Newspaper of The Washington Standard, December 8, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated December 8, 1860 Page 3
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lieve l.ut tliat the ecceiitrie and erratic will re-appear upon the proud galaxy, | ..■id with increased love for their hreth- IVM and for the " Old Folks at Home, take station as of yore. As a Territory, supposed to nave -mm' consequence, we should immedi ately respond to the patriotic sentiment ,t" eternal union of the States. \\Y have also, liiuch ot a local cliai r to he passed upon during the 'little time allotted us for deliberation. " Col. Iluhhs then referred to various matters of interest, and concluded by •Itrain presenting thanks. On motion ol Mr. Deniij, The members and officers elect hail the oath of office administered by Hon. Frank Clark of Pierce county. On motion of Mr. C lark, The House was lntormed that tlie Council was and jeady to ■proceed to business. On motion of Mr. ( aples. The hour for convening was fixed at - 1( , ~'clock, in the morning, until other wise ordered. Adjourned. "NVKDNKSDAV, Dec. 1860. Mr. Caples introduced the following resolution: /fcWw/, That the standing com mittee heretofore known as the "Com mittee on Memorials be hereafter de signated as the committee on "Federal Relations." Adopted. The President announced the stand ing committees as follows: —Messrs. Woodard, Caples •mil Miller. I Y<i ; is<ii«l Means —Messrs. Ililes Bur hank and Clark. Education — Messrs. Denny, Caples and Biles. t f<t<l <<'</jr'/ —Messrs. (_ lark, Miller ami Hiirbank. ( litim# —— Messrs. Hurbunk, I)onn\ and Woodard. Roadsavd Highimy* —Messrs. \\ ood ani, Denny ami Simnn. Military Ajl'airs Messrs. Caples, Biles and Woodard. Engrossed Bill* —Messrs. Caples, Bur hank and Clark. Enroll) <1 7W/.V—Messrs. Biles, \\ ood ard and Denny. Lillian Affair.* —Messrs. Miller, Bur hank and Simms. Commerce —Messrs. Simms, Caples and Miller. I'rintiht/ —Messrs. Miller, Deilnv and AVoodard. ('itr/thralioH* —Messrs. ( laik, l>ile-> and Denny. Juilrt'nl Messrs. Miller, Caples and Sinims. C,,„ntiex —Messrs. Burbank, Simms mid Biles. Hal,■* awl Orders —Messrs. Denny, Clark and Caples. I'nhlii• (i rounds awl Buildings Messrs. Miller, Burbank and Caples. Mr. Caples introduced a bill to dis solve Hie bonds of matrimony existing between Onon Connolly and Sarah < 'on iiollv, and to restore the said Sarah to lier maiden name. , Head twice and referred to committee on Judiciary. Mr. Burbank introduced the following resolution: ~ HesJml . That a committee of two he appointed on the part of the Conn oil to act with a similaoconiinittoe on the part of the House, to wait upon His Excellency, the Governor, and inform him that the Legislature is now organ ized and ready to receive any commu nication he may he pleased to make. The resolution was adopted, and Messrs. Rnrlmnk and Clark wore ap pointed said committee. Mr. Caplcs introduced the following icsolution: Itesotrcd, That the Sergeant-at-Arms he instructed to procure six copies, in wrapper*, of the I'IOHCP r and Demo n-rat, or Washington Standard, or any other paper published in this lerritori, or anv nuinher 'of each <or cither, as may be elected by Ihe person entitled thereto, for the use of each member and officer of the Council. Adopted. Mr. Rurbank, from joint committee appointed to wait upon the Governor, reported that His Excellency was in readiness to meet the Legislative As sembly in joint convention in the Rep resentatives' Hall, and deliver his an nual message in person. On motion Mr. ltnrbank, Resolutions were adopted requesting the Secretary of the Territory to pro cure a clock for the use of the Council. Also, to procure from the Surveyor General a late map of the plats and surveys ©t this Territory for the use of CouncH. On motion, the Council proceeded to the hall of the House of Kepresen tatives to receive the message of His Excellencv, the Governor. After the delivery of the message, the Council returned to their chamber. Mr. Oaples moved 1,000 copies of the Message and accompanying I>wu' inents be printed for the use ot the Council. . Mr. Millc r,moved to amend by msort ing fifteen hundred. The amendment prevailed, and the motion, as amended, was adopted. Ad journed. llouNe. _ , MONDAY, Dec. 8, ISOrt. The members elect to the House of Uepreseneativcs met in their hall and proceeded to a temporary organization by appointing Lyman Shaffer chairman, and .1. K. Woodson chief clerk. Messrs. Ferguson, Phillips, Foster, Rrisco and Chapman were appointed a committee on Credentials, when the House adjourned until ten o'clock, to morrow morning. TUESDAY, Dec. 4, 1860. The committee on credentials re ported the following named persons en titled to scats: Skamania —J. L. Ferguson. Clark —C. C. Bozarth, L. Van Yleet, J. S. Taylor, It. McCarv, J. F. Bowles. Kitsap —B. H. Stone, Albert Pen gree. Whatcom —J. 6. Hyatt. (Mam —E. Cline. King —Jo. Foster. Jefferson —L. B. Hastings. Pacific —John Brisco. Phrcv —John 11. Suttle, X. H. Cun ningham, .1. M. Chapman. Thurston —David L. Phillips, IT.l T . (». Warhass, Gilmore Hays, C. 11. Haft, B. F. Until. Lewis —J. W. Anderson. »S 'mannish — F. C. Purdv. ('ln half* —Lyman Shatter. Cotclitz —Nathaniel Stone, Win. Har ris. Inland —Tlios. Coupe. In the case of Nr. Heniicss of Thurs ton county, the committee reported the seat as contested by T. F. Berry, and the seat of 11. M. Stcarnes ot Lewis county, contested by T. U. N\ instoii. Mr." Ferguson submitted a ininor'ty report, in which he concurred WI?!I the majority of said conimittee, b:it further recoininended that the gentlemen be excluded from taking any part in the proceedings of the House until the question of contest shall he decided. The majority report was adopted, and Messrs. Hcnncss and Stcarnes, the gen tlenien holding certificates, were per mitted to take their seats. The members elect were now sworn in, and the House proceeded to the election of Speaker by ballot. Messrs. Anderson, Brisco, Van \ lect. Hvjitt. Ferguson and Shaffer were put in nomination for Speaker. Messrs. Warhass and Caniiadv were appointed tellers. After several ineffectual ballotings, Mr. Shaffer was chosen on the Uth bal lot. The House 111011 proceeded to tlio election of Chief Clerk l»v rim rocr. C'lias. Hawaii was elected Chief Clerk on tlu' third ballot, and .1. W. .Johnson was elected Assistant Clerk hy aeela niation. E. W. IVrry was elected Perjjeant at-Arins, and Win. Watson, of Spokun county Door Keeper. Adjourned. WKUXKSDAY, Dec. 1860. The officers of tin* llouse were sworn ift hy Frank Clark, Esq., notary public. On motion of Mr. Phillips, Tlio contested scats from Thurston and Lewis counties were referred to a special committee. Messrs. Hozarth, 1J arris, ]Vn<*m\ Hastings and Sutllo were appointed said committee. The Council and House now met in j«»int session in the Representatives' llall. and His Excellency, the Gover nor, appeared and delivered his annual message 2,000 copies of the message wore or dered to he printed. The speaker announced" theTotlow ing as the standing committees for the session: Elections—"Hriseo, I'urdy and Ca«- nadv. Wtn/* mill Men it* —Rozarth, Suttlc, Holiness, Harris and Foster. Kiliiriifiuii —Pengroe, Warbass, Hast ings, Ruth and Anderson. Judiciary — Anderson, Van Vleet, Hale, Hyatt and Chapman. Claims—l'urdy, Foster, Stone of Cowlitz and Stoarnes. Mi n> or in I* —Harris, Phillips, Ruth, Coupe and MoCary. Military Affairs*— Suttlc, Taylor, Hon ness, Roles and Cunningham. Jtoails nml J/iylurnys —Hah', Hast ings, Stoarnes and ('line. Engrossed Hills —Chapman, Stone of Kitsap and McCarv. ■Eurullnl Bills —Van Vleet, Cannady and Purdy. Indian Affairs —Hyatt, l'hillips and Stone of Cowlitz. Comnicnt' —Stone of Kitsap, Coup ftrtd Roles. Printing —Hays, Warbass and I'en groo. Corporations—Clino, Hastings and Rozarth. Counties « Tavlor, Fcrjruaou MIH! Ruth. Rules and Orders —Holiness, Stoarnes and Cunningham. Agriculture McCarv, Cunningham and l'hillips. Public tifonpds mid Iluildings—Fer guson, Warbass and Stone of Cowlitz. Territorial Library —Stoarnes, Havs and Roles. House adjourned until ton o'clock, to-morrow. FIRK! —The alarm Thursday morn ing was occasioned by the ignition of the lumber kiln of Messrs A. W. Stu art & Go, which by the prompt inter ference of the firemen and citizens, was speedily extinguished, by moans of a line of buckets from the bay. Loss $75. JfcjT* We will take a few lmshels of Wheat at the market rates, delivered at Ward's mill, orat our office, in payment for subscription for the Standard. Also, Rutter, Eggs, and other products of the farm. ftSpThe Governor's Message was re ceived as we went to press. We will publish a review next" week. gig 3* We will be compelled to give up much of our space to Legislative re ports for the next oiglit weeks, hut we are confident nothing we could publish would be of more vital interest to our readers in Washington Territory. JrSJf" The Steamship California arriv ed at Brown's Wharf, West Olvmpia, Wednesday, with U. S. Mail, passen gers, and freight, and sailed in the ev ening of the same day. Mr. BUSH of thi' Oregon Statesman, has left for the Atlantic States on a visit. MArried At Fort Steilacoom W. T., Nov. 28th, by lieV Mr. Kcndig, Chaplain S. A.. Capt. L. Hunt 4th Infantry, to Miss Abby P. CAsey. M KTKOIU >!.()(11 ( l AI OLVMIMA. Washington Territorv. I Lat. 47° X.. LOII. 1 22° 55' W. I The following are the meteorological changes for the week ending Thursday Dec. )>. The ob servations are taken at T AM., 1 r. M. ami li p. M. 7| 1 •' | "1. j»ky.| weather. Friday Ho |i. i 55 52 51 jvar. cloudy. Saturday... I 4H 152■50 |so jvar. rainy. Sundav 2' 45 ■47 43 1 45 |clo. rainy. Monday X42'44 j42 ; 42jiVlo. clear. Tuesday ... 4 :t2 i ll lo ■ 47Hivar. 1 pleasant Wednes'v.. 5' 17 ! 40 1 43 : 4(i,^var.j Thursday .. t» .'57 !44! 40 ! 40j»var.[ 44 The weather the past week, with the exception of Saturday and Sunday, lias Inen pleasant, mostly calm and very little rain. The nights have been generally clear in the early part, becoming cloudy about lo p. in. from which cause there has been no visible frost. MAHKI.T KKVLKW. Ol.VMi'i v. Dereinber Hth. INOO. Business remains ilnll. without any change of importance since our last report. Owing to the heavy slate of the market but little domestic produce i« brought in except to fulfil previous engagements. Wheat Ho cts. Kggs scarce, and in demand at 50 i ts. Lard (nominal) 221 cts. None of first quality in market. Butter 5o A »12.J els. Oat*37{ A 50 cts. 11.iv $15.00 per ton. With a limited market uml a great scarcity of money uo operations can be made to any extent unless at a great reduction on our quotations. lloTKli AltltlVAlX. W ASIIIMITON lIOTlil. .1. N. I.owe. .1. 1.. M<'l>' >mi I >l. S. 1 lny >'. \V. I'nr vis. S. Wiimlriiir, Win. I'nekwood, Unlit. Yuntis, ('lists. Vary. .liilm Chapman, J. S. Taylor, Jesse 11«> \v I< • ,i. N. Kstes. 11. Hughes, Win. Cime, 11 < >l - Mr. lireci;. —Connoly, 11. K. Mavis, 11, Itutlrr. .1 • illii Itriscne, John Kinciulr, 11. faplcs. .las. 11. Kainc«, John Swindle, I). Suttlc. 1.. Vim Vleet. 111 > r.: i r 111. M. Itcttnum, .1. Ilalilwin, Woo I nr<l. Joseph Cathridtce, Pavid Dreiirv, Ira Wanl. It. J. Smith. Win. I.ittlcjohn, Lewis Shclton, X. <!. Terril. Henry Miles, W. A. Ilraiidon, I!. !•'. McCnry, K. 11. Tucker. T. It. Winston, X. K>tes, .1. K. Newhinil. J. 11. Smith. I>. Miixim, K. Koons. J. ('. (Il.isliv, K. MilI•». S. W. Ilrown. (V Wliitr. I. M. II ii soli. M. Humphreys, 15. Thompson, J. 1,. Morrow. M. Simmons. Omul Simmons. I'A CIV ll' IIOt'MK. W. J. Jones. Thus. Wnrren, W. 1., llnvs and l.ii'lv, W. K. Kcnncdv, I). Kiser. J. W. Anderson. T. 11. I.pon. M. I> . I\ S. A.. It. I\ Uuth. Ceo. darker, Win. Hillings, ("apt.t'oupe.T.nml Mrj. A. Smith, Kli'/.iihrth Avery. Miss A. Smith, Jinhje ritzhnirh. Win. Stronjr. J. A Simms, W. 11. Har ris, A. It. ItnlihcHon-, John Scott, K. Hlgffiti*, It (iooridjjc. K, «S, IJicrce, Chappcliere, Jl. Coats. A. Snrjreiil. SIM-K' IA I j XOTU'KS. I. O. O. I<\ Olympin Lodge No. I, 1.(1. O, F. meets every Saturday cvcningiii Itarnes' Hiiilding. on St. next door to '• St:indnr<l'' Ofliee. Ail members of tile Order in good standing lire invited toattend. SAW 1.. f'KUCIVAL N. (i. Territory of Washington, ) In the Hist. Court til' County of Thurston. t the Jd District. To ANDREW WILLIAMS: Voii are hereby un filled flint William L. Smith Ims tiled a complaint ngiiinst you, Geo. Drew mid Caroline 11. 1!. Drew, in said court, which will com* on to be hoard at the first term of said court, which .-ball commence more than three months after flic Until day of No vember, I mill, and unless you appear at said term and answer, the same will be taken as confessed, and the prayer thereof granted. The object and prayer of said complaint is to foreclose a mortgage in favor of plaintiff on the land claim of Geo. Drew and Caroline It. li. Drew. H. V. KENDALL. Attv. for IT IT. November 30, I8l!0. 3:m.'l Ordinances of tho Town of Olympia, Ordinance \o. 3. An Ordinance to regulate the building of Side- walks on Main Street. \ I. lie it Ordained by the Hoard of Trustees of the Town of Olympia. That the Tow n Marshal shall cause to he constructed as soon as practicable after the passage of this ordinance n good and sub stantial side-walk on both sides of Main Street from First to I'uiou Street. The said side-walks shall hc tcvcu feet in width, of boards one audit half inches wi thickness, laid at right angles with the said street on three substantial rails. g '2. All crossings ill' alleys to lie built by anil ut the expense of the town. i 3. Street crossings to be raised high enough with shells or gravel, to afford dry crossiugs at all sens«Mis^ i 4. That said side-walks shall be built, bytlfe abutters thereu|ion, within Inn weeks niter notice served ii|iini them by the Tiuvn Marshal, and if not so done, said Marshal shall proceed to lay the said side-walk at tlie expense of the abutters thereupon; and if the expense he unpaid within thirty days iii'tor the completion of said work, ten per cent, shall be added as a penalty to said delinquent, anil further proceedings shall lie had as provided in the Ordinance entitled, "An Ordinance to levy u Muni cipal Tax." Passed Maroh J 7th, "l-Tift. JrtSKPII CrSIIMAN, • President of the Hoard of Trustees, liicha.rd l.anc, Clerk. [SfI'PI.KIIENTAI..] ? 1. Be it Ordained hytfcc Hoard af TrVistees of the Town of ftlympiu. That all of flmt portion of the Ordinance to regulate the building of side walks, which requires side-walks to be built on the west side of Main Street,southot'the lotof Charles 11. Mason, Ksq., and between Fifth ami Sixth •Streets, be, nnd the same is hereby repealed. i 2. That thjj Town Marshal shall cause A side walk to he built on the north side of Fourth Street, from Main Street to the first alley west of Adams Street. npreeablyt« the provisions of the Ordin ance to Wfciift lliis rs n supplement: Provided, That instead of the gravel or shell crossings on the streets anil alleys, ti side-walk, similar to that built by the abutters may he constructed : And provided further. That said side-walk shall be six leet wide instead of seven feet. l'assed Mav 17th. ISH'V KI.WOOD KVAN'S, I'resideul of the Hoard AtteM: Richard 1. -nr. Clerk. HOLIDAY BALL! You arc respectfully invitcil to nttcn<l a Hall, to he given nt Washington Hotel, on Wednesday December 19, 1860. COMMITTEE OP ARRANGEMENTS. Olvmpia—A. B. Gove, Will. Miles, W. lap, Geo. \V. Madison. Stcilacoom—K. Meeker. Capt. J. U. Wehber. l'ort Townsend—Dr. O'Brien, Fred Wilson. (Seattle—J. W. Johnson. FLOOR MANAGERS. J. S. Ilurd, A. J. Burr. MUSIC. L. M. Iluson.J. M. J oued, Jos. Walraven, Win Bluckslmr. J. 11. Kellett. OLYMPIA" WAGOX MANUFACTORY." Stuart & Hhu-kshear, "VI T Ol'Ll)inform thecitizens ofOlym pia and the surrounding country that they are now manufacturing WAGONS,CAII IIIAGKS ami BUGGIES of all descriptions, from the best of imported material, liy experienced work men, for which WHEAT will lie taken ill exchange, delivered at the Tumwutcr mills. Shop corner 3d and Chinook Streets. Olympia, December 8, lßiift. 4:tf CAITIOX. \LL persons are hereby warned not to pur chase two certain promissory notes executed hy the undersigned and made payable toWii. Kfr- I.KIMIK or order, the one for !?7ii 34, and the other for Sl:i!» 89, each bearing two per cent, a mouth interest, from date. Said notes have been paid iu full. K. W. AUSTIN. Olympia. W. T.. Nov. 27, 1860. 3:w4 if. A. Judson & Co., (At the Late Store of W. M. Rutledge,) OLVMPIi,W.T„ ■ <oll7ll**lo* HI K KCIIA \T*, AND DIiALEKSIN DI!V GOODS. GKOCICIiIKS, CLOTHING, BOOTS and SIIOKS, lIAHDWAKK, PAINTS. OILS, kC., kC., &('. TBRMS OASII, COUNTRY PRODUCE. i.\ .\o (ANi; Will Crrdit lie h r iven for longer flian Tliiilj Dajx! Olyinpia, Nov. 'J.'l, 1800. 2;tf WM. (i. DIINLAP, ■ UI'OHTEK AND UC.IIiGR IN c: hoc Kit iks. ritovisioxs. nitv coons. CI.OTIIINC., BOOTS anil SHOKS.&i! AT Tin: OLU KTAXD, Corner ol' Main ami Third KtreetN, Country I'roduce generally taken in exchange tor Cfoils. No pains spared to give satisfaction to customers. Olympiti. Nov. '.M, lSiio. 2:tf HI'Y Till: IiI'.ST!! CROVER & BAKER, ITTTE TrETETVTUt TIIK FIRST PII33MIUM OX Til KIR FAHBIiV NC\Vf \(> nituni: —AN l>— MAC'I I INK \V< MUv, —AT Til K STATE Mil,IKS' DtSTITDTE Fill AND IN FACT Every Fair ofltfCO!! Over Wheeler & Wilson and ull others! 'Unix l ni|iir«tlniial)ly I'stabllslilns Tliea* Sajieriorily. These Machines are the most simple in use They sew from two common spools. Have no troublesome bobbing or pod. Sew miv and all fabrics. Make very little noise. Are quickly Icaflied and operated. Are not liable to disarrangement. We guarantee perfect and reliable MaehlneN, and lo the thou«»ndN In UNe can reller, iin dall.v and hourly recording, In their MillslUflorj op> (ration This* Vnoqnivoeal Save ess. %*Explieit directions fornsc accom pany caeh Machine from which a child can in a short time acquire a perfect converse and management of it. Send for a circular. R. ti. BltOlVA', Afifiit, r»l Montgomery Street. San Franrtsca, Cal-. November 17, IHOO. I:m0 HIIII'M Mnrntaparllla, fellow Dork, niMllotlMe «!' PottttM—l* prepared trom Ihe finest Ued Jamaica Sarsaparilla Mid Knglrsh lodide of l'otass. Admirable as a restorative and purifier of the blood, It cleanses the system of nil morbid and impure matter, removes pimples, bolls ami eruptions from the skin, cures rheumatism and pains of nil kind*. All oho can afford, should use it. as St tends to give strength and prolong life. Sold by Druggists generally, at t-l per bottle. 11. HALL £ CO.. Proprietors, Wholesale Druggists. 1 : i; m I tn and I lo flay st., San Fran. A LIST OF PRICEB QUINCY HALL, TIIK romuß m moot OF San Francidco. COATS. Splendid Black Frock Coats Si 2 00 Also, Fine Black Frock Coals 10 00 Splendid lU.u k and Blue Sack Cunts 8 00 Also, (iood Business Sacks 0 Oft Fine Beaver Overcoats, late style 12 00 Good Business Overcoats H 00 Good Light Summer Overcoats 0 00 PANTS. Fine Black Doeskin Pants $5 00 Also, Fine Black Ctissimere I'aiits ,'t 50 Heavy Cassiniere Itusiuess Pants 4 50 Also, Good Cussimere Business Pants 4 .10 Also, Good Heavy Business Pants 2 50 VESTS. Fine Quality Silk Velvet Vests $5 00 Fine Quality Silk Vests :> 50 Also, Fine Silk Vests 2 50 Good Black Doeskin Vests 2 50 Also, (iooil Cassimcre Vests 2 00 Good Quality Working Vests 1 50 FURNISHING noons. Vine Quality Davis & Jones' Shirts $1 50 Also, 11 ood White Siiirts 75 Fine Quality Colored Shirts 75 Good Check Shirts 50 Good Hickory Shirts 50 llcst Quality Grey Over Shirts 1 00 Good Blue Over Shirts 1 on Fill' 1 Quality Lambs' Wool Under Shirts 75 Good Merino Under Shirts 50 Good Lambs' Wool Drawers 75 Good Merino Drawers 50 Good Grey Under Shirts and Drawers 50 —ALSO FURNISHING GOODS 0P EVERY DESCRIPTION. Hat«, Cap*, Trunk*, VaIiNCN, and Carpet Rag«, Will l»e sold at proportionately Low Kates. —AT QTTINOT ZlAlili, 14?, 149 & 151 H'nfthlnprton Street. D O 18 & now cits. Nov. 17, 1860. I:3m KENDALL CO. OFfKKS Foil SAI.K At the Olil Nlaml, Son(li-lVt «f Corner of Main and Second Sl*. A NKW AMI WKU.-SKI.KITKII ASSORTMENT OF Family Groceries Of (he licst and most approved qualities. Dry floods, Clothing, 1 loots anil Shot's, J lats mill Caps, tKre., tVri'., &e. All of which which will be sold ut rcditrcd rates lor CASH. UV.ii. tbus. r.uiu r. |"|'l Country I'ro dtice generally. accepted in exchange fur Goods «t tlie iroint; nnirket rates. A. 11. GOVE. Olympia. W. T., Nov. 12th, 1800. l:tf THE WAY TO GET ALONG Without Money!! IN VIKW of the hnTd times and scarcity of mo ney. the Mndcrsigeed have concluded to take WilK AT. flow, ni'TTKR. EGGS &0. &l\, !n exchange for Good*, or in payment of Debts due lis. Persons wishing to trade us wheat, w ill deliver it to Ira Ward, at Tumwater, and on presentation of his receipt we will furnish floods, or give par tics ctedil ott accounts now due us. We have just received a HEW STOCK OF «OOD«, Which we purpose selling cheap for ready pay : but in nw instance "Kill e give credit. D. PHILLIPS & SON. Olympia, November 17. 1800. * l:4t Great Excitement!! AT THE FALLS!! MR. M. W. WITHERELL, WOI'LD inform the citizens of Washington Territory that ho is WTjft manufacturing -SLzT Saddles, Harness, and Trunks, Superior to any ever made on this Coast, lit is also making tho PATENT FhASE COLLARS, Which caunot be excelled. lie is making FIN3D HARNESS, On I lie Self-Adjimflnpr Tree, Which is considered the greatest Im provement of tho Ago. ANt> At«o < AUIUAGK TRTMMINO! DONE ON REASONARLE TERMS. SldcßaddleaolTarioa«i»encrli>tlons RKPAIRINO DONKON SHORT NOTICE. Htg-Please give friend Wither fU a C4ill. Shop on Main Street. Tnmwatef. November IT, 180 ft. 1 -If j. n. pauvter, (I.ATK O MKARA A PAINTKI!,) DEALER in Type. Presses. Printing Material. Paper. Car do, and Printer's Stock generally, 132 Clay street, near Sansome, S n, California. No*ember 17. 16>C0- 1 :ly BAFEIS ! BAFBS t ! F. TILMAN, »0 BATTERY STREET, SAX FRANCISCO. SOLE Agent for Tilton k McFarlnnd's celebrated Fire Proof anil Hurglnr Proof SAFES. This Safe is well known in the market for its unsur passed lire-proof quality, having withstood in Cut fornia, as well as in the East, the hottest fires known. We tan refer to endless certificates front parties in our mining towns, where these Safes have been subjected to the most severe tests of itl tire-proof qualities. These Safes are secured by our Combination Lock. This Lock is in every respect the most se cure one in use: it requires the key and combina tion to open the Safe. If the key should be ab stracted from the owner, it would be perfectly Use less without his knowing the combination,or men tal key which the owner carries in bis head. To those who wont a reliable Safe we OfTcr (ho above cheaper than any other in the market. * tt *A large assortment 011 hand and to arrive. F. TILMAN, Oft Battery Street. Snn Francisco, Cal. November 17. lts'uo. . l:m(J W. S. C". CLUB HOUSE GIN, THE UNDEIISIONEI), BEING SOLE AGENTS ot the almuc (Jin. otter it to 1 lie public as the finest HOLLAND GIN, and the only GENUINE CLUB HOUSE (SIN imported to this market. It is put u]> iu .(JIIEEX CASES, and branded \\. S. CLI It HOUSE. AVe shall continue to receive the above Gin rcgjil.irly. —ALSO— Pure Ambrosial Whisky, i» flask*; Pare Nectar Whitky, iu new style bottles : Pure Bourbon Whisky. The above Liquors are from the well known house of Win. S. Corwin & Co., New York, and are guaranteed fine and pure. \\\ 11. CUMMINGS ijCO., I:'nt 50 California »t., San Fran 111. KELLETT, MIDDLE, lIAR\E«§, TRUNK MANUFACTURER, AND DKAI.KIt IN SADPLEI'Y Hardware, Saddle Trees, Hlock and lieut Stirrups, etc. Shop on Main Street, Ofympia, \V. T. I'riecs to suit the times. Hide* and Produce taken in exchange, and cash never rcfiiscd. Olympia, Nov. 17. 1860. Ho! Forthe Mines! PIO.\KKR CMlfl 111 CMOnjUIDFAGMT!!! fllllF. under-i;rned would respectfully J form tin 1 public generallv that they mi'hai located ut Tuiuwnter, it ml are manufacturing' I unil have constantly on hainl BUREAUS, BEDSTEADS,! Tables, Toilet Tables, <fre.. And nil Articles appertaining to Ihrlr Line ol'lluNtneaa. ALSO PIAIN AND FANCY TURNING, ALSO BASII, DOORS, 4KD BLIXDB, MAI»K TO OllDKlt. Airiiiuils of marketable I'KODIVK taken in es cllliligc. fash never refused. _ Sh>m 011 Main Strvt'tv Wind s Hnvs'tt Mills. WILLIAMS k JORDAN. Tuimvatcr, Nov. IT, 1860. 1 :tf TIE LATEST SEWS FfitH BCCKICREEKI IIV PON V KKPHESS!! Q. W. lULK.4 J. W. WAIRATKI BILEN & W lIiKAVi;.!, HAVINU formed n co-partnership in the M A» liOOTand SHOK liI'SIXKHS are pre-Yflf pared to Manufacture Hoots and Shoes, cheaper than the cheapest. Hides nnd Produce taken in exchange for work. Repairing done \rltli neatness and dispatch, (live them a call before purchasing clicwhcre. Shop on Fourth Street, between Mainnnd Wash ington. Olympia, November 17, 18ilo. l:ly S. J). Williatiiii, i Territory of vs. > Washington, (leorgc \V. Oriim. ) County ofThurston. In the Oisll il t Court of the 2d Judicial District. To (SKOIHiE W. CRI'M: You are hereby notified that S. I). Williams has tiled a complaint against you in s:ii<! court, which will come on to be heard at the first term of the court, which shall com mence more than three months from and after the 24th day of November, 18(10, and unless you ap» |icitr at said term and answer, the same will be taken fur confessed and the prayer thereof grant ed. The object and prayer of said complaint la to cover the sum of tive hundred dollars damage* for . taking away and converting to your own use four beef cattle, the propcrtv of plaintiff in I85f». S. I). WILLIAMS, Plaintiff. OlynvpJa, Nov. 2:t, 18t>0. 2:m3 LOOK HERE! riIHE HU.«VI\C 4MB IIA IB DREM- I iiif; Establishment on Muin Street, near the. Stage Office, is still in operation, where the undcr sifriieti will lie happy to attend the wants of his patrons. SHAVING AND HAIR DRESSING done with neatness and dispatch, and in the latest fashion. and cold baths at all hour*. J. F. BUSH. Oiympirt, Nov. .'!0, 1860. 3:ly loticc to Tax-Payers. THE Delinquent Tax Roll of Thurston county will he kept at the store of Wm. G. Dunlap, 4it Olympia, from and after this dale. All persons who have been called upon for their taxes, and have not j> lid the snmc, are requested to so BE -I'ORK THE sr.Tll DAV OK DECEMBER NEXT. WILLIAM BILLINGS, Sheriff of Thurston County, \Y. T. Olymjiia, Nov. 23, IRCO. 3:w4 NOTICE! \\T E hereby give notice to ull persons indtbu cd to us IIV AtTOI XT Oil ROTE, to call and settle. We will take Wheat or Oats in payment of accounts at current rates. All! ac counts not settled by the 15th day of December next, will be left with the proper ofliccrfor collec tion. WARD k BATS. Tumwater, Nov. 14. 18fio, l:tf • *.»*Th«> lnvt purifier of the blood i.' Hall's Sat. > .-tparilla

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