Newspaper of True American, December 30, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 30, 1839 Page 2
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To.rl :da we il t oitretel .eioperI oIf Novemly oer the 9th. Siompile f onr Lenry the following interesting table * istazportetb i. - r a '"F·"Mi'Lle/..llin.. lg Mobile pae. oFri. d Ocef.irst,1859,tdaere. Smetnm orlan. Thr. Pitk 4,187bls 891 o, 419 hs 83r i mil hi Slard, 20,379 k.oa. d 26,oll 31 land. .,1ZI9pigs Corn, 35.942 eackh. - butiar, 9,117 hidl 7721 laoltsueei 1,313 hde 1741 di. 4,u91 do. 7715. 'trmoboi, 415, tflloing in 9g tabl CNar,, 20,07 hOled 26,010 - - - _._ I,.. S ýID. ( h. lr'.tr. Dec ... ... 19 1 tV..h~illlnn Dee ... ... 14 Ne. k , . : , In . . ...,I 12tc...,.(c4c d' ic.... .....11 I2.n224 ll I d ..........11. H.Itilll(.r o .. "".""....1J 1 $1. l., ,,., do ..... ..... ' Hialeet. he,,1w .II i I ivr;..l Ndc......... Ii Ilruulnrr ( ea) u .. F mf'ul do ... ..... .1 Balt11. do . ...... ... .1:1 Ilav re' do............31 NWhv ill., do .....·......131 Paris d............. %I PORT'I OF NE'W ORLJ21ANS,. CLKARANCES Decembhe 24, 1830. P(.ampacket Nlw York. riight, GaIveston Bogart 4 Ilcwlhorn Ihip Ferlhenoe. Woodb'ury. Lirorgool PShcnnou sh bothe shtip Rt..eell, Robtine, H4cc.e 2.2 IfGal Brig-Borodine, Mariner, Richmond, EA Bridge 3lgt Uaces,. H2teh.Aleandria, J W1 Z..k.ri..l.& 3424Elting, Pt.ast, Mohile .,aste 34h5..,24,4 Cly.,. Tlnectrmicy Dtold.mith ith Ur1a,.. IDavis, Franki.. A2k Melssrs 3424 tied Afoo. HIugh4.., 22.2.4122 Auld P12@eter 12224224,224, Mille. Mobile Herte ARRIVALS December 151, 1839 Tomc.2ichi. 0il:.4, fm c2l.p.b,2,1 5.t,.crVcol,,2G(ic.d. , A2inhinn cli Btcm.. VIce',. Ci..ichuti Stcms,, SwIlloc. Andrew., fm22rok of Danubc dreamer 2Ict,. Donnie.. fIi St Louis steamer Daniel Webster, Kelly, Vicksblurg Deco,,!,.r 21. 1839 Tow bo4t2. L.o, Ridde. from Ilia Sout2 WeIs Pa.., having P,', lctd to "a with ship ERtilybrti Hg 94c,.cccn ll ,c V.v. wmll; her low, rase, ad vh.t th 2ity.with baqueqt iun.ldtc,,, brig Astronomic a nd s ch Rio Grandd Tow bootl Mo~hican, Heitim,, fm S W pass hvingl procredrd toe.. ith ,qu Z~mpr and brie ()aegis; relurerFd In the lit;t...1i "nD, rigattaoRosrio, brig Sea Bird and ;be Kili. oar 2214 3222.m T~ltw* h2 Porpoise. Dlri.. from 224 Potc.,, baring m i*ie.,d42e2i willjp, Ietd n r I t ne .t ui ciyOwt. t .b i. sd trmsr(,r.Ný ad II· haCo h sold llsnry (Iy.7,Lf I ., ar n the 28th. 0.··Lil, in ( OR1, . 3. lra cmld..t Willi,,te.3J day. f... Philadelphia lirig AsItronomic, Spel. 55 dey. From.. 2I.,..illje H. it Ana, Johnsmt32 deviln Im.ircrl"oal ISpnish Brii2o222nt Ittt.rin. ht..h AnI..vre, it F Tic. Br44 B4441ird. DIennisl. 44 dcy. An, S2 Thml.e. Brig Ed48.t Fit.Fcp, ld. 4 dcy. 4, (.tl..a.t Brig Enterprises. iBaxte; 6 dyv. fm Gm.l rctlon 3o2 Kit.. Ito rto, 1 day. 24. Ctcrlr.Iolc 342h KRumctp. tr sel, :(Idays if u c1. 5.2h :2.1 inn. llitclt,*.i. 4 days il (l! 41.1rr Henry (:lray, I'*rltbrclll n All~knprr Rio Gran, Hill. 4 Jd.y, 2roll,, 22 Ma.jor 3camc.r PV..5.ic. ited..jc. Scm 42jt4.24r Pteamer V;·)lsylwls. l.ldwin, Is, Pittsburg Pts~mar Cranberl~t. Irwin, fnd,. ti .. ;i!I 5Clec.2r Ck.' Sudcd,,wcd, A. Loui.svlle Steamet Htillic.tH14.2t, s.2yt, S.... mtc.. uLtcknyc. Jourd2., . c Ilcyct S... Uiccn tJehc LEnct.. Kiwhclt. fm Nat.titoc.le. .PI''r,b., Huyd fin ltLshcurg I MPORTS Fetg.ectIUI ... ..Pwrhcak Uee ltldc... Cargo aeorted mm~chsldiss e ae22 .lLI.... Pe brig Astronomic. ...Carg .,sorte merchandise 22e4222..2 c....Per itch Rio Grande....Crg.o 277 luve JIieecucer ........P......... Pe. 2Kt....Cargo 231 2tiere rice 2.et822 Lzdpa~ccc... .. bcc A......C.gco assorted .ercltst,. dims 25e.t..y, eo. Pees. 22 . %, V iA.....Prb iganin mlessle. ....Ccrgo arried be Ihc. b Uri2.e a. Teceu....PFe.bri4g Sea 2sd....Crgco 3130 bulthIl all t crdyc, 4Att2.srTc,. Pt btig E.Iwin.... Carg 135 hides ... r.......2r brigE.;;.rpric... . Ib allas . Pe,.242..... t'ct .... NcCvLam ...... .......2s2rh lCnrineC....C C largo87ide,;2 l2....y CIh .... Carlo 2222222nd -RECEiPTS OF PRODUCE LIouier1.e 1.... Pereiclm. Colcrd.... 4o 4 h.4. 2.'ec .2 Patkw LytPhaeh 151 ,4...ur Hddon it H.11; Hell; 221. si 41 urdt, Lorgeufry; 79 Wks cotton Keys it Itgsrtr, 12 to 620 c,4& e.t 6 2rie 222, 2,tl. t c; 15l 242 apple.; 71 hi24of j.i* I.tpati Stk.e hams 12kee butl2r WVlliam.t & ,and osewSorreboar Lce,.,ilk.e..2'e.lceamer Cumberlcnd. ...Crgco 75 piece. 4.reglc 103 voile rope 7 bundle tries rrFec.t a Jan.2.; 22u It.oep ad22I hI..dless! A 316) lhour R t.crh,2,.; 138 kip lacd 4J H.V1cI; 100 pitbagctne 15411coil1 tcpe Fe, gu... As Read;2St P. luchgise525 coie rape Sprawile I&2clhetn; 1012 pas baggint'g 55oil tcp. Ogden A 8ttthept.: 214 i22 bItg..;, 172 cdiia isaisJ V~ lre 0 l ct29 Bil. rape 22arke, W.,t i#22; 3 bLetmloor Pp .P llg.t2&AiL rici.k;6h 61 bi toct A p L Addtsen; -54 bbee . eler A Filgc:5t Frecklin & IHecdre., VI2Ut422t..,.Pe. eieeme Vattey Fetgs....222422 3152,e .f dreede).2 e.I. eat icc.tla t rIc r whisey 222k. lard 2 $eldwip.2242.2.ic,25 2ci24ey 100ktegs buctte Co2t2oly A w£24e,4Uh.0222 22.uoM.aS Iet; 12176 A * Whitc;22 3 l qhie24q.Ar 2c jf tbc24co Kirkmanc, Abeq.celhy i let;22 iolAA4urg;,,, ýý Y522225mr P1ria2ert....h; 214 2r.e22'1W cat 5 173t 1 6* .i,; 20:32M 52 tlo.2;.4 N 4 4JDiclk; tltrjJidsl4w.Jcteeicce&. ca; NO Nc4,22,. i'2222pitt Witt; 201 6VHA;i Brwn427 A it godt.s.; 3. J 22 11.11; r21 22 D f 2ap2lc 5W 2ýqlc222,.pff S.. co.6 Ctuud2io. Sctln2l It Nyc; 422Uc c,4&41 n i; 26 1g Maddox . I de.d1 i c2; ,6 Hue,; iS Tgy1 itnhedaanH &J I'Wbisuny801cnonanll lullitcn TR ip, ; 7 t84ti;$lol 'iSA .nt2 W ct ; 7tO ACrui & /. Al Wcllct..;7 i h Kirkm3t , Al..l ern&; j - .W 4j5 *,2.lelt c; J Nichel c i 4 111tf.,It"ara..I' rInms B, illisn(...Crra 173 bale, etI nn WA 42w,c ty: 2 e;l 45I1.ctt.cth 2 TI2ptte.; 44 Fml.ry Vsweheo,;34 Ledoux: 10 r a lrell " lickey EMI 21oin Te2moul2t; 221 I.edumn y Neridy; 2 2key. Pcyn tr HAw22n2; 19Coss. sra&G 4 Brg. Wait it ro, 14 R··ynull·; Ilvrue h co 2R Adlj 1lll 4F4219 22 (eCurtie* W.ilse; II Lsorrpstuer it5..Tib Ca 22. I . has ardware·· titýe a lo F Foley; u 1 ue poa' g I c; I boxmds.e Doses.; 100 M &tut222222cHp.V 11 Broc,.; In pg. Sc,. 2222Pw.A.lrtWle,25 3 J H ~a; 2bt 22.i222 hams 2.m...CFor .'Ie2m124o I.in2on.2...Ce.,e 114 Iglus A hbwial.5 C.Idroll Is Hicky; 78 A R~vardi. 1",gj "u lrml4fea 33l..iahath A Tllmpnn; 140 A . ý .4iiJ H P.2rhi4 it,~..;3O N *-J +I~it"DI if blsad; IUJ i Ii*·ricb: J Pdll.Il slnl ge492.I<. g'jPooote r 3 eyc. . ..Ca te.53 .,. 22f t)ri;e44*22cot52 Catld4ell Hi424y;56 I Arm.ur A4LidMaudctZ a0 e2 Reynolds. Byres & ,c; 2 ;V I f'911es9lysrueater 20 X Wite d o; Nan .CON'S1GNEES tw2i.... .34121 * W~e.,... W 11 14422222ye, F D ^ W Fhnni Robt UYrlus l tAOSBNG ERS f/..IW.W;f22euis....MeeeVh2(I-tYt2im Fllers.. 2irKirkwe.d VS4 t4hUc~UU meWwie. _ Pear V Forts 2.22 M., Craf C tordJ. (Calc.c, Eey yy `' 111 EMI RANDA , Bfe2222212d2 24 ci-,,teirfIi,6 :UCALINThLLIGENCE. I'jIeuk llw eLk Ai ha beme qtae.t eutiaa tle[Ia ep Yto l th ri r aadxhau in the riv, b $ A.NIUt ALtOULL#)v HAIL - ROAD. while the c, the Car 'xill leave ," ; fi arrelltoo ewry half hour, *0lekA. N. until a'ncl.k. P. Il. - ;' latxwp'arrnlrloa evry halt lrtnr,com. I if 'luee, A. 11. until 5o 'luck l. MI. and ' Va At: half pant 12 o'clock, P. 11. an extra t{~ieiv`l' Poydle.a airedl, excluaainlj far xcatheqgea aaconnp riai ithe.t. vg t IIUHAUIIUt. Chief Eagioser, +,:S x1.0.2'1.1832. u241 As , r .-A. eelSI lloratada~juat ancracved Mealv.lreoretail by H BONNABEI., curuer Natlhes and_'rnhapyitelaa t AIC A eoeepbalr ia~arlmnu of Erjilab. iltcncW eeunwa am 4,eriree la *ee. leor- hol.. adene-neaijby pl[arq,!IAe~,, 9I113' 3 Tvth: litoulna of ··-<c1 f iR iRU AMAlERIOCAN. [ Y I JOIB IH0 GEBS~ON. FMITU'UL AD. BOLD. PUBLISHED Daily, Tri-Weekly & WVeekly. SEW OR LEAN1~: MONDAY, DECEM ER 30, 1839. FOR PRESIDENT, WILLIAM H. HARRISON, OF 01110. FOR VICE PRESID~.\T, JOHN TYLER, OF I IRGINIA. The Whigs have fought a obli fight, a brave ight, andthe people's fight! As soon as Ar. Ilunter hnu fiaithe ,, Mr. Dromgoole, ofVirglnia, rote and offered a resoluiion that "aile rules and orders of the lat Congress should be the rules an I ort ers had of this." Mr. Wmin. C. Johnson, f, Md. the law of 1798 sred, whiLh ns vs that, be fore going into any bus:nose, the tmembers of the House of the lepresenta. rives, shall be sworn. Mloved to lay the resolution on the table. In the fice of this law, and lbcaun.e M, r. Dromgoole had ulterior virws Im thus nlihtiog his res. . lulio, the partyat a signal fiomt Mr. Vandltpooole ra lied at once, and the vote tonod-for laying on the table 116-again-t laying on the table 116. Th'lro peaker promptly voted i thie iafirmative, and Ith, resolution was laid on tle .table. Atlo;her g orioula tritlmpit. 'lhe Clek then proceeded ocoli the lull by Stares and the ieon.bare of the Hoalti were severally swornl in. When the State of New Jersey caite oil and tlhe anme of Joseph F. Ktnndphl was called there was n. answer. As soon, however, no the to I was enillJ eo tirely through, 'rH tix R.PRESENoTATIVES FRto N. J., UOLDING TilE EGAL CERTIFICATE Or ELECTION, AP PEARED IN FRONT OF THE SPEAKER· ' CHui, AND DE MAFDED TO BE SWORN. Icl0ol.), Amt-icals, a sao,r reign state plend!og at Ilrg ater of the lini=o for her righis! Does not your ad ruln quicker ' Thl speak er administered the gaill to AIr. Randol;ph, andi told tlle other gentlemen We would stato their caeo to tie House. They then0rired, with a preter ati i, and thr speaker stated A'es fact, aol delnaodd to know what was ft,n pletsiarc of the Iauias. lie said, had this boeen a case originall presenoted to him as Sipeaker, lie wold b It ye had mt lesaititin, in, at ouve, swatrinlg ea Ih Im nber;bo bur inasmunh arethe whole inatrter h Id been already di.. cusrae, ie prd errd that the flouse lshould n.w say what he wits t do. Wharuua,eo Mlr. Wisa oldored a re.. soutolion to thlis effect. "LI o'vel tlhant ithe isgltc r t,trio ninO!ithers frolo New Jersey be noe itlo, el t, hiI . swurl ia .oiulboiho of the liese. of Kellpreaetlutivea." The object of Mr. Wiae, in putting the proposition in this negative form. will at once he seen. he affirms tive failed by a tie, last week. If this should fail by n tietha negative becnllmo at olnce an nlfhimative, be. cause the louse will, in ltht event, refuse to aay that tcese men shall not he sworn i.t, null therefore the Speaker will administer the oath! f lffice to thean. Upon this resolution, Mr. Sergeont, of Pa, took the floor, and made one of the most learned, eloquent, and feelintg speeches I ever heard him make. After ,, had finished, Mr. Dromgoole rose il reply, and addressad the onuse, at lengtb. Now is your Time, Gentlemen. No Irss than Itenty eight printers loat their lives at Fannin's massancre, In 'l'exm. Irintoers ale Ilway' amolngh htfirst to dip intont acny fir where the iliberties u ir llw , ar si ak. r iie li ke uofat op 'relssor etas to I.o brokue.-Piey.nune. We clip tIm above max'm flut the New Orleans Pi:cayune, in order ti call the attentiln f llthe printers in thil city to an act of nplressiou that deserves their special notice. Our liberty is inor only at stake, but their liberties are. Tlheodore Gaillard hu1t has, in the epi it of perseultion, placed upon oui r neck a yoke that oeedl to be bro.ken, clse he b ill place similar yokes upon th tnecks of aeery printer il this tuwis. A tyranl nicol law exil-s upon ilea statute books of Louisiana, making it puniohaible for any tman to publish the truth, by two years ilmprisonment andll $1000 fine. The ex ecution of anti republican law is nowi inl Ith hInd ofa man, who is capable of turning common informenr, anil ofputting doin Ithe liberty 'of til prose in this city. This inon,tl'heodore Guillard Hunt Ilas alre dy b.gltn this I rsatode agninst the precious liberties of te citizel and lthe press. No editoror printer io saft witiilin tlthe :itis if Ili jurisdiction, unless hIe bows the knee to this rvant. Whiat i to be dlone? l'Thael'icit nuie an? 1I': -"Prin. ters are always the first to dip i: ot any oamiti ,hllere tile liberties of their fellow anen are at atnkb, or thie y, ke of an ippre'ss, r nerds to e brolken." Now, tleo, ias ytlr t'me, g.nutletut n, to dip into hlii affair. Our liberty is at stake. The ynoke of the oppres.or is upon us. Dip intol thlin affir. Come to our assOiaanoe and co-. tend flr Ith immoediate l bolishmetnt of the Csrimlial Li!be Lnw by the Legislature. Lend a lhad and help your folleow citizen. Make good yonur promlises to, ie, ill the frot rank of resistance to ppl,ression. If vyu, do not, voer turn will come next. We foihti a good 6ighI for yolr liberty last July, arind tre readly to fight a ln dred mltiro, but do nout utifli:r Ls to go into tItIu battle alonet. Franklin, bMfore you, fought aoinsat this very same Ihbl law, this odions restriction to meno's lhberriee this foul ,emanttion of the Star Clamber, and killed il dend in leonsylvania. II is your time, noa', rentlemen of tie louis iana plers, and itmembera ot thie 'Typograph ical Society to lend all your aid to the extinction ofthli alavish law. You see ihb: it is an instrument in the hands of the wicked to oppress ynu all. On principle, we cill upon you to dip into this atffir. Let is cease not ltr labors until ilae crinlinal libel law of Lou;;isino lie blot. ted front the sntautne ook. The feelings of all good men in the city will be w th us. We retest, now is yo.r ti t', gentlemelr!" General Jacksron has writien to a friend in Natchel to tsy that he will be at Memphis on i the r2d January, on his way to New Orleans, to be presenl at the cele. bration of the 8th. The hleufitcua will give him ueach a reception as their admiration if the mana shall dictate, but at tile aullre time, we hollpe that those wllU arn on the fence will not be hbCrnIoaled by the circumllance and ie driven back inol the ranlkd t Ith fifilthnl again. To aI higs, nld modilrate me we noy re llolnber, that Ith hero of New Otlelni hois trnllph-d lildePr fiot thile ir arrrerl of our uIllonal prosperlty, nid carried out the ductrinre int, to the , victor b'Ilong tlhe .lilils." Rie member too, thi tile old General lhas deetrry'td the ildepetdence of t tut1ited States oerate, and ia the auther of ill the cevil under wiich the country noi Mr. liienjamn Levy, the proIiiae:or of the New Or leans Price Current, has litased the concern to F'rancia Cook, antd hlia on Alexander Levy, who will carry on this valuablle Jouinal at the old staid, corner of ihar.. tres and Iientille streets. Mr. Blaca ia mtill the editr We look upon this paper as equal to tihe best Londonu Price Currenits in all the essauitals of rleo;lilo inll frmatlion. .tllua raos Tlkeln.--Dustanreare deposed. We have juslt had a long co'versation with Captain Ilitchcack, of the fist sailing schooner Corine, 70 hours from Galveston. Ile informs us, that news had been rculveod from Austin, of the arrival of cour era froml Matan lraar, through San Antonio, at the Capital, announcing the important news oftho fall of Matamoras into the hands of the Federalists under the command of Captair Jordan, who had been promoted to the charge of the expedlition upon the with!drawal of Ross. Iitelligence was also received of a bloody rev alution having broken out in the City of Mexico, in the midst of which Bustamennte was deposed. Tire standard of Federalism was beoig raised tlrouglieut thie status of Mexico wherever heard The bill, to grant the bonds of Texas for $100 in exchange for $80 in specie cash, and hearing an annual interest of 10 per cent, has passrd the Hlouse of Representatives of Texas, and General Ilnilton was only waiting for the action of the Senate to leavq at once lot Europe. Tile sale of Galveston lots by the company, lhaa gone off at immense prices. For lots 43 by 120 $3000 to $1800 were freely paid. The San Antonio schooner of war was spoken by the Curiae off the mouth of the Sabine. Orders were waiting for her at Galveston, to repair at oaca to the mouth of tihe Rio Graude, in eonre queeu aof the fall of Matanoras. We are in hourly .expectation of the Neptune. Thie news by her wall confirm the shore tidings, as she was to leave on tho 27th instant. If shel gets tll we will give a postarilpt to this article. On the 0lttpec.183 9 the quantity of watet t1i0r'dT aes ds thr lsisni i'( in nigivn.teli e at Grann&i "!lPh was o suretil by i grapltimeter with a radius 'tht ascerlained Inghis tro the fratlion of a minute, and an ordinary leg line. The position taken was a mile and a ha f Ilcow the Grand Gulph, wher.' the river war 4376 feet aide. The greatest depth wa O2 fltahotns, and the extreme nelecity not more thln 3 miles ani hour. The qu ntity ofwnrter descending in a minute was 673,400 tone, and 40,404,000 in an hour. Mlltiply these numbers by 244, the quantity will be fund whicih descends at the common height of the annual inunda lions, eupposing th th the velocity is increased one third and depth 301 feet. We learn that GEORGE R. KING, Erq. n staunch whig, and a gentleman of sterling abilities has been elected to the Legislature from the par iah of St. Landry, (Opolousas) by more than 200 votes, over his opponent. C. L. Swayze, Esq. also a whig, and backed by the influence of Mr. $etna tor Dprd and T. II. Lewis, Esq. Mr. King is elected to fill the vacancy of James ilorglan, who has been appointed Sheriff of the Parish of St Landry. No gentleman of Ihis age possesses better talents and judgment in the eaff.ira of Legislation thlan Mr. King. clu will be use ful member in such trying times na these, which call for eool dispassionato hnads, aid sound judg ment In the satlr enoneils. The Valley Ferge Iron St.amner. The Valley Forg Iron etermer il now lying at the Lenver. Ye ;--here il no Iongrr any doubt, but that iron in lighter than reood. Go oil board tile fine vessel, ye who lelil, p cnot, nod see with your own eyes tile re.. alizvrlior of thl; serceming paradox. Ill ton yearn fromr thii time tihe muddy f ther of wcte "s is destined tn bear upon his ho-on none buI iron steanmers. Ilin dreadedrl anrgs have lst th!lir pow, r t destroy, for iron bultls fearn ttin not. 'rtll Vally Forge has proved thin se cold sneelig paradox. rShe rtruck ith full force angaillnst thel vsey sllal snag tllhat IIn thllis seasonll llnk and stave lie iveood.en b Iat' , and the mark or ineenle~. tire is carelrly tisib!e. Such is the t iunlph i fart aid rcirerc over dull tilllrr ! We feel o p- ir in seeing thllis bennifil and powerful vessel at olr Lrever, thlat m Inker the cellk tlingle witll joy. Tl'he Valley Forge in purely America.', h1iit nund finishled byPitlhurgh skill, indu try and cpiotel out of mnuterials all ior own. Th,,re is nothing of foreign mnllufelture upon her, but the cnrpetr, queenrware and hardwalre. Her fill cort is g$6,00i), n arey laid ut in a noble object, and t, hich, we are vilre, will he more than repaid by tir, gernerroun and diecrirni:niltling f.llow coun trymen of trhe enterpisring owners. The era it rapidly approachling when Wertern scieuce and elnlitll will nslrloullt all the lstacleh of low waters, nllls., are expl'sio s, Sc. &c. llut to tile particulrs oof this fine boat. Thu coultnon olinionl that iron could not be arranged so as to re neirt prremsre from witrlolr, aild irecerva with an imlnmovable force any form into which it may be thrownr, i ult:.rly falsified by the sOnreeesfrl ontrue. tion of metallic ships. Angled iron i capablbs of retist. iag a prersule equal nearly to that required to sepa rate its fibres longiludi'nlaly applied. ' his constidera. lion at once rnlisloes all doubt. Thle ribs, beam', bars, knees and rode of the Valley Forge are all of angled tron, and, in some instances of doubled aneled iron. In other words the angled iron is of this form : wilh the sides varying ill lengtll, and the double an* gled irona Itl thlis rm : The sheels of iron whichll cover the frame, are of Ileavy, quarter inch lorge'd iron, from fhir to live inches broad, aind of varions lengthi. They lap each other Ingitu dinially, exatly us tilhe plank f a clinker bilt vessel doe), and are rivetted to the knes nlld rilba firmly. t.\hirere oih buttings ofthese pieces ilet, a strip of the same sort of iron is laid in Ihe direction if lthe I titting end', and rirttedl to the longitudinal pieces on either side of Ibe ltingsll. iThe keel is a flat arch, of the ctroangesi po'sible lorm into which iron clll be tlrown. T'le beams w!,ich cross the vessel are all of in n, as well a thle ldooring, iatoe o &c. The redderis ofiron and water tight, asos to float. Tl'he arms of the whceel are to be of iron, ano ill be plit ill on her return. At present oe.d is usdi, as they cold c lot wait for the finishing of tllhe iron requisite. Iere are her dlmensiolls L.ength ,f keel, 149 f et. Lenogih oli deck, 153 do Breath of bloam, 25 4 inches. I)epth of hold, f, IK*aeme brindth, 43 liamneter of wheel. '4 I.engthl of strke, 3 3 it. Cylinders two, 16 incell in di ameter. Boilers 4-38 inches by 21 feet. Burns 26 cords ill 24 hones. Draught of water light, 29 inclles. 'Tonnalge, 199 Custom llouse Imeasure. leight uf cabin, 11 feet. Length if cabi", 134 Stlat. Rooms, 36 Tile hbll was built at Pittsburgh by Robinson and Minii, Mr. Thompson I)ou.lass, acting as foreman, who is now one of tile elilners. 'The engiles were bui t by the same firm. 'I he cabin work is by 0Mel lenger. 'Th'spirited owners of tic, Valley Forge are : ltobi*son & Minis, I. Miller, Jr. W. Baird, R. ialldoin, Jr. T. BIaldwin. llnroffiters are :-Capt. T. Balts in, long known on the river as one of the nost enterprising masters upon it. Clerk-J. Dales. Enginecers-- . Ilamilion aindl T. Douglass. Pilitas-G. Frazier and A. Stephens. Agents in New Orlenns, J. Baldwin, 128 T'chapituilas street. In Pittsburgh, Illobineson & i inisa; in Ciincin nati, Stlrder &L G(rman, and ms Louisville, R. Baldwin & co. There is no hbr on board. The choicest liquors are kept and supplied by the bottle. lhe brought 50 ipas. sengers down,and there was but two dissenting voices to this arroagement. Over the state rooms are the names of the States, Territories, Nows Orleans, Pittaburghl, St. Louis, Cin. cinnati, Loninvillo and Natchez. This device is a happy on'. Tioe fini: of the clbin is pinil ind elegant. All thie bertlhs as t TIio ''uwraenlld's patent. Thi e entrance into Ilthe cabli is frill ilidship, so that thie Frveis a eilthreold mallke i very comfolrtble. In lllller tihe cds of tlhe c ib.o can he thrown olean and the whole be Iralll as cool as n room posaibly can be. 'llth cbilnueys rise into on', o tllhat they present the. appearance iof the sides of an inverlid heart. Froll where tie two join, one large pipe ascends. Slle is sppliled with Evans' patent s.afty valve. The Valley F"orga departs for I.oulisville next Thturie day. We (forigo say that the only part which ie built of wood is tlhe upper Icbin. Every thing else is of iron snd pon iroln. Stnaell os Blau hnk Fraud We's lay l,efireor ieaders the Iullowing pnrlicslars of fran I. so stupn.oloust that tie villnsy of Swrtarwout can only be colnlared to it. They are from the Phila. delplia National GaZelle. leluld, the fruits iof the doctrine' to tile victor b 'long thl spoils!" The whole louu:l':iin of onural honesty in thie ation seems to be sapped by thisi odious sluoilli. We have bFeens it nme mains to collect r.lhenCtic in. fern ioll regarlillg ihlielti il'Slllptldllllu and dlc leollte Irlud ipracised lv IIy . J. I.t..., lute raelicr uof It e Solla)i kill ltaik lf lhis cite. The Ilirectorso thet Srhlikill tnll k lan edi~rovered thite 11r. levi's n'eoullnt oflKo. tou'ky Bank stoclk slllow a delfi it ufrve thirteen thousand ehares. fIe-idrs it is Ilneortil ned Iit te II t erea b L e i'en oveidlrsils I tllI aonllllt of yllwarl of i ro h.naltd thuln saIllldollors. It it di e,olrr.l Irthat ti e l'rll hll ftIl trans fers if the Kesthlko llBank Soabk waee Ihogei, Jannury tk183. ''lk Scnlllllkill Ilnhk owed to ta city Ii .ks a at o till t I ' vi-t:l. i e l sihink renlmllhitilon i;fAiil'eut 18'133l, sblii air til ta n-lllltlll t In e IIdIltla ne l tl e urorisr ofii Ourit hiitmily rnid 'ntti hiulancut. 'The Il ien this iamouni wioa i eno ''eituanc eiT fiorey 7ii: tier isole of'ir. I.evisnf focr itiheos.ud five htuil'red slltre' oftielatulhkt Blank Stlck foll I'elbruuoay to October olf that year, h ith. In aly 13o8, Mor. Maxwell, thie transfer clerk in the Se'huvlkill Bank, was aware iha it.,t Ienauekv Bano Stoek nccolmit we overdlr.avn 1I) or I'2;fno0o huires, by warranlt from llr. I.eis. tMr. Mnaxell left the Slhusy kill ltanok ill May. 1839, and tilhe uccount was still sn rt 10 cho s res. At thll instlnce of the Kentleky Bank I. the doors of the Schu lkill Bant were c.,sed yesterday by an injimc li.on htll;oghl tile Setilt. John I'. \U,'tleriil, Emi tUs on mnlahy eleoted Cnshier ill place of lr. Let is. ()urcity has cislniiied by his trauIscaiul a leep, deipliarrace. The hbnat eorse is for Publie t Oipieiio altroou.h the Public Press, tIoittl'iil lie rllepr rlleola. io i to rucll cn ortills elle.ncc Iagind tile moral alnl thte iiler'ts of ci'ieicy. 'fi Ilrallon Bonk heas six 'nilliac of paper outl. Thllis in booking wilth a vegeance. Tile monery seized by GIv win, some day since, it i sail, will be reaovered Ipy Ie Wolf Stmith. Tbelelrion to supply thie iaace of Mr. '1'. Dcerins, msnmber elect flirom Madiraon Co.nty, .a. will take place cn the first and second of Janutry. Mr. Dearing died in the 14th instnet. N. a.Snlidllre. 12 Vi glla, 24 ,lasbUh'setlts, 38 N. Caroline 10i Rhode Island, 7 S. Carolina, 10 Conneclti'u, it Georgia 13 Vermont, II Kentclky 17 N. VYrk, G6 T'en see, 6 ii Pennsylvania, 71 Ohio, 14 1, 2 Indiana Terr. 1 Maryland, 21 Miss. Torr. I t N. Jersey, 8 .Orleans Tear. 10 r District of Columbia, 4 I.ouisinna l'err. I ICf these 19 were duplicates: 9 published eflore the Revolution: 5 daily: Id t i-weekl.: 33 semi.weskly: 0 pintled in H;erman: 5 in Frceach: 2 in Spanish: 158 Re poll can:: 157 Federal, and the rest- neuter--Total364! Population of U. States about 6 millions. Annual issue ofpepes 5'6 million.. TlnlE COUNTRY TRIUMPHANT! The first blow against dr.caotiom-R. M. T.IInn. ter elected Speaker--The Soereign State of New Jersey pleading at the bar of the House for her rights. The oountry is triumphant. The first blow has been struck against the depoetism of the spoils party and the hateful ,tyrant bows beneath the wouod. R. M . T. Hulor has been elected Span. k r of the Houseo of Representatives. We have not time at this late hour of the arrival of the mail, that has just crept in, to go into particulars. Read Mr. Hunter's speech. The Whigs and the true friends of the country want only Justice, and a light begins to break in fion the long clouded quarter of moral and political integrity. HOUSE OF REPiOESENTATIVES. Tuesday, Dec. 17. At noon to day, the Speaker of the Ilense. the lion.R. M. T. Hinter, took the chair and called the H:ouse to order; after which he rose and ad. dressed the House as follows: Gentlemen ofJthe llousaeof Representutioes:--The high and undeserved honor which you have con ierred upon msie has been so unexpected, that even now I can scarcely find terms in which to express Iny grateful sense of you kindness I trust, bow ever, to be able to ofiir a hotter evidence of that sentiment in the earneotefforts which I shall make to diselorgo my duties juso y and imnalrtially.- Called an I nhave beeos to this high station, not sa much from any merits of my own as from the in I dependenco of my position, I shall feel it at espe. eltly duo froma me to you to PRESIDE AS THE SPEAKER, NOT OF A PAR I-Y. BUT OF TIIE HIOUSE. Whilst I shall dooeem it my duty not all proper occasions to eurtain the principles upon which I stand pledged before tle country, I shall hold myselfbound at the same time to anfrd every facility within my power to the full and free ex. pression ol'llhe wishes and sentiments ofevery oc tionofthlis great Confederacy. You will doubtle.s deem it your duty, gentleman, us the grand in.. quiet of the nation, to investigate all maolters of which the people ought to be informed; to retrench expenditures which are unnecessary and uneonoti tutionel; to malintain the just relations between all of the great interest of tile country; and to preseree inviolate the Constitution which you will bh sworn to supporl; whilst it will be mine to aid you in such labors with all the means withit my power. And although deeply untpressed w th a painful sense of my inexperelnce and of the difficulties of a new and untried station, I am yet cheered by the hope that you will sustain me in mly eflirts to pre serve the order of business and the decorum of de. bate. I am aware that party fervor is occasionally impatient ofthe restraint which it is the duty of the Chair to impose upon the asperity of debate, but at the same time I know the just of all parties will sustain the Speaker who is honestly endoav. oring to preserve tile dignity of the Hoae, and the harmony of its members. Pernlit me, in conclusion, gentlemen, to tender you the homage of my heartfelt thanks for the honor which you have o'nferred upon sue, and to express hlie hope that your councils mia be so gui. ded by wisdom as to redound to your own reputa. tion.and the wolfare of our common country. TUE BATTLE OF TIPPECANOE. Opinion. of Mr. Madison, and of the Lrgisiltures of Indiana and Kentucky, upon the brave Hurriesn's conduct. The groun aelec:ted Inr the encampment wan a piece ofldr, oak loadt rising ua ~et aIblove the nmarshy prcoia u fro;nt towords tll Ilndioan tow, and nhaolll tIneat n! ove n simnilnr ponii inl the rear, along the edge of w lhi'h ntowards tie altee la n rah a nmonall ntream, 'llose blt:ka ware nllverod wl;tl wilulow and n rll.lh wood. 'ownardl tile left tillt hllPhla af high lIand wldeaiead coasidcrblv, but fro;, the riht flanllk uboa 150 yorde, it narrowed and terlllilnlaed ill nln nhnpt po'il'. 'T'h," IWo ccmlUInn of zfaantl, n..cuplied alhr f',IaI a td rer of hlls eralUral, 15tlln ordefrn ieallch other on tIll-h lf and ohoarolt aon tIae I agl ft lllk. tl'hese talok were filed up. the ltr-it ly twol colpa lites f noated ralellOmn, lnulmbeling 12a men, under th e eaonoan of Mnjocr irnocol Wills of r eneral the Ken tucky a'illiie, lwho served no ane mjol; e otiloher by Spencer's rInul I, of ll..l t'llelleellit Illllllltled rell llt, uem utieg to 81 ment. 'lh.! fltrl lilll, Iowardla the tlow n was colnpo sad foe ti oo i f I. Stllllta' Il,illltr, t llt n r tlhe commnanlld lf Olhjor IFlovd, flanked ion the right by two comlpanle oilnli, n the ln. n tile lelt y ane con anoy. Tie rear liltn wnnna ollnlltl It batntsi,.n of U. ,aentas' troops tinder (aclltt tanp:oin alnlel, aeling as mdlor. TIe rgthair Iroonm of lho litne joiled the ,lmounted riflemen under Gleleral WVeTls, on the left flank, and Col. Deohler's battnalon f lllned nit angle with Sponeer'u i leauv oun the ilel. T'wo tnoops Tae )rl gotl, , about 611 Ilten in all, were enlcalllled in the rear of Ila left tlank, aroli a alp lin iet aaerlaB troop, olrger tlann Ile otiler twea, is te retar of the tront lile. For a llhel ataUik tlre ordaor a toll llp ent AIt lee order of h ulls, nI d eaih tnmat sle1 ielllleditl ly ollosite to hin liost itl ile line. Tihe nln wle i8darcel ill tianle rcnk.l eaanse, in ndlaln wolfire, Whe llhero ir no sono tk tob rtesint, el, treaion .rf line is if the hietlg.l imlaorltance. atl besidae raw troops mantoeure betttr in tsingle file than in doub le ranks. It was alwnays to rutmt witlh Governor lorrimn tr oaseamble Ili field offierA.. every night at lis teat. and give thetn., tlea watslth anw d nd their inDt atcalet tt faor tile sigat. The orderg in ent fi thle night atfilte 6ath wa. thtt enalh ctar lo which lformed a part l Il s et riot llue .ftel ena ptvront, alnuuld ahold its owl groand on tilrelived. TaI le Iragtos were disctedl to patade diomntttedl, its the ca-e of o itlath nttack, wi tlea ailula in their bells and Io act ou a corp*s de relserv. TIhe otlpostir were n.caupied by two t l. atin'st guordl, nad 4I privslate -a. d oI e aallbuerns gellanra ofld0 nin. ionlmiasitaed offiersaancndl trivates; le lholo under the cllllatd of a ridl Io llier f tlt reday. t lie of lihe csntous of theo (enralt was to ctll tap the troopn all hour be'ore dela, and to make tabel coiuninta umdor arts aln t av li-.lht. Thu Goveoiaj r lad riseno on g of l ne ernig oflk 7111 tovedtber a a qulrter after 4 o'claok, lld tale signal fair eallinlg out the Ina1 wlt olnve ben given in Iwu mllilluter, whenl tlte atItck of the oellaey ouanlared It began oat ito left flan. Tile ceatines fired bue t a single gul andl fled ilto calpl. 'T'e flirst notice which tale roops on tile rfl flank itd oflaetr ldanger, were [lie. allriou shnallt- d yells tf tile -aetaget, within a few yardn of the lint. But the men were. tnat ont tiag to tielllascven. 'Thsne who were awake or eatily syaon, eeiasl tlheir inn, ndl tok ll Theiar stationo. Tile oia aard hlai to atton m et Ie eaeiy at11 te dtours Ifh thei tolltt han] It ihtand. A few iall.nltn:a nllre, and eaery llean wa tit hlas ost. The atarln first t11,l upon Cnllt ata lle artonn' tonllany of elte 4th U. . reoailllent, atnd Capltlint Geiger's cn lpana tualv flnlaunled , l which fonrmed tia Ih ft agef the re nrliie. Agna.lling fire was pouredt ill attiaon thel mn, ld they snitered severely batfroe recli. faaald bh blrlatght to tlelna. aOmlle faw of tlte li!iia tnabroke Ithrouetll ite line and rcltnl d into the catup,bat ilhey were i.tatlaaaalydenp ,tcthed. 'T'ht nfatlc.laiag i darkh elaudV alld lsaorilCa. A few glaaitlng fires horning wtlllln Itho Aimrlcant lineaterve to ligla up ilte oajects oU lth Ilasdianas deaially slot. TIhey oreelalelltbll-hed )tlla I'rolln itl savages rad the aoil w bile th r.e IlOp f Ol, olppoed to Ihlle, nuiselessly and wilhita aafn-iaaa, obay tile uldels tllf Iir te Ullll·mr ta.o, aid return lthe enomien fire wialh vigor. 't'ne branve Ilnarlion, imoiuntad on his Ilare, rode no ihe nngle ilal arua llnekec d lie found I nrtloll's colpauny suffreilg severenly, anl tlhe left of Geyer'a elltirclv brokenI,. t tat. mul toeiv he crdroed Caohk's collallt y onal ilhe lae Captual .Vintworth's to be brouglht lp f)'rom tile eutre I of Ilia rear line. A hI.aovy frinlg tana now ilraod upon lah Itft of lihe front line, wlher were stationed Ilte so ll conatnov olf Uliled Stolnnatfloaaa.aaen, slt te olmpaniesl of aeno, Snellling. nl I'resolt uflhe 4th i. TIle Gtver nlr halt.t'lled Io Ih ta lspt l nd ltulld Majlor Davises fi.rt ing Ills lrngons ill thle rear ofalheecaanlpalaitt.e. Iwann Ipereivd itllanl tile heaviest fire plroceededi frol sale bceoe, twlitv poln s ia frout tftllese olnttanoio, antil tlhe Giaveo r dlarecltned Mlajar I'lviee toa dil~hdge the ene :y lioa that lamaictlon. 'The Mtajor glloaltly ledal on to to noi k, latbut loek with him tlo al all ice, oe tl intat tile elmyv avolided hio ironlot aal t, tackted his flaulnk. Ie wac drivelln at k a lnartullv wonndcedl. Iut Claptan Sultiilltg, at tilt head ofla coloamllav followed lp the tltllack, alnd colletely routatd the eronay froa lin a truag Iuld. 'llthe flie was now ragitng ailng all tile lines. It fell with tleat h;vn. n to, tl·l atal' a Inlsauntead rilt.met,nad tlae a.ilgt tat Warwick''oomopany, whliclh oat posed Ol Ille rigaat oflhe r-iar Itii Copt tin S'pecaer nad tlia first and oe.l.d I.ieutelllal:lt wre s01)0oot shot dowu. (:t-p tnia \Varwnick loll maorctlly aounded. 'lhe compnniea la Itlle.n cola:nt olalicra remaitnld ianlno'ved. 'IThe Gato olrnulr see'il a Ini, o ardered loalb'a LUtlnUloay ta their le li'lf, awal fiLll lhe vacalncyv alen+ilalla.l Iby relmovi g tlle llaer, wilh le.atneotll'o eoalnlllva of the thh. Tille greoat tlajit of Govtc:ra.c lnrricon was tat keep the lines enhire. 'his lie erfteoad. So noon as lhe ctaornhig brIke, a e re-inlurred the left flank wilh fa:.r eolpanieyai nl aIn te righlt Wilth tlo, Major Wells cott anll-aaIg the lefi flank, snlpapnrled by n atrnlol parly of lhe dragaona, chlarged uplon tle enemy wstit great pi. rita nlad daove aim i n tllO mItaaraia. At the snme nltlllpna illt left falallk Itlat Irt. ( olanI Cnook put lthe Indions to route ill eoery dlireclion, killing a grcaat nualaer. Tyhe ob-tiltl:v and perseverance of bolth Iortaon are deceriked by General Ilalriaou ns unegqulesd. He pays:-_1"'il. IIndialls IInnof:lntfed u feroeil¥ uncolnmon even at ilh tll. 't'all thir nsavage frao, oilrUUtro s op. pased thant anoalnd dtlibernte valor wtilahl is thnracter. Ittic of hlae Chrlacin soldler." Not u aItnatl offtle Atalcr icons was taken prisoner. Tihe kiled and Woal:ded were 188. Giovernar urrisoonn s.h o a llarougll the hat, und nllitahlvr wounded in Ite Itaed. t)n the reteitaf Govoerllonr Ilarriaao'. Irttrrse adetiling Ilte pnaticular orftria greeat hbltle, dlr. Mlaldsun sent a mllessage to (longress ie). In,a 1811,ill Whlih oetcurs the fallowaltg lInngaage. " lile it is deeply aItnented ttli ttan iny valuable lives have heen I.,aa4 n the nc iOa cth llall t iI olare on the 7111 ltitl,. Congress wll are wit satia-i tofntlo ie dla t sanac tpirit nltal farlilude victoriously dliplayed by every ul."eoipli It of tla trcnaps eIngaged, a Fret! rat tIle ".oteriedl frmeeotri ciil disli.. S hereemnatred risin d eeaee reqfuirfng he texertiens of tlor and dieclpldne." On thel23 f . em- blertl ltt811, eI l Governor address. to tle Legislaltre olf ldian ' Territory upnn the bnb. jeut of his late victor, nend nolgratlultei that lunid upon the rensul. The House of Iepmreenratires recip rocae: these congratulation in an address frote Whi:eh the fillowieg it n etranclt.-0 The Hnuse of eltpreen relaive afthn IodiatnTeerritory, in ltheirawn lame, antt in behalfof their conltituents muet eordiltly reciprocate tihe contantuletins of your El:sellenei on the glorious result of the late enegaillry eflilet wioth the huawn tles prolphet nml the tribes ofldion eonfedereaied willth I hn.. When we displayed in hehnlfof ur euntry, anot only the eotnllurante abthillt of ter GeCeral, but the heroiem of the man; adid where we Itae into view the beefiats which tmust resultto thea country from those exertions, we cannot, fur a nmo nt, withhold our need U efetfplnuee. nter Ke tucky, the state which had lnt in that hsttle tIe lamented Dnriebea the arator, the lowy-e ned the nollier, nod tihe brhe Onen, t: her inttcortat honce, be n it spoken. expresede herl opincinn of Governor harlisnn in terts that shnould Ie graven upon the hearts of everyv true American. In the Legislature of Kentucky, January 7, t181, the ollagaing the oltin as poe edn t na.Wabatsh, Gva bn.o, Iountryd a copy td the nern if Iplto." Rete will y tnfte hSn at e and hIouo e of Repreeeatn tihae of the State of Keatecic , in their e late e pio th nysiest the Ildnada stpnn ith \VWhabh, Gnvoattae worhttld Hat Re hineorlO na note teC ligr a nern, natmtrict ancl a genlral: cnd that ftor hlinrtol,ldelihnr I al, oilfgl and an eellanl lit ith the batle of TipGeneral hae na cann he well d:serves tihe wanrestt thaltks of hi. coantrv end the natit:,." Noris hia alt. Aftr 28 years, the people. othe U. I. Statetewill cnfer uapon the teen of 'I'ippecotoeo and tte Thnmes, he flet office in ttheir gift, and prave to the wurldl, that RepIuhlcs are not ungraentefu. ltring a Slong ead atn evoetful life, the teraeecld General ha. etand watchmean uelon the walls of the constitution, and the lory it yet reserved fir hinb to drive front tle rain n I:'rtn the pfle euarde who Iaae for twelve years abused d lche pnttlle'a .oulidence. dt WIllG MEETING. TIIE WllGS of New Orleans are requested to nmeetl t the rotuda of the St. Louis Exchange on San Inrday next, 4th January, at 7 o'clock P. M. for the purpose of responding to the non inatibn of the Whig National Convention at Harrisburg, and to adopt pre. limineary nmeasures to insure the success of the Whig causea in Louisiana. 'Thomas tUrqulhart Bailie Paylon S asunrau melix Garcia It lftCihin ZCavrliar Joshua Baldwin Charlrr F Hetey SJ Peters Wm Freres t J Formal Peter I:Rlsp JAames Hollpkins Win De Itpy F Ileekman WVm L Hlodge J I' Freret P Landreaux lenIry I.ockett I) F .urlhs I A Bullard O I'Jaekson V C C Claiborne JF Canuage t Yorke Jaames Disk A tavelier Jacob Willcux J l I)u rrry A Ms.ureau Troletluo I. It Areueil Theodore Guyul A (a'rri .re Mtatlly A o'iubigg 1i Cretzan J H Canllwell C Mrusireu Edmotnd loeral F Fnrst John Mountfurt .ncitne Itersm tnn VF Rapp Ales Bnllit Aug Vlnvaut I. L Ferriers Howard lendernon A W I'ialtet JtJohn i taicms Jh Pilie Wm Henderson Julon i Bach S V Slckles John 1 Byrne . Z Kelt Salllatel lierntun Jltams S Day, E Sheridan WiVa Clark, Jr ulonel Cornu Gcanrges W DIentoo Frederrik uniseeon tlanel Gorcia A J Laneaux tJohn Freret W J Witiing Edacrd Brewater B lTmany J B Wnaltn Benjamin Whitney CUt Gasin Win acCawher Ca'hbert ttslliltt J 1' WVkit.y F WVllrton JWZ ckarle E D llyd 'ater Ceoreev jr T it Hyde 1 Bluctner Edwatd C Storm Wet AIl soal L Uhittendea Robert II MlcNair WV I Dakin Caren Itotinaot RJ Palfrey E E Parker E Hyde tien Morgan tK Beain N Wilkinsoq J 1' Freeman H Lavergnas JAol nI) l orsh (; C Williait Iluanro Loyton J L Flrnce L J Lyona Jorsephl A Beard Evllrise iBlanc Benjamia Levy C eas Btouduarti Frsncit Cook U Bouligny L Mlathewsl A Darcantel TO G lhnt II Preychaaud Litan lnl Ilut 0er Furinar J P Ilelrjromio Jies D'jan J II A Frost Janmes Irin WArI J Mrllan P A i)e Buys James a Wlahon i hUirel Joseho i C ockyae - A A I'eelhand .V 'l'urtler A Ilinit I Canntello EFostnlrl A K Va'n lLe reelrar Beaj K rmdig Draiel I: Colton ng Irclasous The'tdore Shinte V AIllnian VhN alquier C Treotrlet J N Chtrmbers A Fonretell J A Werlns A Chategiier Samuel Stewart A Lnrurdelte Jlnmr CoHlls lamee Olewort John M HallI (: A Frerel R iclltards G Mirerllberger T l K lrr Jsac lesreed Davidl Sidle Lenit Sr iohn Wit McKt an J Wright. all Smith Phaillip Lnamta Wm 1' Itepp John J;Il Jolhn Gibsman L U Gsitnie IVW i nSarntn lS ITurner LJ it'd lII Mlerao Gorge K Itodgors Johon wicDun al Atllllmy Pttrker It Brenan lU C Waterman C A I.uerlurg A ECrane John F Miller George IV Boyd II Ce.trelle Jalns Knetatle Jno B Ieels Jacal Olt George Beddrorl SH Boullen E L Tracy Shi H illerson RaIll Iulobrd Sit. l, ttenora Robert Stpedden 1. It Gminnie V H Simlmlons I) C Holclhis Ira S Iloldoen W Gi Freeland F I.sne Jatein B Brings W Malcolm Mortierro Turner, Gee Bncklin, fE ITrnrar, James I' Parker, G Dorrey, ThWrodre Rion, B P nlaruey, G E Lee, S S Levy, Thus U (hallalher, N I)llperu, Jamero H Dokin, J A Iarelli, A Bggellt, t m I1 Barelli, Wells Coarington, George R Beand, Alex Hill, S14 Harrin, A PStrpson, John c: l) Grady, Newtonn JU Lcvilleheuvre, Abrme A Howal A B Ringgold. II Wlilliams, J F Nelson, D WLloyd, A mT Pikrell, Allen Hlln, I.sac Bridge, Luther Holmes, A S Watermln, J Illekknll, G W Sully, Wm Ii Davis, L Feraud, L WVells. Victler Burthn, ~i Goodman, Henry i(;eneilly, Wm Grant, Curli le Pollock E Sprsgue, A Clhipells, L A Levy, H B Eggleton, A Porllrdl, J inalne, J II Cohen, G F Weih, R L Brue, S mul clnrkb, K A Tyler, t liorl,, CO aeeker, J Nirnl, II P McLeanu, trt Florence, Wim M I.ewis, S Joo;.s Rl'eosdanro, A PiCeCo, S1D MNeill, SIfnGreen, Win. M Carter H51 AIrikwell, Aaron Bird, tI Iloatlh, W N Martin, J Smtll, Isane Bell, T 'r Whiting, I. Slchnidt, Shilip Simms, J ohnsmt, i W H Talbot, Maurice Haurley 0 Car, 1) S Woodruff, NMntro.s, J Tarbe, J Wtlerman, F l.rkin, El.ymon, S Owen, /11June, E D W naneon, AD Cresmean, W H \A stesIn, CL Bell. Johan T Cram, lhenry G Stetson, Jolin Holy, William Felt, P H Gallway, ThosOMesan, Al IIn.kep, SP Toddl, W Kendall, Gen Heora, T W Collins. iZ Tayl r, W Smitih, II I) Kren, A Cohen, EWilliams G Selleek W Parmley Edward Davis - 'L J Prmley N Delaplainn II G Barelay M D Cooper [wMuson WS Mounk lAjLonger P O Stib* SBesach James C Dunlhamn JC Harrison A Jorrdan I SBaman F old G H G Heartt I A M Nathan D J Ricardo H G Schmidt James A Hopkins Samuel Bell Jolhn McDonnell NH Dudley S W Dalton C Ii Ta'uny F W Colquhoun E FJenkitts Victor B Waldron Thomas Curry Samuel Boyd C M Jonas ii Kenny L Muh S G Blannhurd Andrew Oliver Wallace Bigerson Geo MoCallars Willian Porter I J Muslhawtrl Josoph Andrews N C Felger J N lomlltunth Charanls Millnrd John Crouby C: C Colliu B Whitney P Fatnning Edmrud Laura Iloartwell Read Geo R Richtardson Danvd Marstron Victor David Jatoes II Ftold Baldwin Brower Jacres Evans J Oillit Ii A Pynchon E Gtll et Ndatirat Jarvis C A F Roudeau Johln Me Atdrewa Chtrles Bouriser Jrorph Loveli J Geuaon Uetty Florance B L~rmaanjr W F Jones Aldrew H Clayton IB.ttjamin Flornuee Wtr J Andrews M P Levy Fruderiek Frey Henry Jones D) Aiken William Abbh i ti WV Huntingdun M.Robotaitle M Caruthera .Bookmean Charlen Ogden. Henry Lathtrop: frdejick tWilliarns Jonathan Alslon L RbbrteOen Louis N Nadiad II Dan R B Sykes R Preux J Maurice A Fernandez WanfE Florance A Rieffol W N Martin F Csrryolles I'harlns Donna T Cousin Thomas Banks E J Roman J W Stantiton F J Foditall M Cruzat A Fortier Mr. Dutfaiel, editor of the Grand Gulph Whig, was knocked down a lew days ago, by the two Smiths, hotel keepersuin tlit town, nnd wans ahot at by them, nand yet he rose,drew a huga bowie nod let a.I feels its edge right and left. It appeas that tliteJ aSmiths are in the a tong. Conncr, the Greens, and Potter are plnying at Louis ville. The Whigs olt'Missi.ippli inaiat with much justice, that the late invitation I1t General Jackson is not a State affir, but that it i a grand pally move. - g - 5 a : Calculated for the Meridian of New Orlea`.s .A. I S C. 6 T Moth R~" s35' .. .0 M'an Im'. ["t:t a 1 4 39 PiASES OF TIE MOON, n JAU Y 1840. New Mon, 4,h day ,I . M.p E us i Ihnd . o .. a0 o to O s ` s t'ZM R M I d pno'1-.Sl (~ as n h a o I On Ala atrnat Day ol1{st. at i Aor tra I1'to. t.i ,. Hises. Set.. Moan Toen Deel H.nt. It. N. M. e. Sundsy . 9! 6 5; } I 71 ' 1 Ilnday nilmy.. 30 }6571 'loosdauy.. :11 6 57 5 tl :L `{Vtedaty.-tuaa1O .. h-46 '4 41 1 Threday . 2 1 51 5 11 4 121 Friday . .61 5 15, 4 39 Saiturday.. 4 6 56 5 171 5 PIIASES OF TILL MOON, roei JAiU.\IY ICAO. New Nlnan, 411, dry 3 19 99 11. t. Finalt Quarter, 1t21htbLoy 57 2 P. . FulledI 9n. 15th day 6 33 4 A. At Last Qoac tern. 2.itllay 7 33 7 A. M. Perigtee, l6th day, 2 A. S. Aptegm,,, 27th toy, 9 I. M1. OrP We are authorised to announce thnt, at the solici tation of a large number of the citizens of the three Municipalities, MrI.WILLIAM FoEET has ConsentCd to the presentation of his name to bhis fllow citizens at the next ensuingt election, as a candidate lor the office or Mayor ot the City of New Orleatns. I32 Notus ommesl autorisas & annollncer qu' t demande d'un grand nomobre dte citoyens des trois Municipalit6e, Mr. W.tLLIAM FIIEcRT s consenti h se prdsenter comotae canddoat b l place do Malire Ia psochaine dleotion. 37 L. U. GAIannI, el the solicitation of many of his friends, has consented to become a candidtle for the office of Mayor of this city. TO EPIiCOIPALIANS. JOLIN J. IIAoWELI. & t o. 49 ('ap street, have jue raceived fro P'hlatdelolth. a belutiful assort. meat of Book-, suitable for New 1 car's Gift, and Birth Day Preooent; laorg whll, It r cthe ook of Common Prayer, small and large, in various splendid bindings. 'he Polyglotl Bible, tlh. Pocket and Famtily Bible', all it elegant bintdinga. The Pictorial CIoon Ion Prayer, a most beautriful Lea don Book, large type andi hona-ome enllgrllvngs. Proper Lessoos for Church service and morning and evennor itrayer. Gliotprse of tie Old Woirld, or Exooreioas on the Continnot, anll in t. Ilanl of tieroeat Britaio. llv the Rev. John A. Clark, Rector of St. Andreos's Church, Philade!phin-2- vo s. TIe New Testament, in various t les of binding. 130 FOR ATTA IAPAS. 'P"- st.L l mler TOMOCIIICHI, Opatin Gil ett, will dorla ono l'u-t d' a ly morning, tlhe 31st intont at l( o'elo. afreight or passletl niloil aO bahll, oppa site the Cusltom Hsoal, OIr to PETIER LAIDLOW, 51 Cnamp st The rate of freight by this vessel has been fixed as follows, vir.: From Newo Orleans to the Atlodo.p.. On measurement goods per cubic foot, '0 cents. Dry barrelh $t. Wet fot $1 other articles in proportion. From All rkaooa to Nero Orleans. Sugarerer hogohad, . .5 O0 Cotton per hole, . 2 0 The fro ght of goode ohilpld by this r-onvoyance to tihe Attlkape, mroltst he paid in New Orleans bhefre tie deoattlare ol the vessel, or the amount gtuaranteed by the shipper to be paid on h'r retoro. lhis contlition has becomr iooliotioeto ibloe, dIea it io otllired to ie insorte.d in tihe il:o of ladlin, to intlole the responeibilitr of the boaot for the safe delivery of goods forwarded b)'her. d30 SULLY'S ORIGINAL PAINTING OF VIC'TlitA, Queen of Englatind. 'TH11 etiperb work of art, with oehrr paintingsi by Sea:Snlt artists, it tow opcl for exhibitlotn at 109 CHARTREN STREET, From 10 to 4, and 6 to 9 in the lvening. Admittance 51 cetot--Ticket to It Ihad t the book store of Haswell & Co, 49 Uamp at : W McKean Camp and Common sls. Norman Strele & Co. 14, Caep at. B Levy, Ithartrea & Iticnvile ctn. l Johtl I ('o. opposite St Clharle hlotel, and at thle dootr of exiihition. 128 FIOR NEW YORIK. Louisiaoa and New York Line. Regular Packet kor +tolondny,h .0. . The elgat fot astailinor packet shlip SIIAK SPI'ARE, Cornell, master, having nearly the he i twholefrera go engaged and on board, will poultltay ail as abavc, her regtrlar day. For balance of freight or passage, having splendid accommodations, apply oIt board, one tier below the veectabile market, or to doe FOSIIoCK & RASINEl, 70 Camp st FOR NEW YORK--Regular Packe ---.t (Lonisitanartd Newr York lihr.) I. 1 "'lll;lanedid fot tailing rocket sitp1 Huatsville t ptIL Eldridge, having one half of l hear cargo engaged ntil goi,,gon bhord,wtl be despatoched for the above polt il a few days. For bal atte of freight or passage. hae. lg legio accommodn~ tints, apply on hoard. opposih ti!:e vegetable tt.rket, arto FiOSD)JCK & RAtINES, d:t0 70 Cnotlp . FOR LOUISVILI. AND ALL INTh~KRMEDIA.t'IE I.APIDINGdI. The siplendid iron steamer VAI. LEY FOiRGE,Tboo. ioldwit, tnat ter, it now at the whatf opposli, Ipy. r-a.treet,a f ready to rmceive INr crgto to-more., morning, and will at abhinv nl 'Ihuredav !, January, at O oo'ch;ok, A. Dl. tri- dor.toOl ol wloterwill insnre her arival at the port ft dtf ,i,aiion, unlessa st Ohio thould bh cloned Ity ice. For f/.,y. comfort aceommdaton ofrplngers,reh is utnequadlld h rby any betia toe Wetran waters. For eightt or paseae apeply on board. or tn S. .JOHN BAI.DWIN,1.2.Tehapi, ....io0 .m I nnni a ui ,n AJWSfEMENTS. ST. CHARLES THEATRE. STAGE MANAER,. : G. BARRETT. Last night but Two ,fth eagneemnt al o Mr MARBL^, the celebrated SAMl PAI'CII, ulnd pr finrer ofr ankee Ullharanters. Fourth tlight ofni' Lewis and LA PIrITe BERTHA. Second time of the higlyh eSc2esful Prize I)rama entitled YANKEE IN TIME. t And of tie favorite piece called THE FOREST ROS E. Jonalthan Plouglhboy, Mre Moible Mr Blnoftrd, KapaIllI Irllsmy, M*r nH Williom, fchoenlroft Miller, lMlr Boddy Harrier, itrsle i ar ally, l1ies Verity n Monday reeing, I)eeemrer 30t 1839, will b6 per. formed, Ho:me'. Tragedy of DOUGLASS THE NOBLE BHEPHERD. Y-.usa Norval, La Petite Bertha Lord Rtnndnlphl Mr Marten Glenalvon, Kappell toinald, Price Lady Randolph, Mrs LEWIS Atinn, Cioli. CP. Doors open at 6--Performances to somtlneae at 7 o'lock..lll 12 Secman Ticketl mny be had at the Box O0ie0. /ltren from 10 nntil 3 o'clock. IrCRACES1 ECLIPSE COURSE. NEW ORLEANS JOCKY CLUB RACES. FALL MEETING-FIFTI'l DAY. (Rade oto one offat one o'clock.) Jndges-D. C. Ke r, John Slidell, II. C. Cammcek, Culthberlt, BuIll, E rlrn. IIONtIA Y', l)ene, her 8I', 1839. Proprietor's Purs. $50-mile healts, 3 be tin 5. Jnn. J. Miller enters ch. f. Curcula, 4 years old by Me doe, daml by SUallllr--Iresr s reen d reti. A. L. Bigatan renters b. f. Tnlie Doe, 4 year, old, by Pacific, oamn by Gray Tail--le green and te[ Alex. Porter enters bl. c Illa, k Knight, 3 years old by imp. Saac'redun, dlm by Tiger--lreens JInu. ICeae'ey en. ti eh. ia. Lucy Fu1ihr 5 eonrs old by Eclipse, dnm by IPaclkelnma-Dross blne sind Y. N. tiliver enteas J. G. Perry's. f. by l.eviathan, dam utllknown--lreta green uand white. - d3 V N OI.IVER, Proprietor WASHINGTON BALL ROOM ST. PIIPI' STREET, RI TWECN ROYAL AND IOL'URON ITREET). = llE MANAGERI of Ilie Washington Ball eoom respectfinlly inforns hi. friands ild the publie, the I ah t above mentioned establishmelnt w ill open for that eeason,on Monday evennllg,. November 41h, 1839, by a GIRANI) DRESS AND MASQUERIADE BALL, snd will conoue lthlroghnut the eason every Monday \\edniesday and Palurday evening ofeneF week. Admittance for Gienlemen, $2 00 New Orleans, Oct. l24th, 1839. - IIH)USE TO ENT+. As A comlnirtable two etry dwelling hnure, neanr Canal treent, contuiniing erry ronvena eLonce fr a matll familv--ltel ollly $15 per 1 -Poession given in a few days. Apply to d _5 _ I)_Myle & May, 3 Carandeler at TO RENT ` A Dwelling Ilouse 139 Julia street 111 If C CAMMiACK & Co. st , or I ee to ' A _ uAnc ACti & CO. d6 Ilfi Two r,),,m + on the seeord floor . uialhlo fo - ufleeupply on the premiTses, No. 21 Camp TO RENT. The thrree story brick store No. 87 New i. I. reveetrecel; oneneooit, gien iunediately. Apity ot Ill T R HYtIE&. &I flt IFt.t. /l i11l Fllloa. ing ln.titutioms, (Citizen's Blnk of Iou. ir isme; Union hlank of l.onsiarnma; Nrw Ortlese Cirral and IilBk or (Ct I.paoV, w II rrreiver specinlde IlO- ts rit.n I- crl licu s h 1' u l nr i ht mIdrrlr d J, llnri arld up &,.llrd+ t remlain Io thre rredrt rlt ht liee rrr ire,,r It -Inlcul e'rtlieicntesh tilirrllr.rcribrs will relifer 't'ickets i Il'r ure Rea I r teme L.ottery-Haunke' Arcade, Ili thig (Lit!, &e. SiItIIl)'I' & IHAMII.TON, lunder the VeradllI, hop u-itr E J lntr & Col dill Stalioners haIll BANKS' ARCADE, CITY HOTEL, &c. G RAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY OF PROPERTY SITUATED In NEW ORLEANS. SCl MIDT' & IIAMII LTON, Moanagrrs. Ojices under tle Vrrandah, (orser of St. adies and Common Streets, and No. 101 Chkartres treet, between Conti anld ,t. Louis Streets. ' TI'PH a view of meeting the wishes of our friends. we have tile pleasure of anrnouncing to the pb lie that this Lottery, by suthoriiy of tir State of Louls. inns, will be draIwn at the City Exchahtge, in St. Loeis in New Orleans. Th'e drawing will, without fail, begin an the IstDem ceiier nexrt. Our agents throughout the union, will cause the ahove to hr insrrted rrrire in onr of the sewepap ers of their respretiro resinrenees, aid charge the expenses in c m tll llt. 6tl-i-di SC lMIDT & IHAMIITON. The Verandah--S. Cherolr ' Theatre-Cmp at. Theatre-Caldwell's St. CharlesAreude-Hotels. -Storre-Square of Ground at e CAPITAI. I'tltZrS! !! LOUISIANA GRAND ItL;AL ESTATE AND STOCK LOTTIELY, oliee corner of Canal and St. Clhrles streets, authorized by a law at the Stilte, 6th lMrrrh 1128. THE HALt tIILLION, or Camp etreet Theatre I.otter). 1291 Prizee! draws oil :ist Decesmber, New Year's Eve. anr finitrhed in one Iraing. TIl'E GRtAND T'Wtt AIIIIoI)N LOTTERY. 10,000 Ptizs! ! ! Will cnmmernce drwting as suoon as practicable oater the First Lottery. lNte Haf iny halnks n the Union, hiech;re ia gem erally hotkable in ila .Grly Itey one issued, will be r.ceiv e in pan 3 ae1ll for .Tast, w hell are rn the tlrI" C.ALDWELL, OAKEY & PRI'T'C:ARD, lo2 Prooeiri praietors & Suage, l rae. C .E Nalo Million or Crohmp St.reet ' Iedrs Class of the I.nnisilanu G|{ASU REAl. ES'T'ATE AND ST'OCK LOT'FFItY . will positively te drawn eo the 31st December, N Dw e NEr-' Eve. CaI.DWILI,, OAKEY k PItITCHARDo . Al Officer corner ofnao and St C harles s o. E'ICAL WO11l(t. .-Join J. Ilaewell, & Co. SNo. 49 Camp street, have just reteived from Phil. adelphia atd Iaston, a generat supDty of nandicral behkrr, of h lalthtest editiru. ; atoring which ase Louis on yellow fever. iThe select Medical I.ibranr, l n vols. tlloarl'rs Cyclupedia of prrctlral surgery, colored plateor, fi in. S.ikas on diseaies of the chest. Mrldiecl end surgical rmographs,. by Andral, Louns, Stlrd, dr. Ac. tricilpled of the theory and practice of medicine, by olerrh al Itlui, llM. D. dt4 PRESENTS. At tile Bazaar, corner of St. Charles and Coto. man streets. r ORTOISE SIHELL BASKETS-A beauti tful Gift for tihle eason, elegantly mouneted in grld, silver and pearl. Curd Baskets, for the table, of Tortain hell, and papisr machdt, with oil paintings. Work Boxes, a splendid asoartlsant of Work Boxes, of rose w od, hebony, in'aid with pearl arnd Tortoise Iahell. Lndies' Drsks and Dresring cases, with work and jewelry roxes, also willsth nsic, Card a:sesct ad Pearl Needle Books, somae aew PatternsO4oleted in Paris,just the article for a Gift. Musical Boxes, large size, parriag four, six and right tunes, opera glasses, gold pencil eases, bouquct hlolders, pearl pen holders, fine pocket knives, Rodgors' superior razors, pocket books, port folios, rtastil'ld writoro, ec. &o. togmthlr with a laorgeo aortmont of Guerlainsa extracts far the idkf, Cologne, Lavender, and Florida water, BUSH & ALLAN, d24 lnt oar St Charles & Cowmeno ats I'ORI)tlLA OIL itOPhE--tIl coils Cordlta ot Rsope, loldidg fnom shipl Charliarraa., for sale by Ilt PE'TIER LAIDLAAW, 6i Camp at LOS 1.OR- rii iaili latirirEg ia Roe rahptriog ' oder tlor ale by dll G DORSEY, 44 New Levee DEIRFUIERY--.otorat French Farhion, a futll sge I eortment rfpeiiatur., Colagat tecr,soapi wder heurhes ..c wnolesale or retall by dtl sorrier Natcbe dr& ThtIupittotnlstrit ' '1'O LET. ThIe bouse oceopied by the hsubscriher, frn tig on T'iroll Circle, contaioing two parloro, l ou baf d roomn, a kitchet and servnnts rooms: I . with or without the carriae house and stablea-d jouianlg the premises. ALSO. 2small hmoue on St. Joseph toret, A Iy I, di+ Bt

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