Newspaper of The Washington Standard, February 16, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated February 16, 1861 Page 3
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later from the Atlantic Side. The following news by the Pony Ex press. appears in the Hutfiml Extra of t!u- 2d inst.: Sr. Lous, Jan. 11.— The Committee of Thirtv-tliroe stuiuls fldjourniMl, sub- H-d to the call of the Chairman, when '),e will report, and the question will be tested whether the Republicans are un willing to oomi'roinise. It is also reported that the \ ice I'res ident abandons all hopes unless Critten den's resolutions shall pass. It is also reported that the President is determined to purge the Executive I Apartments of every one who preaches secession. Military movements are still pro uivs-iii"- at Washington for the protec tion of the Capitol. Three companies of living artillery arrived Jail. Bth, and two companies o'f marines immediately A meeting was held in New ork, on the 9th ult., to organize a military force to be in readiness for the call ot the (iovcrnment to sustain the laws. A large number ot names were enrolled. Captain Randolph ot the Navy has resigned. . A company of murines, with litty muskets, took possession of Fort Mc- Ifciuy, Jan, 9th. Active measures were in progress for the defence of Ft. Monroe. A steamer from Statcn Island was seized at Chesapeake Ray. One Uuy Later. ST. LOUIS, Jan. 12. —Senator Hunter niailo a speech declaring that it was too late to save the present I nion, and wiid it was necessary for patriots to re n instruct a now and more enduring one out of the fragments of this. J Lis ttpecch produced deep sensation. The Alabama Secession Ordinance passed I>y a vote (>f til to 39. It invites Slave States to meet in Convention at Montgomery, on the 4th February, for the purpose'of consulting as to the most effectual mode of insuring peace. The Florida Convention passed a Se cession Ordinance on the loth by a vote of <>- to 7. Littlejohn's resolution was amended in the New York Senate, declaring that treason as delined in the Constitu tion really exists in one or more States. The resolution passed by a vote of 2S to one, ami was immediately tele graphed to the President. Tlicarsenalat Catahoucheewas seized hv order of the government of Florida, on the pretext of the officer in coin maud removing arms. It is said that the Federal troops have •abandoned all the forts on Pensaeola harbor except. Fort Pickens, where three hundred men are stationed. Baton Kongo was surrendered to six hundred Louisiana troops, after a parley between Major Hawkins and the Gov ernor. Lieut. Talbot had arrived at Wash ington, with dispatches from Major Aiiderson, and reported the condition of Fort Sumptor less favorable than was thought by the government. It is reported that the Administration is determined to send abundant sup plies at all risks. At Norfolk,yesterday, nstoamor took powder from the federal magazine and put to sea. Her destination was held a .secret. Tlic President lias ordered tlio gov ernment patronage from the Coiwliht- Iroiif in consequence of an assault on him for having ordered reinforcements to Charleston. Letter writers snv a difficulty lias oc curred between Gen. Scott and Senator Ti*r>ml«*. At a dinner party 011 the 10th, Toombs expressed the hope that the people of Charleston would sink the Star of the His/. Scott asked if it was possible that as on American he desired such an event? Toombs an swered in the affirmative, and added: Those who sent her should be with her. A challenge passed between them. The New York Times' correspon dent says the President will veto the Pacific Railroad Will, it passed, not from objection to the measure, but be cause of the great debt created, and the present condition of the country. ST. liOris, Jan. 14—10 p. M. —The Star of the West arrived safely back to New York. No person was injured. A Charleston dispatch savs that the sloop-of-war Brooklyn had arrived otf the harbor; that disaffection existed •among the troops at Fort Sumpter; and that its evacuation is contemplated. Col. Ilavne, 011 behalf of South Car olina, and Lieut. Hall, of Fort Sumpter, had started for Washington. John A Dix is continued as Secretary of the Treasury. It is rumored that Gen. W. O. But ler, of Kentucky, is Secretary of War. The Ohio Legislature passed resolu tions tendering the «id of- the State to the General Government to support the laws, if needed. Mr. Seward addressed the Senate on the 12th ult. liis speech is regarded very conciliatory. Nothing further is known as to the policy of tlio Admin istration. Convention bills had passed the Ten nessee and Virginia Houses of Repre sentatives. Tlie action of (lie Conven tion is to he submitted to the people for ratification. In Tennessee the vote was unanimous. A dispatch from Keitt to secession ists. uiges them to remain in their seats to defeat objectionable legislation and •'•■ntirmation of Mclntyre as Collec tor of the j>ort of Charleston. Senator Wigfall publicly declares that the Palmetto flag will he ahle to defend Charleston until every gun of Fort Moultrie is dismounted. Much remark is excited by the trans fer of §BOO,OOO in specie from the Sub- Treasury in New York to this city, without*any sufficient reason being as signed. This unusual proceeding is not understood in financial circles, and the pretended explanations are by no means satisfactory. Mrs. Foster and Mrs. Doubledav, wives of officers in Fort Similiter, ar rived by the southern boat 011 the 10th. It is stated that the Charleston people refused to harbor them in that city. It is well understood that Senator Clay does not intend to call a meeting of tin- Committee 011 Commerce to sus tain the appointment of Melntyre as Collector at Charleston. The Senate Territorial Committee have authorized Senator (ireen to renort a bill organizing the Territory of Pike's Pcake. Senator (ireen has submitted the bill to Senator Seward, for the pur pose of getting his approval. There are two amendments to this hill which have not heretofore been incorporated in Territorial Bills, one is guaranteeing rights of private property ; the other, prohibiting tlio Territorial Legislature from interfering with or legislating against private property. These amend ments are supposed to be objectionable to Republicans, hence the bill has been submitted to Mr. Seward. M us. MA.IOU Axnunsox.—This lady, the wife of the gallant commander at Fort Sumpter, is spending the Winter in New York, and on New Year's day hundreds of the leading citizens of New York, irrespective of piTty, called upon her to testify their sympathy with her husband, and their approbation of his conduct. A meeting of working men out of employment was held in New York Jan. !»th. and caused apprehensions of disturbance. They were avoided by l T nion speeches, and resolutions in fa vor of Crittenden's Compromise, and supporting Maj. Anderson. GEN. JACKSON ON JIITIIANAN. —The following private letter, says the Statis iitttii, shows that Gen. Jackson had the measure of Buchanan preciselv as lie has exhibited himself during his ad ministration.—" Gross corruption'' and want of moral courage" arc the leading characteristics of his policy throughout: llKitMitaCI li, Feb. IS, 1H4"). Your observations with regard to Buchanan are correct, lie showed a want of moral courage in the affair of the iiitrigue of Adams and Clay—did not do uio justice in the expose he then made, and I am sure about that time did believe there was a perfect under standing between Adams and Clay about tiie Presidency and the Secretary of State. This I am sure of. Hut whether he believed that there was any corruption in the case or not, I know not; nut one thing Ido know—that is, that he wished to combat them with their own weapons —that was to let my friends say if I was elected, I would make Clay, Secretary of State. This to me appeared t/ros.v comi/ttiuH, and I re pelled it with that honest indignation which 1 thought it deserved. ANDREW JACKSON. ABVKXTCIIF.H of .IAMKS ('APBX ADAMS. The drizzly Hour Ilunlcr of California. Ity Tliooilori- 11. Ilittull, :i7H pp., 8 vo., Ilancrollt &co., Sun Krnii risco. The lovers of romance and adventure can here find much gratification. It is written in autobiographic style, and de tails many thrilling occurrences with great spirit and truth to nature. The hero of the work is so well known upon this Coast, and his exploits with Griz zlies so frequently beard of, we doubt not there will be a great demand for it. J&3T* Our readers will learn with sat isfaction, that Jas. (». Swan, Esq., the well-known author of u very instructive and entertaining history of our Terri tory, and numerous valuable articles in various journals, 011 our resources, etc., will hereafter regularly contribute to our columns. A very interesting de scription of Sequim Bay, will appeal'in our next issue. jg© 5 " The St. Valentino's Ball, at Tumwater, was a pleasant affair. The supper was excellent, anil received es pecial attention. J8© 3 * The steamer Eliza Anderson ad vertises to carry those wishing to at tend the Masonic Ball, at Steilacoom, on the 22d, at half price. JffST" Our thanks are again due Capt. Fleming, of the Eliza Anderson , for the usual file of papers. Col. M. T. Simmons is said to he a Candidate for the Dolegatoship. METKOBOLOGIGAL. OLYMI'IA, Washington Territory, | I«it. 47° 3'X., Lou. 122° 55' W. / The following nre the meteorological changes for the week ending Thursday Feb. 14th. The ob servation* ore talffcn nt 7 AM., 1 p. M. and 6 p. 11. I 7 I (J in. sky. weather. Friday f>| 43 47 42 44 vor rain .Saturday... 39 46 42 42J do do Sunday loj 30 47 42 4ljj do do Monday.... 11: 30 47 144 43 J do do Tuesday ...12 1 40 48 !44 44 do do Wcdnes'y ..13 42 An \44 45} var do Thursday ..14> 40 48 I 12 43jj do fair Amount of r.iin for the we<:fc. ",7'i inch's. i> 11: r>: At Walla Walla, Jun. 9th, THOMAS martin died aped nbout 45 years. At Cochran's, Chehalis river, Lewis county W. T., on Sunday, the 3d inst., at six o'clock A. M., Mrs. ANnA COCHRAN, relict of the late James Coch ran, in the 70th year of her age. Olympla Retail Pricw Current, CORRKCTKD MONTHLV IIV T. M. IIGKD, ES«., Of 11. A. Judson k Co.. Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries. Clothing, Hooto fliiil Shot"*, KilitttS* Oils, Ac &c 4c. PRODUCE. Flour "pbbl !?.*> 50 Indian Meal "ft lb 5c Buckwheat f lb 0c Butter 'ip lb 40 (<») 50c Leaf Lard lb 18 f., 22c Bacon, hog round "ft lb If' (« 18c Sides and hams fMb 18 (<« 22c Eggs («, doz 40 («. .»0c Chickens !?3 00 (u 4 50 Beans lb 5 "c A pples green "ft lb lo («# 12c do dried 'ft lb 18 («, 20c Beef on foot "J?* lb 4 (n, 5c do dressed "ft lb 5 (•> 8c Mutton "fi lb 10 (« 15c I'ork "f 1 lb 10(«, 15c Potatoes "Jr 1 bushel 40 (n tiOe Turnips "JJ bushel 30 (n 50c Onions bushel $1 50 (« 2on Cabbage 'ft head 5 («;. 10c Ilav 'ft ton $lO (H !?18 Wheat bushel 75 f<i 80c Oats "ft bushel 40 (a, 50c Rye & barley none in market GROCERIES. Sugar, Powdered 18 (<• 20c do Crushed 18 (a 20c do N. O 12 (it 14c do S. F. (coffee) 14 (« 10c Svrup. E. 11. and S. F. Gold'n 5 gal. $1 (n £l} 'do E. B 8 gal "5 (•< 1 10c Coffee. Rio 18 (<> 20c do ,1 2.» (n 28c Caudles, Adamantine 30 (n :(7Ac 4 'hi 1 i Peaches none. Soap lo*. lie Table Salt 4 (<• 5c Liverpool Salt 2 (« 3c Salcratus 18 to 25c Sal Soda 10 to 15c Cream Tartar fill to one Rice 10 to 12je Tobacco 4o to 75c do Killikiulck istuokingi 40t050e I>RY GOODS. Sheeting, brown 4-4, 10 to I Ic: do 8-4. 18 to 22c: do 12-1, 30 to' —do bleached. 9 to 20c. Drillings, brown and bleached. !' to 15c. Prints, French. 10 to 25c: do Merriumc, 12] to 1 fie: do American, fancy, II to 15c. Flannels, Eastern. 4't to : Oregon? 40to G2}e do Oregon I. I 10 In I r.llo. fassimerc, Oregon, HO to 1 2JC : Eastern S-l 00 In $1 50. Denims, IH to 2.V. Carpets ami Druggets (American) 40c to SI 00. SPKCIAI, NOTK'MS. San Franclaco lifencj. TIIOS. liOVl'K. Ksi|., X. E. corner of Montgom ery and Washington Sis., and CHAM. A. ('HANK, Ks<|., are our authorized Agents in San Francisco, to receive and receipt for Subscriptions and Ad \ertisiug. I. F. Olym|iia Lodge No. 1, I. O. O, F. meets every Saturday eveningiii Humes' lluilding. on Main St. next door to "Standard" Office. All members of the Order in good standing are invited toutteud. SAML. I'KRCIVAL, X. G HrllgloiiM Notlrett. Divine Service at St. John's Chapel every Sun day morning, at II o'clock, and evening at 7 o'- clock. Also. Hible Class every Wednesday even ing, at 7 o'clock. I'. M. D. WILLKS, Missionary. Divine Service every Sabbath at the M. K. Church in the morning and evening. Sabbath School at 2 p. M. Rev. R. J. fc'vAXK w ill preach in the ball of the District School House, on the first, second, and fourth Sundays of each month at 11 o'clock A.M. WATT'S Nervous Antidote! And Physical ltewioratlve!: THE .Hllf.lL HOMIER OF THE ME! The most powerful and wonderful medicine ever discovered, guuran tced to cure every nervous or spasmodic disease. It is u nerv ine of niielt miraculous power, that it is unimportant how Ion); the disease lias existed. If it arises directly or indi rectly from n nervous a (lection, per severe in it at aliout the rate of one vial to everv year the disease has existed. It i.s guaranteed to thn most vio lent and long standing. Metiralßla, Tic Dolorraux,Convul sions, Asthma, Cramps, Spasms, Ver tigo. Headache, Delirium Tremens, Low Spirits, Mental or Physical Decay, Whooping Cough, Ague. Loss of Appe tite, Stricture, Stone, Nervous Twich iugs, Palpitation, Phthysic, Lumbago, Abscnso of mind, Chidera, Dyspepsia, Epilepsy, Gout, Pulsr, St. Vitus Dunce, Hysterics, Hypochondria, Sup pressed Menses—and is so woudcrfiij in rejuvenating premature old age, and correcting decrepitude brought on by excessive indulgence, that nothing but n trial can convince the puticut of its qualities ! I> is not an excitant, but a strengthens, purely vegetable and harmless ; like a skillful ar chitect. it begins by laying a firm foundation, and gradually but incessantly adds strength and vigor until nothing is left unfinished. This miraculous Medicine is for sale, wholesale and retail, by SAMITEI* ADAMS, Druggist, flo.v Strert, out floor from Dupotil, Sati Franritco, and hi/ nil Druyffisli in California and Oregon—s I per bottle, $9 per dozen. Wholehalk Aokxts.— Rcdingtnn k Co., G. W. Sncll, Langley k Co., Chas. Morrill, Ctowell k Crane; WM. H. Ileith k Co. 14:m3 Dr. G. K. WILLARD, Olympia. BETTER THAU PH 4 HILL'S AND At liess Frloeal BOARDM Alt'B CHALLENGE YEAST POWDER, FULLY GLARAXTEED. IF NOT SATISFACTORY, The Money will be Rettortfedl For sitlc by all Jobbers, and bv 2. C. WINANS, .*>o California Stfeet, Who will also act as commission agent for pur chasing all kinds of goods. ■ Sun Francisco, February. 1801. 1 l:m;» Just Received! PER Clipper Ship "Norwestcr," from Boston, and Bark "Architect," from San Francisco, 3 Eagle (Improved) Reapers and Kowerf. at C. CROSBY k CO.'S 1 AA Steel and Cast Plows, at J UU c. CROSBY * CO.'S « A Justice Cooking Stoves, at C. CROSBY k CO.'S _ A large lot of Stove Pipe, - J\_ at C. CROSHY 4 CO.-i! Also constantly on hand— An Extensive asst. Tin ware; Groceries; Hoots and Shoes; Dry and Fancy Goods; Clothing; Crockery ware; Orchard Grass Seed, he.. Ac. All of which we are selliug very cheap for cash or country produce. C. CROSBY k CO. Tumwater, February 0. 1801. 13 WINDOW BLINDS, Doors, windows, *c., at C. CROSBY k CO.'S DRESSED FLOORING. Brick ami Lime, at C. CROSBY k CO.'S OILS an i I'niuts, ut C. CROSBY k CO.'S ]IAST BOSTON SYIU P, at j C. CROSBY k CO.'S, Tumwater. _____ \i rE, III.' undersigned, give notice to all per j y soils iniy>fifcd to us, cither by nole or ac count. to come forward and settle". All claims not. settled by the lirstof April next, will be placed in the hands of the proper officer for collection. BETTMAN BROS. Olytnpln. February !i(h, 1801. 13:in2 KENDALL CO. OFFERS FOR SALE At the Old Ntand, South-Went Corner ol'Jlnin and Second M*. A NEW AM) WEI.!.-BELE('TEI> ASSORTMENT OP Family Groceries Of the best and most approved finalities. Dry (lootlrt, Clothing, Hoots and Slioen, I latn ami Capw, &*e., &c., All iif tvliii'li wlilrli will lie sold at reduced rate* for CASH. Wheat. Outs. Butter. Eggs. n|| d Country Pro duce generally, ncce|itcd in exchange for Goods at tlie going market rules. A. 11. GOVK Olvmpia, W. T.. Nov. 12th, 1800. l:tf NIIERIFF'S NALE. BY virtue of an order of sale issued by the Clerk of the District Court of the Second Ju iticiai District of the Territory of Wushington, and to me directed, I have levied upon, seized and taken in execution, and will proceed to sell, ac cording to law, at the Court-house door, iu the Town of Olvmpia. in said District, on Wednesday, the 27th day of February, at oue o'clock in the afternoon, all the following described premises, viz : ALL THAT certain lot or parcel of land, in the county of Thurston, Territory of Washington, con stituting all and singular the land embraced and described iu the notification, on file in the ollice of the Register of Washington Territory, situated in township eighteen (IS) .north range, two (2) west of the Willamette meridian, lying west of the portion assigned to Mary Ann M. Kurd, and by as signment of the said Register having been allotted the east half of said donation claim, which tract or parcel of land contains one hundred and thirty acres, be the same more or less; and all embraced within sections eight and nine of said township. Axn ALSO ALL and singular the tract and parrel of land purchased by Moses llurd of John 11. Dicker son. one hundred and twenty acres or thereabouts, being the eastern half of the donation claim of the said John 11. Dickcrson, the notification of which is on lile in the otticc of the Register of the Terri tory of Washington ; saving and reserving there out certain lots of land, uunibcred nnd described upon the plat recorded in the office of the County Auditor of Thurston County us lots one (1,) two (2.) three (3.) four (4.) live (5.) six («.) seven (7.) thirty-six (UO,) thirty-seven (37,) thirty-eight (38,) thirty-nine (.10,) forty (4»t.) forty-one (41.) forty two "(42,) forty-three (43.) fifty-three (53,) fifty four (54.) and tifty-six (■"•<!.) That is to say all the laiid now owned by the said Moses llurd, pur chased bv him of said John H. Dickcrson. WILLIAM HILLINGS, Sheriff of Thurston County, \V. T. January 28th, 1861. 11:41 "THE CAPITAL:: MARKET 18 NOT REMOVED!! M * HI T IS LOCATED ON MAIN STREET DETW. :iD AND 4TH, OLYMPIA. THE legislature has yet left to the citizen's of Olympia and vicinity the privilege of eating good victuals, and the undersigned is prepared to furnish at the lowest cash rates REEF, PORK, MUTTON, . POt'I.TRY, And all sorts of Marketable Produce. Give us a cull—vou shall not go away dissatisfied. J. DUNLAP k SOX. Olympia, January 12, 18H0. o:tf 90 ST A ADS OF BEES! Per Sir. Oregon—on Consignment. ARE offered ut very low rate*. Those wish ing to purchaso are requested to apply at an r day. D. PHILLIPS k SON. Olympia, Feb. 2, 1801. 12:wt CLUB HOUBE CIN, THE UNDERSIGNED, BEING SOLE AGENTS of the above (Jin, offer it to the public as the finest HOLLAND GIN, and the only GENUINE CLUB HOUSE GIN imported to this market. It i* put up in GREEN CASES, and branded \V. S. CLUB HOUSE. We shall continue to receive the above tiin regularly. —ALSO— Pure Ambrosial Whisky. in fl * sks; Pure Nectar Whisky, in new style bottles: Pure Bourbon Whisky. The above Liquors arc from the well tcnoirn house of Wm. 9i Corwin A Cd., Kew York, and are guaranteed line and pure. W. B. CBMMINOS k CO. ) :mt 50 California st., # San Fran. *,* The heat purifier of tbe blood ir. Hall f S»i ?sparillo BUY THE BEST!! QROVER & BAKER, HAVE RECEIVED TIIE FIZIST PRXIMZUM OK THEIR PAMIIY MEWIX6 MCHME —AND— MACHINE WORK, —AT THE— STATE FAIR, HECHAHCS' USTiTDTI FAIB. AND IN FACT Every Fair OC1860!! Over "Wheeler & "Wilson and all others! Thud CnqueMtlonably Establishing Tlicir Superiority. These Machines arc the most simple in us*. They sew from two common i4f>ools. Have no troublesome bobbing or pod. Sew any and all fabric*. Make very little noise. Are quickly learned aud operated. Arc not liable to disarrangement. We guarantee perfect and reliable Machines, and to the thousand* In use can refer, an dally and hourly recording, In their Matlslbctory op eration This Unequivocal Success. %* Explicit directions for use accom pany each Machine from which a child can in a short time acquire a perfect converse and management of it. Send for a circular. R.«. HROH \, Affcnl, 01 Montgomery Street. San Francisco, Cal November V", 1860. l:mii Ho! For the Mines! PIOftEER Mi JllS CMIHT HMKTIY!!! TUB undersigned would respectfully in-#?* forui the public generally that they are pk located at Tumwater, and are manufacturing I if I anil have constantly on hand BUREAUS, BEDSTEADS, Table**, Toilet Tablet*, &r„ And all Article* appertaining to their Line of BunlnegN. ALSO PLAIN AND FANCY TUBBING, ALSO SASII, DOORS, AND lILIIDS, MADE TO ORDBR. All kinds of marketable PRODUCE taken in ex change. Cash never reftiscd. Shop on MJlin Street, near Ward k Ifitvs's Mill?; WILLIAMS k JORDAN. Tumwater, Nov. 17, 18C0. l:tf Great Excitement!! AT THE FALLS!! MR. M. W. WITHERELL, WOULD inform the citizens of fn. Washington Territory tliat he is jWlh manufacturing v" jy Saddlei*, Hftrhccfi, unci Ti'unkta, Superior to any ever uiade on this Coast. He is also making thu PATENT CASE COLLARS, Which cannot be excelled. lie is making FINI3 HARXSSS, On (be lteir«.liUHt(la| Tree, Which is considered the greatest Im provement of the Age. AXli ALSO CARRIAGE TRIMMING! DONE ON REASONABLE TERMS. Side Saddles orvarlous Descript lens REPAIRING DONE OX SHORT NOTICE. Dfeir riensc give friend Withcrell a call. Shop on Main Street, Tumwatcr. November 17, 18fi0. l:tf COAL! COAL! COAL! M. JXTm DOTY, MAVING purchMed the celebrated Morricon Coal Claim on Bellingham Bay, invites cup. ts, and tbe friends of the trade, to come up and help dig them out. These mines have been prospected, nnd the coal tested in San Francisco and found »f superior quality. Seven thousand dollars is all that is required to make them pay a thousand dollars per month. Sehonie, Dec. 20, 1800. T:m3 LOOK HERE! mUE IUATMGANDHAIR DRfelfl* I ing Establishment on Maiu Street, near the i3tage Office, is still in operation, wlieretbe under signed will be happy to attend tfte wants of hla patrons. • BHATINO AND IIAtR DRESSING done with neatness and dispatch; and )u the latest fashion. Mr Hot and cold baths at all hours. J. 11. BUSH. Olympia, Nor. 30, 1800: 3:ly WASHINGTON HOTEL, SILAS CALLIHER, Pro. CORNER OF SECOND AND MAIN STREETS, Olympitt, W« T. Board per week $3 00 Olvmpi.i, Nov. i.l, 1860 2 - 1y H. A. Judson & Co., (At the late Store of W. M. Eutledge,) OLTMPU, W. T., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND DEALERS IN DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CLOTHING,- BOOTS and 'SHOES, HARDWARE, PAINTS, OILS, *C., AC., AC!: tksrmb cash, COUNTRY PRODUCE. inr nro CASE Will Credit be given for longer than Thirty Days! Olynipin, Nov. 23, IH(>0. 2:lf WM. G. DUNLAP, IKPOBTER AND DEALER IIV GROCERIES, PROVISION'S. DRY GOODS. CLOTHING. BOOTS and SHOES, to. AT THE OLD STAXD, Corner or Main and Third Street*, Country Produce generally token in exchange for Goods. Xo pains spared to give satisfaction to customers. Olvmpin, Xov. 23. 18C0. 2:'tf FRUIT TREES!! For the Million, at Eastern Prices 1 J. L. SA\FORD & CO., Agontrt lbi'tho Principal Nui writ'H in California. HAVE now for sale, at Eastern Prices. andft> immense stock of Fruit Trees, of ull2E? ages, suitable for planting, embracing every kind nuil variety grown in the State. Our long uud intimate connection wiih the nur scry business anil fruit-selling here, ami in the older Stntcs. has enabled us to anticipate every de mand. and we have therefore caused to be grown and FORMED to suit the different localities, a portion of the Stock w oITc _r —xoioprHmrg^Tuch X«XiH>e4-fts-arr-brFraaapted to our soil and cli mate, and their fruits most valuable in the Market. We have also for gale, in gre:»t abundance and variety, Plants of nil the Small Fruits, Shade Trees, For Public Grounds, and Street Planting 1 * Ornamental Trees and Shrubs, (Deciduous and Evergreen,) Adapted to Avenues, Lawns. Pleasure Grounds, and Cemeteries, besides an infinity of roses, Car nations nnd picoteos, Dahlias, Fuscliias, Evergreen and other Climbing Vines. Geraniums, Violets, I'nusics, Daisies, llulbous Flower Roots, Green House Plants, Ac., 4c. Wc are the Sole Agents for this city tff A. P. SMITH, SACRAMENTO, For the sale of his Foreign Grape Vines; Rare Evergreen and Ornamental Trees; Fresh Pre mium Garden Seeds, and Pure Family Wines, &e., &c. lie has decidedly the largest, best und most re liable stock of Wine ami Table Ompesto be fotrrrd in the Stnte.—He will sell under hi» guarantee ns to correctness of applied names.—His Seeds Uave not lost their vitality in "doubling the Horn." Thev are warranted inferior to none, mid will btf sold by us in quantities, and at prices to suit. FARMERS, GARDENERS AND DEALERS, Hive us a call, or seud for n Circular with pri ces, if anything is wanted iu our line. J. L. SANFORD, THOMAS B. LViitVit, EDWARD LI'DLUM. San Francisco, January 3th, 18G1. 10:m3 C. CROSBY, "J (L. C. OKAY, Z. CLLOPBY, V- J N. CROSBY, Jr., j ( SanFr&nc'o. Tuia water. C. CROSBY A, CO., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN GENERAL MERCHANDISE, —AND— Proprietor* of the Turn water Floor Mill*. Turn water, Dccembor 15th, 1850. s:ly OLYMPIA WAGON MAHUTACT6BYT Stuart & Blackshear, TlTOlLDinform thecitiacm ofOlvm- J ▼ T pia and the surrounding country that they are now manufacturing WAUONS,CAR RIAGES «ud Ul OCIES of all description*, frog tht best of imported material, by experienced work men. for which WHEAT will bo taken in exchange, delivered at the Tomwater mills. Shop corner 34 and Chinook Streets. Olvuipin, December 8, 18fl0. 4rtf ■fall'* So r<utparllla/Yelle wOoek j and lodide of Potass— la prepared front tlie tinest Red Jrfufttica Sarsaparilla and English lodide of Potass. Admirable as a rcstoratfvc and purifier of the blood, it cleanses the system of all morbid mid impure matter, romoves pimples, Mis and eruption* from the skin, cure* rheumatism and pains of all Kinds. All *ho can KfflOrd. ihould use it, a* it tend* to give strength and prolong Sold by Druggist* generally, tit $1 per bottle, ii. HALL & CO., Proprietors, Whoicjale Druggist*, l:m0 143 and 145 Cluy st., San Fran. CLOTHING EMPORIUM, 178 Clay St., and 107 Montgomery-St., San Francisco, Amd I'M Broadway, New York.. /CONSTANTLY on hand the best selected and ,V .™°* t cx " n,ive •"ortmcnt of Gents' and Boys' nothing on the Pacific coast, which wo can and will sell lower than any other House. . ■fJJ' ««d Geiti' Clothlnv made to Order. LOCKWOOD, EWELL ACO" January 19th, 1861. J0:ly I NOTICE. 11AKK notice that on Batorday, Fobranrv 23d, ifci fc- V . ? ® l ? ck Jl in •ftemoon, I will mU .o the hif best bidder for ca»b. on the toad claim ? t j®' .f Bntr ««y known ai tbe ' Jud»on GUim, In Olaqnato precinct, Lewis W- T. UXfi TfiOBtTAND BUSHELS OF more or fc 8(( , ,„a TWO HUNDRED AND FI»T1 BISIIKLS OF OATS, more or leas, or nufflcient thereof to repajr me my lien and cbtrgn for tbe (imo. . . „ JOFV HOCtJE. Lorn: County, W. T., Feb. ?, 1:61.

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