Newspaper of True American, December 23, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated December 23, 1839 Page 1
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\ ( PRIcE 12,: CENTS. N IW (V RI lA\S, MBOND nY ~IO.I{NIN(z, 1)1CF MI I~I 23, V1) * Vi.-V:l.ii N.2088.CLj T'erm' of the Newspaper Press of Ner Orleans uonanismonusly agreed to at a adjoiurned llnseoinog io tie I'roprietorsh,Id o tshe 13tb of March, 18U317. Suascralonrrion.-rwelve Dollars fir thedaily pa none II , payable aoni-ainnally in advance: tell dollars for ith trirweekly cointrvy aper, payablle one Bear in rdvance, where no city refeorence is givsO. Pive dollas for ihe Weekly; prowinr in dovatcie. No a bho;ription will be discontinued lntil arrearages ore aettledl. n unse of di cointioauance, one week's notice ia wsrittai on iltnartab y given, previous to th xpiratio of sukbseription. Avae rrlslNO.--Onr dollar per snlra.rr for tile first oeMrtion, and half tlhat price fr o each sublserlret r ite: snv mterooral alteration lro.n the original advertremeanre will be charced so a new one. lW".tii-'vL.enTnsosn.--3Arri hants dr 't Tr ere, orty drllars frlf ErlriIh alorIIle, a. sixty ir r )othl Irsa gucngeso Ronks, lrsurrnrce Oiiren, anld other srin, • nbslic nstotutlrols, fthy tillara ill R.Eli lar , andr rghtly for both langtuages; Stlep and a.rernmbo.,t Ic ors, or Commission omrchrsnts srxty dollari in English as, and elighlty for both languages. MARRIAGES, OIIITUIRY NOTICES, andil artitles clll ing tile satoerlion of thse psblie to Iales l i prorperty, .trds of passeangers, besrlita, &,. .eo. will bIe elnrme I o.e dollar per square for tile hfrst irnertirnl in oacr s l.a CuoaitnrCATIOas, or Advertisemonat, rf any persrna al nature, wlhen admnissirle. sdall be canrged dublel and ill aldvaonce. A deduction of tweantyfiare percent. will Ibe made r Anctioneers, SlherItsf, RLegsiters li Wills, "arll tMahlltcrr on sales of real estrate, )alibed irn hlrtsl lnguIes and it per ealt. in Koglilhs lone: ll irs crot oil sal.s of otl ,rr property. ADVInvraSorEta rS oult nf r irect lie of Iairsres. of tse idvertiser, suib ats legal, iauretion, and pltlt ion sales, runaway slaves, stray Ranimals, &c.&c. will beo larged for sep a.ntely, and ait rthe ninry mrate. ADovlETISrMENTs not asllecifier its to little, will I. published loe month, nld chnrged i or rserliely n ay case, ntless i, aid fir previos to ingcrlionn, i plXy ent guLranteedl by a nrs nfriorl Ioroan in tows. tneaires and ethlr places of snuemretr atdvertisin daily or tile sasonol. to be eharged $lIi) for Lnglish a. Ione, and $150 in bolts langougoes. All announceroeats rf tolsdiriat:s for political orire. will be charged doubl tihe price of uther advertise SOwin to teil i lrc.nse taa .tld tne b ry nenapily prorp ietorr, thle have conso to tite tIrInocnCtirsn tsha Ir( na rs of plersons wteoseOe ccounts altnu e ben )oin withi ain le nlontb oIser presrtaltilna lrtsll lie Ittd. knowd (so far as pra tircnle) to eacu othl.r-lthey olli gating thesealves not to ailverti e or I(trim lir set: delinquaots ,unless in case ol adaonce payincnts. (Signed) J. C. I.) T'r. ILO: ES J. IIAYON, '. P. IRKA, J. C. PiLEN')ERkGASaT, JOHN GIBSON, LUMSIDEN. V'eeklh Press.--We. tle undreoigsled, agre to rbir d by the above conditions, as fat as they are applicable to woele pAapers. (digned) A. R. I.AWREINC, 4 No subseriptions are taken for less tbhr 6 leonthse I.ette rast, il case, be nost tnid. UARROWGATR SPRINGS rnistye'rto tour, tintla ' oi THREE DAYS JOURNEY FROM. NEW OIIEANSR. IIHE pro rietor lof lis estarllishment las tie plea. sante ifaulonon g to his frlensi ieaIl tihe ) ldi in geneaal,llste ,t will bre in rnealire-aslIv tbe first Aly it lslv to ecesive visitors,. le will also slate for tIrei efit of tlbase at l distances, tllsr there hrIve Iberrl, larg ino provsneoets lade and vlolers nolw goiltr on lnd i rapid progress for comleltion, whbicl will enabdllr t: cubscriber to calllatlncreate a rcitC largarr Ilnrtlu r tlanr heretollm , and it ti snarleln tie better. k tr Fraoilio can lie raciorlllrted , itir gord roorrr oa tanlore o panler can have large cubils ,,etached fProi lloe mwan builoling. It in rlecel rd tloneeesry to novr nylbilg in ptrscritn I'r of tlse chara ter ol ftleso ws ers, for it i genririlly elieveJ tllhat they are llt inferior it rlln inll rir Solilt. ern taerst. All irth a nro.lhertte talrssreo o eiern: fosidarlt Waoinei d Plalrsesil lle riiirnl aI shitil. ' e beot .naic that tis paurl osryh i courr llllyre aflr a,s Il bee woagngedll. ald oril) inue tollnl r ttdire aito t.rie Sprints dreirrng the wmhole ann.m e 'lla .Jclsiarir will ie oi Il.oie illori e 1 r r t in a relurnins Iris rtisieigd iorlkh frefr the v lisi erral ti l ntr it lrrve b aen a l s i i liecviri and e. l II li'' sit e a "ru t n nlaiet rnt it i lbera i e i r oonrt fr a JNsO C1 m er Mi 11.11 A lDI0EiItY WA, Ir i.- rdnIt'to lel , h tdou Jltureih s urn o' rrsnle deralrn' -hdcc r gEorLts, ore r ko.n r rert byor te artva, kliue n n c hi dois, is add d iIr r tck., ll to n 1 d -.. i1 Ifir s' l i trlun viz. Lrss rat-i rciesTo nlr)Scld ntrlw w lrthrs t-s. i+"Ut at ttarssi i sint · Mn jrll lll i irlns, % . ds sl Brut-rci rrticn aun tiesolte do do Ct ,Ur c u do do ds Ameu . if, .l,. d. s rn rgel. , nd Ilu ', '. rin Ue r i . t sl n sorld d sy rzehs elr andaL sidle-.;uu The r do . do ttslono doal latocdns rels . i .slre n sdlrrsnor'e tilc oand I utes dor dWS., oil d, gi ,l aolinedoohir idu do du e irnuule di cra, caoti ll sw an Ido ,,k ycdole koco, reisrls' nl'tl ogls' vicllens; ,alis udlu btgs, irous r Ist cairpelrocl t lir s; Ib;tisiIIrrrli.r rloserlotee bsrunkae, lrassr aiyllyi; leiahr ,sett LiI risassollid sizes ulln cros'dbctylie-r lit'Scrliu pistol belroitsci ch, giig, sclki, iwrig d rop~ats crop whuisid n rl, worstid, chro; S i snd ssllse girhsr cud sirs i rilea; rrrup ltowhee; s eant, stoaes; beind ordles tee ;kis Sr , en e c d llat braisr slid teerrl briells bits is) v oy d'scsiptlnsits' plaied brassr and stool astrrups iof cery detscrlps 'l'osgetler with s compltete nossrtenca't of 'cv,,r article i IIeiirrineof blisineat --all'ri o ich they ofl'eir soloie.Ol on.cCtortsntgltis treos. 'Tihey will also cnltn unse to ro. e i tursagh the year, by p ackets from Nuew York, Icus supplipir ito Uesep thleir stouck espic sitd ciiplere. KUUI-.. DAVIDISON & co, 8 15 Cnal st,. NO CURE NO PAY " it.Je)IINSt)N, dlic I Ire Iliesvilla ctre't, con iGltes [. prauctic to the trctuslltUit of Vellrereal Dira e, ill sill irs dJlllrslrt frla . 1)r. Jhcruse, fcrll a ,cnidetsce of coony eaCrn ill IIne' Iiralsn in LurpTeI , d rvtcd Ito tills strsettln .I"5 \ f eair'c:I ,i.asu oes, auil firo"ll irhis tll'reos oanxsllrrVr elirclll:'e si lh lttlo t.trelriitthl iri hts lI ' o lh rse Ith p ll.i issI , .it4il;tiliiii'S a atsf, ep.5r srp'.nid od'eolual cure ts h curls ir'Strllr ie ore ;ttlolrd w1ri ailly of t tih Illowing discases. via: - Giltnrrtls ea, GlUcets, l Sjll;stsIs n, et.hiCl'nn s JsbiI,, Seminal ss eakntt s, ,fslicttiuos oflhe I$lidtlecr, Kidjiliic, lsillss Ullrtlras, Ilrossralte ;lud, Sowelled w eslil;s,s E:rrltsiotr oil thie Skir, .ore l'lrorut, 'allrtr irs sile Jointa; Aril the nuonrouosynl;otou.ns Wich go6aeolly fullrw his disease. Itecent cases caredl in two or rlltree l.vr iviihlt tile use of tlercisry, iuterrolptoro trissir Ios sioiiss, or alteia lion, theo rs dec oflivinsg. A ilaedtlla toli prscent Venlredl IDisase allt he lil anmd oflfi~r.Jnohssnt It is cPreto the rcs'itse of Iste 4laruo Larry, a celebratesd lrelteh ltritgeoul, cadl wo. ose.l by hin duoring lses:.venal cic:spai.un in whn c lie .crvedl as eEorg. iC G.ollral ind thl Ireclts:.isny. Sold by li'11ni ro. Johso, t h olicer. 'lho[le Ico irlsg ally lr.i.ttiOnt Uf Venereal l)iesasi', aos1 ri.Ht airlng so voyageoo or romaavingto iste L. V Wutl( d rl soot) by goiving l)r. Jniohnoon sa1,l, s rrInled oin.u Ior tleiretsre in the oitriesccttllrr carn lie Insi sL witlh wrihteri dioeclirno f. theirt ae. sl.)sce ojrsrs flcus 7 fir tie rtorr'sTri contil 10 Uaclcok or ABiI~LNETIIY' I)YSPEI'TIC El IXIR, ih: Abernlthy, the greateat of Egiugiah sargeons was qa.ojlt lt tatll m-tetllit of til te adljreae th.t tlthe piaabktd originate i ila testoetach. Tlhi ii.hixr ras tatdl by hiln witt the molt Inprecrdelted succea ill t eis rrivlita and public praclice fur npwards of furiv y':err far the remoral of .hI :,lllwinll dsoes: La Se fetti tihtie, Flatulency, Distenlion it tie Stoit ch, ['ill i tlit sde, lieaviessoii the lieaul nd i, li .a'i:n t leep, Irregularity of tie li\wehr, and il all :atses whro iadtlgeatiu.t or a L.wtive habit is ft;unl to gxi.rt. ' t'is medicine mult not htrt aumbeled ramoieg tlh host uof tuack lnolltits now brfbre thie pubic, as it is the anl aijVeitiO ttlirmoabest a most seieutlieic suareon .1 arpsi ever produceod, nad Il r secrret of rep)rinatg iI .ina Iurchased y lth agent fier a very lurge aum. It is greataole it.u1l lalltll Le the It-te, altslaa mlil a por iert.atlway kerollus lit buWola lre, impahrta vigrl oill .tlregllt ll the .aystL, te arl a .o mlli ell dyo 1o tr ea Uavt alld II ltw [rItihlearerati atira ll u rllllahlar v,"er 1) )y,ret.+Iia oar lidigestio, ndJ prevnatta areturn at any f.ulure lpeoiod. i.Le YoeR:(,iTt Aiugust, 1838. intr:--I eunereqencf hleading a it lseltary life, I ývsakeeen troubled, Ill re or laas, with [.,digrestin fur tvin ycarn, lfr the last tlhree yearn avy autferirgs hiav lieenainsu prtable. I have tried several i)hyrinirlia, rid a aumlmtarofalaek ,edicitea, wlthtlllt derving aay etefit. I darslpaired oa iver obtaini ainl perrinarenl aClief, and reoianed yaself to the nlt i hopelnte despair 'a pIrsaau'ad by mnay tirenlds to Iry Alearueiy's I)yaiptitic lixir; I have nowfiatised the turth bt-. kin. iad ltanw not how to rpara nlyvt 1 ftiratiou of it qeqdarfill virtues and the ttriacle it ili performated iii r iataisoig mi im that heath whiclh l:t I ggl tloat fir pver. Sead li htiltf bottles n a e ald excapt tlv thlarks itr ati blessllgsa you have c aI erred ly r. •.turing mu tupella ct heaith. I rmnitu oursa, .COB MiONRIOE. I', L'IND TI!TLF,1 . SN A.tIl'. \tJr oft the iriginral titleh of record ill ni rho gaenral rlattl wrllei:. Primed ill accordlniee i tth a rtenlgtir ofi ur th luar.e oi Ilartaentanlrv "s pa, "t ) tltuaI 1336. A few e.ptes aust rearivrdr and rirt Ir" ALEX 'O\VAR, S" *, IIA~MO RRIIOIDS. 'AY'S LINIMENTI.-No Fiction.-This cx traordinary chemiea colmpO.sition, the result of scionce, ond the inlvontl.o ". a eelhbrated onedi ciol tInti, the introds' s n of which to thio pubhlc was invo~'td wit. he sll olmnslty of a ltlathbed Ibequest, Ihas oinoe ainhed a reputation unparalleled, hilly sltaioincg tlte correctllesas ofi tl laltenated Dr Gridlny's last coen'ession, thaIt " he daredl not die without givina to postcriy the bseuseit of his knowlslelge on this nuhject," oad ho tIherfo r's bJquolcthed to his Ili'nd aelud uttoodaSt, .iomolo Iloes, the necret of hisi discovery. It is now uOSe in the prsncispal hIospitals, and the Iprivate praotlice il or couosry, first tall imsl certainly it) the onre of' tht Ples. and so h xteo sively and oh s'tuaiilly as to bcilll, credulitily, unleoss whlere its ctfee.s are witoessed Externalcly in the followsln compltnls: For Dreopsy-Crelating exrtraordiinary absorpti'' ut noee. All .Swellings-lRoducins themlo in a fewt hours Rhaoumautism--Aeut or Chronic, givisg quick Sore Throat-By Cancers,. Ulters or Colds. Cronup and Whlsuoopsg Cough-Eoxterrsslly, and over the CIhest. All Brulsse, Sprains, ani Burnss-Curing its a fow scours. So:els and Ulcrs--Wlethl r freish or losg stansslng, nnd tFever sores. Its oelsrations uplon adults andi elhiliron in 'edue ill rhllsolnalico snwelliinge, anid loellseiell cocgis ant. tightclsss of thle chesot oy eilssxation of tils parts, has bhern eurlrieeng hey nld colsseptislo. The eollssons remarkr of' tclsse swho huave ustsd it ill tile 'ihss, io ' It acts like a chorm." T'lfE PILEIS--'L'Te pric., ·1l is reofulnded to any person who will use a bottle of Ilay'c Linisents for the Pslse, auds roturn cit empssty )ststto with'riout being cured- Th'los are thn psesilives orders of the propriertor to the Agntsl; and ut of matsny Lhou. eInds sol I, lot one hahs beutl uslnUrcsstitl. Wa V sigIht itnsort CohfelcatlUs Ie 'tety but prufir that tihlseo who sel.l the arti:le, houltd cl - hssit the sriginal to sstrchasors. CAUTI'ON-Nosel cat bse gsonllino without a slshsdid ungravcd wrsapper, ol shlsIcs is osy ouo111, and also that of the Ag nts. 0L1.tL)LO1,.N IlAYS. Sald whsltcealostd retail, hy CO! 515TO(WK & Co, New rYork, and by one Druggist in every town in the Ulion. For sale iy tit Wiholesaole Agents, corner of Com nes & ''Tehoupitoulas strett, and bIy tle ApLothecuries generally. jic301 'ORIRIS & C.. N.. 38 Chi-s'as saleo , ar o I)( I s r tcnIv il ss snd s is'iei ethels most Cpleh disli sit stan ll arid ashihnhto le st cri ses Cetss in2 t1ey hI¥ve Pv.r c hlllh iled in thl+s mun rlet, cinl isibllln,. ir, Sarl os itle ish wit5 5 g atrticle' : Iile, 11,1s lasll tls blacZ , lIss) II tbtrlltwts , lirot I, IItv', iss1dsnis 5llllske and ll )hollld n ul.vr Ir,,ck .llIh drcws r ioar<; h[iPlVI·r unbla nd. lll Iltarrilndlo hrock coalsIe e'etanlyh li' 11s8' d; lanciv ' nd eplaill 1 I.s ass-Its r' as l clt, pan11talo'lls, enal2ish urnd fl,'ll(h hinley nold Dlbill .llk ind satlill v,+stl rs al c tPt w Icarelst cornlii enllgihl niss l Irsess fIii :t s lsld Ist llll 'sarts sI'i hdkl- ; chR )1. stllkswebis ndh s 1111sn-a l ebt . in iStre pendllt ; eh.' nol-s, etrihe.w' lnme wo o' weet t c l 1 neI. bilK T)H'I cl olh1n ll/.t 1 borts a11 n1 trlawil rs; lil1e, 1111111 t as sl s',th ll Phtrlits, iwt 1111 h nt hs ,,stee s )lfios 'Ild r llt|1 , ; iv,)re I)e,:arl ta,.I J[illll p hain Irl e s 1 11(( 11111 irllhl st ; t t(til"r ' " prll e111n11111 (o ill'.. s--sI.s,' it hlnslltltillt i artiest s'f hll t o il loe it te di n ti , lt h ll.. li tur, .d n Ullal em bro d ,,d C sIII ll rt do.; silks 111 1111 wfllt, in tn sllt. sl sitllls' Iss rlss lslts t siYt IIttsi llsts S 1.'lit , eot)t )o h 11 hs+,; all o)f wthw+'t rbry of, r hlv, lhr ,.;~ h t~ h DIIIIIii,',m')lt+rs ,1o ,).+ al N ,,v. L.ds!' ' CtmpleOss'ds IsA'ss e S.usc re' ' tIIIIsIIIt ' d ;,o , Al s Is dls . s f Ml d, 11e 1 nl),l C'illh. h0i0l, lIn tICel ro alltI 11 t itel , slsts Irs' r .o.l ;i ti' et <.jiltttl(: I)+iliIII,'C )I ull IItll1"e. i'll+',J(c ol illi 111 1111. ,ul,,.s,,d tt and piad c e h , ll. e,,y tl ] {Lay La. \llII h?. Cl. ll,=,pHlll d UIIII+I+.. r.,l ,,l I)L' )ll~l .+I:. iteesjeaasl'sO'sca/st ic' or r 'Ig warm I eeille j)I i. '1,, 1t1r t~l'tlt. [1 11r FIi'iL wtlrll [ i, 11)i~ ol 1) 1' ;14,{) i 1 I )lj iiJII [1 . rllr~llltlll ls·ii i ]) l CLt'Jc II Ii)11 llld l lll'c it11111111 'h. tt l t~lf:Ptrll 11+t st l I 5 5'.'' I ', I 11115' ifl5 s' L I '1'so'' dll'l elsslll si '. tiss' r' l l ll''s nd d t i' s s 111 sits', l i , tI 5 ::;::l ' l isis' II ' i' llll,,d 't)s" 111h. tjll· . ll) lllk lllll h IkI( I '.II I i '. i nII fl )Vlll n tr.+('ll'.l thI1I ,illl· )IIltl( r\\l I i+i( il'll 1I llll.<Ic, (II t lc' , i s1, i11sTliL lii ? tl , 1on t l ll tl 1 1lii(. i t llhl iTi W h tl II 'IIII . 1 ·1 W l h II Ii,' I II obi.lll II' I r ", s, ritls' h tsr" l' . . I l e I ,II lll l il l yesdIl'sk It', sl d e h si J Its sit1%1, icasits tat rh i I t i Cl st 1 , . , i.s .hi w , .-.I,, a'ld rt il at s N o. t t tss ' s lill t s* . l rollIt! . I. i Flromn lsobil t)an t) ts si ! t mIIcIcss' II,'+.\\ s -.s .\hllih, l.tlsIs s i 1ll l,,,s sils , ,I sssst'ss Is C ht': o Ah the ,rll Itsostl n t) br. ll t , T I. l tlEllllll( t E I UE. I'.. o Il;Ikely, e . . It IItssIs:iICa e L.hatcl.e l sicr and los h) ss t 'ac dlet hss , cos chdsstshctr ri:l .h iann. : | ati~:Uhllll.;Chtl -, (hltrs h \ \ss ousts \i r. ,no,) I) i lli ,hehIge, I).dterton I laIn( kInstILeand I ..lois. iille, to Augusia. A c s ss setre. taken,, has sea at al't %111+,)lf jll l tl IIltI I;I. A I·C1. 'II-II .l'U .I l . .IN 2:U 111111 11|f huillI ill ) lalsln Ina adi l h 'iLlthla 's llll'lt o rln) I C.s i s ei l' lt' ll I t hrs etllll s tiing s' t-lslere ach'i IIA)Il c)as hN etcecsbt0 etne statern calndron o: thogotieru nmayti nresaiswrs s'sstsfsss' uossslE writint ugusa intime nisel sils lrssil allsssssi * (co lee bt a atses lhesst'seoahe ustautsrenc'ft'l, Ilhl olgillltlll CIIIiiIII:I., llIv ';T III''A N ¥ t H. lll'l lc 111lhl~l tl, '~ II:III tIl:llU'Sll(l~tb, Lt~ l) Si ·:I) I ,II '.uh=l 121"I. It l tU I I."la~iy:li ol,lll!: llhh+.' l il ll IH, t4 01101 i l' liotl)l ~l~. tr·)Itlhe shlhi our:sac. Tiah: 'lokto; SeW (Nltrii1c lal tis .al ttd I t ( hi s ac' . t ' hiehJtlle. et 111s aIti ollllu I tl'sas T"| s'ssl ' Cloaishertd l)rlta'islo, ere t ss lrseass 'd l'l'althUls'l' eIIII~iesbs.C·at'Isull, Use sblthern15)unSr& Tht .sooth, h5utd5 listce roisit the sal5 aud inter alln , t'sstrsssa tIel' speed, trtail ' y , o ii i l a i ng varie 4 co n ected a s + ' t \ ' o h e ,a'ith th e lt ail lit e Chlutl'cikstonll., 8 , C l a hl tn s th ck ,ts ltrk ltravel211s ctall 1 1 , w 'look l iiom New { 1111 ).Kus ",'AN+ It n)..w'--\Vanlinto.ct . in i.,1.. l+to ' Chatlaho ee, Mierida, 'e have a Ice's I lin i alle Tah 'sst', to St 3al ks, 4 h' r Iost ct); cht, also tw o rllanll nLes fro lmllltxkislls¥1| nile h) .\lilhdgc l ille .ulll Ullne to \:li121111, lighl Iwo hi) •L tacht)hc. S'T'OCIK. l'O1:5 & co. 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J = uar Ir. a I II - Ii , l u. a, s, i i l ir u , h' Iaitna l,, Iui - Ira he, naty ud a'1.-;. ad Mr Jai , es alInd Mis, , 11 II.IIr, w 10 v .P+, k bSo t h lll , =, thi:,,l = Ile ,ile w ,li : ;',' rr .,l, - ,, iu s I,-at thisi . A ,,i . 1. ,1 c:Lit, h.h·· at l nl t 1e II i l f t i u ,ll i ll'a , -ll II; u .e' l ie ns ,si l ll l h \e i 'h,-wr. o: jt anti r,', , wolul . ld Ieilll Lt t lhi li d u, I s . i ,s . l t'u's t l .si a re r Ill till eII oe I i thllv.dl lil "h paal 1; r , wile;"*. fh v bit - legain C a nt, -If',tiu -ju t-ie usjior iti had u · l e lh I l. it .. n h e , 1t n , llr rt. T1l, iNvot lot' is u , .li 1 1111,t . A I ai i t.a Ilt [ the uo maen e e, ,ur divuet ,ed f 1a .ed ,v alh .' a .. a ir Ili ! md t id tI u b . r in o in, t al a.t (. a g ' l'IIIn, I u liu + t lr l llt, i l lld , u s l , ,lr.m U h i U_ rd" e p li t itt, . tu' e ttf os U k I le U ant tl 1, :19 lin" , u and di th uI mi-tihat lrt l u t tr b eia, , r t I fi- t li halt 'it ,on-,.lo lH ap tedi lll'l i ulnl .sh llI. ,ilal I v - IlNlll'I 1 1- sNu I tl.+ tlt.t.itlt{C- . . l ti'l- - W ( 1 - l'ul/ 1" t. i,.ll(, It ad II.( -wlltllfilo ,Igt /enI l " han l . .ins . te n. ,9l u t a t . . . a i h&u r, thle i 1,. t t ai -'ir u.'u t . ' - te ' iv ie th r ' ,te iok i e .tt y cxc, del t Ioh'li f h ir clawir TIE TIIICE RIClHS OLI I IIi' I 11.AVLTIt' II YEGETAB TEI KNUOW htil helth alItnd tihe alability to S labor1 , contltillles thle W(a lt of the i.lruLt Itas, of thie p1,,Up U in this, :is in tsi at other Coun tris. To pruesrve. thLerefire, that hl Icth by natu iat n :n= is a tred, mosal ltti p litleii sichei n to , tliallil which, requires on utn.tet attentlon" 'Thel Illlprecedenotle I popularity ad unitversal ap. lproti)tin which this litdinhl tll s achieved throulhuut thel United, ytLtes. tus, -, Tlex', \1eIxen, and the \V.West 1 de,, thilly justifvy Il. l vttr-' V i wuarmly and elI nsIl unllillll I l)lolill Ithei tll.l tll I e t -.e l .te illne of it., ,tlh .,ted. Pe'utr.-' Vllgetal:.It u It I t ar tO P" sL'.-it, Ii ,t il .Le tald and ll conlllOlllc'l rli.ed! y I,) ldiaPLiv. of tile loneill cm niasltiton, that hI evur ICo-l hisco'vre(d. iDr. PElttr, Iol ilnventlitr l Iii invtsll 1e merii it. hini, ft'ro~l hii knowledge wt' the ' nimo aystemi sierive fraina ton: and evtensive penl, ),s!I li,ary calslls 0 l lllM M | iisunes i a d r,.n i.e t in Lid t i telioes of the liver, or n iter uuords tll il. crleasd or diminished secrtllne of Lthe bilu. So wt .ll - i this unlldlnsl)d, tLI it is cnlmtn an tr tpers 'Os i say when i tlhe y Fel unw.I , that ilty r". ithou , leaninetl thvet , they hve, too inh ble c!i, the stll aci,. nl the othr hUind, it ihet tht e l rtO of hihe is dei.tit:tdt-, ttte prllete . ofIt diis it t sets iller cttly pt erlrit tlieI ,iuo patII ienu t d e )nlli:e eie ,,il and emlaci',tled, belaue l u nr llllis nt c(:ontll iltiJ 11t el s it, itslklel illtlllll tte III t Lsil iN i1 r)l-lliPtIr i ev - Irati ed, land the ll d ls I:ies lld in (la I ( e l ite. I)r. Peters is confidentl tat thtu IiilslUe ll!ta T'hory, so ctlled, that, "e intiprtly iof tihe blod is Lthe callne all tis:uses," is ita Ire:t usrdity. Evelry onlle t i refl:cts il th le su!je:t a ImoinetitI will perceivelhat inipnrity sel'th blo)d ivs seimO. da y niot a tprimary g oimtleiit-ttlt e , anIt notIt tllhe causeo ofldlll!ease. \Vlt n the illntlolls oslthe liver are dIralngede , and te flow of bile increaseld, it is ofiel tk.lL up by thelu alsor itt vessels and nrriedl illnto thIe circulatlo , rand lbelOIme!8 rini ed wi l the bloulti, ais in j;aunlldlci, when te i o patllent I shlows is ill his ecolltnOluten . No , this imntury it eo blood is cVuued by an inreased flw of bile,iU ullin to relll ly it, you Imlst correct tIhe se.retiotns of thIe live , and rtsture it Io a I calthy sttle. Dr. Pletrs has ispelt miehitt 'tilell ill eperinlllt-l in!g wiLh ddlf:rlut v: getla e illd! +tne, uhr diueases of t llt hver; and llnow ollr his Vegetable I P I , I Iti the bust, most olnvlnisnt, and ch-e ' ist i'i ed. cin thalt in hIe prepared ite r tnral usi . i I)r. Putet rs fl.ttrs b limtnu ell'Itht hlis long elx ri.y Ienlltilg Wtll vygeltable n l litien's htas ellablllC Iia to dlcovr t thIrue P id ol uly ,stitllu altswerung l all tl e turp!Lt es ' i t er eil* ita s witholut any of thei r attle dat evils. One l'reat lllnahty of his vgetabil g ills is that tht y hl ave e tl-ti tltI'.tlttve rincI pl, cu nt. bned with lheir auteearIe, or operative t qual ties, so that they lot toll tans the sLtmacill and I iowels by pIreingi , but they reiulate tile hver, chlang the mrbhd steraonh,, strlnhthens ,he ditestive 1 vttans, pritly the byol, invi'grate thset eirculatln, all I give tone and Uneloy Lto LhIu ner. voun syl.ln. 't'l y ie nl ihl and pleasai t in their opelration, and c ovey alblu.t urn1·dIatIle convictiin of their(h utility lelSl I t le irst d)ose. I Thue y ci l l I ts e lik wil.he llty bly persons o'itan)' eil i and ih t ll le es the infirm, the ilervou., lillI the- d lic e l sIreegthneI by tinre op.tLen, ibciiuse! thety clear lthe s. stel of bad thumt'lurs, itit erll is irrlnt bLhy, and ILvari l,lby produce, suold hea:lth. Thel Veg!utlei Pil s are e sutre ruiil(dy tor plun. dill, selk and ervus heulacl: , dys h epia, cosvtivel. Aos-, slknessiot' e stohyih, ht'Neeits, all bailio Ussllk nts Ilevers i ' all kiedi s, I illl ll taken at eM cI)L.i l iini.n li t' will invariably check their pro grolss, d ,tvllsa e t ilt lpti llt p r cn a tpr llgtrctLed a d I dangetoil situlckest. TheMy ia:e invltebloe in oier V1on aind yit nl drical lvletions, lee.hl o tiildtp. Lit,, aind teI foa iitd tn o & w ic!. tliin a us aI l no ai Ssuljectl. iThey op'rite as ai mild avlv iilt 0r.ut stit tale lld ertasili d euidy fur woii elr it. .l lbrei. Since I have introduce I niy Vegehtahhl Plls to the p. hle I have Ireleived niumerltou Cerlti.cltel i o .lit euplerihr otlca.y in curing diison ae, a so, lmanly letters Iro lilspect~ 'de pihysicians, whol ihave used them in their plractice w'itl the best success. I l ight publish a s, alla volnlmo of c sltilicates, recuonelnl td ell to all who wi I tLe ltria o' it. rThe above pills are il boxes, cutainig 401 aPrier., 50 c.its p ,r box, [)ruggist.s and country nerchants c.n le sup.t. plied, at wholes. La or retail, at Dr.' primer t 1i ,1 olicei, n). 65 aloydr.L, street, between Mlagazine nad 'anmp sts. New Orleans ALSO for stlln by G. N. Morsison & Co, 11 I Canal struet : t1 L'' nrlit, dru'n gist 11 old Levee, between the two mtarlkets : M1r. lUrtceier, druggist, at the \Vashinigto', market : C J Toulinurali, drug. gi-t, eorner of C ill & [Iour'ni streets: U A lued & Co, drugLL-ts, corner of 'rTboupLoulmls & Gioid streets : J Rossi, druggist, Lai~tyetto city. milli AULIGA lilI LIN-E. Mlubilo to Augusta, via Florida. P ( leavos ,lMob'ile I"L'uusdays, Thurs ' .. . ' ---,--. '' darys, rand Saturtdays, per ht o i +- sltundid stctU lor C.lllllpion, (e'-. totiL ia C.Ias f ot +Inat,) It Po st:i.O ; thence pie ittcatrler LIe tioy ta L:t Gratnge, tland thence tolr I horse post cuatcilr via iMari~an.t, li.rlnbridgo, PnII ierillln, itC- tllli, tOirort'-. ad lorry, to 3.1 .on, Gi ; tiheca via litiladgeovill , t io l S, rta, toi \V r. ratn ,ito l, t c : per raitl ai tr t o tt A _,Lust. 'filte ('ioth p on ias in spl l oIII Urder, twith ewII olppei r boat r,:, colllpy red ,tnld u pplr .;tenlldl . I. Tu hit e Roy hl..s bcun tiroughly rtepaiied, her cco mllllU dattonllH ;tre s h lldsomlle s ailly bo t. 'The botoa inr l anta R. tltt, Sound, land CIalta. attclhie Ilay Iret ntll theill st I Iller. lllg oteaul nu. vwig'atn it ta i L ,th-btUg at the b, SU 'at" I tpurlic'ttly latnd locked. ' It' uTlo are It o arjIao,, d ) It any roL ta in th I counltry ; te drllivers,, to a aiI, Ctartfl and attelU Live* t 'Tlte laidges lerrelofore dt ngerouitts halo b oul t aewly built, .o Ilht tlt h loateta oti t Iltar KrU l'm'nratutg houues lavt bel e r.oslly ,iangtd, I anl are Ino as gtood s ,rlil ay rI' d I tho It it guauralh knllown that tIia xoeOllec alld harduess of' thue oads oablttit tie team+ ut all sea sl1n to Ilhnko groat speedrl. Theair lOrlothi -s lo. cures. ti travel or tfora the ordinary latgu of'I stage travcllitg. 'l'hu Lino ts ntow rrying its passngorw floan Augusta to lrieu 1to t f(oar days aod twelvo hour-, or to N. w Ollcans aI lrur d.ays od twent I tollurs. Goinng to Aaug..t, tle titlu s Isix days : ad vel. olora. 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Fare through Iruloom 31,-bilu to Aortt.da, SBi 30 'lre itl;u tXitle ds, h tit ranctIt ti o Tal.tlli thet t. at CLiattaiooclloi, L h iti contltnts witl IIIto lean'oduat carr 'tg tit.e art tol .\pta alticul .rad St. Joacph's. Ullit. at the M.turior llotse, Ma31b Ir a1r7 tl S3 IU1VLCK,, Nloilw,. - .'11I 1. 1 I' \ €.1 . tIr s rit a) io,, nuL-rLta "7ittta .nllastice Grald |lhtlBnB, is.+.t etd, e1 g 'iantIi 1 inn" b a_ u't ilo I r'l , il o,'tav' n., ') -at-l t l lt .' lltlad ii lo-ot'Uod irhLy OIl.Llat ntt-ti 4it l'tttas Gt wtaves, rt wotI, Catttaiictar hlad ar1ea hugteortt l a1ot.,. du nvt ls , pl in ul:: l rna'bt'tl. ttl L J u r -. - o a rry o ora tta oity 13 . ai.ts ore Uortpowder Tca, to , t,, ale i Tr TtI THAyER o Co7l l'ovdra+t it licll )1rll·l·I~1111 '-3.-P 1 IRI NI· LI-F· Illl .lP L~~~"1`* ~ 3'. .' 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