Newspaper of The Washington Standard, November 30, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated November 30, 1860 Page 3
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Decision oi Ef gister end Receiver ofOlym yia Laiid Office. —l. A Donation claimant caii iint abandon his claim to make u pre- eiiijition. •J. A set th meiit claimed as jirior will 11lif 1-0 regarded as commenced, during the iime the party resides upon other land with bis family. A pre-einptor, may absent liiin -■•|f upon necessary btisines, without forfeiture of his right. W. 1». Fi -li ) vs > Claim for I'rc-cmption .1. M. (Sales ) The parlie.; claim the S. W. quarter iif sec, Township If. X. Range ;5, W. the former alleging settlement Jan 1. I lie latter March 1, IJS' 50. (bites tiled liis declaratory statement March Mb; Fish, on the i Ith of March 1800. !»!"«": s"I« »x. I»V tI K » 10th :-ec, of the pre-emption net i provided, "that no per-; ,M.n " who shall tjint or abandon his resi- | deuce on his own land to reside on the public land in the same State or Terri tory, shall aci|iiire any right of pre-emp-' tioit under this act. The oath of W. 1 5. Fish, liled with his donation papers, in this oflice, on ihe i: Jth day of March, 18oi>. showsthat lie was, on ihc 2"!h day of March, 1800, personally residing upon andeultivafing his donation claim, and the evidence adduced on both sides shows, that he has never ceased to reside on what was then his own residence, on his own laud. The (h'cd by which he convoyed to Xaoinv Fish, his wife, for the sum <>!' one dollar, his donation claim and improvement ; , for the term of her natural life, was not dated until March •2± I*oo. Without en<|'iii'ing into the validity ol'this deed, it seems evident that he cannot date his residence on the pre emption claim further back than the of March, and is not therefore the prior settler. It is our opinion that he was not according to the evidence, at anv time, entitled to the tract in dispute, as it is shown that lie has been, and is now, residing with his wile, on what was or is his resilience on his donation claim. it Ii as been shown t » our satisfaction that tin' defendant, .Fames M. (Sates, was t liv prior sot tier, :tii<l lias otherwise with the provisions of tin law. IS\- temporary absence, lie iliil n«»t forf'it his pre-emption ri»lit. There arc tew claims in this Territory which will furnish a support to the set tier tor the lirst year or two, andclaim ants liui-t therclore depend lipon work inn for means to carry on their im provements. > Any other construction of the law, wmiM preclude all hut men of capital from ohtainiu** land under the provis ions of the pre-emption law. We therefore decide that the plaintiff \\*. 1». Fish, lias failed to prove prior ity of settlement, or compliance with the provisions of the law, and that the right of pre-emption is titer* tore in the defendant (Sates. Natural History of Washington Territory. A <|ttarlo volume oi' 4«»»> paues, with the ahove title has recently ht en ptih lished hv l»alliere, IJrotners, 440 lli'oad way. New Vtirk, of which (Scorn'e Suckley, M. I>., and .Joseph <!. Cooper, M. I)., are the authors. It is illustrated with snperhly engraved plates, and furnished to suliscrihers at §lO. The author.-* are well known to the people of our Territory, and, although both young men, yet have 111 c»y already earned hriiliant reputations in (lie world of science and letters. Isot!i served with distinction in the Northern Pacific Kail Koad survey, both continued in Washington Territory, adding to their collections and inquiries, long after the termination of the labors of that expe dition. The former connected with the army as assistant surgeon—the latter located himself for a considerable pe riod at (J rav's Harbor and Shoalwater I lay. Dr. Suckley was naturalist and sur geon of (Jov. Stevens' party, from Fort knelling, Minn., across the continent, ami we are assured by members of that survey that his devotion to his labors, his zeal *lll accumulating specimens, his perfect freedom from pedantry, and his never absent pleasantry ami kind man ners to all, endeared him to every mem ber of the party, and instilled a desire in all to please him by adding to those collections. The work embraces the'result of the collections of that expedition in 18.18- 4, embracing the country across the continent between the 47th and 49th parallel, and the private collections made by the authors in lH. r >4-o, t» and 7. In addition, we find many valuable contributions irom the Hon. George (libbs and other friends of science. We learn that Surveyor General Til ton hasseveral copies yet to be disposed of. We advise till who are interested in the development, of our Territory to ptocura this volume. Xo library should he without it. We (rust that the Leg islative Assembly which convenes on Monday next, will properly notice this first attempt to call the attention of the world to the infinite and varied re sources of Washington Territory. In 111 - volume the plant*, trees, birds, iMies and animal:- are embraced and described. The treatise on the salmon, ot which there are 17 varieties in our Water-, is ;t| i;ie worth the .subscription 1 .rn-o. As a tangible <li~plav of their appreciation of ttse labors of tlx.' tal ented you hi:' authors, in nl to afford an opportunity for reference by all our people, wo would suggest that the Leg islature subscribe for u number of copies to IK* deposited in the Territorial libra rv, or to be distributed anions the va rious counties. We are of who believe that encouragement should be liberallv bestowed upon those who de vote their time and talent to dcvclope our Territory. liixcoi.N HAM,. —The young I'epub licans of Turn Water in this county, commemorated (lie election ol Lincoln and Hamlin by a grand Mali on Thanks givingnight. Ward's I Fall was brilliant ly lighted, and appropriately festooned with Hags, mottoes, &c. Too much credit cannot be awarded the managers, and especial praise is due to Mr J. C. Carroll for his sumptuous thanksgiving least. Three UAII.S in a triangle, from which the lights were suspended, occa sioned considerable remark. The ball continued lill daylight, and till seemed to enjoy themselves. We regret the want of room prevents a more detailed report. To better suit the departure of the mails, we will hereafter issue our paper puuet ually every Saturday morn inji', instead of:,-; heretofore. Married November 2«'!h. "I the bride's fiiher's. hv the i: v. c. ii. thiii. Mr. G. J. Tooley. < r Vancouver. \V. T., til Miss Mary Ann Gault. of Multnomah roiinty, Orejron. M r/n:< )i:< >i Kii< wii. OI.VMIMA. \V:i.»liin|rti , n Ti rrit.n v. i l.,it. -47° N.. I.on. I'-"-"' 55'\V. i The following are the nicttoioh :jrici>l chillies for tin 1 week cndin;; Nov. J'.'. Tin- ob servations arc taken at 7 AM., I- 1 M. mid '! r. M. 7 1 (I m. sky. weather. I* I ciilnv "J:". ::l I ! var. Im/.y in in. Saturday ...2 I :!'! | II II I'M clo. Sunday 25 :t7 •11 , H'.'-l vnr. clear. SI v :174* 42 -r.". var. fopryv. Tuesdav ...27 I". I!' 4 1 I".A .1... rainy. We lne-'v 52 51 17 51 var. rainy. Thursday ..2!' II 15 12 I**H ' rainy. M AUK I /I' liKVI K\V. OI.YMI'IA. November ."t'l. IH'ln, Nut mn Ii hi- been <!• the past week. Wheat has declined In nop ; l-'lmir, !? 175 ■ I the mill, Our i.llirr quotations rem till last week. Kjrps—mini' i" lli>' market. 11<)TJ;L AI;KIV\I-S. # VSIIINCTON HOT::!.. M. t'inpliivy, I<. Slink 1 r J, Foster, W. Kirhy, f.. 11. Sliiil:y S. I>.'iui. .1. W. Johnson, —Stout', .1. Knrton, .1. It. liui'haii in, SI. (I illilitT, K. ('. Ilorhy, A. I'injrre. K. W. i't-riy. 1,. Slo'llon. Sher wood,' A. .1. Itiirr, 1.. SI. ll.m ion. I>. Mount Tlio's l'ralit -r. f. It. Wlh'im I'. S. A.. .1. S. McDonald, rim's Very.Silas 1 >;• 111 1 is. Swan,J. Iluut, W. t.ilth - j.ilin, I*. Sllcltoil, h. Shell Mi. I'. h. Wrl'k, .1. SI. Chapman, .1. I*. Millioru, A. Sl.ibic, .1. Ileun, It. I'. li.ivison, K. I'. SS'a.-hhiirn, ,1. Halhurt, J' Morrow. * • —• « ♦ l\\f inr ISO( TIIOS. It. MKNl'.l.t.r JOHN. M. CAN'NADY. J AS. I.OlH!K. I/. I!. IIASIINUS. SIAIiSII AM, Itl.lNN, IIKNKY ('.WII.SON, ELLIOT CLINK. e, I: I DDI \ i i-.—'.HIIMI. WiVI.TKI! .1. I.AM). .1. 1.. KKIHil'StiN. I. <!. II V ATT. COL. W. ll* WAt.LACK. O. 11. TI'CKLI!, .1 AS. K. t>. .IKSTKIi. .1. NKWKLL. I'. «'. I.KAM.W. S. SI A Itiil! A VK. ('HAS. KA <! K,n , Al'tit'ST. V. Kt UTS. S I'KC' IA I i N< > rI < l .s. I raiu lsi o iKcncj. THUS, novel-:, K-1(.. N. I). I'orni'r of Stonlirom <ry ninl Sis., ami ('HAS. A. CUANK, Ksi|., arc our uutliori/.i- l Adonis in San Kraiu-isi-o, to I't'ct'ivc ami ri'ft'i|»t for Suhst-rilitions anil Ad- U'rtisiiig.- ('HAS. HAItI.ETT, Ks(|.. Ntw.) AKPIII. is au hori/.t'd to ti'.uisacl hiisint's lor us in l'orthilid. - RCIIKIOUM liollccH. Divine Scrvii'o ill Si. John's Cliaprl every Sun (l;i v inorniux, ut 11 o'clovk, unit evening at 7o i lofk. AI D, Itibli' Class every Weiliicsiluy even ing, nt 1 o'clock, i'. M. I>. KM. is SVII.I.KS, Missionary. Divine Service every Siihhiilli at the SI. K. ( *HUI.' II in the morning ninl evening. Sahhiith School NT 2 p. M. Territory of Washington, | In tlic Mist. Court of County of Thurston. | the 2d District. To ANDIUOW Wllil/IAMS : Voii sire hereby no tiftcd that William 1.. Smith lias tiled a complaint against you, (Ico. I (row und Caroline I!. If. I'rciv, in said court, which will come 011 to lie heard nt the first term ofsjaid court, which shall commence more than three month.' after the :10th day of No vember, lSfjn, nnd unless you appear at said term and answer, the same will lie taken us confessed, and the prayer thereof granted. The oliject and prayer of said complaint is to foreclosea mortgage in favor of plaintiff 011 the land claim of (leo. l»rew and Caroline li. 11. Drew. 11. K. KKXDAUi, Attv. for Pi'fF. November IHiiO. 3:niM i\oticc to Donation ('laiiuuiil* OK WASHINGTON TKItIIITOKY. MttltK than Fourteen Itunilrcil Donation I'tu pers, (Notifications mul Final Proofs,) are now lying in the pigeon-holes of tlu> Krister's Of fice, lipon which certificates can In- issued us soon ns ITU, an I COMPI.KTK tOPIKS AUK MADK. To do the whole of (hut work woulil raquire the constant labor of the Register from two to three years, provided that lie had no other duties toper "form. Hut when it is known that two-thirds of his time is occupied with conflicting donations and pre-emption cases, persons having donation papers in the office may well look to the future for their certificates and Patents, llelicviug that many would prefer having their donutilftis coinpleied now, rater than wait for the indefinite '-course of hum in events," and heinvf wellarquaintcd with the business, I 11111 prepared to make out papers and procuret'ertilieiites for claimants ill all parts of the Territory. I will also attend to the preparation and |ili:i<r of declaratory statements and filial proofs for pre-em pi ions, and drawing maps ofclaini.s and Town ship:. f. oin the origitinul surveys, for those desiring them. For preparing tiie papers ami procuring a I' Mtilie ite fir a donation claim, where there is no conflict, mv charge is tile dollars. I'or preparing iiudti ling-' declaratory st iteiiients an l plying the govcrmm lit fee. thre" dollars. I'or Township maps, five dollars, and claim maps one dollar each. In all cases the ■mu ! come in advance. Persons li:iviux houjrht lit:'!, artjnircdunder the* I donation T.jiw, mnimt l»e too rn refill to sec Certili r.ile* lire i- u<» 1. A. M. I'OIO. Nov.-I. U''.?". [•'•'•fj Olympiu, IV. T, LOOK HERE! rpilE: Sll %\l> 11.41 It DRESS | in«; ICst;il»!i:liliM'iit on Main Street, near the Stiitfe Ollirc, still in ojicratiwii. where the imder signed will be liaj»j»v to attend the wants of his patrons. SHAVING AND HAH? IHtKSSIXG done with neatness and dispatch, and in the latent tashirn. ffcyMlot and cold baths at all hours. j. r. ursir. Olympm, Nov. :tO, 1800. 3:lv \oiicr lo TM-Pnyeri. riIHE Delinquent Tax Itoll of Thurston count.v I will lie kept nt the store of Wtn. (1. Dunlnp, in Olympi.i, from and uftir tlii■; date. All persons \vln> have licen called upon for their taxes', anil have not paid the same, up' requested to so III'.- I'OItE THE 2.VNI I>.\Y OK lIECEMItEII NEXT. WI M.I AM IHI.MNCS, Sheriff of Thurston .County, \\ . T. Olympln, Nov. 25, 1800. 3:w4 CAITWI, AI.l. persons nre hereby warned not to pur chase two certain notes executed liy the undersigned and madepayaMe to\\ M. lifT- I.KIXIK or order, the one fur !r7<i il l, and the other for si:i!» H!», each liearinp two per rent, a month interest, from date. Said note.: have been paid in ft,II. K. W. AI'STIX. Olympla, W. T., Nov. 2", lStio. ,'l:w4 11. A. Judson A Co., (At tho Late Storeof W. M. Rutletlje,) OlAUl'lt, W.T., COTl ntssiu\ n \'r*, AMI 111!.\1.11KS IN imv coons. OItOt'EIMES. fI.OTIHNO, KOOTS and SHOES, IIA ISI»\V U!E, I'A I.NTS. oll.S, &(*.. A<\, CASH, COUNTRY PRODUCE. i* Will ( rcilil lie given for loiiscr llian TEiirly Hay*! Olynipia, Nov.'J.'t. ISiM. --H' Wll. (!. lIUXLAI". t\ii i\ (! IKK'KI! IKS. l'KO\ ISIONS. IHiV COOPS. turn ii\< J, 111 M ITS an'l Sill IKS, &e. vr Tin: oi.» ss\t\i>, ('nriM'i' »l MIIIII AND TIIIMI NIITCIN, Country I'ru.lilie penernlly taken in exchange for (inmls. No pain ; yjuirctl It) jflw satisfaction to ru.-tomcrs. Ohiupia, Nov. U.'l, IMiio. 2:lf NOTICE! \\rK hereby give notice to all persons indebt f \ I'd to us in tct'orvr «m \«ti„ to call and settle. We will take Wheat or Oats iu pin incut of if counts nt current rates. All lie. counts not settled by the I."oh duy of December next, will be left with the proper officer lor collec tion. W AIM* k It AYS Tuiiitvnter. Nov. 11. tfiio. I:lF JU V Tin: IJKST!! CROVER & BAKER, IIAVU 11 ECKIVED THE PinST PH33MIUM OX TllHlli I I.TiILV UA( lll\i: —AND — MAC 11 INK WOlllv, —AT Tllli — STATE FAIB.MECMICS" INSTiTDTE FAIR. ANI) IN FACT UHTJ Fnirol'lHttO!! Over Wheeler & Wilson and till others! TIIUN I niiucNlloiiabl) |]Ntal>llNliliiß Then* Superiority. These Machines are the most simple iu use. They sew from two common spools. Have uo troublesome bobbing or pod Sew nnv and all fabrics, Make very little noise. Are ipiickly learned and operated Arc not liable to disarrangement. We guarantee per left and reliable Machines. and to the thousand* In utte can refer, as dull)' nnd hourly recording, In their sutlslUctory op eratlun This Unequivocal Success. %* Explicit directions for use accom pany each Machine from which a child can in a short timo acquire a perfect converse and management of it. Bend for a circular. K. a. IB ROW A, Agent, 01 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, Cal. November 17, 1800. I:m0 Hall's Sarsa|>ar!lla, Yellow Dork, and lodide Of I'oluss —Is prepared from the finest Red Jamaica Sarsaparilla iiud English lodide of Potass. Admirable as a icstorutive and purifier of the blood, it cleanses the system of nil morbid and impure matter, removes pimples, boils and eruptions from the skin, cures rheumatism and pains of all kinds. All who can itll'ord. should use it, as it tends to give strength and prolong life. Sold by Druggists generally, at #1 per bottle. 11. IIAI.I. k CO., Proprietors, Wli do. ale Dniggi.ts, l;(lm 1 l.'S .t:i'l I lj ( I n- San Iran A LIST OF PRICEB QUINCY HALL, THE PIMM Ml ESMIHEIT OF §an Francixco. COATS. Splendid Ttl:»ck Frock Coats Si 2 00 Also, Fine I'.lack Frock Coats 10 00 Splendid lllack and lllue Sack Coats 8 00 Also, (lood Business Sacks 0 00 Fine Beaver Overcoats, late style 12 00 (lood Business Overcoats 8 00 <!ood Light Summer Overcoats C 00 PANTS.

Fine Black Doeskin Pants s"> 00 Also, Fine Black Cassimere Pants 3 Bo Heavy Cassimere Business Pants 4 50 Also, (iood Cassimere Business Pants 4 50 Also, (iood Heavy Business Punts 2 00 V KSTS. Fine Quality Silk Velvet Vests $5 00 Fine Quality Silk Vests 3 50 Also, Fine Silk Vests 2 50 (ion I Black Doeskin Vets 2 50 Also, (iood Cassimere Vests 2 00 (iood Quality Working Vests 1 50 it i{x isll rx a r. < x >;ns. Fine Quality Davis f: Jones' Shirts $1 50 Also, (iood White Shirts T5 Fine Quality ( olored Shirts 75 (iood Check Shirts 50 Cood Hickory Shirts 50 lie.-! Quality (irey Over Shirts 1 00 I: I Blue Over Shifts 1 00 Fine Quality Lumhs' Wool I'nder Shirts 75 (iood .Merino I'nder Shirts 50 (.nod Lambs' Wool Drawers 75 (iood Merino Drawers 50 (!ooJ (ircy I'nder Shirts nnd Drawers 50 \ FURNISHING GOODS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. Hal*, ('a|w, Trunk*, ValiM'tti, niid far pel Bag;*, Will 1»e sola at proportionately Low Kates. —AT QITINCY IIALIi, I IT, ll!» X 1-11 HiiNliinKlon Mr ret. IMVIS & lIOWIiIIS. Nov. 17. IHi;». ':3 m KENDALL CO. OFFERS Foil SAI.K AI I lie Olil Miiinl. Moiidi-Wenif C':»rii«*i* ol".Vlin an«l Nt-l'Ollfl N(h. A NKW ASi) V.T.M.-SKI.JXTKIJ ASSORTMENT OF Family Groceries Of the best and most approved qualities. 1 >ry flood**, < 1 1<>tliin^r, JJools ami Shoon, I lat.-* ami i 'nps, &e., tVre., &o. All iif «liich "'-'"H j^---eii;iced-r...i r. : r.vsn: Win lit. Outs, lltittcr, nnd Coiintrv Pro cilice generally. net pled in exchange for <«oods at the niaiUet rules. A. 11. GOVE. Olympiii, W. T., Nov. 12th, 18U0. Istf THn WAY TO CET ALONG Without Money!! IN VIEW iiftl.e hard times and seareity of mo ney, the undersigned have concluded to take WHEAT, FLOOR, ROTTER, EGGS *O. 40., In exchange for Goods, or in payment of Debts ilne us. Persons wishing to trade us wheat, will deliver it to Ira Ward, at Tuinwiiter, and mi presentation of his receipt we will furnish Goods, or give par ties credit on accounts now due us. We have just received a i\KW STOCK OF WOODS, Which we purpose selling cheap lor ready pay ; lint in no instance will we give credit. I>. PHILLIPS & SON. Oly in pin, November 1", lufio. l:4t Great Excitement!! AT THE FALLS!! MR. M. W. WITHERELL, WOPM) inform the citizens of Wavhingtou Territory thut lie is JWTjR inuiinl'actuiii;g Saddle.-*, Harness, and Trunks, Superior to nny ever made on this ("oust, lie is nl.'o making tliu PATENT CASE COLLARS, Which run not lie excelled. lie is milking FZUS HARNESS, On the Beir-Adjuxtliig Tree, Which is considered the greatest Im provement of the Age. AMI ALSO CARRIAGE TRIMMING! DONE ON REASON AISLE TERMS. §ldeSuddles»ofVarluuHOe«icrlptlous REPAIRING HON i: ON' SHOUT NOTICE, tktf" Please give friend Withercll a call. Shop on .Main Street, Tmnwatcr. November 17, IS"Jo. I:tf J. 11. PAINTER, (late o'mkaiia a I'AIXTKK,) DE.VI.Ki! in Typo, Presses, Printing Material, Paper, Cards, and Printer's Stock generally, l:t'J Clay street, near Sansomc, S-u Francisco, California. No'.v: 17. KiiV). lily n au whom it my conn KNOW YK that ut the Old Post Office, rorllnnil, nil Descriptions of Stationery, Blank Books, ftc., All Novels by the following Authors, viz: Mrs. Soutlnvorth, Sain Slick, Miss Bremer, .lames, Mrs. llenta, Mrs. (iore, Ann L. Stephens, Mrs. Iloflnnd, Charles Dickens, Wm. Howitt, Bulwer, Lagetchinikoff, Miss I'ardoe, Spindler,- Reynolds, Ward, Kinerson Bennett, C. A. Murray, Charles Lever, l'ierce Kgan, Alexander Dumas, I>e Beauford. Cnpt. Marryatt, Anderson, Smith, Charles UoWoroft,- Arthur, Mrs. Maberly, Ainswortli, Knowlcs, Maitland, De Vigny, Kngene Sue, Mrs. S. ('. Hull, D'lsraeli, Cnrrcr Bell, K. J. Pcternon, D. llonnay, Leigh Hunt, Wharton, Carlile, Miss S. Kerrie, Kllen l'ickering, Henry Fielding, Lippurd, Mrs. Inchlmld, Frank Furleigli, If. 11. Milmnu, Mrs. dray, (i. 11. Lewis, Dr. Ilollieut, Mrs. (iaskell, (seo. Sand, Collins, Tobias Smollett, Mrs. Trollope, Thackeray, and of all other authors, copies of which will be sent by mail or express to any part of Oregon, or Washington Territory, on receipt of lifly cents per volume in postage stumps or cash. X. It.—Liberal allowance to the Trade. ALSO Tales of the Sea, llitlhwavmcn, *4l Adventures, I {evolutionary Tales, Travels Cook Books, &c\, &e' Also the following new Novels: 1 *ovulistm mill Republicans, Fallen Stars, (Juel- Intin, or tlie Dentil of Morgan, Dickens' Short Stories, Against Wiml and Tide, The Haunted Homestead. The Old Stone Mansion, The Mill on the Floss, Anecdotes of Love, Adnm Itoell. Minis ter's Wooing. Out of the Depths, Lucy Crofton, Self Help, Wild Sports of the South, Adventures of Jonathan Homebred, Lizzy Glenn, Love me lit tle, love me long. Love—liv Miehelet, from the French, Woman—by Miehelet, from the French, The Virginians. All the above works arc by the most noted au thors in the world. Also, Newspapers. Periodicals, he. Agent for the San Francisco Itnlletin, Altu California, and Washington Standard, the best papers on the Pa cific coast. A subscription list, with scale of prices, will be sent to any part. If desired. Also dealer in Apples. Pcnrs. Plums. Ac., mid ill! kinds of green and dried I'rnits, Candies, I'isli Sauces, Syrups, Powder and Shot. BejV" All of the above will be carefully packed and sent to any portion of the country desired. CHARLES KARUETT, Pro., At the Old Post Office, Portland, Oregon, November 17, lHOrt. • l:tf SAFBS! SAFBSI! F. TILMAN, 00 BATTERY STREET, SAX FRANCISCO. SOLI? Ajrent for Tilton k MeFarlnnd's celebrated Fire Proof and llurglar Proof SAFES. This Safe is well known in the market for its unsur passed tire-proof quality, having withstood in Cal ifornia. as well as iu the East, the hottest tires known. We can refer t.» endless certificates from parties in our mining towns, where these Safes have been subjected to the most severe tests ol its lire-proof qualities. Tliesc Sales nro secured bv our Combination Link. This I.OCk lit 111 every TespectThc most se cure one in use: it requires the key nnil combina tion to open the Safe. If the key should be ab stracted from the owner, it would lie perfectly use less without bis knowing the combination,or men tal key which the owner carries in his hc%d. To those who want a reliable Safe we offer the above cheaper than any other iu the market. *»* A large assortment on hand mid to arrive. F. TiI.MAN, 00 Buttery Street, San Francisco, Cal. November 17, IBUO. ' 1:mt» Ho! For the Mines! PIOXEER HIS MO CABIIET MASUFACTOEY!!! rjpilE undersigned would respectfully in-fjl | form the public generally that they " ro jpVt located at Tuniwater, and are manufacturing' 1 I and hare constantly on lnind BUREAUS, BEDSTEADS, Tables, Toilet Tables, &e.. And all Articles appertaining to their Line of Busliiesx. ALSO PLAIN AND FANCY TURNING, ALSO NASH, DOORS, AND lILINDS, MADE TO ORDER. All kinds of marketable PRODUCE taken in ex change. Cash never refused. Shop on Maiu Street, near Ward k Hays's Mills. WILLIAMS & JORDAN. Tumwatcr, Nov. 17, 1800. l:tf THE LATEST lEVS FIBHHSCK CIIEK! I3Y PONY EXPRESS!! 11. W. J. w. WALBAVBX. BILES & WALRAVEI, HAVING formed a co-partnership in HOOT nnd SHOE lU'SINESS lire pre-PXI pared to Manufacture Hoots and Shoes, rlieaper than the cheapest. Hides nnd Produce taken in exchmge for work, Repairing done with neatness and dispatch, liive them a call lieforo purchasing clfowhero. Shop ou Fourth Street, between Main nnd Wash ington. Olyinpia, November 17, 1800. l:ly S. I). Williams, ) Territory of v«. v Washington, George W. Crum. J County of Thurston. In the District Court of the 2d Judicial District. To GEORGE W*. CRUM: Vou are hereby notified that 8. I). Williams has filed a complaint against you ill said court, which will come on to l»e heard ill the first term of the court, which shall com mence more than three months from and after the 24th day of November, IBCJO, and unless you ap pear ut said term and answer, the same will bo takcu for confessed and the prayer thereof grunt ed. The object and pr.tycr of said complaint l's to re cover the sum of five hundred dollars damages for taking away nnd converting to your owa use four beef cattle,"the proper! vof plaintiff in 18.">f». S. 1). WILI.IA.MS, Plaintiff. Olyinpia, Nov. IJ'l9, !J:tu,J J. 11. KELLETT, SADDLE, HARNESS, AND TRUNK MANUFACTURER,. AND DEALER IN OADDLERY Hardware, Saddle Trees, Block and Bent Stirrups, etc. Shop on Main Street,- Olympia, W. T. Prices to suit the times. Hide*' and Produce taken in exchange, and cash never" refused. Olvrapia, Nov. 17, 18C0. w. s. c. CLUB HOUSe GIN, THE UNDERSIGNED, BEING SOLE AGENTS 1 of the altouo Gin, oUer it to the public as the finest HOLLAND GIN, and the only GENUINE CLUB ; HOUSE GIN im|x*rted to this market. It is put up in <-SHEEN RASES, and branded W. S. ('., CLUB HOI'SE. AVc shall continue to> receive tlie above C!in regularly. —ALSO— Pure Ambrosial Whisky,>« flask* \ Pure Nectar Whisky, in uew style bottles t Pure Bourbou Whisky. The above Liqunrs are from the well knowif house of Wm. S. Uorwin & Co., New York, an J are guaranteed fine and pure. W. B. CUM M I NGS' k CO., l:mt CO California st. , Sun Fran CHARLES A. CRANE, ADVERTISING AGENCY* NO 172 MONTGOMERY STREET, Between Washington and Jackson, np stairs, op-- posite Lyceum Theatre. San rranclNCO, California. AQEXT KOB Washington Standard, Olympin, W. T.; Daily Hee, Sacramento, Cnl.-f Nevada National, (irass Valley; Hutte Democrat, Oroville; Mountain Messenger, La Porte; To Matrmiiirn and Politicians# TWELFTH EDITION NOW READY, A rolltlcal Text-Hook Tor IB6o* Comprising a Uriel' Viow of Presidential Nominations and Elections; Including ALL THE NATIONAL PLATFORMS EVER YET ADOI'TED: Also, .% History oft lie Strirrfle Fmpecflnl Slaicry In (lie Teri-itorie*, AM) OK TUB ACTION* or CON'OIIESS ,\S TO THE FREEDOXI OK THE PI'IILIC LANDS, With the most notable Speeches and Letters OF Messrs, Lincoln, Douglas, Bolt, Cass, Seward, Everett, lircekinridge, J I. V. Johnson, cte., etc,, TOUCHING THE QUESTION'S OF THE DAY} And Returns of all Presidential Elections "nfl* 1*36. EDITORS' PREFACE The sing'e end of this book is the presentation; in a coniput and <■ >nvenient form, of the more im portant facts, votes, resolves, lot tors, speeches, re ports, and other documents, which elucidate iho political contest now agitating this country. It has been our aim to let every candidate and other important personage speak tor himself, make hi* own platform,"and vindicate (if he may) his own consistency and the soundness of his views on th» great ijtiestions which nnderlio our current poll ties. Of course, such a work can have but a compnnv* tive merit. Make it ever so large, and still man/ things must be omitted that the compiler woula wish to insert: and every critic will plausibly ask, "Why insert this and omit that? Wiry give to much of A and so little of 1»?" lie.iides, it is not always possible to remember, or, if remembered, to find, all that would be valuable in a work likft this. We can only imy that we have done our bests ti.t l.ii.i .!■> t.nltnr » I"| »•■■■, i Inaccuracy of citation is one of the chief vices of our political di.-cussions. Von can hardly Hstm to a set speech, even front a wcll-inform'cd anil truthful canvasser, which is not marred by some misapprehension or unconscious misstatement of the position and views of this or that (ironiinenk statesman. Documents, heedlessly read and long since lost or mislaid, are quoted from the flutae>* and confidence, as though with indubitable accu racy. when the citations so made do gross injustice to their author, and tend to mislead the hearer. We believe the documents collected in this work are so printed that their general accuracy may btf safelv relied on. ll v canvassers of all parties, \vc trust our Text liook will bp found convenient, not to say indis pensable. Bnt those who only listen, nnd read, and retlert, will also find it n manifest help to » clear understanding of the issues and contentions of the day. They will lie interested in comparing the netual positions taken liy Mr. Lincoln, or Mr. Douglas, or (Jen. Cuss, or Mr. Krerett, as faithful- Iv set forth in this work, with those confidently at tributed to that statesman in the fluent harangue of some political opponent, who isiutcntou blazon ing inconsistency or proving his sincerity. To veri ty and correct the citations of a frothy dcrlaimer it sometimes the easiest and most convincing refuta tion of his speech. If a trace of partisan bias is betrayed in the thread of narrative which partially unites the suc cessive reports, bills, votes, etc., presented in thia work, the error is unintentional and regretted. Our purpose was to compile a record acceptable nnd convenient to men of all parties, and v/bieh might be consulted and trusted by all. Whatever is original herein is regarded as of no use or merit, save as a necessary elucidation of tlse residue.— Without apology, therefore, or further explanation, the Text-llook is commcudcd to the favor of the American public. I'rice $ I per copy, postpaid. The trade end club* supplied nt per hundred. Cash orcer* solicited. Address, THK TRIIU'XK, Tribune Ruildings, New York. OPIIIOKB OF THE PRESS. •"This work will he looked upon as a valuable compendium of the history and position of parties, platforms, nml opinions of the leading statesmen of the jfrosent times in the Vnited State*. While compiled doubtless with a view to forwarding the interests of the Republican party during the pres ent campaign for the approaching Presidential election, its value is uot conflued to that party alone but it will tw deemed indispensable to men of all parties, for its leading feature is the impartiality with which the opinions of men and parties of every political shade are set forth, especially on the un happy question of Slavery generally, and Slavery in the Territories in particular. As publicity is the breath of the nostrils to every man who aspires to, and takes part in public life and as few such men would desire to see their opinions without a record, even' though their opinions at onetime might differ from those of another—for change of opinion is ous of the most legitimate of privileges, and one the most frequently practiced in all coun tries—this work can hardly be unwelcome to any of the eminent statesmen of onr country, whose record it sets forth.''—fNew York Traßfcript. " The character and contents of this timely Tol ume arc very well indicated in the title page. For the manner, too, in which the work lms been done, no other assurance of its excellence can be needed after the announcement of Horace tireely as one of its compilers. It is not intended as a partisan text-book. The compilers stute in their advertise ment : " If a trace of partisan bins is betrayed (n th» thread of narrative which partiully nnites the suc cessive reports, bills, votes, etc., presented in this work, the error is unintentional and regretted.— Our purpose was to compile a. record acceptable and convenient to men ut .ill pnrtic -, and whictf might be ••ruultv.l and tin ted by all."