Newspaper of True American, December 30, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated December 30, 1839 Page 4
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etn hailve t .k nhains amt. einp teir wllytnets Coir ak of flaiy ; & amplete. t?:a ale se e Gollde Cesb. ga o the golden r: at st . r'loo rh.n sotok an hand, a full rao nnt ofticlniin their line; vin: brushen, looking gla see, t hlnl palt as follows:, lwr gthana plaintucntwist, Sdret--nn, side pu;, earl and 4er de aription amongst aeket, together with & eA:rican. - lae, Lavenler, Florido, honey, fers of every esie and den lno d, s glege, extract of Rlrgamnot. s F, keuda, ahaning do in cakes adnepots, S rd*'veagetable hair oil, bears and a ' t' psttag rll lain and perfumed P n eel powde, n erpufs and boxeas p Sn anddll 0 chlorine tooth wash ith. a general assortment of - dome of the latest and nmost fanshiana gofwhite and red cornelian; topsl, . p ila lete at greehbeatpinsera grey" i-i watch trimmin, git and silte cklea, lr thiinklen ilverrand goldpI trils and guard chains RUSH IS-.-ClIyiol hair, du.ate,erunnb,learthfloor eh h plae, comb, Nail, shaving, sloe and. OKING GLASSR.-.-erm.a statin and toilet jleenotsngdiang and French dressing glasses, houme ` , withuvaniv of other kinds not enumerated. ' DNcY AND VARIET'Y ARTICLES-Freneh U '," AnA nrican rptabn denks and dressing cases, snon JL ed nfinly.ilufnhd ladies work boxesan ddhe. aIle nenses witatnd without music, musical boxes. Ac noiinol2moer ,us iu kild, violins and guitars, silver and jfiord penelto.asleltdwond pencils for carpentere and 7 Ril'nesiotlelo-oek,gaunsand pistols with and without .enenc, pnaols in ena,, pcrnuasion cap chargers, nilple #*dW* h naerp, n"aot ,heltngame hbag paste blacking,toy t ea Blettedicdeaisad ofn every kind, bells and punmes, m ant it columtm Ilrjvea, razor and Aciselrs, thimbles, ,rIle, silver platedl, steel and com u ia ienc:t olis. etb n and wallets of various kinds, viiing - od ear ases, playing calrds of Freneih, ;oerano adA r manuocture, doltl, imitatio fioit, aslln zneprtstn of various kinds, Saunders' o lomeroys BttliqaniHillmen's ail Hawki's razo r 'straps and eottlei ikhonae,dirke, fancy bead ietklsce, do wvtl ,o.r ,toi y wetlicets, pearl buttons, powder tasks, eu and l s hnadngilt ariad silver do, gum elastic suspen Treend-gaarer ,l~aiaand sword canes, backganuoint i. O ' rodsdlenopttcawviemries,jowsav rpas, Iocofoco natel, uaa dml'dnlking cups, .ith a great variety ol other arti llei, a~ll afwleat will Ie sold for cash or cily acceptan Ce. ol2 moanh credit. H H 311 MMCNS, & Co. `' M IENIY R1 LEE & en, Na 2 5IC trIU e sleet, a, . oew receiving rom ships Nashvile, Louisville, i t ,nitlk, Pllle, and other late arrivals tren :he ? .l:,eln citie, a large amd new Selecterl assortment fl;.Ie, Boots., hoes and Brogans, ronsttinglOfgeltrlenen's fine calf and Morocco boots do .d quality; do bul'i and stout wax pegged Ioots o arionts qualities; men's fite calf sceal alla 'toluoacc retp Inps and brognsshoe, buckskin shoes, bin lls a,, tippetsl mentshioe calf and kippedl peggedl tioesa , iensei,;to boots; do aleut kit, aud wax peggedl sboes iridd s.+ gentlemnen's beast quality calf lewet shoers, S'ogun atu n d olok Downinga; do calf aStd Moroccr i itciletedtec amthrogans; d calf, sea l al I ad nsocr Iditan stoostndhlipslw:t, ilo calf, buff' a tth seai wangs, slew aiticlel .ido, finealf, setl and morocco qlintet Mots Ioyva' miases'and ehtldrPei'a Ire ledt and svwed b ogans, aattahoes of every gltmlityand kind. AlIo a genersafl se nerttt of men's stout wax mnil r.s broganle and shoel, togetherl with 1o,00r paif t gro best quality, russett brogans, nailed in htIl I aks madleexpressly for plantation use; a good ars r tnletlm of mel's fine and tout kip russetl brognns, a Sw artiscle,ni a 'arge quantity of all ifocrior lualiit rI ssct andil wax blrogal. Latles' Wlie calf, real, morocco anti grain welts, ua pirp tile shoes; dine 'lei,on, lularco arstl kid tl cc'. ablippers; do roan shoes, with aind without Iheels I oHf, seal itd stout leathel, bootees; ito Pruella aline. S I fallkiids anMl qualities; do tatilng brogotis; to g'itelr. irnnei fke boatees. Miuses' ls.igl siig SllOesani in 'gna ts.- Cildrcn's colored Mortune said Iating bi,. ,,n ýcýlipti~onoa, lce. le findoieP 'stfiilbanoneble bloek silk ht:ts; do black ' tltiowis n'erd of a superior quality; cdo initinao If rletnrlo; bLntid .i nairow brim men's line di, b ll f E l4i.k'Rutssia ltaint naroled bats, a new alticle. Yolths' s ;e tize ba o t od ifleret ualities; do i hiilren'e 31.c'na itn by)'s black atl lideb wool Ihats of sarioi s II:}l, wil withgeaertl casorteuit of boys' anid mea'a pidrs caps. 't has asset itent will be reptleisScd by the arrival of Sa II tleketstrom thde noom e named citiesn all of whitcl Itllbe tsold on aeeommotaline termsl . alg I--.f HOLLon. WARE, WOOD bSCREWS, SAD IRONS, &e. THE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. i 238 Water, near Beekman street, New York, have received the past season, and are cor.staltly receiving large and exlensive additiohs to the stock of the above goods, which now cnuistsa of the allowing aseotmen, suittableo for the southern and "western mnarkelts. Hollow were of cuperior quality consisting of about 1.5010 tons, viz, Poot of 22 different siron, from 2:8 ti 50 gallons, ettlesi 15 sizes, from 3:8 to10 30 gallot, Kettles, 5 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, 6u :spanc or Ovens, 7 different sizes, " ThsKettles, 6 do +letat, . 5 do sS pitders 6 do i . o.rN l sapidere, 2 do s9g~dcI ns 4 do I a 6 de et g ea.from 1 1.4 to 43.4 inches. ,crt.eo,r5 to 7 inches. aiod rewCs , 20,000 gross, iron and brasse, from i8.tdsflk~: 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior ianliijy hJy fiish,. and les than Jarnl's imported prlo.t. 8ads Irons, asorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for rotaiting. -Taitalor' and hatter's Irons, assorted. Sash weighlts, 100 ton, assorted from 1 4.4 to I01.,. Satlle for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. madesit order, - Also . teasnbsitn and other machinery made to irder. ' , The abohe laeortment of goods is particularly recommendetl to the attention of Southlern and Westert merehlants, and are offered far csae at low prices,, and .on tmhe most liberal terms ; it ir be. lievrd topbe the largest and best assortment ever offered for csai, by any onlo eotablishmcnt in tlhe United Statie., Merothnts, by lorwarding a requsat by mail, enn. haves printed ciroular. witl, de.ription of gaotla, prieesladl tenrm, fr-om whitci no deviation is ever made, furaished by return of mail. All orders willreceive immediate attention. New York, 1838. jc Pinh o Forte ialsoructdon. o William Snith tenders his avrvices to the eii, enes of Neoy Orleans as a teacher of thie piano forte. MrS ltayinp bee, e mpla yld several year as if mate iilrprivate families in B.ston 4and sloat several of tlhe fe. ale aneuinaries in is v ritiniy, cannot bui hlpe to merit their confidence. lst. psrmlitd+lo refer to tev Dr Cl.pp. Metssrs Stesoumn & Avery, Henderrson& aineea. · aForltermas.e peaie apply at tile bookstore of 'Alexatder Twer,49 Cstotp st oct 2 ' V RE fUARAE I --T ...he ... s'a nhe.1O rzjpress his grateful ttaniks to i thep S tie, for tha.sibefol support hle has reeeived since r e £S - ommenoed husiitesa is tills city. Being sn.,m it. prietruof thanseed attre, 17 Cuainiuon i tnecet, hu a .not and nevrr was agernt Ior any norlrrn teed 1 - vender; °heiiher is he eanseted with ntv hlu e in . thts.cetonlty--bt he aessures thle public Ihati Is onnoecliuonsin every department of lie seed buel. omess, as the different countries of Eoaopa are eqsil to that of Any house int thiti United Slates. f, ie S pnrltrseds,..pIlens, &e. fromn ihe most exenstive . c-d" arerpeectsle uraserira and seedisnen in France, Holljnd,.England, Semoland and time outhere :ames te--andit wiiiata I ltimes be his inrerest, as it Sie . aidtJy treceive, in addition to ts h iresen a + ek. large crsivals of every deacriptian, really the, r-. growth 0o 1838; also, engraled fruit trees, iI at! kh inds. .The public may rely oil lindig a fuil as aortnment'of every artclea io tole ced la.,iol gente l'tou qality, eatd imtprted direct by VWm. DINN. A' 2 1 ti S(fITII & CO., renpectfualy inform '. tliaeir litendl:s'ind the public in general, that they+ oeeupy tlhe tew brick ati, ., n i ii,,,uor.t ,,. t .atest, wlere thiey keep conatantly on hatnd Copper, rhl.ln l ami Shest Iron Ware, of every doascription, I as Otyppeia.stille, kettles, and pumps, ti bath. i 15 8bl tit ud soil Ceans,"of all sorts and sizes, and all . c0bI.b.b.u e tiug,done at ahorteit notice. S* e swc r + of every doecriptiun, sialo as steam. at 1e. hog chaOaios; anrew bolta, and otler S4 -ofat s week, such as oabjiinnuys, breech. Theyfaeille arlo dshatll s inds uf out door work, ailal, oppr. sad tin roofingk and gutterinlg, iesb ave end all othertiada ol work it he 00l they will hxeCUte at tee ,. N 4, bdeetl r Brx t lip, brine tri·t.ll o on huond -i,.s ht.drre ohl, ..i ire, wlthich ahe wsill ,isp,'a e.ljery ', oaerale plire. ,4 Il+c ,vn ,ir, t, ae qci.tnnee on Lendin in , rleJR ^.r. If htvetaetr wishest Inded tu L b .EGOUR it . o'ust ck; pin pertU 8 ma l beot Tdp e' ndui -itithe ; BlI ie tely,-.eoeo fortic post enaoeha t$ PesenRmta-treitoarerrsmhaste to Lnitt.n where.tholend route irunte id-ther u TihMirleans rindt Browntsville, Fla. Blinbtidee, .?is~ttts;n, lRwtinsville. Snitideravillo& Latis. v lil.rouAuguer ,Oa ec, elnlclino rergultrly with titt roil reed reti to Charleston, anol tle stranl eltakter ItoeNow York, Norlfolk, Politirehio , ale. T'are bteambace ore the best for tlre service, end the nsimeation pretents more advanlrntes than callr he fellRtad upon ally etesllonlhot route in thle suthi. erne toina. y Thel great improcvemoente in the route ove been prodored by iheeonstrurlion of fiftyr mitre of etw rooed, by tire tprprielore, vio : fronm Lirirn ee oil LaFa.ctrre aveun, an arm of Snnto Rosea Bily, to Bryenc'a Ferry, r o tha Chnt nhoiet ree river, ten milesth, ove tlte Cnirwlrd, er 14 ahove Cedar Blhtlf, whereby the noda rllo ot the river, ansol ttI eon. seauenlr derantice, andt mtre rrtellrl tile incll rsenenr ereoing lat tie Cirowlerl, ore entirely a ovoidhed, n fire rdnl frilo. llerialon ier.ri .re Bnlnhridr.r, oiataed a tire r -iootirooAt rnod vci thutrtonborhre,. hii.eini ihidiornnorre about forty A rln . -- ,,ntl lille of tto IhIrse tage. everi Snther d.y trt, II-kihivller. vie PjPrry oe loeaieo. it . t elolrelyllg lll the i ll oine to SIvaonih alnd yDarien, Gen. a A mail stcnmbn, atlir. re.tlirlv berwpeii Bainbrldoe nm d Aoi.nen'rieoln. 'Irenv llenres wis'lie to reach ally pohit en (hillnhrtmt c oiir A)raln , II. Scorn, en take nlow lott At Brow iovilliie. Mobile to Prtrtsacola-l];.od Roune.-l)urine tire i tle necpcuid by the rlalrin ret ru:e, the promorto. tirre rrf tie Florida line w.ill rin a line el itu horse pmst coacheie every sither dry betwerilj MI. SiOilre ald Penoanol.i. Pasrienern will leae P Ma, hile at 3 o'crltok, pm, in the U S oot, ,ld iron'ed to Ill'o LtiIni ta ine here a four horse eTo ch will oi In reni inn In ecunvey them to ile exr llent h1eds o f .lr. Chilrles, SHall, I 14 mile istant, where thley will find r, lreasat occoUlltoditrone for the enilh--leavino S ext morning, they will ntrir in Pensacola itel rl in the evni.ln, thus a.nn.liog the tdio......rt et it ig ht trovellini. e Of let r he Mairnsion Ineusr, Mlleie+, and CI. linet' lltel Pensoolan awhere seeti tinot tre tevil red. S'I'OtCK 1' N & (,. nN & r IfOVLIOL kh MAY, tlouse, Signt, onri )urlhanelmu P inters, No .3 Ziarntele s alcel, two dan rolifrom Caral streer. nall oietons of l-he following woodrs nd martles, ke ecuted in a nlaselrely mner. PMir ogituy, Egypltian black and gold, S Orlk, (;itlatt Asti Aico, Collert di Oriental or nerdd aotiqUe, RCurlet do, ,srnpee, Unrtlecl Maplet, I inlotl Seone, lirits Eye .o, I )i by Glntiite, S:tio W' old, r ie trteoneC, . ir e irWVood, rleve or Itr rdello, oYe "l'tee, Iilli aie White. II (:nmeooraileor ne Itlek ` i:lllnr cll ltrectells, iose s tnVood, I Aneeri lul G(rtey, n Ash Whrite Oak, .e. i r e. .scinmuns to be seen at the shot. !Paints, tiler A 6 M illjf rreror tlter, New Orleons. WIV SIhcRGteANT & Co. importers of French nand Enelish China aend Earthen wanre. ore nlon epening new aild rich patterns of ireakfasl, dtlnin and ten services, toilet sets, pitlrrers, ten anti coffee cups, leapors, sulanrsn, cranls, howl, pllrre, disieso, tureer, wanh Ibins on' eweis, a u t bath si, rlet. etc. i Rich cut noild plain Feroe, nod Anerrican gnass. wonrt--- hlrets, eli, ctroriine,. lIemonder, jellire, clarets, oin -, cordllals, centre llowhln s, ilocnllrttter. i tur nbhers, precervte{rileieo erret, tit(.rlerS, Innt is. aimp shelde nd gaosses, candle senloe, suit ce! 4 era, etc. a Silver platled, rlenzed c britnnia t nrr--ra itrs, liquor soands, cke heakers, c;indlreustclt, branches, spoons, ladlres coffee nlan l, iatt s, Pl{.gr, ,el nasi, lamps ia,.nned trays, asrra onet-', nnd Iln-lgoin lalps, fill cultlery, Gerllanl silver slpurnm and Iarks, Iorether wIhI ao grear vnriety f.triteclts tar forUitly use. Mercrlants, planters. hlitrs, and otreanelhis,s frllished Warll god at the nmost r.n son.ble price, soad mll, ked so as to be euneunry d with sslely tO n or rt i the conuntry. iAloe, nln eearirets' lnsirrnri. nn02 i COAL -'l'te iertbitrier. ioee ciontran ty ire had a lare supply ov Canel and Livero.1 eool, no tulk, of superior quality, whiih they offer hor n.le in lttes ti suit purtr haers. Also expected i Ithe lirsr nrrivlt, fro it g ll land onlld tIhe Nrth, Cnnol, Lehiol, and Peanch Il,,tlhendt exrtrrasly far lanoily usr--a.llof ,vhi h 'ittey will o tlpoSe p i ei the moirrtir o lint erreo tris. Ordlers teloi at teir i tllice, Nt Li i:-'nvillu sat. i p stairs, t ill ie pr titlll i l itduid nto dH ASrrl'i" ., EI Negro clmise, hlankerts flannels, Inacs)e, l.well sllirtiurr , ct "c+,lis, l.f ns. calicoes, handlkerchicis, &e' &ec ielved and lor erle low by the subacri. be:s. ROTTA & Co. not. corner Ctannl nla Chartres S l-' E\V (iG 1)-S-i elnns Hlart: & e arn ilnow re. 11 eeivingu fiom oil bcard ahips Yazoo, and Saratoga "nd brig Cleordia, fro New York a grenat iariy glods in their line, wlich togethcr wcitie their finrei artock on h.nd, Iinkes their assort . c llt very, lnte. 'le loll owieg cpose a rt, viza : ell twistnr, :.,r ide tlek and drsillcgcollr, blorln do ol'all descriptio, s, din rbber, silk ad worsted elastic rentenm, (cOen't e & line elastic slspenlders, lc, blco and I.neilir anlller, .eidlitz powders, powderit'i llbnoitdi IIarI,.,itilet IIwihl.l, pocket booksn and wallet., needle books, shll, peail, iory and Ilrncto crd cilse s heall lrlllllellt, I ain ic rl beladi, necklaces nL legligrees, IcalU L c I blll'ad necklaces, ciLl llcss a diiIll[ilen d,silver Ilnlc d ,iltie.d, Indian beads, bells and lumes; pistol ad large pow ler flanks, shll belts, horIse belt. olcket aid I it i c g itlsouble l nll dsinigle barrelled cuns, Buwie knivesr and dlirks. seisaurn, siears pocket khnive, gein oil , and riblors, waist buckles, cloth, hlir tlomIIi eil ndeldi rumll, le idate, lor millld dil atino g bart l. es Colgin. loridnlav hender ro ad Lo' Wtciig r II.aredl csncs1en, anlle. lra'ts Milcetccitlli, cIlil, tliei ccc'i , :u( W alr ', i getullll hnir rcilv, sl tvhII EII III Ill e i apt l r ail de. crs iritlse, Iodile' ard gell I ont:l:i' elill dricn.ainC cnrtes, Sir JiiegI , b'if rin ih Illl rlicin, lli, faic aindj nsical Aiwrlk inoxeu ii ni iswd gilt, ligur., c oait si o:t Dtlrnos , Ragly ud i or sirct ht t, irthse:nda, g.ld anld silvc r lnjitllil cten, tootillllks Iall d tweezt , A.pllnited aid giltl, letu'r, icitore W h, oilher iHrst: cd ter limblcs, hooks adei eyes, hair l, hint, iiain fuiit, blkr and redilk,clihe bhlcking, violio ciod gtill',ri-hlni eid pliain percussion caps:, lii.n twine, sii:cnlte os rens,agld cad silier lace aud lir tg, iltter paper, htpi bn s, ridig wc'ipo, tlk'io g necaccprlonyig cnid:, Iine gull, platedl aimd gif jiwcellery &c. S'the aiove, together with a great variety if olther art le -e alterdn ,t wolecsal or retail nuo anccclmOdating. terlsa, N B Shell combs rlepair-d '':) 'L'iiE tALlIES. rlt IIUL.S' U I'FIltl AII G O)1 NAI. SUI'PPRTI'I',e ft IIS new ienstrument for tle riadcal caure i Pro Slapadus Uteri, or Flaliag of ith Wolb, bly x ternal cpplication, cicperscdi- g the use of lthe ub jectionablu proesary, is confidetly recommended to tle alfflicted as tlhe llican8 o a perfect rester Itiol into health, it never having failed of perlitriing a clr, even ull under thle iost alggravated circulllntal as. It has reemved thla decided approbation oi f Sir AtsUcy Cooetr of London ; Sir Bcl'njaimin C Brodi ; Sir Jancs Clark, Physicia to the QUerlli ii Asalwcll. Lecturcr an midwifery to G(uy's flies. pitlh ; Dr iligoy, lecturer to St Bart holime ws;i Dr Grifilth, lecturer to WeVst :tnte Hospital: W Ir aillsbotlah, lecturer to Io nin h1Opll ital ; Robelrt Forgeuson,leulurelrto Westmisacrlyi:g.tin hosiilt, nal; Dr Sweatiman, lecturer to Middllcsex hlospilci. arid senior necucleur to Queen Cilarlotllc' lylcg; in.ihospital ; also by lHlnry Daiee( Cnicquct:nn Blulndeill, Lee, Maerrictant, surgei Kateuts, &n. by Dr Morreana, iaeidellt oi the Aeademie Flcvalo .i Medicine, Par-s, acld Accouncl:r to thie I)tIcClcless I D'Orleaac ; profesorsc Velpeau, lMarjolilt Paiul DL)ubuin,Sa. su and lcuthers-and in New Ycrk by CprOltesorJ W Francis, G S Bedlbrd, M I pirol-a. cir of midwifery inl the uaiversity of t'le cily of Now York, prols. iholfiild, and liraticis, U Jllai. ltoa, precidect Countiy Mid SiSiy, Laurents hull prolcdeat mrlc sceiel:y Stalteof N Yirk piih Jan McNauglaton of Albay, i-ro.. . . iMarcli, C,,,nIlicer. klsi, Doae--Dlrs 'I'ilos Boyd, Gilbert S11itiil [loack, Stecaroe, Lucdliwc, KI.~ani, Vlchie, Pw:-r, G;rayson, Vatl RInsaalaur, and Imany otlher disti. gualhed pIhysiciansI it tin U States. A G lull, Oflcu 4 Vessey st, Aalstor flouse N LT_/ A constant supply of thle above inltrments, with Dr Hall's inproved '['niue. fior Hli'rnia, will he kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orlecs, A Gi Carpenter, Natchez; Stolu & Marlh, Woud. itle; Bootth anId Mallory, IMemphis; N' P' .il; ;n Wn, Somterville; hall and Washilgiton, Nishv ill; Mcloirity acd IHllmilton do; R L Ullas, Floruncu C Sptawoond, \thli,. elall; cialrciibri-, AgenIt: fiir thie Celxi-tensi ll ut oi - . I d. .ilutclh,, elitlield, lcienedl, lnhave just +rived a very t'xltllclc c set o clc ric e., rul-nil of obia sid l)entc, ritiivrea o. ' -, dLseritiiO, 1'cs, i chet, l)ilk, anid Sieaur illt aIncves; iiac,,', Scis. 'c Rg- i'ulils, &c. nc. &e.&. which they' acre Iepacedi a uxmacel to he lrade tar iurnl-c. Ilers anad cUUadltioa ill be macanauwn at the tuime. as16 J. U.. ..N & A IIEN.9 Cnees, ..t, 3FOR NRW YORK. T4OLMES' LINT. OF PACKET.t'- To sail every • other Monedy. lltis Iine mas empo~ed of six ships, viz: 1 Ship Victosauno, Captain llunker, Nov. 25th111 ,.LOneLa ns - Sears, Dec. lth I'ASTEA,, " 23d o AotrASa, - fltldl, Jan. 6th i NaanvOLLe, - Wood, 20nth ALAdAMA, Berry, Fob. 3d The abe ships are of the bit clas, copered, anl crppetr fastened, and htarig been built in Nw York expressly for this Irtle,--they are of light lratught ol' weatr, n!d almost isivriablv croas Ite Bar witttiot any delenrtion theet psketseare commianded by Captloin T well extorm.eed in the trasde, and w ill aliva exert thetotselves to comlltammot le-tle) will ala oe hetowed if i tud dlown the river. atld will piotapily sail as ad. f, vertield. T ''hey have lhandsomenly funsllr e nconmtnndetinns, and tere o;l if the fist qulity will always hae ftruirsd, lst eelrry. ,itteoti laid ti the ettmfitt and satisfactios o all psengers I hie price of elbte passage is Bixel at $30, without witne or tiqiur. y cr tfutaer partliculnrs al.lly to n2 A Ct)lttIN, 90 Conman set ''tiLo ships are not ncYauntole for breakage if glass, , hollow rle, marhle or granite, eOnlprage, oftin, or irnsIt tfion or steel, nor r.apeilleitle fioe na package or ri.i.rel, niens a rettl-tr hi'll oflndiiti lonitttd ther-fr. 'ýM.t\ SUiLt( CiiW 1)'£rV UtIt LANSLI. E L 1l s InINE will r o cenpris ro f ve shipseven i, which whil succeed a.i other itn the it lloving order, via: to lhip St. 5larv R \V Peoter, tmailer. lSilitT'rov, R. boikiodt rff, itonetr. itt Ship t Itepublicai.J S Wileo, lmavteor. i. hipt Alitutrll, o' ornell, meater. New sthii FraikhtrtJ unsserll, masiter. hNew Mrhit taury Kin-Wloold, ut ttcCerren, lste er. iNeplw FnlrfiPtl, iVy t. v I. t eai r I These Ohips are nill f lie first inse Ieel nleoacmm da atiuns for pitesenreia unsurlpassd fur ctlort and itnlve wi Yce x said abl y i n e f rt hralTdeprc "l 't lurrealrsl pnrt llttlliv will I rilisved in inepnleeh tie i tle,n Its unlveirtled, and evnev rlsina nllna acelt Snlrlnllon exteanded Iio sl ipers camlol adeanvrs r Il ir fiteigit olr psit-elnge, apply tI sel l'EEl'tll LLAIDLaW, BB6 Camp st iCIR NEW YORK. eta [Loulsiana atl Nilw York Line of Packets Till'c Ships coneprina thin line will sail from New Orleans and New York oni every other Mon day--colnalencinge on thie 2tlhl Noveonber-ond to il.sure tie puntnuality in tle ltie ofsaililng, tq Iin. will lhereafter o nheiset of Bve slips, vio : Ship Yazoo, Uaptain Tlrask, to leave oel the 20tho November. Ship Louisvi!le, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th Decetmber. Ship Iletlerilleo, Captain Eldolge, to leave on the .Bill December. Ship Vicksburg, Coplailt Woodhouse, to leave on the slet Jatnuary. Sliip Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15thlofl Jantary. iThe above are all new, of the first clans, copper di and copper fastened, nd uprwards of 5190-tons iburtlhen, are of light drought of water, beitg built t in New York explressly fior tie trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dolltars: tlleir cabils arc l fitted tip in tihe most itmproved and convenient re plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style - Aniiple stores of the first quality will be provided, Sand every regard paid to the cimmfort and entire snitisflactien of pnsfseilgers, who will please lake no. tie tIUhat II berth can be secured until paid for at 'ithe OtFceO of the cOltsigneen. ']'lhese veessls are commanded by captains well Srexlperienced in the trade, who will give every at S tetltion and :axert tleniselves to aconittmndate. Thet swill at nil tinmes be towed up and down tile Missis. _ aippi Iby steattibOatL, end the slrictest punctuality observedtl it tite Citle of sailing. 'e Te owners of tlcese ships will net be reeponsi. ie, bilr any letter, pIarecel r package. sent biy or pitt on hoard of themt, unless a regular bill of lading ii be sigeid tlerelor, at the counting lhose of the s agent or owlrers. For further particulars apply to rs J D BEIN & A COIJEN, d nov21 90 Coniton st NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINE (OF SPACKETS. This line will consist of thel following volssls which have been built or purchased aexprcessly bor tlhe trade, viz: Ship Seaman, Capt. Mminer, Bark Mary, Nickerson, Serad Ferry, new ' Stevens, " Solomion Saltus, Lathlnm,, Brig Architect, t l Gray. These vessels are of the first class, lhave lhand. some faurliliod : ccoinmodations, anld are of' light draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and dischalrging thleir cargos in Baltimore, at the -city. Freight will be taken for ports on thle Clilsapeake or James'c River, and forwarded by the agents, Messrs. CLARKE & KELLtIGG, at Baltimore: expenses on goods shliprd will be advanu.ed when required. Tle price of passage in fixedl at $10, rample stores of the b st quality will be provided. Steaim uIi and down the Mississippi will be taken on aIl occasions. For freight or passage, applj to GEl. BEDFORD, nov21 22 Hienville at. SlE\ OItL:ANI S & CIIARILEST'ON PACKETS A, 'is line eonsisls of Ior rversel, oil ci thie first clas, copperend and Ioppcr fee. enedl, and of nhllout 200 Ions iurthen, with Iandernne aceommodatirne for passengers. lThese vessels are cncolmandod hy cnplains wel II ,xperienced in thie Irade, who will give every ai u setiionand xert tihemselves to sccoimm.idatr III i- shippers. They will . towed up and doown Ihe MAisoasilppi, and lea ve New Orleans on or before s the 10th and 1Sih of every moith.. The following . vessels ncomnpoe hi line,' viz : Iari,. Arhians,Charles lOrrdnn, msster. a Irip C' J, B. 'iiThompson, nmaster. ei Brig Alhneno, J. Dinne, master. r lnr g R 'ger \Vilhlns, J. Allibersc, mser,. , For treykght ir pneselu apply nad. A. IARELI, &C ni,hl C rimion ist. Newi Olleans, or M. C M.'crd.leaiChalralia, eel I STA'IE F LOUISIANA--'arish of Orlesns .- CouIr of 'robanie. d G l'l all wshom these presents may coIncern a, O rreliJg. v- Ku'ow ye, that whereao William Mackey, a ree ' ideal of Ithe eily ol l.iayville, Ky., has aplied ti !, /he Rneisrer of Will, In and hnr tile parish & ciuy of N'w iOrleans, onne v offlit, Clerk of the Coui i' Pr,'bares, in and fir the Parilh nad oty or Ne G Orleans, aldnrsaio, fora MONI'I'ONor ADVIER - IIS1"'l'NT', in conf.rmitiioi i he Acpt ,r iki -. Legi..llurd ath SI,.nte e stithd '' AnI act for h aiirlsheransaran|Cotl li lea to purllrrtlll Jurdalalli d .l,d," aol~e ne101 ce1 lilIrll, 1i83' , 'A ife ,i. 1 Iireyllg) Iltl all Wolio i mlay ciie irntli l' :I viruae ol, and in biiedie itIo anel order Of suel frnri el said coorit of irloales , : sland l It e purih land 4'lny ol Niw Oicean, 'ear ena dafe ike lhird i Apri', one tlroucanld egbll hbuodred and ia ilhti and rendered ii the d maler of I i Nuhanieil Cfox,in tilepetitionef Christop i ami,ju. Syndi oaf t.e creditors of said orna ol Nsilaniel Cox, deceasedt which sale w'asalso granted iursuanllt Ithe dleliberalione of a meeting of Ihe creditors of the decioeid duly held and clonvened uon the tlird day of FKr rlair, eighlteen hundred and Ihirry eial, bef ire HI. B. inns, Esq. Nrlary Public, and nlso ofter I hoieleand dusual plblliaII hlld baeen mnadel, tlie R.eiaorer of Wills did expise for sale by public anuclion onI tile nilllh day if MooY, one0 Ihaosanll rielil hundred and Ilirtyeiger, fir accounr oful tihe atlresaid succession of tie laue Nihbanel Cox, deresedl, the landed preperry hereinilter desecri a edblllhongin to the said sllccession, whichl pro, prty wans adjuldiared 1 said \hlllamn Mackey s the trlo nnd hiigliheat iddler thlereon, or the oial rice onlld of seventeel hCIIO Isand dollloars. Descrriion ut Ithe propeny as given in the Judicial cltoveyan "ae: A!I snd sinoglacr two errain lols of grund auellher wikh lie huldings and icprnovemeies Ih 'reon, ail oil Ihe righol, pnrvileres, cuolnlos wa)R. ocrVirudem andadIoanRar..elhereu kelo bB l,,inl r in anlly's ise ap.ert; inlng, sitaiorl n ti i asulurbl Srt. arlo'l hielrsiity, ii thei nquare bound. d bly I'oydras, Muiruazeor, Latpayere, and Caip slreets, aldl desrluni ed o Ilth e Illln ers seven ani sighii, i ilan cr on u draIwn h Frelerick \Wi, I lharnlso., lepuly Su.nveuor Gen:eral, iunder dale ol I ihe sevinlh day lfit Aril e le nr ioesariid eio ihniinl urI nl a Iisha.Phith and delpos td in the, office n .I1 B. (Ovten, Esq.netoary !puhlia hor rolerance; whicsh Ito hljs ijllll each ,iner, alnd neasorie each tWelllinone ree ll ru ilalles and six Ines ol said P,,ydrni 01reeI iy oiuty.iltree feoc Ieleven icellresand arsix liles in derpll hbrelween tiar. oreh , iis [A nreicaan iomeaarer. 'l'elns-o-ne nd hlrec years credir, fr rappro ord ea sldr naieo., esecured by special murigage oiul tdinal pua)i ' 01n. Whllerrelre all yersoas -' ho can set op any rlight, ti en or claim in and i ihe intsf gr.u'nd and and ibuildings hereus described, in consequeq ce ol nItornluihty ill the odor. dererre, or judg nenr be are recirled, and under which ihe sale was imade, a ii or any irregulairy or illeanality in the sapraisnentt a ir odverlislnintse, in lilll and mlannr ol sale, ir ,for any olker cause (ir dlrcelr, oelsiinevre, are here. by enied an i edodmnairead io shliw within thiir) days Irlli the puiblatro hlierelt why rhe ealaC , made as satoresald, shllold not ibe collfirnpcd and hlaurog 't d ie orccurulane wilth tle apphiailioa ato irtd pn rclhseer. \Wii as ay hard nd nd the seal of said court 'f l'ru.nies, -s second diay et Mao1 A. D. 1839. [IL. ~S f W.y F. C DUPLE sI , Ins\ 104I ins Rtisi-rra Will. -- d Ltoui h for sale b 0 6 R) IstyE, mayl Mth'w . sw s . o wlibh .jnew iddtol in Average rime.d omaila Sto, to easeme in ethools for ftiliinigithe averae Mlte 'i ei tnetoage, eteaof hnld or bills orf iootil, whetni o- ti ellsed ait dIItfloit datel, an dlifflreti credits, tol. fop Ir vrinunsamontnts; teitilesnum.'"fl an complete lhnkiig re 'ime ta'le, the iest that emn he eontrivhed, or thle t fi .orel eon ra ldltc within the ante enondeaIetl tinltass, amd inze ol type, hi An an;veiisemelt in the book is in nearly the follow- ns ingweordl: i 'lThe high ditntotieton this work ha' received throu li the teo legislative aets prefixed to the title page, is a Ie e cmtmendatioo in itself, o ateommo., dnd so encl il sinveI t tnothing is nece.arv nlmee han hy wny of aod vise ment, to given eon: en.e l vlnw ofi s at ofits pe. a enliarttie:t s fer nstanne, ilte Interest has een ecmp. Sed fromand nllopared with, whllt i equvindentto teoar. Swteen setaofelllilatione, examueod in the prws thirt. i o f- tive tines, aid p rrin.ed num terenlype dltes totied it thirtytyrnne timel, fi'nl all which it mnst he evidenn il evenl tI the skeptic (ew bcially on tie lie sotnl nl'the doe j, tail of lrcofin the liprefe ) that die Wel'k most I e ai'ilh i netielly intfllitlle, aid ino eonlirmation ofltlis lleliefa t prewmiin of two bhedreil and fifty dollars, is now offer at d fr whe detnetionl I' all error ofa cent it thv preslcn or fifth edition, as exlprssed in tie prefale, nakoing five laleelv'mitolt f itced forn the smne enor aio aetlihef irat plhlictilon in the year tIi. t Oa ane f the moit oitl pioeomnl featret of the tables is or inl the orrngeleit of the 'ime ond Amornts. which fo'r expeditiLons roe.erenee od perlspieuity, with the help oftllesitde and index, caot nlie excelleI;il anti the alty I Irt aid ease with whiclh the hiwteresl cac be toltil tottheI exlent of general hsinean, nwitlolt dinlhliig of stwm is i eslis i a convenoncce .i essential, that ill tli estlm: tinl ofTome oi tie onst conmpetent oid prnlcieal osti. Sness nmel aand plobli oficerai who have redte great use or: o the work, it has teen dlistilnglibe Iv tle onmanlel atopellnaint efi'fa inmster u iee",. An d cons lepring the in.tllil,iliv wto the method originally andopted ic oenmlosaitl tle work, and tle extnraivtllmrv omlller all variley of tile exumilnaiois, awl teats oftcienr edlition it has lisedilite il s,, eonwilthatilding the ;lnle is in tereotyvle, ennsile.rlnlg in Ihc:t. tie l aitive exwraoy Iisecirid bly the iinpret rlot.itetl lleans e i ilo\ti l, the v,. nil time hen hlen held ull anl enlthalitcally Ityled the most wonlwerfl hook it, tie wrslk;"' most cerwailiy ils ,h mnl can namen Rfigre work ef thle sae extent, wdich i sn ince tile beginnilgot creation, liaslhail the sme now-. lir and scietyo wy test, ii tl' rinse nillller of e litorts ito, ier oin hal'the number, as is cleat ly Ilowl in the tiprefle. -tesides, astent ail Ilnalcrlad, itlas ithlo tried ntl tireed in nearly ill lie Lank anil polilie llffiea i tilhe Unlleit Stawes, Hilu h tllyw politc gonerally, iinrildg the long period of illle-five earos, yret io elrror lof ihe Ol illutionl has ever tien iutitiw print, nltIihnnl coiiti ally ellallenglcd by he oler ol'ney largle plwvnwiiils. I'lhe ii toile exnressl nald.ptedl ly ill Iheowitls unoflaw l seVaool oflile Siales ao the " rate ofocillatlowll n- for ontalte intereslt," oln loo Ify law for Ieak interest, to accoiding a tihe h.ltk is ansci, end mars tray Ie seell in l1 Ielnr, llv ..e wlllnel ortlc' e Intiscritersi, aid a few of ltie sillhtseeit plllchellnasers, iitihe list cwtlie wol ofi h Ilo tk, )th is in lwsaevniln ol'every altos of ctltivts i. every qua. te of Ihe Unit ed Slates. LIt It i mioreover well ktnown ilthw, tiv its reaely clieck, it illas si Ii'oidet'tele d lrge errnrir, llg iatler ilheyr we'e hle at,, even hr v thle nloe t iowlell atit od t cin t onlatet .atithnicinciall. t-al its setllllonessa, and : l' abSiolite ie. an ceay 'or its u, hiiave berentixte.siveiy inssl ed viain t , so eidecnt, itncect, lve Iewen its tl;ltitlgr,a anll its svigsar , tiat, severrl y'.nlalgt, chilst tihe firsl edhitio ir tcs w.doe,ll tot of piri,'itl, a great oi.ulniar of ecolll and collies welre Mlllought tol', same to a gre t lislailce. cl and plinrased lt varlious prices', o they couid wocaion. lls ally Lo picked pat from $ii to $25 per copy, and ilt someliersoll haIve recenl..y delreil, aitill ne ce crtlh licqowll e til what they wolid pay $51,$i11I, iantti $$OI ire for ii ep), If nolltt e had filr less, aIt Itn i vidl ll tin the tlttler ihnstatnee ilrlievlarlly, hilgiit gt tile satie l'tie rixhilbitii saiwsactoiry plil'i to seveil lwerteiaLSI .e.. ael wildat to hlil it was really otoh Idit Ollemoy ald 'iiOl tiuiiOUtIi the savilg otliois very voleahle time, Ihe ire eingm vern • lic nlanwi ,ill ptiili ofice. tO' It is likewise W'thsll of tiotl,,e, ltnd intiteol l'pop'• to at ioll nec, hIlt ideh i' tileillc tte o figlge ork gei'ctlly aini sapeeially wlhella thle eoleiit tai iwiportanooe ol eil theseto Inhs, tIhtlhHd this hIclk or it like enli it'llelir.. it oiliit he ustnl witntiier vlone, b ti le wiost iiotictetiw or calullator in tihe woldlll. tiofa t' ,Islll'l( tiitiost ia- Illuiiiit'y IIIIer hi own Eo"lrettiot of IIpiof si.eets, it ty woull, 'mont to ia oelewilily, hiave leeltillttiilt" l.e Y ferenrc,tanlode c r( lacy prliii:eas tlie Ipreface i li.can a- larli explhins, uIltilt we Ii'ct atiil vialaible have Ihi, aterenlylpe phtes of this wuikliteen nwae, thi:tit tiat ell e o Ithem, .viththeir nlltmerets Illand exutadIinn's exa i i:l uf tioisagoiiist fire, fill the geitertal bettifit, they ale (by I, lhertiseleit) i ie(lvtlantlly kleptl ill a iltee all slecial to atil)y, except while l seiu ll ttiltil. , Awniplediwlecliois to fill lllwt hai balks llnll siwtlle ititoo st cat wiltSeliul moles, follow the iprelfae, whieh, in Inis I -filh nS ill Ihe ti w I.r'eellinllg tiititts, tlllltit i nnlmuh ill feltiilltlittlin coicelrnillng thie tl twot ia cilol uis ol'coonllttt lu illier sti, tee d)ys of gteaIc, hoe. It rent:illt oiwly tt remairk tlatt, IIotwiltsl:tat'init hisi IlF uneoommonly coly wovrk, which wcsog bIS l ielin"re inlIterel tihles welrliilt tilrie.ii I tio dlll.t', aI a 'I e .t I is yenI tatll'lltc, liastlleei socxlettnsivclet lll to liherally 'r Itilt'iset , it Ilits lnt tyclt so llailnh s ipill with illtl ei'sl . tellt Ileavy i)oss of iiailyr- lilUr thoer and dolr, ,ei hde SIX yealrselinole from 17i'9 t"Itilt5, scsit ine on titefirst' ed iti ti o f 7 6ti6 c ao lits ",a risi .g hiie fly Iiac its i .I lc a tioiittl atattiiie at ili euntice lcrice,, tto iny titl Ig if eompellnstioln or rleIl for arlnust lifc-tite i' it'e, lit, iland seritle. hIiel'rote itte tltllotr still iClies l t tihe [liSlelnlls e iiet alnl g .llersity (if ithe iIbic for nt coutiliui d. altce of llreerente ia lid liatorlelrue. Palr sle biy the I1ht lbi't'iafel t lt1t.t'l ill I.he UIttled Sla..r l. I O ) LIIIAIt'L Sctnee l'f prtl:i-ua i pl ,ec.ived, 1,,,l1 be o" r sile lt'thair iernllittelt Weriig Acatehitsti " No. N (:htntres stiret, iNew t)lleans, I1 L0llltodway Ne, Yol ilrk, 1l) lllopie .t..llurt ! . e: It is 1articvhturl3 de*sylll line private h, aniers. aond i tle iys[tl f frt Ihetelieves.d tn E.i.tisoS ire ' iviia ac t iecl I ouiesa ai iIi .i c ttilt , lOliliene oti llt , andtctte i ic manlle. +rtii ill tilly pLar of Ihe calt. I.lalie. wltbl ,relfer it eon receive !e.otl onw theirr wn eef tl. •ciinnpciico a icoe f letsa, . lire dteserel o attnivl, t• l uas he wish,. I, I. AtNISiIES-T'lh. Slubcrihaer, hanvig nla Is esta V Ibedl a vnarlnish i annnfatlurv ind \rew rlera. is in readplto hply the aninters " d le public in general, bY uliulenaleo rrerail. Hil. prices are iderate, and tle I qullv of his m r,nduels a riur tol ailly ever bru ghrt. ii tIis plaer. 'Thbe genileicn elplotr. I l superinttercd tle Illalnu rV hiaanl been ar t Ith ltad of nn atlel sive enaablisintrnllrt flis bki,,d in EurIaae. '1' ise d t1tao cllt a tlcurier ofi Natch m allc 1i itlull ' pitaalnas, C lnall be Ireentdal wtll a fair saaiile of any varnishli tler inona wish t try. Aannenst the varuishes are le. lanebh Na. 1, w inranllrd nUr to a1oange even re Olin a waler. Tile Iblak vsarninsb fr ntores and stealml hie cbilllnies. The intransareit varnish wlthollt smelli, & &c. a8 Il rtiN NA IEL . J XT7A ANER'S LIQUID ODEN'I'l -It bus nt been ISong led. bhiii bere arid It Ilb inorth with uniontrs sucessan lotr lennsi o and wbhiening Ihe tenabl, and prrevanllto tie laoha lbe; pres ervrs lrIe gtsR R, purlyinly Itb brlnat't, and relieving all distrrres to which te noaih is liable in either I bth ndtlt or infanl --One urtel ponlal, ioixed ill a ine glastul nl pure waler. arid ati an lied rto Ie lto i, in usual mlallna, with a brshb, will effectually pr. vent scurvy, aid ward offalt exrcruioatinag p ii, 3 rtie tuibt ache.

M ississippi an sd siuisianta Ilotel, ra'eamtanmN. .t 11nS. MARY KIlRKLAND respeetl'ully an. I c nouner s to her f'rietnlds ard tile publi gerte. ally Ihat se is prlepredl to aceoriltodlalo tBearl at o bove ca b liaelitnnc , atud llpes frsm hrer 'xerlioan t readerr viitors comlinrtable, to receive Srcontinuance ofl fuorer falvors. She fIels conli. rdent taler persons viciling Cnovi'lgtn daring rthe alumrer monthsl, caruot find better aeeonllrrodatioes than site can afford thelllo on ner liberal Lerlls. tier hoaso is pleasantrly situated, and well supplied witlh every conveniensce; tie bar is urnisnhed with the rost choice liquors. &e. it sehort, she promises 'at nothing bhall bof wanting a bohr part to glve Sdtire saisifetion to all wlho may patrotize the lisaissippi and Lrisiarna Hlotel. je3 Cologne Wsaear, Prfnluiery, &se.-A silendid urrlt·lleof colelge put up eglresely Ilor tlre retail rande; alr the iaurest ' elleh Pbrnuer y, rnibra cirla every varie y tor tie ilel, lor sale by ,ct RII ElXS & D'LANG. L IV Glenrn's I')rf.nlerirs. Inldian Dye. ,or coloring rane 'lair ; Bear's Oil, RnlnlS sbear'sa reese, ponalltnar, llllaow'b I'ael elae \VWsh, solrior pearl .awder, hIp lywine, 'rean 'In roes, nto alnve l ralotne, alite oi) roae, lip salve, brenoslr Itrth was'", tallllle dehlrifine, oraane fldwer water, powder pufflts and baxer, Aatearll:c n charcoal, .taaly pit ala ia [,. s,,ur oae vials, [rens. tan oall ethlfla , nc, kreosatae tnh a-lhe diaip, hit brushes, E>I YTshI dressing coltllb.,Ildiall eIe. 1l .pith a variety of oaberperelrnaeries, &e. Fir sale by C. TJ W RINCIIARD, sort corner el Canal and Bourbton as I-IL U1,.1'L' EE I e I EAVY (- OOt D S--ilas, squlare u and bundle iron, well assorted. iluolp, cul slnad rodl iol ta lail rods eald ploagl Catl, (German, sbrear, blistenred, sprting, sheet andt Croawle) atee Ilullow wne-a, cut and wroght ail$ and tikes Zinc, Mlck till, Urill atallgeain staneslr salt kettles Chllain cables, nIlllhlos, Ioase tn, logan rtaic tle liIia aeetii mills Ainlils, niees, liillaaelrlaallaobilia iaei, llse,let iga aid bat leal;all hot Uali, salnd niLing sia-sa A.tmes, Hlltllll 's aaid oillter, apailestanid ltsOvels Iiiok aaand plat, door and winldw hooks Collihs, liairts, Sliltrps, nanltr eba. es lIardal Mid Mnillal Irdagel, lines alll twine Boltl ad slreatllillg coplpirt NaYal SIaarm inhts, linseed satd s rtelr il A ill lsaoltnlent ul hardwares anil sdi eltandallety, alwa)s il Iandl, ilar whliiliare ari flaiti d.a• uler t whale ille oer eltail, ol tbrost o lstnnalbln terens by nil LAYTON 1 ':t. 5S3OIl Levee. LOUIta-]ANA FUONITUR3 WAUNROOMS N". 53.1, llarirale ms-er. V N W I.IAMJ It. CAiINES, wraulal res.cla fRll in- t 1 ,rm bs frillada ansd la p.tblic nat be ias coal- srantly reeivineul rolianv awork and iissona a l u1 usorirrellt olf i'nrillre, nuel s In al.,agtaiy lmlirai Rofils, I ed-leadse alels apllfaintled clhanirs, iiaill"r anld heb usle nllouv a err beda, aaany n r tablles ])full desaerirtions, bureaus, soilera, crretliurs, arisin. desks, wardnr es of analbgnary and cherry, wa I asrand,, ltirrg gle4ssea,featlaer, beddinp,dre. tedr NB. Furnisure pasl ifr Itranlporltion with jrru CYNV 1 ý sells S , USHTON & 4 ASPINALL'S 6OMPOUND TONIC MIXTURE.-A speedy AN 'J and Certain more for the -Fever and Agu', remittent and: intermittent flotererpropared from the original recipe. Used with eminent arid 1uni w vernal success in 1832, by persons of the highest sia respectability in this city, as stated in the anneked nee nertifioates. wI, This medicine is highly reeommoended, and hasn sit been .toensively used in the above diseases with :% alch distinguished success, that the proprietor of se the recipe has been induced to offer it to the pob. Ian lie ill its present form, in the hoen :it may Ire the means of relievinp maiev ., those who are ic suffering under tile scrage of ouar country. It is el a medicine passessing gre.tvirtre, and when uced as according to the directions has never failed of effecting a core, even in the most obhtineate tage of the disorder. It is not at ill diearrenahle, and or SIersons of the weakest stomach, and children Inay a take it with impunity. It strengthens the diretirve a organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requires -I more than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing inijlrious to the human constitution. The proprietor oare Iu 't so well convinced of its effieacy, that they agree 4 to refund the price of ever) bottle which Ihas hoen taken in aecordance with,the directions and has a not effneted a a perfect siti. of the fever & aguae. II A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at ry his wholesale and retail drug and medicine steore, e oearner of lianville and Chartres streets. as For District Agencies apply to - je5 T. W. SM'ITII, 48 Conti st. e Drugs and .Medicines. Ie 3 S..errn has nlrnred hbinseoir ri this city far ig the pareose of Iranrencteing n elernl IWhlesarrl n Drug business. ie is now reecivien' n full nppl ol Ir. sh and genlli e srti.lCs, which he will sell it on liberal lernm To reiy druggisat, and ihos, nof 5n rhe interior, to phvsieinne, merchants send pl et, rs, he wuill offer indrucenlnte such no have never be. he for,. been offered in this ilty. Ilis intention is ti Sdo a strictly legitirmte businces. Ilis alok will el soon be complete, amd in a few weeks will be rea n. dv tfr hbusiness. All orders Irom the countr , endl rac from merchanls of i' city, receiving such orders re will be prlomptly oitenrded to. oct 2 No,39Camp t oil Its oyal Collsee of Physicns, Loudon. he r.illlN orikgnal Vegetable lisgeian llniversel Mledi cI- eiale, ipreiareai by V islkie, Ees . MNemuce',." il- tae lineal illege of Su'irgenne, Iieealiale of Alpole csry's. Uomiany, Fellow of llrll Ciill't Society. Sur'gr.eo ts to ile lloval Union Pelrinei Ase eiatian, I.aneasoar on Place, Wari'eeln la ridge, taul Perpetual Pupil of t;iy' 'at, rit St. Tlrlans's tlospitals, Londlon. in This valnlle melliciane, the result of twentyr vears' le cerivnce anlPuaparallelead succeess ill tie extnlsive rlk, laigill'" respcrinble pleeriee of tle propriety Iltrt a"- (,ied ilb ihe Iaeelrr and nreliti. ilel iis ow iniarrr'iierd, to the n'tiae of Ihe American plihrlic, it the earnest sc licilatio' of a ilumner o'gentlemen of lorrIn d hi h .r alrulieg ini tie nrofession It is hoped, ns a ireliri. elrt ery step, it reicek lthe evils and i fauta COeu V Ieces ci- islag fnear lire USe nf tle lutnerotaatrr lt dlre-eleriol Snostrunm$ Ioisted ::reor the pihlic ly tilac aid effabrictead its rl'oofsof niitaculose :Rie, , oain uther frials, by aet rof no er.ellr.c , Ularl priaellClped retenders so totally r ig.lmlt cdi of mledial scilence, that it impossible tie ni inollrollS cc. dilrsian call any Icager go down with ire iItUiligeirnt ;eo. taie rairlat cuerr . 'ihe,.' pills, mildaoce g iee nil in their nature, slorte le kept in every fmilah ill cates cs rofarulhen illness, for, ly thieir ptOeroit lieitiOiistraitn Scllorler la's, cair-ar e, sasamas, if''r .e aI otller :Ial'urairig ed in lpackets art51iceorn, i au $ each, ity eery reaesec, ie ete riueggiaet lu.nkseller, and veml. "of uericiarlv i. tnt Lnirled Staes I Ic Ceeauadas, with coin Ois dric elieas to t el ,er Iwit earilnalials Io f irfer sioc il abtiity trulu Ily itme fillieing erlilnelll gelllelneee Sir .stley Cocgale,. J ar Abaer'eihvlamr, s Iirhoo i ll, NI. I)., W. Ihiek, 1I. i)., '- J. Asnon rKey, A. FInreaolrlr, o . I)., aln t temoms or arti ers. 'lTe olignls llrea le seean t insesasioll of tile lat eler oal Ages, yg whotll illn I nteile ins illmported to i this coallnrl'e, sailm to whurn all havplic;atinlll ifo rger ies lrurSib e armi re. S JNth. IIOl.IIEIN, 2i0o \Varerly lIltee, N. Yolk, r Sole (;ulaorl Agcnlt ire thie Uiritci States, &c. S Fr saele by apri'll.tnTe efrlll e horigical tlle ieeel. hi- lay SWAir & Ino'relroU, l)ruggiels, Nor Cea-ai slreer, by --e re. Agrrenl lfr Stallirhee o' Luisiara. joles II)EAFNESS. I A NEVV rtile for ersa:las troaledd orwi deafcien, t (rlled ( i e Ern inare'lrtr ritint has Le Iearee.ned, tcr tihe s e a i re hi o, i -t - si ta, toi arlicllt euier t oiathe h' . bt l a 'vir e is ca (ii, liv coAil..' ad to rhe .tir. At hii ia ' dwiht has ever NOee. DLgeO Inl vers w RIh r trylldn te Ie ......... ilatest e 5iliy ...,i,,lelf o lit t iic1l lc m, d i n.... diivduale so Ulie ,rlUflraia h, artlli ted. Ily tie areas ari t I r ' ulerunipt I sII lje'lo i e r I I ir v iv 1 Mi *linll serptiw aI have aiSrn is aa ai dooe "etera irc'uts w. a ;r hi avicil used w, r'llrc pler. Faor srllel hc r. ...1 TF I"ULIOL 'S atl Voc lorene corner 'Crcc n a 1co r ouSt CLarles ccre'etq I r Fll or rer oh iElh ll lli.e ,el i "la, 131 1i O 'llE PUIBLIC.-The urderseared. iaieg Ie studied udrcc Dr. SeCll, ridt ci U' rles oal, u: Otbis Calrllilno, all, I-r Solia e years his assistallt ii tire prnolctieo'..i'c l a unt Ur r. ir Lia r e .0r s to offer Ilia proelsslonatl srvicea ill this city. Ile assures ther lailrir nld getlamcn thatl tihe la-st pedpronpt eatLrutiu will be raid to tihe celtls whicl niry b Ilialdl.; and elanU lrthlirs lis aLrvecIa to tiLr y holirca ot'ldtvcea, beingr wrll aclluainterld with ilye rrticroer.r crnlroaur to termn, lraving attended thilu ia liue S.grrr Ilonae itll Ch;rrl'ston. le ' rbaanors allnti bilioui IcIs naller tihrecomnpoitifion ori PFol'oSarr Smallrttou. with directions, cda be i hd Ir at tie unrdurigned. T'lhe effect which I eoy have eroaucecd in this and ot rver cities, hlasbeen latLeaderi withb tihe gronecast success,. to which tihe best of eiebrencos call be given. Apply at No. t166 Maga. ad ille street. JNO. N'LUI)ING. - IN)TI'S E---'The parlourrshipi of Klilev, 1i.lcn &CrI of NeZw Orlart ; Mas lla ttirris AC.()., l'i Naicee' narat Hiarris, Kelley &Co.,of It inev, was n ssat ved )e is le21lte of linay aIs, by tie leallth i "iaiuoet A llasuII, at, lie 'l'lte ,ariners o r hel a fra. ad 'iar uirrleitesrrcilt, urvi'iling pa eranr, will be clalrged ht with t[le se u1ig u i clsig Sai L . i t s f w. a LevieC tllrrls will alteld to le aretlling of lhe ]uillse c of M..luoII, Ilorris& Cio. ve Nath:ict aUld Ilerris, (Iel e cv t& Ci.iut Itodnrev; nud I"nrly Kelley will itciid ta a, rsellihg lafllro hiirIRier (oultlt lnic, S, t& CO.,r ai ir Icew ()rlcians. T'lre airies c n' ire several triuar will ie a usedc in ihturiutrranr ly. T'I'honsc irdthbled to siaid ' ore eoienecale requecrted 'c ocol,ue forward lnld ulnkeenrly set leluten. -1 an tIhoise h tarving cluinls will llease l-lrnsenr tiheir wit(racr dlrv. I IEV! C IIAtl~itI, SIIENItYKELLE_'. e Caw Orleans, Jnre 27,1837. nh _________________ g ROWAND t 'ITONIC MIXTURE, F'R FEVER AND AGUE., II EN years have not yet elapseod ineo it was U-first regularly submitted to tite public; but it has attained the highest reputation; and has sup. planted every other medicine for tie Ague, wherev. er it hla beon known and appreciated. Already oas it been carried in every direction throughout tile United States, alit still realiozes core than could - have been aulicilpated by its' mnstua ngitno friends. T.housands o1' persons have not only been relieved, but restored I . Ihe ,lth nd vigor through its agen. ey: and they new cheerfully testify, at every op. portunity, to its dentided and supreme eflmesry. I. t is composed of such lslllcinal lrileipler as are r calculted to renew Ilunlthy action of tthe stool. Sno,, liver, and other important digestive organs, Stile loss of wllich harllony is tie ilmmlnediate cause of tihe disease. It is apparent also, thlat it produ. s cos an entire change ill the condition of the system, allnd certainly destroys tile native liability to relap ses of the affection. W.1Vol tile Ague is attended with any othler coltlplailt, thi employument ol tihe Tonic Mixtu-e will not illnterlbre withl tile treat. ilnet of the other di-ease, but wil even afford as. etstance by furnishing strengtl and vigor to the body during the course of' treatmlent. Tihese who "tatke use of this nledicih maly be assured tl1tt tthere is no Arsernic, Burks, lerrury, or anly otheor article in its composition unfriend y to tile Iluman constitution; being entirely a vegetable extract; and they may have additornal confidenlce lu tLie use thiereof, when they ierelve that it Iths tile ef feet of a gent n laxative about the tilte halal a bet. tie full has been takelt-ill eolsaoquence of which, there is no part of t.le nmdicine lftt to linger in tile bowols to cause obstructions, and other evils, arising troml tile use of Iaity of' tile remedies now offered for the cure of this affection. It has been used also as a preventive, by Ilatny who were sub ject to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it luls einvariably warded oall tile apprelondud attacK. Obsere! ''llh Proprietor, iully satulsied witll the unparlloiled and universea success vitich has co.. tlantly attended a punctual and regular use oa tlhe Tonic Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Ague, fuels warratced in englging to reJuLd the price to all those who hlave taken tile nmediciun ill strict ac cordatcoe with tile prescribed directiotns, without having been perfectly and lastingly cured. Tile subscribers are tile whlluesale agents for the South Western States, antd have now on thand six ty casts of this medicine, which is warranted firesh ald genuine. For sale at tile mlanuthectured prces JAlti IS & ANtIlt\VWS, \\Whlolesaie Drte.giets nov27 cor Common & 'I 'clt ltilllt ln+.te.ret. MOtNTAGUUI'S B.4LJAI FOR T'H: TEETH. nlf esnabtlished replalnton au leonstit.tlytitcreht ;nl derllllllzd ho" Ibis efliht.lual rt.nledy tIu' a Lad I(r servaltive of Ithe teet, hus indLucd tae subl-crthbr Itller it to the Americalttl Ipublic. r.tragcel:nts tlv benst irlte to suit l,llaelts it all IIte uc ttc t tie nd ItIaoin 1il the United J tates, lo t s to pa a it ithe the reacll et tltos aail'erillg adl lik.ely to stller this luus Ilarassilttg cltall cllr, 'I'otllh-ache. When applied according to directions given on bottle, it has Iever failel to alll rd iulltldiatt anld Imlueult relif. It alsao arrests lhe deca' In ilotectiv teellt, a11d eliea]eves lintt sorceease v ellh'st uirequettll rsnders l eltruug tlooth ualeeS Th'e uplti1dictiltll atibl relnedy are sillt:l, ilnno'ent, an nat aipleasent; iad tle large Ilumlber ci' persouLt ill dinblhl'et tCcitlt o I tie ronultl , tihat have lir,.ady explerien.ed .lclt drlihltt II oilatitlutary etlanet Il'Ot tile uhe of tIe Sutl, are re eCldy to bear (lier tile pblic goid) tlheir testimlon tto its utl rivalled q.uhetlto. It is all InolIt relledy, otltiatned singtularly and ttapelm tedly, at llloi lie rcgearlcJ byv tie civiiized world as the mosnt valuable dicooaerrv redmau of the woods. Price $1 per bottle. Sld by JARV I & ANDREWS, . we 3 o. cemmen and Telmpitouafe ete MEDILc CA RD.* AND IMPORTANT? TO TIle AFFLICTED WITH DIS EASES. A TIE.ATISE on Veerelflimena, toeorrhen, Gleicetsn d Slr. i -ture, ircldirip pruetietl obhrrvtaiour on Penlliu W;clrhes, ecriste!g frql early nkulee, o to cirll pelisns can e ertein rl Ieerllmrredr cre. with riaecereueey tnd taitty. I It it umeeIinChnly rec, liet dhaune.ede li utetitee to tire Ve- F unreal Dieseiec, oiinp Id the enckilklilelg oe iltlteretn tech, wihe icy ihe ute or that dlondly ioine, Iercury, ruin the con .titettnnenedr oeust urtieerttlu with hlotirleetn trie ,lccd, rure alrd lredly. dimnee* in thrigillot,retire i the ecare, dletruet, oc elinctn cuiest, ird node. oer til rhii bones, till etleenptlirep I *raleldebirityind dteeny of the teteertitititrn ennueee nld i inehoely derlt pate n perid to their d readrul suiRrinlgs. PEtIlY'S PUR|FYINt SPECIFIC FILLS, Artanelst endetithemo t epeedy dienv For thc perrau e nd eflectual eurr el vetmra! direuse orrhrea, elect; ieturet, tomiriwlulkllauceea ic inl ut th elreeilreen erftr idireyremccl, luniLereo Icrirdeirllty, ic ruaiolu or thle I due or urei-tre, alrd oltierditeaset of the u enayiracsneee, iuealrly par ornlilcunperml l euretntheehlo .rrcce cf tilree e'ec, by oue Illlrll pill ar a lone, wilh ease .e crrty and eurete. The certairty ill rwi thih ehy e eoreeteu alle elnaielirterrieanr irc etteeted I,y ieany thritunndd. The epicifil piilir root onl every rl,tille or irclliouir poiriie, cirl ryhlg iu their prtc i tiee r lls"r ole mnelr f Ihmrrlcld. TLey not ec y reeectve tlie .ince, ut renoenle iy tlheir uctoin tlln differ eelt rinction or lhe body, eepgllile cretmter ilumerr ·.y their meunnir ce mie i anil impt rccreuible nl l o eouviur t ntoet eceptleul of tlleir ectolliieieuenrlia ulrll lauirowcle. Tie. cmitherecurc crelarcnry uur aey otelrr millrule llr man y ie tekhnw illlor Ihallire hleet tuatiituiel er iliecuoery. They rc. rrtirr ret rcRtrriUt r" dletirr of etrtt, or ere ndirance of Lust cere. Illulorece a emplet Eure, mwitihonrt thle Ilast etpiqp tuoreO the paienlt Atiaey tariod when the eliiphrtee.tuyrireI muy eais, it t illb wiili i itave reeeurse t tuie peciliecPdiit.rlr wirl Iaheu eeere tle ediease lit Irlieer it.r prleraruer it eetr e taeeriuie ereveuutiuV by relOYr till ut effiegthc PIaiu ctulrily ad securetly Itsrer Perry, Surpenct, rontcinuae tcdrect trrirelueir eru tirorridreerldid ilalliltier ier-tlng from tire toe Free .rnd irlit. elrllhrilldr iIreigetre o tire parionswlrleICh ntu IIll ut C tinnauemrc nsr trainer noreolleuirf.ttloueeaild euttliurnit ot'lrlee nil Iihie eerycing imllreeiliiire of clitr, raebt weauhee -tenI dietlcy alllhie hdili cesnre ucusioucine Ines of imrgine itnr, jurdgrn t rndl e menery. indclierercee nd aversiocn fcr cl e lilcnuesr. lIre idee of thir owneu rrrnhtlii0ree enld deepeir whiey trisr riltnluerurtridee thrrelv eis t. Ie Ilit d. o ltreelcrp stai e lduillt- i r drfieir.rev, wheaher the ense rlrenlcu f eurll binierfl rreliece. excerrive drinkinh, or c ny giher rnucr. Iiy which tl were of the eonsthe*rtlul l lrt err euleeid'led threy ofer e Rurin .ie aed tpeedy ret orlalen SO snl all' v eorinmusbe', th. PerytsVerliiubli Pillenre cell kircue tor the eretin cld feetueairei.rldyui ecOrarrY yptyeyt r enmret, erepIiolI pcirrt IrI trrtllrreu, ulreelre aore tiroaledieeaeed irererelroe. II ie hlrrrmnllemi t crolttur, teerliutic tnd glernllutrr elelrtilrnt iricieriii geninrrieraldbiityriuuclurtiptmainctiherhead arril linl,dr. ,rlrreeionl of ur irits, and all ditascuet acrlelllr ei ilpu aelelel of tih Iloordr Tireeo Pers irree. orlhyv e riaee ill tire- inlietie orantteccr and - cnirteintulepririr the reneo e, et ltery clt keeplgid tnec elin iaetu llrY illerrtl rr tiere. I rTi h rlend oryl al ilS. 96 Cuur Irlouse itlceet, New OrleiIe SPECIFI' SOLUTITce. " .I whn~o ar ufferilp From ItlII'I'IIIIAT. DISF..SI.,. eIRuIl'ATIIIN OrF TIt.F KIDIeFyl. Ill At)ti:ll, UtiE'rlI yt tA, IhIIPr'TIATtI ilANhIr ncurl nel Di.ISg]Ea ifl thr' Ii. EINAIIY PASttAGiEe. PAINS IN TitI .rOiNS, (IIAVF,. I.umbiatrrilr omlr ruiu nnl ? V r llors, or LocalDlthiiiiy ire L reri.llrEly' rerirriteuee lire lieoYe diterate. mchruree..,r tllrn llry o- clierclld irulelrrlly irhutaoves tile .olltillltorl' erlu.rsl herh lllyreeen rc.lrlieciii-grtoheeiru. )ift thrll tiuurlrcei jir elbIyieearirali or lrrproir trehir leul. ic I r 'leaL. ri mIIrylerlle CI an la be hill mre~l to itanti it ha.- pomitively Eurl~d Silly Illr.ti arid illiui ccll ler car- cl lee rrllericiller hale friled, nlldie tie iarll ylelerrcedlg r tie use otrri'r.i iunlrlrler i.lld Icaud euS etrrreriirniue--'e irirte.Tirpenrteie.~oCrrrrr.hieiice.lerr¥e. . lit Iir anh iInO t l lre rlrlreroer l t lllrlnl att rireel.rl tieIr all plure of he woreeirlrtirlul. id Ih crrleltanlld eVetrIIIdie.Amur icue rcc, -i ccrll h e hielrrealiUg dirhe r. ieriirrcrrilbroucrhgrtetiinrccry ol urlriitulrrtirretlae.eatr flue Irl Illlrr d rI)11i1dr rewln d Iuri bet- l ever:thel 'ieairIcuertII lirelir nie wiehrrrrall1rerircerr llly reiillry liiiirll iO Yellnder SRBJCiPle ciSiriruti.~ Airtertliica .ofurtelrc unrulllieriru~l enriLerreeeurry. 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SARSAPARIIaI.A PILL OIF IIEALTII; OF, r|.lllII S erlrellent fnlllli(Y i)1il l. IiIIdlcl:l~le o IF:,€ trl,.d Ct] i-'IiycreyIieri.cciyireelrcllal rrr~l'erlir,r" ie+uire ri-e" endli ~lr, tle cu lnlllllll lxylllllhlllalr el Wllle h arre €+llItllelll++- l;1111ClJ ery ellUrloirol'luelltr. lr iiiiLcllellaelr l IIIII+IIuinCiic) plin lle-e artl,.r~l m d l+, lZllr . lledll f tht eye+ llroWlll le+ LIF III~r B l~id rlllla ,,FlhCe li ier, rerrld rhe COll e gll rlll i rll i r-e. -I• -e. i CIr Ice-r elI,- L excci, llll ielce uariltrllell -lyr IieLriueriier air-l;.llly Ir ircrOld TIlro ,ri igr-i r ei will rgrc i illUScr iirlrllleiir'e aIt reillllhlrv +'ireel. 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Ii~ive bleell, rwl t i~i,y ¥•I gI,I ro pri-lccrt Froluthe iusre of partieTY eeiellllrrn t r lleliea elyraer I:esir+¢t' I ellClltioll the pulI~lie aussr Ilt tdllgru . er U cml n wheu illeeuieiellaly ulmeinlirlerid. T l rllielirinlof Ilt nlenell clslI)c eeaauniaelln, eled ouehr ilever tlrc, heo eed ihr ay Iletell gIr. Ingy a IoCnk, l,yag or jolrlrny; e lorl'(l~ i ir , iere 1UeJ that iiPilhrheICIoreee solrd wurilljllre heir qualitlI) rreys t t tlr dlle i-fi-er. oel rhe (rii Ol~llethl. dohil at Nei. il CLUaltm honrs el New Orwemll THlE MOST' IMPORTANT IlIUNIAN DISCO VE'XY. CLEI. (:tYMANW I late of the Conuml~eiglr uiversity .. l I. illr dirl~over cd ,I iiiili ofeur ng lllllle.+if of a Ner¥Oll+ or .nlo 'Oll.glo Il, of ,urltl, re0 Ilyear' ,ti, , and i four yl ip Il, lll lhl ah ve ,0110 IO ill , n ,1 f wh lll e l bal.l eur el'l who lllowrsl his t eviwe, exrnpllt twe lv, • efru trollt bleoa,. lreu ratri|L es lltllt. lm to co . tllrinl Ie'£. 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Ipail 12 I)RINTING PAPER AND PRINTEIRLS' INK S Just rceived a qnuatity of Intetioil and doIlde medium Printng Paper al;, i a'npplyal ofhbt and )urant'a Printing Ink, and for sale by N LEX ro1Ji $t, 4 C~cl·p. The Great Eastern Mail is closed ev.ery dart •l. a'clnek A. M. Is duie ever)dla at 4 P. - l. SThe Lake Mail (via Cnvingtlun, LI.) i closed eaver lMontdy, Wedtesdnv ned Fridtv, at 6 .'elvek, . . Is due every T'uesday, Tilursday, and Saturday, ati 1 .-Mt. The Loulaille or River Mail is closed every Mon day, Wednerdey, end ..ttnrdvt, at 3 P. Mt In sent awl rettrned by ateambonts. Arrives irregularly threr a limes d wenek. " i rt The ayoun Sara or Cantl Mail is closred everyt Tuesday aed Friday, at 8 P. 5i. Is sent and retaurned by steetnhoa te. The Alexandria et Red Rirer Mailis sent irregu larly by satena koals twice a weck. LovuntVItL.E OR RIVER xMAlt. Mouder, ) Wedne~dsa y and Close at 8 o'clok, P. l. ntaturday, COAST MAIL. Iueu rddsyd n Closeoat o'clock. P. M. WEAN MARIE. FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER s2 ases anare of this sulerior Cologne watar, just received lild fi sole hby the dozen or singlt bottlc.- Also Alnerican mud lr snel toilet pl'wdarv, powder tunk tl nd lboxes, harinlg nnd! toilet soaps, eontmote wash halls, milk of rmses, cosmetir olti cream, extras o ntsk, keplhahn, Wnrd's vegetable Isnir ail pomatum, nrmede p erse, Florind. Iaveedtr, rose andl bay watems, Presa 'a:i's iehl raeitles pcri arry in trunks. rgeta' liet arliqteid n , :b tr na anti Orris tooth wael cletl, Inir, tetb., nail and fI le t bra ; e tgeth er itsh an ldlitional esuply at farhionbale w nrl and shell peonbs and jcewlrf t nsae low at wholnsale a r retail by SIMMONS, IIAR'iT deCO, tt e, f di 78 Charties steea. - ,- -bd TiE urtereignrd bsnu g hrersidelitred basineas s al tisllanet .tll AIltitllary, ia Ite storet sr eed t by Mr. J: th Otr, at tie earner l Tiroli circle and Tritte Walk, reaper tllnly selie,,aa shara lort i ne poelic t neder ttdo rentlea a the Linaors a B it. orrllletr llstme. 'he entire stiok oa I Drla, ,esiilces ned fonev article, is frash as.. crefully s, Irited. 'llTe fulitwieg anly ale part Tihttlericrt, vizn Pre Ses naSeidlis and Snhlr. uehn Powders. Y. nd Poucdels, bring a whrellccte aned elrgan nitlute for yeast, o reising bread, buckwheat cake', .r= dilllti's Eferl e srcentI tger ina Appler d atl pla permo and gelnr aurud i air ltlysepsia or indi. ii esl hU.',Anerr " llleilir, iditrn., a hdity oi the attote srb, kakitu.l gustvettans, eate. teea ev le. ctdih, d&e. Cnrita'rn'a Fluid Entrant of sarnaparilla f p eil'te tkt l.1r'v, th e it. ditt nlttl d uh lte, "e. swnirt'e rnacrs nttod Vrrolege e u Iriti.i an Rtlined Liqeenricr, jll.jlube naodI GIneneva paste oottit kl,.,ueh. N 6 Peevttec'a neritecic dratrir flue, chiinit telet waer, tII der pulle nsd hexeas PetlrH rWln lc e litet deltcoilne Ie.llysr teoth wash eiswder ifs nttd b.trs, Prctllire's scented a laishn ttltIr lt powdr.en, santn ermets do.a Saev llrt atnIT, rets,-, Itse leer and Ih trido waters, bIu he bet qenlir nes. Iralnlld'se aocaeoar Oil, Oft. a riter's el fII CIuarbie, bet's Iil, ad variety ofat tllcier atti itkIheellslrtk, ittdt lible ttaskisgin atluqrer liWst? itlt, & e. Spll hand, reli.ed calir cil. llta ' Lieo es hAuni , 11 etrtlhet of "t'ltirt aeutrilen Sn Ilel 2 EORGOE JINE HoSf1ANlt'S ToNIc AiIXhltIl E, care sfltIe Ieravsead guse. a Twil l'eaalCettdi i.eichv redvc eeret tbe T n A ix e "f Iure. Uist sric m+l'i(,he Ages d ol tintgl l at elAl al AIc.II ntI h Illas ,l btre g aln Vpega Sabl t Ihlact, flee lftvte avdrleberiou setd Ilpason) atrtte relejenetl' it diseau.,conoestter ly theccoati tiltl ont Igtaints it ontctl teel reti arlivi e tIt ,rtab litreseto t son.lauad pnuoetant aill.titlr, ly tnvigorating h ,uhll~d i d Fives. in relish tale Irite njty ecnteta .i taste. 1,elt eliar ie o t'totlttne.t-u lhr nt qnadityi rretsins the Inoel it, Inretstaee thih isirder,uir to create aetl.ii ltt. tbut thtrutgtlly vPeiea Ite several or carine digltiUtt, ead thite Iltlelits tr e sllsytere ishl alt+.~,et - tit.r llistttl'ehitt ay, e oppreesed iltlicidtalls, after i tt tel e ti tfite 'fle tle Iilttre,, ar e lbtaealaurnl to a nllt whe lal caunt of Ihe diesat .1 ve lttacca.tIctler. c,,teltt. of ttftntttttto; lwbs.eas by it its tftltr ttttttrtctt ree,,-,liee, tItne is alwa-y ceca Ited * itesc irilte to e ret trelce. Thle dangs tt I eqe l c..Ie..,s sIhe Ag.e, is nver h i.tla, as Ih 'stre o a er teletl i.t"iotI te tire post e.ela tote ule to Yor, i d wills Irrduiiaend kpeedil?) .onIt y lh . vid agter r vt itt te1r,ilaca it etichie r ea s t inc.'-e118y 1tiaw, I plu~n, ird h and rita f.itstiu: ofrl ths mlediciace,tut nare daily nsterr It lp.elttertia olb ili he. Jean u. Ruwaend, at his vI otet ttltrltrt andwtllll 1,ycth r c , t thio rices. T Ilo h le biat rt.ail rtaSO, Apt, ettri iwo tlt. itv, tAll+' IN SA itlllOUWs, JJAIiLyL CHIMNEY PIECE Wanrttcastr, Th Pis ener r ue nwrec. ivittg fletttm thlsit fac toete, in ew Yttelk, acid will keei canscaatly on I taud at generlal naortnu,.ut of Mnable Mantle Pieces uttrrtr arrk tttttsii, altd of the latent pelterns, iade ol"the iret Etyiptiara, Italian, Irish and Aetertca nutrible. Aecn, Monullanentr, Ttomlta and .r Uvr itono.., cc, ttltdd atlnd plaitt sills andi lintels, I tttbev ittttttgs ttttrtl attld itoundary iatocn, itparler f nParty Islt Romat & Ilydirautlie Crmtaent a- I 1 laster. g ftair, ,tgelir e tith a sptlendid aeeortment oi b aesetauruued ned plain Grates find Pflaia Iron rat esfthea nwear and tttual approved ipnterns. dattering dunn i tIke etretal tanneor anud at the lect noice. Tltey tarn first rata workment, t" -tva work. 'AXI. AIN & STROUD NO MEIRCOURY NOR COPAIVA New •hliati t, Nov. 14 1837. S BO.L'I irx Iolulh+ ago I had the Illnisfrlune to gt Sn Scret di+enas. fTr tw hickl I hlave alplied to nsve° ralh doctors foa cure, et odrt hediaideat cure gile, o now u t Ie . ,,ve eante Iadtln yselldnter ullscare of)oetor tttltrIItbeettcll lattyeellli ta ler t I t e.... int to cure aie. Snce tlatt tie ', th , ".' ,;ine ''e go."t [ . ,e, soH ... to rek out i,, Iarge ul..." to lu th nu er of six or el Igt on ea It leg, oedt all over ,, ll~, nnl ,..ui .... tJIo,,.i e,11 e~l,~lt eU .work ., be. reattan e atr nti of sttl the ttlt e l"e III ~rltilI. OI( BCell 1 (11 1 ]. EIHi m as; arg IIeelren the righlt sid, of lhe tlhroat I am Io v ``ullttng nyseh| ,toefihenlly under th. care of Ur. ttuet, rjParis, to be perteetly cured JOHN DEAN. fae 14 ly N EAN. a IeO CER't'IFy that thie ab-ve ientionedl diseaea is lqulite well curedlo ilvyows satftll.ctin, for whhih I n i • tlu, and noreover I ass thaI te meadly til"I havet.taken ,,.,s nte itt, ad did at injure oy " nlt. t all 'Ihrelire I advist my f law s l..r.ra to roesno tine o, 'Ml ltlly ato ID A Ithet, 128 Canal treaI, between I)alI iat" and Bourbo ntree,. by. fnluet is u1 Bos from 9 o'.lnck,A M,a.nil 4.PM rTley will fid true: uitur for lltis AN ,;pla. If tty one ananta to aee tae, call at Na. 411 Heavier New Orleans. Feb p 1838. JOHN DEAN. -----febI 14 a OMLARD & CO'S Boston and New Orleans eei aof Pocket hips'--T'ilns new line ofl hips lns been rexprestly auilt to run between Ilte above IPorls, atd will be ouand of suitable draft of water; aCeeollt datdliols for puasengers and every efbrt will benlatl toagive gen raI s.,ialiyfl t Iott is composed ofthe tn lowing sbips: CIerokae, 415 tO1ls Capt. Jl Harding, Caroline, 400 do S Lemiat, Clharleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Cultllllbiana, 65 do G Barker, Sealnton, 240 da Jlawes, Ilttltny, 25 o D lJuaphrey. The above shilps are all naw, o tilte fitrst hlass cltpter aclttlled alid aoppered, e.....anaded by mea fgrenat experience, have largo uaccommodation,) wtilt a separate Iadlies casbin; every attention will b. ,aid to paaettgers, ald thel very Lest of stores pro, vided for them. Thle paekets will be towed up nnd down the MI insiplpi, and the strCterst punetuality .ah.led .lq the tittle of sailing, and shlould thil regular vg, l . be detained it arrtvitg, othler shlips equally as loo will its all caaes be aubstitutedl. A ahare nf patrona ago is solicited, nle tIlt agants pledlge tlemelves to aceolmdattlel as ittuch its prIctieable, to reeivq anal forward goods Iy s id line at the most moder. alo cltarges, and to advtIace all axpenses u gods slhpped, it' required. p l'rha slltps will leave tile let and 16th of every month. For freight or ptsaag., apply to the agppl.. J A M bRltllT,f f Common sot N. B. Atvanleetetnta tnado on causignmat to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. Iquvý7 CAPTI'.IN MAIlllYATT'S NEW NOVEL. RaElltt the Reefer, by the uthor of Leter Yillpl, - it, eatla.S y tlrnte al etr Staplllle, &~+. Cntuutil.g, or n Wi ter tt Schltn llsisfield ha I.owear Stytit, by C tail asil Hall RoyalNavy F,1, S .;.. ill I viii. ' , lord Ru/dara, a romance, lby Allali Cunninganlm, l, .I'e'ppnrd Lee. written by bhumelf, in 2 isis. vpi d Cclnapedioutl diltori y PJ at44t, trtsslated from origiail italian, ly Nalhantiel (Ireen. in 1 vol. for nitig Na. 79i l' taerltr'a l'ulnily Libhrary Vala. : & 4 tl til !!pet cnallete land unilbram edition o l l'a s/tineior t ll avin 's ht 'o rk $ . .. Rogcr's Frtch ar d fagiiah li otaat.r a l Vol, 3o. Vtugttl's I"',eirh rand Eatglido Dictionary. "a Alt.ea-- ea twmore tuleales ufa Ca'oabt'a Phnholhgal "lliehzoi," Lar e + lr.e ,vyr's Can lasses at lauperiat qual ty, with clins, ltllrd alls I.-4 ned 2 12 iltelts. ug itahtt'a oved iiliutlie ienJtleliedd lpalers, weightl. &t,. d+c. &c. J list receivrd, aJd fur alulu by 01 _BENJ. LEVY. iL: JUICE, IIONEY A.D 'Ej LI lTe slhsrlber e hats reeivetd ahll ijitoCO of th blove ,a ,. • aill.elea rillel MlayVlll, alld o8.era tbm flq ale tli tely reusonable Ilcon,. u- !H It('NN. lIEI., 4l3 Tehsiplpntlqn ONI11 d'1I, ucrbr veat at greil expn),ta, tite rightt el to t raaar t.tteattlnaty they a r, ' eI ad 1 blj hu~l~~ncs,..rel , u ptur ti ed is.,;'dprivtett dworlltnesia,sral iv .' "e c i it,+ an danhltty, asd are Ierelotl) fite aid nater Termrs may I.e knaowe, aod a tlodal een'r at oitr establiahb th opposalt St. a'e ttir ftitt, TehaspiloUla. t Oet2 F. A Me^.cutpr r * ~een le.. vie

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