' lisp hooky. Jalt received and for Ile byh 5 ,AIxssX. 'I'\15VAR. 4(11) e tip PAUL JO)NES. A 1)1RAM\l i firve nets, ro thile Frenclh of Alern. I)lllle, by \VIII. It ,rar, of .lhv Ieirlh'no. 'Tihii plan, very itiviahl y reiiiried in lhe Nortn, is iriae e1 ly receiiiiiiesail Io the pallhhc if New (lr leans, is the irt llroductiona ofa well knllowll entleman of this citv. For sale atIt ibhrilipal Ihletk toree,and at K JOIINS & Ca. I7 eer St. CIrt,, liand ('ollnln it 1EL5.I )W I"EVEII. A NATO()ICA5., Patho-lnicll ir al 'l'herpentic re _ enrrlles in the Yell-w Frever ifl;iralultar, of 18R:i, bIy P. Chl. A. Lewis, atitllhr of L.ewis on Fever, Blood L.Ptlitn. &c. e*c., just receiver. anl for sale ly J..I. II ASW\VI:I, & Co, suacesas,r to ALEX. TOWEII, 49 (Camp t. r5 SLFIIll DIE 1It.uS.a.NN, ir the Adlvtulres .f a Freiirhgenalevn uu--a new novel bhv 1 \V M Iey noliaiund for fale by J J IIA\SWEI.I. i Co. ,_5 49 Caonpn t IiUIIA'S illlilITIlS. r11 EI01RIS of Ii- own tlie, inllidini the Rleval,.. Sii,,, ithe mpllllirce and fle s-toratiiu, by Lie'll Count Maslthelw Da)mus, jut received aid lifor 'ale by J. J. ItI SWELL & Co, successura to ALEX. TOWERI. 49 Cmnp r. (1+5 1IT I-lC.-'I1 MA 'S--J' o l J Ilswell & Co, 49 i Ca i illdVe rae 1u reaeiivtI, Ifrll Philaloelpblia Ii eillal I llupply ilf ,hItusl ll'e nlllmi tilr te11h ,le l, vih: fir lea,,', I.omiiuan,, A labuma, Oissi-siipi, Tliiiie-see, Keitusa ky, hlichbiar , ir cn, cl . ea . uiogelier witll a fr-lsh up ll of seliio lle'ri hnuo aillrandl ,iias. L11o IA\V 110 IKS. `TOILY'S Coaintllelllrv In the la w of e geaey ; LPen lrdall'e New ,rk Rel.prts; Cwrar'sr Ybk Ie rp;" Jh; '. i e s ia w N orn lepsorts; Ryan andl lriily' e tCri,, rcnes Chiesy ron till., new diit. The naovee ith n general assort entor l Luv Inoka, jout received and fur ale Iby JOIIN J II.\S\n ELL & Co. Succ,'w,,r ino {17 . ' '(1W R, 49 ('ntp strPee A I(I' h IC a l uI I 1'l n--dliahuk-1ree .a hial' ,aed , or Ihe golden agci of S1rl-y I:Ellid, . v'ls. luilhr utllilr and rhai Lieuh,!iloc'aP. lleiri,, iby W. II. llrtettn, uutahor rlfNr l .lUIlaalP, rt(.. 2 voJ. The i t(,n,, p,",l e I.eer'ii,. ir tr hllaudllhiok ol hei luan of Felaiuc; by thie uuahor -f Ie "'l.uan of Etl uetteis." Id JrOIINS &E Co, N it Salialllr'a lalil, d2 car i t Cull-realla.l ieaaa, L ta If At'VE I &(I"IVI.,.1-- l'ehhlla. of l Sex -<. , it poe+. I J Il ter Cuuollteaau llsaniilg .loll illuairateld, Lolldoll -,iii,,a Tho .cha.kpre asalh, lr, aihcontaiing the prioCipal ir iitllr irhollaetl r ill ia pIay' o t aii greaet 1'uci, I.u l.ural \h5 ,'o ait ahlai-tlll'oa ail rI eW ares clisenl, by Sanriendshiii' i i il',iiiia inI \\'i,,e'r' \h re-lh, a chrklmtk a1 newyile 'l ll im lr l Olt, 1,fr :4 , I1 .o n edhionl. , E J5)l15 .\. a, N |l ...llllauer I-lall, S1i;\V It ilK--c amt a~la racser- iaat Ian,, n L \ I,'ltlf' llill ill liann-d e. gratiliu..'4J ullbl.,bed ,ly A, klvllll:lll . i )., I laa oll. The ('h aa-h r-ad CI,, iho ,,mdl h.e a, fthe gnlmll,,.+alllne IisIdI p),we, of II I piece, rt~'llutrks II ilii lb el iiieti o In ,"t' I.ei, lgn In he gnaUl n. \ c... , al 1VW( I ve', I '(hIm I,; p). ('Ites lr i cihl-l ,s, ,, I a riri a a I lo irei-ie hI, S 51 illl tlah'll II, / Ib I tIoan 1. 11' trr t iernll l , I lrl tel' ill o lure; 1 (:[ii i , ,:tibil,, Stact let. i i iii li)r Ileb by 'T. IIA51V1;1' . • Co., ,':. ceI: +,rs to .fh'x. TOW AI{t, , Camp sI) ret. t3:1 FRI t''IC.\lAIONt' Y. _ UST reeival t 11w epies .lo I ellows' E|x 'iti "of II,,, mvstrrei or re.hgi nr do-erna nr.l rstomr of the ncien I p lalisu+, Iylyhneorians alnd Druids; :,r1,. I, ingoirv tntu Irhe lingi/, hitlury and purport of FreellturnrYei, Iar axle by J(')11 J IHAASWELL & Co. S.ucces erI It d7 A TOW HlR, 49 +1'mp errPnt SI IGLbit A.\ n ii Ll'rA.I T A STILL mlost rrel,;lt fo'llv I,,., his pulpils lth lle city ad llll onm e ll ld hi ll.r Ie of II tllltions. Ajlll ic nliolln, will he re.ceive'd nt hlfh 1ltoe: if Mleisr.!. |....hlll$ts V. (Co. S1. Chalrles ..slreet ; ll Mir. IB. t.,rey's, talln!p streetl ;t; or ofll" Mr. . tit IlIdlml lange's llnlllur of a n i treet nl Lltrvete squire. Pler.sons appti ing. at eluher of the albove places, will please leave their car i Is t'ttil L 'rka .aw, jm" k r...ivedr by tIle a bai ijber. ''llnrn'llllll' kPe, i;is l vola titIpedit Kuintt'gtlet iniSttiat' lft'.Ir the Laws of ,ettoffj, with at niolt'i mll nlldentarier , ahridc e Eastma n J".-or E.vat.' Mlidlenll Itntrie ntilld Prerdl'lnts of' Dchlarlionl, Plendliney, EIntriesanl %arits Coke's thirteenl books of Iteports, abridged hb John A IDnlop Ingeroenll'.t tlUinul if Mlriltime iLaws, consistinng of treutises ril eli-ii, fleig.h, and illntllanlle transl a el Irllll tlhe , tun of Itlt:cus, wit h " lllot . Oliters' rihtllls fi a . trie i ciiznll, with rllnmntell iilir'yt ft'e U.S. tr ,e rlll l' t a n' Alittlll at I,. F ta 1rllll:1 Ioelt of Amer eca, by JoI Itleele; splendidi Smorocolll bollnd Chl' , rciel le "Klor u ll, by [ien. Joln .1 Cinkt' Reli.une. (I iang tJr i181)l, by Meis C II WYaterman; 'Ile (;tio lilr 1811. a (lhrilti,1) n ld "Now Year. a prs sh II:; - ,lullld e.Pll ssed mu. IIa CO The i A''elf ;,otin's Gitl Inr 1.40 'lT'he Child's Gern foir 1840-Also, I'e tilhe itll1-- lhe Villl di., It, Literary Soiv elln IirI, fI r sil -tioy SJI ) 11 .NS O 11), elltainnPl-'a Hlall Ii7 -loIIIcr I it 'ti I;irl t n d ii l. nl lit it --- -+-iLE I;T 1 OF ISEAUUIY i rlglllS splelndid Annual, edited by tile Coullesa of I Ileasinetn, andl illustrt.ld with twelve lalrg an.I highly hlashed enigrav.g', just received tnd f-r sIln v I J J IIAS\VEI.I. r i , 1 a, .9o° 49 P',imp St +\O) LIA\V\Y'E I.:-- .\ new sul ply if file loilowl e, n tlllda' d i Etil S, I J , ook Ibllk l )LIs received Sl i drn, I I'to l , nllllllta 'I, I vol lllrolllon,,(ll lr-i te drols lfralcal l veIla l'tjlollmnt , VuI li IIvo ' lu l Sieu I hi it (,ivit fra nc iis, 10 vol n ffIliuel, S ait Cnivil, t2 v I'qi t I Nluveautt' IrluulnliIn l 'ij N itti' t il u u vo l E JlIINS & l Coi N (Shtimall' Ir t all, n corlner St Challrles and (Comn Ras IO nE Jurilst Law lnd Ilquly ilrepar. ,onnlilllg fidtll reports of all the case- aqreed and dolimalined i I the serveral Courts of Law and Equity iln Englin.1, d trill Ithe yer 1839t. lublished i tii)hldy at $7 psu r litlu. Subshription llvee nived by JOllN J II.\SV.ELL A, Ct,. Successirn t o d7 A 'L' TOWV R, 49 Clmpll at ANNUALS Fill 11410. i U 'I' reciPI e ller ship 1""i:110, Ie followinghl -pleia The Ai rltall, a lllsel llnllly ofriinarl prose andl verse, tlitedl by'I'. K. IlHrvey. Genls of itrlnly, :hplapyed iln r serie of twelve highly ftiouihl'l eInlle ingl'i various auijlecI by the luuIn lui. of lll3it in'tut i .u FitlI." 'a I rwiti tg RUtY Scrpook, 1840, wih poelieal illtlt, utiillhl It L. I.. L. uid 'll nry llwit . Ilet h's llllok oi f tle Itlnl , 1i40, lwih hinll llfl l engray. i"i', ,aihlhd b)y I' Cuutult .. ilf Illuceinigtnt. The I.tllke fur 10111, edited bIy I.idy I:. Ilinit Wbrlhlly. Kl.atIh'. Piilrtu'r qlo Anuail fotr 1i40; WVindsor Culstle a l irt IEl viro.l , bv I L. ItIitchi . ' nl Pe I) e. of Amrica, Ity Jthlt IOReese, splendid morocco bWood.. Christian Keepslillke fur 1810, by Rev. John A. Clark, llorroit Ihouod. Bulgitil,' tlljiitr.ltg fir 1010, by Miss WIa etrint, em busseld. The yGem lilr 1840, R ChIri'tllrs nil New Year's Pie sell, elilbl'-oed anll nm roreI)o. T'he' Pterl or A0belillitn ',fl fur 1840. The (hild's Gemt for 1840. The Violet fnr 1810. T'e =if fitr 1140. The Ilell lf le Season, a poem, by the CounteIe of lle titlgtin. Sbhalnpenit'a' Giallery, containling tlhe piriniipal female charnet rs, in the plnys of lhe great ipoenl. Forget a1 N a, a Christmlllas and Aew Year's Present, by Fred. lSh,,ert. Frient'l-hil'e Ollirint. and WVidout't+ Wreath, a Christ lal nand New Year's Preset:, edited by Frederick Shltblrt. The 'Token alud Anllitic Solldveir, a Chritlma uand Nerw Year'a Prsellt, edited by S.. Goodrichl,. E JOHNS a Co. N. Orleana Statioaer'e Hall, d corner St. Charles and Common at 3 ZPPI1W LIST. Coastwise. FOR NEW YORK. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK (.INE OF PACKETS. (To Sail eveey othe'r Monday.) 'I"Ilti l.ite la col:lplrln J el Lir .1,,, t fit .halos, v iz hilp lAb) Cliit. 'I'la SllSiSISSlPL'l, " ' Ililluid LOUhISVII.LE, I Allen SI~flK.YI'ISA-sit , BottumI IIUNI'SVII.LE, " Eldlridge SARIALOGA, llllnlhwoy Tho olooii shipn arie nil of thlle fir1t os, e, pprrrePl aod clppllrfoot*liorl I, ol li ltt dtiiglti ul water, sItI huili iii .ern 1orl exprtrsly flhr Ie trdidd, with elhglnn acolloaliololi +li llo'sroogers, ad onlnooaiidtd by nlii loa iiitr~rii l moolrrs. The priceo.f ioorogo i fixed iItI , wathoitlll w illl·o or qlto i or I ; Ihap stor i1 elry othllr oticular wit lo' rloi dledl l d elii ly arh iouli gin ly to prolmle flle cooliail if lhrse p000110 if oriel Ira in Clot line. T'Iioelsips oilloat all tosl'Olh towed up and idowioiih'. rive,. rod lhoe gleatel 0110ru alily hoirroed as to their day of roilinr. Neilthehr o wllnootor CpoiIIoif Ihll .onlcljlo olill bo ropllonsible tihe joelry, lUllioii, preemuy siotws, ilver or pltedll wore, Itokoge if ol'l.,hoillw wie, iiio le or igiaite, cooloergg oflill, rIIutof iron a o.-eli, or 1'fr oily lelters, podlior itpackge eIlIIl or pIt o11 hoard it i em, fillr 1 ess reglotr hulls ollaringIur tolken for 1he se, lnlllhlli value illerlfeateosod. Fotr frighi lt lior lifi apply tll ad? IV R FSI)IoiCK & Ci,7( Crip At Full. NEW YOIRK. L.ouisialiaandlll Nw York l.iao The fool snilililg regilr otke lilhip011 SIAK SSI'EARE, Cotooll, mallerii, 1100100 ifotio ,ffor Ile CIgoCO egpngrldwill louve ealyde dpolltel litr 1liuiill or poonoge, Iuvirgolaporiilnrloullolllodillulon aplply oil board, t11 liens bllow the vonelaile mnrkthol, or to Wil It FOSI)ICK &IN,, d17 710 'mii" +f FlR I.IVERIU'Ol.. 'rI, fost siling, cloppred nalldcppetr filrt eliid iplcket o llip 'AN lIIEA. Alr l qojostbd hIlt Illkol ludint uuln willoioetlwieh quick i os Iputxel. I fir freighbt o~r possng,, Iluvill2 aleeaal pceulll lilld:,sllonlrlpply It Iln (Capliiir olllload, or tol dli( r\(COIIl·:N, 91)('omnmlnn F'1Ht I.IV III(PUOL.. S'rlo A I fl l osililng lip PIIgIWIIA'r'AN, fil irol u W loCrrettll, will 01il on SnOlut. For loologe, apply oil lb -ill 11,e U10n Preon, ort ll LAI l)I.W, d17 5i, Cloll1, I FO1 REG1Oit CIluI IlllIt- Itegive freilg fur rip portill Eorloll. A iii"tgiillt u lloillrgiot Ailoetpii mo0 de-1At irued. Apply io 110 AIIIJAHi F'ISK For the Interior. CONVENT S` ACIMKL) Iii;SR'I'. S V In cN 1ol7tl)rr ornr ile Indl s t a;r loleile ines an the [IlSid rle deaf , I lo: 0 PEhlN, Ciliptai Iteiik, will 1010e SI llll;'la"iii illl 17111101inlI, lli uiii rald rt ecivO the 11110 ileolelloei fiit New Orlenti. 3t d14 ill.IIAYI S.AIl·,. Tile fille, falilt roilillag Itllehrn will Neav ew ' llritollrtooy "I'lllto 1111 11111t11i10 lliuLluDIk.Orlld yloui S artvelet, Son ilday nllilt u l l1 aloe 011111 liot. 100 Iril' gllt or p1s sage aplply oil boonil,or tll u28 I'1A1) I.IA\V, 5i r'ouiiii FOIlR IBAYOU '-,AiA R egol Ia' knet0. 1 l} , I ' N w O rl e ollo c o e y W e i l - oeodoo 11111 ilVili A. sr hihlr llyuioaanot 0il illiloo re Ilryl lock A. l1 I'mrllyoa S11 ra &every Saiildllay lt in gil'l·t it. pIlonilg rIltlp Ina 17-1 d IlorIw Sunday F'. C·I reighlt or passage apply)III to Capt. HurtU~ on board ol r to 114,25 ~ AlA 21 & WI'1lrThl.l.' RIC I ,EWELRY, fT NI,. If; CH4RTIMFA lit IEE.T, A lUll A oriltiuiiiuii, 11.t tleliiv oilianii.ling of oi ri'n gs, Illolkeil + t i roii chilt n 1111 r .jolg, gioldiiIn and keyrs. wo~rrallled rilrols. c silsra ; sa knivs, wellrls IInt kboio naiil cC; d Inlr.i· doil riii' er caoor oiloo mill in iieklo t at edls; all the shave articles will be of fired an the ,,rits nnIll, [ eras.IIIII IIIP N. II. ! lines footI gii ItillilllW . SidoI-, sellbO and =how~v cnj, flr sale. Pi'oir coll at 11i CIIhirtre lot rrt`1 HO1USE r"lURtNISHING STORE, S NO). 5 "CAIP S'.TR'l', NEWI ORLIEANS. rl lll:E SUIUBSCIIBTRS, having now opened I their stork of (Goods, consisting of T'ablio Cutlery; line ivory handled Knives rndl kFrks; Ivo ry table anlld desoert Kives i i lFolrks, iI sets; Ivory and back landl Illof anld giamlll carvers; oystor and cook's kniveI, G(erman, Engllsh and domnestic rllaooltetlcr; Inett sl\as aindl clcavers; axes, Ila chels, uack sdws, &c ; patent. pocket anid plain cork screCws; Geran sll*dver, tea and Lable spoons, ltrks, butLer and flih knives; IEnglhl ja. paned ten trays, waiters, in seLs atd stlglc; broad and knilb tra)s; cunllion ind plain top plate war,-ll ers; lea caddies, with and witllout tea coanis ters; chllnlber candlestllks; lllap; Ilurs lamps; foot ballhs, wash kettles, and clihamber pails; &c. p:ain and block tin ware; conmon tin ware; tea and copper urns, wi:.h and without lmip heaters; cop' per biggings and filteres; tea and cofllo pots; pa Lent imperial dish covers, in sets; dlh and heaters; eg. boilers; egg slice, wllis, ladies, &c.; sauce and stew pans; pepper and dredging boxes; bako, pudding, patty and milk pans; reflecting ba kers; tin roasters, &i. &C. A geniral assortment of pot metal and iron ware; skillets bath pans, spiders, clay and iron furnace.; stove furnaces, with pipe suitable for small roomls; shovels ongs, toshandirons, Ienders, brackets, &c. Wood and willow ware; chairs, cordage, brooms, mats, &c., comprising a general assortment of houso and kitchen tlarliture, which we now offer on reasonable cerms, and hope, by our long ac quaintance with the business, and unremitting at teotino, to Imerit a share of public patronage. dl9 CAMPBELL & BERBE. -. IICIINIO, ace.-l.oiidiiig iroiii soa . l.uUla Ch elirokeie. Loosville, Jooephine nod Ohio Pl'ul. rhllbrll, ill ilses Sicily Ilrllllilole do ludlfgo ill cerulllll Mardder in casks,baelll, aIld keyg 8ll limttre in ke os Floor Supllhr i bIarrels Grollld gtiger in id Race giooer in bags 510 bbls csotor sti otl , da in doisks] alheralus ill d) Sedlit nol nulll powrders C.i.o r il hlwltls PaRent nIIdiCloo vials, .osurred tials Paint sod varnish brushes With) a ao.oo iirenl 'odlinesi for Iplantations sad lc.lents. Fi sale by .IARVIS . ANDIII\VWS, IIOh earovr o lca. & I';ica'iohles.t AN NNUALS F-l do--t 41., UILT receive, fro it New York the billuwingisplen. The : filll o II o f iforiginal prose no0. ver~e, editd hv T. K. Ih.eey. of Itea.ury, li-plaed in o sries ofw v.w highly fii asled PIIIV III if oIlious subjecits by tI1 I Lo ii. ie of Ill- 1icrla.ln. I 'ishen' r Irawio)n l na'm Sc,.p Book, 1810, wil Ipoeti cll ollh llnali hl v IL. Ik . I.. ill I h rli wl ll. lloailh's Ihu k of Ielli,,, i, 10, i ,,Iu i blea tifl ,ragroe. i gso, di l itd lii rhI.' 'molrtrs ii lllosiiogleio. The Irelake fhor 1810, e d by Lady IL. Ilaunr ihantlt', iiircesqune anonil for 1840; Windso r castle d its esnirus by L. Ilirchii. The lr oI'o lf Alllerle by Johlar Itres, splendid iorocco bolnlld, Chriu-t Keepa:te for 1810, by Rev. John A. C lark llel, i'ds O1Friog for 1810, by Miss Waterman, ei The (rr liio 11,10. a Chroistmas and New Years Pro coonl elllbo esd slid iollllrlc , The Seal ir Alelction's (Gl't for 1840. 'i' Child's Gem fir I1l 10. The Viklet for 18I0. Ti, (sift for 1841). The Ih Iof Ithe Season,u a lnlrm Iby thle Countesi s of ileeilngloo. Skoliokcpare's Gallery, conllniliig thle prinlci;pal .lniille chlr 0l 0 rs. ill Il iiep ia ttls Gr t l r groa r.t Forget le t, a New lears' proesent, htu Frel. Sliulll l .o Friendship's i illTrinlg nid Wil"ow's Wr ath, a i 'hrist nul aImi New Year's Plresen, edited by Frederick Sil)ibwrl. The ''Ikri nnol Arlliutie 8nrlaelir, a ('Chrisrrons arid Now eor'e 'restt, edited by S. G. itedr u, . . The Iris if I'Proe, Po.try and Art, for 18111, illus trotel ,r ihll eilnravillor gy \.& W. oIl.. Frihen, frol paintings byI J. Ilbrowne. Edited bly l is Al h .li.I. ToI Ie lIIk 01 he lIoudoir, or the CoLurt io Queen Victlriil, witll rsplelod.d iie l gxrnvit ca rexcu il eoilder llt nllon-I cllltellrf Iiel. & W. E. EFiadll, wllh loeCicul illuslratlions, fur sale by JOlHN J IIASWIELI, & Co, d9 Successors to.\ Towlr 49 llnmp st N ICIIOIAA NICKLEBY, Nos. 19 snil Obast eo. cieived and lr sale by J IHASWEIL. & Co. d3 49 'aolp st ill EDICAL \WR)iKS-John J. Ilaswiell, Co i No. 49 Camp slreet, have just received from I'Phil ndIpbhia and Iliolln, a general suppO l of medical lhmk, of tis latent editions; nmoig which are Louis in yellow fever. Thre e'et ledical l.ibrarv., 13 vole. I HIIoxr's Cyclopedia of practical surgery, colored plase, lfolio. tSik-s on disease of the chest. Sledital nd surgicalnmotiuoraphs, by Andr.l, I.os, StaRrd, &. &s. priociplea of the theory and practice of medieine,by Marshall Hll HM. D. dId "LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK I gi sutjorttto ? of tije ,tate of 7Lottifanin. - CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD, MANA.GRS AND PROPRIE1'OR,. 17 The First, or Half Million Lottery, and the Second, or Twoo Million Lottery, are respectfully proesrid t . . , The IIAI.F MILLION LOTTERY will be drawn in Dr)comber, nnd finisheu at one drawing. The TWO MILLION LO TERY will be drawn on the old plan of Dlanks and Prizr-Numlbera i one whell, and , .. wheel. Duth Lotteries. undor the supervision of two Judges of Coutrts. WILL BE DRAWN IN NEW OIILEANS. Tile IH'LF MILLIO' LO-''TERY offere chances to 1,291 Priz.s, of wiichi 33 are l'riz sel .eal Estate and 335 nl Rtoek, besiles many Ir ans ,.:: poosed of'lickels in thei (t;rir.d'Iwo Million Lottery, acfurding a p:,rticp pitiui ofl'n ei ncr ais,, to the Iollder of a 't'icket for Priers In Tle GRANI) LO ' TERY of Two Mdlions of Dollars-11,d000 Prizes!I-to the full amount of $2,000,000, ut which 1U7 are Prizes of Real Estate. Only 9 anllks to ii Prizer!!-Si,ople Nos 1 to 100,000. 100,000 TU'cket at $20-2,100,000. 8chemno and s~eltng price the samoir. Alnog the Prizes inl thlse two luttr ries are many public andl privoate ti!dirh. which adorn hII city of New Orluans, and are Lhc pride of its inhab. italnt--tle Verandahli, St. (ltr:oes street Theatre, Armerican Caimp rtre. ''hlreatr, St. Churlre Arcade Buildings, with Ilcttls, Dwelling llouuae, Stores, Building Lots, anrd eiry t lire qularcs of Ground-besides Stock. i lJihk anid other insti.tlione of tho State of Louisiana, amounting in tie whole to TWO MILLIONS FIVE IIHUNDRED THIOUSAND DOLLARS. All tie Real Estate aord Stocks offered Prizes are owned by t' ell nd in tiheir possresin:-- lie acts of sale with clcar titles, arte rested in their firi, and recordud in tile otfice l' Adolphe Mazuroau, Notary I'ubl eti, and fitico of cnrvy.yim:es, readty to transTofer to the holdere of PriSe Tickets, exempt firllm ireumbranrre: 'I'lei ptrolerty is not apart ulllttorably to that olo aml c nal-y pirpuaoi , and cau, ini lo cveri whatever, bh eo iieyed olthorwtia. by the firm than to lthe hIlders of tile Prize T'rilckt. AMERICAN CAMP STREET THEATRE LOTTERY, CAPITAL. $540,000, IN 1,291 Plusa s! Will bedrawn in DECEMBER NEXT; and in order to gratify, at an. early period, the purchasers oftickets, t'.e combination is adopted for this Lot. tory nly, of 1 to 75, whereby the drawing will be completed in a few minutes by the drawing of 12 Numbers from the wheol. 67,525 Tickets, at 10 each-.4675,250. 1,291 PRIZES!!' SCHE tME. CAMP ST. THEATRE AND GRouND, Will be prize to the holder of tihe lat, d and 3d Ildwll oantl d . . . . .. 0,001) That rubtalntd foutr story brick bui!ding called Arnltrn 'e lotel, ftarming the corner ol', ((a) atI:d atletatrrees . . . 4o,001 Prlze to 4th, 5th ned tit. That vahluible f6ce story bick store on Ohl) Ie. vee street. ocueopied by alessra II I W V Ilop kits ....... 35,000 Prize to tIle 7th, 8t1h nod 91,th. That elegant doweleng bhouse and lot, No 74 liovnl Streat, occaupied by (I W ;oudrich 23,000 ttrize to I,,t 10th, I hlis ald 12th. That two story dao.le dwelling and double lot in Ad Al. tcrpied Iy J .A Haill . 18,000 Pri o ile let, 'd r ield 4th. An ettire squanre ofgraollt ill inlctlotrg -tnaan. aittioa.Id M. eunded by IL.iberty, Ienteo, Selat ,neee anl 'I'erpsichttere is. . . 14,000 Prizeto flt, d Afed eta . Tht onlle story rlnre, nd Int cllrler Camp and Jolia soreet,occupied Iy lMr. 31. L.athier for dry goods. .12,000 Prize to lnt, 2d andl Ftll. 'hat rtme ,or store and lot cornero l t Mary and Jitlia st's. . . . . . 10,000 I'ze to Int,2d ad7th. A certiticate ftr 500 tickets in the two million lottery, ut $20 eac . . 10,100 The itIrtunait holder of t lil prize holl realize tIle hpppy destiny to obtain passession,through their lle ill',t of the principle porlti of IIthe various splendid prized in the two Ililloll lutmrv, will he a t'rize to ltt, Ad and 8th. Thait -carge building aind extensive lot in the city ,of I.tlfvette, Iullou trg I.ivoudais, corner Wanell.igtnl lllld CtIppuwa ste. 100 by 200 ler . . . . . 9,01)1) Prize to lat, At and Oth. A, of 4!:3 tickets in the two million lottery, $211) elcl 5,001) Plrizo e to lat, '2l and 10th. That one story dwelling, house and l.t, 2d M. Nayadeo sat. Ilext to dtouibla lot car,,er of Alel ,mum.e 7,500 L'pir e to I L, ud . l.l ihlh. A certificate for :t ' tickets i the two million lultatri at $.to ,eht, . 6,500 Pritze to l-t, 1,d 00an 12th A dwelling lonie and rt iotn Victory st. 3d 1 . blaing 2d Itou lot furanmg corlner of D'En gh all st.1 . 6,200 Piz,'. to tat, :d atd 40I1. A certificate lir 31)11 tickets in the two mtillion lotler at $l cl l, th . 6,0110(IO Pri to t, 3d a) .5t1h. A loto gretlnd cti Noaydesost. 2d MI. being the third tl le to ) Mel t Itno st. . 5,500 A cot tlictle fr 270 tickets in the two million ullalry, it $:1 )arhl,; 5,1100 |'rize to Ist,: d nod 7th. A cerltlicate lor 215Z tickets in the two million lulottry, it $2) erllch ,. . 4,500 Prize to Ist, 3d oltd 8th. A two story dwellintg lhouse and lot, 3d,1 . oil l)'l'Elghien st. next the corner lot of, Victory at i 4,000 Prize to 1st, :8 andt 9Th. A desirable lot on Terpsichore at. Ad Al.adjoin. nm the corne!r lot of Nartdes at. 3,500 Prize to Ist,)d and I(th. An eligibly Situated building lot on Religious t. 2d 31. 5th lot from that o0 corner of St. Jaeene: st. 3,000 Prize t, Ist, 3d ail I t),h. A Iriz- consistilg of a certificate for 150 tick ets ill te o million Il ttcry, at $21) each 3,000 Prize itn In, 3d 1and )0 h. One oentire aqure of gronld in ftuluotrg Ae ooeilllotion,ll t.d ).oiechd by Cllerry,l' Tla li., Chosnnt alldl Itrrato atS. 2,500 Prize to leto, 4'1,tt1 5111. A desirhle, bnhildiog lot, 3d, ..l corner of Mau. re nnd Motgult sit. . . 1,900 Prize to let, 4111 nod 6th. A desirnt le buihling lot 25 feet on Montegut st. 3,1 AtI, rlit Arl Moroes at. . 1,800 Prize to lel 4tt nldi 7it. An entire Squarnle of ground, ?d 51. hounded hby (tli,, Pelt', :orrat nnd Wall sis. 1600 Prize to tle, 4hI ll O tll. A pet tinl Iofa sqIre of grotund in 2d M.t ound. ed by Irrato andl IEngle ss. . ,OO00 Prize 1t Isl, 41h and 9th. A sqnar o ,n,l'r ind d .1. hounded by Ma.. pi, Iine and Clio et4. . 1,000 Prize t Ista, 4th tind 10th. An eligible builtding lot, liuhlourg I.ivaudnis, ilty of Lafacetce, 39 fiel t \VWashlingto street, 3d) It trllmt Chiwlll street 75rs Prle n Ist, 4t111 and Ithb. A huild, I ot oIl .round, city of I.fReellr., 3 t't on Was\Vihington, stree, and 4llh 'lo from ChtippowO streelt, 750 Priz- to te', 4th and 121h. ,our thuilling Iota of tlnel, oilty of L.thyetre, :i to 41) fort Pela oun Pourtl sutret, Ilet t 41th flora Iltcornr Jerry stthtel, att T0 etah 2,400 Prize to Ist,Sth and (ilh-t-I., S)th tantd 71d lnt, 5th antd th--1la, 5th and Atl, +$000 each( Si bUtilding tts, of lround, silutred Ist it) 6th fronl llt corner Washicgteon streot, o3110 each, 1,800 --lat, t 5t uand I.ul--lst, t1l and 7lh-- l, 611t anld LnItI- lt, Itile nold Wih. Fttnr trize.s, te)ch, e.trlitct,,t ite wo t in illion lutlerv, 3)0 ticketrs, llt $2) etti - 6,000 Tlwo Iprizo-s, each a celrtifisalt l 135l Ickrt. in Ihe two mlillito, lotely,511:) ticketl, it $20 ech. 5,0)0 Prize to fst 6 lt and 10tlh-lit,6ith aed I Ih Five priz.r , irto shlnhrerl if l ok ill the1 P , ,tin rail)l'ad cotlpeahtt 41i ittala e.,, it $I ,11 , e4ach, 4,000 hitt,," 1'0;, 7th n,,l llali--lst,7tlnth aid 2'.2th--fa,, Bill ... Il lthl--lot, 8th .....d 0ih Iet. lleth ad Wiih. Five prizes, each ti lrlnls ofl I'eotcharttrain ratilrotld slck, : li hll ,cs, tll $ll ' - 3,0200 Prize to lat, 8 h and 12,Ih--lot, 10th, anI I1 h--st, 9 I iland Itllh--l, t.t, ad Illth--lit, Eighl prizes, cull r certfliaellle of:0 lieketo in lthe Iwo imillion lllterV, :.10ih ickets, atl $-20 ur:l, 8,010 Prize to 1st, I'1h tand l21h-1st, 1thh and 12th-2d, 3 sod 4thh-,-2,31 and 5th-2d,3d and 6t11-- d,. 3d andi 7t1h-2d, 3d and Bth Od, 3d and i9th. T'en ormeeS, each :1 shares of itock in the bank |of t.t,,, ,,nl ll ) t-r ., tit $111), - 3,0:1(1 Ptrizeo o 1A, :: d ithr l) II and , ll- ih-3 - 2d, 3,1 aid 12--d,41h and 5lth--!l, lih and 6ith--2d, 411, and 7dh-td, 4th anld 8th,-2-1, 411 aind 9th--2d, 4th and ltUI--2d, 4th and Twenty prizos, eachl a erltieAtte 0ar 5 tickorn in thfe IWU oillca Iliteer,.Stillt) libktlt nt $2) !0,0)10 I 8t11i - d, 51 th nnot 71 h-- 3.1,-l, ,, 5tth 1 f nd 911- tt,d 1,ith -2,d . t , t,-, h1 - , t h lld I Ih t)ieH ,d t7h ll-dth d 10 Sixlty-tlree prizes, ea lll, e t htre in the Oc on. rEtlls nrle rt co pallllltllc i i-tlres, at >1 3,15t1) cartifit:re flr III tick,,to inc tc ta-c I tt-li-ca P'·e. ro litkets i btaavilg ally Itre dr-tawn Oin- halad and Irwenlt-ix triaer,reh Ithree ehan* in tthe ew acrle , ,ta..e li0-c l lin),d balnkiea cotenallao, 37 8lhicr,.-a 1:l . 11,310 Prices t et ilid 3d1, ,or olh and 11hh. One handrd and tcniltv-ix prizeo.eich t ron harnr Ne7h Olenns g800 light and btaking cotnlny, 052 hnrretn t $10, . 5,360 Prizes tche 9Itll iand 10thl or 10th and Itth. Thre,. tlnnalred e ild ndfiten prin,., e.rh n ear ,,itfl t tl'licelr iikhrta i I Ihe tao ncillinll lot' terr,,|"i i0 tiabsto, ol$0 .- 00,006 Prizne t., 4th nond Otit-oth sod Ic--th and 71tt-71h tctid 0th zitd O,11111 nd tlh. Fllr tion-lred tnt tf-rl-tynea orile .each a cer sifnaleat far I tintkll, i ll,! two nlitllion Itat tere, 1:1't5 titke'is ot $30, . 0,16t0 Priorer c Itt ltid :3ll--2d .no 5th--3d ond 6th--th and 7th--lbh cad 0tk-dth and sth or 7th and Ittth.. dor. $ Pier Oanlrsdrand feqop A~usaddhlrr. Mc40ae, CR.A.N LOTTERY TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. 10.000 PRIZES I AMOUNTING TO T\VO MILLIONS OF I)OLLARS, DRAWN ON THE OLD PLAN OF BLANKS AND PRIZES,-NO C(tlIBINAT'IOtN N1U3IBERnR. 100,000 Tickets, at $20, - - $2,000,000. SIMPLY NUMBERED, 1 To 100,000. The scheme and selling prices are the same, as no additions or rroervations are made for expenses in this lottery: thoso contingent expenses will operate as a lare deduction rum tLhe valuation set an tlso proprerty. MODE OF DRAWING.-The Numbers 1 to 100,000 will be placed in one wheel, and the sasme nuombr of llanks and Prizes iln apther wheel. To every number drawn from one whool, a ticket fruom the Blank and Prize wheel will be drawn, until theo whole are drawn. THIIE FIRIST DAY'S DRAWINsG OF TIlE TWO MIL. LION l.OTTl'IIY, MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. to Each day'l dra;winll uuder thle lupervisiou of two J,,,igela of Cuurti is New Orllanl, and tile whehelo upo..d uli, sealed b) them. 10,000 PRI Z E S. I. The VI'4NIA vI) lI and groott, vtlued at $510000' 'I'll's tIluubl, and splendo i editilhe is li 4rlties high, and pre"elns a front of 14.5 1'-t ant Seem :lierlh"a slreel, and lU fiet on CiI|liOl sIr-et. The prlil, ipl plrtilu of Ie rt l lt t l lof tle basu lmentll ory comp1rises lar ge br orc ciee llllsos lnd'e lltre-s, nd Itwo rle lllt d c ltire tu t-IIt Intel,l fr which Ile romindietiOr uolf l ti *ndld edifice is d.tie,,lted, nnlld ae s8ucl is nlOW seenpi ecdt by M vtssrs. Hine & ! eek+ i . slyle whe!i renders it thde mst ttehiontble hottel of ttio south; 111Il ipetIIl cll at onle lillle be ollven iently necoImlltited t Jill. dliawinl rooms, par (llrs find tbed rouine. The prelentll rent avera gas $:10,t1111ll erlUlllltl lU tlllt bm etlr llb o llmlen reusd. l by lIltowcinlt in the leases to I 3H,5011. Tie stores tIl tlhe [bas,;-sllt re.nders i suscepll tibl of auglloelnlttll)n to $453,000 It thie lfootnllte holder oftite peze. '. 'I'll SI'. CII 11,.ES TIIEATrIE AND (ILOUNID, itl Ith t lh PieITry, tIIclitietry wan tlrdIbe, misie, c. com)tlete 500,000 This lilneniteiellI alre t lllll' Im a l'u lltlb o'f 1311 tfeel l Si i hrles street, wtll I deptlh & frolt of 1711 feet oll ni Churltes A ren'le. The capteli Iv and accommloatioisHI IS within co)rrespoend with l tte 1gtitutitoe of its exterior. The granlld sloutn is 25 by I(29 feti. 'The four li-rs uf boxesoes rm+ed 1rX wAil t ellli xtenllDVe Glle rite; 47 of til bloce o tve biltld'tire ordr tlriittg cTlo s ItI tile uetlt t uf Ihlr dltlle is so pnetl. IBrl a tlls l $111c 11iell0t Lm ,eIIP r, I f..el il height, 11 fele i ll sirillrll brel ke, l riwe lillg"n 4,511)1 II+, ill nuD wIth 171 Gn-i lic't, r cosIt $lU,750,0 fi3r li'rS Sl :i CII lIVL ES) 11. 1111 E 111 ,. rIoNl;, IAt', U IciSU, AND G fOND, val Ie ti'torer d i t:or sr, 15t 1,0 00'. ti-cl Shel iul t lt k iti.t t l ah ot iia O oi order, 54S feelt fro ion Cnes ]srreet, Is Fc II tildeep, Iri ,0t 1,n the S i Clihrles f:l.i'ctv 4.toii. hiru h . Thle lower Itll s ore'ic oe is b I r roulslll, , :hII , 0 Iulb, IlI es; t II lhe i flo.r ere tO e lre lllppe'r l ,ies tio dividled i-,t,) ,1+ I OIll ll llll ll· roo sl unit parlolr. l'le oallule reitsl li it $15,11t0 per 1. 'lhe entire l tlllre t of groundll o n1 entlllli :flfIl',llty, of eiehlO'l l1:{l1( o 8 )lls o,. 1Drytl l stre't, bounnehd by Mi llonti, Ilernlhs, fiu d e'I'rpiehu rae str eetsc . . 37,(0111 5. T'ri entire stlt rey f r-klteNo ltio sllf.e, l te InO littilltt -tv tllo illlt t ii Ibuildin g Ills, bolunldedl by lllerpe, h-rceules Q nnd "llTrp. tico1.Tre f tr-lle, .t. . 32500,1 6. The ttilr story 'brick ,ore, o l.ot Levee street, Iet itn icipIle ty, t rlertuil g ll lte li. lit elltriew. 3r0,0tetttocustreet le 7. The l .|r story nw brick duellinglouse ,01 d nicilid tee l -it ir it" , toutttine boy Il oet,, ile corler ill nty ll-vilr s treelt . . . 30,000 8I. 'r i e e "ir .eo ie of Ges it t IIi lrvet street, 2d mlUicipulil ll contahP+ 1:3 hIts,,, fu. ded by h.r Lte alnd sHercules streets und ifhe tuoit ol te r lirt ilur .1.. 80,000 9I. 'The Ii ltt ,le e t, o tlle of grlilld otl - Ihtreuht ett'e l ioent ri ns l ree ti, rilr t ee. 18,000 10. 'T'hel ine sqtlare nof grll ounn, Ilernule ltrelet 2do,1 Il pltllie l , of lli lois, bouuted by Sltellre, Terp-ly b1 e st treePs,(& ,l. 25Cp 95,000 I1. l'le etire e qrtllre tof grlllln ul craietrtt rtreet, 2d tIl unl l)lt, ett tltgainh i 1 lots, boulded by -d- 2.0 . .y .~ 0 m ,000 12. Tle entire suar of grou o Benton , sItreett2tit Lmci iuhtil, ere ittei d Ilil tt i bo -i. street, itt o et,-, ollt':i vtoittctnld itog I lc .ts ,0 bleu, dedyl iod ane ltvr et r tsichre .. 1,000 174. Te elirt qer(ec ge ood on erilld n slteetlt, 2ld nt ic i li l, ttt ttinel g I lote!. bounied by 'l'trptioute, Liberty tni Ectorps slrel iters .e. . 14,0001 15. 'lite ewo storyu Ihlnoti tot llonl Noew leve streett 2.t n icipulity, eliolurer of Iby street, 19 by ececti e o t 12,0)00 16. Ti'le eg llre of griull(Io fI 11rcnllles streetl 2d1 muniilclity, oTl lot., Ibounded by HlerU ts, Elerpe nnd Feliit street s 11,000 17. The lqutre of ground on Allelon street, -+d colltrf ir t t, of II It- b ioe d I , by ,1I7 lunenes itl' L -berty fit9eet and the9 line of 1Li hedJlllr ll eetl 9 I..t 11,000 o iberto v, erilr'd ul nIlow s 0lnret, 11,000 1c`. lht lt sqir ie-,fl t TI .nlr borel tlll ree , 0 12 li te i ott t of -d it ointt lt by o t, u Ai.el , Ihl ttlrd iuacltd I ' l. 0rt tl . tr tttd . l I,0Iil IJ dll .1e1111 1,'.+11str is lll l h l1,5110 11. 'int nor stoty liod,- ing to cttond on street5, It"3 dl 7 fee .b-t 90,000 21. 'lt'heoo-cof :rtol ticn Th'ali sotlCe ti.. I s Itlost I..n ded hy nl hii r.. ic'oi, anid iWtinl sitrels ,01100 23. 'I'lls oio solry i-ildhin- o Jc l lic slrclt, a olkerv, indtoitt n h3 It bv,.ve 9*000 4i. 'Ptleo s tcre of1 rarlol d cv i tMet clll -iell at+rtit li tiolt, itt ltttlIed by llttn-J ti-tt,T rlr hors s . Jtu'l Itreets, 2l ou. . . 9,000 l5. T'llt t 't,.t of gttUOlld o I iberly slrel.t td ,i. 'rf :3 tlot lottl et i Itto Terpt ,lotitrt, Silt', etar e t Id o tt, sI tl oet , . it I . t tI I 9,11110 2i. Thell I 'It t t f erCoo il t lltto tIntotllt tIrn ts 1 7III lf t , bounded byi I +)" an h t, :l d .Hitelpt ) 2I . ltI e ur tt , ill ig ne' l .et.t l i g ir , Io , e,,er . . 7,000o1 st, eel,, d mU. Iof IH hit+, h lu,''zd by J cob Sltils an,] Ter-ichore .trees .8.000 19, The onlt-e story bhtiliett I on t ntI t d it Juliacll treet , 2i ,ll* tbt i dllo t lllt lot fro tt slrte,'l, ill, " 'h i ll y 7.1Ic8t,000 3,1. 'Il'),' iu r if gnrtnllll d 'bl l streetll ,ol 0 "3di. Ilol h, Inlott, ifctd by loe!, Soli andt 31d1ottmeoct di ity ,500 1. llll'lllllt qtlre .fgr t ttl to "d .men .511 11 ft. ui 13 l.ots, hicuutucd by .IUltu, e Soisc siod ttsA-I tOiehei sO tc,- 6550011 31'1. '1'ITh e l, story buldln llls l lot N 11va irol ,bet ,2 Itl I c n oft li, f T' ic stret ,000 i33. T.' etorc .f grund oit Tee,,flr h lre eei, Iltl I tn,. i ll cd Ii tlltiln nlld lote iSi, inltet-I ItdIt l 01 ie'lOt-~t .. , 6000 i. Theto Iloh of t,hood o ' Ad o Ito streeo , leI.c 'i'rp icorer o etf Ml, 3 Istoct, 3d by i17 feet . 5,000 tfrr ,ll1 li hte llll o ded tI y (dle ileiptell J . eh ,od .etitit c . ell t , 5,000 31. .1 lHe lot Sl) ri lln. I on Y,- l.,'ee sirs, .. I d 44. 'if e lotsvt bo etid toly f l trac evil, 53. T1d 0:1e1 hic.oen, d oil "ly, I.dvA.fe eel CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD, .\ w Oircans. Aug. 30th, 183J.) AnI Pi~orar TuS 45. The rupotl of f qIu:are uf grou!d ol I'lhalia xin0.t, 21 to. ol 10 Ilot,, tulood'd by aluuus I and Cletl streets, and other Ils perly 60.10Uo 4 i. Th lot tfground ftrmitg thel coo'er tf Apollo ond 'Oter)jtstore sltreeu, 2d i. o0132 by 127 foet 6.011 17. Th'I'le . renf ground t n '"lhli tret, 000 'd ito. of lo. l, tuutij ed by .lru stI, C lar, lot d Fetlicit stlroe:s , 5,11110 \Wobhi.gto ott eelICity of l.ittoelto, Ltiso 1t fit'' l ol hip oeiwa street, nod havmg 4 ltg l t 4ollt, I.,y qoo Int ill i d tiph 5 t ,1' 00 49. 'The sqluare log rounlll in Thllain r /ueer, 2d tof. o tl It Itls, bliid bo otodv .lhrtit nd oSiJllto tllene lret ottld Eoagle IIo tlll.' 1,0110 511. TIe oo ustory Iotilring nd l otfgroootd o 'nvoodes :;trtet, being Ihe:it fo, 'I'erIo tiltotrt, street, |int:o llv1 .y 127 tet 5,000 51. T e nmr oflgroud in Esruo street, O ti. of 13 lots, Ihoudht'I Ity Martlhti and h'Iulia lte trentls, ttit Itot'le not tII e . 11,010 52. The .ot iulfrunllld on Apnlho ereeltro. (oplpsite the tlsti ele fllto 'J Field Eot.) Ibeig tie 14 thlt frto Ter lsip ore t reeot ,et n htd ltoitg 32 by 1t7"t7 eet 4,000 73. "'id s quare ofg ro n d i n E rra l strIee , 1 4 00 m. olf I8 hltthounded by Eagle avenue, 'ITholia and \Wllnoll stretst 4,010 51. A ltotgf grou.nd on Apolo tttt't, 2,1 I.I :w. A bit ofgrlllod on plollotolo treetl il o. bein. tiot llt il " i). or strt , ' ar, itttt 32t y 1000 51i. A Io' oforolllld o I'icor)' sreot, I . n. htavitg 2It bo 1t1l Ie's t dtjluinitg the tot frit g Sorner fd'l'l street 4,1000 57. : Inr uolgrotlld i2 by 1i7 f.el. Ibolig ts 4th htt Ittoto I tch irlluts e I lrtter of 'Terplsicltuoo stleot 4,000 58. A lot ofltruold on Aprollo ostreet, 32 127 fleot ltihlighl+'Tnd h tl whlil. fuolil tbh collier o dlte olmene stret, sd ill. 4,000 t9. AA lt of goltloApol ll e tooSt, :1 lbyl I27 t eit , ltoing" Ihe lot rotr ing , it tilt' oo r t . lel powme slreti . v 4. 0 f0. A ipp O strl t o' l , ,ini4 "'ltlib shlte , i 01 In. Cintiilllll Il IOII bouodd b uy Solio ood Mouulonsetl.-tr 4,000 lit. A lIot , grud on Mllllen str 4n0e 0 nx tho lo bt 41,roni tihe cotoer ol Apollo otla'.t. 3 v Itt 7 1t too t . . 3.501 td62o. biA I t rllhle t tro 2 , wttttrtn te ritol Ntttl strtt }3,500 1iL. A lot o grould . II Ue o pou . otr,'et 2d1 ii1. ',i froinl tt which u ors l. e col e t o' Apltlol street, being :2 tv 127 f tel 3,500 t l. ttro oti grutod oit 'Tert. Oihoul' ltret, coatlt5 lots IItoIdeId bly J.'ob in Ltlo 'h0ois strchils . 3,000 Ih. 511h ff(llll kwhichll formo tie Ioo ero of 8t Juollies s.'ret, and l ,halg 3-2 tyh 127 fiet 3,000 so el. s2,5800 6i. A qoliore of gtoall t', ouioiill ti lt.R.a ,tolorded by Et.olI, ototo, Ctet00 toltd .Ijo 10, r IA I llogil, tlalolpt, o Ittou otr I otld 'l'1tlli, hlloot 2,5e 00,n\ , u 'oliits too f 2,500 70. A squar, of groundo , coniahinlg 13 lot, ,uonlloed by \Vtllnutl, Clterry and 'b'tulia 71. A square of ground, clIIIhllttg 14 Il'isfo bounded ot \\'alttut, Errttu sod t theroly streets 2,1000 72. At tlaore to grottnd, ooottitllg 4 los, bolluded, t 'l'b liil, Solt s nll JacIoIt o treetI 1i ,00 73. A sqltre o oolld, lCollltillig 1 ll4e, Ioundold by Ciara, Illutllente and [Mlartl treei1,800 74. A stoore ofigrotod, eoontoiotg 14 lot., 0 boulld el by Cbesoul,' ortato p,oruct-alld Err1 73. A sqtoare of groo'ld cotoioi..g 12 ott, Iotlnded by .nrlUto, oilEtaprtouo snol d Clio tree1,00 7;.A oltoreofground, conllotoing I2 lout uundold by Cltruce, Errato, Peach aoo lid (lo slreetl 1 1,5#00 77. A squttre fgtlold oillontiinng 16 lolli blollllell byV lIrIu'e anId ITeh sue. $1IP 1,500 78. A sqlUar'e Of ground cootaiuihnh 22 lola i blllllned by b'each, iorroto, S ear slied Clio ;79. A lootoe of grouoo conluhl.hiig luto I ootntdel bo t Vll, Mallle an tt lit sirlotrl 1,500 80. 'Ite trintllor sqlore of grouni d buund. b.1 hy llecuIIlet Unt Sel to nlo e s lreet. 1,.t0tt 1. A sqtlu r of rgt o olllll o uglllllllllll b 1ot hotllt.led by lMalle, Cliu, l'ioe antd Culltup.e alre s . . 1,.11100 02.dA llloro tof grolttit ootoiillg 8 Iota bntod PIlby t'lht.trry ald Thalia st.elt 1,200 83. A t(olile f groulld contidnitgl 10 IotI hlollndled tby Eoot.,, I,.l'h llnld oo llotltt toett.a11200 114.: eoolltlllflsrotlnd ootallillilg 24 lUots llo'.onhttlolly Mltlott ttd [)totla otsooto, o..t by Ite .'.o I )ttrtloi..coott .n00 8.5. . s tqu ttfo oorlllllle II of ootictn Iio I lot bolundled by toll,('tl,o old Sll 3 .toto ltte 1,200' ti;. A oqt t', of, oll'oIt ttttuaL hi Illt 1 h otls bolllldell 'y PeCi Uool t[ ra It xttoo to 100 37. A sqtilu ofgIouotld It.o.llinilg 10 tutl o buudtled by ('li.,, oear nd l''so:hl soreetot 8tt, il. A l lll lt' ol f groltlllld ollitilillog 13 o ts boutdedlt I tlotr, ('lio nd \.alt -.Iruel 800 019. A oc'lilel aultar Rqlluar of .rltllll wodll ed ty +Umlllilt , "loti v t it ttd (ItIo1,' sItreets I000 90. :1 1ritlhogllltlr oooolltl toull olld atll tb otr totr of Jaobh tlld IThllia stlrets 8001' 91. A ritluoglotr +ou tre of .rlo. d olllndo d oodd 11 'l,'rlpstch' e nd atis slree80011, 92. A tllltt lllllr allirl of ooulld booduldl 93.. Itollolllololloirlll of grUtoold hboUlld..d y I'lie lldPeach 0lre,0. 0 s00 91..A square tt glun.d ooo .hl d ong 10 lott d alol, .' canatl 800 91. A itlfgtrotfgod olo \onohbgt on sto'et theIll filll Ih. l , o llntli t lllh ahBich lt Clth llePm of Chliil|),"wa cioise, elleilg 40U by 1.25 fee 1'30 9 . A I1o1t g1pollllllld oIt W.r ngtol.l o tlroelf leilln the Irl ftlgto ollttlo whc:h forint Ioh Cot ort of Chtlltlll streett, liillg 410 by 12:5 fet 750 I 97'. A ,.qlllre+ of groontc a nootinltth ts bollulded by Maleplc, Luphbrosy.v, epurle alnd t.. 9o. A Irno u'ar sto o ground bouoded by ( lieslll andllt T' lliu sretllet4011 9.I. A Iliullgl r u qllulle IlofgrouoLd hounded 1oby o la o llolobtto I torra otolr oto2eel onro Jetvcy alt o\\nolhngton havtilg 2ti fib otelo lto tiornit nd o15 on le atr 3 1111. A hot otlltltoot forlttioto ot e cofner iof llsvin, 23 I'm oil . lhe forer ....d 115 Ibulol I110 aller 350 10 2. A 1f,,1 ,,grolo,lm on Jersev street, 25 b~y I lte 7th on t lot I O ttoott' o ig t oihe cUr.oo r 11.3..\ h Io gl'ruionId onn Jersey" Ilreet'i blv tltIol: l .tlree( 5 310 1111. A tori!tltllllr square ofgo ooodl bnondd by tlio notlt troo, toots 3010 1l).i, A llt·lt,, 1) lip l lllll Fllllh "of o: bo Fr t tod 10;. A oilllilolidtr o ttoo of o mI tllloulideLd Ib (]|tlh)l# pit ' Eoo otpteo1reII . . 3t 200 9.:370 prizeo I oshare eohb (us Light and Kitotng tompany ot tokoto, ak $11 .i 3281,100 -til)tiz,s I thore each Olelchnbt's EP bcholt obt li:k, at . $73 15,000 177 prizes, I olotr.P ltch ()cean Insurante :Oi taylly tock lt $0 . 8,350 60 prioe,l bhuoe each Merhlobt'ol Insurlce coIla ;to ck, at $130 . . 1,800 t0 prizJs, Iohtre estrh, t'onsthmotrsint Roil 1tooti o..otit+Y sltook,at $100 . 3000 10 ptrioes, I Iblore eoott,I\'oetnl Mlrilob aiod Firn Isnoursce Ofltosn) stock, ot $0O 300 Two tillisnsotfdotlsrt $2,0O00,000 B0ZINESS CA= 6, bO . , 0 0 d i 0ll.A0 .J g @t The DAILv Paper is neatly printed with small type on an extra, doublo med:unl sheet, at $12 per annumn, payable si imanually in advanoe. The Tat wnoaI,. ., P.r, c,,.Otaiing .hu rain,!ig matter of two dadlios, 810, payable in atlvaate, wharc no city reference in given. JOHN GIBSON. N, v , neas. MAY 1839. • Y UEI moCItrttN. tFLL . i t1 l titi it I.Y ANDThNBULY AXfW'UTE2 AT T-IL OFFICEP OF TIdT""- °".". Ticr J.loertr.s, IT. CHAdLa.- STRIEET, NEAR POYDRAS. COTT"'ON CIRCUILARS l]' PRINITEDI) with lie Greatesl Epedition,and n a tyle unsurplussed in Nsw ('lt.E4Sa, or else (h:Rs tai fl al('Mrr.vo Room in St. Charles Ex hnnge, (Coaner of Graner St ) or at T RU g AMERICAN PRINTING OFFICE, corner it iotydlras and St Charles Stizets, will be prI,',pii llq altfndd It. xTEA'AM BOAT BILLS. ( ..'NERd, A(;INTS,or C .'PTA INS ofSTE'AM SI C.A'I'S can hove their llille rirck ofa, in oae or maore Clorrd Inks on Plain ar Ct lored PaIper, cwil despatch, aid on fiavorable Term., .by kaeiag LAd. )Oa.t:tS otrIRUE AMEICi(AN OuFpi It Lwpe'" Powlran and Str. Charles streets ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC P> TItI EsTA IIIlS,1 1 M ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, (tpposite Banks' Arcade. WI)LL.SA.1 GORtEi'VE, IRJOPRIlETOR ,rl JARVIS & ANDREWS, WVIIOLErAI.E AND) RETAIl DEALERS It1 MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DY'E STUFFS .INI) WINIDOWI GLAqSS, Curllur of Uutllnln and a 'tll houpituulas straets, NA'I'HAN JAIRVIS. JUAIIN W. ANDRIEW.S. A large apply u Garden Seet.,. aarranted the growth of 1837. CIIAMPIIN & COOPER, GROCERS AN.I I.EAIERS IN PROVISIONM ANI) FEEI), No. 79 and 8: Julia street, New Orleans. (02 i.Ship ua d ltmtily stores pi t tip. mnar FASH IONABLE CLOTHING ' '.'AY.LOR & HIADI)EN, No. 14 Charrt.e. irees !IAVI.: a ronstaiaplalt s pu lt' e ra irnllel p ei'rllenine i tF rlltlllnu tot dtreis, of Ih laltes style, at New York pI'r'e dec 20 I)EAI.ERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISHI CROWN GLASS, 1i.. 3 CaOnI)tELET .'STRCET. In BAZAAR. BUSH & ALLEN. NO. 1, EXCHANGE HOTEL, eorner of St. C.1 ries anNd CammoW tl,. NEW ORLEANS. [Il'OlT'ERS and Dealers in Fren li aid Eaglijh I'tiiirtttllr'; Dressiag Casaoa al Portlale Ireska, Cutlery, II.aiery, Gloves Shirts, Stanks, Umbrlall, C.niei.,nd F'ancJi Articleas. d SAMIUEL '1"OBY, .alerchrandise Broker 4 Cnmmission Jtlerchanl, 113 t.rioff , 36. ('amp e:.-For the presnet. J. P. FREEMAN & CO.. Wlholesale Cloth£ian statiwsr.esll No :3, iaazine street, 1L AVE cnsaatnith on band Ihargs supply of Cloth in r., I llttld lir tie coUlitrt tadoe. ITheir as: torlleoret l'ille large., nrrrc ults fre lilha aorultry csan hbe au l:lied at tile shortest notice. F It 1ll\I PA'S INSURANE COMIPANY OF Nl.E\\ kt)RLEANS. This OI (rtrialr erT laow rotIrret| to take RISKS AGAINST PIRE. No.24 Mlueson's Building, Conal er.eet. E L 'R.\ICY, New Olsrnna, loa" 1.5 1. t1. Seer, tay.. lit l1EIT Il.\NNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. I'_( Cai)l street, Wlhtlesale I)eoler ill Piilnts, Oil, Varishiohe, Brushes, ml30 \\'indrtw and Picture Glhss &e. &e. FASHIONA BLE CiTO)l TIN.Tl ROILXSOJN &a GOOOD 1II, No. 60, Chetlrca Mireel, Ott ii 1)r belrw Bienville. 11 .VE constlnt l trn hand erver article ailertain. S itg tt g-lleiuln'a diea, Irlade it the best w114t tur and ll l lt fashionable style, Lhiltc they foreo. ' .r catoh, at redtlad prrioca. del-i-1;838 BANK NOTE ENGRAVING R WDONt WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON E AVE tleor.d a llofice it NaW Orleans. oaeeeti tg S eqal advantoageas tith their louse in New York, tlr ithe prl rose ofengravitg nltd Ioirintig Bank Nutea. BndL, Bi its af Exl nge, Cer tificaRes of [eposi I Checks and other ill orltet Ioalers, requiring srcuritd aguinst Luorere is; and hnvr tavitde a tple pt viasin fdr Ith safte keepingS tl all tltten and iepretenel entruet. "1o tOhir.ale Ilteir tperil ensa eLrbracelte note lot' over i Tse hndrel balkinl inatilutien., and all order. "sill e exe lraed with ntrnapit.tde l, ani the oaualil tlroll. ()tlso elltnerf, Royal atld Canal sta. N.a (I )rleran, Novtmer'tr , 11139-.f. It EGU A I- PIUIC I. Sol'. LOULIS SIoI':ET IiESTAURA'P, OIPPOSITE TIIOE EXCIIANGSE. I IIF. Subs riler heas the honor toin alarm tri Irietde Sald lbpr pulblic in general, that hiq will opiel, oil tle i OtiI instertP tlelanrat, walere prsoran will re served occuordirg to the bIill of fare, It regular prieeo, vi: Fifly enotanlr Iiareakflst, and Sevenmtvfirveents fo IOintOer. h!e br'ukfaet will enalslt oftwo dishel at Sslitutn sun p rl ore..eaillt i'nik, haefa blttle of wine I I Lruned at dieretrion. 'Trle rliner maillconesit of tlsen dlilhta tit optiott, a soup, Ialfeu bottle of wioneandl Sblrod it diaoret eon. A great lombler ol persetst have Laeeneompleoningfoe a lrgn time trf lte irollcrioveienee net at tables d'itle.e wtlere Ihrev re orlliged to be at regtliar Ittre. The aul asritberoa tha lote ler of btavin obviated t tat inaon iveulltell eli g ih is Restaurt at regular prices, anLt ailers ronrs woill Ie attended to at every hourof the dhi+, alit clhe;or rate tlnl at d ite tarIre d'hatee. 'lle suboslri lrr Ias rut eloaont aalots for private prtis, anll will execlte city dotrllto. 15--"9sICIICEL DOUAIS. TO IOUSEKEEPEERS, IIOTELS., STEAM lBOATo, and COUNTRY DEALERS. IHIt: sjlulhetilrs ate now treMilttg direct frtt the tllllllltlltttuI i't Ir lge Ittltr iP s at (;l:ao.-,( lilra otid ltr rwnart e,e I nkintg rli.ees, iattald ad S iltver ware I.mpl, (t'lltdelisers, Jupat Iv, KitIhetn w.or, and S~lae Itllrllill rg g lor getierIalt, ohlhthieyte offer at onus, ally lowa (Ilk'e tit No. 17 (-.'al nurw'trled NHo.f Ccotn rosf't. r2l--4sw It BCih OWEIL & Cott MANSION HOUSE HOTEL, IHAVANNA. iTIIE Iuldersigoed, preseat Ilttprieorselr thite wI-. - SklllHwn eslnllirrltet, rlled rllla. Moaeion paflue, tirInto n tt i ttrepi:t atireot, Ne. l19, ate r ot holt r I. Ielllllet to thlen ulie, thont lhir pro.lread t ce and atlo atilllo ill he dr iliatp J to tcailder (e l l't ,"'+trlc1t wh tmil t ha's' t atlttt 1tt tlt thlir partroaeJ. , :." t vattllt, r. ,eaased by the Ihotel for trsell Ir UIalt.'e-aesa tt OIUIrt tie theat. sitt l--ly CUNY & FI MANSION IIOUSE IHOTEL d dla labanna. - OS infrascritoa iaoves prtpriotario .. =- eoanoaido etluhlecininto naotnlbral N. SION IIOUSE, attt do aor l caile de i .. Nua. 119; li unonel hord nnei.r d-- , .aci qua sui inayorel e'ucrzos y nOleciot e, . ctc.: aodas a complacrh la perotntae quao in , can cln etat trocinio. Laa rotntjae qtut t d li. chu cas ipoar lrviagtcros, tanto por aa -,,lad, cottdtidad, etc. etc. ao toll eoatecida,, q0 c i',,, til ennnlerarlaos. 1 sel--ly CUNY & FU , |'r.. MIANSION HOUSE HOTEL, i ia Hacannr. TES nusoiglds, nouveaux prpridtnl... ,: tab irsentenrt sitad done a rue de d o ,". No. I49, connttu ou ie noram de M N,,i IIOUSE, eat 'lttnneur d'informnor I. nu to q's; laenrt .ou0 leurs efforta pour no trle ir,.an , anx IraaorRnnes qui voudauntt bien loe fit,,..ea d, lour colritaito. Los colnlrllodrot itae qu'oa .. son aux voyageurs soia ayez collnuar ee cc t point juger ntcestairce d'en fire tci It de .., 1 rep,--ly CUNY & FU t .'l, LHliOTEL. "t I.AVAUIS hna the horanor ofinfeortn ;i .e I 1"ll t, pllllir in gelnl 'rl, It to e ' tit - u !,r,.i at Catrttlltro, whrere ho trusts he .. • Ithe 'all, e his old frindst and all lover of , ; ,,' P',ivate }irtira till be huandlsotley poet,. ,,i r ' g ving a little nutireo heforerted. c He lstvill:.. _ ..,rr ,noir, nn,..vnmitse aith famrilies or intdividue'. ,ý,',+es t," pa.;ilt tlo runttertnll el tatmlhou. t Io BAZAAR. Coater of Sr. Charles 4r Cae ce surr:, 1.U1I! & AI.t.ALLN would 'peeptfltyi-i,, :,: at t ltentiolt rfcililno and atrtngtlutt totle c u o tie ttonrlwe-n t (ientlemnett' limt,' -htrts. d,: .l"t,.:~ ,vitt lncon rrtte. fashinable l lion franl tt;o.t .,. tart: ailk, rtlltoan all olerilnlt tendrchiro ll nt! .art...·.: / I n.brlr ard srilk haltndkerthllel blr lltUd f,, h , ci n .nllt i greatn variety: staks thoilevery Mtlca.c.el.m _,. hseail. cottoon renepoadecat lalk, osot "et,, ,' r-iI. rlave: .gete hbskie glrea t..: btirrlla amd .... .1.. Alro.-Splendid oeaortn' l efhI * ,tadtnae I :. :irg de.. dreosie ea.e, ,port Ol tok Iry, end rich fancy Coedst totl .

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