Newspaper of True American, December 23, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 23, 1839 Page 2
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Tihe ormenrs 18 ullinos a reo i tha toill t hoid lpines nl theit dewn tey un it Anllehd isrinrthfoel. t being able to . oI the prii e thntethe.e h inson acklog sod lil 6oj qlt.e oueghtd byto h ig ie dy o the pom. The maetsae o the Governor of Ohio i reintiond to theo durrnc ha dilion hnba ppeen dite e iedi y. ie Pidnoelo.e alude to teerti an, as heile, t Id int fvor iof ptee bint g o uwheclt he cnsiderd tio ba thle only eligiblehrthe ehinm a state ci ic gtine . ad um. fdopteo o th iats of the people and the oxit t e atioes upon eles corportios. He reommlends thata the orterncall the b enks nott isting, he tso etloen rne to rneuire tem makto tind in 1843, the at ey maye orgnize un th e Bal eral law. As to internal ild prorem " t he a s cl e finiahing what is equaclrdd t burw opposd ton bfrrowing env mure money .n the faith of The state. Since April 30, 1839o thm Baanks [oe cur8til. Tnhe tatements of the Globe that the Illino We bonds to the amount d: million had sold is died by t PilAmerican t r , officially. t is trngq. that t IN d o. heeeackingand llin n a tn - tew Orleans ee unryr, 16.6 - bHl. g do. dl clearb. 24 it dty f o. p Chrite-rs to qulih tyhettc. 8.4 11.4 qi. Senditures-wite 10 t & rr.c t edon . miane d nmark,6.10 7.1at la doe. going ichage-NOl. enmark is unwilling tp. co dield, utotl Dflse. CkuI.oo. Dow ........17I W.hioul..o Dee ..0... Nlew Pet. dd..........30 Cinei0jtfi. do ......... PkllId.Spho. do ...........l. .ol .ill, do ........., a Oaii~l. d ......"".11I S. Lui, de . 7... 3h1., J.3. 33 03..,,.i. 3 . floeeoor k. do ..... .1.i0irpool Now ..... . Ilel3n I ol..x") do.. ." 3.o".3dou. do... ....... 5 moaco. do .. .. Ha3,r, d............3I '..hvll'... o .........33 Paelt de.......... 30 141-1111 fir NEW O()llE\Y8 CLEARANCEh Decomlho,20 18,'0. SblpO3..ui Iioobwisoo, Worbourq, far Lieer.pool. Sdpl~.43o..l.IeqooLei Ie Glet Phalrtnswk. ist Lleris d pipkIeo.Ioioh.3.leel.iverp.ul 0 Wight M~~w~...uoolCrmo,3 Wit~llc ObM~elsN luMo1le3'. LHG.vlo MipldMii Hlhlria. N tsJMo fle Trelotpb4*,h d1 arks $ & J P Whitney 0.qo AoM'3&0lolp. .11.11 .3 So.a T R"- York 0..tfod & Boolk Jon lti.. `' . ! oorie tIe . .111 Il3,bride rr 'l~ l. do Mri l . . odo o do E cl.ob uuro.-'io;Vol.30oalogp Rfyn, AMowoteo 'AUEXVAL8 D"oool er. 23. 0I39 Y.or b.. Tlur. e. 0b30.llotthe North 01.t. having pro. oodrd to .0k w eth b.3eow.e..elto theoeiy I~P iT.oetjpoflbor.. le. N~lewor 80.I1oooou..i. .p..sno; Itor aat prig TItornil.. p..ooee.k.eiog pe A03e4C Lacto dou Cbautot I i 3,u taw.Mllrrndl thloEedto. i fqp. hate Ado York "9Oays ham. Camden o lo 8o " J A00litR01 30.eI ['. blee .o... (Sil.l. t` i3.Nora y 1,.. 'b pw, c oo po Price, Ijtlths Rive hipehi L 1. LAeN 1Ilr p ; Sio Amps itsat o Inp hseI . Rup, t, N n,. 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RlcichioB; ehdridg*; HlIII N;ect..;LeweIs; Reed Semeteety ean Hoe I sO deck Per steame Hr1114.nt... Uen rown .cd fadly, Do. Oo'th esd Lndy Hlo/ opd L.dy; I Dicbc ,O;,e ed Lady Dut.,ld WtttJntP tadatpet Cubcee ECu ut Ptn, arsem; Arattt;eed if MEMORANDA It 6?1Rcritm ova' 11h01 te rloe, le S..ltice " Skit;Oifdt patl .tc I1oo.tmt.Ithe 17th In di.toeeo. dief. pOHepn iof dove. Pc in Nec YhrL, tt.,d to. Ihiuu mc, in e vsey lnky ncodttion - Fceocuckehh'GcOt*lelatli ehip. Tigec cede brlt &grocnd at the NurtIef£t IU: NAU FICAL ;NTELL1GENCE. IIIt VANA. Dec. Irh....Ar New Ywk tl1 dayc si t Pec. t te....ack Hieilopool. from N e o.ek 19 II. ....Fmm he. 4 teweekh. lotg Fcectiio 7 tter....U, fur NeIwto- ilico. Phe brig Pty{ McrL CIcot.nioh oo.Hrr .....For litltitetu. hrio Calelloron e Utdoeding....Tonlte tCtem New VOctk.... AId fcm Peton. it AdvoectiecHfor NckpOleete. the Kec.t. Weep Nteoh Atn. Alloy; Balttmoce, I Otliotilng Ccectc,,ld ttetaoe....Ftt N 'n Yerk, the ttpld.... .. J C VClhOUnt '1'IE;''K A lIERICAN. FAW12'JLUL AND DOLD. PUBLISUED Daily, Trio-Velily & Wy ',WV OR LEANS: \ MONDAY, DECES ER 23, 1839. PRaOaESS OF DISOaGANIZATIOr'.-No sooner had General Jackson towered himself in the P'residential chair, than the edi t for the disorganiialina snlid de struction of our political syste n and nicely balanced a governmenot was signed, sealed, and sent forih to every quarter of thle Union. ''hat edlict with the "broad nal" of Jacksnnism upon it, has beeon obeyed to the letter up to this time. True to thbis black design, the currency of the corn try was first attacked, and the battering rams of power have near y demolished every pillar of a system, the tmost beautiful, ey .metrical and favorable to liberty ever erected by ma:t. Tihe lofty and, until then impregnable citadel of 'tate sovereignty, re*po-ig in grandeur upp.n the walls of the Constitution.-the iieuate of the United States,-a as next attacked by the myrnideas of power, and faom being the moot auguat and wise holy of legislatora and councillors in tie world fee from even the euspir inn of party bioas, it has fallen fr em its h gh estatte and is now degenerated :teo a more alnacmbly ,of Presildential evco phants, who do tthe biIlting of lho Executive an I register his acts an the laws of the land. A tbird great step was ta en, in advancing the mitr derouo dIligsl aga inst ilthe ContrV anI constitation, by attackilg tcie weakheo p ,itas of poor Ilmano natcre. Tle xecutive, at once, veiled h se!lf with the novering of supreme power, and made hionelf the fountain of all honornnd reward. lie sapped the deep fon adations of moral honesty antd honorable innerrily, by nnroclniming to his adherents and appointees, th et " to the vietor be long the spoils." American oiBce holhers, in the twink ling of eye, from being formerly the most honoralle men in the country, degenerated into a mnas of corrupt hirelings, wltoe fingers ton bed the public money, but to appropriate it to their own use and behest. Thus rapidly in a few an; rt years, under tile edict of General Andrew Jackson, has the progreos of disorganization leaped forward, changing the whole structure of thl ovn .aernr and of socniry. And this ton, has b!een feleted by only three grand act-: - the destruction ,fcclt entrrency: -tht daslruction oflthn independence of tle Sennte:-and the dlestrucanni ofthe, people's honoer and tmoral integrity. But the e.d is not yet come. The e'eneueal coetn t: tion ef the House of Representatives is the fonurth great step in nverlurnittg our constitutional liberties. Mixsin eippi was the first state to releive the blow, by the rejection of ner delegation on the canti eg vote of a mer canary speaker. The next attack is even now making upon the sovereign state of New Jersey. Fora dozen da a has tile solemn assembly of the people's Ropre sentativen been prevented from orcanizing under the Constitution and the laws, by the edict of General An. drew Jackson, and ifoot nowl, the tione will come, when the Executive may find it necessary t. dissolve t'ee Representntives by marching an armned body into the peacefal hall of leislation. 'The scenes that have heen enerted in tile capitol this present session indicate tihe Solmnilg storm as irely as ally phenoena in nature are preceded by their necessary signs. Every day,every hourt leadIs us nearer to the grand denouemen t. Tihe pace, at which disorganization of the government of 1789, and ofeln whole social structure in the United States, under the edict ofleneral Jackson, is hurrying on, is fearfally rapid. The peoplealonecnll stay its march. If no0t arrested in 1811, we shall be buried ander the ruins of the free institutions erected in 1789, and the funeral knell ofhuman hope, and human liberty will be Sound ed throughou* the world. "Tray, RBlanche and wertheart they all do hark at us." CHnoarT FPAt s.-- r obje'rtiontl to f'lnrite Faicrhas ronaed the espen of ce,ttin jo urnli.te. They hbve,, however, sutt clntedl onlne for argument; nl ens , hnt not v ry repitchhle way of enioltainio a poeitini. .VI, obje.:tAl to Fin, as hIt l, Ib i teralelnlted in onrhtm ble opi:iion toe fu'ni~h on-nsion for the dins layv o nston tatiouI and the pretenl.ers to lihilanthrlnpy. We olhieete'I to tie estab'ibtemn nt of a new Aavlum, because we were ofqpinion, that those already ibatered were quit.e suei cient fir the purpose ofsheltring nond hriltgione an all the orphannl, tiht e.acitentl r edie.ane might throw tp n the t charity of our fellow citizens. c We l ojaOted, and do I again objett, ntrer pnrticaUnri'y to any nectirin charlnm , I whether it lbe Catihnlie or Protestant, r lleltbhen, or t whetelee. True Charity, knows no class, no sec', ro religion; it is univ*,sol. The Peydras Atvlnnm, the Bny'a Orphan Arsyum, the* wo Ansyluma fbenietl by the late Mr. Milne, and not 'xcluoive, but admit all are phane indirentminstely. These Anylvmns, theref re, anld all such we approve of, anld will at all times be ready to lend our feeble aid in sustaliinig. The Sun will enlighten ts on thel suoblet; but "no thingextennate, nor .et downl nonlht in malice." The abuse heape I upon no, rebolnd- frotma u.withoou soi'ine our co it, to those who utlere l it. We dlesioe, such, as have ro other .rglntelt; oelne there are whom we cannot reanh, so thick is the coat of filth with w!ich they are covered. Some who aecuse us of went of liberality, know that we are no' devoid of that grmtlemnnly qenelity. Our Sdtestation of 'erterinism as f equently, anlI publicly expressed,is proof asu:iient of this fact. Arnoctoves MlURDn.-We have learned fron various indirect sources, and from the friends of one f the par ties interested, tent our fellow to-e nancac, Itiehnnid la gall, has been -hut down l.y a man of the name of Lyle, in the most cowardly anl ntrocnious moanner. lagan andl lyle had some afflirs to regulate, the lot tar, beina indelted to the former. On this subject they Lad pIreviously met and quarrelled, anid lHngan Rave Lvle, lwhat i..cunmonly called a beating, whi It Ly!e sui'red. Tllreeor four dos ango,they n eragain, in a Hotel at Notclez; a certain ruffian fell upon Ilagan and seized hin, when Lyle taking adventaee of his forced incepacity, ela'iberntely walked up to lIagan and sho hinr ibn the face,the ball passed ther ogh his cheek 3 and lodged in the back part ofh'a head. We do not know potnitively vet, that Hagan is dead, but Lyle i astill at liberty.. SMunenace.-Scarcely a day pnaes in this America ofours, without the record of sole fLritus strife lermin f stint in the tnking away of lis. 'his is but one of the results attendent upon the do as you p!esar doctrines, e of the ale. A tIhe country becomeso more populous, however, these notions and their neils will be cuonplled n to yield to law and restraint. Early in this month. a 1r. Doyle, of Louisville, shot a Mrs. Madison through the hand, and then killed himself. This murder arose term excessive Indulgence in the brltish passions. Our last dates from Lxingtn , Ky., bring intlligene of a feal affray between two hetters by the namesa of ins and Hamnmond. King fell dead, pierced by a huge l.,wie knit-. Political opinion was at the he otam of thin o murdler. !Jtrnuhilg is tIhe Itiotrit Cotro lK .tii ,Uy.: Fromn whotwa 'harhdeen seahfed sI i thoto who pretetl to know so ltig abort t.sI ip-' psrij that Lockett, had hernguilt.y of one.,ihidirty tricks, but this time, he played uponm tn twrong jl l harp, t.,the shape of a long.tall oco foc, whoh has a9 more titan on occasion shown decided avereI. to he played upon at all; so, when fiest the loon m.nFli'kett, he politely inforned that lawyer, Aldermen, Rtprssen iltire, spectacled, segar smoker, that d a rod a rd in pieklo for him in the shape of a cowhiding; whereupon Harry sneaked ofiinto the clerk's room, where he got a little courage shamed int bhill; upon which escorted by a half dozen bsckers, he returned through the court room with the'view of decamping; but in' hurrying alurg his eye met the phis of 0oco, who perceiving his retrenting movement, again called upon him to prepare himself, for the Christmas boa he intended him. Harry, made ahcost brave by the presence of his frnends, -.ho had promised not to stand by and see him dog whipt, hinted that loco might begin, then; no quicker said than done; f r says loo,, ahltouoh I have no whip handy, yet I'll give ou a little last; upon whllichmo pummeL. led him well. The backers, however, soon jum,pet d he. tween, and fr a moment stayed proceedilngs; bht loco, watching hin opportunity, and perceiving the coat tail of Harry, unpinned from his hackers, ral:ed a chair and with the but end of it gave it to tarry over the heard Alae,far thr. iiraii'bid ir Ucod-ii recints of loco, tire load of Harry, proved the harder materi of the twn for no sooner did the wood come in contact with thie skull,than it woo splintered into atoms. It ina fortunnte thing for Bol Cnlt" Lockett that hii head proued so hard, for he will soon have an opp.r tunity left of apolrgising for the blows he has receiver from McHenry. IRfly the a ay, who Ihas fend Bull'sispectacles t Since writing the above we understand that leck elt has refused tile challenge of McHenry, althoougl indeed he should have been tie one to have asked se tiufaclion. FROM HAVANA.-Thar fine stenmer, the Natehet Capt. Swilor, arrived yesterday morning torn H~vrovn whence sle sailed ol the 18th, at 4 P. Al. She encour tared a severe bl ,w ol approaching the coant, but rodt it out wi h great easn, making steady headway. W are indebred to a frien-I for thie Hlavana I)iary of thi S18lth. TIh prospect of he coffee trade in February an ltarch was fine. Bulinsr·r fr the week pr evius to tit 18th wals steunry, anu trans acti irs for the flreign mar - kern much about the name as usan I for the season. Tihe shilp rbit had prt into lHavann, h vring sprun aleak. The Natchez b ought srverr of her passenger to this ity. It was fear. d, tat it would be necenapr upon a surve. ,to unload the Orbit and make ho r underg complte repair. Thi French man of war tiloimP, ws lying at anchor in the harbor, and the U. 4. sloo,, war Lervaom Ia ing on and off in the offing. lThe Natchez left aground at the BRlien, the Frent ship Grenville, fonal Marseilles, crowdrd with pnese Sgerie In anuother column will be found the ship neu at Havana, to the 18th. The new governor had not arrived from Spain, who the Natcherz ailed, though he was hourly looked for. P. S. fo er the above was written we found upon or tarhle a frll liistlt passengers, partriulars of freight ca pies of the Havana Mercantile tReport, the Notircirs r &c. a-nt either by Captain Swiler or tihe onlignee Messrs. Van Wyck & Cr. They have our thanks f to their kind attentiun. A nlonrg these papers is a statement of grods in delmo os ar the 30th November, wlichl we -hall give trromrrr rm s heing a valuable t.rble and worth preserving. ECLIPPn: COUnao.-Col. Oliver, tl.e parent of regular racinginn this ection of country. will take the wind out of any sail wlli:lh has heen hoisted ;It present season.- Thle Eclipse Corase is in the filnest order, and all ihe nrrangeI~tsti, u, o l on seale of lileralitccond conven ienc, thatl wi 1 ensure Col. Oliver, tile Warm support of thIllisommulniy with whom he hae identified himself. As uro tl with the proprietor of Iie Eclipse Course, no paino have been spared for the accomlmodtnion and com. flirt of the ladies, to whom Col. Oliver is always very atteni e, and under his rigid surveillanoe, they may visit tile coors, perfectly secure from hoaro or intrt Pion. The nuolb, r of horses now on tie track, thi large purses, the many convenient and comfortlble nrrange rme.ts, and sith gentllter nly deportoent If Col. Oliver, together with thie promising fine weather, will ensure to the Eclipse Course a sery full and fashionable attend. ance. We have already heard many express their de termination to atrotnile tile sports during this holiday oeek. Thlis is right-fur it a race course is to be sup ported, let it le that one, that first offered to our citizens it eretnilly of glood spour, combined with liberality. obi ity and courtesy. MRa. CH.t.--Our representatire, as will he semn by lhal l flows, signally rebuked the spirit oflhe anarchy party by demanding the enrolltent of his nlmne as Ith people's legal rleresentattive. If Meears. Ayerigr and associates are denied their seats, they may with the saout ju.tiee deny the right of Mr. Chunn to take his tplace. lMr. Chin then rose. Dee. r0ih,sad, walkiiegtowerds the t'lrk't lail., said there hlad been a reest deal of dlitfiulty ill ILeermlnine who weo re really nlselhern of itis I-Ioser, which bad deterlltied hime ao lto tie c)llR which tought tobe ptttrsettri. Sir, (s;l Mlr. fC.) ltold il my hartd tlle autboritv by whlic I come here to rp. rcenlt Ihe o.ol tre f' my Statr. Tllat uthotlrit I noI preOent I th. COhair, nod demnndet to be enrtl'led n a meomer from tite Slote o.f Louisiaiona; and I fiher n s. )lse, ill t e discharge uf mv duty n Ia Rrepeeentnive, to give ih in) volt. fir Spenker iof the noose. If the tole i. r hte bt kllott, there i Ins balhsit, [Itoanino utp the thkel ;] if era eore. I vote Ir Jolhn Bell of'l'en. FROes S. LootS.-We are indebted to Captsin Smith ofthe Vandolio, for St. Louio papers to tihr I lth insttant. The river wans at a stand:--6 fet i th i ehaan I. Flont igiece fro:n Ihe uppr r ierle cwas p tsino thr, city, hut it did not eerioos'y incommode th.r navigation. At the last lates, the Missouri was open as high as Indepen. dence, and the uprer Mississippi quire rnl teI the head of n vigat;on Bortot .entintue to run up th" Illinlois. A heavy mnow had fallen at St. Loois on the 9th, and the cold weatner had set in, in earnest. 'I he Rierri waos in pnt bnouol t r New Orl ns. In another column wil be found a nnotie of the bank and money market of St. Louis. By the Vandali camn p seeng-rs a greater part of Sol. Smitlh' company bound to tlobi'e Ftlon Ats -loeors. Gossip & Co. St. Charles lHeel, have received, on sale, a Oiledieion Venuls, ,f the purest white omrb'e. It is, we believe, tih pro i Ieti t n of tlit" .ierican artist (Grteonegh, who, executed it whil-t at Florenae. It is still in the case, but asreerily to our judgment, we abll't d prloleodrce it, the most per feet ip n:."eot of acu'ptore ever seen in this colleltry - Upon a c'os'a e inlsrhatio I i will beh r.(alt to be u aque sod unotern. ConotossolUre anll an:teurs ire invited tt vieit it. Tile ireosseian Slave, of Mlr. Tihomrtron, will be ready for exhibition in a day or two, in thie motawhile we mterelv hint that we have looked at, and tlhink it a most beautiful Ipicture. PAPER hlanr.tvcs.--There is no end to the improve meonts i the arts. By leans of a oIrln 'tic pump they extract the mnisurre at once from the pulp of whi h paper is tlode, and the operation of paper uoking "on's on as fast an a reel for holding the article, can turn when driven at the rate of 31111 revolution sper mi tile. The npaper i thrs ready for stslping, the very millut after it comes fromt ti.' oulp "Th'us we go. English, French and Americana prolise to carry the useful arts to a ipoint that has hitlhe toe not been conceived. IMrORTaTrT.-Change after ch ltge in all the depart mentereof Ihl governin i lathe wnet h woret. What will our old officers any to the following: Mr. TAPPAN offered the fedloe i 1g resolution, which lays liver: Resolerd, That the Secretary of War he directed to replo Ito trle Senrte. I. VWIIt wou d hoa thef, fet up n the mnilitasry service of thle eroutrt, of o regutlition by whi i all oliceer, of the rma on o ,riviaig t sixty year- f age, should be ertiltted Ir retire fRin s. rvi.e ieIoene holl paot. 2. Whet would h.' the Irobabhh anotal charge upon the Treasury of such a reguluti.n. fleerfi.-Mr. Balls the distinouisiled comedian, pub lishes Ilis card for a benhsfit. If ra sterling lerits as Mn actor,is nut sulficient to merit hiou a full house, tile at.. traetilt- he offee, must at least insure himl a bumper. Only think of tlt good old comely the Rivals, with a most powerful cast. Barrers as dir Anthonly, in which we predict he will make a hitt. lis Mellton will be the veryimpersonanion qf Mrs. Alalaprop. Balls as Boa Acres; Iletland as David; Field s Calts. Aheoluta; Bare ton asF; Radcliffe as Sir I.ucitl; and Sam Cow. ell a" Fug. Mrs. Field es Lydia Languish; Mlrs. Stuart as Julia; Iucy Miss Vetity. Was thete ever a comedy better or more strongly cast, It will bhe soch a reat as has not been offered srince the old New York company, undtr the management ofIlodgkinson. Gaov. Mancy, it is reported will ta!,e mother Grundy's lace, lie isa fitting suhject for itnerpreling the law according to execut.vo dictation. Like Roger B. Tansy. lie possesses a pliant conscience, and is governed 'by a crae of uaorals well calculated for the meridia. of the paises. His Bnal reward will perhaps be, a set on the bench of tie Supreltu Court. oplt mllasaetsOtal vbters. No mintig iautihbo e o *oe* oat pay 9.l frmpno annual toa. Therei" ta s thnt.e PitIes tlp d to lthis system. One goes for out. renal utirag, but the delegates to be chosen by eleo ore. A second is forn moderate extension of the right di ad a third contends for universal suffrage without any retrietila. J. MIot.eon WziLs, Egq. has been appointed by the Governor, ,herifuf the Parish of Rapides, in the place ofA. G. Cheney, resigned. We understand that there as a suit pending against Wem. H. Kerr, lte Pont Me.ter in this city, as a de. fauler to the Goeeernment tea large aomog. The case came up incid.ontally, on Friday, when the papers wee read in court The amount of the late looe faco post master'sdefalcation appears from the pnpers stil tihe account of the Goverment on file, to be $69,0(0. It is well known that Mr. Dupuy. who was in onfice under Mr. Adams, and who paid up his accounts like an boo etLt san, was turned nou by Gen. Jackson, to make room f.r Capt. Kerr! Ot d i Em g6I I3 .i 1 ' 1 c iet* _ I I O - Z c h - M o I == 0 C 'u'pu nO h a2 n of rr a.5 8 .° __ I ALMANAC for the presemnt IVeek, Calculated for the .Mertdinn of New Orleans. DayorWeek. ahy Appret 'l Time. Itma Doyl l'.1o Fa.t of !Rises. Set. Mran Time. S. r.. H. .. .. M. . Ill S,,ndev .. " 6 58 - 91 1 II'I Mondaoy .. 23 575 5 I 0 411 'l'2..d 2 6 57;1 5 2 6 I 1 Wecloredoy. tO 6 574 i 5 I 1 16 "rThurmlay . 26 6 `7I 5 4 0 48 Friday .. . i 7 6 57# 5 5 I 171 Saturday. . 28 657: 5 tf 1 471 PHASES OF THE MOON, roR DECEmRER 1839. New Moon, 5h day 9 I 2 P. 51. First (uarter, 13 ltloy 3 47 9 P.'M. Foilt loow, 21th day 6 44 0 A. 51. Last luarter, 27th day 1044 9 A. M. Apogee, 3d doy, I.M. Perigee, lOIt day, I1 P. M. Aporc, 31st day, 2 A. AI. cANDI ATES. ltf We are authorised to announce that, at the solici. tltinlo of a large number of the cilizeas of the thrlle Mlunicipslities, Mr.WILLIAM FREREIT Ines cin-enterd to the presentation of his nRme to his fellow cilizens at thle next ensuing election, as a candidate. for the olfice of Mayor of the Cily of New Orleans. a1 Nous sonmmes autoriss. A annoncer qun' la demande d'un grand nombre des citoyens des trois Municipalits, Mr. WILLIAM FanTer . consenti b so presenter comma candidat & Ia place do Maire a la prochaine dlection. 117 L. U. iGAntlla, rIt the solicitation ofrtmally of his friends, has consented to become a candidate for the office ot Mayor of this city. Q]' RA C E ." Eclipsa Course-New Orleans Jocky Club. CHRISTlI AS DAY. T'H IIE Fall Meeting, over tit t'oure, will commnce oil, WENI iED iV, Decntor 25t1., 1039. [I1 I'll.o nutmber ofhorse now in Ilthi. city ii npa roilltel. and Illtno of ILelo olthtlll hig' eat tepolatiu- The .port, consequettly, calnot but he first rate. FIRST DAY. : Swwerpstrkee, for two vear old's-Suthc iptilon $500; $300 forfeit; six suhecriherr, ood clhsed. SAMI IDAY. New Orleans Plnte,valued at $00 -'l'wo.mile Ihat- tae winners to take li .l.rol'tr intonynt option, 4 y, ar tld'o sdol over; 100Obe, tinder that age applropriate weighte. SICOND DAY. Jucky Club Purse, $1,000-Three mile heeat; if more. lth o two Stalct, 2t bll ea heore Ito receive $2:; if but two, tile winner I treceive $800. TIHIRD DAY. Proprietor's Pr.e, $700H-Two mile heats. FOURTH DAY. Jocky Club Purse, $21010-F-o ir mile hbats; if more thal 'w stoart. the "ind be-. hoTre to ,erive $5601 of tIho pire; if but t. o, the winner t receive 1501lt. FIFTH DAY. Pmrprieto's Purse, $5.O, Ibet three in five. d"'3 tw Y N, Proprietor PIli. EOLOGY. A SYSTEM of Phrenblog.y Iy George Canbe, now edition, revised attd e lared. Lectures on Phronolngy. by George Contbe, Esq. including its appli ation to the present and prospective condition of the United States illustrated with colored plates. Elements of Phrenology, by Goorge Combe, with engr tvinge, fourth Ameriean edition. Outlines of Phcronology, by G. Sp:raheitn, M. D. Fourth edition. Phrenology or tile Doctrine of the mental Pile. nomena, by J. G. Spurzheim, M. D. In two volumes. Anhintrodlotion to Phrenology in the form of question and answer, with an appendix anti notes, by Robert Matnieh. Examination of the objections made in Britain against the tnoetrinea ot Gall and Spuraheim, by J G Spuraheim, M. D. Leotres on Moral Phllosophy, by Gouge Combe, Esq. Ltctures on Popular Education by George Combe, Eeq. Errors of Phrenology exposed, by Thomas Sewal, M. D. second edition. The above, with a large an pply ofsoiantiflo worka, just received and for sale by JOII'Y J HARSW LL &Co, d23 Succe'satre to A Towar, 49 Camp at 172NO'"ICE--Jo,,sha DIixton. L. Gamlis, F. Gran deehamp, G. M. Fillilpio, J Hives, G. W. Itoges, W. C. Reos. eon.igonoeof8t8 .Rbceeb of Marble, all per sh p Hunaeille, from New Yoro, ale eequt.led to qlOke known their reeidecee lto the dielhartriqg pleerk. tn tIe I.oe·e, otlerwiae their eaods will be atrotl of tlhir 'ealeee. POaSDICK & RAINES, Cudrar) aill etter e-o meti.rt at tse Pohciaonte Mot e, I on Tuesday ie onlOgb 9ln to as at half past 6 no'luok. is --J R.M.EKrKIT, Secretary New Orlemtin Dec. .3 S.! d'3 - ID The packet ship Huntsville Inrm Now YTork, is diachoaring two tier below the Vegetable Market, Conignetos will pleas attend In the receipt of their guoodas on tie L.eer. d1x3 FISIICK &ItetINER,70 Camp et ci FOR NEW YORtK. " (l'ret eesli) pI Loauiiloia end Nlw' Ywork T he feastsailin. regular'paoket lhip iHAK. SP9IARt. Corell, master, having two thirds fhereror engagendand going on board, will / have e, Is, despaltch fir Ithe aove port. For hpU . eogf f hr ight or pesege, having splendid ecrmlninirlationr, apply on board, too tiers below tIhe h venetabte mrketr, or to d•J FO.IIICK & RASINE O, 76 Comp t FOR NEW VYOKK Regular Packet of the S30t instant H Itew's Line I.fPacketl . S Tile corrpered end caipper fatenred pracrket tirlp AlK\.NSASi, Dennls .is.te0, teeing two ihinlr ofher corg engaeged and going on imrd, will poitively s ii as above. For hnlonce offrvlrht or pa.ceoe having elecant ac |conmndatirnn.e a,,ply to the . tailn on boand, two tiers below thle Vegetable iMalrel, or te 4d23 I'al) EN; qi Comnon st PARISH OF OiIt.EANS-Court of Prorrto - T 'he St..e ofontripir 'P, ', i l o!tium lthiee pre t.yte nlae concerrn ereeling: Knorv ye that HENtiY WILLIAM PALFREY, a residenCt ol the cly of New (trlroe, ha a iplild to nla, I the Ieoilter of W'i!Ic, ill ind for the parish and city of New Orleans naoresnid, ttroa MAnlitiln or Advertisement, il conformity ti an Act of the Le'gielature of the State, entitled,"Atl Act far ite t frther assurance or titles to larcitanor at judi;cial vales;" approved the tenth day of Mareh, 18:14. NOT 1C1 is heraheby iven, to ll whim it may encerrl, rh.t iyt irtus o1 and in obtrdienec t. a diecree ofeale from esaid ( orte of Probates, ,endetred and rinte.d by eonrsellt, on tile 4Ol Nvlvelllier, 18:19, in the mrater of tle relr:ceoaill o 'harle ol.noui (;.rllier, in suit ullllrlor 1815, entir etll II. OV. Palfrey v-rear l,.ateH of Chs. L. Garnier nod Ma atm G(orNr." which decree of sale was granted On a rule tlake on tbn nintlll Oto' er, 1139, in shr abolveentitledrccas, hy slid .pinaitiff againsl the dtef'nlant, Itre. .otplhie Virnnie, oIlonw, in llcotmmllnily ol said ttlc rlet L.oonic i;aier.,, tnd niaturl trnl i to her utinr child JeIrn Jquesr G.olierr ; a al .Ittfler tile pub. licatin~r lnI advrhnrenrer Ioqgitedl hby Inte, tlle lie cister I V Wills uforeaid, tid, on tIhe oetcnhiIy of trecember, roe tltlllatn ' eiht hllndrntl and tlhirdt line. .loe fi;,r oblin alle ily otn tln mt the City e lahano. in 't I oti srtreel, between 'lltlrte ta ItrVit ,l intelO. flr it tdi letchi, lhe following deo'ril.n d lanoded i'"',l rlv, wit: beecriplitir f tile property, on given in the Judricial Conveyance. Two ceErtnin lot. of areeinil, adlnininte n thoir, togeth.r wiln all tihe aihlrldn rte r l ilnproventents ihere. oni rights, privilger. uInr rtmay, oservitudr I Lnd.ia pulrtenoetoa1 r hermOhseltt hWsingring tr itn anywie. aiper. reining.ritlaat. in tile qmitle hbunlldt, by treeir, lil,. rosor, Union rod rI n.ll tilet nltreetr, inI tlre llaOlllE oaint nllrv binort- hi ity.sernd desieoltei bvy tir nom here teir.tei nanll fnurte'rl titI o etIin 1.1tL drlrrwn by .tis i tintrier, n-q. itrveyor giteral, no the 2rlt I)tc ccmhetr In 5. nl deo tiretl in tle otire bi 1II. It. erans. Esq. Otto y piu:lie, fir re, stai Iclt tni er hlie lernlleolr'illr o twerPtV five lia. lont ol ti lltver street onnd t'enty fie feet in tlir rear, elh olra ntiinty SCevetn tlat nr ItIm tci .ie 'oltr liroes, n the ine dvid illn it rlm lttlllllltrruter t ..te,tllll it tiirntly Pight feel Seight inches and two lilner*, on the o1'p. ire tid. liltt ri. vcditg it ftton trurmnber fourrtten, tutu earti itt nuintherr ritrttten IeOllsring I genl fivetflt feoiio lrl ttt oi Oclviur -trrrt and twenrrty ve .ett ie widlth in tile rearIIy a depth lf ninety ~igllt feel eight ic nti to lille . n `+te lile dirdiiinu it ftrom trid lilt mitrmnter ft.rittern, attd rO'e Iundred ir e l on tire teirile ride lin divitli ra it tranm lit nutlh rflinIee-,wciti aiuld lotls forll part of a cerlnin i,.rtiln of trllolrd wllinh IIt nrv \V. tt!lrry ae. -qulltrd hy nllccilea fllnlt L llrer lr lillntulllll, it trot laterd Ih fte t l naiil H. It. n, of tr u tile flurlrl day of ih rv, 18:6, adjulicatled to Ilety W. Polfry, hc bhern the lnst tand hIiglrel bidder, fir the pirrim fin. tlltolWan . doliare. I t,010. T rm --'l'wltie mottile iredit fir bitl with saiisfi. ttrv reellrity, hbentii nlllotage uontt the itr trtv; irr tur'.haner not to hlierllale thle rlllle beforoefoull nytt to hie ir.eldir eru Itlo miortgnae. WiVh.r,.uore til perolne wllm can ret nu ally ribht, till.e Sor claiu in andl t tlhe Inntled prropertly ri rerrrtenrihedi. in rtnerlqueo lr fny' in.y ,ts vtlt it n irder, i scree tir jludtlment IletPre re.ilred arrlln rtr wlee ch tihe rtllp was nlnIP, or nay ilregulriltrt or eil elitV ill tite ar) °rprdienierlttt or erivertiieterutc, III tillPe, t m111.unlnlrr If nel or fitr env lther' lilelt wlItiLrvrivr, tlre ilrerbty itied iint ldinttO'iliad ll t how aIr lIRRe. wilhhibtlrl ivInIt. frtlll tie riayo tliu Miioi ic l0rslillsiterlvd illthle ublie po er why thie sato e tonlt, ies tlluorl*id, elitrind Inor be cot llu llr II aItd hd legiIte, illn neClllcrlllntV willl rte tip-. m plicrticni ofllid potrcllrrCr. 5 illlu-u Iriit hud taill tdlh Seal t Fsnil Ii"iir ol L. S Penna es, lbr nilneteelllnt dyu of l)eeeiber, A D. 1819. W I C lUPi.fe.SIS, S d1233t Magi'tertf Willa. PUo ISSE IYORnLEANS-Cour der Preuvee . -L'Etal du la Louasiane, It tois ceuz quo eol a pIut concerner Salut : Q'I sotl c onnu qule lIE VRY WILLIA M PAL. FRFY, demeurant dans ln ville do la Nouvrlle Orldbans, s'est adressd no R.gistor des Testamens. dans at polur la Pare sie at la ville do la nouvelle Orlibins, ex oflicio Greffier do In Cour des Pcureuv. flasn t pour la tirte villt et Paroiaso, poIr publier at annioncur contormllnentd 6in seet, do li Legs latulre de I'E at do la Lou sians, ntituld Acte c poutrconfiruier leR litres doi sqludriurs anu voie as t judiciairoe;" appruvdlo 10 Masir.1834. Avi est par l1 pIdent donh tout i eeicnx qro a cola p,cut concerncr. qu' en veru et ol exdcution d'un dtdret do sects de I.e dite couvr des PrrIoveO, roendul at diend par conaintdmle t. lo qutoraln No. wombre toil hit cernt rente ncouif; dans I'aftl'ire ,lo la succerieon de feu Charles louis G(arnior, procds no. 1.195. illittld II. W. Pilfrev contre la sec. cession do Ch(. L. Garnier et Dame Garnier I. quel ddcret do vents fut accordd cur un rule prit dans to culllute otlhlre., tole .Ui Oin:llore. ollil biut cent traete neult par leo dit plsinulffoontre nla dd ifoldeleseo D.iene Sophle ValoInao, vvoue, on commsu. niuld du dil Charles Louis Ganlier. et tutrace Iati. rotll do son enfanlt linour, Jluan J.ncq.leo Garmier, at aprbs les avis voulu s iar In lot ; le Register des TestanmeotnluedtL offrlit cll ceato pultique a 'senen le sept Ddemlbre, mil tbuit cent trente neut . Isa Bourse do In Citd, rue St. Louis, pour oc qu'dlles r.pporterenut les pruprihtaires foucitrea cl-hpros ddcrtces, Savoir Description des propritlds d'eprer le transfer f judicial re. Deuz certaine lots do terre, attenant I'in I I'au. tre, enselble tonties lee bllisisee t anldliorationi quis a'y rouvent, droits. privi bgos, eoutunlrs, voi.s, serviiudea et d6pondsnce, sitaua dens d 'llIt horne par lees riles Gravier. B ironne, Union et Ccroludelet, au fanhourg Slinte M ric, andes del de coltto ville, et ddailglls par les nutndros treine et quatorze sur un edrtain plan drese piar Lo)uie Bringiir, arpen. tour g66ral. le 24 Ddeiemre. 1835, et ddposd pour recour- eo l'6tude do H. B. Cenis, notaire public. Le dit lot no. troize iresurant vingl cinlq pi ds de fice. I to rue Gr vier, et vingt ctnq piods do large dats le fond, aur uno proutfid,.ur de quatre vltigt die ropt piods quatro pouces qualtra ligues sur ia ligne qui leo adore d lee ot No. donue, et do quatra ving duxhluit pieds huit pouces deux tignea sur la hlgnl oilposet, qille hin s.are iU li.t No. q satorsur, et I dit lot. No qluatolroe ulruranr t vil gtl cinq pieds dii i'le la dilte riue Gravier, et viulgt clq plods ide large don-e t'olnd, cur iln protelldenur do qiualre viiigl dil huilt ptedo tiui p.ueec dealux hlIgs ur la ligne qua le sdpare, du dit lot No. t:eize, et d. cent. pi'do sur In l gne iploppo", qui le sopare ltu lot Ni. I qluieeti: icqiuels d ut Ilea do trrre laII plroie d'un certaiii inoeau d: ltrre qui, IlHnrey W, PIlfrey i saonis de Laurcint Milaiudoin, pr nots plSed I.e 4 I Mai 1836, par dvun.t le dth t 11. 0 Couls ; aitjuegd. a Henry W Palfrey, plul flitant at drmller nelolld. ohdrisseur, pour to prix do noe Ileill.e plsernrl. $9.1t00. Conditions-Douze mvoii do creolit avoc eutlun satilfaisante et lypothuqua our Iesi proprididd ; l'ae. quarrur no dlevlat pai atl:6ulr los dilus pruprudids no prjudlsc do P'hypothlUbu aviant parfait pate mcllt. A ces cauaes, touts persnnnes qli ont oni pour raient avcoi quelquos rdclllution ceonstle Ir ides fonlds e-des.on d6crit, ean conodquencc d'un dd. flat do forie d ouns I'nrdro, s ddret in Ie juge ment do la 'our, e. on urt ilduqul lt vont a did faite ou de toi c irr6gulari d ou illdgalild done i'estiuitilon, I'.ivis ou se ItilpI est ie Iluode de la vento, ou pour tiuti autiro cause quclcollque, soot par ces prdoentes cltios d'avoir a d6dllire dtana trltoe jours i dater do la publication du prdseent navi, dllta Ila papiera pubeli, lea raitolis pour les ia vrente ailli ftite no serait Ipil approuv6e et houtologlae, cianme , dduaando le dit acqu6d En foi di quoi, j'y ai appis.d man signature et le Sceau do In date Co.ur des Preuves, L. S. ce dix nleiviblo jur diu Inois de Ddceembre A. D. 1839. W F C DUPLESSIS, d23 St RdgisL r des Testalcents ST, CHARLES THEATRE, 11R UALI., Raapsec fdlly annauinae hi BiNEsIT and lnst appear ullc , wull take pllce oiI TUIESI)AY, iEEU EMBII ER 4, On whilch occasior, {ilt. MA. IIL, tile eelebraled delillenltr of Natlie, hnurriehro, ailI gve his powerful as-ilnlcse. Thle ser ina Catomedy at TH'E RIVALS! Thus powerfully cas ! Sir Anrlonv Abaulute, first tite onlthla oecasion, tMr Goe Barrett first lim oiil tlhe icl.soito, Miss Mellll (Tihey laing kindly clln.elnted in ordolr to give eveiv I-ll.tihli eloact to thn pay.) Aeres, firi tie, tlr Italc. ltasull, lir Holland, Cape Athehil -., PFeld, Faulklpnd, Barton Sir l.ciaus it l'riggor, ItsdeIliffh; Tqg. Slimn Cowell. Iv!i.i iLacguiih, rIes J A! t.ietd Julia, Mrc Stuarl; Lucy, Miss Verily After which, THE VEI(MONP'ER! In lthih Mr Marble aillappear and relate several Yankete loriis. Tle conudlle witllh n le Fanrerelled STA'I'.: SECRETS--Ora call tr Splecie. Gre.ery IThilbthlell, My nalls A iltRiW IOOT--Am. anJ Bermnuda, just received and r wholesale or retil byRO BEL r N BONNABEL, 1113 eretor Nteheb and Tehapitnulas at ut i" r retail by IlBi I NA bFIeI d~l . Tehritootas at SI I At1JNDr -A few aGlaier's, Just rtceived and , foreale by II BNNAB ., g d"3 43 Tchepitauleakat N O(ICrit-'Phe sra of'T R. HYDE -IIROTHER, I. ins tiils day. disolved. T. It. HYDE. remnaln charged with the liquidation theref., and for whlit.h tIr poset the name of the person will only be wfd thereaftert Thi T it HYDE, For hinelfal'end tin heire of d.3 J H P HYI)D. Ct l Ut MEItC ANTS, Las veri, Phasictno, Cour. Col Ssellor!!-Alt ye. who need hickt, stop thlis ev€. Bet ning at No.34 St hllarlvn street, and latrolise the handsomtle mno with the hnlrdsilto e Poet. Diictionearier Itr all poor Aldermen, thllo may (perclmlne) not knowi how their wn names sehould look in writing. Direction.. forlyntrllg hos ant oitid yOltlllger Wires. Novels Ior Mihene, ond meILt terifi Ile. if tmornrder ande bltoldshed, frd ~eung anoters. Call all ye wil, need knowledge. (B :yoosgnoe* fep( ode per slll.p F.irfield., mtked no (J D) Johnlto,) (Joht C.lildo.) (i W) (J 5) t)(S) and (P A Sl are requested to tnI,lteinlr knnown to the clerk oin tt.' L.evee, poilltite . Joseph street, or else pr thIe will bie lltored al tIleir expense. 17 d U2NOTI'ICE-Neither Catplnin. Owners, or Cln. eiguee of the DI)nish ohip Thetis, will pay any debt c:olt irltei by thie crew o id sule . ti . ..... FI d12 ABIJAH ceiK 'rTPill: UCi)NItiNKiSk tf 23 Itoxe. glass, and 1 - lha.odle tereluatdizne. mnlked 3-& 3-2 ioaee Illtarked Joe. Callnlan, and I hlnkel marked J. Clark, .Ir. re ceived per ship Sltelnlierer , Irel New York, ore reqclseled to call, tIy freight anti charge, atid tako tlteutt way. W Kt FO.DICK & Co, d113 711Camnp etI :17 Pocket lhip FAIRFIELiD, efron Nw lYork. th will di.schaorge this hlornineilt, oppositel St Joeph street. e Consigeeli ite requested to tlteod on the levee, to the receiptt of their goods.' rdl6 P LAIDI.AW, 51 Camp iat t, ] "l'ltt' tuttigtee tf licltea munrke.l C C in a dio- % ttueil, ond I hbl ltlarke.d S, juxt rceiveI err slip LtOUISVILLE, frtom New York, are reqtueste Ito cull, pa lfreight and chiarges, lnd Itake aollle e Cw . WM I. Ft'i.'ICK & Co, d5 70l Camp at 3e'Iltt HCONS Ii; NEKS of15bloxes clhlee, marrked Cm Cen dianOitld- i luiniet toulllco, marked Jamee Saulllider; i ttd 4 Ud.. eeiree, tlllirklao J L H, reeeived - toe pocert ttip t.lilltuucelle lrtit New Yorkjorerequien ted to call, pay lreidhbt anl telllee, Rnd I keoullte away, W It FSItIClK t Cno, o 7I Cm 7Cmp at itCons gneeet of i od.. to ked t Vt It O) & P I L4, on houlrll ship ^t llarl, frloml Nt o se are re. qeated to tako the tinuslves unown to ti clerk Ot the DLevees. Pl ' t0ltIAW. C tl'Arlt'r IIIItP--T'. IR.ItYDE, tnvine. .o C ricteit G Ws. 1414°, with tlim in prrtaerotip,. the) will no:titoo the bu ine-s hehitefioe purceid i Tr . lT . HYDE A. BItlU'Til ERi, l er tie firlm ofT'. H.'IHDEIP &LCo. 'I' K HYIVE G W 31( 18. d3 39 Common st, eor. ltagutzine S -A N T" I-Three orf t u t families to o . t o a plan SIlin 'i mils Ifrlnlt tlle cilte; tIlere are cooid t aend cnllllnldiilu hilrci; litIe IafI t'lrtady chtiraled Sndei cal brnC a ir ioll.ollnei iach tflily will have e privilegl if cllllivtilgi a ilrte itrtel onf gruloull fI or wmenu t er of yeirw . an lwihl ic ll t inn t t to be asr they or agreied upo. Fur furtller illrliottlar ,l;ply tu o "t it till *NA tit,., n5 corner Natchel neil Tclalpitoulas el n IUR HAM C"'I. d IOl Sit.E, a first rote DIuhas cow, applv on it I3 , aid ship 'ulllihea opposite EIplanaiei street. a ec 12 1.1W Ntt t'rE. N & . N GtI)IEN will ir ctiee law in partner. I ship i tlthe city ol New it rlcaos, and in tlhou Ila. rogltt ttttthe ounntry, ine 'vc tithey have heretfore I SpraeliseI. ' tlfie No 9 Roitll Street. .lt 'INO'I'ICE-F11EItIFF'S tiF aI .. it Decelllier 12th, 1:839. Iit TrEH Slerirff h.g leave to in'ori the uithc,- toit in i or t it',toitett ei'en to fil tt.e office of d' le pulies, lie has placedl himielt uadr fn obliganti.n to tny d. a"la.g o ntmttiit tl salaries. That ht. collectonst. hove ne ot even entohled llhim tIty tlle llories of tle jlluuulte deulitd il l.eritslll 'Ir e!t tle eotletin. lie hts .enl ' round, ve be. n put off with incessant exiunoer. TIh.t1 t ittltu tn lii= own o ,el.e iii, n1d thatti hie f leldse ed Ithat his liues o lf eheleollectedulind le, tllherfore Sexpects lhut rifer hi tutliuce, no teie will toke it ol a, af itfe make .tie of thoe. Inoeoluree wuuich l Itei w ilace be in his pS r le lirthe tcllection of hlis ftee of office, otd I- Ites dloe to Ihe 'I'reamlory of tihte PoIli,. of the Pourilh,,os well . hel. tatlo olid P'aris tnes, hnl.ldd hint fr of co lectlion. CF IIZIuhY, A dl3 Sheriff I37 ISINc.; fromn ship AlIhlla8, 'Three l'runks iner J1 chanlize, wllitkUad J I ..rreanin S & Co, Pa.ris: Tenn. sid ilinl ship \Inlliville, bhnre barrel-, marked P & II. Any permin havinghe ;a:..e in their posses: sinn, will please give ihifratunIU to N\u. 90 ComC n GREAT SALE AT AUCTION OF B )OKS. STATllONEIlY, Irtter and ('al l'nlpr, Blank ookale, ille library ediliilis lT S.lilladard WVrks. ENGI.IIl ANDI.MIEILICUN ANNUALS, ALIlIUMS -c., I.lking nallnigeler 5' large rane- nd comUprising a:l lsortilllneal upwards ofl 11, I010 volllu a, jlls re. eivned rllol lihe tl New Yolk iand Philndelphia fill trade .alee,loI to be -hl o Ii BIEARD & KENI)IG, at Pihlie Auelio,, at N,. 34 "r Ch(l.lli stlreet, directly ollpil e Ilhe Str l nrles Ex.liranle Hotetl, o.n'I Thrsdlay, Fril.v and Suulrday evenllilgs, Deceamller 19th. 20th uidll 2lt, co nllmlrlii tgill I uo'clllck, dl9 3ie YesleYnlv.ullae p]orrcrrlatre, wlo wilsntr to ,.i lis eI1Ieell lP l e l l , II it hI t IIed, hbut dar"",, otli f-re, iertedl at Trgedtl dvertisie el in thle Iulllein- co;,ted below, 11 ia certailly a mean Id dlirly ir ak aht n Itl tight play--lthla nu gentlemn a ouhl Ile auilry of--evinciinlg rhb lacl of sense and lick o n.uitage.-hBlileiii. "diil; innt. $ illu {ls W I RD). I IlHE alive ,eiwa I will " baid lor inforlntion. Ihat I wll (ail to the c.itvitii al oI the plerson or per nlla l whli causeld an llaverieenillll Io wi inslertle in tI;h New trhlen il iurllln llurll Ilrlleuin, ol aie I!tr h inl.l.ll, p alrloile .Itilt thIa sr.Crilher Ih id itlered iilnt chalirt ner:shilp with Johl , arrenlt atil Ithers, undler ihl sltle of Mlnoay, llarret m& C.., tile the urplse il'carryinig on iam blleillan . f paintg.--nu such utnnecon having beelr, furiiled N. B.--'lThI nderignall takes thlis opportuniy of in frrlallllnL Ik p ilierhllnit e i notI conilneed in business of ary kind. eniept withl i hi.rlltlher. a. .A1IUKI. I.. I- ,IRII.Y,59 Mitagaine nt $bll 'ItW IIID. 50 doIllra. will he alid ol whoelver will lodie, inl any .' the clv pritons, either iIll lllte fl,Bi.oii nlanr,i'ilaongimng IIn tlhe New tlrleana iild Nlllnhvile Rail IRoad ELI.ICK. Ilal, alull 28 yeais Id, 5 felr 10 inches in he-lhmt. Illhs and iipedinPnn;I in his speel h, short hair ulrdownt ;I-I look whPenl sloken In. RIPIEY, gl, if all,) t 25 years .hi, 5 feet 6 inches in hePight, rather a slrly Ink',lll intlliglent rIt iten. liee.J II t'ALl)W l.L. lPresident N. R. Any permnn or persona litlunl Iharlring or e:.ploying ileid nerroe, will be punilhedl wilh the grente-t severity of the law. '2w nil NEW OiLLEANS ANID NASHIVILLE RAIL 111ROA ). G4 CEl \ll' Y In Clills 8 & 9 of tIle (harler l . h tlreNew elllraiilc n ll Nitlhitlle tIleil r nil Ciiln-. pIny, na enelral metie iinof Ithe aIn khllt lers is clled oille 3d iurindlt in, 1l4ll0,*',r ile pirlpise iof electinl Tten Direc:or" ro selrve tI one trsr, J IIt 'ALIiWrLI.L, I'nisident. oflice, N . 14 l34 arnr at. li , a e. 11:1,. itll NIEW ORL .I:AN . A IA!Clti) LTON liAIL IIOAD INOilliE. jITrnL tanIIaIAGE.MtNT. To CuiIlllOEnui noil Lii I O1f Natnlr , r, IF:tg. (Rtom CltROI.L'Oi. (RoM NEw OItIIANS. Iltre Car nt 5 o'cluak A.M. IlHrun Car al a o-'l.ik AM. LocIl;ntine, t -- IL tie 9 -- 10 - M. - - P.1 4 I 5 Norne Car, at - Iloe CLr, II - pRROlfern N- raoR sunNDAS: Til tarn till lei. .l Ithe itnd hila na in tIhre week day. -lsitl I ni'click P.I . wIt llnu at Locun ,it ive nill Ileave ian r rolllo.l revry Ilbir ili 7 llu'a.loa , P.M., IIIIl NW tirl.aI s lt y hoat ilnll a P.1M. An atelr Iltrra Clr E li be olnined hllr 1 Oa', Iork P.M.. by I.ayua-,.a .I. Ilar, for the Trip. Aftler I0 o'nlock P. . iI1 doliar. aill Ie, halrped. Perl.ll- ailn by the .tenrn arr rnut Ilrovaid thlllna.lver itlhli "l:krah, aiuaai )uu.lL.I r hial sualuInve direClil nalnlt t raceive rIain y in liea ihernmf. TIll JACKSmiN ANli I.ACOitURjFE STRE:T'CARlA I.E:ute Ilth lmalt of J.leksnl nirrel at Oilt ,liick A..I.. 1 Co. Iv.en ill at 'rlll nk. Ai h If-pnIml "la -tloak ilhey cauaen.-nre tI lean , hll rrlll y lvre aii lllhur. unill -'cinuek IP' it, .xeeti iil thatn. illuie;tll of Pnna vi ualu ni slreet at rj oEclocl. Lie ear wil ;Ianr threirut o i a'i-,nh P.11. It pat:ui. anrly rairueted tlhn genlltlemen wil not put their feet upoii the cnnitinna, or anaoke in tha hran. wbhe ladiea are prentuit t tlce NlnwOrlnuin & Ca(rrollttn t Otohber Oe2d. m. : 0, JOIIN IAMPSON, ..... Chi.. iti.. ntir N.O. .A C.R.C CITY RBAn. ) New Orleaen, hloir I/).c. 1839. rHIS BANK will ie oloned on Wedr-"d..y the 5th i r.tun*, ,nd l.t anl HItl Jn.unrv next. Nrr:el lul Bills dle In. Ihhore day's, will be elhb . e It thel dave O(iera for discount slrucd h' made an thb 31.rlasye preoedrig. dl9 R J PAI.FREY, Cashier, NEW ORLEANS CANAL AND BANKING CO, rI*IIE Irln letrrnmbwul Relecra will lealve Ihe Sal Ihe hlad lh New Canal, every day, (except Monday.) for the I.nke,as fldlows: Depart at 5 A. 1. I RIltrn at 8 A. M. J. 1A, , I 121 P. XI P, 1'. 'I 4 Ir. n. And on MIONI)AYS: ppaerl4 at 10 A. H. Reltrn at 11 P.I', " 2 p'. ", . 4 P.M. 5I P. . 9 P.M. mary 8 B. CHEW, ('ash. OFFICE OF THE FIREMIEN' INSURANCE CI)1MPANY, New Orleane December 10, 1!;39, T lIE Stnckhnhlerofthis initilpttan nra Inereby p I tifd, that Ith entra divillend of 5 per cc(Ir, de.. :tined on tle let ofl'tolbe. will lie laid to them or their legal reprral tatievet.o ir alter thin date. B ) order Itlhe Blarld, dl1 * h: L rlt. CY, Secretary, BUREAU I'INSURANCI DE LD A -O.MPANIE DUS Pt IM I'I EI(., Ia.NarUvelle .:rlna, le Ill Drecertre, 188:. . LFo' eIrirollrleIle de eallt inrlilttrllrllo anna Irpnrena i qlrll .livid"rll Ialusde 5 sut ce.l, a l16 dclnrh alr Ii, l.e d!' et sera )pay bcu on lear rIerep -anUata sar op arus cel te Ilti " Per erda dre lIlpmeutemp, k J. Tracy, Sir6btaire ST. CHARLES THEATRE. STAoe MAIAorra . : O. B. San trtT. P S1th and last apltesltree of Ihe highly popular S omedien , MsR. A LL;S. r This Evening, Dec. 28rd, will be perliermed the Play entitled, THE LADY OF LYONS. (':nude Melnotll, 'M Bealls (Col. Dlmto., C llarrale A" eatrnlll,. Do Si a u I',tline, Mrsl suat Widsw Melnmte , MiumVerity ' After which, he PLYING DUTCHMAfN. P'ter Van rsmtmels. M r ll.e a Verderdeckeo, " Ds rl rd iochauldenA I.' eLtelle Vaehenlm, lr 1tie flrar , Lucy, Mtlist Verity T'l-o'rrowr , Itrnelh of WIr. taIt.tLe,an last appearncee, I0P Donrs open at 6--lerfurnmacvA to eommsense t- 7 cau'elomk.d1 . IDP Setn Tkehis 41Vtny I hJd ai tlhiteloz O e.-.: .. tepee from 10 ) ntil 3 o'clock. ed WASUINGTON BALL ROOM ST. PHILIP STIEET, IO TWEN ROVAL ANID MOURON STRalTS. StHEI MANAGER of the Washingt.m Ball Reem respectfully informs his friendeard the publie, that ie the blove mentioned establishment will open for thea eason.on Monday evening. November 4th, 1839, by a GRIANI) DRESS AND MASQUERADE BALL, I and ill oitu.le thrnlghout the moease every Molday lWed esday aia d stlatrday eveningef each week. Admittance for Gentlemen, I2 0 New Orleans, Oct.24th, 1839. 'TO RENT. t A Dwelling House 139 Julia street H C CAMMA.. ~L e. TO RENT. fr Dwallieg In ouue No. 13L Jelila eteet, in the j.IJ biiI ilding Uumpany tow. Apply on tie1 pe omeisee,orte t C CAMMALK dCo. d6. r TI) I.I.T. Twlo oa the eeeordl foor eoisbhe rO .the te :npphy on the premir.s. Ne. 21 Camp tereet,nt the Firellemtc' Insursnce Office. a9 1"Lt TO RENT. hss The three story brick store No. 87 New p a lyeto e olttel; plrsetltesi given oedTiatelly. DE Apltott ) tll T t HYDE& BROTHER. LOTTERIE.ZS. ir HIrE Fdlowing Irnstittlions., Citiseln'nak dof Le iainslL Uinu Bllalk of lanieiain" New Onllras Canall nd Blnk rg Comlpannyw LII o riet'*e spaecl de oitio. ai. -l ,erlilntaleslf line hundred dollar eand iwrolr, , to relain to rIe eredit of tha DepuIltnm 'on which E.'rgiflute, the noheeriberl will deliyer,TiLket iS the (rsnd Keal Etatle Lottary-Btkae' Areide, lisllops Hlotel, &c. SCHMIDT & HAMIL.TON, under the Verandah, oplosite E nlhne & Co, d I _ Statiloern hail BANKS' ARCADE, CITY HOTEL,&e. GRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY OF PROPERTY .ITUATED in NEW ttRLEANS. SCI:MIDT & HAMILTON, Managers. Oficees uder the Verandah, Caerter f Bt. hamre and Commnon Streets, and No. 101 Charresl Street, between Conti and St. Louis Street. S ITI a view of meeting the wishes of our friads. we have the lthe orre of announcing to the puLb lie that this Lottery, by authority of the State of Louis tnl, will be drawn at the City ExchanLe, in St. L.oui in New Orleans. The drawing will, without fail, begin oa the latDhe ceniber next. Our agents throughout the union, willeause theabove to be in., ted once in one of the newspapers of their reapectire residences, and charge the expensea in accouant. t6-tdtl etICH IIt)T & HAMILTON. The Verundah--St. Charle ThLeatre-Camp at. Thetre-C(uldwell's St. Ch/rleaAreade-Helule. -Slores-Squares of Graound fe- CAPITAL PI(IZ ! !! [ OUdSItNA ;IANI) RI.AL ESTATE AND ' 7',TCK I.OTTl'h.tY, office corner of Canal nIod St. Cblrle tlreelt, authoized by a law of the Stllte. 6111it lrrh 1828 T'.LE 11AI.F .1ILi.I')t, or riamp street Theatre Iogterc,. 1291 Prizon! ndraw on OU:t I)eceember, Now Yer',lvro, il, fnitlmhd in oo drw.itg. TIlE (tRA.\ND b'\t tIIt.I.I(ttON LOITTERY. 10,010 Pl'lzz.s!!! WVi!l drnaing nas o jtrl as jntrhee4be e-. IU.Notee if rnv Ibnnk in tihe Unio, n. hichL ae gn. erilly bionkblle ill lin etol, Ihev ere i.smod, wilt be received in Iinen a, for lcket, n;hic are;n the Half Million $10-T'o Milli', $20 CA.I)WELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD. 111l IPropirletors a Managers. CLASS" No. I. .JTHE Ilaf Millio, or Iimp Stret rI1teatn Clan of tlr lh.niroiunfl GRIAND IEAI. E'l''I'ATE ANW I S I')CK I.hOI'LtRY. will enritivlty he drawn an oa 3lst Dclrt.b , Nrew Years' Evr. CAI.DWI I.I.. tIAKEY & PRITCHARD. 6 Office corner ('nanal nt St Clrles Is. PfINTINGi IAI'EIt- 1.O11 ranmu paper ir news, I of eiarr from 91 &:I, t1 29 & 4'2 insl landed frmn lhi rs (lic.,, fre.t,, Roston aId tile Olio from Philledel. Iphis, io1 for anle by JOIINJ HASWELL & C. n28 to Ale. Towar, 49 Comp at C P ANtI LIF."'t ItA'APEIt- S 11 10I rnan line ruled cep paper 2.51l do do do ido low price 2511 Io do do letter poper 100 Io d, plain do do 50 do Hdolei's Irocket prst, ruled on 3 side. jusrt received andl fir rsle by John J IIASWEI.L & o. 1d2 riceoi,.ora to A To.vner,49 Cmp t It AY'S Li~iniri ae o m .,m f a '.ntttmlh - ,1VN Ltiertnlo and Ha nTlm Co(:ulombi-5 genel I tll e - 0 hblehr',ar re-aldies, warra vred seaUill jisl rereived fr.m the tlnlnfaCtutter. re c pll telao the ra dr lat li price+. J 4I VlS &ANI)REWBS (d16 " cear CnmPca sad "TPhapitolas me PAPEIR-50( regnain d owbl 1000reanb. eglot, and A100 rnua hardw Pr panl.g oin stoe fnr al by d7 J 9'HA 1YE~Itl Co. 74 lraydes at __l.ORUll-I0 bble, at he landin, ISn.le hrs S1\ villi., TfrmI dImrhl In 6 na, gradmating menssoeU. snarn. vila &. ir .. hnleenle nr retail by 'I l II IY .1rAr r'1I. 43 Tn:lnpinulall at b1 t l11IA P.)ln e-x-ressly hr I pobhew aries, fir sale l by! & RONINABEL, ll' - 43 r erhariLuls st s U;I--S-l hd ... . PI (Alt-SU0 o goar .n pleNattatm araos y hheADA.MS &., WHITAI.I., dIl (67 fGraler at i A.'S)I tIll.-o10 Irrpel ben l Viriiu ceton oilt / whie.and elear ir reta.ilint'.lso 5 bbad Teanom se captor oil, 2. quality. fr rel. hy JARVIIO & ANI)REWS, n12 corner Common & rehpitnuas eat ,,11rder for etxile by -13 C DORSEY,44 New Leve 7LOLtIR7113) btsl laIding fromn slemer tawallow -l G I RSEY,44 New Levee I)ERlFlUtjllt Y--l.ntet French Fashion, a full an. "" Snirtmenltlpnulatu.l,,tColh ne wuers.oep, powder. buslhen d., wholesale r ,,tallbhy Osl te " ! earner Nnbhhe G & Tehnupisomles oI lt.--0 Cflkapr rdno Rice. an stim los l by WnE0j J'LTH Y'R n,74 r 'nydrde mt J1I.OUI{-IIO brls at tle Ileldinog, for tile by 9_ __ G DOi.KFSI'. 41 New Laeve ',t H[SKEY--IO brle roeifird in ltonr 6ralabj u'5 Gi DORSFY, 41 \ew Levee ROPE -300 eoila forale by N P MIML. n25 97 Camp et lOrItN.-20I bills si'rinr qtnlinn, for sinl by .P 25 N F 'OMi.Y, 97 Camp , I, UR-IiPUi hrle, be eL Baker.' blleda, at the F lending, per fll ll ho otr rle y n13 ti DORSEY.44 New Levee I)INUE)t'- ltJAIt.o. &c.- I) btotles bildiere I boarIs; 50 dio do do llerw; 100 do bonnet blortds, JUist landed frni ship Ohio, trom Philadelphla. aSld fur sale y JOIIN J H ASWELI. & Co, d2 ueoc.renre to A Towar,49 Camp at F . -R' E 'A good pecker of glasse al d enwore, is wantedhy B BROWN d Co. tl-..7tn 17 Camp at ('5tAL--5;lc.s. Lehilgh coal broken nod selaad n xprenaly lir tao tly usne, tcin landion from hip Niagara, frolm. idilfedelphia, nld fir ealo ino htoe l oil purchsers; aplply ou board cr q N FCOMLY, d2 79 Camp pt CI1FFA'I ' 'ILLS--PH(E-rIX BITTWl - LV .JUSl receivtle, nld for wleoleale onr lellil,by 411 H I.lNA UEL, 43 Tchapito.a aot ftPIrl 'k ofI ''l.rp.u.hI.-- 15 barrels N Yrk YprIC dof 'PurlnentilM, Ianding from shin Flieold, t itla yd!6 enrlnuer J(.mio end 'I'ehaaph el0 .b A SUI''LY (F NAll.,,we11.wlatteed an band for sale by ADAM1 & WHI'rALL, oW 67 Gravir at d eoter Oil, neceived and fitr y holessle or retail b+ .H jRONNABEL, n02 43 Tchapitouls al Hl I-i'YKEY-50 brle eard . in ltonre. oee sb y u12 .G ORS~EY, 44 Now Leye. S I'reanfur Apply at 109 Cwnemo et - 1D anddfhrmsale h7 d16 H tOfNNAISEL, 4l .pibnel ' _or rle b - .N F CoMLy dT ID ý7ULO S-1 Paw oaon`,r

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