Newspaper of True American, December 25, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 25, 1839 Page 4
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1iS ~ i V0 issnido, Rabtfront -to ,l,,sol ( . reahain anit het okt and indletosr t, a.l . t Me.t r nm ' lii'it'O i t |Oiifr orptohen nil n tte ildd a ni pniibhi da, Osiebt ntd trnenteftatbexyo-mtrnete. lon Sa i l~lgr, b.o l lilii I t aub; T ,t...e ;4+teanbsbr hiers h.r ta p'ea t ht p u nand, a fulll C ds r nt of tcle in their line ; vi:, Jewellry brushes, locking glasmne, ee.fitin ntOinpart as follgws: saied bi n i Nrbtn i tthailinri trren,twsin, s rodr,; roig, .njdod n~ i carl nd ad al r patters, ivory cmbs of every ylogono, LnOtia'dor, l'rilde, honey, 1 ~y, Q jtstOerwafersofevery size and don-' ro s ne extract o iben .rao 'if tlPo " n'toiili atfigsas pin Ii and prineond adral powder, In erpff'and boxes poa ,tpotn "rr, itd'chlorite tooth wash n thenral assortment of ieJ o Ln a1 mo e ofthle ntent nHod moot foasojnn , osinting of white and rod conrlian, topr t iu.f nimnlngteornst pits of a gre." j'tn ty ,.otf1 h tripnthtgs,.lt and nin' .,eackles, siler , alvgrand golopt ells nd gourd chains • "..loth, hair, dust nc,cronb,hbarth,floor, bat, fltsh, n,.lib plate, ctmb, Nail, sharing, shoe and (LLQOIl - E.S$E er-nan statir and toilet a -s, nirvig anti Frean dressing glanssesn, homo CS With ,'ti hmrkindsi nat en etorrated. 'FANtC r pmD VARIETY"IlU'lCin t-Frene ad Aeei portable tdesks and dressing casen , son m very eirich nd tlbly jnished ladies workboxes anda re. ic with oald withort Omusic. mtSical boxes. Ae n trdian n tis kinds, vioins antl.uitarso, silover and plated penchloanti lendd,wood pencils Ier earlaenters aord eraynn t elobksn,gnnatd pistols with and without t. alse,, pLpaelon cops ierrtaciin coap chlargers, apple strew o, trhin beltigarme hag, paste blackir, tmy Ss n beads afevery . li vnr lad, bells and plmes, S t aal metro ra ors l rtand atiso, tthidltln c, needlet, SOner plated, steel' and eotn,, spear. and'Aýnpeicart tna'naolact.r, dollts, imitation fruit,saj. boAsN, jijrlapof nanano kinds, Sarrderor cL'tttert, -Eiaanmeresn Hllmam's andt Hawknlai's razor strarts od moetall, jtio, dirks, fanny bead necklaces, do with ,.r d op, ritoay ohn, pearl bttons, poarwder flasksn, nu; andr plain nate ,t git:nld snne t, grim elasticarntsert dti'Snitnat'gjtrtn Artanfid nawtord canet, aa rarttrtt _ t '.' C an.iar jewsharps, llaocofocl'taah s"", drinkino owith a great variety oI other anrti flms, all ofwhbhii will-be sold for ctashi or city aiceptan s. on 1a montA tredit. II H 51.M31C.C1S, & co. 4d __ - .__ 70Ghrtretnset. S.70 hUitresetsl. 5 ) Y ioE F? ctu, No ooto~toooto sre..~i r j Slotok.,, Eogtld, 0, other late arrioals treen "he 1 ::thilltt cties, a large aod new eletedl oasoll luent lu!is, Boots, ihoes and Brogans,, s nsliting ot'ge~emoe's aile ealf auod Morocco ioots 'lo 2.onquality; do buffd, ladl stout waxo peggedl looots t qnrionsl tdnieSa men's fine cldf seal Tool .1lorocet oltt-. toopus ndt brogans, buckskli shoes, luO"Ogln atlo Itlpelt s; iC's fine calf stid kilpeld plegogei s oes ant irolmsu;i do bdotsn do stout kip sml wax' peggedo sa o e Sld bereglS; gqel•lemen's:-best quality eulwlo sodr shoes, ºs,,tOse slid Jack ilowniLifys; do calf tiid +% loroee riotlet sooes and hrogts; ,io calf, seal adl Mot.oer lis lan ssoesandllpplll.s, do calf, rbutl'a ot seatl oongs .Itw anticle; o o fine cal; setl ki ari moel oco llouro otsi holo', misses' aneclruttolle's peggae ano seured r.'st IllOganlOs ld shoes, togltlelt witk 10,00too 1pi. Isfgro btt qullity, russets bIrLogan, tIatile i " to Iks, t ade ee'toessly ote loanttic .ol a iod o Is Sotnlsol of mot's finel alit stout kite ItUSP'tlt t"gt' o n: is artimcl, nl argt ge rqntity of a ith'crior qa:lto r r tntolal w.sC bn hgltns. ladies' floe tallt aeal, nrmotoee o strl grain wel s, :olr, patol stle shoes t dt file srcInh o.looo kidll , r cia sliplatre; o r ho ho te'si widtonl to th lsttoelct o calf, set ooul odso leattlel blootees dco lI'rltlla the a fall kinels aso qolities; dr, ltatiog brog sen; o gttrn - r-andl foxed hoolees. Mlisxes'lastingspriig shOUean,, abl.lttn COtlrel's o lluord ulort'coo ond lasting lo k anOlld boohts, .c. hieln0ret fid sliJefrshipnco blolek silk harts; lo blekl ta Il Dolot be r o of a'sup rior q.ldily cdo inittil:ori |t, irnm do; br'oad'ond narrow oim m.u's tine drtah iu tht:ok Roslst slort nolred hat(0 a ooz article, Y . he" at ; s size b lts ot tdiller nt (rdities; do i child ll.· ' 1 n'n and bty's black snd dran b ch ool Iints of sa'ions rhiliet, iLi geeronl nrot ess t e ot bes' td mo e's re ! ce1ps. '1 hs assotoment wilo he rep!eislt n l tho e aart0 l o reali.Hiketshm tlsheove Kotsed C;tids, all of wL id Tillbe old on deeaomodallnr ternls, to -if HaOLLOW WAiRE, aO eD Sl'r.,I,,4 SAl) ROe NS, &oc. i IE IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 23W Water, near Be knlao stro et, New York, hive received tilhe pr st ison, ialN are eor.s; intly enetiving large and extensive additioos to the stuek of the above goods, which now consist s oe the llowing asortlent, suitarble for the southern ailnd Ileollow ware of superior quality ot shout 1500 tons, viz, polse of"2 different sizs, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Ke ties o s, 15 sies, frool 3:8 to 30 gallonf, eltoles, 15 rizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons. Baklpors ordOvens, 7 difeorcnt atzes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skille, ra. . str do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, to r t f Ortddlee, . 4 do Fire D oogs, - d fe do Wagon boxes froml 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 iohes, "tWood Screws, 20.r010 gross, iron and brass, from Sn pincel, No. 3 to 36 inlch, No, 24 of a superior quasity and fittoh, and less othan Jamlo's imported prices, Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for rotailihg. Tailor's and hasttoer's Irons, assorted. Boils for Plantations steamboats, chure c s, l&e. made to order, Also siatlbeats and other machinery madnce to order. Tile ae,oo nssortlentl of a ood is pkrticularl rieCtoroenth ' tlo thte atotetto of Sotlitrl all l Wser ercn, eanr , ane are nflered tor sale at loe prices, d upon the tie not libeorIal tem1o ; it is toe. lievond to be tlhe largest nald eost atorttoatl everi offered for sale by any oo eotablishnertt in the Untoed States. I ot4reh oon. ry orwardhgll a request by m:il, cool have a prin'e d circulart wiich drotcr ipt ott gorte si prices aod tertIs, f-oln IwhICs no deviation is eCver nmade, Ernineltdd by rcotlurt f a t:lil. Asllorder will roeivo mll oue diatc attentio, n t N York, 1838. r in adi P+alro Forte Instrvrtten. fto e. l.r S llavino lofellcry 'lpl.V rt , c llea \t.e ass tmeontr of mutir in a rivat e Ot to 0.l0e n 0, g nu00 q :a ql tlo y sq vdr i " pottoe lt a', rl in to:y vaicitty, oy the sew bri heop, tmril tlt'lr coutitoolac, Ile'ie.perlnid he to r, fer to tRrv Drtly on i'd C csr, d heet War, of ery, d lolerdlrsn p. r;ponl,. S Prtersopper stills, ketleply adt l op, tore kato. A1lo iand der. i'.wer ns, of al t , sod all 2 F S2E }! j R LE N S IE )-- ' ... . ... ..... . ,gsr . O srslrtpl s his trsaelu l thl illir , tonlt e 1 t I.. sfor.she liberl seppart ho hs a tte, id n ino:, I e eSmeorled lasiloesiery deit rlthitoy., sLc asli- p't plisetlr.of ihe seed uore, such as C himn ysr, hle h not hd never wasd al llkt fot nlot door wotr , roslderT neiy ar is the aolseled Wsls h any houler tot this eo f nlly--bl eip ss, thea will puble it theIll LInocions in every deprtmn54 to of the st-rc bool neDs, in tie dif8 Plr.ft uolea eol Eost e ntiso rl eqh to that of any huele htrtthe Uliled `',itlra. 11, . iS- [ partsnred, portsuoo. tfrloise lnlld .trxogs, niv and erapes tbin nirt Y .t.r J t as Ist fact. lfor F.t, mln, Stl+,lod, Etglalnd. Sur, tllte n odslid file no Ihere nste.oanldnit wiloo l l a les, oitsl ht; il d.rer, spo it is his stuidy, to reaeiv, in addi'ion td It In rSll stIrk. large ar ivulsof evst ry do, s rlat o r, al Lr i lt, r2 kinds. "'Thepkub0telay rirtyi o ftidl,,g a lull its , Ortmlrnt of every urt: e tli the recd ItlO-, of genusl lea qgeallr ,aldl impurted direct by C their friends and the puhlic in e:onerl, tll+tt thJy occupy the oew brick: shop, 21 T1'ehou pitlolas street, whdi€re Bvy. keep constantly on hanld Copper, -Ti9+ d Sceet Ia'oi Wanr, of every dcoription, +'wd· taa copper etills, kettles, and p:,iomp t tiu bath. .ititifa, sad nlctans, of all sorts and sizes, andall sr-tbratql;· attng, lone at shortest olniee, . _ l i "., 'r of`ivoery descriptioa, srch aS steam. l, itSatltaapelg chain, strew IGollt, uand otilul 9dhll. eau nur i .ll-ytirok, such as chimneys, breech. '; `pe yh wil nlaoido all kinds of'ont door work, .-`s, joltas ino, copper and tin roofingw and gutterhlg ." +....Thley alove owls' all other kiile of work in LB tEOOPAR Nn 54 Cyssde sreeft,, between Daubiloin shi IS Phil illetl;,'ro'atsotll on haelld an , atepulln tte'l.relun"r ,"fbouos slud brogans, asld aiiu·l,,t;f tow W ik mhan sfa¢.ate for coen. wniuiei tau cbildren ul 4,I sae*' whlc~l he wa ll dtsp, e u1 ," . keT ' rtlesilue prhr.s. + - -:ji3C |ltlissutbllii'atqaiulee on eendino, on. r de + 'l-lbitlil u l[hytw-!llesdt d to L s OEG(JUR + ,>{ .. ;" : +: . - THER FLORIDA LINe I Frt.n Molile to Aug.oen,Go t. lanves Minbrlr very ysv yt three octr1ok. ptoopreroU S ot, i. for Ilail's Landrn',' above liakely,-t c C etc four neoat aoeches to Pensaerr;a-thrtu co mrtonlhrtrats to LOgrngoee, herethoiand roole i rrr.umedr-thence via Marianna and B-ownsvillr, Fia. B.,inhbidre, Pindertown, tirlwl:insville. tSaandersville. & L.,mis. villoast Auautllt, Ga, orrnnectin relrtitnri with the rail rond enrs to Charlheson. t nt l tihe stearn acke'' 0' Now 'York, Norlolk, P;ithrelphia, etc. T:.esirellhnats sare the best for the service, and lhe tlrnvitliOtiC ptresents more advntrnl a hlll no un ioa firnd upon any st, alnbolt rotute ira the soeuth. ere reyeiot. 'rhe real improvemt e in it,. rol tIave have en produeed by ther tccntrtltion o! Fitr niteorof new eannl, lh thle rrrnritrrrto, viz : fr,rom leaG( rntne orl L,Fa aire, nI arm of Santa Ito'a H iy, tor Horytnl'e Ferry, o: the Chrnt h.r, riverr ,ene iir asb!tr, ther Citw!od, or 14 nabvee Ce har ieltol whetehy the nlnvi.oll of the river, and the con sellentr detentills, and more recentlyl-r illlclnll veniert erratsico at rite 'owflrd, nrre r ltitrils avoidsd, and v rteo r 1dl fro' , .ro mannt dir.e: to B.iitlridrle, 1- stear or tlh. r.,to rritt rl tr rtrd vYi Cihtuttho.eltor., leery,.eintr thcadisr'ntee about fitrlv milesr, aO i reaxiirg the facilities more thaII ence dsy A!te, .c ,.rnnh line of two hore staFres every otherrd.y ftt. I I, t i. P, rry to Mltci, G1, e.r.nee'irtg wilh tihe line to Scavannlah and Dariel, Gen. A mail te.n sohoar IliC.e regt!a.rly belwceoE Bainbahrdge a.Il Aptan'.ritol. 'lyrv, r 11, rs wis'in.t to reach any polrmlt on Chlalnhalt, c or Apaln h. cola, re tialte tro r. lost tr Browt' . vl e. llobile to Irens coila-Lncd Route-- )urin ethe time ecep red by the rpatrs ct boatt:r, thye proprie. 1 trs of the Floridta ihe sill roin n line of four Ihorse past coachers evrery oher day betweevn ,l.. Sbile and Pentacolt. P[s-nrger. will loe.v at 3 ,'clek . p nm, in tihe U S mdIl hcort, and tlrceed to lllr' I. lid ing, where a lour horse Oach will I ii tI1 tali lol to coovey tchemr to tho exarlleyt hlote- of Mr. Charlrs [Iall, I 1 toile distant, where they wt ll oicd pleasant ier o-notrOeI ntroo s r the 1i. oiot--leavint Snext mtnornotr, they will a:r re if Pens~a.rla (rhrr iii thI evcnd,, :1.rus t avodind the! d:ro.matort of t nitht tr-verllhn . a Oil e nr the r111tllo liin (t luse, lliil, rind C-] . lins' ilutel, Pensa, ola, whPre aras mLutabe b , v.i atre I TO . i')\ & (i.. I)lY.E t .MAY0. , lhmser Sign, i;rcod r'tttc,,,,, Srailntelr y l N CN;yl.toildcie street, twt dor'es '::;n C;l ]stlo cee'. Imnatioos of tho e followid g ooUds and moboles,-x t eeuted io a ma.ttl ti.t o ma rt.t lh nga l o'u, !] c pli h Il k udm gold, O-tk, itli:h awl Aatico, olard to (hicnal er eed atiqlue, Cutrloed Ma ple, Illrtd todne, lBrds Fie ao, i):nb-y (anlite, Satin \S ood, Poto lac, Irlair Wood, lite or Itlurdello, r Yew Tr.e, Italian White. I Cor'onusudle or Black Sihuaa 2nd Ih-¢ctella, S A sht I , tcr ui:rt in (trey, lSpecinus to r be seen at the shop. Paints, oils, Sglass c-all tarnish, e. on ktartd oatio sale. '( a n'acnrreF c·rcet, N a- (Orlcacs. W 11 cai(ia'ANT &I CCi. imporlrs ofi Franech Hnd Enulti h Jhinal nInI q d E:alrthe,1 wa;ire. nrr now 0 n e w a Id richl 'itii eri1i of bri kll. dhnine and tnO saervices, taib, s ets, pt~i(h vt and clrfee culp , te.lDts, . u,'rs, cream , howe\%.1.. II .Il, d isla, llrreels, was.: h hosilnl and ewcs, , Rich cnr indl pheirin F[ llch and ! mi r rica n la'.i. wnre-- ;2nbhler s, oh qualrgnelP,% 1,,llen ionadet,., j(qhl~r, clares l, a i inesa- rdlals, ener, bow l s, dollltir. t mllner s, preerve I,'slcls, racleraen , pitci leri IIII I. nllp shado anid glasses, ralndle slur!uot, ,dlt ce - lana , a''' ailv-rc plrated, krLnzed and n ira ia w:i nar,'e-- ana' a-c', liqu,,r yaks htke l ,iii11·,l k. archll s r io itl ail, ai b lles, anl i .i ld r ta .i*as, ; ll r-, creaL msll Inmps la ,atntiedt{ Ira,'l xs nstr, I ..nsll s n%1 1 1< hila aiilnl aaiill., tiall ciiiiri , , rl nn a la-i a la , t r ilII i'ar la l iether with a iauaeI t variety ofaI rt,(, in " hncllyla' us'- l. Mera-hnnc. plan er ) t Ih -tsica botlshlm . uI: rnisheld w h n mll at the itl,,rIt tg r j.+, son-be i er, Iclnain l li-lak! a' a" ia rl aaac,-vi w ith sa l iLy t n ri c n" lel coun ry. A s(,. al, env+rb, .' ub ,s-, .+, . n,, 2 ' ha ld a L,..e supN h. a f ('i l' a t aa rl 'a- a- Iii I kI , oa Pllp 3 n r r l qu ar l , whih they If'ei 'l lfa i loas ta ' ailia ,lI-a Alsil i,. P a-rtt ,d bv ih i I l a arr Ivall i'rl , r 'liaaaamic Coiaa,l cbrcaaan a,,-i cr I 5 rdtatli i ln a(. ra ' la i lid e'rN1i53l n t aI r il lp''ii i Uprla-ira. li-ii,,a ilc m ilya tr' Na', +,It ltad xn ,-+iv h r +a, il u&, --,t 1 1 f ith. II~; a l'"'''l' IaJ a:· Nmoy ail s, l ia ll,- th l " t, ,o l ,, I.l (a ,,.laca laid ahad icrar a: i aa ha .lip sftlULrr, ++ ·I.C t o l lS. t' ailailc I Iia, aiiial -hiria i ae ,ac .ellih, ala s, h,, lanck , gaii khi &0· &0, tweulv ed aind lur sr!e inW b ilt l'lt= 11e I."IA " '. Ik. ',.\ (JtJ( |l.'r - -''4lll lll+ [l n rt 111 e;I C rL lit)++' TP ec.:i'dn. Luron ol bI( arl + ·ii l s\'z lu lo, iII))t H!tll(l~l~l ga)as iai their ' lije i w hic i to ilther ii ih atock oa l, IrakIea ti eir alinol' . lll vair:, l Illr. lic |laillano llg naalnllal.laa aliir aiIa: all .ih+ IIIi l: l t I JtlldP~ lll( t illl )t..+ I1iirl (11 0/9 oi' ll t'r(.l'ijltil)ll'lI 111 dia rtlbber, silk lllld orsted elastic C.rlters, Ia(lllllllonl & oinei ll! en li - iac clbaitia aialac'a i-cc, cII.( , li.ei hadiil I, ., hI a, Sai~lillira 1,6 rlaaa ilnaaa lcala Ilallia IljIlh~ ~III· )IY IT ar'kcers, iclia h.ii d "ah'er aa a ua all b aa llt II aa al aIlial Iea l r, Ii ll i lalii a cal la-c lia , , " ii L' I - aclrlla-h-ca llO- ha, lila; I-ha, aar,,aa, aelt..+('otii-lha 'liii! ii :lliI tllr: ~hli.-;lrll s<,i:ro i% 1GIH,- ··! . · ·I' ,lla;iaa 2iala a~ itll%, tlIl,] ril;bt~llp;, s: ,i-! i,,,,l.[-,-+~~i, tl.lel~l llt'· .Ih, Il:tl!li'+lllJ,, Sar alilaa. ho.' LIL,,i I;ll, I ' l l l tih' - lnqmI- i , t ll, ll d aaaaain 'li'i- a c i d at ed -cit ra . r' a - IaL ,li ll ,.'I:e ar ( + .,- laii ,.-a- al 'Ia t '"iii,' -l80a llt crl,tilllt.ll, tatii(,-,' ttlt] tttl~t.l i ,rll ,.'ll IIII(/ :ittl ld·l'**sillt, ett.,es, haiir li,,.IIeh;.,lj ·~i.:ih. , nlvI ilr.Lj,; s liil · h ll i: . ,li-.* (llllli(,lll villl'k'|}tlxl.Z a jl;ll l'Iinh Ca" sali llt la l a -''), Ha' !t I)tl I i11 t, b l Ii comb i r s illllt.. . a., 1gIa :Ii IL Laa l l :all 'l u ila a i,'P i I IS n al a I s,,'l , ii ailla ii i· aicac i a1 i P rala'eas Uia lri, aa r li'alllll, Ia f tila 1lr < by 'x Na1 alate licacalai t rto oill:lllgiltht I) l( r it n it.Cil' ld, il r) hl IrIn Wialr.I illroJlie s ir J al n a Clhar l ',Pysiai 'll t' il lle ueii1 '-'-r'lit k aaha- hala-a -,l. ai',,~, a aiaahl e~itm,u",ri +r+ ,Dr Aslhw Ull. L ccta- o 'r u a i, ar. y h I, aci'ii,, ayl i 'icalli Dr aliU.iy ~·lctrIr to S,,aI a rib •' ,al ,bs; I a.ri pai '-llcl , a-rt i caWla ,,inil,- i a' .cii l, r laaraIu n. icturcrtc la- t minctcllg r ly l la-ic h pllll, . "acc'accia cab-al e i, rala ., - cl; Dr'll, Ictrer a , 3nih lllf wx el t lf _all seior accoucrur toi Qu thari lte y Ivrug; S lunadallce, L'clcMrrcill, u'a olln Ietce, &t. byc aadaa allSicau preia-ntC ada Pla Ac uricc tiuvl c Medina lle , L-aris', a llcc rAcaouealar 'a ,,e lauaa ,yiis , Iaicleans; profDssara VyaPa'aa aiaalac'iaoc PI) Duboisi, a aiiaclala d oi t liar'-ialll in Nr.rc Yliaic , arolia sor J IS a ra nciaa arr S cl laa 'c a ar ii il rlir arraocaaaiccaa-caaiaryainah ui acica ofC ccf laca N w Yorki , il prLc . ic-ciaa, a ,llral Il-rs. U Jl!o bI t ollc, Iceia n, I a Ciua , ll , a JA c r ,,lala I- a rcut IIra ' Da-+acia]t sasrcu d a tal ailc- t,-a d inN-a l a-laht i, ; J' lprccccracJ " rl 'oci y ci a i l S ll acal ;N Yr[, i "I allalca lcNaullic of i i lb.c n l, p ysicaitll r, a ol r , Pr.hI Dr AI hwel L) ..e1-) I i-o J`lliiitls l:·.t. (! lery Io{ Iti' 111o.. Ndal - Yacr Ria,,yflca mlu l. c! ~'r ai tt J t|lnll~mec a~ Ia cc, Dauca-Uc. 'ila, U--yal (lallicar a'aai I IIasack, SMaram, Luaitl"', Eil-crar, Vaclac, PoIaarcI Grayalrr, Vatl Rernsralaar,a mrlca cosraiaI:D g~uihcd Ialhlpictares it lthl U Scare.a A a lull, Votaic r 4 V.,sely cst, Ator Iiousa N York. ld A onitccnt sarpply of (iae aboer icsr'aincr iac wIr' Dr Hall's irproscs d T'ulelaa lrar ia l.u ll , a ,: bo kept by SICKLhES &~ c, N OrY,'Fh, A ur caorJccer, Na(E Sic; Nrac & d l.ladl, )l ,aaad. rilkc; ilaoti lnld Mnallory, Mlcmpris; L' a ill;;u son, Sorercilse; Hall hl. Waalaicag'aaa, 3 Jlicll: itlaicircy cd HmilaitoIn d; R idllla a,,'ia aIhcL -C Spoteanoad, Athenas. M~c~aughlull of labal~ n .' rt l ,ltlll.iB ('vllr |rl~l. e ,eived T very extearrn setor va rll.y , ( m t nltlll h , labLk ,nd D4essrt kniv, s ttleof ov *la ri;,tio, Pwer, Srauil,l e V ~an rer~n cstl ara cnaacllarlij onil- icar d a' .illV L& di),.. alu. bl E ' tha jla.ea c1a i ico nt inraicy tr ae aiErms lNdcoihaarlia-a, r ta Jriaarbc-icaac HeN, i'a0oNoaa.adi cii ha Uacaacrpantrcc nralh ; ir,rni'. t.,li~h "' cat, Jomer i;ll inc tl A vti~a.liN.llotarar, a er.ltlld ' Tork d Tialtimore Packets FOR NEW YORK. OrIMES' LINT: OF PACKRTS--To ail every 'hit Ine ti eln tnosed of six ships, viz: 1 Sthip VIClanulno, Capltain IJunker, Nov.".Sn 5th g ..ti.e...s, - Searn,, lre. th . , AN.rl-:., - Aclih , , '.3d AutioUneat, - IJecni', 3,+11· 6,h , .A-u'niV.F, - Wood, 1 Ol1h ,,Ar.\a,\, - Ilterrv, Fhu. 3d The uhn a.hips Irt of the frtl elrts, roppwred. and coppelr f.tshrtn, :ad h:,vlt heen built ill New York expressrl for this tr' c --theyt are of iiht ,Iralte.l t tit w\atrm l allon ,t Iinvatinbll cross Ith Bar wlthout any detoutioun 'Tlhee arketsare comlmanded by U'npslinl eaplt in the trade, nd will exert Ithenocliven i.o netmodate-t-l' . will a!ti aivt betowed • n o.nddown the river. and will plonmplly sail as ad lirrli!r,, 'IIv hgawve hndm ely lv flaish.ed nalettýelllll tir, andi tvtl r ,[eftleliti li t lity will at l va b , urlishd, In1 v.ry :ientl io ll pai tll l ria ou o anld tion 'I he price of enabin passage is fixed at $9., wilthout wiPne lr lqulr. For t'naer particlutts apply I o A n: C tii ,N, 1,l Com,'nnn ct 'T ship are not ar ,lunt',le fr bretakge of t lns, i hollow wore, llallhe J orgrnle, ollperap. lin, or rut .ioJ or atteLivn rVlnmiklA Lfr ,, C i-leee t' ite ldr Jll ea a k re, , l t Jr h'll ifl d l r ite i ia,. di then llr. .hJ',t' tU,e , .i.iu'tt , ,V nle.,,. t htt lcJ .\ K. r a llt 11IS LINE will onposed of seven shils, whi t-hI wI l stee e Ir iti, t l n.illtII fll, w ig order, viz: Stt l S t Mhrv, It 1{ V [,',lrler, nosler. la'hp Troy, IU. lhikindh rIT. nllSher. it hip Itt. .hlr~ irlJ S Wils,., mIl-tar. N'w shilp 11lrv Kin,, Inl ii i..,\1t Ce, -,aster. New slip -i,iJ lit hi, 1V' I. lli ill l ro . 'hese hip. artn tll il' thuill ,entnIsiti r f h:ve uae ,mn ldutiLos, fior pa en, lun.rps Illed for tcollbrt nilll cotnvellene, nnd Jly. e um tnll td d 'I he l' lrotrt IIunUc tialilv will lr ose redl in dspatleh in_ thnun as avleri-el, and everyv renastnale aecopu nlltiol,l ! llleti'd I nlo I IpetIn a llt' l pa ougth is. I.,r fci igle el liglll t-.P, ii , [Jut I Jll ' 1'' -1tI trll, )L. 1VW.G Camp at l''i.R NJW YORK. [Almisiana and New York Line of Packnla ] T 'll: tihip eomnpoIittg this line will sail from New Orl(_aus and Ndw' York on every othier Mon iuy-enoLnencing on thie 1Stll, Novtemlohr--,lid to inture tll ptuncitlity in tin limne oJ', the lit will heronaler consisl, oftie ships, viz: S.ip Yazoo, Cp ltain Tl'raik, to leave oc the 20th November. Ship Louisevi!l, Captain PItlmer, to leinav on ith 4th December. Ship It lntsvilleo Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th Dncenetitr. Ship Vickshurg, Captain Woodhouse, to leaveo on the tit January,. Shitp Missitasippi, Captain Davis, to leave onl the 15th of Jaunaitttry. Tile above are all nit ewrof the first class, copper d. ntlid copper itilenedi, nild upwards of 59I0 tons burthen, are of light draught ofu w'ater, being built in New York n'xpressl/y ior tile trade. Thie price of pissate is fixed at 100 dollarsi their cabitis are tfited till in the most improved and convenll ient lein, aid finished in a nont aid 'lg.ant style Amtple stortes of the tirst quinaihty will Ie provided, alct every rengard pai tlo ite cntirt tlald entire isalifactiun oI pnsserlngers, who will pleastie lake ti. tie that no berth can be secured until paid for at the otffe of the colnsLnees. 'l'bes vetsstls ear coma anded by captains well experieetcd in the trade, who will give every at Stention and .exert themislaves to aOcnnuindatc. 'li'Tl will ati all tltneis hie tolweld uill and down the Missis" sipli ,y steamboats, ind tihe strictest punctuaiehty observed int the time of sailinig. lThe own"ers of these shi, s will not be responsi ble tiir any letter, parcel or package, sent by or put otn hoid of Ihr, unaless a regular bill of ladlinir he nigdti therefor, at ithe countiing hiouse of tinh agent or own.ers. For t'rlther pirtien telrs apply to JD BEIN & A C()itEN, i nov21 90 Cuommon at NEW ORILEANS .N0 D tIAII'I.IORE LINE O1l I'A('C KET''S. This line will consst o1" the fi loving vhees,:l. which thav been bulI t or purIlc sed (xl,rt.sly tlr the trado, viz: Siap tamnan, Capt. Miner, I tark 1 try, "o Ni'kerson, " Ilradl ["rry, new -ý Stevens, J " Sollloman Galtus, "" lI [;Ula , prig ' Lorlhect, (A r.,y. )Thtwoe veFAO6I ltare oftthe filst clo, have to f. mote turni-had coernmodalions, and are ol'a light draft of walter, srl s to ;dmit of thiir re't ivioo l lnd l h.llmr illng l heir c:.r.lg [ in Rll 1 l timll oe. ot !;e cIilly. 'roigh.t will be tuken fbro pork s oh (th t he>,1lal· Ior Jtmit ' River, noJ f ootwardeo byt tit lgt os, VM 1-rs. nCLARK &. FILt tLi(, at Illtanr' x Ipr Sl es Oi l t )r.eo d sh irpp -d w ill 114e ; vtndtot llt l "Ie r,'quh'ird. Ti'w price," 0' p ,is rg. is fixed :t d.l0, a I .lo o e o l' h, ' b sto lo. qulity w ill t o provid ,,d. Flor fIre:ght or *Pissage, apply Ito GEO. l EDFORD, nov 1l 22 lhenvilc' st. 1; , Oll:.I: \\S & ('il.\RhI, SI'(GN PI.\('KliI'T T his li,. coo, of lhur u el.a l of o e o o l , and to t f :sIot n I hi 11(n lIjlh nll dpo n IIIn r(,olln md.ti ls for psse nll er Ti ,se vessels nrc corn.inl lr d b cp upins -w el ,Irr , i h Irade, who will t ve v'w ry a'. ,~ 'Ln, an i x.rt il,- tostl ve1 a11 c illl m . da l. 1 ' sla rp r1"'. 'i \ "II h I)·l I up on ,1t rll , \ls.,.A, nl Inn'III,,'v' NraI, Orl,"n., -,it or bIlor v .Oi tos il ol - C o t, o I t titvtz : INr4l!, - ,bu ,ChIrh a I r In, lat.ter. Ii"ea C npnlanJ. I'.-Too a ,, nstvr. l rig Ahl on, J t).nne, last r. lb rI, Rl g''r ;.\i nlmios..l. A1 . .-=, mtnasrr. F r troght torp tsa e,' ply I .I ..\. ItARE l I & C ,I It 0li 'ot1.oon sit. N 'ew O tenntt , or I t. C' 11, i, 1 c:, Ch Il e s t I, n't I ' o \'I'E I ll'lSI AN.\ l-Parish o f 0rt taus Cou(' rl of P r., ).le. ITl o ttll IIt I Iito :e presnts I nlll con ern-o 1 I, w: r, Ii Ith w ' r,.rrr s \', '!inn I ll1.1:111:ev, t re* ,'r n tl !1.,e , , ' 11 , . o I r;l ! ,v. , I ~ .d i ' li, nl 1·1 1 1-,' :' r. , ,, ,,,n' ,,r',, , , . \er o,,r ,i, , ...1. o o h ,"i r..t. ". .a O ' '1,.: , ,.o ' ,it - t \'I , t o11 ,, ii i. t. o o ' , . t . ...... .,' .t ..o i 1t i, ' or ,n "ot t I , , : , o, , ,, t, 1 i t I '. , it t 1ill o rio too 1 h ,o lh.oot . , i u t ll I I , 1 ".i ' ! . to't t, I' t afi' :. ,: ' o, l , - :e \; 1 . 1 ': e h -e a , o , i- , 11 ',i3 t , tht i , r ' I ,, ' o ,' ,h .. .', h,, , , , : '', I pr l1'"":' h It l O h l'rt a , " ,rr ~ý,I, fr', _ r.. t~ ' ;hv , ., I ,, i' ,, V , oo to . t , l ' , ,p SInls,. 1 I < t r tl r'o ,l, t , o th ' t*eo d l o ' od t . , I to Ou , I ,r. rIt'tOll totot t.. .\ I 1nn i nlu r tw, trr',in I-, ,f _ ,.Ast h 1 r akIwotd 4t. rh ro.'L , r 'to ',t , Ot l- ti t. w aI , . ot r .t o ,oi ioo o iIs t or iat oto oI otir:loot I ,:ot .. totto t n ' alt . it o p,(to etl oi t ital' t' sv l e, .' ,, s l :larv,',, I11 s ,.,IV. Ir , i ' , 1 r Ireo ,rg ::d I rilr, "11 rt n -t arol p[:;ro rn h , ' h t a. It \Vi1~ tod to t too lo 'ootitu, , 0 oot il~l.-q. r, n,:: d.)" l'' r t'rou t oIt ' l" o ,;to , XI'' tao ,orao s t oo lor ,ct . oh l t(r, isOtr,. e.,h Itw(II~kL,("' I i r, Ihr.Ie h ;C l Dt x 11,,-, Ir.tE irti s:i.lott tI'o li, !rt'o.t y teo o;ov.ltr,.I Itt Sa e I r tot itat I ..x irofl 1 ; ,)t .t.twelir Iar, 'laetrs--,,,nd ?hnico e N', 11,,,1 f rtlcaptro Ill' list ! p l) it- n t. 11'1 s,,1 _a s m 1 rh,,n de setadl, li f ' ali-,c . urn t2 of i .:l!."r~tl ,i,\ ill .heI a( r. dlC,( (' r JDUPL l ,Ill 1 he sor,, r~ I", Isda 11 .r a h1(h , $:;war s lal,,p, ,r n11o, Ir. 2t bl . n i, n ! '21 r"m I t1n," apr.sotnrlt. I,,ra 1O'hl r4141 wor d c, v ih's,,ever t here. JUST PTBLISHED ROk M STEREOTI.EL' PLJTES T.e F','e "ir i'i;., F: ROWI.ETT'S TABLES (F INT.'ITIElT: rTO which is irnew tdde al Avenrge Time OClettln ' tor, or easy methods For filinng thie averfige lime r on stotr"nge, notes of haud or bills of goods, when bnie- tli chiased at dlifferent iaties,' on different creditis, :lll ti ve v'rinresnmoutlis; besidiesrsiiieF'ul and complete sankinet rct Time Tla'.ec, the bhet lhat can e enntriverl. or th:at i-i alres can llp r luce withinl the same coldesesnlll compass, .sad size of type. A,, avcertiisement in thcbook is in nearly tle tflilew- p 'Hie high distinction this work hlas reecived throee h Ihie ten legi!eative acts ipefixedl to tle title paie, is a i'- Ie irniniir'cion in itself. sl nirnmimo,i , and so i oniel - sive, th t nothing is necessary more than bv wa, of il vrttinienit t, ive gicrOa ceiond. nd viw Iof sole' ofn its e- a einitili- icsc ccei'iticne rhi Illtterelit iiai ccni'e ccillti1iit ell from,:mll c'onplred with, whaIt is etlltivalelltto fiiii- "ecn senetlrnlllinI.dio, ev, nlit:ell in the irres thiirtt Sfire li·nes, :il priinted froml terenllype plates teste(i thirltc)-oee tilers, ftioi n'il c hicih itenlrlit Il i'tillet i eveil tI lite ske'ptic (r-ieCIE'oiyiii c idle ce snee l il'the dII ta:dl of Irlonf hl lhe IweI'tc) the:) t the work mo1lsl Ile ,'hifh- l n metien:tl inft!lible. andi in connemitlion of'this Iel:iifa t preinim cl'te\e', hulnned :an lifti diollas, ii now ofli r- l it al filr the de.ction illo an errert'oa l rl 'lt il th ilr'eent or fifth cexpllr'es inl the lpef'iace, unklllll lll lar_"e pre tlorn s ofllircil fill- tie stInie crrorr silC: e hI e .l st ilication in thie e'r I 012. Ole of tii, miet eonsiciicns cfetires o'f the tablles isi inrthe nr:tnceci'en of the Timite mrl Ammtns, which i fnr expedliliti.s, rilf'.ienec on iperlspienit y, will the Iele ' ofthe silde llld indllex, ennuint e ecrelledi nd ItheI sl'ly tr and rnse with whicll thlle inte..esl caen he fi'oulld to the reventof Faenem hnsiness, wilhoutdoublini nof'nns ieishesill so conveniene c I esti'i:d, IIthat in thI estii m lionofsoi.e ie e ost cnomiperenl aid proetil ii hnsi It· hISermenll ad wheIile o., ros wlto halte tel:lllr stelt lose 'z: lho . iiii'c iit hcii herl, dictiiiigishccd bilcciho honoil:ci wiolation of ofa '"master pace". And coi eii ring the indhililit of lhe i mIithod oiginally depteil in cemetian thIe Iwtr'.'k, a the exllt'llodinlly mher .nnill vatietV.y ofl'he a'xamlilnationl, sund tests of e wy eililioi it hs pa5ised in tie riis' ,~ int ithstl:diing the w hole is in sterenivpe, riosideil.g. in shfi I, he positive iecii cv imost to(iriirfl book iti ti e wbdlk;" io et cerainly ni (mane an worn i r fi cire work of lte sanle extent, which .silIce ti, he gilnnig of rll catio, hashodl the s: nme noni r:ciileii of lecti ill the slae nuuimber of editors; ino. Inrt liie hIalithe number, as is ilea ly slihown ill the prethve. hlsides, atest andC st:ulardtll, itlh ia b iro tried al iroe ill netcitiarly ll tle bicick ni ill p li i filers inl the Uelln ll tlates, 'and hv t:- public gso.erally, dsring the lonh period ol'F ill I ce - o. .rs, yet in errou ir of ihe era coEllllltioos I e fer h ell enthl d in print, ni thgll h eontlllllU ilei c ll'cei. d i tie illrinl'ver lrgeiri leli' i s.c The i ir i i ct cI xpres.l. apr,ied by all them'urts tin of nt law'e woral ftdh ei Slates as 11he "rate o1 edcolaltin - forltItllte iIntereslt," aslts f I llaIw for bank int,,resl t secordlogas thi e book is used, aidI as !-o, le sera illn e purl, h .,l noflhe stltseb eril s, a=l 1 few "of ihe slllhll IentiII Ir lll. rs, inll the lst at thlecl l o( l Iie hilk, is tin plr ., !,i rcl fevtlp l esol citizBl'ns in Cevery qlII i It isnirIcee r yiell k'nown that, b' its re:ly check, it his s o ofer c lt- . eteld c l.g err.ors, i ti,'u ller e c eWlei levenl by t ihe m iIIst i e ''lill iuul most Icor i teol ce rith tiici:ms' tiat its i se, finess, nd : he bsohite ie ces'ity fir its usue., htve i . en xtesively insisted l i ii, i so evildent, inccd, have been its i:t ltiuges, ail is savings, that, seteri i tn sicit l g, the iirst elition hail copies uwere soll t It', lso llle ito la ge distanll ce. tr and pl'C1tlsd :d various pritels, as tilhe cIoul oIccIion ns tdlt ho picked 1p iat flroa $10 to $25 per colp, :Ia ll some ILersonlis have rci. l declared, " III' II instancaii ce could ilei ated that ihey would pay $'0, c1cii, and itti1 re flllr a copyll, 'notto be hall lor less, nio all indhliidol it l 'i fe l' t ec itstlie l ic it tia e c iievI Ii:'rly, icing at tl he sii ami.e liee rxhihitrd saltislnctoryv plod., it seerr: llpersons pr' l se (hi t th l himi it vwas 'r lly worth lthat onlyll( and 'ore Lholllllh the saine of his 'erm vallbale t Le, hL re bei.i vetro rich mt at in lic ofice. hi't is likee:isc worthy l ll noi c, nlli ineed proper i to at imllre , Iht such is the of fll2e work i andl ayleially when of the .elent uanl inopol:llce oif I i these hlh, t5 :It h iid thlis hoI k or its like th o 'i preptI 'ell inii 'ie s'ti''it t n I ineir 'dote, lh I tII he tLimost c inill till ; liculallor in the worl.lll, and iiL.iwa lirs prielld lllostl feI "he,ll i llllder t any plrice, s tle ipriell' e dor:lr cl d I luri . explaliis. Iln- i i. peril.t ind Ini ll hc e the . itere l e piltes "of this i irkletii hecic e, thaiit to se nre' ior heImo ,e, nllll v eltlm T ls and extralllorldin.l:y ex:nlllliel: i tiolls,ng :llnstlihe, for tilheg rall 'l l bentfit, tL arue (hy to advcilti snent) consantly kcept in a pilce of specile tc so i. t, excpt while ttuse I in plinting. illediticlo iis to ti i hl i'h cankcs iand soiute intor st est wl useful hatles, Pollow the prelie., which, in hits - tilh n in the two eliti-os, cntahi muchi in ii " .i. the two lu fii l modes c .conpit itl ole' Is, lee dia\ s ;d" gi ace, fe. t iltlolm y to i i' . oi lk 1 tlet, not itsllstan ing.thi' I , i coiitlyl wa o lu k, which w:aspuiliched! hce , ih rnct tblf E e w ihtl.lic.i i in . ll:iois no / e"us ble Sesulmln:mloul , I s b ieen sl ,xltenivehl nat5oli. br. n h l't " pt:i', d, it han not yet so tooh as Enid whit intvvsi. Lee Li, lity 1 s " i il' I'lnllr thol' 1Idolll dollars, hnside edition ot 76()0 )op. h s,::oi sing cho, fly frl n its pobli. l - aid .incri li ,e. H\ ,-,ft're the iitilr s.tll o., h. the i! P]ric; f a/ lico! lius'.s in te _L a d / C' t t. }-+ + .- . ...... . . .i " (l(.... . . . . ..... .. . .. . . ,,,i,." ,,m ,* hi' w e11. l at Ihei' p I'rL n II . W rii..n 1.aVr neil 7 I ('I o e. 'r , )li lns. 11; IJtIo dwlay h = h ig ndhll nI l fir pri vate learners. and eII Ii' . I II I t liltK iliit'N N I I. I.T-r ll.:ZI k 1 mH'o ' lls l li li i. . nll. inr v Still the* Ire, lii tllt'( FIIul, It li to cla t-e t ll ",l i ii lli I.ndhrs w lo prefer it can receive 'c;.o.n at thear jwn rei o fate ,i l, . r". ' li ilrr IvvII'llV III- II. 351. liCr M II IIl T nt. I T\I II N II ' Ii)S ?. )II-1' .lli: ilwrr havin;1 1i ' i - it virni'nn h Ilt n w r llllel(: I ll ' i redlln sl ,, y t ;+ ,s anllh r:. a ll Ih, I F 1 (ihe .n..I t ne Tleil , ohf1,i" t u,.l llclull ll illll' ull l iclll I I'r, i l to IlIm, iId're. T 'I' .ll i n _ i il tl lllr i t.11" to .,,p r i, ,. , 'i illlll . lw ' Illl. been all i t I I h hl i a d of hI ll tl l ri.iv te~aih -uiiwnt "i1'lirn kItl in I'lrt t e. 1'1I , - , srv SIt. , , a nifal 'l P" i . -iH 11 , , l ie 'l ,1 phi lIaS .. , v. ollar1~I 1 t l ple oIf nr vrl liCll c o Nlll o ll , . \ Jll \Ylli ,I i 111 i.ll[lc ex Villlin la liihl w 1 it,,r. 'Ta hh, l v:lrol( for ..l mt. te hocell hi hnli . ll T ei AIir le t viii l'- w a l itAt m-ll, ..; &e.lti i II! \ .1.-1 ;I I IiIr S ItI lll l) t)l)l;N'l'l -IIt hts rttne r frI w -,l. 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I oll, I + ipar, l, ll- P, hiol r, rl0 lhrl- ,c ,', r+, v.,,:y for tie, t.dln , h , s 1l," hv itlc:th- & d'lioA (; i. ]. - , li/ h (l ,", I d's ar f h"m i aes, 1 1 i L: S T E ": ll q h l (1 81 t I)l l )i -. l I ,,u r , ll l l le Il llln t q lu f t and hun>+ e ir :1,, wl[Pell as l hr ll Il'li e t, i ll li .. 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R u :s rA [.ll- reeiwtnr packu , ew tllr and fr saleOn a gwolo I RUTlITnN & -ASPINATl'S COMPOUND TONIC MITX'TURlE.-A sreedy AN S and ceorti courn for the Frver and AgaU' remittent and intermittent feern; prepmnrld frn A th nigilnal recipr. Used wailh eminent and ni W vers:al success in 1834, by persnns of the highateet repeenl.thility il this city, an stated ins the annexed (e rti a tes, r ". This medicinare is highly rnomnmonded, and has saion extensaively need |i tlre above diseases with st Prtch diaptingihied suclrcs, that the proprietor of or th ceie rips has hen idicned in offer itl, to the pinh. to lie in ito p eaenrt form i thre Ilrrn :it nmay ihe the m1n.arn rl crievilp mlllre thlnse who are r sufferini irnrir tlre seaceo of nn cr ,ontry. It isn a mindiiner pisnesseiny pre.tvirtle, andl wlhen ued a rrlnoding t ttim dirnetir)n lie nevenr failiid Of elrff~ectina a cllre, aven il thie mORst ohs!tinsate pn, of tIhe disnrder. It is nontt at cll dianhreeabla, and persons of thle wea.kest stomach, andt children tay " Ltake it withi impnility. Ii srenoptrens the direntivP organsr , rearoteS an nppetite, and sldori rrequires more than onr, or inl ostinaste ceses, tw r Iotllesr to affet a cure. 'iThere in neither mrrcary nor arseeic in the nmedlicine, nor vny thlinr irjrlrio,.s to lthre Ihumoan eostitution. Thile prprietorsn are r nO w r convinced of iti eefleacy, that ithey n rcn to reftnrd the prien ofrveery hottln which has bieen taken in a'ecordance wilth the dlirct;ons and has not efrta eted aa ur. of the fevtr &a n'Tle. A. OLIVER, sole a.pent for Narw Orleans, at hlis wholksln and retail drug and mne(idlillO store, eiorner of ftienvlei anld Clhartres sltreet. For District Agenciers appv tn je5 'I'. WV. SlI'ril., 48 Conti est. Drugs nd leldicinrr. ,1 6 .,earnr rat i..a Lret, ied irral a-lt nii Iris CitY inI thie rporrrel f ar rariraclit a Wirrlpr a'vl hlra*h l)rnp blnaer ss. h it' oiaa rerane Iviae n frll lrrpli ii n Ires nrl renu ai P rrhiles, whiICh tar i r cll selr Srn liberal Ierla la rilt drugisa rrar d rirnse or hre iaserairi t, physici'i lasl, n arlPrh rsel ea ad plt r irte lhe wi ll ril r''.r i irie'rl' Ira 'i irs a have n vii r ra.l 0 ir e a firt i'rir nr irriIrr vira Hii ras inearntao ie tir n hci ir n( lete l tl I i 'i's'n'll a , EI lls will e rUin ri' f,.r bu-iness. All orders tra n the c'onntr, n' iNrm i rllr' Ibt ta- of Ii cio, receiviarg such orderl wif, ran , p r i t a srl+,y art, ir e'ed to. out 2 N,,39 Conmlpt Ini'int (oli'pr if rPynalaa si i'carrlnr at'll oAlnr. 'ir 'n~i~icaiars(- ,tnliarrrr o.lltrriiirir llnr heriercr,1 icaia ,ir'sir.itanrnlr , Fillrw "e' h r eil C rt Sota ieltrl Svi r s 'o aI rhe l oi; l U ,ior i n l Pon1 ion Asi err tlra i llt n c( l l r i 'lace, \Vnt chan itrhlo,, +mel iPerpetual lPqpil ol+ (uy' til St. Thonll s's h sp itals, I fll nio ll. Tr This Vaslut le l ia rnlil in, he lresilla lt of tW tlltai earllas' le e ,prienIct'e amor arllalll ll beIlrl e'rtess in the exta sive I;1IIJtolll hl r-l..-lmhle wte uillilteo tlt+ lll'O ~1II) :l'el, |lnl'( tul! ed hy/hljEil f.'teult. mI .,II tv, :III.(IIIII Ol;is now introd e.,,. In 'rr n ti.ce ir f h.'e ir .ra n ritnl pe t llc, at til e (er nlete so S lieitatio. ,f Ca ml her ot g-li ien o" Irr n.otred high ' n:r'i.g in the prollmsiron t is h p!il , . s ira trlia : i i ea'y stap, tao otheak ih evoils nIn tltni: cOnu, enLes a- irsig ' iln tie ise f tc , m .itar , rrrr rrr leteri l noslrarls lisled ce thstre s hy ti'e aid of lhricated I 1raOr sona llirrlrai iiS'I'.r n'ir ,a lherlr 'l:lncr s, h is set of S.lll (llUnplielltled pr ett d s so atnluly ignllaar t t a inr llra e I c, I irce, tn l ilt iial. rasi ae th m rll ullllilll . al lsa ii a am irils t rr ga dowp r i' ahe hrllireri -people othis eitt'ulr,'. " rhesi pillsa milr and agretahse I il their n lre, sho+u++l be kept in every ltau' ita ill cses ( ofsluhhen illness, for, by their inomptf atninistration ta chlerta, aarn is, i ,aa rsin i "',-,es mrl other al:rt r.un' a cm larai ts, 'a hich trar fee irve tr a l, may a e so eelin I" enrl'ed eo' prevented,In h~ltet, II thosme wo minvale g, od I- almth, shonhi nlexer' hte wlithaut thei . Th'y :ueIsoh lad! ei iochu aarirt hor s~.rrr i iarpiaror.trlihe'f -olkiw l h Unlit.eI .httes t |l le Can:.ll usIi with co P~l S as rec~tioes, a' tnie ihh.ia ,zengiai , irnriat trt,allirit urn .iaral' Aire 3.;t.. i Alrrt'eranrith' I s a S itarhi+h It, ,i. it., W. lark, i it. I.. Astourn lae , A. rrariiptoa S. It., anl l le'ous Ir thrsr . T'h t orir insr s a nirr her tr ,a+ in ar .asirsri) of the a (taccrI c Agent by hthia tha iirinaloie is iaprte I into t atlmas ar.rr arnrr... i ,to l o . ail a',tlicatii s ....risrge,,ies nist 'r' rnr'rr a I JNit. IIOilFlIN, 1P9 W:n.rill'c Pllce. N. York, eh (GeL'dr Agnt fr th liac Uitrail Sirrs, ica a Fir s'ale by Iappitrmei t r fr " r hr i riginr l prrr 'ietor. a' rats , . tIa ,,,i i.i.,., t -, ,i 11a c a l s,.a.... rrt"i'a '' Age t t'hra tia' hee li" i 1si , Jul v b h o f h hlli~t IF N It ttl I' ,;', NI N \\' alrt i ,,l p fr Ilrl.;.r. tr , h d \,,IIIII (I ,'v:.+ IIjl·X rT.I IF S0- II, F th+. I'ar It. III .it t i .,o l r u 1 i l 1 O " ITIi' Iitie' I . Il ; : l iit ld . tei Itl F'"i s t ditt une r e i fC rItn a oilbr his ill Iprlllpt - tIIt(' n I n wli~llllllll , e', , Id I ho 'th i. .ldl W hillh r.'y l e II II t' ll*; and jls'l o lu t isr servih t orv the l -lll F·lr tll ttll h iNL F lll i1Il lllit ! tlc .1. d lilt t " hlli 31"n ll'l .i/lllc vI,- l~lrlr'11 ho'h11 111111 V t :ll, lloI., ' : -l +' I: Q ·O ' II' 11 + I l~~l'I.--'l\ l li· IIII~~l* l l, ly ii ii.Ilt ,F i.'l T,'il·l I,+, t lhq ,Jl,, ' i, ,i .:I- I,ltlr, I ,:;.,; ,lliill , ;,, T tli ( I <.l, )Ill1ill h t her l l, pi + t ll t fo' th f" (llm I[ li " i/ 1'ii .F .j i l l lt F " , lit ', /e1 il :I I 1 til u"Irlllll i eldl lTllo I·l+"l y',ll;c 'l Ih beyt · h vlll f vith llu gre, t e ilt si uccess.,to+ whillC'. i thll elsl ofl c I r ticptit e ie . A pl tN .Ift 1 a o I sine stretI. 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Ih reis no p't~lt ii11,1 di reem..l, ilu tioev, lilgerd i - thie boillsi h clurs[. ln ob ructlonih aud o',,Pther evLh, Io uy iibrd o Ih , ur o l tll h it al~l'otion111t. It lrSl has b li used ,l:. o i1. re vei ieh b Il- i nm ila)" bho iiw. red sllb jec t ol'( is pi +'d w.ica e, r/,'c, of+, ry th C illt, ao th iirias , inv rlab warded..lill tinf i'on ap tpre holie hutiian Obilseillei! Thell irp w o, fllyltI saisi ..' dl] wizll-l .e unl r id le+ d aIInt i or sat il ucl cesll sl shli ebdlll Ils ctnlt c i1stntly.g~' \%t1o1d!1 the pun tua ,.l tn rh r nee oi t he L 0oi1 Toi e ti 11 h re, in: t alti--l c ;u .,qes of whichd A ue allo lbofl to have taken thedIcIio nlnlllll J 1l stni etl, e\,lcl. having ee il eriii tlyt~t i1" ilasini y cu'l~ored.n~ ~ l ol'r it u till: s ers all tIhe whsI I l a e.ntiti. is f brth Iel~ld 111 11 ils li tlrt1vt illlII' IS y Ii L1 lily \11 ti l '.rg l ll (lfid .ISou tO ,"t Ir llio ·ll Weste rn t ll ilt la'lltv ilino hand itx hy asts , fll hlris wm ledicn1 " twllhl d is wlrl rtllil d d freshII . 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Sold h,,v r'l~~n+ .I litl tlil llth U i..JAnRV m I S& INDRll s," t Ih Ihe i'5i' Ci I o r Commowin anl d I Teh+pi t o us esl., ihie o MEDIC~AL CARD. AND II.IPORTANT TO TIlIE ,t*F"LICTED WTIIiDIS RFAES. ' A TRI.ATISI'. on Vetleru| Dius~ne Golnrr~tno , O~elar snntl P Sricture, illcuhlgl s Ilraclica| Ohser·VIII1oIs o1 FI1I. .emit .Veilhllo,s ariritll I'~lm early ukhuscs, so tlIlt nil perr~osrlll c. :111tllill HItt ilnlFlmellitt Cltre, with t~ll'e, rrcrpey nllll Fllfety'. hI is n ieileltlchuly I'ut, that thlll~lnlmd ll| riet Vciill 1o tbe Ve- P nprr~tl Disease, owvill to theo tltlkilnl*llnep. of ilh~terIIo llll, whl,) by( Ih·, uso nf tlhnt tclelly Ioeiao.l lnretll', rlll i~l Illa I :nI~ .illltlrtlL nllll Calls,' UlcrrIliIO.. Wilh ll otCIellesiI thn InllmPFl 'c nllll hoully, fnlllht, Hol~eplllla enrr, deaflles.,oll 1 .tiidlli@ LE;It%. nll~l llldCL oi, lhe .'hll hllneP, till illlilellth u I. 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Pr f- II-t' l t, .ll c, tll.,airl ,Lal i l i li i Priu, m by I olull I. h vlil I 1 ,r it" u, It. i llel t h,., il" lI I l l I nin, t r ic cio- r medy t , lll l lllfl - find rrlml. l'rt l ln ll M1 a TII co.sIt).I l' Is,,L.\CI RT p Irim mu'. ItlopI v r ht,. VA D ICpo Jsi ('l, T e i't'.a hlllb Ibtai ne , o 'nly lt ,N . T'n y I ew11+I ' 1iiii 11 o\ l Ptl~ r 11.i L .llll.llll l) t l b+-,41 st'r ill''. , i il . rew .l' L 1nll Ileuslnionus. Thre GrertR Eastern Mil i'nclntoed every day- at 1I t'clwck A. M. Ia due evr)lday ut 4 P. M. IThe Lake Mail (via Cnvington,l.n.) ic closed every Mondicy, Wedcesdrv and Fridy, at fi o'elock, A. M. I dti every l'Tuerdar, 'I'Thuredy, anld Sitlrday, at5 PI. "t. Tha Lonisaille or River Mall is cloared revery Mon 1o, \itdnenoy, 'nrid .o n lnrdar, at I P'. M51. Ik sent ll rellr d Iy 't'alo ts. Arrives irregularly three tiles n wreek. 7The Bayou Snara or Coastl MAnil is clorsed every Tccsdav cnd Fridny, t8 P. lt. I sent arild returned iby ctelotbolati. The Alexandrin o a Red iver MIail is sent irregu larly by strashlnsi twice rerk. 1OUIcVII.x.E Rat Rea MtiL. Samlna', ) Welanvtc ind Close at 8 o'clock, P. L. Seo'uday, ) CoAST .AIL. Irllrsdlv and nRerTh; y n Closesot 8 i'loc, k.P.H (1. J EAN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNIE WATER Ia cases crm're of tftio cilpcrtior Colagnte water, just r<ceivcd icd for cole blv tli dlon or single bottle. Alto Americann n1al e'lt rtolilet piwdiers, powder P clt nl ihoxcn,sit'ingornd tolailet nops,ecosmetrt wash ii alla, itilk cf rtsrt', c'tslltti cohll cranmt extrae o otoisk, Iephlatl W\ rd's vegC:table Ihtr oil, pomatum, errllllel tiel'sO, I~Floridan. ltvloctt'tr, roae snd aby walers, ttrrsit' Sl cthr itl et tsriernoery itt ionnksr yret'ea le r lliit ti rct e, Clltrine andt Orris tooth waesh, clht, lnlr. tlolth, nail and itesh brusllcs; togelber wills :in cdlitlittci snpIt)Iv of fiishioanable hIr ansd shill J(ebs and jwelr,rIl'oIan low at ihlolale or retcil by SIMlONSN, ItAlt'I"I' &CO, ju!y i 70 Chartrese street. T i11b undlorsinrd. Itn av. rcon. t .iencod busin..s ci a Dravi-ti and Apotthecry, in cite asore ,,wnd by Mr. J ch Oti it t he ctrner f Tivoli cirlre and TIriitn \l alk, respeerl uli solicitsn share if ht, 1cIlu lic p tradcte' ntid renea all of ithe f avors ii firelr tllalntlers. 'TIe enrire stook or DrltsI. medceiiea nnd tinev cr artiIcles is fresh ani "-ri Itlly lit htrd. T'le lullowing only ule part: t,,,tdllllize~,! viz : Pre IIdnc, .h-iii'z and Sarneri'n Pcawders. Yl at tti di to, t t-Ic lila Wih-lrcon D rad elegantI su'siltiut I'Ir yenoa, to raising bread, buckwheat cakte, &t' Il-tlh I's Eit.ererscPnt IMacneian Alpperiente-a Sleas.rt nni e!en t p trt:live ill thspepli nor ineli. au ,_,, vn. Hlrv,.us delilitv, gid /ne-p, headn bche <il y It te toinmnltc, ll Lbiu l Ctis VICt ,t 6c cUtis. notn ertllions, &c. Cit:pen eri Ficid Exrisct of saranparilla f poil ll's IhI blot, l&c III dt annld tbeie, Ae. wanin. I'anne,,a ,en \t'ti-rmfuge fc i tiih Uag t Ithrlee nil, 0 lOpodielile, &r. Il,-lid.i rt'i'cc-c-, j-,jii rc scGi.onntivr pests tl'.q I-it iititIlt. N'S Pieuito's rchtjrl dorti - ii t. cilt ri-v nothulh ''it t It5 iittc hir tills at ci boxes, Pr mir,1 't e on;L enie i ntrli , chit e ir ni tolh wabs iptttler illl und bhsot. Prcitiitt's scented ni c co powdert , i-on-stm cved h de.' fl t ter. r·a,, I, Vw .n er lind , Ilhridn wltlers, " l he I-·- lltiesl. naliiiIt' Menleicar 011Oil, Old. rid1,_,'s huhn ofl'Co urnhin, beats ,,il, a vatriery of .i - lntlcier and tlther nintich,+ inltdt lible markingin atiprtitr hirlek ink, &lc. v petcm and relit.d walel oil. II.y's Lininc A I assott ratttrc ol TI'rblrn c'rGtrien So be t ci (; EORlE JFtNE Fc 1MOANlt' T'ocNIfi SIITL'IE lao Icorea nnl ctcu-dor ft ;'er f ad Apue. cc w ltlill I i rl.(hh cl hubetr iu iTsiatt Slilce i upell ir to lietti itionrc lttdi uics of Ircating re ce c Atti. 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'rlt h Iate lr t ral a rorkna e Lr A: AIN & STROUD NO MERCUIY NOn COPAIVA ", tlnw (rItrle.l a,'t,. iI, 1837. ,i I i.nilii .iit I tI .tt llsad ItI at iinrltr e I) lst littli s, l- n te t. a lr h 1 ,le alar "d s a ntr, a a' ,l, r IItt "ak t II t I IOIe a a ty Ite datsIa I cqlt V ei an rt at p e ol +Doet or aIld, P a In.lI ntilllnl e "1. a . s . . - lr ak ouir it tgr . . . li Ci ll llllhll or hr IaI Irully g ovdr 1I, btfei, IP[. J,L1S ... J ,EAN. i 1)O C al a-Ial ti l li ib I ve allc tinon re d lays s Tii luip will I vt It h adant i and I~ n of • "e to"i Messs. C, ... .. L t Il, &I, 4o. . ,n it"; o 1 .Ctsn. ../,',,",: ~ il "7;' "" ....., .i.. ,> .< + .... . I 1 lilat UII+ ai I) r I Ihci 178 Cunlil lI~ c, l I~lll~ IIIIp 11 1 I t' llll'' PI I·C. i )I p l. 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