Newspaper of The Washington Standard, March 16, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated March 16, 1861 Page 3
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Bav about two miles from Meiggs' mills ami is called Fort Kitsap. Port Marti- i KOtl Hay was named by Commander. Wilkes, who surveyed it in 1840. The next settlement was made upon j Hood's Canal, at a place called by the . Tuondo Indians Tee-ka-let, at the en- \ trance ot the bav of i ort Gamble, in is.',:?, bv d.r. Keller of Maine, who sailed from Boston in March, 1853, via Cape Horn, in command ot the Schoon t-r /-■ 1' two humlred tons bur then. He arrived in September, 18">3, with his family, who were the first im miirrants by sea, direct from the United States. The cargo consisted of stores, supplies, and machinery, for si steam saw mill. The precinct now contains over thirtv dwellings and shops, two steam saw* mills with gang, sash, and circular saws, together with planing machines. These mills can readily manufacture one hundred thousand feet of lumber per day. There is also a jrrist mill here, capable ot manufactur - ins forty barrels of Hour every day. Franklin Lodge No. ;» ot i. and A. M. is located in this precinct. The next settlement was made at a (point between Dyer's Inlet and Port Orchard, and is called Port Orchard precinct, bv \\ m. Kenton and Daniel S. Howard! who erected a steam saw mill in 15.54, caimble of sawing twenty five thousand feet of lumber per day. This mill furnishes employment to about fifty persons. Xo school has yet been established in the District, nor is it vet legally organized as a School Dis trict. Port Orchard was named by Wilkes' Exploring Expedition, which made a survey in IS l<». Seabeck was settled in 18">7, by Mar shal Bliun, Hill Harmon, and Wm. B. Sinclair, of Maine and.l. S. Williamson of New York, who during that year erected an excellent steam saw mill. A District School is here successfully supported. The settlement contains a District School-house, dwellings, shops, and mills, with a population of seventy live or thereabouts. In this mill manufactured and exported twelve million feet ot lumber, and shipped genera! cargoes of masts, spars, and piles. It is situated on Hood's Canal about twenty miles South West of Tee-ka-let, and was named by Com. Wilkes. Mails are carried by water to and fl'dlll Seabei-k 10 Tec-ku let, once a week. In each of the precincts in this County except Port Orchard, a Post office has been established, and at l'ort Madison and Tee-ka-let, the Sound Mail Steamer Eliza Anderson, touches going and returning from Olympia to Victoria, via tlrj on the Sjuiul. rori'LATION. By the census taken hv the I T . S. -Marshal in IHtJO, the following is the enumeration of the population of this County : Number of inhabitants •"'I-' 1 Number of families, 1-1 Number of males Numb.-I'! of females, :t * Number of children, <i" METEOROLOGICAL. —The following are the meteorological observations for the we ;k ending March 14: March 8—44 51 40, 47j; 9th— 10 45 iH, 49£; 10—30 52 41, 40; 11—32 50 42, 41$ ; 12—31 52 44, 43 J ; 13 -42 53 47, 47 J ; 14—42 51 45, 40. Amount of rain for the week, .90 in. # NEWSPAPERS. — The Ocntinel notes the f.ictof there being six weekly newspa pers published in Washington Territo ry, when our population does not ex ceed 10,000, men, women and children, till told. To CORRESPONDENTS. Remember, we tike 110 notice of anonymous com munications. If " Republican" will send us his name we will be happy to publish his article. "Mud-Sill" will please send the MSS. PAY UP! —See the notice of the Ken dall Co. in our advertising columns. THANKS —To Capt. Fleming for the usual courtesies. M Alt 111 EI): At the Dalles, Mr. S. MOHAN to Miss hettie fairchild married r> i K r>: At Highland, Lewis county, on the 27th ultimo, andrew michel 1.. son of John It. anil Amelia Jack son, at the early ape of ten years and eleven days, of low fever and sore throat. University Zjanda. THE undersigned, having been appointed Pres ident of the Hoard of Commissioners, ap pointed to inuke selection of the lands reserved by Congress for I'uiversiiy purposes, to mako entry of their selections in the Laud Office, and to sell the same at a price not less than one dollar and fifty cents pir acre, as por law passed Jan. 11th, lsijl—is now prepared to receive proposals from all persons who may wish to purchase surveyed public lauds in Washington Territory, in quniiti lies not exceeding six hundred and forty acres in one body. The titles to all lands sold will con firm to the laws of the United States and this Ter ritory. All necessary information concerning fractions of sections, legal sub-divisions, and plats of townships, etc., can be obtained upon applica tion to Mr. A. M. Poe, Locitirig Agent, Olvmpia, W. T. DANIEL BAOLEY, President of the Hoard of Commissioners. Olympla, March Hi, 1861. IH:W4 J. W. JOHNSON, 4 TTOItXEY AT LAW. Solicitor in Chancery, ,i\_ and Proctor in Admiralty. ."cattle. March, 1861. lH:tf VTlte best purifier of the blood is Hall's Sar ».i(nri|l i.. Olympia Retail Price* Current, PORIIBCTEU MONTHLY BY T. SI. BEKIt,}., Of 11. A. Judson k Co.. Wholesale ami Retail Dealers in Dry Goods. Groceries, Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Hardware. Paints, Oils, &c lie &c. PRODUCE* Flour pi bill $5 00ft. $5 50 Indian Meal lb Oc "pi II tie Butter lb 40 ft, 50c Leaf Lard "fct lb 18 ft 22c Bacon. hog round lb 15 ft. 18e Sides and hauis lb 18 ft 22c. Kggs f'i. tloz ( 40 ft. 50c Chickens 'ft do» 00 ft 4 50 Beans ylb 5 ft; "c Apples green lb 10 ft> 12c do dried "pi 18 (</, 20c Beef on foot flb 4 ft, 5c do dressed lb f» ft, 8c Mutton 10 (it.. 15c Pork >» lb 10 ft, 15c Potatoes bushel 40 ft- 00c Turnips "p* bushel 110 ft 50c Onions >' bushel Si 50 ft; 2 00 Cabbage "pi lieud 5 <«. 10c llay "j-' ton $lO ft $lB Wheat 'p' bushel 75 fa, 80c Oats 'p* bushel 40 ft. 50c Bye & barley none in market HROCERIEB. Sugar, Powdered 18 ft, 20c do (,'rushed 18 (<i. 20c do N. <> 12 ftv 14c do S. F.(coffee) 14 ft 10c Syrup. K. It. and S. F. Uold'n 5 gal. $1 ft Sl| do K. B 8 gal 05 <n I 10c Coffee. IUo 18 (-/ 20c do .lava 25 ft. 28c Caudles. Adamantine 30 ft. :t7Je Chili Peaches none. Soap 1U lie Table Salt 4 ft. 5c Liverpool Salt 2 (u, 3e Saleratus 18 to 25c Sal Soda 10 to 15c Cream Tartar 50 to (toe liice lo to 12Ac Tobacco 40 to 75c do Killikinick t smoking) 40 to 50c DRY (lOODS. Sheeting, brown 4-4. lo to l ie: do 8-1, 18 to 22c; do 12-4. .'to to.'lTAc—do bleached, 0 to 20c. Drillings, brown and bleached, 0 to 15c. Prints. French, 1'", to 25c; do Merritnae, 121 to liie: do American, fancy. II to 15c. Flannels, Kastcrn, 10 to "5c ; Oregon, 40to 02jc; do Oregon 0-4, I 40 to 1 50c. Cassimere, Oregon, 80 tu I 25c: Kastcro Si 00 to I?I 50. Denims, 18 to 25c. Carpets and Druggets (American) 40c to $1 00. awtici:. \LL persons indebted to the Kendall Co. are respectfully requested to call at the old stand and settle up. either by cash, note, i r produce, as ('apt. Gove is about to change his business, and must collect what is due him. Olympia, March HI. 1801. 18:tf SPEC IAI. NOTICES. Eiyi'" U " ■■ ■■■'"■! "■ ' I ilimli ilmilplni' p. l-r feet likenesses of themselves or friends that M. K. Sammis, ICst|., is soon to leave town, mid it may hc well to •• secure the shadow" now. Sammis finishes Anibrotvpes, Photographs, Melainotypes. and all kinds of pictures in the " highest style of the ait," and at moderate prices. Sail I'muclst o IdciK j. TIIOH. I'OYCK. Esq.. N. K. corner of Montgom ery and Washington Sts., and CIIAS. A. <"ItANK, Ksq., are our authorized Agents in Sin Francisco, to receive and receipt fur Subscriptions and Ad- vcrti*ing. i. o. 4i. r. Olympia Lodge No. 1, I. O. O. F. meets every Saturday eveningin Ilarncs' Ituildiug. oil Main St. next door to "Standard" Ollicc. All members of the Order in good standing are invited toattend. (1. C. IIL.ANKIXSIIII', Sec y. RellploiiN SollcrN. Divine Service nt St. John's Chapel every Sun day morning, ul 11 o'clock, und evening at 7 o'- clock. Also. Bible Class every Wnlnesday even ing, at 7 o'clock, l'. M. D. ELLIS WILI.KS, Missionary Divine Service every Sikbhnth nt the M. K. Church in the morning mid evening. Sabbath School at 'I p. M. Rev. 11. J. KVAXH will preach iu the hall of the District School House, on the lirst, second, mid fourth Sundays of each month nt 11 o'clock A.M. BOARIIMAS'H YKAST POWIIKRN. —This nrtb-le of Yeast l'owder will render all articles of food made of Hour or meal more nutritious, digestible, and wholesome, than any other yenst powder in the market. We quote their constantly increasing de mand as evidence of their merit. For gale by all the merchants. BETTER THM PRESTO' k DHL'S AND At XJOJSS Prices! BOARDDIAVS CHALLENGE YEAST POWDER, FULLr Of ARAXTEED. IF NOT SATISFACTORY, The Money will be Returned! For sale by nil Jobbers, nnd by J. C. WINANS, fiO California Street, Who will nlso net ns commission agent for pur ehnsing all kinds of goods. Sun Fruueisco, February, 1801. I l:m3 J. R. PAINTER, (LATE O'IIKAHA * PAINTKIt,) DEALER in Type, Presses, Printing Material I'uper, Cards", and Printer's .Slock generally 132 Clay street, near Sunsoine, Han Francisco California. November 17, 1800, l:ly SAFSSS SAFBS ! ! F. TILMAN, »0 BATTERY STREET, SAX FRANCISCO. SOLE Agent for Tilton k Mcl'arlund's celebrated I'ire Proof and Hurglar Proof SAFES, This Safe is well known in the market for its unsur passed fire-proof quality, havii.g withstood in Cal ifornia, as well us in the East, the hottest (ires known. We can refer to endless certificates from parties in our mining towns, where these Safes have been subjected to the most severe tests of Its lire-proof qualities. These Safes are secured by our Combination Lock. This Lock is in every respect the most se cure one in use: it requires the key aud combina tion to open the Safe. If the key should be ab stracted from the owner, it would be perfectly use less without his knowing the combination, or men tal key which the owner carries in his head. To those who want u reliable Safe we offer the above cheaper than any other in the market. * # *A large assortment on ham) (tnd to arrive. F. TILMAN, 00 Buttery Street, Son Fruucidco, Cul. November IT. I a.;'*. l:m6 Seed Warehouse! Entabllslied In IKSO. m. W. MOORB, No. 110 California Street, between Montgomery and Sausome, San Francisco, Cul. Ilas for sale the most extensive variety of tUD. FLOWER, TRIE. MHIIHMI AND FRUIT SEEDS, In California, including 'IO,OOO lbs. Pure Alfafii or Chill Clo- ver Seed, ol'l lie Mew Crop. Hungarian Grass, Hod Clover, Timothy, Kentucky Blue Grass, Canary "Bird Seed, White Dutch Clover, &c. Also, Chufas or Earth Al monds, Hyacinths, Tulips, Lilies, And other Bullions Boots. Assortments of Na tive California Flower and Kverjrreen Seeds, col lected l>y a well-known Botanist, always on hand. The undersigned, from his long experience in the business, and his extensive facilities for pro curing his Seeds from the best Seed-growers and Nurserymen, is enabled to oiler unusual induce ments to the Trade and large Itani h-uwners. The Agents of Wells, Fargo k Co.'s Express, and all other Kxpress Companies connecting there with, are hereby authorized to act ar Agents for the undersigned, in taking orders for Seeds, and receipting for the same. Orders by mail also promptly attended to. A liberal discount will be made to the Trade. Par ticular attention given to the careful packing of Seeds for shipment. Your early orders are elicit ed, which shall have immediate and faithful at tention. Boxes of Seeds, containing luo papers, for retailing,in such assortnients as desired, furnished. S. W. MOOUK, Seed Warehouse. 110 California St., S. F., Cal January loth, 1801 10:m0 \oficr to Donation Claimant* OK WASHINGTON TK IS It IT« »It V. MOKK |1I:«II Fourteen Hundred Donation I'IU pers, (Notifications mill Final Proofs,) sire now lying in the pigeon-holes of the Kegi-tT's (It tiee, upon which certificates can he issued IIS SOON us Fl'l.l< iind COMI'I.KTi; COPIKS AIIK MADK. To do the whole of that work would rujuire the constant labor of the Itcgister IVoni t\\ o to three years. provided tlnit he had no other <lllli toper form. lint when it is known tlmt two-thirds of his time is occupied with coutlictingdouutionsand pre-emption cases. persons hnviii;; donation paper in the ollicc mil\ well look to the future for their certificates and Patents. Helieving that mativ would prefer having their domitions completed now. rater than wait for the indefinite '-course of human events," and being w ell acquainted with the business, I am prepared to make out papers ami procure Certificates for claimants in all parts of the Territory. I will also attend to the nrenaralimi and I',linu' "t dtrliriii.-i- ..inll ini l UK- ■!mi in. 1 1 j.r.i..)', 1..i --prc-einp: !oii~. and drawingmapsofi'laimsand Town ships, from the originnul surveys, forthose desiring them. For preparing the papers and procuring a certificate for a donation claim, where there is no conflict, my charge is five dollars. For preparing nndti ling" declaratory statements and piling the government lee. three dollars. For Township maps, live dollars, and claim maps one dollar each. In all cases the lee must come in advance. Person- having bought land, aci|uired under the Donation l.nw, cannot lie too careful to see Certifi cates are issued. A. M. I'Olv, Nov. Jl. lmiO. [.!:tf] Olympiii, W. T. MMTIfPN Kale. BV virtue of an execution issued out of the Dis trict Court fur the Second Judicial District of Washington Territory for the cnuuH of l.ew is, in favor of John W. Anderson and Ocorge D. Clark, against the properly of Kulic Sureiiult. I have levied upon the following described property, to-w it : Tliroc hundred mid forty-thriM, acres of limit, more or le«, situated on tlie Cow lit/, Prairie, l.i'\\ i> county : hounded mi tlie northwest by pub lic land and llir i'inl of M. Chnppclicr's liiml I'l.iim; on the northeast by M. Chnppclicr's claim imil Joseph St. (icru)aiu's claim: oil the southeast by Henrietta Plotunndcu, hull' of said Plomoudcn claim, unit liv a tract (l )' land claimed liv T. J. Carter: ami mi tin- southwest liy public In ml. I shall pr.sceeil to sell the above described pro perly. or so iniii-li thereof ns «ill satisfy suidjiidg inrnl, intfrost nml costs, nml accruing costs, at public auction, to the highest liicltlcr fur cu»h, on the premises, Saturday, :<otli day of March, IHtil. at 1 J o'clock, noon, of said dav. M. I>. IIOINDTIIEK. Sheriff of Lewis county. CowlitiS, Fell. 20, lSt!|. lti-l Tin* Cireut JnpaneMe Remedy. THIS WOXDRRITL REMEDY, CAM.KD THE Japanese Venereal SALVE, and used for the cure of Syphilitic Sores und procured ul great trouble and expense, is now placed iu the hands of dritj, gists for sale, w here persons nfllicted run purchase it. und effect cures without the consequent mortifi cation ami heavy charges incurred by going to physicians. The ingredients procured from these scientific mid wonderful people nre such us have not been known to ;he rest of the world in the cure of loathsome corruptions, nml far excels nny thing heretofore used. Testiniouinls of astonishing cures could he obtained if iicccssnrv, but it is only requisite to test it to prove its great hcaline quali ties. The cost is nothing computed to its vulue. For sale nt nil the Druggists. THE JAPANESE SALVE, For the cure of Cuts, llurns, Sprains, Gunshot Wounds. Piles, Roils, Chilblains. Rrnises ami nil kinds of Sores, Inis been discovered to be the best nml most wonderful preprmtion ever used. Its healing properties nre astonishing, almost mugical. It supersedes nil salves now in use, nnd develops one great good thut luis resulted from the opening of Japanese ports to the commerce of the world, nml will cnuse nil that use it to rejoice tlint so de nimble result hns been Accomplished. This snlve

has been sufficiently used to test its qualities. Try it nil—everybody. No family should be with out It—nnd although the ingredients nre rare und expensive, only FIFTY CENTS is chnrgecd fora box. it emi be ohtuined of all the Druggists. HOII'N SurNiiiMirllla, Yellow Dock, and lodide of I'OIUNN —Is prepared front the linest Ited Jnni.iica Sarnupuriihi and English lodide of Potass. Admirable us n restorative and purifier of the blood, it cleanses the system of all morbid nnd impure matter, removes pimplos, boils and eruptions from the skin, cures rheumatism and pains of all kinds. All who can afford, should use it, as it tends to givo strength and prolong life. Sold by Druggists generally, at $1 per bottle. B. HALL & CO., Proprietors, Wholesale Druggists, l:m0 143 nnd 143 (May st., San Frun. CLOTHING EMPORIUM, 178 Clay St., and 107 Montgomery St., San Francisco, And IIS Broadway, New York. C CONSTANTLY on hand the best selected and y most extensive assortment of Orrits'nnd Boys' Clothing on the Pacific const, which wc can and will sell lower than any other House. Boyd' and UentN' Clofhlnv made to Order. LOCKWOOD, EWELL 4 co. January 10th, Iflfil. !<*:!y Just Received! PER Clipper Ship " Norwestcr," from Boston, and Bark "Architect," from San Francisco, 3 Eagle (Improved) Reapers and Howera. at C. CROSBY & OO.'S I i W V Steel and Cast Plows, at J \ fyf C. CROSBY Si CO.'S Xil Justice Cooking Stoves, at C. CROSBY 4 CO.'S A 1 urge lot of Stove I'ipe, at C. CROSBY i CO.'S Also constantly on hand— An Extensive asst. Tin ware; Groceries; Boots and Shoes; Dry anil Fancy Goods; Clothing; Croekerywnre; Orchard Grass Seed, Ac., &c. All of which we are selling very cheap for cash or country produce. C. CROSBY Si CO. Tumwntcr, February 9, 18t>l. la WINDOW BI.INDS, Doors, Window*, Ace., nt C. CROSBY & CO.'S DRESSED FLOORING, Brick and Lime, at C. CROSBY & CO.'S OII.S and Paints, at C. CROSBY 4 CO.'S BOSTON SYRUP, nt C. CROSBY & CO.'S, Tumwater. NOTICE! "11 r E. the undersigned, give notice to nil por sons indebted to us, either by note or ac count, to conic forward and settlei All claims not settled by the first of April next, will lie placed iu the hands of the proper ollicer for collection. BETTMAN BROS. Olympin, February Oth, IBUI. l.'t:nr_' KENDALL CO. OFFERS FOR FALE Al tlic <11(1 Miami, Noiitli-W(Nt Corner of' Wain and Second St*. A NItIV AMI Wrl.L-SELKC'TKO ASSORTMENT Of Family Groceries Of the best and most approved qualities. Pry Goods, C'lotliinjr, J toots and Shoes, &'C., &<?., «tc. All of which which will be sold at reduced rates fur CASH. Wheat. Oats, Hotter. Eggs, and Country Pro duce generally , accepted in exchange for tioods at the going market rates. A. 15. (HIVE. Olvmpia, \V. T.. Nov. 12th, 1 S«»0. l:tf "THE CAPITAL." MARKET IS NOT REMOVED!! HI T IS LOCATED ON MAIN STHKET UETW. :<l> AM) 4TII, OI.VMI'IA. rilllE legislature has yet left to the citizens of I Olvmpia and vicinity tlie privilege of eating good victuals, and the undersigned is prepared to turuish at the lowest cash rates It KEF, PORK, SUTTON", POULTRY, And all sort* of Marketable Produce, (jive us n e ill— vou shall not go awav dissatisfied. j. Dt'XLAP & SOX. Olvmpia, January 12. 1800. o:tf CLUB HOUSE GIN, TIIK I'NDKitSIGNKU, It KIM! SULK AGENTS of tlie above (!iu, ofi'cr it to the public as the finest HOLLAND GIN, and the only GENUINE CLlll IIOI'SK C!IN imported to this market. It is put up in GUEEN CASKS, and branded \V. S. ('., CLl'll IIOI'SK. We shall continue to receive the above Gin regularly. —ALSO— Pure Ambrosial Whisky,'» ; Pure Nectar Whisky, »< «cw style bottles: Pure Bourbon Whisky. The above Liquors are from the well known house of Win. S. Corwln k Co., New York, mid are guaranteed tine mid pure. W. 11. CI'MMINGS 4 CO. I:mt 50 California »t., San Fran. ELWOOD EVAH'S, ATTORNEY AT LAW, OLYMI'IA, W. T. Ofllce in Wright's New ISuilding, first door east of Main Street. Nov. 14th, IHiJO. l:ly J. H. KELLETT, SADDLE, HARNESS, AND TRUNK MANUFACTURER, AND I) KAI.i: It IN SADDLERY Hardware, Saddle Trees, Dlock and llcnt Stirrups, etc. Shop on Main Street, Olympia, W. T. I'rices to suit the times. Hides mid Produce taken in exchange, and cash never refused. Olyiupia, Nov. 17, IBGO. TEE LATEST IEWS FBSHBQCK CREEK!! 13Y PONY EXPRESS!! a. W. BILKS J. W. WAMIAVKJf. BIIiEN & WALBATEI, HAVING formed n co-partnership in thr ( i&* lit)(IT and SHOE BUSINESS lire pre-M( pared to Manufucture Hoots and Shoes, cheaper than the cheapest. Hides and Produce taken in exchange for work. Repairing done with neatness and dispatch. Give them a call before purchasing elsewhere. Shop on Munnd I'rnirle, near Ensign's. Olympia, November 17, 1800. I sly Mimical School. J HI. JONES, E»q., would renpeet # fully aunounco to the citiaens o( Olympia and vicinity, that he is prepared to give instruc tion. cither private lessons or to classes, on the Violin, Cornet, Flute, and Bass. Music arranged to order, gfcgr Enquire at Kellctt's Saddlery Establish ment, Maiu Street. Olympt.i, March 2, JS6t. BUY THE BEST!! CROVER & BAKER, IIAVE RECEIVED THE FIRST PREMIUM ON THEIR FAMILY SEWIXCi HA€IiI.\E —AXD— MACHINE WORK, —AT TIIL — STATE FMRBIH' IISTiiDTE FAIR, AND IS FACT Every Fair of 1$€0!! Over Wheeler & "Wilson and all others! Thus CnqucNtionably IXublhliinp; Thoii* S u poriol'ity. Tla-sc Machines are the most simple iu use. They sew from two common spools. Have no troublesome bobbin;; or pod. Sew any and all fabrics. Make very little noise. Arc quickly learned and operated. Are not liable to disarrangement. We Riiarantrr perforf and rciiiililr Marliines, mi«l to the thousands In use ran refer, as dally and hourly recording. In their satisfactory op eration Tliin Unequivocal Success. *** Explicit directions for use accom pany each Machine from which acliihl can in a short time acquire a perfect converse and management of it. Send for a circular. It. «. BROiY\, lyHitr W M«nt)»rmT«'r,v Street, San Francisco, Cut. November 17, 18t!i). l:in(S WATT'S Nervous Antidote!' And Physical Etrstorutlve !! THE MEDIdL MM OF THE IDE! Tie ino.-t orfnl ninl wonderful medicine everdigeovereJjgutiriin teeil to cureevery nervous or ftpasinodic disease. It is a nerv ine ofsuch miraculous power, (hut it is unimportant how long the disease has existed. It'it arises directly or indi rectly from a nervous affection, per severe in it at about the rate of one vini to everv the disease lias existed. It is guaranteed to the most \ lent and long standing. .t'ciiralgiu, Tic Holiirruiix.f oni til sions, Asthma, Cramps. Spasms, Ver tigo, Headache, Delirium Tremens, how Spirits. Mental orl'hvsicnl Decay, Whooping' Tough, Ague. Loss of Appe tite, Stricture, Stone, Nervous Tw idl ings, l'aipitation, I'hthysic, Lumbago, Abscnse of mipd, Cholera, Dyspepsia, Epilepsy, Gout, I'alsy, St. Vitus Dance, Hysterics, Hypochondria. Sup pressed Menses—anil is so wonderful in rejuvenating premature old age, and correcting decrepitude brought on by excessive indulgence, that nothing but a tiial can convinco the patient of its qualities I gay lt is not an excitant, but n strengtlicncr, purely vegetable and harmless ; like a .-killful ar chitect, it begins by laying a firm foundation, and gradually but incessantly adds strength and vigor until nothing is left unfinished. This miraculous Medicine is for sale, wholesale and retail, by KAMI HL. ADAMS, Druggist, Clay Slrrrt. our door from /hijtonl, Stilt t'rancisro, ami hy all Prugijiilt in California uniJ Orrgon—sl per bottle, $0 per dozen. Wiiol.KHAi.ii Aubntb.—Redington k Co., G. W. Sncll, Langley .fc Co., Chas. Morrell, Crowcll k Crane; Win. U. lleitli A Co. 14:mU Dr. 0. K. WJLLARD, Olympia. COAL! COAL! COAL! S. X. DOTY, HAVING purchased the celebrated Morrison Coal Claim on Hcllingham Bay, invites cap. itausts, and the friends of the trade, to come up and help dig them out. These mines have been prospected, and the coal tested in San Francisco and found of superior quality. Seven thousand dollars is nil that is required to make them pay a thousand dollars per month. Sehoute, Dec. 20, 1800. 7:in3 LOOK HERE! THE SHA VINCI AND HAIR DRESN ing Establishment on Main Street, neur the outgo Office, is still in operation, whore the under signed will he happy to atteud the wants of his patrons. SHAVING AND HAIR DRESSING done with neatness and dispatch, and in the latest fashion. ftjg-llnt and cold baths at all hours. J. 11. BI'SII. Olympia, Nov. 30, 1860. 3:ly HQIIEE fflll AT CEEIALIS FIT, Gray'* Harbor, W.T. ALSO AT MONTEZANO. (THE COUNTY SEAT) ON CHEHALIS HIVKH. MoSMD, TVEALER In General Merchandise is prepared M to tarnish supplies to settlers iu this section oFconntrv on reasonable terms. Chehalis, December 22, 1860. 6:tf CHARLES F. ROBHIXM, Importer and Deo!er In TYPE, PRESSES, PRINTING MATERIAL INKS, CARD STOCK, Ac. Not. 11l and 118 Clay Street. Sun Frapcl<<-ir, January Mh. lR«t. l":lv 11. A. Judson & Co., (At the Late Store of W. M. Eutledgc,) OLIMPIA, W. T., COMMISSION iIIERCUAXT^ AND DEALERS IN DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CLOTHING, BOOTS nrid SHOES, HARDWARE, PAINTS, OILS, &C., &C., 4C. TERMS CASS, COUNTRY FiRO£UCE. Ili CASH Wall €redU be srtven for longer ffcau 'i'iiiriy Stay*! Olympic. Nov. 2.'!, lHiio. 2:lf WM. Or. DUNLAF, IMPORTER AM? DEALER 13* GROCERIES, PROVISIONS. DRY GOODS. CLOTHINO, KOOTSnnd SHOES, lie: AT THE OLD fiTA.\J), Corner of Msiin atid 'i'tiird MreefN, Country Produce generally taken in exchange for floods. No pains spared to give satisfaction to customers Olympin. Nov. 2.'!, lflijO. 2:tf FRUIT TREES!! For Oil-" Million, a! Ihistcrn Prices? .5. L. MAXFOKD A: CO., Agents lor the* Principal Nur- soi ior" in C '«•» lilornia. HAVK now for -ale. r.t Eastern Prices, an dPw iniiaen c stt.< U i;f Fruit Trees, of all iisuitabl • f>r planting. embracing every kirtd 1 and variety grown i>i the State. t•in* loull : • i Ultimate vonsi ' tion with the ntlr sen l> ; li.!> and fruit-selling lu re, and in the older St ;u . ha- enabled ' - toanticipate everr de mand. nnd we have tlien fore caused to lie grown and Fi)!!ME!> tu ,-a.t the different localities, ii portion 'if the Sb-ck we ofi'cr—comprising such iarielie« as are hi i ! jii ril tw—"wr""l unit Ml tunic. nnil T!'l<■ i;• Ti-I«!tin;.-i valuable in the .Market. We have al o fur 11 ■•. in great abundance nnd variety, Hants of all the Small Fruits. Shade Trots, For i Grounds. mi'! Street Planting! Ornamental Tree? and Shruhs, (Deciduous ami Evergreen,) Adapted to Avenue-. I.tiwns. Pleasure Grounds, nnd Cemeteries. Hc-ides an infinity of roses. Car-' nations rnd pieotees, IV hlias, Tu.-ehias. Evergreen and other ' Pinbing Vines, Geraniums, Violets, l'.ui: .e«. li.ii. M'-', l'ulht us Pfewer Hoots, Grecu House Plants, \c. We are the Sole Agent for this city.of A. I'. S3IITI!, S 1C R V»lE.\T®, For the sale of his Foreign Grape N i 11^<: Rare Evergreen and < >rnamental Trot s: Fresh Pre inimn Garden Seeds, and Pure Family Wines, kc.. kc. He has decide! ly the largest. her-t and most re liahle stock of \\ ine an I Table Grapes to be found in tiie f''.—!!-■ w •!I sell under hi- guarantee aa to correct ne.-s i t' applied names.—His Seeds have not lost their vitality in '• doubling the Horn." They are warranted inferior to none, and will bo .-old by us in quantities, and at prices to suit. FAKMEHS, GAIiDEXEHS AND DEALERS, Give us a call, or send for a Circular with pri ces. if nnvlhing is wanted in our line. .1. 1.. BAXFORD. TIIOMAS 11. U W.IWR, EDWARD LUDLCM. Sun Francisco, January sth, IHtSI. 10:m3 C. CROSBY, "J (1.. C. URAY, Z. CROSBY, . > < x. CROSHY, Jr., j ( San Fraue'o. Tuniwator. C. CROSBY it, C 0., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IX GE N EIIA LM E IiCIIA N1) IS E, —AX !>— E , r»i>i'li'(orK ol liic Tit m w liter Flour Mills. Tumwater, December 13th. 1830. s:lr OLYMIIA WAGON MANUFACTORY. Stuai't A* Ulackslioar, O' I.l'iiil'.cin the citizens of Olyni- pin and tin? surrounding country .sScssSfl that they arc now manufacturing WAGON'S, CAR RIAGES and BIUOIEiS of all descriptions, from tlu best of imported material, by experiencc«l work men, for which WHEAT will Itc taken iuexchange, delivered i«t the Tumwater mills. Shop corner 3d and Chinook Streets. Olympia, December R, 1860. 4:ff Great Excitement!! AT THE I ILLMJJ MR. M. W. WBTHERELL, IV'Ol'I.I) inform tlio citizens of T T Washington Territory that he is Ifto manufacturing (f J>T Saddles, I-Inriioss, and Trunks, Superior to any ever made on this Coast. He is al»o making the PATENT CASE COLLARS, Which cannot he excelled, lie in making FINE BAZINBas, On the SclfVlcUuMfln* Tree, Which is considered the greatest Im provement of the Age. AXD ALSO CARRIAGE TRIMMING! DONE ON RKASONAIILE TERMS. Side Saddles ofTarloui* Descriptions REPAIRING DONE ON 81IORT NOTICE. I'lense give friend Withcrell a call. Shop on Main Street, Tumwater. November 17, 18«<>. l:tf WASHINGTON HOTEL 7 SILAS G 4M.IIIER, Pro. CORNER OF SECOND AND MAIN STREETS,- Olvmpia, W. T. Uoard per week.......,,. S3 00 Olympic Vpv. it isr.n My