Newspaper of True American, December 24, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated December 24, 1839 Page 1
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Pitta___1__y _________ N[EV ORLEANS, TUESDAY MORNING, DECEMBER~ _____ `4____.-Y Te'rms of the Newspaper Press of New Orlentns ananilnoualv agreed tot as adljourned Icrelilleg of the P'roprielure, held on the 13th of SMarch, 1837. Suascarrrot us.-Twelve Dollars for theIdaily pa anonn, payable semi-unually in advance: toll dollars fIr the tri-weekly country paper, payable one ear iloalvnllcs, whlrr no city refernce Its given. Five dellars fur the \Weekly; pavnyable it. adlvanee. No * ihae;ription will hoe discotinuned until arrearages are, BIttlod. In cas of diccontinuunce, one week's notice in writtag omnst oe ilsvarlablygiven, previous to th apiration of subscriptlion. ... Apv.HTisio.-o- )ll dollar per snleare for tile lirl aedrtien, andg halr that price for aclh stulcequert sene: anelu mteril alturailen Iro' thlte original ndverti:ealcelo - will be charged as a new one. YaARt.r AliVyencelsat.--3lcrcll ants and Trra er, orty dollars fei English alone, anl sixty far noth Inl -gdag.n cBalks, Ianeruann Oficesa, anll other silinr public institutions, fifty dollars in Etenlich taly, end tlghty for iloth In laogaos Sllip and Sitecaml,o,et raC orls, or cecnan.i(ooien nUrelotes acty dollars in Eligliul a, ld etighlty Ior butll languages. MARRIaGSa, OBIToARn NOTICeaS, and artielei sall nlag the atleotlon of tis pnldin to sales o prlpertly. -ards of pasalagers, hbenfits, &.ec. &e. will he RAilre I Wae dollar per square for the erse ilseartion in cacl in. CaoiwnteCAnont, or Adreertinemnlts, cf any person at nature, wcha ndiisuilll.a shall be chbargd double and in advanee. A deduction of twety.fierr percent. will lie mnde t: Auctitneo rs, S.lerife, leinr er utn Wills, andl arlnrnl t sasles of real ititOe, pullilhed i. hutllh lguages alnd 50 per canot. in nagliahl alone: Il per cent. on aluae of tlher property. ADiEvRTiaKesrs N oat of the direct line otf Ius lea, ro the advertiser, aneh ast leal, auction, anll lnntn iol'sales, rannaway lavea, stray amni ,uls&. . PaC. will eo charged for telpa.atcly, amd nt the olalinmrv rates. Atr.uateISt. E oS not lcifiect I tto lie, will i. eaublished lile eionth, alid liarged accnrdlinlcly No advertianellts of lamkrullcies wdill Ie Ilnbllcihe n Iny eaoe, itless paid lier prevainIo ti inserilon, or Pay uent gu iranoeed by a reaponelile lersoll in i towc. 'ltetres lnd other places of aculncan.mni, alverlisicr daily ortloeqaison. to Ie cllnrged $1U0 bar Le nglish a. lone, and $1510 in botll.ingleage. All annoancenenits of canhliutal.s flr political nfleec will be eharged double the price of other advertise Owing to the inmense los ssataisned by newsltnel prordietour, they cane ccnce to tile ccclll.cionle that llc uaa"el of perstns whose nrcounll. hove not beet pit witlin one iontl after c rreaentctitln elall he itub knuw (aso fur as practiecale) to eacll outllr--lthy olli scinl thetnselves not io anlrertise er print for atul dAlinaqeunt anleas ill tase of adeance pcayn clds. taignea) J. C. lD: SO. Itb IErl i J. BAYON, P. P. REA, J. C. PRLENDERGAST' JOIIN GIBthSON, LUISDEN. IVees M Presr.--We. tils uldersigced, agree to abihe by the above conditions, as Ifr as tley are applicable ti weekly papers. signed) l A. B. LAWRES CE, 4li Nao ubsriptionl art taker for lees Ihan 6 aantlih .etter muasst.i n all eases, he pst aidll. - UAiROOWGATE SPRINGS laoccglllcer ecllnltv, Alallecllc. THREE DAYS JOURNEY FROM NEWV ORLEANS. t |ii proprirletor of this establialthent has the plea. EI lure If annouacing to his frlen lh the Il ulblic in general,tlhat he will le in rnadiie.s by the first Iuy al Mas to receive visites. lite will also state for the be. tefll oflhcse at a Ilistnee, that there IlicVe been llrge imeprovermente Iade, and otlhers now going on and in rapid poc.erse fbr rcNpletin, wlich will enalle thr tublt rie er to lecola nod nte a ncl lanrg lccr lnber tlha heretolore, actd ot tile amnalc time ilc ell etter. Faleili can ie aucolnlodlted itll goud mreni, lco thole who irelar actn Ilove lrgre ctbins, etaclled fCrlie the iahn building. It is dneened tonneceor.ry le a any uyllilg in particll lar of the claraeler ol tllene waiers, fur it is geterllly bolieves tllt iley are not inferior I aticy in tice Slutlli era tialta. All te aclnuntecclls tilt are geeelnll' fondat Watteriug P'laces, will Ie flund at t1lic. 'I' tLesst music tlhat this part ofl ti e• ccutrc atlcllrd, Ic bses .agaged, and will be in ealcstalt atte;ndnce atlt.t Sprisgs during the wloe seson. 'l h llouaclibcr will avail hihnelf of thils epirlunlYv n relurnling h li ifeiecced lallnks fir tle very lilere.l sullppot givenll Ililn Inqt seson, and Ihopesc Ibv tile exter` tinn thalthave Bei iencIud in imlproving and exalceclinai ilhe arolcnniclullacla to ilcerit at liberal Icnlrcllsgc ih. leieultaeat+lllt. J.NO CIRA\31. A tI)IoF[I1Y \V AI I:.,- 'lhe stbIicrllier n, nii-i Cneturets and l whclclele dclcrs in tcddler) goods, ace Ino., rletvillJ diy lite arrivals II cen ill nor- it addcitc.n to hcc c lc Sr i, tl xtell live asasn rtle llS it n llels+ in tbh lr Illll, aitle),l, wtioch lie Ill" icccc e, viz: L'dles pcil c.Mcpn.LenL J c _. i.doentlenen'i do Spliais do dci do Ileicienn do d, dt Creile de do Ic A c'r. d dt do Eccglice Ie duth's do ti.e+ilyh do do du C3re.,h; do liner. incccl Ecg. lrdlrh nni bliidlu ic unilllcc. , do do il trtic.alccs, lCd, helnna, nd ijiopnned colch lallrnes I do e s do gglgaiJ scllkeodo, ido do do lla clihellca In ray, cart ccnd wagnn dc Saddle bags, ldouble ands negl'; v.clieec; Iidlcal addll bags, Scuss Is earpec babg; best irocc Irultl eltherlioh trunke, brans Ic Ulludsld lecllthr ol Lec dc, asoouced sizes and enarcca stcyle-; hlsters urit pistol bells; :oach, gig, stlkey, twig acJd plllclltcr crp whillst wool, aeorst.d, eldot.c, nltd letlller girlhs atd suslllccea; l llrrUP leicc'hur; trclnms sraps anld worieal rhii welc; ,.i.lcn accd .clcl hbatesr bliad brcdle aend linet; S sluh collcsi , and hJr anad ntle as ellars,.cl all qeiclliti s; ccc'. ronec, Ihck, hivar.olleelp an-td ullc hl l:.t.lsi; plaied brass elid steel bcidl hbits lof ev ry drescrlllio, platerd. brats accd steel aicurs al evs r) deccrlpll;ic; plated, brails ald steel stirrups oe i every dcscrlp. tiemt Togetqer with a ecnl ,lte nssourlllcint Itc vlcrv articl icn hclr lille of bcsinea--cill ul wliclcl iey offer for sale 0n ~eeocllcicOacnaig tlercc. Tllhey will also ecllntie to re celvte ilireogllc tlic year. by packets froill New YarI, Ifrush sapplie- al elc tlhecr stucnk acple anldl ccclcpleae. KiOUIJS. DAVIDSOtN & ei, 18 15 Cainl at EiES.ll MEDIC, Ei--370 pa:kaees t resh mtetdi cines, received per recent arrivals fromn the Nt,. ,rn cities, Liverpool and |lavyn, mnkcug tleirst.uck of me Illnes as full l as any in tle S·outllrn LonstIII.y. Ti'l, r tlc coedictil lreparatiS aore f'r tlle celeibraltd aUi-t acilory otl5nuder, Wenaver & C. Iroll -IIio they will be lllsanlllv snuppliled. llnter, dahlrs uland i c sii ciline will be suppled oul rao if s l lIV ie tPtu8. AItVI.d I, ANI).fJIh: ' d7 col Co,,cOlm i n Te,.ltulhl.sea "i.Je1ISJ.O.NOtfice IIt) I vi.itle strout, con Slines lthis practice t the I.tllletn of Veuroel Disaies, n all its dilfurnt liru.. Dr. Johnsen, from a residece of nluny years in Ilos itlals in Europe, deuvted to the tretllnt ,f Vellere,al )ineases, and front his iresdot extasuivo puactice ill that particular urancll oftihe pruloeien, gtarantees a safe, speedy and ef.ectual cure to such t i ol..r ai s are ioubled wit lilly of the foillowiug diseasca, t u (iunurrhoau , (:lfals, illlelloues, Cllaecrea, Bull , Setiinul Weuklese, Adletiu of tihfe Itllldder, kiilellve, Loins, Ulrethra, Prustl'ate Cloud, Swellh:d lcuticu's, Eruptions on the Skin, uore Throuat, Pains in the Jintst. Atm the numerousnsyuptoyia which generully follow his diseaee. {ecent camas cured in two or three days without thle use of Jlercuryy, ioterraplion Ir.a Ilusineua, or altera tlin in thie lede oflivilg. A imedicine to prevent Venereal I)isease can he oh tained of lr.Johston. It is firom the recipe of the aroll Larry, a celebrated Ireclh Surgeon, and was used Ity himi during tleneneral cnclpuiia.s in wiielh lie serred us .urgeni Ginernal in the lIrelich Aruly. Sohl by Dr. Jlohnson, at his oilice. 'iiThoe persons acing any affection of Venereal Disease, and hbout king sea nvoyges, or removilng to Ihi countyy,twould do well by giving Dr. Johnson a call, is proeper medi itne tor tlleir cure in the hlrtiest tlme can be put up with written directionn fit their uine. Ofice open froem 7 in the morning until 10 o'clock at night. ABEIINETrIY'.S DYSPEPTIC El IXIR. L)r. ALbernethly, the greatesat of EIng!ish suregeoLs was opinion that aiice-telltllh of the dltseene thnt alcca mannind originate in the stoliach. This IElixir wasc used by him with the minst unprecedented soucete in tis private and public practice fr ipwards af forty years, fur the rem.nial of ,he fitlowinig dinetees: SLoss ifuppetite, Flntulency, l)intetioi of the Stout - anc,Paini in Ille sie, IIeavinessof the Ilead uand iuli nation to sleep, Irreguhtrity of tile Uewels, and in all cases wit-re Indigestion or a costive habit is found to exist. This medicine must not be numbered imong the lhotr of quack nostrums now before the public, as it is the sole invention of the ablest and most siciltifi surgeon Europe ever produced, and the secret oif pLepatint it was purchased by the agent thr a vrty large sum. It is agreaole anud pleasant to the taote, acts as a mild uaer lent.always keeps the bowels ifree, imparts vigor and etreilegtn to thle ystecn, uand chleerfullness thile Illllll end a few bottles reioives the tlUast elnirnmed canses l D)ysitpsia or indigestion, and prevets a return at ally iutunre period. Nw YORn, 17lh August, 1833. 35 Madison.street. SItat-Iln onneqeuene ofleading a sedentary life, I nave been troubled, mrnre or leass, with I.digesatio fir tsn years; for the last three yearna tiy sufferings have heeanisuiportable. i Iuve iried several ct ihcined i, and a nu.nberof quaelk iediciEes, witholt deriving any benefit. l despimred of ever obtaining aIy Ierlnaetlll relief, and resigned mnyself to tile mst Iltioteits desauii was persuanded by Iency friendtl to try Alhernielthy'e Dyspeptic Eliir. I have nowfllinlishedtte flluh btt. de. and know nt Ihow to expres tmvtl stiration of it, wonderful viniues and Ihe niracnlet ith perfunrrdt ill restorin Ince it tlat hr:lth whichl I. s tight tnot fl. ever. Send msr half a dozen bottles ac . lid exnct,i any thanks fir ice blessings you have a o erred bly rec torinn me to pntlsct health. I remain youre, JACOB MONROE. IIEMORRIIOIDS. --AY'S LINII.ENT.-No Fietion.-This ex traordinary choemictl compiaition, tihe reno!t of science, and the inventin i. a celebrated medi' cal man, tile introd.' . n of which to thle pobhlI was invested wit, tile sotoleity of a deathbhed bequest, halns since gained a reputation unllaralleld, fully sustaining the correctness of the lameunted Dr Gridley's ntst confession, that hei dared not die withlout giving to posterity the bmuofit of his knon.ledge on tiis subject," and lie therelbr., bequeathed to his Irtiend and attendant, Seionmon Ilays, the secret of his discovery. It is now eused inii the prieilpal hI.onpitals, and thei private practice iii oar coultry, first aIl ilost certainly fo ti re of te le (Pllcs, and sn exten sively andil eb tially as to blliu crhllityi, ullleor where its offee.s are witnessed ExternIIly it tcle hollowing comiplaints: For Dropsy-Creating extraordionary hbsorpti.·: ;t onece. All Swellings-Reducing them in a few ihonr llheumatism-Acute or Chlroic, givitg qutck snas. Sure Thlront-By Cancers, UIcers or Coles. Crotp and Whlooping Cough--Eatertially, acd over the Clsit. All BruniMse, Spnrains, and Burns-Curing in a few hlturs. Seores and Uloers-Whethleor fresh or long stan'ding, and fever eores. Its ulopurations auoin adults oud eildren in relhle ing rheumatlic swellings, antd leoneeniu" coughts ottld tiglhtiess of tie chest icy lelaxation of the parte, has bein srltriiu'g beyond coueptioni. 'T'hle itlllnoii remnilrk of thiose who hI:tve usod it in tIhe Piles, in " It aCts like a chtilari." 'VIEI IIL ES--'l'The riue, Sl is refUnded to any periison who will use a hIttle of Ilay's Leiineut for tile Iles. andt return tile epty boLttle without being cured. 'htese are tile positive orders of the eptprietor to the Aentt; anld out of malny thaou aldlls sold, lot one has been unsnecesselhl. Wi anight insert certficates ht auly c ollegti, bat prefer that thlnoe whlo sell thle artileo, nhutiihl en' Ibiit the .riginhal to ptrchasurs.. CAU'ION-Noee can be grneine without a eplendid sagrtveic wrepper, oi whlich is iiiy name, cad also thal of tlhe Agceots. SOLI()MON 'tAYS. S.ol whloles1le acml retail, by CO\11S'TOl'K & Co, Nuewv York, and by oune Druaggist in every town in tine Union. For salo by he Wholecale Agents, corner of Co non & Tehloupitolulas streout, sod byi the Apothlecarie geonerally. ji3i T)RRIIS& Ce. N'. 3li Chailras strn. ,c c le 'inw h ruceviiig "uand opieitllllle Illos. plPcei Shr sitantntl snd Inashin es ehtck of Cilothill theI) hlve ever exhibited i this inarketr , ecllnlSiSllll i lirt e I the fullowihh llt t ricles: i lue, Ilde lairk, lPi hlue<, IOldonl bownchIrOrli v, 'loandon seIntl)'i· and celdeen onive Irock itId rlless coanl; heavlr, stahlh oand l nrritlll Itrock coat, eiCgaliIlyI tir s d; laoncy nud plahi bltck 'nsrnlllretanr et ipantaloosls, enlhsh ard fench l~ancy le d plhile 'ilk ad al Riiu vensi; real ew llhrkit nolllorls; english anuil Ir.'lh f.u icy and pacn sarlS arid hIdkle; ;heierieia, silkh.web nlil , umi-elaslic slse pellders; cihmllulOie, ltcrirca , lII's wool, welhsh nfltn 'iht, silk nail iictito, n(it c1hinr is 1 dlinver; |lli' Iln ll IIId Cetiiou nhiIrti, with Ihi n .bo nIn h pll tiind 'ilhl'ih; nvury in 'ri hil l p itii hai dlhe silk une. trellnm ; O mtlnl't+" pwIt.IlInIInll (O 'raV I.--'l[.oh, I) h, aniiil l iri1 I, hi le nh idur lhl r Ii i ddinlii's e rls, '.e.; Sprh'ti lichi l silk a:d riindula hlkl s; plnin li :llrtl anld e Iibrohri 'J C.'tll lurll ' d0.; el k, lUllllr) ,'s Idall). uerr', llhe'rile'.h , inllll rows lh d wihl te cin',t h,1 Ili, h h',. ; er l a f whrli th y olrr Iw ihr cli'h ,,t h.h k!1 l mll"'llh llier's ue ul Nic v. I Lad. " sa Cipeoaid h,'se a ,p re e Iiiii e b, Vi , lilt, i:h , Ie1 .1 drlid ,nd :h rle' IIHI' lii iii e l~~'~~i 2 a'..1' ' ci, pr,' i s, ' ld thed nei, llll t Ill It llc ti p i l ,Illi h Il 'i.0 ec I ,ii ll ' Io ,c ohIbl Id ic t t the nit I ie'he ty I IfII ll . 1)11Cl+1ItI~ll hi tllyl ,+r tl, +,,rill, ;liilljlPh. el+ lilt+ f:1ivp+ RIrl b1llrll( t11rl, llprvit r k + heaI t , olrl III.v it ,T~s of the sk'Il, the he di Ire lqu *lin'e+ GI this sto;ti w1II ,lol ont er. a. 1c 'en n' icis l ii'Ilv, i d u loa i' 1 trellll I u c sh nvin Se p l lr lI.allln, u d alr ge Illl .. 10i1it ,1 r hIhl eaIIATl \I,;': Ik' r (l)llaho XtiPl C. c r eclll 'W1 ht Ir.(:lh:* , n atld mIIl rIlllr Inrt'+llnl Y' IItl 1 d 'i. t. y Ill 1 hII (:tltilllP[XI(II h T ilt, ·ll-i· Ie ,+It(* IjlS i vl~lll .L1i Istn ned .,++ II1I( h'£1'l+I. [: ll1 ie · (t III IIIV 3f I tlbject , SI:IC lit,, k iitciJ u l tl h 111 11hJ (·lt 1 ..[I' 1 lllt:(·(( l~ r h ,rd ritl I!, andth liu y llv, n J[ 0 Illat Id to l e s ~t1 + Ih ve [}'~l ' l eJ'I l tsu ,+e +lelt nlot metrt'ly ho lh( l U,+ .<.ry evI .l+ dUs) art ,I IslB , b tIl ¢ I' ev un to l rls ' u r .I III Ilu~ni: aiLure dtJ *'ll l '+,IP ,..J r tai at N ,+. 93 tt~t rl1 ltuilll hallit A.ClLl. 1 to lilakel,. tih:ll t to I t l t ac ..I stliiilloats (per I'ena l v.lo ll t(i ,, Itlosa i ltllll :ai d i Clho. lhatililhe Ilisi "e mi l lN tyI IoI C llr IIIu i coaches thiIN.IC Aui: .larilUlnl, C dhaNtlhbh.uliler, (litiN rh' li oali t Ve.i nliol,) liail ige, PIN t ol)l i; I hl5wl h)) the ll IInd I5(lli ville, to Augasia. A passllKeertl'akenlh hs soul :t .11,. bSile is in l!anger lof belia thrwini out or losing hits i'pre.l'ell.nce by other oIllitinlll lterestl s, a1 lhe FLI.0lth. Il) LINK is hl t IIiiIL ILCtl.I iill[ llder OIIn cot trI th'olghoul, and Imay r0l¥ wIT. rru lter rr uo1Ih,.t arrlivala Augusta ih tite' sjpecificd, throg h all acIIIh e.r Ulllillt ly seILLIIIIason, unless s o mosIIIII t I ull mie) nl Hats trolie slulll occulr. Th'e I rat New Orleans .11ai is c001rhi I li this I .ute. The Agelts Iil)l acc ullllll Lion, "l'Teams, CO)A 1iili lld 4 . riLl r Iot hllIpalLed the soullheri c llo nty. Tl'he sm.oluuth, h: , naturiial )road, the sat, and inte.r eslil; water nl\iltllioNllth tie lttle :) mmoldllntl)d~ion, altts d ills trea r ler speed, certail y, comfort, alt A Ipcas illlg s:iey; colOllcted as It 0ere ln ith e Halil Iaildl Clihall:htllS SC.. ad the stetll pckets to New Y'ork. itlelrs canlll rea.IIl New York flill New OiNrleslll .slI TI 11 iN ll0-\alsllhingtoii i lit in 12. CIl:atahonchee, Florida, we bano a I IIral e Linl via Quincy iiand 'a!lhaass~e, to St Marks, 4I bh posIt coaches, also two Branches 'roil Hawk I nsllsl. one t \lilldgeillc, and one to 1hlcon, light two hoi" IachNs, 'NILNKN'(1i1N i5 I co. AUnrIsri, Ulth 10 an. 1 N8;5. loit:cen t NC ,si|llOl lll 5 \11 bile lJislNlaue, New OSI'liAsto Moiile, 1Su nmil. .oblllile to Aguslta, 5411 l uI to Chharlest ma, I;; j (ihyll3l.t- to N New 1 Yolltk, 980l- 180 'l'Nme, N Cow Nlllal to MobilN , st uhurs A,.Nsta toi CIh.u l est I, .1I (Chlarleslln to Nerw \'orK, f. - `58 Nl:ki IG .'I liles perI di . or 7 mliles plir htIN r. intlu sive ,l" sl! stoppagOs. nov 1 N. II. I Ic Ieave to illlitln the pllahlic i bridges l.Ive the ChNathouhelllkswamp il lllrd ll Nre"k havie Usl been Cm.pleled N tht geNert' ;lernl i L0t. (1h' uily ibst( ll N tEs i era ting .LgitlsLthis sitirN ii i(esle Irole lthush)applly IvIt; and I hell , th s, drivers anIl ads atre 0 the lilsst o'aler; ai a11 s E Ill hi walte rIoute from Ii tsacti l.CI: CeIIr '' (uii, it is admit. te:d by ill who zl' e pi astcl Iriit'ugh it to be iusl irplsse iim llies beanlly slii safety. '1h1 brilges thriNuCgl, 3Georgi- 1. h9vea llllsobhell'larld. .1 1 C I(A,(I1 st JA ll.l'S, (ha. 'I'YtlRE:LI. ild other NUOV ILTIE S Chai'le 'TyrrIll,ilr the Hilher Blolod, by J ilne). Ch1vlev ,1 r thllao n o II0.nlr, by I.ady liuler. Lady ' h.oole?, or the \Vo.i la of Iluolr, by Laduly Lord Ilrouighanm, iketchll of lPulic ('h0Lract0r 2 vols. Ilil ,ricoi Skellrh. 2 lo 6llttA ienII ill Ilo lime of Gieorge tie Third, 2 v ,Is. Nicho al Nicklell, No I to 14. Jack l e; lpaerdl, N I t i 3. Adam Rlilllll other I "n lTf r!hlractor, iby Jrseld. Isabcl of Sicily, by 'l'uckerrnunu. Paul Ik :c: The! larhber Uf Paris. (lnceoallment, a new Tllel ill 2 vols. Fi albias Reign If Terror in PIaruguly Picciala, by Sat, Ihle. TheI Illnllo uptaiK . h i nupplis. Richelieu, by Bllvecx. - 4. JHIIN~, & Co. july 30th--3 w. car of St Charles & ('Collnon ils 1 ON Lt 1I1' of W\ashiniigll lls )Patrit Ien, witll Auhl at cnc1 prie, tbIe Iprloce.eds of !100 publication ate to ThiS'kitly natilllli Woirk o1letto Ito in the lhumus lof every Amriaill ; nl; odllors of the City ed country I'. * rs will conlariblt to, IlLnt hnlvoolotl object by giving tlli aILdvertli.aemlnt a fi'w iniarioll. -gnt E J()I." Y. CO). ,fellt, allu. Gthllm. Cur St Charles . ('oll1llmllnnt lEW MUSIC--0, N.liv.e lliuic; Thle an:lveinti 11 a! danayou re,nu uhalhr I!i.1 tmllilt!l qlhllnhh il II l' )runl Komn.llle; I'he Whilre i ,"ars i of m Pepper.r;l Thou comn IandI ) Love tllhou art ller m, -1111i .u. li iiN S ri I in tlhe grand IRom Itil: O)i,'a Amthe; hold Ni I rowI; A ilUS on tha ()1.01 w:lav, bII I li.lrpllI She walclied l ia" o him; F'o m let fall a t'1Tr; C.. • to Ill " a mollrnillg;I)'er the waters Iv olloniihlt; h'Thre's no (hon iike my1 own,111 arrang.ed far Ithe horp b1y T L lrr..__ !loyal WValtzes, by A F'lel Se; Qlllueli Victou'hld ouIrt Quadrilles. Just recoived d aiid Ihr ale y ,119 C O\.FY, I9 C.inp at T1O Willr ' I'1 ( II) Ihi .lAI.tR. 31 25 ea00!s No. Lead " I5 I' pur. . 250 Ib, each, 15( kegs lead. 25 Ila each, For sale by the Agenuts. JARVIS . 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S to Ill A h~l, nod i'ront "_ to .3 P' t'-uu 7 to 10 Ul the Uevmlitg. opril 4 * I I IIE AI)DDrES I, f flt|h L.Oli-ixnal Niltivt+ ,rupricrtxtt iA--ochuhlln ll the eill~ett ofl lroui~inuia and Ihl, i ull uotli 'ili oft!. Uilited p hllh :heI nait III sple by DAVID Fr.LT ti Co, J16 hllartes ct LUC INA COKDI AL. S E CO~inlAI :1ic . I hl.illt 330 I"' I.' ll.i UIl--The I elh, d t,'lte, Ag;:e:" l t f Io he lllll0.i3ol di It or H'ox)r )tit al)ll ) rtrlllll ll) rtg e ll0 l • slll ht l/lr ti -4 e elyr il t his i(. trlll all lllll e mo e lin'. 'lll I . llle liIllyreIvl' I 1. 1t1(I illl 11 J}' ~t~ll" t l. I :ii ly .9 Ivlmlll whc ,vnbe .lllt· hhll II"Pl II( II wTl ll ih11 r lho"1 the\ B all ilr l i~ lu~ ~ l IIs Ilir~llt l l].I; e Iy r ll" 111. [ll'tllIII.R Itrl~ q I](.**11~111 I'Ie wetl ttundetd re stion o o th3 33 i)n3 )0ordi il") lll)ll)3 1 ill . lllil00h))3 Wllolllroco illh llll. 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JI ,llt l int M rs. .11 r.'h-r, w.h ,p, ak b ,th r hr lrilnot. ers with ' nutlj 11.JI n.' antI ( uJ , rI. d J hIII r .' I~ . t l rll r Ill th depal tll l ll l oI L . V 'IIIIU 1 lid l. ; ]r JI oil wi+ll ivo hi, i illi't l riturion to LtIh v ir'i 18a s rutt l.ies oftlhdua+. ,,,o al rl itlers himsrlll thbath - will g t r. en -r stir , Jt: , r to thoJ . who ' l.y hon:,l IJr . l wailthJ ,ll +onll, aeli. ln o ] N .r drlt r & Co, Nrr 33 r !.:irLs yt e. , arI re. e. lln. daLily r rthe ir hms ri aI', r I r lr II. r l i Jl ll llii . Jlhllait . ' htIy invite tit J. r rll . tI1 1n ll thi e l i:hI h r1c, rh ... are.J w rr1 nr" d llll I .,. Ir thi l ra il t.ngers and cltit ns :annllot furnish thi ,lll Iv's eou adv'anLtag..UUly ill aoy city Io rlhe N . r. A few d zr . - i ..r_,nt iv.ory h.r ndle um htell.,s, iroml' lll lI - i ler;. Also, *it lr lrr Ie hI t .wlh," pno, nlrl, i ~! bhi%-, v riatn sizes, verv I~w S111IIF T h pu li ae :,pe al lh v l rt Inltttla in.,i I l uin i. ,llclted on Lh mot un1 IIeIua pll, n rld hl anl a' IIII I must elll al'llhl lllo ln, it thae I bt urg 'iaUkrll l, ll th he r ir ilo lr d, onle lrOe.r Irlll l he .1.rIi . The etilding in large au I "nostrometndimnsih divided intul l uniea s, llt ielli eru cl The in tainlltin is -l ppli I with i r nllol skilitdl an,. ,,It1 0llt.ll male and le lll + nloie-,andsll .ek IIIUng th eI'IIIIS ll t ll i tr il lluesl+.'. IYIn t, t ot m a rlr be J h Jl r l' g rtiitleln r t fir-ve dh l \ils f dfi ll, Itlclin a llttlll ll ,m, \u., 1T'rmn lln tolf t ., ,ir s %%adsllli ,lttu dollar++ er d. Mlaites also tae dtullmi.. Sma ll l'n. I ln tile Pl'dl o, ') iurris, t I.e. dol.lrs.. All c pit rl sulrgicalr ns extra. '' rerint. -+I ls s -, I sil I fs lir \\'e LLdei nn, to who~ IppiC tiotl. tl, r utsi -tli mI Ist . r i to l-111 ( A |Luzermbrg, No , 1) I.tIuLlRmp tl sitre . at l9 Iv1 O I ll -i. '1 S ' i. Li - l' i). I l 'lrll r I' ill 'l N i tIF - FI+ E, 53 Magazine stuel, ppoosita Un'lke' Ar W GR;TEENE tikes plea-ture in annomnring to his trind l+ ar d the citizens Nll. bo lerr e ls, hat e lll irr le. .ghl bought Lithographll no i r pat aih co.pper pbntt pr0inl~ Lnb I ro si. t II ri.r t.r r;r hras .er copperI S'lht elgla Jvig , h e can . 'xr.le al ole .r. ntr ltr d ill hnl, at nee hlrll'the exprrNe o ulcgll.Ting and uil. ly r chr.J..p rtr rrlpe prirrtirrg. ,.rcha ttr l+ii gr ''irculars <ent out in thI ir ownJ filled WrlIJca iave anty wllntity at it lfo hours n Jlri rr he ril trer ,rc'rled frr hrln. in a henr il style, ,sch u h ls hJrerol,.re given grenr' l saltislJlolio toall he toot re spertJahhle cminil ilte. in thirs lts l a rll+ inished i , ilh+ best llimncun i ill do well ht Fe ,i, 1,1.1i N Al-hark nmtes -.rally execur.te., andl circulars, printed at on. hour'. uotic... SUIN[Ir\ -451 urc I-- -rerch .urinJr're olrqiniioe lJt sae byr JAIVI'r' & ANIALu\la S, .I3 "orrer C'rOruIr-rr & Tchapirlot.3r.J..k "THJIE. TRUE taLu[LM O' F 'r, 6- 1 ; iL EGETABLEL) 1. E KINOU V tha;t health anl tim ability to Slabior, constilutes the weallt of ilte groat mass of the poop o in this, as ion tI at olmer cun Itris. To|o presrve fr, t that ihelth by natu r uan, is a grnii, moral and p litleal schestU to , itlill which, requires soi' tmlosst attentiotn The utniprecedentoil popularilynd univsersal ap approbslti, n which this medicine has tibsievcd' ihrouhitiost the United StatuPs, the Caoa.dn, ''exas, |Mexicol, and the WIest I sdl.s, filly justily Dr. P'.tces'o il warmly atd ios.C enlticoly rectOseno lihe theim to the special sotiee of the atllictied. P.tcr.' Vegetablo Pi is are t "e sa*, Its 'st etfc taill td eciiontictl remedtly I diselosed of the tuilli oneullotltl lut O tlht se over been discouverled Dr. Priers, tihe inventor of this involutblo o led. cilne, Shot his knowle.dge of tbe s umal sysitel, dicrive Ifron a iILg nlld extensive ptralice, his arrived tc t tis conclusion, thilt thi' groit nd lpri. itary causes of l'tsit dlisases is a Idransigemont inl the fl!ictions of the liver, or in other wolds asn ls creased or dimlsishell secretion lof thle bilv. So wesll in tis uo ders too d, that it is c·llllln fr persons to say whetno they lirt uIwel!, tl.oht tiwy are I.liou, mellaninli tIht they Ilave too lmuch bsll otl thll sttiatll.llt Otn the other hasid, whenl't the flow of hile is dimiisiteo.t, he i'o essi of di e in 10 imeorielctly perlilbrol , to pltr:ient b.c)Imes weak ald eotaciated, because noilrishilentlcontalled i ltho ood taken ino i lthe ll t la 11ll ims uot prosper y sx. troslced, and the food is ejtcltdi itl II c siltal nt . I)r. Peters is conlfident tht lntie fatnuIts lI1guacl 'theory, oo called, tihat, " implurity of the blood is tlhe causeo of all diseases," is it great ahlurilitsy. Every onlle w rcillcts on the subjelt a moIlo t,, will perceivelt;t lmllpurity of lhe blold is a se.olt. da y ot t i prilary ounilll,ailt--ithe . fTct and not the csoause of disealso. W!'teon tihe functiolns of the liver ire deranged, and the flow of bile ineltasetd, it is oftn takeon up by the allsor ellt vessels and carrised into SIte circulaltio, and becomeslc ing ed wi b the blood, as in jailtddlte, when tlo patiient shows it ill his eolintl.elnlles. Nov. this ilmpllurity of blood is caulled by anll increased flow of bile, and to roemedy it, you sorret corr th te secretions of the live , and restore it to a I ealthy state. Dr. Peters llt spentI.t iuih l 'ielllt ill experitmtnl illg wil di t reii t vtegeta 0 II IIll i it nes, lir dic*seases of tise hver; anilld Iow oliers his Viggetable Psl'-, as thll best, mlst convenlient, anld cheitpost oledi. cint tlhat alln be prepred Ifr general use. iDr. Puters flitlrrs himisoelflthat his long ex scri. 'smeeting with vegetablc tsedilosas labo esbled himt to discover th ttrul :,nd only srbstiittlti answerig all thre Urpor~ s e' rIlcuril ' witholut ay of the:r attl.,dant eVlso. Onle greaLt qIlity of llis vgootablh Dills is that tihey lhave toe tltlrativo priusili, com bhined with their catkartitc, or opitroativeo sslpl ties, so thlat they ot Ollly eliansol theLIi somach anld lbowels bly poirginig, but they regulatel the tsler, lhlanlg ths liolrbid secretions, str.ntthens lthe dicstive Oeliai, plrify the blood, ilnvigoraite the circulation, landl give stuu and ul.ery to ilt lier.. yoost systeml. Th'l'ey al miltl and pleasati t in tiheir operation, and c nvey ailosti imt ediate eonviction of their Vutility firom the lfirst d.os-. 'l'l.ey can 's t.ake with saolity by persons Iftan y flgs ; and 1sthe fl1s 1, thie inilisrs, the irvo s iland tio delicate, : e Sotrenlgthelneit by tihtir laper 'lion, Iec:luses thely clear thet sysotel of bad humoursto, quest nerv ns ilerito bihty, iand llvarilably prodtuce sunld he.lth. SThe Vigetable Pil a re a sure reinedly hior J.un dice, sick and IIervous itlheadach, tdysi epls, cistiie. I es-, sick to1ss oft .0 stom holl, ihe rthl 'r i, ill biliosus compl.tits, evers 'of all ksilos, aimd if taken at it cnmlllllncemlt will invariably sheck their pero Sgresr, land sav the piltillt fllll a protracted and Sdangetmois sicknesst . 'l'ley ace iinvlu.eble itn i andl hlypocotiill ai lectinsl , los< of alp, . tile, nitto l cotiplaihls to whies females ' i io t i i subjct. T'ihey oerale s a oild and speedl purge - nf : alld cert.i mIseeotdy for worms ill children. Since 1 htv ieitroduce! tmy Vegel.ltl Pills to tio I have rec(iveld nulerous certiicatus oft hit euplrior slileiLcy ill curintg lisseases, a .0, many letters troum rspmcta'le iphlysicians, iwho have used thest in their prlactico with tlhe best success. 1 mlight publish a small volisl of certificates, but consih.r it ,inneci;tsary, as tlle medicine lill reconienld ltselfl ll all who wi I make trial of it. int abouve piill are itn boxes, colntaing 10 pills eich. Druggistsa mlcotmntry . tircitant. can be sup. plied, at wiloinaa oria retail, It iDr. Peters' prebi t pld oltice, no. 65 Piydran street, betweent Mlagazine ntad Cunlp ts. Ni w Oricanis ALSO flr salo by G(. N. MnrniatSn & Co, 11 Canal*lruot: P P lBeli, druggist 112 old Lvee,i betweenn the two artkels: Mr. IIrehlier, druggist, at iie Washtington mairket : C J T'i'tnciati, drug. girt, corner ot' C nal &li ourbon streeas: G A Reed & Co, druggists, corner of 'I'chouulpitouls & Gjrod stret at: J RosIs, druggist, Laluthyttu city. ALI.IGAI tiR LINE. Mobile to Augusta, via Florida. days, and Saturdays, per the - sp:adld steamer Champion, (ex. cpt in case ot ttrne,) to Po naicola; thence pIer steamer Le Roy ti La Gr;ange, and tlenco tlur horse post coaci.s via Mariana, Bainbridge, Prt. ' dotn, BeUrrien, )Outlaw's, a. d Perry, to flacon, Ga ; themce via Mitlhdgvidle, and NpS ,arta, to tWar. runto n, the. ce pur rail road car. to Auul,.ta. Thie Ihamtt1 e in iH. i atplndid orleri, withll new oeipper boll r:, c.lppert.ii d mttl. pp,,r .steniuid. 'li' I lm Ro) hli bacn tIIhorouhly ri'pairtd., hit ;accoinlmodatioln are is haid.omit U. ally bo t. The beau ifut Salta Roa Sound, antd Cuo.tta. watelii Baiy present tihe most iatlrrniire gtig tal n. I vigationl iti the South--oitig at thie taiIut,io perlictly land lotked. iTh Talll aru iti airpllis.,E d on atli rntl il tie counttry ; tle drivers, to a tanl, ctuolul and Stetni I 'lh b.idged I' dangerous Ihae b en newly built, so that high waters d not inter rIte. 'T'Ihu rtllllg IIU n ive bLuLaun ~ol.t y elI aged, and are now as gaod as any rillu' I to IUh SuLth. It in generally koHwn that e na.uell:nuca and hardness of the unatlehi the tams Uit all sea sone to Il.ate great speed. 'Tiheir inatouithtl, ns e. cures the travei.or frol t iu ordi.nary fatigue ofi staug travelling. Thu Line ls now c rrying its passnngers friom Augusta to Mobile to ftir days uld twelve ehour, or to N. w Oileans in lour days and twenty hours. Going to Augusta, the line is. ix day, Ind seven hours. T'l. taimo actually emplloyed ain travelling is tthe etai an i tim other dtirectiton, out te differlence ioi t tunt oni tha, r, ute, is caused by a day being lost in l'ensacula, w;.tch, hiuwuver, is oll repaild by the up ertumty it givul ofoci,,g the Navy Ya.rd, tiu oul Spanish Furts, etc. 'T'nu travelr alsuo sloeps t Maacone, and again at \itar. ientlton. This arrangement will cii ntiOuU till the Stravel turns northward, wt hnll ll-' line will bh the Siu litfrno Mobilel to Augt.uta, as it iS nw cti the otltr direction. 'T'Iha Aidvrti.ainumt cotittitts ait plain stat 'ntil of tctre, lthe accriacy it' Iithe propltt,'or gauraateo tueach jpasnunger itm Ill penalty ol uni ,tage fare. ,Maps oftlltn Lirn mtty be hoart at the Ex Ihange Hlotel, NawO ricuas,a nd at this Ma1-tson lnoune, Fl"ar through trom M.bile to Aug.uta, $47 50 The lne extends, ty it birainchi to 't'lahiasren. at Ctattahiucito, to line cnilltoncl with the salteamnboat carrying thie tail to .\pa aichcola anli St. Jusephl's. ifthi:e at thie Ma[.L~usi IInse, Mlb.le. mlT I) I OST'VICK, Agent, Mobile. '1 '.V S.'lA:Nitll) Pi.N S'S.IRal P ltIl. 'S' r "amv '', d pet baniqe AIE, lrona H vrte, and for sa ,It, y h i' stlie ,'l iera - 2 .\laeulilr:wI I Gra;ln Pelld ) I , ,ro ,wod, ohgnllltly il aI with brain t it eta. S31,a l6ifcIStl ew, II tprght Pinrno, (tr.accas aood, ueaemllU; dy r U'llaultll ed, (i, walve.l ¢ 6 Sq'luarre LIto 'to alUs, Io.iewod, vey ornamental 4 Pictuls ti a.ltavys, rosewoo d, Curatc' a anid ima. 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Ian deed Iea ril nd cr ' serainty of rTLi o ps irpe ther llla recii d o n lralest at. oe ts, earnifie s I l'',o ottieel. e, ri eet, ii n t fah it e a l' ellrly liel to .itms nt poli s n lrtof a l ian ledolu. ianicn T'e'r ilthti ler epe erlnlthl it wlb llt m l.llr o fI tnt letelert FcIrlty, i break lii eal a thin t i in ivoge weektht and he mIr tiost dof it," ralo cases of whilea Pren tII a lit llu hi, irtyalreot, Nietv York, aoed by ite ill llesk tn tll co eotls. ) I the bilc i .f poi t rll n I '.tlle itts ulliaicy is trlll E urlr isin g ll evena in th. bitle l 'l rabl d dog, flor if plpllled in Exil, its power' of attraction arlt so wo&derfl thIA t vent it A I o N't pervding 11II0 Tystu It is lilt\eiFNT gre Tty ,cg,'rior to ehlly I ofthbcin rlledeto o disco. letters, ritg wallys, chn pped lips, ant d 1er t.t h, f] r 'very p teror ar bodt y evil th at llmt ay fall to Ihe lot its ,lli r ;or bra t. 'that pritr, Ic htyo as recpivd at least a thousnrmdy r ertic ale'aand o th r dotlt.t[icts, ieo rbn day r o = vr S ed, ic Ult ,o vtl at upwar t t of it unlred Ole lrdti n h.1vo the pli breraltcvorgllr thle ;o Culogr, 'ru atllcd, t 129e Liberty street, h New York, sait dfyor ,ll; at 65 I'l ran r t. etly .0a Orlan uler n MEDICIINE. i [llOliN'S Com. ,upl Extr-.ct of Copdiha eal Sursa I )reill --A ci.rt;it, sil', anlld insost elictual retle h eveLr discoerled fur th,. cure o'f ;oltll.lhe, Gr;Le(tlti Sirictures, Whites, P1.ins in the bhak and oins, setnuna, wvekoess, tleeltions kidlniel, hgral, scorbutic iirui itiuis, i ite. i llthe illliuctionf a mdiiilu possessing the tsf ani active virtue of the one low o'ered to thle puldie, Inc pro pitob Its b 0st to roeo.t the numerouts Ieceolll leli.. Il it. Ceeied brunt the most einent e! of the imle ical Ifcultyi in Em ope, belie ing that it will be doItu aplprellciatel when it lelIlisl are lmorlle fill) ILownI. T1e itals:ill of lt.:lilb, soextenlitvly tsed, has lost much of its credit lro l III. ilislike ,hllihl p ltienlts toruts rlt exlrss W llI rerllgur ," its d isalgeeab!e t.lste, dllstulrbance prnlln l lel i o like' bn el Ultd lti tl, l l, uill its tli tir. iturl iuellfcienci tt hi it usilt in thie inia tuoltd ry stinge. 'Tile propro el . Ilals made n! anal) sii s oif Lt Bsui s m , t opi cei I ' ilItillth t tie Iort" Sliit i lities woullle'eIb b e h ilore ii lll.n lll iltt ld nlol'e Il i.ll " olin iS l 'l Ilta in the presui t slate The abate nce tine combinesiin ll ist scientific andll lt i rn d in te ipr.llotesillo . IlliilLi S l l lli atllds il llll, i ll tile |lI' l'li list L s. LII(ci dh'rlg in the compiositihn of this pet patuion icr.'nses like eltf'ny of the other, producing till operation truly austo nlising, lld surtassing the mtost sgittnt extecttOls; possessiegullt thelletsli e the llavaltage of its being dlllinistelre withl perttlet sucess it tihe liltleret stagell ol' thie above dlisCease. Thle mlost etminnt physichilsald iurgeons of the present day express their dc .ided all littlhitttt i i s s iurft s s rtisiitrilt lh, wils i il tsl ite.. in te Soit e eniedi with l he elehy I ' 1 t t e i'I At ethy in t ll Itl tu treul lffectio ls, ad ill bstinlte ~cuu ns 'ruptions, at'ising irAl a disordered se i ill thedigestIlteflIetions. llaitng been s llltlllltd illto t: ts I d exr penrie +ce o, f lthe I "ost ctelbraed among the Icultl, th lle b e lxpressed itrit satit 0liti t Itf its e o.r, .li;i:yrtlS) e!i'ii ill tieler c:ase unlllder their tha lgc, b.) Ildoptlig it l],(IL illn their pub5l i i tis clc l cishe. II Their oI esi tiIo s till lie hise', edl herealktr. Prepared b) J- lI Th'ru, Chemist T IS''l c I IIi t' I. I.S. Frlll Ai II S ioe, ri , llS I 5i lge.ol. to the SI 'hItiumllll Ilosplital, atin Lee+"sl-. , oil .hinatm(1 l. The trll which I htse nsliie o i iut ltreparaitio , n i sil.ety ofeistles, hiit llotI e llian lil sIe, in itltttlell l s ltsh lo piied its highly tilavosrss le, hIat I it not hiesitte in pli lnlhlltig i on. e of the il est vetulhllls ad elttIu s Icislll r. wlide( act-r olliureld to the public, llld one ill w hich, Irn expei.ei.tcet, I can pllatce .Vl reliane, lwhilst it dIls i ll iproIIIItt e thle tscl.. unplll . tllt elt 'cts usit ll) ea s IS'r'inll itll rl' i til .o5llltlti t i IFoni U 1 IiN sI ll It ~C S, Ph) sici:u to IIthe .1 i's l tio t s Diiispensi rl l i. I lLke 'pi r:o plc;alllre illn adding mly rltinllll to tde :alhahle prop ."r i.s of your preparatin, w asling you the sue tsess I ts so i fuli[ deiselte, itll asl pll e t raw i l l el i lle labor unit expense incurred ist nging it Ut s'iu eusune PFlrm \\' C Copler, F It S, Surgeon t(o G)'s Ilos "'he onilwei ssce s which has a'tendled the adninis ll i iit )our lnliitCiheU lllng ilY patlienlt a dllieted iil h the a.lse diseases, has fully sealti ie e tiss is has only to Ie known to be truly aplpreenattd. Sla) the muetes( You so well dewsl e, ampl)y sad speedily rilme) \ou o'lr Frolli Sir A ulloli-, F lI S I' t S CS, Ee. lkc. iliing Ihteell inlldlctd to trII youlr lxtrasel il selvetel csesuof sioleot Gonoirrha, wlicli haI hitherto bOlled met.r) prescription aSlhministerd by .me, laSig fiundt sIre ald speldy cullles ellFeclted b it, ill a few Ldays I irel m.ltlli IIhi I e l bound to stlate th:lln I now in slll iplaa tire lullllh public anld private recommend anlll lld useL nu FolrOti\V B ir,M D1), Plhysician to Gu)'a Iio LThe strict test which I h:lnve ieln your medicinel amonllllg il lpatients, Anlldl its ilnari:ible success thus hilr, will indcelld ike to piersevere itll s ilse, ant I deem ih utllaul o lnl: ee i an of ! "duty it) l h l l l) f' rhle tet i .o 'i.e l til hill ilsore AIs It II .S L. le ur reltlrnllyg to si ile world thle valualks t e q rhlbis of ore sert it o ls tra. for the plorie of unllld 'here, finie. ie' l btl t r that i c ill l rtele t she bhollththl n el cinrie iit apise ht wiillph s iti' ha br e epl'e., 1 llnt ll sol u t tio·r in thle in wclicll iw may sure, e.elly anal elletlual cuw' i l ease .i lll ' if.. a ove cills It elt'oltl' nIIr.i tr I i lle ice in ubllhlligtillo thll world lihe valhlluble quliies of") O r Were v it ntwesis, the pronretor oeuld heirefue uish many noaehi te pmh entlla leinllc s connaiendtth-cV thI Aicole Illul tls tin its is a mhithl'leo te lellas elv oe the d .ilh elt It hes bee I el dis'ells, wiIll out in tle ille which otinit may likenl bei l hule easy orn' al lneit frma 4ii ''.lles esp eei.ll vauth Ilhis inelhicine li chl isJlill, Nul ouli il ¥ FOLD BY ('or.. f tN ioh,:z rid 'refoopaptolas .Is. -'OR tl rh re ofr-.imatrhim, scrofote or I0Ig's evtl, gln I ,i"ir or rlp plgo, i.orrlcleutnc.rrs lmthel ctd, syphi .:i ' mcurial,, artilcuoarly ulaers mall tainftl . i r b Jir fiIe Ibrners. ulho'irred tlhroat alr d r ostrilm ulcer 'l +'v. ry dwrrrpItrlon, 1cIvrr Buren alnd otlerlul rhsl.'.Bea, (ibLt' , - yrir!aa, vCeid head,o e.rvy, ssoi. rhroroic aore eyesoarrsi.p. .-p!r.liuth r r, nld eiorry v iri.t, odereoilMgt ni..oytioo s-.r eritrri o head ache ,rue.oIirrg from lilly a'rid bltnoirIS S , 't- iah. s, Jvoepla prreediogrtl.o vnrlartiOi, bar r1 h. h , chroi iorolltrttrriU or tis bLldtlYoY ,rsu.F., di by r;r trlpdl actino of-tlr eoolee.s S:iJ ..... 'r lv efuetlonr in r • imaing tlrrsr - .. . br ..a [ir ll dow0'by tnjtl hieim0] . is. aoooioernl tens It-i re ", "h ariser from trapuritlh . , ..I ioe slraltewlg ditae r10 JPrc "rmmi[O th Calls, , rl oouitd 00r ,d r, I 1t, w o~cu p,. •, ,." { h l u-,lt.;'q to xc.:l t., their pr'ofs..,.. explore i. , ...J _ f, .f ,, .oca _i the nad .f ehnt.t.ity, and seek out o t r· , .t,,,... auts, iTo- r shart, to ar. at Irarlctin i. the pra.,icer. , ,ar f at -lone.-eriatrly overlook and neglect. us hereth 11,1, eir ,,tw thei rih l,id ho,s otre l i adllWfhillI AIo"sIOy ure aild sfocllirrrroro ard taskr uuuorrrio~ i:~r. sci to~,l or~rlro or prerfraoroo to ho stoorior ri nol·,.0 ofI 505 rhir oill or~d ir-roirroirris oriror irfrrorrocibuirrrtrihlol~rtri-Oir-t IraE U1sed 1o pIrsgrIIUt of the earth in everorl1i I Ar-d hb. Ilnoch more lrlle it Lthat wllle the A 'lterialln p hyiclalllLok to t'ora:ge clltlnoes f,.r rimaly or hos mAost euolmmoi. ld etirorr , ary nryl-~l ir, perauflly fhtargiLg os they are attbe Jietaeos -fa-hiiot or l sio-il he is -rarusl ed ir his rwn' country wito a ir eClhh r ) droplsl oofr ledilUIloosrkutrsltrsoikW imower0ny a Il roie rrul o ,llr.,:lr. or to cure any rrlr.,olr slirder ' dory 1,, ig lig- rbr ihlir virltlie, ard thely iiro lisered to 'woules their ra re',a'r stn the r eo l air.' r IThe elii'rt .i" vge hle mra dcles o n'liis to e rh stom are tom por.iy--thlrse o lllriorrai lasrtillJg. ''lir-brmer' eiert their r'f f.t uod arsoibrl'-o-the latter, ml.lrcury is partoiclar, ost c.i rlcallr rpulln Ilriti:dto drec,,mpr)orirg thIro reo.slt urts rso .r... lba ir,.,.itiutioirhy b .i.h ansrre dunorr toirritu. The, fiirioryr aid SAFETY of vogotaIse rO l edles over uluala, oiay I'e otilnroated by cOnIIrotllrg the Oso lelrit raetO r'wih rhthe modernl, t-r to rring it ,rno'simmio 'liitoly llndir or owar bsrrrvi,iiiii tine dicii pr.ctir wilts t.irt uithre wrioss. Vhu, its Amtica hi lot kiri or ihsera ol'rUpu:.,led I ,l-tlle.· Wlh rein..Um does ipid, ""pretenlding fo ,ie . Lldl olld5,hy ror, rot ,f hernr toe r ,olslle rmrier, rie. Ot I d.'.id tbi lls Irld rald u-litriiisorllllr luretrllter the Materiol o.rdica ,,f iie CItmlaOll llaerlir, directed in uht inrot .kilifrl laauno, Irh faIl d i Aidrlid Mii has ant Isiisrllllrried at thI LtlllllpurlllV,: I·11(e ndlldl eil ri wri irhrwrich t l iLoi foe o bio lfl'fl)nlly, any IItsr lair thn llhrot-sIl aboo.llilitt o brorarrri rrirrt riitr'oosir of S)rtlllio '' olntoobt oYltu Whoas orerheard ofn Inr Sdisll wth a tuln~tllltli tll Okl'U lud ru1 by AIl tratnlllmelt Aull C~ll ia d,,llbl e.. -at t.L t this h I. -py nxelr,*pl t of tike INv agr fr111 Irel O.,,fi'oe -Ill rllich tihe alsih aruIr 1,hi toir is a etliv( i g i i Ii bO or gr-aol ni * -r m iodias rwhch ho illIIii nrr '1'IIao r+rtai [li,,g dlt' ri-la it, snl-aee sol IIllr el. uniphbiiator ".in le rllbibiat supor iriitsy of rho srririft Arid salt mireasf curi' wolich (iro Ilbar erIPrdi for tile beRefil tiofhi lltildren, overor thior wrhih thero prid rd tlh art tIi' o hove Fro.r a Iong residenco amuonl a ortioi of the ibortgintsslt ii hitiar oof this Cisra try, id iitrri :io'iarte ciuirintanreo wrth i ltmlllelthosl l uture of soie oif their ritM sueor.rooll prosli tlrollrb Ilrh p.proitrrr of 'Aire tl.draro' p'rnrreo. an'ruired t klrowlidga ofl'lle of at Ihu moiest iowrfl llrd favorite I'ru ilt.rillr'i I.Iel- ote rosd ourIl am. ire ooli etrlaoo-ilroa oii p propriate, a iJ uher various exrprii entsr to tesI t their princi. ph, asd ibIatrirLLt, ihe li Cotbaiomliid thesel intlhsbrm lrpe pro ted, eornt Irhe mIost p trl'i.t rd tbeleicial tor Lhira purpo, foer h ehll it i. recllun londc.d. 'i'p arorio,rrlelosr olr issr li prrparratii to tilhe pulie, wilh tnir co,ln.eoiuurrll ir tart he ir plro ilry g oithin their recb s r lledy rap,-llan ol rtlell h lly iag manyof ills afflicted fellow beil,g;. whou , orulliarilg Ullller tihe yrious elronlc nrtd olstirllse :Ulll llhlln to w·il:lh it is rippitiable. To siuch it will poYe of iinaiculbo viiIIuie as the as-iris, otd in oIry eoes the onls ol f srehcvig ioheir sultironts, anid reostorriug ltheul ri inure I$o hrearih anI huitlplllec.. This i ilot olfqrol n a coes eiIIu wr*drry,ith prhyL o I)o.tollranee be qually good with mlOOay iother- lu v ill ooe, hat ieo oi wDi-h i copable rofrtvgll litfs i amrny rextremIC c.s es i b whli hs all the usuald remedie fai. 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Durig Ithe lult wiuncr andI srrirl, 1 wlitcttatd rith a eory oevrle r itd listreosiog rhruhluotiom, reoniouurd hy er.psure ito bou welthlor. I iiow tae great pleasure ill 0ait g thatstit iuittlri uhl'ila, ' Ihdro'ot l'oreo roeotired rse to terfeht kolth aroit LIuufidurtsi raUImmlond it to ald imiotiloly aittedo. - JOtIN FelILGU4wUN, Kinog t. tboarleotoh Marachb/l439, I was seied, houut three years i.oes:' ,- distresintp rho ulatolu.,oorsed ry trkiurg a ivvrls oWtl, , - ,'- r aluflu. irir of osorllyll o ido whibll bhn disto "t iob' . iraisi ilally smer rluoe. Duriug o 1io period I '. :-,,, patient orblloh Marito tllooii.I, io this ity apev ba's·am mnd iaourly he aUlas alllgtb of Line iIalh,. .l.o rro-tl, oall a-red oia.ot ovory reondy, wih itti. -, - r inbh- loth bl Fleruary lust, t tiot llla orrtrcrly a, a o... - bu l eruthleoa,taoomisucrd thte bs thtoi s ra ,+dio'.. In ow ola'lth I fouund nlyls f soorrely free Irom I. r no r' I t - ,. hap. I'y to rtatl Ibrt I aonsolur myorelfrprfectl - ' 00 WM. TUC), .t t. CASES OF SCUhFUI.OUS ':' Now • , - - Thil mis csl tify, that Ia the F'all of It ,- Wt .oweioa in lgr-rioahoodtoro, 'ohiohof - -d IbrroulJrgeaglo otly uicerf r u hly ueoci . it tri too, pllyoc-if to ludoui rrugot I eubti Phi. .. ; ' . - p;: 1s aslyrslf uuth, tru care ofT UI. h'bhvi· al, :i-.I , uf. ur raproprtd lrsullv·iuniatornoroyoae,:ttorosp.-,, ,1": ,u Cllrahlo. Alrardrr-otlraok tweDty botl.ors . 5,A . l ras . oearfit, oid.p ar ilgf hriro , which hi dn,, :,oth .i a la - io ile, I returued u lltiParellot ill New frl- - '-.. , - ,l Cava lltysT u .11-U a lingerll ing detL·h. |earinIg'-' ,," .. a .t ,r'l ess of the ludlrou. Psiiroai'owrverre, Otat ti.t.." .C sy t .rsoperoUtii to tryI it, i l .s r. 'ii . , toot ..,o +ll t .,fLse, as waitl rriottiafCtOll, 1 UOn fun.! too ' a ,,,o+t.ltb ,. I clve ring, allld lIlll tiukillg IIIBVU In hottlee l t., "i+,:.·.,h~d, if.:-n Sle. our rfectiarrayrel{ in the coursi osr' ..-rrft- . - tal. ir'aioiard so stn oiooIIa I rloi thi stn . '. iii It rIiulliahel. fir ilir Irewrint oif runt', s sr.f orrrroor orI roior oaaafah'osao syyiii iaIaorr'eCiort, .,-t oasis ,+,at ...cur..... l h hbu ll ff* d ,., , ... .. .. . . . Srlrocuurodooro ht lifo ovyed by thre abovn . -l -, - ' I` 'MA N Chaerl , J,."'.,. .' ,°', , 1 air atrilcteol four yolrls ithh all riiintr'iol-li -- r:-I s m11v aecuullp lllle d m ith eavl mlolr uu II~tlmllil i II . , ,t+.V punii su tile le and aI .jlil t. s everaIl , . . t "i ·i . t .als E.,-iIfed tkearrko l.lI U Iip oiIs airItI'o o rr -, .-n-ti. -s i t tl. CaO fite otiatt ofb th Idiian"' o-.a ... -. '.. rf-Ot Olura. AtrAtt' A lt , - .i t llenry ciabrechr,(iurr erlyJ. ', ', . . would me.s t s pelctluill inlorm ir c ti.t., I Ihe iut 'hi it gI nerl.l, fhrt he has and i , ly receiving a tinial nsearlme t , ,;t c, Iot,,a ry wrnd I apr lan ging. The iilov :;. ,, ,i 'i ' a p1't lof is aoh k, which Iht, offers r e i. at e , 1,,lel n1 tr rtUlrr un tht moll ac rt., e dl ;IP It llten -' Fr c rl l velre and satin paper. r' .I sts :,, ; do hille ostnon anid CrmontI , Prni ' Ir: hI' git vid nid unlrzred do do, French . t 1.e boiards, Iledi, &.. tlo velvet an,. doI niiorll laz do ollr ra,s ilk flr .ge ao' '"t n h,: os n: all qa ir.a , palrlrrs nord prices, rweor i si. - sltted patter, pilain and colored e .S. U a n ut lin," Ilnet s tyle plain and ,clo uaed, , t. derapry Inulinsplinli and Itwilled, as-u 1i c ,r. ntew si,!eol nue dle work for suofa cuh. c -, ',oeuo(l cowE ,& s, tElew s)tleolbrill pllers, ,.:r~e, fri ures alld Ilain, gilt wlit d w ornlrampi lt. nlO t ptelrrnt anid %aes, gill eagles bald and ,"pear, lelathe rs. ec, gl les klhot.i , castetlt hair lh'i, i :-r ,e and plum, a arge easortcrnrt of toys I r chilJrtn; ,rlrr silk cord and tasseils, w'otat c.or at d tas. sI is, a genral ar lrrlnelntll or elugt. i.:elo andlJ ;rlupr hnhri grs, cornlltllllly rIIt hnr d."and i i: r e C a tit., liest prices at Not 41 Royal utf 401 Cu..rric N --P, rsons in the elty "r fllr tl.e co' nttr)y til r repe tillly ilnvited o bhll-a d txanJ i ttc ,. lot tlir eniselve. Ctrkers atnd ,crllrre nrlde , ithie ateit Iltod rn s'lt, roosia pr lared at r the s. ortlr cst sentice, cad all kindu of-pUlioldcr.+lcy oek. dlnr WitIh nrttese: atd delt'ailht". tc '1 *1dNtIt.IStd lAPlttl & O'#g.rTA-Nhiix---rrtl t1I deriguedlrl. hve JuSt r'eI)te1 c 'hip" t'1ltihl, Iroll I.ollloudIn rnd Ohrfir tll" tlB- " " 1011 rtiess lIrge lrite wrie Leietr P- " 0 do d doi Ite e ll ;,l Ot do do wbiio wairp 20 dl tinted gilt fatily dou Dll do do di Nte 'elrPar 10 do do do t do o uet 3o do uttsri p pler,t I4 a ,414 e .t : ii, tua tal-all tetalanlan i ufalltlrr it . a lI, ak cards. gilt antd nerlt it cilr loxes, ros Wrol uad nlhttltyr, rra 'etie Aselr cc g tih. tell Celia lobxes, eth slldesI; eolulrt· hrtal, of aill llud. Ackerrman's; counel Ieai alsuerilr qualltltt ratt ieuble; do brueze frotru nr r crticle.ltIdo - tlia tuiier, test quiy. t i-c¢; .hlarrwle. Iltloks, tsuitble orr echerlai i wreters. Wr.lg.:i; io ld tilnd Ack r e'iMle&;.e&-; t4i., gustoul. Ittll1rryrg ink, sltperlrqu tr:t. eealrt O. , iertrr t t fitiue writi er' ,mr tr'errracu prxrt '. r all kilnds, !e. arc. l Pll t I .O S t a e t rio ,. I ' i , ý ,e:s r e , ,, r r ( I trivy.,t.-.w r.c.iveeing Pi-,rt cc.- .:it %ItelilUae, u ittri tl I"., , ilt,1 et-m itrc'a t itIrtli. -iarl Pyra',rid e$ c . nw c stucr--i'tr M *lL N,

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