Newspaper of True American, December 24, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 24, 1839 Page 4
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sp ihips; toilet le . ..i.oiens.ias. e k. tl, treti i an san do; alnein s w l 1rg o hl.: iandt. ..In. ' ll Iola.t bAlSEd- ermaed Omp; toilet com ale n i nced saein scishion t tdsoi .uy hbad hainsr and h siae hobks a01 wolletts; inn at; line nnd bommon gýen ,gdesdbr sluse r nnr ntekesshsil Sto ord ornr rtenk of fote -. , oeolstpnvantvqy-a,midtel P+ rsfle Jblgn Of t te oln Comb ALE AD. RE'PAILCOMB ANI) VA "tI 1'="t f Iiglt of the golden m ha" mtist?. fletbHcilitnrs have re O to r eirpreiomue as tkl on hand, a full sserstoal of aieles in their line; vie: Jaroldo y, blushes, looking glassea, tg.cstats ia Iraetta follows: 'oe IIsh, wrt.n.itand platohk,twllt, o o roind, dressing, aid pun, curl and b es of every, description amongsti prim 6t o i n allert.Itout combs of every Irg sad puacket o gngthero with a d tlFsed h andmAierslann. Y.Colognc, ldavender, Florido, honey, as lower wafers of every ie and des t Cologne, etxtrao t of l urats ot;. lit d ledoe, sharing do in cokes ad pots; hwasd'sd negetahblr e air oil, hoaro anda s s ellinga salt, plain aid porfutned is powder, 0 or puffs and toxes po to b dby rotlacku and I cdhlorintooth wash with gIengeral ass ortment of rtt rofthellatrent nd most fasiona k tlagf white and red cotielial, toper hr. retie, breast is ofa gees ¢ns leh KIlmm tins, glt and silvc e taekhce, silrer and gddl t till atn d guard chains tJ1tl'fl-('lotth0 hair, dust. oc,cruib,hrearth,floo., St e comb, Nail, shaving, shoe aod G', SE.-Geormos etfe r mod toilet eaifyg and French dressing glans., home l ,yarieiv of other kind. not enumerated. S_.StAj AN4D- VARII'i'l ARtI'lCLES-French i~ o d' oabled deb and dressing eases, come Ani finely iunisetrd ladies work boxesaond dres e ' ith and widmeont music. nmusical boxes. Ac biv tkiate lsed. sisliae and guitnrs, silver nnd 1"p I eJl_ leade,wood pencils for carrpenters arid astlleocke.gnsad pistols with and willohut pereessiowaps, preuasioo calp cher-elr s, lppIle w*revwdrlve ehot bello,gnume bigs, paste bfnckiog, toy dlsidhbeds ofcvery kind, bells and ilinmes, o ae dcomonoo klnivs, m rr adsissors, tarmobles, salepin, silver plated, steel and cunnmm. speeta. oket books aind wallet, ol vorioc.+ kinds, visiting sknddCardl ecaes, playing cards of Frenlch, Gicrma cld AileseiOe mnnaueture, dolle, imsitation fruit, snt ass prints of vOarious kinds, Saunders' I'oiery's, if ron's, Hillman's and Hlawkin's raeor tvrpo and hosuiclneesdirks, fancy boead necklaces, do with t-r. IrpclJyc wtlhee, tearl buttons, powder flasks, eu: sod P seed beads, gitn and silver do, gum elastic silupen. ee td' garters, plainand sword canes, hackgauiinn oad., liceoptical vieonee, jecwsharps, locofobeo match Iad drinking cupse with a great variety ol olther arti qle.a, all ofwhsoh will he sold for cash or city acceptun in a 2 m1onlths ceredit. B H SllMMCNS, &d :o. .4d '" 70 :' _70 (:h " lIMitY It LER Ed co, Na i Magaznio sIecrt, s, - .yw reenmivig from shipl Nashville, Lmuisville, arSltSk, Esle, anod other late arrivals tram he h:lere aidtses, a large anMl new neleeted asorntment " ' iltisi Boeot, Shoes and IBrogansI, estioingfgatlntlleits's fine calf mid Moroeco boots do e quslity; do bllffl, ind stout wax peggedl oots o sa _o eq ýsdhtlesl mei's fine calf seal and Mloroect Srhsei.; pt,ip sd brogans, buckskin shoes, brlogis at " slalfie callf anid kipiped legged soesamts [I rtelsi; tin hoots; do aloet hip snil wax pecggoled shoeo -., 'Sslb gentlemen's bet qunality calf sewed sloems, lso lut Joesl k .LDownigsi dio call ani Mloroeer I :.isoklphpe soil brogane; di calf, arsed iand tloriem Stdisn shoieshid litpao.-, ho calf, buff sitel sea wngs, eHsew articlei ldo loe calf, ea.l anld morooeoquarltel J:4ots; Imys' miaes'and cildren's pegedl and swaed '.b ý·ns, adll tcesofevery quelity nodkindL wo ho aso ngeneral asortment of men's stout wax and )e t hliggen .e sari shoes, together with 10,000 pairs . hon1 beat 'quality, russett brogaos, nailedl iln the l ao'tisiunble e osly for plantation uset a goal aS. .s iv mtelor iiin ra fie ind stoout kii rtssett bk3gbnts, a w artilel, sail aamge quantity of ai inferior lualit) r telt atd was brognns. Lasien' flire mf, -seal, morocco and grain welis, and Pmp sole loea dol fite Frenh Murtoroco anld kid rlin * std sliplpeis; do roa shtoes, with and without heels; b,. enif. eel and stout leather bootees; do Prunerlla sloe Ifallknlsl and qualities; do lsting brogansIi; tin giter steedl foxel bohene. Mimeas'lastingspriig shceaaI r pIs. Chiltreo's colored Mioreoco and lastuig bho s .wsdnd oonts, hea. ..ietlenoen'sflnefalhionable black silk ihalts; do bilck ::. Idrab beaver do ol a superliior quality; do iimitatiot .1.6Ialo; bmad a:id narrow brim menr,'s fine di:nb idc : -ditlRaaiadtort napled hats, a new article. Yonthsi gi sidze hats 1 tlilterent lqualitilcs; do childlren's W.:'-y'.nad black andti db wool hits of varioos Lkrrt wilk t general asuorulnelt boys' oand men'e .. slan lrstlmeit will bie reldelishlod by thie arrival of enie'paketalrom the ore sitoed ities, all of wlinh nl'dJjteol anie scomimotlnting ters-r. ono t-tif nHOLLOW WARE, WOOD SCREWS, SAD U IRONS, &c. TIlE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. JL 238 Water, near Bookman street, New York, have received the past season, and are constantly receiving large and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. SolJow watre of superior quality consisting of abouit 1500 tons, viZ, Pots of 22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, SBakepans or Ovens, 7 different size., T" a Kettles, 6 do Skllets, . . do i SBpidnre . 6 do Covered Spiders., do QOiddles. . . 4 do Sir Dogs, . 6 de SVagna eaes from 1 1.4 to 43-4 inches. icdo. 5 to 7 inches. Wood 8erews, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from rinch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior itality and finish, and less than Jame's imported Bad .rons, assorted, in dasks of about 500 lbs for cetailing, Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Suhlawoights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4-4 to 101th. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, d&c. padedtho order, Also :steambeats and other machinery made to order. 'Tt ashove assortment of goods is particularly oeimntenderd to the attention of Southern and Westirn iserchants, and are olterod for sale at low pricei,-'and upon the most liberal terms ; it its be. lievedlt he the largest and brst assortment ever offered for sale by any one establishmlent in the Untie States. MItl nta, by forwarding a request by mail, can liave rined circular. with description of goods, prcice, terms, f-oem which no deviation is ever d irnished by return of mail. All ders will receive ilmnediate attention. Ne o rk, 1838. Je3 . PieCr'e abrt . Instnrutln. W fam Siiemih tenders his services to the citi, sns a e New Odlesns as a teacher of the piano 0r,:ec Filr.S having been emrplv~ed severol tear assa 1aoher of musie in private fant:lhea in Baeston sina. l aeve ral of the femanle seminaries in its ot¶ enne, but hope to merit theIir confidence. permllrd to refer to Ilrv Dr CIl'pp, .l atsr ioink &EAve ry, lHendrrson & 3iires. terms, Ce please apply at tile bookstore of iosaegadeelTower, 40 Camp st oct 2 GSh1 (ARDEN SEED--'I'he .i.cert,,r S hue to, rxpress hiis grateful Iianks to the p t, f liberal support he hasaeceivrd since i e e .b.sinesr ia this city. Being sile pro. .t ie sed store, 17 Common street, he 1 t er was agent Inr any northrn seed - isend he connected with aey house in k r--but he assures the public that bis in every department of lte seecd buasi ediffereit countries of Etlrope are equil house in the Unite.4 dlatis. He ir sll o ilaste,&c. the most extensivt d taur0srivs and seeJmenrr in France, ad,, Svotland and the no ibthr 1t ,will at all times he his inrerrest, as it ;:'to receive, in addition to is present Shae 1 r .iesl of every description, really the also, engrafted fruit trees, of all tic may rely on finding a full ao Sae ye artiele in the seed liu., of gerou d imported direct by L Win. DINN. U& O., respectfully inform i1; do and tie pahlia in ,aoncral, that h new brick shop, 219 Tlhoupitoulus JY keep conlstantly on hand Copper, on Ware,of every deseription, stil, kettles, and pumps, till bath. l gs, of all sorts and sizes, and all i done at shortest notice. every description, sac!l as steam. e.hits. nerew h6olts, and other wrk. suct a.chlinannys, breech. do all kinds of out door work, r and ll. roofing and guttering, aJq ell other kinds og work in ese., they will execute at the ,"" ~ dec27 NsM 4 Coals anict betwerrt;ke el4rtilrit iy on iand nt o;.t# ofl,,nis and brogans. aeta .s s.Pt..tcf,! r. lur mwei. wtar,,ll ; tisll whircI ha wll dtuOieo ua tlnuitrl diirr O* 'nd;n ea ortr cf "o lie' : ilU ttdteid :oI LAi iaOUft 'llRE FLORIDA LINE 1I i tFrtm Moaitl t Auotca,Oo.. "laves Mobile every day at three ocloncl. p m per U S mall boat for fsIllP' Ltndtn., above Blakely,-tence footur iat dn.ches to Pensaeola--thence a Pvnlbntoat to tLngr.angae, were thland ttoto ijresumed-thelnce vti Marianna and Bai.vrnville, Fin. Bninbhidge, Pindertown, tfnw!:neaville. iiaundtrsvilh & Louie. vilile t Angnstra, Ga, conneettng regularly with the road cars to C.harlestn. and the Cteamt eacke* !r, tNow York, Nartnlk, Piti'.tdl.phiyi etc. Too atetrtbnatlm re the hest for thle ervice, and the n.vigatiunt prelets mtore advntltes thlo n ca be fontd upott any Ite attlmoat route inl tle asuth. ern. r.ion.. Theo great imprnvelents in ith rn te htave bren produced by thi ecnstruclinn ol fitv miles ofnl"ew road, by the prFprietOr.e via : fronl tn(ranne on a LnFoay tte ltnttu, anln r:n of nnat Rosa B ,y, to t Brynt,.' Ferre, o0. the Clhntrlh+,chre river, an u miles above the UCowlerd, or 14 nabve Cednr lIl tintf, whereby the n.tvitattton ol tithe river, and tit entl asequent dettntion, , anti are rtt tct util the incon venlient cros intlln at the ('uwl..rl, tre entirely avoidd, n!and a Fine rload tfrot rint llnntn dir:et tto B,Dlbrid e, int satead Iti rltnn latnin t rtnt d vin Chattahonchele. , lisenint ttlt e t .ti.t a at t fory miles, aond i;:reasing tlhe fItlines mttore th itn Airsn, a eonnth line of two htrte stages every uther day n~iom lwkin vIille, vin P, rrv to Macon, tt a uGonttetitns with the line to Scavannaht and y Darien, en. A moil stranmnat tlie I renuIrly betweetn Bainbridge and Apnla .iola. 'tiruvellirs wn ishing Sto reach any pollnt ell Chutinhnche or ALullh: ~cola, enn take ,.dout+, t .at BlllnwnsVille. Mobile to Peneacu-l--I lnd Route--During the t lime (ccup ed hy tihe repairs ~r bln:a, the proprie. d .tr of the Fl,,rida line nill run a line o , Ior linorse pst conchesa every o:.lcr day betw~eln tlM h bile and Pensttacola Pnlastenters wi leave i -ibile at 3 o'clnck . p m, t in the U S rtllf hunt, and proceed to tnlil's Lndl inlg, where a Iltlur horse ioach win ill ioit n nw'i ing to unlveyP thent to lithe excellent housedu f Ir. Ctharle t Hall, 1 14 snile distan, where they will finl SpIleasanlt ncomlllanodiollna for the nigtlt-leaving d noxt mnorniue, they winll trivn in Pensnacln ctrl itt thu evo inq, thus avoiiUn. t ihe diaiuntfort of t ct nihli tr.vellint . o I OTtie at the Mansion Hlouse, ,MlIoile, and Conl. lills' Ilotel, Penlaclln, where eae osttal be revu re l. Te'OC'K oN ' & Co. n v 1 IO(YLIY MAYI , Iouse, Sign, mcil Orni)tuiint lJ Ifinters, No 3 Carnedule street, two doors l'eioa CeIna street. Inill tiorrs of the following woods iand mnlrbres, ex ecutcd ill a matUr!) I mancc. wOOS .s .iut r.s. Mal oge:ry, Egyptinn b!lak rand gold, (Oak, (;ialla andll Atico, Pllurd do, Olrintaii or verd antique, (ilClldlld do, Jasper, hurledl .%aiple, lhiid stone, olhios have o, Die by Iirmite, Iflair Wood, 1)ve or llurdelloi Yew Tlee, I Ilihuii While, CoTroiandle or [lack Sicoin and llrettella, Itow Woodi, i Amei an Grey, Ash \V lbre Oak, ihc. ec. Curiled EInim, Specimens to be seen at the shop. Paints, eils, glass, copal earnish, ke. on k.l add or sale. il CHINA (;LASS. . EARt IiIEN bWhA Ee1'OfUE, 36 Chirres slreer, New Orleans. W M1 SFIRGEANT & Co. import er. of French cnd Engllish China and Earthen ware. are now openiing new and rich patierns of breaknfa', dining and tea services, toilet sets, pitlchle, itn and cofllee upsr, tenpots, sogcrs, creams, boiwlc, plres, dish s, rcreuni, wal, basinsi and ewers, font bahth, tic etc. Rich cur and plain French and Amnericn glass. warr--oblets, challlplipne, lemilondeo, jellies, clarers, wines, cordiall, centre howle, doicenlllel tumblers, preserve dishes, celeries, pitchers, Ilmps, inop ehade and glasses, candle shados, salt cel erc, etc. Sicer plated, hronzed and britnnia wan.r-e-as tors, liiqor stands, cakn helsketl, candi llucks, branchesI, ptoonc,ladls, cofrfee and tenpts, suillgro, creami lanps i paluled trays, astral stlnd, anld ha.lgin i ng illamps, iu cuiery, German silver llon and farks, toiether with a great variety If irllicl, for filmly use. Ilenrlian s, plantcrs, hotlll s, slid sterlhoats, farlished wll goods a tihe most rta sonable priers, and pat ked so as ro be coolvyu d wilth allry to any part olf he coun ry. Also, pliillnu;,riei' cil si, are. nc c COAL -t'ice seiliharc rs hrvi i"orcclllll y IIl hand Ilarle suppl of Cannelll and I.ivp lol cllol, al bulk, of superior qiuaility, which they oflr for snle in los It silt purci hasers. Alsoi expected ib the lirst arrivals ifrom l .n lind and th. Nort;h, Cannel Il, hligh and Pealoli Moulntain Coal, broken and screrelnd, put up in h'1ale-lnds expre~lv for lami1ily usnt--all of whi thpy will hdispose of on the rorst nolerate terms. I Orders lel nl ltheir atlice, N,. 53 Bieu:vlle st. up stairs. will le promitly atlended to II & A SplT'.1.. __-- rearI-I1 'l, w ohr. ,.Ilsm nam, alnd P'~lantrs, N'eroit lrl . lrlhlalaetr, fln is hnseslow.rll .hirriusr, cneeks, lineis. crhoc, r anokrrchlelI, &c &c receirred and lor arU lowr by tlr subscrI. be:s. ROTTA & Co. er. orier Cooal Ild Clhartrer si NEW GUuOla-Sllona llal-tt r . cr are nfow re. ncdiving from on ht.arod Mipa Ynzno, and sSaratoga -ndlbr C'onerorediafrmne York e great oariety ol good I theirir line, which together rwith their formel stock eon hrnd, makes therriasurel u vreryro plete. Tie lfollowilg dermpoe a ar, viz: ell twrtr, r.,r., rid, tol:k aulddresancrohi ,,orrll do onall IEcriptiOe, Io - die rorhler, silloinrd orordeed olstic grrusrr, r:ollonr e lior elastric soperders, lurafoo ernrd I.uiorier matchres, idliz powders,ooawerr r u lrr r r antio orc ilr e powdelr, pocketr hiroks nod aleotnd, ncedle brrokr st, pearl, rory and ridorrroco crdr casetlesr ald rrieC, lIlt, th arillrO roUll orecklrr oes eerl inegigiee, iread rIhtrr nlllrr.( d :ietlccs, cut geeusar aelr pliler secdir l, lr audI h git.adr, IianrLI beald, bello auer plurles; pirstol and laerpre o ler lslrs,rhol rrlls, lrre, rfkeir t r nrd rIrfrrulinrg rierrrrtrlrlr rrrle dsicglrr brrrtr'llcrd 'rrrrs. Bowrie rnirec, and rdi k, h bi.acr su, g,. lrar . r adct'ljivrr, ul rrrd rhihell, alld Iii ullo , ,erisr llrrrlns, ll ih , hr r 1, o ntr i crrllrh zrolell, YJI(IPI uae Ito llld~r d:1I I1 IIu-tillg IIrullSha. Colllogue, Te'oi- lot ,uv ll~e r, r ree Litr rI rit ,.I',f! o her llr e i nlod eitlr h.rl;ecrtritrhlr lear', rrtir,n:llorl \crlrm'm a, orale beioei!', shet ruifr henr rtoictpa l c dei oU d crifrricrre ftalir'.' reld gc r'er'll eel~l' derk. r ndrrrrrf llt Caris, hanir rieghrt,, ri.'.t a libu bfrl . t llais, t y x ll rernalh ipelrtca frion erseaerd~ irlg rleru.rrorteyerr rrusictwir-eek Irexer, lir oil enl rilt,igrel, cmrt endrd vest btett-, perl aerd ivr" rljir*rm r of a li ect rstolrl, gol alld silver t'l rlast., never hpav ing illld tweeehrmin pl at nred gilt rukeere, r.llrre doei-, t br,' Irted er c rstrP, Sir ieley, roors/ul r,'er , hairr iLoneor; rir riarrrn fCir, errrfrerdinr,rrloerhhtrcrrrg,r'irrlice crrlgrritrsr crirlrr'd ndr plai ertCamsinc lirr k n Phsircr trrthe Crtrreh errAs golderd eollcrr laeo nlI irrrrrisllel ppernll frags, ririllg wrilrlo, wrlriikrr crrr,,frlarrlrg ealrdi, linr grrlr, lrlRrrrrr arlrr giir jirlehe &r. "" 'ire above, rogclcrr wtr r greet rrietl or other rti le ae olerored t wllrrrale or rertil on ucoluenrdhlit, ter.'ll; l ' whell er lerha rrrprar:eir Tn) '1fIE1r1 L\aI.,. fItR ITI.I.I.' U I'lri,bl) hIlflmf fNAIffrrtr'Itf)IUt.: I 1l lorS r irtlrurrc:;t for tien radrlel curel lf r larra. Uteri, or feialnrrg of tle WUrmrh. fry ex ternl arplrlicrirrr, n, rraeroulirg hor u.o of tluhe b jOctileabll professory, iV COllpcullly rjolm, Puld eto tile alteud acon el a reyHt rorrr1tr n York .rL proflrrrfsrodeJ ilorrrrnc srrlr Bu~rrdrrcerDrrrrorr~s Ln fmrllr, itreer Intving fuilcd of fcrl'frmiig a cure, err uoder tfire el;ot ggravaed ci rculah.ll res. It on s recon ed tire doeerrd d appirobarionr of Sir Astley Cooper of Lryor n; Sir rYerrjrrarlirr C irodale rr Lrr Clark, hsuLreiair Irh (ire UPrerrli Or Asrrwcll. on nrridwrf'lry to uyoys flea. itrl i Dr Rigoy. h cmtrrr to dt Brrtrlrrrietlerwe ; LDr Griftlrt, lectre r to Vrrnrrrain-tr lrlaslditl; IJr Rgserrbhelarn, lecturer lo I.on elor hrsi1rilrt i RLroer Fergruo, luO:turer lo WVeserir strr lyig.irr hisCpir, ail e DrSwatrrrrrn, Irleurer to Midrllrrrx fospiriti. aud srauor acrcrrrlour to fruen Crlrrlrrlc'i Iaillyg; inr.hptel lso by rlrry Davie, Corquefort Blurrdrl,, Mprterrn, burgeor t Iretese, by Dr Moerrcu, Iproridert of irle Aerdlrror Ir.rayhll Is Modioinen. Paris, arrd Aeachrlrer to ture Iuchier. D'Orlear r; lrofrssora Velpaiuf , Mrjoehr, frrnl Duboia,Srrl rHauld otiers--and in r Nrw YNrk bhy profnsayrJ \V Irareia, G S fedfrord, L M Ii prelha. ar of mreidwifery in t!r uiversiory o1 tle erly rof Now York, prola. Drlefirr. arrd Frlrrcis, U Joelrn. sterL, WrriderrtCounty M.d Selierly, Lrurteos lhurl prreidtr rard society setart olf N Yorkl, rlteib Jo, McNauglrhtrr of Albarry, prrer. Marchi, Cyrur leor. knra, Doanre--Dea 'f'lroe Itryd, Gilbert Smtrith, fLosoek, Sltarors, Ludlow, IKsr'arr, Vrclc, Power, Graysor, Van RUrrai eor, olrer rrrarry othter diotijr. gulherf rlrysicaererr irr tha U Saier." A J flull, OficEe 4 VesAry et, ANtor I[ooao N York. il' A eorltant supply of tire o'rrr iltstrruenir , with Dr lullf'a ifrprorved 'f'rrarsro lr-r Ifrrlria, rwil be kept fy SICKLES &, ('O, N f)ercansr A Li Carpenter, Natchel; btaru &. fLorsll, \Vr'rrrtl. rillf; i Boothr ared Mallorfy, Slfnplerer \r" r ' in I'r.;ra san, SoIerviile;llo il and WarhirirorgL, Nraarcille; MeŽItray arrd Il:trritutr do; .I L fIrera, l'rorecre C Oprtrwoerd, Atheans. CiU ldE OUbcrthorsr r Agrrlrr irr thf erf llraire firrn orr I W.& S. Bruthfer, ferrlield, Errolerrl, rare just rceired a very sttouoire set rot' errorl., eUoe1rrtrrrr ci lafrlg adel Ipaa Knrives 0' "'r ... ersclr tirr., 'elr, I'rofed, i ,anr, ara fifeorr foalesa; ifrors, s. ic ors.Erlgo Tal'a, &r. &a. Or. whfichr they are rrrrlnrerrl a eahibfrt a the trade fur orders. T'errms and culeedtirrr aiflas ararfad known at tira tire. mnI J.D. rtIIN, 8 A LCOIEtS .90 Coremra nr. Werkl dk Daptnore 3ackeotu FOR NIW YORK. -II ?[OMES LINE OF PACKET--To sail every Il othe.r Mondnv. ThinL is conipnsed of etx chips, viz: 1 Ship VICKsBUtra, Captain Bunker, Nov. ¶5th . OnLt:xsa, - Searn, Dee. 9th a , PýNTHEA, - Ashby, ,, 23d , AHKANSAS, )-Dnni, Jan. 6th i ,, NAHVuLL, - Wood, ,, 0th T,' AiBAMA, - Berry, FRb. 3d The above eships are of tihe firsat clas, coppered. and crppnrlateonel, and Ihavlrng been built in Now York expresily for Ihis tr:n.--l-hey are of lieht draucght of wotov,aed almost inrinvariably croas the lar without nay detetjaiae- T'Ilmse pucketo are connmarded hy Cup(litrisr well le~ ltc.rced in lte trade, and will ulwata exert thIatr.nseerbe to nccnr uodate--they will alw ayire hetowed up'anoldown the river. and will Ilnmoptly sail as ad voatied 'lThay . oae lindoramelv furnisoded neccrnlndulioe, _n ,Brtj rasf thre, lirsqgrvlitv will always be liurnihedrl, and every nroention paid to the cunrrfrta sd satisfaction of irrraon.rgrrP The I icr orf cabhin passage is fixed at $30, without wine or liqlor. y For lr'trlror pnrticulra araplp to 'o2 A Ct IIEtN. 3 r(rCommon at The ships are not accourntarlo for bre.akage of class, hIollrw are, marble or graniter,, orperner.of tin, or rust of iron or steel, nor reanli.hle for any package ir parcel, rrnle.s n rreilar I'llofntrrlinfr in sirrld ther f,r. 1' t I IS LI NE will ho enrpoaid of seven sl;ici, which wrll rlrtrerd elt h oltl r ill the fall ing uordoer, viz: shilp S r, IIt a r r, IIicVter, i aster. e Shp; Troy, R. [),.ckitidr il', master. sir hipr It.r hliialrr. 3J : Wilson, mrartor. ui rShip Auhurr , E -ornell rmaster. N.o, snlii Frr ,rirfort, J Rl.orselli, iranter. aNerw .'rip) inry hir.lnorr Id .lCvh rr.rel, raster. Nw .vhrip F'riliild, W\ L. Lvol noraler. - 't'lhee llips are ill of tile first elrtn, Ivtre areinmm r dutiono frr pr.aenr'ls unsurpasllfsed or clrllfort land rconvenience, t nltl d di v corlllll iaded. S 'I he greatest puneruality will be ohseived indespatch y inc tlhee as advrerti ed, and evory reasnamhle accom SmHdatiton extnded to shippere andi puasengera. Fi tor freight or pno.r".VeaIiI m po 21 'ET:'I1R LAID )LAW, , 6 .Canrp st FVR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets] TIll, Ships composing this line will sail from New Orleans and Now York *every other Mon dny-iciai1mmencing on thea 2Olh Novemnbnr-and to ins ure the punctuality in the time of sailing, tihe line. will hereafter enomiast of tive ships, viz: Ship Yazuo, Cdptain T''rask, to leave on the 20th Novemblnu r. Ship Louisville, Captain P.almer, to leave on the 4th December. Ship Huntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave-on the 18th Decelnber. Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on tie slt January. Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. The above are all now, of the first class, copper da and copper fastened, and upwards of 5.0 tons burthen, are of light draught of water, being built in New York expressly for the trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are fitted up in the most itmproved and convenient plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style - Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the comfort and entire satisfaction of passengers, who will please take no. tiee that no boeth can be secured until paid for at the otFce of tIhe consignees. These vessels are couimmanded by captains well experienced in thie trade, who will give every at tention and exert thlselves to acoimnodate. Tihe will at all tlues bu towed up and down the Missis sippi by steamboats, and the strictest punctuality observed in; the time of sailing. The owners of these shieis will not be responsi. ble for any letter, parcel or package, sent by or put on board of them, unless a regular bill of lading be sig:ed theretur, at the counting house of the agent or owners. For further particulars apply to J D BEIN & A COHEN, nov1 90 Common sat NEW ORLEANS AND .ALI'IMORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will consist of the following volsscls which have been built or purchased exprresly for the trade, viz: Ship Seaman, Capt. Minor, Bark Mary, " Nickerson, l. Irad lerry, new , Stevens, SSolomolllll Saltus, Lathanm, Brig Architect, "" Gray. T'hese vee.sll are of the first class, have hand. some furnished :ecornniodations, and are of a light draft of water, eo as to admit otilirir receiving and dlilthargilg their cargoes in BaltiInoie, at the city. Freight will be takent for ports on the Cihesapoeake or Jines' River, and fi,rwartled ly the agents, Mcssrs. CLARKE & KELLOIGG, at Baltimore: expenses on goods shipped will be advanced whenl required. The price of passage is fixed at $(iO, ampl stores of the b st qlahlty will be provided. Steaml tip anid down,, the Mississippi will be takenl on oil oecasions. For freig'ht or pnasage, apply to CEO. IEDI)FORD, novl 22 Blenvil'e st. Sl\v ORI IANS \& CHA L.:STON PACK:ETS lThits lilne co olslts l hur ve.eel,all ll thie fire r clasos, coppereld and copipl r fast. e ed f, and o"f ia t gill) tlols b;rtlen, with hand11oie necomnmoditiisll for piiasengers. Three vessels are ctrn It ande'd by ca:ptanls wel experlnlce ill lihe trllde, who will give evry at renlltn,and exerl thl,lnseles to .c rlll, l,.dal ; Ithe shipipers. . 'I'hlv will h," towled iup andi dIon the \IlIdslsrilpi,. IInd lrav New Orleans aii or before lhe 10th an d 15t of every iimoiuth. The lullowitig vessels cnmpo-ce the lie, viz :t li:i Aralian,Chailes GC rdan, master. Brie C lpmaino,J. II. Thiomtpaon,.master. Brig Ahlnet:n, J. Diane, master. Oar;. Rgear \Willihs, J. Allihers, mis'pr. FPr Ir,:ight or passane, apply to J. A. DARELLI & C,,6lG Comitnei at. New Oileans, or A'. C lu,rdcal,Challn ston, oct I ITA'I'E uI"F LOUISIANA--Parish of Orlcuans SCourt ofl Prbae. To 'Il wlioht these presents mnay concern oKiw ,0, that wherers William Mackey, a res ie i ol the r tl , ofl 1. tsville, Ky., h ea nqit.lied t 1.e RI,; :1 I Wr , "\ill, ti aL nd lcll l to, i l.t:.& I ,ItN wlh a,a n l !, ,i ,iCh kt of thI n l ,'ft ir b t l .lilll IIn fL r', he P u bri.h an.. l 'ic ,ItN ' Orleon. , a"l sat, fo'r "1OM f 'ION or . DVIJ1, 'It-l ] \ ili .'1, in iont,,ru:I y i t Ihe Ac. of thll .Lt islalurl+ i sh'lI;·e ,,I. I rl',lln d ..Ile al for iht itlrth+,r n a I , 1 c I ll t . Is i .t ' p .rtcas, rs at Ji lioh,] a,., c" lUc + ., . .I:,11i M rch, 1113-1, nuicer is git.u al whomn it illy rocrncl th Inh "i- ' oil ull', n l in o eoleni e e iLo an l r of i slud t rolP 1 vr ,r leol tproiball, , in and for tra pi.rit h and r yi li, N., r' O)ileollSl r l;.det I, a tia hileard A l, o1 thilol sn thl d ilth hundred and Alici and riellOlrd ic n tphe tiiler of t NalhanolI ('o "x, nn the petitiund f Christop :l julll nj .S 'l' I till creduIors of id oipn o, Nbihaniel Ca:r, decets'd, whieh ile t .IVoa ,I:o g tautedl puilllioiat Ititl ,oielbcraliO.n if rlllit'g ilf LIe crdihr m E lof tI e di. rcun, i h.l) hehi and c,,nve,,ed on the third day of Fe: •tort, e teen hc undrelllt d u d thirty e.lht, before . . C. Une, Esq. Noar) Public, an: ad o alle i.o I,. l an ot s :l ils u lih ioit iiii, had beenl al e, h Regisnier of Will did , opser for s:ll by ptbby I lct'i i1 o the is iitl dm, y i'of Ma, n ithou lano I lr i : h 'itnired and tlhirty-', lo e iautil of iIh iafreslid succe ionl of tIhe late Nl.ilth,,i I Cox, deh e.a e,', ,he la.nded propt y herinalter descri bed, bilonu,, iin ton ile olid stucrsion, which prlo pTrty was adjodlciied to ailld 'illthan Mackey 1n ten last ond hiiigihet bidder thereonm, for thel rul piiie ani u IIIII f isven teell tlhnIsati lh dollars. Description ni the property as given in the Judicial AlI and sineul0 r two cereain l a's of grolnd tulelinr with (th buildings and o u.ptnaeneelll tll Irell, andll aill the rig ts, privile.l , cusllll wjys. servitudcs nd all d v inutnI s Ils.rlun to b" lln lu e i11 to ny u ice appo i Leilniing, nituaot in th, thu rb Mt1 ', ,I r, nts c y, in the square hound. ed by Pl'vdrlos, .\I"nzill, lraln etP. and ,Call, strce$s, and dest, lanted by the al htm ers seven Inl ei:ht , 1n a ert ','iplatil irae it F.c.. u witi Ia 6 1., itasoc. De",ly Sutvip .yr Gc e .alc under daie of theisev- t 'Il d:y of Apil..,o'e tho .and i'iiht lu , ret. and thl'y.eigho, rind dep Ih di J in the~llice of i. i. ('ioan, , . noatery pa, lic Ir rlernce ; whcl, two It iiiln eaich 'ht-er, nod l eistL re each itwent one , let th!r, in, i, h u ad Stx I,.Ie on t oio sid P.,dras .rect, Iy eit. .tlhee ct eleven lchele. n I tsix nt s l. , itd tl ll, I ctwi 0 eni atr. akIc' hnet, rAi.'.'uo: u ,sucui .] "''ernis-t:ne aed Ir ren year, crdi:, .r apliro v d ende,.lsd nioteas cu, d by special imortggag w lt l fin i ' ) I . I l . \ e', i' ,re,t all porstns1 ia ho I ucI set c s y right, !ilh, or iliai, ii a ld to th lot.el ground and lit :1 iI[,iyea n rl nde.c.tfl d, toi c n a equenceul ninirud'I.ity in the o cr. dccre,' or judgment b:ee l r.,",ie d, aind UII'Ir which 'hle Fate weas ilalhe, ,,.ry . ifregu lart ,ym , lie lh 'lty in tile ippruso nents oir tn.vectaisi nate, in nimo and niunr, r ofsale, ti ,tor n.i o her cause er d.t et, iw hautsucver, ore here. by ceal l nd ainanlshld sto iw within thirty nia trmin the pituhllc.tiin heieol why the sale, si iude Us aforesaid, oua l noht bn cn.clinied nod iinil loeutcd ill accordatinc with1 the applihcaion ,of suoi1at rch'er. \'.ei, S.iiyiV hand anild hle seal iof said court oui Pto'i.leie , tui s* u.,,aJ day . I May, A. I). 1839. [L. S j '. F. C. )UPL SSilS, noat 10,ii ins Rl.iieral WPl. ,LOUR+h-52 bIs Inotig fier stesemb'oat lstou Ioege, fu: ole lehv G DIORSEY, ersy7 41I Nw Levee lun' 1'tyl Z IutROMnn r O Ji'RBijt' ILtjTAS 2 e Fib dihioo nf - RiOW. ETI'S TABLES OF INTI'ER TF. T o whlch is now adted ao Average 'Time Codetntl tor, or easy methods for finding the average itme r n storage, notes of hand or bills of goods, we nor- t chased at different dates, on different credits, nld for V, vAritisnsmountat besies aust.ful anti eomplete lonlkiI r Time Ta'rde, ihe best that can be contrived. or that ft- I gures can pr tduce within the same condesend compass, and size ofty lie. An advertisent in the book is in nearly the follow. inog worls: The high dlistlnction this work has received lthroSgb tile ten Iegislative aets prefixed to the title page, is a re commendatlion in itself, so nlcommon,, anl so elonlo aive, th t nothing is necessary more than by way nf ad vertisement, to give a con ensed view of somn of its lc eutiarities:a s for instance, the ltcIrest has been comlp s. ed fromn,aund comparedl with, what is eqtlivolentto llhor. teen seserflniculaotine, ex ittnedt in the press shirts five times, oIand printed from tereotype plates teastd times, fron all wllich it tmill Ibe evident even to the skeptic (e.secially oil lthe le solnal oflhe dli tail .f proof in the plrcteeo) tlat tIhe work molstl e arith metieally infallihle, and in confirmation of this Ibeliefa preltium oftwo hundred anill flift dollars, is now oft.r cd for Ihe detection of an error ofa cent in th. presntl or fifth elition, as exllressled in tie preface, omaking five lree plrmions aftereal for tile lalte error silcet Lie first pinlication inl tie year 13O1. Onel of lotl, ost consinloos fleaontures of the tables is ltiae arrsangementl of tthe Time and Amotles,t which for rexlelilt.ns,r onfrence orlllperspleity, with the lel fttlhe sisle ld inollx, canlot be excelled; and thle satv ty snd ease with wbhic tlhe in:eresl cean be founld to tihe extent of gnrld blusiness, wilhboot doubling of lums is hesih n eolotelnienlce s.i essential, thlat inl tile est lns. tion of some oi tle most competent anlld prtctlean busi. ness mlen and publlic o etirs while have madegrtrat lise of tile work, it Ilas been ditsingoishel by thio hoinoable applellnlionl efrf,'a "nlaster pioee". And considering the inlidlittitly of tile method norigiihllty lladoptedtl in comnososilst the work, and the extlodinary tnmber and variety ol'lte exstllliitionts, and tests of ever edlition it has passe i Ithre trers, eotwithstanding the whole is in stereotpve, enhideeSring. in sh6i t, he positive aeeosrOcy slered I vtlhe mtpreerdeoled lsnols emlslo oil, hbe vo oluo lelas "leen hhld tt atlnd eltllshtically styleod t hlel mlost wolndlrfl bok inl the woslk;" lotst certainly ns man leanll lnma fire work of thile same extent, which since tile begiolnngl o creation, Itas had the lale nul ber ano varirty of teast in the same nusmber of editors; no, er on: lalf thlle number, as is cleally slow in tile prefone. eslles, as test and standard, it halr ben tried and prreed in nearly all the bhank sand pIllllic ffles in the Ulnit.t Sirtes, andl lv the public goeerally, dlluring tile lonag period of lllthty-five rears, yet no error of ilte eal lnlionl has ever been fooundl in print, althoegh eolltinu ally ehallenlged by tile ofelr of very large premimls. l'The in fiteexpressly adoptped by all theeourIs 0 of law cI sevoral oftlhe States as tile " rate of cnleulatloo isor.latture interest," as also by law for batnk intlertet, to aeeIrdingas the bok is liscd, and as a.ay he seen! ill e part, by ., namnes of the sdbscrihtrs, ad a few of ithe subsestenst purchaserts, in thle Ist atosthe earl of the book, lb iv iyostsraosinet retsy clssn of citizens in everyt om to of Ihe Unlited Sinooo_ It is moreover well known that, by its rearly check, it has so (Iltenidettected large errors, long after they were made, even by the most careful and mtost competent aritlhmeticians, tat its usefulness, Rd : lie absolute lie cessity for its use, have been extensively insisted iu n, so lentett, inceed, bhave been oits advaltages, ai its savings, that, seicrrI vearsago, whilst the first edition was scanece, and out of print, a great iumber of second hand copies were sought Ior, some to a gre t distance. anl purerased at various prices, as they could occasion. ally bo picked up at fom $1ltto $25 per copy, and some persons have recen.,y declared, and instances could be quoted that tet'y woubl pay $50, $1tt, anl $5001 for a enpy, if notto be had for less, and an individual in the Intter instance partievinrly, having at the same time rxliibited Itisfactorey prol; to several permsoi tre sent that to him it was really worth that money and mtor noe ttrocIlii saving of iis very valuable time, lie being a ver: rio michman iln pnblic office. it is likecise worthi- of notce, aind indeed proper to impreo., that such is the nature of figue work generally and aspecially ,when of the extent and importance of these ta his, that hall this book or its like bens plrepa ed in the iusual ianner vlone, by the most competent calclaitor in the wlorld, and aliterwards prnilti-d most eautilnuly Imde hisown ncorrection of lproif sheets, it wouli, llnoshtto a cerltainy, ihave boei ullnsati fl Ire ferenec,,anl dear at any price, as tile preface daliiln hi'lp expiains. iaHt so perlect adl vaiiable have the stereotype plites of this wa oklieen nlade, that to secure theml ithltheir unllnercus anl extraorlinalry examine tions, against fire, for the genirl benefit, they are (by adverltisemenit) constantly kept in a place ofat bpieeil s:o1t0, except illile use I it pioti.g. Anple di'reciosll to fil,d bothl banks nil statute intir est wilh useful nlotes, follow tlhe prelice, .hich, in this fitl u s in tile two precedillng litills, clltaill nl c in fi:latitllu concerlling the two lutrill nldllas oifeompunt iuginier els, tee deniv n .tlice, ke. It Ienlitlls onlly to Irelllk tlhat, noltwithtandl ig this uncommonly costly work, which wasllllblished belre interest Ilobles wne: inlroenu.d c iin doltli.s and eenlts lv ellll: ii lllllnae, In as eenll o exte sivel, a ds~l ii lilernl ily lpatl'lllronised, it hllasllll l n yet so a n much s paidll witlh ilnterestl tec heatY loss of uvaily ur thoullsand dollars, besile, six teares ,, time from 1749 enll .W)5, snbiined o,, one first edition olf 76tWt aopics, :rising chitfly fioln its publica tin it tilie tim iii at lo under price, toii sea nothliii ofl ati lllls. riiic. \,\l helefl e tlle authorl still lrelics on tll u disaericlllm t anl gelclrosit of thellu lphlic fliit lolllilll: once of lrin' ienre aid pairncige. Fr salne by lthe Printil al licokostclers in ti Unlte, Stoes l nill"; 11C'MScinc of Pc ilo cliip receivid,.ind I icer sale at their pellallllet Wring llA caldemies No. l i (,Tlull'eo ,ler, Siw i)letnie, 1iii liro.ida y 5,i . Yorl, licilililc sti., lihie. It is fllrllat q ilt*il lle g fll Ir vae learllers. anlld lstclllls, and is calculated for perr: uls ouf ll L.:lies astd getlleellll are invted to call and examlllillne Lessonlls ure Rivco at saeh hrouses as cla vllll thlu nllvellinllce olatl, anId to Classee Iormled in *"iy part li the citie l .,cdies w! l pref ir it man reive :essoIns a their own ref sidrnlccs l'erasuas Bayiney irse of Irssons are desired 0, attert."I, ." tT,- "' ' t ii ,ellgas lhev wish. .3rYA. BTi'lt1it. AllNISiiES-The Slucriber having Ilata y esa w hli - a v r id ll IIcn lllltl etoro in \ew t i'leallr, is ready to i illiir teleiicalers mind the pit lic il, zelele . by whnlesalle or retail. nlie prices are modrcate, and Ie 1ininllulelarv s belen t lhthe I t ad ofr lln tileive eiTblis.,nnt fulhIIs kind in lEirip.e iflneg dispidol to cull al the Iorller of Nalchlle. and Tbehaoihtoulus sis, llall be leenlted willl a fair sampllle of any varnish they in, wishl to lry. Amongstii thlle varnishii s are the ctac h Naiil .i in i lrallil.d not Io n he ace ll idi holneI watell1r. Ti'ble blaek valrllibh fur Hlllres llad .leaLln hloc chimnies. The transpalrc t varnish witlhot csmell, i.. &c. as Ild N NAIt I.. AuNEIt8 LIQUID ODENTl'l -It has been long used. hilla here und in the north with uniformi siicess. for clenniini a nd whitening the tealll, and lreventing tile Illhache; preslrve tlhe guns, purllying lh, breat'', and re!ovlevng all discrise to which lho moulh is liable in eciher II, adelul or ii it oint -Wisil tea spomonul, miited in wine glaslul of pule Water. and sa appllhed t Ihe teeth in usuTal manne, wlh a brush, will -lIuetally pre. vent ae tllt r, ar,d w a ir f thal l .ali n in 0 tlo.,th C.i1e. - lit:,issippi lnld Louisiana lintel, JJlRS, MARY KIt1L .\ND respectfally an. i :ounces to hei r friends and the public gele. ally that she is preplared to accolinldat, them at o nbove eslablishment, and Ihlpea frmll her :xertions to render visitors comfortable, to receive t contnuance of formenr fa,,.rt. Site feels coni. lent that Ipersona visiting Covi-tgton during, tIhe unlmer molnthsl, canot flld bettr accommllldtion thltn sheI Can afford theml, oil mloro liberal terms. Iier house is pleasantly situined, and well supplicd with c!ery convoYie.uce; the her is furnilsed wihll the most ch,.ico liqtlrs, &c. in short, sie at nothitoing shall b: wanting oil her part to give tintr satisfaction to all who maly patrolize tihe ,lissiaippi and Lue;siana iHotel. je 3 Colognei Water, P, rfcumal y, &e.--A pi lndi arll le eO llcloCnei, iut l nup i xplrl ly folr tl retail tade; nisil tlhe i purest l enoch 'riueer, emlbr ci' ro, ly saieat lot thie t ml ic, for a to by g sail t S D'LANG. ia . Im Glmp ,m'a s L c fame, ics. Il~dan D)e, hr color:ng lheu llair ; Boear's Oil, R mt.U ans heal .lver'e, p)oIuna n..l ilchw,'s FIaI le \Vash, aui, iieir pari powder, lp whlle, 'creaml oI roa.m .'vm.·talm;a riou1 ,, oet " to Iof rtLse, lip salve, kre csite toth wanc, nciconic d'ntrifien, oraume fl ,wcr watr, powder pulF and bo!xes, Atri'n chlarcoal, neally put u in Illour olnes tials, Pres. ,1n satles, collognlle, krelsote i1.t ilewho dlrops, Iillr brushes, E,,ghl-h dresliag combs, Indian hair oil, a lI a varitly of other lperlun, ris. &c. For Tale byC. J. 'I'IhNCIIARD, auCtl 3 cnro at Crunu all and Bourtol sis iIRON,STEEl.& IIEAVY (GOO)DS--lat, sqare Sanl btimdle iron, i'ell a-orlted. iloop, scroll anl rlod iron, nail rods and plough, (Gelrman, shear, blisterl.d, spring, shelet and Ct',wlet" steel Iflollw farec, cut nodl w"rlught nails aml spike? Zilc, block till, mill lit grin 'l tones, . salt kettle Chain tablee s, :ein inors, hoe o Oxi, ly g I truce h.ilos, .c. o iinills AB1mit ih, m ules, Iuu ,ln'crsue bellow m s iire, sheet,pigll nil l lba iicad ehot Cual, al cioullki ll ll I ,i mes Aniis, Itow labi anllcd . ilrspades canial shovels lihiok candI lte hinges, lldoor nl. widow hookl t nolli, , Illll t, Shallrlp" llland e llt.ll o lnes l'ar'd noel .ci ..niLca ge, lineo siii In twie 'ais, lise l and sperc oil A full ;lsornnent of hlrdal\e and ship chandlery, al.m.. hacnd, iiit whichl are 1ll red '>r ale at wholek alik o.r retail, oil tillu mlllll w :i1 mable tslnlmcs by 0,4 LAI'|'UO. r . ',. 53 Ohl I.eoee. FURNITURE WAREROOMS stay eilll' Ni , fo N I %ork ad HunIt ! to1 O a. ,nd a: cmcn . of Frinic.e, . hen l as malr,, y .hhairsc eium, lilu.IA, '. 1cAIci oe i wolin s Fuv. maLs, I dtan"ds :lllaple l l p ulled (hairs, maple nd Slandl, lonliing la lcml.ouda cher! taddi ble. otilc. N B. FurAiture packed I c Irunslpurtitn withireale car c i nom lv 1i RUSHTON & ASPINALL'S COMPOUND TONIC MIXTURE.-A rneedy Al and certain cure for the Fever and Arue, remittent and intermittent fHevers; prepared from the original recipe. Used with eminent and uni t1 versal success in 1832, by paersen of the highest D respectability in this city, as stated in the annexed cortic:ates. a This medicine is highly roeommended, and has henl extensively used in the above diseases with nuch distinguished succees, that the proprietor of the recipe has I enn induced in offer it to the pub. lie in its present form, in the he "it may he the means of rehev ip nanlv ,, those who are suffering under thie scn,ige of our cnuntry. It is a tmtdicine prssoeing gre. t virtue, and wilho used necording to tile directions has never failedn of effecting a core, even in the most ohbstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at ill disllrenahle, and I persons of the weakest stomach, and children mnay Itale it with impunity. II strengthens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requires i more than one, or in obstinate cases, two Iottles i t to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor r arsenic in the medicine, nor any thiing injurious tt to the human constitution. Tihe prprietors are oso well convinced of its effiacy., thet they agree Ca to refund the price of every bkttle which has been is taken in accordance with tile directions and has not effieted a a perfect cure of the fev,.r & ague. , A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at v ris wholeseale at retail drug and medicine store, te corner of Bienvillc and Chartres streets. is For District Agencies apply to i-r je5 T. W. SMITI, 48 Conti st. tet Drrgs arnd .tledicines. tle J 6 rtrrat han I o.tled htllsetr it this city thr ig tlhe putrpose of tCrntsactin a genleral Wholreslr iDrug bnsiness. ie is ntow reoevine a full slpptr tlI of tr,,sh and gtenouire anrliles,l wlhch he will sell .it en liberrl termn To city drr.ggietr, and those, of Sthe interior, to physician., moerchants end planter-, cty he will rfl'fr inldueereente such oa have never he. t0i frre been ,flIrel ,n l tis city. His intentlion i to e dos strictly legilimnte business. Hlit stock will ch soon be complete, oI n I in a few weeks viil be rra 1- ,a for business. All orders Irorm the countrv, and I'.; tim mnrrchants of t ic rity, receiving such orderr ile will be pro pitly atterided toi oct 2 No 39Camp st --t Royal College of Physicans, Loudon. tI1I original Vegetable llogeian Univeraal Medi S cite, prepIatrl by W Miskin, Esq. Meoteer eef the Itrval College of Surgeons, Licentiate of Apotlie eary'sUomnamny, Fellow of Iolt Court Society, Slcgeon to the ya Unon Pensin eson Asoeiatio, Llaser Pluce, \ aterloo IBridge, anod Perpetual Pupil of G;uy' and St. Thomaa's Hlospitals, London. This valuabhle medicine, the result of twenty veares' exlwrivnce and uptllrallleled success in tie extensive antld hight respleetble praeteire of tile propriety, lparo n i by tie fauhvilt and tolbility, and is now iltlrodnleer Iel otice of the American pithlic, at the eaernest so lieitatio .,f a numllbler ofgentlemen of lonlg :and high stantding in the profession. It is hoped, as a peirmi nary step, to check thie evils anld fatal coutsequences arising front the use of the numerous and deleterious nostrlnls loistedl lptn the public by tile aid of fabricated proofsof miraculouseoores, anl . otter frauds, by a set of nsereetlay., unptipllel ed pretetldetl s so toatllt ignoaItt ol mtcieal scielce, that it impossible tile monstrouts delusionlen tany longer ,o down with itle intelligent people toftthiscountry. 'I hesa, pills, mihl atlt agreeable in their naturoe, shotilh be kepltto every family il cates o'atellen illness, for, Iby Itheir prompt adlmi;listrotio, cholera, crlamps, splasm, fe"*s satl other alarming complaints, which too often prove fatal, .may e speedi Iv etlrcd or lprevented. In fact, all those whoj value goodet hIealth, sholdd ever be withott theme. They are sol,' in paekets at 5t eetsa, $1 al $l'2 each, by evetry rspee table lrltggi. t, bokoelller, and eerottoof medicinel il ath Uiitet Stales Iel I, e(:dcltla,, with coious tdrectiots, together with esttnolnials of itrofessional ability freom the follol ing emiltellt gentletmet: Sir Asttle Coopteer, J Abeeteethy, Jaoees Ithntdell, M. D)., WV. Ihek, MI. I)., J. Aston Key, A. IFrampton, I. D., and umerous ottllers. l'tlloligi latels tty be seen iI piosse'ssionl of the (;General Agent, by whom t lellol'dicile is impotlrtel into this ir, ontr, and to whoem ll a aplication tforagecies lltsI be lmade. JNO. IIOU.IIEIN, 129 Waverly P'lee, N. York, Sole Generl Agent for thle Unitell States, &e. For dale by appoinulellnt of tie original pror ietor. by we'otl & Itoe'e.tec, l)ecgcits, No II Canel street, (rteetert Agelnt for Staltlhete of Louisiana.ce. jut vS DIAFN I:ES. - NE'R arttile feor reroas tuled with dearnesa, S(e:ollaede tihe Eoer 'T'rullcett) lhe jet-t beee ruteeied, lb thle ueoel ) t, i hl , tlee' sliihtet t artireletijn elt 'the ie . nall voice is .disllnct i cinaeled to ) line lr. At r l)ene t wihI n s rorv-erl oten l n ite n.l eI)I:IVIrPeSl t ilee t v'a dt pl ue-olle elnl e r II r e .ell ill i Ilee of ,ei leetd n bterrae'Ieo1le teicibn-l ue hlcv tieel a elainl el te iu-e rlivie et tte eto ulrc trtlllti , letee l i- the ,. us ietee ic to ol'er oll.cet this bher ' tee l Ie. e ieel ,ited ilec tilt. avile used to,an Tru t'.ul v a For hal m an 'lhttmle toeee'tinerlioeee ,ilice teccrtheeomstsetiot Ptf'l c eh r S.E , eIlc et . et cIlel iecti , c be ha13 c t , IEd-egIe C.-Th'Ie iuet wtdrsin they h;aveg $ studlied unIde.r Dr. SUl.mi,hlt l' { harlhs.ton, the prlctd. iel llltdici tl d tr:cie y, has e tle hlleor to offer his prohyosionall av1rvltes itl this cilt. SCite .h . ril.etellstl n g ltlete l;lle , to i te t lte tot of. pronpt OIaltetiolln will he pI,.l to the e lls which elrelles c, Oldthe gite. thllan aN.. av tN 116 n Id-the. e i sin elstlr lloNO. il Clltrll)lING. J, Pr..u'¢aur Smmtllu ttt. B rit lr.'ctionl,s, cala bt hlad Ji tile uldcrsigulell. Thu elt'uct which they havc p'roduced in this alnd other cities, has been a.ttlltledd with thle greatest sllcess, to which tile Ibest ol' :el'erenccs canl be given. Apply at No,. 16i6 .loga. alifo street. JNO. 11'LOIZING. NI )1'CE--I'he pu?: rtnership otf I(eitev 1ason &C, 1, of New arleen ; :lasnce, Ilarris hL(.c., of Natchez: nd }irtris, Kelhey &Co., of Rldttoe' was disslved o hIlnlt iof tay lost, o y the death otf amuel A Maoon, aIle of the airtners ol tihe ior us. '1'ITh undersigned, surviing partners, will be chared e.with the settling and clhsing saild business as rid i trV I.eviC Ilurris will attend totfile settling of tih, blu.illen, of .l.ton, lltrris& Co., t Ntcherz; and Itu+ris, del ev &. C t.,ot Iudtlonv and Ilhlry IKtlley till atted tot lieoelrling of the blmu oess ofKulley, :la.on & C., at Ncwto)r eans. 'hr illUtmles ol the ooeveral irm:. willbbe those ilndbted to sali toirms are earnestly requested ocollne Iorwurd and make ellrly settleetlllst; oI those having claitms will please Ireseo t them without delay. IEVI C IIAtitIS IENIIY KELLEY. (Caw Oilants, June 27, 1837. RIOWAND S TONIC MIXTURE, FoR ,'EVER ADI) AGUE. , I EN years have not y~t elapsed since it was 1 first regularly submfitted to time pblilc; but it tlas attained thie lighlst repoutation; and has sup. planted every other meodicine for the Ague, wheroev. or it Ihas been known and aplpreciated. Already has it been carried i evetry directiou Lthroughout ltoe United Sta.tes, and ottli realize.s o,'Jr than could have bem: an icipatcd by its lolt sologlomlo fritends. T'nousands ao plersons have not only been relieved, but restored t he Ilth and vigor throughl its ages. cy; and they now cheerfultly te.tify, at overy np portunity, to its donidcd anul oupreme oflitltoy. I. is copoped of such medicinal principlls as are calculatud to roenw the healthy actin ofl'the stomt ach, liver, and other importaont dieticrivo organs, trhe loss of owlouch harmony is the immudiato ca0use of tih disease. It is apaerenot also, that it produ. ecs an entire chantgo inl tile condition of lite systetl, antld certainly destroys the native liability to relap ses of the allfection. Woon the Ague is atteuded with any other complaint, the employmenot of the Tl'unic llxtu-a will not inuerfere witl the treat. ment of lth other di-ease, but wil 0even afford as esst:nce by furnishing strength and vigor to the boty during the course of treatment. Tthose who make use of this mrdicine may be assured that there is tno Arsenic, IBarks, Mercury, or any othelr article in its composition unfriund y to tile human cosltitution; being eltirely ta egetable extract; and they may p have additional confidtnce in tile uoe thernof, when they perceive Otat ot tha tile cf fbctof ao geentn laxative about the tonot half a bet. lte full has been takeu--in cotsrquetoce of which, there is no part of thile edicine left to linger i tie bowels to cause obstructionll, and other evils, arising from tie use of moanoy of tirho remedies now olbfred for the cure of this oalfction. It has bueen used also as a proventive, by aIl:ly who were sub ject to a periodical recurrence of thie C.hills, and it is Itnvarliably warcded utf theu appr~oolonded attacK. Observe! Th'll Proprietor, fully satislicd witll the unparallcled anod unversat success ,vluh has co. .tatntly attended a puncOtual and reruolar use of tle Tlnio iMxture, in all ocses of Ftever and Ague, teels warranted in eogoging to refund the price to all thoau who have takeo ttie uledicinae i strict ;o. cordaoco with the prescribed directions, wtLhoul havtng boun perfectly and lastingly cured. The subserlbers are tile wholotsale agents for tile South Western Status, land lthave now. oil hand six ry casts of this toedecilao, which is warranlotd frell andd gonuino. For saleo ato tho e tenauloacItred prices JARl ItS . A.iotIIEWS, \Wiolleso.e D tcegicrts, nov27 car CoinollllOnt 'I'r tllitoulit street. .Mt)N TAG U EI' . 11 L. 'OI l FOI l '11: 'EIEETII. 7j esbliEro sttii roirhed ireoloo o c oultl s ttlttuic.ti) illto no.o 1i tlenaml for this hivel~, trial lr ,ly l pto ot, tuot fete servtive of the te lth, has iuttcln,.-t o oesutleht er ril or it to the ALHelto iclth n l ito i'r. orretlocTct hoot beelln 1211,d1 to supaPll tl Iaenta 11 all hile pllllcilpal cti oIlo totn in tOhe etlllltd taltes, so ed to a l ple at itlll the re lcell f Ileuse sutfrhri anllld likely to duller this ulln I.raru....g of .ll actie-, Totl-acuhe. 0. III u applied tccortlig to directions given on hothe, it has never irea fo ait eId Ottc iu8ate and ntluelt reief. It also arrests the doecy I deectietiv teelt,and relieves that soreness hicll so Irequentll rlds a -stroag tooll lllsuless The alplicutoo anrd;l reledl are sni le, ionlueent. Il ntlot uIp letsatl lt ; unit rite lalrge lluoo ber of lcretenlls inl different + lCtios Uo the couu.ct: , that lave tartudy explelientilt l ecth delilotto tand illtiry efRiclts lfrom the ue of fIle UBltl, tre teadyt StIeare (flr tthe pubtb gotal) their testulnlaln to its cl ihtlletl ortdsttes. It is a ll nt lit u renlod}, 11ain11d sinagltrly anJ uunetpectlliy, aitd mla longitir lred b thile cif i.ized world aits ule l.alt valuable dtccovrr " edllatn of the wooeds. lries n1 .er bottle. Sold Io JARK\IS & ANDl.F.WS, mr 6 tor Common and Tehraptlouls sco. M.EDICAL CARD. . AN) IMIPORTANT To TIlE AFFLICTED WITH DIR EPAES•. A TREATISE on VenetlaOiteese, Uetn~rrhtn, ileets and Strieture, inlulntogptracticl oblsrentione on Seelltn We.,knoees erisitlg r:nl e bise, ,hnrtt so thott cil perseas t l nt.tin tn itntEdialei CUre weith end. secrety nye l~tl.ty. It is a mlleelncholy foCil, that tbnttlettds tll vlctimo to the VYe teP~ti fitItteeeo.intt tn tle Unsiklnlltlest Of illiterate ment, who by the tte of thltt tdetdiv, Sltenry, rile the con .tilatlnt, RId( ea~U uInelaAitl ,tit ith bloth.e cc the ,tendlface end ltoy. dillllcOas ii tlo tighht, ioise illitb i er, delnfss., oh ititatngletts.tntd nodlet ol che sltlitibes, till.ttleenlth egen reedelA tlIy snld decay of tile EAol.tltiA .n etnet .Id oIl • la~choly dsnLth put* . I~erillnl to their d reqdfn| .tlfl'ringl·.• PEIIRY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIG PILLS, F Acertain,.ot ,end the mostt pnedy rtonly ever dieCoe for the itorioncu tlid effetttal tutiolf veneratl tisttll, llt icturesA, getielllhgess, Itit l in in th .lifelintres othr idnev.r,prlvel, lunlbngo lol nhlebilitv, ir trtilol ttle tl ee tl r nrctthrt, and other ditenle of ttO u nfary tos~noe, t t't eiitV per IICtpOrn L ttictolltthlteho s IAEA of htttPe ,'lt. Ily A)lls Inll pill lrba lote, wit ene e erosy nedi tfetv. "ITi erainty wilth whieh ttly are eottlttt ally mdllnhlirterc, ed anllln nltelted hly mlany thnnslnnds• Tile pecific ltllt roottntt every po l titl t F InsAiliouo oieleet.t prti 'iat in tlloir ptirtrre tIhe whole Itsty Itneide. Tohey not nn Sly remnove thle dlisrnr hilt re.onovate IW heir t.tiou the differ .elt ttlctions of hoe ibodt, espelling th e lt·ror hunlorioItiy tAeir nl.ller e mtildA A l i.lprcepitiblte A to convincl thl tost btitlltl of tltcirpatont~itinltldt tIlle ttlaitt .es•t The• Sneltt terlP n:i) 1 nllercnry IHer aly at ter milnhlrtl~ll, onny )ie tn LkenwithoJtthes~lilhtest sus,icitlln ordbe~cvcry. Theyv re a(ltirF Ino restrrllllt~ of dlel:. Io.· l nf bn·,% or hindlr.tuce of bnsi Ilnss, hilt efnrtel a eOUIcl doe lrp. r ithlOnt tile lea*t e. )t.strP tO the tltieAn y LutYmrinod whlen tile elightettrttlpielr nlet exist, It wilt be tc to Ilvte rtcoart to tio Spet ttierles, lr iT hle Intki ll bef tre tite elispa Is id tletn-nllcti it itoll as neRtCInII Pr.CventIY by· rtnoIIV n8 tol Camp a nltCfl'entuY y i nt d secretly , .lcort Pcrry. ttRgtetnt, conttinneot dredt theoir itintitt to thote tlettlFul deltilitiet eritintg frm tile too free tllo ediJ Eliilntllt. hntllgUIrllee of t10 ile |)n.lnll, whlelln ntI onh"l acca tiontletti itAiai6 tirain or ltrinte ntirtA illC, alld entailon it vutlrtllt til e Attttn~r ctlin A i thltcili tlt of old ellIt wnkttA rl- * loteJt toylltil bndilt t esettee, trensiontlte losldngina 'tt. o nllptctlt atol tltnttry indlirirrie eAndeveesbin for all ptetiule.. 'Flie idetl of their tiwn nltdetpti llppi nntd deeir whlichl nri·Fs front c,,nril erillg lhsntnl~lves as tile natllctrt n ite etie3r owdl isery lin tl I.'etee s tty ott red ttthe fi ieite IA marriae, t r. the I.let tl ll tlnlt t ipest f thil wre hc Ittve gie • It way tn this dnlll~lY. nlle Jrd t ctlt e nbeb, I. tlht1 dAt ttreatintg state i(dAbIdlity or dIeuiehncy, weltther t. raise q Cene nf AuclI bonfnl ptir Actiet ettlesive driltcitki or g ny otllher EtanAe by which thper I EI. Al tile. olltiiiotlOn hrtto. C.anlehlid, they oler.a Irlllt tnfo tAd speedy rerturaetie I,nnd andI vifforoas a, Iltit. pill rysVellbl Pill'iire well known for the certaintand en'eAtlnR altellledy ft ICCOtltd ySymlAOIIlt, tellecettl erU )iOnS Sp~llls~ll Ib~one, uh~ralted tor thtoA.1 disee ues ,chro nll ie Ibeultlntirn, serofulu, reotb~utle natl zlanntlu~lr sfertioln l Inenll nII~lld eerlR dildbity1 Iloclnrnni painsl inl the lnd "'lilnhS. Ill' .resaionl nf s .irits, Hud ll ! di~ease. art&Ill. J'olel an ilntup stlate of tie blotod. ThAe' Pills RIt worttly l pite iI tile obloinet oflenters t nd - a ,ainietr thieti AitLe .le so, ei they will etkeep good in oli AlilllAAA Itnytc itgtit o l tile• T To hod olyo it No. AG Cuttoittluous etrest, Nee Orlton SPECIFIc- SOLUTIOP. It-AIL whorete.offernrfaicAC IIti IS'AE .lieleHGttNOlttIt t•'A. UIEETe, STFRlt:Ti{I'ilE her II{ILfATItIN tOP TIlE KIDNEYS. IIAIIIE.IR, UIiIETII oy' i I'ItFSTIIATE GIANI, ani nel DINIAASES tiof thi U ItINAItY FASSAtiEA. PAINS IN T'IlE lOINS, GRIAVEL, Lullo)tetc, or rlnt litaerul IVWeotItness, or lOeal Dehililyore =talnre thn,,,Ill this va~lu~ble IndieII·~CIE at all tinwl cUr,,s..l : Ster.tlA Aratticaithl toie tthe dititse% mu*t t oo...i r tht antY t)otioetiler, onarotAtl iypltt t le A Olltiltleio e Rnd .ener~tl r.tdtIttealllhiiti a soitI~itlitttilthAAA tIAt.rIt o ltettheet illjllr tetd Iy di.oot.o or illAIAreittr treAlnlnAtt. 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Ott, tiellt Ityeeri tle uttdtr Uretthrtl Dit-,hnrtbeti tat elty itttoltlee ron, 1nt, 1],ey were ,1I ll er*d InI Ilinch -ilorler tillle t hall I Ilrad ever eg Ilrore witnestettd, tnd thcirgelerel heeltht wAt 0nnt inttroV ed II. IEV, M. D. tI ecturer on Sidwiifery, nt y nrlholomew'r Illtital." A rlt' tt ClerkeIto iltrrctrilitd Yulittnd', SIAo.fli Solutioo, tales ny eAIiltllt titbirtllg unoder UlelthAl D-iell;trtei, tet idirett lAsIdlytlollod tltec wee.ttured itnel e titel ltee n he betd lre Il nnlusly o,.erred. whole IIlsln prl, paralionll of COpair !a nld I ofu ililll it i tt do rlond ullequAllod, and o1i trl he itltittd IAore to preCrIett fl r hiA patients• SIoeooo, DeoeelihrtI, 1837. Dr reecn heretbt crtictes Yt, alld'is Opteifilt Solution is t itnotl oicAlnuetreotedy, id ntle itite rttOtttott UrIetbll Dis totes .oooecr thatt ally prepatiieti of topteu tiue hit ever pre Ill carllhd. ito Tite tlovA Atne olttiued only et No. 9l Cutue bouloell, oto iuNwltrleutit. 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Tra Alexandrin or Red Riter Mai-is sent irrle ,Iy by steambouts toice a week. LoInsviLL.o on llIVERt MAl. Moeday, ) Wedanesdsy and I Close atl 8 o'clock, P, M liaturdsy, ) CoaT MAL. 1,. |Tutr~uYr and C 8 o'clock. P.M. EAN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WAI sases mare of this saperlor Colagne water, rerotlve attdr aor sale tIy the dloaen or ainagla kottj Aoao American and renchl toilet powd rs, pail purl. Itd boxessharingi aand toilet rnaps,eosme " w , na nllilk i , roses, o ntel t colr:d ranam, o ask, ItLalltaa, Ward's vengtable heair oil ptomatum, TIie ie t erse Florida. hvcIednr rose and bay waters, tt,le a dliuid ru-g, Chlorin, Aod Orria tnth t ah , t cloth, alei, taaolhtoa aad Hesll brsethes; togelher wilhl on ddlitinnnl sapply ar tfashionable Is r,, nd Iellti aonlbs and jeaalry,loralte law at whstesale or 9 'o_ hy SIMMONS, HAR'I'T &CO. VF- iuvcter ttg- n gc havlgM reetinL:nelared haIl t at a Dra'tuil ted Aputheeary, ia the stvr owned by Mr. i eob Ot, at the eorner of TiC circle and T'rita n Walk, respec tfullysolicila sk ,f the publie ptatdglde nd as renewal eo Ihe a lv of hise farter castomers. 'the entire etcokk Irulgs, medicianesand fodcv srtieles is fresh earlaully sretned. The following only re p" e tirularized, viz: Pre 8lda, Seidli's and Saratoga PNwder., Yi nat Po d re,s being e wholesomen and .eirl s.bstitulte ,r yearst, a raisiig bread hbuckwher Balt e's Efitrvsneeet I Maarneslae Apperient-d- J pleeo..,t aid t rgLe trgaiver in dysepesis or iedi. esrthlca t nervus deblliery, 1idinern herdseah sculiry rl the stionlnch, habitual cosatvetser, eratl. neaus ertnpiionoe &r. Catrpe :er's Flsid Extract of sarsanparilla f puoriliog the blocl, &c do d salid chubeas, &e . i wnita's Pan1nece aind Vermirfge t British ait ltnerlein oils, Opodeld-e, ke. 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In tile first tlua, haeloga Vegl.a aide Extract, osd frree frot ny dPPeleterio and potond i Itlh ingredierts it IIa o lme taken sf thirle uMoantisaP c mven f the tender ltint, or aedl inalid. Itira [ta vcenti relnoenftlhe dieeonr~oaelleqnently theeronati P. tilll RoOn regninl its wonted tMImel nd anivitv. It estab lates nasonI anld peranPent spplstite, by ivignratiag o rist,c R and glives a relih lote etm ri t entae of laete. leinlg peeolior in hlaingvio pargative qo;lityit reoajn r the boowels to n inreun thi dilaorder, or to cresat. otlerdin.ene, but tlhorngly le.natea Ihesevaeral o cns o digeotic, nde thas benefirst the w yenwa witlh ,clstever olller alctill it may be oppressed Individuanl, nferi tihn.e cl oFtlo 'Tonei ltlixtnrre'a ore Aeen ellloed h tillt raollnetuol aes o ile dit os anil ave edcpedr ally c rendt tes ofet no; wlre eels by thi"e is1che ofh n1 e;tlneloe, I e r i s alw ays cr e ted on incureled liurility to urred ce. 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OUT la ittonths ago 1 bladt ile nisioPrune to get A socret dioceste, ier t hich I Ilhave aIplied to seee ral doctors Ibr a cure, antd then dine dt oare eor nn now oil Ilte aboeve dat y nntlordtaae of l)otc flues, ~ ~ ~ f tlt exe t cure rite. Shinec that t •ll tile dlnicenso go wnr~e. all as to break out ill large u eer· toi hl' titlnher oe si ... eigl .o.n .II leg, a.. all .ove 'It yl antol ore tlhroat, ttnd not atle to inrko at ho I trr- l ttin. oin account of tile dieeane' lago . lcer Sn tlle riglht aide ol the thlrout. ! al Inon pitting tyaeli ctmfidently ulderethe care olfDri. Ilner,i.lParia, to be pirlectly cured JOHN DEAN. feb 14 ty - D)O CFc.ItT'yIFtat the above mettt;oned disease is .= pite w.!l e (trd 1 Io lv own Iatinnllie a ior wbich 1 tl+a' Ihnl antd moereover I ansor that aIti medi cine I ]lave token nikesi ilrfn and d d n t itinja ny ni~eallb o. nil ; Ih~refi~re l advise sty ' Iln w solhrerrs to lose no titlell and pply io tr A. RIlne, 128 Canal eIret .bitwoec IDuhillrine and Rlourba eh'nieeto. Ir. Heel ts at homeI hi)ll 9 o'clck~ A M, until 4 P b I'hrv will ihd a trre dol'tur fril thlis conplaint. JOlIiN lltAN.tI, (irnvier street. If" nieeno~ne wont non on ecoll at Nn.I41 Gravinr eOIRN IDEAN. NIEIc l)ileoee FeltI~ 1,138. feb 14 17 SIOMBARD &-CO.S ..o...n otid New Orle.n. -Lie ol Pncket Slips.--'P'itls new ltlnt olshipo inns beetl exprecely built to run between tie abova porIs, and will be fliund of otitable draft of water: nccnnommodations [or ptasenegra, and every effort will be illtde toi glen getteral .utisfhotion, T'h' hlno in complosed oftlie fo lowing altipsi Cherokee, 415 tolln Capt. J lirding, Caroliina, 400 do S Latnit, Chrloeiton, 374 do D Eldridge. Conlbotiionn, 695 do GdBarkbr, Seaontn, 240 do JI lowee, ttllu, hy, 625 do Ri Ituataplrey. "'hn nloovre atiln are all now, of the Airt donau coppeer hsolncd iiil noppered, comtttanded by men ofngrnt exlterience, linve large Iteontmodatienl. witl a oepal'alte ilade canbio; etvry attentiont will It iaid to panseneure, aid the vnry Lest of stores peO vidod for tlirtn. T'ho packet, will be t(twed up antd down t.e Mie Sisi'ippi, otd thne ltrictet putIctnoiiy oaoserved Am Iho tie of sailnlg, itnd ollhuld tIe regular veaeln be detaittedl ii arrivineig, other altips equally as good. will in all casen bchubatituted. A shar of patron age is aolieited, nutd tie agents pledge tLteemaolveu to eeOntimnItIatl as noueiih a practicable, to reeaive anld orworil goonti hy aid liue at the mait modes. ato ollargeo, and to advanie all exponaeoa on goods a-lippedl, it required. 'lue nlhipo will laeave the Ist end )6th of ever. moith. 2"or ficiglht or pansngo, apply to the agenta. J A MFRRI'R'TP, 8 2Comun at. N. II. Advalnetienta n alnde on nonaignugeata to Mteera. A. C. I htberd & Co. ntovn7 CAILAIN hAtlitl~'AT'I"8 NEW NOVELS iatlGittIhe Rfeefer, by ttie autltor al Peter SimIple, & o it 2vos Lu'lontians, ora W\itter nt Schlne Iinidftcll il I.omeo, ihy Cptoi hlasil Ilall, Iloynl Navy, F. 06 I.ord Ro/dhn, a rumnince. I,y AIIni Citnnningplam 1 eel. Fhluppartl I.c. nritteni by hittcellt, iI, 2 volm. +1 Coetppetdiou s Ilislrue e aJ' , treslsttcld from orlgtnnlla ltahian, hy N\lunllllel (;reel a il~l vet. for oltiog Ne. 79 uof lhtrbte's Ealuily Librarv. Vula. :1& 4 inof'he tnw cutapleja and uaiiratn ediaon cf Ittnluitgloan reiur'a It'neka. Roger'" ercih end ad ttgfish Dieliumtry. iu 1 vel, Svor Nugentl's dFreoh rtod oug/isO Diclicaare. AILno--A aew nlure cutuoUenf Cnloobe'n t'hrenologicnl 'iehzci," L.r, SacLrvcytir'a (tmninonnucafnatperior qial ity, with clotitt, lillimrd Ialloaml'R.4 aod 2 1-2 inehesi illtil rvcd natalie I'enajaplined popes weights. Junt received, a.ld for nale by m31 BENJ. LEVY. - ill-1 JUICLe, HORINY AtD OtHItE WAX * 'Te sei.occbhcr Itia rtreioed 0 itvoine of tile lhtve ,llltllt~ nritc4l~l~n flm lltlvallll, nnd olnrls them for •ole tn very r.caoi..l.le il...... .17 II At'NNAIIEL., 43 Tchtptluttaa IRlION ll~tii"l--i|'tll c, tntl,,el Ihve procuredr tt a frc~t, lte oighl '1 pat ttlg. on irun +Or,8 Inthisair. °|"el tr. ;tdoplgd ou pnhliO IttlldlIII.% "*vtr cl~i; ll..-t arl i[.r:v;,te lwt+[ll st a· d d I: t ll.llTll I Jt .l { :llt+.l)it.- ti d dl 'll llatblY ad • re p.'rfe.I) fire slid all,·r i+r,.f "]',·r ma q. - Lo knu"illd a tt,,dl,l eren et oner -.tnlIlnitto oppooite Ni . tney' a r mnt'het, Tel pellnpu lns at. oct8 E i COGe0\0 fh!,R" h o i

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