Newspaper of True American, December 23, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 23, 1839 Page 4
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-.,.'.. ýefidow, hýigh. . ...l , ari .plit r Itltl ` .t tN; So$a. aigro, Ivanrr, cO5lpt5eiendlaL lard ae1cer h~l iranVt s L ii ll 1wr;daedhenr earbna wafers; , hc; lirat, frmt laind .] hnrtrn't.Oan.' ce$Preorth cologne ý9Vranhc oir! irualtien fint nry!eke .i glohn ides., ala lla rrer IIae s a.hl seril0et ancd shvini g #raeps toilel acinhsboclr fiantey he-red olletit. s t w'Otr itdie; .faaey hytrd Chailms 'vl rr hrlrl.t ped:ket bnks anorl wallet's toar wpt; fi.lo linld eotnrmon garle. garterodn;l.hellsl oifor rnatthear sil hte dc. d c. to. our former ttcek of fIaoy .tm lltlo.tOirrt ve v e wnnrte. I' trle titlth as thgigr of the Goldon CeUtb, 7 itftrev mre'2. 1SALE AND R.TAII.COMB AND) VA i'TO .-at te sigg of the golden S".1# ýhc e T ...'lhnobh:ribrs have r. . lrton tto tholrpr-evin srnhk on hand, full assortment of articlesi in their line; viz: Jewglry, brushes, lncking glasses, r3cang ir part as follows: 4halrwrn1 ht arid plain tehk,twist, Snressatrg, lidn pall; cnrl nd Of every dvaeription aonagsat tiera, Ivory noual sof every pIe hl peas acket, tofgether with a :w' nWi l tofFroa Arerrinan. -R.ooj agder, Florida, honey, td. Aoe* rs'of every size hnd die SGIn dextract of Irgaotllot: inds, shs gdoin cakes and pots, nWa'vge a hainr oil, bhars nadan lls, plain and pcrfilmed Gpslpat . ot lorp )af s ld (toxes fin. %g` pta and rollas; asnd ehlorline tooth wash vith a grmtlI asartament of Y'oaat i latest and most fashiona ,eftter easiotig of 1llh and red norneliaa, tops' A. aecr naset rlotgrir spins of a gre.* 5tr uf pollns watc trlsn gilt andi silvr cankles, lve rloeerleerrcr tMl pt tilas ald gnardl thaina B' ES loth,. njeti.L rcrnllb,rearthlolr, bat11 thb, tooth plate, c , Nail, shaving, shlo and. wbrooaeehhbrnshes.? WOORIirgI GLASSE .Gerg an stati and toilet I ýie, tea ing pi d r ýgad dclessraing glassaes, hrbne witrha yeyootele is not enautcrntetd. -FANY ANCIY Aglcr'Y AR'I'ICLiSS-Frecrhr a.dAAermflean i prtahle e and dlresing cases, son.. veYay riel and finely fEri ladies work lxeseand dre. rontaae s with and wnlotn music. rosical boxesa . Ac eeadipa 6 fvrus kin vinlinr and gaitara, silver and .plated penircils ad le cald pencils lor carpleNtrar and emyol,nianettle clo rraelnd pistols with and witlhutt, perussion cuelui ca c eharerm, ni ple, Ieaw driverse shot hells,geauce haga, jletrt blaki ur, toy teattet l badraubh d frlntvery kild, bells re.d pilLuleS, neand eomoln nc{rsse, razorsn and seinsors, tliimbles, u. dle, .,ailve`rlatald, steel anld coeeeceon specte. books Jrd wallet0 al various kinds, visiting . l.: . ,aa:Aces, playing cards of, .irc.a. Si'anufcture, dclls. imitation fitrit, slu Li" .]epe.'5of various kinde, Saunders' P'oumev's, '-d----'Ku "1ia , 1nau's atd Hnwkin's razor straps and nietsllii hb °,rlirks, fancy benrd uckleace, dc witb r-ar . .ps.toyy i heu, pearl buttons, powcder flask, eu. and ala seed beads, gilt and silver do, gain elastic aus ts and garters, plain and sword cares, baekgalelonsea . gotal. dice, opticaleirenea ne, jewharo, Ia locolbco matchr sanr"druinklng cups, with a great variety r otlher art .,gale, all ofbhich will be sold for easl or city aecepta-n. seas 12 monthse credit. 11 H tI 1MllS, & co. :d41 " 70oCrnrresl. VRts Y h Ie t LI, m tod nol, nc zis Mg teealno aet, row .wsniri, g from sldips Naslhlille, lotiasvie, A .ltckl, and other tlate mrrivnls trotn :t " dlnron cties ena lalhs olod netw seleted ssoortnent L es.ais ootsl, hoes and Brogans, nistin ol geatkn.sloatle'fi e colt anld tlorocco boots, do roqualely; dobud, a sud stout wua pegged ioanitsl arimu qoad dlties men's file calf s nt atld ,oroccO rh.,.- ptselapsad brogans, buckskio shocs, ttriogals ah "tsppers+ sen'sftine colt- ond ki~,o ui pegged I shoos te nroan; do boots; do s!tnt kip and x oo P teggedl slhoe +o lsi sorr; t . 3eo-5.ticoene~s best quality calfaewiti shods, t-~ Pis aod:J iek aDowntings; do calf and Moeocnc i s let lateh albtogses; do csltl, seal andl cl'ocr - ",dit, show iuld ilipps-s, do al f, buf anus seat, s.e.w arutitle; do fite callt sel.o nld moroeo qosarterl loti; olsa', misses'nd hlledreo's pewltied atolt stwed .b Ogpss, asd shoesof every quality antd kitd. rst tLI and sihoes, together with I,0111o pirs Stlo turst qual, , russett broqas, nailed i it oI inks sutmleexessly ufor Itbl taolto use; good t:Is e telnst of sacs's tillte ld stout kip rslsett Ilogalls, Sw ltitet, sud. a urge quanlltity of a it lerior quatity r,.tses oS ll wif brogonts. SI".dies' fite calf. snee, morocco ttad grall welts, stId em sosotle shoes;+ do 8ee t'rench Mugolco and kid run ., stlippers; do rote shoes, with ano without eerls; It- Ecta, seal tnd stoot leather bootees; dlo l''unela sooe., 1 lislloilt and qualities; do Istileg brogans; nto Wtole. s'ettd foxed bootees. Miases' laslitgsprit shtesat n Mesgnas. Children's colored MoroEOo entd laOlltg bro ii ll aant boots, ke. iSentltien'a fnlleltsionatle black silk bats; do balctk sn Idiab tloveredo oi a daul5Liol qltlity; do iillltioll :It.h ramdojrt s ad od 0arr0ow brlim melt's fine drub atdt lohok Itessnl dtort olspled hats, a lew article. YoHthrt tire Dlzg, hIls ot ditfereut t dulities; do children's O.'' oad InWa's blbgk atti drrbd wool toonts otf vars - rt;1. witl gur0l o, tot Os.ya' catd men' ' ltas assotttnoent will Ioe replelishl d lo thle arrival of rl tlroketnsao r the edoore inarned cuies, all of" which s illo be soltl on ceommodating terms0. Oit lI-t" HOLLOW WARE, WOOD SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. . lIE HIOWELL WORI(S COMPANY, No. 2 38 Water, near Beekman street, New York, hbave reo.ved the past aeason, asod re .oosltanlty soolving largo and extensive adciitione to the stoct otf the above goods, which now c u0hiats of the qlrowing asnottmeot, suitablo for the southern aod Western marckets. Hollowr ware of slperior quality consisting of ebout 1500 tolls, viz, Pots of·22 difftirent stoes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, frolt 3:8 to 30 gallonos, ictlaes, 15sizrs, from 3:8 to 18 gallono, akepoans or Ovens, 7 different ttizes, Ton Kettles, A do Skillets, . . 5 do Flgt Spidoes . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do OQiddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, - 6 do Wagon from 1 1.4 to 43.4 inchss. COt do. 5 to 7 incites. fJWood Serewr , 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from ..-e inch, No, 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior -qualoty ad finisilt and less than iaro's imported Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailintg. Tailor's and hattor's Ironr, assorted. Stast woights, 100 taols, assolt d frotm 1 4.4 to •0thc. Botls fur 1Pm'tttioose steraoboata , cthiooihto, .o. nidoe to order, Atso stoeambeats and other mactlinery tsade to o.rder. 'lshe aboove as.ortent of goods is particulartly reconltendc to tr tlo atlletoot oI' Southlerln el.d Woetern Ilorclanlts, and are offtered lfor atle at low prices, otnd pro tile 1oost liberal toerms ;it is be lieved to be ti largest o ltd best osorotmenrt ever arieod Ior soa by anIy oto entbli .nlhmtull in tio "altedstoei States. ierctlr.ta. by froortcliog a request by mail, can bave a prin'lsd eircurela with doocriptotn of geode, grie entad terms, t-om which no deviation is ever ndot farmitlhed by rttlOlrn f ail.i r Alt orders will receive ion ocdiato ttlention. New York, 1838. j,"3 Poerto Fortve astlruothon. tWlltR.a Sttitt:i toentdes it s.rvicrs tc tore citi, _:ts ot flew OiOloas. aos a teacher oiO the piano irse. TMr S halvitn to reln 'o ,l,)t,.t svtrl sear s"ntroao ttr otf moici ill torivat tUnolhes inl B stton -ld .11. at severatl otlt fi e f.eOat, s inatrlo s in tii vieinitt, cal tr hopI e tot ineri tto heir ullofrdt nee. iHe is ernilted ;tt refer ti Rov Dr 2Cl..1 ,, 1tlesrt Sttosso & Avetry, tle.orrso ai es.roon. t.r islterl, e tilease attlply at 1l0 p bookstore of AJ.ooodsr .;-ero, C4 anllp st o0t '2_ - : bp.bga to txpress is grateftul thaolks t, the p to i te-for'the liberal suppoto be has.oerivrd since o e _-hs..gmnced business in tltes city. BoLiott. s as pro pirist"t'of the seed store, 17 Cromcon slrct, Ithe: vnot -sd pesvor was agnent for any norothern Etid 2lid4,f;: o:eiher is he connected o ith suv house in tllsoaontsyo-.but Ito assures ths public lto t this nnedijonstin every department of the seed buoai nlssseo' t3rli.iterent counries of Ettope are eqanl te'tbht ofinyhotie-inr toe Uonite d Sttuls. Ir ill,. Pirt lleode, -pt.nlt, &. . frlom tthe eoet ex0:0001 ld eemeciotlo nsureorien and soenJsrmen it F.rotn, tlsp d,e'Elit t i l ad, Sotilaod sad the no thoer 8 -4.. nd h will at all Ioltea be tis inrtnrsa, as it lbti++.v'dy tno receives in addtia t~ ht iresent r I l~ise artivsto ort nry dt,, realty thte '0th o.1 8-t.;O i ilro, engraftld foruot trees, oI all I.., ''htit leubtl c tttay reiE) Uo findlng a till ou. woOs otitf every article too nodto.r , i otul gt-ou. s-taty, sut ittported direct by , " W in. DI NN. 1 'II & CO., roepectfully itutorto fie tndt and thetublieo in tooerol, that pye tlhe new brick shop, 219 Thotulitoulas rro keeop costantly on hand Copper, % -d.siwt -t iIron Ware, of every doseripton, mspsesppe:stilts, kettles, and puimpp, tin bath. lt daadil naosn, of allt sorts and ozeso, and all gdotdne at shortest notice. ti. every deocription, slch at steam. blIog, sreo. 'bolts, c... othe, work0k 0Ub as chtitunoys, bo.o.lh. g'TF tI do all kinds of out door work, Sand tin roofiog and gutteritg, iodall other kiinds ot work it tibslsnoes, they will eecute at tlhe de?27 No 54 Ctode tnreet, bet, nt-t ' S. Pttil, kr, esotolrsntlls on i0otttt o nt o _t ofbot!tp sttd brogons, ýy orpft, 5 o st sstnufootntrur enot. O uier, ,a ittb o i,,l sate .., ehtic dit h.l) dto .... ti tIlne ufhis aoquo,,eneroa erod:n0 ns nrlter - 1'tiib h tittbe ontododi to , -.EO-OUR TU'lE t.ORIDA LINE{ II - rom . lr itbile to Ail tare,a t - *aleaves Mobtic everVy dy at three o'clock. pm per LT S ruit boat Lor tell'sa I.nadtai, above,-t e.tte four pott enaches to Poaaear-.ia'thltr'w matutnttllS to (Lgrane' ,where th.aend route i· resnuted-thence vt Maltinnea and lwuvnsville, Fin. Btinbidgre, Pinderttlern, fluwktinsville. Saun.dltrevi;I. & Loui 'vltler rtAugusealr, Coa, clnnecting r,.nutrly wotih the rail romd cars to Charleston, a'id the steam siacke' t, Now York, N.,rttlk, Pit. ,t, phiu ole. T"1t ratouni.tRmitt le te hbest or thI mervice, ald the olaitation presents mor r advn -nes, t ht-a l tit be founld ulpon anly at, attboatt routt: ItI tle southi. ern rr._ior. The nrlt imprneov ntlt in ' h.- rllti htenae bteen produedy l the eoittrruc titon of fi mllilt uf IltIWo "oal. , ib the ,r,,priht s, viz : fl'4l1l Lf. ,m. ai e on Lltay rte tihrut, on o r:n of Hltli frtsa tl.y, to Bryin:'e errr, of ate Chtttt h-t.tchro iver, en ,ib a ahov, th: Cwvl.ird, or 14 ,.tove C(edr bildt whereby tIlo l:taitanllll of the rivet. nldt tI:r Cot. squenit detIlitto,:ue, and mtonr reltt ill Vel ie nt tcros.i' n at the J'owl rOt, are E llt lrly i av Iidrld, a.d a iteo i .n . ll tfron .i l iarutinn dir-ct tli U irotoritte,. ir.stcad oit t rhe r-t a t.ib: ut r id tvia Chstrnho ,heee. rele eila lhrldwance htult forty mile+s, and ir":rea..ig the fcelites more than Al,. L. lntt't Ilr of tawo hnetrre tiero ever other day It,, II '. kioate I,., vi. P. rry t . co, it G U aiIoIIIIrti.g wtilh"t. e ;in to bo ealt..lh anld yDarietn, G.,. a A mIil stt amhnbe t t lie re"l- rlv baeween Biniruldge and Apiet'okit.otn. 'tI ratvli rS; wntishi 's to reach any I nolt ('tha'tnh, c,,l he o r Ailatlch: cola, uon itke iatrP o t tItt t tt n.viiiHe. th llaile to P| nee."ln--1 wild RouU.o--lurig the time occup ed yv ithrepairs or boa's, the prourw. d tlrs of the Firida line willn t iun lin of blnt . horse pit concheus aeery o:letr day betwelvn otll h bilnatid Petancolt,. P lsseer us wrill leave .I ,!,il, oa 3 O'. lck,. p :n, in the U .sm i hto and procted to llall'is Lnod Sin, where a lour htorse r-toch will o' to toti illo ito t convey them to lthe exetlleit hoiueof Mr. Ciharller SHall, I 14 mile distaut, h whtre they will find r, fIea.-l aceollmmod'ltio fohtr tht' night-leaving d trnext tlorllinu , they will : ,trve ill Peost cult cartl in thela e+,.+, , thus avo:,!tnd t d:s-ca o:ttit of et nillt tri vei ! tl t _ h Oi il ,he th ,lansion lous, riMohilt, and CIl. lion' l11oel, PLensa. ola: , where et, s llnllbl tie ste. a IOYL to MAY, Iliono, Sign, and t)'rnamto.tI - D 'aitterts, N. 3 Carjoulltl c street, two doors aron Id jC nai street. Id ,inattions of the followitg wootds and marblets, us ,ecuted l l a masterll Imnimielr. .adhtgitt ,F Iy p oti: ack id gold, o. k, (tittla anld .. ti tico, Piollatrd do, Orientl.l oI verd a tlliqtue tg Curled do, .Jasper, . Curled Maple, :Blood 5toue, SBiirds 1ye iu, h)arby :r:l ite, Satin iood, Potoluac, td fair Wood, Dove or lnrdello, r Yew Tree, Ituian White. d C.roorllllllle or Black Si i:,lnn and Breetella, n- Hose ootd, Aterinll Grey, tAsh \"hite Oak, kc. k b tc. SC0ur-led 'lIm, ri Specimens to be seen at the shop. Paints, eils, n- glass, copal varnish, ko. uon had otlor sale. nil 36 Chlarres sreatr, New ('irleans. W. M SERIGEANT & CI. inmpirters o French W anId Enalish China and E.arthen wre. are now opening newV nid ricnh ,a;ittersa f hrcakfsa', dining and it a srrvic'es t aile i scts, pitcheh s, tle and clffee cups, :epotFs,, creams, Iowles, plates, dishes, Itreensi, wash ,asine an. ewers, lo t baths, erc. rtc . Rch cuI iand pilin French and Amenrienn glas. ware-- .ollets, chllgllllsll~~ Ilto ade', jellir s, clarers, wines, errr als, cenltre htowsr , dllanters, I e nblers, prerserve drlheis, celeries, piichersa,ia isalt , amp shade and gla"sts, candle shlados, sal cel ers, etc. Silver plated, bronzedl and iritna wivarrF-cn tors, ligi]hr stands, cakLe hb skets, elnd!, branllches, spons,n ladle. cotlffea dl h IteIIIptssuigps, creair. Inllmps janlnned trays, nastral stand and ha gilal lii111ne ,ine utillery', ermallln siver spoons ansd hark,. together with a urent variety Iofrticlest fnr fa llllly luse Merhani a, planllle.s, hoit Is, and steambonls, nrlrnihed w:h ttlod at the olll t rea pirices, and pan kedtl so us to be conlveyl d with safely to nly p.r oflr the cIounry. Aflo, l p itlecarrit ' an lnsi ' ars , tot ' COAL - iThe alll actrltlrs havn e l'ln.l+nitllly~ 'I lhand a liarge supply of)I I C nllnllel allnd L.iverpotlI. coall, na bulIl, of su perior quality, whitih they offer lot saleI in Ilos to suit purchasaras. Alsot expected b the first arrivnils frnln Etgit Innd and the Norlhr, 'nnmel, Lehigh and 1'eaCh 3.oitsntain Coal, hbrken andl screned, put p ill iigtherdIsexpreasly for lattily usI--all to' wi ht thly will llspse ta n the mosll t moderate. trlla . Orders Irli at their ,lfice, No. 53 1icinvltle st. uPI sittre, sill be prompntly attended o t .I & A .ItlT .' Negro l'rhts,blanl tetr , flannels, Imsels,lawell shliriniuns, et cks, lianens. clcoes, hanrlkercl ts. &i' &e rteceived and for ase low by the .hseno be.s ROTA & Co. . "-t, c'arne Can t.and Ct tres at N E E IV tjttof-Stnununs dotttt & co astt no reo eiving trout on terd ships 'a.zoo, nd Saratoga Andbrig Ctlatolrdia, front New York, a great variety ol goods in their line, which together witht their oilerl I stock on hI.nd, makes their s swas, ent ver.:, tlete. 'le lollowinng eum r poear aprt iz: ellt-iCt, 4.,,r: e, talk and diderstig ontiar, ie do of ll dtiesnript ions, t dia ribbher, silk ald torsted elastic chriers, natltton line elarm ic solespndtrs, loco fac o nnd Iruihr marches, Seidlitz pawders, pow do er ltts lled Ioxesi, toilet pder, pocket books and wallets, needle book., *,vll, pearl, ia,,rv and ct"or-jeo card eases, head orltuuett, d lail co ral edIedg ehrcklaes saln eig teg e, Loud , bl Il-ad "ritenaet,cut t lasse tand peli.uerd,.edhtrand diltet y Sdallleil bealtd8 s, rI t be dlls aln i y ristol ellnd Inlel ow. termusi l ,ksholr bels, hins.-', h ilt, p rkedt u sd li li ia ti Stol.; ti,itle tiad single fturrelled ti IOt . Bowsie keive srst btiis·,, pris orian i tOrs beit die shit stdd cioiln and silbbver ntwril cru.e, oilothll kll airI ei tort,atedi and oridlt i ctdr, rniuo e ll I, wtcilr, rasl'led sselnl:s, slid extracti', P'tc ; c .noe, ie , ar, l i, e td Vll'ttrl , v rin platiOnt, lile:' and gtthitnr tl' dll, f rsend durce:in musicatl sork boxes, plain ai ire ilt, figurie,ofo at arti est are oiLtt ee.r a dt wolrle er s ,idsill ccrunt udd laoi tl silver Shell om roir. t tee ,t void new istkc trulnict ire tile rdicr, lras It sI'rel lanle Ut, t h iks ltd t'ee, hali pi , rrt I tI tioa fruitt, hlk and red ink,liction, suckig,r b lirls and gurittr o ,t b jati plainbl prertssioara ins, cfid tly rco, ented culsh to nsgold ated mas tile iantlr, atter ct e rre llr ton b rialtdh, it never s lving tunc htd lO prlor inl a g..1d, platen a 'l gilt jcwihy \c. The avet, tounder with a t ggrvaietd oFircuslprti lesa. Iret; o het o htivld t:le odrcdt:dil on uoution of!tio eir :Asley Cooper of Ioo; Sir Bjain C N B Shell cobs repair.t y' T i) f1E LADI . I IItl IL' ; TIr Infy, Alfcr lr to S S Idrt'l I tl'' REI ritllts, new iustruner t tr rtt rdin r lopicarl: Dr lal sbothsttri, ourr tt Ionlog f thI Walomb, by e trut aptonlic:turrnto sperse inl the uslyn of thlo pt jiottpitnabl so pr by sa iry eitiid.vialy rComoqetled to the afll, Lee,d as the ansl, rt perfect restir ta. Dr hlorrth, reidet ne having fated ofe performing a uredi, even under ti tAouct r aggr.iateod circultesta Duees. I ,S s received the drecided ap NroaYtior of prir Astry Coopera o London ; Sir B jamprin Iflodto ; Sir Janttes Clark, Physitian to Qt u uoeen; Dr A . L or ofn tidt nfitry to Guy' lesHy Newta ; Dr Rigoy, lecturer to St trfancis, Uto w; Dr Grilffth, lrecturer to tVestmin-ier llospital: Dr lstn, boithte, lecturer tod Sioncil hospital ; Robert Frgusoidn, lecturer to Wci, tmlte tr lying-in hospJ lcN; Dr Swealotan, lcturer to iftiddlesex rhospital. and senior nreooheui to Qtuteoen Cuarlttc'a lying; n ospita ne- also by llo.ry Davies, lColqtl S it undoslckn,Lternr Ludlor , eurgeoon VKache, &o. r, Dr NIorreau, presidemt at the Acadetmt Is.ttooalu JGraon ediint, ulari, and Acouln,:r to thesr disucte. Duishda: adhy ticn rs- d in Ntee U S t ors. rofeorull, OW firance 4 Vsey t, iAsto IIprue Ni sor of iwifeonary ian to niverppl ty of te av y i ttof New York, profs. Defrld TruRead Francisr, U Jwill estn, kepsdett Cou.ty M dL SteietyE, tauN Oriet ns l resid Crptnr, Natchiety State or N Yorkl, pWod.sJ MeNoughtmot of Albany, tir.- March, 'Iron t'e.t. kvilles, Doan-Drs Ma'llo, oydmph, i bo; \ r Smith, losac, Staer ns. Ludlaow, a t-noani, Vtdee, Pwille Grayson,d Va Rlstoolaer, atd mlR n L oti,er dtioronc Spguitshd rophysic s in t U States.. A ed a very, Ofexie 4 Vosey oft, Anto, olluse N York. "3' A constant supply of the nhroe iflstrntnttts, with Dr iful'a imrtved t'rrussea ftr Ueria, will be kandpt y KnivesICKLES & ' N ri, n, A G Carpenter, Natchez; Stone &. ,Mrah, Wood. tifsle; Loth and Mallory, Monmphis; \t P tVril.:s MonNairay and HIamiltoni do; R L i'hssr, Florences C Stpotswood, Athons. t ILtE :`tubt ribers, Agents for tte extensive lino of S &V.&.. Butcher, Sheftield, Enr'lioun, Iave just sceh'ed a very exttenive set of sin' ort.te, eonsisting o, atrle sod Iteso-rt Knives ni s" -* d'ecriltiorn, lien, i Dnkt, and Spear point lEnstoa, tfooe, Sis .urn, Ergt- l'oot,&e. moo. &et. which they are prepared . alxhibit to til trade aor arder. Tersn hsd cotdltionrs will te madeo known at the time. s.46 J. .DBEIN & A CIIEN.N90 Common st. W Yo'rk & ailti nmoreo ackets ' FOR NEW YORK. - OI.MIES' IcINE OF PACKETS-To sail every ch RI JI other Monday. Tlhit1iI to.iu.. to n..ed of am ships, viz: i Shit, Victnore', Coin i Bxll nksr, N)ov. -'5th ' fli ,, nrLvANS, - earsa, Dec. 9th duil ,, Iorselt, - A , o 'rd11 ARKANSAS, - Danio.,Jai. Hfh in. , AslAVI.L, - Wool, ,, 11th 'l'hlio'ei,1r ra . ,si thtii first etoioo, coitid. Roil emi euppr faisleoe, , o d hh.v:dug hboo. built ill Niew Yorsi eoxiprtselh for this trtl,--lhey are of light lo..otllt ofAl waftor. ad atollst iwnvhriul eml a c ha l lar wti'hot any co detetnlliolt Fllit.ri- I.oetostolte y o laoo ' lilotis weill exilerle d i, thie tIrde, andm t will olývats exert ihimsieleoo Ito rclonn.titote-tlheo will als eatys hetowed ito'pid ilown the river, and will piolnptiy sail as ad and to tiie f tho lira+tqi i liity will alwa be folrnoisi hll, to and every aleiltion paid to tIh comfort audmatid#thtiuo it ITie pocw of c.lbin paatlge is fixed at °v70, wvithout wi'o io Aquor. Fior fa.hiu r partilah r ioe a do $y to I Wa 2 A Cili-:N, ll90 (.,.miot A1 'Piae ships tare not Ioutliailei fotr breakiage of ehlss, rust firon or sItel, n r rolnson si'. ,l fr I ts pi cknlll eek.e fr par, l, l nlte.* ol rr ,,I r it ( o hfltdior is tfi8 d1 lilhel ir" fr.1 l\t, 1 s' it1 ".\1I I lV \t u.LA .LANL..1.. E. n. t-i Till1 IN 1.1 will I citpted of even il.h,1i, which acwill s e ttl t.h i ithe. Irlhlowiugorder,viia: hip St. hitrv, It \V I-otter. ,oustor.t S1h.p Troy, H. Ihlekludo, of, iif ster. Shlii lietplouhei. J '4 \Wil..t, er. `hip Auburn, FI Connell, toIt-ter. nepI w shl~ i) l, ralt lorlJ (1 Itu lvll, oias er. newtc hi p rl. % reli..o -l-o, It fcCe.rret ,.,anler. New ship rFi orlioldt, V I. ' llo, I ster. T"hnoe Shipe ore till of Ili first, e li. dntions for ipasncers li nsi urpIssed fo cofoii and t Inle· ieIe, .d iablyl coillil l Cnd Ci d. I, begre fil, l Ill-tl li tt will e0 bhsel veJ indl pnthl l n t i Io It imi a tldvoertiled, lad ieve l r ns-nuha acoiu I "v,- freighlto on idtoot w,, Yltli\y 01 tt tIEou sai i ItTIEIL Le 1ID. LW,,i66 l'limp at 1 4R-)l NEW YORK. [. [I.ulsiana acd Now Ybrk Line of Packets ] TI 1I,; Shirps composing this line will sail Teiin eOra Oleans and Now York on every other Mdn day-coiullllleucing on the 211th November-dad to insure the punctulihty in the lime of a.iliing, the lin will lireataler e onlis-t tof lire Rsliils, viz: Shill Yazoo, Caipta' Tran.., to leave on the 011th Novelmber. Ship Louisville, Captain Painter, to leave on the 4th December. Ship Iliutsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th Decemlber. Ship Vicksbhurg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave oni the lst January. Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th iof January. Is The above are all now, of the first class, copper do and copper fto.tened, and upwards of 5!)0 tons burtlon, are of light draught of watere, being buill mi New York expressly for the trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: thleir cabins are Sfititd up in the most iOmproved and convenient j plan, and finished in a noet and elegant styl - i, Amplo stores of the first quailty will be provided, o and every regard paid to ile cnfolrt and entlire altisfaction of passengers, wlho will please take no. lice that no berth can be secured until paid Ilr at Sthe offce of the cootsignees. T'lhese vessels are coltlmmanded by captains well eI Crienced in the trade, who will give every at telioll and xlcrt tlhelnslelves to aconluodlte. 'I'hm will at all illines be lowed upl alnd downl tie Missis osippl by steamboailts, land the strictest ipunctuality obse-rved in tlhe liite of sailiog. The owners of these atehi, will not be responsi. ble for any letter, larcel or paikage, sent lby or pilut il board of tliel, ullless regular bill of lading be seigled therefor, at the counting louseo of the eiagent or owecre. For Ilrthlir plaricullar apiply to J D BEIN & A COIIEN, enov21 '- 90 Counnon st .. . . .. .. .......--1~ . - .. . .. . .~ ... .. NEW ORLELANS AND ItALTIMORE LINE (lt PACIE IT'S. This line will consist of the fillowiig veolsels which have bhen built or purchased expressly lir the trade, viz: Ship seam no , Capt. aeter, Bark Mary, " Nieheeson, la Irad Ferry, inew iI Steve[ns, SSOllolll Saltue, " Lutham, ltrig Arclituct, a Gray. I'helie ,vesls arlo of t [le first classn, have han. ouln lnrlnihel d :,cmcllllllti odlatioln, aild aeL o f aI liglt dralt of water, sot as tio adeit oithier reeieivihg aild aliseharging their cargoes in haltittae, at //e city. Fruiht wi tll be taken for ports on the tlChesao1l ke or Jalaes' River, antd fitrwar:led by ate gelntlsa, Messrs. CLARKIiE & 1iZELLitt(G, at Baltmlore: expenses on goads shippeiCd wtill bo itdvaniaitd twhen rcqtiired. 'The prie a tf i ossago Is fixed at $1(il, ample storns ofathb b st qaalaty will he preavidad. Ste.,la up antd daUawi thu MtIsiSSippi avIll be tUkaoi on il ocrc;lsi ls. For freight or passage, aplply to GEO. IEDFORID, nov21 22 Ihaenvile st. -ftV (RLttl- Nd & CHl I l-.STaIN IA\CKT(FS Thli illl cOnslls s IfI laiur vea- el.c', ,il lhea lirsct Hasc, coltlt-rad Ilind ralppiir tost. ened, cald oi nI: a 2l )111 ianIs curthen, rwilth halndsome umot:il nllllllld:ltlti r a ie ).~CaS n erq. v ssls are corallllllllndlld o )" Cnpc inis : i el aa xi.rieac'l h ito the tr de, who vw ll aive eoerp at EIi l a-a n -cl a , ert Ihacselvn s ta ntca,:ntidal, i l. ab ship ,cr* . "'Tl, will b howe'd lip rilld I dowii itl+e alverall t~lta-vlro I)i-:lliVlc ls-uS-ilpi, nnt Itlve Niw Orlean- 'n or efaore lrhe Itlh tied Ial: -,I , iary Inllth. Tih followhiu v rattn eolpot: e tile ' ik vi. : Iltra Arcabi::,Claol:-a (. reton, ecoocer. 8ila t -.pcanv J.1. Itlnoaa ona , mai r. rIng AhI,.ena, J. Doanit, maier, al-a Iagtr VJhh n:. , at . A1 lih ers- mai,: r. FPr Ir:tightt tr io.saaet, ntptly iaa 3. A. BARELLI S.Co, I t llllllaon st. Nw Oilleans, or hI. t la.rd-e:,CtaiIhlln, oc I hTI.-'. iF LOItISIAN A--'alish of trlealis 1.1 C n1nrl u l Pr,,bate. a i ll wta: thease presints Ima concern a t .lw to, acRl t wlrl2:- lli ll 1ark'r, a r,,t - hi w' ic \l; ,i %ll ", , :lh Nl t.l y a st. l tl i,, -i N, . (tl , I ,,, I , . ,lth i,. hPt ill lh,. 111; n lr i lt lr ll Nth l , ::icin I 1 la , i t l he htl i I t ,e .r Or il <. a lh-r*.a ii. fI- IteNall h c)N a: 1:DVIll il: < ip \1: NTd h*iln , alninity t.o ile pca Ih hle INlalature , 1 ah - lac t e :i n't :h d a , A l ac! f r tli i.: a:: ercs a a tlll t ll;td 1 r i l:i:rc a. r IcatI I lif i sale+, " nalOlvl .; 10 h Ib +l· .11:Cre i 11 l'3 , lno' ( he ca-r'o usalliatain aeaj corn a? t I ' 'i o a lllltl s i l l, Gl in ce ht n- lt d . r Ot I tr I l I 'I.roba ,t tn a . r I t. c a i iat ri' to and tct-:al it- kats alaat le- 1thes~ \r{'h a·v ll" .'1 W { !C irli h r lI! i +' lR eI h. l( Ir·11( ,irI c- ;it, Ilh snyalttd et hl h-lltrtlrI i inty endsh, mull rcu'!ered in th~e use;.ci"t; of. Na nll I, tll r ('*x ,aIiI Cin l ll ,Inepet {' l lustop m1j11. l . Sn -ii h l. t el Ih l c r d e 1,rs o r1 s aI d .juI , n1, 9 .:, '!to I lllt' l , III II;Il IIl IbIPlr l .e t, ra'It;it the cvlrh ~~lr tI:-\i~iloll l oibel actil r aU I IntsIII r trrI' 1 -tt, ,,ng i hl e e dllll ,,rr ,Is i h dI : ,I rncl llWPIII+ I .ul LC l .,e -n inl.Jl. rd day ni IFet, r htelrv 1 ,Ii n hurtilbed and ri+ rry LdtL ,in n II. B. C. ai:, t sq. N.otra; Pathl:-, atd iasl af.,r Itho leg a: lhl t1oil:t ptl ol. altitl hot bJ cn tll lel: in Regiam, oat \iclcl dil apycee, for aI , y pubhl natIc ionl , the aicalt, day a, f p.I y, re thousaaia l th t h tnn rtl ,at a thirt,.eio tt hr e nc it ola ih alarcna id tlat tcsinllc l i i ahe late NTIIht l l I') o 1 dIaetcdheld ah hletd prcetory heraiaalher deser Ibiu zhl u, ulo irir shiothe lls, t ou tce.i nI , whlll 'ln pr, I r t I ois adjlu.i:cia d :tth i'l t He ilthla UNalktlCe t ai lat tat:d h lI-est abidti cr a lt rin, tlaltl, r that aola -irer ttttt attof sttva ncete th ui at:::: doll rs. .sc-r.iftloan a! the protperty ais gaee in the Judicial Ilher: , land all tho riahta, prrvia- ,es, c Ot av ia wa s, ac r uhn,. aii i :vit. thrac lo1121!2 ,.r 11 tiny, ite aplprinlinti ot t at+ i- to i sutlbulrb SI t. r 11 it 111 _.1. thl fil q ual re! hboil ds ,eathht atd h-i,2iated by Ibe ilmi l s sev n lti lh, ia cestltrl ,,i ldrl . FIticat .k \\h tha ; .ai eant t vtelte ni tav-.c'r Otittrola u-dc-r date at! althe Cse t-tih aJalap ta \atit+O e thor h aneI rilit htltda redt l adi na -),iah:: a atd t:: jostthd i: h: o{ e ,1 II. t. (Caita I-.'q. tat:O ry - np- l e a r ltt ci each to-rat:o ,iat laa a tact- ba1 It ath atat, a ty I t:::,r eath twenittI I : alt- v r, ineca ii, bix llce lianti oil said [,ildi,.s stredl. y .lulya lhlee leui +,levcn inche.-and M..x lit. s in ,I, i,ih tWcwren Par+ sllhl! ttai [A toi tt t t l . Toatati--aaie atad hitt lar ctradiri f ra Ct ro v d hcdcha d aacoa ottltp by tect al ohrtgtg.. until finsl p i l tm ll a t te vl y,, alrpt a pt r ns w ho tee et up any rig.t, -i tha iOr t .i , it a i- ta the Iat-v ,I geato d aid w!id ,,llll!,7sisr ,in dh+Pcrihcd, in consequentce ot infhormalihy inl 1he o litr. ih n, l o ir juldgmeln: be tr t r -, -ta t land uh ar a h-a l It .a-a .tlas t t el at! ,i ani3 ire.guill I ea P,2 tttty i t uh l lairttstnertall or adaaeriatcttat ic l liAie eid atna , r - sale, t, hr ta1y o.h! r c use or -t ea It-ta , wha ,t, -eaor, are ht rt, tbV cied anld aldtlllll:s.led io sho~w w, tiihn th1 l ta --a I t!i nih aaahe a !i as vical why lt talt:: tha.:! a ne a tr -tortall, at o hl iout be a-ttiatad atcd hlaclnthagatd i:iaoi-eota.rdan:c ait thu nlaphtion ui soii puch iier. WVittt sa hma" hand and che ra! o sahi cauatr oati Pro uatec, ahs onatd day aic May, A- I. 1.139. [L. S W.jV. C. IUtI'LIISPIS, nol l04tlat Ita-nc-clrut ItVil' ?LUR-- .blo Itdtiag rtea .. 'io,,.t .atio.n. . iaay7 4dN'n Lever JUsT cUBLISHREnfRlOM SiREQtVFP$ PLaTES 'l e Pith ,.ri.V,,' IROVLETT'S TAlLES OF IN''ERlf's: T 0 which is ic vt Rl elcd a Avenge 'rhit C'lel-x tor, en y cv mthntls for fictlie the 1 v.rcxc e ,ime t oit islortst.e f ltoteo'llor l ii|sd l oh xl'+islloxiht n l'. clxxsti lit dtlfe~mt sll'cx sl n e i iTcrciie crc cudees .! it riPous Lmouletts; hesiden uh i.d aun coilcc cote al'anki'w r" T'ime Tac'le, the hEl i 1ht cron lie crt'icVe+. U. ilt . c n xlres cnl I'r within the samue ectilesreli uospais, list zce 14 i tic. A ve'tisnmelt i ti book in l ine neslli y thle isllotw in. wor,4s: 'ilnclig s li ititintion this work Ices receied tlihrollh li the ten le islative nits prefixled Ic dc title plcge, is c re eonmmenda|:ltion iln itse~ll so nuct.ommloe).,s .4nIt s) cocluo sive, th nllthtliny is ncesslry more lltic i, ws:1 oi t;in vertlsemntt(, to give a conll lnsd r'vi.wd of m'ci. its ,c illli trilcis:,: s f~.ii li:st.ce, Ih i. tetr st 'ci' h c lmp l i edI I'lm,ond. cotn| ,+parleld ".ith whiat is es llivalet+to Iour |n*+ liel setspe e entic1a()'stiour .xtllyct ill tle cxrcsi tsitlt- liCve till.e, m I 'I 'rillteld imII t'Ceity ' e ' lat es ticc, I thirtSityts-tIII t tims, t xitom all tsshieh i stl't ht evidtll I reven' to the skeplutic (e . ieciclly n, thv pe sonl ofAthe i ie tnl +f prooF in thle Ipl't,|b'ee) thiat tile wcr'k mulst Ibe arillI m.eth. Ily nhltllible, and hn cll nfilltluxin iltlhis bli.ils tr'enmium oI t w hndeih lId I ,+ s ,llvllr he nw o il.r It ccxsx dtetittiiujitticfii'i' irrit ofcicet it.. eth it in oc ifth ldiltiol, cls ex wsl,'s pd in tile t",i e nllstkinisth Ike i .ri imlit s-l..te for itic slet eicigclor stllh t ltil irs Inhls ie :IIIt I il l tI}e ten i i's, l 0. n. l the l~t t, onsietnsit feiltsires Os ylte ll'Ls ti ciitle llrIii'lSillcclEltll f tlte illcle alcIs A cttllllts which fr exdith.,,. mI~brinc, wh. h he hp of the +hide tod i.,hex, annt11n he. xcx.elh.d; atnl th...sulty tv aid ttse whih i hich the i hcc cel' l can i- I; ikehe xciuh' of gseiictl bsitcss, withou'it doiubsslisex ii'i'iiics i .hes+idl,.s ; con.venh.iece as essunt ial, that iln the. esllmt. II new~ men11~~ and public 000i erls who hanve ma~lle elril ntuse 'Flitl tll illilix it. llu'e ur s-l y cellitittctIlc cli i1Itl c ci llx nii itfsi clllr xitlilllli nhi i I'.lcsthOhtlc e ii tlctelstiltl itci Il till work, it hsll btkieen ulillglishcedll i l h ho.),lllill Ilt ll.~le' ils~" clll s, W . iii i i xtil.i h lll'ls'rx i ct ti " Icic Illtic unit ult i uucixe c i' imiltst ' list AiualIc uuti icid iieIii tHril'hlit of te, n elbod orLI1· ll·igkinall adoPtd I in'l .II cnompos:ing I1he work, and the lexraord~in a~~ry· unmble r an valll ielt ol l he t', illtioln and I lst of eve.riy e tll lio It ha+s pasedinS li|the lressel cotwhthstaundinlg lhe la uole is ill tler ei., loxisihlUlg. il s6ll, . he positive 'cuHrc1t.y sicr c " iht Ui ulpeci lnSi sti eal. emplor od, the ve Slumehns "he,..l.helduI and Cmlhaticaly styled " the loht \n l sldtuflll unelr SIl tile ewslk;" los cetelailly I:o II :IIC I lle bllglll iln nin l, c I iol, hfll as i l te seill hih 11 sillet-(I t Si"t- Fei,, el ) . el'ea in , ll S llt l h C I.Y S Illlt3llllll br allll vllriey of tetJ·r il th sminlmber of editors; I+o, lntor onelf the numberllll~... asI is cleally phw in, thil]Ile ~relhime. Beidells, allls l te u d standl~l.lrl, itha++l been p Icltl :llli vrlecedl ill unerly alll lhe banlk andlltli I alllh +lierts inl lle Unlite tatl esIl,, lnll hy the' pulblic govrnllyllv dhulin,, lhe low: period oft thhrty'five orevr, y+et 11,' terrlor of ihe +cal ellndatetls hast etel, lbtee linlual ill prlilll. althnlugh collillU tully chlmle'.ged h} the oll'er el' wtry large pIr€lmilltls. 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I is lik ie wo·t ri of ntti e, Ill ed il eed prolt )er ite ltl stit e illle whien of l ti e eill le it ll il slllll'illl. o thieve los, hi hils ti hafle e tis iilok ou its like sIt i t Iep - ed illthe usuntI mlli illnelr stollle, 11% tile mlot c etllllllom elt l eal uleoiinf i tie warhel, sta tllnellk s thhe d mowi k st - Altiyliu, e iiiiiailsoeni iilin oni r i of i iiof shu elnih wit uld, aiult to a ei til' liliV hI le hIo rn ielf. t1)1 Ile I 0ii1 tin i lllill .i" d ittio .C , l'11 (f e|litl ii lllt iill "t ttfift ledt dni pide, as in e prittee du fie lrleipitninihs. Bti sii i rfek ct sald ie ruirhle tilure thiee tel'e ll i e ltlte ofithis el kll. ell In:IC thilt Illec e e tlelll i i tilhe li I t nm I' hell alllmd eX a di I exte llltlil i ii Iuettio i ln Eis , frt Ihl nciitll bult i itt, Ilth lle l (ly dvei llsleidelll) inlld xlahtly ktpt ihll I n|l ice al' t s aeUial tilti ), l ex.cllt withiiuul se I" ill . nIvltilll. i lillei ituu tii lli tIli ill ue hilikSe u ii lI .tlllu illlll' tihlliie il tutu telulutlhillft IIiitie iiuittdl Ie llihitd IIIe il lesttiut ust vliv o it ne ureface which, in this t Ithiin[ Ionlletni'lln tht1I01o hin tIul nd raclllllf tc lput It i lien an d tul l tioli reiius hi at, ie n iih etei is al th s ulltn isdlllllhllll ilt lu lls l t tll so much lpl aivt, :d w It llh iln lie hety ll is of t lh il IatiL n, nci t eat C i llrsuu I eidillli· . si asi s i i1 time, a'm 1T9 1w 3 o lsflus t.nd the itim 1 1it ' " 70t 0 le, s iisi 6116 ch.l'f eliel iiti bliur 'm l s b:yr Is i . l'llltret e tclhe math n. catII I, lles n he i ,dlis h'il rlelll ' aud [.ll itll)' m fth: i ll elim h iticlly sylllelu h disueet aw und genrtnsily o the wlublklic most, certainly It Pr'sice ) t te b ofdean ,s i sle ad l e I saes nol b I l ira le a11 the , 'fir moa' \pl'rt t ine ,.ltlhel l d tle Nut , II hl/tru, s dre ..' "I'u'all, 1U3 Ilrlo:Ldwa;" W.h l e'n' I , e nuellllloit i:i. call h in te p Ie clliy. n'd wl iinveer eal r ie b a pessonls e a esi n red l irgive c r its no mlt i ir ed - o mll alii im trbe Iun nprnatouhc liu IVi-llud ll'" yarn.ti t in ,l w " 'l.'l rent]+ t I ml + fl,lvll l th,. lt|lte~r 8 111id 1h, +n I)I il·IT I er Ily irlulesul o e retail . liI- pllices a re ollldtirat, o nI tile ii lit oi fl + e arll 'leu l s tl i ipe o r I t yliy e l'III br olui t wtolhr Tl e. Tit,+o b tl ll a i -ri t o r It r i ni loet iiold01 I, c Itllor tI·(I reII C Vlll li~l{,~l tll , |IIT1 RI llI elll lot l 8 t,e < h ni h e sb Tr e t rnto o.vethit a ir wl i tio ' i i' ti ehli, lit. ' i lh tol, . e lliil ii llit ' ii o. il.tiio dit.r c ilt li iwoter. 'T'Iorlhhk arnt.ll'oh or ocleito. ill-en|Ju ohin lien., Tloe iinnolineor iii var otiih wihloti oolietl, &% &t. p8 lliNNiII. H TAI;NEI 8I LIUII OIUDEN'II -It has Ib.+n Iloln u.Psel. bIth lire ollot ili h,, north with uniforlll sllres. Ior elenlltnillr itnd wlellilg lh, l I.rlil, and orevl llllnn the 1.1hlootlehlt; Iprtservu. th r, C~1nn. porlltilln lII btriali, nilt rle clnl, all tll.nroI.1 l li h tl ile mottIh I.s lilable in oolhlier r IIt h l. MA1,lh RY A lI, KLA D r'pietltly an. ILo ilOtlos to Iher lrientl nlnd the public gee-. tlly th it he 1 relrrli eiili eo a oOiroiloate iheiiiti nle llhoi ei lliihmollt, oitd hlotllea fritn her ixelrtiolns Loi elldor jvii.Lors coJlnfjilbitleC tO receive Scuntiiiiiuaceu ol' Irloner fivrer. Slle feels cuoli. lnt that tper'a-s v nttieI Covi:gto3n dorinl the Illilolnr imlnlllth, euoioto iltilnd better 'eCCoiImmUtd.ltiollh tilan 'lie cooll atord telmli, on ilern tliberal ter.ll. Olur lome i llasaetly .itnluiad, and oowell rlppliod wit c 03ry itnvenilci; taloe bor ic tirnilheo.d with til iollot chloice lhquiors, Lo. ill hort,she IrUnlies m"at n gthinll shall b willling Onil her to give Itir nlis.tliilrion tI,. atll who lilay patroolizo Oli li siaippii aid L,,,,uiia. a lotel. je3 i..ithione Uanr, lerthiaryr &A'.-A altetooliil .ril ho i 'o t l'opiie, put up expralsly tor til reltai e ; ; altti hte purli rl etito' lt'P 'erliilu r, rlalll - o.r' i vr ri v rit iety for the itolll, lIir salh b. 2 ll I-11r~o & D'ILAN(. . fla 1 dIto G 's I In crites. lr an line, hr cil]tii.o f ith. Iloir i Bear's 0il, clte \ii, h. tuItatrio r pl t:lll rll 0 r hio p whir, c ir llnlln +ef rouin,' ve-,etablie rull .+, oil of ros ,' hp stlh'i, lre,,s.+te hm th wash, o .itt ttil: tiorlt rilice, olalfe II ieiir i.ahlr, powol..r pelfr, tnid boxe. AIlrilcn ncl:lr.alll, it, ly pilul1 t oti, i I tollr I nce l iit lo, Pi eas. t,, cboS en,,n , lkr'on.,iew 0l . t I toe, wh det:opo, It|10 1 bru ihs, E,2lih h drlrra lila c ibn +1s, Iniitan Ii uIr oil, toy n wlitly nO ethel pIortir,.etil'es, Ilee. tir eotoo h C. J. 'I'IIINCllARIL)r oci 3 cornir ot Cnll tI and Dulr .ou o st IRON, ,'ERI. & llE OPt iiOO)IDS-llat, aquireo anelld hunloiron, eell n.aoL'ted.I lhitol, sroll atioiItlhd'iiiU o i uTO u td o r l od eoloIh C:Ut, (trlnllrl, sheal., blistered, spr'i.g, lrieet ntld lillio ot'aie, clit anlol wrolllgl ilails lalld spiikted Z_].h, Llocok th., edill aud gralut llULnest s.|l kclties (Chioilo i.tloles, eIocehors, hotIe tix, log o ii d . luotiu c ill \lVhe, ltt11 ttgtot p Itili 000 l i '.l' ooepI. 'M te Unlil, ,nl0l nolkilng loei :s.o Altos, liowioltn:oitod Ithint . aspadesbr d toi eIoels Iloh k l tl i tlale l ihges, dIoiI ''ld wil'oi w i ookl s h IlltI ls I 1t t holt.e al lohel, lillot lb:iitd uil 0 l:0 ll0 o till iillolnl uii'l'eiitll Ioill |ti lo lre ,. A t ull t blSttti 'tiiio till h tRl a' t l sh chainlleryt solea oi hidit , alit which are ul'i' ted f'"r alip at lo I salv on, retail, ou the miost thri~oable, telnus, by n o b L.iY.Itl " 0. 5. ihol l.e ee. Int lslAN A FURNITOURE WAREROOdS N I. i e, 'livP ltl lrr'.. . i ' l I A I it .\ I t tl , en111 oIl ro'el orie9 rI r' in. i. chlllrry b-dstno-lr, t mii! oyanl Ih~nd1 arlleth l tli. 1. "aIl - ooLt I ni l rn'o't' l'ofloio . el' ....i I liltlti 0 ctl itototi• tt 1 i otI1 'ettnil tltll., nb-ih ll i-t, oil" til dioc'.la a'n.lrll~'iteo~e ci lO ll, tnto. lty ornll ~l.i n'nilld, lookkinFg glassea,othlolllr.e., ItedhlingyA. &d. .ll1 . E tl er r priot ed ( ,i trim e ,toio ti n wnie nret moe eno' 13 RUSHTON & ASRPINALL'S C OMPOUND TONIC MIIX'TUIE..--A speedy A and certain cure for the Frver and Aune, remittent and intermlitlent t.everre; prepareld from thle orignoal recipe. Uned with eminent and uni ers:l sueeeass in 1839, Iby persons of tile highet " restectabtility it thlis city, as sltated in the annexed ncrtifi ritt trs. 'This miedicin in highlly reconmrmended, and has been extenively uied itt the above dieeaeoa with uchi distinwruished suarce, that the prpirintor of tihe recipe trI beetn indoletd to uffer itt t the pnel. lie i" it peereent feorm in the htpe :it may ce thiet means cfd ircevinp mrer c, those who are nsuffrrinr ucdlur the sce',at of ll counctry. It is a enlodicine pils.srenint or.i tvirtnie, and wlr n a len l acegrlin" to ithe direrticni has nnvar failed of Pthelitl . etre, .evntl in teIllo Irat nhlinleat starge o. thcle disordter. It is notrtatI l dicearreyatle, and Iertsols of Il r weakest stcomclllll , trllld ehiililen inay i take iit witih m nity. It strtengtheiin the direstivr Seorcans. reratLes an nIa)ppite, nld Ctr nlrr n requirTs m1or(r Ltilt ineri, or il orstirnntte eecs, two ollttlies Ito eftfc, a cure. 'I'lr'ro is nlrihlr mercury nor arsonic in the reedcline, nor any thini inrurious to the hIImaii cIIIstlitutlion. The proprietors nr. sowell convilned of its elfncyoth .t they n.ree to rerund the price of every Ibttle which ha:s been I takan in aecordirnet w;ith tire diretieons and Ilra Snoet ecfted a r pnrfiel curn of thie fov'r & ague. S A. OIIVI'R, sole aeRt for New Orleansr, at his wholesale artrd relail drug ard mtledicile store, Scorner of Birnlvile and Chartres sltreet. S For DiatrictL Agencics applv to jo5 T. W. SM it'll, 48 Conti t. e Drus cnid .tledirincr. t* J 15 $ , ow"V lt lose [,*,aled. hils~el! tl n I his city tMr hI IH tePur se rr tranr.Iacliln t a Iec teral \t'lllesahlt e. Db..ublsiness, Hle s Isnwrec'ivinff a full..nlp l d of trsh and genu'ltli ,P arti,'h'sl which hi will sell ,r libral terl tcctrto t drtit 'istt, tltld rtt osta of e [ itniterior, t f sini inr r rriciar ts r nr d c rrl ntri r he w ill ,th ',r inldlee( ent such n heL neer be. fr h t l flt ,I i this et iv. i lisi ir9n in i t iet lco r rrctrlier I i t rate reai e rss. aids slear wil ) soo n [1e ,i 1 ( , an in cm few ,eek will bere Sic f.r bt sinei l . All orders trel c he cour try,rc int s frol merrhaitc et ' i- i ity, rert-iving such order e .ill be pro rl tly aitetrded to. arid2 Nir3lCamepnt Hovyal (oli" e of Phygietica , Lodonl. 7 Ill; ori t|anal \tr-etablsio liingii Ini-rsil Un di oinl, prteIarel by IV Miskin, Esq. lemlln of the Io.tal Colleoi g of S"o.oeoo, Licentiate of Ap tlht oI:l'mr lpanyl Fiellow iot liyIt tourt Societyl, Sugero i te It oyilt Uionn tPension Asrciatilon, Lanasosero Ilic W, .aterloo lridlge, oal Perpietual Pupil of (;uy' nld St. iT'ho,i:1s'so loinsiials, lnmlton. T'his vahahle lmedicine. th:e resultl of twentl.r ealrs' :xit'vrive'l. *uld unparallelcel surreys in the extensive and i ;iht resplectable practice. of the lropriety, patro niseId Ivy th'. th'leitt and nobility, ald is now introduc'd tI the otaiee of the American Imblic, tit lhe a.trntst so iiliu io f a imomber ot'genltlelmenl of loon anld high tandli;g in the profession. It is hoI.d, as a prelini linry step,, to check the evils al fatal cousequences arising fiolm tile usel of tIhe lllneroIs atl deleteriousi nosl"us Itoisted . i the mpublic hy thre aid of ihiciatcd i proois of Iilaculoosio ire, allla otherirallds, by)a set of v~ll:t mo Ilunprincgpled prletendcrs so totally- ignotalt O iii c al o scielne, that it imposible tie monstrosll Idlulsilt.alln :lly lonIger go dowln witllh the inlltelligell people of lhis country. 1These. pills, mild and agrlaeble in their tollre, shotid .e kept in every Ifoily in .ises of suddenl illness, fo, by their prompt admiistratlnn hlchalen, c slnlps! , is le-s aodll other alasirling compllaillnts,. hll too oleln lprove liltal, may te speedi Iv ttllred or prevenelldl. In faet, all those who valulle gool Ihc.thh, shmld never bhe wilthout theml. Thtey are soih' itl Intlr ioits ar511 c sfe,$lll, ~ H1 o2 or:lcIh, lir.y IlrSy ro ialtli druggist, toiskstk|tlr, and illllllroi f Ilodl.ilv. in tilt Ulnite) Shates, I I.-oladas, itllh colwiunderections, togetilr aith elnOllials of proi.siiomll ability oimioo thle i.llo g ilog roiltt goiiltlellirI: Silr Astles (fousa. , Aileloolllthv, ,llllm IllIsltltl, ,.. I)., .V. Issi l, I. I)., I I. Atol IKey, A. Frampton, i. I)., anll numerous olheir. The origiOii s may he seen II possssion of the (el.ell Agent, by , 1iti tell: i dll iss it llmporltell ilto tlis c,rulllllry, aml to whom all applications for agencies must be madle. JNt). IIlottiElNd; 129 \V:t,Irly lace, N. York, Sole (Genlll211 orm the United SItates, Sc. I NI:oV t rti'le fir pl,i.r ir troubl,.I with han.,. hltin voice &+ ttirindi,.o tisis tlvarot oastmorn '*Villwho has evllr 00 i0 obillltige l In ll r ll ith a v,,rv 'd n pii ni, tIllr st he fuliv o l .I vIn of t lhe ilic te silan t rn !)nrr.:a;· lllmlotl I ,Xil'll'l I Io." holhlh 1 1" .+llwm .lk - an [[to in. ,liih'..l.r . rlllllltl.?l\. r' nl;111te . ISM' t ile V . f, r " o i.i ar TI I.m Ili= u'Iri lil l l.h.) ,llly ti I lii "I'I' s sio .1000, T GUION.", 1 I s tore.em-ner oii" i'i, m n bud St Chltlesir Mts l;!,lJ r hr. I,;x. :L l!+n9 lIn-t l.: ... ... ... .. [.0 '1ll11 PUBtI.IC.-'Ie' LL *LLOI.oiL d. (Loo g tIll o oudiid undr lDr, oUtl.nidt (ot CILhalestoL, SoLthL Caro)lina, , :d for sml yor7 hi0 . assistanlt ill tle I'practice of nldiCioe and tI.g1"ry, has the lolehi r it ,t;r.. r0 L ,OLOO ' , i o -ij d gotO tlot ilnO thatn t1L h' 1 lprompt alitution trill bor paid I0 the cLlls which lnay he 0lmd';L and also oilLrs his servets to tLiLe holdo ro0 ot'.lLtves, being wtll acli t0 ted wilh the diseases cmlrnl to them, having attended then iLL I..o lsugar htouse ill CloLolib to. . Th I' o'nlolh ali hlllll"OL p il!ls a t0or te llh OllIcmpot tiol ., PlioLt.s- or So t lletto,. LLith dit'L onllo , callL bo had II the undersigned. The elltbet wcllCI tLhey h.tve ?roduLcrd in this and other ceLitt , has b.ootn atellded ,llh the grltealet OuLLoCesOt, to which Lhe beLst of toto're'les can be given. Apply at No. 166 Moaga. ino street. JNO. .'1LURoING. of .ew ()leall ; 1 ho0le;lls0 IlF. A-CV. of Noot. loZ" II I larnis, Kelley &Co., of Iod" loev, ooas doitsLved oit loe:2ot lI ovlast, by'Io the dealLh l OInllLL A Maoono >he of the partuers m the fir us. 7'h,_ undersigued, surviving partners, will be charged withetit setllllng anll d c(llllng .ld bullsilless iS ; feIIows: Ievi C Ilalri t will tllend to the seltllllg o|'thPe I nesislt'Ss orf Masoo, Ilarris& Co..,0 at 0ulcez; and l l MIlii Kl er rh Co.,il IRodney; and Ihury Krllhv will aIR(ld to h.o settling of thLe business ol'D elleyl , ..i to & Cot. It Now Or lalLs. 'I o t illles of lhe oseverl firms will be 'l'holse iuld(rbtod to( suid firnls aire earnestly relqllue+ted ocote for lrd id iLt illake eLOrly Selt lelmetllt; ai. LIthusI having claiLwlls oill please o IIto ll ti w ilhl oll tdelay. II:VI C IIARIS, IIENRLY KELLEY. Cow Orleans, June 27, 1837. ROWANID 8 TONIC MIXI'[URE, F,1,r FL.Kit AND AGC'E. T rN years have not yet elapsed since it was first regularly lbLlil toI to the public; but it has atlained tiL highlest reputation; anld has sup. plantedlL every other mllelcilc. foLr lthe Ague, whoLtrev. cr it has been known anld appr ri:hted. Already hoLs it etoLL crtrlrid iLLn every dLoretliol o oglthout the Ullited Status, and sttil roelizo o Lore tilan could havle b:heen aliillatridby its uIo 0:.tllsgtllllU e friendS. Tol'utsall Ilo ipeursonr Ilavel oilt Ollly IeIIen relievedl, but restored t. tolie , and vigor Ihorough its aoen. ey: and tlhey now eheerftily tertdOy, al o very op tportunity, to its detldld anlld supretme ellietey. I. is compolO d of sueh iodlllcinatl ilrllncille.s as are calculated to, renlle tll healthly :eotin oftle stolm ae0', lover, and other important digestlive or'glos, tle loss of which Iharmony ijo the imlomediate cause of tile diacUse. I is apparent also, tIh it it rolu. Cs n n Ctir0 chanLge IIol tile condiltion of tile systrlll, oot ceraioly destroys the native lioloility too rlap oes of the al'foction. When the Agoe I. attended with any otLher comnplaint, the etnpIooylrntlt of tiLe 'Totnie Ixtu-o wio!.l Lot interiere wli theo treat. Iooto of thoe other oi-rast, but oil evenl afolrd as. slstinLce bIy lurnishing Lsrength and vigor to the body during the eou:r'e of treatmenot. Those wotho moku use ol this L nid0icino may be assured that thlre is no Arsenic, Iaorks, llerotry, or any other article in its eompoLstoLtn olfrilend y'to tiL hlllll constitution; bteing entlrely a ve;ge/able extract; and thley mnay hlave additional cotnidence Io theI use thereof, whelit they peretvu thllt it hlls t el f fect of a gent n laxative about tile tloiet half a bot. tie fill Ias boen taooln--in uoot(sqlluenceU of whicll, I thero is no part of the Inedlein: lftli to linger in tile bowtls to cause obotroutions, and other evils, arising fronl the use of manlly of tile remedies now ottobrd for ti.e cure of this altfootionl. It has been used also as a preventive, by m.lony who were 6sub ject to a Iperodical reorLrrenoe of fte Chills, and it hlat Invariably;t: warded otif lle approhelded attaeK. I Observe! T''he Proprietor, filly saotisied to ith tOhe Uonp.arllelod tiad universa .uccBs.00 0 vhich las cLt. It ttanltly attenlded a pullotual and re.llar use of te 'Ponic Mnxture, in all ,otsos of Fever and Aguoe, tgels warranted Ino eng ging to refund the (price to all thosoe who iave takeno thle illedlicino 000 strict ae cerdanee witll thoe prescribed dirretlooos, rtthlout lhaving btte!o perfnctly tolld lostingly uored. '1lhe sullbacrlbers are the wllNitesltle agents for tie Southll Vetern Sates, slid laveF oil lald six ty caesa.t of, this mledlcne, which is warranted fIresh and g.Uioe.o For salo at thle aIllallnuc urel d iprious J.ALt I.S & AN iIot\tt , WVholI,'ile IDrtegl s. iov27 rot Co.ioo Tl'eholotitoolht .o'eet. Il .1,L . FOR "1 A H T '7ET1' . j I IEz o tolllolisll:d rellll0t0 t cudll0 0 0 l0th(0 lly ll0erea ou Polllore of I ILO ioth, oha ilolued tie subil.elr ollbr it to the Allltliettl 1)llbo.. anllgcllltl s hav hIeln l tle too so(p it lg a.s ill all thie I elpttl l clu a0l0I hloto , inl t01e IUottd Stiotes, so a too ltc- it 10 i wae re t .t l tho-e solio liu n hl lik ly tu s i-r th'. usea . .II u pplied to toLrlilng to directionl s mivoeo toot bottle, it hals ileVel Ithi.ral r 0, to i il i ltedTiatr- and Ii nt·lll re I.f. It al00 arr0nt Ithe drecay ll defleetiv tllo.'I, anhl relieve8s dlt oltess vht t isicllo frequeutlo runderl a ilong tootltl Itloos '1he ujltdiot an, all Lelledyv e o lllt:teh , ionllo oclle t. aln ot lillealntll; Ithe large i t.el r lof pillsols inl rl dii I'r llt oohtiol fo r lt.,alutla+r ef|lwts IsIomTL LIoe use of the |lhdr, l tl o ,liai h tol hot.r (toiotle public good) their t tertiouo to t uu =ill,led yol; hltr es. 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P.j C-LCIc SG' fA+ N late of the C~lllhridg.' i'llitelsit¥ i¥ A inc. llff (ilvrdr i illlnlnl 1 oIfclri lllng h (·lIn i+eI of Ii Nrnlul or ,'lrell llPo pell h itl Ill rloNo ts Ies ·I. "' i 1 l il . i, Ili foua" ye ,!.". Ii ctvnr h ad~ l " : ll. p1, ;h 'l . i i ll) , ,111 o 1f N holl he has cur. e.l- w Iio rd his 1d1 . ire, ex lt t welJv,,, oflr'rs fr( lll r I rnvo II.II.p rath r Si . l -h . r1,to ruesi ol hl . s. 1. w span rl isi ii ,,,. flll do blhly iaid t+ hDlln lll l In l llli i i ol hll ll I u ego, mrr.l ellldh. I',ILP, fsdlll" of 1114+111 } illlrlllilla far Iesit. ernsl,, u(vokc., ler lh slirr".ohlieut wl.Ichldli?, ildO, tiglon, Jrlllio., Irl7 rnchld , htlpu hll. o1f islf destruclion, il 111/, h'., "irl. cllr~,Leo by thi. ill550l runllt discovely. Ains e, Apply) t Co -, (y ton beallborne mIsI ittn W Orleans tIRALTI! AND IIEAUTY, Ti-MACII FI LI+--Aa n elrnlnnt medic'.l writer has rema l. k ell, anlld expn rrr e ha rl. prved ire C.,st. t th, rwe'l ra £ al Io 1•e p,111 fIIi0 dn5alll n ld a ntl ·irels Pllprpelpr nirdrf p ll l Iirl null i su old mgr ; tll or tl wi', dle 1hll purpose itho ex'uIllt orJ ,:l rrd IIIIII flowers'~l, rllnl t le mIost I"oc I t} 2 a lntacl "1, npInllfltIhll. {f the .Stll)rlll Me i,.. "l'hry ha I l all C~loes, I-tv,' up .11 tfll, o eve~ry otIher flillli,, ins ilo the+ €ife o Sl ul iver e .e lle lit , Ions of Iilr ll le, sidt il lo ll. lp."iullo" umi¢in 1 oPa pp,. .ol ulfltr ill. lsoolures ol I va' hnmlll .m I : f colll ulV .(rt-lll t~ 11t ruo I.t~i tllCIII at I+ll h e, th filell n, lt|he~y elllh 111 tlouh slll t.l,tsr iP J5; ilh ullt 1o11 r S1 hv it|t the stomach, ninl nvigc ;nd sir cntttuin.I' b; xh ! ! Is'! I)oI)1, rrne o( ,t 'cti s nnlr,i liei , hkil Ii lnui foel, l,alrs, heali t oolI~h Ido-orlilg II t orreolll[I . |ll:rsol,, a " s Ilel~l ro, h lht. hlo arr ubj.+et In hon,I aslhes,, l ~++",,1111- Ililll. Ie(sin of sochL iit1,...111. , c.. hi) e II tvl Iiio r slll Ilow ii1" blood t' 0hP hlI.hlld~k tl. frcl lll,+tlll), (Phnldl l~,ee lrtlllr.ii I orl ell ages. IiUav'tllt, them at env l rrlr, lll ll , i,' "11 n aI ont'Oll anly Illre.Ill+ n.. ui I-y olprtle l I hl 1 ,1 irip'se. I'lllilll"llln i or rest rirtinuOfl ,'h t. "'I'hry rholl hl i ill Sci"s ,'molly. asi rtell .d.ii .lctl od" -tddten illll.;. I'r, by. their pnrpll iiiI d ~. itrll (l:le , holenri llOl'ltl. er1-,11;), spw,+ )111, f err,r nlnlI olt ers |llrlllilll ry tlalll nlt "l , iiniy Ile. i~cddy eurliI or prl oV ll|.ll, 1 JAT"l'---Inhe- d~ttl Itua int hutla +t.'i,).m (iudlties bra • i. I. an low crmw..s hnnli,, hies :`t. LoI s,. fur sale by I1 1, IM IM tI-'",. ' 1'11, 1117 131 11 .'.zi..' o T W. COLL.-NS United St,Alts' (.'ont~znlivstuner. AIppoinh',| by the Fedlera+l lon.t,lllt New OIc.'n,. (~'ll+:x hNm,: I19t,,t,.l Il'), i'i;-+.,. Ce A*Vll)' lIj+.1111 '.r'. ; nuvd es and h.'+ ary. I,I" • I;I \hlreh 11117; ,l, Jl+.hteur, Act of 178:)| anld ofihe, acts. o|" (Conerr, tP. s1 tit ii ..&,"ain II.;I ant, pr,i-Irit.. otaidl (7111vlmisioller 1,a, Cr llg]tdlralble exfl~ric ,el t Ind "l.ea f rl la ol calption end set tificle w she h It o stoodI I|1,>SuyeleSt aerullny of the aLle,+t Lal of yernl. Arl[RINT'ING iPAPERt AND) I'IRIN'I'FEh+S' INoK-- Jnlal received a qulantity of Int ,erial and duuhl e aediu,ti Printing" Paper;, ean,@ a aul'piv .f Jnhnaon and I1hnrant',+Printing Ink, and fir sale bys e! ALEIX "1"OW'."A l, 411 Camp~t I M31 Beulemilamai. The Great Eastern Msail is closed every day at 10 a.clock A. M. Is due ever)day at 4 P. M. The Lake Mail (.in Covlngtona, La..) Is closed essary Mlcndry, Wecrtesdrl antd Friday, at 6 en'clek, A. M. I' daur every ''uesldty, Thlureday, and saturdavstt P. M. the lolasrirille or Riser Mail is clored every Mon day, WRodnsdlor, and entnrdav, at 3 P. 31. Is oont asrd returned bly tranlbouts. Arrives irregularly three tintes a week. The Bayou Sara or Coast Mail is clotes'every Tl'resdayv ad Friday, at 8 P. A1. Is sent and returned by tarethboa to. The Alexandria or Red Rider MaUlis etal irregu las ly by steamhonta twico. week. LOUISVILLE OR RIVER BMAIL. Mornday, ) Weidnesdy and Close at 8 o'clock, P. AI. rturdy, Coast l MAIL. ' fuesdrny and Closesat 8 o'cleck. P.M. - Saot lrlay, J EAN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER a eare morc of this superior Coltagrr wrater, just eivede1 rIin firr sole ry tihe tloren or single lotle. Also American ned I'stench toilet powders, powder pufl' aundrhnxeo,l shring nand toilet enapestcosmeric wash ulls, mlilk ilf rosre, cosmetire cold crunm, extrac o 'misk, keplhalnc, Word's vegitable hair oil, pomratuln,. siretmere Pd er, :lo idn. INver rose nd o a ly watres, earesa o!l's onlt, Mlrseilles prerfumery in trunks vereeta. ille s nil liqrid rrt., k(hlrins reed Orris tooth wasb. cloll,hoes, toosth, hrini and Ileah bruesres; together wielth n ddlliial rsl R IV of f ablotRtnble froerl arod shell cobs sanll jeseelll'elr vol low at wholesale a or rtaie by "SIMMONS, IIART1' &CO, _iju!y 70 Chartres street. Iffl uadlersigred hrvlne rreiirm.meced holminess .o R IDroieit r ari Apothecary, in tis store 'wared ty Mi. . esob Ors, at the earnerref Tivrlk airsle nlnd Tritn \Walk, rerspetaully selieilsa share of ter poulie pntrahrder anda renewal o( the favors rls hisr firllrer cuotrrnera. 'the entire strek un DIIrrrg, mlelirires rnl loney arriEIea is f'resh an car fully stelec..d. The fullowing only are par ts riculsized, viz : I'vre Stis1, S.idtli's and Sanct.aset PF. drse. Y sait Prowders, bring a wholeisne end elegan a surtitaute for yeast, oI faising bread, buckwheat Bullet's Effervescert Mnlgnesia Apperient-a ll leasrt and gente prgeatioein deylpep1os or indi. .i retiin, nervrus debiliry, giddrteere, headache. neaty tI illes tonlneh, habitualc usttvourecuta. Ieous eruprtions, tec. Cnrpiea'el's Fluid Extrnct of serseparilla f Spu rif, Ise lc ble ill'o, se dlo d alid cubehls, &c. wni'slll Panacos ad Vermtfage t British an - Ilar,e ol si, Opodleldic. &ec. , Relined L qgerirce, jirjbe and Guaatsave paste tl'To thi ctb shes. N S PreTicer' enrihnie denlris ifire, chlrinl Ierolh, powder eutilfs aid bhxes, :I' erle ,P c ai sttisn lri(' i .entrifire, chlor.i e tooth wash r powder I'fii Iand .b r. IPreetice's scented an e plain tilest ipowdelr. pnsa.tuta crerme de'e ornnue flsoer, rrors, I,.vernler and I'lorida waters, us of the beot quliries. Irowland's MacassalrOil, Old. r btlrt's balls of C.olumlbia, beao's ,il, a variety of " Iceifer and other marches, indtlible mnarkingia - superior Illack ilnk, &e. e sperm Dnd tlined whale oil. Ilsy's Linian '1 A Irsh o.srtlenot of Thorbulrn'sGarden Be a c 2 GEORGE JONE .. IIOWANIt'S TONIC MIXTURE, FoI erroament and ertre oft.e Fever and e. IT will ie' retdili ditItaireu d t herein othe T ioe Mix Stoe is u ieriot t tlee ordinary de of Ireting . e Ievler nd Aglr. Ini the lfiet pldc, betoga Vege aide l.xtinct. and free fret, tyi deletPeritusI and piieton; tee intgedients, it rtivl e taken wil the nsttoos(teaf1. 4 .. even, lit the rnderr nt, or aged inalid. ht e Irr veins rt meaof tillh dis eas coell ett lelllly theconeti illl *in regaills its wonted Ilns aid activity.i extohl lishes a n, I n nl d porttmlxent epratite, by invigora tig It' tItoelllllt.lld give a relish to tleenjoiy)ments ol tte. Ieille ig 'llt liir itll larei a irgattoetlr qality, it rtnnite tllhe ilorls inrlease Ihis dlitsirer, tre to ereae. oiler diollseo., biot thlm rltgiIly eclantxee 1 te ser eral or Gullst dit e lig o, anil thuIta beleft s tile ays em ailit whllteer teoltl ai.ttiol ijt Ia)y" be oppreased Individuale, auefr te ie ofIlhe Tmtit l lixtreo rl rd hb'en expolsdl II ill thle lslllal eanmpe of tIle dlnru ao ll hlln l + r o ms l'l e d a n y B y nl ll It n l ( fe1111 " I t e nll r; w h pl s b yr i1e ,tflhe tt tlllllllIt llltt Jeet iert thereo in alwtys crea ted 1I1 itncreoed liability It relurretlce. The dangel ifl I'relllitll Illinaself Itl Ague, i. very e 2d it, 01 llat 1Mtrtl will saton hecollle too mutlo poetm lie aide t0 reei t with ki hedii.ll e, eni ell . lily'l l rim to II Ic icatoiilt vtitenle The '10 ie Al T ixture iflrlrd fit sulch ei resoollalle iriTc, as in ilale it i ilte the tetm of exg' ole!- htie lot lie pool ant dertitu er I'rr e, s, 1hO i~hell , tl.t ·,isut 'ce,wnb l tsolicitin I10 ai , tl ntl ithe a diiewh ethlrh I qUemealy denied Itll h' I; 1elr ' t'rller llolllv el.t d 1& . 'llh ,ill Icr ale -Jo i l ct lttlld itgint the ejpt oion t litatitl' of this mediteie, tiot are diily ollerae It ,, .ellmld 1n111 by Dr. John R. RewsnnI at his 'IrLho o lel il'rlere lil thle lll'leltll aentllt for Ite t l ,"ilro lt. l· , ,tull ll salll by th cil £ro , at i l. .ite. '1',l It hd aI r[ettoil eon Aiiotlewist~ i1n1th rile. J.hllhIS & ANI)DRE'WS, W hotiie.tile Ilirtgoi tii, rot C ott x ,' i liiit lae a rIle tsu-lslriboelr ire Ilow rtuivillg frolm their fan. torr iti Ntew York, slid will keept ostrnltly uo hlnlll a sonarosl ant.orlett,lif inblirbhl Mantle Pieces oeosupl're r wlirkititllltlhlt , ltlid ofelte ifest plattern, made of the 't Egyjptitan, hItlian, Irihl and Alllerlculo mairble. Aloo, olollUtlllntlt , T'lteby and trove.t SItti, ttu itcli and ploitl ills and ltiole. Ilrlble itoellas, hl,;trtli and Ibltidatry ,t ne, pIlaster f i'orir, IhIIIItl di Ilydrauoiie Celtentt ant; I laolter. g liir, togetllher with a llletldid aorfnrerltet t oi I a.e.Ill.tltulet d il ahin ut(r lata and Runsiat Irote tales of lthe tlweat t lnd lllmtt approved pullo.n.a. IltoLrintg ltone in to iolenatet ialnner and at the rtmst notiol. They have first rale workmen t¢ +" 1-77a work. aAM" ' AIN & STROUa NA - - NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA n si cret di aus s, for w hic i I h ave elIpli d to se ., rul dlctor* ILr a cuere, and they did notcu e me. o nolw 4o1. thle undve aste cI r ,it ny te no D r h eof Doctor , t cure oe. lSiltce thatt tilue thet Ilie( e g et worse 8e as to break out t urge u sce to eotheIr f six or eight on ea I leg, e8d ell oven eIy lac, ad olre tl,ruut, and not able to work at he lreotttiA, Oil ctuoet of the disease Irge Iulcer on the right Pide of thie throat. I an n utling osybehp cehfidenttly older the care of Dr. d luet, ,f Purid, to be pertectly cured JOHN DEAN. feb 14 lv r 1O CERTIFY that tle above met;unetd distease i Squite well curt dto amy own sutaltser le of or whih I tiouk lr. loot,; aod toreover I oasre thult tIe mcdi-. itle I huve takel ulevs loe Pet, and did not iojre ern Illhl ao t all ; tIereitore I advi,. my. f low suflat rrs to lohe nlo tite uSl alpply to Dr A. Ituel, 128 Cunrl leat, cIt I)eoln Dah., nlol tourbotn etcet 1)nt r. It fti .it hle furolmtt 9l YO.oi. A t, tntil 4 1' .I 1'lwill lied u ttltedt,'h,r for IIIiv t-Vnlalm l" IIN ItLEAN.l Ih r re. If nt olAeP molotIo to ree ele ull)e it Ni,. 4l'ttrovier NR' Orleans. 1et, I, 1838. JOIN EIAN. O.1i AlR) & CO'S Boston and New Orlean, SLi of' I'uPcket Ships.--''it, new line of hIipa bas been expreusly built to run between tihe above torts, and wnil ba loud of nuitable draft of raterk acconuodotlions for panusngers, and every affork ill Iho toado to gtve geoerel tmlia!ietion, 'l'h in is comtposed ofttio fo Itwing alhip: Cl.erokoe, 415 tons Caopt. J Halrding, Caroliou, 401I do S Lenit.t, Chlrlcston, 374 do 1) Eldridge. Colultbotna, 625 do U Barker Seamaon, 940 do J Hlowes, 'loutthny, (625 do 1) tllumphrey. itoe uaove ohips are all now.of" the fit rt ns,, coaJlcpr fastnted and noppered, eolnmonded by nte, of great expericece, have largo accommtodationn. with separate u ladies cabint; every atrtentiotn will b o, d to pa'ongor, otalid tite ory Lest of stores pro viedr lor them. 'Theu oueketr will hbe twed up ntd down the Mis sissippl, lnd the strictest ptnttutoliy nolseryed Is, thie titO of suiling, fled should tile relular vessels bht detained in arrnlviug, other sllipa equally as goor will in all eases be subsaittlod. A;share of Jyutrtq age is solicited, and tLo ignins ptrdge thletitlves t% aeonulnoudatlo a l much us practiecale, to reeiv, and forward goods by a id line at tihe amost modern ulte chlarges, and to udvancoe al uxpoe.tes on glooda shipped, if re+ttired. The nhips will leave the let and 16t11h of eoe uotilot. Folr fIuight or passnge, npply to the agenlts. , A t. 1ll`4 'YTF',2t Conmmn sat. N. B. Advacie,teontn urtde on conSignma:;tt. to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 CAI'TAIN IAIIt'iLYATI"'S NEW NOVELS Ratolio the Rejre, by the ttuthor oi Peter Sitptle, by Cutmeigos, or a WViter at Shl .oso I Il'"fielI .;,, L ewC,. ,Stuta, bV Cualtai. Basil llall1,Revel Nary, 1.. r Lord Ruolda+, u ruioancee It, Allan CtnoingaloteI vol. lheppard Lee. . tittez by tbiitoelft i 2 voels. J CLoupteolioua Jlitoloy oj ]tal, taunsloted from original Italtnt, by Nolhtmttl (ireean, in Ivql.or ltitg No. 79 uof litropr's Eatlily Lihrarv. VYul. :t . 4 el the oew Ceolnlicte av a iaoilt edition of 'l'asthino lo Ireiu.'a Il'orko. IRoger's 'aesrle anod Etglistl, Ditiorey, it 1 vol, 3re. A't-geot'a Frech wled lEnglishk Diclionar/. ALcoe-A tlitw tore coUies ouf Cottbon'a 'hrtenttglral "Ihiettot." LargoSedorvc rytr'u (titit*uuose of uporter ofttnt. ity, withI riutla, lIillirur llollo -1t.4 alnd 2 I-2 itchtep. Oiltt'llsr iw oyed rtillic ttetejapt ed jou llicitird !.llt . .t &u. &u. &r. J ust receiverd, for tdla by ntoll BENJ. LEVY. 'J '1tI hetatbor h itli tr sovle ,i, :.el nrlirl, tonieII latllltl, anl (tf.:rt ehCot for ale io n +re ly e a~ u . .Idab It r n's. ,17 ItlfNN.A IlEI., 4+3 "It'rhdpimtts 1at g a 001 , .lttol . the rigl, t.1 oh itt g uI lrun utllbo n I .. '. I. 'fi l t or ,rlhl+ tl to ,0t'e d ,.I CI,,,ut I , ,t 'e ,.,tc t o s ;:u ,u , l, ,,,,, ,t ed nre tpmletl) tire nd lutew,. f I"~fels m0 tn Le kIllwll, nll a udllll I r. ,1tl atO; a cot, tohletIroot i oppolite I. t lar.' or. eAt,l Tcheplllt. lon at. ot. l. L' COG \, OELL & Co e

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