Newspaper of The Washington Standard, April 27, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated April 27, 1861 Page 3
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gsiT The Snn Frami wo Hetty, giv iiiiran account of an aftray. says: "Tin assailant discharged a jti.~tol at his ad versary, which happily missed tiro.'' ggf Purser (lidding?, of the MnU viiiiHth, has our thanks for tiles ol Port lam! papers. pg- Tiiere will he a Darning Party nt (iallihers Hall on May Day even ing (Wednesday.) MARRIED \t Portlnnd, Oregon, on the -"tli lost., by Kev. Mr Cornelius. J mix M. Mriirnv. of Olvi.pia. to Miss EI.UA Ja N K McOiirr. of Portland. \t the residence of the bride's father, on the 11th in-1.. hv K'W T. .1. Harper. Mr. A Alto* Wkii vtkh and Miss Saraii Yaxtis. nil of this eountv. Olympl" Itelall Price* ('urrrnl, CIIRIIKCTKII MONTHLY 11V T. M. IlKEtl. KSV-. Of 11. A. Judsoti k Co., Wholesale and Hetuil Dealers in Dry Hoods. Orocerics, * lothiug. Hoots and Shoes, Hardware. I'aints, Oils, lie kv &e. PKODITE. Flour *p bid uuf " Indian Meal lb Huckwheat 'b ,c nutter t> Leal' Lard I »»; ? " liacon, hog round lb '•» (" y '■ Sides and hams "Jl lb IS (<i 22c Kffgsfedoz „ r,oc Chickens f dor. * :l m '.<" 4 -j" lleans lb •'(" ,c Apples green >'lb 10 (n 12c ilo dried f 1 lb If* <"■ -Uc Beef on foot f' lb 4(" . r >e do dressed lb •> <« 8c Mutton 7' lo (k Fork VII 10 (" >•"' Potatoes V bushel 4o ("> Me Turnips "ft bushel 3" (<>. Unions "f* bushel 3U (" - HO I'ahbuge V head •' (•' l"e llav "f» ton •••• <" Wiieut V bushel 80c Oats "P bushel •W (2/ Sue ltve Jt barley none in market r.nocEiUES. Su?.ir, Powdered 18(</, 20c Jo Crushed 18 (« -''e do N. O 1- ('! I'" ■lo S. F. (coffee) 1-1 (" J'ie Svrup. K. H. and S. F. Oold'n 5 gal. Si (» #IJ do E. H 8 gal !'•"> (■' 1 l»c Coffee, Kio 18 (##. 20c .lo Java 2.1 28c Candles, Adamantine ; '0 (•_•' 37|e Chill Peaches none. Soap i«r» Table Salt 4 <" ;" 11 ' Liverpool Salt - (" _' t- S'.deratus 18to2.ic Sal Soda lotol.V Cream Tartar . r '" to Uoe Tuliaico 40 lo 7Se do Killikiniek (smoking) 40t050e DRY tiOODS. Slieotinpr. brown 4-4, 10 to I4e: do 8-1. 18 to 2'Jc; do 12-4, HO to 37}e —do Idem lied. !• to 20e. Drillings, brown and hlenehcd, !» to l.'e. Prints. French. ID to 2-V: do Merrimae, 12] to 1 ;do American, fancy, 11 to l.'e. Flannels. Eastern. 40 to7">c; Oregon, 40 to <!2lc; do Oregon'J-4, 1 40 to 1 50e. Cassiinere, Oregon, 80 2."ic: Eastern Si oo to !?1 .10. Denims. 18 to 2.1 c. Carpets nnd Druggets (American) 40c to Si 00. SPECIAL NOTICES. •• VAI.I AIU.K KKMKIIV. —Not loss limn 500 |i:i ticiits from the various Hospitals have procure! the celebrated Anli-llhriiinitic I'urtlial ami l/i-nlili ilrtoratirc, manufactured l>y Dn. AUDI. PHI S, of San l'rancisco, ami in the usu of which every in dividual has found a speedy and permanent eure. Amongst the thousands of persons who have used this invaluable remedy within the hi t few months, every one of them have experienced the most ben licial results. Tho immense sale of this 11-al'li llfnlurative is indisputable proof of its superior efficacy. Those who have sulfcred wor<e than death from Rheumatic pains, experience speedy mid effectual relief frflnt its use, and arc daily sending their grateful acknowledgements to the enterprising and scientific proprietor." For sale at wholesale and retail by Dlt, 11. AIJOLI'HI'S, and by RKIIMNGTON k Co., Agents, San Francisco, March 18lil. 20:ni.'I. Bk-?/"_We would remind everybody desiring per fect likenesses of themselves or friends that E. M. Sumniis. Esq., is soon to leave town, and it may he well to "secure the shadow" now. Sammis finishes Ambrotypes, Photographs. Mchiinotypcs, mid all kinds of pictures in the " highest style of the art,'' and at moderate prices. 1. O. O. F. Olympia Lodge No. I, I. I). O, F. meets every (Saturday evcuingin Barnes' Building, on Main St. next door to "Standard" OlHcc. All members of the Order in good standing are invited toattend. G. C. BLANKINSHIP, Scc'y. • ♦ « HOARDMAN'H YKABT PowoEits.—This article of Yeast Powder will render nil articles of food made of flour or meal more nutritious, digestible, and wholesome, than any other yeast powder in the ninrket. We quote their constantly increasing de mand as evidence of their merit. For sale by all the merchants. Religion* Notices. Divine Service at St. John's Chapel every Sun day morning, at 11 o'clock, nnd evening at V o'- clock. Also, Bible Class every Wednesday even ing, at 7 o'clock, r. M. I). ELLIS WILLES, Missionary. Divine Service every Sabbath nt the M. E. '"hurch in the morning uud evening. Sabbnth School nt 2 I'. M. Rev. R. J. EVANS will prench in the hall of the '•Old Land Office," on the first, second, and fMirth Sttndavs of cnch month nt II o'clock A. m. SAFES! SAFES! F. TIL..MAX, 90 Battary Street, San Francisco, ttOLE Agent for TILTON k McFARLAND'S celebrated Fire-Proof nnd Burglar Saf'CS. This Sale Is well known in the ninrket for its un surpassed firs-proof quality, having withstood in California, as well in the East, the hottest lircs known. We can refer to endless certificates from parties in our mining towns, where these Snfcs nave been subject to the mast severe tests of its fire-qualities. These Safes are secured by our Combination Lock. This Lock is in every respect the most secure one in use; it requires the key and combinntion to «»l»en the Safe. If the key should be abstracted from the owner, it would be perfectly useless to tlie possessor without his knowing the combina tion, or mental key, which the owner carries In •lis !.c;id. To those in want of a reliable safe, we offer the above cheaper than any other in the market. I&F A large assortment 011 hand and to arrive. F. TILMAX, 24:6 m. 00 Battery St., San Francisco. NOTICE. ALL persons indebted to the Kendall Co. are respectfully requested to call at the old stand and settle up, either by cash, note, or produce, »* ("apt. Gove is about to change bis busiuess, ; n1 must collect what is due him. Olympi.l. March lisc.t. ja ; <f Sheriff's Sale. HV \irtu" of an order « f vile. i««nrd bv th» Clerk nt the District Court for the 2d Judn Di trii t nt Washington Territory, an I to uie directed. I hive levied U|N>n. sei/ed. nnd taken into «xeeu tion. and jlmll sell the at public auction, on the premises, at the house < f X. V. Sheffer. on Chamber's Prairie, in Thurston County, and Ter jitory aforesaid, on Tuesday. May 21st. ls'.l, at the hour ol one o'clu.'k iu the attcrnnon. the fol liiw ing de-eribed real e-tute. or so much thereof a. will «ati-t',\ a judgment of foreclosure of niort gage. culling for the sum of one thousand and live hundred dollars i 51,500). with interest on the same from December *Jslh. ISoO, at the rate ol two per ce!il. per mouth, until paid, together with cost of suit, and ini reused eo.ts. rendered by the alore ,-aid Court at its Mureh term. 1801, iu fuvor of D. J. Hubbard, uud iiguiti-t lieorge A. Tykel : Description ol property : All th it certain trai or puree! of ground, situated in the County of Thurston nnd Territory of Washington, known uud described on the piut and records of the gov ernment survey s of said Territory, on tile ill the land office at illympia. us the «est half of the southeast ijuurter ol section thirlv-three township eighteen (Ist. north range one ( 11. west : uud i»lm>. the west half of the uorthea>t i|uartcr of section four i 4 >. town-hip seventeen tl,i, north rangi* one (11. west of the Willamette meridian, containing i I'll u«t| one humlred and sixty one and ti.">-100 m res; and nl-o. the northwest iiu.irter of section lour (4i. less soveii uud u hall ueres. donated lor chur. h and selmol purposes in nuid town-hip seventeen t 17i. north range one ( I). we.-t,and containing one hundred uud lifly—ix uud 22-100 1 l.iti 22-loui acres ; muking an aggregate of three hundred nnd -cTentcen and hT-lnn ucrej. WILLIAM Itll.LlN'iiS, Sheriff ol Thurston County. W. T. Olvinpia, April 1.1, 18i!l. 2it:« I. Slier III"* Kale. 1)Y virtue of nn order of sale, by the ) Clerk of the l>i-'.riet Court of the 2d .ludieiul District of Washington Tc:ritory. an I to tin* direc ted. 1 huve levied upon, seized, nnd taken into ex ecution. and shall sell at public auction, as the law directs, at the court-house door, in the town ofOlympiu. Thurston County. \\ . T.. on Monday, the 2oth d ly of May, nt the hour of one o'clock in the afternoon, the following described property, viz : All that certain messuage, or tenement, in the town of Olympia, county of Thurston. W . T., known anil used us the Seminary, or schoolhouse of the Puget Sound Wi-sleyan Institute, and lot or piece of land upon which the same is erected, known uud described upon the plat of suid town of Olympia as lots numbered seven (7) and eight (81. in block number sixty-three (lilt), being shu nted at the northeast corner of Washington nnd Union streets, in suid town, nnd being the south west one-fourth of suid block number sixty-three (c:o. The above described property is to be sold to satisfy u judgment of foreclosure of niortguge. ren dered'by suid court at its Mureh term, lSiil, iu favor of Win. M. Hutlcdgc, and against the Puget Sound Wcslcyan Institute, for the sum of sixteen hundred and thirty-six and 7.">-100 dollars, togeth er with interest and cost. WILLIAM lIII.LINOS. Sheriff of Thurston County. W. T. Olympia. April l.'t. 18H1. 2H:w4. Sheriff's Sale. BY virtue of nil order of sale, issued bv the Clerk of the District Court of the 2d Judicial District of Washington Territory, and to me direc ted. 1 have levied upon, seized, and taken into ex ecution. and shall sell at public iiuctioii, on the premises, at the dwelling house now occupied by l>. 1.. Phillips, in the town of Olympia, county of Thurston and Territory of Washington, on Moti dav, tile 2nth day of May. lxijt, at tile hour often o'clock in the forenoon, the following described property, viz.: All that certain messuage, or tenement utnl lot. or piece of ground upnn which the same is ere'ted. situated at the northwest corner of Kourtli ami Adams streets, iu the town of Olympia, containing in front, on said Kourtli street, one hundred and twenty feet, and of that width ia depth, (one hun dred and twenty feet.) being described upon the plat of said tow n of Olympia as lots number live (">) and six (i>), in block number thirty-three ( The above described property will be sold to satisfy a judgment of foreclosure of mortgage, ren dered by the aforesaid court, in favor of (! i I more Hays, and again t Samuel S. Woodard and Sarah A. Woodard. bis wife, and other defendants, at its Mavdi term, lH'll, together with cost of stilt, and increase I costs. WILLIAM HILLINGS. Sheriff of Thiiritun County, \\ . T Olympia. April 13. I■*»;!. 23:w1. Sheriff's Sale. BY virtue of an execution issued bv the Clerk of the Supreme Court of \V. T.. and to me di rected, I have levied upon, and taken into execu tion, the following described real estate, viz : The one-third of a certain tract or parcel of land situ ated in Thurston county, W. T., containing ten acres, the same being 2} acres off of the corner of said tract—lt being the same land purchased by S. Garfield and Win. K. Cunningham, of James C. Head, in the year lis.'iT—bounded on the East by the land claim of the said James C. Head, i n the West by the laud claim of W. N. Ayres, and on the North by the laud claim of i>. 1!. Higclow ; and also, all the interest of S. Garfield and S. I>. Williams in and to one at re of land lying in the Town of Olympia, county of Thurston, W. T.. it being the same laud deeded by C. ('. Terry and Mary J. his wife to Stephen I>. Williams, on the Vtli day of October, lx.'i", a deed of which is on record on page -IIS, in Hook No, 2, of County lice ordsof Thurston county, W. T; which property I shall sell at Public Auction, on Monday, the Lith day of May, 1801, at the hour of ten o'clock, A. M., at the Court-house door, in the Town of Olympia, to satisfy a judgement rendered by the Supreme Court of W. T. on the lOlh day id' Dec., IHiiO, in favor of A. J. Miller and C. Ethet'iugo, against S. Garfield and S. D. Williams. WILLIAM HILLINGS, Sheriff of Thurston county \V. T. Olympia, April 13, 1861. 22:w1. Notice To School Superintendents and School Directors of W. T.—ln accordance with the duty devolving upon mens Territorial School Superintendent, I would recommend a uniform system of school hooks throughout the Territory. After consulting with several educators and County Superintend ents. we have agreed upon the following text books, and I would recommend them for udoption us soon as practicable : Town's Speller; Parker k Watson's Ist, 2d. 3d, 4th and sth Headers ; Webster's I'liabridged Dic tionary : Hay's Arithmetic, parts Ist, 2d and 3d ; Rays High-school do; Ray's Algebra, parts Ist nnd 2d ; Ray's Geometry ; Ray's Surveying and Trignometry j Clark's English Grammar, parts Ist nnd 2d ; Cutter's Physiology; Cornell's Series of Geographies ; Wood's Botany. Yours Truly, B. C. LIPPINCOTT, Superintendent Public Schools of W. T. Olympia, April 20th, 1801. 23:tf Bettor tlian G-old- TO bum in fire-places, cook-stoves and steam boats—are now beiug tnken out nt S. N. DOTY & CO.'S NEW MINES, on Bellingham Bay, where there is coal of good quality nnd sufficient quantity to warm all man kind. April It, 1801. 21:ly. t PAINTER & CO., Practical Printer*, nnd Dealers in Type, Presses, Printing Materials, Ink, Paper, Curd*, ftc. J. B. PAINTER, 1 51 Clay St., above Snnsomt, j. M. PAINTER, V San Francisco. T. P. PAINTKR, ) Offices fitted out with dispatch. 1 OA POINDSONION "SETTS." I •)' f Al-.o all kinds of Garden Seeds. For ale hv G. AV. CORLLSS. IF. X. K AST, Agent of A. BEIBERLICH. BOOT AND SHOE Manufticlurer, of Philadelphia, WIIAREHOI'SK 2U. CAUFORMA STREET, (Below Battery) San Franolsoo. ——- C CONSTANTLY on hand, n large assorted stork of <••■ntl<nu n's Ladies'. Misses and Children's \\ ear. of superior quail!\. »lso, French full' Hoot | Leg. and Fronts. ■ 3C. KASTf SOLK AOKNT KOlt CALIFORNIA. 0rL~" Country Orders promptly attended to. April "0. 1801. '.M:iu;t. JNO. 11. A ISTIII u Kit. *. AuTin 11. J. ». 4KYIII K & MIX, IUPOUTLKS ANU JOBIIKKA OK | AORKTLTPRAL IMPLKMKXTS, Of All KlndS. 1 8 (i 1. HE 1 IT.IIS l\ll lllli\Ell MAdIINES. We now offer for sale the celebrated \rn York It wiper »n«l \f« York Iteaper ami Mower. Minlr Efjin■ r'// fur I'.iliffrniit. h>t Wmlr uml Chihl, ill S/irint'ii hi. We have sold the itbo\e tnake of Machines fur llie l:i-1 live 'car-, with iucrcusad »ale every year. One hundred and seVciity-.-ix of these Itcupers were sold last season, nil of which gave ihe most perfect satisfaction, as being the most in lt.wit.K. LIUIIT HI XNIXII, ami I OMI'I I:N: Keaper anil Slower in use. Kxtra parts always on luind. Alio. K«-frlium's llowcr. Improved for ISO I. Said to be the lie t single Slower ever made. A 1 o, Tlir Vermont Mower ami itt'iipci'. A light ilral't. Cuts five feet: suita ble for .-mall farm Also. HallS. I*lll N and HiiNsell'jt TlirenilierN; I'onet s. Kv. llraille>'*N Pulent Horse Hakes. Spring Steel Teeth Wheel Horse Hakes. ltevolving Horse Hakes (nil size*.) 11-vand Hurley Hakes. Harley Kork*. Hay Korku, Scythes ami Swaths (all kinds). drain ('rallies, Seeil Sowers, Cultivators, Kami or Plantation Mills (lor grinding feed—best in u.-e). Hrown's Iturr Stone Mills, Maud Mills, Horse Carts. Wagons, I'lows, Harrows, Nails, lines, Shovels, (Jriinl stones (all si/.es. iu ea ks or single), Large Plow s. Ilox Scrapers, etc., etc. All of which ure offered lor sale at the lowest <it v prices. ,1. 11. tltTlirit &. MIX. Corner of Washington uud Duvis streets. April 20, IHtil. 2:l:in;i Culifoiniu F. X. BLAST, Sole AjriMit nf'tlir will Kikiwii liotise of SKIISKK LICII. I*liiliiil< Iphi.'i. whose pootl-» nn* by t In* trade sis heing l»oll or in «| mil if y of stock, workinansliip nnd slxlc, tiiau anv other house in the world, and has now opened sample lots at his extensive w arcrootus. 411 t alilornla SI. The utlcntiouof the trade is invited. Clias. E. Williams, (Successor to (!. A. Harnes,—Established 18,"2) UKAI.KK IN IH!iIIW\HE,TI\WIIIK, STtIVES, STKKIi, CiKOt'KUIKS, &c. Otymjtlsi. W. T. HAVING recently received large accessions to his stock, is now oli'ci iug among other t ioods. tli- Inlawing desirable articles : Hunting Fluid and Co il Hi!, il'urc). Coal Oil nml Fluid Lamps, Shades, Tubes, tilobes, Chimneys. Wicks. Concentrated Potash, for making 12 gallons soft soap (with full dirce tions i price t!2 1 cts. Advance t'ookingStoves, w itli extension ovens, IA very desirable patcrn with extra castings), Garden Tools, tiarilcn Seeds (I'.'J cents per paper), Parlor and Duor Mats, Hear. Ileaver, (iophcr, Hat and Mouse Traps, Hrnss Curtain Cornices and Hands, Wire ami Sale Cloths, of all numbers, Sho«» FliMllitffM, a Full Variety; Comprising Lasts, Shoe Hammers, Knives, Nails, Pinchers, Pegs, kc. 1101-NC, Cow ami Sheep llrllN, Extra Heavy. Dlsston's l*ul«>nl C'roNNC-ut and Mill Snuti, (A very superior article), 11«*<1uiiiI<"N Tools ami JlalcrialN, (a full variety.) Window-sash, Paints, Oil, Putty and Glass; Var nishes, Japan, Turpentine and Alcohol, Pocket and Table Cutlery, (large assort ment), Curry Combs and Horse Hruslff?, (leather backs) Pow der, Shot. Halls, Lead and Caps, Bullet Moulds, Gun Locks Wipers, Nipples, .V'c.; Cable, Trace. Halter and

Dog Chains ; Sheep Shears and Wool Cards, Grub, Planter uud Garden Hoes, ■MOWN. Cultivator, MatlockN, llriiMh llookN, Home HakcN, CratllVN, SrjliieN, ItakcN, CliuruN, I'orkN, Hutter Bowls and Tray*, fcc. JAPAN BLACK TEA. #ur Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper and Hrnss Ware manufactured and repaired. N. ll.—We hnvc made such arrangements for the purchase of articles, cither in Sn II Francisco or New York, as we think cannot but give satis faction. Qrif Commission solicited. Olympia, April 0, 1861. 21:tf H. A. Judsou & Co., (At the Late Store of W. M. Rutledge,) OLYMPIA, W.T., nERCHAKTS, AND DKALELTS IN DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CLOTHING, BOOTS and SHOES, HARDWARE, PAINTS, OILS, &C., Si C., 4C. TORMS OASB, COUNTRY PRODUCE. IIV I¥o CASE Will Credit be (riven Ibr longer than Thirty Days! olympia, Nov. 15. 1860. 2:tf Just Received! F:it Clipper Ship '• Norwester," from Boston, und Hark "Architect," from San Kmlicisco, :i Eagle < Improved) Reapers and Mowers. at t\ t'ROfBY 4 CO.'S I i ki k Steel nnd Cut flows, ut JUvF t". CKOSBY k CO.'S " t w Justice Cooking Stoves. f )U at C. CKOSBY k CO.'S 4 Urge lot of Stove I'ipe, j\_ at C. CROSBY 1 CO.'S Also constantly on hand An Extensive asst. Tin ware: (ir.icerie*: limits anal Shoes: I'rv mid Fancy tioods ; Clothing; i "rockery ware: Orchard Crats Seed. Ac . Ac. All of which we are telling very cheap for rush or country produce. C. CKOSBY k CO. Tuiuwatcr, February !'. ISCI. l.'l miMXDOW BLINDS. l>«ors. Windows, 4c., yy ut C. CKOSBY k CO.'S DKKSSKU FLOORIXC. Brick nnd l.ime, at C. CKOSBY & CO.'S OILS and Paints, itt C. CROSBY k CO.'S IVYST BOSTON SYIU'P, at C. CKOSBY k CO.'S. Tumwatcr. University Lands. nnder.,ig:ied. having been appointed l'rcs | ident of the Hoard of Commissioners, ap pointed to make selection ol'the hinds reserved by Congress for I'nivcrsiiy purposes, to make entry ot their sch'ctiou* in the Land Office, and to sell the same at a price not less than one dollar and fifty cents per acre, as per law passed Jan. llth. l*til—is now prepared to receive proposals from all persons who iii.n wish to purchase surveyed ptildic land* in Washington Territory, in <|uauti tics not exceeding six hundred and forty acres in one body. The titles to all lauds sold will con form to the law s of the I'nited States and this Ter ritory. All necessary information concerning fractions ol sections, legal sub-divisions, nnd plats of townships, etc.. can lie obtained upon applica tion to Mr. A. M. I'oe, Locating Agent. Olvinpin, W. T. DANIKL BAtiI.KY, President of the Hoard of Commissioners Seattle. March I•!. IBGI. 18:w4 OLYMPIA WAGON MANUFACTORY. Sltcirt & Blnckshenr, \\7"ori.l> inform tlieVitisscnsof Olym |il:i iiinl the siirrouiiiliiitf country .£s£=3ic. that they nrc in>\v liiunuf.icliiriui; WA<iONS t('AK KIAtIKS 11 ml ItI'CCIKS <if nil description*. from tin l»'-tut' imported iinitcrinl. liy experienced work men, fur wliii-li \V IIK.VT will lie taken ill exchange, delivered »t the Tumwater mills. Shop corner :td :iiiil Chinook Streets. Olympia. December H, 18t>0. -I:tf SAFI3S ! SAFBS ! S F. TiI,MAN, 00 BATTKRY KTRKET, SAX FUAXCISCO. SOI.K Agent for TiJton k McKarlittid'ii celebrated Kirc I'roof iiml Iturglar I'rool' SAI'KS. This Sale is well known in the market for its nnsnr pas.-ed firv-prnnf quality, Imviiiff withstood in Cal ifornia, ns well its in the Must, the hottest tires known. We can refer to endless certificate* from parties in our mining towns, where these Safes have been .•objected to the most severe tests of its tire-proof qualities. These Safes lire secured bv our Combination This Lock is iu every respect the most se cure one in use: it requires the kej and combina tion to open the Safe. If the key should be nli .-traclcd from the owner, it would be perfectly use le s without his knowing the combination,or men tal key which the owner carries in his head. To those who want a reliable Safe we offer the above cheaper than any other in the market. » «■ A large ii'soitment on hand nnd to arrive. K. TiI,MAN, no llatterr Street. San Francisco. Cal. November 17. 1 HiH). l:mt! HO! TEAMSTERS! USK HUCKS & LAMBERT'S CKLKBRATKD IIOMK MANI'FACTCRKD iMTEvr n. & L. AXIjS aXIBASXI! The I'lonrrr nnd only Reliable Ar (l«*le In (lie >liirkel. I'acked in 21b canister', nnd in bulk packages of 2Mb and upwards. For sale by all merchants. Xotk.—lie sure to ask for the 11. & L. Ilrand. as there are various spurious imitations in the mar kit. C. K. WILLIAMS, April 20. 2.'1: Iw. Agent. C. CROSBY, 1 jL.C. a RAY} z. crosry, V \ n. croshy, Jr., ) ( San Franc'o. Ttimwater. C. (ROKBY A CO., WIIOI.KSALK AND RKTAII. DKAI.KRS IN UKXE RA L ME R CIIA Nl> 18 E, —AND— Proprietor!* oft lie Turn water Flour ill 11 IN. Turn water, December 15th, 1850. s:ly ■lairdSarnapnrllla, Yellow Dork, and lodide of Polaim— ls prepared from the finest Red Jamaica Snrsnparilln and Knglish lodide of Potass. Admirable as n restorative nnd purifier of the blood, it cleanses the system of all morbid and impure matter, removes pimples, boils and eruptions from the skin, cures rheumatism nnd pains of nil kinds. AH who ean.nfford, should use it, ns it tends to givo strength and prolong life. Sold by Druffpists generally, at Si per bottle. B. IIALL & CO., Proprietors, Wholesale Druggists, I:m0 143 and 145 Clay st., San Fran. J. 11. KELLETT, SADDLE, HARNESS, AND TRUNK MANUFACTURER, AND DEALER IN CJADDLERY llardwnre, Saddle Trees, Blork and Bent Stirrups, etc. Shop on Main Strtet, Olympin, W. T. Prices to suit the time*. Hide* mid Produce taken in exchange, and cash never refused. Olympia, Nov. 17, 18C0. Mimical Sichool* JN, JONES, Esq., would rMpecl # fully announce to the cltiions of Olympia and vicinity, that he is prepared to give Instruc tion, either privute lessons or to classes* on the Violin, Cornet, Flute, and Bass. •ss- Music arranged to order. g&f* Enquire at Kellelt's Saddlery Establish ment. Main Street. Olympia, March ?, 1861. BUY THE BERT!! CROVER & BAKER, HAVE RECEIVED THE FIRST PRBMIUM OX THEIR FAMILY SEWIIVCt MACHINE —AXD— MACHINE WORK, —AT THE— STATE Fill, HUMS' IISTiTDTE Fill AXD IX FACT Every Fair ofl960!! Over Wheeler & Wilson and till others! Thua I'nqneatlonably Eatabllahlng Their Superiority. These Machines arc the most simple in use. They sew from two common ppools. Ilnve no troublesome bobbing or pod. Sew any nnd ull fabrics. Make very little noise. Are quickly learned nnd operated. Are not liable to disarrangement. We Kiinrantrc perfect nnd reliable machine*, and to tlie thouaanda In nae can refer, aa dally and hourly recording, In their antlathctory op eration This Unequivocal Success. Explicit directions for use accom pany each Machine from which a child can in a short time acquire a perfect converse and management of it. Send for a circular. R. tt. BRO\V.\, Agent, 01 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, Cal. November 17, IHUO. l:iuti WATT'S Nervous Antidote! And PhjoicHl lteNloratlve! I THE KIL HOMIER (IF THE AGE! The tnont powerful and wonderful medicine c\ er discovered, gunnm tced to cure every nervous or fpasnioilic disease. It is a nerv ine of such miraculous power, that it is unimportant lmw long the disease has existed. If it arises directly or indi rectly from a nervous a (lection, per severe in it at about the rate of one vial to evorv year the disease has existed. It i* guaranteed to the most vio lent and long standing. Xrurnlßla. Tic Dolorcnux,Convul sion?. Asthma, Crumps, Spasms, Ver tigo. Headache, Delirium Tremens, Low Spirits, Mental or Physical Ptcay, \Vlumping Cough, Ague, Loss or Appe tite, Stricture, Stone, Nervous Twich- Ings, Palpitation, I'litlivsic. Lumbago, Abscnse of mind, Cholera, Dyspepsia, Kpilepsv, tJout, Palsy, St. Vitus Dance, Hysterics, Hypochondria, Sup pressed Menses—and is so wonderful in rejuvenating premature old age, and correcting decrepitude brought on by _ excessive indulgence, that nothing but a trial can conviuce the pntient of its» qualities 1 StaT It is not an excitant, but a strengthened purely vegetable aud harmless ; like a skillful ar chitect. it begins by laying a firm foundation, nnd gradually hut incessantly adds strength nnd vigor until nothing is left unfinished. This miraculous Medicine is for sale, wholesale and retail, by SAMUKL A DAMN, Druggist, Clan Slrtrl, one door from Hajmnt, San Francitm, ami hy all Druggitt* in California aud Oregon—sl per bottle, $!) per dozen. Wholksalk Agknts. —ltcdington & Co., G. W. Snell, Langley A Co., Clms. Morrell, Crowell & Crane; Win. 11. Heilh & Co. 14: m:> Dr. G. K. WILLARD, Olympin. COAL! COAL! COALt m. N. DOTY,^ HAVING purchased the celebrated Morrison Coal Claim on Uelliiigham May, invites cap italists. nnd the friend* of the trnde, to come up nnd help dig them out. These uaiucs have been prospected, and the coal tested in San Francisco and found of superior quality. Seven thousand dollars is all that is required to make them pay a thousand dollars per month. Sehouie, Dec. 20, 1800. 7:m3 LOOK HERE! milE SII4VIW® AMDH.4IH DRESS- I ing Establishment on Main Street, near the Stage Office. Is otill in operation, where the under signed will be happy to attend the wanU of his patrons. havjjjg A yj> j|AIR DRESSING done with neatness and dispatch, nnd in the latest fashion. ■rig* Hot and cold baths at nil hour!). ~ J. 11. BUSH. Olympin, Nov. 30, 1860. 3:ly FISIUI mil iTUMB M, Graj't llarfcor, W. T. ALSO AT MONTBZANO. (THE COCNTV SEAT) ON CHBIIALIB RIVEIt. ~f~VGALBR in General Merchandise is prepared If to furnish supplies to settln* in this section of country on reasonable terms. Cbebalis, December 22, 1800. fl:tf CHABItH' r. BOBilllS, Inpoitv and Dealer in TYPE, PRESBIS, PRIITIIfO MATEEIAL INKS, CARD STOCK, Ac. Hoi. lit and 113 Clay Street. Francisco, January Sth, 1001. 10: Tv Seed Warehouse! Establldhed In 188#* s. w. MOCUSI, No. 110 California Street, between Montfomarf and Sansomc, San Francisco, Calv Hag Tor sale the most extensive variety of CUDH. IIIVBI. M, MUTIMt AND FRUIT SEEDBi> In California, including 20,000 I be. Pure Alltata or Chill ver Seed, of the New Crop. Hungarian Grass, Red Clover, Timothy,- Kentucky Blue Grass, Canary Bird Beed, White Dutch Clover, &o. Also, Chufaf or Earth At inonds>, llvacinthfly Tuli|»s», *L.ilio9, And other Bulbous Knots. Assortments of Na l *- tive California Flower and Evergreen Seeds, col lected by a well-known BotunUt. always on Land. The undersigned, from his long experience lb' the business, and his extonsive facilities for pro 4-* curing liis Seeds from the best Seed-growers and" Nurserymen, is enabled to offer unusual ind'ttoe-- mcnts to the Trade and large Ranch-owners. The Agents of Wells, Fargo & Co.'i ExptVMy and all other Express Companies connecting there-' with, arc hereby authorized to act ar- Agents fof the undersigned, in taking orders for Seeds, and' receipting for the same. Orders by mail also promptly attended to. A liberal discount will be made to the Trade. Par ticular attention given to the careful packing if Seeds for shipment. Your early orders are sewcifc*- cd, which shall have immediate and faithful at* tcntion. *** Boxes of Seeds, containing 100 papers, fcMT retailing,in such assortments as desired, furnished S. W. MOORE, Seed Warehouse, 110 California St., S. F., Col<- January luth, 1801 10:m0 Notice to Donation Claimant* OF WASHINGTON TERRITORY. MORE than Fourteen Hundred Donation Piu pers, (Notifications and Finul Proofs,) aiV now lying in the pigeon-holes of the Register's Ofr fire, upon which certificates cun be issued as soon as FI LL and COMPLETE COPIES ARE MADE.- To do the whole of that work would rjquire thß' constant labor of the Register from two to thre*' years, provided that he had no other duties toper*, form, liut when it is known that two-thirds of his time is occupied with coiillictingdonationsarid* pre-emption cases, persons having donation papci* in the ollicc inav well look to the future for' their certificates and Patents. Relieving that many would prefer having their donations completed' now, rater than wait for the indefinite '-course of human events," and being well acquainted witK the business. 1 am prepared 10 make out papers and procure Certificates for claimants in all parts of tint Territory. I will also attend to the preparation ami filing of declaratory statements and final proofs for pre-empt ions, and lira wing maps ofctaimsaudTowiV ships, from the originnal surveys, for those desirmjf them. For preparing the papers and procuring" n certificate for a donation claim, where thfre is ilv conflict, my charge is live dollars. For preparing' andfi liug" declaratory statements and paying tlio government fee. three dollars. ForTowuship majis,- live dollars, and claim maps one dollar each. In all cases the feO must come in advance. Persons having bought land, acquired under the Donation Law, cannot be too careful to see Certifi cates are issued. A. M. POB, Nov. 24, 1880. [3:tf] Olympia, W. V, KENDALL OC. OFFERS FOR SALE At tlie Old Stand, South-We»€ Corner oi'Tlaiu and Second Sit*. A NEW AMI WKLL-SKLBCTED ASSOUTSIEXT dr' Family Groceries Of the tost and most approved nunlitres; I>ry (loods, lJoots nnd Shoes; Hats and Cups', &ev, fee., Sciif All of which which will he sold-at reduced rate# for CASH. Wheat, Oats. Rutter, Eggs, and Country Pro-" dace generally, accepted in exchange for t!6o<ts at the going market rates. , ... b A. B. (iOVK. Olvmpia, W. T.. Nov. 12th, 1800. l:tf TOG. DtNLAP, IMPORTER AND DEALER IN GROCERIES. PROVISIONS, DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, ROOTSand SHOES, kc; AT THE OLD STAND, Corner of .11aI h and Third Mteeta# Country Produce generally taken in exchange for Goods. . . .. No pains spared to give satisfaction to (ttil6MM; Olympia, Nov. 23, 1860. 2:tf CLOTHING EMPORIUM, 170 Clay St., and 10i Montgomery St** San Francisco, And Its Droadway* New York. /CONSTANTLY on hand the best selected and ly most extensive assortment of Gtnts'abd Boys nothing on the Pacifie coast, whlcli ca» aa<f will sell lower than any other House. Boyi' and Genii' Clothing mnde to Order. LOCKWOOD, EWKLL * CO, January 19th, 1861. 10:ly NOTICE. TS hereby RIVOYI that the Cormty \Ao*tor and 8 Sheriff "of Thurston county will he prepared, it thV office of the County Auditor, in Olympic, to hear nil coronlnints of person* feeling thetaseltet nmrlcved, by o»er »s«e*nment, On Batdrday, the 4th day of May. WILLIAM BILLINQB. Sheriff and Assessor of Thurston C». Olympic, April 6, 1861. 21:w3 NOTICE! WE, the undersigned, give notice to all pet* . son* indebted to us, either by note or ac count. to cotte forward aud settle. All thins not settled by the fiwtof April nest, will be placed in the bunds of the proper officer for collection. BBTTMAN BROS. Olympia, February 9th, 1861« 13: ml J. H. JOHNSON, A TTORNEV AT LAW, Solicitor in Chancery, and Proctor in Admiralty. Seattle. Msrch. 1861. 18:tf