Newspaper of True American, December 27, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 27, 1839 Page 2
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1.An import ,( r gised thisnonrnieg. ii`'e wilifell, owing to 4 a u le regu. hion to the sale aad - } Ithr'ueeaiii ue onorning frm S1$T.' Lis piool carried full li h he dismout of $110.e ` . ;S'Biuk aiad fwland . -lh, .,u, 1o" ,6t, tb, to 'li etasetot retihe tito S e1 by tho U. Ii. Bank, S;s i 1 aan tl dn umarketg" For iMe 1hth improvement In exschanges ° hiloetet p 9-9 619-17 thin Bsl k :to8k had gone up !I per ent. 'MAIi NS Vork papers prdl.ot a essation of foreign S3pecie, but their arguments are so hlort sighted 7utt to merit notic. Wols the immense debt Iue .ihre.anngi ever us. it in strange that men will persist in advancing so untenable a position. Neither thte' Ltton nor..he ahtat erope. will suffice to turn the bloe iqscr fvor a dih present prices. Specie ". edi sopply bothei deficie cy. Fg e of- approach of the aoaion of oer legislature, tsteis. t o ~nessary for our principal itea to look for. wmardl to .inmans of relief to the many works of in ,: tern tiiimirno ement in which we'are er¢aged. Our getint+teirrine the N.ahvillt Railway is in lthe met S rit iie*lualtion~ , Un less relief he Riven this session, S i 1. hlf mtillin of the city and the half million of tihe : ateiwill beentirlylost. A few hundred thoeuand dol rare reqtnisite to carrny it to the tate line, whsen iti - i=ll eiproductive of a st ady revoue. To look to • at the present time, wo l.l boe wore than N. What temoins. thereftre, to It done 1 To , , t., State banks ,rod.ance such uins. of oha . tghe State as they are required to dI, from ` ' 1 " cpir+e, h their oharer. T'halt a hill founded d'. n this piii rnole. Mourld rece've the am ,.ri tn of lhe v + g. s . totutl aittoritie-, we cannot for a moment doubt, . nlmallestate pride is lost. We shall ren erttto thins asub .: T' " : 1 went- an l tear ineident to a metalli cerrency is ahbo (tja i tl te qouit tndl plodrling miercantile om. ntlut y of-iiatann into broils and diettee. It ie well S no, tkowf th laep upon tme wear of coin, indepedent f thaeta .onltlumithe,.ch as sweating, ling, .&c. in bqual to .aPP i or one tooth of any riven na S.m nto voery thirT years. Thin gredual dininou tien in ttto'alue ofcoia.whrre specie ie the only medi. ua is a sor evil. Some t.n.osince a merchant of iHa nmas offered in payment o. a large debt, the coin in cloulittion, 31) per cent ofr*vbih were prttarrens at 25 cents each.' The .14tt'erc refused. The Consulado enutained the refusal w, the Atnliencia reversed tihe decisiont and-directed' pecetas" to he received at 2S en ts each, Another ase lan occurred involving the pymoentofgb$.O9O J. i truth .ito, where opei,. is ha only modiumtn, It s e for'ontennrce than irreo deemible poper mo d, always has led to monre fre. qgent and'ruinnus . laious. The Citizen's Bankolf Madison County, Mli.n., has suspended specie payment on its 5'o and I0's. It is rn. ow ed that Gov. ldcNutt intends to order the collection of tane in specie.o The merchants of Chanrleston, 35 in number, have had a meeting, and reqneated their debtors in Georgia to lodge current mnopey in the Banks of tihe ltter statt in payment of the paper sent on for collection, as the Banks of Georgia. lahve without their nt hiriey, tie manded elpbel fond s pym .nt. Tte pains and pe naltvybillansintthe Banksof georgia has passed the Senate. The ehasrers of the Ocmulgee end We.tern Banks of Georgia, are about to be taken away be the Goveroner for uspending contrary to the express provi asons therein. The object of Gen. Hanmiltn'st visit to Texo., i to.a e authority lrnm Congress to otlidl iter cent interdst on the proposed loan, whicnh if grntiel, a celehrrted Scotch House will advance the mon.eyLiBy a letter from the General at Austin, Dec. 1lth, it is known, that his pros. ate good for ntccesa. sle hais no doubt of the .IL ll1.8l0o01 5oitboot Cherl ston, Dee.........B hnse Dee ..·...... 1 elurk. do.......13I Lou i, do Phil rlelp. . ·......... . 131 urif., do .... · *atoooim.e do....... 4t St.10001000 do """7 Sotot., do...... t ..16 Liouopool Nov ,........ I. Bpten. do........ . o13H . d o gohritl., d. .....13 V "t do " PO)RT OF NICIW 0RIRA ITSS CLEARANClS .. DtootaitaU, 1839. 1 "o lis of 'Cleaaances hoaded lri to day Ih~~qDaombt 2otoitoO, 1119. Solqe bao. elk Thntlla i, ivrpool, S & J P Whitmsy Duque Hinshaw Frmmao. Havr '1' C Jenklin. gElcy, Wall, Ne Yaork Btdfaod & Bock ARRIVALS Dooemerna23, 1938 Td bduioooPilot, Cla~l.rk,, fmmihpasth . itotiog procoded t0o tan wih taw. reuarnd to theo iy. Tow Loot ootornp. Aolfom itfom the North £t.t po. t aNlotgtoaodad 1o se atonLoer tow. retuoord to the ny. Otto., too hoot "Id.oa. Dot).. room theaal, hitg pro. t ·d*O topoe .ilb betow, roorutl to the oloy Shi Jtooh. J-uv'lo. Itort Ship Paotola.. tordig. Philtdophiia Ship RooorShormot. l)ooke. Reath Shbt daatondt, Tuuogin, Kmooootl, 52 day. tot Ha,,,, to lttochod t Elot, Berlioo Aotet Pattoo, Thomotit. 10 doys ot Uotoats, to Sot-oaao , "toot dhoop., GOl.loton ý! 8ri Time vn. ('lak. Eealeh'Per Ptotatt Oooooolt. Atodt atolto Moio *taoo shllpa WNl- Yak. WlIrnIo . Bayou Stott otatiatr Paatloln: Ministr, Yrs.. 8t ame A~mtSllera", Lone t'aon t enlrr, 8Ileck, f m Part Hudson Ftea.. Okoo.4. Atkinlon. Natchitoches 8teemu'Naoer. Waltihr·Cnrd. 'lnrinnatl St.amtInvlocible, Hsad, OIt Louioaill, Deototboot. 1P38. Tawr.o Ti,.. Nook., toot theo fitoh Eatit hboo., pm orad s o with bar tow. itturtOd to thltcity tish o.rtohip Aihorloooi twice Daouo... t.tindtoolan Alb Atholrt . ( , tilt,. pr an t Ursu .LEA tktpaa. oa the 20tb jus. to.n. hp in the ,0 . Stilootalop up Sip Aih,8.hro, Dpit,0tdtay 0 feNowoooti. 5t1R)p oaod, ,Zpholi.4oýdosthem Riod. J·otoe, to Gao aloo0.L ona.tLdty Tn Caontida Nt)Jao .otoohpolol 2 dayt froo, Bu.t. . to & J P Sett, `Mo "n. 50 days from Barcelona and Jllleg BaotoRtt itologa 84th tetl Netois i t R·idgeateo Feb )·Hollp. Clcft..11. data fm = Thomas Looo.rr . L·Met.Ltot. o tayootu s0, Saaopa0CteoaI. Dohato. f. GrOond ewK EXPbRTS Lpoawooa....Parloooqoo ..la8,o 912 ies o ton .-:r.. Har.. .0',, hotpo lilhaw....oo 1I26 bhle of enttoa i NOa sYoo.... Pr hbig ooy. ... .Cogo 080 hd. togr a 90 I MPORTS 00gw CA$wtu...Pa, ship Alhamiro ...,Cogo 500 hlol Rtoaal&otCoa8....Paultg Laodtr.... Cttg 2000 22.o ag baunie .... rIW'tk·Dnvob.... Cargo 80 lalime t0 hi. C Brrs...P hib 'rg hlboat....l.rgo SlI toot ee lto 3 Mluwdoi....,Pac .oh ' Ull /ln....CeOgo winsood fruit to L.SOSSWAwaa....Pe, tok lriu'o....Corgo offt od d trek-to r1% _ r~o·r-co n~b·~·~o 5ttlm7' -..... PqtspA~k odoo....Capga 20000 koohoitof RECr l ilag: QFRPRODUCE tPo. ottt'J0.0tofll....Ct#o S0aht..olo I ! ft h.. Watt o,; . Lee: 41, Wi( SP fen; 7i lA Ledoud ooo: 7l Thio * *"OtoptooJi Pi 1 o4 i * 23 t',at.; I 14iololy10ol.oIal, tO S&E0O.;16Blltondor. 01onno J& Wrightt I5 7 .14 to fillotlq ot IJooldo; 130l Whiti. 0U Du. arlº"m Riarad1- Hickey; 8 Ysyn.l. Ire s.ll 3 O tP.Caidfttttkhfioit ae.8PJyoooo.kAotoi aCreol....JlVrre 14 battk P p ý5r tOy o) 0 oo: 175 Toltd.oo; 3'3 is 1471(rRmma, Abernathy At Hanna; 9 · ' "-> OyoAli8~tluoobto 1 'oylor * Ga,. i ::4 ~ j .PoodooooooJaloppa, ..Ilyla rubmme, J R fluppt o11 olto I OV a; u l thoodatao Iao t'it.opotonaotr: ; tKo Pbw.. T art- -. 'rtblettait.t ltooat lO"kI all; ol. ohO.gT.l Tiooo; Harlon; Ila0kyo oool ohild. BdRilado Tlvaoo di toY d h) `CioPto;i Irmloom Jdae ,k J ly. l ts 701 o'ttWuv toot the li o s.1. _ +? JOW" I O speaking Earg I about 18 orul 9 yeo u hogh, ..hapt' awtl thikoet ga tra anad fro , gat Jaw Ito mltog. eI.. Win. stog, a DYUO LeEMoW ~m~es~s , t WY JOHN GotsEBN. PUBLISHED Daily, Tri-Weekly & Weekly. NEMW OR IEAN'S: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1839. FOR PRERIDENT, WILLIAM H. HARRISON, OF OHIIO. FOR VICE PRESIDENT, JOHN TYLER, OF VIRGINIA. Our Flag.-It will he seen that we have plaeed at the heead of our paper ts-day, the names of William H. Harrison and John Tyler, aa the candidateswe in, tend to suppoet with our heet abilitles, for Prensdent and Vice President of the United states. If no have not done this before, it was not through any tuke_-warmnes on our part, but forgetfulness simply; for from the mot ment the nomination was made, we expressed our a, termination to give our support to these candidates, although we also expressed at the same time, our dir. appointment, and bitter regret that Henry Clay had not been the choice of the Convention. Resides, if at first, we concluled to take tip Har, ion rather frotm duty than in:clination, since reading the magnanimous letterof Henry Clay to the Kentucky dlel. galion, and his noble speech to thle delegation assembled at Washington, we became direpoed to give the nomin. ation our most Hearty support. For the last fourteen years, we have been the organ, and we may say it, the firm and consistant organ of the whig party in this state; we still aspire to be con, idered such, and if faithful csr. vice can secure us that distinction we may rely upon maointaining the honor. Na wlpeaker yet. Our advicen fom Washingron are to the evening of Saturdalny, tIh 14th of December The rumor receivael by the lust mail. that Jones was elected speaker, has lu:kily prov d false. The whole of Saturday was spent in useloes attempts to induce ihe party in poler to a:ick to their pledge. not to go into eleclion for speaker, un.. til the disputed seatse houldl be setled, and in h'allatiog for speaker. We give the following recapit.lation of the ballutings: tat 2nd , rd 4rir 5.11 G. t John W. Jones, 11: it1: 110 IL 71 :9 J1h0llol I, 12S 99 I 2 22 .t Wm. Ionwson, IL 11 103 77 4 1 F. W I'ickeno. 5 7 8 6 4 Dizon H.t.oewie, 3 5 6 t4 42 72 R. 11.'T. Hunter, 5 29 69 63 Iaevi Lioolho, 4 11 ecatterinig, 1 t 2 3 10 10 After the fourth hllitting, Mr. Thompson announced thnt Mr. Dawson wished he -hould not be vloted for again. The probahility therefore is, that Iluooter will be the niln. The Charleston Mercury (Calhounoo1) in of the same opinion, and ac utes the party in porer f llld faith in selecting Mir. I'ick'na and ithen rot iuallltining him. If Hunrter lie elected, we shaill lhave suchltlean sinz of he Augean stable as will make e peopleoipen their eyes. 'The New York steamer was lretined at Matagol, whither shite had gone, for the purpose ofearryviln .is. sengerlo , by the late gale. We have our reg;.la lesg Texian papers, by her to the 21st ilistaut. The sale of lis at lGalsutot was o expected to go ol'J well, as many Copilalists from the United States werej in attendanee. Mr. A. iM. Jaekson hIs beean appointed to the Col.. lectorshlp ot Galveston, much ngainst his will. Our dates from Austin are to Ihe lith it t nt Judge Waller has been lappointed I'o0trm.ater General, the confirmalirin bingi 6 -7, the Vice Poesidenrt giving lain Oclastiig vote in favor. The Jullgep' difavor u itil Sen. lltors arose frol his hlvinog tllrgeod the Goverrlmelnt five per cent cono issaionn on tIlm sale of lots in Austin, as the comlmissioner appointed to locate the site oftliot city. Congress bhas made a condemnaltory report of thai act, through one of their Committees. ThIe ill to illow tha (;alvarton City Company to build light house oil the ealt end of the elasnd .ilal to give them, tihe collection and tne of the fee. until Go. vernmnent should buy thie tuilding, it in believed, will ias I'on-reas, with slme slight amendmohent. The color on law of Eooglgahd was .bout to he adoptedl by :ongrees, as the loat o'the republic. 'i'h iovenienot to lay up theI Navy ill ordlinaory stall to sell thile Znvaln is the project of the on'i-nnty party, wan, likh the Jeffs rloniane of this country, wotand not prepare for war lear they nmight invite aggres.ion. earn were had that the protect would carry, or at least, that the Zavaln wolid ble sold. Tlhe new Inrdl hill to s.rtle the conflitiing clnimn of solders andi others, was under di-cucsion. It is oropo. ell trn end a eommission of eirht through thie coutry, by circuits to adjuilicate these dil:lllt claimns. A court of Admiralty in to he established at Galves ton The Post Office Department in Texas inI rely in as lad a enndition as tlat ofour own, so far as the trans. mission of the mails in concernd. The Galveston volunteers had returrlnd from Rsn Antonio ith the erception of nine who had gone off to join, Iins' party. A penitentiory on the mb rt r nliehtenod plan is talked of, and the entire remnodlelino of the erimlinl law. Virgil A. Stewart, thie Murrel tran, is aboul to settle in Texas. In extenling the foundntions of le ilnew Tiinity Church. in New York, they hare come :tpnn vaenti, the exittence of which was unknown. One, Ihat of the Coonress Clifton buill in 173 ', rowtninod a lreo quan lity If ilver plate. 'lhiose were the dayo when royalty t bloomned in this counry. Crime is rife in New York, Among the epnc't we noti,:e an Reocolut in the Times of an aggravated tace ofilfanticide by the f.ther! A Mr. Wolton, of Madison County, Miss., having found it too hard n maiter to pay his debt, deteromined lanst wok to move ofor o Texn., tnking with hi'n twenty nat.gros, horses, Sn . On Ilie way .not ofthe lani of i EVpt, lhe had three shot" witllh elle of his creditors. At Vicklhllry, who e he intendedl I to roe. the river, Sheriff Stolf.rd arrost.d his progress, atd alter onme little resinlnt e, he wo. taken into custodoy. "iti; sye tem of ulnnice lint oflhe counlry ir, ntoea, ias beten p tuo succeslsully carried on, in our neighbor Slate. a EDITORIAL KnowLEnOor.-.A iorting naper of Wed nesday, rntes the oflcers of the Toxiln rsteamer Ztval., for arroating a deeetter from that ship, anlr trent, as high misden.annor,tweat i an inte'n Itionld riglhr. lhat however, in tie opinion of the writer, ake, the of n.oe greater, in. tl,,t ne Independene of Ieets,h'ts not yet f bean rerognised by the U. Stoles. If that ie 1Ith c sr l our governmnl are very wrog to be ing a lre salary to a iTiister who his been rtsidiqart Ilouston near two years. Tiot: .r.A CArTAlN.--\' have joust fli ed the Ieru sal of this new dranm of Bulwer, anl re eceedingly a deliglt ed with it. aithough it abound. eas it beattiful iimgery, thanu eith -r the Lady of I en or lii heicau. The itncidentsa are stiroing end i fiull of action. o A m, at astonishinglimi itude Peaits bhtw,en the See SCnpltin inod the Plul Jtneo of Alexander I)u an. The at' ry is tile .mo, the In-ot very simi ar, as are also sete. ral of the9 sitiunq, and not uufrequeotly, we Iave th same thought and senonrlm t, rzptreeed only in different ,f lancunge. 'Wpeaonot actse, either Bulwar or Dlosan i of borrowing of ech other, yet upon reading lit two plays, we, are strong;y incli.ed to think, Ihat one tof them, had read the other, before lie wrote his own. t Obecure.-Mrs. Nancy Fnood of Misrise aippi aedtrtele her Iusbaud Jesse in the Southerr IHe porter as adeserter, ill which avertiemln enlt the aysa: S'ie can't tranlmolote a particle of vsyllogistical science, or can te flliltlictle tle truot fEcoc.nsooos tivroeos from tte vulnolhtlial laind of nll idiotlditicn ted wife. I eanltin all trnoefuolniantotriol girhl lrotth having any thing to do wtllh him,as Iot lois a u ita liter. The New Ylrk Evening Post is terribly offended at the mesages of Governore Campbell and Shalnnon. The party of which it isthe organ is resolved that no lnslf-way, faint hearted poittitions shall dJigrace their. doctrines, at least, so the Pot saIys. The tyranny ut dhmorency run nmad is the same 5a the tyranny of the deSIot. It is rumored that G. D. Boyd has killed Mr. Weir, I.. .Marruhall of North Missisli.pi, in ant afroy at Pontotoc. h A grand meeoto has been hteld in Ponchkeepsie, of 1,900 Whigs, in tivor orl arrison and Tyler. T'all. aulge was prese..t and aaid he would go for old Tip, i.hli siasheartanuld soul. mew , 'tli halte ifhr ell ljtwiag ? idtteni - fni.r. Muchiit o " dialitblhittif provieiwo. in the reiglation of traide. we wulitdjiho t a lte incorpuraing theie p.incipnlt etils oale an I deli.ery of our greit staple, no thae dit cotnmenity might lihe itnforeiumem the means of d -i ding upondisputed cues. ano making their bargains either bh way of eeeptin to sunech a law or in eenord ance with it. Fixed principles in the trunfear of nearly all commodition alreadyexist,it is true, but a declara. live law as to what shell constitute a boe lide sale and delivery ofnotton wouti prevent -ueh rascality -from h- rrahsiig planters and factors. With sIch a law Mr Nolte womld not have been able to have carried on his game oflast seaeon. One factors, eommiied on hne se, nnd brokers would do a siLnal service to the rlate if they will meet and recommend to the legislature action upon the manter, or adopt some such regulations among them selves, as the followine. At an adjourned m eting of the Faetor land Comnm'a ieon Merchants of Mobile, on Werin.iav last, they made the following report as embilying the views of the Brokers and adoptedi them unanititusly: 1. That on poehcooe of Cotton. an order nfth- Perre iI or Warehouse he iveniro the our'o hn· e f tle to-a ins down of clach e nten, o he arral.ced f.rexaniinalion "2. Tiha thre- day" may br n lowed tie puar ho esr to gi g th h voa ex,,xo e ihoe cotion pnrchn:sed. 3. Th o at ,i the Prenss .r Woent, reire, ivn toI d te pilrchalr hfor ree elotr.n to be lelie-r d r., him, vh.ll oennsitute a delivery of the coltn,m ad full pa. mea i Sshall be made when .oti-h 'rver i girven. 4s . That f te expiration u ,f three da~l frtm the par Sshll he maole, tlero ai eortia bhe i;od. 0t the time nt the parehso e b.'tween the buyer and seller, twi hhohlol the order fir delivery, and nit aonei the paymentl ftr f s, onger time. 5. That in all ease., whether aceh enetr-ret exist ror not, at thr en .iltaio ievf three days lfter puech-e, the cotton hlall he at the rik of Ihro ptrnehir, oiler. it at order firdelitrrr be given bf-,re the expi alieotn f.1e three leas, when the nloeh osll b.e at he rink of the pocehnasr u oa hiis receiving thb order. a in 6. hat in the event the three danis hal expie.. tie heill antd orer be r.'-eted, wh-e ,"o ,hon entrat ee i Wetween I.a,· pa0lie. RII m ile plr.htr Isllnl I, l toing - S h.- bill, the coiattn htll be i ti edl atP'y r.,eo I fo tie oa unt e. o t h pnrchn-erand Ithe ufltren e ifo nt, the i pail l r ceive ily h1.I . n By the tlaw of June, 1789,. the onth is required ino be Rd-, i i-:ted to the inelnher of every new (Congresr, in ldefLulnof wich n haininena can be dane by them as ei they vill not have sarnil sppaor the Conetrlifitlo r. and until Ilhey do take the oath their eililumlnl Iae en ti Shber. of Corgreoq dIorn iot saeren. What will he doois by the preinet hoser in renrd i ei their p y? Will they ostep io er this law os they hav aleready sepped over the eontltnit ile bit tiotig time eoereign state o1 New of Jersey out ofpolilieal existencel The Opalotrens IGazeIte tells natery ofr hn. which ai-oll.tvlln huntling puanry, oome tile since, sixty miles. tiiaane thle party wae his owner. It is prolnble that tile latter was a t irupnh going Van B-ren man. f We tarn that the enemies of Mr. .toernn are diler of mined ItI Riwellioa him. Thev lteltd to prevent hi nominntiln lotthe shtirifihJOliyoite Ioerieh ofs t. I.atdrv, i9.and iftliey cnneot browera the iaovernor, they mean to procure n rejection of him by tie Roennte. 4 ECLIPSE COUIRSE. i3 Wedne.dny, 25..-mPer2'"-FirstlIy, ft l meeting. SwePt st ke,m;le lieta, aubatii,t In 5t,e 6 -uhe iht. err anltie 'd. (ciny Iywo ngs ppearld to e onteat ilite race. lie-tilt. S Jln It. l iryleh by I eviatlhan, 1 1 ar Ilotri (illll by Lylgaer, 2 a ill ~Tia 2m. -2.04. Tral, i.n veryheavv. S er, inl 'aee--A New ()rlnen pltle, la 6'a--, o . kerath, t mle wi" ner tkr Ito th late urcanlle. Fuc eu tzlomroalrs ipeated. Hesu r. ag rFe.It. tI. laon elerelih min nrenones. n, 6 veaos;~ei tnlly oopnaeeot, dam ty i:clpae. 4 del. 2Col. A. t. "ileneonal aelery ri Si ir Ari • reer: hy by 'il'umleter, m Opheli. Io , I %d i. " 3 Y. N.Oliwetnter el im Gloreboa veer f a d, by hvnitydau lna- Blrickieht.od 33 4 Jodu-lea-lev entelrs t II Billy Toenesa 5 years: hy ipl,. Fuldo, dna, by Virgini.. 1 3 1 'i °ies--4 L3- 4 16--4 07. Tl'lle da.l a linen onf a e v, cr "hl he frem til Ileavln- not a clnodll peprcked ihe bricht rkv. Mietr l.tan tie Ihltnnlol iersuns were presllt anild the port rat exoellent. "Yeterdnliy, 'l'huridlv. tile rain prevenled thel spaortl, II. titl tie rice uadvlertised nowas 'aOtlltd till to-day Fuiday. dge the The Indlinnson Wert Miichigan hve all s from their ihomm. Aftera Ionsearrh,they were talllld en in Candon. On hei-e'asked the reason for their exp-. n rintin, they said, they preferred Victoria's rule to Van n, uren's. lute of A gold mine has been filnd in Rnadolnh Ceunt'y, Alahamn, which yienlded $4000 in one day. One lunnmp Swa valued at $230. i RACEs.-While inditing this pnrneraph, the North 'wind is hlowin r Iastily, and gives flir token ofa glori. onla weather, for the race to-dy. vBy iih adverti.menr t it will be noen thnt the nosa enterli are the 'il'brtend e Sarah Blhlen and Cotton Plant. The sport will hbe fine an nI dnar, and it is holyday time', the a tendannce ta ill be good. S Paersona is inlaying at Vickhtrell, Celeste at the Park Farrest at the Bronery, and \Iadame l ( t.,, HBrnunl,and t, Jones att Richmond. Wit jOn and 1isse Sheriff have sat the ('harlestnrians half mad. Pagi, the great Oboe has of gone io llavna. ry, The lands of the d tnalter la riae, vnaned $3F,000 have b-etn asld fir$3 0. In this the wav, that the peo p ple are to ie repea I by their robbingeervnns S Hleant plasters fare nil thie go ithe Nortih. we have Is. b fere u eacount n of ten snies for r. ov.ry on danmages on hbrarht nfpronin inof n lna ri ag',wherein tih.' f, ir suitors n got awardn, none of whiTch are lesn tinan $1,0110. The eehooner Hope, Capt in Ihsley, from Apalachi. ed cnI i fon tnin city, was cantsizl on lthe 2nlth instant. Inti tnd9.?922: Long tulde 88 it, antd three pasne.ngers %se as lost, two Iri hmnln nnd n carent-r. 'PI'h Celit inn and fI r men we.e taken i" by nehr. Fannly. thee m were $30"10 in cash an bonlr,. Trien Ca tlon rrie..t here yes terday, having loea eve y thinn he hid nn h ,ard. e The eletion fot r repnresenta.iv. In to he State L.egislnt tar. trof m t. Landry, took p ace on the 23d, 24th ard Y 5t h iainnat. Ihe ctandid tes w -re Mr. G. It. King and 1r. S0 ayz6. TIh )tlpelnu.n asGas tie dies not doubt the return of I4. King. MeMars. David.nm, Edwnarris on I uortee are ean:lidat.e for tie State Senate St. Tmmnnany, at the next electnion. A eonventlin wae to he irld some days sitnes in t\r. .1 , erer's di-tri.rt, in Virginia. to chooae ht*seen the clai ,i of Mr. McCarty anud lr. Chilton, for a seat in ('ologres. e (General nIendereon, the Texin Charge d' ti i es to Franea aned (;en c Brit in, arrived ye ntOrdant mo,rning from New .'Yorkncomlpanied by his Ildy,and have In. ken lodgi·gig at tile St. Th.y will leave for T'-exs ,n S uturdlav, in the last ailing asteamer Naew Yolk. a Suspension Bridgea.--Mr. Dredge read a com. nmutac tionll on ridge architeclure, befr'e the lute m, eting r.f the British Aassociation at Birminghaln, and proved by module, d aran,na. and callenlnions, that a ncoemmon brildge of ,.000 tona weight, whose rise or deflection in the .rech is one.fourtonoth of a itn lenglh, han I7,100 tons of pressure on ats c ntre, instead nfcypher, which is in direct Ion. of 5,000 tuns of power, and alo half ofl its material.. "I 'hi, er,or in bridge architecture," continued lie, .' una. vnnd.,bly reawlers the cost of bridgeas exorbitant, J their undulation considerable, their spans trifilng, and heir Ihilinga numerous."' And by errors of t. construction,. he dam natrated that 30,01t0 one of por'er are sacrificed in the chains , f the Maine t Bridge ; and if the Clition Bridge im carried out as pa roposed, thie sacrifice ofpower in the chains alone will he 6) (110 tnnea, and the useless outlay will be 2 immense. Hnte also asserted that bridges, on corro t principlesi are merely coalnpreaion or Ins.pensinn brackets, obedient to thie law f thie lover : that - they might, with saftety, be carr:ed to five times J Sgreiater extent than hany.t been nlatemptei ; anni to f tnlat a taper bar of ir'n would sustain itelt np. - .wards often Inlles i length. ''lne pritnciple which( he proposed for tile acnstruction of bridge was ki that of sustaining them and their loada by their et ainttmelltS, and not by their centres or key.stones, like thie uauul tal aloae systetm. Strange Steat.-A more strikilng co njunction o cvihztmalon land barbarismn could hardly be gaeln co than by the fact related in the following anecd,.te: Inn An Eniglish lady lately pansing to Cnllnatntinnople nnn in a tealn revel , was about to sit down oil a an ill venient looking basket which stood on the deck, when, to her utter astonishment, she was w.,rlnle, I r by the commander not to do so, ae it contained tile ea head of tirhe Governor of the Dardanelles, on its way to be fixea up before the gates aof ti seraglio. -Litcrary uGaette. Speaking of the widow of a innneknslith. who wase con- n stnnily laiorinng Is ohair the t ecesarie otl infe Taylo r, pi thkt ptsra n her e haracter : n n " l'hun, she lived, Ie.r, partietn,, nd reaig ned--ler teart wash .eantiatflowetr, earialng wi,hin it the crwn i "f Ihorns and tie crou' ofahrint. tier of levnn were ft*w andJ si, pie. She reinteteid Ihe aerrilre that it ein wns a pller o'e. c..lln nntt livlnV, nnd nit n ,fnn posn e,.d no Ielievned that whien are at lengti raehnend it, nhe .houldn work ni lra.ltnnn, l itralwuaye in a clean wllite apron art lnlg pnainen." Wrjtlen in i83 iy 3. M.t eld. . Sam Patch is gone, Inr, youl: A cruel dtn.d h tet hr; Above hs hosme thre waters roll, Of rtless Coenuscee. Of aaring stuf'hi nature was, ''Till nature haode him hnit; He lies not in a grve, because 1 He perihshed iha IPull. Of a rihr daring line he atea An in tllntit line he aent; SHi dtath ffamt .not ereds proclaim Ils very higfh descent! At catching fish, ,lid hundreds wish That the'v ealal eqaul nlta; HiotsIf ail rake lid many take, Of oysters and atflals! And ofte erha, and lanhsterrerld, With b claw he a;lighl Yet crabberd th' hr sits i Ilrade, tf God bhular'd he wts thoughtl. But rrnle crew hatd, and d:am grew and, Anli onge fur amltliinc new; Anil wiek.di spi its itl' hi- rend, S\\ henever he got blue! Se no great wsnnder 'tnw to hear S So . le lllranf llfl felttllre. n eIlfuch an rdea ntlure. Then dived he in lldromnetry, a Its wnr i's npanlnuts to gnin; I Yet lth' he had ahInat,.ned sets, Some thought he was ne! But marol .r nor, applnaue li. lnt; I fis f er rew wrtldeas, brnIht; ar Fr Mtill ildeedl hadal -use,eed, Is In each sucreeding flight. i P e. now it hna't, th dnlteftl thing, In 'midt ofs all h i pride; irTlhtn Sam tt:ae Illtre was lied to spa igll I intu l slring tide. *And all wht hI,t Ihe ltee ta ran, is iaet oftltoview with lee,. Sam -triat. antl ldres tis check, upon 'rite Brlh iafG tueee. S ' riners rage tia heart of Sam in littl did npal; Fit tit it f.ll not o'er0 dam, SIt was a damneed fati *. Then boldly step'd he aolt in tight, 5 Wiih ' uearal n in.,wr toars . *y Dreas'd ia pair f hr ehles lw./e,, r (T wi-elv save hi, buff! tiolhrihenpon thie -un ha Ionked, a Atd thrr lte un the want: Tlten Itatght thw soundly h'd Iae ducked, :h And grew eteedlull grave. i. he darted t'wards the wave at i-a aroa ceft thle spaen, Ana di.nplpeureld, w ale nal ,let:lred 'tiaut Su'0tly was `'a case." Oh loSm at Pitch! lh .aml:ny Patcll! its ight cru I Is lthy lte, 'Ih., l~tltllh y n I) ow mlake halt for hush, \YlIh Il have tihhesl fur bait! The iaerstcal h ro in his fall, Coallnot witla tlie coml a etate; In yutor lstae ao, I n thet all, lay falrl us hundredfeel! The acnveextracts fer n this qui.ziaal piece, by Mr. Se Field, are tbkenr frolm thl.. Y. lirror. As Sam's re preseniatier is now in this city. relealtinl h daring alds, ail who read these lines would do well tgogo and ae hita ,epl fiotn the top of the St. Clarles, almstt l0ll .-2 1 height! ur - Is, For the Times. their nrot m.omenets, f red ,es, od mI oment~ elf mirth, "1'o dt,lIkaa or lig.hleu thin . wer,some e rth; Yet lh.l.v r gloolnv ho Cohlut'lhmt h ng. o'er usI it tllostdshet a hotiwiskey pun.h is b fite us. 'Ts s'wt. to inhale the rare od.ure f -prire. When tls/z'.ttyr .s llotonfi them if " It, wtiog, (lI totg at it o fler.. rvtotw't,.l 'he rtsht, Ofa roty hot woskey sohoro cold winter oigit. Ohil! hoe, with s lorve, toth.thlt ,everteart flil, T he .l ,toe roace of co 'in:h. fr in - hamtt~ltg. t aler, Allt ll ytlatylsgns ar Iore t ;ikh o o el lo see, But R IoLt whisoey Ionok his Ithe sweet .t to moe. When ils svoory foirs fnot otaway in tho nlr, Aoll Ie to e r tol o tlthellot llllithi; slhre, Pi. h .ith it, w I ,ell fI l o ald Ind n w It wll spjiet, (, witl Ito tllis wi I world so elelOverly nice. When tle toile of ills dv lsave all sootl n ar.e o'er, Alld it. llo. trtill olf er. ,re 11 w th llhoeht orloe Ios's, R pml thr. loo clve, m-okeo rall UpIIII tin, Aodip on lost wohk.y f olll worthy of I)itn! -Iostl, Aolto." C.J. U. TIlE. lt:AUTtr IIF fiololro T o MriOxN -A osIll rllteloC hto lertel) tllithl;- ill I.noll Itn " prttdeioo oft WIt, goit l."tltt mit,1 t'ttlo 11 Iiof. lo.lop' Ftoon, in whirlh is lhe l ullll iag grelphic .ketch of a street Ill1.I· ah i toollointo. reagl¢ > i l shirenthi ealtir, dri llsm tnl l ll IltoP, It o itpo to hid, alllltero I f oIr wh,,l l rllo lias ct ,rolld tispo Ihlllo.rt ffiltt lotr o rs i ofotsettioto Ithjrir otnro is tlte 'steetl oolitdootl,for D Trill Ioh, tlOkint if tg iliWe oertveoltt Itt ItIte wb-n Insh, takes his eiiylll nut of lei. ,,,nll, to .pl~it, stn , e ltrlt. nlt to . Picttttlly rtltoolr illett, i llttnt redtllo ttteite the hri-ihle mol.oots tta elllttllllt't hlt,tr, notd tohs- too tt ttO"ttlittllyltst .nt Ieic on trile tsto-tolth a dercet ll't li tinll " DreTH OF ottKHEr I F,,\os.-\{ep perreive ho the tollt t tII Ir er.U toot l lttht ellt toots is sttttt rod t tIlt tltr 'I-o . .tr I tlie. . s tte s httolt o tieth, a n I te eroitev tltettl I:n t' tst r il Iti,r r trrt its li -St et{oltettr otneliebit fin toewrd ,,Id hoe t r r n y ye er, ld hIloe Itoe, or soillllae Ifl eOrT, ro.nLd tlttolls the I ollPootrtet toleotetolotorfNto forhk. A Itoto corere of orerlllll titil t (df nallf II or is [ o o Cled Imi t wn.r,, tote aOt ittttotllr Criste. ito 'too oneo titme to titter.. ,of,, tiec r-ot 'setd, hie oar Ols9y tears btentI tllltlg lin l eII Eltl or it lte al'l reelll Psee lllerial C.hlrch It lt ha= Otelr Iltrolt life s as alan ofinotgrisv nn.. h ,.l erea. t I.", h."nnlr. ti 191 - -:.ý o DJ' We are aulhorised to anrllnce thae, at tie solici. tullon of a large nuimber of the cicitizns l Ithe three tMunicipalitica, .lr.WtV.Ltla FREREr T irs con'rnlmed Io the prResenation of hits tame t. his fellow ci izen. at d te next enslling, eectiont, as a candidut ftor the ultice Satof Mayor of the c:ity of New tlrlearn. aI 0 Noe lsommes autarisads annoncer qu'b la domande d'un grand nontbre dol citoyena des trois Municipalitds, Mr. WtLLIaM FaErT a conseenti & ea presenter comma carlditdt t la place de Mtire A la ptochaine diection. 9Q I.. U. 1.&1nta, et the sulicitation orfuaay of his friende, has corsenl.ed to become a candidate for the lofilre orl Man r of this city. r RA hESp ECLIPe.C C 'UIlSE. NEW ORLE VS J tCKY CLiB RACES. FALL MEE'TiING-SEIOND DAY. IRare tt eo.r 'Fiat one o'clnck.) Judges--1 C. Kerr, Jhn Slidell, H. C. Cammnae, Ctthhert trllil, Esqra. FRIItAY, I)ecelbher '7, 1839. Jocky Clith Polts, $1,00i.-Three nile h:eat; if more it t .l ta ttsrt, 2nI besat hore tn receive $t!l., It bt tltr, tle wnI lltlr tl reteive $800. ENTI'RIES. 1 Rt. H. Log enter, gref Cotloa Plant, 4 years old, by lrertrand, da.bhev ltacd.eth I ress grenat and 2 A. I.. Ritgnm.n enteras eh it Sarah llnaded, 5 yeart tld, hby I.eviatila., dautn by i'a:ulet., yetlta 7 " VN OI.IVER, Proptrietor ti'hn t racke slip 'Troy ie drech.lrgingtk P. l.te St Jteph .trtr, ete whtf. Cto o.lnet atre leqrnased taiat clllad l tile lreiuip d I.i their ge.,, on tie Iw.ehC. d.r (Ii) ilk) 4. ( 1). are Inrqretletl Ia make htltetalr -e L.r wn tIo ihe clerk rn i- I.eter,.ppianailo nr. rJoseph street it tihey ish to at ord tile exi eases astorlago. NI IV t)RLEANS AND t' IItROLLTItN RAIL Itote D. OTICtI-- attrin the lircee. the Cars will avr.e I rotruen. street fir Carrllltlnn evtery nlAf holtr, colnme.c.ns at r 0 t'clock, A. Ic. muad 6 o'cllakl I'. 1c. Itettlr lin,. will leave i'nntrrolt.n ea.ry Itaif irnurecon - e:rtitng at itti 'clock, A. .i. uelti; 5o'clock P. M. and then as u-uul. NI. I:. .\ half piast 1 o'clock, P. I1. m extrat Inrr cnra. a ie l Irve Ptrdrat cretea, aexasieely hr adies and grerlhlnmen a "cunlnar ine th:..r. Joll . H.\IItSijN, Chie Eneinet. . New Orlhnt,, Dec. 2", ' 39t. ;_4 TO APPLICANT'S FOR PAT ENT RIGI'lS'. DFERSRUNS wishiitg a rutre e atentres tfr New In.. P veneioar and .tnrrve~rr, can tave Ihnir ip. plieationel drawn Ip, and fturwardned in duo rren of rlaw. Iyan enprrincee iperstan, at No. It COaOan Stllrreet, tIllc If - NT 1"(1TCI 1Th firll oTr II. It YDE & BRiUOf11WTi ia thit day dh.erireel. T. t. IIYDE, ramlan eit+rgeii with the liqraatiti thei-rr i . n nn for whith, iriirt Ithe anr el tile il.erln will anlc b r.ed hrieafter. T R HYDE, Foa himelt'arrd tln heij of i 43 J I P HYDE. t)I If tACTNH %?iT aeyero iPkyeiaohsn 9 Cotisa glporn!--AII y,-. whu need ltolko,tlopttllas ere. I nltgllt NIoN . 34 St tClrerlue. treet, a'id iatronme the hondnuna" h0151 wIth the hanntlpoe'eoat. Letjoitarteon c itrall poor Aldommnon, who may (perchtner) aol kuet how Itheir .we namea should 10l1 in wriling. Dirconlts foryoong. Hon-ants mad ynoegr Wivon. .'uoelsc rr Mianee, and mulsstlrite llc In f turrder and bltknlsted, fr young masters. Cull allr e whit ied knowledge. de?. ' IU,;-Jbh.a I)iXt..L. Lt amtia, F. Grean deolt.mtlp, .. M. Fliliiin, J. llvn., 0 V. Rogert, W. U. tiotia, col-igmrwn .i88 p:ael if larble, all per eh p HuIttvllefn frons~o ' Yor, ate reql.,. led to make konuo ,heir rerideoceo t. the dicto.risug clerk. on hi' I.evee, itherwise their elmds nil he stored at litri pisme. ) t. K8D ltA.OIN , d23 70 Camol 0 lhet pallrket ship tHunotvile, hm N.w Y.ent dichargiog l tit, ii¶.t hel.w the VeClu t hlIe lir, et, o will tdeane altend Io the receipt of th ir gali on thun It. ee. d23 II,tIIICK & R \&R INEr,70 Camp at 7 I- ollagtr een. cOds per hir Ftlinll . a, kled (J D Johoo(.I,) (iottn Clid.) (I W) (J II i(() and (PA 5) are reqocotel to otoke tlle.ttOlveo ko,,wo to the clnrk tl.-n th loner, pnoipteio St Jmorph otrlet, or else the gtodtm. will he otored 0t lleir-apeotsa. dll j'IPARTIER.'ItP-T. It. iIYI), hnvinge.ot. ci.tllO G . )111.3with hIhn in itortnerlthip. they will continue the bhtlani oelt- blll.,e ptrsued i, T. tt. HI YDDE & IL|UTi KHR, uoler Ilse firl tf'T. II. HYDE & l :. T' t it Ip., GW MtIV 1iS. d3 39 Colmmon l st,eo. lnagazine I. W Nt'PII:E N & A N OGIIEN will prltice lea in pnrtner R hi, il the cl of New Itrleot., ad tl Ih. th- pau rishen Itt the ttunnry, in which they have herete fre prelitlo. nrifoe Nu. 9 'nyOl leect. d9 iNh.W O.LLEA,. AN I ,Aa:HVILLE trAIL ROAD. SGIE.. t: YB It n',etitt.t 8 & 9 or Ite harter of the New Orleolon -at Naehville Rai r ad C.m pane. eneral Int nglllt of tile 'o khildern is ea llo ont the3d t,nslos, inJtn.,ry, 1840,ir the purlpoe p s" electing Ten Director- i sllerve to on eil er, J II ('AI, WI: IL, Pr, silenl. Office, No. 14 inrennte at. Ire. t1t:,. d ll N.WORLIK AS2l v-l R , 1.It IN RAIL ROAD NO l'''E..Won oII snrraoMonT. To cnon.cooe o ln at III of No.-mh-or, IPit. Hlone Car at . o'clock A.M. Hnn. C. r at .no l O'ElL. A.M. Loeraotire. - Ioetooutive,O - o II -- 1 - . -- I --r.M. - - P.M. - - lnor" Car, at 9 - Hre Car, II) ned AI(rrl I k tnnAnoEMghT iro SUNDAYS: The crl Will lenve nr the same hours nh in thn week days nlltd I o'clock P.M. when t Loolmotive will rave Carrotllton every hnor nlil 7o'clock. P.M., and New Orltns evely heoIr antil 8 o'lot'k P.M. An neirs inra Cnr can he obtained h.eore 1 o, lorhk P.M.. by paylnor 5 toller fr the Trip. AfEro 14 oclock P.M1. It dolltrs w ill I t. hared. Perrono -oint by the toeam alr must provide thelnselme with Tickets. a0 tile neduotr,r has positive directions ntt to receisve mloney in lieu thereof. TIHE JACKSON AND) I.ACOURPE STREETCAoR I.nve the heand o Jlltolll treet at lI o'locl k A.M.. Coloo sllert ti 7 o'chmik. At h tf-pnst 7 ,'tlotk theyt lear Imloh ends every hall honr, until Ht n'clock P N ,except. Inl that, ilnstlad f telvill tanal street at eJ o'clock .the ecr will leaver there to o'Ciook P.M. hls is pm'tou'orlv requested lthilt entlemanwlli not put their feelt Ulmll tle euahioas, or moke in the car, wheu ldiels r.e present. Ofice N-O(rleolnt & Cdarrollton Rail Rolld Cnompoll, October Odd, 11t:9. JOIN IIAMPSON. Chief Kttnleer N.O. A C R.C CrIY lNr. Npw Irleno, 18,1, live. 1839.. r[HId BANK will I chierI .. Wedtte-dy thetI5thl i, 1 illetOt, and let atRl thIt Jnnutrv next. Nt:Pn ened Bills idue tt lho-e' Iny'e. will he t'tt abtle o0 lthe dnye prnoedi0,g. Offer for discouit shuld be mnde on te] g Mltolnay preceding d d19 R J PA' FREY, Caehio.r. i100 UFFICEOF THE FIR iitKN'S INSURANCE COMPA'ANY. New t)rlean. Decemnber 10, :;39.i. IT E Sltockhohlcrsu lhtb in.iitttiun h rn hereby no rified, thag the axtra divil, d of 5 per eca,, I.. B latred o.,tllho lt olfatlttbe,. w.lli e paid to tihen at their hlgal reprealcttlivei , Ian n aftehr tnis date. B) order af the Board, dll : L Tit ,CY, Secretary. BUREAU D'INSUII4%NCE DE .A COMIPAGNIE D,-.S P* t1l' I .1tS. La Nouvelle or .annas, IR Inl) cenmnbre, 183). LES Sona'riptrcura de gela' ini.stilulion nint irPvalu qu' ,tn'iivnd,'rd Ilu dI 5 nnr cent, a 0iet dn6ctfr& ear Iti Icr 1' ..lnlbrP et era u p ita |ena lr leea .a anlal sur uu apllrls clac dte Iar urdre des Directetna, i 1. 'l'rnn'v. crr1tlaire NWI'\V ORLEaNS C'ANAL Ahit I4ISKlN(t a), IIIIE Irnn Stleamboalh Ileheena will cave the Bani. t . ilhc heaed .' Iha New (tnininti every n linv (nexa.ct lnondavs) lie Ine I.nlkhn nllows: Diepart at 5.A. 1. IHelurn at 8 . 0.. S I' . ,I. 12 P. M" O P. lt. 4 1. M. " 5a Aant'.11ns .I "i 9 P. l. f And on M11NI)AY:M:- Inepart at 0 A. . R.eturn at 121 PT.. ' . l I'.t alt nar 28 'A 'B'. ' n abh. i rn O1T rCIt--IIF:Ill'tI ' ` I. nI) ne, l ,i r I n. t. a..n an' tl1': Sherifl begs lea.e tn illaOrlm t flinlllen, lnlii IIh ine i bn fP t I btwihll ineo fil ilIe nAfite It" d. r R pnle, 11n i I laiced hilll . PI nd.rIn lllbli,.nnn n Itn cvn nt enl'unn n anll hblill tio ll the saIanre ntf trhe jno dea, er nllllt. lll it l .rep lh T h ll.t nine intllenin- Ie bea sna. ronlll. . ll c iitin pu i o nnwith aid int xnnn'n iatinm'Th.,, ,'f hatl lli. fIee s oIt l'n Ib,, ccollretl ,l, e id he, illrfl ill ki e xlrP .1. 4 IIt ter i altilre ll ine will take I nt.i at he sinly lkep a-e h n e h ea is, nr a at wh law gl aed nnt hisin wn 'r tirn the nln iini.n otinlin f Ir f nite, it. ii nit I bse tileto ihe 'wt're.a y nf tie li of tIhnr Panl th, ns nli" .i e a teitataiad lI'utih mluaosr nld himnaI fi rcoltse, lion. U F IIOZ n, d13 .hZ , iff the 1REMOVAL--Dr. Petern' princinal office, in in o.L New Orradcin, ftor iti n -ale of his Vsgetnihl eP i., it rem,-ye.ln frola 65 Ponylria mirtet. to 72 ei M gieiEl sltrat, lner tlah' ALeinde, whevr a faull a l'reneht r pity of thT above oilt wi 1 be con. che Itantly k ept an hsud, for rale at wholesale atld cr retaill, together wth a v;criay of other valua.b'~ inn n +ail1n.l . llnnt as the Laelna Colrtial, B.'ra.rd' r.. CInlPra Mt!nntaiiO. [arrieel'a Spectfil Oi!llntlleint, 'lHi ward's nlprnved (rieaical Cl,ulridn Sto,p. r B ackwont's Anlti Aerin Tactar..,' Cnmn an pnnad Siyrclp il'Sareeparilil aInd Slrsaparnirln Pils, itv Goalicka' Matictless Sanatile, Ilu'itar's cid Dtropsa ,nad other Inhdieinnos tar n ltrtalal dtln ane, E SalninJh) SVngerable E air, Elixir of Lile, Reatoaative Bit tfra &ec. ALSO ci- Dr. Doabeis, inlerealtg hbok on Marriage. re N B. Thi Aceat. hiore winihe. it dinafintely on. o derntood that ino lllnitilliea are Inllllfacturedn nor con a ounded at this fficte an ll CseoCqutil naln ali old iare exinan. tilne tilr, are received genuine ae froant in proprietors. Far ftull tarinlara eancern ng tlea above highly Ta celebrated and invalutble meonlicine, the public it et t relerred to adveortiasameti n ih a and other city Spapers. d25 tf It AN'K (: Rt )IS-- In invlice ofAbboIt st. 1ant = Senaaael'lled, aivory surface, plai anid aolhcred balank cardn olthevariauusIna..m', jnst ahraole. by JOHN| J lI1dWI,:I.L . t'(), is n9 SuccB i ori a o A l'Anwar, e49 Caom at SA-CE-'OltDOti-Acaicnh with ItL, 12 sord 14 kee-, tnaulifully inli d anI if ea,l'Priir tonne jual receivenfat li nliezar lllJ IJSL & AILAN, d4 rearner nc ft 'nireslc. Calaalm ata and fr whhle~ial or cretail be NY EI d II ItONNAtBEL., d23 career Natchez anl Tlbhabpiaalo.n "'t .ANCE'I'T-A complete aseolrnen,t of Eiglish, relln'h, ierlnall aln Aiericilan ina, etl, for . hole fsula ·r 'retail by E ON .A Illt, it''3 43 am'p4rpibulep at ,Il. ditN.LS- A . few iaai d It rceIKed and Inr au'e my II It SNNa I., 23 lTliihaittilllnat t fli i11 N G(L1-i Initnf.o e n'nt,, albi ti; eree,-10 x Ix , I, I 14 12 a x 16 New EaxhmnIi entw .laso. Tnhis glsa wilas prclla-rd utni redllneit prices atl Ibe wildino irp ale illn ,rlallfturin cnlnainnnva is no aditee l e low. JAI.VI E,. N LIE\VS, S9 P"rlll.r 1i1 nil. 'It.hapit Olln at t N 'AILS-70T i, g,., sn.i ., fa-mnad, Brads and S.tlkes, lur n Is by N COSILY, aS5 97i aaps at E i.tIS ..'E":tIIS' Itacived fiar Fraane, f.r t. whules.leýr reaiil by .,;i NNABEI. '22 4' 'l'ciapintulna st SIQUOIR--7 nl pes HnlsnI an i ; 25 [ris o n estil I Gin; also, t i brln dtnnestic nrandy, in store a ur sale by d12 J THAYER & (C,,74 Pavdrns frt a VWUftAND iH4KIItK vE b i4rlanvhnnrnh36 . hrlm Whiskey, lanlli,,. fraom stmalllbat Ucunee, fIll aie by e22 ' I In1ItSEY,41 sew I o ea t HISKEY--I:J'bahI at IIIn hating, ihrn ssle b Ia 9 ai) ItOI"EY, 41 'law Leer,. t ier ale by NF ).t11,.Y, 1i 25 97 alnp at X'1H - N\ni..n New, at 5 dayr eiehtn for s Ealethy dl) AI)A nI & .'L IITALL iN ..a N RVEI0--G James--leary iof Gluie or the tates nif laOn.. by Ii P It Jame, auutthr at tits KIibher. Rirllli.u.. nc. hec. in tw.vuls. Tlhe it.ourtller irnfteivs if Ilnrlt .econd witi othtber 'I'tble. by lle nu.hlr ,f aIra pmtagrllyla, c. Sec. ia two vl.juati reeaiveda.nd fr a Is be .tI2 J J iAASWELI. &LCo, 43 Camp at /tI IIoEY .50 bta - rcnid. in Ul,,re. ar ra b y V at.2 G t)itH{.EY, 44 New I.vae ijTULttE)ttltl Tit KEr O it fitinns tIttinuan; a - a re rc.C. f aepply 'at 109 ('ut amnnl al a7 J')l \IIiN.Ni tiialier'eal Diamond'., juat received In D anid fir sale by td16 It ilA NN a iEI.. 4:1 t 'cbhnpitals rt C(AITI' WI'ELS-Ufvna i sizes . n t- ---'and Jfor asnle i N FUC.tit I.Y, d' 97 (Camp it )laitLOtr6S-t:17? npaninti Dnnbiinan, Rta'if I..P d AiIJ 'H FISK' ) ICE--lt.t'ar trtne t'artlina I.ier, it tnlore i'r a. ob+ balnt.J J TH 4Yn.K I& Ca74 l'iydra aa ItRoa Ipn,ltng fnti hlip hlrlet,aen .afirale nt by n31 I'r.I'tI .AEI);..A A. 6,; '.amp at dl GDORSEY,44 Newl..n º FANCY CHINA,T AI l.IVME bV' id.. SFHKI Sublscriberl Ihavejuat l faceited froo 'Fralne, afew llne poreel ain dinig desrtalld le services, of styles enlirely new and very beautnlul - dl44w - BROWHR&L.:,II 17Cedpat alCHO tL. SLAT I1-Jut receiv-d fit. Pl.-lld-rb. r phia, an invoice of very suaprirrsllat.s, F.nglivh , and Americnn. 6 by 9,7 by I 9 b b It, Ih N - c. For sale by JOHN J HAS WELL &b l, d16 49 Camp at A IKROW KiUOT-Pl,ASLTt.L.-100L 1 Ito. Arrow root; lesh cilreand and l ark pla..ter, landing from lhlp Kentucky, nd fr whol,nlle or retail by t116 t II tNNAIBrI., 43 lcbupiltoulas at UL t UCAPS-Jout receivo.d, hbund+om iorarnment ' of ,:ter. fir oe l. nod every ither de a.iiltiin orf ca.. ioflthelesol intnufaturr and qiealilvl far ole whl.lesale and relnil el tiO IP & o's, d!l9 Exl nane Hotel, St cbharo a t iSHIRTl'l,&c-Just rPerived sd fid r sale, n gran vallriely ifahliris,orlle s, molh r.k p,,nonrea bosoms all of the liret qua ilv and iuufllitelor,, at GOSSIP & io',, Lxl.hnngr Holrl, d I19 tClharltea t S T AIl.--I00 kegs unsorted aino, in store amnl for a sale by dt4 N F CIOILY, 17 Camp at . UT GLASS WARE--H.einvit public attention . lo nS larere assrte at of new and very select te I'tltislllih and eil glano ware pdl and ca1 BII(W.i, w .& l'o, 51 Camp at LEltON N.YFUli-io boxes Uodernond' iiuperior Lenlon Syrup, a r rale lvy JAIRVIS & ANIIIREW, d16 c rner (COlllmmntald iThdibnll uln olte C ASTOR l1.-16 Iarrel No I 'salsr Uti, a supe rior article for retiiling, for ale ly JAI VIS & ANDREWS, dIG cornet Cooimon aiod tlehbp onulan St P KINIIlNG Pil\ERe.-2-0I ream. :.7 by 42; 1100 S reame. by a2:001.: t0) renis 26 by 16; (011 rrnmaI o 2 hby 32. 100 reanlll +0 Itv 42; '210 renalr 13 by 33 i. d eitlreceivedftrol th bli. u Preek and Panllhouald d for le liy J J HASVIELL & Co, ra A I iii I'OWAR, 49 ('a1rp et d5 N AIl.--v large ncilrlmelll in "tllrrlld ,.,r maeby nr2i AD t.19 t 1l'l IvrAi.., 67 lirav.ert f 1 UN Y I| tr-- .O hales 2 ibushel eiunny ligs a in store alid fr .ale rt d7 J THAIRER . -Ct 74 Piydar at trIIIUNK.-- g.i it variety I,ftriunkr, valiers,leather t a ilatscer.lo nale at it.SlP & C('., d9 ExhRi "oner Hot.l, S9t 1 aries st r t IE E t1 --J tl rEýteie I,f., Ns-ew Yoark snDp S I tdy if lbhesroian, lnarge ei somall; also. lIaekgalOi mon I4t id+.l, l the Bibk adll ltationery illare If dl6 JOll v J IIASWELI. & co, 49 Camp at I T.RTEI.L;AS-A larve aseortment if uombrav lea if all sizes and beet qnio iy, for sale whliessle and retail at N iSSIP. C,.'s S d1l9 Eaechlange Hotel,.n Ittharlea at 05 (NILT EDlS I;,T'lER I'I PtP.R--Jtirl received per ship Fairfield, 11111 reams oie ongreareill e .' ltetr Paper, a very upereinr arlieh, f r arle. wholesaln nail retnlt, by .Oin J HAS\VIII.I. (o, d19 49 Camp sl tO rO 1I0IN'I'tfE-ll-Jii. re',eived, r1u,. Aillit & Eyiv, 1 New YArk,Nn everal sunpplyv l'laine and etilalllto d Cords; also, a lot of enh.ii plpraper. siranhle flr j,ju at work. JOHN IIASVELI. . 1o. d19 49(mp o et A-"SEA. CA'r-uiit--tn le for Planters Iie iiraeer lullor, wll miasde sanid elal ei.r teh' and bKy's, at (GOtSSIP . t,,, is 19- -11t St h tl.e it llI(KEY-5 brim ins ttivre d faorle l v _,116 G I)tIt.I+:Y, 44 Ntew teves i AIltl--~tl kegv ti... lef IcrLd. a ti..r., fur s-il. by .C l 6 d(I I)oR.EV, w4 er Live. F.l.Ult--5l0 bile i. liine ahiljinig itiier, hlr iule ilh d16by G I'ORSIY. 44 New Livee L lOt-- t bios ar b tie ioldilv, Il.rsiale b .t I, d2 li IlISEY,44 No.w Lvee NAl.S--1000 keen rut nuils, well assotufrisa, m 3 I \ 6 inch, hr sale tuy LA \'I'ON .('o. dti--_tf 53 tld I.eerve st ,, 1ICKi;Y- '5 hr'sra vc l.fidtllanding fren.t .t.a bhot Panula,lfor stile by d113 G IIlIIREY,41 New Levee I l. I.A.IP.o & LUSTi.E CANI)EI.t4IA.LA. or iSPLENDIDII a-arlmeIt if nblhe, ante an Shnnrine Inlsli)a oid cnodlebranchle, r.ibhly mnot. ed willi glas irisiis .jUrt reeivilv. fir ale Iy d7?-191 II IILtEWER & Cio. 17 Cump et II ADIIt t, W INE 110I fl.t1:-Ldn.4ing nItl ip IE lE t ry (inay, tro, Ittemln, 3011 tmlt elltrC Miadelira wine, kr a Iw from tlhte eer, in quantitie I,) sgnit pnn..huaera. JAItVI'l & ANIIIIEWt1, 0 d7 cur Curannnln sdll 'I'ianpitol a Ft rE r A Itl-183 ký x Irnf larl, Irud~ r~~*~a~;;; lu dluadg f mil ntcatnin t Fuirpley, fr sale by d13 41 DO1SEY.9 14 New Lense ý2RANUY CI~lIR11ll1.S-50 lbnn rn in sture - I for leasby d13 I IitlOISEl, 44 Ne- Levee 4ia K ITII1;I- l.. roll.l enibe, n cndl _nie, rut !fit slen i by 11) ill & 0 IIll'tdt.I~ rlit;1~ ______ 7 ier et I lNt:-7itn..i Sherr will, god quality, in rI store, and f or sale by d l7 N F C(I'--1II 1111 ,1', 97 1)11 a·1· p · t I~i F IUIV 1'INI :=8 1oulro l "(.1oh1 bIT,,l4 Palo neerrv ,n viry tine article, F~r colt. by d17 N FU 11 1 ', 97 t'alttp t ,I AGNP:^I\-.1nzun' liaIrlru 1lnoeon, los re..tnil lI t' i A1L; rn,.IiIGylllllof1itnunlnr· .116 l!y Al 9L."a itno, ip_ ')AINTKD"U IIliT· r--:Oil rl . Zrl in sa[ e. 1;1 rule b" Ji 'Ha Fit do S lit7 71 PollydV.t F inI( S.Ini, by all t Ilav, i um I ng, i frnt sl e p -nn, tltnlio ini I i n i.,t d8 A\. 1')H EN, Oil ltlnn ll, t - l la bnt, t· e"n [ 13 ri '.: I i= l 8 11 ',g , b 41 ~ Ntn 511Ih ve n a rrti~lINo. 1 and~ lenna anwhled Pnt'min il~o, e f 51 ale by J it t VS 'a 4N1)ltl:\ VS, cud7Clr I.'ollln mon .In 1·':IIII,1 nII1III t \ ID-POO kegs superior If Iann, itntore ain 118 L In sleby Il", Y(:Il'It.Lr 44 ~ 4 Aflewi Le'ie ' t HItd t:Y-I(H I le rectifed al II.-I tnditn_, pnr flat bunt, for " ate by in 11A3 1.-td 11R; Y, i 1 Newn I, itl en, firle n 'by llI and P& tri DiA II I d4 ARYRi II FInaK. a' S"1'F:F'L I'F:NS 0! ingnE Damn,&n. pIeln; Viteolria tl'e dIIZA Il Carrel 'c IK"; eaelr pro;l Prnllvlnl pen; nova n-ion I'n;.:in- pa anal p. Cnrlen a li\n lI ln , nI.thr I nlnllcoll GIa 44 -1 111r41, &xlety AllAN.t ltur, tre ~114 II 11 \ W 1 .4 tpo r_ Il: ,,3R1:l I: n tr-()ul l h IIell $ tsltI a f~r iuvlil-; wnnr pru i 1 up- cnrrier boniu;horse vov an"' do dt be olleeguode nab 114 ' n ln.. Ap 1t r 1 hone"I flte' St N 'ha rlet IE 45` \ 1 JPcsrll try o mulnltperin: nalu r 1 itizen, Itr Iu inby Itat qulity aiV ini'.\ ai n22 67 ;rulvier Pt % eAeieeD t' nnI'.lea1iN.lPt' ,opoe lealtb ,e of ,If. Uhnrlru anld Citmm,, l st. tA dV RISH & AI.I.N. Ig )I(a HIR"'- ' .l grla~on C c,,o V wn;~i,';;nod;llner lb and the oher gotd ceok and &hnild'liutrll. Apply I3 4al by N F ht ityama - 139 ICI1i~l)U. t~t )C ASTOR 301 a ll Is first lqality Virginia catts a i JASVIS &L'eONUt.e:WS ik n99 corner Coin & TIchlplltollll a at ' CINCtH S AI btsa-b)l, boules ianhlg anlad fnr Is 4if e by N m Ity 112- _ 97 Camptl c 14 AT 300 s.acks t helat i n.13 Al44i &~ ltit'li. O te n e,r blitlt111 k en lI, atni t~r an v, n, It auin ns Attt~ '' 'Nn"itl F~11~~ frAI-om baru one'. u" fubbra *ol~n t trt u sale by B teauite ucla ity \'1l1 NrP"'d .,67Iirn i A'S Y-2 hales primt Cell e d, tll'tk ftl y, Iennuing e rd n i p Vitcka.. re, aRd 11& A 1111 by tIlai Ae 'O:Fn n uno.t'1Commonaet 51011A200 oozes Itubblinpaitj a Loeein stor, for-la IT JTIIAYERL &Cu4 P'ordny.ea ib,, teaur, ,.r sale y a Ne tle 11.y a - 01'5 97('"a11p "t I 1Al N'S Liar ,tent sod Rahn N o f Cod tn-5 gbove. e 1 tll. P." a'Phnr'rd tella-beer v 1rr,( ltI( genuine trod' tthisried.. JARVIJOLA IM Won' (116 corer Continue and eeehaPinnulolit -)APF:It 5h0 It1o 11 1uul,. tr tN 00 r n t t1 .l; L, u (1 tA100 tteeeeylmdwa'eitin. stnu ennl, biIle byF a n l 8na1geult &Co.;4uoatn rsat L \1t 11teet m il ~ t'e tl l I noal e.t ,etn rsi lebyy It 1113 RNAIEYL. 443anewo rvcc F 1)1 lY'S P:\NACEA-Duet receivd da firr whs~le' = ante and retail by rdll H BONN 4131;L a LASS ,ferery ldreriio l.i such d,ýll glob.'.le, bate, vl ials, fromn I dlraeh ll1, to8 rnz, grrallunin lli fs l r1 Ii Dttty, ew anes, a menDval's&c, lilAr &n-ll 10nl brltlil by I a i.t 4.H . , n trn 1 4:L.43 .. latit e a t bL UR-t, ntbr innde host Bakerb' tratds, tet tttt, nlIading, /er flat boat for ea le by 3 11 D cltc0l(EY,444 New Levee si it U IL~ 1)AR~ly. ,4tc.--5n bt'lllhn hialliePT' )t boards;; 511 do do do straw; 100 do bonnet It L boards, Just lorded from ship Ohlio , Iran l I'lllndelphia,~ anli Otr aaie by JOHN J i ASMWEI.I & C,,, 0 4 d' a nneasnueus to A powed49'omp mlI0I t OFF IT'e I'tLLS-PHIEVX t'ilrEIts- _ LYE Just rnenivedl, andl fte wlt,'leale ner etail ity d16 H I INN.A tEL, 4:0 T.'bnpitttias "t SP1111 I'S at t'nta,.tine-l5 bartela N Yorek SItitle A t l' Tuepnulune,Iul,4tnsgrttm hipI Ftirfeld, ftr anle Ity JA IVIS & ANDIItA:1 S, r d16 cornne Cottmoatand 'I'hapittulaa set A SUI'PLY 11 NAIIeIS, weltnIl stedl , nit hbntld and t7r sal by ADAM SI.6 l'II'l'AI.L. C al 67 Uravntiareat anntar Oil, r atceiee~l and fr hole-oale olr retail II Httt'I.AHEt., 112243 't'n npiitoulan at (I HINA PUTS anltecaly Inn apu tanrile, (ir sale , by ii Ill'N AItEI., tillt IS9 'tehitnitit,, at C, SUiAlt...-b ll h11. sg4.. ' trInI pltnratil.n Ille auf e 3'I ADAS &WIlI t111 t I) " 'S PAJaPtltu.,ttte RIlnal Rtln, . Pie tilllt rdI P'ae.e, Puo,. Janteaeo eire,{ad fuir sen by .0,A OWA t,4('01" p at 7ltt)-80l b.'"g Irue, arcd, a I star, forelel ay ail, t C l1 it taty", 4 1 New, I vone INiH )AS NlcKI I": Y, Iher. 19n r ý4 tat j;r lIccivedandforsalabe J HAI\WFLLpc , /B rata, et - -B-SEZENTTS. ST. CHARLES THEATRE. STAea MAIAeao. : G. Baltrtr. This everlning, December t 7. will he performed the Ilrama entitled THE FRENCH SPY, The Falt of Aigiers. Henri St Aline, T al atmer Curnmcel, . ,MrRS LEWI1 Col. die C h ,lricy De ear MInjer I)ilier ·eMar Segeant I)oLnie, d'..Ii Tuty Rlrlsnlardl, am Lwell Marie, MIl Verity Algerlahe. Ali Pich, l iMe Hint' Mohamed, Lewrh Ohlttnt, Wpio., Aiae, Wichi he irieh seta lofr SAM PAICH IN PRANCE. written elaprcasly Ibr the peculinr power of Mr. Marble Sam Platel1 Mr Marble ' i)eel.tmervll, " Kejplt tle Brndville, Morei Vi.cnrine Toca, Mise Verily, Miro melton T'o conoiuda with the bure-quu'ealled TuM ' HUMB. Tom Thumb, La Petite Bertha King Artlir. Mr Archer Luord , riol. Boddy Qo0en, Miss Melcln Princer. ltgneamunea, Mlis Verily ID' Domora ccn at 6--Parfurlclanes to ommemnco t 7 ot'clock d., l" deatin Tickeht may bn had at the Boo Ooes... (.lpeo from It, nill 3 o'clock. WASHINGTON BALL B o00 IT. PHI.IP STREET'I tlTwaoI ROYAL Nran aone tavanesa. IHEI MANAIJEIk of the Woshin.tmn Bell Rooem r respeutfully ine.rms hisfrimendeasd the publie, thai the alhve nentioned establishment will open for that' seaeon,on Monday evening, November 4th, 1839, by a * GIANi) DRESS AND MAQIJUEIRADE BALL, and will continue threoghout the seacse every Molnday Wednesday and Saturday eveningfroeach nook. Admittance for Gellemen, $2 00 S New Orleanr, Oct.24th, 1839. TO LE'T. Tile hose naoepied by the euheriber, fron. !' ling n Tivoli (orcle, cmlnaining two perior", I. foulr Ib1d romlnl, a kitchern and serv,,nae' roums ac. w or without the carriage house and stable adl ALSO, a.,llnl hcuse on St. Joseph etrrel. to d521 JACOB O'"P H 1.U.E TO RENT. A comfrt ,ble two at ,ry dwelling honse, ai eancr (Canal iretl, cOhomUiing every eonveal J oce f r a menl familv-Ilent Only $15 lr nmonlhi-PssrseisOn gven in a fw dlse. Apply l o d9.5 Doyle & May, 3"(.orolelet It TO RIENT iuf A Dwelling House 139 Jolia street H C CAMMAApKly to a Dwflling IoIse No. 139 Julia streel, in the C .isesor to H C CAMMACK & . Co. d T)II-YT. Two rimi on the saredt fIloor suitabhlo f r ltlre;tl'as;ls t, olte tIremiers. No. 21 Camp street, at I lia Firellerls' llura llce i(liee. o.2 3 TO REN P. ' The three eltory brirk store No. 87 New p l.' nveeqi esei; poe..ritn tgiven immediately. SAp olc ii nl8 I' R HYDE& BIIIOTHIR. _LOTTPERIES. r HEF Following Istiariation, ('itizen's Bank of l.eo isia '; Uion Buank of L.nai.iaon; New Orleans Casnl anrd lrik a g CCnppacyw w II receive .peciall de porat e.sia-t crerificale orf I.. ht'rlred dlram and upwanlrd, I remain to the credi of Itlhe Iepaitor.,a n 'hlih c, rlificllnrI, Ithe s, scrihers will delier Ticker ill the (Grlad Ieal l.lale Lotterry--Iau kt' Arcade, IliPtl,e Hoicl, Otr. ia;HMID'T & HAMILTON, under theVerandah, p .it E JEhnA & Co, dlI te tationere hall BANKS' ARCADE, CITY HOTEL,&c. GRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY OF' I'IRUOPEIt'I'Y I'UI'F.D to N;EWt RI.EANS. at:llMlDTI' & IIAlll.'rON, ' anager.r. Of)ces under the Vera.dah, ('aorner f RB. Aarles and Common Streets, and .Vo. I0l Chartres Mtreet, between Conti and St. Louis Streets. IV ITH a virw of meellc tile wishear rf oar friend., we have the plea ure of snonsslncin e t l .s iall will he lrawn at the City E hara rge, in .l. Leais ill Ne lrallns. The drawing will, wilthut fail, begin an the let De clmber neit. Our agents throughonl the union, :,illcuse the abore to Iee i ins ned care i ii orl Ile newspapers of their relprtire residences', ald chlarg Ithr expanles i Sir!111 IIIT & HiAMIIlTOIN. The Ve;randA--St. U'hcra 'T.agrl e m Thrratre-Vnaldweall' St. Charrl, Arcrde-.H.tet. -Stores--Squarea of Ground e CAPIT.I I'ItlZ !!e! O(lU IA'A A IIRANIJ I..\t. IEr.TATE AND S T'l' KLCK l LI'ITI'.Ir', nice carnier of ('ral and .t. C hirlee alrerlc, authorized by a law at the late. 61h tlnscrh 1828 TIIE I pI IILIl! IN, or ('lrnp lareet Theatre I.olt"r). 1'291 Pez,,:! dlrown on :llat Iracember, lew Y'rnrll'a Ire, alll fiti-Id ia on ilradrninc. Tile irtt I I"1Vran lII.lIrrN LOTTERY. 11,000 PrILea! c ! Will ,nmmr.rle dranwing aa aron as practicable after the Fi-sr Lottlry. I oItr.e lf eanvr hank in the Union, hich ari ee. rolly Ihank,hlle in, Ise .lel they era ireued, will be ,.cPialve il pulllltllltrt frtek,, while arnen the Halft Mlillion llI-Tao Milli.. $iL0O AI II\VWEIL, OAKEY & PRITCHIARD, id rI' aruiedlor & Atarnagra. CLASS No,. I. HE Illf Mlildi, or ('amp tretal 1 h rerenClard I hrk GIIAND IEAl. ES'I'ATE AND ' lirt K I.t)'l'F LY. cwill 'silirrly lbe drawn an lhr :1ct lcacember, Nr-w Ya're' Inc. CAI.DW':I.I., 115KKIE &8 PRITCHARD. n6 Office corner Canal andl St c:har. arle. -iNo. 49 Camp lraelt, hire jloir rcr'iverd Iroa Phil adlphia ad I1rKe o, a l rarrnl sppll of ilaedal Iac, Of er tet dition ara amg rhich ar Lal. T'he *e'lcl ah'd:cal Liebar, 18 vaIl. llnaarl'c Cyclopdla at pr, al ical gerr, oled pIar,', f,. - .en .h k e on direeaer nl Ifa clwsl. Mrllical and rlurcrical ,r,,raphs by Andel, taci., "tard, ah. Sc. riflclla of the theory and practliee of medicine. by harhall Hall, M. D. dl4 Middeir., Rhenaiah, .Irkh ,,¢ HuLk, liquor.e received by the lst araival imrm France ain Ger many, and sold by the subnlribers. Burgundy, Nouts. Clue de Vougenlt, Hermniago, Roainnde, C mnerbtin, Lrose, St. Julin, St. Emi. lion, Cilatenallx Margr.u. do Lfitte, Lydviile, io. terne, Uurslnc, Graver, Lull., Fronn igna.e (lChampgne. 3110 baskets, Eagle brand; Palma. brand; Plaeo Vnrcenoy brand and Li.erty brand. Madoirn in pipes, half pipes, and half ugaator casks, old London particular srvial. Rhenish w lan e; Hoek; Graefenberger cabinet 1827 do Marksblrunner de 1827 Markebrunner, Neirenateiner, Gra. elenberger, Hockheimer. 1825 Marrkbruuner, Graefenborger, Deo. Prr. Honkhilner. 1822 Polannlaberer Liebfraueninilh-. Hembarger, Leiatewein. 1811 Steinwein. 200 bonns *purki og Hock, red, blue, yellow, labhl..upr!er qualdity. Liquors- Whis Anntte, red do; rafnli, bran,. dy fruits, kr.alhwaas r; . f. diftesnt liqon.. dll E JOhNS A& Co. i"' n the ~atlhen.ltnat.-JU \ . OROI r s ELL ,C, 49 ap met, repectfuly Pres, aI, ' " Ink. Ppern d every ile sutbl f a Iriilliing .flt'e. Tl'lle hbte n hand double madi lnia imlp ri;l .nd anupr ro.ya Pree.+Ir p.. from non oi i' ne x Irad abo arg .naidlerlof ob Iuen I,. or Plle t la ie aind New lurk f.l.llri..* 1nal n Dii.o rlall f I'ri.tin palper from 19 by 24 lo y 4 uriitble ir pllmphlel, l.ok or newspapuer, hieh 1ty are disp.,.ed o aPell on reasolale prioe.. ilr city aeeep mae.; II liunraldliua,,ue Inude fr each. l irinter asending ordera iu II & Ca; may Iry u.nj gritt,',he 'Icieles ebb:, erftld; as the tecbaalea.tje Iof he rtide are (firnliar ho Ihbehonae. 011 typ luake, in anleaugr. d17 CHlRISTrMAS AND NEW YEAR'8- PRESENTS. At II z r B care, rr ol. St. Charles and Cor. oiun etreeta. T ORTOtSE SilELL BASKEETS-A beauti .L iaGil for thIe season, elegantly lmounted in gId, s8lver and Iiorl. Card Baskhtn, for the table, of Tortoise shell, and papler naclCE, with oil painting. Work oaonne, eplecdid aa,artment of Work Boxesr, f raue w ad, ebony, in aid with pedrl end Torntoise s il. Ladien' Deeks aed Dressing rages, with work nad jewelry boxes, also wiith ntusi, Caril t'asa and Pit.r. Needle Boouk, soMe go Gi.,tf seduted in Paril,ju t hertioeh fog Musical Boxes,. I.ra nine, playing four, ail nod righlit tltple opera glae., lgiold pencil 0cuc., bouqt hulders, parorI pen honldae, fian peeketr bob,", port fulas, I nnifuld writers, Ae. A. tgetldlr with a lnrg n ealatment oC ufuerharun extracts Ir the hdkt; Cologne, Laoender.r ned Florida wete, BUSH Iba& AL d24 1.. car IIt Chltoo & Cmsto {p

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