Newspaper of True American, December 27, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 27, 1839 Page 4
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Ac eedl o~ Icaroukis iointi sicncalieantlgaitrne, lt'crrtitd al aacitil n'le td lt, pencils trtcta ntort' Ietd -lrlantle ch mlcsiglrna nd istl it h sd wiiv IlcleHii 00500 lteer~ntiecn attn.pltris tnlie n l ip noht ge tgl p llle Iergwtcrle, stint heltegatine hle, ilatt hlnckiil ttty tea Oett udlsn.leadtst ofn rery hitd, I.l se anti tiitlit.a " a tide attiottittn htttntv , rntr etnd nn , tin n and Atetcetltlhiituisnomrnltlltfttetli * bcxes'ptttc 'bofs entntisa hitod Sntttrir n li lst - tllll~~en~ear casesi leyi ittetlr ttnn |rlci11 ijlnotn il na .n e nitol nittirei hdll, lttt, io i nutl-.s - *,/.t -Iaaiell~rdhudttlts nttdrio imltr Sal gdi "'ttit eo.. " bard, tlt croptithu l ti ttktaty eat d njeotint lnlttet d otu w i ;. . ':. -.i°~o ywei t h es, firlllred r laultt s rvalrhik ,el,xcs lnddr " . ;ereplnq d~ glithr lan d swton mui'd Iroies, buxtck Alill ao"Mand d niclsi c npsn nit li a g ine at v rity, enlo er ai d "iir, all ofw lh it i wimill Ito col l or cilitt y el. t-oalei, t, llb i taidiha credit, 11l H d S lnltChd &. co. *. c~d 7a ur aennilpclRo1'~nhtauiunat. .u bid ulne i Icn I.In i tie .,, l~u iitni l , lit us - FIoai ty r1 L sI orWn, t Nod metn',s stor , aJ t-,ow seiig com shlips Nashville, I.ntisville, en htok, I~tgle, and other late anri ls trsu, :hr w ai.ler cities. large and ictw oeetes :tedrolllueot tlhfiteBoots, Shoes alnd llrogansg , Oasitltlltg ofggtt..n. lll's lilte calf and lotlOcc bholts ti 2d qt;alll.)iin bulI'd, and stot wax plegged (ootsn ensiolluslttlte iels ot'le tine sl' sateal atld lorocck rhe, laOmps ted brlogatns, boeksklt shoes, lreogots no, tsIIpets mtels's Hlfe cals' asri klippedll tgged slhoeslI I rOgenst; do bootmndo stolt kip tull w':xt peggred shloe rad b alogaes; gelttleren's best qlality cNaltsewed sorts. I't"ogan tld JaekO partwoh s; o call' Brntl ylotnce i klie shltes and .ltrgons;i tol calt setll stll a ltH'cr F ,dian sloes and slilplp-s, do sol, butt oilu soot wtttgs, tewllrticle ollno oealtl sut.i yd mIoro.ioquOtrirt toats[ boys', l. 'lrn iellden.s tpirm ell ttd aso oll b. egets, an si r) dtes t of : tt khitllt . Also a geeral assorltteit ot'i mels sot wxi and rest tts t tns andt shoes, r together uith 1,llst pair gre host qulioty, rousset biogtns, nailted in It, I rnks, mole expressly for plnto tillo t use; a good s. t rtmetlntf ,n' fsea in e adl stout le ip doa J roni :llts, :i t w article,sl l qaorteq linty o as to in olior q.l ltie, ai sset and haI'i s .lrdn , S. ored etllies' fine calf seal, morocco and go in l elts, aln pttp sol a shoes; do t.n Fre ch ion, ;Mo romo, ni kid toi elltt slillpert's dti rait shoes, with oll nb t l hottheels; bt calf, oeal at stott ieother bootnes; do P'otosie u hoo Sll kit ll olti qaolities; io lastilg trogts; n'o rt icur. rend oxeand boot iees. hlises' stillogsprio sall ofsn .t ostgrns, Chilttret's aflorid Morooo uttd Iastlng hlto tttootid hoot,, hoe. tietutlehen'safintelitslonable Iblack sil hats; do hhaeto as Iesh heover 'o nl t a llltt ior"baltys' do iltltios ilt e1dot lltsbrseadtitanrrow im mt n'st lino b :nut 'ihk Jletsie short lilpel'si balns, oses trlle. eont ehs t" size s hts of tlioeebnt t lllil tiest chs; iln's Men'sd Ha ' l hlneths tl dtithb wool (utts of varvious Ale pen, wills geluerr oeotits uleattof boy's h nd [o''u 'I his essortent sill he repleniseldly to e errivol of cal it pasketlroni tile nosie titoed cities, all of wict l tillbe snol in aeo nil otrl titlg teres. titt i-ti HOLLOW WARE, WOOD SCREhWS, SA-D IIIONS, &c. TIE HIOWELL WORK(S COMPANY, o. 238 Water, near Becknlan street, NeW York, have received the past reason, and are conrstantly rooeiving large and oextensivo oaddlltons to the olert[ of the above goods, whichl now consists ol thle allowving assotntmidt, suiltble for Ilo soutlern tanid weslostrn imaorkelts. Ilollotw wore of superior quality eonsisting of about 1500 tone, viz, Pots of22 different sizos, from 2:8 to 50 galllns, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gaull ols, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepanos or Ovens, 7 diltobrut sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillots, . S do Fhif'Spider . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Orlddles, . 4 do Fire Dogs, 6 de Wagon boxes fros 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Curt do. 5 to 7 inchles. I Wood Sretwo, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, rrom Sintolch, Ne. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less thao Jamt's imported o prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of shabout 500lbs fr 'I ielotailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, ossorlted. -Sash wigblhts, 100 tons, asorted from 1 4-4 to I oBells for Plantations, steanlhoats, chnrclhes, &e. "esde to order, Also steambsats and other machinery made to erder. The sabove asseortment of goods is artilcularly recommended to the attLotios of Soutltern ald Wosterttserehants, and are offered for saile at low I prices, and upon thel most liberal terms ; it is he. lioed to be tihe largest and best assortment ever= offered. for salu by any oto eeaublihmoltto in tlo c Urioted Stlates. Merchants, hby torwarding a request Sy mnail, cani have a prin'ed circulr. wiith d:criptll,,u: ;t,ni i a priceso aI tortes, trobllt wnllI no d'.,tt .,ol is uver made, hiritlltedl by rtr,orl of mlail.l AbllirOlora will eseive ittletdilat attento;ol. Netw York, 1838. . ;.3 -- - - to. Piano Forte Inslrtrtthen. Wilia.m Smith tientldcra Ilia sa.rvaea t the rili taa:alt Naw.Ortarassa ist t eacher ,tf l,Ie pianot For. Mr 8rS having heen reploy,,d everol learr ratateacher of music in privatau manil:es ini I atton andn lanni al sevrl ithe fiemale minate,inc in Its vjeiiy, csnnant but I.aie o i meirit hir cooli, nti'e. le is permtlited'Ito rtfer to ktv Dr CI.pp, tt1sisa Stetsen & Avery, tiendersta&. Liiatnes. Ar termtn ,e & ,olane apleply at the buokstaor of 'AlaeatderTo wer, 49 (3I.II att 1 I7itNESi ARDEN SEED-T -, T r ' hega tot ei.oag hIs t grtleul thanks to the p I Ia, Tor ihe literal supptrthe has Iesteited sinc e iI ea.anmea taaaii at.inf ity. oIl. int,,l: pt l,. - f .e :.utare2 t Cummn taitr, , i. I I, not pad at l"ut foI atny no1tl rnl sa id varidet; neillertis ihe coana.aed awitl any ,ule in this cont.ary-but hes astrns the public dlIt I I, sopntaioneas it every dep;rtment of the saed IIuse aes, ina he dIrtnc.uanttries atf Eittop are q.. l toltait rf ,tylyi.upe in the Ulttue1f.tie. Is, lI,, ilirs,&c. fr. thiie most t xmeisiiv ntar apa'tabla aitaentst ttit seeisiteti iti minnme, /filiahod, iEnigland, S:.mttatd and the na there yatateaE- id i't trll at all titllaes te hi l ricraat, ia it i: hi t s{ity, to o reeiv, in addinon tom Its prtes-t aj.ack. tarle arivals of every dieartiptio rtally tl kitdait Tlhe trei noiy ly t o a dfiidlng a hili asi a, titat ntof etity arteleati tilrte std t im nlil gen tau qtaitlhy, atd iniin;rted direct by • , lth}, h ii|rtlobs and the public in aentr.l, tilt they osv tpy ntls nsw brihk atlcp, 21 9 Tclouiuptohi,s ''dat~y.i fif" they.kaep consltatly on Itand Ci.ppjtr, til 4 Slievit ian Ware, of every descriptiin, sol~ cpprlltils., kettils, antl p,,a tps, butl. t talt atlsl isl's, aof all sorts and a-ene, and all Ot g.asing done at shortet notico. ' :$e li f .Vtlqty description, s.clh as steam. Sihog c ains, ucrow holt', an-I oatht p obat work, such as chimneys, roeach. Te do all kinds of outli door n orkc, PsbT 5%l ctlr and tin roaniing nod gtllo:ritt, .. a it saol a tll oa or kinds ut wark at i lo.sibhneas, they will execnta at thei 0441iat rtist dapsn27 N 6 Couda streot, r hetIb t kp, ke.,s ant ntiv , .y ,anr"d paeflite a rinsata fbtto, r o f a u dt brt anes, n u, It ei4cw.Yorknnorti:etrv rhfr men ttren of aso,, at lir I i i a it psio Us pt1y rqd arale pirtea-. t fr$ b at'; qutt l'ls on d ertin g no ordeI ii'i vtitpr wishts entoded to 1, 5 albEUt)U I-· t * TLtORkSRtDAjfl~elpr E ii f~)'orr Nintr7S to Ar rre.Gr .r c tiayes MItth]|]-}e~ryrjiny ii hr. o'l~rek. p in per U S mei 'ho*l "t ht lelt'o L'inree ' ateione Rlekely,--l'·Ptene four DItt Irnehtces to Pernsaeris-.l.heleo erlphpate tOl L~agrmngbe, whrerehaelrndrotr le is treum.ed- 1 vitl. Mariienna end Brwteville, Fin. Biinbridtlg; SPiredertewn, H[Iwlrw sville. Serindersvil. & Lutis. v.ill etl Agu.u., G, rG enneeting regularlly wih h rrll ro. d tars to Chtrleston, trl Ih sen paeket* or Now Y'rkr, N.rcflk, PlhiL'id.lMi,, ete. Selestetlte rteonre t nr es f t e thrte service, pltld rtlhe naviat ion preectie metire ndlvneer.ean Can i he holed urepoI any t rr8 neoat route ior the t euth. l tern re hior,. r I The. ereat impilovenlents, in Ih! L rout,. have been - prodtll d by Ihe clolll tllrlu tion o0 lim milPs It nlewH - roadt, by the p[pritlrs, viz : frrnlr rrUeGrete et one LiFt·letre Ilutt on t r:e of Santet tnt Rto try, to C tttyntrdr'sl Flerr', o Ithe Chnttbnltcrel river, e re Smi a ahbvc lht. C.'hreed, or 4 oveCtO e r lthedi whereltv the n:vi.ntine ott tl river, and re con se u it d or d e. tti.e,.s, and m rI re t ih rh i venr.wnt O i.tttttO ii the Ctetrt, "re etrire(tt in evotidd, rt l fine rood frr m i lariarnn drr-.r , to B,,inbribla ,,, i,,st ad or thle runwlljabout rwied via SilChlattallloeller. IesseFingLr tIhedis unce nshou fI'ty m iles, an d ir"reasine g ih ft acilitt a s It ore lht n t tce a lov t, Alto. .,ranrnh lite of t wro horn.nne rv evrery ,t ther d iy rm litre kiesvtilh, via P. rry t,, 1teorr *et Oe ectttirj e t ith the l lite to S.vtnllnllah n d ey D:]ier, Ger. a A mail selrteam!t tlie regtlrly heI ' rween Baittrndgle nndrl Aprlec:*.iri.e. 'I rav, i rs wrisriter to reach ally rPirntl on tir hait t lalohe r Ai1i t l r e coln, ean tnkr steoaboatt at rlrw. nllvl e. Mobile to P*,nsuc-la-- nod Rou e--|)Orin" tlhe tt inrre itt tirep t hlrt r.itte rs II rlrr., r llr pritn ,ri . orte poetl erouacle every .tltee .day bIrLwetw b.lo .ih. hlald Petnsacohl.. Pas.,.,,ff rs ,..ill leavW, alobile at 3 p'elock,. p m, in Ie U Sihrnil noai tnd petoceel th [all a Land in,, where a t oul r ht r e c .t h ,ill r in Otai t o (, v II y l' ,[e 1 1n t o ti lle e x , '(e l le n h~slreep o f M r . (C lh , tr l r' a Itrll, I 14 nile dterant, ..htre thley will findl e plecsnrlt nctomtiuodtril.t t Lr tihre riht--leavint en Ier rttt m totrttl, tI(y will ti re itt Peoisacolti erl? et a the ev'r ir, e t ru v dttt.ti r th l discomlort ni llth Iiei IIr·.,velin'.. e O,.l.e at Mansirnr lIlriste, it. re, nnd Cr. lina' h1od , Pten 'rrt, trtt wI'.- r ' It ti i11- tIM& t, ir O- l tYI.I.I· i: .\IA'i', Ilnrtue, Sign, :rrtnr li)',t:tntt .,,e I·ai t erst t -er, trwot (, , t't· ·tl Sltllti llt " t1 u e f" llo wig wroodt lnd Irlrbles, el 'L t l CU I.[ l/ i tl matlrtl ,J} IT)Yllrllltl, 1Thtsretl t..s r ptilttee a d gold, Otk, in(;i"e.ntih a(i Antico, I~llt Io, I (.Iena or ver'd =rtiqule, J r iYe Tree, ! har White. d (tremmtle krt ileek bi nand tlreetelta, 101 )\h~ ak, k.kk i • Api c'iieltu lt e 11th itt he ne. . il. rssr crrr iure r reh te.rn n lIr el tt.Vd i l il rite idl .iotttrtt rtrtlnte J·J~l. a3t ('arri. a rer. Naw Ollrle ns. 17N SIRGCANI' & Ca. i taparters of Frnncal l ii Clatn anld 1" era l warie. are ItinW ' ') a ur noW arid rinh :aitlr,,, ~I fns , ,hUl 'niy and ten s.rvc,.s, eaile sets itch rs, ten is and ,nlaie raps, uput, fll ; . arI , creams,, bawales, , pllte, dishes, lurreana, wal, h bal in andt etcia , il RaIh cI nand plain French and Anmericnn .-lan. aic-lan,,o .,inese r.rth l,. ana ,lr," ha nu, hda '; ers.i 1 'r , rllblers, ireera d shlles, e ler, r s, Iila c ers , n our atip ahnde and glpraes, canale shados, salt cel !Ss, ors, ee. S Silver pated, a p brnzd a i nn d hriainin n r --r an ir,, fl r rtanda, anke Ilsta h ka' ca, nt sie s,' n ,ranhes, BIpa nn, Ind , len , rlle . ; i tiln ti a n t .,l ra.; ad r m., laimps japanned treas, .atrnl saind-, ;nl Ilr , lanip , l, entiery Germalln slver sl n,,I + s i'd Larks, rn o ether with t areat vartty ,'f t r achs ts, a r f1itllp rse. AlrrCl ltnlt, pIhn lr I .at ,'hb h , l nI , Li . uaia"ly ' a a aa iat frtia hei l wr .ni a lltal IIIt the iia rt snanble prices. ant tkbd r a as to be cunvey) d t iltlah siaety to nny atra oa lhe cla nt ry. au Alsn, ap hn eirinl. ,..planwarl, nna 2 ..Is; --u Ie i a d a ii lre supt ply ,iiof Can el na LiverI , n a l ' bulk, of superira qualt y, which the fir Ir iale n aI s to suit purchas.-rs. Also expcrted by the lilst arrivals fron Ent e l alnd iod Ih North, Cli lnaI, I bii and Peacuh ila rllManin Cuod, broken and sere, lle,1, put ait It hd I sll'lahe'l expresslv Irir l yllv' us,-Rtll a t W l II Ii s th y' will d Isp as if on t the m lio IrEle trmns.l , s rdrs alea at the'ir, ,ller, N ,, 53 l , nuv lc st. ls tip stai r,. all he pralptly ai t and, d to Nluro chlohs~bl lket., .lannel , hnseFr -l," h s. . Iiir Ial T )rTA ,i Ct . o inth l e wh h tothr ,i th ther t o i n d ilt I t tju' e "I" 1 v . t e RT i h+liS I II N c p11, Il.a aAr t ll' l ' rT:e i tll tl llh -lll=tlllllr n (lllfir l t rlali rt l rll iN rlber, l ot t i t hlt t hlaii tt i atI lO IllI Lra tn g faaliitaiti t se r eit ltii b't nta o tall 4 w elill ti c a Flll lls tr, I lan iteaI tlll Ic' a i'la It. a itglitz I o t l'tli s I li ned r a I lli Il ,llta l IiIe ' i e w ", aoc et ItIt iitie d siith i orlltsa a ll e o ltIt ht in Iearl, a rtol a ralta, a nletk hets Il ntll iIlle b d (,oi 1trA1i 1 It . 1neckl es0 1AV cul hltl5i. d binns tdt co areI ewil t:n , a, lnda al fan s d re ai llu lr v tanll h Sar u a ia stl y Conordn ana ea l Na w Ituna al tient 'tt inti a [l aill tl S tir, es ane hl l l t th ic iita l thei lllre l a A ell. II'lnt er 'ilnnli tnda r aata nltn a uya n la nalr te tina.ia lmals hicuer aetS ,t a hnt t i , aew n GI 1'flefullnwiget r er We t ain t o i sttp l all tnr o, annatnlndientlanan,f erta undo, lludnatl Rpit oaer Ith r ili r1 g u bb e uril e toWloi ed nstRle irlt intr i .-paw n till' lds, l I lin tn' na l ttl'+ oc t it Vt+. . • i : lld rit b wellgs, ai i l ul ers t'i tll'l a indles, toil t i p . Id Rnlolcnlt a.le uhl e ar Ind w o lte;, I needle o oikl a vir l lt l g t u truhhr It l( . r lo eby t hlr d ]a W lbel, ;rl "l mf eli1.ue u- e r. a o irret'a , leila s o .neg i eee cad els ilt a be N ieO les; r ana p l rjolm, n arl ltan attu a t . I bdisnbends, bellso and lh e s;rsM a m IIn,[ Ne w 11I Y prI ssor J Fl r iis' nna , G eillt, ap'Ii tle:, ) n rl hd aia i. n.'rtltl o llit itrt u le in t ltnl i iil rit n ll , B itle .n i, f1 t Jn. ,trks, t r11t.I Dl ilrt i l ratti 11 ranv s, .a d 111 In tnlld a tilldnatCbl u tla tt[niatt t arent a lr In lls r lbbon , wallas br a'klll , '(+.1 h ath- a ul, u 1111111 , bi : llt tedla, atne aah Ite o ani ftii a trat Ih , lolJg ala i lc hi toa l Alb'ldS.l tose andby prw ah rcuh.l ' C e tPer. . nd ex ac Ds' Tsn tic, aG iltt Want', aa - I Suci n earnLraudll LnuduatVtrn u u crAtyionl, V tniea. na aitlti t any ttea tld distu. alushila Lt ltg-ylc:ans arnl U ate.e.alat an nru , ,aTs, 11 hi A ir lc'n IasIa t tmlty l. . as, phLv Iin l.a.met1 liie musIgal aataaor o x, lnan W andsllnintalyi,, iteedlnai .uIn tt gI n rpnnltttall ala a tli wl Snr lla taitupadata v e sI I b oti a a r, M ap rt a td , m iry g ih it d .ta sa d,, = old a i r h atloila, ltthriand AWl aniltl:t t ll r Daonthale: a a tla iSi a ,n a nd nIarrMdt nulIadata 'I 11 t Slan Yt hl!t , c hprat t ttalata lldo, a lrnaarla., U It' na cni aray a d, H inn alt " a LSa iail., Lnn, n IF lIr n ' ani lll .d t l lptlnCdnlfSlrn, aha li eta l, a i 'lr n lilt Ut, r un a .-lntlllnln Raoyd, (dlll g i n N nhtl I' l ,, 'llnrol, Standratar, is, ii aenfitn, IlyV r a, L '. : lInannag n Vathgn '. Ii a.l.a, .. atans, I,. ., a its, di.atna gtla h lyl , Il illjr Ili;ll ld U\e. r i n Sa atta i s. PVQII Illl(|u Lc tO It IIt,-L tlunl. lVai itel l- tlbs rl,, Ar... Ill IIti lO laaSC l uin t .|ay TI aa ttxaLdtn I a I N nr it I, la ur t il Sl.ta ad Ia a ir l-tastr ta Itt rt.llbiLh by SIKcLtur & l la a, NiC. ll lr . iran, S \Vat anlhla;llaI anrd il trail itlau,, Nhstlti' l tr It Ait n a nd"' lUatrrala tn; g L of ltna b, b lr to Ihe: llc eLled it kl( l nite a.otle1 Larpara it t hirtana Itit jlat' t It a art r aeireh a oa tla Ae l pr ,rni a a'a well l, La ale l'e.n l lo ||1iy'a I Ies. Gri.fintt t tutit suitl a a t ia.lcattatrt pidlntit artt I t ii aulhtdkaan l A ltr r , rc, tiaR br ,aio ith J .rll u D' ipt.rod ba rt fl, Asts r harn ia,t will ' . )....... Franc. . G S Bedf......1 pr... .. it York. aVI' () OxLraxs, - 'ieas', Dei. ith S &I'aa'r-EA, - Ashb V, ,, 23d o ARKANSAS, - ('nes, Jan. 6 b SNA,.lVILLSE, - W. l, ,, 211th , ALA.AMA, - Berry, Feb. 3d Thoe ftin. slips aire of the lfrst clast, cop pered. nd em,.vr Fsstoaeed, d htI lllo date ll brln ilt ill New Yor want.r,'od lo i lnviariis tlv iy o lia the r tilihoe t inlly ilaio atioi 'I 'tli Iinrkets are s ail! llall d IiVl (:illllillji nll elXerlr tellce ill ther to th, Oa d nvill . llatia exert tilieI.iielvI to iilllOdIIR te-iil, will at ov' bel)W d i i', ind downi' the river, and c ill ilitiplll ysail as aud danelit l l'u ,fri fivat qen liil ,ill silvay I le li v8 1 :. ,l sl and &evs' ivenviiiiiaid tid vii celtnix i axis satisfactiou of palinser-sa S iThe priic of cabin pa.sage is fixoed at $.0, wilbout Feor Ilu; pmrtioularv alplI to an 1 0A Cl)ill I.N. )ll Commnin at St',,o ships are not anecoln.. le for of Class. hollow s' ule, marble or grlnite, coopernf'r. oftnn, l rust ",ilon or steel, nor rye lenlsiblte n.ii" ou pee k or ·po eerl, nnlss ,i ralnOllls r 1 0'1 I lt "hlfI ai er € 1l tilr fr r il IS. I.sii. , will b si c xipoii ' O'iiivii s iftps, vhih -I e sli ite luhilicnu, J : W ilio all ,-tcr. ui hip Alb i,Ul i (i Cani ll, iii Raler-. Newv sh,,, , ii t lr lort, J ++i ItaiPll, emasir r. New shii Mary Ihinnilaitd, It Mt Cire,, waiter. - N -.w .-+hip I' ll hl, \V 1. I on l, a tell n lvr. The e l hi ,s ,, f-+r all of III- lri t cI on , hI' ,e arnr neimo tlatiin i folr piasseniiiiis unsurp:issed for s'comfort andl eiteIs, san u mid sly cosl'said'd S 'I It(s Pledh'l lll liality will he obre ved indespnhelh i ltu, i"elai:il ex leveii'il sil vsipcris aind pplaalig Ix, li ior freight ir piass-ncI I. nii l y Ih s.t I'i';r ,'i: It:AIDLis.. ill Camp st ,hFOR NEW YiRIK. [[Lovuisinna and New York Line of Packets ] I Illi Shps cioi posiugl.i this I will soil iron, N'u, Or.rls andt New Yorkl on eivery other alon day-colmenlllllreeing n ile I20thl Novtmbllli.r--alld to insuro the punitusality in lhe lime u'failing, thl iin will herealter oIu s tefit. f five shils, viz: IAShip iaVzoo, Captain Trask, to leave on thei 20th November. Ship Louisvlsle, Captain Paliler, to leave on tll Slip Illllu t.vil, Captain Eldridge, to lioa., on th,'. 1811h DUiiilibr. - Ship Vislcshliir, Captain Woaodhouse, tU tilh 1st Ja'lu:ary. Ship ,! 'vsiiolpli,i Captain Dsvix, to lc;etvi fftoly 15t, of Janu:ary. Th'e ;bovu are all nxv, of tlii first clavs, scopper d;e and coppeo r l,''.tenedt, and up-ards of 5vi 0 x tns blutlion, alre io light lraught of water, being Lbill in New York i xiIrs.sly fiiur tlahe traide. T.o ])pice Of passaan is fixaed at 100 dolllroa: their cabinls are fitted lip in Ilii most Iln proved iand conveniil Iplan, iatd ilnihlied in a neit and i.Ioeiaont tIyle - Ample stores of the firt quality wiillbn I)provided, a ll(every regard paid to the and efl irtr "itisalction of pasi.ugers, who will please take lao. lice thalt no berlth calll ac a culred unl paid for at tthe otFee if lthe cousiauees. 'l'hese vessels are colmmanilded by eaptains well exlerienced in the tralrde, wh will give every at tentioll aild exert themlselves to ai e llll dllt . 'lh.l will lat allll lles Iel tu( ed upi and down thle :s3lis aippi by steamboats, i.i d the strictest punc:tuahty obseirved iit e he tiinu of sailing. IThe owners of these sii a will not be responsi. ble Ifor any letter, parcel or packlage, sent bhy or put on hoard of themlll:III ieat la agular illiI of lading I be signetd therelor, :at tihe counting houis of thf agent or O\vwlers. For lirldl:r Iprsllsl lrls apply to J 1) BEIN & A (COIIIIN, nov21 90 Cnon st tad-- -- {"-------- NEW ORLEAANS NDu HALTI '1ORE LtlE Fi" n ,I'A C- E EiE. This lino will cnnsst of the following vnl~scls whi:h haIve been built or purchased exire.sly for tll trade, viz: Ship draman, Capt. Miner, B.,rk Mary, t' Nickerson, e Irad Ferry, new' St.vcus, " Solomnn Saltus, " LItham, Sril Architect, ,i G ru. Thtse vessels are of tho first class, have hand. oin turni . eod ceo1in llllllile Ill lP liot hi drut of4 wather, Hi ts f o ;tdmit of tl ior r itivt ..r an r'I+clvl.+( P il tile,,r carioi iln Bri iit by . Se Me oily. E'reii h all In'- lt til. l fi r p rts ee tat' Clem '( . " lor Jame,' River, and fthewardhd by the agrs,)s' M,,uirs. CLARIKE & K EL.LA)OGG, at Haltinnr. "xpensU s on gouds shllpped will bo advalet(d wh&ni , pleph. stores ot l t le o s ( ie.ltu oly will I)c 1rvid 1d. SteaFt up eand down tu Mi. s ieippi will bu t.aken o ll o c ; asions. For freight or pansage, tapply to GEO. IFED)FORD, novl i2 i Henviiril e st. ,I:" OItLE-Nr& (Cil.ARI,.ST i N I'Sl'It'1('TF rned, rind of nhl'io i00 toontis hui 0 ,jei i wilh a oirit el netwhP llle I1l ll,, t , rl p nISoPn rs,. 'l'hise ves ,'s[ anre -milnrna ld . y enpa ins-. l txpe f'ril,n o ed i i h trnade, who, will . ive very ,Iat 'r n n, inl n , -trr thrmstlves to P vc..ois ,dar, il, ,hap ,r C ,. ' t l h to ,, an d, ,, \ .-l il'pi, a, nd 1, . vE. New O(r ani ,it, or ,I, S 'h' nall 11hof ev ry m lth. TIhe ,ll ri, Vrs" I ' rolll. - e 'i ] Ilese , IZ : lre. arnhi:llnCharle G rdon, mn.ter. Rou_ C ,apmranJ. Ii. Ti' inmps,n, mnaster. 13i A:\ o rna, J ),anne, (tasner. B , .r R olier IIhall ins , J. A llih rr1em ast r., F lr right or pis).. e, apply to J. A. IIAREl LI, SC., 61 C(, mon st. New OIleans, or 11. C 0l-d ccl Chaleiitc,"n. n t I A'.IIii'E F LOUISIANA.-t 'arist f Orlehta, N [o' lre o( PI-bal. F) .' a oll whrl these pres'ents may, oncern-t Otin w ee, thlel wrr.ivres W.illiam lackv, a re. Iar , rhie en'yol o 11. cl\ . [e v.,ha npiphIP ',, he' R.Iili.erol Viill Ino 'io 'on) Ile p lrs:o & c(11 , N w O tleans, and o o ti'. t,, Clerk ,t Iht r l 'r i t s, oi . nd I ir'he b p ri.h and ci'v, oi N , Orl ran, af'rl sIll, for a FLtNI I'IlON or ( DV ER I I' 1.,\ N ', In colno l ;l hto) the Ac out ril, Louislllalurera rho S' at I r llthd ` Atn nor for il:' hiorlhbr nsslranl: e nt o l,el' Io p1rr i;sllr4.l rs nl JiPic ial ahe1'," aplnova d 10 h of Mort h, 11134, el)ice i, Sr h.' ive~ ralt , whtm i enn I r 1 2l i d ,tl~-I lit 1I(II1 oitie. ilil e h rIt )lli ~ Flld - u " o 1 , and in obh len ce t o o u rd r l o t, 1· r.'n io iN l oi pw i) b't , b ili ind ' (i 1 ti h I ,.i' a ! '',It' n " }I U rfli (+lll 1 [ht. IInor ) lle' i the ·I hi F . l ' , tio +ei, ii ii, tI lbon r " 1 F .n - jh ., . ' y l l,,d Ir. ua if rs f rtn a l 'i n l ,,i Ni, IaIne t C V, d i ht'Ivse,, w hidho !..le w\ a,; l ,s, g rntl . ill r u I l 't o 11,oil . eilhi rn-i:'n i I n 't g I ie 'rl-d',,rs oI Ihe d f ii i r' ,il 1h, o Ii i' illio ,n"nvv ,-, d on e r lhld dal of o, ,io + - I ' Io 0 and111 i ll ' pui bl lew ,II. heau , o r, e ' Fi l i d a(lr,'r of oVi ioid l l ' p.,-s: tors v l v 1 Iu Ii a ,o · ,," talie nji.h d.\ ,f l " ,v ,V e houo11"saie Fi i ut re,, an I elitle',nt i.1, I', r a coun' of tho " aI' ui.i . e n of the tl i,' NI IIalll Ioi d" c. '', -hIe lan ed pripertry hi er, inal.. r d' .e.i - hil,) hel,'i,+ .,",, dI, , ohald "N eorA. F. o h, t , pr'' n ~" !, rol t h ar rels, for t ie a in ;-e l d w f ,v n rlt e - - d 'lIr. I ' A' i' , il. , ten r 'otc Iv (1',a]1 ti [i 0 t o.'i ' Fr. ` tontr r .vthe ddaeleet , 'r n, :'uI all the ri; 't ., privi heges, oIli . : L": w ats servi.n.les and a varnla,"+. t hereurt )e h))u ., ,r itPow , 3 leI ,, in , I.. l e, y(ln allt h" i : id s. ,ci , t' n," t d "nlt, eu by 1 he it')',.t+S -,'t en n i, [ 'l e iht ,on n1 It l a if I ul' o " F I, e lk 11 , |tnohson. m)'";,lty .o',Vv,+r (l,"i . i ,d,, der la'e of lhilt~v nthdivo, Al- i pIn ;i'um .,n.;, 10 tht nt , rrd anl l thly.'i h', and 'ept a+?p le : l 'ii i h , fth|,t, "i 1.iI. 1.,C )I E g a ,rv , . hIol retr- . coal, IVwc[it o to e , -t,1 Itor. P 111. 1101 .hId eix low, i ) t onI ,ltd P ' .dr s . re , ,, y ` lre lt,( tlu re it% u i t il u V, e w en . r. , ,~ I I' ,n -, r A , . n o .a r ,j ' i ln s--+ne atnd ,h ea re %,,it +r+dl, fb r ap ro , Id s'lidorst luer., s' cu;' t , by speni . i la r'lg ., \\ hel. [,re,, ail pvr tons whi. ran ser tip nr" ri{lo, I Ir, or citl in n, ti the nt,+ o r lnd ao i e':I b!uh,: LS I fs reill dJ. t.rrlln d, in I O l.ritl+nr u I.! : ', ' r.: 1 h, " 1 : 1 i t , - h O ur 1. ! d n"'' c u, o r j 1: ' m,,. 1 ~i"r anly o lrt au,.' ] ni d l r h t' " .'e ev( r, are hare'. , }S arm,, Ile pu bcntI n I 'ot, " why the " lP, s" e as otres;l d, ';,, I ic e " opfirrtd and h ,)h)2qI i +d ill ftreu, n c, ,.elh the ai.plici.,tio 1V r'" e' I.iv hand and ,ha se al t of sa.,f .ourt .I, L.u',,+r--, 1,as s'(o':d 1 V I!. 1 't, A 1). !839. e4 ( ', If)- i1 . R 'I. - r ,.t t, I ' - L. tI l R-5r to :n'!-a l at a. y wu' 7 445-w' Lenv. u .(fST.PUDL SE7En RO 'Wr 8 Ait . ROWLETT'S TALtES Ot ItNif l ftgEr, O 0 hilh i.inr i w adrld an 4veitage 'I'ime todeula 1 tar, or easy mehodm r frino'il'a Ihe'avvrngE O'im on storage. nntesof Ilaad or hills of goods, wlhen mut t chnaed at difrleelnt dates, an difttrent credits, and I t,. varios anttlonllts; hesiless o tus-fill antl eonplete lioank ol Time "na'.le, the hest that eall he eonstiveil. or thlat fi Cures can pr t llee within tie isame cndiscase compas., and size oftl pe. Ai a vertisement in thehook is in nearly the follow ingwA ords: Thlehigh distintion this work htas received thrnUttl the tenl Iegtslative nats prefixed to the title page, is t re Senmmea"ntio in itselfl s lnenommon,t and so ernchl o iva, th (I tlothingt is neces:rv morle th. by wai nof ld vetrt'sement, to given cote.t.tdl vi wo if nme ol' its Ipe t mlilietS::it ns flE .stanc., the Interest let9 hreen comn is. ed fromal d l -mpared withl what is et tivadent tI. t toio lern sets of ealnt:alnone, ex,,mincd in the lireas ihhirt. flie tintes, tlil printed eroltl terentype plates lesta tlhirvlv-n.e tintes, fom fit hllich it muost Ih rvidnt tI, t fall i ,.tro ti te tlttl .e,.l) at ltle wenek oslt t ho nritl m eticul ifull iloe, aand it eonfirintian of this hel.tlfa premin it, oft'lvo hundr'ed a I lfifv doluts, is now ntli.. elti t itttr the nte r ti otr t of l t, tlttt' tf on o i la icr-lt or fifth editiln. al exprttssedtt in tai ptetae., tatkinl fire lurez, Iremam ns )(t',',lt fer Ihe same elrror sina.," h, first Ihlleitionn in the ti. ri l.o'o. s. I it of th itoosnt con.ictitons featris of'he tatles is Siothte :,rtlnremenel o the Time :ml Am~mnls, which or f, expedilit.ns, rof w mll r t e sp plelrspie ti,., with thehehli oftlle shle a:lllll ilh-x, rallllnoa hr. exekll'h.(; and the sllyi i :nlt .e wilt h t hih hllle inlt.icsl canl h l llt Ine the exli ote t t (titttal hon inlests, wit ol dlt l.lilg ot't 'ns is he-id st a conelt iln, .c s i 'ssentillt, thl iln hII estli:l 0 ll ges Ito e nll ne lllllht. c nil el, who hlae llt edl,,,al oar1 of thewv k it I,:hs hetp n ,liati,,g ishel h, l n ,nolahh, tha' infaf lihilitv fI" the m1I uhr.l mrigi al h'lle adopte inl cnollo.siol the wor (k, mil h', Ih ex l ordinarv tmlllln el, : 11 va:.hiet oftlhe 'xra nlinsatlinn ., trd teat. of ge m'e' editinll it haIs Imssedil, lihs pl"ss, e la\ Illmtl .linlllg the whole is il stlreant lie, cnnsilr rig, in shfl (. Ire positive arcclle\e sn se.1.Cl l , r ftI le l . .',,.,ell l aI~( l ten s t'g11 ,1().' oil, the e6 tri el12. t IPR "llke( d h,,h i :l eml, hal tel, Iv styled "th11 e: most w nedh'fil hook II the w ,slk;" imostl cerrai:;t n I n"I :en Ilnmn':l worik ofl'th. sllsle exlelit, which I ia,'. the hew,, in ng ef creation, . h ai Ill," s,.nw l nut1 hlr'.' d , ariey of ill t... gam" ma.... l ael s editorl. illl: no, marone hatlf the number, as is cleia Il. show ini liar -t 'rlehire, vidveis, a v testv atl snimlard, it has bi l riv l nodt, pret.ed i 1 ne- ly :i :Il the buvik vnt i pulli. vilvfrl.s in Ith tl~n. ,lo SI:tcF, land b Ie e p lhbo (:lic g t, rally. durin tIle lii l,. i illeu 1, " Iii vi.rvvi! I :i u- lii f pr Iiiilii i , li iihe bitv k.iv i vl fllct eIxlressl ndtll, hied bis I III, i , rl. T Iof iw el sevral ol'the Sanl+es s st " l1otle of c'leuiindoln] i'tr atute, iltelrest," ils l stI by law ft r I .ank ivilre i, o clecol'in!gas the book im use, andi as u' l, I- ,s u i' ciln d , Ib ,I e llmr e s o f t f s bbill - r s 1 1ss 4 'sI a t, i fe w o f h eI subse, l(.lt pi ch:esers, in lthe. st . llhe 'rtul of th book,I Iho IIIvpiiii i, 11 v i iet il i i l 'as Lcili I v I i i ever l: i - It is moreovlll( er well kunowtn tmhat, its reard"v check, i vivt has livt e h leteted iil errorV li i vg v IIv vviniavv licini.v , tI"II its luvvvvfvinliht , al id ' lI Iii lr t Ic ,/ for its .t s. , ive i een exhei li ,s ivly. . insi ed II . ,t 'viiditii, ivievii, hvii biv vi iti :hiiiti yeiv i, wvi its "" vage11 t e, whelt, , arr. ng,"e n ilst the firs, elition was s , ',lrce, ;,d ut lf'l writ, a grentl I ubelr of vt',e hatnd cllies were mlih t,0 Fcrtic Ito a gr, t ,lisbt~no llr .i tlel l us tiv l v ioall plit. e i a thi V it, is iHlll h lot'1 ally h icki ,d l pi t t e t1io i$ 5 i. eltr ii aoi, :uivi oirn pe rlll.: i tile Ic'bei. Ia d I ness, a -l,1 ,.d ,is d eill ti IntieIr itliiatev pi ti Ii t ,lrl, r Ih'ii g aiI t the su it III-e rxhvbilld satis II ryI pvil o" , il si.i le iersons r'' setlll thl toillt hi it wl as tta'lll worth that i1one1 aitnd woreisthuI ah the stint; ofli. 'elnt v:,al blet ti , he I being : I ve 'r rich nl a lltl in ll iubl iic imice, i ivt iis likevIl ilsey v lit ih i of lII v , ,Ii i ( tl'eed properi to nlprle , tht 1such is theL latlre of tgl] te work getiiera ti., il u ao.l- s That lladt thi un till on RI i s ke , n lk pe " ed is I I.e o tl l ll:l lier Ilw., h, the most conmpelc + tit Icalculato ill tihe worl., anld iliiIer ' s l i t, iid nii nar lIl uHl II llly u dl Lr h(, ;lo t'r I ' lO.ion of " •I of" s heet', it wollli, alnulod to I t cel Ita IVl, te h en u sll' I ' r" r1 re i vre e, allnd dear l ' l' '''i " ai s te plell iat i; a ii - :li'I explains. Bit s~ pirat' it i ad v himi U le ts i i e the stle: t,; peI pelt'Sof ibis slthklbeen ni. lici t ' .Lhatt ll tionsagllll tlthle, r t ll~t g',lrlll :lt bet' fit, 1 bex site Ibi I

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III,,'o!C s;,)\. h?·l j t i lfr ., tu g u 'v I, .4 atr l :, 1 ch a~ irs, un i we m d i RaI,. -an'. ~ ar l uaa oa r hhortme: l Jhb'+l l i d h ks l l al i - a aaaa lnaiS i n l l ra n al hoiaa1 A~liaJll. 11I i-araaaaaiaaual'iaaatl 5'aaaalrrlalaaaa1l-[ ]'Il vq .% 1 ih l l.o I,. ail, 'i1111t1il isitai..~td.. .tv ii Ir. a ' Itlli ).,'lt~ll Ii [ C nlaltan ai+ranIlal ra [ia aafal a a~l a : l.. :ld 17~ naicl ala tliarb. r'brae baat w+lb-al a n-ra an niJ l,!'alrb-a , .ray -. a-' '''P ai, a a'aaaair,.lanka-a. ElAia.a'aar, aialaanra.ka...agniua daa. 1115. Ll haruaar panilawl lIar sratatt<. ,pnraa iiia ariaiahe ansl-o RltstrTWoo. x tM sPtVA .eS iOMPO(U'U:D TONIC MTXI'XTURI.-A <rnedy A ' and cmethin corn 'or the- F.voer and Arcu, cemiettent aned ineirirnilee tfevers; Panlterei frirll the origeain recipe. Used wlh eminent and uni l verral suectss in 1839, hy persnes of the highest respectnhility it this city, as stated in the annexed cer if tIctis. T'his medicine is highly recanomelndel. and hasc hmeer xt'enivelv .sed in the aebovev disanoea with such distinguished suecerss, thai the proorirlnr of the recipe lhas been indueceI tin nofr it to the pih. Sli in its prcsent form in the hire -it may ter the mnens of reheivinp nu .*se -, those who are ltfftring under the sere'": e of outl molltry. It is a medicile posr.ssinr grt virtue, and when 11ioe neen din! ti t h ieo directions hes nervccr fil'ed of Sethbtingi n ite, e.ven in hlia most nhs!inate, stllge of the disoireer. It is n.e't ntil disinrreeahhe, iend ii persons of the weakent slnri.e h, nie d chiildren nilV it take it with impulitv. It slernethens the diri:stivr crgans, rearctic an Ipperite,. 0elinmll re.tuires more than onei , or iei olnhtinnte rces, two holl.s to effect a clre. There is neither c me'e rcerV nor arenlce in the meldicine, nor any thing ijliuious it to Ihe human constitution. Thet proprietors nrtr Sso well cnnvilecnd of its neff.toa, th.t Ihv inrr" It to retlnd the prree of v.cry bo)ele o which hai s been stakn in ecollrdanei wth tlhe diroctons and has iot eficted it .' prfne 'c rn of ith efover & ague. e A. OIIVIR. sole ngent for Nenw Orle-n., it y his wholeni'ale I1iii reIiil drug .ntI meedcine store, 1i corner of' Rif r vi~le li'Sid (,lheartros treet.. ' Fo'r Distriet Aeznciees yppti to " je ' T. wV. SxITrr. 48 conetiet. erugs and .iledicines. Jto JE 5 v..t I i.- cI e.. i id hi iei,. ha, , e th city r,. I the iwo e oI r, .ranatiiel.,t e n e v,,,eral it1'h1,,.dei, In ); t hoed-r(,. 11,- is no , re ,ivi. y a full 0 n1tI " I ( itr shl n 'd ,.'neIi a 'r Ielei, lIwhli hre O.i sep. ,it ~n liberal rernn To ri ' drtlg.ri's. and ho1 , ,~ . S he ii onr or, ,1o obhs ivris.,*, ml r. h l ,ts :Ind pl 1n1 ,"1 . e he ',l ",ilff-r inni, erIII I s en bh n, have nrv,'r h, fet h-en off rrl 1,1 tihl' ri v. [fir ir nli o i i I' rii, e etrict'i le cieieemate husin ess I .Ii .,encle c i'l i.cen ih t eiir pleC , ',n'l in n I.ew wreles will 'e r,1.1 . Iv ti.,r hno inree . All orders ro thiihe '.eellerv, II icfm me, i r.. ho s of t i viev, receivi ng such lllrdie. e awll h orempily i ttnded to. nov 2 Noe39Campe st rid - - lh o sivnl ('olirrP of 'lih .irans , Loi'ni.l th Ile "f ".H ,it na Veqetah I |fa b el 11 an Univesl e.l- vine, prepl .ed hby 1V Aliskin, Easq. %letner I un - the IH val (C nl -le. of u.nriltrloln . I.cent ,ia , ," or Apn he crls.l'sl mnii II, Fell l llo ll ln .til SoctlS, .S.geo lrtl Iio the lolb-: Ut.'in. Pelniln AsnIII tion, i I" IIICtIi lln~ Place, Wl °'ntrhlo lRhidee, "."d Pl' ier nt l Pupil of (ify' rest, and S t. hI lit' i Is i I osp. ls, I Jll l ll l. TI i 'l 'hiq vallhll r) n li , m i ine. the res( lt ofrll twenty c wl rs' f he :Xperi oee r id tnpi. thallele. soeess in the eitusite oiak, an : llll , i l Il ' lP.I e ni I ri .. of lh' I11 1 pIo( el v, }lltl.r - I lick otie of th- 4ltericat n l' :it the earnes s 'er ' l s:: lig in the prole'sion it is hoped, :,s i ,ralioq . 1 Int ly stl.l to) check !ithe il' I n ftal c4o lllY ,IIII 1!1I0 S o- fronl the lus ns tna. t r)l on ml o 1-ns Il ll.ilelle 1 IIs Irlios sf tnitllatlnlror 1+ r ;, .u! ll BI he !ods( o in I 's of I iti o merell n ,ll oinprincIp.1 ed pret ll ers rI Intfll y ign^,ol t od el t h.I dic:l scienlce, thit it inpol sihll. e ie ,en, I' s ice d cI olllIIt( I lo111 w 1 ll ger" .o dovwu with the ii!tligen t toll- pc o fth l ic ent . Ihi" pills, ill I a nd a we nest in their nl otue, sh1 uld he kept ln etery linid in ese :, .c.". o,,l',ud e.n ill ass, 1'o r, I' their Iromptl ashnnisl at io hlilt It blll-e d Ir is t hI\ .ks I ) hIl, I ll tha os e Iu vane lll ' o ." Ir- Asti hh ey A. I"erb tti nI the, i. ),The) are IoU lIInI packIeL'ktsl. aat l· IIo (1!lt, ,'r,] :waJl2 ea.: t|,:h byi ever) siniJ." -il)' leh' l+ .idlcn anlillllgaol 00, l :ll rlll I\ llfe , Cooperl .1 eit l f A 3leii hy Jit .s lt I ON: , Illlid l, 1 I. .1 , \ . ckJ e 1 )t , ,:I I .A ton KeyI A t-irai o i, Ni. I) l, a . nl iat i i a i t et w l ite r i't- I I nt - l IT i Eli I P1l ll Iv . lTii tilt). "r tl'l'l \ lt I' , it th ss'' e d) , An+ Iurn wlo 1 el o " ,i lit i ri o lt i le ii - iaill. l tll l nI li l I t hi el il i i It ' tlltt ctlli r llh il llIt t O. i' l i s' ei', i N. t'll trk, oit rI It le i hIt I-)o',ll of oe i i , Il- y cIr i n I t os an h t n rlll , , .. It s, NoI bCal 1he '.vi , ref ..:nri"' gen fli or SIer . of Lo os;:'... it I i r l icesi1' to It it v liI A In i t ivn-, 1l 111 ithli tlti . s, oit I ti l, l s e tfl-'i U I.i bi a N i ut ttt 1 lit S ..t , l 't t ti, llit iiei ck, tdu ' r it ll i, tt.: u h n ol '', t lit. -.'loh i 11 1111 voi i , ,ll n stl ll" c.:Iit+ ti o .l'r r ie lrr .nll.ul II t. i r ll.1hs it r l ses "i1: sl , rla- l hirm w ll Sil .csllrI++ mllr , ,ill -, n it t . l . i.t , il ll i Ll '. - IL ROWA , S 'I ONIC MIXi'U 'I l TE N r yrl hlt v e b I t, yt i tel pilt s er tile l td l toilt e. !t nLl'llli' r I llt, lh profe s il- l ll rL.,I:, nl Ibvl al or, II.. a lld* r II` Ie ... .." , 1111e.. ' 1 ole li ed......" tn6" tll:, no it l r t.ll le s ire tsl . Ill h lth . ld to l.the ! lc,, l w. i lt y ' Ittlie ;i t ano ;i No t pu!l.t ati is o . tot te t Ltill l iiittl vlo iltdooIUlelelli ih ¢p%' itsue ITC I1I' h tiole it t lt av lt , ii t., ltil ll l r iii o reitlt d t i'ti -th o'o hce etiie anheitic s tt o tl by its s'no siattt rendet .o In 'I'll, lll e rslllll~~i helllte , Ollr tll o itl ie eled b ut r. l ltol I aIll'ri h , IIb .n .'ig h'h u" d r it a ,. o eti t he ti d a oll, t Ih : il l the otl 'oi l.eey u c lclat'> e dth o rth thue'ilp · he ,,lthy aci n o- (i the t I 8 cs In +Jl tll l.r enluhg lla th cof [ io n of Uesel' ytll'fliP+ rll, I sll iit liii 1 I ii' h ut Ol li - I l llnl.. ot' in toloo u t1' .i e VUIot, s1 e, ha s tli)'i ;att' tene ed le h l' , -hotn t e ci o n thr e Iiis O ~' elt the uh lro lrit ! n . hell sd l e ens I Ap ptlll. t Iti h tlly i ollt ri d It lh a 1 o'thc y ouris't stt'i` - - to tlteoiod 0l eu burly Itnv'lrlebig portu co r~ oI o ilf tr tm et., T -on who T oi itit Ilal lt Poll liteir e t it.. hltd e wa ilml d ied n. i 'Pu tlwiut y f hditotrto . Il t ' i ofl"al c' et tl.tit nel : 1 toal o t, ittd o tieift i abg to oI t n i.d.4 aI,~ t' iT 1,1e ial0 t oti li :i us ue 'it t 'ru titonst or, ila l tote'i ' tl lari I Ot roi gle e I I: ~II f I tItIgly ItO oed ws I. 'i 'lbr r th ur ilt,. . i t.- l li'hei t ilgioto 'h s bltetn t h leool;ll it U tlou t 'lli. ., ,ihtio i tlth 'tlloi, Ilo I'th I i. pu d cal o,,d a 's,'ry ,h d p ro l.hi , hy tmo I ho b II r l' e suIIat nd n Ltl t au indg sl, ;It lll Ite c rn of0 £U ll40n ,h', tl"l lh intv'rt+i.d 'fl wa h ed o if rhe to oneuhd irma ,il tsitao tlly ooto e ' dutctuul ai ti' rhutttl cc ( th, pi t 1 ,rs w to.,ted i n t o W fh , . L hrefaond thli pah..eto , Ic to e Jlv ro, h eando thke in iltseltdiaio n tu rle t a , to` avid ng.c wit lh wheirll lers, isre ctithen s, withl o t dlly. l .o ,ru s Ju 2s7, V . li n E l l , i i h li 111111 reul aro l l 11tI l l it h o I n lli ut lt li t!ll t Il It'llil l]lintl iliolr ititig lot lilh tioirieo n git sv to At .i tlullttt oc Iiii Ihill. 11r000i t - ('J lId \i rl(i" I I • ll t uile 11e l( llvoh lr tllle fr the Alt llt ruln wher , 1 1arl ii..ll I . ill lr L .u i111111 io - tIJlilllSlltate, aui n i till reall7.., a e, tI ""l r ,+e ne on ant lule at rtl t h t e r, g 'uaro Pro'ud'. h rst-or ed t i ub e f"illand) tigo th hrou gh 'tiets yirce .1 thr o.ut le . SllIt e r i Jil t A is l RVIS &l AINREWS%.l- Iy I lc iq,. Te r, aend odiMerMinpr odigeivet1.i l V, l M1EDICAL, CARD. AND IIPOItTA+LT ' TO TIIE AFFLIIC'TED WITH DIS EASES. /.TR EAT'IsF in Vs lr's lD,'ess, Gonsrrhllwn,fles'ti ss Sricturo, llcludias pmrl.clal nhl,rvotionn o .nit milnA \Ve Ik |ea, .lrisill f I1I .BPI e Dlvkuree,n llo~ thtI Per~llzl ERII itlsl i sl l issilss miR(IJt i llsu·isls'sll ih sris'I.t1vitith V I. ,Isrssl Di~r~s,, os ips, sl oth un-tl!l"l'llr,, of ii rlls mell sHIn Isy the sie Of iti .1lslly minn, ssiss, fs slfull1s tile FnS s.ltutlnn.ilsn,| csu.s UsdPs~lt'O'l h WstlI~(I otllessss ills tlssstlpiC ·Ill hollv, dlmflp*.q in Ihe~ight, nolvo IIItit- pitrr, deane~lssohl .t|,ltFl rleeis, nvd(l 1odr. oni Iherhi hnller, till Itlcnnth 3 gel, pmr I nehllity .1II ilcny of Itie e,.' rtilnlth,, on~lles n.HIrl · lallcholy(Pl( +IpLIth i1nd.i.ri ,Il to Iheair drnald'o! sallrin.'.. PERILY'S PUIII*'YINII SPECIFIC PIl+LS, d cerlaih,xl sac tlld th+, nll.t *p~erll rritloly dvnr d~ircor lI'r ths JPermlll, nnd1I Fli~ct.II ·llro(1 VCI verelA l dIlle(nee o~rhrrea, elects, ieures, slmnhis w'lkness,psis. in Is t h illfrclion . r h nI i d evt rv , tm l,( lo d liiyr lislosl of ile I d1r or Ilrt trll. ld alhPv lire,.e of lhr u r'ics of 'll se ' iyw, hy o11 l ill ilr Iege, wilh I. n'''s crosy !llli m'·tf 1 hI IsIs.| silll w.ithl.s hishth ns e olelly u s1irl~il~~Pll 511h! i'pl5.fdI~ 15'pll htl~5l's ls.'51 Tiles s.lecifi ,' Iill. ot o nA , s vrvsy pi sl · I'l,s ,iiolrls mi'i ps - I'vhll" t Ill tlir prrml:rr· s irP w' hl,y I11 -5 i Is Ililspl 'I'Ii'y Pil1 n-s il I r5 llossld IlhP linp+rlill issloi'P |51 theSir 'lslIs 'llPR'' ltl f slio +soll1 lel h'"ll, e'pellllh lls ,.,5 551r Ississ'rr s iIl tel lar tCllrllP .II nit I p1 11 Iltli~ll 1t-l I I i ql iftl 18Olll cII v I)WP. 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II. 1.nnI,3S353I3 l 3 . I 53(5153. it T W COLLinS ý · Appnsn5.-d b tl, SS3 rra I- l at3555 \33ew - O53na 5.5(.N53I y 't11 lt I .' ' l F1'' I (ASS .3-I 3 H 53 *Itr 35513333din,:,3 .3353 AID 'mn..~ .5,. ,,,ies n55(55,3 oe-n,.Ih Vt5,,5,5 (IS.. 5513333 53(',5irra Slysr (I 5513 SsS...3.5 5 ury,18;'11 Ia.lln .II181 ; th Ju lr~la ct o 1:; 3.55h "11all Regulatlins. The Great Enalern Matil is closed every day at 10 .o'clek A. 1t. Is due every)day at 4 P. AM. The Lake Mail (via 'ovington, La.) is closed every IlMonday, Weldnredry and Frilday, at 6 o'clek, A. Ii. Is due every T'ueday, Thureday, and Saturday, at 5 The Lnouislile or River Mail i. closed every In- . day, W\edneldan, anrtd tnardv, at 3 P. Al. Is rent ndt returrld by' seameboats. Arrives irregularly three times a week. T7he Banrt nara or (acat Mail in catred every TeeCdee cIu Friday, at 8 P. A1. Is eit anll retcured by steaimnht.s. The Alexandria or Red River 11ai is rent irrege.. Inrly by stennrllhutlllls ice a n week. 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'It, e to llte. ai ae t o ,a\s' , ANTDlREWS, ,'r. \Vhtlle+:al h Dr -, .iCI 't'- iltli . t I lmt il lie A:lu et, I ll' Ct nllo+ *ltl i sIll z.I,-l' i llir iirii I d .eL illt iti; l I th e in. lIe. ,lrn, ill th.ew Y-PI, nll d will lilp. rons4 tmly on eO .lI. t a geoneral is Jnrt . rill ' t Il 1 83 fte P148ce7 atubet r-tr e,,r Wlybll, to arn between thu, patterab, lld Artid.o ill b ble. Alou , tidof im.iib,leda Tolf and . .ll h bea d, , e l t, Pil I e . r tdt . hoe, ry ton., plaster o lani, R lmi & l dr:t 1ir (',| l a-': I laster. t Ih nr, t egethur w ill a sphendid nlaoniiont ob L C. itlldPi oahcd ii llll (;rates aalld I:usia iron C It-tes oflh 1 t Iwt tu ll 11(l .J pI),Ied itegn, Ca.oteri ll, doi e ii tl;o lell Inallner uld at tSe ia A u-o ' AIN & STROUD liC, NO MERCUR0 NOR COPkIVe iul , w t lle:2n4, dNov I. l 18r 7. T Ie t it1 '1' oix iima tar ago 1 hi o t he alivi t- ge, l it 'rlP d C e , "or "hc Iu d eve ral et'wiipvrlll. lilor a ppe, and t Ce did byt moatleatnow ald Ii pitebur g dite I eu 1dv 1nl e r t eae terl)y o tur l i.cels , . .id I e lpe hit It- cure . in. ... thi c eitle n, nthe (tii oget litgsr" a e t"iiu break out in e ,g lar th' t lellt el ti treirilo eig h tiit e l iiea nle, ni all oven age [ t I, Ie IIr titd ur tirlelt ang oI p led Ite work at he oI eol I tilte.o ni'ct n of tl e ,hpeile; large Ioceron tI Ill ,,, si rl" o the thrut. I toin ,,:; putling I enll " ' fi ..lllu er ende +ik1 •are of llr. lluet, cfLaris, I;, l b Iretrliy cured JOuiN DEAN. l" l)no CFI':r'IFY ,hat the abo-ve m........d is qtelitrwell cur, od to dty own all .n, for whh I 'ies upe l I Mll tult;s oreoveyr I ot oore 1Ith oP nevedi iid 1 rot tiIa ; itbPrefellr I dv ise In" f flow ut1.errs to loue tf. imtie "UtilIl pIly Uo I)A llAuer, I8 Canal i. 'ir t'i, I'etterl l).uldiin, and llourb .u ....... . )r. i1 IlNe i is t AdR teiI 9 O'c itck. it 1, unil 4 P I'oey will rind a I m liotIir r & . Complainta.l JON I E'lig .N (yray"- N streLS JluI any one wants to see me, call at Nti . 41) Gravier New Orleans, Feb 1, 1838. i JOyIN L)C:AN. [ Oa IRAAD & CO'S Rn ton and Now Orleans Sui bien ii xpreit ly di hailtl lo run bel tean the aboIe Iports, aild will be Iound o Puitlible drat of water: tinl.onlol r t.da1io a lor psellyers and everi effor well be mode to give general sat;ial'-"ion, ThY line! IS eniltpor ed oftit ft e lw Ag ships; riil: Cllrokle, 415 tous Capt' . J Llarding. Calroliha, 40111 do S Lemis.. Chalr Ftolnn, 374 do 1) Eldridge, C'lulmana,+, 625 do O n0,.or. SSemlian, 24(i do J llwere, linl.'al y, i e 5 do D ii u nwp re y. The ;lbovi shifs ere all new, of tile Dy r.t.lass, enplplltr htelllbet Illld a Opd fl tercd, commanded by maRt Ol ret ix ieiilnc, itve large ) ceonl t111 ati. Wlli a sepa0lte lIiu c cibit; every attention will bo aid la pet selgurs, slnd the ve~ry Leat of stores pro vli d e de or t iem . , ThII paket, I will bt tiwcl up and down thle Ml i aianl'pl , and tili etrie al e.rllctu. li y olserved in tile illi of nailln, l --l lld u tile rui llar vessele be detained in arrlving, other sips equally as good ilel in e ll c.e.n be dubsttudAitoed A el ire. ptro ag. is solicitld, olne tluo agents pledge themselves to sCcolfllodalte no nmch as pr acticableto- r-c- v send |i rwaurd goods . oy a id lino at th mostl moder, Thos ships well leuve telot and 16th of every month. For ireight or passge, nippnl to the agents N. B. Advalncelnente midn a,, consign lleI;sl to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. .CA.P'AIN .A T'l"A NEW NOV'ES Rail/tu the Reefer, by the author of Pete.Sil."ple, &o C'mminge, or ainhter ft Sclt OsS Iaiofierl .;U Lo.rr m , by (ltmin Vasi l Bll, lRoyal Nay, I;, nolrd teha/rI a rOlnatlic. Ibv AI m CuunilglamI "ol. Sheppa+.,rd Lee,, written nj+ lby ,imself;in 2 v.|ela ' .... 'I4g. a y ll el l or ,IL. ..r 1 vol. for. tIlll No. 711 uf luepor'p s E anlply Library. vua.:., &.4,lo . the ,&,,,,,mplete need .afrmr, edition hg'oer's aad OEng.ishC DiCtiorn i VO] 3y A ugeret ti'a F, cl r ik d l'ra gliah U irli erar c. , D. Iles,*-A ,,. ,Ilre ctueyc of' CuL .°.ea -i+hrenologieal ltiei,"z/." Large o scryur' p ie nI ass ,.s tluerior 1 ual" sty, %,tll clsic.n , Iliard Itlllaol'1.4 a d ',!12 nlcshes. Gi ho tt's h ooi n u -v e d nlike tu lic lie u se J a4u a ne d d u ne r s , w e, ig h ts. Just received, a.ld for salt+ by n131 BENJ. LEVY. IN1:... ..II, IIcNI".l' A` 1) \IIt 1 li if be allnt .St rl Ins rrere,.tl i, in oice of I ] above t e n i llll uni hoelIlao olnlll 1 very teusumi ' Is' II Call lir u17 il |tt ,\ AltL.,43" l'e lltn IRON I (h* -'tX *i ' I 1- I1-rJ tipl ll r(h +,.; w • t ie+ P I ' •'. ni € |ll 1g tin fr be ktuw",, vi 1d an md, aeen n, "ar 0S0 llishnt "t opposuite4, S. Sfarv'a mut urf .,- "pila me - e. Ccleisl Sl"L L & ý

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