Newspaper of True American, December 24, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 24, 1839 Page 2
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(ear Ceesear.m - dt;.dn f NeworTe, Ia Gee m.ltt "ilaL~~~rne Daiaee t3 ,m S e "plsxc Ccac`5Cctae t3t ilette e Palý"be$ iot CFaule~aeedpa. tce .llM: le.. r Vijeeattld.hDda Lf 8kýCt~alta ftci';~ay lI aatleailmts r~tn C fea, C. lit.5icetrse Pet o tl.eae .ec:T*helhn Aahetcnt Mu tue Vi.0uatte EXPOR' :· eP rs tt.Cneb'aPdlleehtc stallel It at th. 2na1 etia y.!wu-qun d L.,I: ick flt I dn. n IMPORTS Nowoatpo.. :.Per bahuee gelit.a....Csrga paele stlone .1YE3 lPer bhdll Thaeea... .Csaro t2 tclaxica daub. . ,ss9w lara.ljlbcecrifea 'RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE rý-CiceaLteti...:, sateame Paachertrein....tCargt toor, L~ceitell t~ea m. At....Cargo bhams, pork tlte..Par.etasler Git1 Galners....Cargo IS hd, oa a. betat, bllttsea.i easg. Malheee di Bettt; 3 hic to .aMlMdado Pallard a coi II5R Graiig; 2 BreetdsMe li$e Waright i 2 ,do and lcbel rouon Frieeon, Deli. A co ' cc aenue etr I hhd. Itbatee N & J Dial, tle 'tobacco to 41I'pltiwli7undrki; . , 'VIbal..huL...rPl Fetame A Partec....Cargao 420 hales of aerttoe VTidkite;g,..Per steamct, Naitl Al.tbme....Caas. 152 can tniAJrnaee3tittt tenttF, Ferridty. &coaei l6 order Ccc., WatE4aao 190Bhtley. Beat r eo;el iDA rJtJen. fitatis tPnlehSeet, A etty; 25 W Cetrt;lll J It tere;2 k:~ly~ illtgCetilTeutiit*ttP Fetcyla Cteulceeee;25. C- OrnlsA Wetas tIn1hitlaktt BC Weight; 5 bated tatteo 'Olry.F ".~ MEMORANDA,. Rrft~p acaetee* thella ?ltgrd. fal~ing I. NEi LEt.V 1 AND N RASHVILLE RAIL ROAD. A- EA.G.EAl Y tIo necatiuno 8 & 9 of the Charter of S..thetbeNoy Orle.n1L Noehvillc Rail rad Corn ,at ty, a enerol t mtetdioagof is called en . he3d Mlondan inJanndioy, 184Oi;fo' the parpuoc if eleceting 'Tel Directare tno naer vfor ite venr, , -J IJ (3ALD UWELL, President. SOBice, Nno 14 Baronne at. bDe. L2th. dll NEW ORl AS N & CA1ARROLLT ON RAIL ROAD NO'II"E..WISnTac AAanacMEN,. To compmceoa on l IIo tat oCNovealaer, 1839. eeko CAU OLLoN. ' " ream new oaILACr. ,Ite UCar at 5 o'clock A.M. Ilern Car at 14 o'clack A.M. Locomotacve, 8. - L iLoomotire, 9 IS -- M. -- I - P.M. r --,- PPM. 3 M oe , a ,o Cr, oRRA'nOGa Tc;!a 6aNAon*a Tbeetrsewill lease nt thetams hour as in the week day onatl I o'clock P.M. when a Locomotive will leave C(rrollton ery.hoor uantil oclock, P.M., and New Orleans ovay hIour until O8'lon, P.M. - SAn extra orsea OCpr l be oitioned before it o'clock P.t., I by' paying lellars for the Trip. After 12 'clock P. 1. .. dolars will. et eharged. Percsal going by.the.tecm Cer must provide themselaes with Ticket' as tihe codttaor lua positive directions not to eive mony In lieu thereof. THE JACKSON AND LACOURSE STREET CARS Lerae the head at Jackson street at 6} o'clock A.M., Canal sletat alc.ic.k.' At blf-pnet lc 'clck tIhey commenrce tI leaort both ends esry halil hour, until 8} o'clock P M., except. et: that, icatead oelesviu Canal street at 80 o'clock, the car -wvll leave there nt 9O'cieck PIM. ' - It is pnalaurly requestead that gentlemen will not put thedirfeet upon the olhions, or smoke in the earsc. wheu ladie re preeprut, , Ocel NewOrleat.A Carrollton * Rail Road, Company, Octcer 94d,,189.. JOIHN HAMIPSON, S.. ChiefEa.iner N.O. & C.R.C INew Orleans, Ilth [ac. 1839. HIS RANK will be closed on Wednesdav the -5lth L intant, and let and Xthi January neat. Notes and Billsdue ,ce lay'Rn,=will he payable oi lie dave l'. g. Offern fr diecount should be made on the tindsys preceding. . 19 peced. :R J PAI.FREY, Cashier. NEW ORLEANS .ANAL AND BANKING CO, H.I lron Stot, at Reblecca will leave the Basia Sat ihe heo4al ieWew Canal, every day, (except -day)for IfIllake, a follows: Depart at"5'A. M. Return at 8 A. M. S 1 A. M. j P. M' An aP.M. " P P.M. 'r 5 P.M. 9 "P. a1. A on MONDAY:- tepart at 10A. . Return at 121 P.. 2 P. M. 4P.9I. 5 51 P.M. " P.M. may28 . I. CHEW, Ciash. OFFICE OF THE PIREWliN'S INSURANCE COMPANY. HE ow Orleans December 10, 1 339. THE Stckhnlomhlofthis inatittion are hereIby no L tind, tirl the extra divitlend of 5 per c.i, ei.. clnred oiitht It of lctober, w.llle pnid in Illtc or their legal renlpre,,etatae, on or after this date. -Id oiatdr,ofthe Board, dil ,L T'I CY, .Sere'nrr. BUREAU D'INSU1RANCE DF ILA CO.MPAGNIE DES POMPIItERS. La Nou'velle irlaesn, le o10 Decelnbre, 1831. T ES. coi riyptCuade cetta inseitnttion iont peroeann N q'cn dlivldaedt plslde d5 arn cent, a 6bi dhclarc ocr Ia ler d'keutobreeterenpeyb beos on lenr tepr-a moatanu, oar alrareeldntte dale a tl 'r.d.edds Diretteutc, 'E e. Trcv thicrtaire NOTICE-SHEIR.FF'S OFFICE. Decimcir 12th.b 10R9. '3IH b Shetls' .d..ease to inform the Iubliac .M that in orter to Ipbtan ten to ill the office iof tc-. pnoio hheb p..l ..aedlmsaffunder al ohligotion o pay iolarvl ooteuueat s.ariee.' That hia collections hIove not eaeor eatbled him to pay the salaries of the julgels, dependent theruti;c That the collectinos lie has s.mnt imtotnd have berne"at-doth incessant excuses. Thiat St Idue tol i owne tttnaio, aud that of his fiienda, that-bia feea- oi e -bo coltiectecd, anid lhe, therefore e.pect, that afte thi, ,ltice, no one will take it atc;sc, If be makes ut f Ihote e meantere which the law ploatec n bihn tpwraeir tleeollection ofhis fees of oiice, kind t hboue Jtlcnicwo'rcacotry f' the Police of tie Parish, - *all no, tlon.1tte 4oem tarih taxern, handed tlim for .o. ltiRa :. c il- ,. C F liOZI;Y, * heriff 37 .YTestO ,rwinjn.poeteeoxitre, wooe wkiatd te ,S l t hen he hated, bit dared not ,uses,.¢. iýi' . Jertment in the Bulletin .piadbelow; cl e l a mea an nd dirty trick dut na f l t plnv i -1h I)t o gentliemaI would tiltift la .k of senase and lack of aeiarage.-ll l lIel."ere 'Pi for infirmetation, that will lht ofile pereon or per f to he itorcted in the Ijz 1 , of th 19111 inlstant, lntered intl enlart. tre, under tihe atvlve F .ie.atc.rrppac If cerryvig t . h cnueciao hnving tnis Opportuit3 of ina .mrnnetoed ie busistea A~ . l5 aponie et iWARD.. lai's aid to whlItter will t:0 cjy' larietsa, either foid, Skeet 10 Inches 'i speh, e'bet uhair I cuuten, dIeL,. President B", ~ ;a.ys4 bacarting cr lat: ;lhdd "wilh the . bI " let, el4 heparo l at nt. an e ad ia" no. -e.irt ,e . , tIe jth . Sit..n.. ,, :E:I PUBLISHED c Ialy Tnri- Weekly & Weekly. j W O1. LEA m: TUESDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1839. W.Ot is General Ilarrisoaa It ha been asked,--who is general Harnionl? We will answer. Williaes Henry Harrisnn is the son of Benjiamin flar risonthe fifth amonp that ionurtal band wloiuh ed tbe ;eclaration of Independence. lie is a n by birth, and wae eoucated in one of the gtae alcuols of liatstate, so I ,g and deservedly no:ed as seninai is of learnin. equal to any of theirrlyaltain the tmother con: try. At anenrly age, Iher,tered the service ,fhis co.n tryoaad nuto lindian campag.i under Gen e..l .,endeared him=e fto that commanderl by his vig. detormi'dntion, indo r itab'e energy. and straight forward conduct. (;enoer I Wayne selected him a his Am Da-ChltP,-n post in whichl he confo, med the good opinionof him by the brave Wayne. Gen. Harri.on was sent to Co;ngres, as the first dtb gate from the North Western leritory, and dnring his career in that body w+s the authIr of many intportant treasures, amtong hi h stonds .one that at this day is regarded an perfect in it-e f:-we mean. THE SECTIOn* Itimb or THE PUBLIC LAtsn! For thus placing the public domain w.thin ti.t grasp of the poor man, he te serves the gratiltude of the tnilfin a who are now free holders in the great Went. He was next uppointed to the Governorship of In. diana Territory, and continued to held that itportant post under Thom in Jefferson and James t adintn. General Ilarrison enjyned in t'tr Iihitet manner tihe full confidence of hlr. Jeff!ersn. ,During his long and brilliant udminiotrution of the g'uvernment of the Terri tury of Indiana, ihe was the author of lltnerou. me a sures that went to bt'nfael tht pe lile. Eerg tie. firmn and mild, he painei tithe love of all his fellow-citiznns And it may heore he set doew, a a t mark of hi tunas. aMilable holesty and patriotism, that, during the whole of his gubernatorial career, he earnefully nabstained frnom ttl acquisition of lands i any shape, delttingu himself solely to the publi: service. WVhat a contrat dues hisl course of oticial life form with th- grasping conduct of puolite !ficers under other a ministrationa ! Thewar with Englanil 'fond Gi.neral I trrison cntn mander of the Northwetern uarmy. Victory l'er vi.e tory sat upon his banner.s, ad under his guidance British ar.ns were tong t to know they were not invin cible. For brilliant detail, and ext alel Iplan of ope. rations, the wtr in the northwest will compare with any campaign in the country. We are next cilled to the tide of General Ilnrrinon in Congres front the State of Ohio. During his term, the celebrrated propoi ition onme up to reflse the admiu - sion of Misesouri into the Union, unless slavery imhuld ihe proscribed. Y'here wat Ildrrieon fitld on this question ? lHe was foremoslt it the Jeienonian ranks, contending for the Constitution anol' Southern Rights. Hisli name is recordled inl the Journals of he Itouse, an voting against the ndit~n restriction, and in favor of admitting Missourinana S/lne Stoae in the Union. For ta his defence of Southern righ.s, his constittnets with drew their sutfrnges at the next ensuing election, and so adious did he makel himself, that it was na saying in his district :-" General Harrison cannot Ih elected to a Constableship, after his negro vote !' Ilie pid the for feit of lhi palen t o llit ctft lence of hili constilnmt.t, f but lie hbud perfitrmed his tpaEt in the high duty of pre serving the Union. d Alter his abandonment by hti constituent,hllle l.egis latutre of Ohio sent itli as t a 0 : 0Rtr to (thI I. St1t1e Senate,where lie acqlitted himseinlfT, in the discharge of his duties, wtil honor to hii State and credit to hi:... D self. inl828, he was sentt eor as Mlinlter to Columbia,, in which post, he gaine I frr hinmselfgrnal credit.t . His anlmot alteenssfll c,,nt-.t in it313 wi' bIr. Van Ruren, is fresh in every lman's recollection. le is now t. before the country as candlidate for the Presideny, proposed ftr that high offio by a convention of the Whigs. lis lowest chances for success may lie thus estimated. Harrison. Van Buren. Doubtfud. Massachusetts 14 Maine 10 'Pennsylvania 30 Venrmont 7 N.lHampshire7 Louisiana 5 Connecticut 8 Virgiinia 23 Maryland 10 Rhode Island 4 N. ('arolina 15 Mississippi 4 New York 42 S. Carolina It New Jersey 8 Georgia II Delaware 3 Alabama 7 Ohio .t Missouri 4 Kentucky 15 Arkansas 3 Indiana i9 Illinois S Michigan 3 Tennessee 15 154 91 49 The only slates, the least id nhltfcli, thi we hvnte eiven to Hiarrisnn, are New York ard Tennessee. , I indications render it almost ploitivre that they will go for thte Whig cause. Wet have -elt do . n Pennsvlvani,' Louisiana, larvland, anld ilissi.iilpi ns donbfllnlc •ht i t twi, at least, of these, ,louisiana and Malrvlad, have always been WVhig, anti we consider the chancen, that the whole four will cast a WVhit vote at the election in 1840 as nlNe to ONE in our fanvolr. against Virginia, North Carolina and South Caroltila, which we Irtve given positively to Mr. Van tluren. Froio prsent i n. dientions, without tat.-ring ourselves, we are irllly of opinion that the Whlig candidate rwill receive at least an absolute mtajrity of lthe electoral voles. Had Henry (Clay.our ftvorit, been the candidate, we never should h eae doubled of tIhe result, yet still, nso great has been the misrule ofthe present ndmini.tratio",, so very fir lsperior in itelloct and integrity is Willianl Henry allrrison to Martin VanI Buren, an11 so much lhave tie people been nade to suffcr f r the last three years, we yet have aumficient confidence in the itnelligence of the nation to believe that their eyes have been onened, and that the reign of law.breaki'eg and Agrarianism, is about at an eit. Hlouse of tlepresemntatives, New Jerrsy Members excluded-Mr. Naylor admitted--Roll eslie-i-Whigs defeated -Mr. Jones elected Speaker. In the HInlle, lit's i December, the qouesion cam- iup on the right tof r. Naydor to cuto. The chair had de.. cided in Ils favor, linbut a nplenl fro that decision was sustained by 118 to 112. The coleo"'inn incident upon this decision was ahnost deafening. Mri Adiacs re quested members to keep their sreat. Mr. WVise moved that the F.Ils now proeeed toldecidl ulpon tlhe right of ,Ir. Naylor to vote. Mir. 't'urner ricoe to speak. lie beganhy abusing the chnicr. andt said lche would go one and be heard. Cies of" corder"--" go ahead"--" set down," &e., resolnded from aII patls of thet hall. Mr. 'Turney said, that the r e scr c e get into a row, the rhet ter! MAir. .tanley, of N. C., tot I him, that if thlere. was tobe a row, lie, Mr. 'Trn.v,was his, ir. .', an!" Confilsion lnow n its hliclhet iint. Mr. Turney continuetd to censure Mr. Adans, at whiichl the IlnHouse ecamen greatly excited. Mr. Stalhey rvplied to hil in an nagry ton , an hIre and .lIr. 'telrley were speakinlg at tlle tcnlee time. MI'. Vanderptoel dl nied the right of the clhair to luit Mr. Wise's ntotionl. Mr. Naylor's cerlifeate was then read, and tile Itou O s as quiet. The testimony in the case of Icgeralcl and Naylor was read also, and the sole was taken on the righlltnfthe latter to vote. Ayes ti 9-noes 11I2. Tre mendous sellsatiOao! Thle efflect of this vote was tIo lu tain the vote of the Iipeviols iay, v,y whli tb ir. .Wice's resolution was laid on tIle lble. The question upon Mr. Aycrigg's right to vote can ing up :--nll tn.e evidence, t -hand, heing read;--the house divided aend the result was; Ayes 117; Noes 121. Fouruof the whli members from New Jersey voted und dtires of tile cl i'n.nle,-o Mir. Ayerigg's vote was thrown out. The h:utse was quiet, when lMr. Ad ams gave the decision :-"'The chair consicders the vote . n. conastitutioal,"-la-t ghtler and excitement,-c" hbat as the najority have reversed its dci'ion, it decides that Mir. Ayerigg cannot vote!" 'The meeting then deeided 12s to 116, that Mr. Marxwell's vote shoull not he cloutete 1, and in the ameas way, wete the other N. Jersey ntlullbers ruled out of their rights. The question coming up on Mr. Ingersoll's right to votele rose to speak, but Mr. Peek of N. Y. told himn to gointo the Rotunda and make his speech, an he had no right itn that hall Laughter. The vote being taken 153 members voted against hio right, and not oan, in his favor. Mr. Adams told tde house that they hadl refused first to sustain hli deciliao in favor of air. Naylor's right to vote, buntafterwards reversed their ot n vote, anti agreed withtheehair. Lautghter, MI, Wise then moved again ida resonluton that the N.Jersmy me, beta be enrolled, &c. It was lo t'by 118 to 115. The hbasenva now more orderly. Mr. Naylor volte, bilt the New Jersey members did mnt. Mr. Rhttt then moved a reas lution to go on to orga aise the house, pa.ri.g by the contested seatn, Mr. Naiyoerl neat not being included in them, and that the qodrtuilttrpeceii to aengle fir .eltlted eteo btl de foingitto tne'eacct fj6rapor ire 11 'rotihtlbn waftt' carried, nad byRbeto 99.. : . . A motion weathen made by Mr. Cnmphill of Ten nessee,flr the House to got once into the elec;ion lt J temporapry Sake, anld aoic .s. Previous to the veto te upon this mo'tion, it was movhd to reconsider the vote on Mr. Rhllo'as)st rtsolutlln, but the oiouee refused. Tenth day, lre+!,nlier 12th--The resolution of MS Rhbrt was enforeed, and tnit clerk called the roll, exclusive of the flve New Jersey meat ' r. Rain dolph now rose,nl 1 tin behalf of his te, read an ailennd lucid protest againet .n1 of the Ilouter, inexludino thedelelPgtioi.r t ero Jersey. Thi. proe test we shall rive .a.ol etime, as an evidence of the struggles of State power against centralism. Tle very not of excliding Mr. Aycrieg and associates is a fatal stal at the exi tence ofi Sate sovereignty. Mr. Btynnm prorested goainlt its entrance uponthe journal. lHe said tllht ir. RKndolph ouoght to be driven from the house h ois audacity in offering it. Great excitement. The queslion upon entering this proeerl on the journal c as negativrd 117 to 1 14,-sno that anlother blow was given to the severeign state of N. Jersey. Mr. Dromgooleo' resnoltion to appoint a select com. mitten.oiavoe, to i'lnuire into tile right of members from N. Jersey tl hold their seats n tie floor of that HIouse woa carried 1.1'--84. Mr. Barnard of Near York, Mr. Cooper of Ga., and Mr. Randolph of N. Jersey, re fused to vote upon this leelsltion on tihe ground that the meetiug had no rihtet to Iering it forward. MIr. Thompsonn of S. C. offered a resolution that the Committee have power to send fr persens and papers. that thev Ihave power to swear witnesses and to be sworn thel'celves, befor eeetoe"in upon their dulies. lie madle a saleech summing upip he conduct of the House far the lant ten e'a a. We may give extracts nontheri tme." Mr. Pick rns moved an amendment to Ihe resolution, iestruelting the Cumitelee to say who had the lega return, as no seate folfers were allowed to decide on the legality of votes. Mr. VWi.e denied the oasertion, Iwhereupon, Mr. Pickens mode a long party, aetatoeights and mixed speech, Air. Holmes of S. C. took, up tile strain. Air. iRhett felowed and contended fr the Gov ernor's certift 'ae, &c. December 13th.-A dliscessao arose about amending tile journal so as to enter the protest upon it, but the SHouse resilved that it shioud not go there. Mr. Crable moved I reconsi.ler the res.eolution appointing a con. m:ttee. .~lr. \Vise said lhat he woul not relly to Mr. Picken.' speeell, yeterdey, if thel melnters wnlldl coae at once, wilhoit debat., to the vote to reconsider. Con Sfelion. Most ofhie Innebllers agreed to tthe proposi tion. Mr. Wise again staled it, but Mir. Terney ob Seceeled to it. Ile wenl o,. and threw ther blame ofdelay on the shoulders of Ilhe entralistse. Great nolfusilon. The rentralistt agree I Ilhnt to go to a direct vole, and ,t p pratien. All the preepniition.e beelre the olitoe were reconsider.dl by general consent. Mr. Wise pro posed that lMecars. lyerigg and associates he allo.ved to take their seatec , until the Ilou.e be organized, and that the election of ,opeaker be then gone into, leaving tile rights of te lailmants to be settled Icy llbs:eqnent action of the lio sea. A coll of the IIo!e was made, endi 230 oleatlera answered. Great confusion for a time. On taking the que1sion on this resolution, imt S roneseensaroliln. Two \Vhi: were absent. Ilawes, of Kentucky,and Kempallell, of New York. T're former was ill in theeeity, but tle latter at horne. Ayes 117 noes 117. Had Mir. I awes heen preent, tihe friends of tile country and of state rights would have trilmphl.d. Mr. Smith, of Maine, then moved tie election of Speaker. Mr. Wise declared the motion out of order, as it wao not in colnfrmity with SMr. phett's resolution, which, he' maintained, was a hinding rule of tihe house. The ciair decided in favor ot iMr. Smith's motion. es Mr. Wise obtained tile floor and protested against the a course of tihe cntrali-ts. tIe challenged them to say r who were entitled t thenir seatsc from N. Jersey, before going into thea rrlction f or speaker. Mr. Wllite moved tolahy Iro motiion of .Ir. .teith upon the table. Lost t10 to 113. Ma.ti n for electing the speaker, carried 110 tl 110. AIr. Profit moved a reeonsiderltion ofthe last vote ned ehelelis,,d Votnllerpl andl llynum el at round rllte. f r.Jenifer fdilowed and lashed thle leaders of tile rain. I.ond nlmost severely. lie proved upon them the grossces deception. Thie house: sat 'ill 12 o'clock derbating the question whether MeSlro. Ayerigg and as:o:iates coauld vole 'rc the election of peaker. The clhair de liol that eel.3. could. An appeal being hIken upon this, bI fore it wao e decided, tiem hloue oadjourned. On Saturday, tile 14thl, the hotlse me!t nd after sOmen sparringe, tie election ftlr speaker was held, and tIe re, Rsit was that Mor. Jones,Tof Virgini, was chosen by e m1 nmaj rity f toen votes. A colmmittee wa then alniellnte( 5 tn inqllir into tile .an of tile New Jereey members. n hos'elll c eth thel first grand Ie.o icll clangine tile t ler inentol constre.elill of the lIeouse of Ilpresentnatives and bringing that body at tihe feet offxoecutive power. The Ilitlerbarack War. hWe gatlher tihe ftlloowing crioau facts in relation to this law-reisting distlurbance: Th'le farms on tlhe Van Ilens laoer estate are all held by tenants to perpettual leanss, with the following ein" di'ions annexed tl them, viz :--20 btshnls ofl wheat to be paid yearly fir every 151 neres, 1 fowl,and a day's service of man and team in January. ThI lessor ret served to himself,otle rights of way, mill-streams, nines, lionbal, &.. and in adnlition, the patroon is entitled to one qllarter oft t t moneyn, re.eived by the l.sse, on .nery transfer of his lens', and no transfer can be made, unless a refus ll is given to th patroon on the terms ofrcred by the intended tran-foree. When these forms were first let, the rent amounted to ahont $17 f.r a form of 150 acres. At the present time, the rent is equal to $17 ftr a farm ofthat size. The old patroon was lenient to his tenants, anld generally com pounded his claim to the qtearter money on trhnsfers for $25 to $1nS0. The tenants believed that he woulol,in his will, free trhn from ell arrears, and yield the qnar ter sales' right, but thle old man died, bequeathing all arrears of rents, quarter sales, he. to D. D. Bernard, J. T. Van Veeitee, ansd J. Stevenson in trust, to collect the same otnd pay ail his debto. Last summer the enforcement of these clains were resisted penceflily, and when the lheriff proceeded to take the bodies of thenants, they rehelled. They pro poned o o the yleongr patronm to compound for a money ren:t of $1 per bushel for tile wheat they were to pey and $1 50 for the fowlo, and a day service. T'lhey asked for a partial remittanee ofrbck rents in extreme cases, and to be nrleanseo f omt the. qlarter sales an all resrva isons herenber, aln they also claimo d the privilege of buyilng d eland they ocenlltied at any futore tinr, at a price which woli proine ann inlterest enqual t tilhe amtnot oof rAnt now t)o l fixed on each lot of 150 acres. Bat the stnlmoiot: 1hItlok in these propositions was the remissi'n of fth fn-,dal puill nnt of the quarter mnooe'. This wa not important, that tihe patroon sid, he woun l never yield. T'o see its value: suppose a lot of 150 acres to lie transferrad for $:0110. The patroon would get $2000 for his qlnarer.nnd ifit were againl transferred for $10,000, Ihe wonul receive $5300 fir his share of the in ereas.d value. If the patroon will yietl this ceignorial right the tenants prnofrss thlil readlinss to pay tip all arrears, buit as Iet will not, thiey n.iln the fill hone.t of all the itnprovemoelts o il the lands placed there by them anil are resolved to pt the malter, at leat, on tihe ground ofqllity. The lparoonn insists upon pameoont first, resiost the comnination, and sigonifnes his readiness to settle eech claim on its own special mierits The estate itt under a mortgwee otf $2(lO,0i0, and the back rents will extlinguishit. The valte of the in. provemnlts ncroting fron the nquarter sales, is placed at one million. Ile're in the graet point. The patroon will treat haout a release of tllis folanl claim, when the arrears are paid. The tenants take the contrary ground. 1\'hen thie m rtonge on thie estate is paid up, the en tailment of this imnmense prnperty will be broken. It ia worth seven millione, andl is to he dividled Ibetween seven lildlren. 'Th el,est, Stoipen, married a dlaugh ter of merchant Bynnrdl, of New York, and lives near Albany. Every thllng is done in his name. I'hilip, another son, marrieId the dologhter of (eIItoal Tall madg'e, no lives in New York, This was the lady wlholse be.nuty was o, o:tot Il admlired at tie Court of the Emperor Nicholas, not lonlg ince. 'IT late patroon's widow lives oit tnle Malnor Ilollne, with lir three uenmnar ried daughters, neither of whobm are over 20 years of age. At our laot (oates, the appearance of trooeps from the nei5hburling counties had awed the insuroo nts into osubmission, and tilh tenants hlve determined to earry their grievances before tile Leinlatolre. TheIy Iave five WVig Dutch memb:lolers inl the Hlouse to defend We are chiefly indebted to tie New York Herald, for the atvte partieulars, which we are sure will be read with interest. I M iessers. Stephlens & Cathward, arrived at Balize, Hondurar, n thie 30th Ot.tober. Tile latter gentleman intends to take a panooramec ieow ofthe ruins of an olh city lately discoveredl in Unatemala. IDP The New York Stin, the special ergon of Aboli tionism, Ilas come out with what he calls an exposition of our Real Esatot Lotteries, which from beginning to end is a tissue of misrepreseonation. CONSUL CLA.rr.--I the successor of Consul 'I tist, at Hiavana. We hive recrivel a whole o19 of docunmeonts ReR'aive to Mr. 'Trit's conduct, and will try to give the public a fulldetail ofhis doings, f. wa" oorer c -The . ipuioie Court tram aocd its session forthe Eatirn fllitaiot of loutitbitO yesterday. A comnmpion wa read in open Court, If whichthe Hen. HbLrso. 4 LLARD was appointed a Judge of this Co, ur. the place of George Straw bridge, Esq. d.rl d. The bench is now composed of the . S liHon. F. X. Martin, " Alonoo Mortphy, H. A. Bullard. The f,llowing new rules of Court were announced from the bench. Rules of Court. SI. From this time until the end of May next, the Court will sitfonrdays in each week. Every Mond.ty I will he devoted to hearing motions for. or arguments .I pon, rules and promissory note cases; and also to the examination of candidatee for admission to the bar. S 12. The country docket will be taken up on the days n fixed by law.or the rules of Court; and the eases will It not be assigned for partieclar das, but will be tried in a the order in which thiy stand on the docket, commen"c r ing the argument on Monday morning. " Public notice will be given of therse rules. " DeceLt.her 3,1839." The Court then proceeded to call the docket, and fix t cases for triol next week. It, Fifteen promissory note cases were fined ftr Mon e- day,the 30th inst. Four cases for the 31st, and four at aeaes forThurdany, the 2d Janlary, 18411. Thr law and rules ofCourt require the country docket e to be token up the first Mordaoys in January, March, 0. and June. On Monday, the 7th January next the rn country docket, comprising appeals Irom the secold, le third, fourth, and eighth Judicial Districts, will be tas 0 ken uip and proceered in, oncept the cases from tile Pa. Irl. ish of East Baton Rouge, which are not tried until In, March. ¢a The Supreme Court sits this day to hear causes triero on by consent of bhth parties. " Ie had heard of aatrifies, but there had been no sacrifice-none! Hr entreated hie friends to regard the matter il a iAihrrent light; he halt made non , and heI entr.nted them as to look upon all that had been done by b'mmelt or others in firthering the great ulobjcta of their hope." Such are the wtrds of Henry Cloy in his reply to a portion of the whig delegation, who wailed upon him in Wasnhington, on the 12th instant, to express to him their gratitude fhr hi; late megnanimosa course of conduct. Ah! Harry, Ilarry:-though such are your sentimentr, we differ from you, but ar we hoav made up our mind to follow you wherever you go, we shall ofeconre fol low you in your support of General Ilarrison. I7 The Ville Do Lynns, it epp.ans now, was conm pelled to put into Bermnda, to refit, having osffered se. verely from storors. She struck a rock on entering Ihe harbor, and will have to be hauled up to repair. i7 Large meetings in favor of the whig candidates for the Preaidency and Vice Presidenly, had been held and tile papers tell us that the utmost enthusiasm prer vailed. Mr Verplan k presided at the National Hlall meeting to roeeive the nominations. Speeches were made glowing with resolutions, and a fill organization of the parry was to be immediately effected. Alderman Lockett had McHenry bound over to pene yesterday; a wise precaution. We would remind our readers that Mr. Balls takes his benefit this evening at the St. Charles. The Rivals will have a mnost powerful cast. Baronll acket:, formerly our friend Jlares, made hil fir.t appearance as Sir John Falstafo at Drury Lane, on the Ist Novemlaer. We received a new weekly paper yesterday from Boston, called the lastton Notion. It is rayther larger titan the mainsail ofa sloop of war, andl as fll of things as t yankee tin pedlar's cart, sorne of 'tnl tarnashun good. A wall of the Clarendonl Iouse, in New York, trm. bled dtorwn with n tremendous crash on thie I lth. Nu' body hurt. TILE NEW YOaKt.--Fears are fiet fir the safetyofthii steamer. Her regulsr day of nailing from Gal eatnr was the 15th. Some are of opinion that she was eut in was am raon. omie areor opinion that site was out in the storm of Friday last. SPEAK OUT-Ye trullpet tongued docume.ts, on file in the Secretary of War's oflter, and tell ill the truth ! Mr. ienton has sublnitted a resolution in the SenolAt., calling on Mr. 'oinsett for ell the details of the Fluorld war. Yes-give tus them all-the wastl"in of'the peo ple' amontey, as well as the w0,aOttK of their blhod. [03'The Journal of Commerce is shoolingits Par thian arrows against the Whigs utnder the guise of beinga Whig paper. Can't the New York papers strip the sheep's cluthing from the back of this devouring wolf ? We learn, fren letters recived from Natchez, that the wound inflicted upon Richard Ilogan, by Lyle, is not dangerous na was at first expected. Sinle the account of the affair yesterday, we have heard several reports ofthe oaflir, but nothing that ia. terially chalgres our version ofit. I: We give the ship lnews of this day from an eve ning paper, nld crave the palienceof our readers fitrso meagre a report, as we have been disappointed in getting acollectorto-day. But to-morrow the deficiency shall be supplied. A Bu.o,.--Ao evening tter itnforms its renders that two file btlorka wemte slaouhteret oi \VWdneedaV lat at Loneitol. , toue of iteltt ill o a tile other aieo Suehtll a trat t weold have beeh n a led a bull! SrPtor.os.-Forterly twonll were prohibiteod fron tarronr itill they had i tj r r a egulrteet otf lel. foirnoi ture,'ao1 till thltier marriages, were onoeellqoentlv calh.d ISpinlcrh, which ontinues to this day in oall legal pro ccedings. The Duke of uthlerland has onmmssionoed Mr. nar tin to nilrt a loargeo ieture of the "Assuaging of the Woters after the Deluge." A little fellow the other dlo in a crowd cried .eolt " IIlrrlllt ftr I trrison!" at wtoich a Von lure Illtlo eexlaitedl eolgrhio,"luoora fIr a jeelteep' "'That's rihlt,' anitld the tttv "yu hurrah tur pyor candidate, n I)o hurahte v iurn.'elvo s at home, ladies,"s·lid a fi'mlnlal In Iher vioitr', ..touday,"lI'm at ho 1110 lyscif, aad "ir I you all weroe." CANDIDATED. [: \Ve are aurlaorised to atn once that, at the solici tation of a large number of the citizens of the three Municipalities, Mr.WaILLIAt FIRERET 8has conrentod to the presentation of his name to his fallow citizens at the next ensuing el-etion, as a candidate for the olfice of Mayor of the City of New Orleans. 2'T Nous sommes autorisda i annonter qu'a la demande d'un grand nombre dos citoyens des trois Municipalitds, Mr. WILLIAu FaERaar a consenti Ik so prtsenter comm a candidat i la place de Maire h la prochaine 6lection. [ET L. O. (AINatNIEst thet sotliiltatioa tany of his friends, has consented to becomre a candidate for the office of Mayor of this city. NE.W ORLIEANS ANDt CAItROLL'ItON tAIL NOTICE--Durin" tie Races, the Cars will leave IlaPovdras street, fr Caarl ltaon ,vary Iall hour, commeacing at 10 a'clck, A. at. unt il 6 niclsk. P. 1. Returalng, will leave Carrolltot erery allr hoatr, eml erancing at 9 o'clok, A. M. until 5 o'clock PI. n and the as usual. N. It. At half past 12 o'clock, P. 5I. an extra train ,fears will leave Poythat street, exclusively for ladils aid gentletmert accoep-rso i. tahe.. JitlIi IIASIPSON, Clhief Engineer. New Orleanr, Itec. 23, 313. 124 CIRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR'S PRESENTS. At the Bazaar, corner of St. Charles and Core. man streets. T ORTOISE SIIELL BASKET'S-A boauti ful Gift for the season, elegaotly moanted i, gold, silver and pearl. Card Baskets, for the table, of Tortoieo shell, and papier matchd, with oil paintings. Work Voxes, a splendid assortment of Work Boxes, of rose wa,,d, ebony, in'aid with pearl antd Tortoise shell. Ladies' Desks and Dressing cases, with work and jewelry boxes, also with music, Card Cases and Paorl Needle Bools, some now patterns selected in Paris, just the article for a Gift. Musical Boxes, large size, playing four, aix and eight tunes, opera glasses, gold pencil cases, bouquet holders, pearl pen holders, filte pocket knives, Rodgers' superior razors, pocket books, port folios, manifold writers, &c. &d. togethdtr with a large assortment of Guerlains' extracts thr the hdktf Cologne, Lavender, and Florida water, BUSH & ALLAN, d24 Im car St Charles & Common ela TO APPLICANTS FOR PATENT RIGU IS. DERSONS wishing to plocre patents for New In.. - tentioas and hlnrovtteenlts, can have their tilt piceationls draws atltad trw.rded ill due farll of law, Iya erperienced person, at No. 100 Common Street, ,ol )tdilltNt -Arcetdiuols with Itt, 12 cn.d T4 lc ke·ay, Ileqlatifully inlaid adt atfaupeptior toneajust receivedot ile hacaar., & .USIHALLmN, d42 corner of S Clharles & Ceommon sas Eclipse Course-New Orleans Joeky Club. CHIIRISTMAS DAY. rljllE Fall lMeetln, over lis Course, will commence S n WEDNS.DAY, Lecemuber 25th, 11139. [TI'he number ofhrser. now in this city is unpa ralleled, and Imny of them of the highest repulatioR - Thesport, consequently, cannot but hefirst rate. FIRST DAY. a A Sweepstakes, for two year nld's-Subscriptions $500; 1 $300 forfeit; six subseribers, and closed. SAM1E DAY. New Orleans Plate,volued at $.00--To mile hteats Ithe winners to tke Ihe plarte'or option, 4 year old's and over; 1001bs, under ishat age appropriate weights. SECOND DAY. Jocky Club Puise, $1,000-'Three mile beets; if more. thlln two start, 2nd beat hiorse to rocaive $2010; ifbut two, the winner to receive $000. 'IHIRDT DAY. tr Proprietor's Purse, $700-Two mile hbunts. FOURTH DAY. it Jacky Club Purse, $2I101l-onur mile Ihate; if mnre than two start. tle 2nd best borse to reerive $500 of the purse; if but tyro, the wiOner to receive $150oo. FIFTII DAY. Proprietor's Purse, $500, best three i, fivre. 2- d?3 tw Y N OLIVEIR, Proprietor iE XCHANGE on New York, or 5 days sirht, far srole by d124 ADAIMS & WrlHITALL d tEW N)tNVEI.G Jnmes--llenry fGei, or t, e Sates rof Blois, by ( PII Jaones, autlor ulof the Robbner,Riehlienu. &e. c. in twvols. TbR I( ourtr of tie lve of Challrles Second with other so T'les, by the audhr of hlrs Artmytage, &c. A&c. in two o rul. just received ad rlr leI by n d21 J J IIASWELI. &Co, 41 Camp at N o ri C .- T - h e fi r t h o f T `1 l . H D E & P O TItH 1 ; 1, is this any diwsolvrll. T. 1. H!YDF., remains clhrged with Ihe liquidntion there:"f. oal for whlih mpr pose the name of the person will only h, used hereafter. For himsielf tnrd the heirs of *d3 J H I' I-IYDE. Of ME1RC1I|ANTS, L.ayers, w lhyaietans,& Cotn Sdlors! !--11 ye, who ceed loaikh, stolp this eve ning at Nt. 341 Sth it'hrtls street, alld patronise tile handsome meas wil t is htndsome eant. Ilictionaries forall poor Aldennea, who ttmaV (perchance) not know how their -wn na:ule should lok iu writing. Direction.s for yoang Ilias'andalald younger WVires. Novels ifor Misase, and mast trifi~ltale rf imurder antd hhlodshhed, for yinng lmasters. Call all ye wit, need knowledge. 9 N "' llt; '--Joshua Iixon. L. Gatnois, F. Gran. deehaimp, G. M. Fillipin, J. Hives, G. W. Rogers, W. C. IRayar, coa-ignces ..f88 pieces if lMarlIe, all per ship Hatsvlle, frian New York, ate reqaesltred Ito ake known their residences to the dirschlrging clerk, on the .evee, othlerwise their coods will be storet at their experse. FOSDICK & I(ASINES, d23 70 Camp st QJNEW ORLEANS JOtCKY CLUB (Eclipse Course) will attend a meeting at the Exchange Hotel. on Tuesday evening24th intant.rt half ,nat 6 o'clusek. I. ItSlEIltIt l', Secretary New Orleans Dec. 23, 1839 3S t23 'l'lle p:aket ship Huntsville, from New York, is discharging twol tiers telw thle Ve.etablle Market, Coniptcees will ilease attend to the receipt of their gtlds on tile L.vee. d123 FOt'IICK & R tISNEe, 70 Camp st [TCoIl'C tites , fgaloIos per lhilp Fairfihld, iirked (J D Johnsa.n,) (JIhn Childs.) (I WV) IJ I)J)(Cr) and (P A Si are requested to smake telmsesrrs knrwq to lhe clerk itn the Levee, allarsite St Jtosept street, orela tile godt. wiill b stored at theier xe llrpe. tt17 lI3NOTICtC-Neither Captain, O(wnras, or Ctn. siglee If trie I)lntnis siit lThetilI, will pay any debt con tracteld iby tile crew of said shi) dl2 AtIJAH FISK THEr I, COtNSIGNi.CS f2"3 hixes glass, and l ibutndlte merinie ll st maike 3 3--2 blxes iarked Jail. (Calllatit lll l brisket Illeakeid J. (:lark. Jr. re ceived per ship ShaksIpeare, from New York, art req:lsted to call, iay freight alld chergaea, and lako thleti rata. W It FO.lDICK ti Co, 113 711u Camp at, IVY I'ac ket ship FAIIIFILIt., from Nw York,. will discharge tbis ioiIrii ne, opposite St.t Josephil street. Consignleot :re reulested to attend on tle levee, to Ith receipt of their gouad. dl1.6. I..IDI.AWV, 51Caimp at iL 'T'hi e,,n'ignces of 6 ,ase. niked tC t'C in ajd-i ill, .liI bi l ni.o ked ,11 S, ju~t reteived Iir shiip Ii)UIeiVII.I+Li, 'runt New i 'ork, are requested o cll pay reight adli chrges, lll lake s:IoII no I. iWiI f Ft o'lICI."e & Ca, d5 70 'all p st (I3,fria.g.,e.. f god- a sisked , ,I V & I-t ) it & P 4 F, on h _rd o ship St Mar,, fromn Nw Yeork are re. Iluest ll uto mlak. themselves klll.uwn to tile chlrk on the Iievca Pt I\ I I)IAW. , cbtltht it. \W(. Mt)0 w, h " hinl hm,1 I rtetit rhli ll, &Co. T I IIVI, 1 1 , G W 1 0S. d3 39 Colmmon st, ro,. \lgazine as t tioa t ix e tile ro i ity; thetr t etr goo and eollllldi)U- htIles ithe 1il d II S nIlreult ctlliva ed anlcnl bringllliriofai ill e veP ; f'ck lllvily will have i wf e1I' Cltivting a large parcel of growuId for a nulher fl yellr, Iand of cultlling as lll tilber ts the mav wanllt, withoullr having mo thing t1o pay or Ils timelll agrgeed uponl. For further particl ilmt al to n5 corner Natchez rani Tchiailtoutas ste - - s a 1 l sm . . . .) N & A N O)I)N will prlclier law in pantner. l. shi ii Ithe city o New ()rlear no. d in llass Iii rishsa i. tle eaOlnrv, ill hic tlhey hbave hleret.,fare practised. Oftice No. 9 IRoyl atretl. d9 AI \ IOOT--Ai. ua.! Bermunda, just received and fur wliolesaleh or retail by II IIONNABEL, d23 r Iner Natchez an t 'rpit iouhlu at s french, (;ermin and AmerlcaU lnm ls, for .hole sile tr retail by II RU)N \A ItI , 123 3 T'rchapitoulas st •I I l.tINS-- A few Glazier's, juat -r.crie;l and a for ale by II It NNAII I., d23 43 Tchapitonlas at B ANKEI 'S CASES and I'ockt IHoks, Money uels, Vallets and Me,.aandums-+A large and choice asortmaelt, just received a I tfr sale by JOIIN J I ASWELI., n29 Successors to A Tl'owlr. 49 Camp at -It iVWN GLASS lading from. ship C1aerakee,-10 A x 12, 1*2 x 14. 12 x 16, New En:glad crown class. 'This class was tpurchased at reduced rices at Ihe winding lp of the mIalafnclUril caInm a, ,a)d is now offered very low. JAICVIS &. .NIIt(rWS, 9 corlner (Co.m , & llhupitoulen at AILS-7-111 ktgs a sltr 'Coa ot 'ta \oa. Najia, SIBrada audl Spke, tfor stle by N I1 ('13 II.Y, S5 97 'anlp at I+'3Itlli n. & llt:I)S-Ree.:ivrl o la Fbraae, for S lwhtlhsale.r retlil by t l'h)NN\Itl':I., '2:2 43' Tehpilol i aa .t "IQUOIS--7 pijas holland tt i; l 25 hra dun Itic SGin; also, "5 I,ril domestic Bruandy, in store aor sale by (d2 J THAYER & Co,74 Poydrns at FLOUlI AND WilSIKEY--l brias 'lour and 26 brbs l Whikey, landin mn tea atnlat Oacanee, for sale by a?2 ( I)ORSEY, 44 Now I.avee / lIISKEY--15bbis at tlhe landing, fi,r sale by n19 (; DORSY., 41 Now Le.vea. -KA V T, AI'I'S, BARROWUS,&r --In t.,re rand LF or aae by N F C()IIY, t125 97 Cna.Im st CORDILIA BOLT ROPE--I1 coils Cordila BIlt Rope, landing iaom bhip Charleua anr,for sale by n31 PETIER AI.ItA W, 6fi Camp st UIl)SO "'S" PAPEI RS-JSulper Roval, Rioyal:, le diumd and Pocket Posth Jut receivredt ant fIrsnle by aol A '()\OWAR, 49 (Ca ast ARD--800 kegs lerat Lsid, l l-tre. far se by N1 ICIIOLAS NICtKI.ItIY, Nos. 19 aand 2., just re. eeiaved and for sale by J IIASWEIVL. & Co. d3 49 (Camp at 'IL UIt-tIlltlI brla, test tabkers' braads, at the nl3 tG I)OltSEY,41 New Levee INDEIb'D S ItOAl I)S, &c.--50 andles bidlier's h Ioards; 51 Id do do straw; 100 da baelmet boards, just lattltfroanshiptOhio, from hiladelphia, sad for sale by JOHN J IIASWELI. & Co, d1 succlessors to A Towar,a49 ('oa atIpa L)FFA'TT I PIL.tLS--PHi(+NIX IITTERS dl6.Iust received, aInd 1fr wh+Id ah1 ore ) il, by dll6 ItI IN NA IEI,, ,13 'Thaapitalha ta SPIlITS lof Turpentine-A15 ararels N York Spirits C. of Turpntirh laoding l oam ship Fairfield, far sale by JARVIS & ANtIIREWS, d16 o oraer (a omno and ehlll apioil u f sti A UI'I'IY 0F NAII.S.wrll ttaa ra Id bhaad and SCar sale by ADAMS & WIII'I'A. I,. 017 i7 0ra.isr at I1'ASTO1 taIL-A l4 w A bl l. trle hest 11liti,,a b Castor Oil, rceiacved anad fir . hotale or retail hbn, 1 All I N 'iliIEL , -2 43 ''chapitoulas at /tIIIIt'KElll - brls recltii'd, inll tA', tor ael by 1 (t l)il.+1Y1', .ItNew L evea IULIIt I'ltIEES---00 Mary Mollticnut ll 'f'reesfir Dale, Appl iat 1109 ('ct,,7ll aln llt ..iAM)Nl. - Ilnier't I )iantoud'., just received I an for all , , d116 I1 IBIONN 1I.E1., 4: ''elhatitouls te '-.-AR-- W4-IIEI.S-Of vario.s size , itn atar,, aand C for sale ba N F COlI.Y, d2 97 Caamp at 1-)UIIlOONS--137 Spani;ht DaUhh ,,,na f, .,r aleby-v .I_ 1 AIIIJAII PFISK SICE--aOcaksrime laralinu Rrice, in store lor d ,y y [I.2 J J tIIAYI &Cn, 74 I'Poydra at , LOUlt-1I00brls at the landing, far stle by I n19 G DORSEY. 44 New Levee /y . I lSKEY--100 brat rectitrld in store for sale by 1 o5 Gi DORSEY, 44 \rew Levee S ,PEr-300 coils for saleby N F COMI.Y, -R '25 97 Cump sl R O N-200 bbl aperier quai r l by , 2.5 N FFCOMLY, 97 Camp at FANCY CHINA TAB.LE SERVICeS. 1IKlE Subascrihers havejuat receied from France, S Safew line poredlain dining, desert and tea services, of. tylea, and very beautiful - dd.w I BItOWV~Ilt &OC I;nT Campat S ClO;)L, S.AI'A E-Jaet rreeivad from ItPhadel. phin, an invoice of very rouperior lsates, Englishlt R antd American, 6 by 9,7 by 11,9 hby 13tI2by 18, &c. For sole by JOHN J HAS WELL & eo, dl6 49 Camp at A IROW lOOTu-PLASl S'bltl-oo10 Ies. Arrow rotl; flesh colored and black plater, landing from ship Kentucky, and far wholesale or retail by d16 H t()NNABEL, 43 Tl'elapitnatlna at F UI CA PS--ust receivwd, a handsomne nassruaent . of otter, ftr eeal, hair senl.and every ether do-. S scription of caps, f theheest manufacture and quality; for nole whtleanle and retail at GOSsIP & CU'te, d19 Excihange Hotel, St Charlsca at SHIRt'lS, &c-Just received and ftr sale, n g en Svnriety ofslirts,collars, stlrks, pllngees, bosoms A all of the firslt onality and mnatufacture, at GOSSIP & Co's, Exchange Hotel, S d19 St Clhrlea at A Al -ibttuU kegs assorted ,,L.,, o al, eo and for dt4 N F COMLY, 97 Camp at C UT GLASS WARE-)We invita public attention SOul large assorne art of new and very select partans, plain andt cl glras waore d4 l n B IROWER., & Co, 51 Cnmp st LEItNIIN SYRIUP-l1 boxes Underwtod'e superior Lemion Syrup, ftr satle Iv JARVIS & ANDilREWS, dI6 e,,rncr Common and Tehapit ula sts t CAST(t)R OI1.-16 bhrrel No ICasoarOila satpe. I rior article for retaili., foraole by JARVIS & ANI)tlEWS, dlG corner Common anild 'rehnpl-otls i.s DItN'I'INt; PAI'ERS--O I0) reamns 27 bt 42; 100 I reame 14 I ,y 20; 100 reams r 6 by:16; Io0 rrams 22 by : 32 101) reans o0 fly 42; 200) reans 13 by t3 trils rny r tceived from then brig Merick and Pnttlhen,aln ftr sale Iby J J IIAS\VELL & Co, euccessrors to A TOWAR, 4!) Camp st. 1d5 AILS-A large assortment in vtorend lr rnaleby Sn28 AI).MS & WIltI'AI, 67 ti(ravirvst (` UNNY BAGCS-t,0 bales 2 bushel gunny hags lJ in store uad frr sale by r t J TA d r ER 8y Co 74 Poydran at SITUNKS-- a great variety oftrunks, vnlicee,leather lhatcasees, ur ale ant (OSSI' &Ct'e, d19 Exltoage Hotel, St Clarlenst / HENe'SMt,N--Juest receivel,ftrom N.ew York ansp / ply of Clheesmae , large and smarl; also. llaekgmtn. aon loaorde, ast tlh u B k ad .ltatinnerv Sore of d116 JOhN J IlASWELL & Co, 49 Camp st 1TI iiliEIIAS-A large nnortent of ,lrtbrellatof U iall sies and beat qualily, for sale whlolsale and retail at . oSSIdP & Co're, - dl9 Exlchange lotol, mit t'hanrlcs at peOr ship Fairfield, 100 renms a l congre ilt e:lge and reteil, by JOHN J IlASWI' 1. &. (Ce, dl19 49 Camp at TO I'RIN'rE:tl--Just re,"eivel, fre, Abbot & Fiy, _New Y lork, generlt supph, ofplain n eln nanllyd Cards; nvic , lot of eerp piet Pperr, Suitable fuer jt, i work . JOiN JII.\WVELI, & Co, d19 49 Camp rt AIR SEA.t. CAPiS--uitable for Planters use FIor sale low, well made and egood sizes, men's and boy's, at GOSSIP & Cee, dl--i , St Clharles 't 1 lIIrSKEY-50 brie in store and for rale by 7 dl6 G DORSEY, 41 Necw I even AI D-- le kegs new leef Lard, in Store, er aein by J dl6 G IIRSEY, l41 Ncew Levee AY-150 bales, leading from Ship St. Marv, for n29 51 C(amp st UI,,L,,U,-00 bei, in fine shipping order, for s ile by I DO SI).EV. 44 New Levee 1.,JKt--10011bbisal thl suline, for sale by did t I)eRISEY, 44 N.w Levee Mk/] USrARD--Engliah Munterd, in letre nd IOll " ale by n25 N F COMLY, 97 Crop at A Ths-Of Philadelphia mnnfetnre, for sae by| l d2 l N F INIMI.Y. 97 (nfi lli I FI OIL-1 hl geds English lined oil, iL n il tore and tib'anle by JAIRVIS & ANI)DREWS, d7 cor Co.mnon alt T'leleapiHutas et ITlEIT i100 kegs western buear,, beee rle and B for sale by G 1)1'1S5Eal.' d42 44 New Ievee. UGAR-50 boxes White Ilavenn, in store and fo d6 5 y III.NC-HARI,), 33 CGrnver p1t17 U--letU -2.}I be. loosing Irom lSare, ler r i tale bly ill1i I INN lle re l oi '31 41 Telhelael, uh t. 1 AIt S-100l egsIi ofl all weea c, ell eec*,,ele,l, flee,,, hte6e inch, lieresle hy LtY'l'l)N & ('o. ld--lf 5:3 Ihl ,eeve At SIll1Nl(KY_ 5 !rim reehled,lelandling fromsteam hil ea t Planels, lie.r sle vl, 113 t0 DlteREY, II ,Ne-w levce l.AMPi . LUS t'I4J e CANDEIABlIRAe. SSPIIeNDID e-,rtment olf e able, e lelel and hceen n leg e l eu ee, n dl ;ae d leler el e ,Jll :llel ;l yv lio ln.i ed wilh gins lpriem e,ije receeie fi.r siele by dl7-li2t II 12'l-R &. C,. 17 C.amip St SADI IlR WINE RIf' l.lS-LI.nmli.. rk,.n m shi eI 1m. L Ploy, fai lem1n) ll3ll o l l ll se-li l. l st winele , lir tlies lew frul , flie !.'eeee, i ee eeeeie.e e to Sllt punt hasers, JARVIS & ANIeIIFWii 17 ee r ('oenmn and 'Ie pitul v. st ``t lG'lL ANI M),LAS:E-Inlnllniarious alve lwi` tow for anlr by n5 A IINA1S & W\ilt'T.ILI., 67 Grnvier At A I&l1r183 ke.s learf lalli g fion strannlmo AI Firiedy, feir s eeecale blee dl3 i; DOlISIY, 14 New Levee ) RN DY ClIIERRIES-50 boxes in Arne and 1l for sole by d13 I: D)ORSEY, 44 NevLever ETHE r-12i roll lethr, a eed nrticle, for I-. S lle by ADAMS & , WIITill.l, )TINE"-75 deoem ery WinellsI goolldI Altaitly, in Store and f eie, sale b d1l7 N FCIMIY. 97 Camp at C HERRY WINE-28 dr esl (.ehr leand) Pale L Sherry, a very fine article, for sale by dI7 N F l; '51I1', 97Camp st !iAGNie:SIA--lUeaxee's & Ihltlers' SIeaeees;e, lust Sreceived per ch i Kentuicky. ani fr wli laesle or retail by lieNNAIILE, dl6 4i "eirchneletelae at S)eIN'IlID IIUCKET84-201i1 ie,,,., ien lerpe, flr sale bt. J TIAYEIt & C(o. d7 71 Pevdras At jOI S\I. (at ;.... brl ed iny, landing frene ship Peeantlea, aendlfo0r sale byl ----. A. COTIEN, 90 Cmnena et "I'I'I' I" LEAD)--2,0011 kega Iroen 15 e 511 Ii tre VY extra Ne. e and No.a.2. wite leInd grue d in oil, Imsale by JARVIS & ANDREWS, d7 cur erCanee nn &e e leinpitoleae eat fARD-1- 00 kegs superior leaf lardl inl.I.andl J or sale by G III IRSEY, 112 44 New Ieevee W 1tSKEY- I brl ectified at the landing, per FOUlBLOONS-340 Mlexican and Petmlot Dub 44 ABAlI'l0l FISK. '.Ol'l" PATENTIe FIIREAi3lS.I.lst--reerieee p ler slite Mississippei, frlse , e%%- Ve\'irk, a lere eee sorlment ofPatent Rifles and ehll I'ihale,for s lel n 28 Gt; SSI l& Co. St Ch( rlhs lntel lI 'IAM IlltAT PlAPl E--,low ln'ding from .hip . L.ouisville leee Nev Yerke. II0 reaee fine oelered medimlllet sa, na lee le l lf e lllbleleel bills, e... &e.iller tsale by JOIIN J IIAeWEI.l & Co, nR Sueesecsre to A "Town r. 49 Camp t LICKLof:N, M1111IST IlD), &e -410 boxese gallon jer; l40 h xee galloniar:qegerljar piehkle; nL boxese Tnmao ketchup, 20 bxes eenetard, in 4 lb bottles and Scanisters, in store and fr sale y st d7 J TItAYIR & Co. 74 Payerat at S' 1 ,1., 1E'.5. 111E Ilaeeneecee pell; Vieerin pe,; double barrel £ pen; eegetM pen; Iereviameen; ePro;.,eien pen modllpean with l variety of olrth Ier ie iclrel'd ey Gillat ans d lerry, expressly for tle ltetinere store ef di4 J' tlN J IIAS\III.., 49 t'amp at IN lI1A RUIIIER OlODlS-tGohl hWldered table 1 coers; cheniur do dle ; bed protleltolrs and crib do dll " Eelxehee 4: Ilete'. I (Clrles st SAlI r-'12 saecks fine Liceerelel Stilh, pee l lteee ' Citizen, for Aaee by AIIAMS & IVI'T'I1AII., n122 67 (:enrvier at ý ANIFOILD WITERS-G'-ilsne'a imelroved me 1Vi eileld writere fore vine letters, invo ces draw ings, peles, &c.jest receeived at ti IIBAZAAR, earner lof St. Charles and Common eat. 44 BI1S1 &. AlLAN. / 1 II I 'le c ,ieieoe neel waeleer and rier n atdbe oeher goad conk and ecll'e nnrse. Apply td5 I IIIBONNAIIEL, A iv ee n s: c n w tulan At C8 oil, 10 biDs Weslern IWr oil, No r, fr Atl by JAIRVIS & ANI{E\VS n-9 oorner ('amn &y . e Unlitnillns al I)UNCiI RAISINS-8-li11 bexea leeeiog ae d for IB axle by N ' Cl I'lI.y, d2 97 Ca7 mp at 'II'e--30 t acks alt the laniellg, per ilte lobel, flr Ssale by (3 L IISI.YV, nl3 44 Ne evlese SAILS-20 bkee neile, aessortede sies, now ttelineg Cfree banrq ln lJosehnie, fi lr slc i by Hn o',I HayID I II SC-rl-, frir Pei adin lhin ean.d foir sllee fot Lreve, bv N. IF, CIMI.Yv d3-low 91(7 'eaeep nt H IY & S.\L''--4t0 balesy leaaltdn tll gs Ileh l ipr poel salet, landing from ehi i I'b, aleel, en lo tale by PETER LAIDLAW, n2' 51 (Camp st I)EIFI).iEItIES-A lare a n-sornlent of Frenach ``leelfneameriee, reeived by Phi- L llitvett r for lesal.ueerretail, bhy 'NAI;FI.. 2.) 43 "t'eenpileeians Sn. \1e--2l lbeeealto ebbins' I Seene1 le teap , 1 le SA''TEAUS--i feral catn 1hilalellpleeeede Bat teacan far tale by " - NI F ClllIY, nt115 97 C~amte Se ST. CHARLES THEATRE. SrAoE .~lANAQECR : : . BARREIT. MR.. BALLS Respec fully announces his BacErEI and last appear once, will take place This Evenink TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4,' On which occasion, MR. MAIRBLE,the celebrated dclicelcn r of Native Charneters, will give his powerful alsistenee. The sterling Comedy of THE RIVALS! Thus powerfully cast! Sir Anthony Alolaite, first time on this occasion, Mr Gee Barretl lMrs lln.rupop,- first line on Ihe occasion, Mis Melton (They having kindly consented, in order to give ev, vl Iossill effict nto thie play.) Acres, firsr time, Mr Balls. David, Mr Holland, Capt Ahbsolute, Field, Faulklandc Barton Sir Lucius O'1 rigger, Radeliffe; 'nlag, Sam Cowell. Lydia Lan .nish, Mrs J M Field Juig, Mrs Situart; Lucy, Mia Verity After which, THE VERMONTER! In which Mr Mlarble will appear and relate eral Yankee wcucnes. To concrlude with a new Farce,called STA'l'C SECRETS--Or, a call for Specie. Greer l'Thi,blewell, Mr Ball. Hipgh Neville, Morton Humphrey Hedgehog, Baddy Maud, Miss Verity [D Dnllrs ccll at 6--Performancrs to eommence at7 o'cluc:k..f 'a Sencan l'Tcket, may be had at the Box Oflfice. Open from 101 until 3 o'clock. WASHINGTON DALL ROOM HT. PHILIP STREET, IBETWEEN ROYAL AND BOURBON STRESTs. Ij.TlR MANAGER of the Washington Ball Room respectfully infocrms his friends aed the public, the the above mentioned establishment will opin for that eeason,an Monday evening, November 4th, 1839, by a GIAND DRESS AND MASQUERADE BALL, and will eontinue throughout the season every Monday 1V Wednesday and Saturday evening of each week. Admilttance for Gelntlemen, $2 00 New Orleans, Oct. l4th, 1839. TO RENT. a A Dwelling Hllouse No. 139 Julia treetin the A C CAMtMACK &H Ca. 1e Dwelliwng House No. 139 Julia atreet, in the I. building Clwtuny Tow. ApIiy on the pme nimies, rto H C CAMALK &dCo. d6 a..r iTO .tET. n Two roiln ol the seconrd floor esitabrte f trllr rers;npply oni the promises, No. 21 Camp atreet,at the t'irelmrne.' Insurance Office. n22 1' TO RENT. e 'rThe three story bricL atore No. 87 New t Levee street; poseleeeion given immediately. Apply triAlt 1 T R HYDE& BROTHER. LOTTERIES. rI I1t, Following Itrnsititon, Cititon's Bank of Loa . ieiant; Uriou Ilank of Ineiinltia; New Orleana Coanal aid lllorkkg Ctimrany, w It receive special de posits aeainat eerlirinten ofe one hundred dollars and upwards, to remacin to thie ceredit uof Ithe l)eptitonr, on whichI certlifllatee, tihe sbseribera will deliver Tickets il tihe Grand Real l'Eate Lottery--a.nks' Areade, Bishops i ilutel, &c. SCHMIDT & HAMII.TON, under the Verandah,optosite E Jollnl & Co, dl IStationerl hall BANKS' ARCADE, CITY HOTEL,&c. GRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY, OF ItROPERITY SITUATED tn NEWORLEANS. S.I1MIDT&. & IIAMIILTON, Managers. O7ires under the Verandah, Corner of St. harles and Common Streetl, and No. 101 CAhrtres Street, between Coati and St. Louis Streets. I 'tIl a view of mueeting the wishes of our friends. we have te the pleasure of announcing to the pubk lie that this Lottery, by outhorily of the State olLouil wann, will Ie drawn at the City Exchange, in t1. .ouis in New I(rleans. The diawing will, without fail, begin on the latDes Our agernts throughout tlhe union, rilleasee the above to Ie ins. ted oce in oe in of the newspapera of their respectire residneces, and charge the expensee in int l IT & A TON.. nls--cdl scIIiIIDT & 11AMIITON. TA. V-r.«d._.1 ..A_.V . '1-· The Verandh--St. Charles Theatre-Gnamp at. Theatre-Caldtwell's St. CharlesAreade--lHtels.. -Stares-Sqttrna of Uround 4r SI ..A I;IMAND I(I:.\I, ESTATE ANI) • s'rlcK' I.)OTTIE:RY, office co.rmer of Cerat Itl -t. Clitles tireetl, authorized by a low of the 'r"ll1 tl I.- I111.1.ION, or Carmp street TTheatre I.otter, 1291 I'ri-er! Idraw onl :l1st lDecember, New Year' Eve. ult fiai-d in one adlrtrttaing. TIIE (;It1\NIt "1'\'1) I ll.IttN LOTTERY. 111,000 Petetso ! th Firs ol<tartt dr-riag as Isoo as practicable after [(i-j li\ ,f iny banks in the Union, a hich era gen erttly hankllt in the etlp tlhey re inssuead, will be rreelved ilulst rlo hnlTr'l'ickel,, which arein tihe Hlf Million $t - lTwo illi o, $20 CALA)DWELL, OAKEY & PRI'I'CHARD, n12 I'Prprietlrs & Managers. CLASS No. I. T IlE Ilalf lillion or Camp Sreert Theatre Class oa the I.ouisiana GRAND REAL ESTATE ANU STr(tCK LOTIFLIRY. will inirirely be drawn on he 31st Dectmabor, New Years' Ete. CAI.LWI)LIL, OAKAEY & PRITCHARD. n6 Office corner (Canal anti St Charles sts. 11A I C1)(A, . WOl\l0S1--John J. Ilaewell, & Co. SNo. 40 Ctnp elstt, I. ave just raceived from Phil othlphiu adtl Bloston, a g. aeral surpply f me.dical bonks, of lit Ilcest editions; amo tg which are Loual on yellow fever. The select Medical Library, 18 vole. Iloxanm'a Cyclopellia of practical surgery, colored plater, folio. Stlllk on diseases of the chest. redical tnd sargical monographo, by Andral, I.ous, Sltrtl, &. &c. printcilea of the theory and practice of medlicine, by Marshall Hal.M..D. d14 • !/lNES--Burgundy, Bordeaua, Champagne, SMddeira, Rhenish, aparkling Humk, liquore, received by the loat arrival tram France and Get nuany, and sold by the subscribers Burgundy, Nuita. Clos de Vougeot, Hermitage, RomanCe, Chamberlin, Larose, St.Juliee, St. Emi. lion, Chateaux Margaux, do. Lafitte, Laoville, Soo. lorne, Bursat, Graves, tunpl, Frontignec. Clhampagne, 300 baskets, Eagle brand; Palace brand; Palace Vercenny brand and Liberty brand. Mcadeira in pipes, half pipes, and half quarter casks, old London Iparticular earvial. Rhenish wine ; Hock; Graefenberger cabinet 1827 do Markebrunner do 1827 Markebrunner, Neirensatiner, Gra. elbnberger, Hockheimer. 1825 Markohruimer, Graefenberger, Dom. Pres. Hockheimer. 1822 Pohannisborger, Liebfraueninileh Heinberger, Leistewein. 1 Steinwein. 200 boa sparkling Hlock, red, blue, yellow. label, superior quality. Liquors--Whlte Annisatte, red do; ratafia, bran. dy fruits, kirseawass r; a. f. ditffrent liquors. dll E JOHNS & Co. 'lt) Itifll;tiS a it-e 'outhero rlutre...s-JOHN J. I IIAS\ ELI.I & CO.. 49 Camp otret, reepeeltfully aolicil orders frot t hinlers of he tlutL-gea rally f Presses, "l'typ, Ink, Paper, and every article autable ftr a pcriing oalice. They have on hand double medi uam, im a.rilI and snulr royal Presaes; type from no a parel tod 16 linc tio, ettthbraeino a large variety of job. ig ltyp, ftreittlre, qouoinls, tbras nrile, galley'e,&e &c. frot the I'hiladellphit and New Ylork Candelea-c also, 31101 reolllS of rilting taper, from IOl by 24 to2lbly 42 .uitoble fur npnhlelt, bank or newepaper, which they are disa1lund to sell on reasonable prima lor city eccep SllCeS; a libat-l discloutt mode itrcash. Priters senading orders to H & Co, may rely apon getling tie rlilesii eaumnerat.d; as tha teeLeslitiea If the trade are faliliar to the hoUne. Olt typr taken in aechange. dl? CAP AND LETTER PAPER-" C 0 reams line rulAed cppaper 250 to do do to low price n250 t1 v Ion do aleter paper 100 to do plain do in 5I) do Hlldsln'sa iekht pott, ruaed on S nalrea just received and f.,r osle by John J IIASWELL & Co, 2 sI(ceaCsora to A 'roar, 49 Camp at I I A Y'S Ilii.atnl ntil Balon of CulItahia--5 grace .tlhse celebratd raen aCdies, warranted genaino jt receiva d fromi thn :mantfaturer. and fitr. ale to th rde lt his piriear. JARVIS & ANIIREWS, 118 corner Commlo and Techapitonla asst i.)AI'F.R--51t roamls doialea, 1000 reams single, and i 10l0 reayms hardwyre a.lte. in store and for saleby d7 J TIIAYER ' Co. 74 Poydas at 1 d13 G I)OHSEY, 44 New Levee lalne nd retail by dll H BONNA $E4 '1 I.A55 of every ddrertlion, such s globes, btttles, fo" vial ta, fron I dracbt to 8 oz, graduating mea.prpts ntiery vials 4c, fir t Inlellle or retail oy t111 11 B')NNABF:L.43 Tchepitoulae (1 1 I UTS tlrely fore potteeeri, fir tel, k l by H oONNABEL, til 43 Tehepitoula at ( OAIJ-Sb bthds sugar rtl prlatnristeSareala by till 67 Gravier at 1 -SsOS hbt-tat thr landting in fine abipping order (or aule by (ill DORSEY, 44 New Leve t Ul 600i brla lotding from sreamer' Swall.w n6s G I)ORSEY,44 New Lance *IEII tFUtIIERY-Lltest Fre.rh Fnthionn , full s I arrtment nif pomaot., Cologner water, soap, powdter, hruhbes &c, wholeeale oi retatl I. Hr1ONNAROIL, dll corner Natchiez & Telloipil.plas. sr

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