Newspaper of The Washington Standard, December 29, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated December 29, 1860 Page 3
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thinirs liiisrlil be expected. The entcr taiuiicr of the above sentiment!?, is deemed to he hut the logical effect of a willingness to sympathize with the ~lu'ii and avowed advocates of nullifica tion, secession and disunion. Moxticello. Later from the Atlantic Side. Sr. hoi is, December, 2d, 18(50. — Tin' Smith Carolina Legislature has hi, pointed a Committee on Postal Af fairs. It lias also passed resolutions .iirectimr the .Military Committee to ~,.nsi.lrr the best method of fortifying the coast of the State. A petition was presented for the sus pension of the laws for the collection ,i| debts. _ Meminger, at a meeting at ( harles tnii, recoinuiendcd the taking of I'ort Moultrie by force if it was not surren dered bv the Federal Government. The Charleston Mirony urges all the South Carolinians in the I'. S. Na.-v and Army to resign and return home. The Charleston Thinks have discount ed moderately, with much relief to the public. The secession feeling is great 111 Florida. Secession Hags are flying. An excited meeting at Memphis had passed strong secession resolutions, on tli > niir'it of the 30th. in favor of a call of the' legislative Convention to st.tnd bv the Smth. ' The South Car.uinu Legislature, on the "oth, postponed the election of a S. Senator. Tin' Savannah Banks liavo suspen ded payment. The Kirst.?Xcsbit, one of tin* uii'.-t conservative men in (icorgia now advocates immediate secession. In a letter from Houston it is stated tliat t!ie conservative men of Alabama are rapidly leaning towards secession ; lie is for the I'liion. Intelligence from Columbia, Ky, dated the Ist inst, States that fifteen ne groes, and one white man, their leader, were hung by citizens at Parkersville, fur attempting; insurrection. Xo par ticulars have been received. St. Louis, December 3rd.—Senator Douglas was received at Washington on tiie Ist, by two thousand friends, lie made a speech endorsing every sen timent of Stephens' speech, in which he hoped the country would be saved, lie was ready to adopt the Georgia platform in all its features. Ife expres sed strong I'liion conservative senti ments. The session of the South Carolina Legislature is progressing. (Jov. Houston, of Texas refuses to call an extra session of the Te.vas Leg islature, but will do so if a majority of t!ie people petition him to that etfect. St. Louis, 1 >ce. "d —i\ m. Congress met to-day. In the House great good humor prevails. The Speaker taking the Chair called the House to order at noon. Prayer was made by Uev. Mr. Stock ton for quieting sectional discord. A message troin the Senate was re ceived. The Joint Committee wait the Pre sident's appointments. Mr. (J row called up motion to recon sider the vote 011 the Homestead bill. Passed over. Members proceeded to draw for seats. The members from North Carolina, Louisiana, Tennesee, and Kentucky re present those States as strong for the I'liion. The Pacific Railroad Committee will report in favor of the Southern routes. Tlio I'liion members favor n refer ence of the parts of the President's Message relative to secession, to com mittees composed of one from eaeli State, and their decision to be final. •Judge Khnore has been appointed Commissioner from Alabama to South Carolina. The Florida Legislature unanimous ly passed a Convention bill—meets 3d •ianuarv. The Georgia banks will suspend to dav. Colonel Snyder, messenger from the Governor of Missouri, has returned from the borders, and reports all quiet —Montgomery committing no further outrages. The accounts arc much ex aggerated. The Governor of South Carolina has received a letter from Major Lee, com manding the Baltimore National Vol unteers, 1,300 strong, unanimously tendering their services against coer cion. The Times correspondent says that Seward will address the Senate, urging the extension of the Missouri Compro mise line, and declaring State ltights. The Kcpuhlicati members are much divided on the subject. Some will not yield the right to take slavery into the Territories. The Philadelphia Press says that the I'uion men in the South are rejoicing in the hope that the disunion Senators will resign, inasmuch as they will pro ceed at once to organize a great fnion party, ami plaee in the Senate such men as John Forsyth, of Alabama; •lames Gardner, of Georgia; Col. iVrrv, of South Carolina; Win. 11. I'oik, of Tennessee; and Miles Taylor, of Louisiana—Douglas men. Senator Bayard, of Delaware, will not do so tool'idi a thing as to resign his seat in the Senate ; and Vice President Breck inridge— who obtained the Senatorship "t Kentucky, by over-reaching Gutli i'ie—will hold on to his position for *i\ \e;us, . •; , :aill. Notices of Books. I Bancroft's Lawyer anj Form Hook : Svo., pp Till. Adapted under the Revised Laws,ami the latest Judicial Decisions. to California. Oregon anil Washington Territory. Francisco: 11. 11. Bancroft ii Co., 1 800. The ahove hook is not a stranger to "iir readers, and public commendation has heen so universally extended that it seems supurtluous to recommend it. To the attorney it is an invaluable com panion. The great number of pub-. ; lisbed forms are classified, and on the title of each class is a wcll-writenprcta torv law treatise, followed bv the stat utory provisions of California, Oregon and Washington. Indeed we know of no business or occupation in which the work is not eminently serviceable. It is divested of pedantry and stripped of technicality, and any " way-faringnian though a fool cannot err" if lie follows its suirgestions. To the numerous Clerks, Justices of the Peace, County Officers, Notaries, &e., who are obliged to do conveyancing, this work is inval- liable, and they should not be without a copy. AW know of no recent publi cation embodying so much useful knowledge. # • J.KCTl'RK. —l'rof. Lippineott will de liver a lecture before the Olyiupia Ly ceum and Library association, on next Friday evening, dan. 4th, at the M. K. church, at o'clock. Subject—"The March of Mind." Steamer Ohkuox.—The ar rived at the West Olyiupia Wharf on Saturday evening last, and sailed early Sunday morning. She brought no Atlantic mail. "We commend the attention of those wishing to purchase Harness and Saddlery ware to the establishment of Prof. Withered, at Tumwater. J1 is work cannot be excelled. Mr. Jones requests us to state that the ball at (Jalliher's Hall (adver tised for New Year's Eve) is postponed until the evening of the Bth January. Remember the ball at Tumwa ter on Monday evening. ",L S. W." will find a place in our columns soon. Tiianks —To Captain Fleming for luanv favors. Gatherings by the Wayside. Win. Halleck, late Captain in the IT.l T . S. Army, has been commissioned as Major-< ieneral of the lid Division of the California State Militia, in place of Major-(ieucral Haven, deceased.' Mount Maker is now in operation, throwing oil' clouds of smoke and steam. As seen from Port Townscnd through a telescope, it is said to present the appearance of a steamboat blowing oil'steam—the vapor rising perpendicu larly high above the loftiest peaks. The /{ri/isfir says that bogus twenty, five, ami two-and-a-half dollar pieces have been offered for circulation at that place. A vein of decomposed quartz has been found on Middle creek, Shas ta county, Cal., from which pounds of gold are being taken out daily. So says the An/ii.s. Mr. Lippineott preached a Christmas sermon at Tumwater, last Sabbath afternoon. Richard Xourse, a native of Newfoundland, was shot and instantly killed, by Moses Ander son, at Point Roberts, on the iil'th lilt. We learn that on Wednesday last, while the stage belonging to the daily mail line was Hearing Davis' Kerry, the horses took fright and ran into the woods, smashing the stage and seriously injuring the driver. The Moun taineer is advocating the necessity of establishing a direct trade between the Dalles and San Francisco. Its plan is to have goods shipped to the Cascades direct, instead of ria Portland or Van couver—at a saving of sls per ton on freight.—Carr, the murderer of Cher ry, was executed at Carson City, U. T., on Friday, Nov. 30th. lie confessed his crime, and said that it wus commit ted through intern iterance. ——From the Kugene City, Oregon, lleruhl we learn that between SIOO and S2OO have been subscribed at that place for the relief of the survivors of the Indian massacre. We learn that a new steamer is to bo built to run in the Yamhill trade, as far as McMinville, Oregon, by Capt. .las. J). Miller and others. No doubt now exists of the total loss of the ship Jvhv MtirsliaV, to gether with the lives of the officers and crew. So says the liegister. Married At the residence of Mr. (J. Ford, in Stcilncontn, bv A. (1. Habbeson. Ksq., J. P.. Mr. R. B. Hol brook, of Whidby's Island, to Miss. Harriet P. Low, of Maine. MKTKOROI.OCHCAI,. OLVMPIA, Washington Territory, | 47° 3' K., Lon. 122° 55' W. ( The following are the meteorological changes for the week cuding Thursday Dec. 27. The ob servations are taken at 7 AM., 1 P. M. and 0 r. M. i 7 I 1 | 6 | ni. | sky. weather Friday 21 j35i42j 3ft j 37i} clo. fair Saturday...22: 3N | 40 .US 4» : do " Sunday 23j :J2 !42; 35 3iV do » * Monday.... 21 3."> 42 !30 1 3151 jdo frost Tuesdav ...2.V 33 43 40 3SBj do Wc lnes y ..2<i 32 II :tl S.'iij do " Fli'i" l.iv ...' 30 32 . 32, t'-g CEORGE H. BELL, 132 Montgomery SI reel. corner Mer chant, Man Francisco. IMPORTER AM) DEALER IX STATIONARY OF EVERY DESCRIPTION' Legal Cap, Writing. Letter ami Note Paper ami en velopes in great variety, (ioltl I'ens of tlie best manufacture, ltlank ACCOI'NT HOOKS of the best material ami workman ship, Blank ('arils, Law Books, Law lllanks, Notes, Drafts Hills of Lading. Order Ilooks, .Shipping Receipt*, ami a large assortment of Custom House Wanks. SCHOOL BOOKS. A complete assortment alwayson hand. Orders from teachers will receive prompt attention. ATLANTIC PAPKRS AND MACAZINKS, AND ALL TIIK XKW HOOKS. Subscription* received fur magazines, newspa pers, and other periodicals, at publisher's prices. A circular will be sent to any person 011 request, giving 1111 extended list of periodicals and the prices annexed. The following arc among the most popular: per annum. Harper's Magazine. $ •'■ oil Godcy's Lady's Hook ■ • Oil Leslie's Magazine 3 00 Peterson's Magazine - 00 Million's Magazine 1 SO Hall's Journal of Health 1 SO Atlantic Monthly 00 Kclcctic Magazine S 00 Knickerbocker Magazine .1 00 All the Vear Round (l)ickeus') .'I 00 Ouee a Week..., 4 00 Coruhill Magazine (That kcry I ft 00 Blackwood ■') 00 The four Foreign Reviews and Ulackwood.. 12 00 The Chess Monthly .'I 00 l.e Hon Ton of Fashion ft oil The World of Fashion * ft oil The llortieulturalist, plain - 01) The Hitrtii'tift 11 rulist. colored ft 00 The (ianleiier'* Monthly 1 SO The Countrv (!eutleman 2 01) Harper's Weekly SO Leslie's Illustrated Paper H 00 11111 st rutoil London News 12 00 Illustrated News of the W01111.... 12 rtfl Hi ll's Life in London I-' 00 New York lllu«traled News .'I 00 New York Weekly Ledger 2 Oil Wilkes' Spirit of the Times H 00 li.inner of Light 2 on Waverly Magazine •' 00 New York Merenn 2 So New York Weekly flipper 2 So Scientific American 2 on The Century 2 SO Yankee Notions 1 So Nil k-Nax I SO Vanity Fair ( Weekly ) 2 SO N. Y. Herald. Tribune, or Times, for Cain II Oil llecember 2i*, lHtlo. T:in!K COAL! COAL! COAL! S. X. DOTY, H.\ VINi; purchased the celebrated Morrison l'oal Claim 011 Hay, invites cap italists, and the friends of tin* trade, to come n|> and help dig tlieni out. These mines liave liccu prospected, and the coal tc.-tcd in San Francisco and found of superior quality. Seven thousand •l«>1 lats is all that is required to make tlieni pay a thousand dollars per month. Seliomc. hcc. 'in, Isio. 7:n»3 New-Year's Eve- Ball 1861 AT 1861 TUMWATER! VISAI.I. «ill lie irivm "i t'urrull'N Hall. in the town ul° Tninwatcr, on .Mmiilnv i-vrti iiij:. I»cc. :ilsl. IKiiil. All art 1 invitoil lo attend— the cull is univt-rsiil —llll\ ill); adopted tli<- |> of aihrrti-inc in place ul°KO'»j? out tlrkrt*. I hope none will i (insider tlit tn.-clvt's ~ 1 i^lll<■<l in tin- lenM. TirkrlN 00. .1 ( 111N I'Altliol.l, Tumwater, Oeccmher If»tli, lm»o. f»:t.'J Hl'V TIIK HKST!! CROVER & BAKER, 1! A VIC lIKCinVKII Til K PinST PREMIUM ON TIIEIU ■•'A.lll L v NI:WI\« n t< m\i: —ANI) — MAC 11 INK WOKK, —AT TIIK — STATE FAIB.MEEH/LIICS IISTiTDTE FAIfl, AM) IN FACT Every Fair ol lsfiO!! Over Wheeler & Wilson and all others! TIIUN Clique*! lonubly ENlabllNhliig Their Superiority. These Machines are the most simple in use. They sew from two common spools. Have no troublesome bobbing or pod. Sew any mid nil fabrics. Make very little noise. Arc quickly Icurnctl ami operated. Arc not liable to disarrangement. 1 We guarantee perfect and reliable Muclilneti, und to the thounundN In UNC can refer, UN dally and hourly recording, In their NatlNiacfory op eration This Unequivocal Suceenn. Explicit directions forusc accom pany each Machine from which a child can in a short time acquire a perfect converse and management of it. Send for a circular. R. ©. BROWI, Agent, . 01 Montgomery Street, Hun Francisco, (Jul. • November 17, 18UU. I:m0 IIUII'N Namaparllla, Yellow Dock, and Odlde Of I'otaNS —!s prepared from the tinest Ked Jamaica Sursapnrilbt and Knglisli lodide of Potass. Admirable us n restorative and purilier of the blood, it cleanses the system of nil nuti-hid and impure matter, removes pimples, boils ami eruptions from the skin, cures rheumatism and pains of nil kinds. All who can nlTord, should use it. us it tends to give strength and prolong life. Sold by Druggist* generally, nt $1 per bottle. 11. HAIil. k CO., Proprietor*, Wholesale Druggists. l:m<) 1 i.j itnd ! l"> t'lny si., f an Fran. NEW GOODS! C. CROSBY <fc CO., HAVE RECEIVED BY RECENT ARRIVALS 50 151.1-5 Ilest S. I. Sugars, •15 lllt-ltbl.x do. lO llbls S. I. Syrup. (extra)

SO Tons Liverpool Salt, X. O. .Sugars, East llostnn Syrup, Itio Coffee. kr., Sir. A large and well-assorted Stock of— Lime Hardware, Brick, Dry Hoods, Dressed Flooring, Roots ,t Shoes, Hollow ware, Doors, Windows, k Window Rlinds, Oils and l'aints, Tinware, Hioekcrywaro, ('lofliiii? and Fancy Uooiln, ALSO OX IIAXI) COXSTAXTLV l-'loiiv, Jh'aii, SUoi-tH, TJuek ■\vlieut and t 'hoppccl Peed, By Retail and Wholesale. And every needful article that is usually kept in a general store, which we are selling at reduced rates for CASH and COCXTHY I'RODCCE. Hive us a call, and try for yourselves. Tnmwater, December 15, 1800. s:tf A LIST OF PRICES —AT— (RIINCY HALL, THE POIEIIS Ml ESTIMT OK Nan B'ranriwro. COATS. . Splendid lilack Frock Coats S-12 00 Al-o. Finc l'lHck Frock Coats lo oo Splendid and I'.lue Sack Coats 8 no Also. Hood llusiness Sack* 6 oo Fine Itcaver Overcoats, late style 12 oo Hood llusiness Overcoats 8 00 Hood Summer Overcoats 0 00 PANTS. Fine Klack Doeskin Pants $5 00 Al n. Fine Itlaek Ca«slincre I'ants It 50 Heavy Cassiinere llusiness I'ants 4 50 Al.«ii, Hood Cassimere Business I'ants A no Also, Hood Heavy llusiness I'ants 2 50 YKSTS. Fine Quality Silk Velvet Vest* §•*» Fine Quality Silk Vests AO Also, Fine Silk Vests - * r,< * (ioo.l Itlaek l>ou.»kili \ est** 2 •»') Also, (ioud Casstuieri? Vents 2 00 (iootl Quality Working Vests 1 r»U Pl' I{X ISII IXCr COOIK Fine Quality Ihivis k Jones* Shirts Si « r »0 Also, (ioiml White Shirts «•» Fine Quality Colored Shirts 7ft Cmod Cheek Shirts fto (•oori lliektrry Shirts Ilest Quality Virev Over Shirts I 00 (10l id lllue Over Shirts 1 00 Fine Quality Lambs' Wool I'nder Shirts T. r > Hood Merino I'nder Shirts 50 Com! I,limbs' Wool Drawers 75 Hood Merino Drawers 50 Hood Hrev I'nder Shirts and Drawers 50 —A t.B0 — FURNISHINC:COODS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. llat», <'np«, Trunks, ValiNON, and Carpel Bag;*, Will In* sold at proportionately Low Kates. —at— QUINOY HAXjIJ, I S), MO & 151 Wttitlilnßlon SI reel. IMIIS & HOW CRN Nov. 17, IHIiO. l:'lm KENDALL CO. r OI'FEKS FOR SALE At tlic OI«l Manil, Soulh-lVcst Corner ot'iMain and Second Mlm. A SKW AXII WKLI.-StCI.KCTKII ASSOIITMKNT OK Family Groceries Of the best and most approved qualities. I>ry floods, Clothing, Hoots and Sliocrt, J lots nnd C'apH, &t'., &r., &c. All of which which will be sold at reduced rates for CASH. Wheat, Oats, flutter. Eggs, and Country Pro duce generally, accepted in exchange for (ioods at the going market rates. A. 11. C.OVE. Olympia, W. T., Nov. 12th, 1800. l:tf Great Excitement!! AT TIIE FALLS!! MR. Ml. W. WITHERELL, WOULD inform the citizen* of fitk Washing!on Territory that he is firjlßi manufacturing ?T SaddloH, llui-ncsH, and TrunltP. Superior to nn.v ever made on this Coust. He ia also making the PATENT CASE COLLARS, Which cannot be excelled, lie U malting FZXEI HARNESS, On the Neir-AiUuNtlns Tree, Wliicli is oonnitlerod the greatest Im provement of the Age. AM) At.RO CARRIAGE TRIMMINO! DONE ON REASONABLE TERMS. HldeKadUleNOfVnrlouNDeNrrlpllonH REPAIRING DOXKON BIIORT NOTICE. frtf* Pleace give friend Witherell a cull. Shop on M.l iii Street, Tumwrtter. November IT. 1;11 Ho! For the Mines! PIONEER ME m CABMTJUimCTBEY!!! THE undersigned would respectfully in-Q form the public generally that they nrcßgi located at Tnmwater, and are manufacturing ' \ I and have constantly on hand BUREAUS, BEDSTEADS, Tables, Toilet Tablet?, &c„ And all Articled appertaining to their Line or HuttlneN*. ALSO PLAIN AND FANCY TURNING, A 1.80 SASH, DOORS, AND BLINDS, MADE TO ORDER. All kinds of marketable PRODUCE taken in ex change. Cash never refused. Shop on Main Street, near Ward k Havs's Mills. WILLIAMS & JORDAN. Tnmwater, Xov. 17, iB6O. l:tf PIOIEEE STBReIt EffiHALTsPair Ciray'N Harbor, W. T. ALSO AT MOXTEZAXO, (THE COI'XTY SEAT) OX CHEHALIS RIVER. McKESSI, DEALER in Heneral Merchandise is prepared to furnish supplies to settlers in this section of country on reasonable terms. Chehalis, December 22, 1800. C:tf J. H. KELLETT, SADDLE, IIAKXEKS, TRUNK MANUFACTURER, ANN DKAI.KR IN SADDLERY Hardware, Saddle Trees. Illoek and llent Stirrups, etc. Shop on .Main Street, Olympia. \V. T. Prices to suit the times. Hides mill Produce taken in exchange. ntitl cash never refused. Olympia, Nov. IT, 18(in. I'ROn iTG NOTICE. In tnntler of Estate of Charles ll.Mason, deceased. Pet it ion fur conveyance of certain real estate. TAKK NOTICE that 11. A. (ioldshorottfili has filed his petition in the I'rolmte Court of the county of Thiirstun. praying for an order to issue to the'ad niinistrator upon the estate of CHARLES 11. MA SON. deceased, to make a conveyance of an undi vided third interest to certain lots in the town of Seattle, \\\ T., in conformity to theterms of a cer tain written agreement, executed by said deceased during his lift- time : which petition will come on to lie heard at the January term of said Probate Court, to lie held in Olympia. in said county, on TI'KSDAY. January he forenoon of said day. All parties interested iu said estate can then lie heard why' said petition should not be granted. It. M. WALKER. Probate Judge. Olympia . W. T„ De«'.S». 1800. U:w4 w. s. c. CLUB HOUSE CIN, TilK I XDKRSIC.XED, UEIXH SOLE AHEXTS of the above Hin, oiler it to the public as the finest HOLLAND HIX. and the only HKXI'IXE CLI'U IIOI'SE 4iIX imported to this market. It is put up in HREEX CASES, and branded W. S. Cl.l'll IIOI'SK. We shall continue to receive the above Hin regularly. —ALSO— Pure Ambrosial Whisky,'>» ; Pure Nectar Whisky, in new style buttles : Pure Bourbon Whisky. The above Liquors nre from the well known house of Win. S. Corwin k Co., Sew York, nml are guaranteed line and pure. W. n. CI'MMINOS* CO., 50 California St., Snn Fran. S. I). Willinins. I Territory of \s. J- Washington, George W. ('nun. J County of Thurston. In the District Court of the 2d Jtnlicial District. To (iKOIMiK W. Cm'M: Von are hereby notified that S. D. Williams has filed a complaint H|(ainst you in said court, which will come on to be henrd at the first term of the court, which shall com mence more than three months from and after the 24th day of November, lHtill, and unless you ap pear at said term and answer, the same will be taken for confessed aud the prayer thereof grant ed. The object and prayer of snideomplaint is to re cover the sum of five hundred dollars damages for taking away and converting to your own use four beef cattle, the property of plaintiff in 183!). _ 8. l>. WILLIAMS, Plaintiff. Olympia. Nov. 23, IHiiO. 2:m.'l CHARIiES A. CRAIG, ADVERTISING AGENCY, NO 172 MONTGOMERY STJIEET, llet weeu Washington and Jackson, up stairs, op* positc Lyceum Theatre. San Franclnco, California. AIIKNT rOH Washington Standard, Olympia, W» T.; Daily lice, Sacramento, Cul.; Nevada National, Ornss Valley ; Unite Democrat, Oroville; Mountain Messenger, La l'orte | I'lacer Courier, Forest Hilt; Northern Californian, I'nion; Colouiii Times, Coloina ; Mooney's Express, Kolsom; Plumas ,Standard, Quiney; Daily Herald. San Francisco; Daily Appeal, Marysville; Daily Argus, Stockton; Columbia News, Columbia; Napa Co. Times, Napa; San Jose Telegraph, Snn Jose; Alameda Herald, Oakland; Contra Costi«(inzette, Martinez; Santa Crux News, Santa Crui; Petalumn Argus, Petnluma; Daily Le Phere, San Francisco, Cal.; Police (iazette, " LcMincur, " Hutchin's Magazine, " California Cnlturist, " Territorial Enterprise, Carson Valley; Daily Oregon Advertiser; Oregoninn, Portland: Oregon Firmer, Portland, Oregon; Dalles Journal. Dalles, Oregon. November 17, 1800. Notice to Tni-Pajfr*. THE Delinquent Tax Roll of Thurston county will he kept at the store of Wm. G. Dunlap, in Olvmpia, from and alter tbia date. All persona who iiitve been called upon for their taxed, and have-not paid the fame, are requested to do no BE FORE THE 25T11 DAY OF DECEMBER NEXT. WILMAM BILLINC.S, Sheriff of Tburstou County, W. T. Olyiupia, Nov. 'JS, 1800. 3:w4 WASHINGTON HOTEL, BILAB (« ALL I HER, Pro. CORNER OF SECOND AND MAIN STREETS, Olvmpia, W. T. Hourd |»or week $5 00 01vn»j»in, Nuv, 2«'l« 1800. 2;lj» H. A. Judson & Co., (At the Late Store of W. X. Rntledge,) OLTNPIA, W. T., MERCHANTS, AND DEALERS IV DRY GOODS, GROCERIES. CLOTHING, BOOTS 11 ml SHOES, HARDWARE, PAINTS, OILS, kC., kC., 40. TBRMS OABB, * Oil COUNTRY PRODUCE. IN HO CASE Will Credit be given ibr longer flian Thirty Day*! Olvmpin, Nov. 23, 1800. 2:tf WM. G. DUNLAP, IMPORTER A\D DEALER I!S GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, DRY GOODS. CLOTH I."CO, HOOTSnnil SHOES, Ac. AT THE OLD STAND, Corner or Slain and Tlilrd street*, Country Produce ffcncmlly ♦itlicn iu exchange fur Goods. Xo |iiiins s|mred to give satisfaction to enstomcrs. Olvnipia. Nov. i.'t, I8ii(l. 2:tf SAF33S ! SAFBS ! S F. TILMAN, 00 BATTERY STREET, SAX FHAXCISCO. SOLE Ajrcnt Tor Tillon A McFarlntid's celebrated _ Fire Proof mid liiit'nlnr I'roof SAFES. This .Nile is well known in the market for its unsur passed fire-proof quality. having withstood in Cal ifornia, ns »vidl lis in tin l Eust. the hottest tires known. We can refer to endless certificates from parties in our mining towns, where these Safes have been subjected to the most severe tests of its tile-proof qualities. These Safes lire secured by our Combination Lock. This Lock is in every respect the most se cure one in use: it rei|iiires the key mid combina tion to open lhe Safe. If the key should lie nl>- stractid from the owner, it would IK- perfectly use less without his knowing the combination, or men tal key which the owner curries in his head. To those who want n reliable Safe we offer the nliove cheaper than any other in the market. * # *A large assortment on hand and to arrive. K. TILMAX. 00 Battery Street. SHII Francisco, Citl. November 17. Iftio. l:mi> THE LATEST ItVS (Hi MIX CHI! BY POXY KXPItESS!! O. W. BLI.ES J. w. WALIIAVKN. BILES & WALRAYEX, HAVIXCS formed n co-partnership in the—A* HOOT and SIIOK BISINKSS are pre-VBl pared to Manufacture Hoots and Shoes, cheaper than the cheapest. Hides and Produce taken iti exchange for work. Repairing done with neatness and dispatch. Give them n cull before purchasing ctt" licrc. Shop on Fourth Street, between Mainnnd Wash ington. Olynipin, November 17. 1800. l:Iy OLYMPIA WAGON MANUFACTORY. Stuart & Ulaokshenr, WOl'LDinform the'eitizens of Olym pia and the surrounding country ■ that they are uow manufacturing WAGONS, CAR RIAGES and III'(J (J IKS of nil descriptions, from tin best of imported material, by experienced work men, for which WIIKAT will be taken in exchange, delivered at the Tiimwntcr mills. Shop corner 3d and t'hinook Streets. Olvmpia, December 8. lSiift. 4:tf LOOK HERE! The shaving and hair dress. ing Kstal»li«lmiriit on Main Street, near the Stage Office. is still in operation, where the under signed will be happy to uttentl the wunts of hil patrons. SHAVING AND HAIR DRESSING done with neatness ami dispatch, and in the latest fashion. tay* Hot ami eoM baths at all hour*. J. 11. Bt'SII. Olympiu, Nov. 30, 1800. 3:ly Territory of Washington, > In the Hist. Court of County of Thurston. j" the 2d District. To AN'DRKW WILLIAMS: You are hereby no tified that William L. Smith has filed a complnint against yon, Geo. Drew and Caroline R. R. Drew, in said court, which will eome on to he heard at the first term of said court, whieh shall commence more than three months utter the 30th day of No vember, I SCO. and unless you appear at said term and answer, the same will be taken a« confessed, anil the prayer thereof grunted. The object and prayer of said complaint is to foreclose a mortgage in favor of plaintilf on the land claim of Geo. Drew and Caroline It. R. Drew. It. H. KKN'DAM.. Atty. for Pl'fT. November .10. IS<;o. 3:iu3 NOTICE! WK hereby give notice to nil persons Indebt ed to IIS BY ACCOI'MT OR MOTE, to call and settle. We will take Wheat or Oat* in purment of accounts nt current rate*. All ac counts not settled br the IMh day of December next, will be left with the proper officer for collec tion. WARD k HAYS. Tumwater. Nov. 14, 1800. l:tf C. CROSBY, "J (L. C. GRAY, Z. CHOSHY, V J n. ckosiiy, Jr., J ( StmFronc'o, Tumwater. C. CROSBY & CO., WHOLKSALK AND RETAIL DRALKRR IV G E K CII AND 18 E, -^UtD— Proprietor* off hXrum water Flear mihL Tumwater, December 15tniU8S0. s:ly J. B. PAINTBR, (latk o'wkaka * paiiil|*.) DKALBR in Type. Presses, PriVling Material Paper. Cards, aud Printer's Stiwk generally 132 Clay street, near Sansome, S*i\ Francisco California. \ November IT, IHtiO, Itljr