Newspaper of True American, December 21, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 21, 1839 Page 4
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otr|ll l r Vios a t feree 'l 4 1its, and :t' Otipnstrl ospo et eid tricg scus toilet bulln; eoenieo1tocc attshinns; c W rso ybw cr in~ a untl . lsin pmOket hoblts huti-ottfetts; + ý." t~ir i·t l ond common gnmo oll u 'ciulrmatokest ail ·op r I.t e r sto ck o f fso y . "5Utl lntnJsymluete. P:.teamle f taofhthe GoldcnCmen b, 7 RAD ETAILCOMlB AND VA RE-awt lth sIgn of thn golden `teeet. The shbsribers have re. to tr.pvious stack on Ihand, a full ."saeretcles in their line; viz: ti ' , bIly ruishes, locking glasses, otid a part as follows: e.ilitwouogltntaml plait tuck,twist tIog round, dressmg, ide puffl curl and tlma cotimbs of every. description amongst iten pattren, Ivory combs of every hotdre ansad packet, togcther with a nnofFrenah rnd .Anmericnn. RYcnlogne, Lavender, Florido, honey, flowerWaers of every size and des ted Clogne, extract of l.rgamot. ' o f indelhaviog do in cakes and pots e ', a~1a'vreigetable hsir oil, boars nnd an "i, '.4te elliog salts plain antd pcrflned i i.powder, pow p erpuflb and ~Loes po Osctssa potasd iOlla,oom and chlorine tooth wash it general ssortunt of '7 Smofthe latest nnd atot fosthiona bet e of white and ted cornelian, toper t Jet' ranltoi, het in filagree, brenot pins of a greot - rte t p watch trin , t ilt Nand ilve .utckles, llsw h a smljer and gl pIteols land guard chainr E . ,hair, dust nrn n,hear hnlynoor o! · _U Iladltoot.plate, comb, Nail, having, shoe and LOO· t NG LASSFS-Iernnan nttia and toilet laast braging n and French dressing glasses, Ihome iwotit barrlyv of other kihnds not enuerated. - A Y AI) VARIETY ARTICLES-Freoch a neAotiia portable deskh nod dressing cases, son e verytc and finely*oneled ladies work hoxes and dres sing di.e r with rand withot music, musical boxes. Ae rtdialem ovarions kinods, violits and guitars, silver aind pltted:..nils and lenld,wood pencils or car penters and eraYltotmlnleclockgns annod pistols witllh and without eaaea,.renMion e ope, peretusioncop clhargers, tipple srwdvrs ve. shot belt,game hags, paste blacking, tny ma sette,Inditn rbeald ofrevery kind, hells and Iluoes, Srsiad commton knives, razors ad scissors, thimbles, ajilopoine soilver plated, steel and common speet lts pocket buooks and wallet. of various kind., visiting a "arad'carad oaes, playing cards of French, Gierman " and American manufacture, dolls, imitatiot fruit, sno bos, pronto of various kinds, Saunders' Ponremy's, tmerptn's; HHillman' and' lHawkin's razor straps and ;meta uhne, dlrsz fancy bind necklacc, tdo wtth .-ar istoych woee, pearl buttons, powder flasks, eut and p lpo need beads, gilt and silver Jo, gum elastic suspen ~denct garters,plainand sword coanes, backgamnmon a siet, dleoptiealvienoes , jeowsharp, locolbco match " and drinkinguop., with a great variety of other arti e loeaall ofwhrh will he sold for coash or city ecceptan. en Oan 12 months credit. B H SIMMONS, & co. 4d 70 Choartro st. • , Nr.IY It LEE eo, No Mcagaztacn street, ar cow c~w reouivlg from ships Nashville, Louisville, i entueky, Eagleand other late srrivls tram :hn h :-tlat- citiea, a large cad new aelerted assortment lis ie, iootes, Shoes pand Brogans, eotahtlsisg of tllenm 's fine calf and Morocco boots doi U9qulit." do bufftl', nm stoot waxs pegged hoots o oerimsnqssLtiena; men's fito call seat aetd .MoorcOa rhte ieiuaps anl brogans, buckshit shoes, brogans amn tl)ppe ts menC's fine calf atl kipped pegged shoesn en I roion; ,lo hoet; do stout kip and wax pegged shoes d d gmnte gentlemen's best qutlity calf sewed shloes, I oýonm l art Jack Dowsingsa; tdo calf ontd Mooroer S hkleoboes mnd brogans; to calf, sesl atil Maonoenr I dianshoe and slippcrs, do calf, nbuffit seat wotgs, o ,ow article; do fite call. sot.I ad morocco qutrte, mot; oays' misnrs' andclhldrea's pe;ed ant d sawed b aos, n ashooofev qualit andlkdoil. Also a general aelt taatof men's stout wax and seor beogans and shoe, together wiltkh 10,000 pairr agro biat quality, russett brogans, oailet it t he I anks, made expressly fo llattatint use; s goodl nas t tmes of mmt s fine andl stout kip rnusett hrogast, t w article, amnl a argo quantity of at inferior quality rt stort ad was brogans. Ladles' finecalf, sald, moroceo nd grain welts, and ptmp sole shoes; do fine French Mlrocoo and kidl run trr.eto sipperst; do roan slhoes, with and wirlthout Ihels; It ealf, seal cad stout leather bootees; do Pltuntlella shoee, Sfall kindls and qualities; dllo lasting brogans; tin gaiter r'mand foxaed bootees. Mises' lastinglprigl solnesantt istlgn. Ch!ltren'sa colored Mloreooantd lasting bro Foamnt bhoots, &c. ntentlenmn'sfinosito.nhble blook silk tats; do blaek e Idrab beaver do of a superior quality; Ido ititatiot Itvi.lado; blrad o nd narrow brim men's ftine drab tell bhtak Itosia start napped hats, a new article. Yoathts Sarte llse hats of diflerent qualities; do children's. M.c's snd be)'s black at drab wool htts of various S .Ine with general assortmnent of boys' and men's tio assortment will be replenished by the arrival of artpaceketslrom the saooe named cities, all of wticlth willbe sold an eeommolating terms. og I--tf HOLLOW WARE, WOOD SCREWS, SAD IRONS, ec. THE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beekman street, New York, have received the past season, and are cornstantly toceiving large and extensive additions to tile stock of the above goods, which now consists of the allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality consisting of about 1500 tons, liz, Pots of .S different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . S do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, * do Oriddles, . 4 do Fire Dogs, 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do.-5 to 7 inches. " eod Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from gi inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jame's imported pritcs. Sad Irons, asserted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, nasorted. Bash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 201i. Bolls for Pltintations, steamboats, churches, &e. made to order, Also steamboats and other mnchinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to the attention of Southern and Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terls ; it is be. be the largest and best assortment ever offered for sale by any one estahlishment in the Unsted States. SMerchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can lave a prin'nd circular. with description of goods, pricesand terms, from which no deviation is ever ilade, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. Je3 Piano Forte Irutruc,hon. William Shtith tenders hs services to the ci.i, sons of New Orleans as a teacher of the piano forte. Mr S having been employed several year asr teaher of music in private fammtes in Bseton andslauat severalof the female seminaries in its S vicilati cannot but hope t tmerit tiheir confidence. He islpbrmitted to refer to Rev Dr Cl.pp, .tasrs Ste en & Avery, Henderson & Gasies. tt F erms, &c please apply at the bookstore of . " AlecanderTower,49 Camp at oct 2 R IESH ('GOARDEN SEED-The S beg to express his grateful thanks to the p h "ali, forthe liberal support he has haseceived since e . adnoeedald business is this city. Being sole pro. prtipt.rof the soed store, 17 Common street, re :" apt sand never was agent for any northern seed S onder. neither is lie connecered with any house in . d lhitouisatiy-bht hi assures the public that his Sosppeetaiohe in every department of the seed busia "bes, in the different conuntries of Europe are eqg al to that of ay rouie in the United States. le im. ." lU k siMees, ptlase, ec. from the most extensive ." n) resoectacblenurseries and seedsmen in France, Ua,' 0E. s nglend, Scotland and the northern .ito ".;sd it will atall times be his interest, as it 4lts . tbii dy to receive, in addition tro ha present "+ '.lar.rgel arrivals of every description, really the ti it b.138; also, engrafted fruit trees, of all i .public may rely on findang a lull ass ry article in the seed line, of genus AV. osmported direct by Wm. DINN. . SMITi & CO., respectfully intorm friendi and the public in ceneral, that ty the new brick shop, 219 Tehoupitoulas e kepeoestantly on hand Copper, l uest ,on are, of every description, r stills, kettles, and pumps, tin bath. S ý .ilont., of all srts and sizes, and all b . . ne at shortest notice. `uq:yt9. of 'very description, asch as steam. `hol ehain., screw bolts, and other work, such as chimneys, breech. ' o do all kinds of out door work, r; p , POPlpr and tin roofing and guttering, e nd all other kinds e1 work in * " ll. d *-ij.sEit they will execute at the A . ,dec27 'R, Np 64 Coade street, between t Philip keepseconstantly on halnd es nuteept ofboots aud brogans, and S . Yo l1r aofoure, tar men, women ++ , in f4 ill wtk .ich he will dispose ol Fim .. of 4 (a pratntnce on ,ending an order it ,atended to L, 8 EOOUR - TiLBFL ?O&WtIA LINES' I- ' ,, Pro nolie to.Aage.taGar. - leaoi Mobile every day et.three of'otockL p L O per U S mall boat fofiallti- LandintI above Blankely,-tl.ence four nost cotches to Pensaoias-thenel salnaitboats to Lagrntae, where thstend ratoe i resumred-hence eta Marinnn and Brnwneville, Fin. B:inboidge, Pindertowno, tfwll inaville, Sauodersville & Louis. ville toAugusta, Ga, eonnecting regularly withl the rail road cars to Charleston, and the steamn packet 'to Now York, Nnrfolk, Pail.adl!phiao etc. Theesteambents are the hect for tlae servire, and the navigation prjasedli attlre advantages than ran be fonaied upon any steamboat route in tile outh. ern region. c, The great improvenoents in tlt" route have been produced by the eonttructlon ofl ifty miles of new d road, by the proprietors, viz : froat Lol(rane onl Ln.anatle Iavou, an arm of Santa Rosa Bay, to t Bryait's Ferrt, on the Chatnnaio.clhee liver, ten t miles ahove the CDwlenrd, or 14 above Cedar Bluff, I whereby the navigaltion oa the river, and the con seqnent derentions, and more rcently the incon venient crossian at the Cowfordl, are entirely avoided, nod a fine road from Mariannt direct to Bainbridge, instead ol the r.undubout rt:,d via Chattahonelteer, I raeninag thediatnnce about forty miles, and il.,reasing the facilities more Ilthan lonce a dov. Alvo, a .eneeh line of two horse stages every other day rteam Illwkinsvtlle, via Perry tn tMacon, G, conntecting with the line to Savannah and Darien, Geo. A mail ateramboat lias regalnrly between Bainbridge and Apalackiolda. 'ITravellrs wishiang to reach any point on Chnttahnnchee or Aalnach: cola, can take stotato at rt Brownsville. Mobile to Pensacola-Lund Rou;e--Durin, the time occupc-ed by the repairs ot uIats, the proprie. tars of the Florida line a ruin a lilo ol lour horse post coaches every other day between Ma-. bile antd Pensacola. Puaseergrs will leave Madile at 3 o'clocb, p m, in the U S moil btit, nnd pr,)ceetd t IUlnl's Lind. ing, where a four horse coach will a tIn wnai ina to conlvey theln to the ex':ellent house of Mr. Charles floal, I 1 4 mile distant, where they will find Ileasant aneeollod.tiiaans for the nlight--leaving next morning, they will arrive in Pensacoil early in the evcuing, thius avoiding the discomfort ofel nieht ir..vellin:. Oice at the Mansion lIouse, Mliile, and Col. lilts' lotel, Pensacela, where sena lmust be sea c red. STOlI'lI'ON & (a. nov I IOYlI k MAY, laause, Sign, andl OUlatnattoeat JJ Paintels, No 3 Carondlele street, two doors frunm C;ital strecet ointlions of the following woods and m.rbleaoe ecuted in a masterly mnanter.. wooatu. MARnals. M:atogany, Epyptian bltack and gold, Oak, Gtalla and Attieo, Pollard tndo, Oriental or verd antique, Curled do, Jasper, Ctred1cl Maple, Illond Stone, BrUds Ey.e do, Iarby iGranite, Satin Woodt, Pl'otonmac, -Hair Wood, l)ove or flurdello, r Yew Tree, Italitan White. Coromandle or Illclaek an :lta ael Brectella, foset Vondl, Aneri ran Grey, Ash eWlite Oak, mieo. lk;- I. Cturelled Elm, glass, copal vorsinst, C. on hIoad nd tr osale. ml CluIN A IeLAS &v EAR 1' lisN \V A Ite slUIlC, 36 Charrea street, New Orleana. t TM. SE,:RIGEANT & Co. itportera of French and English China end Earthen wnre. ore now openting new and rich patterns of hreafoast, dining and tea services, toilet seta, pitchers, ten and coffee cupol tenaptss, suoanr, reaonts, bowler, plaltcs, dishesl, oreent, wasu basins and ewots, iaot baths, etc. etc. d Rich cut and plain French ant American glass. Sware--glels, chanmpoignes, lemonades, jellier, Sclarets, iine,r cotrdials, centre hmwnle dscalers, tanmblers, preserve dishes, celeries, pitcherse, latts, amp shade and glasses, candle slades, salt eel , era, etc. Silver plated, bronzed ano britani ware--eat. Stor, liquor stands, enke teskets, eanl!eatieks, d hrnch, spoons, nladles, coffee and teapots, sugars, reamso , lamps japauned trays, astral stoda, and han' in latpsr , fine cutlery, Gernln silver poe ton and flrks, tofuether with n great variety Ofarlticles lor ftniily ous. Nlerehnlst, plpnter, lottals, and steasnboats, frenished wih goods at tale nlot reo lanoable prices andt panked as as to ha eonvcyhd t wath satelty tt any paort of thile country. Aleso, npotlleenries' elnes.anre. ena 4COAL -The subscrlbers haveo eau.ll'a.tly on hand a lurge supply of Cannel and ,ivearptol coal, an bolk. of esuperiur qunltly, which they offer for sale in lots to suit purchasers. Also expected by the flrst arrivals fromn .nogi land all the North, Cannel, Lehigh and Peach Mountoin Col, brolken and creened, pot up in Salign.heads expretssly for hintily usoe'--all of wbli h they will tispoae ofa on tihe most moderante IPrlns. Orders let at their office, No. 53 lienville st. a p o tnira,. will be proimplly attended to. a'03 BR. & A SOItLTE. 'u toountr .M.elilants anid Planters. Negro cloths, blankets, flanneles, inseys, lowell shirlings, checks, linens, calicoes, handlkerchiefs, &c &c received and for ilre low by the subscri. bers. ROTTA & Co. oct. corner Canal and Chartres st "VEW GOODS-Simmons Hartt & co are now re Sceivin from on [Iard ships Yzoo, and Saratoga and bri" Concordia, front New York, a great variety of goods in their line, whichl together with their former stock on hr.d, mnakes their assnrlrent verve a plete. The following cunmpoer a part, vii: i ell rtwit, la,,dri,;de, tuak nnd drrssingcmabo, orn do ofralt rstrpritianr, Is din rubber, silk and worsted elastic garters, couamon &r fine elastic suspenders, laoco fco rndt I.cilbr mlatchles, Seirdlitz powders, owdearr aLdfa b Iod bxes,ilrit powder pocket books ,nAd ,nll.lht, needle hooks, shlll, learl, rvurv and moroeco card cases, head ortnantnse , a lain ju ral Ibeads, necklaces nil negligees, head cilllu, head nrecklaces, rct glass and n lldie,seerrdsilel ernd ilt l,,asa Inldian erads, Ibells and pleins; istt aRnd lrprge prw ter flaks, shot belts, IhorerIe lt. icket andll tlrlililg aJitols;doulle andsringle Iarrelled guns, Bowie knives, and dirksa. nisor, sll r ketknive, l ~ nkrtk d enloa ga and rilborns, waist hbu:kller, cloth, lnir, Imnh nail com erunib, shoe,, plate, floor anrd dulrting lbrushrs, Coligne, Florida, lavender, rose and bay waterassorterd esellees, and rexnrtect, Mceeesar, hearl, antiq le, ad Wardl's ve getable heir oils, lintg nold toilet sorps oft all des ari rtions, ladlir' arrr gerrtlemens' desks and dressing asesn , hair rie'glets, frizettes and braid, plain, lrney ano mnsical wtork box., llini and gilt, tfired, <trt and vest bllttns, pelarl and ivorr shrirt t , sitn, trrrrl ,grlold and silver pencil crases, trorlprlks and Iweezelrs, Ited ,.d gilt lockets, winiannre do, silver, brass and steel and plain pIrcnssion caps, linrek twine, stled csllll rees, golnd no rsiler lare antl frngee rltter pnaper gall agsa,riling wrips, alking ornes,pltayt.e Wods, firra gold, rlrated nard gilt jiroellrv &c. Tlre above, rogetherr with a great variety of ther arti lee are offered at whalerlale or retaril oat acornumdatian terms. N I Shell comarplrepanirud T'n) T'llE LA DIEBS. IlR I;Irl',, UTfERO AllOPhylINAl, oSUI'PPRTEIlR f illS new irstrument for the radical ruts of Pro lapsal s Uteri, or Fallrng of tle Womttb, by ex ternal application, superseding tile use of tle oh jectinable pressarey, is confidently recommended to thle afflicted as tile means af a perfect restnr tOllt to heathn, it lneer having failed of perfnrming a aire, even under tile moert aggravated circulnntan ces. It eas received the decided approbaltion of Sir Astiey Cooper of Leonon ; Sir Benjamin C Brodie ; Sir James Clark, Physician to thle Qauees; Dr Ashwoll. Lecturer on midwifery to lGuy's ois. pital ; Dr Rigby, lecturer to St lBarthollomews; Dr Grifilth, lecturer to VWcsttlittlter lHopital; Dr Ransbotham, lecturero I.o ndon Iospital ; Robert Ferguson, lecturer to Westminster hespit, al ; Dr Swrutman, lecturer to Middlesex Ihalpital. and senior accouclheur to Queen Charlotte's lying;; also by lilenrey Duvies, Conquest a Blhndell, Lee, Mcrriman, surgeon Keanes, &c. by Dr Morroau, president of the Academia lrnHval Jo Medicine, Paris, and Accouat ler to tile Ducless D'Orlean n; professors Vclpoeu, Marjolin, Paul Dubois,Sarson and others--and in New York by profesarJ W Francis, G S Bedfordl, M D profea. sor of midwifery in the university of tie city of New York, proen. Delafleil, and Francis, U Johin. atn, president County lMad Society, Laurens full peroesidentr med society State of N York, plol0 Jao McNaughtton of Albany, prbis March, Cyrus Per. krns, Doane--Drs Th'ilos Boyd, Gilbert Snrit, Hosack, Stearns, Ludlow, ftsant,, Valhe, Power, Grayson, VanRenisolaer, and many other distin. guishod physicians inthe U States. A G flull, Olffice 4 Vessey st, Astor IIolns N York. f3 A constant supply of the above instruments, with Dr Hull's improved Trusses ftr Hernia, will be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, A G Carpenter, Natchez; Stone & Marsh, Wood. vill; Booth and Mallory, Memphis; W P Wdlk; son, Somerville; Hall and Waashington, Nashville; McNairay and Hamilton do; R L Blass, Florence C Spotswood, Athens. .IHE Subscribers, Agents fr the erxtensive firm of W. & S Butuher, Sheffeld, Enrland, have just ceeved a very extuorive set of pW.el .s, sonsigtin ol and Deanrit Knives of "- " daeription,, Pen, I'ocket Dirk, and Spear point Knlves; lRazors, SClo' torn,.Edg- Tres, 6.e. .c.. which they ane prepared o exhibit to the trade lor orders. 'erms and conditions will b tmade known at s th ime. -a16 J. D. BEIN & A COHEN.90 Common st. me Worl & Zaltimnore Pakets 'h' FOR NRW YORK. TJOlMIS' ILINF- OF PACKETS-To sail every IT othrr Monday. This I.ine as nempoer d of six ships, vi: Ship Vicasnono, Captain Bunker, Nov go - ,, On Eas, - car*m -de. 9th an ,PANTHE -- Andiv, I 231 ARKANSAs, - Do)nns, Jan. 6th in , NaSuLtLE, - Wlod, , 211th , ALABAMA, Ilterry, Feb. 3d th oheo abe ships ore of thle first cIlol, eorlpere,. and copper fastened, and hvrig been built in Ne- York expresly for this trade-tlhey ore of lieht drought of watr, oand almost invnrrablv croos the liar without any detention. ' othese packets are commanded by Captains well experrtrced in the trade, and will alrave exert Sthelmselvee to ccommnlodte-thbe will aol avrae towed up and down the river. and will plonnptly sail as ad- " vertised. They have lhnndemtnely femisked nccomtndetihnt, oand sturres of the firetq:lity will always be furniehed,nt and every Ittentlion pald to 'the coumfor iadontiolhciotl e ttf ssnretrlerp The pricr of cubin passage is fixed at $90, without e wine or liquor. For furtter particulars applylv to n2 A COWIN, 0 Common nt The ships ore not accountable for breakage of class, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage. of tin, or rust of ion or steel, nor raeapnsible for anv packahe or pnreel, unles ,t revllnr t ;ll ofhi,.tdin e si eed theef ,r. NEkVW YWICK A,'(AU ,V OItI..ANSIIE. FI 1ilIS I.INE will be comnposed of even bhips, whieb will saeeed etch olrer ill tle following order, vii: e Ship St. Mnry, It W Foster, tmaster. Shifp Troy, t. i)Dekinde rff, faster. it Ship Republieon. J S Wilson, toaster. Ship Aulbtrn, E Cortell, master. New ship Frunkfort, J G Russell, master. New shipt Mary Kingtland, It MlcCrren, master. New ehip Fnirfierld, W I. I.yon.lnster. These Ships are all of the first clasn, Ievnte necommo dations fir tpassengers unsurtsned fi.r emlllfurt and etotnveniette. Itll nllly collmalndetd. d lie Prealet punctuality will lbe observed indesptrch 3 ing thelttl n adlvertijed, and every rennonable accnol ymtdaotietn extended to shippers and psa.etgers. For freight or pans,.ne, apply t 2l1 I''I'TI LAIDLAW, .6 Camp st FOR NEW YORK. n [Louisinna and New York Line of Packets ] TII IE Ships composing this line will soil Irom New Orleans and New York on every other Mon day-cortuntencing on the 20th Novemnber--and to insure the punctuality in the time ofsailing, the line will hereafter consist offive ships, viz: Ship Yazoo, Captain Trask, to leave on tihe 20tth November. Ship Louisville, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th December. Ship Huntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th December. Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the lst January. Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. s Tie above are all new, of the first class, copper do and copper fastened, and upwards of 500 tons hurthen, are of light draught of water, being built in Now York expressly for the trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are ell fitted up in the most improved and convenient re plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style - Ample stores of thie first quality will be provided, tand every regard paid to the comfort and entire Ssatislfctian of passengers, who will please take no. tice that no berth can be secured until paid for at the off ee of the consignees. e These vesselsaro commanded by captains well experienced in the trade, who will give every at as tention and exertthemselves to acommnodate. Thoe' s, will at all tiimes be towed up and down the Missis Sippi by teanmboats, and the strictest punctuality observed in the titme of sailing. t The owners of these sllipls will not be responsi. is, ble for any letter, parcel or package, sent by or ,, put on board of themo, unless a regular bill of lading od be signed therefor, at the counting house of tile ns agent or or owers. For frther particulars apply to no2 J D BEIN & A COHEN, d nov21 90 Commnon at NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will consist of the following volssels which have been built or purchased expressly for the trade, viz: Ship Meaman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, " Nickorson, t Iral Ferry, now i, Stevens, i, Solomon Saltus, '" Ltlham, Brig Arclnitect, I Gray. These vesscls are of the first class, have hand. sonie furnished accommnodations, and are ofa light draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and discharging their enrgoes in Baltimore, at the city. Freight will be taken for ports on the Chesapeake or James' River, and forwarded by the agents, Mesars. CLARKE & KELLOGG, at Baltimore; expenses on goods shipped will be advanoed when required. The price of passage to fixed at $60, ample stores of the bh st qoality will be provided. Steiam up and down the Mississippi will be taken oi all occasions. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, novl 22 Bienville st. NEWV ORLEANS &CIIARI.ESTON PACKETS Thl's line consists of four vessels, ll ol the first class, coppered and copper fast. ened, and of shaot 200 tons burthen, with handsome accommodations for passengers. These vessels are commanded by captains wel experienced in the trade, who will give every at testion, and exert themselves to aeaomrm,sdate the shippers. They will be towed up and down the Mississippi, and leave New Orleane on or before the i0th and lsth of every month. The folluwisg vessels compose the line, viz :.s Brig Arabinn,Charles GOrrdon, master. Brig Cainpman,J. B. Thompson, Inasier. Brig Almena, J. Doane, master. Bark Roger Williams, J. Allihers, master. Fur Ireight or passage, nnply to J. A. BARELI.I & Co, 1GI Common st. New Oileans, or M. C Mordecai, Charleston. oct I S 'TAT\'I'E OF LOUISIANA-Parislh of Orleans Court of l'robate. To all whoma these presents may concern OGreeiing. Koiw ye,s that wherers William Mackey, a res illent ol the city of Malysville, Ky., has applried to Ihe Rieistr of Wills, in ani for the parish & eits of Newv (Orleans, an , .s tllicllt Clerk of the C urllit oi Prrbnltes, ill and i,,r rle Pariah and cil sol 'Nett Orieans, nfsoresid, for a MIONITION or I)VER 'IANI:E.NT, in conformity to the Act of tht islature of the State sn;lthd 'ii An act fir the further assurancc(, tiles to purchlsitrsiat Judicena Sales,:' approved 10Oh of March, 1834, notice is hereby given to all whom it um'y conlcern that by irtue co, andl in obedience to an order of sale frio said ncort of probates, in and for ite parish and city of New Orleans, bearing dfle the third April, one thousandd eight huindred and rili, tIund rendered in the m iatter of t Nalthanicl Cox, on tlhe plsritiln of Clsristop aina,jun.Synic of the crediosrs of said sio of Nathaniel Cix, decensed, which se!e was also granted pursuant In the de!iberations of a meeting of tile creditors of the desonsed duly hedh and conveeed on the liird day ol Fch ruoar, einliteen hundred end thirty eight, befeire II. B. Unars, Esq. Nolary Public, and also otser the legal and rsual pablication had boeen ade, Ithe Register of Wills did xapors for sile by public aection in ihe ninth day of l1ay, one thlouanti! eight hunlldred and ilthityeigct, fir account of the afurcsaid succession of the late Nathaniel Cox, deceasei, Ihe landed prolperty hleriiarlter descri bed, belonging to the said succession, which pro perty was ndjudicnted it said Willhoa Manckey as the last and Iiighest bidder thereon, for the total price and sault of seventeen thlousand ldollars. Description of the prolperty as given in the Judicial conveyan:e: A!l and singular two certain lo's of ground together with the buildings and Ilprlovements thereon, and all the rights, privileges, customs ways, servisudes and advantages thiereunlo be longing, or in anyrvise appertsining, situate in the suburb St. Marysol the square bound. ed by Poydras, M.lgazines Lafayette, and Camp atreets, ald designnted by the numblners seven al eighil, ol ai ceitain plan drawn hby FrcEJerick Wit, l'auinsst, Depetty Su.veyur General, under date oi the sevenitI day of April, one thosaund eight hunds red anid ihlty.eight, and deposited in the oflice of II. B. ('enan, Esq. notary publice fr relerence ; whicl two lots najoin each other, anid mensure each twentysone feet three inches and ix lines front on said P)ydras street, by Snxly.three feet eleven itlchesnnd six lines in depth, between par. aliel lines, [Anterieno measure.] Terms-one and three yeavcrs credir, f.rappro ved endorsed notes, secured by special niurigags until final payment. Wherefore, all persons who can set op any right, title, or claim, in and to the lts iof ground and ansd buildings herein described, in consequence lo ilnormlulity in the o dee, dcree, or judgmentl belforrecited, and under which Ihe srle was miade, or any irregularity or illealtiy in the nppraisments or advertisements, in time and manner ofsale, or for any other cause or delect, whatsoever, are here. by cited and admonished so show within thirt3 days from the publlication hereol why Ihe sale, so nsade as aloresaid, should not be culirmed and homologated in accordance with the application of said purchaser. SWtness my hnd nd the seal of said court of Prolalnes, his second day of May, A. D.1830. [L. S W. '. C. DUPLESSIS, may 104I ins ' Relsuterf Wills. LOUR 5 is Is laingrfrem steamboat Baton Roges, for sale b f G DORSEY. me)' 44i N-w Les,. JUST PURBLIS.IEDFROM STCREOTrPf Pi'LJTES The Flkt Editionof ROWLETT'S TABLES OF INTEREST: T O whichis now added an Average Time Colenla tor, or eay methods fo findiling the average lime rat on stoorge, notes of hoad or bills of goodIs-wheoncitr; tit cheased it differoeot-ii intit e ititerent credits, nd for we vaTfiuntts;t esiteiust efo l land complete Uanklin re ime Ta'tle, the heat Ihat can be contrived. or that fi- ce gures can r ohce within the same eoodesend compass, and size oftype. be An advelrtisement in thie book is in nearly the follow- sr ingwords: tl 'The hltgh distinction this work has received throgl i, the ten legislative acts prefixed to the title page, is a re- It commendation in itself, so unaommon, and so eonchl sive, th t nothing is necessary more than by way of ad vertisement, to give a condensed viewof some of its pe culiarities::as fcrinstance, the Interest has been comi - a ed from,and cotnpared with, what is equivalent to to- ei teen setseielelculatione, examined in the press thirty- o five times, and printed trom stereotype plates tested p thirtyty-one times, froim all which it most he evident t, even to the skeptic (eeeiolly on the pe.soanl ofthe de- a tail .f prooif in thie preface) that the work moast he arith metiealiv infallible, and in confirmation of this beliefa t premiumn of two hundred aind fifty dollars, is now nffer t ed lfor. he deteetion of an error ofa ent in the present or fifth edition, as expressed in the preface, omakig five large premions effered for the same error sincet he first pohlication in the oeaer 1902. I One of tho most conspicaos featres of the tables is r inthe arrangement of the Time ald Ammonts, which for expedtitiius, rfrreree orndperspieuity, with the help, of thte astdle and index, cannote he excelled ; ae the at i ty and ease with which the interesl can be found .to the extent of general blsiness, without doubling of sims is hesides a convenience so essential, that in the estlmn tion of some oi the most competent atd praetical busi b ness men anid pblic officers whl have lalee great uoe i: of the work, it iao hbeen distil.alshcd bytto htionmable at.pellation efofa "master pace'". And considering tke inlitlibility of the method originally adopted in comlposing the work, and the extraordinary iumber and variety of the examinations, and tests of every edition it has passed in the press, eotwithetanding the whole is in stereotype, considersg, in sh6tft, he positive aceiricy osectred tiy the cepreedected means emplo oil, the vo ilu tome has heen held ci and empthatically styled "the most wonderfirl book o the waslkt" most certainlyt nio Smanl ean nmes figure work of the same extent, which since the ieginning ot creation, has had the same num her ant variety of tests int the same number of editors; no, nor one half the number, as is clearly shown in the preface. Besidtes, astest and standard, it has been tried and tIreeed in nearly ill the hank ant phulic ffices in the Ultett Siltes, and yv thbce blic gonerally, during the long period oft lhi'tvfive rears, yet no error of ihe cal eulations has ever been, fond in print, olthongh continu ally challenged by the offer of very large t rrtiums. i'The in ilct exporessly adopted by all theeourts m oflaw c sev oral of the States as the " rate of elculatilon 1- for tatute interest," as also by law for bahk interest, to accrdlilg as tie book is used, and as way Ihe seell iit he part, by ,.e names of the subscribers, and a few of the subsequent purchasers, in the listat the cd of the hook, this in pIosessin efevery class of citizens in every quar. te of the Unitced States. he It is moreover well known that, by its rearly check, it has so often detected lIrge errors, long after they were he made, even by the most carefil and most competent arithimetiieians , tt its useftlness, ad: he ahsohtie nie cessity for its uso, have been extensiyctly insisted iptien, on so evident, incecd, iave been its advantages, and its savings, that, sevenrrl yersago, whilst the first edition he wasscare, and out of print,a great I.umber of second hand copies were songht for, same to a gre t distanice, or and porcreaed et various prices, as they couhl occasion i allty ho picked up at from $0 to $25 per copy, anl ill some persons have declared, aitl hstances ee could he quoted that they wout pay $50, $100, and $s501 re for a copy, tfnotto be had for less, and a ilndividual nt in tle latter instance Iartievlarlly having at tle same iime rxhibited satialactoty pro f, to several persons pre sent that to him it was really wolrth that mlolley anld d' ore tioutgh the savinle ofliis veer vaitable tim, lie ire being it ver rich man ao d in ptblic office. 0- It ts likewise worthy of notece, nil indeed proper to at im lre:, that such is the tnur.e of figne work generally antt aspecially when of the extent and imlortance of ell these to Ios, that had this book or its like bcin preptr t el inl thle usual lallner vOlloe, fi thle most competent e a elculator in the world, and teath ards prilted most i.- cantiolcn under his own correction of proof sheets, it y would, lmost to a certainty, have been ulnsal'f for re ferenrc,and dear at any price, as the preface ldariicu i. urlip explains. Buit slo perfect andi vaiiahtle have the stereotype plates of Ithis worklbeen nmace, that to secure or them, withllleir ntImercus and extraorlinarv examina g tions,against fire, for the general tbenifit, they are (by ii advertisement) coltstaitlty kept in a plaee of specal to slti), except while use I in pwinting. Amplledirections to find bothll banks sd stllate intor st est with uselttl notes, follow the preufilcu, t hicl, in this - fith as in the two preceding editioins, contain much inl f~rmaiT tion coincelrnling che two lawful modes of compult igiclter sts, tee d.ys of grnee, ke. It rem;ilts only tio rmcllark tlht, notwithstanding thIli IF inlconltnonly costly work, whicll wasputllihlld belfre itlerrest Itbles welc ilntrolie'.d it elollals aid cents bIIe els yend anahianacl, has been so extensively and so liberlally er patroisecd, it has not vet so much ais paid with interest. tee heaovy loas of four tihousand dillst, beside, six )ears of tiime fIioln 17i99 to I Sa.5i sustaiined o the first edition of 7Pilt opies, nurising chiflly from its pthliCao tions at that timle, at uat llderl price,) to si t ntlilg of comlpeosation or profit for almost a lifi-ti me f atre, toil, and sacrifice. \Whereeore the author still relies onl the disuerlnlent and generosity of the public for acolint: Idl ance of prel'ference anltl ilatirolre. lr sale by the ht Princi el IJtiokscllers io Ihe UUnited States D _OLlitlAR'S Seienee of Penmansl hip received,lnd for stile at tieir permanerllt \Wlitig tleadenlies No. 8 Chatte re , Net, New )rleans, IUIJ Bttadway New York, Danlrhitle ot., Mlobile. It is plartiulurly iesigned fur Irivate learners, and slctori anrid is cltlt:lteftlso lerr:letns llntd aenS.q. L.hadie and g teen tire invited to call anld examllillne tie srstelo for tllrherelvtes. Lesosons arte givel at Sach holr es as riley suit the onvrellicene ofll, and to loaHsses lirod in diny part ofl" te city. Ldlies wlho prefer itcan receive lessons at their own ref sidenres. S.t'"srnr po-in: a trt of .lessons are desired o nlet.l''... "'O '" i is well aether wlth. .3SAML BiIOTIIIR. VTARNISlIES-'l'he Subscriber, having latlyesta. S Ilished a varnish nlaltufteltort in ew t l)rleans, is ready to suipply tile pointers andl tile public in genernl, by wholletsle or retail. lis prices are moderate, and tile qrtrlits of (in ieirtd lS supierirtn r b"u, t to tis place. Tie gentleman etploveiti o srperinttsd t rle Ilurttctrorr aits reen at tile ihead or fll roter.oive estabhliseient ofthis kilnd in Europe. 'Tihose dis. osed to call at tile corlner of Natcrez al Tehto iteioull s ore, sheall epreaenrlted with n fair SIalll e of any varnishi tire nsar wisn to try. AlllonRst thie varnlisles are tile crneh Nr. I, warrarted not to cionge even in oilila water. 'T'le hblck varnish for ttores and steas bile chinlnies. The transparent varnishl without smlnel, & &c. a8 lliiONNAIEL. W AGNER.'S LIQUID ODENT'L -It hus bieen long rsed. bhth here and ti thle north with lniform success. for clenlsino and whitening the teath, and prevetlling the toothacher; reserves the grais, porll\ing. th- Ireath', and relievinsg all disra'se to wshi· c the outrll ts itable It either ilte nadull r infant --Oi0e tean lpotullti, mixed in a wine nirtestal of prre watr.r. tad so rppiled to the teeth in usual matnel with a brush, wli dlfecltally p'e vent srcrvy, and ward loff that exorutltn!g pain. tl i tooth ache. Mississippi and Lolnisiana hotel, IIRS. MARY IIIRKLANI) respectfully an. Snounces to her frionds and tile public gene. ally that site is prepared to accommodate thelt at 1e above establishment, antd hopes flrnn hier xerlions to render visitors conmfortablc, to receive n contilnuance of forlter favers. Site feels confi. dent that persons visiting Covington during, tlhe umntmer months, canlnot find better accostmodations than she can afford them, on more liberal terms. Her hsome is plnosantly situated, antd well supoplied with every convenience; the bar is furniihed with the most choice liquors, &e. int short, site promises ''at nothing shall hbe wanting on her part to give ( stire saoististetion to all whol may patronize tihe dissisaippi and Louisiana Hlotel. je3 Cologne W\ater, Ptrfumery, &c.-A splendidl articrle' f cologne, pit, up expresilt y ft r the retail trade; also tlhe purest " erch Perfumery, embra cing every variety r t the tuiler, for sle rby ct 2 RIEES & D'LANG. 1, IV G'l.teln's Pi'rfur er'ies, Indian Dye, for coloring lthe lir ; Bear's Oil, Russians leal's treese, plntltum, olltehaw's Fret cle Wallh, sulperior pearl ptowder, rip iWllter, cream of roses, vegetable rolge, ntlo ill rose, lip salve, kreosule toolth wushr, cathonirle ntritlie,- orange l.ower water, powder puffs and boxesr, Amneriun charcoal, nlestly put sup inl our ounce vials, Pres. tun sails, coloene, Ireosore Iltoh ache drops, hair brushes, English dressi'n combs, Id,.l hlalr oil, o Ith a variety of other perlllnterie, .c. For sale by C. J. ''RILINCiIARD, oct 3 corner et Canal and lourron sta IRONSTEL.& IIHEAVY GOODS--11tr, square Sit bundle ironl, well assorted. liHtp, scrull and rod miot, rnil rods had plough Cast, G rman, she;ar, blistereldl spring, sheet and Crow ley steel iollow unre, cutt and wrought nalils anl spikes Zine, block tin, tmill ami grind stuoes sailt kettles Chain cables, nlllchorsI hil Ox, log nI Id lace thtius, corn mills Anvils, vices, Illuneltllrsand bellow Wire, sheet,pig ntll binar lead; shot Ccal, anll cooking stores Ames, Itowlaed's ralll uther spadles adll shovels Hook rand plate hinges, door and widasw hooks C.ollins, Irrnrts, Slall'rps, nlll loherl axes l'rllr'd land .lnllirlg elluitt linels and twine l olt and soheatiog IopperL N aval stores Ilpoonts, linseed tlu siieren oil A hull assortment of hardware smil slhip chsmlley, always on hand, and wlhich are offered far sale at whole sale or retail, on the most f votahle terms, by in4 LAYTON t. 't,. 53OhlD Levee. LO1I1SIANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, Bienvlle street. [7ILLIAM R. CARNES, would respectfilly in W rten his frii,trds an the public that he is tor. sontly receiving from New 'York and Boston a good atsortment ufFurniour e such ns moahogaty clhirs, sofrte, I.edtlealns mo e s de paintlued chairs, oraple nd cherry bedsteadi, mshaognny and cllerry tahles of all deaerilption, bureaue, toilets, secretarys, writing desks, awrthires ofr mahocrnny e noo oherry, wo standsl, looking glasses,featlters, beddin,&re. &e. INI. Furniture packed for transportatou with reat Cale WW rý RUSTITON & ASPINALL'S COMPOUND TONIC MIXTURTE.-A speedy AN1 J and certain cure for the Fever and Ague, remittent and intermittent fevers; prepared from tih original recipe. Used with eminent and uni We versal success in 1832, by persons of the highest a1, respectability in this city, as stated in the annexed er certiinates. r . This medicine is highly recommended, and has ' been extensively nesed in the above diseases with e such distinguished success, that the proprietor of err the recips has heen induced to offer it to the pinb. Ivr lie in its present form, in the hbiee :it may he the means of relieving many ., these who are fo suffering under tihe eeoirge of our country. It is or a medicine possessing gre.tvirtue, and when used as according to the directions has never failed of to effreting a core, even in the most obstinate stage a t of the disorder. It is not at ill disagreeable, and cr persons of the weakest stomach, and children may at take it with impunity. Itatrengthens the digestive ' organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requires py I more than onea, or in obstinate cases, two bottles er I to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor m arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious n t to the human constitution. The proprietors are it n sowell convinceod of its efficacy, that they agree q tto refund the price of every bottle which has been d taken in accordance with the directions and has o Ir not effected a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. 1 A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at y Iris wholesale and retail drug arnd medicine store, e crner of Bienville and Chartres streets. s For District Agencies apply to je5 T. W. SMIT'l, 48 Conti st. i Drugs and .Medircine. le J 56 ..rnest has lncaled himself iu this city for rg the purpose of transacting a general Wholesale inDrug bnsieess. lie is now rerciving n full snpplv of ifresh and genuire articlse, which ibe will sell it on liberal terms To city druggises, and Ihose of n the interior, to physicians, merchants and planters, Cy he will offrr induemerns sach as have never be. fore been c'ffcred in ihis city. Iis intention is to. oe e a strictly legitimete husiness. Ilia stock will soon he ecomplete, end i n faew weeks will he ren. . t flr trbasinles. All orders Iram the countrv, and rs; from merechnnts of l iý city, receiving such orders he will be promptly attended to. oct 2 No 39Camp st Ire Royal CollPeg of Physlcnans, London. he 7ilE original Vegetable liHgeian Universal Medi al- eine, prepared by IV i liiskin, Etu. .lemner of u-te Royal College of Surgeos, Licentiate of Apothe cary's Uonpnny, Fellow of hrdt Court Society, Surgeon rts to rihe Royal Union Pension Asociation, Lancaster oil Place, Waterloo Rridge, anrd Perpetual Pupil of Guy' a, anti S. Thonms's Hlospitals, Ionon. e Th 'tis valuable medircine, the result of twenty years' ire exrrri'rrce anod tttrteallelecl srccess in thie extersive t, anti hlighlly resirotable Irecice of tire lrolrielyv, parr. k a" sed by the faolly and nvbilitv, rlis tow iniroduced to the notice of tIhe American ublic, at the earnest so ck, licittioa of a number ofgentlemen of long and ligh ere stanling in the profession. It is hoped, as a prelini ent nary step, to check the evils and fatal consequences ,l- arising from thie rse of tlrt notImerous and deleterious nn, nostrums toisted cplo the publie ivy thle ai of fahbricated its proofsofmiraculoulseres, and tlter frauds, bya set of lon mercenary. unprincipled pretenders so totally ignorant nri of mendical science, that it impossible the tnonstions ce. delusion can any longer go down with the intelligent tit- people ofthiscountry. 'Thresr pills, mild and agreCeabli rml ic their natlur, shlould he kept in every family in eases tes of sudden illness, for, bv their proompt aldministration, ink cholern, cr.amps, spasunls, fe" r ls andt other alarrcing ual comtplaints, which too often prove Ihital, may e spleedli ely ecred or prevented. li thet, all those wlo value gcood re- health, shocli never be without them. They are soh' hira ipckets at r 5) cents,$1 atI sI $ eachc, Iy cevery respec. ie tablcl drloggist, Io,kseller, ard rVellorrtof rmedicine in thi Unitedl Sicatrest c Ie (Canlad ie, with copious d.l.eetio.cs, to with estulmoniasti of profeossional cbilily tra lly the folle ing rlinent genllelcr: Sir Astley Ctoperr, J f AIernethy, ,mtsIrtnlltdt II, M. I)., \V. hack, NI. I)., :u- .I. Asror Key, A. Iracptton, M. II., anod numerous et others. The originals may lie seen t possession of the os CGener:d Agent, by whoml the melicie is impcrted inlto ,it thills eoulry, aid to whom all applications 'orragerrcies mae- mustQe ade. ccc- JNIO. IIOt)I1F.IN, 129 War'erly Pi'lce, N. York, Ith Sole General Agent lic the Unrited States, i c. tre For sale hv appointmlent of the original plrol rietot. a- by iSwnma . ilnaoTusa, I)lrugints, No et C.anl street, Iy UrGentel Agent flr Stalthtle oIf l.ouisiana. jol v8 I1EAFNESS. A NEW article for perso.s trobled with deafhesa, ( icalled thii E ar en'ram) h jint b.en rOe i ved, b? the ila of hich. the shlighte~i. artieiui. of the hu-il nman voice is disnctiv, cci netu d to i cl t .ar. Ani one, i.tson, a tit ie elliy ne lliti ie I dilieult ian d f l l i Insll tSItIlt eXlpeliealted IiIIl I.v tlic elvR In eile ill dlvidtn ls so oatll.lrl'llllm llv aalllicted. ly tlhe uise of V ia Ear "'Trumpet tbis objeclion is enlire[ oo tite,. I ne ImIoIt srCPtlel burno a wav . an a tt lhearcdo aubt a( l r naving usaed ti I'ulIluepi. For ahti at T F GUION'S, alev stoIre.corner eCo..lllen and St Charles streets UInterr hi EX, at-in il,, . . . . . ICb :3 O0 TIIE PUBLIC.--The undersigned. having studied under I)r. Scl.mtlidt of Clharleston, Soutl Carolina, and for some years his assistant in the practice of medicinn anl surgery, has the honor to offer his proftessioniI services in this city. IIo assures the ladies and gentlemaen that tie most promlpt attention will le paid to the calls which imay be made; and also offirs his services to tie holders oftlaves, being well ancqainted with the diseases commnon to thlem, Ihavinlg attended them in the sugar house il Cllarlestlon. The thanouns anti.hilions pills a ter thie composition oa Professor Smnollette, with directions, can be had at the undersigned. The eftlct which they have produced in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to which thie best of refbrences can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. hinc street. JNO. I1'LORING. t)Tf'tICE---The partaershlp oif Kaelley, iT natn &Co of Newt)rleaa l ; Vala, Ilurris & t.t ofi NaIteIec; id Itarris, Kelley &Ca., of Itidniy, was t isnt ve be2lslt of Milay last, by thldeathl oi aaulnl A lJason, one of the partllers of the frls. 'The undersigned, surviving partners, will he charged with tihe settling and closinig tid business as a Iiiei a Levi C Ilarris will atteiid tihe setictlingl of tie I uiess of" Maison, Ilarris& Co., ttr Ntcthez; and I baP' , (el ev & ltodlevl alnld lHery Ktelley wil attend to lie sealtlilg If the blitaness of iKelley, iiasot & Co., ItI New Orlean. Tille names of the several tirms will lie usedi in liaidatinonh t. 'lthose indebter d ti said fires are earnestly requested o cOnllie forward nld ilake early ettylellcltll,. ana1 tiosn having claitm will please pireaent them wRilout delay. IIENIa Y KELLEY. Caw Orleans, June 27, 1837. ROWAND S 'IONIC MIXTURE, Fos FEVER AND At;LE. TEEN years have not yet elapsed since it was irt regularly slanito, to the publin; but it has attained the highest reputation; and has sup. planted every other medicine ior lthe Ague, wherov. or it has been known and appreciated. Already has it. bcon carried in every direction throughout the United States, and stcll realizes etere than could have been antlicipatedby its mntsatnguing friends. 'thousands of persons I;have not only been relieved, but restored to hlc,hll and vigor through its agen. ey: and they now cheerliully testily, at every oip porLtuity, to its deidcd ant SUllpremlo efinitcy. 1. is composed of such mledcinal principles as are calculated to renew the healthy actie oif the Stoln ach, liver, and other important igestivae organs, tie loss of which hranoany is the immneliate cause of file disease. It is aplparcnt also, thut it produ. cos an untire change ill tihe cndition of the systeln, and certainly destroys the native liability to relap se of the affection. When tile Ague is attended wllth any other omplainit, tilhe employmnt of tie 'Toic Mixtua will not interfbr withll the treat. ment of the other di-easo, bIut wi.l ecven aford as. lst:ance by furnishing strength and vigor to tile body during the course of troatmnnt. Those who make use of this elit:eiino may be assured that there is no Arsenic, larks, Mercury, or any other article inl its composition unfrlclld'v to the Iuman constitution; being entirely a aegeltable extract; and they mtay hane additional eonfildeneo ii the tse thereof, when they perceive that It hIs tle olf feet of a gentn laxative about tilh tinc half a bot. tit full has been Ltaen--in conesuqence of which, there is no part of tihe medicine lUt lto inger in the bowels to eause obstructions, and otller evils, arising from tile use of many of the remedies now offered for the cure of this uafection . It has been used also as a preventive, by many who were sub ject to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it has invariably warded il' tile apprehendcled attacK. Observe! The Proprietor, fully satisticd a ith the unlar.e liled and universal success .vlicll has can. stantly attended a punctual and rmgular use of thie Tonite Mixtltre, in all cases of Fever and Ague, uells warranted in engaging to refund the price tor all :lose who have tiken tile medicine in strict ac cordannc with tlhe prescribed directions, without having been perfectly and lastingly cured. Tihe subscribers are the whoe l ale agents for tile South Westeor States, and have no w on hand six ty casts of this tnedicane, which is warranted fresh and genuine. For sale at the nIanlfacltured prices JARVIS & ANiatlIh\VS, bholcesale Dr..,gises, nov27 aor Common t.k 'i'Cltot itilt t aai l't. M(IN'fTAGU E'S RII LJII FOR TIl, TEETII. Trl II c esutlitishel retiitatiti ad coltauitily lhcrea-in daerni d feafr tichinai nt tartney o' aIeh, and i r servative of thle teeth, has inducId te suhbcriber r otlbr it to the Altericnu. lpublic. Arrangements liha Ileeln a at to auli agenll t in ll ll the plrlln a cilie anl twnll in te Unitled States,a as to plilace iI ithil te reach a thllse sallbri nit ad likely to aulfer Illis ilua Ilttait.leg ofall ahllc, 'rolollh-elle. Whl Ippl ied according to directions given on habule, it has never Ihiled an affir'd i ednld irc e nad tiatelci relief. It also arrests Ithe decay In deafectiv teleth, ad ralieves thalt soreness a hicl'so frequenetl renders a trong tooth useless The ap plication and remedy are sillllte, inoent., ina not Iunplieasant; and the large number oflhersons in different sections of the cea;trv, that iare ntready experienced such deligletfe anltiehatry eflinta Iol nah Use of ti n Htal, are ready Sbeiar (for the public good) their testilaonv io its ut riralled qdalilea. teis all Indiaun relmedy, tleaeined singularly anJl lnemtectedly, eadl la be regardled v hleeivilired world at the most valuable diacuverry redae oef tile woode. Priee $1 per bottle. Sold by JARVIS &dr ANDREWS. i.o Cor Cempton a d Tebepitounes eh. 2 MEICAL, CARD. AND IMPORTANT TO TIlE AFFLIITED' wIfI DIS EASES. at A TREATISE on VnenralDisease, Gonorrhma,GIie etsnd _ uicitrcure, littluditg praticlal observationl on Beritns ,Veukne,., aring tfrom early that nil .a -htyiu nu im pd.ilta , lte ,witlh tathr teereey i.ud saffty. It i U a mln IhctvIp Pt i tbn I tbnnds fall victims to tile Vo nereol Dises,.o O tlld to th p uutkifltllea of illiterate tlell who by thqtlso of that deadlly poJmoul Mlllclry raui the son d titutmn, and cau.e ul.eratlotu ,with bltethet uo tile tferal, tfet nd Iody, dimntstin the.tilttnoite intib t ears, datfeittt oh atenatef gleets, and Iiod.s o1|l t~ile hin bnes, till at length I gun Ttrlhdity and decay of tite ittlstittion enstot, and .1 . lan~ehOly denathl puts a pasre~,h to theoir dreard fll sufferlngl.· t ERRY'S PURECYINt SPECITIC PILOS, A esrtain, af and tlelsnOst ?poady rem~edy ever diseov for tile prltlt and effectual cure ,,, veneetAl diseASES orrhia, glee, ieNOresl sIminid weauessl, Splu in in tLh I affOeeioni oftt TdHEKyIDrNvE lumEso lolaldellity, ir tario. of the I dI e or unretiIr., ad otherd A eiDI eS of Ibe u nnry paranrc·, queuliy pertormi..en perfnel esre |n theshen suce ofltthrnttt lyii t lyotlltt tiitlt piill t rttloltit, wit -ltltalse crely n t tnctv. rile eerlaiuty witil wilieh rley are hontou ally. t nioster e ctt , e ntte.ed by mny tbousnndn. The sp'ecific pills mr otoul every pnltilvle of iuidious pi)Ol~m. puri Fy igl inl their pmlrr, r~e s*e'wlole me.- of]id.. They uont on ly I rnlove the Ilisrr.os, hut renovate by thleir action tIle differ at flolneiol~ols oI' e ey expellaing be~rosserbumor s, lly thei m~tle so ildaut imprcetibe a to on~vittel tlle most seeptlcul of tl e r nztonishingq uull1 line( ll powers. Thle SiiniltherCclllulll merrPurry nor (liy othIer mnelmll, alhl nlly hln SLiken wilol ot he l gblest ·Ull~iilon sr di.envery-. Thley l¢ qI"Hn l l ri cl lielII.I, nOFO tlme, or Uilllqrneo olla ·r iterl, bl t effcrt a compllete cure, witilout tler least exorgolre to t letlll'ct. Atnuyv Icried wblell tile sligiltostsuspieioll ny ma Sollrt, it willl~ be A wp Ior r~llra. to tile Rpae floP is,lr I'o wellu t hell I afore t le disease Iina maleI its appeanr:liacr it iletl II acerlainl preventive by removilll! the complraintEffotual y u d secretly. I, lrrpr. Perry. Sureeolll, continue to direct their studiea to tholodlreadful debilitiesllr.iai~llg from tile too free and Isiiid . e i~liI nte ilnlulgeclle of thle purxillltS, Wllich ntier onlyIlr el, .ionalnuanlmmls trlunol" nervonall'caelous, alldl alltllilulll ts vmt~lrles al111be rlnervning inlllrciitirle of old llff, but weahlell sles llroy all lie ICodih) sellses, oceasionilly Io.s of imnyinll tinlh judglmnult uhdil Ienlnry, inndiffretxce anid aversionl for ill It es.surea. Tile illen of their own anhnhapillell nlid despnir which arises fronl conniderilng I slclnseiv as tile authors n, Sthepir ovl misery, nln| tile Ilceessily ofronll Uneiu tile felieitie Sor malrriage, nrn tl IIi.I~utuILting idleRl of thlnos wiln have giv.1 nI way to1 this Ilelllsive mildI destructive hanbit. |,llthtdisi tC rorsinff state (if deblililty r def~ieillep, whesther tile COIlie qlle"ee Of suchl ballefll (IraEtiCE% EIeeC..Ve dlrinkin.g or ally a.oilbr e~nrs, Ily which th-Ilowers el the conliliation become e, nleehllld, tily offer a fIrml rafe aud speedy rertoratiou lolmdl ~nnd vil~orous honlth. Pel ry~s Vegelllblel Pills nre well bnowll for the earluin Rol] IIFfoetlalldlenl~rly (f recoudally lyre ltoln, e, Vllra.l serlllltol Splrinsin tbebotles, ul~ereltd .Ore tllrOat, diseased nrsecellO ne ae rhleumllrtl~n, crofl~lls icorlbutic nnd glallldu~ar affectiosu lo Icna ll .udgeral debdity, nlH~lelarra polum in the nndII lihllhr, depmre~inll of .pirits, and nil diroause nrlsln loln .o1 an irlllpl e state of the blood. ~Theser Pills are worthy~ a place In tile eablnet o austere and CU ( ntainn oof ships, the illre e, an u they will keep gooud i a li clillllllS Illly Ieugth of times. R'1'o be had only II N'O. L. Custom hlouse street, New Orleans SPECIF1(" sOltUTIOUt. IrII~IITATI'II, N OF TIIE1 KI(DNI'Y.<. II.ADDEII, UITIETII R~IA, l'Ittl+.'ritAT'+L OI.AAi), andl all DIRSEABEP of filip U KINAIIY PASSAGiES. PAINS iN TileS LOINS, GiIAV.I., I~mtlllro, or Iromteel l alall WEakOI.ass Or I·Oeal Deli~iity, are· It lerfeti~tl nralli~ntes tll. nllovo dirllllse%, mush thann filly r othecr ullll illvuriahly iln )roce tile eoll~rtillltiou +,ld pellernll he Inltbl, nndi restore8 o igrlprea Ildls. lllut hl IhuVe buell illJllr ell h'Iydeiesne orill proper Irentllllelll. Ill hr(~, n(I luedici~ll Ean be eolulpnarel to it. and it har posritively ellrl~iI many tilllus anJ ol~ iullhl~llllS( Ilfler all oilier rluedielnlex illlt failed, andesa di caily sl icer~edilxg Ihe use ol+'.llo~e illjllrlnlll IIud u~anIeoUI c medlichills--I:o nlive. a.Trrlltlll.. Cublei)+. Mserry. ke. In1) 1 a'lid tOn to t le nulorolu· test lel~llla I rue.Ely*H fr,,m ill arts of"" "tide world ~illelludiln thle East and !*Vrt hl~die.,Amer icIa, t~e., nlill incldlcal Inell ill t le i1[ ilnrt rtnalll ill t le pro-~n l feomonlt.ll bearilly testimnty to ils surplri~iursucee ss: i 91 Ih|.dreTd PO~lnd1 rewardl bn.beeuII see.YC thnlel niT~red toally oul le whocml wroduees rly remeIdy eqIUI Io Yolaud's RpeeItie So Blutionl. Arter this .lo flrlhnr c~lmmIent ca. )e necessary " bun kulddillg a t'.w of' the e,.rlifieales. lI Il~vll~eiresribond Yirli~llldl' Specific: Solulinlt Io seraml pn tien tsn I;Iborill.' Iiliilr Urel hral Di~r harlgP, n nil tIl nty al(Olo bJ meat, tlley were all (*llrrd ill II~lneh rllorl~r Liluo lilanl I Ildd ever In,a~ lr It11eslEd, alld theiryeeollrl hleahht was IIUChI in )raY ed. I ,Y .I "ol llectucre on Midwifery,., Inartholenlew'r Inrpitul.'1 Ol' Dr Clnrltn haos iirericiledl Yohlllld'r l. mnilr. Solutioll, toma nyI'"tiallt* IIlbur~lg Ulhlelr Vrlelhrol I~lcll-ehr,·lru!II ilavlriul hl Iiy lolll~d Illey werl. earedl in UlUI'h less lime tlhlI [le hall, ilre vI illnaly oll-er~ecl. wIllu Ilrie I. ·Prllrllli~llb hi' I+'lll)aja vilnd i ol'o) OIiilltill it is YIII renPJ.+ IIIIP~lUllllll, nnd one Lllul lie illti:lld ·,JIONIoN, DCErlulller?? 187, 17 D). Lr rrreel hereby eertlfes YI,laudr's 8pacific SOlutlon is • illnrt slti}Cellnu ralnedy, nlud olle thaut rlnlllvles Irlhrplln D~is OU iiEse$ rll~llcr tllln ally propnt aliull Of Coul~iv· be Jlusl ever Iro IloThe hove calla be ohtallied oltly at No. 90 Curltm bouar 111 :iriu NewOrienlus, SARSAPARIL.lA PIL.L OF IIEALTII; OI, BI1,( Oil PILt L. It111S excellent family piII isi a Illedi:t.e ntfor , t tl,:d ehi cnary flar OUtarectiLng all dlorder: of thc itomal.tlh anld how el., tlheseollltI Ol I y ptom I I t 1 w ic tit f l are e. iI .I litei-, iltlullC ry, parrs. In-s of n lpllnetlle, sic . herida.h, gllhtddi.r , selle ) ptflln.s nbtI Ilu.tll., itllz.'ile-S 4 ill: ,-ye,, I drtwYltte Pi ull pain iit ll 11 f lh llhl llcll a.d lt ht w l, ltt igteh l lll it rtullll(.illt g t ti o hiI slat o f the I eir. Ittid t COuslety e t ItItVIt ity t 1" ti hll ow ti;t, autsitp J . ll lrg.llui ttizttio th of evtry flllllllll U f i he I llllie, till mn titas m,,tt exllhy t ireparatloln, It a t ltle tud l.eve. na ddll y rln lllltsl ; .tre.g0h, n Ii*,eathy actionll el' h! Iner., bw ell nutd Ilitdev.s w'I rap dly ih Inkt flcs and I IS tco of li.01*,.m tt,*hy uth :I h nlad h uuattiuiitdtilt , :.ratit ., s0'elgth trtvil autd reuti w lttu .tuii t ellt Ill h t ite qt k lllh te ill . tutlu tii 'It 'IJhtitu IIIu;ll h' larltulnity llicuciof ~ lilr ltlllurl t :,ugIhs col ts, iV urs, h.ur.lirllr'. el lPrrtltlvt anld il.t oldlrtlolll llll. Ilthe t alrl yaiuh y pti-..t; lultl iy lltklltylt Ii t tiOlEel t a tlhle, they ili qickly ietoru f the iysllll to it ulitailuil atile eb rnpo-e tfltnlu i ua futgll Ill dit errthijuttPet lo etiidtuil, t irhl(ht Iurt t-wl h-ill-tin t tti tii ttirm aI .ew ef l d hh t. o tih hclad, .lI.,hl llver hlit W ilrl i then' IIs 'i ll 'lily. ia dger yltttltf .I l he l tili ull uriiit.t ,t1t y tllo itttlitdtit Ptitt+..3 i P tlu dl.. I (t lel lrtt h iti 'll, r Ir t)itt u xt ll IItIt rI movif L .! l , strluctn 11 , ) l the t il ." ,.ing`.."n I .thels very pllI. al llt w.Ih the ex; do +ru+.inn. of • tel.,I HII+ '"i't Ilr l4 it;,II gtttiullti fit. fu. iI t-Jn s ·ll lc lr lll, wli. i p. pzl, es tlnletlpt1 I llis of thl e,kln a. lld gletth, it t11 l.i teieII t jtll t V i ll.11 to tlt.b ii~' uli ti. di tlr' , ltet h itheulllr tl t ftItiii U.lly rehlH Ihhl.lllit ax It'll.itt mn fllllke tht l ll Itllt tk tlltdirtllla.g pregnacy; a 1d for hildt. .. 1,1" tdlr ,l. I.1 Itllllm tile~l t llell iltlltl b 1i. 11 1 Ir..E ~ulTl W. S Ihii err uue I . COL NS aIUlnltle, d Rh-the, ei' r (ytittian, t ity tlniteth'r o.nm I .lt. of I itit aitm il i.rII t il tu mot itSlS e.sful .l "tt eil 'd rtl utt1111 u rlr itnlll tof dlet ,, hI+ . ItI P IIlrIIInd a t i ir us-it tl reglCdtmmitir tn ttlrllh nll'ohlg o ae p g ad tgol'tthe p lie th cv i'sli -f. i litft ap t .r ev iry a :,me llt her ,t l'll callt he rilldr atll lent l)irtlrly v th. lhltey w lt he frlutLlld Illthe l .1l ct ,0nnrr; tlde. o', (di1n hilherrt per, lll rlal r oadid al No. 961'. toill bOUan et, New DIUrnlllttl.+ mo+--3n R IN ' T I NG1 E R S AV E N PO U R'R 11 ¥0 1 +IA N II NR K P l1.1,8 far the n'twa'nloll euarpntin ely at J .ieuin a n lld1bUa mtorI tihe Syi pl·lhllme disease, slid tile ny m tdl Orders aill , frolll t he nl mpi i cnll)'ro ie r l , f t In. nt. \itl en1lc Imc. is give..ll atreat on ang.real nJllll s,"ainil tlil.lg hI lworth keltlrlg hy tIlt) e wlho ll. or hTte a ion .ulna.r s t I))EI this d re LIdf Id dI' u ll l ting ii|:llit d y, Dr Dovi,:"O alC~l~nUelo to lit hls atlelltitou to those d]is orders ar Slg fron the ton free Iad ioICdriuunatlltc intllo gracnOl;Pthe lIS loll h' h ot only ocrctbollsl I nUrlllerous. tree of amer+Nll Izleltilo.% b tlll .leoc nlltz n tit its vutnrt le llll theeslervat lklgIhel iltfI ofohhl ng. ]1i that '1tle rssulgesta t. d l le roi ,r t ir . ir y, w eathr tn cona e , ,il e of liier . fu ill; Iihltt, nxccsldrmll kilg. oaor y , r' cnun by whilh thle pears. of the cOslnitktis l lleclIllle e.|l'edllhlt, he offers u firm .nlonead e reedy lestorrt~ln to sOunld eel vl~ioroii8 heonth., It sanl"teh Iloly forot, that thlhousan Plr I vi lar r«t e nlereal dl.l.", onll g to tIll e Ullhll'ulur.S of illl olln m el l c.'ho, b]ytin e ccro u that dead y pic etlly irut htt.eclln .lltllt on;l l|. lll r ,h 'he great ).l ,.r Swoh+lr ber ne ro.ltll P - tlo- $r nt Leyl d Iylllllvrsly, hie cLlofrere IIII il nn litebnle hent fintl )Oll u iulomakdll by the discuvery of hls gran.: Pan*at:ea I1o1 the l, plro thisdellhoraile ldnht. Never dhl a illhcover excite n gre+.tersersatio.; it wassoullhtafmr withitvldity, n it used wit i ulr l ev intill Slln e Ise ii Ithe In ll s lllnets ald illnl icA I caosl of t le deli ol l testa p lan t, f toro ill + cure f whic:h tIey vlbothee,,. log Ict.. eebrate. I pl?· ftto .lllll tbloo Pill, *hr.' mru .eur;::., ceas edleir their s 'e.,t dwnlrldull IU in ,to1i ...... IIII) . . n,arl,Olnar+d , cafe hu a lrd bl l. .. l y ..... .. I ' J; 'i n f.... ' di r.+l~+ lightmq Sll+]'llr l n. I in'.etonl wa. en rllil iad 1'Vhat o 111d. ollleo . ,I ee mlotlre ,il Ire pi.tlew Ih:l t lint w orl, lie ls lr sIch /Zilrlllrof.atlioull ! The liyr Ilg, l feib lll roo..t et ve(ry parthle t of Iljll..dtl..i pesolOI pulrlif.inlg* in lhrlr progress the whole mass of 1 .ii.;d they .on ,u ly remnove: Ihn diimene but rlll, Vt fln y hlleir nrtil u s, tbr J.II'nrl.l 1 11n)..t. oolh hods-. e}xpei: lln tinle gr'.er bh m:ll ,,L llt n llld il a tnu,, l la It·ldlr ell imll erte )tblhe t~t. Pulhv l}Le the mo+st +co t.tiu l th," e r.+ i'rlhlg alnd nn. lnllupIlr ower.; Ibt he w eit ltr r .z i~ ni.+ri e ry m i any,l.the, m i hrn, eel .lay Ihe 1,k,. it,,t l h susht~ .f picinll oF d.I-cuvey--they req uire IIan reLblrlint of bet, L lo". o. fill.- or hiand rlnlle of hlll . lll.r un, 1 11 l ie lllI tei P cllrrw at . eflt the leant ex *osur to fhr p ,liP0+l. AI .nv wrn vvLn th e glln .lrll .u11 1 .1 11 01 ,.x. e.1.; , II i ill i,e well It, ha e re n 'o rs to ii.t) til l bPgIle , for whenl taheau he1r t1 ena t isrea ha as llZ l le Is * Pp ra nll , It clsl+ as , ertlllll rrll"ve ive, re no sinel eal;ll the n 1lll e1lltetllrt: y ll uud serel y. r d ih e oprh sulte in wh,.ll I llnnly per-ns1 htre hneell,., whenI iaiaig t.l., pro 11111it fror, i til e ..t h o]" xlarller , r"e1n1s. it i1mpertively ne "P tay n1 r llI the lll· pnlll iCc a ulllt thlt d.ngeruu. 11in era w letl tjt Iu1O11+ y a{ lll } tiiterdt. 'llure iulll- shldhl f 1r, n portion of a.T] Iedicilon ch ess by l, .md allord, t rl l le¥Pr lt. cllolteJbl y al y )er, n go. ei1g I lun voyaglel or jflll rnnfllrpllliy their r o rslie I []r c .al neilll u nret n lor cold w Illli i lsare the lrllaltyor )ros ut their dll ect: o ri m I ltitulti Ul|. Sold at N,,.II. 90 Cu(tm n leSa t ,Ne'w Orlmn·. "!'lIE MOST 11POI{TANT IIUTYiAN DISCO VI.:IY. .A CERrYl .fAN, Into of Ile rml,nridg. Pmhritv .Ls y hav aw ltul i overo, ,I :llehd nlfellring ht IllflP of ta Nervllou or I tlel|lld (Lt I)In t, ol* mlllll ylCJ Ully rll r l anndI ill .or yeairs hnVg ;"In ab:elld 2e .O partienll, ,all o wham lellies our e)1 ,rho fI. lhwrJ his adlvice, oxlrept tweh.-,e liors (roal hcnevo lnlr'mllO rathtr thoull gnln.lll, te ro rllhIrs .wsplrelrll + P itl lllde :hlll nll eohlll lhnuniuull, dtr liR i ll luon ofll } to T rh hloud, ver gllolgrOll rsilld l p,3r tfa hlle o n ol ll ry, ln11p( iiety for b s , an ,n% , ud' ~Sll . V , e, r + nv sll eSS, irr,,.olit l lo , wr lmlndleEsn, indo. ci.imto , d uJ n c l l]P]Ini lr l llVy th ngl lllls o" selL I]PstruciOnll 101 saIlntly d', .e.'tre elrbe *hll. m lport llat adiscoery. Mlye ot' cover ill six v robhs. Apply to No 96 Custom house st, .low Orleans. JIIALT[I AND BEAUTY, ST_" TOACII P I.I.S --An1. lmlllnt Inedlie"II writer hea r marº ve, and e Ii uc hrloved tl e [,ion those *hie.who ar, aItmttl lye ti he. rl01g rho :lollZah .] h(,wcls in, proper order, r.meornsh b'lltle, llp event dit,, nud ielrully art,, rohust, eh~lrsrul an .il,l hylll old ngr; frra,1, st.lrahnle purpose. tele plils are htlatedbein prepared wLn th su Utl Ih0e of quillne ex lItrurE lP .fnlile il ll1r, nIld t le mllot ih oic stofncltome alld np)rle lnt .11 ies 1o1" tIle Ia m:R l ir ]dioa. 'T'hey hove in all onto, pr.ved ~Ioe reor to every foither ildilclo ill the ourel Slol lenh ar l ]r al lvleidulillt., lo Iles o llf . p Unll lndigestllOl -i-tunlono Iof iio$ ll1111 Ollll',, 1 Iup l" t llaftor 1ine1, +horli*llS o hreath, .lla ni exeollelent reiteiorivo l,r ailly ex1/es0t lhe tht blon, n. they gllleytlllge .|lid crelt llelans tl bowels, al engths the stlltp adlllll h. .m'nlt Ifnll+ coltit]rutinll , I eulsc wh, value goodlllI h shlotd uever he wilhout lthel, ns they pael. fy tlo bli.d, :re.loai ob.rucliits, and give the skill a hunn fI"1..lear, healthy sind hlon ng Ii)elarlltl t. Persons of is pl]ethoric haht,it Wlloaresuhjret to hoa01 ache. e.;ddlll.Ss d •" less of sl1ht.l i1,Ir ess. or ht inn grt w" 1 11o 11ead..hotd] :kPl. ]l ta e t a relltlellly. Cltllllelt and ])er.Ulll nf' ell age"' IaVy lake theml +.t ly tinylme., ,ihsy ,lh io niOt enhtlt c1lay lll~relry or sioy ,llgred ions 0hilt reu'eqlr+' coi01. l~uneut Or restrictoiml o~f diet. Tlhey sllotlhdI he ket ill evcry fnuilyl ns s remdl Inv cl ese.* oflddell ilhuoes; fr,hy prompt adi . istrftitoi,cholera lluri:l~ot trulll , spams I+ l, ,",, re i nr ld ol ers Arlli n . complants, nlmy h ,eeily ct rrd or )roy.u . Sld at No. Custol heOll+e =it, Now (blealns. l -A'i"+--I:ieoex d0ng b Ilna-hl llllriou qualiies lI-I broad brim+ and low crownd lendingfndi rm Fii, N-rt. loluii, fur saln by I Bi111 I)G K; E, Co, my7 181 Magazine Fst Uited Slnlex' (.'ommnis W. ooer. Appoine ei by he Fed erel Cotrl at New Orlenns. OFFICIO+ No. 1()9 CO.11 VON S'i'REEI'.T, (Exchtnge. I atel Rllihtldngs,) CýAID CnOiliionor lakes nfli(|nvill iiinder andh hby 1 smitell of the Aets of(Congress, pacsedl 2 tih Februt cry, 182h(I; Ist Mlarch 1817 ; tihe Judlielarv Act of IT89 and ether aets of Congress, i1n such cml~as mad~e and provided. Satid Commi~ssoner hag considerahle experience and use's f. rle's .*caption and cerlificate which h-'v. stood IlIa sverest scrutiny of Ihe ablest Llwyers. pril 12 IIRINTING PAPER AND PRINTERS' INK- L Just received a quantity of Imperial and douh n medi.m Printing Pap r alo., a sn ply of Johnson and DuYlt'a Printing Iak, and for sale br e' ! ALIIX TOWAnt. dll en it " The Great Eastern Bruil is closed every day:i a'eloek A.M. Is due everyday at 4 P.M. "M. The Lnake Mail (via C'ovinton, Lad is aloned every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 6 o'clock, A. I.. ts due every Tuoeaday,_'l'hursduy, and Saturday, ael P. M. The Lotieville or River Mnil isclosedevery Monl day, Wednesday, and Satlrday, at 3 P. M. Is seat and returned by steamboots. Arrives irregalarly three times a week. The Bayou Sare or Coati Mail is elosed etety Truesday and Fridayj at 8 P, i. Is sent sald tltrefd by stiemboatO. The Alexandria or Red River Mail is sent itregel larty by steamboats twice a week. LoUIsvILa.a OR RIVER Malt. Wedneadoy and Cloe at 8 o'clock, P. MU Saturday, CoaS MAL. CuOAr MAIL. 'iesidy Iand Closesat 8 o'clock. P. M. Satorday, EAN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER cases more of this superior Cologne water, just received and fir sale by the dozen or single bottle. Also American and French toilet powdres, powder pulsi anil boxes, salvirg noid toilet oapn,eooemehc wash Irlls, milk of roses, cosmetic eold cream, extrac o musk, kephalro, Ward's vegetable hair oil pomatum, I:rere do peres, FIl idr. lav.:rinltr, rose and bay waters, Preat siis salts, Maureilles perfoumery in irunks, hvegeta Ie sr d liquid Troa.n Chlolrrisa and Orris tooth wash, elothl. hair, atolh,nl and flesh brushes; together with an lhlitiouol rrpply of fmeaionable horn and st el eoDmbs and jewelry, treal low at wholesale or retail b ly S SIMMONS, HARTT &CO, t !v 70i Chartres street. THE undersigned having rrecommenced hesinese asn a I)rr eist and Apothecary, in the store owned by Mr. J cib Ott, at the corner of Tivoli cirle and 'riton al k, respectfully solicits a Ihsre of the pacric lrrtnclge aeda renewal of the avoers of his former customers. The entire steak ot Drres, medlieinsend foney articles is fresh aen ererully nelecred. The following only are par? tieilarized, viz : Pre Soda, Seirllitz and Soartogp Paowdere. Yr- ao PIowrt rs, beting a wholesoms and elegant suobtitule for yeasr, in raising bread hbuckwheat cak es, &r" But lrt's Effervescent Magnesias Apperient--a j leaanit andi genrle Iurgative in dyspepsia or ndi. ieslion, ilervm s debiliry, giddneir e, headaehe. acdiry of the tomatch, habitual costivenessI eats. neous eruptions, &e. Carpencer'a Fluid Extract of arsaparilla a puiifvlne fire blood!, &c do do and cubebe, &e. Swanirrs Panacea and Vermij.gse; British am SHaerle i oil', Opodrldoe, &e. Refinerd liqcrice, jljubo and Guanlave pasr Toolt bhrseAos N S PreOliees carbonic dentrir h fire, el.lrrirtoolhl wash, powder puffs and baces, SPrentie e'u ealrlrnoe dentrllire, hlotrinr e tuoth wash r-rpowder pbsrt and blres, Prentice'n scented In a plain toilet powder, p eoatom creme de'e oraneo flower, rose, livender and Florida waters, tol the Ieest qulilies, Rowland's MacessirOil, Old. ridee's bal t of Colrmbia, heat's nil, s vatiely of ireiter and other matchkes, indo.lible merkingin superirr black inke, &r. Sperat and relined whale oil. lay's Lnins Y A Iresh ansorrunent of Thorrharn'sGarden Se e oct GEORGE JONE c I J ):WANIS ''ONIC MC IXTURE, SFor lrealmtent and Care of te Fver'and ;Afe. n T will I[e reudilv di, overed herelo thm Tonic Mi t lre i superr oru to tire ordinary toede of treating e Itenr o.d Atne. In the first pltoe, berg a Vega able Extract, anid ree ftrom any defeterious and poison] a t inegredielrs, it may Ie ctaken with tbhe uimoat safe everl Ib thle teder infant, or aged invalid. Itles verlr relaareof bhe dioease, conaueqientliy theconati rli re ,( regaiia its woIVated tione acd activity. It estab lisbhes a otn. anld puermnent sppitie, by invigoratisg lh rttolrachlterd gives u relish to tie enjr) meana of tasrte. Ileiug peclilar i hIaving a purgticve qality,it rlmsait tie howell n. ,ncluse this disorder, or to creats otlerdlirrnsic, hbut tlloer.uaglly eleeases the several or t rns 0 digestio, ad tht ha benefis the system willi whatevler ofler affectio.e it moy be oppressed hdlividoals, .fn l tihe us ofte o Toneie Mixturer tle ern exl iIsed to all tIe usRul causes of the dises rd hatvr eeirrrled ally syrlrllvlrn of raelrn; whleras by tile tlee Ifhreo coUIciin remedies, lere is always erres it tecd n, inrreined liability to recurreerce. The dsngela of freqiet rcelpresr oftlhe Ague, is very evlrdnt, a Ibe r lreal wiill siroc herolie too much prorta i tel; le bl I l ero iIlI medicineic and speediiy-ail I titrO " Iti ircessant violence 'lire 'Tot.ic lixuctre oflorid tit erich a reascealble price, as tic place it eithis c, tiIe rear l vterv nery e--so that tire por and desitu re ther, vy ricitrehdwithtnoistunee, witrrrt taleiciin i rthde n urretrd slenianoi whir-h is frequetlyy denied II Iherlll . ' l t very rellleallity bestowed. 'I' r ,ll .tliicarer e.-..eillv rcit idned againg t tile spu irilla .litalionr of Ithis arildiriur, that are daily oferea firs e. II optrpled oily by Dr. Jchn R. Rewand, at his I. at rniar?,,l'hirldlllhia. S '1`ke er certlllro ira ther wholesale srents for tile or eri.l'rtes, mad will Pel Iy the eross, st of Iplbia Ifices. ''o be hud at retail ari o,a Aripotllecrric, ill thli city. WJAII.VIS & ANDREWS, SWholesale, ecr C a ,I l,"TRr;..piuiitaa ..l ARBIOLE CHIMNEY PIECE WAeeOnse., Curo.omhouse street, apposite the post-ofice. Thle rolubsribor are now receiving from their fee torioes in New York, and will keep eonetsnmly oan hand a general assortment If Marble Mantle Pieces ofsuperior workmanship, and of the latest patterns, moade of the hest Egyptian, Italian, Irish and American marble. Also, Monuments, Tombs and Grave Stones, moulded and plain sills and lintels, marble facings, hearths and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, Roman & Ilydraulie Cement and tflaster. i g Ilair, togetllher with a spleoldid assortment at Sass lmloltecl and platin Grates and Russia Iron rates of the newest and most approved patterns. Lettering done in the neatest manner and at the rtoest notice. They haove first rate workmen to j- ' oe work. 'A)M '' AIN & STROUD NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA . New rteNov, 1 Nv .14, 1837. ItO' R cia eter ago oad tha sndiafotune to get I el rt diseroe, for aliehs I ave appied to serae l co to is Ior a ld t did not cure me, onow, a the 3ovea daote 1 o t yf telf vdiaer g e tcare r of ator lue, d I epe: Ii to ur m. Sine aO ie ethat yie lhe disease get worse, so as to break out in large uleer " to be perfecrly cured JOHN DEAN. feb14 Iv I DO CERTIFY that the above mentioned diseame is ( quite well I't nd to my own satliafetnia, for rhieh L thlek lir.t to lret; and Iorenver I aoeare that the mnedi tine I lrve takln lkesme tne lt, and did not injure my eoltltl at rll; tlereftre I advise my f Ilow sufferrs to lo lies ll Maol npply to I)r A. hclet, 18 Canal Io'ci, blt,,etlo D)laohtri.ll•rl BourboU streets. It)r. lnet in retire. feet,, Crt'elvhkA 51, uttil 4 P M i'ly till liod a trlar, dohe tir r r thris a nomplaint Jt)lIN I)EAN.I.l Giravierstreet. If na y yean wa nts to see ate, call at No. 4tl Gravier New Orleans. FelI, 1838. JOHfeb14 yEAN. SOBIARtg) & CO'S Boston and Now Or.eas. SLi of Packet Ships.-iThas new line faships has beeR expressly built to run between the ab,.. ports, and will b ae ound of suitable draft of water nueomrmodatioas for pasaengera, and every effort will he Imadle to give general entisfaiction, The tne s comuposed of the fo lowineg ships: Chreroke. 415 tons Capt. J Hardingo Carolina, 401 do S Lemiat, - Chaorlston, 374 do D Eldridge, Colhurbi aa, 625 do GD eregr, Senmlan, 240 do J Howese, lombray, 625 do D Humphrey. Tih above ships are all now, of the first dfIl. copper fattened and eoppered, commanded by man ofl greet experience, tave large accommodatieon.. with a separate lalea cabie; every attention wilt be praid to pa-ettgers, and the very beat of stores pro vaided tar threm. *The piecket will be towed up and down the Mil sissippyl, and the strictest puactuality obeerved I. tihe timle of sailing, and should the regular vesseb be detaitetd in arriving, other sltips equally as good will in all cases be substitulted.l A share of patron age ia solicited, anod the agents pledge tlhemueves ti accomnltondate na ssuct as practicable, to receive and fiorward goods by said line at the most nmoder. ate chiarges, and to advance all expenses on good " shipped, if required, Tlio ships will leave the let and ]6th of avery month. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. J A l ERtllTT, 82 Commoan at. N. B, Advancementa made on consiglmeant to Messrs. A, C. Lombard & Co., nov27 CAPTAIN MARR.YATT'S NEW NOVELS Rateon the reejer, by tihe author of Peter Simple, be ilt 2 vols. Cusntitgs, or a Winter at Schleps Ilairfield Lower atyrta, by Captain Busil Hall, Royal Navy, F. d S., il 1 vli." Lord Rhldon, a romance, by Allan Cunningham,l vol. rihepardl Lee, written by himself, itnt vels. A Competdiousa Hie'ory J oialt, translated from original Itlaan, by Nathaniel (ireene, iul vol, for mitg No. 79 of tlrper's Enmiy Library. Volsn. 3 1& 4 of lthe new complete and unlform edtione of Waslhington lrring', Works. Rogter' FrecEh and EnClisk Dieltionaep in rol, le. Nugeat'f Frenchr anld ltlisi Dictiornary ALb--A few more Cllies of Coltbe's Phresnologiclll "ltiezi, Large St rvtylr's e'Ctlanaaes efoautndar qanl isy, with ohains, tillired ly214 and s 1-2 inches. Gillot's improvedmetaoli Peanejapaned papers, weight. Just receiverd, nad for salt by m31 BENJ. LEVY. I lOS JUICE, HONEY Apilv 'H1TE WAX . LThe sobaeriber hse receivedl an invoice of the albve named articles from Havnat, and olfers them Ifor sale on very reasonable lelans. ot? 1 II ONNAIEL, 40 Tobapitarll. IRON IOOFS--'T'he subsocribers hove procured ata grelal, the right rf ptalting on irud roots in Ibia city. They are adopted So public buildangse, werehausee, and private dwellineg,and esemaie at uone ehe.ptrsa and durnbility, and..+ are perfectly fire and water proof. Terms o be-known, and a model seen at our tabliehn oppoaiteit. Mary'a mrkeet,Tchapitnuleaar. I. " po g B MOMS" SI4 &

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