Newspaper of The Washington Standard, February 23, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated February 23, 1861 Page 3
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Later from the Atlantic Side. XKW YORK, Jan. 14. —1t is believed that Maj. Anderson shot two mutineers jit Fort Sumpter last night. and it is rumored several more are in chains. Resolutions have unanimously passed the South Carolina Legislature, declar ing that any attempt by the Federal Government to reinforce Fort Sumpter will he regarded as an open act of hos tilitv and a declaration ot war: also ap of the act and promptness of the military in tiring ifj'on the St>ir of tht and promising to support the Government in all measures for defense. The Legislature alsoj.asscd a resolution to fire tiftceii rounds in honor of each in-ceding State. Military eonipanics arc pouring in from all portions of the State. The Governor has sent a mes sage to the House of Representatives, devising ]'lans for guarding the coast. «nd for the purcliase of three steam pro pellers of liirlit draught, each propeller tto he proviiled with thirty-two seamen one to he stationed at Charleston, one at Beaufort, and one at Georgetown.— Also, to fortify all inlets and mouths *>f the rivers with ordnance ami re doubts —the boats to keep a constant communication between them, as a pro tection against submarine invasion.— Gov. Pickens sent an aid to Fort Sump ter at four o clock, with dispatches to Maj. Anderson. The people are ipiict, but the work of defense "goes bravely on." The Trihiiiic's Washington eorre spondent asserts that a piratical expedi tion is fitting out in this city to seize the California steamers. A steamer has already been chartered in Xcw Or leans to proceed to the Isthmus and await the departure ot the steamer from Aspinwall. when hoisting the Palmetto dai;, she will seize the steamers as prizes to South Carolina. WASHINGTON, Jan. loth.—Personal friends of the President say it is abso lutely decided not to reinforce Fort Sumpter, because sending more troops there would tend to produce irritation, ete. A telegram was received from (sov. Moore by Senators Kitzpatrick ami Clay, saying that the ordinance of se cession. unconditional and immediate, had passed the Alabama convention. •Tan. lU.—K. I>. Wells, master of the sloop-ol'-war Urooklyn. again tendered his resignation last night, and will im mediately go South. Mr. I ,ove. of Cieorgia, and Mr. Ham ilton, of Texas, unite on .something like the Crittenden basis. Colonel Ifavno. Commissioner from South Carolina, has. it is understood, greatly moderated his views since his arrival here. He some 4 lavs. The opinion is almost iiii:iii!uiou~ in fecession circles, thiit ;t)I collisions for the present should he stuuioii>lv avoid ed. The Collector at Mobile h..s refused to honor the drafts from the Federal tiovernment until In* has orders from tile Governor of Alabama. Ixiii.vx.M', .Fan. IT.—The Legisla ture. in joint ciinvontion this afternoon, elected llenrv S. Lane, present (Jo\er nor, to the I*. S. Senate, in place of Graham X. Fitch, whose term expires on tlie 4th of Marclrficxt. A Fire-Eater's Visit to Mr. Lincoln. A letter from Springfield gives a graphic account of a visit to Mr. Lin- In* ]>. IL Ray, a disnnionist from Mississippi. He entered Mr. Lincoln's parlor, wearing a tremendous blue cockade in bis hat. Hewalkcdin with a sullen air, introduced himself and I 'lunged intoa corner of the sofa, where »e reposed for at least a quarter of an hour without uttering a word, and with his eves down, hut all the while manip ulating his tile so as to fasten the Pres ident's eves upon the cockade. Lin coln at lust hardly noticed him, hut one of the other v isitors at last ad dressed some questions to the scowl ing Southerner that induced him to .open his lips. The conversation soon turned to the secession i. sue. In its .course the Mississippian remarked gruffly that they were not afraid down South of Lincoln himself, hut of those who followed him. The President elect, hereupon joined in the talk, and «oon found occasion to remark "that the main dilferencc be tween Northerners and Southerners was that the former held slavery to be wrong, and opposed its further exten sion, while the latter thought it right, and endeavored to spread it; that, al though the Republicans were anti extensionists, they would not interfere with slavery where it existed, and as to his own intentions, the slave States would find that their slave property; would be as secure from encroachment; Jis it had been under IJuehanan." The ! .Southerner, having evidently softened down under the influence of these peaceful declarations, requested ofLin colu a copy of the debates with Senator Douglas, which was duly given him, with an inscription by the donor on the title page. Lincoln remarked, on handing the book to him, that he hoped its possession would not give him anv trouble 011 his return to Mississippi.; Th e recipient of the gift Anally retired. 1 apparently somewhat mollified by Lin coln's kind treatment. He said ho would read the debates; and left a wiser il not a better man. I Tf£rr, Christ Church. Victoria, was damaged by , nrc, i\b. lHtli, S2OO. We iiye weleM*.'! tu IrienJ Ur.xN for mam Uvu: SI I "TIL CAIJOMNA TMKVI-M HKVIVEH. The members of the South Carolina Assembly sit v.-itli their hats on. The Clerk, clothed like an Episcopal clergy nian, calls the roll. The Messenger, in front of the Speaker's room, strikes his statl on the floor, m ini; out, ''Make wav for the Speaker! the Doorkeeper repeats it loudly with three heavy raps <.f his staff, ami then the Speaker him self, clothed in a rich blue mazarine rube? mat'cluf np the uiile to liis seaL Xo wonder such apes <>i royalty de sire to sever their connection with our Republican I'nioli. Goon. —The following extract is from a letter of a gallant otlicer ot the I . S. Arin v. a Southerner, now on service in Washington Tcriitory. to a friend in Portland: " I am for I'nion under the Old ('onstitutioii. and the I'liiou as it is, and shall give my sword to the fx-t fl«it ruiM'it* in if: still, with the firm hope that it will continue to belong to the thirty-three States of the I'liited States, and never bo called to strike any but a foreign foe." — WASHINGTON 'S ISIUTII-IUYA large number of mir eili-.'.en- wont 011 tlie excursion I'* the steamer KH:h Anii'r.""ii in Stcilaeoom. to partii-ijuilf in tlie dedication of tlic Masctiic II ill. and Omitd Ball. The Oiyiiij»i-iii~ ivho remained cclelirated the day I>v the tiring of a salute id' thirtii-lhrre puns at we lidian. and other attestations of honor to the occa sion. We anticipate our day of publication, to participate in the celebration. . •«• • - Hti!IN.Y IMI-OUTANT »I:OM TUB NI./. PI:I:CI: MINKS. —We learn from a reliable correspondent of the Portland 7Y«.«. writing nt:d r date Jan. that gold has been discovered in several new districts : First Canal Cubli prospects from 7 to .">0 cents to the pan. mid thirty claims hive paid l>y ground sluicing •' 18 to the hand. On the main creek 11 claims have heen tsih'-i:. pro-pi cting on nil average 27 cent®, seme as high as tin cents to the pan.— i Those diggings have hecu discovered this winter, land called •• Oro Kino Creek." Other gulches i have been prospected witii ciptal success. —-• • • LATEST. —As we go t.i pre®® we learn the 1 ..{earner ""//■ " had passed up tie Columbia river ion Wednesday la-t : hi nee. may lie looked lor this ' r. M.. We learn from a letter addressed to a mer chaiit of this place, that the new- is more favora- TiT l : that the" sccc- ion feeling i* subsiding. and that tlicre is hope for a peaceable solution of the I dillicullics. Si nator Si ward s speech i . rep lied I lo have h.ol a Woliduuis effect ia ion Hinting the public mind. M BTEOIIO I. '.ci.The f ill-twilip tire th.' meteo rological observat*ons for the week ending Fib. Jist: Feb. i;.th—u. A:} -, loth—r.' is i:\ 1 14: 17th—I.' I'i I':. 4.ij;: lslh—44 ."><• 111. 4«>n : ! irth—;i 4s* 41, 44- : j«i!i—::i ;;7 34. 1st — ! in . 'Joth ami i! Ist. heavy wet -now fell Ito a dep'h of a inches. Amount of rain and mclt j 1 d .-now for the we< k. .'!.: i in- hi • • • I L.uita: COl.T. —t>n Saturday la-1 we : were present at the weighing of the line colt sired by Paison's bay horse, 'and owned by L. I). ISarnard. His I weight was t!;o pounds; height. 1 M. hands: age, i' months todays; color, light hay. sv7 The I*. S. Institute and District Schools have l>en united, and placed un der t lie charge of I 'rof. I>. C. l.ippiucott, A. 15. The lir-t term will commence on Monday, Feb. li'itli, at the District School-house. See advi rtisment. •• • °ll has heen decided hy Gov. Mcgill et Jill that Washington Territory can collect taxes from neither british nor American subjects on San juan nan Island. The dcei.-ion has the sanction of the Secretary of State. • o • - —— I*s/7" El wood I'vans, Estp.will deliver the next semi-monthly lecture before the Alphcan Association, on Friday evening, March Ist,in thcM. E Church. Subject— •* Washington Territory-—lts inducements to Immigration." jTi?" An alarm of fire was raised on Wednesday cvuiing, can ed l>y the " burning out" of the chimney-Hue of the house occupied bv (iov. Met!ill. -• • • Several ladies honorc I our ollice with a visit yesterday morning. Long may they wave ! MArried U JU i:i>: On lilacU river. Thurston county, on Wednes day. Jan. :<olh. by Kev. T. J. Harper, Mr. K. en sargent NT to Miss Lucinda mounts i CIXDA MOI XTS. D 11; D : died At the residence of Adam Wylie, Esq., on the Kith inst.. of Typhoid L'cver. jane edgar aged 15 years, daughter of the late John Edgar. PUGETSOUND INST DEI. D. f. IIPPIMOTFI.I, PDUfIFAI rill IK Spring Term of this Institution will com- J_ meuce March 'J.'ith, in the second story of the District School-house. Arrangements have been made with the Principal to take charge of the Dis trict School. The corps of instructors will be competent. No labor will be spared to make this school one of the best on the coast. Students from a distance will be received at any time, ami produce will lie taken for tuition. Particular at tention will be given to those who are desirous of becoming teachers. Vocal music taught to all free of charge. feTChildren living in School District No. 1 are entitled to the deduction 'if the Public School Fund. fjrifYat further information npplr to the Prin cipal. 11. C. LIPPINCOTT. Olyntjua, Feb, 2?, 18(> 1, Ki:tf KMYOOII EVA*N, ATTORNEY AT LAW, OLYMPIA, \V. T. (tffire in \\ New UniMing. tir.-t door east <>l Nlniu Street. Nov. 1 Itli. 1 :lv Oiympla Retail Prlff* Current. COBRECTEII MONTHLY BY 7. M. IlKL'll, ESy., Of 11. A. Judson ic Co.. Wholesale nml Retail Dealers in I)ry Hoods. C.roceries, Clothing, Hoots nnd Shoes. Hardware. Paints, Oils, liv Ac 4c. riioinci:. Flour hbl $5 00(S$5 f.o Indian Meal y lb ?>e Buckwheat "P lh fie llutter "p 'h -tO (<*■ 5Ue Leaf Lord 'ft lb IH (•> Bacon, liog round'p lb 1 (" 18c Sides nnd hams IS («• L'^c Kjpi (n do?. .- 40 (tr fioc- Chickens Vdoz i?-'* oo C« 4 ."o Beans Y* " C Apples green "f' 1" <" 12e do dried "JJ ib IS (» 'Joe Beef on foot "p lb 4<o fie do dressed "f 1 lb 5 ('< Sc Mutton V lb lo 0, l.'c Pork (>» lb lo (» 1> Potatoes bushel 4o (•< t;iic Turnips y bushel .'to .">oc Onions f bushel <" - oo Cabbage "f* head _ a«« loc Hay f* ton 5 s 1•» <" vl" Wheat "f* bushel 7(u sue Oats y bushel 4tl Or '•Oc live & barley none in market (iIKM'KIUKS. Sugar. Powdered ISf.i 'J'lc do Crushed 's f« 2''c du N. O 1(•• 14c do S. F. (c olfce) 14 (■< I ili- Syrup. K. I!, and S. F. (iold'n a gal. I? 1(«SI j do K. It S gal !'"> (" 1 lOc Coffee. l!io is (•< 'jo,- do .lava 2a (■■ "JSC Candles. Adamantine an (« .17; c Chili Peaches none. Soap 1 o (ti 11e Table Salt •» Liverpool Salt 2 (" .'lc Salcratns Is to' Joe Sal Soda lot" lac Cream Tartar ao to one lo to I L 1 Ac Tobacco 40 to i aC do Killikiuick (Miioking! 4otofioc miv <;o(i|is. Sheeting, brown 4-1. lo to 14c: do S-l. is to 'J'Jc ; do 12-1. .-to to :t7.'.c—do bleached, t' to 'JOc. Orillitigs, brow n nnd bleached. '' t" I'a'. Prints. French, hi to :'.V; do Mcrriinac. I:'} to I tic: do American, fancy. II to lac. Flannels. Kastern. 4o to7ac : Oregon, 4otof»2'e: do Oregon I'M. 1 40 to 1 aiic. Cassimere. Orcgi n. so to 1 2V: Kastern $1 0i» to SI MI. lieninis. is to '."n-. Carpet® and Druggets (Americant 4oc to SI 00. XOTICKS. Siiu I'rani lM ii U'cm v. TIH»S. IIOVCK. F.-i|.. N. K. coi aer of Montgoni erv and Washington Sts.. and I'llAS. A. t UANK. I'i-!j.. are oar authorized Agent® in S in I'v-.e, i.-co, to rei eive and receipt for S ib- rljition.® and Ad vertising. I. O. O. F. Olympia Lodge Xo. 1. I. O. o, F. meet® every ! Saturday e\cuingiu Barnes' Building, on M iin St. next dour to ••Mail lard" Oflice. All members of the Order in good standing are iu\itcd toattend. ti. C. BI.AXKIXSHIP, Sec y. lU \otlffM. Uiviiif Service sit St. John's Cli.i]»el every stiu» «lay morning, it! 11 o'elot k. an l « veninyr " o'- . « ]«m k. Al-«». Itil»le r|jt>s e\i-n W'ciliiesil.iy evi 11- i at 7 o eloi K. i'. M . P. Mi-sioinry. !>i\ ine Service c\ irv SaM»al!i :• t tin* K. <"lutr« li in the ami eveiiinj;. Sal»!iatli School at J i*. >i. l?ev. 11. .1. I'VANS will pre tit h in the hull of the Distu. t School House, on tin- first, <roml, ami T'oiirtli Suii'lays N| each month at 11 o'clock A. M. WATT'iB Nervous Antidote! IIHI l*li>hlcuJ KiHturiitiU'!! THE IIIIIU PMIFMTHE lilt! The most powerful and wonderful medicine evei di -ci>\ere.l.guaran teed to cure every nervous ur spasmodic disease. Il is a nerv iueofsuch miraculous power, that il is ■uiiuiportunt how long the disca-e has existed. If it arises directly or indi rectly from a nervous uflcctioti, p'-r --severe in it at about the rate of one vial to e\erv year the di-ease has existed. It is guaranteed to the most vio lent and long standing. IVruralirlii. Tic l»olorcanv,« om Ill si mi-'. Asthma, Cramp*. Spasms. Ver tigo, Headache. Delirium Tremens, l.inv Spirits, Mental or Physical Decay, Whooping Cough. Ague. I.ossof Appc tito. IStrirturc. Stone. Nervous Twich ings. I'ulpilntiun, Phthysie, Lumbago, Ab.-ense oi' mind, Cholcr.i, Dyspepsia, Kpilcpsy. (lout, I'nlsv, 81. Vitus Ounce, Hysterics. Hypochondria, Sup pressed Mense*—ami is so wonderful in rejuvenating premature nM age, ■>>>■! correcting decrepitude brought on by excessive indulgence, that nothing Imt n trial ean convince the patient of its qualities ! ®letlt not nn excitant, lint n strcngthener. purely vegetable ami harmless ; like a skillful ar chitect. it begins liv laying a lirm founilntion, and gradually hut incessantly adds strength and vigor until nothing is h it unfinished. This miraculous Medicine is for sale, wholesale and retail, liy NAltll'EL. ADAMS, Druggist, Cloy Slrrrt, one door from Jhi/mnl, San t'ranrbro, and /<;/ nil I>r iii/giit* in California and Orryon —sl per bottle, sll per dozen. WIIOI.S.HAI.K AUKKTS.— lledington k Co., O. W. Snell, I.anglcy k Co., ( has. Morrell, Crow ell k Crane; Win. 11. Ileith k Co. 14:m3 Dr. (j. K. WILI.ARD, Olympiit. DETTEII THAN I'HESTIU k BILL'S

At ZJOBB Priocs! BOARD.II A X "H CHALLENGE YEAST POWDER, FILL r a i Ait A XTI:ED. IF NOT SATISFACTORY, The Money will be Returned! For sale by ull Jobbers, and bv J.C. WINANB, r.O California Street, Who will nlsonct as commission agent for pur chasing all kinds of goods. San Francisco, February, IHCI. 14;njri J. H. PAINTER, (I.ATE o'jIEAIIA 4 fAIXTEB,) DEALKK in Type, l'rfiifji. Piintinp Mutcuul Paper, '"arils. and Printer's Stork jronerally 1.12 ("lay street, ne<ir Sum-unit'. o■'n KtiUi'/isco Culifurtiia. No* ctulier 17. 18<ju. l:lv Just Received! PER Clipper Ship •• Xorwcster," from Boston, Dint Bark " Architect,'' from Sun Francisco, 3 Eagle i lmproved i Reapers and Mowers. «t ('. CROSBY & CO.'S Inn Steel and Cast Plows, at JUU e. CROSBY & co. s k Justice Cooking Stoves, f.)lf nt C. CROSBY & CO. S V large lot of Stove I'ipc. at C. CROSBY & CO. S Also constantly on hand— An Extensive asst. Tin ware; Groceries; Boots and Shoes: Dry and Fancy (ioods; Clothing; Crockery ware: Orchard Grass Seed. Ac., Ac. All of which we arc selling very cheap fir cash or country produce. C. CROSBY A; CO. Ttimwater, February 0. lHiil. i:t \% r IXDOW BLIN DS. Doors. Windows. AcZ Vf at C. CROSBY A CO.'S nRESSED FLOORINO, Brick and Eimc. at C. CROSBY & CO.'S OII.S and I'aints, at C. CROSBY A CO.'S AST BOSTON SYliri', at j C. CROSBY i CO.'S. Tumw.iter. NOTICE! AI T l'i. th" undersigned, give notice to all per- Hons indebted to us, either by note or ac count, to come forward and settle. All claims not c-ttled by t!«i- tir-t of April next, will be placed in the hand* oftlie proper ollicer tor collection. BKTTMAN BKOS. Olympin. February f»th, Iniil. ITJ:in2 KENDALL CO. OFFERS FOR SAI.E At the Old Kfantl, Noiilli-Ufwl i oriicr ol'Tluiii ami Second .Mw. A NKW AMI WEt.L-SKI.KCTK II ASSOItTMKNT OF Family Groceries Of the In t and most approved qualities. Dry («oo«ls, < 'lot liinyr. Boots ami Shoes, J lat s ami ('aps, &c„ Av. All of which which will be sold nt reduced rates for CASH. Wheat. Hats. Butter. Eggs, and Country Pro duce generally, accepted in exchange for Ooods at the going market rates. A. N. COVE Olympin. W, T., Nov. 12th, lfijo. l:tf NIIDRIi rN MALE. BY virtue of an oriler of sale issued by the Clerk of the District Court ol the Second Ju dicial Di-trict of the Territory of Washington, miti tome (lirecicil. I hnve levied upon, seized and taken in execution, nml will proceed to sell, ac cording tn l:tw. Nt the Court-house door, in the Town i f I Mx nipiu. in said District, on Wednesday, the 27th day of February, at one o'clock in the afternoon. nil the following described premises, \iy. : A Lt. TH AT certain lot or parcel of hind, in the county ol Thurston. Territory of Washington, con stituting all uud singular tiie land embraced sind described ill the notiti ation. on tile in the office id the Kegi-ter of Wa-hiiitfton Territory, situated iu township eighteen (IM| north range, two (2) we<t of the Willamette meridian, lying west of the p ntioii nssignc d to Mary Ann M. Ilurd, nnd by as signment of the said Register having been allotted tiie east half of said donation claim, which tract or parcel id laud contains one hundred and thirty acres, be the same more or le<s: and till embraced »\ itliin sections' eight and nine of said township. AMI ALSO ALI. and singular the tract and parcel of land purchased h\ Muses llurd of John 11. Dicker son. one hundred and twenty acres or thereabout*, being the eastern halt'of the donation claim of the sird John 11. Dickcrson. the notification of which is on file in the ollicc of the Register of the Terri tory of Washington : saving and reserving there out certain lots of land, numbered nnd described upon the plat recorded in the office of the County Auditor of Thurston County as lots one (1.) two I 2.1 three CO four (4.) five six (U.) seven |7.) thirty-six i Ihiity-sctcn (07.) thirty-eight (JR,) thirty-nine i t forty (4<>.l forty-one (41.) forty two Yl-'.) forty-three (4.i.| fifty-three (53.) fifty four (.M,) and fifty-six > That is to say all the land now owned by the said Moses llurd. pur chased bv him id -,*.iil John It. Dickcrson. W11.1,1 AM IIII.MNUS, Sheriff of Thurston County, W. T. January 20th, ISUI. 11:4t "THE CAPITAL." MARKET IS NOT REMOVED!! S a ® lift IS LOCATKO OX MAIN STREET BETW. ;il> AM) 4TH, OI.YMI'IA. 11IIE legislature hns yet left to the citizens of Olympia and vicinity the privilege of eating good victuals, and the undersigned is prepared to furnish at the lowest cash rates REEK, PORK, MI'TTOX, POULTRY, And all sorts of Marketable Produce. Give us « c.ill—you shall not go awav dissatisfied. J. Dt'XLAP A SOX. Olympin, January 12, 1 i»:tf w. s. r. CLUB HOUSE GIN, TDK I'NDEHSIC.NED, UK INO SOLE AGENTS of the above Gin, offer it to the public ns the finest HOLLAND GIN, ami the only GKNTINK (LI U llorsE GIN imported to this market. It is put up in GREEN CASES, and branded W. S. Cl.l'B llorsE. We shall continue to receive the above Gin regularly. —ALSO— Pure Ambrosial Whisky,'» ; Pure Nectar Whisky, i» new style bottles: Fare Bourbon Whisky. The above Liquors are from the well known house of Win. S. Corwin k Co., New York, and are guaranteed line and pure. W. B. OI'MMINGS * CO. Unit JO California st., San J*ran. t'll tIILIW F. KOIIIIIVM, Importer and Dealer in TYPE, PRESSES, PRINTING MATERIAL INKS, CARD STOCK, Si c. No*. 11l and USCIny Mreet. San Kriuvcisco, January sth, IBtil. 10: lv %*The best purifier uf the blood i» Hall's Sat ciip.trilht BUY THE BEST!! OROVER& BAKER, HAVE RECEIVED THE FIRST PREMIUM OX TIIEIIi FAMILY JIA<H I\E —AND— MACHINE WORK, —AT THE— STATE FAIB. MECHASICS' IBSTiTCTE IMB, AXD IX FACT Every Fair of°lS60!! Over "Wheeler & "Wilson and all others! Thus InqiM'Nf ionably Establishing Tlioir Superiority. These Machines arc tlie most simple in use. They sew from two common spools. Have no troublesome bobbing or pod. Sew nnv and all fabrics. Make verv little noise Are quickly learned and operated Are not liable to disarrangement. Hr Kuaranlrr perfect and reliable Machlnrt*. and to the thousand* In nw can refer, nit dally and hourly recordlnp. In their Katl»factory op eration This Unequivocal Success. %*E.\plicit directions for use accom pany each Machine from which a child ••an in a short time acquire a perfect converse and management of it. Send for a circular. It. U. BROU \, A^n(, !'! Montgomery Street. Sun Francisco, Cal. November 17, lftiO. l:niti Ho! For the Mines! FIOXEER U Mil C«f MU6FACTOIY!!! rpilE undersigned would respectfully in-f?* J_ form the public generally that they nrcVq£> located at Tuniw.itcr, and are manufacturing I "J I and have constantly ou hand BUREAUS, BEDSTEADS, Tables, Toilet Tablet?, &<*., And nil Arllc-lett appertaining to their Line of Ilii*lnc*«. ALSO PLAIN AND FANCY TURNING, A LHO SASII. DOORS, A\l) IIMXDS, MADE TK ORDER. All kinds of marketable PROIH T CE taken in ex change. Cash never refused. Shop on Main Street, near Ward A Unvs's Mills. W1 M.I AMS k JORDAN. Tumwater, Nov. 17. 18G0. 1 :tf Great Excitement!! AT TIIE FALLS!! MR. M. W. WITHERELL, ATET'Ot'LU iufurm the citizens of y \ Washington Territory that he is jjjjQtJ manufacturing MjV Saddles, lllU'iicsh, and Trunks, Superior to .1115- ever made on this Coast. He is also making the PATENT CASE COLLARS, Which cnunot I>c excelled. He is making FINE BARXBSS, On the SrlMdJnKllnß Tree, Which is oonciilcreil the greatest Im provement of the Age. AND ALSO CARRIAGE TRIMMING! DOXK OX REASONABLE TERMS. Sl<leSud«lleNOfTarlou»l>eiicrlptiona REPAIRING DOXEOX SHORT NOTICE, jfeiy-Please give friend Witherell ft call. Shop on Main Street. Tumwnter. November IT, 18(i0. l:tf COAL! COAL! COAL! 8. N. DOTY, HAVING purchased the celebrated Morrison Coal Claim on Bcllingham Bay, iuvites cup. italists. nn<l the friends of the trade, to come up and help dig them out. These mines have keen prospected, and the coal tested in San Francisco and found of superior quality. Seven thousand dollars is all that is required to make them pay a thousand dollars per month. Sehome, Dec. 20, 18ti0. 7:m3 LOOK HERE! THE fill iTIXG AND H AIR DREBB* ing Establishment on Main Street, ne;ir the Stage Office, i» still in operation, wherethe under signed will be happy to uttend the wants of his natrons. SHAVING AND IIAIR DRESSING done with neatness and dispatch, and in th? latest fashion. at.»y Hot and cold baths at all hours. j. ii. ncsH. Olvmpla. Nov. SO, 1800. 8:ly WASHINGTON HOTEL, (iILAS U ALLIIIER, Pr®. CORNER OF SECOND AND MAIN STREETS, Olympia, W. T. Board per week $5 00 Olympia, Not. '-'3. ISOO -'ly H. A. Judson & Co., (At the Late Store of W. X. Rut! edge,) OLTMPIA, W. T., COIIKMOW MERCHANTS** AND DEALERS IN DRY (iOOVS, . GROCERIES, I CLOTHING, BOOTS and SHOES. hardware, PAINTS, OILS, tc., *c., kc. TERMS CASH, COUNTRY PRODUCE. IX \0 CASE Will Credit be given for longer than Thirty Days! Olympin. Nov. 23, 18(10. 2:lf WE G. lIUNLAP, 1 IMPORTER A\l> DEALER IX GROCERIES. PROVISION'S, DRY coons. CLOTHING, ItOOTS ami SHOES, 4c. AT THE OLD STAND, Corner or Main and Third streets,' Country Produce generally taken in exchange for Goods. N'o pains spared to give satisfaction to customers.' Olvinpin. Nov. 23. 18(50. 2:tf FRUIT TREESir For the Million, at Eastern Prices!' J. L. *A\FORD & CO., Agent* lor the Principal Xux serios in Caliloriiia. HAVK now for *ale. Nt Eastern I'rit cs. an immense stock of Fruit Trees, of np<'K, suitable for planting, embracing every kind nml variety grown in the State. Our long auil intimate connection with the nur scry busings and fruit-selling here, and in the older States, has enabled us to anticipate every de mand. and wc have therefore caused to lie grown and FORMED to suit the different localities, a portion of the Stock we i ffi r—comprising such varieties 11s are best adapted to our soil and eli- Wc have also for sale, in great abundance and variety. Plants of all the Snmll Fruits, Shade Trees, For Public Grounds. and Street I'hinting. Ornamental Trees and Shrubs, (Deciduous and Evergreen,)' Adapted to Avenues, Lawns. Pleasure Orounds, and Cemeteries, llcsi'des an infinity of roses, Car nations and picotcef, Dahlias. Fuschins, Evergreen and other Climbing Vines. Geraniums. Violets, I'ansies, Daisies, Bulbous Flower Roots, (irccn House Plants, 4c.. &c. We are the Sole Agents for this citv of A. P. SMITH, SttRANEXTO, For the sale of his Foreign Grape Vines; Rare Evergreen ami Ornamental Trees; Fresli Pre- luium Garden Seeds, and Pure Family "Wines, &e., &c. Ho has decidedly the largest, licet and most re-" liable stock of Wine and Table Grapes to lie found in the Stale.—He will sell under his guarantee as to correctness of NJlJ>! iod names.—His .Seeds have not lost their vitality in '-doubling the Horn." They arc warranted inferior to none, and will be sold l<y us in quantities, and at prices to suit. FARMERS, GARDENERS AND DEALERS, Give us a call, or send for a Circular with pri ces, if anything is wanted in our line. ,1. L. SANFORD. THOMAS B. H DLCM, EDW ARD Ll'DLl'M. . Ran Francisco. January sth. 1861. 10:ni3 C. CROSBY, } jL, C. GRAY, Z. CROSBY, > < N. CROPBY, Jr., j ( San Franco.- Tnniwater. €. CROSBY & C 0.,. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IJF GEXERAL MERCHANDISE^ —AXD— Proprietors off lie Turn wafer Flour Mills. Tumwater, December 15th, IffSO. s:ly OLYMPIA WAGON MANTTFACTOBY. Stuart & Blacks»hear, "YYJ'OrLD inform the'eitizent of Olym- Qy-nJP \\ pia and the surrounding country " that they are now tuanufacturing WAGONS,CAR RIAGES and HI'GGIKSof all descriptions, from tlx. best of imported material, by experienced work men. for which WHEAT will be taken iu exchange, delivered at the Tumwater mills. Shop corner 3d° and Chinook Streets. Olytnpia, December 8, IPSO. 4:tf ■luirNMarNuparlllu. l'ellow Dock/ and lodide of Poland —Is prepared from the finest Red Jamaica Sarsnparilla and English lodide of Potass. Admirable as a restorative and purifier of the blood, it cleanses the system of all morbid and impure matter, removes pimple*, boilp and eruptions from the skin, cures and pains of all kinds. All who can afford, should' use it, as it tends to give strength and prolong' life. Sold by Druggists generally, at $1 per bottie.' 11. HALL & CO., Proprietors, Wholesale Druggists,' l:m<? 143 and 145 Clay st., San Fran. , _ CLOTHING EMPORIUM, 178 Clay St., and 107 Montgomery St., San Francisco, And ITS Broadway, Sew York. /CONSTANTLY on hand the best selected and most extensive assortment of Gents' and Boy*'. Clothing on the Pacific coast, which wc can and will sell lower than any other House. Hoy*' and Gents' Clothing made to Order. LOCKWOOD, SWELL it CO. January 10th, 1801. 10:ly NOTICE. TAKR notice thxt on Saturday, February 23d, 1801, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. I will pell to the highest bidder for cash, on the land claim' of Wra. M. itutledge, genernlly known at the <'Judson Claim," in Claquato precinct. Lewi*, county, W. T. U.\E THOBIAND BI'SHKLS Of WHEAT, more or less, and TWO lII'NDRKD AND FIFTY BUSHELS OF OATS, more or lew, or Miffirirnt thereof to repay me my lien and 1 charges for harvesting the came. JOHN IIOCrK. tcwU<Joitu«y. W. T . Feb. 2. I*CV. 12:wl