Newspaper of The Washington Standard, January 26, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated January 26, 1861 Page 3
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.lurtii iiiry committee with instructions to print. Mr. Hubbs—an act to amend the Civil practice act. This amendatory law authorizes the Clerk of Court, as well as Judge, to appoint a special offi ,rr to make service, where there is no sin-riff. It was ordered printed. Several bills of a local character fa vorably reported upon by the commit tees. read a third time and passed. The President signed several bills, joint resolutions &c„ when the Council adjourned. Honor. SATI KIIAY, Jan. 12. —Hut little busi ness transacted by the House, prelimi nary to tfoing into Joint Convention l'.ir "the election of Territorial Officers. The House however passed an act in corporating the Alphcan Library Asso ciation of Olympia, ami disposed of some business rcportert by committees. For the proceedings of Joint Conven tion. see Council proceedings ot this date. . MONI»AY, Jan. 14.—Mr. Briscoe—A bill to encourage the cultivation of Oys ters. Also a bill to authorize Gilbert Dodge and Albert Keynote to open ft road from Shoal water I «ay to liakcr s Bay, for the transportation of freight and passengers. # Mr. Bowles' resolution relative to di vorces was taken up on its second read ing. It provides that after the 12th of January no more dicoivn bills shall be introduced. This resolution was intro duced last week, and as the time named has elapsed, and the passage of a bill would rescind the resolution, the House indefinitely postponed it by a vote of 1.") to 12. The House has been sur feited with these bills, ami desires to be rid of the annoyance. It is really pleasant to see the re-action now in both branches, indicating a determination to discourage this converting of the legis lature into a Court to dissolve marriage contracts. Following this resolution the House took up Judge Hays'bill relating to divorce •, making it necessary for parties intending to apply, to publish a notice sir iro'ks before the session ot the leg islature, ami passed the bill by the fol lowing handsome vote: AYES—Messrs. Anderson, Berry, Bowles, Briscoe, Cannady, Cline, Coupe, Cunningham, Foster, Hale, Harris, Hastings, Hays, Hyatt, MeCary, Phillips, Purdy, Ruth, Settle, Stone of Cowlitz. Stearnes, Tavlor, Van .Vleet, and Warbass—24. XOES —Messrs. IW.arth, Chapman, Pollerot\ and Stone of Kitsap—4. Alwont. Messrs. Ferguson, and the Speaker—2. The Council Hi If relative to tlie county of Snohomish and its officers taken* up. Mr. Ferguson moved to amend l>v striking out the name of Morris tl. Frost wherever it oeours, and insert K. ('. Ferguson. Mr. Fer guson supported liis amendment, in an amusing speech detailing among other rich tilings, a Sin'jiinff adventure. This fixed the matter, ainl the amendment prevailed. Mr. Hays moved to amend, by submitting thechoiceof the (bounty Seat to the popular vote, which was carried. As amended the bill passed. Then adjourned. Tries I>AY, Jan." lo.—Mr. Stearns —a memorial relative Ho sale of School lands. The bill for ferrv at the Town of Snohomish referred to committee on Corporations. The act changing the name of Wah-kia-kum county was on motion of Mr. Harris, indefinitely post poned. Several bills of minor importance, granting ferry privileges &c., were passed. Afte moon Session. — The bill fixing the boundary between Sawamish and Thurston counties, read a second time. The election law reported back, by committee on elections, (Mr. Pingrce's hill), being under consideration, Mr. Hastings moved to amend by inserting the words "or American half-breeds who speak the English language ami pay taxes." Mr. Settle moved to indefi nitely postpone, Carried. The bill defining the duties of coun ty Commissioners, amendment reported by committee on Corporations, adopted, and bill passed. Mr. Hays—a memorial relative to the codification of the laws. Under a suspension of the rules, memorial passed, and House adjourned. WEDNESDAY, Jan. 16.—-Mr. Chap man presented a communication fiom <leo. Gallagher Esq., declining to qual ity as Territorial Printer. Mr. Bowles—a memorial relative to to the employment of clerks, in the office of Register and Receiver. Un der a suspension of rules memorial passed. Mr. Settle—a petition from citizens of Pierce county, for passage of an act authorizing Jno. Carson to build a bridge across l'uyallup river. Re ferred to select committee consisting of Messrs. Settle, Taylor and Cline. Mr. Hays—a hill* authorizing Win. Packwood'to keep a ferry across the Xisqually river. Mr. Bowles —a joint resolution pro viding a joint committee to draft reso lution expressive of the sentiments of the people in regard to the course of Hon. Isaac I. Stevens during the late Presidential canvass. Under a suspen sion of the rules, the resolution passed. Mr. Ilavs—a hill to authorize Win. I'aclcwood to construct a wagon road. Mr. Ilnwlcs— :i n act permitting Tfalf hrocds w/"» LI'IRR 'T<!T>PLT'T I H'l H>TS OF I'II'III to vote. Mr. Stearnes —introducing a bill fur ther amending the road law. The bill defining the boundary be tween Thurston and Sawaniish coun ties, referred to a special committee consisting of Messrs. Purdy, Berry and Phillips. _ ! The substitute for House Bill amend ing the fee bill referred to committee on Judiciary. Mr. CJine of the committee on Cor porations rcporteclthe ferry bill author- i izing the erection of a ferry at Snoho mish, in the new county of that name. Bill passed. A substitute for the bill amending the road law, referred to committee 011 Roads and Highways. The Council Kesolution relative to stationing an agent among the Clalam Indians, passed under a suspension of the rules. Under a suspension of the rules, the House passed the bill incorporating the Columbia River Institute. Then ad journed. Olympia, W. T. Jan. 19th Editor Washington Standard ( Sir j 111 as Much as von have Misrepresented the wishes ami actions of dark county Delegation, by publishing an article the Standard* of Jan. 12th under the caption " It>Mh,<, it in" 1 Deem it My Duty to ask your Indulgence to this communications. The statements there Set forth is False, and without the Shadow of Foundation. " None" Not One of the Clark County Delegation has Kvinced any Disposition Either Di rectly Or Indirectly, to Interfere with any Local affairs of Thurston county or'any other county where=in we have no Interest, In tfie Standard of Jan 19th appears a "Notice" to the Kftect that you had received a communication Signed by a " llicri' JUcmficr ' from Clark county, and that there appeared no Responsible Signature to the com munication, But simply to vindicate himself Only. 111 Regard to this com munication you have also, misrepre sented 41 it"." It was Signed "KIVEK MEM HK its" and not" Member. The ar ticle simply asked you to do that Dele gation Justice by correcting your State ments as they were incorrect, and was calculated to Prejudice One Section of the Territory against the other without cause. you have therefore sir, Treated the dark county Delegation with verrv great Injustice by not inserting (accord ing to Proinisc)*the communication to which you Last Refer, If you Persist in haveingyour Own way ''in Begard to this matter" Regardless of Truth, Justice and Courtesy to Grattifv, "not your own selfish motives" But the Mo tives of others, vou will Eventually Re ccive that, which you will Deserve. I have the honor to be sir, vour Most Obdt servt J. T. Bowles, Clark county Delegate. John M. Murphy Esqr Editor Washington Standard • Olympia AV.T.) P S. unless you do us the Justice, to Insert this in your Paper you will be Ever Gratefully Remembered, as I will Retain a copy. J. T. B. We give place to the' letter of Mr. Bowles with great pleasure; and lest more complaints should reach us, we have rendered it verbatim et literatim. Now, Jesse, we wish to whisper one word in your ear, which we hope you will take kindly. Study the geog raphy of Washington Territory, and vou will learn that Clark is not the only county bordering on the Colum bia river. It is charity to say you are ignorant of this fact, for some arc ready to apply the term egotist to a man who imagines himself assailed without cause. Is it not so ? Now, Jesse, we have de voted more space to this matter than we had intended. We can but com mend you to the tender mercies of those outraged gentlemen—Noah Webster and Lindlev Murray. Loss OP THE CONSORT. —Wo learn by the British Colonist, that the old brig Consort so well known upon Puget Sound, was totallv wrecked in San Jo ' •» sef harbor, at the northern extremity of Vancouver Island. She belonged to Mciggs &Co. Port Madison, W. T. whither she was bound from Honolulu, to load with lumber. She was dismas ted in a gale about the 15th of October, and jury-masts were rigged, aud she made the entrance of the straits, when she was driven oft by a severe gale and finally ran into San .fosef harbor, where site anchored. A few days afterwards she dragged her anchors, and went ashore, where she became a total wreck. Her passengers and crew numbering 22 persons, 0 Kanakas, and 13 white persons, reached the shore safelv, were taken off by 11. M. Gun-boat lortcard, Capt. Kobson, on the 18th ult. Eight een of the passengers and the crew, among whom was Capt. McLellan mas ter of the Consort, went on board the Forward; the remaining four Kanakas went on board the Florcncia, and arri ved at Victoria, on H. M. S. Hecate, which rescued the crew of the Florcncia, at Friendlv Cove. 11. M. Gun-boat Forward, with the remaning eighteen of the crew of the brig, arrived ut Victo ria, on Tuesday, the loth .January. Gathering* by the Wayiide. During the quarter ending Dec. Slat, 1860, Capt. \Vinsor keeper of Tntooch Light, reports 160 vessels to have pass ed Cape Flattery, during day-light: of these there were*, eighteen ships, eighty six barks, seventeen brigs, twenty ofle schooners, three sloops and fifteen steamers. It is probable, full as many E assert during the night. Dan. AN . iowell Esq., Sutler of Fort Steilacooni, while onli visit to Fort Townselid, a few days ago, was thrown out of a wag on, in which he was riding in company with Mr. Briggs of the latter place. Mr. Lowell was found with the wagon bed across his feet, one of his ankles severely bruised. We rejoice that there was 110* serious injury. On Sunday, the 13th inst., Wm. McCandless, for mer Sergeant, now a private, Co. IT. 9th Inf. IT. S. A., discharged two pistol shots at his wife, then at the quarters of Lieut, McKibbcn at Fort Steila cooni. One ball took effect in the left breast but did not prove mortal. The fellow appeal's to have been drinking, and pretends to have been jealous, lie is now in jail awaiting trial at the March Term of the District Court. The title to the citv of Portland has been settled. The Eugene City Press has been suspended. It will re sume publication in a few weeks. VALENTINE BALL AT TCMWATCR. — Mr. Brant will give a Grand Ball at the Tuniwater House, at Tumwater, on the evening of the 14th of Febuary. See advertisement. M married A 11 H 1 K 1»: On tho 19th (nut., nt Tnmwutcr, by Ret. U. •'. lippincott, Mr. It. Barry to MISS MArgaret HIIAUKT O'- o'connell I'oVSKLL. In Dulles Citv on tlio I«>tli in«t. I>j* Rov. Mr. flinn Mr. wentworth lord ' Itiitli, Maine; to Miss Lizzie laughlin 177.1 K LAIOHI.IN of Dalles. At the residence of Mr. Thomas Martin, wiir Wallu WIIIIII. Dee. Ist. I>y Rev. t'.eo. M. Berry. Mr. J. D. KiNf'iiKi.ou, to Miss D. C. estes all of Walla Walla. W. T. On the 23rd lilt., at the residence of the bride's father, by Kev. <!co. M. Kerry. Mr. charles bush rims. T. 111 SII. to Miss nancy JANE SWAeZA, all of Walla Walla Valley. S r KTlio 1«t >1 (M iIC AI ~ OLYMIMA, Washington Territory, I Lat. 47° 3'N., Lou. 122° 55' W. J The following arc the meteorological changes for the week ending Thursday Jan. 24th. The ob servations are taken at 7 AM., I p. N. and 0 i*. M. | 7 I 1 I 0 1 in. jsky. j weather. Friday is! 34 IUS .14 351 var fair Saturday... l!*i 20 I 30 32 31} clr frost Sunday 20i 2D 131 2!) 2Pij elo snow Monday.... 21 14 ! 29 19 20§ clr frost Tuesday ...221 24 '34 32 30 clo snow Wed lies'v ..23 29 3« 1 34 33 J clr thaw Thursday ..241 30 ! 371 39 | 37J clo | rain 2oth. steady lirecie from North : 24th. rain ac companied with wind South and South West. Amount of rain for the week .85 inch. Snow 5 7.">. when melted .50. Kan Franc-Info Aprrnry. TIIOS. HOYCB, Esq., N. K. corner of Montgom ery and Washington St«., and CIIAS. A. CRANE, Esq., are our authorized Agents in San Francisco, to receive ami receipt for Subscriptions and Ad vertising. Valentine Ball!! At tho "Tumwatei 1 llotisr," Tumwater, W. T. AORAND ItAI.L will be given at the px "Tumwater House," on Thursday evening. February 14th. IHOI. This is the UA'. only notice that will be given. All are cordiallx invited to attend. Tickets, $3 Oil. DAVII) BRANT. Forage w ill bo provided fur teams ut mod crate terms. Tumwiitcr, January 25, 18GI. Il:w3 SHERIFF'S SALE. BY virtue of MI order of sale issued by the Clerk of the District Court ol the Second Ju dicial District of the Territory of Washington, and to tuc directed, I Imrc levied upon, seized and taken in execution, and will proceed to sell, ac cording to law, at the Court-house door, in the Town of Olympia, in said District, on Wednesday, the 27th duy of February, nt one o'clock in the afternoon, all the following described premises, vi* : ALL THAT certain lot or parcel of land, in the county of Thurston, Territory of Washington, con stituting all and singular the land embraced and described in the notification, on file in the office of the Register of Washington Territory, situated in township eighteen (18) north range, two <2 ( west of the Willamette meridian, lying west of the portion assigned to Mary Ann M. t'iurd, and by as signment of the said Register having been allotted the cast half of mid donation claim, which tract or parcel of land contains one hundred and thirty acres, be the same more or les*; and all embraced within sections eight and nine of said township. AND ALSO ALL and singular the tract 4nd parcel of l ind purchased by Moses Ilurd of John R. Dicker son, one hundred and twenty acres or thereabouts, being the eastern half of the donation cluiui of the said John B. Dickcrson, the notification of which is on file in the office of the Register of the Terri tory of Washington ; saving and reserving there out certnin lots of land, numbered and described upon the plat recorded in the office of the County Auditor of Thurston County as lots one (1,) two (2,) three (3.) four (4,) five (»,> six (8,) seven (7,) thirty-six (3fi,) thirty-seven (37,) thirty-eight (38,) thirty-nine (3»,) forty (40.) forty-one (41,) forty two (42,) forty-three (43,) fifty-three (53,) fifty four (54,) and fifty-six (50.) That is to say all the land now owned by the said Moses Kurd, pur

chased by him of said John R. Dickcrson. WILLIAM KILLINGS, Sheriff of Thurston County, W. T. January 2<3th, IR6I. ll:4t ''THE^CAPIfAL 7 ' MARKET 18 NOT REMOVED!! M m, BUT IS LOCATED ON MAIN STREET RETW. 3D AND 4TH, OLYMIMA. THE legislature has yet left to the citizens of Olympia and vicinity the privilege of eating good victuals, and the undersigned is prepared to furnish at the lowest cash rates REEf, PORK, ilt'TToN, POULTRY, And all sorts of Marketable Produce. Rive us a call—you shall not go awav dissatisfied. J. DI'XLAP k SOX. Olympia, January 11. IHiiO. 9:tf NEW GOODS! C. CROSBY 4 CO, HAVE RECEIVED BY RECENT ARRIVALS AO BWs Beat 8. I. Sugar?, 2ft Hlf-llbls do. IO BbU 8. I. Syrup, (extra) jO Tons Liverpool Salt, N. <>. •Sugars, Kant Boston Rvrup. Rio Coffee, ice., Ac. A large unci wcll-uMortcd Stock of— Lime llnrilwarc. Brick, Dry Uoods, Dressed Flooring, Boots A- Shoes. llollowwnre, Doors. Windows. & Window Blinds, (tils and Paints, Tinwa re, Cruekerywarc, Clothing and Fancy CioodN. ALSO ON HAND CONSTANTLY Flour, Bran, Shorts, 13«<»k wheut unci Chopiwcl I'ced, By Be tail and Wholesale. And «v >ry needful article that is usually kept in a general store, which we are selling at reduced rates for CASH and COUNTRY PRODI'CK. £qT Give us a call, and try for yourselves. Tuimvater, December 15, 1800. * s:tf A LIBT OF PRICEB QUINCY HALL, THE NFIUI HI BTIMT OF Man Francisco. COATS. Splendid Black Frock t'oats sl2 00 Also, Fine Black Frock t'oats 10 00 Splcudid Black and Blue Sack Coats H oo Also, tiood Business Sacks <; o<> Fine Beaver Overcoats, late style 12 oo Good Business Overcoats H oo Good Light Summer Overcoats 0 00 PANTS. Fine Black Doeskin I'ants ?5 oo Also, Fine Black Cassimcre I'ants :t SO Heavy Cassimcre Business I'ants 4 50 Also, tiood Cassimcre Business I'ants 4 50 Also, tiood Heavy Business l'snts 2 50 VESTS. Fine Quality Silk Velvet Vests §5 00 Fine Quality Silk Vests 3 50 Also, Fine Silk Vests J 5o tiood Black Doeskin Vests 2 50 Also, tiood Cassimcre Vests 2 00 tiood Quality Working Vests 1 50 FURNISHING GOODS. Fine Quality Davis k Jones' Shirts $1 50 Also, Oood White Shirts 75 Fine Quality Colored Shirts 75 Good Check Shirts 5o Oood Hickory Shirts 50 Best Quality Urcy Over Shirts 1 00 tiood Blue Over Shirts 1 00 Fine Quality Lambs' Wool I'ndcr Shirts 75 Oood Merino I'ndcr Shirts f>o Oood Lambs' Wool Drawers 75 Oood Merino Drawers 50 Oood Grey I'ndcr Shirts and Drawers 50 —also— FURNISHING GOODB OF EVEBY DESCRIPTION. Hats, Cap*, Trunk*, Valise*, and Carpel Baga, Will be sold at proportionately Low Kates. —at— QUIXOT TTAT.T., 117, 1-Ift SL 1.11 Wanhlngton Street.. DAVIS & HOWERS. Nov. 17, 18tf0. I:3m KENDALL CO. OFFERS FOB SALE At the Old Stand, Sonth-WcNt Corner of main and Second Nt«. A XISW AND WELL-SELECTED ASSORTMENT Of Family Groceries Of the best and most approved qualities. Dry Goods, Clothing* Boot* and Shoe*. Hats and Caps, Av., &<•., &c. All of which which will be sold at reduced rate* for CASH. Wheat, Oats, Butter, Eggs, and Country Pro duce generally, accepted in exchange for Oood* at the going market rates. A. D. GOVE. Olympia, \V. T., Nov. 12th, 1800. l:lf W. 8. C. CLUB HOUBE GIN, THE UNDERSIGNED, IIKIN(i SOLE AGENTS of the above Gin, offer it to the public M the finest HOLLAND GIN, mid the only GENUINE CLUB lIOUHE GIN imported to this market. It is put up in GREEN CASES, and branded \V. S. L\, CLUII HOUSE. We HIKIII continue to receive the above Gin regularly. —ALSO— Pore Ambrosial WM»ky,> Il«»k*; Pure Veotar Wllitkj, in new style bottles: Pure Bourbon Whiikr. The above Liquor* arc front the well known house of Win. S. Corwln A Co<, New York, and arc guaranteed fine and pure. W. R. CUMMINGSC A CO. I:mt 50 California *?.., San Fran. ■flail's ftarsaparllla, Yellow Dock) and lodide of Polam—N prepared from the finest Red Jamaica Sursaparilln and English lodide of Potass. Admirable a* a restorative and |»urlfier of the blood, it tlrttnses tlio system of all morbid and impure mutter, removes pimple*, boils and eruption* from the skin, cure* rheumatism and pains of all kinds. All who can afford, should II«« ft. as It tend* to give strength and prolong life. Sold by Druggists generally, at Si per bottle. 11. HALL A CO.. Proprietors, Wholesale Druggists, I:in'J I 1.1 mid 145 Clay st.. San Fran. BUY THE BEST!! GROVER & BAKER, HAVE RECEIVED THE FIZIST PMMItTM ON TIIEIR FAMILY SGWIK MACHINE —AND— MACHINE WORK, —AT THE— sim FiUßnirasnnri mh AND IN FACT Every Fair of I860!! Over "Wheeler & Wilson und ull cithern! * Thus I'nquentlonnbly Enlabllihlng Their Superiority. These Machines arc the most simple in ute. They sew from two common spools. Have no troublesome bobbing or pod. Sew any and all fabrics. Make very little noise. Arc quickly learned and operated. Are not liable to disarrangement. We guarantee perfect and reliable Machine*, and to the thouftnndu In une ran refer, an dally and hourly recording, In their satlnftirtory op e ration .sl2 00 This Unequivocal Success. Explicit directions for use accom pany each Machine from which 'a child can in a short time acquire a perfect converse ami management of it. Send for a circular. R.«. BROWN, Agent, 91 Montgomery Street. San Francisco, Col. November 17, 1800. l:iuti Ho! For the Mines! PIONEER CM HID CMDBTjUIMCIiY!!! THE undersigned would respectfully in-fn form the public generally tliut tliey areck. located at Tumwatcr. und arc manufacturing 111 and have constantly on hand BUREAUS, BEDSTEADS, Tables, Toilet Tables, &c., And all Article* appertaining to their Line ofßnilneu. ALSO PLAIN AND FANCY TUBKIHG, ALSO SASII, DOORS, AKD BLISDS, MADE TO ORDRB. All kinds of marketable I'RODI'CE taken in ex change. . Cash never refused. Shop on Muin Street, near Ward & Havs's Mills. WILLIAMS k JOBDAX. Tumwatcr, Nov. 17, 1860. l:tf Great Excitement!! AT THE FALLS!! MR. M. W. WITHERELL, WOULD Inform the citixens of Washington Territory that he is jEjJ nianufucturing Saddles, llarness. and Trunks, Superior to any over made on this ('oast, lie i< nUo making the PATENT CASE COLLARS, Which cnnnot be excelled.' He i* making FXNB SARNBSB, OB the M)ir*A4)ntli| Tree, Which in considered tho greatest Im , provemcntof the Ago. AND ALSO CARRIAGE TRIMMING I DUNK ON REASONABLE TERMS. Side BaddleiofTßrlou Deacrlptloa* REPAIRING DONE ON BIIORT NOTICE. P>jr Please give friend AVitherell a call. Shop on Main Street, Tumwatcr. November IT. 1800. l:tf COALrCOAL! COAL! M. N. DOTY, TTAVISO purchased the celebrated Morrison Jj_ Coal Claim ou Ilellingham Hay, invites cap. italists, and the friends of the trade, to come up and help dig theiu out. These mines have been prospected, and the coal tested In San Francisco and found of superior quality. Seven thousand dollars is all that is required to make them pay a thousand dollars per month. Sehouie, I)cc. 20, 1800. 7:m.1 LOOK HERE! milE SHAVING AHDHAIB DIEM* I iuK Establishment on Blnin Street, near the Stage Office. U still in oporation, where the under aliened will oe happy to attend the wauU of hi* patron*: SHAVING AND HAIR DRESSING done with acatui'M aud dispatch, and in the latest fruition. Mr Hot and cold bath* at all hour*. J. 11. RUSH. Olympin, Nov. 30 ( 1860. 3:ly CHARLES F. BOBBIKN, Importer and Dealer in TYPE, PUSSES. PBHtnro MATBBIAL INKS, CARD STOCK. Ar. NOH. 11l and 118 Clay Ml reel. Sun Fruiirlsrn, Junuury sth. I fir, l. IA:lv H. A. Judson <fc Co., (At the Late Store of W. M. Rutledge,) OLTNPIA, W. T., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND DEALERS IN DRV GOOD*. GROCERIES, CLOTHING, BOOTS nnd SHOES, - HARDWARE, I'AINTS, OILS, AC., AC., AC. TSRMS OAMH, COUNTRY PRODUCE. 11% NO CASE Will Credit be givenfbr longer .than Thirty Days! Olympia, Nov. 23, 1860. 2:tf WOTIfNLAP, IMPORTER AMD DEALER IN GROCERIES, PROVISIONS. DRY GOODS, CLOTHING. HOOTS and SHOES, Ac. AT THE OLD STAND, Corner of Main and Third Slreeli, Country Produce generally taken in cxrliange for Goodii. No |hillig spared to give ifltisfuction to customers. Olympiii, Nov. 23, 1860. 2:tf F. TILMAN, 90 BATTERY STREET, HAX FRAXCLSCO. SOLE Agent for Tilton & McFarlnnd's celebrated Fire I'roof and Burglar I'roof .SAFES. This Safe Is well known in the market for its unsur passed lirc-|>roof quality, having withstood in (,'nl iforniii, as well its in the East, the hottest (ires known. We can refer to endless certificate* froui parties in onr mining towns, where these fates iiave been subjected to the most severe teats of its fire-proof qualities. These .Sales lire secured by our Combination Lock. This Lock is in every respect the most se cure one in use: it requires the key And combina tion to open the Safe. If the key should be ob structed from the owner, it would be perfectly use less without his knowing the combination.or men tal key which the owner carries in his head. To those who want a reliable Kafc'wc offer the above cheaper thuu any other in the market. * O *A large assortment on hand and to nrrivo. F. TfLMAX. 00 Buttery Street. San l-'runcisco, t'al. November 17. IHiiO. l:iuf> FRUIT TREES!! For the Million, at Eastern Prices f J. L. SANFORD & CO., Agents for the Principal Nur series in Calilornia. HAVE now for sale, nt Eastern Prices, nnflSj immense stork of Fruit Trees, of ulla£T ages, suitable fur planting, embracing every kind aud variety grown in the State. Our long and intimate connection with the nur sery business nud fruit-selling here, and in the older States, has enabled us to anticipate every de mand, and we have therefore caused tu be grown and FORMED to suit the different localities, a portion of the Stock we offer—comprising such varieties as are best adapted to our soil and cli mate, and their fruits most valuable in theMurkct. We have also for sale, in great Abundance and variety, I'lauts of all the Small Fruits, Shade Trees, For Public Grounds, and Street Planting. Ornamental Trees and Shrubs, (Deciduous and Evergreen,) Adapted to Avenues, Lawns, Pleasure Grounds, nud Ccineterie*. Beside.* an infinity of roses, Car nations and pieotees, Dtlilins, Fuechias, Evergreen and other Climbing Vines. Geraniums, Violets, Tansies, Daisies, liulbous Flower Roots, Green House Plants, Jtc., kc. We are the Sole Agents for this city of A. P. SMITH, SACRAMENTO, For the sale of his Foreign Grape Vines; Rare Evergreen and Ornamental Trees; Fresh Pre mium Garden Seeds, and Pure Family Wines, &e., &c. He has decidedly the largest, best and most re liable stock of Wine and Table Grapes to be found in the State.—He will sell under his guarantee as to correctness of applied names.—llls Seeds have not lost their vltaiitjr in "doubling the Horn." They »ro warranted inferior to none, and will be sold by us in quantities, and at pricos to suit, FARMERS, GARDENERS AND DEALERS, Give us a rail, or send for a Circular with pri ces, If Anything is wanted In our line. Jj L, SANFOKD, THOMAS B. Lt'DLUM, EDWARD Ll'DLl'U. San Francisco, January sth, 18G1. 10:m3 C. CROSBY, (L. C. 0 RAY, Z. CROSBY, J- N. CROSBY, Jr., j ( Ban Franco. Tutnwaterj & CROSBY 4c CO., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IX GENERAL MERCHANDISE, —AND—»- Proprietor* of the Tnm water Flour Mills. Tuhtwntcr, December lftth, 18.10. S:ly ~OLTMPIA WAOOI MAJTOFACTOBY. Stuart & Blaekishear, WOULD inform theVitiaeaaofOiym- dEMT, pia and the surrounding country that tHt-y are now mnnnfhcturing WAGONS, CAR RIAGES and BUGGIRB of all descriptions, from tbt best of imported material, by experienced work men, for which WHEAT will be takes in exchange, delivered at the Tumwater mill*. Shop corner 3<i and Chinook Streets. Oiympia, December 8, 1860. 4:tf NOTICE. ~ rpitE copartnership heretofore existing hetwem I the undersigned, under the Arm of Aycrs H Williams, expired by limitation Januarys, IMSI. W. N. AYEKS, CHAS. R. WILLIAMS. The business of the late firm of Ayers k Wil liams will be continued at the old stand hv the undersigned. CHAS. E. WILLIAMS. Ohmpla, January ISMh, 1H»;|. lOw.t