Newspaper of True American, December 31, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated December 31, 1839 Page 1
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• ,.4. CNTS. OT ED ONING, DECEMBER 3I, 1839. PE - ill CENTS. NI.1V ORLLEANS, TUESDAY MOR~NING, DECEMBER 31, 1839. Ter,tm of the jiverospaper Press o Newo Orleans oaanotonsl v agreed] to atn ni 9djanrned laeting of the Proprieior.,, I Id on the I3ih of Maroch, 1837. SUenORtePTto.-IO. WlS.' i lDollors roe the doily pa nlhlLO , poveldne onoli-o9nually in adv9ncet ten dollars filr itle tri-weekly econtry paper, payable one o enar in ldvence, where no city reference in given. Five ilollors for the Weeakly; pvnhlie i. ladvance. No It a tbst.riptioe will be discoltinuted until arreanrges are settled. In case of di 'contiluaoce, one week's notice in eariltg ioctet n0 ilwariuboy given, previous totllt xplration of subscriptitn.o tuvnrratslvn.--)ro dollrn pr slottre for the flirt nserti n, anio holft tat 'ice for each elbsequert lne: b an material alteration ru tile original advcrtioiemen I will be chalnrged as a new one. Yr.naLt l AevtrnTtsYns.-Merclots andil "ra ere, arty dollnrsfin IEngiilsh alone, ail dsixty fr both Inn ltagne} Bluokn, litnurInilee Offoes, and.l olier eiioi9v public nntititlions, filty dollars in Englishl n ly, nol tighty for builoth l9ng.nes" Ship and iteallbonet lFuc ore, or Conaisnnio mcll:rchnts sixty dollers in Englisl me, adeighlty lfor blth laonguges. MARRIGons, OnITennY Norlcre, and articlcs eall lag thie attcntiont of the pullic to sales l propetrty, cards of passengers, beonefits, &c. &.e. will lie esrgv.l one dollar per sqnuro for the,bret insertion ii cechl lc.n jOeOiintCATtOOO, or Advertiseinmnte, ef any persnt al nature, when aditansililo. sull be chalrged double, and in advance. A delducatin of twenty-five parcent. will be inlde t, Auctitneerrs, Sherite, Reicinirsof \Ville, andil Mlarshals on sales iof real estalte. pmilishCd in bith 1lnogueos, J and 511 per cent. it English alone : 0I per cent. i` s`lus or Otlotr property. AovD rInsne'exrS out of the direct line of bunloono of the adlvertiser, stll as legal, ouction, anti plantsi Jl sales, runaway slaves, stray atiials, &c. &c. will be charged for soii.nately, and at the ordlinny rates. An vweITnsteNTq a not epieifiel as to timo, will lie Ipublinhed ole imintl, ail itehared aecnrdtingly No idvertisenetutsi of Iakruptcies will be pulilhledll n ally Cse, tless pa id filor previous to insertion, or pavymentn guaranteed by ai reslnpisitnle perseo in 1tow. I eutres and tlher places ir aalnseinotll, navcrriisll dlaily )t the season. to e charigedl $101 fir lt`iglish a onet, oid $150 itn both Inngunes. All nneouncemincts of enlidats fIor political ofi:.o will bel clrged double thes price ii oither advertise [ ti the iininienc loss tuitaincd biy newsplner porpiei.irs, they lhve col e to the co0clu0ion h1It IIa i nee of personls whise acconlts hIvr not he,.n I-,li with tto ionthiI after presnntiaitin, shlnl lie lde know l(so far as ireciicablev to each othlir--they obli I"siing tghetln.lve ot tot alvertine or print for onlh dslinquaites ,illess ii case inl ednntee paymnitns. 1 0igned) J.C. ae Sor. IO.MES J. IIAVO, P. P. IIEA, J. C. PIlINI)REIGA:S'l', JOIIN GIIiSON, LI; MhialItEN. IVriely Prese--We. thi ,i iudrrsi.nilCd, Cgrev to allid by y thii vt.,e condlitiuon, as lar as lthey are allplicalie ito ie i papers.o A. h. tAW lRENC, Su ,Ni onhscriitioii are tokri for Iese t,lhn ti | loiths. , ............, t . .11 -ll ,,.sa be fllst mid: ,. P w HUAUROWGATS SPRINGS ble' inlngolne rv n.,'ilt'. l\lalnit,.ln. TI lBiE DAYS JOURNEY FROM NEIV . ORli.EANR. d JUllE proprietir of thi eectnilliiienit hai thile ldea nl Lure nfan aaain iiog ti Iii iri(sl Iuini tihe pola t lc in geneailtlit le will ei in i rnaline.sby the rius ly II'I ii Mav to receive vinileri. lie will al elstate far tle h.:- ngi ceti of tEle at a li-tanee, that there ihtve li)I ea Lrge bik improvnc'entsit le, ade d hers niiw goingi on und ill pelC rapid pr.greel for cnnanletioil, icihltlc will enanle theiii nulbnreer ,to ar-c'iOltlll'e a trniIi iC. Illarge ainler th ll iti herietnlre, and at tilhe tulle tite much better.nni lea niiic call he aemmnmInted •ith ilk gn r(1OlUs, or n" clhloe w'.o irlter nant Inevs large nahiin ,'innshed Ifro)ll dile mtai bniildingi It ni ienll nall u nee. n.i.ry te ny nnvtllilln ill pnrtil:ll lar of tie chl rnatr l tlie wicl.tei , foiu it is gellel'illy li ' belin ei tlnat tiler are not illnfriur In nv ill tle Snatni"wo era inties. All thie aanInIsemI taII siare glliilllls oi frno4,nt Wanteriai" lhaces, will li foand nit hlla. T , belt iuic I l tt itliis part of nmiolirirv' affimlni. llr - blie jng iell. lnd will he ill m n hi l lraltaetiiPIinnClllt ti S'ipi rnndlri g Ihe wholle ecnil*a . c Ion 'l P\eiollla " !c b i will ivnil litnt ola f o futhllisl pIlinrttllllll t e n returlnillng bi iiili l thmlinkn fir the very liberal uiipilprt gin. ilnn Int ens tti iailliiiee inV the i'xer- L''i tLion Ilit have beauin malde at inpvi i id iriin exeii ldii l 'ii' tile a:nlolnln lidtiiins, to ileri a lilberal ptn lltuinii te ll II resenltt season. J N ) CI.\t.M. I nnt __ sun~ '. .)1) -W-.-\Y i\ Al- hliih .n.. ,erl -er, miii anu facturars Rod wnlilelaln deallrs ill sddie r i gi no , are i rei a ing )' late anrrlvals br nlll fI,.n a nnrh, in aditl m i to i t olli e m r .tuck. SIia II (l m Sl - onl lqlr lll e a r lt lr s t o h - In Jill l i ' rIII 'i'U L rllg aI' l nc a.d at Il tcallu 'dd S atli , 16 d 1 ifs no ; d i r:lt da iido .6nla du sa U dn u,,,Mll do 111 da unird.bfla.iiuiindl liillind rein - no d.n tiiumwle du i ilmritlnd bEn.. IIidln ailn'Iihie idiiiiiammIOii. I du do (I i lullt,i t v i anted, briai, and juaimlnled enacnl imIsý) I C. du an gi e nwCl nu n a- I il t Iin ia b oi, w g , i d l iry, laah and wuenn do a da dle a tl dnnlnl tdlll l n i n Iti'; V nll ned; it' dPCai lsi balln ta b ind, lht ..o eIs calpet t g.; beat troll Inlill ball eanth r ia.ala irlllll ii, ilrahs millltitli; aan ih Crl o toll vit brassarted sal lim aid Wiltniou tytlen; hIostnrs id1 no p i ,to l b 4el t; ul dcl le, g i " n u lk y , t's et 't., n d pI ll a n e r m ill crlgp wk lis: w, a C sii d cme nd n lenn er ai ile geirln in sidiurslioi' iiis lntirnapnll l ll thm k pa mic .t ips an. la .or an... r itlll eil; chC;iC C and aagl l blanei; blild briiies and liesb S uat calls i, itn and hirse ain m apnid tn l nrdlr -- llalnlli+e; IIIn . eil rocc!, fbuel/, b)e r.sheep luld th ev; usll ii ; phtled el l (8l5aeli. Li, brats Snd! bridle b!ts " vil ry desrllton, d riuiodi plated, barun a.d .ni .l an apuri oii ery dnn eillplll; tuy. I platedi brnn s slid steel stirrups ol every d)' c rie the lion ,Togeteqr with a eolpllljlete aossolrtolint of eve:ry c attelal in their lile of busines--all t, which tand all oiler for sale il t ,leeol n letll lkrllali They will 5501 iolinue to r, Clec tirough thei Kes n by p leLkes from New Yurn, iienii sulplies tonr , klep their stuck ainple and e,llllalete. In K O)U ]S , DAV'IDS tON & co, In 1n Lalal st. Li iirainaII eIUICI E nnaimii:iin iees Iinnihma.ii clae, recevel pael renent arnrivals fblo ihe Nllrtll Srnile cildie, Liveryu ol ari llaivrnii ll g theirstck of madcielue as 'ull us any i thle Suuoohtro Country. 't'heir f ielle medic e Ipres ratilein tl e rI nii tle celebral d ui llllnu faclory of llandern Weve &. iiii iraf i ,.adllnl wyih l be CoLstantly nuili id. Plrlan, dealer. aenlid I'llaIn ci an will be upllhed oil trile lllsl aiilllile ter iiis. " lAatViij a AnntIve, dl ie7 nl cmi inlln nrilmmimlntlltiiiulmit ilme NO UUIuoi E t~ u l'A1' • II lilli l~t31,L~liee lib Illllv , trt'et, con Da e a Ile rrlri, Inprae tie trtllienl t uf VeLn lirelll D is ea se , in all its d ill',r..nt f irml . A. I r, JohnSon, from it .eaiideuee of many years io Iles*- si sula in Eurolpt, devited to thr tratnpaai of Veeereal t S) eass, a nd fro a i. i ilne,+tllt ilr u sin v "u4'ctico ito n that dlsmrticlanr cunac or tilhe irulesio iaguitrillteei al 1 aafe., uamylly Laud eallieCalcr l cut nl:h ier+nea, areii tainii edwi anll nyagn.the arr%;niiug diliCUee vi: ....... i . . ; ...... S.,i ',e :l'ban"':'k Ittl',' Sem inal Weakllb rg, r. J;:t.ineaa nail, Iaidder, c t iiell s Llin., Urethlra, Fnert t; ttllrl, Swelled I e.-tieles,w J rnptiunc nla the illae Sure a rhruatr l aine i ib e ile Joints; l Alnd tie ndnlerouisyaiiploals which generally follown 1119 disease. lRecent cases corm t it two or Illired days withoutt the use ul"3a ereur.V iwtu rralpribu Ireo. Inllsilla e.,ur altlera ion in the anliee oflivil g A ilcedlellla to, 1revenVenereal D)isease cnn ie olb Atwiedail' I"r.JCnhsIn. It is Irn tI re rl of ilet bn Larry, a greabrled nurge, ,n1 was /' used by hin dulring tIesm.vernl ealtll~pllaOm i1 whltcn ItS sarvae'asl Surg loo ese t in ti. ll reiceh Ardlly. m iSold y )r Jiohiion. at ilit oaice. ' 'i ho.e Ir.eone ating ally all-ottin oif" VealtoreaI I)isettse', nnd ,t.OLLth aking soa vyarige oir removing ton e oland nti yaWoln l do wpin by giving Dr. Jueolno a ialli as pnrope Illarli sines flr the ar ellre in the isholrlelt tllle canl be put ui with written directionln foi their e..e, Office opeu faon 7 Ii thiae mnornilg be il 10 o'clck at night. AREIINETIIY'S DYSPEPT'IC El IXIIR. Dr. Aberllnetly, the greatest iof Iulln!iieLI surgeu null wl olsini o thll t n ."-tenth- of the diseases thatl attLJee a laebkidauriginii e in ile e ulullm ea. This Eilidir ii ts usedP by hils with thke ipLn- uil ,pre,. drentd ont :,e ill htis private. aed poblie practice fior uIpwardl.- of (trly years, for the renlalval uf be ftlloiwiui dlse.ases: Loss ofue(['ti t t Fllitlency, J)istentlti mll of tits Stole , aeh,Pai in Ihse, e Ienviledlif file Mend itd iilli I naliln to sleep, Lrregullrihy of the II.wei., Knot ill all cast where lidigatiuni or a ntilive Ilabit i. I;ull lto ex-st. This Iiieillinine illliit nuteu ,ed amngni e hlcnn ofqunclihk iotruln ilow belnore tle i.lbib, as it is the aile iavenltiun of lhe a ileist iand uiims ieninlietifc lrgurIi Eurnpe ever imrouuledl, aind irho ecrar pf liellrillg it was iurhlnaseid by the agenl uilr a vnly large niu. Il ii a greenle all ilei'imll to the la-tC, acts a a nlin d iler ienit.awoyakecils illhe bowels free, ililnarts viigol ulad strengtn h tlie aystc,l nd er heel'ui tah r o tle ilIlilti and a mnw b nnbes remo nin t ie iost coniirmedncases ol Dylwepsin nr Indigestion, and prevents a relurl at ally luture period. NEw Yannltubh Angit, 1838. 1j \Ilu lian-dmi treet. S ut:--I icarneqnlcefleldiilg a selnitnry life, 1 rave been trnbled,ln iae or lean, wiith ,ldigenlinill 'nr tn years; lir tihe lnii three years miy aulfarings ihave benaieniIIurtllblle. I hbve tried severil plly-iciiuaa, ia d a n uaahn l'er fl ek i edie inre. wlhr llni dervinlg any benefi. I dea'iired of ever rbtuini"i aay iernonnaii a relief, ald rmsigued myselfo thile in , t hopeless denl air was israoallded by inany friendea In try Aherutlhv' 4 DyImetc g lixir. m Ilai ,li nw fniished the fntl lihln.l zI"l,aiii kitllwhiilntiow il nxplres invy adlrnirni)ll f itn cwidrrful virtues rl n ild theinirnne e it ii llerlarnell i restoring ini In heilth whicih i : a uigh lao-t fuin ever. Send e IediIf n daoenh a bottlec itl nultd excaept ar llankib for inle bleasilmsn yon iare , o rredby re toriiug iar to IlperLt nlealth. - remnain vouras J4oD1 MONIO FIHIEMORRIIOIDS. [AY'S LINIMENT--No Fletion.--This ex 5 ru It traordinary clhemical compsitlon, the resu!t Fu of scionce, and Ithe invention ,it a colobrited inedi~ cit l t cal tnan, the introd tn' , nt of which to the poblic he a was inveted wit' the seolnmtity of i dcaithbed Tdytw, biequest, lhas since cained a repultation ul paralleled, it i rlly sostainineg the correctaers of the lamented thy Ol Dr Gridley'slast confession, ttat "he dared not ritcig, tim wtilout giving to postorlty tho beuoft o his n knowledge on tiles subject," and he tlieroleorit Te baqueatled to his friend and attondapit, Sniomon Geo Ilays, tie secret of Ihis discoery. to, It is now uered in the principr l hospitals, and ertilt the private practic in our country, first and cost uitetit certainly fao tle cure of the Pile, and so exten sivcly and efo\ stually as to baillc cr'edulity, iunlensse Tler where iets ctiecs are witnesod Externally in theo eilei lallowing ceictploittns: ii'ift For Dlrosy--Crating oextraordinary absorptitn otto at once. OtT!9ih All Swellings--Reducing them in a few hlours Rheumantisl--Acote or Chronit, givitg quick do,,, -easye. to Sore Thront-By Cancerso, Ulcers or Colis. n Croup and Whooping Cough--Externally, and r over the Cllest. t, All Bruises, Sprains, and Bumrns-Curing in a en fewk oure. Fort S resur and Ulcers-Whether fresh or long -'e stonding, and fevor sores. It Its operations upon adults an; children in reldue eo' ing rosltniatic swellings, and tooenning coathlsi aod ti gLitnes. of the csot by lehlxation .f thi perts, it tis bkeo stirprinirig k.yondlacoileplion. The eigeei cooton rctnruli of tWhosn wsli'h:cve used it in the Piles, is e It acts like a.harEl ." e S T'IIE PILES --Th I rie, ,t inr reieonded t any )t d if perron who wilt on a aottle of ltay's Litiiat cut for tie Piles, atnd retouc tle ettipty bottle twithtouetit ,i being cored. T'llese abe the positive orders of tihe t'.hi poplricetor to the Agnittls; anud out of maniy thou- e sanllds sold, not oe 0 s bt koen utinsccets.ul. W might ilnsort ceCrlileates ItII ay lygthl but oti prefor that tthose who sell the arti:le, sEtuld eo l liibit the erioina to parchasersu . t CAU'TION--None can be geruine without a nri Ssplendid engraved wyapper, on whichl is my namte, a Sand alsot tlhati of tlhe Agents.SOLOMON ITY SOLO 310J·" flAYS. ,.,, Sold wholeselo aosl retail, by COMSI'OCK( & tr Co. Nev York, arjd by oel DruggisLt in every iA towo in at, For nile bon t WhVlielnlsnle Agents, cornier of Clomnon & t'ceiupitl uan street, aod by Ithe Apothecaries giterallc le3_ ) _ _ _ XT lORI''t iC,,.N . t Cbacnva eeraeni aj 0 'IT rc,,iving htid tope',l+ m l, s he ost -plentdal, sn.- S t ta,,til and Inshionn eI strock of Chorhine thi,,ey l1v r ghih d Ith i t lrkieii te t sirieiett a ll i ll tilhe Ilil siti n rtiellP : e lte, Ii C I Uili,'I h tt'wi hteir ec ei( o1iirk(cl l5'ollill idlY.,, ild: lil - black l,, l ,iitct'bn btOw rtOaiIeei loodon smo itnd eluden oive irueli anlld dlre i ealns ; henvr. heiri ., ,bl.. al huirristrah, t ork come,% elegan*ly firnis'. ted; scv attd pel ln bl:ick cnatn lre rt a d cl,,l bh il pantahl,)i enlish itd fiento tarety and 'ld' t ( iilk and s tlilln vts: real .nw mark,.t coI rll'lts; e. nglish n 'l Irtenlt:li fatnc y snd p!nmI senrfs ai tllh I dlyd chrlc - -web l bl tllIi ielasIC s hi 1 i i pond ers ; ch , . b's w oo,, w elsh t l an ..n . lsil .. . n do i drawis' . li .oo . Or, rIl +,+.rl ii Ihl.uitau d - 1.uall·t phtii,, " .It, rtll-d: . a : . ,q lhiio hateddh silk um ira. lr Irellos ; "+ ', ! ';r h tlts O 'oIvopS--rls', a " S h aniltu t r ,1 x, 1h , fitor well'lillnls b lll . It III k e . ; ,rni . ' ' lltno no hl d kl s : pc n i n n- v in li urciid aI tu, o +rlln re i do.; silid l Inot) Ictl iii ,,, I, 'd -row d l c.,lw tn hall ei ; Ieir ch rey o, llr lnw fert' deco', ciiirr lll ci -lti,,i'itlt - . e .e r rli i ,, - , rs .su11111 NIa. r i, i Lady.+ * nno-i t[ he -oi] Ie ,,l ll 't r' " I , .lthtid ain d Cehauti' pr I,,nI ltlC i' LIII.+. lll nl ( l llljl't llJ i: I" I tlit I tiei l ' n t:ie rlne lliieeniy Ie i o tilt d . Ol ,s titlent t l ir e tiel l,,, prl0l)) i heat, ndni e I e l-e tit ls t e a . t At lic lne i qullh. S ,I tulbt ihoa st I, r i ill sis i it rco el ennd g id ts , II emu,,,lh, , . , r i ,,p,,u),d lr g,,i,,h - i+] I' ' 11·Ir Ltlllll I r h ,., llh xllll s rl. ylll.W ll. n I tI rce , lr,, h,,, 1+ I lt),l demon.. y in " o he 'ta-c n-cite t oi , tit r ntt tilshi tii ' hia eetllr a'inl 'i t i t .1141:1 LINE·1 is111! cii tie.CC ilttert cilittitt cii in t nrittgid Whe.sit trita n s e sl h ii y sc ia ubJecl n nl o uit~,.ittinarlct Acl sia i: lei ntceili't, . ilteill l l n-talk Ii et etry n tliit iciti tili e tietnelll eiittt lttir, e tt. s oltl ry hinve lel I , ·+l 're+t, ~lrl+ i Ellltll r.iP.l Il,+.llll'l(l, Iv t liI'. l~eul,.m II.III iy cl io lev t Itnlt' ..... 1 I .... e EIt I ... I. iid a i t......r u e : lo ~ieiy teeleisl lesi bt aic eiitlut itsia uitti hes t! atid rteail at ete . pe CustoNewYrh, co........ ,I'u e ,.h N t o i at i itroan t N te'vat kictoi A it" e, Froml 31obile (Altbn tnt) to Augulta '(!Or n) In,, f inititC Ct uatit ae ur Ie, "ic 1tia, rnllwe tI ,te - I I non u t i O i tsn i Ic ti lgs. o ults Thcite e N ft i I o itlor ltl twi iloes it 'tl 1r AISE o r ciil L anoln, thie Ime . a ccommh athe n, ti- idiict lctisti icuec N ith i ssle .aI m nll hrhitlat, ew~ l leua i se f e rie ita l twio lhe ci ulal )Hasl l la hle tcr A h wikit, lle t15 .mill toenit torbk gnu- it at t obile eosAugrsta, hss " e l i . torf te N eh tro - hl.. . . l- 5i8 r ItI e' ItO cites poer lLday. tiP t er esit lie ho iri e st N LI .flt) s l UenLi to iiCtfin tlhe pitlll tlliaCt his Id r itges oelr the Clhtioi r ekeswml y olt' rl tIlo rl Luka1 t b -, s 'i tl e et 0sl ta buin r t heiet, 'tlhe nerh l goea t te Iteir rtlll untll. t1no, nslcl le dt nlole t .ltiO nhle llsite - ot. eIl asll Htill ChsTURLCnOtherNIOVELTIES1 tC fo i Ille isttitrl tectil. t slfe e.n LNe rlae l alt l M tl I , t... h . .... 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DIp t a I r it of1) n n ,. di t ov ry lhe ni i+ n :i Ilf~ljIhlt , Hill+. 11:1" tilt' ,illltr. lal . ..) t dld· 111 I+ tthov+) ,, 1 i, 11,1 :l|dllht .If-.% l v }.+ ,ii t , t i ti iti I1? , lNlt"l + e R 1f I l l e ,tt e c lh'i.+(d VIr' li',J l;il)' e~l 't;ll+ lfu~l i t'h id"h~l 11161.l t J li" l ).+D th*'· I Vo ": th at it a -. tltta ootc t d t hea Iv ha r, t tid at-It eet-ti.(, .ci aa ta l 'at-e tirIitt ltrtt hi Irl - h r lt l i ta i tit Itittiat | rit a-Prof. l at ']lat l oil tt i-t:t'a h t t ia t - rtt, t ioi i the i--irnit t atr di- ta.t i ll Ifr e r RI .li dia rti n, ttl t II I att aalttiti rhu e. th e . .................Illlll) hat ceta e . . .-a a iati "low , i tt ill l - it e c -WNi ,. ..0+llin e o.- e har, bu al. , o a n ,,r uti - - v . ' 1;... - -0i. ..... T-.,. ,a, - , t t Ti l Ilt, eta. th nt sae tho on O N 1 LSN rh tet atqt- t ' lll ttl T Ihtil at i itt ItI r) , f3 it b T• is kn ow ,e t at~ th ile lli it t-tab ct" ieat O ridg.- bitt a talti ala liarti tiu , rl t h t r n ls th 3 P-iihtou aliallaattii- bat Iti, It tIlirt . a.rI.h lh,, oila I ittIt i t , 'i r i iof Tn pi aI d'lo .I hereby thaI n11 we1" ll icq r i.ex vi'l Wh al l tI t ' i- t " t " l S. Jr . . . .e t rIii itteaht r tit I c ret .e a tt lit (I-i l iea, . it i tit & l. ' - 1, . " Ro l l l hi W IL1 lTlN l lh I alll t Oi ha liV t it. italtit hut lott i the Ietull ti tt Ial hiiil-, tu oEl t e 1l· 1 n( lli l it th11( 11 llt tntl o - A i Itei , o. hlitale tlhlat ot ,art-i . ttion L ,inttlto lto - elt-I Shar l IIet~n II listt arutti tatd tat-ater a Ie t " a atIt Iw.R . t lr it lat i I Itd l ri l hlt I AtI lw i t ditr S r r nLrL t, lI O i t iit iI tt lltt 1 r l lo ld , I • 1)t T r"n+ P t J -f the ires oi O rdn biru , Pritn latatttr i ns ythoet Io rito tit ai. ac r f 1 i teat i )i ssi --~ tt titaae aal the alo ! Ptitt t bu h u- iierttllttit al t t.iara e, ihea t. e ;r ll--tt S ,~n I IateIRlLTa II "tat~ 1Itit-atial li t-ti" I t -*·lce ti al--a ane m k morfe1 v.'i m rr i ii ath t.eed th Ii t hat I ili " "P I wi-cta : l hve I (hlro u re hf i , ola 11111vn f " tnli l h i tl i tt-ti t rentin , im c " LII.t+ <i,.~:1i1·inlI tho |"t[11l r)flI ilirlilt) ttPl.m 1; l1rl ilTP rft.tlrtl tlI • l iii' a-rIIutely W Cll y t : i ;h n t l iT er\1,io ..i n alt TIIn T( 1.t , · .llil r i ( ni~|lln ' 3 Ittvta I.I .It u It IIt (" ' . . ,, alit,-- a It gl di be tetilta \r i artihs et I ta. i tnt p b" tl J(or 1\ )l T a I .it. 7 i . 1II(,t i ri t.t , ail .l t tii 'tlctati ta tateatite Il 'illrtilll' tt I fat tac ii Silt ; Ch, d E Gt( L t.l, d l.a | rioitarstectlllasoah Netiwtat-tittacitiialcet h iia 9• ope un I ...... mt re on Mon+dy,v 14 .: ......... a.t')' N o.I ei t To l n thtt e -Itollaa ,R.o t °. bohilI s e inI F " l- u b lte-thi i , flto n w lict- vi l Il wi l l (.e a ly as i'rvd by f I'hi'la nd M rllh . Als o o l r i w h p aII r + rl " ir lif' olii e I nInt,, wll ll tl" . ti t , 1 I dr1 ,t i itn a al-it ll It C.l ir i ,l i lia l t-a i-i n llt rta. htIlh d ti a i l e I eat, lnt aflat r t I ha at tlhllat t a riet a llc aralilh 1a 1iy P il l IS r 'lteaIoy tite I l tl t tlata 'a alf 1 ] l. r I ilt t, it it'ti tI i Iiat hc. el. aett" Iw oi-IT \I1Itt a - ta it OI i lt'a l i eo.3h h t la h h l e liii Ia ill Irer e t t vot aeaitllt al ithelt baat ittel sadl tot aled II 1-it-a ait a-i,- ll t eli-al a tit ilit it t ti tiui<li-itt-c--titttil el*> tred libumbl e l o i nsP II /~11II.. They lr ·in lie C the 1· n On J.\RVIIII ,r, .+\ NlttI\VS Iao.e \utiha pa le.ti , i ai l a<tPII cl a it - ll in tnrt. spray- the tr nttrsat-tyiltwit at .1 i iii .1':1. Trt·lv iril\ hte, I]'l llet 1II I t+'rl IIi i llh ofJ Yoii lJi i ot , i.t I - .i ai v a\VIlli in (ltlatt la uI te lct-cotateictael-ula ea't tai, i l citn. .iiact t~i hlt-i'tt . citr It al taa til alt aa i" h . P hv A fohdaziol oltoa 't itery h e nm a ella s, iila - tilrt3 thL o atlb3 ii enea A·lt la'T it t Ict' ec .'r tact he a----111 '.,l< i . r r' ll > ..e I b ll(lbllctllh1 hi n e ehll Pl '1III i " .PI tIIll ' Ellllot by lho col~i rl 1Io \\iltl: a. i. r1 1 ,~t lr lll, F? 1.11111111 1111. l - rll ii ltil iil h .1"i11 lll rl~lt- ll t, Illl· ·I·1.Ii 1.11.tll i lbell t i x cJ it. i , 1,1 1. .111|iflh |ll1(:l luI l'l~lltl ii1i, 'lip (·IIIII11,1 n~ljl~lt htlv tr'l II Illl .(| t ,."ll'llttloh,\V ·C.(itill IIIIE~CIIi+.I(~Tlllrlill bc i .·lrill7 h (It .P mi .oil enl l [1 n II hFI t d.ljiliVrIII I )1.( UI < tl. t' orI fille .tlllt lv. 7.pimtli:+t ~ 'c 5. IO iiitlrn l ih i 'itz.llS till e N<r ll,w O~e ·n Ihrl·nt w l'19 'r..Ilum. .lri~,ni Io Ill i~ilflqtirl~l tll+r r0+'lih ll b ih~ol L +;e xu in lrt; rl lt~ siiiw ihh Ill+Pillrrl I·lllt, nIy WIIII; il~l yl II 11|II rilllwiill j *Illlluehar(, 1111111\ 1?,ll- r II(1 i llil . wil ll . 1. 1 [ '11. 1 wh,,h. tllt lllon to th ro~ll'til.l Uilllllltlhtl) II [,d lTl,.·l!) UfI~~lll ill-,,.q hLl.l+ l JIill~ Iiii ! •\\il11. ,1 • ,' iI il')e . ltl~l~l·Itil I. ilor t I .\' h i vbs trlll IIlllitilllr lii \ill(. i 'h,,il i 1 1llid,, (llt'!. lll l LII din ,l . .Ia .<-D·-le ri ,'+:. C r., X... 3 l',n,.ltT.' + e- : . r. ,,I+.,," IflI 5tr~ll.1'r Sth, TPUII) ll'.;tlt iltl lli l)l lu,llrh I.lDtll :n. YB. I.,cv.l, nn ilt~ldelli II1 ~louJll./i" 111. Jllyog nrt itll.h wi . h. All few i ld ,z.t @ le,.iil Jii'ir' h llnt+l lil' ,.''- i~rl.i.,, r o. :II Z hal b:~it i b,.e re I..'%..;,,, i silr,,h lo hll~ll , p illll J 11,,'.1 \I I.I 91i I Ii1.1,11. i .:+,@t· ·· ln;i · - I,1 FSANULUC NA CORDIAL. L r. CORDIAL )11': LU.;rLI1111 (1 lilt I: LllillIXIilliiE - 11III.,II1' elLUI'I( 1'1 I1=Pile United Suite, lA I)at till the i~lulll"11"X111111 11Ldle lil L; lilt UI 11' 111111' 11, 11 trIC ng1 which `ý ·II. mast uuirnelr II I lilaey of, this in ,lim Ill 10"11X100, tri1:s, The Nell founded ll 11I)IIICIIon of the I-(UI11 ml Cordial 11a: Inc --su t-, ile a_-e t i 11 111 10(0 hi.Ill Id elt.10- to. l i'rl~i00"11; but fit, the beli 111 "t' tl u-e ltersoll %% It,, lily' ,f st. Ia ilia, it I9 Ur. 11u' l li s ee eb11(1e11 dise.1v.,,, appro r, I Moll has l cre allyd -11eII n ens Ilion i l l ' I It lhrou. Cr 0er;n ea all-lull by di- - 10" m 'jrw tee, and sob-tun- P- u 1.1 011ual 1:1111 fur lilt it (Or alb ; 0101 tdsovr 011 tl tt i i-, tile 111110I eP eed1 eler Orc.1vlIIed for t 1 01l1 11r 1 .f Pal 111111 '.,liV ((IC Ill 11ll'_ !1'!:111111'', It I, il,.. 11i 111 tl-l" tlllln ,In fI I itl fit. "."t, 111"Inletrd, dllliru' or p:!n "(11 1111'1,1111 Ur. I IIII11II ilIIII of -lie nrin0 "l ievvllmlll iiv a change eioer It Ihe cunl:I rlmisl~nrl ill ht IP 1!:111, 1l;*r, U `fl'oc- dl II\ I:'illrrbons 01, 1111 11;'011 .11'.I "II I In order that all rlnl-e=; of seci1 1i 10110 err-rive th"" emit which is IL' than one hul' the priorc arge'I 1.11' It ill S ". JOHN11 INT( M. 1. brli "''TilE L 'ei:U ILICItI.fs OF LIFI" i I.c rALT'il' Brit 1', EGETABLE !' IVE KNOtW tia heelth and the ability to ii - 0 toer, cotnstitutes tie wn. itth of the groat ...c' meas o the peop e in tis, as in st other eoU- guud i tr:s. ''o ir.scrive, thirefere, tihat healtll by iato rat mean- is a igr ild, imoral lanld p iliteal schl 101 in 't h id whlic , requ ires u ltliiot attenltion T'lhe uprelced.nto I popu)lrity and ap- . ie. SapprobatiOn whichti this medicine Ias achieved nit tllrolughoult the United S ltaltes, ti. C:_anD ld.i, 'T.exa. s, ",el \Mexico, and the West la.die, fully justiliy Dr. Mil Peters' in warmely and eini e entiouesily reoinmeuin it tl. them n to the special noti:e of the afilicted. et Peters' Vegtable PiLe care t.,e slaifst, most effec- ·arl tua;t aond rnedy ti, disceases of the huIlman eonetiitutln, that Ih . ever been diie:ovired. t Dr. Peters, the inventor of this inlvahable nod- . cinc, from his knoeluedger of thet umian systiem n,,e de rive -ifreon a long and extnsive practice, hiase arrived to t si coinc lu.;ion, tiat t great and iiri. e,,l nnmry ciauises oif Io3t diseases is a dierIaell.lent in ter im lctions of the liver, or in other wo'rdsn an in. 'I" 3 creisred or dillisbed l ecreti lon Iof the ile. . in S well is the uonder.tood, tnat it is c,,n non For tIhe persons to say wheni they lel unwe l, that they are ililnou , ut, neii ti te they hnve too nuelt lih n. i the tete e. O il the other hlene, IWlee tec flowIee of ile is dimiishedi the proccns.f dit eos io . ilmperfbetly pIertirn , tolii patient beetnes wek , i and enmciatetd, beceu.e. nourishmioe (co.inei l.. :I, .n. the lod taken .inielot st machli in not proper y ex- . <,I tracted, and the iolod is ejected in a erlde llate t'e )r. Pelers is contidentilt that the fmelllti s LY11iian ... Theory, oen ctalled, thiat, iimpurity of the bloeod in thle c:eaus. e all diseasre," is a great absurdlity. r Every one 0 i reflects on tile sulbject a lnowret, t will Irceeiv ehat i ellterity oen'tl bloe(l ie a u,:nII- - ii avy ;not a crinlary eolne,liint-- h c Eitelt andi not fi,,, the enso ohe.eeasee. \Vnon thle leeintionsof the "e livor ,re. deranged, anld he f low of bile incloaeld, it is ofteen taken up by the aesor oet ven.siels and h . t allid into tthe tcire.ult. n , nd IbetrUcoIeI s ini • o"i wi l thl e blo , ae s in j iind ice, wh len l e tllenet Ice ishow it in hlis cllo telnas . No tithis im puri t ,tl . n t of blood is ceu.sed iy an increased flowe ot' ,ile Sand to reny i, you u t correct the secretions n of thle liel , and rrtlerl l i t a eallhy stliate. S Dr. Peterl n has sent much ie iin experimentiF e Ia te blte lio it convenientL, iand cheaI est Imdit. it I ir. Peners liaralt r o l eltfthae hrier llng ex. eri 10to ' enting it vgebl ileetale edicines s entblled him vcO F t' e to discover ldl true t.lid l only ,ubs tuto tllascering 'Ca i -ill the purposes ci onertcuria s without anlly of their , a tlite ll I, evilt s One great quality of his vl gete a blt li ir- ills is that they hve tine alterative princirpl cnt-. di beebilned wilth their cod eartie, or oplratiev quill tier , i' so Illrt they nit only cleanse tle stomacth and t boiewels by purging, but they regulate tie ieter, de' inangel tie morbid secreitions, strea ithlens the te ai ous l dieyiae mild ai d pleasaet in their operation, e it ir aend c ivery oiui t nnediote coneviction of their tF r iutility fr1o the first ldose. They caln en taken II ..wilneFety by persons a eel ony tge ; anld tien febl, V I lit intlirem, tiec e nervolus, and the delicate, . - srnengthll ee Iby theirnperfetiute , because they clear ' the system ei ' d ieoerunrs, qetuet ner -F. irrita . , billy, alnd iltnvriletly t lproduce seu eted health. S'tlhe Vgtale e ve ,il s lre a sure remledy lor ian. dice, sick t nd nnrvns headache, deys epnta, cosntive. ieoes-, nsicknet ofFe tomtench, Ihartbtrl , alt bilious nc or complaints, fevers of all einds, and i'e taken at ne ice. eeencemeet will invariably chnch their proI- F rse. andi save ithe patient frt i protracItetd Iand 1:ungetolou stclkess. 'T'hey are invaluable in iner ons aild Ilypocod'iricel' a i nelleuts, lI t l of pto-e ti' t, ane d a I ,omplaii. rtae whlic femarles alnte ai uI ntl C p jeet.i hey opln erate e a etild and speed purrge n .are fo sati and certnt . remedy fnor womos 1o dc Snce I1 hlave introdlino I m.y Vegcetbin Plls to e the ptdlic lbave received numerous certificlatesi thi of teile eupelriir uliclacy in curing dcinease, a n, rmany letters eromn respectaci lel phyicins, Iwho nr. tave used them nl their ptactice with tihe beet tiuc, hrlgt ipubliish small volume of certificates, I bet eneeidter it neinecceentry, s the Imrerdieielec ii ill ,icce r-ecnicmend itiieeoIii cell whloi I iaein trial ofi et. purs 'The above pills aie ie boxes, econtaig I1 1 pills each. Price, 50 cents per box, e. DruggiCts and country meerchants epn ith sup. US. plied, at wholesl c or retati, nt Dr 'Peter' prinve ten- p t oCli.cee, no.72 M7 tirtnei street, New Orina.ns. ALSO for s le by G. 1. .Meoreson & Co, 11 fan Canalestirenet: P Urttlio, dreergist 1i9 old Loveoc, betweeon tlen two lnarkeils: )Fr. Brocnier, drneggist, at the Washinegtont maret : CJ Trinchari, drug. giet, cornar of C lt & Bourbon streets: o A nint treed &t Co, druggists, corner of T leoupitoleis & it Fi -droId streets : J Rossi, druggist, Ltl'ayetto city. cfli ALLIGAI tI ,is Mobile to Augusta, vid Florida. s r. r" I ~p~o~a~ b Leaves Mobile'I'(IOdaysP Thurs.oel ý o days, and Saturdays, per the of - _.splerdld eacatecr Champion, (ex. ui eptL in ctase of st..rns,) to Po macula ; .L.nC.e per pr11 teamoer Lo Roy to La Grange, aud thlolcefour pl horse post coachrs via Mariana, Bl.nbridlge, P-n. b derton, Berrien, Outlaw's, id Perry, to lMacoon, Got ; thnce. via Milledgerille, and Sparta, to \:ar-. re..on, t per rail road . ars to Augusta. e :w 'rhe Clhauoplo is illsplilldid order, tilt now ons oer boil r,e. a. u pper i.r..t od. h li ie o it : Roy is lieen tlhnrouglhly repaired, her et accouelnodatins are as lihandsol aso an bor1.ry o. The broau iful Santa Rosa Sound, and Cirrcta wantchie Blay prtcslnt the llost nterestilng stet na- La vigatiou in theo Soutlh--roing at tile samet,.ase perfectly land locked. 'lh. 'oatst are not surpassed on any route in the $i scountry ; the drivers, to a Ian, carefusl and atten Tlie bridges heretofore dangerous have b enl newly built, s.o that higS h aters do snot inter ere 'l'hesi-aig houses have been n.ostly cliangadl, ald t tre Illore sw sorlod oo-n ally ro rl is the Sousl. ,rt It is gen'rarlly lllotull that tlh aceslroloocald iad halrdness ol tho ruade elable the treans ut all sea solla to smake great spued. 'Their srouotbhu s nrl 1 cures the irOll the ordinary atlrgue of stage travullitg. h'lIbo Line 1s Iow c ,rrving its passengerO frorl Augruta to Mobtle in four days afsd twelve - hour-, or to N, w Orleans in otur days and twentty 1 hours. G.oosg to Augusta, the line iis i drys ,1d cssevol hours. ''lu tllUo actllually elupluyed Uri trvelli. g is tle ealle Itte i. tllO other dirootlo Ilut, r i- ther dillfareeuo or trle oni tihe. uote, is causard by . I1 day bellg loSt in PensacUld, wIehll, however, is i toal repad by the lrup ortullty it gives ol'i.el 're ,traveler also sleeps at Olarol, llad g.alIn at WiVr. teorton. This arrargemrsrt will c,.ntiiue tlil the travel tourns i.ortliward, when the liue will Ile tireo fe r ire U .ulbiles to Augusta, as it s lisars in tisr: utler directisut. 't'hi` Alvorrtieaoent conta.ins a plain sltat Ilent of flcts, tlhe acolracy of which tlile propri Ltois gnurastleetoucacl pilassanger ia tihI penalty ol lis , stage larte. Maps rl'the Line iay be seen at the Ex Ilallge IlIotel, New arleaus, andl at the M.a..sioU House, Mobile. . Faro through frols Mobile to Augusta, $47 50 T'llo hlen exttnds, y a branch to 'aliallaseeu . at Chattahooche, t o line co)lucts wat'aI tlle r steamUboat carrying tlhe 1Uoa to .\Op achicola anld St. Joseh. l's. 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(tare .s a wuitd meat respectfully In 51a 1'aes1 tl lb p.ubltirc in general, ti an' ^.. is iattn. tY Is l rr n , y a g n ral I.. 'I"". h.' +1'ni"to lat and paper hanninn. '1',. t. .,..ý":: riinL! :yriU· a it f r n Ii a o"" i hb:i '" i l.a w o e F t ttit ratui ntietet a atyl botU ,1 Franrlh solve, and anti.-- p , 1,19~ style- :60e hallc'eiomnn an.d cornet.i 11. :" ,zcd it o ld anifinzed tie do, tl- iatsr.-a tit,:ire ib It.-ditilno, LI . do tttle, I ittt l tiu i (ld do, ,e tarnetttt dutolrs,silk w~itr " d igaittons ,falt qualltiwa, a, tttatinet nd Ie -t,:.lai (ringrattn suneld p::tiett. plaint attn,! -- tita' e muslti. Iaiest ayi)ln plain and ,t t**'. ite"titt drtiap mu "winsplain and twilltd, t""" eta. rtltrsr new at "Tleot tit-tale work fa.t tin "" ·,hiarli , f ratltSa'l i tCt., t-intw style ofthle bt :l ltatt.diaenl fAiurte etiand plaitn, gilt wtttdow t:it. ',t ua of. all patterns g, end rues, gilt eagles ant-ut ':d Str6at, jeattees, ct glans ktt nnbetcateltst, haiti tint.. tigttred sod plitit, a lorat itaesotttsentt ol tote 1'r rlhildren; I·~1 ler~c silk cord and lass^1q, w os:rJ rt·rd and ias. lid gsels, agentetsl asrttlntltt at i Olnis:o .t otld paper tad llsiainltga, t egnatantly an ha.ul t:;tJ fit sale a: ile ItattCt PriOSa at Nos 41 ft y l stat 6ii Ctustoa Aciutanu atre. SN ti-I1'rnsgn in the ty tr.i·,llt thee esountey, ate e-,pctntually ittaitednilae ast. tie axtrotnou I llnactntes, Carpets tu~ti i.. t.titr cttbltt ,teat mitodern style, roon a ; treat tl at t Ce aqtrt-;. ncm ti tnce, atl al l kilttt o1 ipltildeliary orirk.i :a" 1 aewith ut t tese ietd despitelt., eat: iii- F: 1tt.tSlH`'PEltt& ii V A''tLONAtLh-'It' n iJ ddniylttedh bves jeet rteit' Cl par tip ipalxaa5 irtalo dosl s dsalettst talr e- ate L00rats large blue aove Latter paper O0 do dt do ltiitt 1lo it, -da do trial w eeorn at- 90 do Aaintad Fitt ttay do-do to !ýqtn-1'type ar 0 o"d: it, sio.t pqlantt our 10 o ea .t~pe, i *olt1atavets, ornate-. tatirll aal.sIhata utnaleamcturo. tialt ll.Il cartt gitSb Ift-tle: tmlk ea t~ybahene, toes. ibc w w"aeM tahogsh y;tý'f,.. "+ mvutttllr elegnt a, e le, ns. Color boxes, wi'. ý; ;ie;,-lor'Pi it cakes of all kindsr irlle r4ckerlrl Ws, cglfl hf ~ m supdrlrn galtyi " titst inktatds, alfltep esW ei,ittlq ony snMag tar Itib.e do b~oatiebvtarllluvea, tipeis~alat Atti n;& tt inlls inbiter bat's,&auty. -Sua ikA boottie, autalWt tfiee 0arbýri .ttatalttiA id, &rti'dj atttdettd and Ac^UspM'pf;4el a at pt-e~s~,i1ý;alI s&-q .-tpttt-;tttli mntpeetaetttrl .i Atpp i ,isartost "° · PiIitfS.a mnae alts-oiiJn ttti-tttt A i son ý Ittn ISI.eF 'sajitEtttealt "to

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